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After Ilsa join the IMF, the team keep busy with their missions, one after another.

Ethan: Ilsa, we’re going on a date.

Ilsa: Oh Ethan! I thought you’d never ask!​ What should I wear?!

Ethan: Um… whatever suitable for a fight? ​Our mission is to drop the file from the armed extremists, we have to pretend as customers at the restaurant, remember?

Ilsa: Oh… it’s the mission… we are going to … Yeah, roger that.

Ethan: OK. Everybody suit up. We’ll set off in 15 minutes!

The IMF team accomplished the mission once again. They’re always the best team.

Ethan: Ilsa, go on a date with me.

Ilsa: Sure. What’s the situation this time? Did we get the fake file? I know they must be hiding something, it won’t be so easy to get. Where’s Benji, Brandt and Luther? We need a new plan.

Ethan: No no, it’s just us, you and me… going on a real date… you know, like normal people.

Ilsa: Oh Ethan! I thought you’d never ask!​

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Ilsa: Give me the files, Ethan.

Ethan: Sorry, I can’t help you.

Ilsa: I will get it one way or another, please don’t make me go through you.

Ethan: You want the files? Only If you can catch me.

Ilsa: Well, game on.

Then the couple get on their motorcycles and the engines start roaring.

​Brandt: Woah, guys, let’s chill, all right? We can talk about this… HEY!!! Come back!!!

Luther shakes his head: Does it always have to end up in a big motorcycle race?

​Benji: I bet 20 bucks on Ethan, and their conversation was sooo hot!​

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Ethan Hunt & Ilsa Faust: A Journey

So, after yesterday’s news about the MI franchise, a celebratory rewatch was a given. Unfortunately, in order to be able to swallow down six movies in one sitting, one needs a full day with no interruptions, and that scenario has proven itself to be highly unlikely in my case. Naturally, I resorted to watching the last two instead of the whole pack. Four hours had passed, I found myself wandering down the path of digesting the character dynamic between Ethan and Ilsa.

Firstly, I must confess: yes, I do ship them. Yes, I’m able to see them as a romantic couple. I know it sounds cliché, and no one is under the obligation to agree with my opinion, because it’s just it. A single opinion. But while I was in the process, it got me thinking on why I can see them as a couple.

Let’s start with the notion that Ethan is, without any shade of doubt, a people person. He’s the so-called head of the wolf pack, to put it bluntly. He’s charming, he’s evocative in a nonthreatening way, he’s talkative, he’s energetic, the list goes on and on. He appreciates the people around him and is able to see them for what they really are. He sees Luther as his voice of reason, he never ever begrudges Benji for being a little too much pain to handle (that constant rambling, seriously. I love Benji with all my heart, I really do, but being near him I would have probably gone nuts asking him to shut up just for once), he’s even able to put up with Brandt’s never-ceasing paranoia. Most of all, Ethan is ferociously loyal to all of them, a trait which I find unique in regards that they all reciprocate the same loyalty without question. They may say he’s crazy, but they would follow him to the hell and back regardless of his recklessness. Why? Well, because Ethan is stubborn. It’s easier to go with him than to be discouraging towards him, exactly for the reason that by being so stubborn he keeps the flame of hope alive not only within himself but also within their tight group as well. Hope for something good in the world. Hope that every heinous and horrible thing they do would eventually be worth doing. That’s what keeps them going, no matter the circumstances. Which I find as a very interesting fickle in terms of character’s value.

To be more clear, the guy has seen some shit. On a constant basis, even. He’s been hunted down almost non-stop from the very beginning, his superiors don’t trust him at all (seriously, I could count on the fingers of one hand the number of Secretaries that weren’t antagonistic towards him), he’s been betrayed by the system every now and then, his chance at a happy and normal life didn’t pan out. He has lost so much and has been beaten down so many times, that his reckless and desperate attempts to save practically everybody are largely motivated by the fear of losing, doesn’t matter who: someone within his team, or some abstract pedestrian he met down the street. And yet…

And yet he stays hopeful. He deliberately chooses the audacity of hope in the face and in spite of the circumstances. That is unique in a very distinctive way, which essentially sets Ethan apart from so many other action heroes. I mean, yes, he’s tired. He’s worn down. Yes, the fear he’s carrying within himself must be crippling. Yes, he’s paranoid, he’s reckless to the point of stupidity sometimes, and yet, he can think rationally (even if it doesn’t seem so) even while being under emotional pressure. He doesn’t allow for his previous experiences to cloud his judgment. His experiences do shape him, just like they would shape any other human, sometimes his experience might even dictate his actions, but - and that’s the difference - he doesn’t let himself become jaded and cynical. If he did, he would have lost his humanity, the only way he knows how to preserve it, and we know that he cannot possibly afford that.

Now, Ilsa is different. Totally different. Where Ethan is the head of the wolf pack, she’s a lone wolf. Not only a lone wolf, but a stray wolf - and she was put into this position by her own government. The same government that once deemed her as a traitor to leverage her into tossing her around whatever they see fit. She doesn’t belong anywhere; the only way for her to preserve her integrity is to fight for it. Viciously, with teeth and nails, with no regards to possible collateral damage (she probably had her fair share of collateral damage while working with Lane, she herself essentially was collateral damage) and to the consequences. She doesn’t have anyone to rely on, except herself. And yet, she’s very upfront. Steadfast. A good opponent, a tricky one, because even while manipulating the events to her own means, she manages to stay truthful about her intentions. I mean, she’s a spy. A very good one, obviously, because you wouldn’t be able to survive being undercover for two years without staining your hands and doing some morally questionable things, but she always remains steadfastly honest about herself, even if she doesn’t come clean on her agenda from the first try. And how could she? She couldn’t, even if she wanted to. She’s a lone wolf, and lone wolves are dangerous. They’re unpredictable because they have to do anything in their power to just survive.

What fascinates me: Ethan, being Ethan, i.e. the person who attaches way to quickly to anyone for the tiniest bit of reason, inadvertently gave her a reason in return. To be open. No, not completely, obviously it’s a little bit early for that. But he gave her an opportunity to be honest. Being honest is the thing she strives for. She acts as his counterpoint and foil, and yet, they remain on equal footing the entire time - simply because he doesn’t judge her. Not ever. He doesn’t question her actions, no matter how borderline they may come across to others. He just knows she has reasons, he even knows what reasons are those without her having to explain that to him. He knows before being handed an explanation, he knows on some innately deeper level, the same level that helps him recognise and respect her first. Any romantic feelings there may be - they come after. Respect and mutual recognition is the essential foundation.

And you know, that’s new for her. You can see it written plainly across her face throughout both movies. She doesn’t have to hide herself from him, because he doesn’t judge. He just understands. He accepts. Without question. Which provokes the same reaction from Ilsa herself: she’s able to see through his flaws and baggage as well. And she doesn’t judge him either, because having been through what she’s had been through, she couldn’t ever.

That’s what they seek for so desperately. Understanding. A chance of solace in the midst of chaos. Not having to constantly remember about what they have to do and what are they doing. Most of all, they both need to be accepted with all their baggage, flaws and insecurities alike.

Acceptance is a very hard thing to find, even more harder to achieve. They both are not quite there yet, but who knows. Maybe they will get there. Eventually.

For @medveditsa

For @imfmi6

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How Rebecca Characters Would React to you Asking for a Hug Headcanons

Quick A/N: Hello lovelies. This isn’t actually a request. This is something I wrote for @merci-bitch Love you Tina. They’re short but I hope you enjoy this!

Rose the Hat

  • Rose internalizes affection
  • She’s not one to just toss around the words ‘I love you’ because she feels like it
  • She trust very few people with her thoughts and feelings
  • However
  • If she does trust the person, her relationship with them is as intimate as it appears on the surface
  • She’s a very physical person
  • Rose wouldn’t have a problem giving you a hug
  • She likes feeling needed by you
  • It’s not a long hug but it’s tight and does the job
  • Unless your sad, then she’d hold you as long as you needed
  • She’d squeeze your sides, sending little telepathic vibes and emotions
  • Hints of 'I love you’ and 'Mine’ being waved through the air
  • If you’re laying down, she’d run her fingers through your hair
  • Might lead to more later on


  • This bitch is seductive as hell
  • You know she’s not turning down any chance she can get to touch you
  • Like Rose, Riza is a very physical person
  • She’d plant little kisses on your cheeks and the crevice of your neck as she hugged you
  • Breathe in the smell of your hair
  • Like Rose, she’d might give you more than just the hug
  • She can’t keep her hands off you
  • If you’re upset about something and wanted the hug, you wouldn’t even have to ask
  • Riza comes off as stone but she is very passionate person towards her romantic partners
  • Chances are you’d be more on the recieving end of getting affection rather than giving it
  • She’s a very dominant woman


  • Like Riza, Kathleen is very in touch with her partners feelings
  • She’s a sweetheart
  • Chances are you probably wouldn’t even have to ask for the hug
  • She forever has her hands on some part of your body
  • Especially if she’s drinking
  • Because you’re definitely getting way more than just a hug
  • Kathleen is a petite woman but her hugs are strong
  • She’d sway you back and forth
  • Whispering sweet nothings in your ear about how much she loves you and how pretty she thinks you look
  • wouldn’t mind that right now tbh


  • There is no way to put this politely so I’m just going to say this outright
  • Jenny’s area of specialty is in the bedroom
  • Unlike Kathleen, I don’t think Jenny is very in touch with other people’s feelings
  • It’s not that she’s selfish or she’s doing it to be hurtful
  • She’s just a very lustful person and not really that in touch with even her emotions until it becomes overwhelming
  • She’d be very taken off guard by you asking for the hug
  • Because she’s not good at the whole giving comfort or affection thing, unless she’s in a playful mood
  • Jenny would give it to you
  • But it’s very stiff
  • Almost like hugging a piece of stone
  • Overtime I think she’d eventually loosen up but she’d much prefer to cuddle with you
  • Hugging just isn’t her thing


  • So I actually read the book before I watched The Red Tent
  • Biblical times were not easy for anyone to live in, especially women
  • Dinah is turning down no request for a hug
  • After all the shit this woman has seen and went through she needs a hug
  • Desperately
  • She’d take that hug for all it’s worth
  • Holding onto you tightly and never wanting to let go
  • All forms of affection, Dinah is down for


  • Rebecca is fucking adorable in general
  • There is not a piece of her you can’t like
  • Especially in that gif
  • Look at the smile on her face
  • Going off the grounds she knows you or even if you don’t and you’re at a movie premiere she’s at or something, I think she’d be down for giving you hug
  • Hopefully with that smile because she seriously is so adorable
  • It’d be a quick hug but it’s tight and leaves you with that 'I’ve been hugged by Rebecca Ferguson feeling’
  • 'This is the best day in my life’


  • Ilsa is a very busy woman
  • She barely has time to herself
  • Let alone to spend with another person
  • Her moments alone with you are far and between so every moment she spends with you she cherishes
  • Hugging is not a problem here
  • It’s a long hug that the two of you would stay in for a few minutes
  • Ilsa would plant little kisses on your cheek
  • Whisper in your ear how much she misses you and loves you
  • Cuddling ensues afterwards
  • She just likes to hold you in general
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  • Characters: Reader x Ilsa Faust
  • Warnings: mentions of violence
  • Gif credit: lorelaigilmoure
  • Spotify Prompt: 41. Last Dance by Rhys: “Oh if all we ever had was an illusion, and if we gave it every chance.”
  • Word Count: 585
  • A/N: did someone say…….. fake dating?? kinda?? (spotify prompts are not open)

You and Ilsa blurred the lines, between partners and something more, between colleagues and lovers. It was a delicate dance the two of you waltzed in, fingers intertwined with vague smiles that hinted at all sorts of possibilities. You were an unstoppable team, calculated and skilled, and the best agents MI6 had ever seen.

You loved working with her. Loved playing the couple at the fancy parties, loved the harmless flirting while your hands inched towards your guns, ready for a fight at any given moment. It was all in good fun, or it was supposed to be, until the kiss. She had taken you by surprise, her lips crashing against yours when your target was staring at you too suspiciously. She tried to rationalise it for professional reasons, insisting your covers would’ve been blown, but from the way both of you couldn’t stop staring at each other’s lips as if you wanted to kiss again, you knew it was more than professional.

Both of you knew what you were getting yourselves into. A relationship in this profession was hard, borderline impossible. Yet your feelings for one another was too much to ignore, too much to not act on. You relished the few moments you had together, her body pushed up against yours as you desperately kissed one another, not wanting to be separated again on whatever mission you’d be whisked away on. You never defined your relationship, never made it official in fears of the delicacy of it all falling apart. You pretended it was all part of the job, played the roles of the couple a little too well, but it was the closest you could get to a normal relationship.

But it became to hard playing pretend, dancing around the nonexistent stage you had built for yourselves. It felt like an illusion, a fantasy that was just that and nothing more. No matter what you did, no matter how hard you wished, the both of you couldn’t pull this into real life, not when your lives would be at risk if you did. Enemies using one to get to the other, knowing how weak and vulnerable you made one another.

Her call takes you by surprise one night, and you’re quick to answer it despite not speaking for months, agreeing to meet at some secluded location without questions. She’s waiting for you, hair in soft curls and dark coat wrapped around her body, standing by a car with its engine running. She offers you a smile, a smile that says you will always have a soft spot in her heart, and she greets, “Hello, y/n.”

“Ilsa.” you gulp, heart hammering in your chest. You glance at the car, “Another mission?”

“Of sorts. It’s undercover.” Ilsa responds, and you nod, knowing you can’t ask more questions. Taking in a deep breath, she says, “I won’t see you for a while. I don’t know how long it’ll be. I wanted to say goodbye.” 

You can feel all the air knocked out of your lungs, and you struggle to articulate all your words. She tilts her head, before suddenly reaching towards you, wrapping her arms around you in a tight hug. She smiles to herself as you wrap your arms around her, nuzzling her face against yours, and you whisper, “What we had… was it real?”

Have. What we have is real.” Ilsa corrects you, and you close your eyes, knowing you both gave it your all. Oh, how you gave it your all. 

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