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#ilyana rasputin

kitty: hey, ray? can i talk to you about something?

rachel: of course kiddo! what’s on your mind?

kitty: how do you feel about… boys?

rachel: boys?

kitty: yeah, boys. y’know.

rachel: [laughing] do i like them? I mean, sure. i’m friends with lots of them. like, you know, kurt. and uh. brian.

kitty: yeah, i guess so. what about girls?

rachel: what about girls?

kitty: don’t be difficult, ray.

rachel: I’m being difficult?

kitty: you know what i mean.

rachel: well, I like girls. you know that.

kitty: yeah, I guess i do.


rachel: is this about-

kitty: how did you know?

rachel: oh, kiddo-

kitty: it’s just, she’s the ruler of a different dimension! she has, like, demonic servants! and she’s my roommate! 

rachel: she was your roommate.

kitty: oh…right.

rachel: anyways, she’s lucky to have you. You, you’ve saved the world how many times now? and look at you, living in england now. you’re cosmopolitan!

kitty: [laughing] ray stop!

rachel: would i lie to my roomie?

kitty: no, i guess not.


kitty: i’m lucky to have you, too.

rachel: now who’s the flatterer? go to bed, kiddo.

kitty: g’night ray.

rachel: g’night, kitty.

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