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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
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#illustrator for kid

Quickly coloured an old doodle of Hat Kid that I hadn’t finished:D

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“The Dream Princess’ Wish,” the second piece from my duo show with Annette Marnat, Fox Tails and Fairy Tales, at Gallery Nucleus on display in person and online now.

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Kid Boi é unha persoaxe deseñada para o Combate de Debuxantes celebrado durante o Autobán 2020. Ao longo de varios asaltos, debía enfrontarse ás persoaxes doutrxs autorxs que participaban no torneo.

Estos son algúns dos momentos máis tochos.

Foi un gustazo participar e sobre todo ver como outrxs ilustradorxs debuxaban a Kid Boi! Moi dignxs rivais que deron que roer. Se queredes repasar todas as pelexas, entrade un anaco no instagram do Autobán.

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My friend introduced me to the concept of fairy Felix in one of her Stray Kids frenzy and I liked it so much I had to try and draw it.

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[ID: technoblade, a white man with pig ears and boar teeth and long braided pink hair, standing in front of a snowy forest. he wears a pirate shirt, red cummerbund, black pants, mauve cape with a furry collar, leather bracer, black crown, and an emerald earring. he has one hand in his pocket and the other reaching out to touch the falling snow. his expression is tired, but neutral. end ID.]

okay wait i heard y’all liked my techno-

bonus meme content

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i just started using tumblr again for a place to put all of my art while trying to find like minded people who can help me learn and grow as an artist if you wanna hmu is love to talk about art and music and everything in between let’s start! i drew the incredible conan gray and i’m pretty happy with how it turned out but i might go back and fix up things i gave up on like his ear

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My duo show with Annette Marnat, Fox Tails and Fairy Tales, opens tonight at Gallery Nucleus!  Here’s my first piece for the show, “Forest Guardian.”  

The show opens at 5 PM PST; all the pieces will be available to see online sometime after that, but if you want to see them early, sign up here!

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