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NESSIAN!!! the power this couple holds is astronomical! (personal opinion) Amazing work by @Jessdraw.s!


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Sorry this chapter is late today, it’s just been a crazy hectic week, but I’ve been determined to still post on Monday’s dammit! Even at 8PM 😅 Enjoy! 


A week into our newfound peace, Rhys and I were glad to be rid of Keir and the ongoing threat he posed, but now faced the aftermath of the Illyrians and the rebellion they had raised on their side of the coup. While Keir and his Darkbringer generals had been easily taken care of by Mor, we were now faced with the task of dispensing the repercussions to the Illyrian camp lords that sided with Kallon.

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Bromance Book Club but make it Illyrian

Someone on our lovely discord chat ( @illyrianet ) mentioned that as Rhysand was the owner of The House of Wind, he must have been the owner of the smutty books too. Maybe.

That makes me wonder, could you imagine a Bromance Book Club with Rhys as the president? This is how it’d turn out:

Rhysand: President of the Book Club. Loves nasty regency romances with strong female leads. He would be the biggest Bridgerton fan.

Cassian: Loves smutty cowboy romances and his mate is always suggesting new books. He tries what he reads in bed.

Azriel: Doesn’t wanna be there, he was dragged by his brothers. Eventually finds out he enjoys dark romances with a touch of mystery and grey characters. His girlfriend writes fanfiction and she makes him read it.

Lucien: Loves the classics. Give him Austen. Give him Brontë. GIVE HIM THAT SLOW BURN.

Helion: He reads reverse harem (thank you @starbornvalkyrie for the idea) and writes fanfiction based on his own experiences (@arielle-reads said it and I agree 100%).

Who would you add to the book club?

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Why on earth aren’t we talking about our Illyrian mvp Balthazar??

So, I keep thinking about him because I don’t think Sarah would introduce a character just for the sake of it and then leave it like that. He was kind to Nesta and Emerie, which was rare for an Illyrian. He is ambitious, wanted to win The Rite and didn’t really care about the killing nonsense, he wanted to be, and surely is, a good warrior.

What’s his deal? Will we get more from him? He sounded hot af and I am his fan already.

What do we think?

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Okay that did seem odd to me?

I wonder if it’s because that was too much of a plotline to contain within this book..which she really seemed to want to be the Nesta book, rather than anything else. So, having the Illyrian plotline in addition to the dead trove and Briallyn plus Nesta’s healing and the romance would have been too much?

But I do think it would be an interesting plotline…so she could have easily done that plus the healing arc, and not done the dead trove. But I get why the latter plot is maybe better for this book because the dead trove is connected to Nesta. So it’s a good subplot

But I do think it would have been good to just have a few scenes here and there to show Cassian working with the illyrians…because yah it feels like this plot line just….didnt materialize and we all expected it too

I also wonder if she is saving it for Az’s book? Because he doesn’t care about the illyrians, doesn’t see them as worthy of helping change, he hates his own people…so personal growth could be him working more closely with them

Ultimately, I want to see the Illyrians be…less of an exclusively warrior society. Like, Illyrian art! illyrian cooking! Illyrian culture!!

Maybe this will be part of Mor’s plot? If her and emerie are a thing.

Anyways, I get why this plot maybe didn’t fit into this book but I think it’s a plot we NEED to see at some point.

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Why are the Illyrians living in such squalor while Velaris and the Night Court apparently have so much wealth? Like this doesn’t make sense if Rhys is there High Lord as well, and they live under his command. What about making it to where the girls can go to school or learn something so that they aren’t the underbelly of society? Why is fighting the only thing that they are getting to do? I think that it is incredibly worth it in this society, but aren’t there other ways to help them as well???

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Can Feyre or Nesta hypothetically heal the Illyrian females clipped wings. I don’t know who is going to do this, but I know that it is going to happen. They are going to heal these women, and they will once again take to the skies.

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The Bone Carver referred to Cassian as the following things: “Prince of Bastards”, “Warrior Heart”, and “Lord of Bloodshed”. What will Nesta’s titles be? I am so ready for this imagery and connection, y’all. I am ready for Nesta to rename this man as “Hers”, and that is the only title that will ever matter again.

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Az sees the Illyrians as being a completely separate people from himself. He does not claim their heritage, and he thinks that they are barbarians. He hates that part of himself, and yet, he identifies himself with them only in his self-hatred. He doesn’t think that he is good enough for Mor, and he hates himself because of his heritage. I really hope that he finds a way to reconcile the different parts of himself, perhaps with a proud Illyrian despite her challenges, like Emerie.

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I love that Azriel was the one to teach Feyre how to fly. He gets to be the teacher when he was denied one.

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(tags: @thron3ofbooks, @df3ndyr, @courtofjurdan, @art-e-mis, @herondamnn, @the-third-me, @im-still-trying-here, @emikadreams, @paytin77, @mis-lil-red, @sleeping-and-books, @lucieisabooknerd, @amandaraey-sunshine, @easy-p-lemon, @azymondias05, @dagypsygirl, @makeshift-utopia) *bold tags don’t work ;-;

Just in time for ACOSF’s release tomorrow! Enjoy chapter 22!


The entire estate was abuzz with activity in preparation for the encounter with Keir and his legion of rebels. As predicted, once Rhys and the other High Lords had lifted the wards from our armed forces, Kallon alerted the steward and frantically gathered the Illyrian numbers he rallied for his rebellion. We had all been surprised when Azriel’s reports indicated that those numbers had dropped—not significantly, but enough to know that we now had an advantage over the Illyrians. Those who abandoned Kallon’s Illyrian rebels appeared at neither camp, leaving Cassian to assume they were remaining indifferent to either side. Regardless, they would be dealt with after this ordeal.

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Cassian just doesn’t think very highly of himself at all. Low born Illyrian bastard. I need him and Nesta to work together to change this image of himself. 

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i have two points to discuss. the way sjm wrote about war (in acowar specifically) and the way she wrote people (in the whole acotar series).

first things first, what always got on my nerves is that we literally have three battles in the war in acowar (four of you count adriata). THREE. and the war five hundred years ago lasted seven years? consistency who? i know that it‘s not unlikely for the war to last only a few months, but this one was portrayed as something that had been building up since the war before that.

moreover, the battles? we have three/four and the same (illyrian) army is fighting them. and rhysand and his ic are present at each and every one of them. but they can just winnow around (which kinda ruins the concept of an open battle, because they can just pop up wherever they want to, without much planning, strategy or general effort), so maybe that’s the reason they’re always at the same place. and that the said place happens to be the place where the battle is happening.

and the ending of the war? wtf happened? amren killed everyone in hybern‘s army? what? do you even know what that causes? no? i‘ll tell you. rage and humiliation. so what is going to happen two hundred years from now? another war.

and do you know why? because they haven’t heard of the word diplomacy. nope. what is that? rhysand literally told cassian that the needed illyrians “willing to shed blood” again. boy, you defeated your archnemesis. the fighting is over. the people you love (albeit less than six, but that’s okay, you do you) are alive. now get your shit together and have some conference with them. talk about peace. sign a treaty. you’re supposed to be the smart one. and all you see is blood. (where i come from, there’s a saying, “the steps of the one whose power lies in a mace, reek of inhumanity.”)

also, the peace talk in archeron‘s estate? ridiculous. they hadn‘t even signed the peace treaty—oh yes, there‘s literally no one to sign it because your fire chicken killed everyone—but they are sitting down to talk about peace. with their allies. i mean, hun, your allies (partially) already agree with you. it‘s your enemies you should be talking to. they attacked you in the first place because they disagreed with you.

which brings me to my second point. the people in this book? the people as a nation, or a group? ridiculously written. every single person in hybern is bad? everyone there is a murderer and a torturer and a sadist? lol, bring a new mirror, ic. that ouroboros is quite good.

also, the illyrians? they are all primitive, stupid and bloodthirsty. says the ic, one half of which are illyrians.

everyone in the court of nightmares is disgusting and deserves to be there, just because they are from the court of nightmares (i’m not talking about keir and his family, they are disgusting and their actions are irredeemable, to say the least). so, according to ic logic, i don’t see how morrigan’s better. she was born in the court of nightmares—which means that she’s automatically evil. oh no, but she was a dreamer born into the court of nightmares. so she’s okay. she’s precious. but the rest of the court of nightmares? evil trash.

my point is: do you really want to tell me that there was literally no “good” person in that place (the size of a town) other than morrigan? and no “good” person in hybern?

anyway, that would be it. i do understand that in the first 3.5 books we mostly got feyre’s pov, but that just means that feyre’s kinda dumb and questions absolutely nothing she’s told about these things.

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Calling it now, that if we do get to witness the Rite in ACOSF, that Kallon will be the main antagonist of that plot line.

*I think I’m one of the few who doesn’t actually want to see Nesta be a competitor in the Rite. Gender differences aside, the Rite is a custom specific to Illyrian culture, and Nesta is not Illyrian. But it is mentioned in an earlier part of ACOFAS that Cassian had volunteered to do the Rite again to prove that he was worthy of being Commander (the rebellious Illyrians grumbling that Cassian shouldn’t be in charge since so many of them died in the war). I would not mind seeing Cassian participate in the Rite and Nesta helping him in some way. 🤷🏻‍♀️

With all the foreshadowing and hints dropped in this book, I would not be surprised to see Cassian betting the rebellious Illyrians that they have to fall back in line without complaint if he ends up winning the Rite.

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Shower thought: What if Enalius is Cassian’s father? And that’s why his mother never told anyone?!

What if Cassian has a Percy Jackson sort of a thing going on but no one can tell because his dad is the god of War??!

What if Cassian is a demigod yallll???!

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Honestly, I think a lot of hate for Nesta comes from the fact that people don’t really get her. We don’t get to see her point of view. 

If it was the male lead, in literally any other book, once he would have apologised, everyone would have forgiven him, and moved past his previous actions. 

Well, Nesta hasn’t exactly apologised. And I don’t think we’ll ever get to see her soft side, or her ever being vulnerable, if it continues as Feyre’s point of view. And I don’t think a lot of people will like her unless that happens.

Now, honestly,  I don’t like her. You could have called me Anti- Nesta, when I first read the books. But once I came across the many posts here, I re-evaluated. Yes, how Feyre, and Rhysand, and most of the other people treated her was wrong. And I get how Feyre has a biased point of view, but I do agree with most of Feyre’s actions.

I personally do know someone like Nesta. And they’re someone really close to me. They can be an emotional wall sometimes, and often times like Nesta. I always went searching for love from them. Never got any. Always came back hurt. Wondering, why I didn’t deserve their love.

Imagine Feyre as a fourteen year old and someone treated her this way. Imagine wondering what she did to be loved less than Elain. Most of the Nesta stans here relate to Nesta in some way. She’s strong, and never really asked for love, from anyone. She’s strong.

Feyre got over it too. But I’m not going to take anyone here saying that Feyre being biased against Nesta is wrong. It’s not. When someone has treated you in that manner for most of your life, I know damn well I’m going to choose my mate over them. Yes, Rhysand has commited some mistakes, but he did make up for them. He did apologise for them.

Nesta never, ever apologised. She might be some death goddess or whatever, but she’s not strong enough to apologise to her own sister, who was the sole reason she survived. Where was all this strength, when Feyre literally gave her money to buy herself things. What was up with her self-respect then?

And everyone says Feyre needs to be more sympathetic to all the trauma Nesta’s been through, Why doesn’t anyone expect Nesta to do the same. Feyre hasn’t had it any easier either.

Just because Nesta had to actually go into the cauldron, doesn’t make the fact that all that Feyre had to go through, literally dying, any easier.

Also, I see everyone saying that the IC behave like teenagers. They’re human too. They have feelings too. They have trauma to go through too. They have their biases. They have their fears. They’re also allowed to have irrational dislikes towards anyone they want, because after all, they ARE people. All of them.

Elain, Nesta, Feyre, Rhysand, Cassian, Mor, Azriel, Amren, all of them. They are people. And they are allowed to have irrational feelings, and thoughts. 

Don’t tell me none of you ever disliked anyone just because you wanted to. 

And everyone saying that Rhysand disliked Nesta just because of Feyre telling him how she was. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t like someone, just because they treated your significant other wrong in the past. I myself would be pretty bitter towards them.

 They all aren’t perfect people, and shouldn’t be held up to such expectations.

Sorry for the long ass post. Also, if you disagree with me on any of the points, please comment on it. I absolutely don’t mind, and would actually appreciate hearing other opinions. 

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