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#ily hun 🧡🧡🧡🧡

Bub 🥺🥺🥺 ily you are too cute and I’m sending you a hug right back baby :)

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prepare to be flame grilled. you really simped over a digital bot like he was real. oof that’s embarrassing, hun.

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Babe 🥺 thank you I love you sooooooo much 🥰😘

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🥺🥺 you are honestly so amazing, thank you for reaching out even though you’re not used to it! and im just happy you love my writing 🥺❤ it always warms my heart to hear stuff like these and don’t ever force yourself to interact, okay? knowing you find comfort in my writing is enough, so thank you ❤❤❤ take care too and love you lots!!

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You’ll just have to keep reading and see what happens anon 😗

But I’m glad you enjoy the fic! It’s a ton of fun to write and has become a little passion project of mine. Getting kind messages like this make me even more motivated to continue the story! Thank you for your support! 

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OMG TOTALLY!! theyre vry neat babe. And thank u! I love her sm and loved how ppl had cool tag systems so i decided to try it out with her lol. But yours are vry fun indeed and i love em

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athgdwiohfdh cass ilysm dude <33 you deserve the world and im giving you all my undying sibling love too 💖💖

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Hehe thank you love!!! Ilysm sweetheart 🥺🥰😍

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31. What do you do to calm yourself down when you’re feeling frightened?

Talk to people (like you ❤), play viddy game, comfort food

28. What’s your favorite classic horror monster?

Hmmm… Vampires are so cool and sexy but my HEART says swamp man

24. Do you like going to haunted houses, either commercial or abandoned?

Yes! I love exploring abandoned places. I went to a ‘commercial’ haunted house for the first time a year or two ago and it was super fun!

12. What is an image that viscerally terrifies you?

Hmm idk. Certain wound things like with feet or eyes make me like cringe and look away when I see them but theyre not like terrifying. Concepts or feelings can bring me a sense of terror but no images come to mind.

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Shoutout and credit for this amazing plot to @dragonbano. They gave the this amazing plot that I absolutely fell in love with. And the plot felt perfectly for the first two characters I have made myself. Thank you again for giving me this prompt.

The prompt:

“You left your business card as a bookmark in the library book I just borrowed and it’s so pretty but it says your a librarian why the hell is your business card so pretty” au (bonus: “oh shit you’re prettier)

Characters: Jay (he/him), Oliver (they/them), Jackie (she/her)

Jay tugged the book he had been looking for off the shelf grinning to himself. The book had been out for around a month now and despite knowing the library had it, he knew the head librarian all of his life told him that she made sure they got a copy of all of his new books, although this one was missing, and he didn’t know the kid who had been behind the desk any of the times to have the confidence to go ask them about it. Although now they had it and he felt a surge of happiness. The tall male dropped to the ground sitting in front of the bookshelf flipping it open to read the little summary on the inside of the hardcover. Jay chewed on his bottom lip making the metal ring in it rock back and forth a little. Once he had read it all, the male started to flip through the book a feeling of home wash over him. But then he noticed something in it. A card. Although he lost what page it was dunce he kept flipping on through it. He brushed it off before standing back up so he could go check it out.

As soon as Jay got to the desk, he sat it down and started to dig out his key ring to get the small scannable card. Although he was already signed in and the book scanned in next since the lady he had just about grown up with was there to check him out. “Hey Jackie!” He grinned out as he slipped the key ring around his finger before taking the book back. “I was gonna sack you about this but I kept missing when you were in.” He spoke as he took the slip of paper with some of his information about his account and when the book needed to be returned.

“Oh sorry. We have someone new working and when they were prepping it for the shelf they checked it out to read.” She spoke shifting on her seat a little before pushing her hot pink glasses up so they were resting in her hair. They were simply reading glasses although she still kept them on her when she was at the desk. “They said it was really good. I never expected them to like his work but they said they loved it. You should meet Oliver sometime, their personality is like the kind of stuff you like!” Jackie chirped out as she glanced around apparently seeming to be looking for this mysterious Oliver.

“Maybe next time I come in I can find them. I’m super ready to go read this.” Jay chuckled when he spoke as he tapped his thumb on the cover of the book he was holding. “Bye Jackie. Love you guys!” He called over his shoulder before almost running out of the library just to go out to the small seating area they had behind it. He sat down at the picnic table. He hunched over the book to start reading as soon as he had his phone beside it so music was playing.

After around 30 minutes of Jay reading, and about 10 chapters behind him now, the punk looking male, who looked a little less intimidating now that he had shucked off his leather jacket and his usually angry face, had tugged a leg onto the bench with him. And then just as the chapter he was on ended in a cliffhanger, he noticed the card once more.

“Huh…guess I didn’t imagine this.” He thought you himself before picking it up. It was ornate. A cruise like script reading a name with a number under it. And that the person who had them made was a librarian, fitting as the back side was a photo of the spins of vintage books. He chucked softly before deciding to pull his phone from his pocket to dial the number. Curiosity was getting the better of Jay as he kept looking at the small card in his hand. The silver script reflecting so beautifully in the sunlight against the black of the card. As the colored letters glinted in the light, he noticed (they/them) in small script at the bottom corner of it.

Just as the phone started to ring, he heard another phone start to play. A song that he recognized playing. Caution by The Killers. Jay hummed along softly before he heard a voice pick up.

“Hello?” A soft voice spoke up from the other end of the voice. “Are you there?” The voice asked once again.

Jay was unable to say anything as he was dumbstruck by the person who has just walked up on their phone.

“Hello?” They asked once more and this time Jay could tell it was coming from the person who had walked up just then.

Jay scrambled to hang up the phone and try to sit better. “Hey! Are you..Oliver?” Jay asked looking down to the card to see the name for sure. “I found your card in this book and Jackie had talked about someone named Oliver reading it before!” He managed out despite being overwhelmed by his growing crush on the person standing before him.

They let out a small squeak as red dusted their cheeks. The person pushed their glasses back up their nose before speaking. “Y-yeah…you must be Jay.” They smiled softly as the hand that had been holding the phone slowly lowered down. “Jackie told me about you.” They spoke sitting down across from Jay.

The male grinned a little before speaking again. “Oh really? I hope she said good stuff about me!” He joked. “You’re business card in here is really beautiful. And also god you’re really attractive too. Wait is that the right thing to say?” He asked almost speaking over himself. “I noticed you had they/them pronouns listed and wasn’t sure what for sure was the right term to use for you.” Jay babbled his crush starting to show.

Oliver giggled softly and nodded as they pushed their sleeves up their arms. “Yes it is. It’s gender neutral so it works well actually!” They spoke sitting their backpack on the table as they started to feel a little more comfortable with Jay.

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🍓: favorite desserts?

apple crumble with an ocean of custard is the only dessert actually

🍇: if you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?

if i’m not in new york within the next year i will actually have to scream or maybe like australia i think

send me a fruit!

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Midnight whirls around with a startled yelp, grabbing onto their dresser and pressing a hand to their chest. The dresser doesn’t move, as if close to the wall.

“… How long have you been standing there?! You’re not one of the silhouettes, how did you get in here?!?”

Loud as usual.

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