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yeeaahhhh i’ll never stop wearing winged eyeliner
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everything for your mha oc
Put this under the cut because its LONG 
Briefly Describe your OC: Appearance, personality, role in a story, etc. Ceto Shunzenji has light blue eyes and naturally black hair. In her 2nd year of UA she dyed her hair silver. She’s got thighs and curves for days. Her tummy is on the softer side and she’s got really pretty stretch marks on her legs.
She’s somewhere between introvert and extrovert. Although she doesn’t necessarily seek out excessive socialization she does exhibit good people skills when she has to. She’s really good at helping people with their problems but has no idea how to handle her own feelings. She’s the kind of person who claims to be a closed book but the minute she gets close to someone all of her feelings just spill out. She can’t help it. She can be friends with almost anyone.
She is currently kind-of interning at U.A. She works with Recovery girl in the nurse’s office. She also interns at Gang Orca’s a few days a week.
Briefly describe their backstory/childhood
She grew up the child of 2 pro-heroes. Her father is the son of recovery girl and her mother was an American hero before coming to Japan. She has younger twin sisters, both around 9. One inherited the water manipulation quirk and wants to be a pro-hero and the other inherited the healing quirk and wants to be a doctor.
Her and Todoroki have been friends since they were born pretty much (their dads know each other). They really leaned on each other in their toughest times and continue to do so.
She as in a really abusive relationship when she was 14. The guy she was with at the time was 17.  It was fine at the beginning but things got bad fast. He became really abusive verbally, physically, and unfortunately sexually. It ended after he severely hurt her and she couldn’t take it anymore. She took him to court and got a restraining order and was put in a rehabilitation center for her PTSD and trauma. (sorry that was heavy oops).
Describe their family life and friends.
Despite everything she went through she actually has a really great home life. Her mom and dad are super supportive and she’s really close with the both of them.
She has a super tight-knit group of friends that she confines everything in that consists of mirio, Nejire, Tamaki, mother other oc’s lyric and one I haven’t given a name yet, todoroki and eventually shinso.  They have a group chat called ‘disaster squad.’  Lyric became her friend in the facility. She met Mirio when he brought her the U.A work she was missing while she was recovering and then met Tamaki and Nejire through them.
What is the world they come from like?
I mean it’s mha so …superheroes…villains.. Ya know the works.
Are they original or exist in a certain fandom?
Mha specifically.
Are they an introvert or extrovert?
She had always been a very extroverted child that’s probably what drew Todoroki to her. However, after she went through her abusive relationship she kind of drew into herself. She was put in a facility for a few months and lost most of her old friends after what happened which really made her not want to reach out to people anymore. However, after she met her best friend in the facility, got out and started to go to UA she began to come out of her shell again.
Greatest fear?
Because of the traumatic experience, her ex put her through she has a lot of fears but her main one is being tied up or bound in any way. The lack of control puts her into panic mode.
What’s their sense of humor like?
DARK. She and Todoroki constantly joke about their past traumas.
Favorite pieces of fiction or genres they enjoy?
Her go-to genre to read is Greek mythology because her mother read it to her growing up so it has a nostalgia factor to it.
Favorite music genres?
Pop, pop-rock, alternative, low key still in her emo phase, also throwbacks
Describe their vision of a perfect spouse, if applicable.
They need to be able to calm her down. A lot of little things can set her off so she has to have someone who is sensitive to her feelings and can help her through them.
She needs a good listener. She has a lot to get off her chest and a lot of feelings to sort out. Bonus if they know exactly what to say to get her to open up.
Largest regret?
Talking to her ex lmao
Something your OC would say?
“Teenage drama more like Teenage trauma am I right ladies?”
Whats their morality like?
She believes laws are put in place for a reason, but after what happened to her she also believes that sometimes you gotta say fuck the system and do what’s right for you ya know?
Would they live in a city, rural area, or suburb?
She’s a suburban bitch tbh.
Which actor would you like to portray your OC? (Or a voice actor)
CL from the kpop group 21 looks a lot like her
Tumblr media
Sexuality? Gender Identity?
Cisgender straight girl
What inspired you to make this character?
1. I love Shinso. 2. I wanted to create a character that would be there for Todoroki. A childhood friend for him to lean on and vice-versa.
Section 2 - If…
If they existed in another decade, what would they wear? (Asker can choose what decade) (Bonus points if you draw them!)
The 70’s is my favorite era of fashion so I’m gonna go with that.
Bell-bottomed jeans for days. Would definitely own a denim jumpsuit. Would mostly wear band t-shirts and flowy long sleeve shirts. Would always have flowers strewn through hair. Big round circular sunglasses. Lip gloss for days.
If they were in an RPG, what would be their class?
Healer. Although her powers can be used offensively she focuses more on the defensive and healing aspects of their abilities.
If they received a large amount of money no strings attached, what would they use it for?
She most likely would put some of it towards her sister’s educations (one wants to be a pro-hero and the other wants to be a doctor), save a little for everyday expenses and then invest the rest. ( plus she’s already rich so this changes nothing lmao)
If they competed on a competitive TV show, how would they approach to winning? (the “mean” one, the one who makes friends, the one who’s there for fun)
She’d probably go into it claiming she is just there to have fun but in the heat of the moment she gets super competitive and Shinso’s gotta be like “babe calm down please.”
If they could change one thing about their past, what would it be?
Oh, this one is easy: Not getting involved with her ex. The trauma that her past relationship caused was monumental. What he did to her caused major mental, and physical, scars that will never fully heal. The details are graphic but he was shitty!! Gotta love her and Todoroki’s past traumas!!!
If you met them, what would they do?
She’s friendly so most likely she would try to strike up a conversation, show me dumb memes and talk to me about weeb shit.
If your character exists in another series’ world, what would they be doing/look like?
Let’s go for like a real life AU (no superheroes)
She would be a nursing student who runs on Starbucks. Shinso would probably be like a psych major so they would suffer over term papers and stuff together. She would live in the city and take the subway everywhere for the aesthetic of it all.
She would look pretty much the same tbh maybe have slightly darker blue eyes just to make them more realistic. Her make-up would always be snatched, she never leaves the house without winged eyeliner. Would live in crop tops and sweatpants and scrubs lol. Her hair would always be up in a messy bun.
Ask your own!
Katie told me to skip this one :)
Section 3 - Other:
What other OCs would they get along with?
Her and Nami (naruto oc) would prolly get along since their both boujee bitches with trauma.
Lyric is my other mha oc (still in the works) but they’re bffs.
What’s their singing voice like?
It’s pretty decent tbh. Her and the disaster squad jam out to throwbacks all the time so she sings quite often. She’s definitely not Christine Daae but hey she won’t break your eardrums either.
Take a personality test as the character. Post results.
What would be their fighting style in a fighting game like Mortal Kombat, Super Smash Brothers, or Street Fighter?
She mains Zelda and mostly would try to fight like long-distance. No guarding we die like men.
What are some mannerisms/quirks?
Chews on the ice if there’s any left over in her drink, Constantly checks her cellphone, plays with her hair, Will often stare off into space without meaning to, can’t sleep unless her arms are wrapped around something (Body pillow, shinso, etc.) 
Describe their favorite meal.
She love love loves sushi, especially Nigiri, and a lavender bubble tea to go with it.
What do they do when they’re bored?
When she has a free moment in the nurse’s office she likes to walk around the school and harass the teachers.
How do they express love/affection for someone?
After her previous relationship, it’s pretty hard for her to be affectionate with anyone.
But when she does finally open up to someone again she does it in small ways. Her relationships are more like friendships than anything else. She’ll lock pinkies with them, lean on them or have them lean on her.
She likes running her hands through shinso’s hair when he lays his head in her lap.
Most embarrassing thing that could/has happened to them?
There’s a video on Lyric’s phone of her completely smashed saying she wants to fuck Bakugou (before she started dating Shinso obviously).
Bakugou has seen this very video but doesn’t make things weird actually he found it funny and they’re cool now.
Make a portrait sketch of them!
Tumblr media
Thanks for the ask my love sorry it took forever!!!! Also sorry if there’s errors im lazy :)
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