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mydaystan · 3 minutes ago
just had to leave a facebook day6 fan page cause people were going crazy there. if you’re scared for what’s coming for day6, you have every right to express it. if you have full faith in them and you know that military and everything else won’t get in the way, you also have every right to say it. but why, in both case, would you attack someone else for thinking the opposite? we’re all in this together (yes i did sing hsm in my head), we’re here to support the boys no matter what, we’re here to enjoy the music... if you disagree, ignore or discuss by proving your point calmly. do not attack, insult and all that. that’s freaking stupid...
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veuliee2 · 8 minutes ago
⚡🌊✨💖⚡☄️If you're receiving this, you make someone happy💞🌊⚡💖✨☄️ go and send this to 10 people who make you happy or someone you think might need some cheering up.💞✨🌊✨⭐☄️ If you get it back then the better 🌊💞💖⚡✨
Tumblr media
i love you thank you 💓💓🤍💗🤍💗🤍💓💓
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jyns--ersos · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
thinking ab this today
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drunkmiraak · 10 minutes ago
Purple and orange (affectionate 💖)
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fruityutas · 10 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🥺 hihi babyyy i think ur amazing and i hope u have a just as amazing day too!!!
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no-mercy-bby · 12 minutes ago
You guys are so sweet and cute when you give me me feedback on my fics- gah- i love you all so much!! Here's some cookies babes
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bbyunz · 16 minutes ago
oh I didn’t know you were an Aries as well🥺💗 happy birthday I hope you receive lots of sweets and gifts💗🎂🎈✨💖
hola mi hermosa 💕 tysm! i had a very beautiful day and full of smiles, i can say that i went to bed with a nice feeling 🥺
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robert-deniro · 20 minutes ago
green but also cyan 💖 love ya!
green - nothing about you is bad mwah mwah
listen,,,, we both know its false
cyan - you literally never shut up
do this
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delusionsxfgrandeur · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
wait this is so funny actually bc im the biggest cancer ever and i think in another life i coulda been a cowboy 🤠🤠 yeehaw babes let’s goooo!!!!!
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dekuskacchan · 28 minutes ago
I give you, a woolly hug, but also;
Tumblr media
A woolly bug. (They are nice.)
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jisungiest · 29 minutes ago
sigh love is harder than college entrance exams
Yes but loving you is easy <3
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eri-cheri · 30 minutes ago
I can give you my woolly hugs, and also;
Tumblr media
A woolly bug. 😌💕
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noodlecatposts · 31 minutes ago
Here I will admit I am a terrible reader. I'm the lurker type and I just don't ever comment at all. Also I let the updates pile up so I have many chapters to binge. So the point of this is to just remind you that even if I fail as a reader, you are one of the greatests writers I know, and I hate myself for not being able to gather the energy to leave the comments you deserve. And I'm not talking only about NN. I love every single one of your fanfics, maybe not Nessian ones because who am I to lie saying I like Nesta, but they are so amazingly written and plotted (? is that even a concept) and they live in my soul rent free. Just wanted to make sure you knew it.
Thank you so much? 🥺
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milfharryfanclub · 38 minutes ago
basically < 20 seconds of an old louis demo leaked and then he got angry about it and then tweeted about some football thing taht made him made and then laughed at the twitter louies who were really upset that he was mad and were apologising profusely and then he’s like something BIG coming this year .
this filled in the gaps for me THANK YOU 💛💗
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holdurhuxbby · 44 minutes ago
⚡🌊✨💖⚡☄️If you're receiving this, you make someone happy💞🌊⚡💖✨☄️ go and send this to 10 people who make you happy or someone you think might need some cheering up.💞✨🌊✨⭐☄️ If you get it back then the better 🌊💞💖⚡✨
I passed out when you wrote #Kate my beloved
Don't play with my heart like this I'm already in love with you 😔💕 you are too sweet and lovely ahhh💖💖💖💖
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fives-cup-of-coffee · 44 minutes ago
Wow congratulations I didn’t know you were 600 years old! All the best!
aksjsksk thanks, 600yrs old and still breaking hearts
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