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#im glad they finally let him finish his little family speech :(
maria-akira · 10 months ago
how you meet the ahs boys + their reaction while you're having a class - PART 1
hey yall im back again 🧍🏻‍♀️ is this what you call a headcanon?? idk BAHAHSHHA. anyways i've had this idea in my mind for a while and i wanted to share it to yall, so i hope you guys like it 😌
these also have a little back story on how you guys meet !!
also, special mention to @tatestripedsweater for helping me give ideas with jimmy's part !! thank you so much mwah 🥺❤
warnings: none! just pure fluff <3
please excuse any errors !
Tumblr media
before the pandemic, you and your family have moved into the murder house.
the house gave your family a very odd vibe, but nonetheless all of you had to bear with it because it was sold for a cheap price.
but when the pandemic arrived the country, you were stuck at home 24/7. thus, classes were online.
you met tate because of your father. tate was one of his patients and the both of you grew close.
"Y/N, what are you doing?"
tate would randomly barge in your room while having a class and you would jump out of shock.
"Jesus, Tate. Stop scaring me like that!"
tate would giggle and lay on your bed, observing the lesson that the teacher rambled about.
while you're writing notes, he would stand up and take a chair from some part of your room and sit beside you.
knowing that tate is clingy, you would warn him not to bug you and behave while you listened in class.
of course, he doesn't listen and he would place his head on your shoulder and eventually would cuddle you.
"Taaate, please let me focus."
luckily, you always keep your camera off.
"Mmm, no. I enjoy bugging you."
Tumblr media
one time, you were driving to school on your own and you were almost running out of gas.
luckily, you saw a gas station nearby and decided to get a fill before heading to school. and there, you met kit.
when you first laid your eyes on kit, you thought that he was the prettiest man ever. you couldn't let this chance slip, thus, you exchanged numbers with him.
you talked all day and night, the both of you were so inlove with each other and you finally decided to introduce him to your parents.
your parents loved him and you were so, so happy.
but when the pandemic came, it affected your relationship with kit.
since all schools and unis were closed down, everything went online.
when kit stayed over, he couldn't spend a lot of time with you because you had to attend classes early in the morning, till afternoon.
"Can you stay in bed with me for a little bit, darling?"
unfortunately, you woke up late that day and you missed 10 minutes of your first class. and just like that, you were stuck to your desk until afternoon.
"Kit baby, I'm sorry. I'm late for my first class. Maybe later, okay?"
as much as kit hated this whole online class thing, he would always find a way to cheer you up.
thus, he would cook you breakfast and bring it over to your room.
"C'mere, I'll feed you while you listen and write down notes."
Tumblr media
madison, your friend, had bugged you all week to go with her to this college frat party near your house.
you weren't the party type. you loved staying at home, watching netflix or reading some sort of fan fiction on wattpad.
but you hated being single. so, this was your chance to actually get a boyfriend.
when you arrived at the party, you immediately hated it. everything was so loud and everyone was drinking, it was definitely a new sight for you.
you were sitting on a couch that was in the balcony, with a red cup that was filled with punch. you loved being away from the commotion.
this is where you met kyle, it was love at first sight. the both of you had so much in common and you thought that he was the man of your dreams.
you exchanged snapchats and from there, you were partners-in-crime.
you and kyle had stopped going to parties ever since the pandemic arrived, which means you got to see each other less.
since the both of you were students, both of your classes went online.
one time, kyle had no classes for a day and he decided to surprise you.
that day, you were having an online presentation. both your camera and microphone were on.
"Rene Descartes was the Father of Modern Philosophy—"
as you were presenting the slide show, you were cut off by kyle's presence infront of your desk.
"I brought you food, baby!"
you would shush him and suddenly turn off your mic.
"I'm so sorry, Miss. My boyfriend arrived and I—"
kyle would go beside you and kiss you on your cheek, your classmates and teacher cooing over it.
"Miss, you better give my girlfriend a good grade."
Tumblr media
*pretend that he survived the bus accident and had a coma, because we arent involving witchcraft here*
kyle and his fraternity were on a bus that was going to some college event at school.
on the way there, you guys snapped each other and his friends would talk to you as well.
unfortunately, they got in an accident and the bus was flipped over.
a few students, including kyle, survived the accident.
when you heard this news, you cried your heart out and you didnt talk to anyone in your family.
you and your family visited the hospital and you rushed to kyle's room, it broke your heart to see tubes in him, with machines that beeped like there was no tomorrow.
when the doctor said that kyle was in a coma, your heart sank in the deepest part of your body.
this made you stay 24/7 with him until he was discharged.
when he was discharged from the hospital, he was not his usual self. the bubbly, energetic kyle was gone. instead, he was so confused with everything.
kyle's mom made him stay with you until he got his memory back, and you were more than glad to help.
but this took a toll on your studies because your classes were online due to a pandemic.
everyday in class, you would let kyle sit beside you and let him observe what you were doing.
"We're in Science class, Kyle. You were really good in Science, you helped me alot with my homeworks."
most of the time, you would help kyle develop his speech and his writing. but it was difficult for you.
"S-Sci... S-Sci-en.. ce?"
"Yes, Kyle! Good job, now one more time."
Tumblr media
ever since you were a kid, you loved going to carnivals, your parents would always bring you there every weekend.
there were carnivals almost everywhere, and your family brought you to all of them.
to you, each carnival was unique. the clowns and magicians in each carnival had different tricks up their sleeve.
but as you grew up, these carnivals slowly went out of business. except for one, which was elsa's cabinet of curiosities.
you decided to visit it one day just for a trip down memory lane, you never really had expectations for this place.
when you arrived there, there were a few people that were seated.
the show started and it instantly made you smile, they reminded you of your younger days. oh how you wished to be a child again.
you watched through a few acts, and the last act was a man named jimmy darling
when he came on stage, you locked eyes with him. there was something about him that really struck you.
after the performance ended, jimmy ran over to you and got your number. from there, you always talked and you would visit him regularly.
the regular visits stopped when the pandemic struck the country, forcing entertainment establishments, schools and unis to close down.
for the mean time, all your classes went online. you told jimmy that he could stay with you until things went back to normal.
on an early tuesday morning, you were in english class. jimmy was with your parents preparing breakfast, and you were falling asleep while your teacher discussed about the odyssey.
unlike tate, jimmy would always knock on your door. as his mom always taught, never enter anyone's room without knocking.
jimmy would giggle at your sleeping sight, your head lowered and your hair messed up.
"Hey, sweetheart, wake up! You're in class."
jimmy's timing was perfect. as he woke you up, you were called by the teacher.
"Miss Y/N, Do you think Odysseus was loyal to his wife?"
obviously, you panicked. but jimmy was there to save you. since jimmy was fond of reading, he finished the book and he whispered the answer to you before you could turn on your mic.
"No, Ma'am. Odysseus had an affair with Calypso and Circe."
once you got your teacher's approval, you turned off your microphone and let out a sigh of relief.
"You're lucky that I'm here to help you."
jimmy would joke and you would jump up to him, tackling him into a hug.
"I'm always lucky to have you, baby."
Tumblr media
at a young age, you were exposed to different types of fabrics. denim, silk, corduroy, neoprene. they name it, you've probably seen it.
your mother worked as a fashion designer. she managed to open a shop in the city and it was a great success for you and your family.
your mother has styled famous models. because of this, the shop was promoted and broadcasted all over the country. one day when you came from school, you saw a long line outside the shop.
that day, the staff count was low. there were only 5 employees instead of 10. you didn't exactly know why, so you decided to help.
after what felt like several hours, the long line finally dissolved into 2 customers, which was a mother and her son. they looked through the shop and the mother instantly loved everything.
her son, on the other hand, was trying on this lilac tux that your mother made.
you assisted her son and when you locked eyes, the both of you smiled. you entertained him throughout his shopping spree and the both of you never broke eye contact.
this was how you met dandy. he made the first move by getting your number, and of course you gave it back.
from there, the both of you talked day and night, even when you were in school.
since dandy's mother, gloria, loved your mother's shop so much, she would invite you and your mother regularly to her mansion.
gloria and your mother got along very well, and it was like gloria was your second mother.
so when your mother went to paris for a fashion show, she let you stay in gloria's mansion until she came back.
but to your dismay, your mother was not able to come back due to a pandemic that was all over the world. flights, establishments, and schools closed down.
of course you were sad, but you didn't worry so much because gloria treated you like her real daughter.
classes were online and you were forced to attend them everyday in the shared room you had with dandy.
since you had to get ready for class early in the morning, you would quietly get out of bed because dandy was sometimes a light sleeper.
it was around 8am and you were in math class. in your school, cameras were required to be turned on at all times. you thought this was a shit rule, but you had no choice to comply.
you were drawing some circles with a compass for an example that was being discussed by your teacher, when all of a sudden dandy was beside you.
"Dandy, sweetie, what are you doing up so early? Go back to sleep.."
dandy would pout at the lack of attention that you were giving him. since he loved holding your hand, you let him hold your other hand that you didn't use for writing.
"You're doing Math instead of cuddling with me!"
i'm actually super proud of this omg !! i hope yall enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it 🥺❤
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shawtygonemad · 8 months ago
SCARLET: Chapter 17
Daryl Dixon x OC (Rose Dixon)
Scarlet Playlist
Scarlet Masterlist
Tumblr media
I don't know how long it's been here. It's had to have been a few weeks since Carl's appearance. The only way for me to somewhat keep track of the time is by my slow weight gain. It hasn't been too horrible. It seems that I've mostly been getting wider. Negan kindly reminds me that I don't look pregnant, but instead that I've had a few too many meals. Asshole.
Since the Carl incident I've been shut out from what's going on even more now. Something must have happened, because Negan doesn't come "chat" with me anymore and it's been too long for my comfort since I've seen Samuel. I know he's tough and can handle himself, but it has me worrying. Normally he comes to see me everyday. Now I have some lacky taking me to and from my workplace.
The only good thing about having no visitors has been my ability focus and concentrate. Since commandeering all of my supplies from Alexandria I finally have more to work with. After a lot of, literal, blood, sweat, and tears - I think I've created it. The prototype of the vaccine is finished. Now the hardest part is finding some poor soul willing to be infected and used as a guinea pig with this vaccine.
Honestly, I doubt Negan would want to be the test subject. However, I needed to convince him to be. Instead of injecting him with the vaccine it could form a deadly chemical component to put into his blood stream. It would kill him and look like an accident. I could say that it turns out to not have been ready yet. Him groupies might not like it, but if it saves my family then it doesn't matter. This man needs to die. My thoughts were torn away when a disturbance could be heard from the hallway.
"She’s in here," what sounded to be the man, Dwight's, voice.
Soon the iron door to the room flew open and slammed against the wall which caused me to jump. A bit of an excessive entrance for him. When I lifted my eyes they were met with a pair of baby blues that I haven't seen in awhile. The same ones I dreamt of every night and wish our child would inherit. The ones I didn't expect to see here which caused a spike of anger through me. Being rescued wasn't apart of the plan. If I leave now then I'd lose my chance to take down Negan.
"What are you doing here," I frowned.
"Gettin' ya out of here," Daryl said as he rushed into the room with bolt cutters.
He arrived at my side and knelt down to cut the chains on the floor that held me captive.
"I don't need you to save me," I snapped.
The made him pause in his movements and look up at me.
"Would ya rather fuckin' stay here," he bit back before continuing with his task.
Tumblr media
"Yes," I harshly said. "I had a plan and this was not apart of it. I need to stay."
"Plans change," he grunted as he released me from my bonds. "Yer comin' back. If not for me then for yer brother. Yer niece and nephew."
"I am doing this for you. For all of you! I'm staying," I stubbornly said.
He stopped for a moment, taking time to ponder before his next move. He reached out and harshly grabbed me. The brute strength of it surprised me and also turned me on a bit. The man spun me around so my back was against his chest and he had a firm grip on both of my upper arms.
"I'm done with yer martyr bullshit," he growled in my ear. "Either yer walking out of here or I'm gonna pick yer ass up and carry ya out of here."
If the situation weren't as serious I would have wanted to disobey just to see where it got me, because this dominate side of him was turning me on like none other. Damn hormones! Unfortunately, before I had a chance to think and respond Daryl was hastily guiding me out of the room.
Tumblr media
"Wait," I said suddenly. "The vaccine!"
"You two don't have time to get it. You need to leave now," Dwight said in a rushed voice as he led us through the compound quickly.
We only had to dodge a few minions before we made it outside. I was expecting to see Daryl's bike, or even my own beloved one, but instead I was happily surprised. It was Moonshine! He looked to be alive and healthy. My boy was standing patiently on the outside of the fences for us.
"Moonshine?" I questioned.
"He's quieter than a your bike or a car," Daryl gruffly answered as we approached the animal. "We ain't got much time."
Everything was still happening so fast that my mind couldn't keep up. Soon Daryl hoisted me up onto the horse then himself. He said some quick words to Dwight before we set off into the darkness.
I just let the Sanctuary. I was free. Daryl, my angel, came to save me once again. I was grateful for him. I always will be. But now my plan was ruined. His, and everyone else's, safety was back on the line.
"I could have saved myself," I mumbled.
"Sure didn't seem like it," Daryl replied.
"I'm so glad everyone thinks so little of me!" I snapped. "First Samuel, then Carl, and now you? I'm a grown fucking woman, people! I know how to take care of myself."
"Ya have people worried about ya," Daryl tried to reason.
"Well dont!" I snapped.
He didn't respond after that. We just continued to ride along in silence. I knew he was just worried like everyone, but I don't need to be treated like a breakable porcelain doll. I'm capable of protecting myself and others. I've done relatively well thus far. Also these goddamn hormones have my emotions all over the place.
I still needed to tell Daryl, but now was definitely not the time. Though it might help to explain some of my moodiness. No, if I tell him now then any chance of me taking Negan down was over. I wouldn't be able to leave the walls of Alexandria again and fight im this war. I needed to help them. So as long as I didn't show too much more I'd be able to keep things quiet. Even though I wanted to do nothing more than celebrate with Daryl.
"I'm sorry," I finally said as Alexandria was in our eyesight. "You know how I get when I'm not in control."
Daryl simply grunted which wasn't a good sign. He was not happy, which he had every right not to be. His wife went AWOL and had no plans of returning for awhile regardless of how hard her loved ones tried to bring her home. Ontop of that she was moody as hell being a complete bitch.
Tumblr media
I gave a sigh. This fight was on me and my actions so I was the one who needed to swallow the pride and actually apologize.
"Look, Angel, this is a sincere apology. I'm sorry that I always make plans and go off without you. We're supposed to be a team and in this together. And, you're right, I need to stop acting like a martyr and start thinking of plans that not only save my family, but myself included."
I pull one of his hands off the reign and brought it to my lips as I gave it a soft kiss.
"And never have you been nor will you ever be a burden to me. I needed for you to let me go. I needed to hurt you and I'm so sorry. It's something I promise I will never do again. We're a team and I promise to start acting like it. I'm just so scared to lose you," I choked up.
I felt pressure on the top of my head from his lips. Relief flooded through me. I wanted nothing more then to fully burst into tears.
Tumblr media
"How many times do I got to tell ya, you ain't gonna lose me. But goddamn, I'm always afraid I'm gonna lose you," he sighed in frustration.
"I know," I croaked out. "I'm so sorry."
"I know," he said as he waved at the guard to let us in. "I got ya back, and right now that's all that matters."
At his words I bit my lip to surpress a sob. Daryl and I were together again, and we were home. I planned on keeping my promise and staying a team with him. If we all worked together then we would be able to win this war.
"Is that a fucking tiger!? How! What? Who..." I rambled on confused as we approached the group of warriors in the center of town.
"Yes, her name is Shiva. And you must be the infamous queen of the kingdom Eden. Such a brave and fierce warrior! Sir Samuel has told us well," a man with graying dreads strolled towards us.
"Sam's here," I asked anxiously.
My eyes scanned the crowd of strangers until they landed on my dear friend. He was here after all, and he was safe. I ran forward and engulfed him in a hug.
"It's only been a week," he chuckled. "You couldn't have missed me that much. Besides, we have some people here who have waited awhile to see you."
I turned to where his gaze was fixed and saw the rest of my family. My eyes locked with Rick's and he started towards me. My brother wrapped me in a tight hug before kissing my head. He didn't say anything, but he didn't need to. We knew each other so well that we didn't have to say words. Both of us were happy to see one another together and safe. The rest of the family then followed suit. They were all here and safe.
"What's with the large crowd," I asked them as I gazed around at the new faces.
"You said we needed more people," Rick reminded me as he got on the makeshift stage. Was he really going to give a pep talk? "When I first met him, Jesus said that my world was going to get a whole lot bigger. Well, we found that world," he announced to the crowd.
"We found each other, and that 'bigger world' is ours by right," Rick continued. "We've come together for it. All of us. It's that much more true. It's ours by right," he paused then looked at me.
With a sigh I joined him on stage. We always did give the best motivational speeches together. Though I had no idea what the tell to say to these people I didn't know. Buckle up? Get ready for war?
"Any person who would lives in peace and fairness, who would find common ground... it's their right too," I added.
Rick gave me a quick nod to continue.
"Those who use and take and kill to carve out the world and make it theirs alone? No. We will end them," I growled.
"There's only one person who has to die," Rick announced. "And I will kill him myself. I will!"
Tumblr media
"Not if I get to him first," I snidely said under my breath.
"We will keep making the world bigger - together," Rick said.
"Together," I followed as did the man who I learned was named Ezekiel.
"Bound forever," Ezekiel dramatically announced. "To quote the Bard, 'For he who sheds his blood with me today shall be my brother... and she my sister."
"We've practiced. We've been through it over and over again," Maggie reminded them. "We all know the plan doesn't end this morning. We have each other and the future is ours."
"Oh shit," I quietly cursed, confused. "Practiced what? What plan? I wasn't here for this," I harshly whispered to Rick.
"I'll fill you in later," he whispered back.
"We're going to live in uncertainty for awhile. Could be days. But as long as we have hope and each other then we'll win. The world is ours and we're going to be the change in it," Rick continued on.
"But first, we have a war to win," I reminded them before hopping off the stage.
Tumblr media
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6rookie-writer0110 · a year ago
Hold up Vermont, is a real state?
Sebastian Stan x Male Reader
Request- Also for that seb x male could u do a happy ending where they propose to each other and then later on have a kids-🐳 p.s. LOVE U SO MUCH IM GO CRY NOW ABOUT HOW I WANT SEB STAN TO BE MY HUBBIE
Tumblr media
You and Sebastian have been quarantined for two months now. He is happy about it because he has been living in Atlanta, Georgia because he has been working on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. You live with Sebastian in his condo and you two are in love. Sebastian has been letting his beard grow and it grows fast. You and Sebastian are always in briefs and stay up late.
You and Sebastian fell asleep on the couch, he is behind you. He has his arm around you and his leg on top of you. You can feel his beard and long hair on your neck. Sebastian start to wake up and he kissed your shoulder. He goes back to sleep a few minutes later you wake up and he is still sleeping. You gently moved his arm away from you and slowly got off the couch. He didn't wake up and you put the blanket on him.
Later, you go to the bedroom to change your shirt then went to the home office. You get on your laptop and you start to work, you and Sebastian own a bar/restaurant and both businesses are closed because of the disease. Sebastian wakes up and he starts to look for you. He checks the home office and sees you typing.
”Hey handsome” Sebastian said.
His hands go down your chest and he kissed your cheek.
”Thought you were going to sleep all night,” You said.
”Couldn’t. I'm just letting everyone know they won't lose their jobs and they will still get paid” You said.
”That’s good. How about I make us something to eat and you keep working” Sebastian said.
You nod.
”Okay,” You said.
Sebastian gave you a peck on the lips. He left the home office and went to the bedroom. He takes out the ring box and he stares at the engagement ring. You and Sebastian did talk about marriage many times. For months he thought of he will ask you to make him. He would overthink everything and couldn't make up his mind. Now he knows what to do.
You are still working and Sebastian knows you won't leave the office anytime soon. He turns on the Nintendo Switch and puts in Super Mario Maker 2. He starts to play but he is doing something special. Two hours later he finished now he starts to make dinner. You are still in the office and Sebastian tries to make everything perfect. He tried to make your favorite meal and he hopes you won't hate it.
”Babe, dinner is ready,” Sebastian said.
”What took you long to make dinner?” You asked.
You followed him to the living room.
”I thought we can play and have dinner,” Sebastian said.
”Sure why not,” You said.
First, you start to eat and drink and he does the same. Later, he sets up the game Super Mario Maker 2. While playing then you noticed something. He takes out the ring box and his heart is racing fast.
”Y/N,” Sebastian said.
In the game, he tried his best to write; Y/N would you marry me?
You look at him and your eyes are wide open.
”Seb?” You asked.
”Y/N, I mean it would you marry me? I love you and I want to grow old-”
You put your hands on his cheeks and kissed him.
”I will marry you,” You said.
He smiled and kissed you then he puts the ring on your finger.
”I wanted to take you somewhere romantic but we can't travel. So I thought to do something very different” Sebastian said.
” It's perfect and what you did made me speechless. I was going to ask you to marry me at Disney world once this whole thing was over” You said.
”You can ask me now,” Sebastian said.
You nod, you go that bedroom and look for the ring. You come back with the ring and you grab his hand.
”Seb, would you marry me? I had this whole speech prepared. You make me happy and feel loved and I want to spend my whole life with you and create new memories with you” You said.
”You are cute and I love you, Y/N. I would marry you” Sebastian said.
You put the ring on his finger and he got on top of you. You and Sebastian can't stop smiling.
✫ ✬ ✯ ✫
You and Sebastian are still being quarantined. His hair got a little longer and he is letting his beard grow longer. You and Sebastian are using the laptop looking up wedding ideas, it's overwhelming. But he called his friend and family and told them the good news. You did the same, later you and Sebastian took pictures with the rings on and posted on Instagram.
”Where should we go for the honeymoon?” Sebastian asked.
You and Sebastian look online to get ideas where you go.
”How about Mauritius?” You asked.
”Sounds good, it does have beautiful beaches. We can stay there for a week or two” Sebastian said.
”Yeah, we can. We still have a lot to do. You are going to let your hair and beard grow longer?” You said.
”Yeah, I want my beard to grow down to my chest” Sebastian joked.
You laughed.
”You are crazy” You giggled.
✬ ✯ ✫
~Time Skip~
You and Sebastian have been married for years and have two kids. Have a two-month-old baby boy and a toddler who is three years old. You finally arrived home and your daughter runs to you.
”Dad!!” She yelled with joy.
You kneel down to pick her up and she wrapped her arms around your neck. You picked her up and kissed her head.
”I missed you,” You said.
”I miss you, Dad,” She said.
You are still carrying her and you see Sebastian feeding the baby.
”He definitely eats like you, always making a mess” You giggled.
Sebastian kissed your lips.
”Glad you are home. But he doesn't eat like me and I don't make a mess” Sebastian said.
He feeds the baby again but the baby spits out the food. You and your daughter laughed.
”She made a drawing for us. It's our family portrait” Sebastian said.
”Oh sweetie, that is great. Can you show me the drawing?” You said to her.
She nods and smiled.
”Yeah,” She said.
You put her down and she went to get her drawing. She sits on your lap and shows you the drawing.
”Wow, this is amazing! We should put it on the fridge” You said and kissed her head.
Later, you bathe your son while Sebastian plays in the backyard with your daughter. You see him going down the slide with her and she can't stop smiling.
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risottoneroo · a year ago
self indulgence, pt 20
a/n: heres my first ever finished series!! fuck this has been a ride, but im glad to have done it with all of you.
warnings: weddings, crying, pregnancy mentions
Tumblr media
The planning for your wedding passed in a blur. It would be in Sicily, in Risotto’s hometown, and in the church he had gone to growing up. His family thought he was dead, and he knew it was best to keep it that way.
Your honeymoon would be in Malta, and it would be only a week. Risotto didn’t trust his subordinates to run the newly fledging organization for longer than that. 
An increasingly obvious problem was Secco. The man had grown more and more attached to you as the days went on, and he now had a hard time being separated from you. He did wear clothes now, usually shorts and a loose t shirt, but he still had the unfortunate habit of coming to you when he was horny. 
Secco was a unique issue, and one you needed to confront. He was a grown man who acted like a particularly obedient pet, who clearly had issues that couldn’t be resolved easily, and who was a very powerful and loyal Stand user. 
Risotto would rather Secco remained attached to you than have to kill him, but he’d made it clear in no uncertain terms that Secco was not to come on the honeymoon. You agreed. You’d have to find someone who liked him. 
Your solution came when you were trying to order the invitations. Your computer kicked the bucket just as you were finishing. Fortunately, Melone was in town, and he agreed to come over and help. The moment he stepped in the door, Secco was on him like an overeager dog. Melone frowned. “And who’s this?”
You sighed. “Secco, stop! He’s Cioccolata’s former human pet. I transferred his loyalties.”
Melone swallowed. “Your Stand is very…interesting.”
You laughed. “You can say scary.”
He shrugged and leaned down to pat Secco’s head. “He’s very cute.”
Secco purred and looked pleased. “Thank you!”
Melone jumped. “Oh, you talk!”
Secco’s voice was less garbled now, since you’d worked with him on speech. Melone knelt and looked at Secco. “Do you like it here?”
Secco grinned. “I love it here. Y/N and Risotto aren’t mean to me, and they aren’t weak like Cioccolata was. And Y/N is so pretty-”
He blushed and looked down. Melone chuckled softly and stood. “He’s an interesting project, to say the least.”
You sighed. “Yeah. My issue is that he can’t exactly come on the honeymoon with us.”
Melone shrugged. “I’ll keep him.”
You blinked. “Really?”
He raised an eyebrow. “A human pet? I’d love to talk more with him.”
You shrugged. “Secco, do you want to go with Melone for a week?”
Seccon grinned. “He seems nice! Yeah.”
You shrugged again. “Okay, well, he’ll take you to his apartment after he’s done here, so go and get your things.”
Secco bounded into your room. You sat next to Melone on the couch, and he pulled up a mockup of your wedding invitations. “I knew something like this would happen, so I saved duplicates of everything on Babyface.”
You hugged him. “Thank you so much.”
He shrugged and hit a few keys, sending them to the company you were getting them from. “It’s not a problem.”
He hugged you back and smiled. “I’m happy you and Risotto are finally tying the knot.”
You pulled away and smiled back. “I am too.”
He stood, and Secco came out of your room, holding his bag. It had his changes of clothes and his toiletries, both of which you had gotten for him. Getting him to take a bath at first had been hell, but he’d eventually grown to like it. 
Melone took his hand. “I’ll take good care of him, Y/N.”
You smiled and knelt to kiss Secco’s forehead. “Be good for Melone.”
He hugged you tight and nodded. “I will.”
You hugged him back, then let go and stood. Melone nodded to you and led Secco out the door. Secco was walking normally, although it was a little bowlegged. 
You sat back down at your desk, glad that at least one of the knots in your life had been untangled. 
RIsotto came home late, looking tired. You were on the couch, typing on your laptop. When you saw him, you put it down and reached out. He pulled off his tie and fell onto your lap, groaning. “They’re so fucking stupid.”
You stroked his hair gently. “What happened?”
He shook his head. “They’ll never survive without me.”
He turned over and looked up at you. “They’re barely making it without you. With both of us gone, this whole operation might just go under.”
You sighed. “Prosciutto?”
Risotto bit his lip. “Has his hands full containing the leak. Formaggio would be able to hold it down for a few days, and with Illuso, probably a full week.”
You shrugged. “So we have some extra work at the end of the day. Not a bad thing.”
He shrugged back and stayed quiet. You kept scratching his hair, and he hummed. You smiled. “Do you want to watch a movie?”
He nodded, yawning again. You patted his head. “Go put on pajamas. You’ll wrinkle your suit.”
He rolled his eyes, and got up. “The suit isn’t even that expensive-”
You shook your head. “I like it, I don’t want it to get wrinkled.”
He stuck his tongue out playfully, and you smiled. 
You turned on the TV while he changed. You glanced into your shared room. He was down to his briefs, stretching out tired muscles. He smiled at you, and you smiled back. He pulled on a baggy tshirt and came out. “Hey.”
You held out your arms, and he laid down on you. His feet were hanging off the end of the couch, but he didn’t care.
The day of your wedding came faster than you’d expected. Risotto had stayed over at Formaggio’s place the night before, so tradition could be kept. A team of Passione aestheticians had come over early in the morning and made you up and laced you into the dress.  You sat in a chair and looked at yourself as they contoured and colored your face. The makeup was soft. You swallowed the nervousness in your throat. You were the queen, and they knew it. What had you done to get there? What would you do to stay there?
The church you were getting married in was massive. All of Passione was in attendance for the ceremony, but only a select few would be present for the reception, mostly the former members of La Squadra di Esecuzione and their new spouses or underlings. Bruno’s squad would be there as well, even Mista. Risotto had refused to budge on ordering him to attend. The final nail in his coffin, watching the woman you love become inaccessible forever. 
You were prepared to walk down the aisle alone. But when Prosciutto met you at the door and offered his arm, you were grateful. He kissed your cheek gently. “You look beautiful.”
You smiled at him. “Thank you.”
He nodded. “I know I have to give you away to him.”
You touched his cheek. Your heels made you taller than him. “We’re friends.”
He closed his eyes. “Yes.”
The music started, and the doors opened.
The church was beautiful, festooned in lace and white roses. The sun shone through green, white and blue stained glass, and the ceiling was high and airy.  Your train trailed behind you as you walked down the aisle with Prosciutto. 
Risotto was standing at the altar, looking angry as usual. His tuxedo was black from the skin out. The only break was his white tie. He turned to you, and his facade broke. 
His face crumpled, and he covered his face as he began to cry. You rushed the last few steps and took his wrists. “Ris, what-?”
The church was stunned. Nobody had ever seen him cry before. He pulled his hands away from his face and wiped away his tears. “Fuck. You’re beautiful. I never thought-”
You smiled weakly. “If you cry, I’ll cry. Quit it.”
He nodded and inhaled deeply. His black sclera never revealed that he’d been crying. The priest cleared his throat. “Are we ready?”
You nodded and took Risotto’s hands. The priest began. “Dearly beloved-”
You zoned out and watched Risotto’s face. He was smiling at you. He looked utterly content. You both repeated after the priest, and after your “I do’s”, he stepped back. “The couple will now state their vows to one another before God.”
Risotto swallowed hard and pulled out a stack of notecards. He blinked and looked at you. “Y/N. You are the woman I love. When I found you, I hoped against hope that someday we would be here, and I, against all odds, and all evidence to the contrary, have finally gotten something I want. Someone I want. You have risked your life to get us where we are now, but that stops here. I will keep you safe. I will make a home for you, wherever that may be.”
He swallowed hard and continued. “As I stand here, under the eyes of God and Passione, I know that I chose right. I chose you, and I will keep choosing you.”
You sniffled, and Prosciutto at your elbow handed you a handkerchief. You took Risotto’s hands. “Risotto Nero, you have been the only constant in my life for a long time. I have loved you for longer than I know, and I feel blessed every day that I’m by your side. You make me laugh and cry, rage and smile. I have risked my life for yours, as you do for mine. I would do it again in a heartbeat. You are the only man I would do this for. I chose you. I will keep choosing you.”
The priest spoke softly, but the whole church heard it. “You may now kiss the bride.”
Risotto’s lips were on your before the priest finished his sentence. You could taste salt and blood, tears and iron. His lips were crushing and desperate, his hands pulling you in close to him passionately. 
He pulled back, panting softly, and you smiled at him. “You have lipstick marks.”
He laughed and pulled away, taking your hand in his and facing the church. The priest announced, “I present to you today, under God for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Risotto Nero.”
Of course it didn’t end there. Risotto rose in power and fame, eventually controlling all of Italy in his web of organized crime. He became known as “L’uomo Nero”, fitting both because of his last name and his fashion sense, as well as his sadistic taste in punishment. He was feared and respected. He never allowed anyone else to dole out punishment, and ruled with an iron fist.
Your powers, as soft as they seemed, were more feared among the organization. Rumors of you making men fall in love with a touch, then leading them into the jaws of L’uomo Nero, circulated long after you both retired. 
When Risotto turned 35, he decided he’d had enough. You retired with him to a small villa on a hill in Sicily, overlooking the beach. You stopped taking birth control, and were pregnant with twins within the year. They were born as white-haired as their father. Risotto doted on them, and on you.
You found him one day staring into the mirror at his body. When you had met him, ten years ago now, he had been slim and tall, like a tree. As he neared middle age, his body had thickened and gained muscle and fat. His belly stuck out over his shorts, and body hair had thickened on his chest and stomach. He’d raised an eyebrow at you, and you’d kissed him. He’d sighed. “I’m not the same man you married.”
You’d laughed. “I’m not the same woman. Does that mean we give up? Does that mean I don’t love you every day?”
He smiled and kissed you again. “No. It doesn’t.”
You were pregnant again the next year. Risotto’s love for you grew as his children did, and when you became pregnant again with twins, he decided it was time for a vasectomy. You agreed. 
You grew old together, watching your children play in the waves.
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brandtsclarke · a year ago
It Just Can’t Wait - Matthew Tkachuk.
Tumblr media
Matthew Tkachuk x Reader.
Summary: Matthew has been planning to ask you to marry him and he isn't going to let quarantine ruin his plans.
Word Count: 1.6k
Warning: none that I know of.
“Brady what am I supposed to do now, we can’t even go out of the house and we don’t even know how long quarantine is gonna last.” Matthew expressed to his brother about his current dilemma. 
“I don’t know dude, you’ll figure it out or at least she’ll understand.” Brady said not being much help. Matthew hung up and decided to sort out his thoughts by himself since his younger brother wasn't much help. 
Matt had planned to propose to you next weekend but the world was just put on quarantine so the idea of proposing where he had planned was crossed off the list. He had the grand idea of proposing where you met and then going to celebrate with your guys family, something simple since you didn't really like being the center of attention. Now he had to come up with something quick because he wanted to be engaged to you as soon as possible. You and Matthew had been dating for a few years and he thought it seemed right. Him having a steady playing career in the NHL and you just finishing college. You guys lived and did mostly everything together so it was already like both of you guys were married. All that was left were the rings on the left fingers. 
Earlier in the month you and Matthew had walked into a jewelry store not even to look for rings but you spotted one and fell in love with it and Matt took that as a hint that maybe it was time to get engaged since before that, wedding rings had never caught your attention.
During the week he had been planning everything from talking to your family members to his trying to make it the best home proposal possible. You noticed that he did seem a bit not himself so you decided to confront him, “Hey Matty baby you ok, you just seem kind of off.“
“ Yeah I'm good babe, just quarantine is getting to my head,” he said chuckling nervously hoping you wouldn't catch him under his lie. He was really nervous, this was a big step in your guys relationship. A bunch of thoughts entered his mind. What if you didn't want to get married to him? What about if as soon as he proposed you would say no and leave? You guys had never talked about marriage, you had talked about kids a couple of months earlier but did that mean you wanted to get married? 
Matthew knew that he needed to clear his head soon or else he might blurt something out. During quarantine you were the only one he could talk to and of course he couldn't talk to you.  Something that always seemed to cheer him up no matter what, was playing street hockey with you. Now you weren't the best but he just liked having you try and be with him.
“Hey babe wanna head outside for a one on one game?” Matt raised his eyebrows quizzically at you. You noticed that he seemed stressed the last couple of days so you agreed because you knew this would help him clear his head. 
After a fun and somewhat challenging game that of course Matthew won, you guys headed inside and just relaxed cuddled up to each other.
Matt thought maybe that this was the perfect time to ask you some questions so his brain could relax and get some reassurance.
“Y/n, do you love me” as soon as the question left his lips he knew it was a dumb question. But he couldn't take it back so he nervously stared into your beautiful eyes for a response. 
“Matthew Tkachuk where is this coming from, of course i love you, you big doofus. How could I not with your big cocky attitude that is sometimes annoying but super hot and the fact that you are super clingy and affectionate when your friends are not around. Plus you are everything I've ever wanted in a man. And I mean everything. So stop doubting yourself and kiss me.” you said smacking him in the back of the head.
“Gosh you are absolutely perfect you know that and I am not clingy” Matt said huffing like a little kid then proceeded to kiss you lips, in that moment that's all the reassurance Matthew needed to know that you were really the one he wanted to be with for the rest of his life.
Saturday was grocery day for you and Matthew. Usually you guys would go in the evening around six or seven after dinner. But today Matt had to get you out of the house early. How? He didn't exactly know yet, but he had to come up with something soon. He couldn't really sleep all night so when you started to stir slowly waking  up, he was kind of relieved and glad that you had interrupted his thinking. 
You guys headed down stairs and started making pancakes. You thought that this was probably your favorite part of your guys' morning. When both of you were still in pjs and making kind of mess but most importantly breakfast. You couldn't wait to have some Tkachuk kids running around the house. After making breakfast, and cleaning up, Matthew knew that he needed to get you out of the house soon. 
It was around 4pm when Matt thought maybe it was time to send you away. “Hey babe how about you go grocery shopping right now, just you.” You were kind of confused on why he was sending you to the store alone since you guys always went together unless he had something important to do. He noticed that you looked confused so he added to his sentence from before.
“It's just that i want to make a chocolate cake for after dinner but I have a zoom meeting with the guys soon.” You thought cake sounded good and the guys were probably just going to mess around so you agreed.
You changed, kissed Matthew goodbye, grabbed your keys and headed out. Matt knew that he had to work quickly. So he grabbed some string lights and the picnic basket you guys had stored away in some closet. He headed to the kitchen to pack some stuff for a picnic.
You were at the store grabbing the last things and headed to the cake aisle. There didn't seem to be any chocolate cake so you just grabbed funfetti and hoped your boyfriend wouldn't mind too much.
Back at home Matt had changed from his pjs to something more presentable and grabbed the ring box. He headed downstairs and outside to take one last look outside to make sure everything was perfect. He heard the door open and you yell that you were back. He texted you to come outside and you stayed at the back door.
“What's this for.” you asked curious to why you guys were having a picnic in the middle of the evening.
“Well since we can not go outside to have a date night I decided to bring date night to us.” Matt said smiling sweetly at you. You approached him and sat down and he began taking everything out. 
“And you said you were not affectionate” you poked at you boyfriend. You guys just talked and enjoyed each other's company when Matt finally decided it was now or never.
“Can you close your eyes for a second baby, I know you don’t like surprises but I think you might like this one.” Matt said holding your hand reassuringly. He stood up and got up on one knee. “Ok keep them closed, this surprise I've had for a while but now that we are in quarantine it just can't wait anymore open them please.”
You saw Matthew standing on one knee and everything seemed to click in your head. From the way he sent you to the store, to him being nervous all week, and finally to him asking if you loved him. Tears welled up in your eyes.
“Y/n baby I know this isn't ideal since we are in quarantine but I just couldn't wait no more. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love that when I'm with you I become clingy. I love that you try to play hockey with me even though you arent the best and you know that. I love that we make a mess making breakfast even though we are making the simplest thing ever. I love that we always have deep conversations. I love that you always let me rant to you about my problems even though you aren't feeling your best some days. But most importantly I love you for you and for loving me back. So will you marry me y/n” Matthew was tearing up at the end of his speech.
You were bawling your eyes out by the end of his speech and giggling at some of the remarks he made. “ Yes! I'll marry you Matthew Tkachuk. When you said yes Matt released a breath that he didn't even know he was holding in. He hugged you and you guys whispered I love you to each other. You stayed outside cuddled up next to each other while looking at the stars. Later you guys headed inside to call your family and share the big news. You were glad that you were in the next chapter in your relationship with Matt and couldn't wait for what adventures were gonna be happening in your guys lives from now on together.
im tagging people so it doesn't flop: @hartsyhart (thanks for the help) @patty-cake-nolan ( thanks for the title help) @mitch-slap @leafsxhockeywrxtes @mymanseguin and @ayohockeycheck (thank you for the string lights idea) also thank you for everyone who voted for matty.
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tenyacore · 9 months ago
Hi there and congrats!! May I plz get both BnHA and HQ? Straight female, She/Her, 17. I'd prefer male matchups! Libra INFJ. I wear glasses and have wavy short brown hair. I'm a sensitive and kind person. Academically I'm ranked first in my classes because I want to score a secure place in university. I also love to participate in Speech contests because I love doing speeches!
My hobbies are drawing, video games, singing and listening to rock music like Queen, Bon Jovi, GnR. My pastime is basically just playing otome and RPG games on my phone or Nintendo Switch. I cry a lot cuz I'm very emphatic. I love to help people too although they take advantage of that sometimes.
Being a straight A student is surely not easy, but my family is very supportive and give me the best advice! I love my friends and family so much so I'm a soft person for families. One unique trait I have is a beauty mark below my lower right lip which is very prominent but my mom says it means I'll be a leader so I don't mind it. Oh yeah, for BnHA i'm fine with anyone! Thanks!!
um can i like kiss u i-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✿ head over heels over you like he follows you around like a PUPPY
✿ always praises you and says how lucky he is to have such a smart girlfriend!!! brags about you to the team a lot
✿ lets you practice speeches on him, loves listening to your voice and telling you if theres certain words that seem too hard to understand
✿ doesnt mind listening to your music, and actually often find himself listening to the music you usually put on without realizing it
✿ loves gaming with you, even if they are otome games (might even tell you how much better snother character would be as a boyfriend than the one you chose)
✿ hates seeing you cry :(( he'll be like a dog seeing his owner cry, kissing away your tears with the sadest lil eyes
✿ agrees with your mom, loves your beauty mark, and often finds himself bringing his finger to it and admiring your pretty face
✿ sometimes even kisses it, which was what he was trying to do when he completely miscalculated his angle and made your first kiss a show with the whole volleyball team watching
Tumblr media
"im telling you, she's real!!" nishinoya yelled, upset no one would believe he had a girlfriend. "yeah right, you've been saying that for a while, so how come we've never seen her?" tsukishima said, standing a distance away with the rest of the team. "you'll be eating your words!" noya huffed before texting you to come to the court. since he hadn't done that before, you assumed there was an issue and rushed over.
"noya, is everything okay?" you asked him as you openned the doors you finally reached. "y/n!!!" he ran towards you "everyone, this is my girlfriend!" he hung his arm on your shoulders, motioning to you "and i dunno about you guys but im pretty sure she's real. what do you think, y/n?" you laughed at his words "yes, im very real." you nodded.
"are you sure that's your girlfriend?" tsukishima joked again, before being nudged by yamaguchi "this'll prove it" he said determined to show them you were his, aiming to kiss you right beneath your lip before you moved slightly towards him. without enough time to redirect his lips, they softly clashed against yours earning a proud woop from tanaka. scrambling to separate, he yelled a few sorrys before you reassured him that it was okay
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✿ when you were first introduced to the class he wasnt too worried, as he rather quickly picked up on your kindness and your intelligence and knew you and his friend group would probably get along well
✿ and he was right, except he didnt expect that he'd slowly fall in love with you once he learned more about you
✿ is really curious about your taste in music- perhaps not his cup of tea but always 100% supportive of it
✿ also 100% supportive of your dedication to academics, and is always determined to help you and motivate you
✿ understands why or what you're crying about, but still tried to comfort you as much as he can
✿ please also give him reassurance!! bby boy is trying his best and he wants to know he's actually helping you!!
✿ favorite thing to do is have you sit in front of him with his legs at your sides, watching whatever game is on your screen
✿ your first kiss was one of those moments, your face too cute to not kiss as you looked up at him
Tumblr media
izuku sat behind you, arms wrapped around you as you played games. it was moments like these that filled him with so much love for you, and you felt the same way. he had always been by your side, whether while you studied or goofed off. you felt his arms slowly loosen before being completely removed from your body. you were about to let out a huff, before feeling his fingers run through your hair. leaning into his touch, you continued playing your games.
he was quick to try to make a couple braids to then braid into one. when he finished, he sat there with a content smile, fingers lingering on the little baby hairs framing your face. his eyes were so full of love, his cheeks tinted a light red, his lips curved into the cutest grin. something in you told you to look over to him (me, miss girl, im begging u to), and when you did, you were glad you did.
the sight before you was so simple yet filled you with feelings so deep. with a smile, you whispered his name, before letting out a phrase izuku had been waiting for all this time- "kiss me, please?". he nodded eagerly, before placing a soft, excited kiss on your lips, blush deepening. shit, you were in the middle of a boss fight-
Tumblr media
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keepcalm-and-beyou · 2 years ago
FP Jones(Riverdale)
Tumblr media
FP Breaking his Sobriety because of You:
Tumblr media
Forsythe Pendleton “FP” Jones The Second had finally been released from Prison and was currently at his retirement party held at the Whyte Wyrm. 
You had been there as well to support your “King” or soon to be former King of the Southside Serpents. Before FP had gone to jail you two had shared a complicated relationship, meaning it was one that consisted of mainly sexual acts and hidden get together’s. Due to your age gap things were rough, you only being 19 years of age. And then with him going to jail for the parts he played in Jason blossoms death it clearly didn't work out. but as the Serpent you were you wouldn't miss the party thrown for him by the Prince of the southside serpents aka his son Jughead. 
You hadn't Spoke to FP yet and had been glad for it as you were avoiding him as much as possible at this event. i mean god knows how awkward it could be to have to explain your date and guy you have been seeing recently. Sweet Pea. yup the young boy well not to much younger than yourself had been having a not so serious type of relationship. but of course being at the sane place as FP and having Sweet Pea along with you, you'd be noticed by FP. 
FP had been chatting with some of his serpent buddies when he looked over to the pool tables seeing you dressed up nicely in a tight green dress that hugged all your curves just right and looked amazing with your Serpents jacket on. his eyes flashes slight excitement while they travelled around your body until he noticed a hand around your waist and his eyes followed to where the guys face had been, the face being so close to yours. the face being Sweet Peas. FPs eyes grew wider and looked of hurt with anger mixed in them. he noticed Sweet Peas smirk and leaning into you pressing his lips onto yours, making FP even more upset.
 FP knew you were young and things between you two just wasn't working mainly due to that fact of your age, he felt guilt many times and like he would break jugheads heart for ever crossing the line with you. You were one of jugheads friends sure you weren't as close as you use to be with jug couple years ago but it still seemed wrong and FP didn't need to be judged more in his life and hated by his son even more as well, things slowly ended with you two and he knew the final ending was when he was sent to prison.  Yet he still had the same feelings for you the same care and lust and jealousy. which right now led to him ordering for a Serpent buddy to get him a shot. something very strong he says to the guy and the serpent nods fastly bringing one to his King. He knew it was stupid and felt bad for breaking his sober pact to him self and son but he needed something in that time to deal with seeing You and Sweet Pea.  
After hearing of jugheads deal with Penny The Snake Charmer and Seeing You moved on from him FP had a change of heart. 
FP had been on stage making his Speech that everybody including your self was standing closely listening to his words. “ I've been in and out of the serpents since i was younger than my son, and its been a wild ride. good times, bad times, but through it all the serpents stuck by my side while most other people turned their backs on me. my own family included. now, the letter of the law says that i cant associate with my friends, my real family, my blood. but ive been thinking about that, and it’ll be a cold day in hell before a snake lets a pig tell him what to do.. The Northside wants me out of this gang, well they better bring a coffin cause FP Jones isn't retiring. i am not going gently into the night. i am here to stay, so bring the fire” FP finishes his speech as the crowd cheered at his sudden change of heart.  
You looked at jug and he seemed surprised like he had not expected FP to change his mind.  You on the other hand were not to taken back by it, you just couldn't see the serpents without him. FP made his way down the stage towards you having to walk past to get to his son and while doing so FP said “Hope your happy” in a tone that surely wasn't a positive one, it seemed bitter. and looked to Sweet Pea who was standing beside you looking clueless at his King. You didn't have time to speak and ask what he was talking about because you yourself were confused by if he meant about your moving on or being the fact he is still going to be the Leader of the southside serpents. 
FP was now standing in front of jughead and You and Sweet Pea had followed him where jug was. FP was telling jug about his knowledge on his activities with the snake charmer and jughead looked surprised. FP sounded disappointed in his son and you felt bad for jug, your no better then jug is here in this situation you never stopped him only agreed to the help penny could give as well. all you and jug and everyone else in the serpents wanted was FP your Leader your King to be free. 
FP told jug he took his place as penny's delivery boy allowing her to no longer be a problem towards jughead. now she is FPs issue to deal with. You notice how shocked and upset jughead was about all his father was saying so you stood next to him putting your hand on his arm “its okay jug” you told him and glanced at FP who looked broken almost with tears in his eyes making you feel sad for him and jug. FP spoke facing Jughead and You trying to hold back emotion “you broke my heart..jughead.” he said and looked at you quickly as if speaking to you as well. FP grabbed jugs face planting a kiss to his forehead then pulling away to look at you once again as a broken man not only heart hurting from his own blood his son but You the girl he feels for more than he thinks he should feel for, the girl he lusts over, the girl he hurts over like no other female in his life at this moment besides his young daughter jellybean who isn't a part of his life at this moment. the girl he is afraid to love. 
Tumblr media
Sweet Pea and Tall Boy approached You all to celebrate FPs return to his kingdom. Tall boy handed FP a shot glass to cheers the great comeback of FP. before downing his shot FP gave You a sad look. FP backed away while looking at between You and Sweet Pea and then back to Jughead. 
Seeing jug looking torn makes you want to do all you can in your power for him and FP. You cant not do all you can for the Jones men. “jug everything will be fine, your dad will be fine, ill do what i can to ensure it, if i have to babysit him for his drinking i will if i have to go along with whatever deliveries penny wants him to do i will, whatever helps you feel better, your dad is doing this out of love how can he not take your place to protect his own, please don’t beat your self up jug” you spoke softly to the younger jones. 
jughead hugs you “You don’t need to be a part of this, its my mess i don’t wanna drag you into it to like i did dad” he said with every word leaving you feeling more and more sad. Even though you would feel awkward to have to train around like a watch dog or babysitter for FP after your rocky recent past you'd do it for jug and for FP without him knowing it. Jug left you standing there with Sweet Pea close by at the pool tables. “Sweets ill be right back” you told him giving him a kiss on the cheek.
You had found FP at a table surrounded by shot glasses and a bottle at the table. along with a couple serpents including Tall boy. FP hadn't noticed you until you spoke up “hey fellas can ya give us a minute?” you asks the other serpents nicely with a sweet smile. FP looked at you in slight shock to see you standing in front of him. “Ya girl” Tall Boy says nodding and patting FP on the back before leaving the table with the others.
 You awkwardly sat in the seat next to FP as he leaned back in his chair looking at the bottle in front of him, before grabbing it to pour a shot. “Hope you don’t intend on getting to smashed FP..” you speak up raising an eyebrow to the older man. He sent you a bitter chuckle and poured two shots. He drank one and slid the other towards you and nodded at it indicating for you to drink it. You lightly sighed and picked up the shot “to you mr jones to the king who is staying the king” you raise the glass and tip it back to your mouth letting the liquor burn your throat in a calming manner.
 FP had his eyes on you the whole time. watching you down the shot and putting the glass back where it s at in front of you when he slid it over. He hadn't said anything to you just kept his eyes on yours. after what felt like many minutes gone by you spoke up again. “please don’t drink your self into a coma and give jug a break he only did what he thought was necessary to get you out, as did we all. he wanted his dad back, and we wanted our king back.”.  He nodded as if he was thinking what to say “yeah and you, you wanted me back?” he asked. “of course FP you didn’t deserve to go to prison and i as well as everyone else wanted you back.” he looked at you he was hard to read “ as our leader” you said speaking again. FPs face fell a little. He bit his lip looking away from you briefly than back at you “Well thanks kid for wanting me back here” he said sounding again bitter. You rolled your eyes at his attitude.
 “FP-” he cut you off chuckling a little in a not so happy sounding tone “hope your happy” he said again to you for the second time that evening with his eyes on the bottle of booze craving another shot. “happy about what? FP huh, cuz im happy your out of jail if that’s what you mean, im happy jug has his dad back even if you being an ass and drinking” you tell him giving him attitude back. “i meant Sweet Pea” he mumbled. “oh im sorry i didn’t hear you” you lied still giving him sass. “i said Sweet Pea, hope your happy with him.” he whispered yelled while getting closer to your face. You looked up to him not knowing what to say or how to say anything. You looked down then back up to him “ i am, i think i am mean, you didn’t seem to want me not how he does, we didn’t work, you didn’t want us to work so whats it to you?” You whisper back to him. FP shock his head “nothing.” he lied. “you might wanna figure out if your happy he seems smitten” FP said giving a disgusted look and standing up grabbing the bottle off the table walking away. 
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angrylizardjacket · 2 years ago
my baby’s a public menace {Ben Hardy/Reader/Roger Taylor}
Four Iconic Moments The Press Had A Fucking Field Day With
A/N: 2670 words. So this time we’ve got Modern Times with 70s!Roger pulled forwards in time. Don’t think too hard about how it works it just does.
1. It Becomes Official
The moment they call Ben’s name at the BAFTAs, to receive the award for Lead Actor in a Television Series, you feel like the whole world is coming to a stand still, and Ben’s rising, disbelief written all over his face. 
“That’s me.” He says, quietly, as the applause has already begun, and then Roger’s on his feet, beaming, and he wraps his arms around Ben, pashing him directly in front of the camera that was catching every moment, and Ben kisses him back easily, before turning to you, eyes bright, and he pulls you to your feet, giving you a kiss as well.
“Congratulations, babe.” You murmur, and he’s so fucking ecstatic when he pulls back, and heads into the aisle, heading towards the stage. You slide into his seat with ease, lacing your fingers with Roger’s where he’s bouncing with energy and beaming with pride. 
“He fuckin’ won.” Roger laughs with a little disbelief, and you turn to each other, both absolutely radiating with pride and adoration.
“Our boy did it.” You giggle, and Roger’s gaze dips to your lips for a moment before he looks back up, a new spark in his eyes that you knew all too well.
“I can’t wait ‘til we all get home.” He dropped his voice low, and you could feel yourself growing a little flustered at the suggestion.
“Keep it in your pants, dear,” you nudged him, and he barked out a laugh, giving you a wink before he turned to where Ben was finally walking across the stage. You, however, felt your heart stop in your chest, “he kissed us on camera.”
“Well, I kissed him,” Roger mused, his thumb rubbing against the side of your hand, “couldn’t help myself.” He admitted, still beaming as Ben was handed his award, expression bright and a little disbelieving as he leaned into the microphone.
“I think I just won a BAFTA and outed myself in the same minute, so that’s going to be hard to beat next year.” Is the opening line of his speech, and the audience titters with polite laughter, while you and Roger are hiding your snorts. “I actually had to email the organisational committee to ask them to let me bring more than one plus one, I’m glad to see that it wasn’t in vain.” He laughs; he goes on to thank the crew of the show he worked on, the other cast members, his family, and he looks for you and Roger in the audience, pointing the award at you. “And for Rog and Y/N, of course; the weirdest and best thing to happen to me in a long time.”
“Do you think he knows how much we wanna suck his dick?” You lean over to Roger, whispering under your breath, amused smile on your lips at you look up at your boyfriend grinning on stage.
“Of course he does, look at that smile.” Roger responds with a low chuckle as Ben leaves stage, heading back towards you. When he gets back to his seat, you move back to your own seat, resting your head on his shoulder when he sits down.
“We’re so proud of you, baby.” You tell him softly as they’re beginning the next segment on stage, and Ben reaches out with his free hand to rest it on your thigh, giving you a squeeze.
“I know, love.”
2. Roger Throws Half A Chicken At A Paparazzi
“Do you think we should go inside?” You ask, voice low as you catch sight of a man in a baseball cap and dark glasses covertly trying to take photos of you three. It was a nice evening, you, Roger, and Ben had been enjoying a meal outside at an upscale restaurant, the three of you draped on a two person outdoor lounge, your entrees having just been cleared up. Both you and Ben are on your phones, and Roger’s between the two of you, nose buried in the paper.
“Why?” Ben asks, not looking up from his phone, and you shift a little uncomfortably, giving the man trying to look like he’s not taking photos.
“Hey, dude, can you just leave us alone? We just wanna get dinner.” You call to the man, and he stands, a little flustered.
“So it’s true, you’re really dating both of them?” He calls back, stashing his phone in his pocket, pulling out a little recording device; the asshole came prepared.
“No, we’re just really good friends who make out at the BAFTAs.” Roger rolls his eyes, folding up the paper, and throwing the paper onto the table in front of him.
“No need to get snarky, mate, I just think it’s weird that somebody like her would get on so well with-” He’s cut off just as a kind and beleagured waitress puts down what looks like half a roast chicken surrounded by salad onto the table.
“Fuck off, alright?” Ben snaps at the man, clearly irritated, sitting up straighter, giving the waitress an apologetic smile as she leaves in a hurry.
“The hell do you mean ‘someone like her’?!” Roger growls, and you actually have to put a hand on his chest where he’s leaning forward, as if getting ready to throw himself at the reporter.
“I- do you wanna address the rumours then, Y/N about-” The man starts, but Roger cuts him off with a snarl.
“If this bastard brings up those fuckin’ gold digger accusations, I’m gonna start throwing things.” He warns, and not a moment later, the man brings up the very words Roger had told him not to. You’re just heaving a heavy sigh, used to being hounded by the gossip magazines, though you try not to pay them any mind.
“I could shout how much I love you from the rooftops and these assholes would still think this is some sort of weird, sugar daddy situation.” Ben turns to you, his voice low as he gives you a long suffering smile. You lean in across the empty space that Roger had just vacated to give him a kiss, before turning to where Roger was wielding his roast chicken like a grenade, lobbing it at the reporter, yelling about how he’s ‘sick and tired of hearing people talk shit about his girlfriend; she’s got more kindness and talent in one tit than the paparazzi has in his whole body’. 
“We should probably get him before he does any real damage.” Ben muses, to which you agree. The two of you move to collect your rogue boyfriend as he continues to yell and squirm.
“Baby, baby please calm down; you’ve made a scene, you’ve thrown a chicken, you’ve mentioned my tits, we can have dinner at home.” You try to placate him, your arm tucked in his as Ben’s got an arm around his shoulders, the two of you guiding him from the restaurant.
“Just makes me so bloody mad.” Roger growls his hands on your hips where you’ve got your arms around his waist as Ben pays for your half finished meals. “It’s twenty eighteen, you’d think dickheads would learn to grow up.” He huffed.
“I know, baby.” You muse, bringing him in for a kiss to distract him, hoping to let his anger simmer down a little as you two stand in the parking lot. 
“I just love you is all, people like that make me so pissed-” He whispers, more to himself than anything, but then you’re kissing him again, humming affirmations, your hands in his hair.
“I love you too, I love you too.” You murmur against his lips.
Later that night you’ll see Ben’s instagram story from just before he joins the two of you again. You and Roger, arms around each other, lit by a single streetlight, you’re leaning in to him, lips inches from his, and he’s smiling gently back at you; the whole image is surprisingly intimate, especially for Roger. It’s captioned ‘I’m allowed to take candids ‘cos they love me’.
3. Someone Gives Ben Tequila
Ben’s not usually the type to get drunk and reckless. Or well, he’s the type to get drunk on occasion, but not reckless, not like Roger, who can be incredibly reckless even while sober, nor like you, since you could go either way. Ben was meant to be the grounded one. Except sometimes he has tequila. It’s an afterparty for a movie he’d gotten a supporting role in, it’d been fun, but he was looking forward to being able to spend time with you and Roger again. Speaking of the two of you, you’d disappeared almost half an hour ago, Roger had gone to the bathroom and you’d gone to get more drinks.
When he finds you, you’re trapped in an uncomfortable conversation with one of the editors assistants’, a weedy kid who couldn’t seem to figure out that you didn’t want to talk to him.
“Hi, baby!” You call out to Ben the moment you think he’ll be able to hear you over the music, and he makes a beeline for you, his heart singing when he sees your face light up.
“Hello, love, I was wondering where you’d gotten to.” He says, barely acknowledging the guy you’d been talking to, who’s own expression fell as Ben pressed a kiss to your lips. The two of you head off in search of Roger, who you find by the bathroom, talking with someone who’s clearly quite enamoured with him. From his easy stance and casual smile, you could tell he was at least enjoying the woman’s company. Neither you nor Ben were usually the jealous type, but after a few drinks, you couldn’t be blamed for just wanting to stake your claim.
“Hey, babe, who’s this?” Ben asks, slipping an arm around Roger’s shoulders as you stepped around to loop your arm through his on his other side. Roger, with a sly, knowing smile, looks between the two of you, before smiling brightly at the woman who’d been talking to him.
“Like I was saying, this is my boyfriend and girlfriend; you’ll have to excuse them, they get jealous easily.” He smirked, and the woman looked a little shocked, a little flustered, as she stuttered her way through an apology. “It’s no worry, I’m sure they can entertain themselves for a while,” and with that, he winked at you. Taking the hint, you moved, taking Ben’s hand and leading him away.
“He’s just being a social butterfly, you know how he is.” You mused gently, the two of you flopping onto a sofa. Ben hums thoughtfully, sitting beside you, your hand in his. He presses a kiss to your shoulder, trailing kisses up your neck to your jaw.
“‘m not jealous.” He said, lips at the corner of yours, pressing another kiss there before he brings his hand up to cup your cheek, moving so you’re smiling over your shoulder at him, “it’s just nice to say you guys are mine.” And his voice is low, almost a growl, and you feel a shiver run down your spine.
“I like the sound of that.” You tell him, kissing him hard, letting his hands wander and pull you close to him.
“Mine?” He asks, and his hand is on your thigh, moving your legs so you’re sitting over him rather than next to him.
“Yours.” You agree, kissing him again, messy and passionate, you can taste the alcohol on his lips and his tongue but you don’t care when he’s leaning you back to lie on the sofa. “And Roger’s.” You add quietly, and there’s a gleam in Ben’s eyes where he’s looking down at you, his arm around you, one hand on your waist.
“You’re ours, love, there’s no doubt about it.” He assures, and he leans in to kiss you again. 
“I can’t take you two anywhere!” Roger’s grinning when he finds the two of you, and Ben presses his laughter into your collar as you look up at Roger and make an insistent, grabby hand for him. “If you insist.” He chuckles, sinking to his knees to join you at your level, kissing you where you’re splayed out on the sofa, with Ben all but on top of you. “You know there’s a perfectly good bathroom not too far from here.” 
Not ten minutes later, one of the other cast members sends to the cast group chat, in all capitals ‘BEN’S BANGING IN THE BATHROOM’ which was met with either ‘at least they’ve freed up the sofa’ or ‘lmao called it’. You’re not surprised, nor are you ashamed, when some gossip rag has your face on it (or more accurately, Ben’s face) the next morning, and a riveting account of what happened with no actual details, and a photo someone took on their phone of you and Ben on the sofa. It wasn’t the first time, it probably wouldn’t be the last.
4. Roger Gets Instagram
Roger takes surprisingly well to instagram, which is both hilarious and terrifying. He posts a lot of selfies; he takes to being an instagram fuckboi like a duck takes to water. At first it’s mostly blurry shots, of sunlight, sometimes it’s you and Ben out of focus, laughing, or he gets one of you two to take a photo of him, shirtless. 
When he gets a waterproof phone, the first thing he does is take a photo of you and he kissing underwater at the beach, and then three separate, all individually hilarious videos of Ben trying and failing to do a majestic hair flip coming out of the water; in the last one, both boys get hit by a huge wave, and the video ends with you laughing, fishing the phone out of the surf.
The three of you go on holidays to somewhere sunny, and at the end of the week, he posts the highlights; you lying on your stomach beneath a palm tree on the beach, topless; a selfie of the three of you smiling at the camera against a backdrop of a starlit sky, golden in the light of a bonfire; Ben in a coconut bra, a little blurry with the movement of laughter, grinning at you just out of shot; you, in bed, making a truly terrible face where he’s just woken you up and the sun’s in your eyes. His favourite, however, is the one from him at the end of the holiday, shirtless and tanned, shot from the waist up, biting his lip as he’s turned to look off to the left, showing off how he’s covered in hickies.
The shots that get the most media attention are his more risque ones, like the shot on his story that you’d taken where you could see the bottom half of his face all the way down to his hips, with a sheet covering his modesty, but a lipstick kiss mark along his V-line and his tongue out. (There’s a followup photo on your instagram story, of your lipstick smeared, grin wide, and your hair messy, with the caption, ‘sometimes you just gotta be a messy bitch’, and people put two and two together, and conservatives lost it.) 
The most infamous actual post of his is the shot of you and Ben together in bed, he’s leaning against the headboard, still mostly laying down, and you’re draped over him, chin resting on his chest where the two of you are grinning about something. The sheet covers most of your ass, and comes up to Ben’s hips, and you’re giving the camera some pretty glorious side boob, and the photo’s framed to show room for one more person beside you in the bed, a sliver of sunlight shining through the curtains, across Ben’s chest and your back, and it’s just captioned ‘what a sight’. He’d asked you both before posting it, and you’d both agreed; it didn’t violate any guidelines, but social media still had a field day with the sweet, clearly post-coital photo.
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iliketowrite1996 · 2 years ago
Lessons in Love 5/5
TRIGGER WARNINGS AND THEMES- insecurities, mentions of mental health, breaking up, one night stands, infidelity, pregnancy mentions, reconnecting with old friends, T’Challa is a sweetheart, breaking engagement, Nakia and T’Challa try to work it out
When T’Challa is 23 years ago, he graduates from University with his Bachelor’s Degree.
   When he is 26, he has is Master’s.
   He returns to Wakanda at the age of 27, and is widely received with open arms as everyone has missed their favorite prince. He assists his baba with running the country, as this will be his job as soon as his dad decides to step down.
   He’s 29 when Nakia moves back, and he tries to work things out with her. They really do their best, but she wants to see the world and Wakanda is his whole world. So they agree to just be friends, and she lives her life and he lives his life and it is beautiful.
   He’s 30 when he starts training to become the next Black Panther, working tireom hours training with Nakia and sparring with her, Ayo, and even his baba.
   He’s 31 when the unthinkable happens, when his baba is killed and he must take on the role as the king of Wakanda and the mantle of the Black Panther.
   And today, he is having a press conference with different nations around the world to talk about the future of Wakanda. His mother is by his side, as is his younger sister, Shuri. Ayo, Okoye, and three other Dora Milaje warriors flank the royal family to keep them well protected.
   ‘’Kamaria, you go iht my mother and sister. You as well, Nyala. Okoye and Ayo, with me,’’ T’Challa speaks.
   ‘’Good luck, my son,’’ Ramonda fixes his tie.
   ‘’Thank you mother.’’
   ‘’Don’t freeze while you are up there, brother’’ Shuri teases her brother before giving him a hug.
   ‘’Please, Shuri.  I never freeze,’’ T’Challa insists, ready to take the stage as soon as they are seated.
   True to his word, T’Challa does not freeze the entire time that he is up there. He answers questions, proposes changes, and even cracks a few jokes. He’s been bred for this after all, with years of watching his mother and baba and speech classes and lessons in manners.
   T’Challa mixes and mingles with other dignitaries and reporters, satig that he’ll have someone call and set up the interviews. He’s only been king for three weeks, after all, and he still needs time to get into the role that he's meant to play.
   T’Challa does all of this with dignity and flair and he doesn’t freeze not once.
   That is, until he sees another reporter at the reception at the Wakandan embassy reception.
   A reporter that he has not seen in 10 years.
   A reporter that looks shockingly like… well, you.
   ‘’Good evening, your highness,’’ you speak, and T’Challa can feel years’ worth of memories flooding into his brain.
   It’s overwhelming and dizzying, but he’s not sure that he hates the feeling.
   ‘’Hi,’’ is all he can muster, because you have done what he once thought impossible.
   You have frozen T’Challa Udaku, king of Wakanda, the Black Panther himself.
   ‘’What are you doing here,’’ T’Challa questions, hands at his sides because he’s not sure what to do.
   ‘’Oh, the magazine that I work for sent me-’’
   ‘’No, I mean what are you doing here? In Wakanda,’’ he clarifies, a double meaning to his words.
   ‘’I was sent to interview he king of Wakanda,’’ you explain, ‘’If you do not want to see me, that’s fine. I understand. I can tell my boss that you refused an interview and just go find your sister or mother or something.’’
   Awkwardness situations have always been a weakness for T’Challa, as have you.
   Combine the two, and he’s not sure what he’s meant to be doing. Not even N’Jadaka- who is out of the country at the moment- could prepare him for this, and his baba never had any lessons for him in what to do in moments like this.
   So, he improvises.
   ‘’I will give you an interview. As long as we agree to keep it strictly professional.’’
   ‘’Strictly professional. Got it. Would you mind meeting tomorrow at the restaurant down the street? I don’t want to keep you from partying any longer,’’ you tell him, and he agrees, ‘’Great. Seven o’clock.’’
   ‘’Right. Seven. I will be there.’’
   T’Challa Udaku is a man of his word, so he shows up to the interview. You are wearing a black dress, and you look beautiful, and…
   No. He doesn’t see you like that any more. He is a king and you are a journalist and the relationship between you two is simply to produce an article and maintain professional contact. Nothing more, nothing less.
   ‘’You look so nice,’’ you tell him casually, opening your notebook.
   ‘’Thank you. You, as well,’’ he returns the compliment, since you forced the ball into his court.
   ‘’Well, I did promise to make this interview professional, quick, and easy. So let’s get started, shall we?’’
   The interview goes surprisingly well, him even making you laugh a few times. By the time that the waiter does make it to your table  in the crowded restaurant, you’ve got but three questions left. T’Challa insists that the two of you order dinner- steak and mashed potatoes and broccoli for him, pasta primavera and breadsticks for you, a glass of red wine for you both- and you finish the interview.
   ‘’Thank you so much, Mr. Udaku,’’ you speak,the formality of the gesture significantly painful for you both considering the previous friendship that you two shared, ‘’I think that this shall be more than enough for an article.’’
   ‘’I am glad to hear that. Now that you have what you need, maybe I can ask you a question.’’
   You nod absentmindedly, taking a sip of your water, only to choke on it when he asks his question, ‘’What are you really doing here?’’
   You set your glass on the table, looking to the white fabric of the table cloth before sighing, ‘’Are we being really honest here?’’
   ‘’Haven’t we always, always been painfully honest with each other,’’ he questions pointedly, causing you to wince at the im[lied memory.
   ‘’Right. Well, let’s not do it here. Let’s go somewhere else.’’
   That’s how you two find yourself on the patio of the hotel that you are staying at , alone save for Okoye and Ayo at a safe distance.
   ‘’I know that you said that your boss sent you here, but there is more to it than that. Something that you are not telling me,’’ T’Challa insists, leaning against the balcony, arms folded across his chest.
   A sure sign he’s got his guard up.
   ‘’I’ve missed Wakanda, T’Challa. This is my home, too.’’
   ‘’Fair enough,’’ he concedes with a nod.
   ‘’This place has my family. Foods that I haven’t had in years. People I haven’t seen in years. Including you.’’
   T’Challa looks to you, only to find you staring out at the ocean as you do so.
   ‘’I was not the one that made the choice. And I am sure that your husband can not be thrilled about this.’’
   There. He said it. He brought up the giant elephant in the room,and there's no turning back now.
   ‘’Actually,’’ you breathe out, ‘’Devon and I are no longer together.’’
   You’re not looking at him, but you know that the silence means that he is working on piecing this together.
   ‘’You’re divorced?’’
   ‘’No. I called off the engagement about two years later. I just could not do it. Because you were right,’’ you shake your head at the memory of Devon crying, begging you to give him second, third, fourth chances.
   The same old cycle, the same old mistakes.
   ‘’I did not want to be right,’’ T’Challa sighs, ‘’He should have seen what he had with you.’’
   ‘’No, I know you did not want to be right. You tried to help me, but I pushed you to the side. I finally realized that he wasn’t going to change. That he was so in love with Kelsey. And I deserve better.’’
   ‘’You do.’’
   The silence stretches and expands until it’s covering you both like a blanket, but it’s too hot under there and some things can’t go unsaid.
   ‘’I’ve been working on myself for the last five years. I haven’t dated anyone, haven’t really see the need to. I just got into a healthy mindset. I know whatever is meant to be for me, will be.’’
   ‘’That’s right,’’ T’Challa smiles shyly, ‘’You deserve the world.’’
   His hand is on yours to comfort you, and a bit of nostalgia hits you both.
   ‘Now, can I ask you something, T’Challa?’’
   ‘’Of course.’’
   ‘’Why… why did you wait until I was engaged to tell how you felt?’’
   There it is. He anticipated it, but it doesn’t make it any easier.
   The truth is,there are a million reasons that T’Challa could name- he wanted to date other women, he did not want to ruin the friendship, you seemed so happy, he had trouble admitting his feelings…
   But all of that can fall under one umbrella statement: ‘’I felt like I didn’t deserve it.’’
   T’Challa, like you, has been working on himself this last year. And while a large chunk of his insecurities are long gone and he ha changed for the better, he still has those days where he wonders ‘What if?’.
   Little does he know that you've had days like that as well.
   That you’ve been there too, more than once.
   ‘’T’Challa, you deserve to be loved,’’ you remind him.
   ‘’But I didn’t now if I deserved it from you.’’
   There it is. He’s said it. And there’s nothing he can do to take it back.
   Truth be told, he’s not sure that he would take the truth back if he could..
   ‘’What a coincidence. Because I felt the same about you,’’ you laugh humorlessly.
   ‘’So two people in love,’’ he rolls his eyes, ‘’And they don’t admit it. We’re a movie in the making.’’
   ‘’As long as we get a good actress to play me,’’ you smirk, to which he laughs.
   ‘’Only the best.’’
   And this is nice and easy when it shouldn't be- not after ten years of no contact.
   But it is and it’s similar to what you had before- but something major is being left unsaid..
   So he steps up the plate.
   ‘’I still care for you. I still love you. And maybe we can be friends?’’
   You’re staring at him with a blank expression, and he ant ell that you’re mulling that over, ‘’It won’t be easy.’’
‘’I have never known you to shy away from a challenge,’’ T’Challa jokes.
   ‘’And I’m not about to start. Friends?’’
   ‘’Always,’’ ‘T’Challa speaks, and he’s sure that the two of you are going to work this out and be friends again.
   That was two months ago.
   A few days of hanging out on his and your limited free time turned into nights of laughter, hanging out with him and Shuri, and reconnecting over old memories.
   Your best friend is back, and you two are starting to become inseparable. Even when you return to America after your extended stay in Wakanda, you video chat. He even gave you kimoyo beads, and you’re leaving to use them.
   Now,you're currently sitting in your bathroom, just having hung up from a message with T’Challa as you get ready.
   ‘’We need to go! Nat is in the lobby,’’ your roommate, Wanda, knocks on the bathroom door.
   ‘’Geez, girl. I’m coming!’’
   You stuff your things into your wallet, ready to go out.    
And life is good. You love your job, you love your apartment, you’ve started seeing someone new (it’s recent, but promising).
   Most importantly, T'Challa is back in your life and nothing can change that.
   Well… nothing except for, maybe, that night in Wakanda right before you left…
   And the positive pregnancy test in your bedroom trashcan.
DISCLAIMER- I do now won any Marvel characters or their fictional worlds, countries, cities, states,planets or galaxies.
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warmau · 4 years ago
Vampire Cult!AU x KARD
their comeback stage inspired this! other: college!au kard 
is a pure blood vampire, born to two vampire parents who have had a long linage of fame and prosperity among other vampires. pure bloods are marked by red eyes
she doesn’t know anything about humans,,,,aside from the fact that thy’re food
her parents kept the human world from her a secret, mostly by keeping her confided to their home
the power that’s handed down through her family is the ability to manipulate their appearance
her family holds a high position, so she didn’t have to go through initiation or anything to join the cult
unlike j.seph - another pure blood, she likes turned vampires. she thinks they’re interesting because they know about the human world,,,,,which her parents ban her from
you’re a newly turned vampire, just getting your fangs and itching to hunt 
and usually you’re being rowdy with bm and jiwoo,,,,,,,but around somin you get so shy
jiwoo knows it’s because you think she’s gorgeous - even among perfect vampires she’s got this amazing charm
but somin,,,,think it’s because you don’t like her,,,,
and one afternoon as you’re coming from a meeting, you bump into her and try to stutter out an apology and hurry away
but somin quickly stops you and shakily asks why it is that you,,,,,don’t like being around her
and you can’t even look into her beautiful eyes- they’re too ,,,,, overwhelming
and you squeak out that,,,,it’s not that you don’t like it
it’s that you can’t take it,,,,,she’s so,,,,,, so,,,,
somin tilts her head, “im so,,,?”
and you bite back your tongue, “you’re so,,,,,,,ethereal,,,,,untouchable,,,,,,i don’t feel worthy of your attention,,,”
and you think oh god- she’s going to be mad and someone in her high ranking family is going to have you executed
but instead somin lets out a melodic laugh
“is that it? how silly, of course you’re worthy of my attention - and id like you to have some of it every now and then,,,”
she taps her finger against her lip, “only of course - if you’d like it?”
and you swallow the lump in your throat because holy heck of course you want her attention
and oh god can vampires blush???? you feel like you’re blushing??? gosh she makes you so embarrassed
also a pure blood, but his family serves somin’s
his eyes are red too, but interestingly the underline of his eye line is ringed in red too - giving him this almost enchanted look that scares off a lot of the other members 
his familial power is the ability to communicate with animals, specifically nocturnal ones such as cats, kit foxes, bats, and owls
he is often seen accompanied by a large siberian black cat that weaves through his feet or rides on his shoulder
bm has done the mistake of trying to pet it,,,,,,didn’t go well
he finds turned vampires to be slightly,,,,,much,,,,but doesn’t despise them like other pure bloods
you’re actually not a vampire,,,,you work at the town bookstore which j.seph visits every now and then to pick up books from,,,,,he’d pick from the vampiric library but he’s already read everything,,,
and you,,,,,,just know there’s something about him
for one, he’s always wearing dark shaded glasses
cat fur stuck to his jacket most of the time
and his interest in books spans from ‘dark sci-fi to murder mystery’
your co-worker is just like chill he’s just goth but you’re like,,,,,something is different
and your theory is proven, when you pass by through the shelves and peek through an opening to see j.seph there
his glasses off, and his eyes - vibrant blood red gracefully lift up - and meet yours
you don’t even have the time to process it, before j.seph is standing before you
“how did you get her so fa-”
one look into his eyes again and your voice dies in your throat
“im going to make sure you forget you ever saw me.” he whispers, rushed as he puts his hand out to settle against your forehead
for a moment you suspect he’s speaking in latin, but then you jerk back and he stops
“stand still, human.” he comes forward again
and you nearly topple over the books behind you, but you shake your head
“no. i don’t want to forget you.”
j.seph falters, his facial expression twists into confusion, “what - it’ll be for your own good.”
“i don’t care, i like you too much to just let your memory out of my mind. i don’t know what this is about, but the only person in charge of my mind is me. got it.”
you glare, and j.seph reaches out again as if to ignore your little speech
but then stops
“eyes are nothing, it’s not like they know the whole truth,,,,” he says under his breath and turns away
“fine, you saw what you saw. don’t speak a word of it.”
and with that he trudges out of the store, and you realize your heart is racing a mile a minute
j.seph finds himself walking back to the woods, thinking to himself - why did i spare their memory?
his own voice in his head answers back; because it’s nice to have a person like you,,,,,,,,,,to have them like you,,,,,,,to have them remember you,,,,,,,,
a turned vampire, she was once a rising singer till a fatal accident left her within an inch of her life
was initiated into the cult by a pure blood who had been a fan of her voice, and said it “was a waste to let it die”
her eyes aren’t red like pure bloods, but instead violet 
claimed to be one of the best non pure-blood hunters, her turned power is heightened sense and she is able to hear sounds and pick up smells better than most others
her voice also has supersonic abilities, almost made bm and j.seph go deaf by accident ones
her and somin started off rocky, but jiwoo enjoys teaching somin small things about the human world when her parents aren’t around hehe
you’re actually,,,,,,,,a vampire hunter (much to the dismay of your town who thinks you’re,,,,,chasing air basically)
and you’ve been in the woods enough, that you’ve,,,,,,seen things
in particular you’re sure you’ve seen a vampire - a girl, beautiful and agile with violent eyes
who you’re sure has seen you too,,,,,and who takes much happiness in teasing you about her existence
you know this from the number of times you’ve heard echos of ‘come find me~’ and ‘oh you again?’ while you’ve walked the trails
and jiwoo,,,,,,think you’re just ADORABLE 
hunting vampires, literal apex predators, with no weapons - not gear - no nothing but your little observations notebook
and one day, she decides she wants to get a lil closer
and as you’re walking through the thick trees, you hear a soft thud
“i knew i smelled you~” she giggles and you turn, coming almost face to face with jiwoo
her eyes, the color of lily flower petals makes you freeze, she looks you up and down and smiles
her fangs shine brightly,,,,,,,you can’t help but stare
“you’re much much cuter up close,,,,” she gets near you - to the point that you can feel her ghosting a hand on your cheek
“im jiwoo by the way, glad to meet my vampire hunter up close~”
she laughs and before you can speak a word, or even go “i knew you were real!”
she disappears, her laughter echoing in the trees
you come home and try to tell everyone what you saw - no one believes you
but you’re darn sure you saw jiwoo,,,,,,,,,,a real vampire,,,,,,and,,,,,,she called you cute?!?!??!
also a turned vampire, was rescued from a sinking ship and was originally supposed to be trained to be a,,,,,basically a body guard for the pure bloods
only one problem - unlike his large size and intimidating features he’s softer than a god damn gummy bear
when they went hunting the first time, bm highly refused humans and nearly cried when he had to kill a poor deer
starves himself of blood so much that jiwoo has to literally FORCE him to come out with her
“your body needs more blood because you’re a literal gIANT”
“jiwoo,,,,,,,,animals are so cute,,,,you don’t get it jiwoo,,,,,,,”
j.seph avoided him so much when he first was initiated because bm is loud and wild,,,,,,but he’s also kind and kept doing his best to get j.seph to like him LOL
he has a scar that runs across his right eye from a failed hunt once,,,,but it makes him look tough (even tho again - softer than a gummy bear)
his gained power is telekinesis 
you’re,,,a pure blood who has no trouble hunting but you understand where bm is coming from so you try to help out as much as you can when you’re all out together
bm is always making jokes and vampire puns,,and you like being around him (although other pure bloods think he’s too annoying - your parents beg you not to hang around with him)
but one afternoon, on a hunt, you climb up a tree to get a better view of the woods - you and bm are looking for deer since he refuses humans,,,,,
but before you know it, the sound of the cults warning comes through the trees
and turning around, you manage to slip - and even with vampire reflexes you can’t regain your balance
and you’re sure you’ll crash to the bottom of the forest floor
but then you feel yourself floating - mid air
bm, below you, uses his telepathy to carefully lower you into his arms
“i,,,,,thank you,,,” you start, but before you can finish bm is off running to get you two back to the meeting place and you want to tell him he doens’t have to carry you
afterall,,,you can run fast too
but somehow being in his arms feels just right
and once you arrive, jiwoo throws a glance your way with a raised eyebrow
while somin beams at bm like “did you finally tell them you like th-”
bm nearly drops you in order to rush over and hush her up
turnig back to laugh it off as you all go to meet with the rest of the members
but as you walk beside him you whisper, “so ,,,,, there was a reason you carried me all this way huh?”
you wink and bm nearly dies. but ofc he can’t he’s a vampire but you GET ME 
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adotblog · 4 years ago
Brave Part 8- Thursday, Friday and a week.
Pairing: LMM x Reader
Requested: Nope.
Warnings: the usual: Smut, alcohol, cursing, please practice safe sex and only read if you’re 18+!
Words: 2155
You and Lin finally say "goodnight" at 7am and, exhausted, you fall asleep buried in amongst his pillows. You sleep like the dead, finally waking at lunch time. Calculating that Lin should have arrived safe by now, you send him a message.
Y/N: Good Morning. Did you sleep on the plane?
Lin: GMorning. Lol, yes I did, thank god cos I'm straight into meetings for the next SIX HOURS.
Y/N: Oh geez. Umm, good luck?
Lin: Ugh, thanks. I'll text when I'm done but I guess you'll be out with Jas by then?
Y/N: Yeah, probably...
Lin: Gotta go, hopefully talk later! xx
Y/N: Good luck xx
Bleurgh. That felt unsatisfying. You remind yourself that this is what normal new couples do-there are hours between texts. Most people don't instantly spend every waking minute together like you two crazies have. You give yourself a shake and make lunch, texting Jasmine last minute details.
It's 8 hours later and 4 cocktails in when you next hear from Lin.
Lin: Hey, finally at my hotel. Are you out?
Y/N: wiyh Jazz! Hi! Im drinkingmargaritas
Lin: Bahaha I can tell! Where are you?
Y/N: Cuban place on 58th. 56th? Somewheres
Lin: oh God, I'm a leave you to it but I want you to let me know you're home safe, ok?
Y/N: okat. Later bye.
Y/N: I'm back home. Margaritas are strong.
Lin: Hello! I'm so glad you're home safe. How do you feel?
Y/N: I'm ok, drank the water. I’m hybdrated. Need to sleep now.
Lin: Ok, well I'll text you in the morning ok?
Lin: Y/N?
Lin: Goodnight, Lovely xx
Y/N: Ugh. Bleurgh. Ugh.
Lin: Bahahaha! Sore head?
Y/N: Uh huh. Oh, tequila.
Lin: Poor baby. Take some painkillers, try and eat some breakfast.
Y/N: Done, thinking about doing. How are you?
Lin: Tired. Waiting for a car to come get me. More meetings, think I finally get to write tomorrow.
Y/N: You’ll smash it :)
Lin: Thanks :). I gotta go get lunch before they arrive. Maybe we can Skype later?
And so pass the next couple of days, you try and squeeze texts and calls in between his meetings and work, your work and seeing family and friends. It’s frustrating and it gives you pause: this is what being with Lin is going to entail, and it’s pretty hard going.
Finally, on Saturday morning (your time zone’s Saturday morning, anyway) he gets time to call you and you’re actually available. His voice is excited. “Hi! Hello!”, he greets you. “Hey, you”, you say tenderly. “It’s good to hear your voice.”. “Oh god, you too. I miss you!”, he says. “I miss you too. A lot.”, you admit. “Hey so it was our one-week anniversary yesterday and/or this morning”, Lin says. “Haha, I don’t think people celebrate those, Love”, you laugh. “Eh, maybe not. I still got you something though”, he says. “What?! You needn’t have done that, silly”, you say as an excited blush rises to your cheeks.
“Yeah well I have no chill, so...”, you can practically hear him shrugging. “You want it now?”, he asks. “Really? Yeah!”, you answer excitedly. “”, you ask, confused. “I hid it at my place!”, he laughs. “When?! You had, like half a day’s notice of leaving!”, you exclaim. “I’d already bought it by then-it wasn’t an anniversary thing, I just saw it and thought of you so I bought it”, he explains quietly. “Oh. Oh, fuck that’s really sweet.”, you say. Lin laughs “Go get it, it’s in my underwear drawer”. “Really, what are you, 15?”, you joke. “Shut up and get the gift!”, he laughs.
You open the drawer and rifle through his pants until you find a long, thin blue box. “Ok I got it”, you tell him, feeling the weight of the box to try and guess the contents. Definitely jewellery. “Open it, open it!” he says excitedly. You open the box to reveal a gold chain with a single, simple charm-a flat gold disc, less than a centimetre wide. You put the phone down, clasp it around your neck and take a look in the mirror.
“Lin, it’s beautiful. I...thank you”, you say. “De nada. I saw it and it just seemed perfect for you. It’s simple, authentic.” he says. “Umm...Thanks?!” you laugh. Lin laughs too “I mean it kindly, that you’re straightforward, always real, no games”. You feel a little lump in your throat. “No games. I love it.”, you say. “I’m so glad.”, he says quietly. “I so badly want to kiss you right now”, he groans. “Pffft. I want to do more than that!”, you deadpan.
On Sunday you have dinner at Jasmine and Anthony’s place. Ant teases you about how you’re coping without Lin “I hear you two are normally at it like bunnies!”, he jokes. You don’t hear from Lin all day, then he texts at 3am, apologising for waking you but not wanting a full day to pass without saying hi.
On Monday you have lunch with Clare before work. You skype with Lin from Jon’s dressing room before the show. He looks exhausted but is glad to be getting back to the US tomorrow.
Lin spends most of Tuesday in the air and you’re busy seeing your parents so it’s after the show finishes that you manage to reach him. It’s a quick call before bed, you’re both exhausted.
Wednesday & Thursday pass in a blur-work is super busy, Jon ropes you into some hellish karaoke fiasco at a bar on Wednesday night, and Jasmine insists on taking you lingerie shopping on Thursday.
On Friday you wake up far too early, like a kid on Christmas. You put new sheets on the bed, buy flowers for the table, fresh bread and white wine at local stores. You tidy the apartment three times, and it’s still nowhere near time for him to be home. You bake cookies. Finally, as you arrange the cookies on a plate, you hear Lin’s key in the lock.
He struggles through the door with his case and throws his backpack on the floor. He looks up and grins to see you running across the room to him. You throw your arms around him as he says “Hi!”. He pulls back to kiss you, your hands tangle in his hair as he frantically kisses your mouth, cheeks and forehead. You press your lips to his over and over. He pulls you closer in a tight bear hug and rests his lips on the top of your head. “I missed you so much” he says quietly. “Me too.”, you say.
He releases you to bend down and untie his laces. He toes his shoes off with the groan of a weary traveller. Then he kisses you again, dipping you down as if in an imaginary dance. Pulling you upright, he spots the necklace. “You’re wearing it”, he smiles as he fingers the tiny disc. “Of course, I love it”, you reply and reach up to kiss him again. He sighs contentedly. “Listen I want to kiss every inch of you”, his gaze travels down your body “but I’m plane-grimy-I gotta wash up”.
He goes to run a bath and you call out to ask him if he wants wine. He shouts yes over the roaring water. You pour two glasses and head through to find him standing in just his jeans. He looks amazing. You openly stare as he unbuckles his belt and steps out of his jeans and underwear. You meet his eyes as he comes and takes his wine, clinking his glass with yours before climbing into the bath. He dunks his whole head under the water to wet his hair.
He tells you all about his crazy trip-weird hotels, long meetings. Then he asks you about your week. Eventually he asks “Are you coming in or what?”. All you can think about is having him inside you.You put your glass down and unbutton your shirt dress, Lin’s eyes widening as you let it drop to the floor. You’re wearing the new underwear and it gives you a boost of confidence. You walk over to the side of the bath and lean over to kiss him, aware how close your lace-covered breasts are to his face.
He reaches up to link his arms around your back and drags you into the bath. You squeal and land in his lap with a little splash. You giggle but the only look on Lin’s face is lust. He cradles your face with one hand as he kisses you, the other hand running up and down your thigh. His tongue explores your mouth and you moan involuntarily. He quickly unclasps your bra and removes your underwear. You feel tightly wound, so desperate for release. When his hand touches your breast you let out a whimper and it breaks him.
He pulls back to look you in the eyes. “God, Y/N, if you don’t fuck me right now...”, he says desperately. You turn to face him, hooking your leg over his so that you’re straddling him. His hard cock bumps against your clit as you move and it makes your breath hitch. You wonder if it’s possible to cum just from pent up tension, just from looking in those dark eyes and feeling his hands on your body. You lower yourself down on him and as he stretches you open you both gasp.
You’re quick to build up a pace, burying all of him inside you with each movement, clinging to him. Lin kisses between your breasts as you rock back and forth; he’s moaning curses into your chest. His hands splay across your ass cheeks, supporting you. You’re both a mess, moaning, uncoordinated, practically delirious.
You wonder how it’s possible that you might be already about to fall apart, so soon, but you can feel it. When Lin places his left hand between your slick bodies, it’s just a couple of circles of his thumb on your clit before you’re in pieces. You hold on to Lin’s shoulders as the shockwaves move through you, every nerve-ending tingling into a shiver. You bury your face into his hair as you scream his name and as he pumps into you. He loses it, a jumble of Spanish and English curses tumbling out as he cums, pushing down hard on your hips to smash your pelvises together at his release.
You pant into his neck, undone, unable to speak. Lin lifts his head to nuzzle for your mouth, kissing you as fervently as his laboured breathing allows. Then he just rests his head against yours until you both recover the power of speech.
“That was...”, you start. “Uh huh”, he nods, still dazed. “Happy two-week anniversary?”, he jokes. “Ha! Hey, I think you’re actually dirtier than when we started”, you realise. “Ha! Yeah, need a shower now”, Lin replies. “Ok I’m getting up.”, you say, not moving. Lin snickers. Eventually you untangle from one another and stand up, pulling the plug so the water starts to drain out. Lin starts the shower and you duck under the warm flow. You gently wash each other, pausing every few minutes to kiss under the cascade of warm water.
You spend altogether too long in there and eventually your wrinkly finger tips tell you it’s time to get out. You wrap up in fluffy towels and make a mad dash to the bedroom, jumping straight under the covers in a bid to keep warm. Not for the first time today, Lin holds you close as you shiver. You run your hands up and down his arm, feeling the lean muscles. You kiss his chest, trace the outline of his goatee with your fingers, place your hand inside his.
Lin smirks. “What?”, you smile as you stroke your thumb over his knuckles. “You’re looking at me like you’re seeing me for the first time”, he says, a laugh tickling at the corners of his mouth. “I feel like I am”, you admit. “Like this is all the stuff you’re supposed to do *before* you sleep together-discovering each other...” you trail off, feeling foolish. “I get that. We started in a weirdly intimate place. Since then we’ve sort of had to work backwards to it, I guess?”. He’s having trouble explaining himself but you get it.
“I just, I think being away from you...I didn’t think it was going to be quite so hard”, Lin admits. He avoids your eyes, like he’s unsure of himself. “And I think it’s just made me want to, I dunno, soak up as much Y/N as possible.”, he laughs. “Wait, isn’t that a sign of addiction?!”, he jokes. “Ha! Maybe.”, you reply.
Lin reaches out his hand to run his thumb across your cheek. “I told you that you were going to make me fall for you”, he says.
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ryuseishi · 4 years ago
Okay I am going to do kind of some considerations/points about IBO. This probably is going to be pretty long and will have a LOT. OF. FEELINGS. I’m pretty sure that later i’ll be like “i wish i could write more” “i forgot that” “i also wanted to mention that” but since now I’m all FEELS just let me do this.
when i started watching this show i didn’t know that i would be so into it. This was my first time watching a show with mechas and my first time watching any gundam series. I didn’t thought I would end up so involved but I did. And get hurted. Like a lot. A show never hurted me like this. Seriously. Ibo hurts.
The characters. About this, I actually thought that would be more development like I was hoping for Hush. But as I readed a fez days ago, its kinda hard to give a more deeply development when you have so many characters. Anyway I was expecting the development BUT...Well we didn’t see it.
I’m having to kind of feelings rn. One is empty. Is that even a feeling? However. I’m feeling empty bc thats what happens when you get so involved with something and it crushes you until the very end. I’m feeling empty bc I’ll miss the boys, I’ll miss Tekkadan, I’ll miss Kudelia and Atra, I’ll. The other but not less important feeling: relief. Yes I am relieved that they wont have to fight anymore. Yes I am relieved that they wont put their lives in such a dangerous like this anymore. Yes I am relieved that they’re all moving forward and are walking toward the light. Yes I am relieved that each one of them founded their place.
I also could see a lot of differents things in this show and could think a lot about the so many subjects they worked here. Some moments, weren’t a few ones, a caught myself thinking about their issues, their reasons and also felt beyond the words so many times spoken. Mostly (that I can remember) are the Kudelia’s words and speeches.
The relationships of all of them, i love it. The brotherhood, the love, the family, Tekkadan. I. Love. It. ill cry if i try to say anything else about their relationships heavens help me
I l o v e the soundtrack of IBO. Seriously. I have some fave ones but i like all of it.
I liked a lot of the characters but I’ll not talk about all of them because if I think more about it I’ll cry. I just want to say that I appreciate them a lot and their singularities. Kudelia, Atra, Eugene, Yamagi (THANKS HEAVENS THEY’RE SAFE), Hush (oh dear boy i really wanted to see more about you *cries in tekkadan language*), Lafter, Akihiro (their together now, at least), Aston...And also for the others member of Tekkadan and the others nice characters like Crank (1st season yeah). BUT, FOR THESE TWO I NEED TO DO A LITTLE SPEECH
Tumblr media
Orga was the first I fell in love with when I started watching the show. I want to say so many things about him but my head just keep “I love you I love you I love you”. He wanted so badly to create a family to all of them, to all those kids that were used and treated like instruments and the ones who weren’t even considerated human at all. The human debris. Remember when he was drunk and said with a relieved and happy face “I finally get to create a family for you”. That is one of most parts I like and makes me happy and cry. Since the very begining Orga wanted to create a place to them. A place where they truly belong and would feel like their lives worth the cost. Even beeing just a “child” he tooked the responsabilty to carry them all and lead them. He was always trying to think in a better way to make the best for his family. Orga also could felt the weight of this resposabilty on his back so many times. I lost the count of how many times I saw he desperated and (in my opinion) blaming himself for putting the others into dangerous situations and when he wasnt able to protect them. Bc thats how Orga is, he CARES ABOUT HIS FAMILY. Also, his relationship with Naze was such a gift to me bc he really considered Naze as a brother. I remember one episode that Merribit tells Orga that Naze wants to talk to him and he just get up suddenly and with such a happy face “Aniki????”. I mean...He’s just a boy he’s so damn precious. Orga gave the first step to give the freedom for everyone of course receiving support of them bc they. are. a. family. I think that at the end, if he was able to see how the members of the family that he created moving forward and living, he would be so relieved and happy. Bc thats how Orga is. Thats our Danchou.
Tumblr media
About Shino OMG HEAVENS PLEASE MAKE ME ABLE TO WRITE THIS WITHOUT CRYING LIKE A KID. Shino was one of the first characters I also fell in love with when I started watching the show. The type of person that he is makes my heart pound like hell. He was truly warm and such a handsome person in every level. In my opinion he’s the kind thats always making jokes, smiling and rise up the mood of people who are around him. I also always saw him as an open-minded person. One of the things that I most liked of him and to me it got pretty clear when we saw the flashbacks of his conversation with Eugene. When he asks to Eugene if he thinks that Yamagi likes him and Eugene is like “duh cant believe u havent realized it before” and Shino wasn’t and never showed himself unconfortable with Yamagi’s feelings. The only thing on his mind is that they were a family, it was never like “hes a boy” THATS NOTHING TO DO WITH. AND THAT’S ONE OF THE MOST REASONS WHY I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART. Then, he saying to Yamagi that they will drink together after this last battle got all my feels. Just THE TWO OF THEM. BC SHINO KNOWS ABOUT YAMAGI’S FEELINGS AND HE KNOWS WHAT IT MEANS (by going out just the two of them). About his death: seeing him desperate and frustrated when he missed the shoot and screaming and crying made my heart fall apart. I cant bear watching that scene bc its SUPER HEARTBREAKING seeing a person thats always so up ending up like that.That wasnt fair. But I want to remember of his smile. All the scenes of his smile that keeps appearing in my mind makes me smile too. Because thats how Shino is, he is a brighty and warm light that fills my heart. PS: I’m really glad that they reiterated Shino’s bisexuality. PS2: Im also glad to know he does not like carrots.
Now, I want to finish this with some words of the last episode the last flag that are fixed in my heart and got my feelings.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These got my feelings....
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you IBO.
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midnigtartist · 4 years ago
Life Liberty and the pursuit of Hamilton
Hamilton’ pov I was glad to be going back to college. The shiny new car Angelica was driving couldn’t seem to go fast enough.
After spending winter break with my ex-girlfriend, Eliza’s,family, I couldn’t wait to return to my familiar dorm room and not to mention escape the awkward atmosphere. Thank god for Peggy,otherwise Eliza would be sitting right next to me. I had no doubt in my mind that Eliza would like nothing more than to drench me in gasoline and set me aflame.
“So-uh-Alex. What are majoring in?” Peggy asks. At least she tried to break the silence. “Political science,speech and debate, and English.”
Peggy let out a low whistle. People were usually shocked when they heard the courses I took on, especially seeing that Mr. Washington taught all of them. That was alright with me, I was sort of a teachers pet. I was basically Mr. Washington’s adopted son.
The rest of the ride was in awkward silence. When Angelica finally parked the car in the school lot,I practically grabbed my bags and ran. I had an essay that I wanted to finish before classes started back up in two days. What can I say? I am Non-stop! Jefferson’s pov—————————— I was not excited to be going back to college. I was quite fucking happy on my couch watching Netflix when Jemmie had knocked on my door with Burr in tow.
“What do ya want Jemmie?” I ask angrily. I was in the middle of watching Mean Girls.
“Uh-Tom- it January Fourth..” Jemmie trailed off.
“So?” I ask, putting my hands on my hips.
“So I we go back to college today….” He says slowly.
Burr snickered as I began to toss all my crap into a large suitcase and climbed into the backseat of Jemmie’s car.
“You should consider owning a calendar, Jefferson” Burr says sarcastically.
“You should consider shutting your trap before I punch your face.” I growl. Burr shuts up and raises his hands in surrender.
Jemmie hums and puts in a Disney CD.
“What the hell James, what music is this?” Burr says confused. It was obviously his first time in a car with Jemmie.“Be a Man” was blaring at top volume.
“IT’S MY FUCKING JAM!!!!” Madison yells as he punches Burr in the side playfully. I snicker as Burr gives Jemmie a confused look.
“Just you wait, Burr, he hasn’t even gotten to Hakuna Matata yet” I say with a smirk. Jemmie glares at me in the side mirror. I just smirk back. ——————————————————- When Jemmie finally parked the car at the schools parking garage, I had just about annoyed Burr so much that he was questioning why he became part of our squad,“ Southern motherfucking democratic-republicans”.
“I don’t know why I put up with you,Jefferson” Burr grumbled.
“Cuz I’m fucking fabulous”
While me and Burr argued Jemmie was off being a complete cinnamon roll, taking pictures of literally anything with his new Polaroid I got him for Christmas. We were heading up to our dorms, which had four people in each. We all had each other as roommates, and a chic named Maria Reynolds, whom I thought was cool but Burr hated with a passion. Well, Burr hated most everyone with passion.
We were about to get to the wing with our dorm when Jemmie stopped, and I had to grab onto a bench to keep from crashing into him. It would be bad if. 6"2 me fell on 5"7 him. I wouldn’t want to break him, he was fragile. However, I would love to crush that asshole Hamilton, who was only 5"3. Midget. “Why did you stop,Maddison"Burr asked. "Those flowers are new” Jemmie gestured to a flower bed.
“Jemmie cut to the chase.” I say,annoyed with this cinnamon roll.
“Stand in front of it and I’ll take your picture. Both of you.”
“I don’t pose for pictures,Maddison.” Jemmie looked like he was going to cry.
“STAND IN FRONT OF THE FUCKING FLOWERS!” I yell at Burr. He does what I say. Jemmie smiles. He whips out his new Polaroid and tells us where to stand,how to stand,etc.
Hamilton’s pov———————————-
I was hoping to get to my dorm before the others so that I could start on my essay in silence. Not like I don’t love hanging out with Laf, Hercules, and John. It’s just that…their work ethics…were..questionable, to say the least.
I was holding my suitcase in one hand and my laptop in the other, trying to read a research book balanced carefully on top.
If I hadn’t been reading the book, I would have seen the idiot with the Polaroid. I would have known to walk around them and not into them. I would have seen Jefferson’s big ass hair.
Jefferson’s Pov———————————- Maddy had finally gotten us into “the picture perfect pose”. Finally.
He backed up, trying to make sure that the sunlight wouldn’t mess up the picture. It didn’t. The midget that came barreling into him did.
Hamilton’s Pov——————————– I was almost there,almost to the safety of my dorm, when I rammed right into someone. Someone taking a picture of their friends. We both landed on the cobblestone path hard.
“Owww” said the person I had knocked over. I stood up and brushed myself off. I grabbed my bag that had fallen to the floor.
“Sorry,I wasn’t-” I began to apologize when I felt someone towering over me.
“Geez,Hamilton. Can’t even go on day on campus without screwing up.” Jefferson. Which meant-
I turned and looked at who exactly I had knocked over… Madison.
“Well, what dumb ass takes pictures in the middle of the path!” I say angrily. Forget apologizing, these people were my enemies and Burr.
“What dumb ass reads while walking, you prick!” Jefferson says with a smirk. I want to slap that smirk right off of him. But I decide I would rather not be expelled for assaulting someone. Even if it would be totally worth it.
“ Fuck off, Jefferson” I growl.
“With pleasure,” Jefferson says with his little smirk,“ but if you ever hurt Jemmie again, I will hurt you.” He looks dead serious. He towers a good foot over me. I don’t want to admit it but he is kind of intimidating. I scoff and keep walking to my dorm. I am so angry at Jefferson, I hardly remember that Jefferson’s dorm is just across from mine.
Jefferson’s Pov———————————- Maddy was very disappointed that his picture had been ruined. Instead of his perfect picture of me and Burr in front of the flowers, he got a very blurry picture of that nutcase Hamilton.
“That was my last piece of film, too..” Jemmie said sadly, which I think meant he couldn’t take anymore pictures anytime soon. He tossed the picture of Hamilton into a nearby garbage can. He and Burr head over to our dorm.
“I’ll catch up…” I say, all the venom from my argument with the Caribbean midget lost. I head over to the garbage can, and carefully pluck out the picture. I try and convince myself that it is for a BURN Book I should make. I try and ignore the fact that I just might want it because Hamilton looks cute….
Fuck.No. I hate Hamilton. It is definitely for a real life burr-n book. Yes. Nothing more to it. I take a deep breath and wait a minute before opening the door to my dorm, not realizing how red my face is, but apparently, neither does anybody else.
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