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can u imagine being the one to put foils in taeyong’s hair?? yes please lil alien king signal the mothership
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aaaa I'm so happy your requests are open!! ☺️ last time i checked it was closed. can i request a part 4 of forgetting their s/o's birthday for kita, bokuto, and tsukki!! thank uu sm, super love your blog !! 🥰
forgetting their s/o’s birthday
w/ kita, akaashi, and tsukishima!
part 4!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: here is the fourth part of my birthday series !! this one was a lil difficult to make for some reason but i hope y’all enjoy it !!
all three scenarios are set in the timeskip :)) happy reading everyone!
EDIT: ANON idk why i mixed up bokuto and akaashi PLS IM SORRY)
Tumblr media
every year, kita always made sure that your birthday was perfect
he’d plan out an entire day for you ahead of time and surprise you
even so, kita had become swamped with work
it was a lot, even for him
you knew that he took his work very seriously, and you wanted more than anything for him to succeed
but a lot of the time, that meant sacrificing your time together, and you missed it a lot
however, you knew that, just like every year, he’d set aside a day to spend with you
you yawn, stretching a hand out to the other side of the bed. it comes up empty, and you look over to shinsuke’s side of the bed. his side is completely made, blanket folded over itself neatly, and he’s nowhere in sight.
you sigh. maybe he’s just up early? you think, hopeful.
but when you search the rest of the house, calling for him, the only response you get is the sound of your own voice, echoing.
he could just be at the store or something, you tell yourself, and pull your phone out.
it rings for about half a minute before you’re met with his voicemail. you exhale, sending him a text instead.
hi baby :) where r u ? come home soon!!
you shut your phone off and look around. honestly, you’d expected your boyfriend to have taken care of everything today, as per usual. but with him gone, you’re quite bored.
you decide that today might be a good day to reorganize your clothing and do a little decorating while you wait. you’ve been meaning to do it, and now that you have a day off, you figure today is the best time.
you’re halfway through your dresser when you stop to check your phone. the delivered sits there awkwardly, and you sigh. you send him another text.
shin, are you gonna be home soon?
you put your phone down and take out your shirts, going through them next.
it’s already almost dinnertime when you stop again, staring at the mess around you. you pick up your phone for the nth time and check to see if he’s replied. you brighten at seeing the notification, but droop after reading its contents.
no, sorry. have to stay a couple hours later today.
disappointed, you sigh. there’s no way he forgot, right? maybe he’s planning to surprise you?
you decide to stay up and wait for him to come home, starting on the living room cabinets.
you perk up at hearing the lock opening, and stand up. kita walks into the room and looks around.
he narrows his eyes at the mess you’ve made and sighs.
“what is this?”
you look around. “was just doing a bit of reorganizing, that’s all!” he stares at you.
“i stayed late at work. i wasn’t planning on coming home to this,” he mutters, passive aggressiveness evident in his voice. your heart sinks.
“i was just trying to—”
“just leave it. i’ll take care of it,” he murmurs, opening the cabinets. behind him, you stand there helplessly. that’s when it dawns on you; he did forget.
“you forgot about my birthday?” you whisper, barely audible.
“what are you talking about?” he asks, still turned away from you, and you shake your head, though he doesn’t see.
“never mind.”
kita scoffs, grabbing a movie case from off the ground. that’s impossible, he thinks. he’s never forgotten your birthday.
but all of a sudden, the dots connect, and he freezes. he remembers how he checked the date on his phone just this morning, paying it no mind the entire day.
he completely forgot about it this year. he can’t even comprehend how he missed your birthday, but somehow he did, and he doesn’t know what to do.
he turns around slowly to see you on the floor, head bowed, putting the rest of the cases into the cabinets. his heart sinks. how could he have forgotten?
shinsuke kneels down next to you. “hey,” he coaxes, voice quiet and guilty. “you don’t have to—”
“‘s fine. i spent the entire day doing it; i should finish the job, right?” you mumble, and he feels even worse.
he doesn’t know what to say, so instead he helps you put everything in its rightful place. you won’t look at him.
you stand up and leave without saying anything.
“i’m gonna get ready for bed now, ‘kay?” you tell him, false cheer tainting your voice, and he hates it.
and then you’re gone, and shinsuke wants to kick himself for disappointing you.
but he knows that simply sitting here and feeling guilty is not enough. so, he grabs his keys and heads out.
you rub your eyes tiredly, the sunlight bright, and sit up. you turn to your right only to see that your boyfriend’s side of the bed is empty, again. you sigh in disappointment.
you’re about to get up when you hear three knocks on the door, and your heart leaps. “shin?”
his head pops into the doorway, and he smiles at you softly.
the rest of his body follows, along with a tray of your favorite breakfast foods and your favorite flowers. you gasp softly, and he lays it on the bed in front of you before sitting on the opposite side.
“you did this for me?” your voice breaks, and he nods.
“i’m sorry about yesterday. i should’ve remembered,” he says, and you shrug. “please let me use this day to make it up to you.”
teary-eyed, you nod, and let him kiss you.
“you better help me finish all this food first.”
Tumblr media
you and akaashi had a very sweet, familiar relationship
you always understood each other well
but lately, it was difficult for the two of you to find moments to be alone together
and the rare moments it happened, you’d end up arguing about stupid things like work
but both of you knew that it was only coming out of a place of love and missing one another
still, you were excited for your birthday
not as your own holiday, but as a day for the two of you to just relax in each other’s company :)
the first thing you do when you wake up is call keiji.
the phone rings a couple times before the voicemail sounds, and you sigh. he must be busy at work.
so, you send him a text instead.
keijiiii don’t forget about dinner tonight :)
you’d opted to order in for the night, wanting to relax in the comfort of your own home. your boyfriend’s been so busy lately; he’s probably tired.
the rest of the day is spent with you lounging around the house. you watch some movies and eat snacks, decked out on the couch.
you wish keiji were here to enjoy your day off with you, but you know his schedule can get busy. still, it’d be nice to have him around.
you check your phone. he hasn’t responded.
you decide to order at around 5 pm, hoping that keiji will be home by 6. you order from your favorite takeout place that he knows you love and wait some more.
the food comes at 5:48, and you thank the delivery person before setting it on the table.
you begin another movie at 6:12.
you check your phone at 9:22. there’s still no response.
you finally decide to call him at 11:47. he doesn’t pick up, and you groan, irritated.
the door finally opens at 12:39, and you scoff.
“hi,” he mumbles, setting his things down on the couch. you glare at him. “what?”
“where have you been?”
he stares at you blankly. “work..?”
you huff. “did you forget about dinner, or did you just decide not to come?” you say pointedly, crossing your arms over your chest.
he looks at you for a minute before his eyes widen. “shit. i’m sorry, baby. i totally forgot.”
you shake your head. “keiji, you’re not trying hard enough.” he tilts his head at you, brows furrowed.
“look, i know i messed up, but you have no idea how hard i’m working, okay?”
your heart sinks. he doesn’t even know it’s your birthday.
“i miss my boyfriend! i miss you so much, and you don’t even care,” you say sadly, and he huffs.
“it’s not my problem, okay? i don’t have time—” he pauses, sighing.
“you don’t have time... for me.”
he shakes his head. “that’s not what i meant,” he tries, but you’re already standing up and leaving, shutting the bedroom door behind you.
akaashi puts his head in his hands and sighs. you’re completely right, and he knows it. he hasn’t been trying hard enough.
but his current period of reflection is interrupted by a loud knocking on the door, and he stands up to open it. he blinks in surprise.
the grey-haired man beams, waving at his friend happily.
“it’s nice to see you. what are you doing here?” he asks, and bokuto holds out a small bag. it’s pink and blue, and there’s a little tuft of tissue paper sticking out of it. akaashi blinks.
“it’s for y/n! i know it’s their birthday today, and i couldn’t get anything super fancy or anything, but i figured this was the least i could do for a friend!” he explains, taking keiji’s palm and putting the gift in it. “anyways, tell em i came by!” he grins, taking off before akaashi can even say anything.
he stands in the doorway for a good minute, pulse completely still.
oh god. fuck.
and then he’s running into the kitchen and flipping the calendar open, hastily searching for the date. and there it is: your birthday. guilt crashes into him like a wave, and he finds it hard to breathe.
you walk out of the bedroom sniffling, and pause at seeing him. he looks at you guiltily, and you push past him to fill your glass with water. he tries to find the words to say to you that will make everything better, but nothing comes up. but when you move past him again, panic surges through his veins, and he reaches for your wrist.
“wait! please,” he stops you, and you refuse to look at him. “i... i didn’t know...” he trails off, and you huff.
“i know you didn’t. that doesn’t change anything.”
“i know! i just... fuck. you were so right. about everything,” he says, head bowed in shame. “i haven’t been trying hard enough to be the partner that you deserve.”
at that, you look up at him, and his heart breaks again. your eyes are filled with tears, and he hates himself for making them that way.
“all i wanted was for you to show up,” you mumble, voice shaky, and keiji sighs.
“i know. i’m so sorry, baby. i never wanted to make you feel like you weren’t important to me.” reluctantly, you nod, and let him pull you into his chest. “do you think i could have another chance?” he asks nervously, swallowing when you hesitate.
but then you’re looking up at him, a hint of a smile on your lips. “maybe,” you murmur, and he laughs. “but don’t mess it up this time, or else.”
he kisses your nose. “you got it.”
Tumblr media
tsukishima never liked to admit it, but he cared for you more than anything in the world
he wasn’t keen on big gestures, but he loved to do little things for you, hoping you wouldn’t catch him in the act
every year on your birthday, he tried to make it the best day he possibly could for you
and while he wasn’t the best at showing it, you knew he cared, and that was enough
sometimes he pulled away from you, getting swept up in his own life and becoming too busy to pay any mind to your relationship
you knew that it was just a part of your relationship that you had to accept, but you still missed his presence terribly
but with your birthday coming up, you knew he wouldn’t miss it
he refused to make a big deal about it, but you knew he could never forget
you smile brightly, arms stretching out in front of you.
you check the time. 9:33. you sigh happily, well rested and ready for the day. you get up and get dressed, putting on your favorite pair of comfy pants and an oversized tee.
you look for your boyfriend around the house, but it appears that he isn’t home.
“kei?” you call. no answer.
you shrug. you figure you’ll be fine without him, free to do your own thing while he’s gone.
you decide to do some shopping. you go out to the grocery store first, picking up some extra snacks and drinks, and then to the mall. you pick out some new clothes for yourself and walk around.
you sigh, checking your phone for any sign of a text. you feel great having some time to yourself, but part of you wishes he was here with you.
you pass by a vintage record shop on the way out, gasping at all the artifacts and vinyls they offer. you spot a polished wooden record player and you swear your heart stops upon seeing it. you take a picture and send it to kei, along with a look what i found at the mall!
you come home in the afternoon, setting your bags on the counter and putting your snacks away. you decide to check your phone again, frowning upon seeing your empty inbox.
let’s have dinner !! you send, hoping he’ll see it.
you groan, laying yourself out on the couch. you’d kind of hoped your birthday would be more eventful.
still, you grab some blankets and turn on the tv, scrolling through your options. you end up settling on rewatching one of your favorite shows, settling in and starting the episode.
you’re halfway through the fourth episode when you look at the clock, huffing. 8:02.
two hours later, you give up any hope that you had for dinner. you’re hurt, not only that he probably forgot, but that he hasn’t even bothered to talk to you at all today.
it’s around midnight when he finally shows up. he sits down on the couch next to you. you scoff, and he stares at you, buried under a pile of blankets with wrappers everywhere.
“what’s with... all of this?” he asks, gesturing to the mess. you sneer, and he tilts his head. “what?”
“like you care,” you mumble, and he scoffs.
“what’s your problem? i literally just got home, and now you’re picking a fight with me for no reason?”
you gape at him incredulously, hurt and anger bubbling up in your chest. “seriously? i can’t believe you.”
he glares at you. “i didn’t even fucking do anything. can you stop scolding me for two seconds?” then he’s turning away from you, shaking his head disbelievingly.
“maybe if my own boyfriend hadn’t forgotten about my birthday, i wouldn’t be so upset,” you mutter, voice eerily calm and a little shaky. he turns to look at you slowly, blood turning to ice.
you’re not looking at him, eyes glued to the television screen. it’s then that he sees them filling up with angry tears, lip wobbling.
panic starts to rise in his gut, and his mind races as he tries to remember what day it is. when he does, his heart stops.
he tries to find the words to say that will make everything better, but like always, he comes up blank.
“are you gonna say anything?” you sneer, gaze still averted.
tsukishima sits there in silence, swallowing shamefully. he knows he should apologize. he knows he should tell you how much he loves you and he knows he should beg you to forgive him. but nothing comes out.
the ending credits roll around, and you stand up, shutting the tv off and walking past him.
he starts to panic. “wait. wait, we can talk about this, okay? don’t—”
the door slams, and he mentally curses at himself.
he knows that you have every right to be upset with him. he’s been treating you terrible lately, and he knows it.
fuck. if he had just spoken up, maybe you wouldn’t have shut him out. he’s never been good with words, and he wishes he could just show you instead.
a new idea forms in his head, and he takes his phone out, determined to make things right.
for once, you’re not woken up by the sun. instead, you’re woken up by the steady rhythm of your favorite song. the melody, already engraved into your memory, plays softly, and you smile softly. you open your eyes and sit up.
but... you think. where is it coming from?
you venture out into the living room, the music getting louder, and then into the kitchen. and then, you’re pretty sure you’ve stopped breathing.
there, sitting on the counter, is the vintage wooden record player you’d awed over just yesterday. you run your fingers over the polished wood, inspecting it carefully, eyes wide.
you stare at the record it’s playing. you laugh. it’s your favorite song, one you think you’ll never grow tired of.
and beside the new record player is a tray full of your favorite foods, the aroma making your stomach growl. below the plate is a yellow sticky note.
i love you. i’m sorry.
your chest aches, and hot tears prick at the back of your eyes. you squeeze them shut, clutching the note to your chest.
“i wasn’t sure if this was the one you wanted, or...” kei mumbles from behind you, and you turn around sharply. “i just wanted to show you that... shit,” he whispers, eyes widening at the sight of your tears. “did i—” but you don’t let him finish, throwing your arms around his neck.
you feel his hands hesitating at your waist, and squeeze him tight until he gets the hint.
“i forgive you,” you whisper, and he nods, relieved. he pulls away and looks at you.
“i know i don’t tell you enough, but i love you. so much. and what i did was shitty, so... yeah. i’m sorry,” he mumbles, obviously uncomfortable, and you huff, reaching up to flick his cheek. he catches your hand before you can, kissing the tips of your fingers tenderly. you giggle.
“words are overrated anyway.”
Tumblr media
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bonny-kookoo · 10 months ago
Home Short: Wine
Tumblr media
In which Jungkook comes home rather intoxicated, and very, very emotionally all over the place.
Tags/warnings: jungkook is drunk, oops, he's also a bit horny on main watch out, also emotional and insecure kook, a little angst? Fluffy tho
As always, Languages are marked as Korean | English
Tumblr media
You know just by the way he's giggling after having to hold himef against the side of the hallway to get his shoes off, that your boyfriend has definitely had enough to drink tonight. After a particularly great week, the band had decided to have a good dinner, and that apparently included something to drink as well. "Jungkook?" You ask, amused. "Why are you here? Didn't you say you'll stay at the dorms tonight?" You chuckle, as he looks at you, before he grins, walking over to hug you tightly. He sways you from side to side until you can't help but laugh. "Jungkook-"
"Noo, I'm baby, not Jungkook!" He complains, keeping you in his arms as he continues to sway you in a rather clumsy rhythm. "I.. miss you. So I came home." He says, before pulling back, hands on your shoulders as he worriedly scans your face. "Why? Do you not want me home? Am I bothering you?" He asks, concern evident on his face.
You smile, shaking your head as you pull him down to place a kiss onto his lips. What was intended to just be a peck however was instantly deepened by him, hands eagerly holding onto you as he closes his eyes, kisses turning sensual. And while you really enjoyed the attention, the moment his tongue asked for entrance, you pulled apart. "Jungkook-"
"What? Is something wrong?" He asks, confused.
"You're drunk, let's go to bed." You chuckle, gently pulling on his arm as he follows you clumsily into the bedroom where he instantly begins to whine.
"But Baby-" he complains as you throw back the blankets before walking to open his dresser, pulling out something for him to sleep in concerning clothes. "-Im hard now, you can't leave me like this!" He accuses, before his face changes completely. He suddenly grows quiet, something that makes you worry, as you walk over to him, handing him the clothes you picked.
"Baby?" You ask, and he just changes clothes clumsily before he crawls into bed, sitting there before you join him at his side. "What's wrong?" You ask, and he just shrugs.
His emotions are all over the place due to the alcohol in his blood it seems, as he needs a second to get his thoughts into order. "Do I make you uncomfortable sometimes?" He asks. "I don't like myself sometimes. Do you think I'm attractive?" He worriedly rambles, not quite looking at you.
"You'd Of never make me uncomfortable, and course I think you're attractive. Where is this coming from?" You ask softly, hand on his back.
"Even when I'm all sweaty and disgusting? I sweat a lot, I'm sorry. I never apologized for it and I think I should." He mumbles, the wine in his system clearly having an effect on his mood. "Is it that? Because I sweat? Do you not enjoy having sex with me because of that? Or maybe I'm boring, or, I don't know.. " He wonders, and you chuckle as you pull him to lay down, crawling into his arms as you hold him tightly.
"Stop, you're perfect just the way you are." You reassure him. "I don't mind you sweating, and I very much enjoy our intimacy, so don't worry." You say, while he nods, albeit unconvinced it seems. "But you also once said that you'd never want to do it while drunk, because you don't want to forget any time. So I'm just looking out for you, I promise." You tell him, and he nods before pulling you towards him.
"Your korean.. very good." He praises, slowly growing tired as he yawns. "My English.. still bad." He says.
"Your English is fine." You reassure him, a hand running through his hair as your eyes fight to Stay open.
"No." He says. "You do, so much. Learn Korean, do.. uh.." he searches for words. "House. Like, cleaning, cooking. Always home. And me? Never home. I leave you lonely." He says, words growing slurry as he begins to become sleepy. "I'm sorry." He apologized, and you hum out a reply,as he closes his eyes.
"I love you." You whisper, sure he can't hear you as you close your eyes.
Just to grin when he mumbles out, "I love you more."
Tumblr media
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lavenderwhore444 · 9 months ago
God Im pretty sure I’m going to hell ANYWAYS ok so this is a hybrid cat shigaraki, u end up adopting shigaraki from a very abuses owner so our little kitten is traumatized and terrified of everything, it took u a bit of time until he was comfortable with u , he doesn’t trust u in the beginning and thinks ur gonna do the same as his previous owner did but ur different u were so patient, sweet and soft not to mention he LOVED getting head pets from u ( he would never admit it tho) once shigaraki found out that he was in love with u he was stuck to ur hip ( he was super clingy) shigaraki’s heat was closer then expected, shigaraki didn’t want to ruin his chances with u but he couldn’t stop himself from humping everything so he hid in his room , you absolutely loved shigaraki since the day u saw him u knew u wanted him, when u first met him he scratched and hissed at u he was terrified, it honestly made u sick knowing the person who did this to him is still alive, u both got much closer he even started cuddling with u!!!! U soon fell in love with shiggy but u didn’t want to ruin what u guys have so u kept it to ur self , u noticed shigaraki was acting weird and hid in his room for two days at first u thought u might give him some space but u started getting worried u wanted to check on him before u came in u heard some little moans and whines, it just hit u that ur little kitten has there heat, u decided to help out 👀
Kinks pet-play of course dom reader and sub shigaraki maybe some pegging that’s all I can think of so feel free to add any kinks. I was listening to hello kitty by Avril Lavigne there was part where she says “ come come kitty kitty your so pretty pretty” that was inspired me to write this lmaooo 
Tumblr media
If you want to use interactive fics, it's easy and makes reading fics SO much better. First, you download the Google Chrome extension. You'll see it in the top right corner of your screen. Next, you enter your name in the first box. If you want to change something other than y/n, please click on the text that says “want to change something other than y/n?” here, you can change any word you want to a different word. When I talk about your quirk I will use y/q.
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Samesies, but it's ok, we’ll go to hell together 😫
Now you might be wondering, Claire, why did this take you literal MONTHS? Well, I wanted to perfect it. I love this concept so much that I just HAD to spend so much time on it to make it perfect. And let me just say, it's pretty good 😏
Warnings: vaginal sex, overstimulation (male), anal sex with strapon, heat, pillow humping, marking mating, whatever you want to call it.
I've decided I'm obsessed with making cat shiggy meow ☺️
‘Where the fuck am I?’ Is shigaraki’s first thought of the day.
He’s never been on a bed this soft or a house this warm. Where is he? The blankets are all fuzz. The bed is littered with stuffed animals and pillows, and sweet-smelling candles, are burning somewhere. Is he being sacrificed?
“Hey, you're awake, ” a soft voice says, coming from the end of the bed.
He recoils in fear but, upon second glance, he sees that you aren't who he thinks you are. A girl replaces the scary form of his “master.” he looks you up and down. He has to admit you are quite pretty. The sight of someone other than the large man who used to own him excites him. Maybe this is a fresh start? But perhaps you're just like him...
“Get the fuck away from me, ” he snaps, scrambling into a corner.
“It's okay, sweetie, ” you say, “I'm not gonna hurt you, ”
“Everyone says that, meow ” Shigaraki retorts, “get the fuck away before I scratch your eyes out, ”
You bite your lip, “ok, Tomura, I'm gonna sit with you for a while, though. I'll be right across the room if you need anything, ”
“I don't need shit from you, ” he says, hissing making a show of his claws.
You laughed a little, more than a bit sad at his fear, “alright, but I’ll still be here, ”
He sits in silence for a moment, surveying his surroundings. He notices fresh clothes in the dresser, and there are some game consoles set up for him. How do you know he likes video games? Fucking creep. There aren't really any escape routes but escaping is complicated when he doesn't know where he is.
“Where am I meow?” he asks, sounding meeker than intended.
“I guess I kind of adopted you, ” you explain, “we’re at our house, ”
“Why did you do that?” he asks, the edge coming back to his voice.
“You just seemed so sweet, and the man who owned you was so mean. I couldn't just leave you there; he was hurting you, ” you say, frowning a little at the thought of Tomura getting hurt.
"Why do you care?" he snaps.
You sit closer to him, making him tense.
"I already told you, I think you're sweet Tomura," you repeat, "I just can't explain it. I'd really like it if we could become friends,"
'Or maybe more,' you think to yourself.
You can't deny he is very attractive.
"How do I know you're not lying meow?" He asks.
"I think you'll just have to trust me. Do you want to play some games with me?" you ask.
"Fine," he says, "only cause I'm bored,"
You grin, "awesome. What should we play?"
Shigaraki stands up and walks over to the games, tail swaying.
"This," he says, holding up animal crossing, "you probably like it cause it's dumb. What's your name anyway?" he asks.
"I'm y/n," you answer.
"I guess your names not awful, meow”, he mutters.
Truthfully, he already thinks you're beautiful, and you seem so kind. Shigaraki sits unusually close to you on the bed as the two of you play. You play late into the night; he makes a good bit of progress. Eventually, you feel his head rest on your shoulder, and he falls asleep on you.
You ease Tomura into your lap.
"There we go," you whisper, "you're safe now,"
Little did you know he's wide awake, smiling to himself and nuzzling his head closer to you. The sound of soft purring fills your ears as he drifts off into the most peaceful sleep.
He's pretty disgruntled when he wakes up alone. Where have you gone? Shigaraki doesn't have to wonder for long when you come back with a plate of food.
"Hey, are you hungry?" you ask, setting a plate of food on the table next to him.
He nods, digging in right away. You watch him eat like a man starved. Honestly, he might have been. He puts the plate down and moves closer to you. He's beginning to trust you more and more.
"Tomura, ” you say, “I have to put a collar on you now, just in case you get lost, ok?” you push some hair out of his face, “id be so sad if I lost you, ”
“fine, meow” he mumbles.
Truthfully his heart is melting at the thought. That you aren’t embarrassed by him, that you want to keep him safe and close to you. When you click the collar into place he hugs you, tugging at your shirt.
It’s shocking how fast he’s becoming comfortable with you but definitely pleasing. The next few days are calm, spent lounging around the house. He‘s getting so trusting with you. He occasionally pushes his head beneath your hand so you scratch his head. He always denies it, though; he has a tough-guy exterior to keep up.
However, something changes within him. He feels a strange warmth, not a necessarily bad feeling, around you. Tomura knows what cats were supposed to do. They are supposed to cuddle and play with their owners. Should he be doing that? Should he act like a “normal cat”? He concludes that you don’t want that at all. The lack of cat toys, a cat tree, and you allowing him to eat at the table solidify that.
However, he does want to cuddle. He tries to cuddle like all the time. But you have work, and you get tired, and you run errands, and he becomes sad. Tomura knows you have a life outside of him, but you really shouldn't. He should be your only priority. When Christmas break finally rolls around, and you start spending more time at the house, he's elated.
He has internet access, of course. He needs it to play his video games! But it was restricted. You don’t want your little kitty to see things he’s not supposed to. He starts to like watching movies too. At first, they‘re action movies with lots of blood and fighting, which you don’t necessarily agree with, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. He slowly gets bored with them and stumbles across a romance movie.
Tomura becomes engrossed in them. He loves watching the couple fall in love and be happy. One movie, in particular, weirds him out. It looks like they were taking off their clothes. They start kissing and making strange noises. He doesn't like it one bit, it makes his cheeks feel hot, and his cock gets semi-hard. He turns it off immediately.
It doesn’t take long for him to forget about it and keep watching different ones. Soon he finds some similarities between him and the main character. The way they feels around their love interest is the same way he feels around you. Is he in love with you?! It seems so and you have just recently come to the same conclusion as him.
Soon he’s all over you, following you everywhere. Tomura pushes open your door every night and snuggling up to you. He’ll purr and nuzzle into you, happy sighs escaping him. Whenever he “accidentally” wakes you up, you never get mad at him. You just cuddle him and talk all night, giggling and talking until you both fall asleep.
Oddly enough, you‘re oblivious to his feelings for you. Whenever he cuddles with you, you hold back the urge to kiss him on the lips. You don’t want him to feel awkward around you. Soon he starts acting strange without any change in behavior from you. He stops coming in your room at night and wont come out of his room.
You don't want to be overbearing, so you give him space...for a while. Meanwhile, in his room, Tomura is lying naked on the bed, panting and sweating. He feels strange, just like he did when he was watching that movie. He doesn't understand what‘s happening to his body but when he humps his pillow it feels like an itch is being scratched. The first time he cums he‘s terrified and lets out a scared “meow!”
But it feels so good. The feeling doesn't go away, so he decides the only solution is to keep humping. Soon he‘s limp but still grinding his hips on the poor pillow. He takes deep whiffs of your sweater, huffing it like a drug. His tongue is lolling out of his mouth and his eyes are rolling back in his head. He‘s starting to hurt down there but he just can't stop cumming.
Oh, why can't he reach the phone you left in his room? Why is his voice too hoarse to call out to you? Tomura is scared. He can’t eat or sleep. Sweat has soaked into the mattress and his poor little cock is starting to hurt. You‘re getting worried too so you wander up to his room and callout to him, pressing your ear to the door.
“y/n meow,” he calls out hoarsely, almost a whisper.
All you can hear are desperate whines and moans. Is Tomura...in heat? Oh, your poor kitty is probably in so much pain! You have to help him, so you open the door and see him. It is a pathetic (yet erotic) sight. He looks so desperate. He‘s crying and looks so scared. Tomura just whines and reaches out to you even though he‘s far away.
“Oh, sweetheart,” you whisper.
You walk over to him and scoop him up, sitting him on your lap. He continues to try and hump you, but you can tell how much his poor dick hurts. You hug him tightly, feeling guilty that you took so long to check on him.
Tomura tugs at your shirt, he can't figure out why he wants you to take off your clothes, but he does. You oblige, ready to do anything your sweet kitten wants. When he sees your top half naked, he feels his cock beg for you. He starts to tug aimlessly at your pants, and you take them off, once again, all too eager to please.
He doesn't have any sexual knowledge, but he has instincts, pure carnal instincts that tell him just how to breed his mate’s tight pussy. Tomura grabs your hips, his claws accidentally puncturing the skin. You yelp as he pulls you on top of him. When he slams you down onto his long fat cock he doesn't get the rush of pleasure he expected.
He's hit with an extreme amount of pain and lets out a panicked meow. You lift yourself off of him quickly, and Tomura misses the feeling of your cunt even though it caused him so much pain. He paws at you, but you keep him from shoving himself in you again.
“Tomura,” you say softly, “you need to calm down; you're hurting yourself,”
“Meow! need!” he cries.
“So needy,” you mutter, “youre just gonna hurt yourself,”
“Don’t care! Need!” he begs.
“Hold on,” you say, getting up and ignoring the insistent pawing at your shirt as he whines.
You rifle through your drawers until you find the dildo you got and the free strap-on attachment that came with it. You smile and gran some lube; this is exactly what you need for your pretty kitty. He watches with curious eyes and blown out pupils due to pure lust.
“Let's give your poor cock a break,” you say.
He nods, but where are you going to put that? You climb onto the bed with him, and he hugs you, sucking on your tit. He feels so at peace. Your boobs are so soft and pretty. He wants to stay like this forever. But when Tomura feels those nimble fingers of yours start to trail across his lower back just above his ass he shivers.
He leaves open-mouthed kisses across your chest; he lets them get sloppy and wet as you rub his back.
“Need,” he whispers again, eyes half-lidded.
You tilt Tomura’s head up and give him his first proper kiss. He's seen this in movies and knows you're supposed to say “I love you” after...right? He doesn't know the full meaning of the three little words he's about to say.
“I love you y/n,” he says when you pull away.
“I love you too,” you say, taken aback just a bit.
He gives you a love-drunk smile and tries to rut against your thigh but yelps again, remembering how sensitive he is.
“C’mere pretty kitty,” you coo, “lay on your back for me,”
He nods and lays on his back, painfully aware of how exposed he is to your careful, calculating eyes. He starts purring when you muzzle your head into his neck. Are you going to mark him?! Do you really want him to be your mate?! Oh, he hopes so! He smiles, and his breathing picks up, but his ears flatten on his head when you pull away.
“No mate meow?” Tomura asks, face falling.
For the first time all day, he feels his cock soften sadly. He doesn't understand the look of confusion on your face and tears up a bit.
“I'm not sure I understand,” you say, brushing some hair out of his face and feeling guilty when you see his teary eyes.
“I want you to mark me,” he says, bottom lip quivering, “please meow?”
Your eyes widen, “oh,” maybe you did learn something useful in school, “of course honey,”
You lean down again, unsure of how hard to bite his neck. You can tell exactly where you're supposed to bite. A strong musky smell radiates from the side of his neck and you decide to sink your teeth in until you break skin. When you do, he sighs happily at the feeling of your admittedly dull teeth (in comparison to his) in his neck.
“Mate,” he purrs.
You pull away when you can tell he's satisfied. He pulls you in for another kiss, tasting some of his blood on your tongue. He doesn't notice your fingers traveling to the bottle of lube on the bed and pumping some onto your fingers. He does notice when you start to rub around where you're not supposed to.
“Hey! What are you doing, meow?!” Tomura says, squirming at the strange new sensation.
When you find your mark and circle his asshole, any objections he just made the in the past. When he feels your finger begin to sink into his tight hole, he sighs happily. He isn't supposed to be the one getting penetrated, but he can't help how much he loves the feeling of your finger wiggling around inside of him.
When you add in another finger, he meows happily, grinding on your fingers. All this pleasure without the pain, what has he done to deserve this? To deserve you? Tomura’s back arches as he moves his hips; he can feel himself coming to a different kind of climax, but you pull away right when he's on the edge.
He looks up at you with pleading eyes and trembling thighs. He sees you putting that strange liquid on something much larger and gulps. He feels his asshole gape around nothing, waiting for something to fill it up.
“Is that going inside me, meow?” he asks nervously.
“It won't hurt,” you say, cupping his face, “i promise,”
Tomura gulps but nods. He trusts you. When the head of the dildo pushes into him he's tense and panting already.
“You have to relax,” you whisper in his ear, “be a good boy and relax,”
He tries, letting the nervous knot in his stomach untangle. His breathing slows as you push in more of the dildo. It starts to feel good, having you in some of him, and it's even better when the head of the dildo hits a spot that makes him mewl. He wraps his arms around your neck and pulls you down to him, causing you to poke his prostate again.
He moans and buries his face in your neck, purring loudly. You start to move your hips at an agonizingly slow pace. You worm your arms under him and hold him close while you help him adjust. He's planting and mewling happily.
“Love you,” he moans, “I love you so much y/n,”
“I love you too, Tomura,” you whisper, kissing the shell of his ear.
“It's so good,” he groans, “you're amazing meow. The perfect mate,”
“Yeah?” you say, too focused to respond.
He nods, “the best ever,”
You keep thrusting, speeding up just a bit. That makes Tomura yelp happily. His tongue lolls out as he smiles. There's not one thought behind those beautiful red eyes—just pure pleasure. It's taking over his entire body and he can't help but meow happily.
He likes to think of himself as more refined than most hybrids. More human, but all he can think of now is how wonderful being your little kitty is.
“I'm gonna cum,” he whimpers, “gonna cum, meow”
His dick quivers, and his asshole clenches as cum spurts out of him, but it's still not enough. To satiate his desires, he needs to be inside of you when he cums. When you pull out of him slowly and remove the strap on, he bites the bullet and plunges into you, ignoring the pain that makes him sob and absolutely hammers into you.
You're helpless underneath him as he has his way with you. You can't deny how good he feels inside of you. Tomura hates how long he's lasting. He needs to get this over with, although having you cum on his cock would be pretty nice. When he feels you worm your fingers down to your clit he starts to be thankful he hasn't lost his mind and cum yet.
That look on your face makes him so happy. He wants you to be happy. He wants you to cum, so he holds out until you milk his cock with your cunt. And when he lets go it's heavenly. The itch has been scratched, and he collapses on top of you, purring as his tail twitches. You scratch behind his ears to help him get some much-needed rest.
It works nearly immediately, and your sweet kitty is asleep in mere minutes. You love Tomura more than you can put into words, and he loves his pretty little mate. His adorable little y/n.
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prettyoddgarden · 20 days ago
Wash Day | Jonathan Crane x Black Reader
Tumblr media
Johnathan crane x blk fem reader 
gif by @/breakfastonuranus
-warnings: light talk about depression
- Summary: Jonathan Crane learns how to do black hair for his girlfriend 
Note: This is probably out of character, but whatever tbh. Thought it would be a cute wholesome moment cause I just love Jonathan crane so much 💗 also I based the hair routine off of mine so im sorry if it's not totally right 💀
It's another Saturday in Gotham while i sit in bed and watch movies. I look at the clock and it reads 7:36 pm. Realizing the whole day has gone by I remember my boyfriend, Jonathan, would be coming over since this week was so busy for him the two of us haven't seen each other all week. Even though I'm a professor who teaches African Culture along with Crane, he works at Arkham as well and something else that keeps him busy at deep hours in the night. Giving me plenty of time to rot in my summer depression waiting till the following fall.
He decided to come sleepover at my place because he says his is boring in comparison. And he's right. He says my place calms him down after a long week, which I understand. The warm lights from my floor lamps, to when it's night I put on a sky light, and to the smell of fresh herbs/incense. I get up from the bed and walk over to my dresser. I pick out some pj's to change into and then place them on the bed. Coming back to the dresser I light an incense to try and freshen the air. It's the ones Johnny picked when I brought him with me to my favorite spiritual store in all of Gotham. I make a little mental note to go there on Monday since it's summer after all. Plus Sundays in summer are my laundry days. Verus when I'm teaching I wash on Sundays and Wednesdays. Then I head to take a quick shower before he gets here. I start the shower so when I take off my bonnet the shower will be a little warm. Looking in the mirror I realize my bonnet isn't on.
"Holy shit" Talking to myself in the mirror. I realized I haven't had my bonnet on for 2 days. Last time I wore it was Thursday morning when I went to run to the grocery store. Even though I sleep with a silk pillow, laying on the couch for hours definitely won the war on tangling my hair. I quickly take my clothes off that I've been wearing for days and stuff them in my laundry basket.
I step in the shower and stand for a minute to let all the water go through my hair. Then I start massaging my scalp to get the water nice and even through the hair. Reaching to the built in shelves in the shower I grab my curly hair shampoo. I know you're only supposed to do dime size, but I needed it. I squeeze 3 drops in my palm and start rubbing the shampoo between my hands till they get soapy. I start putting the shampoo onto my scalp with my fingers and palms. As I rub the shampoo into my scalp I hear the bathroom door open. I stop in my tracks immediately thinking this is my last day on Earth. Butt naked while trying to detangle my hair. As a girlfriend of someone who specializes in fear, this moment has never felt more ironic. My tenceness cools down when I hear his voice.
"Seems I also need to take a shower as well. You read my mind (y/n)" Johnny says, speaking in the shower.
He quickly shoots out and pulls back the curtain and I hear him taking off his clothes. Since gaining my sense of reality I grab my scalp massager smiling. So happy to hear his voice and not just on the phone.
Crane then walks and puts his clothes in the basket I have for him whenever he's over. I hear his footsteps  grab clothes in the closet that are for him as well. He then pulls the curtain back and comes into the tub standing. He smiles at me. We look at each other for a second then hug each other.
"Uh I missed hugging you" I say to him.
"Me too. Hopefully we can get to spend more time together this summer. Maybe you can come visit me in Arkham while I work." Johnny suggests
"Hmm that sounds like fun, but I don't think I could handle more crazy people. I already have to deal with myself AND you. " We both laugh while I turn around starting to rinse the shampoo out of my hair. Then I realize again my hair is tangled and this the first time Jonathan would be seeing it outside of me wearing something to cover it. I snap out of my thoughts realizing that hes put his finger into my scalp massaging the shampoo out of my hair. 
"Hey who said you can touch my hair?" I say questioning him.
He gasped in shame "OH I'm so sorry. I watched some YouTube videos on how to wash your specific hair. I hope that's okay?"
"Awee that's so sweet. None of my other partners have ever done that for me before. Well actually once, but it's rare. Okay, continue, show me what you learned Johnny."
I turn back around and his hands go to work to rinse the rest of the shampoo out. His hands are so magical in any situation. He moves his hands gently and does not yank. Taking his time to not pull my scalp. He gets all the shampoo out and I already want to sleep in his hands. He reaches over me and grabs the matching conditioner meant for curly hair. He pours a good amount in his hands and places the conditioner onto the ends and middle of my hair. Making sure to massage it into the tangles and lightly detangles with his fingers. 
"Um (y/n) do you have a wide tooth comb?" Jonathan asks.
"Yeah!" I grab the comb from the head of the shower and hand it to him. He parts my hair in half and starts detangling. Going from bottom to top still avoiding pulling my hair and hurting me. I've never felt so safe in his hands. Especially in a moment like this. This moment of vulnerability. Jonathan is done with the left side and moves to the right. He continues going from the bottom to the top detangling. Johnny hands me back the comb. I'll deal with the hair later (as in like the next wash).
"Face me now." Johnny softly demanded.
I get flushed by his words. I spin around all smiley. "Hehe whatever you say Dr. Crane." 
He laughs at my reaction while he tilts my head to run under the shooting water. He wraps his hands around my head and rings out the conditioner.
"All done honey." Johnny looking all proud of himself 
"Thank you so much. This really means a lot to me. You really didn't have to." 
"But I wanted to. I wanted to make you feel like I actually care about you and show I want to take care of you." Holding the side of my face.
I go in and kiss him. I finish my body and face routine while Jonathan just watches. He has his little weird moments, but I think he's just taking note of the stuff I use and how to use it. Probably for when I get out so he could use it. I don't blame him, I get only the best I can afford. Speaking of afford, I probably should get a summer job. Jonathan then starts washing his hair with the shampoo and conditioner he brought. I peck him on the cheek as I get out of the shower letting Johnny get to finish his routine. I dry off with a towel and put on a robe. I do my hair care routine and finish putting on my favorite bonnet, and making sure I put it on. As I'm in the middle of my skin care routine I hear the shower turn off. Johnny grabs a towel and dries himself off. He gets out and puts on the pajamas he got for himself. He stands next to me as I finish the last touches which is brushing my teeth
"Can I just get some moisturizer?" Johnny asks me.
I hand it to him and then spit out the toothpaste and put mouthwash in my mouth. I walk out of my bathroom and head to my room to put on the pj's I picked out earlier. Jonathan then stands there at the door with his face glowing and now wearing his glasses. I put on my top walking towards him kissing him on his lips.
"So are you hungry? I can make us some Alfredo pastaaa!!" Singing out pasta to him.
"You know I can't say no to your cooking. You make it just right." Dr. Crane smiles so wide it brings a bigger smile to my face.
"Haha I know I do." Winking and then I grab his hand and walking to the kitchen together. 
end note: lmk if I should do a part 2 ish where they go to the crystal store with him 😈 maybe I'll add a little more scarecrow into there 
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younghosfavewhore · a year ago
wanna experiment?
plot; you and yuta experiment in bed. 
pairing; hard dom!yuta x sub fem!reader
warnings; MATURE CONTENT!!!, kinda angsty, edging, very smutty, rough, anal, overstimulation, slight exhibitionism, filth ngl
wc; 1.9k
"y/n” yuta calls from the kitchen. “come here.”
his tone was oddly calm, considering the argument that just ensued. it was a typical, petty argument. you got a little too touchy with the other members during an event and he lectured you for it. you explained that you’re a grown woman who can make her own decisions, but he would refute and say that you’re his. only his. arguing with yuta was a never-ending battle. there would be times you wouldn’t talk for days after an argument; trudging around the house as each of you waited for the other to apologize. and typically you’d be the one to give in first.
you walk into the kitchen, the sight of yuta hunched casually over the countertop was almost relieving. did he plan on apologizing this time?
“yes?” you say nonchalantly.
“i want to experiment.” 
“do you know what edging is?”
“edging? as in sex?” 
“are you really talking about sex right now? could i at least get an apology for eariler?”
“why would i apologize because you don’t know how to control yourself?”
“i’m not apologizing. we’re done talking about it.” he dismisses you. “do you want to experiment with me or not?”
you could hardly believe yuta’s blunt attitude. it was so disappointing, but so typical of him. if you say that you want to do this with him, what do you gain? so much pleasure, you think. no matter how much of a dick he can be, sex with him is fucking amazing, you admitted in your head. 
“answer me.” he demands.
but your pride, y/n. you go back and forth in your head. you can’t keep letting him get away with treating you like your feelings don’t matter.
“5...4...3...” he starts to countdown.
“i’ll do it.” you finally avow.
“that’s what i figured.” he scoffs. “we’ll do it now, come on.” he grips his hand around your arm and practically drags you to the room.
he closes the door behind you, “on the bed. strip.” he commands without even glancing in your direction. he reaches into his dresser, taking out a black bag. 
you start to strip down, still watching as he fidgets with the bag. he pulls out a small storage trunk. 
“where’d i put the fucking key...” he mutters to himself. he finally gives you a glance, taking a second to admire your now-nude body. he licks his lips and goes back to raking through his dresser. 
he eventually finds the key, he opens the trunk, revealing all sorts of toys; cuffs, vibrators, dildos, some even dual-ended.
“yuta? where did you get that stuff?” your eyes widen.
he doesn’t answer, instead, dumping the trunk out, pouring out even more toys.
“yuta-” you gasp at the sight. you’d known he had a few toys, but this?
“how far do you want to go?” he asks, rooting through the toys, picking a few out of the pile.
you hesitate to answer and he turns to glare at you.
“hello? how far?” he repeats.
“i-im not sure...” you say as your eyes still scan the mound of toys in front of him.
he sighs and rolls his eyes. “safe word is ‘eleven’” he stands up, walks towards the bed and places a few toys on the dresser; a few vibrators, lube, plug, and the cuffs. “ass up.” he mutters, grabbing a condom and walking towards you.
you do as he says, flipping onto all fours and propping your ass up.
he places a hard smack on your ass, rubbing and watching it as it turns red.
“i won’t be too rough. you can’t handle it,” you took someone offense, but ultimately he was right. “but i won’t be gentle.”
he grabs one of the vibrators, a blue egg-like shape. he grabs the lube next to it, pouring it along two of his fingers. he glides his fingers around your butthole, placing another smack on your ass cheek.
“so tight... you’ve never been fucked in your ass, have you?”
you shake your head, “no...” 
“good; nice and tight. i want to be the first to stretch it.” he whispers.
he gets on his knees behind you, grabbing the lube and the silvery-pink butt plug next to it. he applies the lube to the plug, grazing it against your asshole. 
“you’re gonna stretch; it’s gonna hurt at first. ‘eleven’, remember?” you nod, you appreciated how yuta could walk you through these things, even though he’s mean to be rough, he still has that soft aura to him.
he slowly slips a finger into your asshole. the feeling was slightly unpleasant, not painful, just new. you could feel his finger plunge deeper into you, squirming as to not slip out. you whimper a bit at the new feeling. yuta moves a finger to your clit, giving it a few flicks and watching your hole clench around his digit.
“i’ll add another.” his tone sounded bored, uninterested; but his hands told a different story. his hands were busy as they explored you.
he adds another finger, slipping the slick digit into your tense hole. the discomfort began to subside, the feeling still wasn’t exactly pleasure, but you couldn’t say you didn’t enjoy it. he pumps his fingers into you faster, still squirming them. you let out a slight moan when his other hand drops back to your clit, pinching the small nub between his fingers.
he grabs the blue vibrator, turns it on, and presses it against your clit. at the same time, he inserts the butt plug. the sudden stimulation shakes you and a loud moan spews from your mouth.
“not too loud, baby...” he whispers, gliding the vibrator up and down your slit.
“yuta...” you moan at the unfamiliar pleasure. he turns the vibrator up to the next setting, “f-fuck!” you exclaim.
he slowly starts to move the plug, you had nearly forgotten it was there. “you like this don’t you... when i treat you like my toy?” he smirks.
“y-yes... i love it,” he places another hard smack on your ass, causing you to lose the arch in your back, almost thrashing. “i’m close.” you whimper.
“mmm,” he grumbles, pressing the vibrator harder against your clit. 
your seconds away from your orgasm, your eyes already clamping shut. just then, he pulls the vibrator away. edging. you remember. fuck.
he chuckles when you whimper. he watches your pussy clench, obviously disappointed at the loss.
“you could barely handle that. can you take more?” he taunts, but at this point you were desperate.
you nod, the pleasure was too good to deny; and you needed more.
“flip over.” he says.
it wasn’t until now that you acknowledged the plug again. laying on your back, the plug had a new angle, which again, wasn’t exactly unpleasant. you lie face up on your back. yuta is quick to hover over you, opening your legs and placing pecks along your neck. you bring your hand up to his hair, but he moves it away. “no touching.” he says bluntly. you obey, pulling your hands to the side of your head. just as you do so, he reaches beside you and grabs the cuffs; another delight you’d forgotten about. they weren’t the fun, furry kind, instead they were solid gray in color and heavy, it made you wonder,
“are these real?” you ask as he locks them in place, setting the key on the nightstand.
he doesn’t answer, he just smirks. he drops his hands down to squeeze at your breasts. “before i forget...” he interrupts himself and reaches to the nightstand, “blindfold?” he asks, holding up a black blindfold.
you nod and he slips it over your head, covering your eyes.
his lips immediately meet your nipples, latching onto the soft flesh. you weren’t sure why, but the lack of your senses only made you want him more. his other hand toyed with your other breast, pinching and rubbing it.
the movement suddenly stops, you feel the bed dip beside you, meaning he was grabbing something off of the dresser again. “here,” he uncuffs one of your hands. he places something in your hand, it’s soft but firm; a dildo. “use this,” 
“but i can’t see...” you stammer.
“you don’t need to.” he whispers. you hear him stand up and his zipper unzipping. 
you drop the dildo down to your folds, gliding it over them and feeling your juices seep down onto the bed. you slide it into you, at the same time he turns on the vibrator, pressing it to your clit again. you wail out, your back arching upwards at the sudden rush of pleasure. he slides his fingers into your mouth.
“fuck, yu-yuta...” you groan, grinding yourself against the vibrator ever so slightly; as you grind you push the plug deeper into you; all of your wholes being filled.
“you’re so fucking sexy,” he growls. you assume that he’s finally touching himself. “so tempted to fuck you... so desperate. you want more don’t you?”
“yes,” you moan. “i need you, please..”
“fuck...” he growls, admiring the sight of you pumping the dildo in and out of you.
he rips off your blindfold and you are met with the sight of his nude body, amazing as ever. he yanks the dildo out of you, still keeping the vibrator pressed against your clit. 
he cuffs your hand and slips a finger inside of you, pumping it at an inhuman pace. you attempt to grab onto him as you near your climax but the restraints don’t allow you to.
“i’m so close, please...” he glares into your eyes.
he pulls his hands away from you, taking away his fingers as well as the vibrator. “too needy,” he grunts.
he throws the blue vibrator to the side, reaching to grab the longer, white, wand-like one from the dresser. he positions himself in front of you. he immediately thrusts into you, pressing the vibrator against your throbbing clit. you both let out lustful sounds; nothing could compare to the way yuta filled you up. you cry out his name, unable to say much more. he hovers over you, glaring down at you. his eyes were hooded and thick with lust. this look was what made sex with yuta all the better. his cock slams in and out of you, your vision blurred. the stimulation from tonight’s events all coming down at once. his pace was quick and enough to leave you breathless. his hands move down, gripping your hips and you can tell he’s close. he presses the vibrator harder against you, glaring at your face admiring how it contorts at the stimulation.
“so fuckin’ sexy...” he repeats.
his thrusts speed up and become messier, until he finally lets out that familiar snarl letting you know that he’s finally coming. he doesn’t pull out, instead emptying himself inside of you. with this, you finally release. the sensation coming over you a million times stronger than you’d expected. 
your vision goes black and white as your eyes roll back into your head. you’re not even sure what words spill out of your mouth, just filthy murmurs and whimpers. the reminder of your restricted hands and filled ass come back as you orgasm, intensifying it. the orgasm lasted long, and yuta fucked into you throughout it. this man will be the death of me. you think.
you both finally come down. yuta uncuffs you and pulls out the plug before sliding out of your oozing pussy. you both end up too weak to move another muscle, your bodies sprawl out on the bed. no words are said, until yuta finally breaks the silence.
“i’m sorry.” he smirks. “forgive me?” 
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it’s a love story
a/n:  this is my submission for the @doubleminor​’s #hockeychallengemusic ! im so so super late but i finally had the time to write this. the toronto six of the nwhl have this as their winning song and i loved watching them celebrate this season. and apparently all i can write is matty tkachuk but i felt he really fit this idea
Pairing: Matthew Tkachuk x reader
Work count: 2.2k+
warnings: mentions of the pandemic and one swear but other than that just fluff :)
disclaimer: this is a work of fiction and real person fiction if you don’t like that, please don’t read! also the gif isn’t mine! all credit to the fantastic gif-maker!
prompt: choose an official team/player goal song and make something using that goal song // found here 
Tumblr media
He had wanted the proposal to be perfect. The moment he knew you were the one he wanted to marry, he asked your best friend for everything you had ever mentioned about a proposal. You were only going to get proposed to once, and he wanted to make sure it was perfect. 
Secluded, yet meaningful, place? Check. 
Get it on camera? Check. 
Cute outfit with nails done? Check. 
But a global pandemic was not in his plan. Not even close. 
When the season had got put on pause, his parents suggested he come back to St. Louis to spend time with them, since Brady was coming back too. He was hesitant to go considering you were still going into the office for an essential project, but you assured him that he should go spend time with his family. He didn't get to see them a lot, and you knew he missed them. When he packed, he made sure to take the little velvet box and shove it between his socks. He didn't want to risk you finding it while he was away. 
A couple weeks later, after many FaceTimes and virtual date nights, you finished your project and work gave you the all clear to work from home. A two week quarantine and one plane ride later, you had joined him in St. Louis. You were still working, but working from the Tkachuk's home and with your boyfriend was much better than working alone in your shared apartment. 
Since you had joined the family, Taryn had noticed her oldest brother was a little jumpier than usual. Before, he was more carefree, aside from the occasional moping, and he definitely wasn't making sure his bedroom door was closed whenever he went in there alone. But now? It seemed odd. He wasn't moping, but he had those moments when he seemed too sad for it just to be about the season.  
So after Matthew's third sigh and retreat to his room while you were working, she decided it was time for an intervention. She quietly followed him to his room, where he methodically closed it and made sure it clicked. 
It was the second time today Matthew had looked at the box today. He knew he was torturing himself, opening the box to look at the ring he had picked out. It wasn't too flashy, something just your style. He remembered the way his heart jumped when he saw it in the store. It instantly reminded him of you and he just knew it was the one. It was like he couldn't help himself, looking at the box another time.
You could’ve already been engaged by now. The two of you could’ve been looking at venues and dates and even if he said he never really cared about that stuff… he couldn’t help but long for those things, because it would mean it was real. The two of you would be getting married, and he’d get to be your husband. 
But instead of being engaged, he’d just have to stare at the ring and wish he could make this all go away so he could give you the proposal you’ve always wanted. He relived the time he knew you were the one, anything to remind him that you wouldn’t mind waiting until this pandemic was over to get engaged. 
It was a home game against the Senators. Nothing speculator, just a regular game that they unfortunately lost in OT. Because it was against the Sens, and because he scored the only goal of the game, Matt knew he’d be chosen for press. He was tired, and there was nothing he wanted more than to see his family who had made the trek out to Calgary to see the boys play. He left the dressing room with his tie a little crumpled from the rush to meet them. 
He turned the corner to see Taryn sitting on a bench, with Brady standing with his parents, probably cracking a joke based on the way his mom was playfully glaring at Brady while his dad laughed loudly. His mood picked up a little after the interview and the loss.
As he got closer, he realized that Taryn wasn’t sitting alone. You were sitting there, your head resting against her shoulder, your eyes slightly closed. He stopped in his tracks when he saw your work bag sitting in your lap and your suitcase beside you. Your flight was supposed to get in around 8 and he had insisted that you just meet him at home after the game. This work trip had been horrible, your co-worker throwing you under the bus in a meeting with executives on a project he didn’t work on. You deserved to be relaxing with a glass of wine in the sanctity of your shared apartment. But you were here, at his game, straight from the airport, laughing with his family despite your drooping eyes. He had never felt more loved than he did right there. 
A knock startled him from his thoughts. 
“Uhh... just a second!” He snapped the ring box shut and quickly stood up from the bed to shove it in his drawer. Taryn popped her head in to see him very suspiciously standing in front of his dresser.
“It’s just me, dork. What are you doing?” She entered his room, making herself comfy on his bed. He scoffed, and closed the door behind his sister. 
“I’m not doing anything. What are you doing?” He went back to standing by the dresser and Taryn rolled her eyes.
“That’s exactly it, you’re doing nothing. Normally, when we’re all home you’re like bouncing off the walls. Like I know this time it’s different but Y/n came too so I thought… I don’t know, you just seem off but Brady didn’t think so and I didn’t want to worry Mom… so like, what’s going on? Is everything okay? Are you and Y/n fighting?” 
His eyes bugged out and Taryn would have laughed if she wasn’t so serious. “What no! We’re fine! We’re fine, why-why would you say that?” 
“You’ve been quiet Matt. You’re never quiet, especially when Brady’s home with us.” He rolled his eyes and she huffed at her older brother. “You know it’s true! So... what’s going on?” He sighed and turned to find the box from the drawer. He looked down at the velvet in his hands as he sat on the edge of the bed. Taryn moved to be sitting beside him and gasped quietly. 
“Is that...?” 
“Yeah. I was going to...you know, before the world went to shit. I had it all planned out too. The weather was getting warmer and there’s this hiking trail we like in Banff, it’s only like an hour drive. There’s this perfect spot where I could prop my phone up so I could get it on camera, just like they wanted. But now... I don’t know what I’m going to do.” 
“Do you still want to, you know, propose?” 
“’Course I do. Honestly, I want nothing more. But, they deserve it to be perfect, you know? And like, I don’t know how I could surprise them here, because we’ve been chilling in the same sweatpants for the past week! Asking them to get dressed up would seem suspicious and I want it to be a surprise,”
“Could… could I help you? I might have an idea…” She grinned towards her brother, his eyes brightening at the idea of marrying you. 
“Y/N, do you want to do a TikTok with me?” She called to you from across the Tkachuk’s backyard. Taryn must’ve been feeling the quarantine because yesterday the two of you did your nails together, which prompted you to, for once, put on a pair of pants that weren’t Matty’s sweatpants and do your hair, so you had no problem setting down your book and hopping up from your seat to join her. She squealed and you laughed as you joined her. 
“It’s so easy! I promise! So, it’s to a remix of Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ and the only set in stone parts are that you actually kneel when she says ‘knelt to the ground’ and then the camera will start to pull away and then you just freestyle! We can do a couple practice ones before we film it for real, if you want?” 
“Yes, please, you have severely overestimated my dancing skills,” you laughed. Right at that moment, Matthew came out of the house with a Bud Light in his hand. He placed it on the edge of the firepit before walking over to you.
“What’s got you all cracked up?” He pressed a kiss to your cheek.
“Taryn thinks I’m a good enough dancer to film this TikTok on my first try,” He grinned at you. 
“A TikTok you say? Can I do it too? If you can do it surely it’s easy enough for me,” You gave him a playful eye roll and laughed. 
“How bored are you to want to film a TikTok?” 
“I want to spend time with my girlfriend, is that a crime?” He smirked and you cracked a smile.  
Taryn spoke up. “Hey no, this would be perfect! I need to move the camera away from you when you’re dancing anyways, and this way you won’t be alone. And you’ll get Matt’s dancing on camera for future blackmail!” You laughed at her comment and slugged him lightly in the arm. 
“Game on, we’ll see who's the better dancer after this,” He just laughed and then told you to tell what the heck he was doing for this dance. After a while, the two of you were ready to film. 
Taryn got behind her phone and started the music. You got into position and bumped Matthew’s hip before facing the camera. 
Is this in my head, I don’t know what to think. He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said
You knelt down and pretended to open a ring box, while Matthew pulled out the box he’d been hiding for six months. 
Marry me Juliet, you’ll never have to be alone
You started to dance as Taryn pulled the camera away from the both of you. Lost in the music, you didn’t seem to notice that Matthew was still on one knee, an adoring smile on his face. 
I love you and that’s all I really know
You stopped dancing and glanced to your side. “Oh my god,” Your hands flew to cover your mouth as you saw Matt still on one knee, but with a black box in his hands. “Are you joking?”
“Not joking, baby, I promise.” He opened the box to reveal the most beautiful ring you had ever seen. It was classy, with just enough bling to catch your eye and go with the rest of your jewelry. Your eyes filled with tears as he started to speak. 
“Y/n, you are the best person I have ever met. I never thought someone would be willing to put up with me, not with my job and the media and how I play my game, but then I met you, and it’s like the whole world shifted. I have fallen more in love with you every day, even the past few days when we do the same thing every day. I love you so much, babe, and all I want is to keep being your person. I know my job means I’ll have to leave sometimes, but with me, with this, I promise you’ll never be alone. I want to be your husband and I want us to have little mini-us’s running around, well really mini-you’s but with my hair, because let’s face it, they aren’t escaping the curls,” You let out a teary laugh, and you could see his shoulder visibly relax a little. “When I look to my future, all I see is you. You are my future. And I know this isn’t perfect or even ideal but..”
“No, no, Matty, it’s perfect.” You whispered, your eyes full of tears. “It’s perfect because it’s with you.”
His grin widened if that was possible, and he looked down at the box in his hands before up to you. “If that’s the case, then Y/n, will you make me the happiest man on Earth and marry me?” 
“Yes! Yes, yes, of course,” You bent down to kiss him, leaving your tears on his cheek when you pulled away. He slipped the ring onto your finger and swept you into a bear hug. “Oh my gosh, we’re going to get married!”
“It’s you and me, baby, for the rest of our lives.” He tried to smirk, but it didn’t last long, a smile covering it as the euphoria overcame him. 
“Okay, okay, show me the ring!! Matthew didn’t tell me he was proposing!” Chantel came out in the backyard with a bright grin on her face. You couldn’t contain the smile on your face and the two of you admired the ring together. 
“I didn’t tell Dad either, don’t get offended,” Matthew said, coming over to meet the both of you. 
“Oh, you liar! You totally called me and asked me for advice.” Keith chimed in with a laugh. “Granted, you never told me you were going to do it today… but I’m happy for you kids.”
“I didn’t think he’d ever get the guts to propose, sorry for the wait Y/n,” Brady chirped, earning a whack from his mother. 
“I don’t mind, he’s worth the wait.” You looked to your fiancé, only to find him already looking at you, his blue eyes gleaming full of warmth. “So worth the wait.”
let me know what you think! thanks for reading!
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your name (fred weasley x reader)
summary: Everyday you wake up with the same dream and the same name just on your lips but you can never remember who it is, until one day you wake up in body that isn’t yours
a/n: okay okay okay so, I watched this incredible movie and it gave me the idea to write a fic based off of it and Im really hoping you guys like it bc its a little out there but I adore this fic so plz don’t be mean if it sucks 
warnings: THIS IS A FIC WITH SPOILERS ABOUT A MOVIE CALLED YOUR NAME BY MAKATO SHINKAI AND WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE MOVIE DO NOT READ IF YOU WANT TO WATCH THE MOVIE FIRST. body swap fic, fred dies but not really? happy ending i swear. mentions of death and the battle, light swearing
Tumblr media
“What’s your name?” 
A train station, King’s cross. Who are you? 
“My name is-”  An orange and purple bracelet, faded words. The doors are closing as you reach out and grab it. The doors shut. A flash of orange hair, the ribbon. What a strange man. Who are you? 
What’s your name? 
The same dream, the same boy. Each dream you call his name but by morning hes gone. This same strange feeling in your heart. Is it possible to miss someone who you don’t even know? Nothing makes sense, why do you keep dreaming of him? 
“Wake up!” Your body shoots up as your door flies open. 
“How are you feeling today?” Your mum stands by the door, a concerned look on her face. 
“I feel fine,” You say confused, what would compel her to ask such a question.
 “You were acting rather, odd yesterday. Asked me where you were and how to get to school.” Confusion washes over you. 
That doesn’t sound like you at all. Getting dressed for school you grab your bag, wondering what on earth your mum was talking about. Wrapping the purple and orange bracelet around your wrist, the origin of it long forgotten but still, you wear it, every day. Your dream fades into the depths of your mind once again as you walk to school. 
“I did what?!” You nearly choke on your drink as your friends relay your strange behavior from yesterday. 
“It was so strange, you were talking strangely, kept calling us. Muggles?” Your heart stops for a moment. Your cousin, a witch, calls you that. A muggle but you barely understood her world let alone use the same words. 
“Ms. L/n, I hope you’re prepared to stay after class after yesterday’s little stunt.” Your professor appears in the hallway. 
Detention? You’ve never been in trouble in your entire life?! You nod your head and stay silent as she passes by. Turning to your friends you let out a whisper scream. 
“I have detention!?” 
The day only got stranger. Everyone would sneak glances at you the entire day as if they were expecting you to grow a second head or something. Listening to your boring lecture you flip through your notebook when a page catches your attention. This writing was not yours. It’s not very readable but you could make out the words Who are you? Slamming your notebook shut you catch the attention of a few nearby students but you don’t care. 
“Mum, how much do you know about Lizzies world?” You ask over dinner. Your mother looks up at you and just shrugs. 
“Not much, apparently its against their laws to talk to us about certain things, why the sudden interest?” “
It’s..” You debate telling her about your strange dreams but you decide against it. She’ll just call you crazy. 
Settling down for bed you stare at your ceiling, trying to make sense of the day. As your eyes flutter shut you wish for something, anything from your dreams that will tell you what’s truly going on. 
“Don’t forget me, please. My name is-” 
The cold hard ground meets your face. Waking from your dream once again. 
“Oi Fred get your arse up or we’re going to be late.” A pillow hits the back of your head. Who the hell is Fred? Groaning you look up to see an unfamiliar bedroom.
 “What the hell!” You shout as you scramble to your feet. 
A boy with orange ginger hair stares at you in confusion as you begin to panic. Running past him you open a door to a bathroom, slamming it behind you.
 Looking into the mirror you find you’re not yourself. Instead, staring back at you was a stranger. Messy orange hair, freckles along his, your? Face. Shutting your eyes you fall to the ground on your knees. This is just a bad dream, only a dream. Any moment you’ll wake up in your bed. 
“Fred, are you feeling okay? Are sick again?” A muffled voice says from the other side of the door.
“I-I’m fine,” You say, wincing at the way your voice sounds now. 
“Look I’d offer that I cover for you but I already did a few days ago and I really need you at the shop.” The shop? 
Where the hell are you. A dream, that’s all this is. Opening the door you’re met with the man from earlier but now you notice how identical his face looks to the one in the mirror. Twins. 
“We’re twins,” You mumble making the other man cock his eyebrow. 
“Yeah, we are...Now get dressed and meet me downstairs.” He throws a shirt at you as he heads somewhere in the apartment. 
Whoever this was is a sharp dresser as you put on a suit and a nametag. A few news articles line the bedroom. 
Weasley Wizard Wheezes Grand Opening! New owners of 93 Diagon Alley, Fred and George Weasley open up their much-anticipated joke shop. 
If you’re Fred, that makes the other one George. Weasley? What kind of last name is that? Luckily the path to the kitchen was only down the hall. George sits there drinking a cup of tea and reading a paper. Your eyes widen as you see pictures moving. 
“What?” George asks as he notices you gawking at the newspaper. 
“The pictures are moving.” You touch the picture on the paper and you jump back as it responds to your touch with a seemingly annoyed look. 
“Do I need to take you to St. Mungos? Seriously Fred cut it out we have to open the shop soon,” George sets down his paper and snaps his fingers. You watch in awe as the cup he was once holding floats to the sink and cleans itself. 
“Also where’s your wand?” 
A wizard, you were a wizard. Your knowledge of this world is limited but you knew a little bit. You silently thank your cousin for telling you a few things. She had been on your mind lately so maybe that’s why you’ve decided to dream about being a ginger wizard who owns a shop. 
Running back to the bedroom you find a stick of wood on the counter. This must be your wand. Before leaving you take one last look in the mirror, you got this. How hard could this be? 
You have magic after all. 
Turns out, it was pretty difficult to pretend to be a wizard for the day. You knew exactly zero spells and knew nothing about the products sold in this store meaning you were about as useful as a sack of dirt. It was all so overwhelming, these people seemed to know who he was which lead to many awkward conversations. 
It’s a miracle that you had George because if not you might have accidentally burned down your own shop. Or was it his shop? Fred is still a strange name to you and anytime anyone calls for you it takes you minutes to understand they’re talking to you. By the end of the day, you were just more confused. 
Collapsing on your bed you run your hands through your hair. Blank parchment and a quill sit on the desk, it must have been Fred to write that note in your notebook. Getting up you sit down at his desk. You’ve never written with ink before but you manage to write a readable letter. 
Dear Fred, my name is Y/n. Your job is quite fun but really exhausting. What the hell kind of business do you run? By the way, this pretty girl came in today and she really seems to like you. I’m honestly just as confused as you probably are but I’m still partly convinced this is some sort of dream. 
Crawling into bed you let sleep take you, hoping that tomorrow you’d wake up and everything would be back to normal. 
Things would not go back to normal, not for a while. When you woke up the next day you discovered you not only had detention again but your notes were completely wrecked with writing that wasn’t yours and inside was a note from Fred telling you exactly what you feared. You didn’t understand but somehow, some way. 
You were switching bodies with this boy. With Fred. 
It only happened a few times during the week but after the next two times you couldn’t ignore it anymore. This was real and this was happening to you. Your mother would tell you old wives tales about fate and destiny but there’s no way this was fate because why would the universe connect you with a boy like Fred.
 Someone who clearly has no regard for rules and gotten you in trouble multiple times. After discovering this you set a few ground rules, both of you. He used your notebook while you used a roll of parchment in his room. Telling him all he needed to know to live your life and vice versa. 
Of course, someone like Fred didn’t seem to follow rules and you couldn’t resist having your own fun with him. It was so strange, something like this was unexplainable yet it became natural for you. You lived someone else life a few days out of the week, you got to know him but without ever truly meeting him.
 You learned that despite being a joker he was loving and caring to his family and to his friends. Customers would come in and act nothing but friendly and sometimes grateful towards him. Thanking him for being their source of happiness back at school. You didn’t know what they were talking about but you asked Fred once in one of your notes. When you woke up as him again you were left with a small note, he didn’t go into detail but he told you to look at your left hand carefully. 
Faded into the back of your hand were scars of words. They were old and hard to make out but only something horrible could have made this mark. It wasn’t until you worked up the courage to ask George that you truly understood what Fred meant to some people. Waking up as him, living his life. 
You began to feel something different. 
Waking up as yourself you would be left with small notes from him. Ones that tell you about his days but also silly ones with silly drawings. Notes that send your stomach into a swarm of butterflies, ones that make you feel loved and cared for. Somehow, someway you were falling in love with a boy you’ve never met before.
 This connection, its more than you can truly understand. It has to be. George had recently installed a muggle phone in their flat. This was your chance. 
You left your phone number to Fred with a note saying call me and when you woke up you saw he left his one number with a scratchy heart and a smiley face next to it. But he never called, and when you called the line never went through.
 It was strange and you couldn’t ignore the aching feeling when the call was never answered but you shook it off, Fred is a busy man. You know this. You’d just have to ask him when you switched again. 
But it didn’t happen again. Each day you woke up as you. A part of you wonders if it was just some strange dream but the notes remain telling you it’s not. It was real. Your heart ached to communicate with Fred again but you couldn’t. You didn’t know anything about the wizarding world and even if you did you were a muggle. 
Days passed before you got your next glimmer of hope. Your cousin was coming home to visit for a few days. She knew all about the wizarding world, she could take you to Fred. Because even if he didn’t return your feelings you just had to see him in person. 
“Lizzie!” You throw your arms around her happily. Your bond with her is strong even when she went off to her fancy wizard school. It took a bit to get her alone but you managed to sneak off. 
“Lizzie I need to tell you something,” You spill it all to her. 
She’s a witch, she can levitate things with a wooden stick so you can only hope she believes you about this. You tell her about the body switching, the notes, the shop. But as you tell your story her face only gets more worried, morphing into a look of sadness. 
“Please believe me, I need you to take me too him.” You beg. She stays completely silent as she takes it all in. 
“Y/n, Fred Weasley is real, he ran that shop but,” Lizzie takes your hand looks into your eyes fear creeps in your mind as she utters her next words. 
“He died 2 years ago.” 
Your world feels like its crashing down. No, dead? 2 years ago? You fall to the ground shaking your head. 
“No no that’s not possible, I have his notes he’s talked to me, now. How could he be..” Without another word, you run to your room. Tearing through the door you take out the box with all of Fred’s notes but instead of his endearing writing, it’s just squiggly lines. 
“No no! This doesn’t make sense I..” 
“Y/n..” Lizzie finds you surrounded by crumpled paper, tears in your eyes as you clutch a few notes to your chest. 
“What happened?” Your voice barely above a whisper. Do you really want to find out how Fred died? No, but you need to know. 
“A 2 years ago there was a war. My mum pulled me out of school but when I came back the school, Hogwarts was destroyed. Lives were lost. Fred was one of them. He was crushed by a wall.” A sob rips from your throat as you hold onto your memories of Fred, terrified you were going to forget them. 
“He..He would tell me about things sometimes, he would never go into detail but I noticed the world around him changing, becoming darker. I just, I didn’t know that’s what it was.” You say quietly. Lizzie stays quiet as you wipe your eyes.
 “Where did you get that?” She says suddenly grabbing your wrist. The purple and orange bracelet suddenly becoming interesting to her. 
“They sold these at their shop, it was a limited thing a celebration of their grand opening. How did you..” Pulling your wrist back you stare at the bracelet in awe.
 “I don’t..remember.”
 A train ride, a stranger. A voice so familiar. 
You hated traveling alone, You were visiting a few friends on the other side of town and now you have to travel back to which was always so busy. Staring at the map you finally manage your way onto the right train. Sitting silently you stare out the window letting your day dreams take over. A few stations to go when you notice someone staring at you. You shake it off as he turns his head, sometimes people just stared off into the distance. You were reaching the next stop, Kings Cross when you see him get up. 
“Y/n?” You’re taken by surprise as he says your name. Looking up in shock at the stranger you see his face fall. His once happy look now replaced by a look of longing. 
“I’m sorry, do I know you?” He looks down, shaking his head. 
“Sorry I just, nevermind.” The train stops as you reach Kings Cross, you don’t know what it is but as he starts to leave you call out to him. 
“What’s your name?” He turns around at the sound of your voice but the doors are shutting him out. He undoes something around his wrist and throws it to you.
 “My name is-“ then the door shuts and the train starts to move again. Clutching onto the bracelet and watching as the stranger fades into the distance. 
That was 2 years ago. And that was Fred. 
Only you didn’t know him yet. 
“I met him Lizzie, 2 years ago. I-I just didn’t know it was him.” You cry as you undo the bracelet. How could fate be so cruel? If only you knew. 
“How is this even possible?” You mumbles sadly, sad you missed the chance to know Fred, that he was taken from the world too soon. 
“I wish I knew, but in a world with witches and wizards and where mermaids and werewolves are real, I’d be willing to bet anything is possible.” She says as she lets you rest your head on her shoulder. 
Fred died, years ago but you knew him when he was alive even if you didn’t. You want, no need to see him again. Somehow. 
“Can you take me to his grave?” Lizzie looks hesitant at your request but the desperation in your eyes is enough to convince her. 
The next day she took you, It was a small place on the outskirts of a town you’ve never even heard of. Apparently this was where he grew up, his childhood home. A small gravestone sits next to a bed of flowers. Fred Weasley carved into it. It feels so wrong to see him like this. 
“I’ll give you some time alone,” Lizzie says softly as she gives you a quick hug. Your hand traces his name. 
“Oh Fred, this isn’t how we were supposed to meet,” Somehow its not the past that hurts the most. It’s not his death, its the what could have been. 
It all felt so real to you, Fred was real. Shakily, you take off the bracelet he gave to you. Setting it on his gravestone, you then rest your head on the cold stone.
 “Please, let me see him one more time.” You beg to whoever was listening. It’s not fair. Fred didn’t deserve to die. Tears cloud your vision as you slowly stand up. You don’t know how long you’ve been here at this point. 
The sun is beginning to set in the sky by the time you’re ready to leave. You don’t know where Lizzie has gone off to. Your foot catches on a branch sending you tumbling to the ground. Darkness surrounds you, the last thing you see is the orange color of the bracelet and the orange color of the sun. 
“Oi wake up from your nap, we have to go soon.” You shoot up scaring the person next to you. 
This isn’t Fred’s grave, nor your house. Looking to your side you see George. George. You’re Fred again. Bursting into tears you hug Fred tightly. 
“What on earth-“ George says, surprised by whatever the hell you’re doing.
 Tonight must be the battle, you have time. You can save Fred but the only person who can truly save Fred is, well Fred. If you’re here then your body must be at his grave which means he’s at his grave. Leaping out off the couch you know what you have to do. 
“Woah where are you going!” George yells as he grabs your arm. 
“George you have to listen to me, Fred is going to die tonight.” George just stares at you like you’ve gone mad. 
“Please, listen to me George. Look after him, don’t let him go off on his own. I'm begging you.” You grab his shoulders and stare into his eyes. No words come out of his mouth out of pure shock. 
“I have to go find him, I’ll be back before the battle I promise.” Before George can say another word you take off out of the house. A small path leads to the future grave site. 
“Fred!” You shout as you run as fast as your legs can carry you. 
“Fred!” Your cries are getting desperate, you need to find him. Suddenly you hear him. 
“Y/n!” Racing towards his voice you cry out his name again. You reach the top of the hill, where his grave would be. Except nothing is there. You can still hear him but you can’t see him. 
“Freddie!” Looking around wildly you find a patch of flowers. 
“Please, one chance.” You whisper. As the sunsets below the horizon you close your eyes. This can’t be it can it? 
“Y/n?” Your eyes flutter open. 
No longer are you in his body. You’re you again. The grass around you feels as vibrant as ever. Turning around you could almost cry. Standing before you is Fred. 
“I’ve been looking for you Freddie,” Your voice barely above a whisper. You’re afraid to move, what if this was all a dream? 
“I woke up here, in front of my own grave but then I heard you calling for me. It’s so great to finally meet you love,” Fred steps forward, his hand gently caressing your face. 
On his wrist lies the purple and orange bracelet. The one he gave to you. Good. It’s time he gets it back. You almost can’t believe it. Your hand gently covers his. He’s real, you can touch him. 
This is Fred. 
“You can’t go tonight Fred, You’ll die.” He looks at you with sad eyes. 
“Darling, you know I have to go.” 
“But you can’t!” You cry loudly. Fred pulls you into his chest. You clutch his shirt tightly, wanting to take in every single memory of him. 
“I’ll be careful, I know what to expect. I can’t abandon my family.” From everything you’ve learned about Fred you know him not going was never going to be an option. Fred never backed down. Not even if it meant his own death.
 “Please, stay alive for me. So one day we can meet each other, I need to remember you Fred. I can’t forget you.” You could feel the world beginning to crumble around you. It was time to wake up. 
“Fred, before you go. I need to tell you that I love you.” 
Despite living in his body, you never really got a good look at his face. How beautiful he truly is. The freckles that paint his face, his smile. His warm eyes. He takes a step forward, his hand holding your face. 
“Y/n, I-“ 
And he’s gone. Just like that. You ran out of time. No no you run down the hill. Looking for Fred, he can’t be gone yet. You need to find him, you need to remember him. Fred, his name is Fred. As you reach the bottom of the hill you spot Lizzie. 
“Why are you crying?” She asks, concerned as she spots you. 
Why are you crying? Where even are you? Wiping your eyes you look around. Something’s missing. Something important but you don’t know what. You were supposed to remember something but now it all just feels like a bad dream. 
“I don’t know,” Lizzie looks at you for a moment before shrugging off your weird behavior. 
“Come on its getting late, we should go home.”
Years have passed since then. You don’t remember why you became so obsessed with Lizzie's world for that brief moment. Even she doesn’t remember but honestly maybe it's just because she belongs to a world of magic. But you’ve grown in the few years since then but your bond with her remains strong as ever.
 Despite never showing interest in her world again she practically begged you to come with her to a place called Diagon Alley. At first you were suspicious of it being a muggle and all but after weeks of begging you finally caved. 
“You’re going to love this place.” She tugs on your arm excitedly. Dodging through the crowd of people you’re finding it hard to keep up with her pace. 
“It’s run by two twin brothers, both of them are war heroes you know.” You vaguely knew about the war in the wizarding world. Lizzie told you a few stories but that was all. 
“One of them had a wall fall on him but he survived. Tells a great story about it.”
 As she pulls you closer to the shop you feel a sense of nervousness overtake you. Maybe it was experiencing this world for the first time or maybe it was something else. The shop is beyond colorful, it was filled with explosions and nothing but joy but all you feel in your heart is a sadness that you couldn’t explain. Almost a nostalgic feeling. 
Lizzie hurries off to her favorite part of the store leaving you among the chaos. You know she didn’t mean to leave you, she just gets excited. An arm bumps into yours causing you to stumble back. 
“My apologizes love,” His arm comes to stead you. A purple and orange bracelet sits on his wrist. 
The store goes quiet. At least to you. 
People are still walking and talking. The chaos is still happening but it feels like its all moving around you as you’re frozen in time. Turning around, your eyes meet the strangers. Warm brown eyes with freckles all around his face. Tears pool in both your eyes as you take a step towards him. 
“Have we met before?” A tear rolls down his cheek as he gently cups your cheek. 
“I was thinking the same thing.” He whispers and you hear him. 
“What’s your name?” 
“My name is Fred, darling.” 
Fred. What a lovely name. 
taglist:  @pit-and-the-pen​​ @levylovegood​ @freddie1978​ @theweasleysredhair​ @emcchi​ @brainlesspasta​ @cauliflowercounty​ @msmimimerton​  @imholeyfred-geddit​ @harrysweasleys​ @vivianweasley​ @immobulusmalfoy​  @alpineweasley​ @lumielikesbooks​  @awritingtree​ @extra-trash77​ @tinylumpiaa​ @pandaxnienke​ @protect-remus​ @theweasleytwinsgirl​  @fredswh0re​ @hexmione​ @lunalovecroft​  @hufflrpuffforfred​ @hemmoporro​  @kpopgirlbtssvt​ @phuvioqhile​ @ickle-ronniekins​ @feetoffthetablee​  @mariah-can-dream​ @valwritesx​ @amourtentiaa​ @just-here-to-escape-from-reality @georgeweasleyswhre @lcmh4 @iwritesiriusly​ @law-nerd105​ @inglourious-imagines​  @loonylovegood13​ @greyspilot​ @thisismysketchbook​ @freds-slut​ @prettywhitedoves​  @lilypad-55449​ @daisyyy2516​  @potters-heart​
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queenshelby · 9 months ago
Roommates – Part Six
Pairing: Cillian Murphy x Reader
Words: 1,078
Warning: Smut (Not with Reader)
Note: This plays in 2020.
When you went to your room that night, you were quick to plug your headphones into your ears and listen to some of the podcasts you enjoyed. The last thing you wanted to hear was Cillian having sex with Lindsay.
Lindsay, on the other hand, was quick to lose the entirety of her clothes as soon as she stepped into Cillian’s bedroom after not having been with Cillian for a while due to the restrictions.
She was wearing dark red lace lingerie with a thong, the colour of which was matched by her lipstick.
But the sight of her did nothing to Cillian as he walked inside the bedroom wearing only his briefs.
‘Don’t you like red, Cilly?’ Lindsay chuckled before approaching him and running her smooth hands over his chest and down towards his crotch without any reaction from him.
‘It looks nice’ Cillian barely managed to huff out as he realised that this might be more difficult than he had anticipated.
Of course, he loved being intimate and having sex. Who doesn’t? But, after dealing with raging erections for weeks when seeing you, now that he was in front of this beautiful half naked and willing woman, he wasn’t aroused in the slightest.
In his mind, he had to laugh about the fact that he couldn’t contain himself when being around you and now that he was with the woman he was dating, he lost all interest in sex. It was rather ironic he thought, since, just moments ago, over dinner, he was rock hard simply from watching you play with your tongue piercing in between your teeth.
Unsurprisingly, Lindsay noticed and, after she removed her bra and kissed Cillian passionately while he starred into a void, she dropped onto her knees and pushed down his briefs. She knew that this always did the trick even when he wasn’t in the mood and Cillian firmly believed that her attempt to make him all needy and horny this way would certainly be successful.
Just as anticipated, when Lindsay wrapped her mouth around Cillian’s cock, it began to harden and his hand soon got tangled in her hair and against the back of her head while he closed his eyes, indulging in the pleasure Lindsay was giving him.
Lindsay bobbed her head up and down Cillian’s hardening shaft while her hands moved around him, holding onto his ass cheeks firmly as she continued to suck him.
Finally, he began to pant and groan as she was taking his cock deep into her mouth and running her lips over his length more firmly.
‘That’s it, keep going’ Cillian groaned with his eyes still closed as Lindsay continued to pleasure him. He had finally found his mojo but the problem was that he didn’t think about Lindsay’s mouth on his cock.
‘Fuck Y/N’ he then groaned as his cock bottomed out in the back of Lindsay’s throat and, just as he did, Lindsay pulled away and stood up.
‘Oh my god. Are you fucking serious?’ Lindsay asked outraged, causing Cillian’s eyes to shoot open. ‘You are thinking about her while I suck you. That’s just great’ she then said somewhat upset before sitting down on Cillian’s bed.
‘Fuck, Lindsay, I am sorry. I don’t know what is going on with me at the moment’ Cillian explained, pulling up his briefs.
‘I think you might actually be in love with your housemate’ Lindsay then said, beginning to laugh before pulling her jumper over her head and grabbing her jeans from the dresser.
‘It’s not funny, she’s been my fucking friend for over ten years’ Cillian huffed out, sitting down besides her and apologising to her.
‘It’s fine. I know I was just a distraction even though I wanted to be more’ Lindsay said, knowing about his divorce and relationship with Laura which turned bad rather quickly when Laura became too possessive.
‘It was fun, while it lasted, right?’ Cillian then said with a warm smile, causing Lindsay to chuckle.
‘Yeah’ she huffed out before asking him a pressing question. ‘I am curious though, you didn’t always think about Y/N when we had sex, right?’ Lindsay asked somewhat concerned, causing Cillian to laugh.
‘No, never actually. Not until now’ Cillian reassured her.
‘Well, good luck chuck. I think she was a little jealous tonight so your chances might be pretty good with her’ Lindsay then said before giving Cillian a final kiss and grabbing her things. ‘If you ever get bored of her or she doesn’t want you, you’ve got my number’ Lindsay then said with a wink before leaving Cillian’s bedroom and walking towards the front door.
Cillian saw her out after putting on a t-shirt and apologising to her once again, which she thought wasn’t necessary.
Then, Cillian walked past your room to see whether you were still up. When he saw that your light was on, he decided to knock.
Surpassingly, you heard the knock after the second time and, after removing your earphones, you allowed Cillian to come inside.
‘Aren’t you busy with Lindsay?’ you asked, causing Cillian to shake his head.
‘No, she left’ he said before sitting down next you on the bed.
‘So, it was just a quickie then huh?’ you joked, causing Cillian to laugh.
‘It was nothing at all actually…Well, almost nothing at all’ he responded with some slight embarrassment.
‘Are you alright?’ you asked concerned, thinking that something must have happened between them.
‘I am fine. I just realised that she isn’t for me. I am interested in someone else’ he explained, looking at you with his deep blue eyes.
‘If it is Laura, I am staying the fuck out of it, Cillian’ you huffed out and Cillian shook his head and moved closer towards you.
‘It’s not Laura, it’s…’ he went on to say and, just as he was about to finish his sentence, you both heard a loud bang and the room went dark.
‘Fuck’ you both huffed out at the same time as a lightening strike must have hit the nearby power line and you were left without electricity.
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tobi-momo · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
nobody seemed to hear us, but we said it.
Tumblr media
— synopsis. back from Miyagi for a simple month, a welcome back party reignites the one relationship he wasn’t expecting. yours. it was obvious you hadn’t forgotten about what happened in high school, neither did he, but maybe he could mend the relationship back together. could he?
— warnings. cursing | drinking | implications of smoking (not from any of the characters, not depicted either) | kinda poor writing
— word count. 1.3k+
Tumblr media
The alcohol was boring. The bitter taste of the IPA he took occasional sips of made his tongue sour and his eyes squint in annoyance. Everyone around him had been enjoying the event a lot more than him, he could see from the blaring music and the dancing and the shot-taking in the background of it all. It was boring. It was all so boring.
He nonchalantly shook girls off of his arm as they try to prop their breasts up and caress his bicep, “just wanting to dance”, and he rolled his eyes at the comments that his teammates (Koganegawa) throw at him, telling him he needs to lighten up, or he just needs to drink a little more to loosen out a bit.
“C’mon, Tsukki, just one dance?” A random girl had pleaded while hanging off his arm. Her lip poked out in a pout and her cheeks were red from the alcohol, but there was nothing in her eyes. He wondered if he had missed the gleam of desire or the sharp tint of lust in her pupils, but one glance confirmed that she just wanted to be with somebody for the night. He figured she was probably lonely, something he would never admit to.
“I’m good.” He returned his sights to the wall in front of him, half-covered in bouncing people and red Dixie cups being held in tight hands. He felt her hand slack down and her eyes roll, a grunt of irritation seeping into his hearing as she left. It was probably for the better, though.
He looked around briefly, only seeing his teammates either jumping around—Kyoutani, who grumped on the chair across the room—or people he had never seen in his life that just wanted to have a good time. If he didn’t see anyone he had met prior to leaving, what was the point of being here at all?
That was when he realized the hotel room got a little crowded as people kept entering, and he wondered if they might get kicked out if this continued. As he leaned against the wall, he questioned himself. He liked to do that. Maybe he should just leave. Although it would be a hard task, squeezing himself between sweaty bodies and he knew he’s probably going to get whipped in the face with hair and a couple of arms, but the air was getting too hot and he couldn’t breathe the same way with all the smoke in the air. So he got off against the wall and placed his half-empty beer bottle down on the dresser beside him, taking his jacket away from hanging on his arm and puts his arms through the sleeves, turning his torso sideways to walk out of the crowd with his body still intact. He cracked the door open, which surprisingly, there was no one before him in the hallway before he shut it behind him.
He could breathe again.
It was refreshing, even though the air wasn’t exactly chilly, it felt nice going down his esophagus and clearing his lungs. All he had to do was find his mother’s place, now. He walked down the hallway towards the elevator, pressing the L button before he backed up against the wall and waited for the doors to slide closed.
He wasn’t expecting anyone to stick their hand through the metal gates, but nevertheless, unexpected things happen all the time in the life of Tsukishima Kei, like the one time Kyoutani tripped over his shoelaces during practice before he jumped up to hit the ball, falling on his face in front of the whole team. He chuckled at that. The person who had been stumbling inside the metal box was heaving, frantically picking up their stuff as what he guessed they dropped just now—he wasn’t paying attention as he recalled a certain memory.
“Shit,” they whispered as they bent down to pick their phone up off the ground. They stood up after grabbing what they needed and flattened their clothes, then leaned against the elevator frame. He looked over with a newfound curiosity, his head tilted to the side while his eyes scanned over what they were wearing. Nothing extravagant, he noted as his eyes scooted upwards.
It was only when they lifted their head to say sorry that he lost his train of thought. Completely stumped, was he. Eyes wide with his breath slowed down almost to a complete stop, he stared.
And so did you.
• • • • • •
“You promise to love me forever, Tsukki?” You question with your hands carrying his, your eyes beading with excitement. He looked at you like he was nervous and he didn’t know what to say, his fingers curling in your palms and sweating a bit. Though, when he looked at you, he couldn’t stop the way your smile bled into his veins and rushed through his entire body, placing one of his own on his face.
He takes a deep breath and readjusts himself in your grip, “I promise!” He shouts it with determination, relishing in your giggles and throwing your hands up in the air with him.
The adults that surrounded you two, his parents and yours, clapped for you as if it were a link in matrimony. They cheered and laughed with you, praising you both for “being the luckiest people on Earth”. He smiles again, believing every word they said all the while holding your hand in his.
Lucky. Was that really what you were?
“Shit,” you mumbled again, only this time it came out as if you hadn’t seen something for a long time. He supposed he couldn’t blame you for that. “Ah, Tsukishima,” you marked awkwardly, dealing with the shocked stare he handed to you. “What-what are you doing here?” You stuttered over your words with an inhale as you get a grip on the event that just had to happen right now.
“Party.” He uttered out.
“What? You, a party? No way,” you offered a smile.
“Uh, I was just leaving,” he clarified, finally getting a grip on his vocal cords. “What floor?”
“Oh, just the Lobby, I’m heading home.” Your head turned back to the wall before you, waiting for the doors to close again.
“You still live here?” He muttered, a confused brow creasing his skin.
“Huh?” You turned your head again as the doors shut, thankfully not hard enough to cause whiplash, “yeah, I do. Pretty boring, right?” You chuckled it off, your lungs suffocating in the uncomfortable atmosphere. “I just haven’t had anywhere to go since college, so. But!” You raised a finger, not to let him jump to conclusions. “I have my own home. The market here is pretty cheap and I didn’t want to live with my mom.”
He nodded in understanding, finally allowing his neck to guide his head face-forward.
“What about you? I heard you joined a professional volleyball team, I’ve seen you on TV.”
“You’ve watched me play?” Even if your faces were turned away from each other, you knew exactly what his face looked like at that exact moment. You cursed yourself for it.
“Only a little bit, when I don’t have anything else to watch.” Did that come off as mean?
“I see. Well—”
The elevator dinged and the doors glided open with a crowd on the other side, rushing inside the box. You both dashed out of it, observing the rest of the passengers press practically all the buttons there was on the dashboard and argue over what food they wanted for dinner. Your heads slowly reclined back to each other, the same thing dressing both of your features. People.
A smug smile quirked the corners of his lips up before he turned around, walking towards the exit of the building. You slightly frowned at his hurry to get away from you, this feeling of something unresolved rising in your stomach.
“Hey,” you called over, watching his body halt and switch directions. “Wanna have a couple drinks?” You asked politely, raising your shoulders, “catch up?”
He nodded. Maybe the beer won’t taste that bad, he thought to himself while he waited for your legs to line up with his.
Tumblr media
—author's note. HI IM SO SORRY FOR THE LATE UPDATE AND THE FIRST CHAPTER TOO 😩 ive been swamped in school work and im just trying to get caught up. im trying to make this story as captivating as possible, (yes i havent finished writing it, im that impulsive) so dont be afraid to send me suggestions! (i already have one and y/n is an artist 😌 - painter to clarify)
Tumblr media
fill out this form or send an ask to be a part of the taglist!
(reblogs are appreciated)
Tumblr media
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sassyhobbits · a year ago
for one night standards would you write a scene where aelin cant be found in the castle maybe bc shes doing sth ridiculous with her daughter like a mother daughter photoshoot to surprise rowan with later but when rowan can't find her he gets all panicked and out of his mind bc he still has unresolved trauma from when she was kidnapped and its all angsty until he has both back in his arms but also gives rowan a chance to talk and work through his experience with aelin gone? (because lets face it he probably ignores his feelings about that as much as possible in order to not burden aelin further and because it was just too painful)
loved this idea!!! i also added the prompt “Because I know when I open my eyes this will all turn out to be a dream and I’ll lose you again“ Thank you to everyone who supported ONS!! i had such a fun time writing it and im always happy to come back to it. enjoy!!
Rowan Whitethorn was generally a patient man.
He knew how to wait his turn, to take his time. He was always one to raise a brow at those who seemed to be in a harried rush to everything. It seemed stressful, to say the least. He was perfectly content to sit back when needed.
Except for now.
He had made a trip back home to Doranelle to surprise Isolde for her graduation from her masters program. Aelin had wanted to come as well, but with the baby and the responsibilities she had back in Orynth, it just hadn’t worked out. Still, she sent her well-wishes to Isolde through a video chat, letting little Eliora babble into the camera and say hello as well.
Their daughter was just over six months now, already growing far too fast for Rowan’s liking. He treasured every moment he got to spend with his two favorite girls.
And although he was always happy to see his family back in Doranelle, it had been the longest he had been away since Eliora had been born. It made him highly impatient to return home.
His jet touched down in Terrasen in the early afternoon. It was summer, though the day was mild. The sky was a vivid blue, fat white clouds floating lethargically on the breeze. Absolutely beautiful.
Due to the time difference, he hadn’t been able to call Aelin before he had got on the plane. He tried to reach her as he slid into the dark sedan that would drive him from the airport to the palace, but all he got was her voicemail.
Maybe she was in the shower, or changing Eliora’s diaper. Maybe their daughter had a finicky night of sleeping and now the pair were trying to catch up on their slumber. It was fine. Or so Rowan told himself. He still hadn’t been able to stop the small clench of nerves at the pit of his stomach.
He scolded those foolish feelings. Of course his wife and daughter were safe. They were just waiting for him to return.
The drive was quick and easy and he was back at the palace before he knew it. His feet carried him towards the room he shared with Aelin, a small smile curling on his lips as he thought about having his wife and daughter in his arms once more. He missed the feeling of Aelin curled against him as they slept.
“Aelin?” he called, pushing into their room and nudging the door shut behind him. “I’m home.”
He was greeted by nothing but silence. No sound of running water in the bathroom to suggest a shower, so soft snores or shifting sheets meaning a nap. He strode into the bedroom, finding that the bed was already neatly made, not a thread out of place.
He dropped his bags by the dresser, noting that Aelin’s phone had been left there, face up. He picked it up, seeing that she still had the notification of a missed call from him and a few miscellaneous emails that hadn’t been checked.
“Aelin?” he said again, moving towards the nursery. He had gotten used to the sight of Aelin sitting in the rocking chair with Eliora, either when the babe was hungry or she just wanted to hold her daughter. Rowan had countless pictures on his phone of the two of them in that position. The sunlight streamed from the window and hit them just right in the mornings, making them look like a painting.
But the nursery was empty and the window was shut.
Those nerves reared their ugly heads once more. He had no reason to assume the worst, the palace was one of the safest places in the kingdom.
But… Aelin had once been snatched away from him on palace grounds. During their own wedding.
Rowan shook himself. No. That was the past. This was now.
Since his wife didn’t have her phone, he knew it would be fruitless to try and contact her that way. But, Rowan knew Aelin better than he knew himself.
He began a sweep of the palace, checking out her favorite haunts. The library was a bust, so was the gym. He had checked the kitchens to see if she had swooped in for a snack or something sweet, but she wasn’t there either. Rowan luckily ran into Aedion, asking the prince if he knew where Aelin was. But her cousin hadn’t seen her at all that morning.
With each failed attempt at finding them, Rowan’s fears steadily crept up. It wouldn’t be much longer before they had wrapped themselves around his throat and pulled him deep into their depths.
He took a long breath to center himself before striding out into the gardens. His heart started beating faster, not seeing any sign of her at first. Rowan’s fingers curled into tight fists as he stepped over fresh, green grass. Gods, where were they? If something had happened to them…
But before Rowan’s fears could conquer him, he heard a soft voice on the summer breeze. A familiar voice at that. Relief washed through him, heavenly and soothing, as he followed that melodic sound.
It was Aelin. It didn’t take him long to realize that she was reading one of Eliora’s favorite books to her. It was a silly tale, and it was made even more vivid when Aelin told it. She was an excellent story-teller. They didn’t know how much Eliora really understood, whether she just liked the brightly colored pictures or the faces her mother would make when she told it. Regardless, it always made the little princess smile.
Rowan rounded a hedge, a warmth spreading through his chest at the sight before him.
Aelin had spread out a large quilt under the shade of a willow. Some of Eliora’s toys were scattered about, but currently, the toddler sat in her mother’s lap, wide-eyes glued on the book before her.
Rowan couldn’t help but think Aelin looked stunning today. Her golden hair was left loose, swaying on the breeze, the summer sun bringing a healthy flush to her cheeks. She wore a silky, pale blue wrap-dress, bare feet tucked beneath her as she read. Eliora looked mighty charming too in a bright pink dress with a matching bow.
Rowan strolled towards them, Aelin’s eyes jumping towards him as she noticed his presence. A huge smile broke out on her stunning face.
“You’re home!” she greeted, putting the book she had been reading aloud down. Eliora, no longer entertained by her mother’s storytelling, crawled over the quilt to grab one of her brightly colored toys. “I thought you were going to call me when you landed?”
“I did, Fireheart,” Rowan said. He lowered herself behind Aelin on the blanket, his wife situated between his legs, before wrapping his arms tightly around her and tugging her back into his chest securely. “You left your phone in our room.”
Rowan placed a lingering kiss on Aelin's shoulder, breathing in her scent deeply. She was safe, in his arms, Eliora happy as can be, sticking her toys in her mouth. Everything was fine.
Aelin turned in his arms slightly, brows knitted slightly. Rowan knew she could see right through him.
“What is it, Ro?”
“It’s nothing, love.”
Aelin narrowed her eyes at him, as if to say, Don’t you lie to me, Buzzard.
Rowan heaved a sigh, reaching out and brushing some of Aelin’s silky hair behind her ear. “It’s just… you didn’t answer me when I called, and I couldn’t find you and Eliora when I got back. I just couldn’t help but think…” His hand drifted until it rested on Aelin’s abdomen, right over the scar she bore from fighting her way to freedom. He saw understanding on his wife’s face.
“We’re here, Rowan. We’re safe.” She placed a gentle hand on Rowan’s cheek, bringing his gaze towards her.
“I know,” Rowan whispered, jaw clenched. “But sometimes, I just worry that when I open my eyes, this will all turn out to be a dream. And I’ll lose you all over again.”
Aelin took his hand, giving it a firm squeeze. “This is real, Rowan. We both fought for this life, for each other. And nothing, nothing, is going to take it away. Ever.”
Rowan saw the determination blazing in Aelin’s eyes. She was right, of course. This was their life now, they had built their happiness bit by bit, even when so much seemed to want to go wrong. But Aelin and Eliora… they were everything to him. He didn’t know if he would ever be able to banish his fears entirely, but he would treasure every moment he spent with them.
Rowan leaned in, kissing Aelin softly before murmuring against her lips, “I missed you.”
She smiled, kissing him again. “I missed you too, Ro.”
They indulged in a few more slow, sweet kisses before loud babbling sounded, tiny hands twisting into Rowan’s trouser. He looked down, finding Eliora’s wide eyes looking up at him, flashing a gummy smile.
Aelin laughed. “It looks like someone else missed you, too.”
Rowan grinned, reaching out and picking up his daughter. He held her up high, making her release the sweetest little laughs, little legs kicking in delight. He kissed Eliora all over her little face before tucking her in one arm, throwing the other around Aelin. Immense love and devotion flowed through him, holding his two girls close.
No wonder why he had been so impatient to get home.
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heartofwritiing · a year ago
My tears ricochet.
Paring(s): (Slight) Thomas x fem!reader, Newt x fem!reader
Word count: 3,609
a/n: I was in a maze runner mood and I wanted to write something angsty yet somehow have a happy end and I got inspired by listen to my tears ricochet by taylor swift (I really love folklore okay..) Im not entirely sure if i like the ending but i feel like this blog is just a place for me to dumb my ideas. i try to get things down as quickly as i can before they vanish from my brain so thats why this is a bit messy but i hope you guys like it anyways lmao.
Warning(s): angst, crying, flashbacks, newts death and my dumbass mistakes lol.
Tumblr media
Y/N and Thomas lay sound asleep in a warm embrace. The sun was just coming up over the horizon, soon it would shine over the little village they now and so many others called home. Thomas was the first to stir from his slumber, his eyes blinked open as they adjusted to the light shining through the window. He felt something move against him and forgot Y/N fell asleep in his arms last night. Now the two were not forming a romantic relationship but their friendship was growing more and more, and yes Thomas felt something for her. Love? Possibly but he didn't want to ruin what they had. For now he was content with how she felt for him, which was a close friendship. Ever since Y/N met Thomas she had grown attached to him and she saw how determined he was to fix things that he did, to make amends for the things he did for WICKD. Thomas looked down at Y/N who was beginning to wake, she buried her face into his chest feather and groaned. Now he knew she was awake.
“Do we have to get up?” she asked groggily.
Thomas huffed a laugh out through his nose and in the distance the breakfast bell tolled. His stomach growled on cue it must be 8:20 already. Thomas knew if he didn’t get food in Y/N’s system soon she would be cranky till lunch.
“Unfortunately.” Thomas replied. “You have to get up anyways, my arm is asleep.”
Y/N moved out of Thomas’ arms and got out of the sheets. He followed and grabbed a pair of pants from his dresser that him and Minho and spent so long building. They had no idea how to build furniture and house things until they got to safe haven. He remembered the first couple of months of his friends living here was nothing but building their houses together and just enjoying living in peace. Thomas was glad they got a break after everything they had been through. Thomas looked up and saw Y/N was about to leave to go back to her house but he stopped her before she got to the door.
“Hey wait,” He said as he buttoned the last button on his pants. “Wanna walk to the main hall together?”
“No it's okay,” She assured. “I'll just meet you there.” And with that she left, the door swinging shut behind her before Thomas could say another word.
Newt and Y/N sat side by side in the dirt, their backs pressing against a giant log, mere inches from the party that the whole glade was attending. A new greenie had just come up from the box and Albey always insisted they threw a party every month to greet the new comers and for everyone to have a nice break of their normal duties. Newt passed his jar of Gallys drink to Y/N as they took turns taking sips. The night sky was very beautiful in the glade, the stars sparkled across the darkness and every once in awhile one would wiz past all the others then disappear. This was one of Newts favorite past times, when he sat with Y/N and gaze up at the endless freckled void.
“Do you think they have names?” She asked curiously.
Newt shrugged.
“I think I remember they used to have names.” He replies.
“I hate how we cant remember our lives before all this.” Y/N sighed sadly. Newt nodded in agreement. He could sense the sadness that laced her voice as she spoke. He hated it too, how everything in his mind was foggy but he could see little things. He was starting to remember his sister vaguely but, everything else would be fuzzy. Newt wouldn't admit it to anyone else but Y/N. It drove him mad not knowing himself and he hopes one day he’ll get his memories back.
“Do you think we knew each other before the maze?” She asked pulling Newt out of his thoughts.
“No I don't think so.” He said plainly.
She frowned at his answer.
“Why not?”
Newt looked her in the eyes for the first time since that sat down and she stared back into his. “Because I think I would remember someone as amazing as you.”
At that she blushed and looked down at her feet and he smiled at her shyness. After a few minutes of silence between the two Y/N scooted towards Newt until their shoulders were pressed together and she leaned her head on his shoulder and stared up at the sky. Newt couldn't see it but a pink hue was creeping up his neck and up his cheeks at her gesture. His heart was pounding against his chest, beating against his ribs and suddenly he gathered whatever courage he had been holding for what he was about to do.
“Y/N?” he asked looking down at her.
Her head tilted up to look up at him.
Then Newt leaned down and captured her lips with his in a soft kiss. It wasn't anything heated or sensual, just pure love and passion that he held in him for so long for her. Y/N gasped at the contact and her heart exploded, she couldn't believe the boy she was in love with for so long was kissing her. Her hands came up to thread through Newts blonde locks and pull him down into a deeper kiss as his hands found their way to her hips tugging her closer to him. They drowned out the sounds of the other gladers that were gathered around the bonfire that was sting going strong. Everything around them disappeared for a moment, they weren't trapped in a maze. They weren't worried about anyone seeing them. For a moment it was only them.
A tear rolled down Y/N’s cheek at the memory and she sniffled. She had dreamed of Newt again last night. Visions of her love haunted her every night and she couldn't bear it anymore. She couldn't sleep alone anymore, that's why she asked Thomas if she could lay with him. Because maybe it would feel like Newt holding her. Maybe just for the night she could imagine it was him who was comforting her. Y/N knew it was selfish of her to use Thomas this way without him even knowing it and it filled her with guilt. Menwhile Thomas was beginning to worry about Y/N. Almost every night she would knock at his froot door in the late hours of the night. Her face would be red and puffy with small streams of tears running down her face. Thomas wouldn't say anything about it to her but he knew. He would hear her talking in her sleep sometimes, she would call Newts name and whimper and cry and he never said anything about it the next day. Thomas had left his house for the morning finally after getting dressed and headed to the main hall for breakfast. Minho was already there sitting at a table shoveling eggs in his mouth, with two empty seats save for Thomas and Y/N next to him. Thomas quickly got his food and sat next to Minho.
“Hey slinthead I was wondering when you were gonna show up,” Minho says.
“Morning Minho,” Thomas mumbled.
Minho looked around the busy hall looking for Y/N and frowned when he didn't see her. He thought her and Thomas usually were attached together lately so he was confused when he didn't see them walk in together.
“Wheres Y/N?” he questioned Thomas who was about to answer when two figures sat across from them interrupting his speech. A girl with short bob hair sat in front of Thomas while a tall boy sat across Minho. Brenda and Frypan.
“Morning ladies,” Brenda teased as she swung her last leg over the bench and set her meal down on the table. She also questioned where Y/N was when-
“Morning everyone, sorry i'm late,” she apologized.
Everyone greeted her back happily as she took her seat next to Thomas. Thomas scanned her and noticed she had changed her clothes from her sleep wear and had done her hair in two braids on each side of her face and Thomas thought it framed her face nicely. She hopped no one could tell she had been crying minutes before and tried her best to mask it in her voice and luckily no one noticed. She sent Thomas a lipped smile and he did the same back. The group around them continued to chat amongst themselves as Y/N picked at her plate. She didn't feel like talking much today anyways and she was glad none of her friends pulled her into their conversation. She already felt like the day was going to drag out and be boring until she saw all her friends again who she loved being around. It brought her much joy that her closest friends survived their crazy adventure and fought for the greater good. Of course they lost people along the way but she was happy she had made it thus far. After everyone finished breakfast they each bid each other see you laters and all headed in different directions to their assigned jobs. Y/Ns job wasn't all that hard, she helped out in the gardens where safe haven grew vegetables and fruits that some of the other survivors had found out scavenging. She was grateful she had a job she had previously in the glade but of course it was called being a track-hoe back then. she never did find out who came up with all those weird names for all the positions. Claire, who was one of the leaders alongside Vince managed the gardens, always making sure everything ran smoothly was jogging over to where Y/N just finished pulling carrots out from the dirt. If it was one thing Y/N liked about working her ass off, it was that for a short amount of time she could calm her mind and forget about her past. that was until she was alone. She wiped the back of her hand over her forehead removing the sweat that gathered there off. Claire came up beside her greeting her with a soft smile.
“Hey Y/N, I need you to help me bring a few baskets to main hall for the cooks.” Claire explained. “I would have Audry assist me but she's sick as a dog today and everyone else is just so busy with farming.”
“Of course Claire, I'm happy to help!” Y/N replied.
As they brought the last of the baskets to the cooks of main hall she ran into Thomas who was more sweaty than she was, on her way back to the gardens.
“Hey,” He grinned at her. Thomas worked out on the fishing pier with Minho. They would go out every day and fish, sometimes even repair things around the safe haven. Thomas enjoyed it because it kept him busy and he got to spend time with Minho. After everything that happened with the maze, the scorch and then the last city, then Newt. The two grew closer while they worked together and fishing gave them something to bond over and figure out together since they didn't have fish in the glade and had no idea how to cast a line or make hooks.
“How’s your day been?” He asked her, tilting his head. He was sweating a lot episally on his forehead. Working in the blazing sun does that to you.
“Fine, How was yours?” she asked, shifting her feet.
“Good, went out further than usual and got some good bass for tonight.” he said. “Oh Minho got his foot caught in one of the nets and he fell in the water,” he laughed recalling the events from this afternoon. “It was hilarious.” she snorted trying to picture Minho falling overboard and Thomas smiled at her mood. He was glad he could get her to smile today, it kept getting harder for him to do that.
“So anyways,” he started. “Minho, Aris, Brenda, Fry, Gally and I were thinking about having a bonfire on the beach tonight just the six of us hanging out, you wanna join?”
“I donno..” she trailed off but Thomas squats down to ber eye level and pouts his lip out while batting his eyelashes putting on his best puppy dog face. She sighs and gives in. I guess going straight home to shower then try to get a decent night's sleep was out the window but she also needed some time with her friends.
“Okay sure,” she says.
Thomas pumps his fist up in victory.
Someone calls Thomas’ name asking for help and he starts to run off but not before he says bye to Y/N
“See you at dinner?” he asks, running backward now and she nodded. He waves bye and takes off to help whoever needed him. She starts to go back to the gardens to finish up harvesting for the day.
After dinner you go back to your hut to change into more comfortable clothes to sit on the beach Thomas said he would come get you after he went to get something at his hut and you would go over to the beach spot everyone else was at together. You put on a pair of tan cargo pants and one of Thomas’ shirts that you ‘borrowed’ and slipped on your boots you've had since you came up from the box since they were the only shoes you've had. You blew out the candles lighting the inside of your hut and walked outside to wait for Thomas and sure enough he was walking down the path to you with his hands in his pocket. When he got to you he held out his arm signaling for you to take it.
“Shall we take a walk this fine evening?” he asked, trying to do some sort of posh accent. You giggled and accepted his arm and you both strolled down to the beach. When you got to the spot everyone cheered and greeted you with so much enthusiasm. Minho ran up to you and picked you up by your legs to throw you over his shoulder and you laughed as he spun you around. Once he put you down everyone was coming up to you, Aris put a flower crown on your head and Gally winked at you as he handed you a glass jar of liquid and you brought it up to your nose and instantly recognized the smell. It was just like being in the glade again, but with less sweaty boys. You were a little confused as to why they were giving you so much attention. Almost like they planned this for you.
“Woah, what's going on? I thought we were just hanging out?” you question.
“We wanted to cheer you up since you’ve been so down in the dumps,” Aris said shyly.
“Yeah, we noticed you have been so sad,” Brenda added.
“So we wanted to throw you a party!” Minho states.
“After you got up from breakfast this morning everyone asked Thomas what was up with you and we devised an idea to cheer you up.”
You gasp in awe. you really had the bestest friends and your heart sunk as you thought about how you'd been giving them the cold shoulder with your behavior. Then it all came crashing down on you. You began to sob as you thought about everything that had happened. soft ‘heys’ and ‘what's wrongs’ came from everyone around you as they rushed to you. Minho put a hand on your arm rubbing it up and down. Thomas was behind you with a hand on your back in a matter of seconds and Brenda put a hand on your shoulder as Gally, Frypan and Aris stood there not really knowing how to comfort you.
“I'm sorry,” you cry. tears stream down your face and you let out shaky breaths. You didn't want this to come out this way but, when is anything ever go they way you plan. “What for?” Thomas asks, rubbing your hip bone with the pad of his thumb.
You breathed in to calm yourself. “for the way I’ve been acting and not hanging out with you guys as much. After WICKD and Newt..” your voice trailed off on the last part. it had been the first time you said Newt’s name out loud since he died. “I just felt so lost, and i'm sure you all felt the same way and we should all be together, not pushing each other away to deal with this greif on our own. you guys have been so understanding and giving me space by not bugging me about it. and i've been such an asshole.” You finished your rant and wiped away some of your tears with the back of your hand.
“No you’re not an asshole for grieving, I miss him too. we all do.” Minho declared “we should’ve asked how you were doing and checked up on you more.”
“I thought it was my fault he died.” Thomas spoke up from behind you with tears in his eyes. You turned to face him. “maybe if i wouldve ran to get the cure or done something i could have saved him.” his voice was shaken and your lip quivered. You threw your arms around him in a tight hug.
“Don't you dare blame yourself Tommy,” you muffled into his shoulder. “It’s not your fault.” You both stood their hugging one another until Minho came from behind to hug you both than everyone joined in a big group hug/cry fest.
“I love you guys.” you sniffled.
‘We love you toos’ rang out from the group as you all laughed away your tears. You realized your little family of friends was all you had left in the world.
“Alright you shanks,” Minho says as you all pull away with smiles. “enough of this sappy shit, let's have a good time.”
everyone Whoops and laughs at Minho’s statement and goes to get drinks and start the fire. Before you go off to join the gang Thomas holds you back.
“Hey so I just found this and i've been waiting for the right time to give it to you.” he reaches into his jacket pocket and takes out a piece of old looking paper that's folded up. “I didn’t read it but I knew he left it for you.”
he handed it to you and you took it. When you opened it you realized it was a letter. Your heart almost stopped at the sight and tears welled up in your eyes again.
you began to unfold the letter but Thomas starts to walk away to give you some space. “wait,” you say. “sit with me, please.” he nods and you both find a spot on the sand near the bonfire. Your shoulders brush as you sit together side by side. you dig your shoes in the sand and begin scanning the letter.
Dear y/n,
Tomorrow we are heading to the last city to rescue Minho. You’re sound asleep in bed right now and you look so peaceful. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. I'm scared of losing you and everyone else. I don’t know what’s going to happen but what I do know is this. I'm not Immune. I think I’ve known for a while. It’s getting harder to breathe everyday and keep myself from shifting into one of those cranks. It gets harder for me to not let go and let this take over me. Then I see you, and how hopeful you are about rescuing Minho and saying you would take down the whole damn WICKD army just to see him again. It makes me realize that I have to keep fighting this virus. If not for myself but for you. You have always been there for me ever since you came up from the box and wanted to fight every glader that came close to you. You opened up to me and we became close. Not just as friends but as companions and lovers. I hope we get out of this so I can marry you one of these days. You’ve always been compassionate and determined to help everyone you could and that's what I always loved about you. You would fight until your last breath, until your heart gave out and I wish I could have been more like that. I love you y/n and always will. If I don’t survive this I want you to know I'm not scared of dying, but please do me one thing. Take care of yourself and everyone. Especially Tommy because I know he’ll blame himself if anything happens to me.
love Newt.
Thomas watched you as you read it. how your face changed into sadness than happiness then you were a mess of emotions again. Once you finished you leaned your head on his shoulder and silently cried. His arm wrapped around your shoulder bringing you in closer. “Thank you Tommy.” you leaned up to kiss his cheek softly and he smiles down at you. you both sat together and watched your friend’s goof around and you decide to join them. Maybe things wouldn’t be perfect but you knew that as long as you were with your found family things would be okay.
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dablackdahlia · 12 months ago
do you have any lantsov family headcanons?
love you! <3
Okay okay okay I’m so excited for this!!! (Btw we’re going to be going with the Pyotr for the King to not get him confused with Darkles)
Pyotr wasn’t super involved in the toddlerhood of Vasily or Nikolai
But Tatiana was
Watching her sons grow up was the only thing she had left
Being married off to Pyotr when she was 19 was horrible
She hated him
Hated the way he touched her
Loathed the way he would tear off her corset
But when she had Vasily it felt like something finally made sense
She had something
Tatiana was no longer in a strange country with a despicable man all alone
She had a baby
Tatiana insisted Vasily sleep in the room next to hers and Pyotr
She would sing him Fjerdan lullabies
And feed him the best of the best foods
Vasily was Tatiana’s everything
Alrhough Tatiana loved Vasily
She didn’t want any other kids
She didn’t want the king anywhere near her
So when the king started taking a fancy to the staff
Tatiana thought
Better them then me
But then Magnus came along
Magnus Opjer was the Fjerdan Ambassdor
A handsome fellow
He was all broad shoulders blond hair and a cheeky grin
He made her laugh
Something Tatiana found she couldn’t do in her life often
On one evening with the King off to some dukes house to party
Tatiana invited Magnus over to drink the wine her brother sent her
One thing led to the other
And three weeks later a healer was telling her the aches she’d been feeling was because she was pregnant again
At first she wanted to terminate the pregnancy
If The King found out the baby wasn’t his he was going to kill her
But the more time went on the more the queen knew she wouldn’t be able to go through with it
Consequences be damned Tatiana was going to give birth
When she eventually told the public she was expecting no one suspected a thing
She picked out the name Nikolai for her second son
His Royal highness Prince Nikolai Lantsov, Duke of Udova, long May he live.
Tatiana wrote to Magnus Opjer two weeks after Nikolai was born
The labor was quite dangerous and she only survived because of the grisha
My Dearest Magnus,
Nikolai was born on August fourth
He and i are alright. I know you would just adore him. He has that mischievous twinkle that you have. Oh how I long for you to be with me. If it wasn’t for this blasted country we could truly be together. Pyotr grows more and more bored every day. And him being bored meant he would want me to entertain him. I loath him Magnus, truly! How I ache for your touch. I’ve been hearing rumors your resigning. Tell me it isn’t true Magnus please! Nikolai deserves something better then the germ that Pyotr is.
Your darling, Tatiana
Magnus later confirmed it was true, that he was resigning
Logically Tatiana knew that this was to keep her and Kolya safe
But she still hated it
But the world didn’t care for the feelings of lost Fjerdan girls
“Nikolai you must stop your tomfoolery this instant!” Tatiana yelled at Her son
Now seven he seemed to be greater work then Vasily ever required
“But Mother it’s not tomfoolery, it’s science!” Nikolai smartly replied
“Nikolai there is a hole in the roof!”
“I just wanted to see if I can build a bomb. Turns out I can!”
Nikolai had been traumatizing the staff for weeks
Her favorite chef had quit
And enough was enough
“Nikolai you’ve really upset me” Tatiana said voice showing her fatigue
Nikolais brows furrowed
“I’m sorry Mother” Nikolai apologized
“If your sorry you’ll stop with this”
Some nannies came and took Nikolai back to bed
Walking away Tatiana felt that familiar ache
It was late
And Pyotr was waiting for her in there room
Opening the door she saw him sitting on the bed
It never ends does it? Tatiana numbly thought willing herself to walk over to the king
Placing her crown on the dresser
She already knew the answer
Im actually really proud of this! I had no real direction but kinda ran with the prompt. I’m not sure if this is exactly what you were looking for but hey, I did it.
I made this very Tatiana centric because I think her story was quite interesting. Less family then I would like because there not, like, a happy family, lol
My ask box is open and I take any Grishaverse requests. I do any ships no matter how crack they are.
Thank you @pastelpepmint for the prompt!!! Love you to babe ♥️
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buckys-other-punk · a year ago
Why There?
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Tony suggests a little game for everyone to play after a party. You and Bucky are partnered up and let’s just say things become heated throughout the game.
Warnings: SMUT, unprotected sex, cussing and alcohol/drunk-ish people?
Prompt: “Let’s go fuck in that closet.”
Word Count: 2.8K 
A/N: Helloo loves! Starting off the new year with a new smutty fic! This was suppose to be for a writing challenge I joined back in May (holy shit i’ve put this off for way to long..sorry), but the blog who hosted the challenge kinda logged off of tumblr...but I still wanted to write this if they decided to come back (and check it out) and also for you guys of course. This is also very much unedited (like always because im excited to share this) Lemme know if you guys wanna be tagged in future fics and what you think of this fic! Enjoy ;)
Tumblr media
“Fuck, how many drinks have you had?” Sam asked, looking at Bucky.
“Far too many. You think Stark’s gonna stop poisoning us?” he chuckled in reply.
“Guys we should play a game!” Tony slurred excitingly towards all of you.
“Tony, are you drunk?” Steve asked Tony. In response he ignored the captain.
You looked at Natasha who was sitting next to you on the couch. Rolling your eyes you asked the man, “What game should we play Tony?”
“I’m glad you asked my dear sweet Y/N.” he stated as he patted your head gently.
“He’s for sure drunk.” you heard Clint huff under his breath.
“Whoever said that, go suck a dick.” Tony grumbled. “Anyways we should play hide and seek! It would be so fun to play it in this big tower!” he exclaimed.
“Tony, I honestly think you’ve had way too much to drink.” Pepper chuckled at her husband.
“No, I’m fine dear. Seriously guys come on! I’ll make it fair. We can have partners!” Tony explained.
“I call Y/N!” Sam yelled getting up from his seat. 
“Dude what the fuck!” Bucky whispered, slapping his shoulder with an angry expression.
“Hey, I wanted to partner with Y/N.” Natasha pouted towards Tony and you.
“Guys, relax I’m sure Tony is the one who will be picking partners. Isn’t that right Tony?” you hesitantly said looking at Stark.
“That’s right Y/N.” Tony replied. “And since Mr. Wilson over here was so eager he’s going to be partnered with Clint.”
“Noo!” Sam and Clint both shouted in astonishment as they looked at Tony.
“Sorry boys. Nat you’re with Steve.” Tony ordered looking at the pair. “I’m with my beautiful wife of course.”
“Yeah, no I’m tired honey. Being the host of an extravagant party was enough.” she said as she kissed Tony’s cheek.
“Good night Pepper.” you said ever so sweetly.
“Thanks. Have fun guys.” she said waving goodbye to everyone and exiting the room.
“Well, I guess I’m with you Banner. I’m assuming you’re playing.” Tony asked, crossing his arms.
“Do I have a choice?” Bruce said in defeat. 
“Nope!” Tony said. “And that leaves Y/N and Bucky for the final pair.” he added looking towards the two of you. You were kind of happy to be paired with Bucky, even though you wished to be paired with Natasha, but Bucky will have to do. I mean, you and Bucky have been having an on and off thing every so often, how bad would this be? You looked towards Bucky with a smile which he returned.
“What?! How come Bucky gets to be with Y/N!? I called dibs!” Sam said angrily towards Tony.
“Because I said so.” Tony snapped which made Sam go off in the corner to sulk.  “So here are the rules; you can’t ask FRIDAY for help, each pair needs to stay together, if you are found you can’t help the seeker find the others, and this entire floor is up for grabs.” Tony explained.
“Wait, if the entire floor is good to hide, that means we can hide in people’s rooms?” Clint asked with a mischievous smirk.
“Yup, everything is clear. If everyone is ok with that?” Tony asked, looking at everyone.
“Yeah.”    “I’m fine with that.”    “Ok.”     “Sure.”
“Alright, but just in case none touches anybody’s stuff in their rooms. Oh, I also forgot to mention, you can move around if you don’t like your hiding spot.” Tony stated sounding less drunk than before. “So, is everyone ready?” he asked and everyone gave a nod towards the man. 
“Ok, Bruce and I will be the seekers. We’ll give everyone 15 minutes to hide. FRIDAY can you announce when the time is up and who gets found when we find people?” he asked the AI.
“Yes, Mr. Stark.” the AI said. “Your 15 minute timer starts now.”
With that everyone grabbed their partners and took off. Clint practically dragged Sam from the corner where he was sulking. Steve picked up Nat and carried her out of the room. Natasha was furiously yelling at Steve to put her down saying she can walk herself. Bucky grabbed your hand and you both ran towards the kitchen.
As the two of you entered the kitchen you both saw Clint try to shove Sam into one of the cabinets underneath the island table. They both felt yours and Bucky’s stares and whipped their heads towards the two of you.
“GET OUT!” Sam yelled as he tried to shimmy into the storage space. Bucky raised his hands in defeat and the two of you exited the kitchen. As you both were leaving you heard Sam yell to Clint, “Dude quit shoving me so hard!” The two of you laughed as you walked down the hallway.
You both passed the living quarters where you briefly saw red hair hiding behind a dresser. You stopped walking to look into the room, which was Clint’s, and saw blue eyes were peeking underneath a bed. “You guys are gonna be found first.” you said to the two.
“Fuck off Y/N. You guys haven’t even hidden yet.” you heard Nat say from behind the dresser.
“There is 5 minutes remaining.” FRIDAY announced.
“Let’s see who gets found first.” Steve said from underneath the bed.
You shook your head and walked towards Bucky. The two of you couldn’t find a perfect spot to hide and time was running out.
“Y/N there.” Bucky said pointing towards the laundry room. You nodded and the two of you quickly entered the room searching for a good place to hide. 
“Damn it there’s nowhere good to hide in here!” you huffed out towards the man.
“Aw come on Y/N. What about there?” he said pointing to the supply closet. “Let’s go fuck in that closet.” he said with a smirk.
“What the fuck Bucky!” you quietly yelled. “First off, no. Second, why should we hide there? Isn’t it a little too obvious to hide in a closet?” you replied with your hands on your hips.
“Hey at least I tried.” he said, raising his arms in defense. “Well it may be so obvious that the science bros wouldn’t even look there.” Bucky replied, back arms crossed.
“The 15 minute time is up. Mr. Stark and Dr. Banner is on their way.” the AI announced.
“Ugh, fine we’ll hide in the closet.” you huffed in defeat as you pulled Bucky with you towards the closet. You opened the door, shoved Bucky inside first and got in closing the door behind you. The space felt super small with Bucky’s large frame pressed up behind you. His hands were on your hips and you felt his hot breath on your exposed neck. Fuck why did Tony have to have this idea right after a party? You grumbled to yourself.
“You smell nice, doll.” Bucky whispered in your ear.
“That’s fucking creepy Bucky.” you replied back.
“What, I can’t help it. You look so fucking hot in this dress.” he started as he rubbed his hands along your frame which of course gave you goosebumps.
“Wait, be quiet. I think I hear someone.” you whispered. Bucky became quiet, but his arms wrapped around your front this time and he pulled you even closer to his body. You could feel his bulge pressing against your lower back.
“Nothing here.” you heard Bruce yell.
“Did you check the closet?” Tony asked.
“I don’t think anyone would be hiding in the closet. That’s the most obvious place to hide.” Banner said.
“Alright then.” Stark stated as the two of them exited the laundry room.
He sobered up quickly you said to yourself.
Both you and Bucky huffed out the breath you were holding. You waited a good 5 minutes before opening the closet door and pulling Bucky out. As soon as the two of you got out of that closet you heard FRIDAY announce that Natasha and Steve were found first.
“Knew it.” you whispered with a smirk towards Bucky. “We gotta find somewhere else to hide.” you added.
“Where should we go?” he asked, walking towards the exit of the laundry room, looking out into the hallway to see if the coast was clear.
“Maybe someone’s room. I don’t think that Tony and Bruce would go back there since they already found a pair.” you said shrugging your shoulders.
“Alright, let's go to Sam’s room.” Bucky said. “I’ve always wanted to mess with his stuff.” he added with a smirk.
“Tony said to not mess with the rooms, Buck.” you said as the two of you walked into the hallway towards the room.
“Fuck his rules. I’ve been meaning to mess with Wilson’s stuff for a while, but never got the chance.” he snickered.
“Whatever.” you huffed.
The two of you arrived in Sam’s room without hesitation and Bucky wreaked havoc. He went into the bathroom and messed with all of Sam’s toiletries. Sam’s bed was neatly fixed before the two of you got there, but once Bucky finished messing with his bathroom, he walked towards the bed laying down on it.
“You wanna fuck in his bed?” Bucky said wiggling his eyebrows at you.
“What no.” you quickly said.
“Fine, maybe next time.” winking at you as he stood up from the bed. You rolled your eyes as you looked around the room wondering if Tony and Bruce found Sam and Clint. About 15 minutes passed and you were getting bored. Did Tony and Bruce give up?
“You guys are giving me a headache.” you heard Tony announce through the intercoms. “New rule, if you found a new spot to hide you have to stay there.”
“Ugh, I need this game to be over so i can get out of this dress.” you said as you laid on Sam’s bed.
“I can help with that, doll.” Bucky flirted which again made you roll your eyes. “Come one Y/N. Help me get back at Sam for his prank on me. Let’s fuck on his bed.” he begged at you on his knees. You sat up as an idea formed in your mind, which would help him get his revenge.
“No, I’m not gonna have sex with you in Sam’s bed.” you said and Bucky groaned frustrated looking at the ground. “But,” you started and that made him lift his head up. You leaned forwards towards him so that your face was close to his. “I’ll fuck you in his closet.” you said looking straight into his eyes. You saw his blue eyes turn dark filling with lust.
“You’re serious Y/N? You’re not messing with me right?” he asked quietly staring into your eyes
“I’m dead serious babe.” you said confidently and with that Bucky stood up and lifted you into his arms. As he walked towards the closet his blue eyes were staring into your y/e/c eyes. He looked down to your lips then back up at your eyes. Once Bucky entered the open closet he leaned his head forward and connected his lips with yours.
The kiss was passionate and rough. Bucky closed the door slightly so just enough light could peak through. He pressed you up against the wall as he still held onto you. He deepened the kiss and the two of you moaned as your tongues fought for dominance. Your chest was pressed up against his, arms around his neck holding him close and thighs wrapped around his torso.
You felt one of his hands move from your back to your exposed thigh. He ran his hand from your thigh up to your hip, pushing your black dress along with it. Bucky withdrew his lips from yours and attached them to your neck. Unsatisfied with his thin grey dress shirt, you moved your hands to his chest and began to unbutton the fabric wanting more of him. Just as you finished unbuttoning his shirt you both heard a noise outside the closed space. 
Both of you froze in place looking towards the cracked door not wanting to get caught. You heard footsteps walk past the room and a grumble followed by a door shutting. It was probably Steve, tired of Tony’s little game and wanting to sleep the rest of the night. With that the two of you huffed in relief, Bucky looked back to you  with his lustful eyes.
“You’re sure you still want to do this?” he asked face inches to yours.
“If we get caught, then whoever catches us will have a great show.” you said smugly.
“I’m gonna fucking ruin you, doll.” he growled as he took off his shirt completely while still holding onto you. 
You followed suit, luckily your dress had no zippers, so you pulled your dress up over your head and kicked off your heels. Bucky pulled back and drooled at the sight of you. You wore a black bralette and lace thong underneath your dress. He grabbed the back of your head and pulled it forward as he pressed his lips on yours once again. Your hands ran up his toned chest to the back of his neck, you used our right hand to slightly pull at his hair which made him moan.
Bucky’s right hand moved from your hip to up your body, stopping at your left breast giving it a light squeeze. Moaning at the sensation you began to grind against his lower half, feeling his dick twitch underneath his dress pants. Bucky pushed the fabric covering your breasts down, his lips removed from yours as he placed hot wet kisses from your jaw down to your chest. Admiring your naked torso he lifted you higher against the wall so he could attach his lips on your hardened nipple as one of his hands began to rub your clit through your lace thong. You moaned, grabbing a fist full of his hair drawing his lips back to yours. 
Once your lips were attached Bucky’s, he began to unbuckle his belt and you fumbled unzipping his pants off. He pushed them down along with his boxer briefs to his thighs and his hard dick sprang free form its restraints. It was your turn to now drool at the sight of him. You moved your right hand between your bodies as you grabbed his dick and began stroking it. Bucky moved his hand back to your clothed pussy and moved your lace thong to the side. He gathered the slick juices from your pussy to his mouth, moaning harder at the taste of you and your actions.
“You ready doll?” he asked looking at your eyes and you replied with a yes. He spat in his hand and pumped his dick before slowly inserting into you. The two of you moaned at the sensation as Bucky held you close waiting for you to adjust to his size.
“Move baby.” you whispered in his ear. Bucky slowly pulled out of you and back in.His movements were torturously slow and you wanted more.
“Mr. Stark and Dr. Banner have found Mr. Wilson and Barton.” FRIDAY announced. 
Oh thank god you said to yourself. “You better make this fast Barnes.” you breathed out finally getting what you wanted.
“Oh doll, if you want fast I’ll show you fast.” he whispered in your ear. Just like that his hips pulled back almost completely and quickly thrusted back into you. You moaned in Bucky’s ear pulling at his hair with your right hand, scratching his back with the other keeping his body close to yours. His pace changed to an agonizing slow pace making you clench around him.
“Fuck Bucky.” you moaned as your head rested on his shoulder. Bucky then thrusted hard into you again. You screamed, biting his shoulder as your back was pressed harder against the wall.
“Shit doll, you’re taking me so well.” he said as he kissed along your jaw. With each sharp thrust his lips moved closer and closer to yours. Once he felt your clench around his dick he placed his lips on yours swallowing your moans. 
“What the fuck?” a voice yelled as they entered his room.
Bucky’s ears perked up and he quickened his pace fucking you harder and harder. You couldn’t control how loud your moans were. You quickly slapped your hand over your mouth, hoping Sam didn’t hear. Your legs began to shake as you felt your climax come near and Bucky felt you clench around his dick. He quickly moved his hand over to your clit rubbing the small bundle of nerves as fast as he could. You both hear footsteps come closer and closer to the closet door. 
You and Bucky began panting hard at how close you both were. You felt Bucky’s dick twitch inside of you, which made you clench around him and just as you both were at the peak of your climax the closet door quickly opened revealing Sam. His eyes wide at the sight of you naked pressed up against the wall and Bucky balls deep inside of you. The two of you groaned in each other's mouths as you both came hearing yelling in the background.
“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Sam yelled again. Covering his eyes at the scene in front of him, his two best friends having sex with one another.
Tumblr media
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Red Rose (4)
jaebum mafia series 
one / two / three / four / five masterlist
Tumblr media
pairing: im jaebum x reader genre: mafia, angst, romance, mature plot: im jaebum was your first love in university, but then he disappeared, and now he’s back, and he is a mafia leader?  a/n: well, it gets better from here huehue :) hope y’all like it, not edited <3
“This is stupid,” you told Jaebum smiling so brightly you knew you looked silly. Jaebum only kissed your nose in reply, before gesturing you to follow him. You giggled quietly, following him as you whispered, “If we get caught, we’ll be facing the committee for sure, Jae.”
Jaebum turned towards you, his face shadowed with the darkness, but his eyes glittering with the stars of a summer night, “Trust me?”
“Always,” you breathed, Jaebum pecked your lips once more before rounding the corner. He stared at the security desk, peeking inside to find the guard sleeping. He celebrated silently before leading you towards the doors of the building.
A gasp left you as the cold air whipped onto your face, but the harsh wind wasn’t the reason. It was the stars shining above you, glittering brightly. The moon looked so big and close, you felt you could touch it. You felt if you would dare to reach up and glide your hand over the moon, you’ll feel the smooth silkiness of the surface.
“This is beautiful.” You breathed, turning towards Jaebum who looked at you like you were the stars and moon.
“It’s nothing compare to you,” he took a step closer to you. His warm hands holding your face, his thumb caressing your cheeks softly, “No beauty of this entire universe can compare to you.”
“That is actually impossible,” you peered up at him through your eyelashes, the smile on your lips not flattering for a second.
“Everything in this world is possible,” he took a step towards you, his warm breath dancing over your lips.
“That’s a paradox,” you breathed, lifting your lips towards him. “If nothing is impossible, finding something more beautiful than me-”
“Is impossible,” he cut you off planting his lips on yours.
“Please, help me.” You rasped, watching as the window wind down. Your breath got caught in your throat as you saw the familiar face.
“Get in,” Jaebum ordered.
Something about the way he spoke made you want to fight back. You wanted to turn away and keep on running down the road until someone else drove down this isolated road. But then you stopped, biting your nails into your palm, taking a deep breath.
Jaebum turned towards you, his eyes blazing so darkly whatever fight you had in you got caught in your throat.
“Y/n!” Another voice spoke from inside the vehicle, you bent down to find his dark brows furrowed together.
“Jinyoung!” You smiled, wincing a bit at the pain from the action.
“Do you want to spend the whole night talking from outside the car?” Jaebum cut in, his knuckles turning white on the steering wheel. “Get in the back.”
You straightened, rolling your eyes, as you opened the door and settled into the back seat. A silent groan fell from your lips as the pain ran all through your body. You closed your eyes and leaned against the driver’s seat in front of you.
These past few days felt like a fever dream, even the kidnapping a few minutes ago. It all seemed unreal; like you were trapped in a dream that you couldn’t get up from and it kept dragging on and on. But you knew it was real, you knew from the way your body ached and burned from different brushes and cuts.
“Where are they?” Jaebum asked, but it really wasn’t a question. His voice was full of demand and authority. He wasn’t asking you, he was just getting the information from you.
“It’s up the gravel road coming ahead on the right,” you muttered, peering out the window. You felt sick watching the road speed pass you. You could tell this wasn’t the speed limit.
And then, the car stopped. You closed your eyes, keeping your head down.
“Stay here,” Jaebum ordered once again. You didn’t say anything as Jaebum and Jinyoung got out of the car, their doors slamming shut. You just kept your eyes closed as you leaned against the seat in front of you.
When the first loud bang echoed through the empty lot, you froze. Your spine straightening on the second, the fear rose higher in your chest as more gunshots fired in the old building.
You sat there quietly, watching the garage door waiting for the two males to walk out. You counted the seconds, waiting and watching.
It had been quite a while since you had escaped. They had back-up by now. You could tell new people had arrived judging from the two new big vans stationed outside the old factory. 
You were scared to go in incase you ended up being more trouble then help. 
“Three hundred seconds,” you told yourself. “If they don’t come out in three hundred seconds, I’ll go in.”
Two-hundred and twenty.
You straightened, biting down at the pain. You gripped the gun tightly in your hand, checking through the car for something useful. But nothing beat the heavy cool metal in your hand. 
“Two hundred-eighty-nine,” you took a deep breath, your fingers unlocking the car. Your fingers hocked on the handle, with three seconds to go, you began pushing the car door, but it swiftly jerked open by another hand.
A shriek left you, you felt your finger resting on the trigger of the gun press in surprise. Your chest heaved as you glared at a darkened face man staring at you with the fires of hell.
“Are you fucking stupid?!” You snapped at Jaebum, your teeth barred. “Are you fucking crazy?”
You thanked the heavens, the safety for the gun was locked otherwise you would’ve shot the idiot glaring at you as if you were the one missing brain cells.
You took in his appearance.
He wasn’t so dishevelled when he had walked into the old building. His shirt was straight, no buttons had popped off. There had been no red splattered on his expensive suit, his hair was set perfectly, and there was no cut on his forehead.
“You're hurt,” you stated, your anger fading as you studied the cut. Jaebum didn’t answer. Instead, he slammed the door close before walking around and getting into the passenger seat.
“Good call, JB,” Jinyoung instantly got into the drivers seat. He turned towards Jaebum with a teasing smile and sparkling eyes. “You may be gifted at most things, but driving is not one of them, my friend.”
Jaebum just glared at him in reply. Jinyoung ignored him, chuckling lightly, as he began driving off. 
You sighed into the seat, looking out the window quietly.
Whenever your eyes would travel to the front of the car, you would find Jinyoung concentrating on the road. Your eyes would flicker towards Jaebum momentarily, and every time they did, you found him leaning back into his seat, his arms crossed and eyes closed.
“Who were they?” You asked after a while. You were driving into the city now.
“They were Marco’s men,” Jinyoung answered, his eyes meeting yours through the rearview mirror. “The guy you shot was their second in command.”
You nodded, before snorting after a while, “Are all gangsters that weak?”
Jaebum slowly opened his eyes, turning back to look at you. He looked like he was about to say something, his eyes darkening and jaws locking. You watched his dark eyes; challenging and not looking away.
Your heart sink as you noticed the darkness that surrounded him. He was nothing like the boy who had snuck you to the rooftop to give you the best view of the night sky. He was nothing like the boy who smiled brightly and made you laugh.
In the end, the corner of his lips lifted in a grunt, before he turned away.
“Should we stop at her place?” Jinyoung asked.
“No, straight to home,” Jaebum replied curtly, going back to his little nap.
You straightened in your seat, your hands gripping the leather of the driver and passenger seat as you leaned into the gap, “No, I want to go home.”
“We are going home,” Jaebum replied, only his lips moving, as the rest of him remained in nap mode.
“No, I want to go to my house.”
“Not happening,” he replied, he moved his shoulder, a little frown on his lips, “You need to see a doctor.”
“I’m fine,” you whined, as your whole body turned towards him. “I am not even hurt, just a few scratches.”
Jaebum’s eyes snapped open before he turned in his seat to meet your surprised ones. 
You couldn’t move from your awkward position as his dark eyes bored into yours with an intensity that made your tummy flutter. His eyes glanced lower, focusing on your lips, and then back to at eyes and they weren't blazing as brightly anymore.
You bit your lip, wincing slightly at the tear at the corner of your lips. You could taste the dried blood at the corner of your lips. You could feel the inside of your cheeks torn from the brutal slaps, but you weren’t sure a doctor could be any help. They would heal naturally.
“You are bleeding,” was all he said before he turned to face forward on his seat again.
“Jaebum, it’s just a scratch,” you sighed tiredly.
Before Jaebum could reply. Jinyoung cut in, “We just passed the exit to your place, and there’s no way back there unless we round the city. I guess it’s home for now.”
Your eyes sharpened as they turned to Jinyoung. You stared at him for a few more seconds. Jinyoung’s gaze flickered to you before he shrugged, his lips pouted innocently.
“Fine,” you sighed with frown on your lips as you folded your arms, defeated.
“I can’t tell if you’re supremely talented and meant to be an outlaw, or if you’re just wrapped in pure luck?” Mark, the in-house doctor and a member of the gang, remarked as he cleaned your wounds and treated them. Turns out you were more injured than you had realised.
“I wouldn’t bet on luck,” you snorted, shaking your head at him.
“So what,” Yugyeom folded his arms, as he leaned against the dresser. “You’re talented?”
“I guess that is the only explanation, isn’t it?” you gave him a sweet sarcastic smile. 
“She was clearly meant for the dark side,” Mark chuckled at Yugyeom’s annoyed face.
“How are you a waitress at a diner?” Youngjae, another member asked. You rolled your eyes at the question. 
You were once again in the room they had given you the last time you were at their mansion. But this time, there were five other people sitting around the room. You recognised them all from their visits at the diner, but this was your first time meeting all of them. 
But it seemed like they were more interested in you, then you were in them. You set in the centre of their attention on the bed as Mark treated you and wrapped your injuries. 
This time you could say this place was a mansion with full confidence. You couldn't help but notice the size of this property as Jinyoung drove up the gated driveway.
It was an estate. A castle that belonged to a king, but was now taken over by fugitives.
“You are gangsters,” You sang, a statement more than a question.
“We like to be referred to as mafia, gangsters are not up to our standard.” The sour look on Bambam's face changed into a smug look as he shrugged, cocky, “Mafia are a different breed.”
You held his gaze, a little knowing smile playing on your lips as you shrugged, nonchalantly, “Same difference.”
Bambam looked over to the other three guys in complete and utter shock and betrayal, gasping, “She did not just say that.”
“She is clearly uneducated,” Yugyeom replied, shooting lasers out of his eyes as he stared at you.
“How did you learn how to fight?” Youngjae asked, again, changing the topic. You turned to find him sizing you up, as his eyes narrowed.
“I don’t know how to fight,” you furrowed your brows, confused. You really didn't know. You had never fought anyone in your whole life.
“So a fairy helped you escape the group of fully trained mafia members today?” he quirked an eyebrow, distrustingly.
“Don’t forget the perfect shot,” Jackson added, his eyes filled with suspicion too.
You stared back at the two of them. Your eyes narrowing as you studied them back, “I did do self-defence and a bit of karate growing up, but I haven’t done anything these past few years. Just muscle memory and adrenaline, I guess.”
Youngjae just hummed in reply, nodding, brimming with distrust.
“How about shooting?” Jackson asked, crossing his legs as he leaned forward. “How is your aim so good?”
“Oh, that’s just natural,” you shrugged, smiling. “I’ve been good at target games since I was a kid. My town even banned me from playing games at the carnival because I was so good people paid me to win them prizes.”
“That is the most bizarre thing I have ever heard,” Jackson leaned back, impressed through and through.
“Anything else you want to interrogate me on?” You smiled tightly at the group of boys.
“Nope,” Mark smirked up at you. He gently pinned down a bandage on your wrist. “It seems like we’re all done, and we’ll leave you to rest.”
“Thank you, Mark,” you gave him a soft smile. He replied smiling as he nodded, and rushed the other four out of your room. 
You watched as Youngjae closed the door, his eyes glaring at you with mistrust as he did so.
You sighed once the door clicked shut and fell back onto the bed.
You didn't realise when you had fallen asleep. The misadventures of the past twenty-hour hours knocked you into a sleep coma. 
You woke up when a steady knock sounded on the heavy wooden doors of the room you were in.
You groaned getting up, as you made your way towards the door.
You opened it to find Jinyoung standing there, already dressed impressively in a light blue suit.
“Good morning, y/n,” he smiled at you, and you couldn’t help but notice how attractive he was. Jinyoung’s polite smile didn’t flatter as he brought his hand out from behind him, holding a pile of clothes, “I hope you slept well.
“Here change into this after freshening up. The bathroom is that door over there,” you followed where his finger pointed to the big double doors inside the room. You had thought it was a closet. “Breakfast is at nine, just walk downstairs, and you’ll see it on the left.”
Before you could say anything, he was already walking away.
You smiled at the group of boys as they walked in. Each sitting into their places around the massive slab of rich marble the table was built off. The whole mansion was literally an old castle, there was no other explanation for its enormity or its delicate designs over every aspect of the building.
“Good morning boys,” you greeted them, before taking a bite of the slice of apple on your plate. You took in each of the four boys, three of them missing. The four looked at you and then them among themselves, “Are the others running late?”
They didn’t answer, all staring at you in confusion and furrowed brows.
Before you could say anything, footsteps entered the room. You looked up to find Jaebum walk in, Mark and Jinyoung close behind him.
Jaebum’s dark hair was styled away from his face, revealing his forehead. 
His eyes darkened as they landed on you, a small scowl on his face as walked towards the table. You quirked an eyebrow with dare, but he simply looked away, his face impassive.
“Nice to see you found your way, y/n,” Jinyoung sat next to you, Bambam on the other side. Jaebum sat at the head of the table and you rolled your eyes before taking a sip of your water.
“It was quite difficult, this place is huge,” you smiled at him. Jinyoung just smile, his polite smile as he nodded taking out pancakes onto his plate.
“It used to be a castle, a rich relative of some king built this for him as a gift,” Mark told you, sitting next to Jaebum at the first seat. Your eyebrows rose in surprise and impress at the fact about the castle, it did match the tale.
You attempted not to look at him, but you failed. Your eyes flickered towards Jaebum. His dark eyes watched over the table, taking in everyone with a dismal expression, his eyes skipping over you determinately.
You sucked your bottom lip between your teeth, as you tore your gaze away from him.
You had decided this morning in the shower that it didn’t matter to you. Im Jaebum didn’t matter to you. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t remember you, that he hasn’t smiled at you, or doesn’t say your name anymore. 
He hadn’t even asked how you were, nothing.
You had received absolutely nothing from him, except for rude words and irritated expressions.
You didn’t need this, you didn't deserve this.
The gorgeous man sitting at the end of the table was nothing like your Jaebum. He looked like him, he sounded like him. But he wasn’t like him at all.
You had decided this was most likely the last time you would ever see him so you decided not to do anything. You had the patience to go through one breakfast, successfully biting down the urge to walk over to him and shake him furiously.
How could he not remember you?
“How’s the pain?” Mark asked, looking over from his plate. You turned your attention towards him, feeling your eyes soften as a small smile climbed onto your lips.
“It’s better,” your eyes darted towards Jaebum who had stopped now. He wasn't looking up at you, but he was listening to every word that fell from your lips. You tried biting down the growing smile on your lips as you turned to Mark, “But it didn’t hurt, to begin with. I wasn’t even wounded.”
Your eyes betrayed you once more as they slipped back to Jaebum. His hands gripped the fork in his hand, as he chewed his food carefully. You noticed the bandaid on the top of his forehead and wondered if it was serious.
Suddenly, his gaze lifted and met your startled eyes. You instantly looked down at your plate, your cheeks burning. You instantly cursed yourself for being weak, you should’ve stared back at him.
But he had caught you off guard... and that look in his eyes...
“Bam and Jackson, you both go down to the Guard and see if all is in place,” Jaebum began, addressing the boys, ignoring your existence once again. The rest of the boys stopped talking, all focusing on Jaebum as he spoke. “Youngjae find out what Marco is doing, and what his next step is. Yugyeom and Jinyoung, go help her move and then meet Mark and me at the Guard after you’re done. Mark come with me after checking up on her.”
Jaebum’s hand gestured towards you quickly, distastefully, discerningly, every time he said her. As if saying your name burned him; as if you weren't even worth his time. He spoke about you as if you were just some bothersome chore.
You turned towards him, your eyes hard as you spoke, “Help me move where?”
Jaebum didn’t look at you, instead, he turned to the male next to you, “Jinyoung, tell her she’s moving here.”
“No, I’m not.”
“Explain to her that she is,” again, he spoke towards Jinyoung.
You turned to Jinyoung, who stared at you with tired eyes. He clearly didn’t want to be in the middle of this, but you didn’t care. All you saw was Jaebum, all you felt was the wave of anger towards Jaebum, “Tell him, that I want to go home, and I am not moving anywhere.”
“If she stays there, there is a chance of yesterday repeating. Tell her that Jinyoung.”
“It won’t happen again because it’s already happened, they aren’t stupid enough to do the same trick twice-”
“Yes, because next time will be worse,” still staring at Jinyoung. Jinyoung looked at him, his neck quickly snapping towards you as you spoke to him.
“I can’t just up and leave everything, I have a life!”
“She has a life,” Jinyoung turned to Jaebum, sheepishly. Jaebum glared at him, as Jinyoung winced in his seat, casting his eyes down.
“She will not have a life if she stays there,” was all he said, still looking at Jinyoung.
“You do not get to decide for me,” you said, your voice raw, your eyes on him. Jaebum finally looked at you, his dark eyes so cold it burned you, but you didn’t look away. You held his gaze, your fists clenching by your side, “You do not get to decide anything for me, about me.”
Jaebum didn’t say anything, his eyes watching you intently.
You took a painful gulp, your throat dry, your eyes on fire. The words itched at your throat, each word climbing from somewhere deep in your chest. Each word filled with hurt, pain, and anger.
“You do not get to decide to forget me.”
The silence that filled the room was deafening. The silence traced its burning fingertips up your arms, along the back of your neck before tracing down your spine. The silence bit at you, filling you up, the only thing you could hear was your hammering heart and heavy breathing.
You kept your sharp eyes on him, not looking away from his enraged ones.
“Everyone leave,” Jaebum ordered, not looking away from you. You had forgotten about the rest of them sitting around the table, but you didn’t care. You couldn’t think about anything else except for the anger raging in your chest. 
They all left instantly. 
Jaebum spoke first, “You are staying here.”
“I already said no.”
“This isn’t the time to throw a childish tantrum,” he responded, his eyes piercing into yours. Your chest rose and fell from rage, from excitement. “Your life is in danger.”
“My life is mine to protect.”
“We owe you protection,” he replied, his voice even, cool, but you could trace the edge to it. “The reason you’re in this is because you risked yourself trying to save one of us. It is the only right thing to do, for anyone.”
“So much for a simple stranger,” you chortled, smirking. “I wonder what you do for the people you care about.”
Jaebum’s eyes lit up as he snorted, finally looking away. He moved with such grace, the tightness in his body disappearing as if the air wasn’t sparking with tension, “I won’t apologise for not knowing you. I can’t apologise if I am not wrong.”
“Cut the bullshit,” you snorted, you hated how you were acting. You hated how calm and composed he had become, and how you were still wild like a naked wire of live electricity, “Fuck you. If you want to deny remembering me then fuck you, asshole. But there is no way I am staying here, I want to go home.”
You stood up from your seat, the chair scraping against the polished marble. You matched his eyes, but you couldn’t calm the fire in them to match his coolness, “I am going home.”
You began walking away from him, your shoes clicking against the expensive marble. You hadn’t even reached the end of the table when a tight grip fastened on your wrist, turning you back to meet his foreboding eyes scorching with a sharp bitterness.
“You will be staying here,” he sneered at you, his teeth gritted tightly. You took a step back, your lower back hitting the rear of the table.
You were afraid.
You gulped, and he took a step closer, making the edge of the marble dig into your back. Your wrist burned where he held you. You weren’t sure if it was because of his touch or the bruise from yesterday.
Jaebum must have noticed the fear flash in your eyes, as his eyes softened. You had to grip the table behind you with your free hand to keep you steady.
You were afraid. You were scared.
You didn’t want to stay.
Jaebum’s grip on your wrist loosened, as he took another step back, sighing as he closed his eyes.
“Stop being difficult,” he spoke, his eyes looking at you but not meeting yours. You cast your eyes to the floor instead, your heart still trembling. “It’s for your own safety.”
You weren’t sure if you would be safe here too.
When you didn’t answer he sighed again, tired and exhausted, “Just for three months.”
You looked up at him, your lips parted. Three months was three months too long, you wanted to be out of here this second. You couldn’t put your life on hold for three months and hide in this old castle mansion with these criminals.
“Three months is too long,” you shook your head, tears springing in your eyes. It was too long.
It was too long a time to spend with this man in front of you. 
He looked at you, there was no anger in his eyes. There was no hardness, no darkness, nothing cold in them. But there was no brightness, no light, there was nothing in them as he looked at you, drained.
“I’ll try to sort this out before then,” Jaebum spoke, more to himself than to you as he ran a hand through his hair. “You’ll have full freedom, you can do whatever you want. Just take one of the boys with you, and stay here.”
When you didn’t say anything, he looked at you. He took a step closer towards you, and when you shrunk in your place, he stopped.
Jaebum cleared his throat, before speaking softly, “It’s just three months in exchange for the rest of your life, y/n.”
You nodded.
You whispered, “Okay.”
Tears stung your eyes, and your heart bled.
You closed your eyes, a few drops escaping down your cheeks. You quickly wiped them away with shaking hands. You could feel Jaebum staring at you, watching you. You bit your lip to hold yourself together.
Before he could say anything, you ran out of the room. Your weight hobbling over to one side, a result of the spoiled ankle from yesterday. You couldn’t make it to your room, so you disappeared into the closest room you could find, closing the door behind you.
And then you let it out.
It hurt you hearing him say it.
You didn't know your heart could ever hurt so painfully from hearing your own name. 
But it could, anything could happen to you when Im Jaebum says your name.
It didn’t matter how much of an asshole Jaebum had become since you last saw him. It didn’t matter how afraid you were, or how much you feared him. Nothing mattered when you heard him say your name.
All of it disappeared, and you were once again standing outside the lecture hall waiting for your class. He leaned in, even with the distance his warm breath brushed the side of your neck, “Hello, y/n.”
You pushed your palms into your eyes and cried harder.
It almost felt as if you were mourning him.
You missed him.
You missed Im Jaebum.
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plounce · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
what if gay CATS........... were gay PERSONS
(info on this au under the cut)
theyre all shitty young adults just kind of. getting through their early 20s as best they can. or as much as they can. maybe things will get better someday, but right now they’re kind of spinning their wheels
magic exists but like eh it’s not a big thing don’t worry about it. it’s around but like whatever. not many people have it and it’s mostly just like. a curiosity or a party trick
demeter and bombularina are together, tugger and mistoffelees are together, bombularina and tugger occasionally fwb, it’s cool and aboveboard and it’s all fine
bisexual with a preference for women. 24 years old
semi-psychic (not as powerful as tantomile or coricopat). tends to have vague and confusing prophetic dreams
dropped out of grad school for sociology due to trauma and ensuing intensified mental illness. kind of bitter about it, but tries to get through every day. general anxiety disorder even before all that
very nervous around most men she doesn’t know & trust
currently working at a barnes & noble starbucks, which sucks. she recently became the assistant manager, which turbo sucks because now she has more work for only like a buck raise, but at least she’s getting reliable shifts
her go-to therapy is cutting her hair with scissors. her hair is fried to all hell from regular bleaching
she’s learning how to crochet because she’s decided she needs to do something physically productively creative with her hands to distract herself from Stuff
bisexual. 24 years old
got her bachelor’s in english two years ago and hasn’t found a job in her field and has kind of given up on it for now
she’s been bartending for like four years, does freelance editing work on the side. will occasionally write listicles for clickbait sites if she needs extra cash
literally any extra money she can save goes to tattoos. her right sleeve’s almost done
has natural red hair but dyes it cherry red
a hedonist to cope but is also just a natural hedonist. likes a good bath
i know that like the typical thing fandoms say about female characters is “doesn’t take shit” for the girlboss points but she truly does not take shit anymore. she used to take people’s shit sometimes but at this point in her life she’s tired and she has a girlfriend to be protective of. she has a couple people whose shit she will take (mostly just tugger) but besides them (and having to practice basic customer service to keep her job) she’s tired of other people’s shit! enough!
my personal take on bombalurina is a mix between the riot grrrls of the 90s and 80s punk girls, and then a dash of the greaser chicks from grease. i saw that spiked collar and my brain went OH okay i can run with this somewhere fun. same for demeter, but less so - she just has the piercings.
bombalurina met demeter in college at a women’s activism club, noticed her because of her dimple piercings and was like “oh someone else with a lot of metal in her face, i’ll sit next to her”
they were each other’s first off-campus roommates and were close friends. made out a couple times, but it was mostly a lot of sexual tension. there was a lot of bombalurina staring at demeter while she or demeter made out with someone else
demeter was on and off with her high school boyfriend munkustrap and bombalurina was like “oh he’s so much more stable/calm than me and she needs that, i party a bit too much for her, i shouldn’t try anything” so she just sort of. lets their almost-there peter off
(this is all bombalurina’s internal thoughts - demeter always was interested in her, but thought she was too boring for bombalurina. so neither of them thought they could pursue it)
bombalurina graduated and moved somewhere cheaper further away from campus. they kind of drift apart
munkustrap and demeter peter off and he moves away for a job (they’re still good friends, it was a very amicable breakup) and then demeter gets with macavity, which is a deeply toxic situation for her and sucks hugely and throws her whole life really off track. won’t go into further details
she finally manages to break up with him and calls bombalurina at like 2 am asking if she can pick her up, and also if she can sleep on her couch, it’s okay if that’s not okay, she just. really needs a place she feels safe, and her gut is telling her to. and of course bombalurina says yes
bombalurina also knew macavity and had also made out a couple times with him at like parties and stuff (see: staring at demeter as she makes out with people). something about transference of feelings - bombalurina was into him for a couple moments because he and demeter had a thing.
this is due to me interpreting the song “macavity” as actually about bombalurina wanting to fuck demeter and her singing as a half-repressed expression of that. i use my really good wlw brain to reach that conclusion. it’s kind of a non-competitive version of eve sedgwick’s take on the love triangle. (<-- normal thing to say)
but anyway demeter stays on bombalurina’s couch and she tries so hard to stay on track but eventually she just has to drop out. bombalurina helps her with that too. she’s just really supportive even as demeter’s life is at its lowest point. when she gets home from bartending she gets demeter to go to sleep
she just Stays with her and makes her smile and reminds her that her life isn’t over, there’s still things in her day to enjoy, to keep her trudging forward
bombalurina is roommates with tugger at this point - he also recently dropped out and demeter knows him because he’s munkustrap’s brother, so he’s Trusted and also is like “hey it’s okay that you dropped out, im here and im chilling and you like me and respect me at least a little, and you have a bachelor’s degree at least!” (more on him later)
demeter is like “oh god ive been crashing at their place for so long not paying rent, theyre gonna ask me to leave, im such a freeloader, they wont take my attempts at paying rent” but then bombalurina and tugger are like “hey! the lease is almost up! we found a pretty good 3 bedroom, do you wanna have your own room for real?” and she nearly cries because 1. the RELIEF 2. oh my god you want me around???
cut to bombalurina helping demeter put together an ikea dresser (tugger got banished to the kitchen to make crystal light lemonade for them because he’s useless with a screwdriver) and demeter has two epiphanies:
1. i thought i was ready to d*e four months ago and here i am making a dresser to put clothes into in my new apartment where i live and feel safe and loved. im still not happy but im still alive and im making a dresser
2. holy fuck im back in love with my best friend, and ten times more than i was back then.
so she like kind of freaks out because she’s already imposed so much on bombalurina, how could she impose her FEELINGS on her like this, oh no oh no oh no
meanwhile bombalurina’s back in love with her even MORE and she’s also like no... she’s already dealing with so much... i don’t want to make her uncomfortable or feel unsafe in her own home especially after her recent relationship trauma... i just want her to feel safe around me...
you might think tugger as their roommate would be like “JUST KISS” but he is in fact pretty oblivious because he is self-absorbed. mistoffelees on the other hand..
eventually they do have a big confession of feelings after demeter has a bad day and it’s very dramatic and they make out in the rain. and it’s like. well this is a movie scene. but also im cold and damp. let’s head inside our home and get warm and dry :)
and then they go inside and and talk through everything, all their feelings (not just their romantic feelings but like ALL their feelings) and their shared histories and bombalurina is like “do you think you’re... ready for a relationship right now? like that would be a good thing for you?”
and demeter considers it. she does stop and think. and then she says, “with anyone else... probably not. but it’s you. and i feel so safe around you, and we’re already so close. you make the future feel more worth it. you make more days alive feel not just tolerable, but something to look forward to. and knowing you’ve loved me all this time... it’s nice. it’s good. i’m - i’m understating it so much, it’s more than nice, it’s just - it’s a lot. i wish i had noticed back then.” “hey, hey, don’t blame yourself. i’m the one who never said anything.”
anyway. everything works out, and they start dating for real :)
bisexual. 22 years old
dishwasher at the same bar bombalurina works at. she got him the job. he keeps bugging her to teach him bartending tricks and on slow nights she will agree to
he dropped out of their four year, but he managed to secure an associate’s in communications before he dipped
trying to be an ig influencer hotboy and hopefully get modeling jobs from that but his phone’s camera sucks shit so his account isn’t really going anywhere. but he continues to post his low resolution shirtless selfies
trying to cope with being the failure son who does not have a fancy nonprofit job with a salary and healthcare by being self-absorbed and self-aggrandizing
it works about 60% of the time and 60% of the times that it doesn’t he’s able to hide it
he dropped out right around when bombalurina graduated and he was like HEY! ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A ROOMMATE WHO DOESN’T CARE IF WE LIVE TEN MILES AWAY FROM CAMPUS? WELL HAVE I GOT A SOLUTION FOR YOU: ME!
to which bombalurina (who has fooled around with him here and there and thinks he is funny little man and genuinely goodhearted, and also he has rockin abs as a plus) says munkustrap already asked me if i need a roommate and if i do to consider you, because you don’t want to move back home. in other words: yes, you little idiot
they do fool around with each other but they are both very understanding that it is strictly platonic and for fun, especially once they become roommates. they both do not desire each other for anything serious
he did have a bit of a crush on each other when they met (hot punk older girl who’s friends with his brother) but 1. it dissipated pretty quick after they fooled around for the first time because it was not a very serious crush 2. she was in the middle of being in love with demeter so she was focused on that, emotionally
he got his ears pierced a couple times in high school but bombalurina inspired him to get a couple more. she went with him when he got his nose pierced
demeter has always understood that him and bombalurina are strictly fwb, has never been an issue.
she and him like to bleach their hair together when their hair schedules line up (he bleaches his way less often then she does), but she refuses to use his fancy conditioner that keeps his hair unfried because it’s expensive, even though he tells her to go ahead and use it, please, the health of her hair is giving HIM anxiety, demeter please. please demeter
gay. 20 years old
has magic. it’s pretty good magic but again: magic is not a big deal in this concept
a bit spooky. skulks around. a bit of a bitch but also very very nice. chooses when to speak
he has postings on craigslist and fiverr about finding lost objects and people with magic. like a gig economy private detective
side job is a waiter at a fancy restaurant
sometimes he gets paid VERY well from the private detecting, depending on the client. he does ask his psychic friends (tantomile & coricopat) to give a quick glance over on some of the more suspicious clients just to make sure he isn’t finding someone who should not be found by that person.
doesn’t go to college. is roommates with his sister victoria, who’s a freshman and studying dance. moved into town with her so she wouldn’t have to live in the dorms by having a guaranteed roommate.
the general vibe i want for these two is mistoffelees walking around town or driving around in his shitty toyota camry while tugger tags along because he’s bored and thinks this is cool as shit
the general tone of the au is “magic isn’t a big deal” except for tugger, who thinks mistoffelees’ magic and his magic freelancing is the coolest shit ever. this is mostly because he just likes mistoffelees. “there are people who can do cooler shit than me, tug” “yeah but i don’t KNOW them also theyre not as COOL as you” “you had to explain to me how instagram reels work”
idk how they met i just think tugger shows up at his and bombalurina’s apartment one day (this is when demeter has moved in but they havent moved to the 3br yet) with this dude to dash in and pick something up and bombalurina is like “uh. who’s this” “oh this is mistoffelees he’s SO GOOD AT MAGIC” [mistoffelees nods hello] “okay bye bombalurina see you at work!!!” “uh. later”
after that he just shows up a lot. sort of ambiguous if theyre dating or what for a while before bombalurina straight up asks like “hey does the dude you’re dating know we fool around” “the dude im - what?” “... the little magic guy who keeps using our hot cocoa mix. misty.” “oh. uh. we aren’t dating.” “... do you want to? because you’re kind of all over him constantly” “um. well! haha, if i wanted to, i could! haha!” “yeah get back to me on that”
tugger trying to use his ig clout to get mistoffelees more work even though 1. he has no clout 2. mistoffelees has a very stable client base. but mistoffelees appreciates the effort. the self-promo guy promoing someone other than himself... the highest expression of love...
mistoffelees is A Nonthreatening Man plus he’s pretty obviously gay so demeter is chill around him pretty quickly. when mistoffelees is over they’ll sit on the couch where demeter sleeps and watch documentaries quietly while she crochets
they both occasionally say spooky shit at the same time because magic stuff. bombalurina and tugger are both torn between “that was cool as fuck” and “god that’s unnerving”
just a lot of tugger following mistoffelees around on his jobs and mistoffelees letting him because he’s fond of him and them occasionally getting into minor peril and interesting shenanigans, but it is 90% fetch quests
i think the first time they met tugger was taking selfies in front of a hydrangea in a public park and he saw mistoffelees walk up with a shovel and start digging in one of the flower beds and he thought he was hot so he went over and offered to take over on the shoveling to look strong and masculine and he ended up digging up a skull, which mistoffelees picked up and said “thanks” and then walked away
mildly terrifying but also very interesting and tugger’s days are kind of boring and dishwashing kind of sucks as a job to do like every night and he is a person who thrives on novelty so. moth to a porchlight
i think they do start making out for fun here and there and then a while later theyre out on one of mistoffelees’ jobs and someone asks “who’s the guy with you” and mistoffelees replies “oh that’s my boyfriend, don’t worry about him” and then it’s like. “HUH? I’M YOUR BOYFRIEND?” “uh. yeah? i assumed. is that okay?” “i mean yeah of course i think you’re great! how long have we–” “oh like a while.” “oh. uh. cool!!”
they just hang out a lot. mistoffelees enjoys teasing him and enjoys his warmth and bombasticity and tugger likes watching and helping him solve little mysteries around the county because it’s always something new. they’re kind of a comedy duo. they just enjoy spending their time together and following mistoffelee’s internal magic gps to find lost dogs and lost necklaces
yeah right now this au is just vibes and just sort of. continuing forward with your days and your weeks and your months. just young adults hanging out
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scarlettswife · 9 months ago
Fluff short one! -
𝔭𝔩𝔬𝔱 just a bunch of fluff as you are dating natasha
whilst waiting for natasha to finish her meeting, you were laying down in the bed, back facing the door.. may or may not be naked with the comforter only covering your stomach below from last night with natasha...watching the rain quickly trickle down the window making it fog a little. you closed your eyes taking in the sound of how peaceful it was. natasha walked in closing the door too quiet for the y/h/c to hear as natasha looked at the ineffable sight infront of her. you were cuddled up while the rain drops were gushing down and the piano rested perfectly on the side, natasha has never been this happy before you.she admired your curves before her step made a creak sound startling you.
y/n : "nat! you scared me!" you sink into the comforter now not showing any of your body it was silence until natasha crawled on top of you pulling the comforter off your face planting kisses all over them causing a wave of laughter vibrating through the room
y/n : "how was the meeting" you ask twirling natasha's hair around natasha : "boring, would've been better if you were there" she gets under the covers intertwining both of your legs' together y/n : "hm wait " you stand up put on a robe and go out natasha : " wow... she just left me!" natasha talks to herself meanwhile you make your way to the kitchen sam : " hey y/l/n i thought it was your day off?" y/n : "you never have a day off when your dating natasha romanoff" i say looking for food — natasha was fumbling with the pillow looking out at the rain, similar to the sight she saw a few minutes ago. it was silence but the rain when the door handle kept going up and down not opening fully natasha secured her gun under the bed only to see the door open with you holding a tray full of food for her with your robe splitting open which didnt go unnoticed by natasha.
she made her way to you helping you with the plates while you were left giggling closing the door y/n : "its called breakfast in bed for a reason" you say seeing natasha putting the tray down on the dresser and making her way to you closing your robe fully tying it.. correctly. y/n : " i see i've activated protective mode natasha" she says munching on one of the french toaster garlic bread natasha : " sorry i dont want other people seeing a part of my girlfriend's boob" y/n : "boob" they both laugh looking at each other through the mirror — natasha : "if you touch that i'll kill you" natasha says sternly entering the training room y/n:"you wouldnt kill me" you turn to her innocently with a frown natasha : "never in a hundred years" she rushes to hug you seeing you took it seriously y/n : " sorry im overreacting" you say muffled through her neck natasha : "my fault, shouldn't have said that.. but im serious dont touch" she cups your face y/n : " yes maam!" you salute making natasha smile natasha : " i love you" y/n: "love you too boss!" Still in the same position —
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The Girl Not To Worry About and The Boy To Stay Away From (JJ X Reader X Rafe)
Tumblr media
I’d love with you did that request with JJ breaking up with the reader for Kiara and getting with Rafe ❤️+omg please do jj leaving reader to be with kiara and reader going to kiss/hook up/ date or whatever with rafe because jj always told her not to be around him 😭
You and JJ had been dating for 9 months now. Everyone in your life started to have a label.John.B was like your brother, Pope was the person you vented to and Kiara was always the girl everyone told you not to worry about.JJ told you constantly that she was nothing more than a friend and that he loved you and only you.
But now you found yourself sitting across from him, your eyes becoming glassy. “Wow, JJ. You’re leaving me for the girl you promised me you didn’t like. Are you kidding me?”You asked, blinking the tears away as your sadness was quickly replaced with anger.
He gulped, pulling at his hair as he avoided your gaze. “I’m sorry.”He muttered, not sure about what to say. You sighed, looking down at the ground for a moment before standing up and walking past him.
You went into John.B’s house, slamming the door behind you as you rushed into the room that you had shared with JJ, stuffing your bras, underwear, shirts, and shorts into your bag before heading for the front door.
Kie sat up on the couch, confused. “It’s only nine, where are you going?”She asked, oblivious to what had just happened. You stared back at her for a moment, considering cussing her out but eventually deciding against it, getting into your car, and speeding to your house.
You sat in your driveway, head against the steering wheel as you took deep breaths, the tears coming from your eyes and rolling down your face and onto your neck. You licked your lips, glad that your mom wasn’t home. You grabbed your bag, going inside and into your room, not even bothering to turn on the light before collapsing onto your bed. 
Every day felt the same, boring and bland with nothing to do. You would go to bed at four in the morning, waking up at two in the afternoon and living off of tortillas and iced coffee. You had 49 missed calls from Kiara and at least fifty on SC, eventually having to turn off all of your alerts. You knew that you couldn’t be mad at Kiara, it wasn’t her fault that she was perfect.
 You laid on your bed, the fitted sheet had given up days ago, only your comforter keeping you safe from the cold air in your room. Your laptop was currently playing Gordon Ramsey, his insults making you smile as more tears rolled down your cheeks.
 You were still wearing the clothes that you were wearing that night. You weren’t even sure how long ago that had been. The cups had piled up, creating mountains on your dresser and floor. You smelled bad and your hair was disgusting and messy.
 You knew that you should get up and shower, brush your hair and teeth and make yourself a proper meal and get over JJ but it was easier said than done. You hadn’t pooped in days and you figured it was because you weren’t eating enough to even create poop in the first place.
 You didn’t even know if you had slept or just zoned out for hours at a time. The cycle probably would’ve never ended if it weren’t for a knock on your door. At first, you ignored it, figuring it was just a mail person and they’d give up and leave the package. Then the knock came again and again, eight times by the time you decided to get up.
 The cold air hit you hard, not used to the atmosphere outside of your comforter. You stomped down your stairs, face and neck wet from your tears as you opened the door, almost scared that you’d rip it off its hinges. “What the fuck do you want?”You asked, not understanding why the hell Rafe Cameron would be standing in your doorway.
 He chuckled, taking in your appearance. Your eyes were bloodshot, dark circles under your eyes, and the skin on your nose peeling from how many times it had been wiped. Your hair was oily, knotted, and all-around disgusting. “Your mom told me to come and check if you were alive, she paid me two hundred to do it.”He replied.
 You nodded, going to close the door when he stuck his foot between the wood and the door frame. “Where the fuck are you going?”He asked, pushing the door in and stepping into the house. “This is my house.”You reminded him, holding the door open.
 “Yeah, okay. But I got paid two hundred dollars for this, I gotta do what I gotta do.”He replied, going into your kitchen. “And what do you have to do exactly? Clearly, I’m alive.”You grumbled, slamming the door shut. “You don’t look it.”He replied, taking one of the few cans of sprite and your fridge and opening it.
 “So you came in here to bully me?”You asked, regretting opening the door in the first place. He shrugged, taking a long sip of the fizzy soda. “I gotta do what I gotta do, you’ve been a mess since that pogue left you.”He replied, your heart aching. You sniffed, feeling your eyes getting watery again. “You know about that.”You sighed, pulling at the sleeves of your sweatshirt.
 He hummed, putting the can down. “Everyone does but you can’t really do much about that, nope. Now get in the shower.”He told you. You were more than angry. Angry at the fact that Rafe thought he could come in and tell you what to do in your own house, angry that everyone knew what happened, angry at JJ, angry at your mother for sending Rafe in the first place.
 You didn’t understand when your life got so fucked up. Rafe had always been the guy that you were supposed to stay away from. You didn’t really know why other than the fact that he and JJ had this weird rivalry between them. You wondered what JJ was doing right now. He was probably fucking Kiara or drinking a beer.
 You should’ve known this would happen eventually. You felt a few tears roll down your face, rolling your eyes and wiping them away. “Or what?”You asked, crossing your arms over your chest. He smirked, running at you and picking you up, running down your hallway and kicking your bathroom door open as you smacked his back and head.
 “PUT ME DOWN!”You shouted, kicking him. He sighed, placing you down as he turned on the shower, grabbing a towel from your closet. “Shower.”He told you, turning around and going to leave when he heard the faucet turn off. You knew that it would be a good idea to shower but you didn’t want to do it just because Rafe Cameron told you to.
 That would mean he had some sort of power over you.He turned around, sighing. “So fucking difficult.”He muttered, turning on the shower again only for you to reach over and turn it off.He glared at you, turning it back on before picking you up and putting you under the cold water while you were still fully clothed, a big grin on his face before he ran out of the bathroom.
 You gasped, your hair becoming wet and your clothes sticking to you as you sprinted out of the bathroom, jumping onto Rafe’s back. “ASSHOLE!”You screamed at him.He laughed as you messed up his hair, getting his clothes wet.
 “Yeah?”He asked, a stupid smile on his face.You stared up at him, becoming angrier and angrier with every second.Why did he have to laugh so often?Couldnt he see how upset you were with him?Why did he find this so funny?He frowned, noticing. 
“Hey, im just trying to help, okay?At least you’re a little happier now.”He replied, backing away from you and tugging at his now wet shirt.You sighed, scratching at your scalp.Your hand got caught up in one of the knots, hissing in pain.
 He gave you a look of sympathy, grabbing your hand gently and guiding you back into the bathroom, turning off the water and reaching across to grab a bottle of conditioner.Your eyebrows furrowed, trying to figure out what he was doing.
 He glanced down at the floor before sitting on the toilet, asking you to sit on the floor.You raised your eyebrows, shaking your head. “If you think im about to give you a fucking blow job in my bathroom-”You started only to be cut off. 
“Can you shut the fuck up and let me do something nice for you?Seriously, do you ever shut the hell up?”He asked, squirting conditioner into the palm of his hand.You sighed, giving up and eventually sitting down, your back facing him.
 He grinned, rubbing the conditioner into the ends of your hair. “Wheezie does this when she gets back from the beach and her hairs all fucked up.”He muttered, explaining himself as he put more conditioner into his hands, rubbing it into your scalp and roots. 
You could’ve fallen asleep right there, forehead resting against his thigh as he massaged your scalp. “Are you asleep?”He asked, trying not to grin.You hummed, letting him know that you were awake.He sighed, rubbing his thumbs over the back of your neck, not really ready to let you go yet. 
“Why dont you brush your teeth and get in the shower, okay?”He asked, his fingers ghosting over your temple.You nodded, standing up and waiting for him to leave.It took him a minute, his cheeks flushing before he left, heading for your bedroom. 
You brushed your teeth slowly, looking in the mirror and frowning at how bad you really looked, hoping a shower would fix it all.You took off your clothes, getting conditioner inside your shirt but not even caring as you stepped into the shoer, rinsing out the conditioner and noticing how smooth your hair felt.
Rafe went into your room, starting by taking out the dishes and then moving on to the mess that was your bed, taking your overheating laptop off and forcing the sheets back on.You got out of the shower, feeling a little better after crying for a while, staying until the water got cool.
You wrapped the towel around your body, picking up your dirty clothes and putting them into the basket in your bathroom before going into your bedroom, confused when you saw Rafe. “What the hell is this?”He asked, holding up a large grey sweatshirt.
You sighed, knowing that it was JJ’s. “Is this his?EW-”He threw it on the floor, wiping his hand on his shorts. “Yeah, no.We’re burning that.”He kicked it across the room, looking back into your drawer and finding a light pink hoodie that he had seen you wear before, tossing it to you.
He belly flopped onto your bed, face buried in the pillow so you could change.You huffed, making sure he couldnt see anything before you let the towel fall, pulling on the hoodie and a pair of shorts. “Can I look?”He asked, voice muffled by your pillow.
You hummed, sitting at the foot of the bed with your hands in your lap.He looked over at you, raising an eyebrow. “Why do you look so grumpy?”He asked, rolling onto his back. “I dunno….I mean my boyfriend left me for another girl and now you’re here and you refuse to leave.”You shrugged.He chuckled, fighting the urge to pull you into a hug. 
“You cant just let him win.Come on, you gotta live a little.”He told you, standing back up and opening your drawers, grabbing anything that looked like it belonged to JJ and throwing it onto your floor. “What are you doing?”You asked, watching as the hoodies and t shirts piled up on your floor. 
“We’re getting rid of the past, my therapist told me that holding on to the things that hurt you is bad for your mental health or something.”He replied, closing your drawers once he was satisfied.You frowned, realising just how much JJ influenced your life.
He kicked the pile a few times, looking over at you.You got what he was trying to tell you, standing up and beginning to kick the pile too.You stepped on one of the shirts, kicking one of the hoodies so hard that it went under your bed.He smiled, watching you take out your anger on the pile.
 “See?It feels good.”He watched as you kicked the clothes, laughing. “What a fucking asshole.”You muttered, taking in a deep breath.He nodded in agreement, hesitantly wrapping his arms around you.You stiffened up, not knowing how to feel about it.
You eventually hugged him back, arms around his waist and your head against his chest, enjoying his warmth.You never thought you’d be in this position.You were supposed to hate Rafe and now you were hugging him.He rubbed your back and your wet hair, his face red.
 Eventually your body gave out, sitting on the bed while you still held onto him, his fingers running over your jaw and temple.You sighed, eyes closed as you leaned against him.He kneeled on the floor, your head on his shoulder now.
His hands cupped your face, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “You should go brush your hair….”He told you, still not letting go.You nodded, looking up at him.His eyes flicked down for a moment, looking back into your eyes before letting go of you, watching as you got up and went back to the bathroom.
You tugged the brush through your hair, the sweatshirt getting wet as drops got splashed onto the mirror and bathroom counter.Rafe sat on your bed for a few minutes, deciding to go check on you.You were halfway done with brushing your hair, sighing at all the knots that had built up.
He took the brush from you, standing behind you as he brushed your hair, holding his hand under the locks so the brush wouldnt hit your shoulder. “You should delete all your pictures of him, it’ll help with your phone storage.”He mumbled, grinning when he defeated one of the many knots.
You shrugged, wincing when he pulled the brush through your hair. “Sorry.”He mumbled, glad once the knots were finally out.He pulled your hair off your shoulders, resting his chin on your shoulder, arms making their way around your waist.You could feel his breath on your neck, staring at your reflection as he pressed a light kiss to your neck.
 “He never deserved you, you know.”He muttered, looking into the mirror.Your hands rested on his, leaning against his chest.He smiled, kisses being pressed up and down your neck, another one on your temple. “I could never imagine leaving you for Kiara, I mean, shes pretty but she could never be you.”He muttered.
You raised your eyebrows, turning around to look at him. “Serious?”You asked, not really believing him.He hummed, pressing another kiss to your forehead.Rafe’s hands grazed over your sides lightly, sending a shiver up your spine. “I can help you forget about him.”He spoke softly, his forehead resting against yours.You gulped, thinking about it.
He moved slowly, unbelievably close to you. “Do you wanna forget about him?”He asked, his hands slipping under the pink hoodie.You nodded, your hands going to the back of his neck so you could kiss him.
He was unbelievably gentle, barely touching you.His knees felt weak, not able to believe what was happening right now.You pulled away for a second, taking in a deep breath.He smiled, biting his lip.
 “You okay?”He asked, his thumbs rubbing your hips. “Yeah.”You smiled, kissing him lightly.The two of you ended up in your bedroom, gentle kisses being pressed to your neck and collarbones.
 “We dont have to do this.”He reminded you.You nodded. “I know, but I want to.”You answered.He hummed, kissing your forehead. “Tell me what to do, princess.”He whispered, sucking a hickey on your neck.
You reached for the hem of his shirt, pulling it off of him.He smiled, watching as you stared at his chest, slowly grabbing his arms so he would fall under you.He smiled, watching as you pulled down his pants, just straddling him for a few moments, tracing patterns along his chest.
You sighed softly, not sure if you were ready to do this.It felt like you would be betraying JJ even if he had betrayed your first. “Hey, you okay?”He asked, noticing how you were hesitating.
You nodded, kissing him gently. “Its just...I dunno.It feels weird.”You muttered, getting off of him.He turned on his side, looking up at you. “Weird how?”He asked, his hand resting on your thigh.You shrugged. 
“Its just weird...being around a guy thats not JJ.”You admitted, feeling guilt in your stomach.He frowned, resting his head against your knee. “Good weird?”He asked.You shrugged, twirling his hair. 
“Neutral weird.”You answered.He nodded, his eyes not leaving your face. “So do you want me to leave?”He offered.You shook your head, kissing him lightly. “Nope.”You replied, pulling away from him fully when your phone rang.
Your heart thumped in your chest, eyes wide as JJ’s photo flashed on your screen.Rafe shook his head, trying to get you to ignore it and frowning when you answered. “Hey...do you have a minute to talk?”JJ asked, his voice high pitched like he had been crying.Fuck.
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