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#ily anon 馃尫
thelouidenaffair3 months ago
@tommoismyprince :)
@tommoismyprince is a sweetheart 馃
send me your favorite(s) blogs to give them a flower 馃尫
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sangonomyia2 months ago
ehhehehh the two lovelies in my inbox thank U !!!!! 馃拰馃拰馃拰^_^ !!! u dont know how much it gives me a confidence boost that people like the gamer!scaramouche agenda just as much as i do hehe
i鈥檝e already brainstormed some confession ideas fufufu so we鈥檒l see if i can execute them well ;0 i鈥檒l do my best..!!!!!!
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Tumblr media
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diamondseaside5 months ago
hey tina, I feel you about the graduating feels. I felt so left out when all of my friends started moving onto bigger and better things. I felt like I was still the same person and that my life wasn鈥檛 going anywhere. but don鈥檛 let these feelings get to you!! things will get better and you will have an amazing life馃尫
thank you 馃ズ馃ズ it鈥檚 so easy to get caught up in that thought spiral but i鈥檓 trying to take things slow bc that鈥檚 what鈥檚 best for me atm. it鈥檚 just hard when i see people already moving out and starting their lives and i鈥檓 just sitting here 馃憗馃憚馃憗
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cinnamogai23 days ago
you know what?? i like you. *validates your pronouns* (/p)
have y'all heard about cinna?? blush has a mogai blog!! i really like blushes flags, tea is really good at combining colors! fleurs pronouns are she/they and some neopronouns, i personally love 馃尫s tu/tulip neos, tu has amazing neos in general!!
i wonder if aloes day has been fine, i really hope so, since ke's sooo cool! 馃尫's terms are a whole new level of pretty!! they sound so fancy and nice! you should really check fleurs tumblr account, they post many useful terms for everyone in the mogai community, and also i heard ke also goes by ryan, that's such an amazing name !!
?! wow omg anon?? thank you so much?? this is so sweet omg i always wanna ask blogs for pronoun validation but i鈥檓 always too nervous tbh BSBDB this is so so nice aaa 馃ズ and yes! i do also go by ryan :0 something you鈥檇 know only if you look at my main lol. no one uses it on the internet but i still put it there for funsies i guess BEBEN i really prefer cinna anyhow. fr thank you so so much :( no one ever uses my ke/kew pronouns so like aa it was so nice to read them. you鈥檙e so amazing anon ily <3 (/p)
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sanguinescorpios3 months ago
hi sage, i have some bad news :(
so basically, i鈥檓 not gonna be an anon anymore. i鈥檒l still send some asks from time to time but i鈥檓 just not gonna be an anon anymore , as i may be deleting tumblr! goodbye, sage!!!!!!!!!! i鈥檒l miss u !! (one day i鈥檒l def come back LMFAO) ily /p !!
awh okay!! i鈥檒l miss u loads :鈥) if you do come back i鈥檒l be here hehe <33
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loudly--unladylike10 days ago
鉁╨oudly support!鉁
You can have one flower every 5 minutes of work:
I find that it's easier to do a few minutes then come back to it later - you might even find once you sit down to do 5 minutes, you can go for longer :D
(Sorry if this is patronising! I bestow upon to thee: motivation 馃鈥嶁檧锔)
-Red Anon
(this was sent when I was struggling with my essay the other day)
HI RED!! This was very sweet ily. I legit didn't want to answer this ask until I had done a fair amount of work so it would actually be like worth the pretty little flowers, thank you <3
Have some flowers for your kindness and support: 馃尰馃尮馃拹馃尲馃尭馃尫馃彽锔
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ggukkiereads4 months ago
i know you get it a lot, but i really love your blog. espesially the way you organize your navigation. (your blog's navigation is my favorite out of all fic recs blog i've known) you must read tons of fic in a day, don't forget to take a good care of yourself馃ズ since you read a lot you have to get enough sleep! and drink a lot of water too! stay safe and i love you ggukkie!!馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅
馃尫 ILY too, anon! Thank you for this reminder (since people think I don鈥檛 sleep 馃槀). I hope you take care of yourself too!聽
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luvdsc13 days ago
writing literally fanfiction isnt supposed to be a person's whole job, its a hobby. (i cannot EXPLAIN how much this infuriates me UGH) and um idk there are other fics and authors out there to satisfy you???? if miss cat doesnt satisfy you idk how you'll ever be satisfied. go make your own writing account and see how hard it is writing great fics consistently, while having school, and a goddamn job.
come back when you've got basic respect skills
hehehe hi miss cat i am dropping a bomb on anon <33 idk how long ago the ask was but im still going to scream about it because you dont understand how much this infuriates me
have a nice day, love you miss cat <333
BSUSISJDJD HONEY BEE, THANK YOU SO MUCH OMG 馃槶馃槶馃馃馃悵鉁 it鈥檚 honestly really ridiculous how entitled some people can be, especially once they have the anonymous function, they think they can say anything they want. I had a good laugh over their ask tho, so it鈥檚 all good :鈥) thank you so much for the spot on response, and I hope you have the bestest day ever and only good things come your way, angel 馃尫馃尫 and ily too !!!!!! 馃尭馃尭馃尭
also the way your response went from 馃槨馃槨 to 馃グ馃グ reminds me of that meme of gordon ramsay when he deals with adults vs kids lmaoshdjdjdkd this made me laugh, so thank you so so so much, sweetpea 馃挆
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mishervellousa month ago
for you 馃げ馃挒鉂わ笍馃尫馃挅馃挄馃挍馃挆馃尫馃グ
(sending you all the love and a hug if ya want鉂わ笍)
!!!!!! anon I want ALL the hugs!! ily 馃挋馃挋馃挋馃尫馃グ馃槏
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ladyvesuvia5 months ago
alrighty, i鈥檓 finally gonna submit something for this ahh!!
may i have a 馃Л for a guy in the marauders era & a 馃尫 for someone from hp and tlc (i鈥檓 starting the series soon!! i read the first book and it鈥檚 so good!) ?? take your time w this ves, and tysm in advance <33
1. i have very odd and dramatic dreams. like this one time i was on a survival show and i lost my sock in a hurricane, this other time the world was ending and i was mad that my phone broke and that my house broke and the ugly ones were fine, and finally he nightmare where i was a housewife 馃槂 (my worst fear) i had to make meatloaf for my balding 鈥榟usband 鈥 and i couldn鈥檛 make fun of his ugly ASF shoes or he鈥檇 start yelling at me & insult my fab cooking 馃様馃挃
2. i have a very mixed sense of style, i like leather jackets, sweaters, bold boots, florals, RINGS, mom jeans, band t-shirts, and pretty necklaces! i usually either wear a somehow nice looking combination of these or i go out in sweatpants and a hoodie shdjdk (indecisive is my aesthetic <3)
3. i love space so so so much!! stargazing is one of my most favorite things to do and i love everything about the night! i love late night car rides, bike rides, ANY late night rides are just wonderful <3
sorry if this is too much ves!!! like i said, take your time with this <3 ily and i hope you have the loveliest dayyy !!!
馃Л going north 禄 send in 3-5 facts about yourself and i鈥檒l ship you with a character. [specify gender preference! fandoms: harry potter (marauders or golden trio), the lunar chronicles, and friends]
鈥 sirius black my beloved. he鈥檇 take you to different places just because 鈥榟e feels like it.鈥 never a dull moment with this man <3
馃尫 pick flowers 禄 send me this emoji along with a fandom from this list + 3-5 facts about yourself and i鈥檒l tell you which character reminds me of you from it.
hp: oh god maybe it鈥檚 just me but ginny weasley but also luna lovegood vibes my babe
tlc: PLS I REMEMBER THE FIRST FACT- you were anon i think??? ANYHOO, i got strong linh cinder vibes from the first fact and winter hayle blackburn on the third one. but honestly you鈥檙e a literal mix of all of them oml on the second where you mention hoodie and sweatpants is a real scarlet benoit move jnsbdje but i鈥檓 gonna go with winter hayle blackburn based on your overall vibes. you鈥檙e a literal cinnamon roll and the sweetest person ever <3
join the camping!
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ratically2 months ago
those other anons r cringe鈥 anyway hope u have a great day 鈽猴笍馃尫馃尭馃拹馃尯 eat and drink well et cetera et cetera may all ur days b honeyful
omggg you鈥檙e too sweet ily 馃尲馃尫馃尭馃尯馃尮馃拹 I hope you鈥檝e had an amazing day
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iansfreckles2 months ago
hi lovely cat! another love letter for you! i finally read elevator music and can i just鈥 send you a fruit basket? 馃崕馃崐馃崌馃崜馃崚馃崏 orrrr some flowers? 馃尯馃尭馃尲馃尫馃尰 orrrr some pastries? 馃嵃馃馃ェ馃崻 idk which you鈥檇 prefer, but definitely sending you some hugs!!! i love this fic and can鈥檛 wait to see how it continues and HENRY! lil baby i love her so much already! i鈥檓 a fan of you, and of EM emt ian, and of EM artist tattooed (!!!!!) Mickey!
hope you鈥檙e having a wonderful day! 馃挄馃挄馃挄 freckles and baby curls anon
freckles and baby curls anon 馃グmy heart is beating faster in my chest thanks to you!! I would happily take any and all of those things (fruit! flowers! hugs!) but only if i get to share them with you 馃槍 I'm so glad you're liking it so far! it's definitely a different style than I'm used to writing, so I'm really happy to hear it's going well 馃ズ and yes! henry!! she's a sneaky little punk 馃グ ahh i'm so glad you're enjoying it, thank you thank you for all the kindness!! ily 馃ズ馃挋
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xxatinyminionxx3 months ago
happy birthday sugarplum!!!! i am so proud of you my little minnionie!! you are such a beautiful soul gosh I love you so much!
hello to other anons! nice to see you finally joined the family :) back away, minion is mine (and tulip's, and muselin's) AND BEOMGYU WHY. ARE. YOU. HERE???? FIRST YOU TAKE MY ROOM AND STEAL MY ROOMATE SOOBIN, THEN YOU'RE HERE TO STEAL MY MINIONIE. not on MY watch. i see so many enha anons too hello guys!!
and minioni,,, you know, since im your favourite person ever (even more favourite than beomgyu that little rat), would you wanna.... go on a date with me??? tonight?? whenever it's tonight in your time zone???? ii think we have known each other for some time just friends... im gonna make an account to talk to you more so watch out for that
-taehyun, a man in love with his adoring sugarplum princess
There it is again!!! Sugarplum (and Princess) 馃ズ馃挄 Thank you!
@ my anons , @muselin , 馃尫anon , enha anons , beomgyu lol
Ahhhh wait I didn鈥檛 expect this taehyunnie 馃ズ Of course I wanna go on a date with you! I鈥檝e enjoyed getting to know you up until now, thank you for always being sweet to me. Btw we鈥檒l work on getting you to reconcile with gyu eventually! (Admin you鈥檙e really out here doing the most ily 鉂わ笍)
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yostresswritinggirl3 months ago
Mother I- ... *starts to think back on the fact that I almost always sent you anon asks everyday and the fact that it probably disturb you since you're in a busy time and-* Uh. Omellete. Um- ahaha no- On that note have you eaten yet today Mother-? Also, how's your cough? I hope it goes away soon. Here's some flower to brighten your day a bit ily- 馃拹馃尲馃尰馃尭馃尯馃尫馃尮
I could go for some Spam omelette true..
*isn't bothered at all* I have eaten Spam, I am well-fed my child. And it's still there, not sure yet on how it's going since it's fluctuating but aw thank you, your sweet heart brightens my day *drowning in flowers* It's so good I'm not allergic to flowers ahah
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your-fluffy-murder-writer3 months ago
馃尫鈽锔忦煉 I just think ur real neat :)
馃尫 ~ I would pick flowers with you.
鈽锔 ~ I appreciate you.
馃挐 ~ You are very sweet.
hoooo thank u !!!!!!! 馃ズ馃ズ this is so sos o sweet of of you to say kmdjcjdm
ily anon i appreciate U TOO <333
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natasharomanovf5 months ago
anon opinion: ur talent is unmatched. ur kindness is unmatched. ur generosity is unmatched. u are god tier. ily bestie 馃尫
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littlelioncub433 months ago
We're getting Justin content馃ズ馃ズ (NO PRESSURE OFC ILY鉂わ笍) also what's it about?
You are, sweet nonnie! Another kind anon, such as yourself(ILY TOO 馃挅馃尫), sent a request about a hundred years ago for some Jealous Justin and I'mjust now finishing it up 馃樄 it's got some angsty-ish feels and make up sex 馃槃 I'm very excited to post it hehe
Tumblr media
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cryonme3 months ago
THANK U LOVELY ANON馃ズ feedback like this means SO much to me 馃挊馃挊馃挊馃尫ily
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boyfig3 months ago
off anon bc ily and you are an ANGEL :)
NO YOU 馃挃 ilu 馃槶馃じ鈥嶁檪锔忦煫傪煂佛煂燄煈┾嶁潳锔忊嶐煉嬧嶐煈
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sukunarii4 months ago
Here's some flowers 馃尫馃尲馃彽馃尮馃尭馃尰馃馃尯馃拹
aww this is so cute
im responding so late but ily anon!
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