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#im glad we all agree
girlwhowrotelove · 11 days ago
since it's ace day i wanna celebrate by rewatching all seasons of Saiki K 😁
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boorishbint · 5 months ago
English isn't my first language but I watched the Wild Mountain Thyme trailer and even I cringed at the fake accents,,, it was atrocious
IT’S SO BAD!! Come, be horrified at Emily Blunt with me
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donghyckgf · 7 months ago
the way no one even bat an eye in the tags of that post when i said jongho was the best rapper in ateez
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sugarflow · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
based on a convo i had with my friends
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suzunasbf-remade · a year ago
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we love to see it 
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yehudah · a year ago
i dont know jojo but i do like josuke
me too
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bloodsbane · 2 years ago
WELL OKAY, the half-a press post actually got notes, so i guess we all agree, that it was a good video and a good meme, so that’s grand
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thatneoncrisis · 2 years ago
Everyone is out here revising their alphabeta headcanons.....I wanna do that also
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screenwritingdyke · 4 years ago
anyway, im glad we all collectively agree that alberto rosende is an actual angel
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biconcap · 4 years ago
liamsforehead replied to your post “okay who exactly is Ned to Zayn’s team?”
everything but his job lmao
so true.
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olympiasmama · 7 years ago
That Bow Wow post has 271 notes. That's exactly 261 more than I would've expected lmaooo 😂😂 I love tumblr.
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gigginox · a day ago
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rose u mean the right one? thats his pony tail 😭 and yes i agree swing him around
THATS A PONYTAIL.??? why does it stick up like that is he ok
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prettyboydream · 4 days ago
“manhunt dream hot” AND YOU ARE SO RIGHT DREAM IS HOT yes i am simp what of it
its about the competency and the unrelenting knowledge of both the game AND the mindset of the hunters AND the cockiness and the way he’s clearly so well practiced AND the sheer power of it all
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boyc4t · 10 days ago
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princekirijo · 14 days ago
Is it okay if I join you on the hill of "RYUJI SAKAMOTO AND ANN TAKAMAKI DESERVED BETTER THAN WHAT THOSE UNSCRUPULOUS HACKS AT ATLUS GAVE THEM"? Also when you say "die on that hill" are you talking seppuku or last stand battle against the hordes of ATLUS?
ABSOLUTELY THE MORE PEOPLE THE BETTER!!!!!! And hmmmm either works but I think it would be cooler if it was a last stand battle against the hordes of Atlus like that is such a cool image...
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analogicals · a month ago
patton desperately wants to befriend both logan’s cat and (once he finds out about him) logan’s boyfriend and once he does keeps trying to introduce them and virgil nd logan have to be like “about that”
OH ABSOLUTELY omg I can’t tell if Patton would be sad there’s no actual cat or if he would be excited over the fact Virgil is a cat. Probably a mix of both
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rayaandthelastdragon · a month ago
Did we. Like. Did we collectively just decide the Namaari was great with kids? Was that in the movie? Was it indicated? How did this happen. All I know is that Namaari regularly has at least five kids hanging off any given limb and Raya finds that adorable and attractive. How did we get here.
I think its bc of that scene where a bunch of kids went up to Namaari all excited and Raya had said that she doesn’t want kids! (Plus her interactions with Noi)
But it honestly just fits them sooo well. Especially since Namaari has def been around kids more then Raya since Raya was alone for 6 years
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