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I hate it when my parents get mad at me for staying up all night

I’m not an active dreamer. I can’t change things. And even though I don’t typically remember my dreams, I usually still wake up scared. When I’m asleep I have to deal with the nightmares. And the voices telling me I should disappear. And I can’t even fight back because I can’t control anything.

At least when I’m awake I’m able to argue. I’m able to try to convince myself that people would notice if I just rolled up and died. When I’m awake I can fight it.

And “don’t drink coffee at night you need sleep.” Bitch I’ve slept 2 hours out of the last 48. I don’t start drinking coffee until around 4am. It’s not to keep me up through the night. It’s to keep me up through the day.

They just don’t get it..

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its been a while an no I’m not dead or sick, I got bored of Tumblr so I’m sorry for that. I only have such a small following anyway but I still am grateful for it.

ok so I will try to post once every week.

Stop putting drawings in my POETRY and LITERATURE blog.

try to make my blog more interesting (idk)

so yeah nothing that big but I still want to show my talent and writing skills. So can you guys tell me what you want to see? then I can tag you guys and thank you for the idea.

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This one time I dreamt that the CW bought Adventure Time and they made a Supernatural/Adventure Time crossover spin-off and Jack and Finn were dating and so were Dean and Cas and also Claire and Kia were too and idk what to do with that but I mean I wanna follow my dream I have to live long enough to see this dream become reality I have to I mean what is even the point if I don’t 

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