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All of those people to whom you’ve been bad, or been bad to you, all of the good times and bad times. The people who died in my dream, the others who made it, the shirt you cannot let go of, or the one word they left before leaving. YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A MEMORY or a story. To them, to others, and to yourself, AND SO ARE THEY, so make sure to make them worth remembering ^^


oh and remember, none of what you are living is real.

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Eris - The cursed one

A little girl who is destined to go to Hell. She was chosen by the Devil due to her bloodline’s history of Devil worshippers and the power her soul holds from her ancestors’ blood-lust. The Devil communicates to Eris through the form of a small demon that acts like a speaker. Eris turns into a creature of pure hellish anger with the Devil’s command and she loses control over her entire body and mind. She is tricked, tempted and forced to commit crimes and sins by the Devil - ranging from petty theft to murder - in order to indoctrinate and have complete control over her.

However, Eris is not completely doomed. Luckily for her, she has a guardian angel, Raguel. Raguel has been with her since she was a child and knows of her true self. His job is to stop her from herself in any way he can, even if he has to risk it all. Eris asks Raguel to save her from the monster she’ll surely become.

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