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Black Mutuals take care of your mental health FIRST

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@mxndwitch|| random inbox love || always accepting!

Hello, my beautiful bean

// hello, lovely cupcake! sending you some hugs!

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thank you my love, your friendship means more than you could ever know. thank you for your endless support (also my sunburn is now peeling but only on my face so i’m gonna have some sunspots when it’s all over)

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any english ppl following me? I think u should revolt against ur queen bc she is very old and weak and also do u have any good pasty resipies I love them.

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I won’t speak, just show me

@lethargic-hunter​ said  I always tell you as often as I can how much I love you, and from the day we became friends the only thing that has changed is that I love you more and more every DAY!! Thank you for being such a wonderful, amazing, beautiful friend!! I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK, MALLY!! THERE IS NOTHING I WOULDN’T DO FOR YOU!!

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AHHH BIAAANCA I CANT BELIEVE U WAITED FOR ME TO POSTING AGAIN ESpecially after I deleted and became inactive (still am) 0—0 join tumblr! Let’s resume the tag war~ hh❤️

2. When did you start playing?

New Years Eve (December 31st) 2019!!

3. Favourite memory from the game?


• My friends took me to Rainbow Bridge for the first time and we played music and tested glitches <3


• My other friend and I spent a few hours at Rainbow Bridge chatting


15. Favourite season so far?

Rhythm! I was only around for the end of Belonging… I think Lightseekers had the best cosmetics but I love Rhythm.

I’m still really regretting that I didn’t play at all during Rhythm and so don’t have most of the items from it 😭 I’m also in love with the Seasonal Spirit his hairstyle and design is just 0////0

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If you ship our characters romantically, send me a ♥. You never know, I might ship them together too.

Are you suuuuure tho? Cause idk, maybe the chemistry isn’t there 🤷‍♀️

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