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Fun Fact
In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
#im a bit biased
zirkkun · 7 months ago
i mean nothing of harm by saying this
But like i just personally dont get the appeal of making sans tall
this man is 4'9" to me and i will draw him no height taller
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max--phillips · 8 months ago
I know that Lin is supposed to be attracted to William but like there’s no way she grew up and trained with those acrobatic warriors and not be like. A huge lesbian
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bigbrainharry · a year ago
as much as i hate to say it but l*am also carried one direction along with zayn and harry
Honestly ur right I didn’t wanna say it either :/
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Odd things that I love in wrestling #1
Blacked out crowds, all the lights are on the ring and the performers, I know not all venues are able to do this but it just makes more excited then a fully lit venue.
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skydusting · 5 years ago
That music video was one of the most beautifully made things I've ever laid my eyes on.
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spockshair · 6 years ago
Is Kirk/Spock canon?
as far as I am concerned, yes it is. as far as Gene Rodenberry was concerned, he made it as canon as he dared. So I suppose, yes it's canon. Or as canon as it can get at this point, I mean, we can't ask him yeah?
but yeah, it is.
see, like the thing is. you don't have to think and consider them to have ever been sexually involved with each other, but you or anyone else for that matter, can't deny the existence of the DEEP LOVE between the two of them.... just look at "The Search for Spock". that's it.
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katingatrouble · 8 years ago
You and your friend are arguing over who's hotter between Sungyeol and Kris? lol
lol we weren’t seriously, but I wouldn’t mind. Sounds like fun to me. And she started it :P
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wavesmp3 · 15 days ago
friday night and guess what im thinking
#shawna speaks and no one listens#firstly might have to just wait for king done to finish so I can binge im too impatient to wait#but mnet blurring out the members of btob and ikon who left was :( but on a happier note all the performances were really so good#like I enjoyed all of them a lot#my biased ranking would be btob first.... I know I’m a tbz blog but theirs was too good#watch me come out as a btob stan 🤭 jk but I did have a very brief btob stage back in the day#then yeah like tbz second then ikon then skz/atz then sf9#the beginning part of the skz perf was really good tho omg#my favorite part of the tbz stage was Eric’s part they talked about it in the love they did today but the duh duh duh duh part#idk how else to explain it but that part was so sick and the camera captured it really well and oh also the piano bit ofc#that’s it for kingdom thoughts#secondly I wanna read more fanfic again but idk it’s hard to find pieces I enjoy now#and my growing disinterest in reading fanfic is making like the distance between me and fanfic feel larger than it is#that’s a really dramatic way to put it but I don’t feel comfortable wanting feedback on my works if I’m not giving feedback to others yknow#I think I’ve talked about this before but it’s honestly I growing struggle for me the more I write and grow in terms of interaction#the less reading I do#there’s also just been a distance bewteeen me and kpop as a whole recently which makes the appeal of reading fanfic diminish as well#but then the writing still appeals to me as a creative outlet so yeah it’s just a little conflict I guess#I had more thoughts but I’m blanking now....#anywyas might actually go to sleep at a semi normal time tonight .... goodnight 😴
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greatermeowth · 16 days ago
no offense to the UK but i cannot believe they decided to make a pokemon region based on England before they decided to make any based on, like, Mexico or Egypt (orsomewhereelseinteresting what who said that)
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rootbeerfloats · 20 days ago
baizhu seems very very interesting... the whole thing w/ him taking in qiqi to figure out how to become immortal is. questionable but i wonder where they'll go with it 🤔 ive heard rumors abt him being released as a 5 star during 1.5 along with the chasm and yao yao but now that we've seen the eula and yanfei leaks that are also supposed to be in 1.5 idk when baizhu and dendro will come out but i hope its soon!!
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stay-midnight · a month ago
oH??? that escalated real quick and I love it -🐱
sjkoksjsks, I really wanted to write a threesome for a while now soo why not do it with a switch reader— tho idk who the dominant member is— maybe seungmin or hyunjin—
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mcythasruinedme · a month ago
Just rewatched the MCC9 Technoblade vod and the sheer number of times he talked about dsmp like "Oh I'll just cameo once or so, it's a lot like SMP Earth, I'm not really an SMP kinda guy, it's kinda repetitive"...look at him now.
(lowkey glad he joined and helped make dream smp so interesting, though. He deserves the clout)
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