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chouqs · a day ago
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݁ ˚ c͟o͟t͟t͟o͟n͟ ‧ ♡ 𓈒 ₊ ‧ 🍮 ˚ ‧ ✧ 𓈒 Ⓑ︎ ◞ ˖ ࣪
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iixy · a month ago
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shinx!! doodles!! shinx doodles!!
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taee · 3 months ago
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in case no one told you today, you’re amazing and jungkook’s so proud of you (for @jeonjcngkook)
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lorri1818 · 4 months ago
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riddlerapologist · 2 months ago
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this pic is so *edward* it’s unbelievable.
take it like this:
- imagine coming home and having the worst day of your life. you’re crying. an absolute mess of tears. edward comforts you, sits you down, and makes you explain to him what happened that day, who hurt you, and what he can do to make you feel better. he listens to everything you say with such intent to the point where he practically FEELS your pain and suffering.
and then, at night, when you’re peacefully asleep, he puts on that riddler outfit and kills whoever hurt you that day. and you don’t suspect a thing.
he comes home, crawls back into bed, and nuzzles his head on your shoulder, falling fast asleep.
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th0tpimusprime · 23 days ago
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They really were out here giving Taka the most questionable lines
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toretlenporcelan · 7 months ago
hajó leszel karjaidban kikötő
ha jó leszel karjaidban kiköt ő.
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kitybur · 4 months ago
home is when im alone with you
Tumblr media
quackity x gn!reader.
warnings: use of quackity’s real name.
a/n: based off the song home by edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros. i am touch starved , missing my gf and stressed with exams so enjoy this <3.
you were sleepy when you first awoke and found yourself rubbing your eyes. as an added layer of warmth, the sun was beating down on your skin. the thick blankets had been stolen in the middle of the night, partly from you, by none other than alex quackity.
when you turned back, you saw alex curled up between the sheets. as quiet snores escaped his mouth, his hair covered his face. you've completely rolled over and are now facing him. you softly moved the hairs framing his face away with delicate fingers. alex shook his head at the contact, signalling that he was awake.
his arm reached out and curled around your waist, drawing you closer to his body in his slumber. his head brushed against your neck. on your skin, you could feel his warm breath. your hands reach up to play with his hair, occasionally twisting it around your fingers.
as you lay there, no words were exchanged, and it was moments like this that you treasured the most. when you weren't streaming or interacting with other people and tens of thousands of people were watching your every movement. it was just the two of you.
when you look at the man, you would think to yourself, 'home is when im alone with you.' he really did feel like home. you put your cheek against the side of his head, closed your eyes, and drifted off into a soft sleep with the person you love most next to you.
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skyelights-xox · 9 months ago
Foreshadowing? Possible Theory/Easter Egg????
Okay because I'm trying to cope with the fact that we are going to be in hiatus for god knows how long I wanna talk about the other theory/easter egg/type of foreshadowing? I saw in today's rollercoaster of an episode which involves these guys
Tumblr media
This really revolves around the The girl in the black dress (voiced by Grey Griffin!!) and the guy in the purple shirt, who is actually voiced by Zeno Robinson (for those who don't know, Hunter's voice actor!)
When I first found out Purple Shirt was voiced by Zeno, this made me wonder if the any of the things Black Dress said to him before Vee joins them held any weight or related to Hunter.
Black Dress gives Purple Shirt a reading with the cards and says:
"A past connection that left its mark on your soul has shown up again and is asking you to shed your old ways and enter a metamorphasis and become the spiritual leader you're meant to be"
To which Purple shirt goes: "Sounds about right"
The reading does fit the arc Hunter's character is on (as of right now, and I say that because I don't trust this show). Someone/something trying to get him to leave the emperors coven, change for the better and join the good side.
I was still confused as to what (or who) the "past connection" was, and I realized that maybe the past connection could be Little Rascal (That is, if we're running with the theory that LR belonged to Philip, and that the DNA used to clone Hunter was Philip's).
Little Rascal acts like some sort of moral compass for Hunter, and tries to push him towards the people that can (eventually) help him. For example, in Eclipse Lake, LR throws off Hunter's plan of following behind Amity, King, and Eda by dragging him down and forcing him to interact with them face to face.
Tumblr media
LR also hesitates to follow Hunter when he tricks Amity and knocks her down (before going to make sure he's alright)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Also in the same episode, LR tries to pull Hunter up by his cape but then moves to Amity's shoulder when she extends her hand to him (symbolism!!)
Tumblr media
By moving closer to Hunter when he makes a good desicion and moving further away when he makes a bad one, Little Rascal is trying to get him to "shed his old ways" and join the others where he knows he'll have a better life.
This makes so much sense in my head but I can't articulate it very well so uhh I hope I managed to get my point across
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amasawasseiji · 4 months ago
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the warmth of love ♡ for @yoonzinoswife​ 
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lauruus · 2 months ago
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*:・゚✧ some good Mikhail faces ✧・゚:*
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chouqs · a month ago
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get naked!!
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taeil · 6 months ago
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taeil ☾ prologue + favorite (vampire) — 211028 mcountdown
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mynameisjasmineee · 11 months ago
🌴A Message You Need To Hear Right Now🌴
Hi everyone!! I will be channeling your messages directly from my intuition! Go ahead and pick your aesthetic, now let’s get into it💚
The Aesthetics:
Tumblr media
Aesthetic I:
Tumblr media
Hiiii everyone who chose the aesthetic I👒 you give me the vibes of someone very girly, classy, & sassy💁‍♀️. You could possibly have this little attitude about you that others can find attractive or annoying. I see you as someone who can be very blunt & harsh at times, your words can definitely tear some people down if you want them to! I’m really feeling someone who’s boujee & very smart. You can have a lot of intelligence & can attack people using your logic & factual judgment. You’re very determined & straightforward. You like to be impulsive & get straight to the point with things. I’m also feeling you could be someone who likes cropped tank tops, baggy low waisted jeans & could have the style of a YK2 girl. Some of you really loveeeeee your hips & others of you really like belly button piercings. I’m getting real big late 90’s - 2000’s vibes. You guys are very very good at communicating when you desire to be, but emotionally speaking, you can be very cold or distant when it comes to addressing emotions or feelings. You are very intellectually driven. I’m also getting some of you can receive some type of communication with someone you’ve been wanting it from or for others your throat chakra is being healed & unblocked. A lot of you are currently on this soul searching journey & it may be very lonely & there is a need to go within, & search for the clarity you desire to have & then once you find it, move out of solitude to avoid being isolated or lonely. Ghosts are coming back from your past meaning, old situations, patterns, thoughts, fears, etc. will be coming back to haunt you or to test you to see if you’ve actually learned from them. There is a lot of frustration in your life & things may not be going exactly how you want them to, but it’s simply because it’s not meant to work out that way. Spirits are going to bring you something very good that’ll actually fulfill you emotionally. You also have a lot of anxiety & for some possibly it’s crippling & really bad, for others it’s just some slight anxiety you should try to maintain under control. Those of you in relationships or expecting a relationship, spirits are wanting you to allow there to be closeness between you and your partner. Be sure to always give each other your own space & know that love never claims it simply allows & gives. Some of you could be on a spiritual path with your person & there is this separation or distance between you at the time you come across this, be sure to allow this time to pass & to go with the flow of where the universe is guiding you.
Aesthetic II:
Tumblr media
Hi everyone who chose the aesthetic II🦚 I feel you guys are very artistic & loving. You can be someone who is very fond of art & expressing your emotions. You’re very connected to photography maybe even the scenery of things. Landscapes & nature is very important to you. I see you as someone who loves to watch the sky, moon, stars, etc. you’re very very dreamy & passionate. I get a lot of fire vibes coming from this group. You’re very creative, strong, & courageous. You could also be someone very connected to your sexuality & you loveeeeee sexual intimacy, especially when it’s passionate. I also feel like some of you could be clairvoyant or very imaginative. You could day dream a lot or see images of things in your head that aren’t physically in front of you. I also feel you could have a very good voice & possibly a very loving, warm hearted, giving, empathetic energy. Some of you could be literal empaths. Your heart chakra is very strong & you love to heal others & help those in need. You could’ve struggled with a bad childhood & it’s really hard for you to look back on those memories now because they cause you a lot of pain and distress. I feel like your pain has made you the person you are today & you try to capture/memorize every moment of goodness in your life. You are very sentimental & you love picture books, family parties, good times, hanging out with family, little meaningful gifts, & some of you could be old souls who carry a lot of wisdom within. If you notice I used a peacock emoji in the beginning, it symbolizes protection, spiritual guidance, wisdom, confidence, & dignity. I feel like you guys are very very protected! Especially by the divine & your ancestors. A lot of the information or knowledge you receive is passed down from loved ones or spirit guides. There is a need to be very open minded & always keep your sights on more ideas & passions. You could be finding a lot more opportunities you’ve been needing to advance in your career or relationships. You guys need to get some rest because there’s been a lot of disturbance in your lives & this causes you to be in this state of panic or anxiety all the time. You need to trust that you are protected & that your guides will give you the strength you need to keep moving forward. For those of you in relationships or looking for love, trust that transformation occurs through acceptance & once you accept the current situation you’re in, it’ll automatically transform into exactly what you needed it to. Take the time to take care of yourself & everything you want will flow to you.
Aesthetic III:
Tumblr media
Hello everyone who chose the aesthetic III 🥒 I see you guys as someone very self-careful. I guess that means you care for yourself a lot & you make sure your needs are always being taken care of. I’m also getting some of you will be starting to do this for yourself. However, all of you are very healthy people & some possibly even vegans. I’m getting a very spa-ish type of vibe from this group. You could be someone who always has your nails done or you are very well taken care of hygiene wise. I’m also getting this vibe of some of you possibly being witches or connected to herbs in some way. Botanical therapy or anything involving botanicals could be important for some of you. You guys are someone who really values redemption. I feel it’s possible some of you are trying to redeem yourself to someone else & possibly to yourselves as well. Another thing I’m getting here is that a lot of you believe in life after death or in other words resurrection. Spirits are wanting you to know how abundant & creative you are at this time. You’re very connected to your inner child & you should try manifesting all that you desire to have. Your solar plexus is thriving at this time & you may have struggled with imbalances or blockages recently, but at the time you see this it’ll be passing through already. A lot of you are very hard workers & you put a lot of time and energy into the work you do. Some of you could be writers, speakers, artists, poetics, or share your words in some type of way. I feel like you just need to keep pushing a little harder & you’ll get exactly what you are trying to accomplish! You may have been feeling a lot of pain throughout your life or in the time you see this & spirits are trying to help you heal this. Get in touch with your root chakra & grounding yourself. You are someone very very sweet & people value this about you! Your kindness is very compassionate, sensitive, & nurturing. You could be someone very connected to your heart chakra as well. It’s also 11:11 at the time I’m typing this so this can just confirm your dreams and manifestations are coming true! Go with the flow of the universe & it’ll guide you exactly where you need to be. Don’t isolate yourself & be sure get out & enjoy your time with friends or people who make you happy! In regards to love or current partners, you could be coming into sexual union with your person & physical intimacy will be very high! You and this person should honor the sexual experiences you share together & also honor when you are one with each other ☺️!
Aesthetic IV:
Tumblr media
Hi everyone who chose the aesthetic IV 🍵 I feel like you guys are very intuitive & your intuition can be mostly gut feelings. A lot of you are connected to your solar plexus at this time & this gives you a lot of abundance, happiness, creativity, & playfulness. You are very in tune with your inner child & this is what gives off the “immature” playful vibe you have. You’re probably someone who likes to gossip or have conversations over tea, coffee, etc. You give me vibes of someone who loves cafes & bistro or bakery foods. I also feel like there is this youthful innocence about you that others loveeeee to be around! You’re very fun & joyful, & this is what makes you, you. A lot of you will be discovering something you really enjoy talking about & doing. Whatever this is, it’ll fulfill you emotionally & make you really happy! I feel like you have a lot of strength & courage & it seems like you refuse to acknowledge this about yourself. Spirits NEED YOU to reflect on your experiences & recognize all that you’ve learned & gained from them. Cleanse your energy & your mind.. you have a lot of anger built up & you need to stop trying to push yourself so hard & just take the break you’ve been needing. This is a time of surrendering to the divine so you can heal & move forward with a clear perspective. For those in relationships or looking for love, imagine all the unwanted thoughts you have disappearing & creating room for more possibilities and new opportunities for your love life.
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lorri1818 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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lxlsposts · 22 days ago
Hey I was wondering if you could write like a headcanon on how hunter would take care of you while you’re sick ☺️💕 please and thank you
Of course, thank you for the request :) I hope you like it and received what you wanted <3
-Hunter would know instantly that something was different about you even without asking, most of the time he would think that you were angry/upset with him. This would send him into panic mode which would always lead to him bombarding you with questions. When he figures out that you are not mad or upset with him a weight is lifted off his shoulders again. But when he figures out that you are sick he falls back into panic mode.
-It doesn't matter whether you are bed-bound sick or just a little sore throat or a headache, Hunter would be there and go above and beyond.
-Anything you wanted he would give to you, he hates seeing you sick.
-If you had to take a day or two off school Hunter would barely get any work done, he sends the days without you just thinking about you.
-And sometimes if you had to stay off school he would leave school at lunch time, skipping the rest of the day just to come see you.
I feel like he would google what to do when your significant other is sick and he would honest take notes.
-He didn't care that you were sick, he still would come over or drag you to his house to cuddle with you. He would even try to kiss you [ "Hunter, I'm sick you can't kiss me," you say pulling away. "Whyyy?" He says craving your lips. "Because it's gross and you may get sick", you say giggling at his little tantrum. He cups the side of your face before saying " I don't care"].
-I feel like he would play music for you, obviously not too loud as you are sick, but he would definitely play.
-He would sing you to sleep, a quiet lullaby that only you would ever be able to here.
-He would run you a nice bath with your favourite bubbles in it, and for when you get out he would have your favourite type of soup ready for you to enjoy in his warm cosy bed with him by your side.
-He hates and I mean hates people touching his hair, but he knows that you are obsessed with it. So one time when you were sick he let you braid it to make you feel better and laugh. He hated it being in braids so after a few pictures and videos he took them out. However, he continues to let you play with his hair whenever you want. He would never admit it, but he loves it when you play with his hair now. He will moan about it when you ask him but is secretly begging for it.
-When Hunter feels bad about something (especially when you guys fight) Hunter would go out and buy you something. It isn't that much of a healthy habit, but he does it out of love to show you that he is sorry for what happened and that he does care about you. So when you are quite ill he will sometimes go out and buy you something to cheer you up. You tell him not to but when he is out if he sees something that you would love nothing is stopping him from buying it for you. He just feels bad that you are sick, and you really do appreciate his gifts.
-One time when you were sick he let you force him into a spa/pamper night. Which eventually leads to you trying to convince him to let you do his makeup. He tells you no but you had already made up your mind. He tried to run away but you pinned him down to the bed so you could do his make-up. Usually, Hunter could easily just throw you off of him he wouldn't even be in a situation where he was pinned down by you since he was a lot stronger than you. However, since you were sick you were already weaker than usual and Hunter noticed this. So he just let you pin him down, he didn't want to hurt you and he thought he would just let it happen anyway since it made you happy and kind of distract you from your illness.
-Watching Disney films and cartoons is a must, you guys did this every so often anyways and he knows that you love them. So he figured he would turn it up a notch and watch a lot of them back to back.
-He would 1000% force you to wear his clothes, he wants you to wear them 24/7 however when you are sick he wants you to wear them even more. I think it's like a safety thing like he thinks that nothing could hurt you since you are wearing his clothes. He always protects you and always will, so he feels like wearing his clothes is just another layer of his protection for you.
-He worries, like a lot, even if it is just a little headache he hates to see it. He loves you, more than anything even his hair. So seeing you ill or in pain hurts him more than you think. He would do anything to make you feel better. Such a sweetheart <3
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fallingforthedivine · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
chapter four- shots of strawberry vodka with choso.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
last chapter masterlist next chapter
yn is a film student covered in tattoos, this is uncommon- a certain tattooed fuckboy noticed her.
next chapter will be a mix of written and pictures, so make sure you don't accidentally skip anything!
taglist: @ribbons-in-your-hair @ravensleepyeyes @kimigiri09 @id-rather-be-an-outsider
music rec: i was all over her, salvia palth [i imagined this song was playing when Sukuna found you, the room with dimly lit and you were bathed in a blue light. he saw you fall over and saw the college boys, he knew you could handle yourself but it wasn't worth it.][he left 'Nina' mid kiss, her real name was Lily.]
film rec: spiderman into the spiderverse [i watch this film when drunk alot its so fun]
[i watched MoM a few days ago, if anyone else has watched it lmk what you think! taglist is open <3] i love you.
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prxshipluv · 6 months ago
🦋 Hey hey proshippers! Youre all super wonderful and amazing and i support every one of you <3
LGBTQ+ proshippers are valid <3
Minor proshippers are valid <3
Adult proshippers are valid <3
Abuse/csa victim proshippers are valid <3
System proshippers are valid <3
Self ship proshippers are valid <3
Proshippers who ship these things as a way to cope are valid <3
Proshippers who do it for fun are valid <3
Every proshipper is 💕✨valid✨💕
Youre all so valid and ily all so much, remember to drink some water, eat something- even if its only something small, rest, and just be you. 💕💕💕
Feel free to reblog or comment with anything else youd like to add :) 🦋
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im-a-god-tbh · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
not my art!! but inumaki so fine
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bettycoops · 5 months ago
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THE ELS & EM ANNIVERSARY EXTRAVAGANZA day 2 ☆ november 25 → gina porter
No matter what happens tomorrow, or the day after that, we just keep on dancing.
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