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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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im so emotional saying goodbye to these guys tho? they’re my favourite squad in all of the remakes, just their dynamic works so well and you can tell they all care for each other so much. even during their disagrees or their low moments, they always there for each other. 

skam españa has changed my life, it’s changed how i see myself, how i see the people around me. its helped me connect to the people closest to me, and connect to new people and make amazing friends. 

this season may have been flawed, but it will forever remain my favourite remake. the dynamic of the girls, the way you can tell these last couple clips was the actors, not the characters. 

and thank you to the fandom, nothing would be possible with out our translators, our giffers, our writers. y’all are amazing even if we have our moments. i love all of y’all. 

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writing is weird because two weeks ago I had no problem sitting down to write five pages of a chapter in my story and this week I’ve sat down several times to work on the next chapter and my brain is just like no ❤️

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Hey so, I was walking one day and I was about to cross the street when two cars were racing. One crashes into the other and my mom pulled my sister back in time, my dad and me backed away in time. They pulled over and a couple of people went into the car that got crashed. I had to yell at my dad to not go over there, he came back, we crossed the street and called the police. I don’t think they came. It’s fine. At least all my family is alive. That’s my traumatizing experience.

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