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#im all mushy
wileyfern5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@dreamsofplumbobs @orchidlyhere THANK YOU! 馃グ馃グ
You're too nice tysm 馃ズ鉂わ笍
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mushyjellybeansa year ago
馃挕: Bucky or Seb asking if your ready to start a family... together.
I'm loving these requests 馃槏馃槏馃槏
Baby Blues
Seb had decided a while ago he was ready for this, he was ready for the next step in his life.
You and Seb have been happily married for over a year and at times it was difficult with his movie schedule, but you understood and stood by him when he needed you most.
But every Christmas and Easter felt empty, your large three bedroom shared apartment didn't feel like home. The walls had many pictures from your wedding day but he wanted more.
He wanted children and he wanted them with you. He imagined you visiting his sets with his babies and looking how proud they were of their dad.
Seb sat next to you on the couch with a beer in one hand and his other hand slapping anxiously against his thigh. You look up from the book you're reading and look at him concerned.
"Are you alright babe?" You ask putting your hand on his thigh comfortingly. He eyes your belly and can't help but picture it swollen with his beautiful baby. All he's thought about these last couple of months is getting you pregnant.
"I uh...I don't know how to say this so I'll just say it." He chuckles nervously, taking a sip of his beer. "Do you wanna start a family? With me?"
Your eyes shoot up to your hairline in surprise and grin. "Yes. Yes I do."
"Great." He finishes his beer and stands up quickly, pulling you up by your arm and throwing you his shoulder.
"Let's get started!" He chuckles running into your bedroom.
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saeyoungchoismaida year ago
I literally have so many asks asnfaoenfec idk what to do with myself. I鈥檒l try to get those out to y鈥檃ll as soon as I can btw!! I鈥檓 honestly getting emotional from all the support y鈥檃ll are giving me. I鈥檝e been writing for years and I鈥檝e never had an audience so active and participate in literally everything I post. It鈥檚 even more insane to me that I only have 200 followers with how active you guys are. Y鈥檃ll are legit the best. Y鈥檃ll say the sweetest things to me in the asks, in the comments, in your reblogs, and in my messages. GUYS IM GONNA CRY GAH OKAY. I鈥檝e had so much motivation thanks to you guys. I鈥檝e been posting multiple works a day for the past couple days which never happens(and it might also be because of Corona and I鈥檓 in my house all day every day). I want to keep doing my best to write what you guys want to read. I hope we both stay active and grow together. Okay I鈥檓 done being mushy. Continue reading my smut 馃ぇ
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catsprobably2 years ago
Okay it鈥檚 bedtime for me here in Cairns but if anyone was wondering or forgot:
I am deep in love with Lukas <3
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arinharin-appreciation3 years ago
My day is coming to an end over here on the east coast, and I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the birthday wishes. I love all of you and you guys have made this one of the best birthdays for me. Much love to you all 馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋
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sendhelpimstupid5 months ago
Dad! Kiri on the brain. Thiccer than a Snickers, bulky with a bit of pudge from all the good food made by his cute little wife, and ever present scruff on his chin that he uses to tickle his precious children. His big strong hands, scarred and calloused from years of hero work, digging into your soft plush hips as he pulls you close to dance around the kitchen with you. Its been years since he first fell in love with you but his love and adoration for you has only grown with time, and with every scar, bump and ounce you have gained you have only become more beautiful to him. He loves kissing the stretched skin of your belly where you carried his children, each time he touches the jagged marks he thanks his lucky stars for the blessing that is you and the blessings you have given him. His face has more wrinkles now, fine lines from years of exhaustion and hard work, but more prominently are the deeper set creases at the corners of his eyes and his mouth, the smile lines being evidence of the joy he has found in life.
He may not be as fast or as young or as in shape as he once was, but he has never been happier than he is right now, tucking his children into bed as you kiss them goodnight before settling into your worn down couch to watch a movie in happy silence together. He may not have his youth or his "flawless good looks" anymore, but he doesn't mind. He has something far more precious now
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lego-sand2 months ago
Kai鈥檚 gay, that鈥檚 the post
So, headcanon that Kai is a mess when it comes to romance or just these mushy feelings in general, he never had to deal with those growing up because his focus was on raising Nya and keeping the two of them alive.
And cuz of that headcanon, couldn't stop thinking of Kai falling hard and fast for the ninja once they met. He doesn't realize it during the night, he's tired, irritated and just wants to get his sister back already, so all he does is get some rest and ignore his new teammates.
Until the next morning, and he suddenly can't ignore them anymore. The night before he wanted nothing to do with those three, but now he's standing in the same room as them, watching them get ready for the day, and the feelings suddenly just hit him, and from then on, Kai's a fucking mess.
He's head over heels over those three, but he doesn't understand that, all he knows is they somehow got his guard down and he doesn't like that at all. He's desperately putting his walls back up and refusing to relax around those three, but that can't keep him from daydreaming about falling asleep in Zane's arms, or listening to Jay drown him in compliments, or being held by Cole late in the afternoon.
Those feelings and those thoughts have him in a panic, but he does his best to tell himself they'll be gone by the time he has his sister back and he'll just go home and forget about them.
But then he and Nya decide to stay with the others, and from then on, Kai's emotions just got worse. Now he has no idea of how to act around them, he's absolutely puzzled and flustered and so enamored by those three, he tries to be defensive and keep up his act, but it got more and more difficult, especially after he nearly collapsed in Zane's arms when their shoulders brushed against each other in the slightest.
He talks to Nya about it, hoping she could somehow help or hoping it'd at least make him feel a bit better...nope, he learns about what these feelings are and now he's flustered and aware of why.
Before he would refuse to, but now he finds himself listening to Jay ramble on for hours and hours about things Kai could never possibly understand.
He helps Cole cook his next big dish whenever he has the free time, not ever wanting to admit how comforting it is when they're standing so close.
And he goes out with Zane to get him new books when he realizes the nindroid is done reading whatever other books he had.
The feelings never leave, and so Kai tried taking control of the whole situation and would start "playfully" flirting with the other three....he never did really expect them to flirt back but, when it happened, Kai was back to square one. He is simply head over heels over those three and he can't figure out what to do.
Ofc he'd eventually confess to them or they find out somehow, but just, love them so much....also, when they do get together, you bet Kai is extremely affectionate with his boyfriends. Cuddles with them at night, holds one of their hands whenever possible, leans onto one of them nearly all of the time....
So yeAH, Kai is fruity as fuck and there's me rambling about thoughts about it that do not make sense B)
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star-ocean-peahena month ago
hello! your thoughts on Twilight鈥檚 home?
Link goes home after his journey ends, heart full of shattering and mind full of silence. He is greeted by five back-breaking hugs, one from his mother, one from his father, one from his brother, two from his cousins.
Their love is like a chisel to a cracked vase鈥攊t taps at loose pieces, hoping to push them back into place, but spreads as many cracks as it fixes.
He visits the bar in Castle Town and nearly smothers under Telma's tight hugs. She surveys him with a piercing eye and matter-of-factly offers him a mug of ale.
Link is rescued by Auru, who argues that a boy like this, coming from a long journey, would more appropriately be offered a cup of water.
Ashei cackles from the next room over and offers to pay for the tankard of ale. Shad kicks her under the table and pretends to be engrossed in his papers.
Link listens to the lighthearted debate and, ever so slightly, some glue seeps into the cracks and settles.
He goes up to Snowhead and gets lost enough to find the great mansion again. Yeto and Yeta find him stumbling through the door, clothes caked with frozen snow, and invite him to stay for dinner.
Yeto's soup is really good; he's chosen to include a nutty spice this time and it changes the familiar taste enough to abstain from reminding him of fanged smiles and hissed warnings. Yeta's words are softer and smoother, and they both hover around the tiny Hylian child that watches Link with big eyes and drinks soup from Yeto's careful spoon.
He leaves a white wolfos pelt for the child who lacks her parents' wooly coats.
The Zora who dwell in Lake Hylia have not changed, their masked helmets staring at him in a silent question. Past them and up the river, however, their prince has assumed a stronger demeanor. The smile that plays on his features, though it still harbors a hint of grief, is genuine and comforting.
He speaks of making peace with ghosts, of learning how life continues, and Link now understands that he is ready to listen.
When he returns home, the liquid glue has settled in his cracks, and he is ready for his family to push the pieces back in. He croons lullabies to his new sister, tickles his brother til he screams, and rests his head on his mother's shoulder.
Though his world has grown larger, his home has grown with it. There is no place now that he does not feel welcomed, whether it be snowy mountain or cobblestone streets. All of Hyrule is his home, and though his heart may remain cracked for all time, there are loving hands enough to keep the pieces together.
There are also many cats. That helps a lot.
Thank you for reading! I want to do a piece for each of the boys, so send an ask request for a Link and I'll get to it! (eventually....)
Legend聽 Time
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mushyjellybeansa year ago
Guys, I don't know where to start. So I'll start by wishing every single one of you a very happy and healthy new year!!
I couldn't be more privileged to be where I am today and truth is I wouldn't be here without so many of you. I just want you to know I love every single one of you, I am ALWAYS here if you need someone to talk to, please don't ever feel like you would annoy me because it's IMPOSSIBLE.
@morsmordrethings - you were the first person to join my permanent taglist and it was the happiest day of my life! You were also one of the first people I messaged and you were so kind to me, I know we don't talk a great deal but I still consider you as a friend so thank you 馃挏
@stuckonjbbarnes - Girl, I FREAKING LOVE YOU SO MUCH! You've taught me so much, adopted me, it's an honour to call you one of my best friends, I love you and I love your writing. Thank you for absolutely everything 馃挏
@sebbbystaaan - MEGS! I felt so lucky when I saw your post that day to send an ask to make friends, and I'm glad I sent that ask, one of my best friends absolutely honoured and I love you so much 馃挏
@valkyriesryde - I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Even as clumsy as I am, you laugh with me and it makes me feel so much better 馃槄 I'm excited for our future collaborations, before I even joined Tumblr you were a huge inspiration to me, your account came up all the time when I was searching for fics and I became sad because I wished we were friends and then 10 months later I did make a Tumblr and WE'RE BEST FRIENDS! Thank you so so much for everything you've done, the support, the beta reading, I appreciate you so much! 馃挏
@chloerinebarnes - you and Starr are just adorable!! From the few times we've spoken you're so kind and so down to earth 馃槏 thank you for your continuous support too!! 馃挏
@honeyvbarnes - I feel like we're quickly becoming good friends too, I absolutely love you and I think you're amazing!! Thank you for your continuous support 馃挏
@mypassionsarenysins - thank you for not yelling at me when I'm continuously tagging you in my fics 馃き馃挏
And to ALL 357 of you, remember that I love you, I see your comments, your likes and reblogs and your support continues to blow me away!
I can't wait to show you all what I will be writing in 2020! 馃挏馃挏馃挏 I'm here to stay!!
Right, that's enough waffling from me! Enjoy your new year 馃き馃槝
Tumblr media
Much love to you all, Emily 馃槝
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rawmeknockouta month ago
oh to be looking at the whole vast universe, holding hands with brainstorm. youre in love with him, you think, but also you're scared to move too fast. his servo fidgets and condensates where it rests on your own, but he doesnt move it away. he keeps opening his mouth to make conversation but the words die on his glossa because nothing feels appropriate for the moment.
you dont confess your feelings for him today, but that's okay. he knows and you know he knows. he's happy to wait for the right words even if this limbo space makes his tank erupt in butterflies.
far away the stars wink at you.
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sofiasketch6 months ago
gonna be posting a bunch of warm ups from the past few months soon and wanted to use this post to send a huge thank all my followers and supporters, I really can鈥檛 thank everyone enough for sticking around and for being so cool to me throughout the years. Dearly appreciate anyone that has reached out to share their thoughts about my stuff and to those who have contacted me for commissions and free lance work! All have added to an amazing experience here.
Also! Should be going back up for commissions again pretty soon since I鈥檓 finally caught up on a bunch of work I鈥檝e had built up. After I鈥檓 done moving into my new apartment I鈥檒l be good to go!
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petitelappin9 months ago
Tumblr media
An early Christmas gift for @adhdalistair because I just got the gift of a shiitake mushroom log from him in the mail and we agreed that would be the timing for me posting this in return.
@adhdalistair鈥榮 D&D character Rhys
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