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2022 is full of genuine love
2022 is full of genuine friendships
2022 is full of genuine companionships
2022 is full of inner peace
2022 is full of abundance
2022 is full of magic
2022 is full of happiness
2022 is full of health
2022 is full of prosperity
2022 is full of beautiful things and beautiful situations
It is done, it is done, it is done. By the power of 3, a perfect trinity: It is done ✨
So it is ✨ thank you, thank you, thank you ✨.
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Tumblr media
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Friendly reminder: Your friends love you. Your pets love you. I love you. Sometimes it is hard to believe, but you are loved, darling. People (and animals!) care about you. So much. There are people who think of you, people who smile because of you, people who feel warm inside because of you. It might feel like you are not important, but you are. So damn important. You are loved and because of you other people feel loved too.
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@a-shleeey 🤞🏻
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haha... just a thought .......
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pervysenpaix · a month ago
Wait!! wait!! wait!!! How about how the grinch stole christmas au where after the whole, ‘the grinch finally learned how to love or whatever’, fiasco happened, happily married who!couple you and (whatever character of your choosing) welcome grinch!bakugo into your home to try one of your famous holiday desserts
and!and!and you guys are just having such an amazing time that before grinch!bakugo leaves to go back to his home, he’s gifted with the sight of little who!you wrapped up in sheer lace of red and orange with a hint of black in doggy style showing off your puffy wet lips and round ass
(btw I love you and I wish I could give you the whole world but for now here’s a kiss 💋)
And I love you. You are the wind beneath my wings. My sun that rises in the east and sets in the west. I am nothing without you my little whore 🥰
I really enjoyed writing this y'all. Grab a fan, babe. It's about to get hot 🥵
How Kacchan Stole Coochie Christmas
Tumblr media
Warning (18+) NSFW Content| Minors DNI
This work may include:
Foul Language
Threesome FMF
Black!Mina ( Mina is always black in my fics, if you don't like then don't read)
Chubby/Plus Size Mina/ (Cause why tf not ?)🙌
Aged up characters
Dom/Sub aspects
Bondage (?)
Oral Sex
Size Kink (?)
Top/Daddy Dom (?) Katsuki
Established Relationship (MinaX(Y/N))
Anal Sex
I do not own MHA, MHA characters or anything associated with the brand. I do not own the artwork. All images were obtained through google. If you know that creator of any artwork used, please tag them.
©@pervysenpaix 2021; Do not steal my work.
So, it turns out that the Grinch's heart isn't the only thing that grew that day.
So did his cock.
Grinch!Bakugo had such a great time today with those pretty little whos, Mina and (Y/N).
They were quite the pair, all bubbly and bright. Smiling and rambling like the ditzy little bimbos they are. Squealing excitedly and clapping when he told them that he liked something or crinkling those cute little noses when he complained that something was too sweet.
"Aww, you don't like it 'Suki?" you’d whine, pressing your palms flat against your chubby little cheeks. "Don't be mean, Mr. Grinch!" Mina would pout, bringing her chunky arms across her chest and pushing up those perfect tits.
“There there, my pretty little whos” he’d coo, “I’m more than happy to taste whatever you put in my mouth but, if I don’t like it I'm probably gonna put something in yours instead” his voice would be soft, just above a whisper as he held your faces between his thumb and index finger. “Oh, Mr Grinch! How lewd!” you’d giggle, twirling a strand of hair around your little finger. Mina hummed, “are you gonna make us lick your candy cane or something, Kat ?” she’d purr, pink tongue darting out to meet his thick digit. “Or something” he murmured huskily, watching as his finger slid passed her plump lips.
Oh, how perfect the two of you were! He’d wanted nothing more to abandon his recent change of heart; stuffing the two of you in his bag and keeping you for himself. But, he’d turned over a new leaf and matter how much fun it was to watch that nerd Deku cry when he exploded his Christmas tree, he knew that he had to be good now. And being good entailed NOT corrupting innocent little whos, no matter how much they begged for his guidance or discipline. No matter how much they needed a daddy. So with a sigh, and much to your disappointment, he pulled away and continued sampling sweets, while wishing that it was your cream settling on his tongue instead.
Time flies when you're having fun. Katsuki didn't realize how late it had gotten until glanced through the bathroom window. "I'd better go" he grumbled to himself, cringing at the thought of returning to his penthouse alone. He really didn't want to leave the two of you, not when you were becoming such great friends. Maybe the two of you could visit? No, that wouldn't work; the elevator was down in his apartment building and your chunky little legs wouldn't make it up those stairs if he wasn't carrying you. Not that he'd mind anyway but you'd probably protest.
The two of you mentioned how you were thicker than most whos and it seemed to bother you. He fucking loved it though. The little pudge of your belly was adorable and he loved the slight jiggle of Mina's arms. Both of you had deliciously thick thighs that dented at the top of those cute little thigh high socks you wore all the time. "Fucking bimbos" he muttered to himself, smiling affectionately at the visual. It was the perfect combination of sexy and cute. He didn't know if he wanted to squeeze you or fuck you. Probably both. Definitely both.
Such cute little girls; because to him you were very much little, it didn't matter how big you were because you'd never be larger than him. He towered over the both of you, even on your tip toes he'd have to bend down for you to wrap your hands around his neck. Tiny little things. His whole hand could fit around your neck, snapping it if he wanted to. So helpless.
Katsuki felt so bad about leaving the two of you alone! Would you be okay without him? Yes, you guys were fine before but he's grown quite attached over your short time together. Did you feel the same? Did Mina? Yeah, she was a flirty little brat and he'd love to put her in her face but did she really want him? The two of you were far too innocent to get involved with him right? Plus you loved Whoville ! He could never ask you and Mina to leave for his sake.
"What to do? ... What to do?" he muttered to himself, absentmindedly pacing the small washroom floor. After a few minutes of trying, and failing, to make a plan that would convince the two of you to leave with him, he accepted defeat and went to say his goodbyes.
How he'd miss those little whos. Would they miss him too? Maybe they could spend more time next Christmas.
"Oh, Mr. Grinch..." a cheerful voice chirped, snapping him from his thoughts. What has that little devil gotten herself into now?
A look of pure astonishment overtook his, handsome, features when he saw the reason for Mina's giddiness. It was you, wearing a lacy black and orange set that left very little to the imagination, positioned beside the Christmas tree. You were on your knees, displaying your, juicy, round ass and cute little cunt. Your hands were tied behind your back with twinkly garland and a cute red bow was clipped to the front of your puff.
"Mina..." he drawled, turning his attention to the similarly dressed girl. She wore a devilish grin and giggled coyly when the tall man addressed her. "Yes, Mr. Grinch ?" she cooed, running a dainty hand over your ass, "is there something wrong?" Her hand ghosted over your sopping pussy and the most pitiful whimper slipped out.
Katsuki groaned, running his hand over his face and shaking his head. Naughty girl. He walked towards her and wrapped his large hand around her throat, enclosing it completely and pulled her to her feet. "What did ya do to that sweet little who, dirty girl?" Mina moaned lewdly, taking her lip between her teeth and trailing her eyes down to his pants; she gasped when she saw it, and instinctively went to grab it but he swatted her hands away. "Did I say you could touch me ?" he hissed, tilting his head to the side as he regarded her.
Mina was standing on her tippy toes with her back arched, extenuating her glorious ass. Oh, to be the string of her thong; nestled between those beautiful cheeks.
"No, Mr. Grinch but I couldn't help myself. It just looked so appetizing" she licked her lips and looked up at the blonde with the most pleading eyes he'd ever witnessed. He almost fell to his knees and granted her every wish but, your soft whimpers broke the spell.
"You're a spoiled brat, Mina." he growled, squeezing gently around her neck, "you think that you can do whatever you want. Take whatever you want. Look at that poor girl." he turned her head in your direction, she groaned when she saw you squirming on the ground with slick dripping down your thighs. She'd been teasing you for a while so your lips were puffy and swollen. "Doesn't she look pretty, Daddy Grinch ? I wrapped her up real pretty just for you."
Katsuki growled, it was soft but the warning was clear. Shut the fuck up. "Don't try to flip this. You didn't do this for me. You did this for my cock." Mina whimpered and tried to look away but he squeezed again. "You left my sweet baby girl , wet and waiting because you thought it'd help your chances of getting your slutty hole filled. Am I right, dirty girl?" Mina pouted, fighting that internal battle between good girl and brat. Right when she was about to open her mouth and say something dumb, you saved her life.
"Don't be mad at Mina, 'Suki. We just didn't want you to go." you called from your place on the floor. Your voice was light with the slightest twinge of desperation and it had Katsuki throbbing in his jeans. "Please don't leave, daddy" you whined in a voice that sent volts to his heart AND cock. "Stay with us, Kat" Mina added, smirking and batting her eyelashes.
"Tch, little whores." He scoffed, but the blush was apparent on his cheeks, He didn't even think about staying. It was the perfect solution for his dilemma, plus how could he say "no" when you were asking so sweetly. He would definitely stay in Whoville, a "town filled with annoying extras" if it meant that he could keep his two babies: the cute, sweet (y/n) and the obnoxious, sexy Mina. A good girl and a brat. Someone to spoil and someone to punish.
The two of you have him wrapped around your fingers and he hasn't even fucked you yet. That won't do. If he complies to your request then Mina gets rewarded after misbehaving. No, no, bad girls can't go unpunished.
That's when Katsuki got an idea.
A kinky idea.
A disturbingly, dirty kinky idea.
Katsuki would grant your requests. He would stay for you, well the both of you and he'd let Mina get his cock. But, she could only have it after he took care of you since she made you wait so long. And you, his dear sweet (y/n) he would stay just like you asked; he would never leave you and he was going to take precautions to ensure that you could never leave him. He was going to breed you. Cum inside that tight little cunt until it was filled to the brim and then he'd make Mina eat it out.
His fat cock split you open, creating a searing pleasure that you'd never experienced before. The stretch was far more intense than any of the toys that Mina had used on you before. His fingers dug into your fluffy tummy and he bit into your shoulder as he pummeled into your heat. He came with a muffled groan, hiding his face in your poofy hair and inhaling the sweet scent of honey and mangos. He'd never get tired of his two chocolate whos.
After spilling his load he'd grab Mina by her hair and press her face against your pussy. The whore would go straight work, lapping up all his cum and moaning at the combination of flavors. This mixture of fluids was her new favorite snack. 10/10 would recommend.
While she was eating you, Katsuki would take this time to taste her. Rough hands came down on her cheeks, spanking and squeezing until Katsuki could feel heat against his hands. Mina would whimper and whine in your pussy, sending jolts of pleasure to your core. You came again but she didn't stop, continuously switching between flicking your bud and dipping into your entrance. Katsuki would spread her cheeks and run his tongue down the canyon until he was met with that tight, puckered hole. Yeah, he was going to breed Mina too, but not tonight. Only good girls get fucked in their pussy, Whores take it up the ass.
"Daddy, pl- oh sh-fuck" she'd whine as his thick fingers fucked her hole, his tongue flicked around her rim and his free hand palmed her ass. Katsuki is definitely an ass man.
When his dick finally breached her tight entrance he had to say a quick prayer, thanking god for this heavenly hole. "Stupid little bimbo, moaning on my cock." He drawled, licking a lustful stripe up her spine as he stroked into her backside, "My pretty baby girl just needed some dick. Feel good to have my dick up your ass, huh slutty girl ?" Mina moaned a sultry "yes daddy" and sucked your clit into her mouth. You were seeing stars at this point, evert time Katsuki's cock thrusted into Mina, her tongue would go farther into you.
Bakugo came with a roar, a booming sound that tipped both of you over the edge. His chest filled with pride watching the two little whos spasming beneath him as they were overcome with pleasure.
This was a very merry Christmas indeed.
@namjoonswifeyy thank you for the request, baby. you bring out the best in me ❤❤
Check out these NastyGirls (10/10 would recommend): @xogabbiexo, @xosuki, @angwritez, @thicksimpx, @presidentmonica, @gabzlovesu, @indiecursor, @kaizokuluv, @plussizeficchick, @dejwrites, @arielspoem
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Regardless of time, place or even forms. I believe I will be able to find you and love you once more.
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Tumblr media
"She has the whole universe inside her bones. She has galaxies travelling in her soul, and stars twinkling in her eyes. You look at her and stare at her complexities, insecurities, and strength of a thousand suns. You can't turn away because you don't want to miss anything.
You map out the constellations to her heart that makes her an old flickering soul, as she's floating in the black hole of her sadness, inching to swallow her whole. She's waiting to be found and pulled out alive without her star dying out. Only when your soul touches her and grabs on to her light will she not dimmer out and fall to earth. She will then keep rising, travelling to the ends of the universe as she found the rest of her strength, and they shall name the brightest star after her as the moons bow to her name".
Tumblr media
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moodboard: soft!thiam
when i look into your eyes and stare into your soul, tangled up in your arms, i don't feel so cold
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Girls, we are magic...
I love being a woman.
I love being feminine.
I love being sensitive.
I love being precious.
I love being Divine.
We are all of these and more, treat yourself with love, protect your energy, and love yourself.  <3 
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Sometimes, all we need to hear is that it is okay. So, darling, I just want you to know that it is okay; it is okay that you had a bad day. It is okay that you picked up some old habits. It is okay that you had dark thoughts again. It is okay that you are hurting. It is okay that you made that mistake. It is okay. I know it is easy to be hard on yourself, but you have to remember that you are still healing. Be gentle. Be kind. Breathe. It is okay.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dino Tin coming your way to RAH RAH RAH your negative thoughts away! Our negative thinking can sometimes be super loud and nasty and it makes it hard for us to not identify with them. But know that you are not your thoughts and that you're an amazing human being! You are more than enough! I hope everyone is having a great day! 
disclaimer: although the girl's appearance is based off of a  friend of mine, the character used is completely fictional and doesn't reflect any specific individual's real life issues
Also a lil exciting thing coming your way soon :D
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hello friendly reminder that you don’t have to be pale to be a vampire
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i still wait patiently for you.
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ILOVEYOU so much!!!
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It will always be you.
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