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Here we are near 2am in the morning and shitposting about gorillaz. yay!

Plastic beach is my favourite in terms of place and madness and themes! I listen to Demon dayz songs more tho I think?

Wtf happened to Noodle in between those two albums tho??? Like is it just me questioning what happened in that time? It was 5 fucking years! Is nobody but me sad that we never saw most of Noodle’s growth into a women? Is anybody but me curious about why she is wearing that bloody cool cat mask? She went from like around 14 to 20? I kinda want an interview of Noodle telling fans what she was up to in that period of time.

Ok onto the cover art of the Humanz and The Now Now, I don’t like over art. Like I respect what they were going for with the themes. Phase 4 being a sorta come back for gorillaz and like the gorillaz invading reality so they look realistic on the cover art. But it hit me in the weird pit of creep render cartoon come to life. And with Phase 5 being about 2D relationship with music and the absence of an abuser. But, I did know that was 2D on the cover for soooooo long because it was that worped and confusing. (Which is how 2D feels) AAaaaye

Also I’m mad at Murdoc! How dare you needle 2D boi! Also don’t distract the driver Mudzzzzz (I love you fuck boi!)

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2D x Reader ~Morning Luv

You felt like shit.

  After hooking up on Saturday night, with a that guy, that surely you fancy (and you were fancy back by). You had fun but, in the clear of day felt the familliar ache of your head and musulars. Stretching up like you were trying to gain more motivateion to get up. The crack of your back told you a lie in would not hurt right? He had invited you over for a roll in the hay now you just want to snuggle into it. Those sheets were so nice! (Maybe they were made with silk?)

Therefore leaning into the bed and side shuffling up to his back. He groaned. The bed creaked. “Yeah….so you can leave whenever you want, love…”

In one motion pulling his arse away from your arse and moving west then dumping your cover over himself like an arsehole! you shivered. OH like hell! you were gonna freeze your tits off. Tugging the cover off him. You are all together met with a pair of vexed vein-y eyes! Your eyes trailed over his green skin to his-


                                                                                  He screamed.

before you could say wtf yourself you were rushed out the door with your clothes following. Click. He lock you. Arse. Picking your clothes up and changing in the bathroom. Noting you were a shoe short and apparently your panties were also still in his room. Mental curing him for all your worth.

Snapping your neck to the door as you heard a gentile knock. “um hello?” Head now peeking around the door. You must have flinched back a little or something because he start apologizing for frightening you. It didn`t really register. Until there was a concentrated packet of silence. His black bug eyes staring back into yours.

Forgetting yourself, you moved closer. A faint color on his cheeks. He raised his hand, and pointed to the toilet. “Um sorry Luv I need a piss.“ His face pushed into a nervous smile. You found your face mirroring it.

For a while you stood outside the door. After hearing the trickle beginning you dashed into the first door you saw. Oh shit! You giggled. Well he`s cute.

You were in a the kitchen. Maybe you`d open an window and have a smoke. Nah your hands were shaking too much to handle the lighter with lighting everything up with it. You walk to the island in the middle and took a seat. You thought about that guy with the bug eyes. He was attractive. In his own way. He had a boyish charm to his softer features. Which when thinking objectively back on it contrasted nicely with his spiky bed head dyed a electric blue.

Speak of the devil. There he was in the door way snapping you out of your daydream again. But, it seemed like this time bug eyes blue hair wanted your attention. “UH-Yes?” you ask. “‘ve u eaten yet.. Luv? Because if you want I can make cheeze on toast for u” He smirk as you brighten up from the morning dew around your eyes! “I’LL get to work then!

You got the cheese and bread out for him. And when he told you to get ketchup and you pulled a face. He want on and on about him having avin` the same reaction to his dad when he was a lad. Then how goooood it was with ketchup and you have not live or something. At the very least now you are going to try your sandwich with ..a lil’ ketchup on the side.

When it was time to dig in you were one warm bite away from pure happiness. He knock into just a tad when he scuffle to the table and wolfed the first of his grilled pleasures down in six seconds straight. Your mouth agape as you both stared at each other again.

Those bug eye going through your soul. Heart speeding up. You had a weird thing about bugs you didn`t like them near you or touch you or your food. But, you have had endless staring contest with them. COUGH COUGH. You patted his back until he spat it up.

“Geez….. Are you okay?”  His bug eyes reflected your last-night-stand. Once you faced his way. He was sizing you both up growling and groaning under his breath.

“Mornin’ Murdoc” Bug boy said. Murdoc just stared you two went back to eating. But, he was just staring the whole time. “What?“ you questioned him. Murdoc smirk and said “Nothing Love! Just most girls are usually gone by now?. Want nother round“ he thrust at you. Coming behind, rubbing ya shoulders.

“Jus’ let her eat Murdoc she ain`t even finished yet.”

“ACK” he screech in pain. You death stared at Murdoc “NO one asked you faceache!” You Death stared harder! Murdoc stare back with no remorse.

“Don`t give me that face Lov——” Cut off by the swing of your wrist!

Grabbing bug boy`s hand (should ask for his name) you run into the hall. Suddenly realized you have no idea where your going. He just kept running over taking you. With the roars of a very pissed Murdoc behind, you legged it!

By the time you could catch your breath. You were behind a door. You most have been in some kind of rubbish tip because of all the random crap on the floor. Before you could analysis the room for life. Bug boy called you over the window opening it rope in hand? Both of you looking out of the window then at each other

“How fucking often do you do this?” You took the rope from him.

“Do what?“

“Help your buddy’s hook ups escape.” you smirk earn you a chuckle and a loopsided grin out of him.

You were about on leg out of the window when he answered. “Never before Luv” he grinned. “Why do you just happen to have a rope then?” your brows furrow up.

“For me” he meet your sight. “Luv“

“Y/N Bug boi….” You both pause and burst out laughing. Your laughing fit is cut horrible short by the bangs of a madman. He lowers you down until you are only a little bit far from reaching the ground. “2D!!!!” “AAAAAAAAaaaa“

You fall flat on your back after rubbing the dust off your aching mucular try to carry you away. “HEY” You look behind you in horror!!……… To see bug boy with an new black eye.

“2D! 2D! 2D!”


He disappears and returns with a notebook. Wrote something, folds it into a airplane and throw it down. You open it. It reads 2D with a number under it and the phrase You owe me a date! You look up confused slightly.

“Your name is 2D?” He nods his head so hard it might break off.

You smile at each other. As go to walk away you yell his name he comes back to the window as you blow him a kiss. Boy gone and blushed.

As you go to walk home with one shoe a gust of wind rides up your dress. You still need your panties back. You TURN Murdoc has when on his head.


I believe the notes for this idea were just : after a one-night-stand with Murdoc you are severed breakfast by 2D. Jealous Murdoc noises. I hope you enjoyed! :3 Please feel free to correct me not all of it is meant to be in standard English but you know.

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if i was a mythical being what woukd i be i think maybe a harpy or a siren because they are half birds but maybe something else.

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I’d be lying if I said I’m not a nerd for codes and ciphers, so let’s play a game. A code game. Here’s how it works:


  • Once a week (until I get board) I will post an encoded phrase/quote.
  • Each phrase/quote will have a clue to solving the next weeks code, be that a keyword or a hit at the type of cipher used.
  • All phrases/quotes will be in English.
  • After the first few codes, the encryption’s will become more complex.

Ready? Alright! Since there isn’t a clue already for the first encryption, it will be an easy one.

9 3-1-13-5; 9 19-1-23; 9 3-15-14-17-21-5-18-5-4.

— 10-21-12-9-21-19 3-1-5-19-1-18

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can this please b a year end storytelling thing…i will you a story and you’ll tell me a story PLS

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