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#illustration harry potter

I was just fucking around and wanted to see if I could make a fake game screenshot and now I-I want to m-make a fake game oh nO-

Will Scarborough belongs to @cursebreakerfarrier

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I redraw the Snape portrait I did last year… Still have no idea what my style is, hope we will see 👀.

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Sirius and Remus slow dancing ✨


fluffy wolfstar is what i live for at this point, i imagine this would be them on a holiday in a log cabin somewhere near the mountains first winter after hogwarts in a world without voldemort (yes, they still wear their scarves)

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Character 26 is Fred Weasley II, oldest child of George and first Weasley to be in Slytherin.

Face claim is George Hard.

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🌺 Draco Malfoy pencil drawing 🌸

It took me around 5 days to build up concept and draw him.😊 I really enjoyed drawing him even though the colored part didn’t turn out as what i expected. (*꒦ິ⌓꒦ີ)

I’m not familiar with colored pencils and this one is absolutely a challenge to draw. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and I tried my best.(to be more creative)

This drawing is inspired by the album cover from Shawn Mendes. I think it looks beautiful combining 🌸 with Draco together.

Flowers are beautiful, and so is Draco as well as Tom’s heart.💗

Tom gave life and heart to bring the character of Draco Malfoy into life. He didn’t just act the script, he poured his soul in it and delivered it perfectly. Someone who is so dedicated to his and literally worships it, doesn’t deserve all those bad things and hatred.

He deserves success, love and respect.

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These are the works of Edwin Deakin ( 21/5/1838 - 11/5/1923 ). He was known for his romantic landscapes and architectural studies. His depictions of dilapidated, dismal missions, such as the ones here, drew the most public attention. 

In the fourth painting, ivy swathes the marble doorway in a chain of green. Above it, a row of stone strixes and gargoyles huddle close on their stone dais. The frost is a blanket covering everything, from the stone floor up to the furthest reach of the vines. Fresh snow lines the windowsill below a pair of French windows. The larger rectangular windows bear a stained glass depiction of the Nativity and the Three Wise Men, whereas the small rectangular windows above bear the official crest of the Hôtel de Cluny (Mansion of Cluny).

In the last painting, we see uneven cobblestone paths, ogival archways, elaborately carved pillars of marble, and stained glass windows where the colour has faded from age. There is a confessional built into the wall, dusty from disuse. High above there are torn, discoloured tapestries. 

Overall, the atmosphere that Deakin paints is sepulchral and grim, almost vampiric. 



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Armin and Mikasa dancing like THAT scene in Harry Potter

Set in the 4 years gap where Eren is at Marley. I can see Armin trying to cheer up Mikasa by dacing whit her for no reason, just like Harry did with Hermione, bcs the friendship betwen this two is just as pure and strong as theirs <3

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A kiss in the empty Slytherin common room✨

Florence shared her dorm with Daphne Greengrass since she came to Hogwarts, but she only realized she liked her more than her friends at the end of year 5. She had broken up with George after the DA was caught (and I have to admit, their relationship was losing its sparks already before that event). With the chaos about the OWLs Florence tried to ignore her feelings around Daphne and started to wonder if she always had known that she liked girls and boys. After the exams were over, the awkward tension between her and Daphne continued until it ended in a confession from Florence’s side. Florence had always been the more energetic and extroverted one and had the courage to do it. Daphne on the other hand liked her humor, but was more calm and well-mannered than her girlfriend. This made her the counterpole Florence needed while Florence was bringing energy into their relationship (also gave some of it to Daphne who was actually sneaky and a little bit mischievous when she wanted it to be).

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Hey guys!

It’s time to get back from the holidays 😅

Continue the series of drawings “Happy memories”

Who do you think will be next?


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Character 25 is Lily Luna Potter, my sweet girl.

Face claim is Annalise Basso.

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