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#im going to kill myself im going to lock myself in my room and start screaming
thatstoocute · a month ago
I am about to list every reason I can think of that has ever come up as a reason I wanted to or tried to commit suicide in my life. This may be the most important text I ever contribute to humanity. Let's go.
My older brother physically and verbally abused me for the first 17 years of my life. I grew up screaming, crying, begging for my parents to intervene and protect me. My brother eventually left home to join the airforce because he was inspired by the song Aces High by Iron Maiden and dreamed of killing innocents from the safety of an airplane, he admitted to all of this and I made up none of it. One day he surprised us (i was living with my mom and stepfather) by showing up at the house to visit. As every time I saw that creature it ended with me being physically beaten, even if others were right there (older brothers are supposed to hit their younger siblings in america), I left the house. I started walking. I texted my friends asking anyone if there was anywhere safe I could go. There was not. I made it ten miles on foot before I was found by my mother who had driven out, with the violent older brother in the car, and they forced me to go back with them. I began cutting myself in isolation when I returned to "my room" and locked the door, I made a promise to get away from them all even if it meant suicide.
When I was ten, my parents separated. As I went through life I realized that my parents were expecting me to had been assigned female at birth as their third child, but as the doctor said "it's a boy," they resigned to disappointment and bitterness in each other, themselves, and me. I begged my mom to let us stay in the town we were in, I will never forget the moment where I cried and begged her not to arbitrarily make the whole family move just because their relationship was ending. I learned by age ten that with my parents I could not expect safety, I could not negotiate for my needs, I was an accessory that was put away at the end of each day to rot in silence. I was forced into therapy to attempt to make me responsible for processing the mistakes of my parents. I started listening to Linkin Park because my parents liked to think they were never wrong.
By the end of high school, I had become one of the most popular kids in school because of my rebellious sense of humor, the fact that I became the school's guitar hero (long story,) I even had a girlfriend who was already in college lol. All of those people I thought were really my friends ghosted me after I came out as transgender. I went from being a beloved member of my community to a hated outcast in the span of less than a year.
I have lived in a different place every year of my adult life. I was torn from home, expected to make it through college while moving from place to place, I started in Milford then I was in New Bedford, then my father fooled me into coming to California only to try to force me to detransition (his father and his father's wife also did) so I was in Carlsbad for a few months, then I was back to school, in and out of New Bedford again, and I ended up in Rhode Island after that, moved again to Providence, my partner of 5 years at the time (who used to text me that she was going to crash her car into a tree because she hated her job that her own family and I both begged her not to take) broke up with me because suicidal ideation is only fair when she had it, I had to move to a different place in Providence (this is just when I went to perform at Pride50 and no one cared because my life doesn't matter lol) and then was facing homelessness as I had no way to support myself while attempting suicide every few months and thinking about doing it again constantly. At this point I was only staying alive because Haley and Ellis were begging me not to kill myself. It's true!!! THEN facing working homelessness (I WAS WORKING FULL/OVER/DOUBLE TIME THROUGH MUCH OF THIS!!!) I was about to commit suicide but someone begged me to come to Wisconsin because they lied to me that they wanted to start a band together, and they had a place for me to stay. This person ended up sexually, verbally, and emotionally abusing me and kicked me out of the house because I stopped allowing them to touch me. I was homeless in February this year (the second february ive been homeless, also happened in 2013) and only through capitalist lending have I managed to have housing, which is a FUCKING SCHOOL BUS but it's FINE this is what I REALLY WANTED, OBVIOUSLY there is NOTHING SAD ABOUT THIS my tiny home is AMAZING and I LOVE IT (im serious but damn, what the fuck, god?)
This post will continue after I take a break. Wow.
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melancholy-pal · a month ago
Im stuck in my room for 2 days thinking about how much I've spiraled down
This will be a complete mess, sorry
I'm 18 M, I have suffered through abuse from my mum, she has locked my sister and I in the garage for 1-2 weeks while my dad was travelling, we've been hit and verbally abused that has made us close to offing ourselves and numerous other things when i was 10-12. It was for various (I would say negligible) reasons like staying up late and not agreeing to do something
My dad in all this has always been logical and a DIY man, he tries to solve the problem by himself with the continuous conclusion "It'll be over in a day or 2". He has told cops in a lighter tone of what actually happened. He always told me that I should not use this as a reason to give up on things as I've told him before.
My sister and I never reported it, well I did once which had the cops called. I even had evidence that I deleted later on because I was on the conclusion that I never wanted to see a future without my mum.
After, I spent all that time avoiding my mum even when she acted like a mum, I developed insomnia thinking for 2 hours at night about forgetting about it. I started to play games religously because I got to finally have another thing to think about. My whole mindset was that forgetting about it was key.
I started to become more toxic and sleep deprived, I always talk back and always forget what I say or do within seconds, I started to miss school as much as I could. I started to get cry over everything and act like how my mum did.
I was also very self concious about my teeth as they have been pulled forward, as massive buckteeth, I avoided going out and never made any meanwhile friends in highschool.
I always hated the idea of going to a doctor for a mental health checkup because I tried to be like my dad, to toughen things out.
In 2019 my dad offered me to fly to germany and take an english class there to see if I would change my mindset. I was also warned about having to take year 11 again as I would miss it.
I went there and lived with a Host family for a year, I realised I would stop getting frequent headaches but my insomnia would continue, even without habing a chance to play games until my laptop arrived. (I got less headaches even after using my laptop). I still couldnt break the cycle of playing games.
I have atleast met people that I really liked in Germany and even went back to Australia and have had a new group of friends that mad me feel truly happy.
When I came back, I got headaches more frequently and it was because I kept thinking about my mum
my thoughts ran through "You love me, do you think I'd forget about what you did?" "Im not going to be indebt to you" "You tell me that my dad is having a hard time supporting us when you cant stop buying ciggarettes and other useless shit? Dont be fucking humble about being a mum"
I started to act like my mum, I screamed unreasonably whenever I was being blamed on and started smashing my head, my fist through doors and not talking for 2 days. I ignore work I have to do, I can't stop myself
I give shit to my sister and Dad, but for the last 4 years I haven't even bothered to do anything to help after what they did for me.
I can't express being sorry anymore and I don't know how to be better, I feel like im stuck on a loop.
Just 2 days ago I told my best friend from primary school that I always played games with that I hated being in my house and it was just Dysfunctional. We have had arguments where he would call me out for lying and I didnt know hownto deal with it except for shutting up. I always knew I was wrong, I just couldnt say it and he would give me shit for it.
When I told him that I got abused, he said I was lying, it was one thing to not believe me, but he's harrassed me making sure that I know that he "knew" when I couldn't give him straight answers or keeping the story straight while sobbing. This feeling was a new low for me. I havent left my room in 2 days, I feel like my head is going to explode and I've been looking back about how much I'm a cunt, and how people were being a cunt to me.
I don't know how to turn back, I've been given every chance to dp things better, I cant even bother to go to a psychiatrist if no one pushes me. If my dad kicked me out now I would find ways to kill myself because Im not ready to face the world without help.
Im spending my whole night looking at responses and I only covered 60% of my story, If you have questions I'll respond
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remindme2breathe · 2 months ago
What comes easy won’t last long, and what lasts long won’t come easy
Here we are again. The flavor of the day is bland with a twist of desperation. 
I am not perfect by any means. I make mistakes and like to think I’ve been capable of owning them. I’ve always thought of myself to be fairly level headed, someone who can look at the bigger picture from everyone’s position. I have been overly accommodating to the people who surround me, I try way harder for them then I do for myself. I am guilty of being ‘a people pleaser’. I don’t know when that started really, but in my 30′s it became severely obvious, and I kinda hate myself for that. 
I am walking into my 8th year of my relationship with my boyfriend... B-O-Y-F-R-I-E-N-D. Not Fiance, not husband... shit, hardly a partner. He is a BOY, and I am stuck here. Not against my will obviously, I can kick him out whenever I please, however, my life with him is a complicated one that effects too many people (there I am, people pleasing again. Buckle up folks, this happens often). 
I am 7 years older then my boyfriend, let’s call him Blu (that was my dog’s name). I met Blu by accident actually. In May of 2013 my then husband and I decided we just could not work it out anymore and we split ways. We were cordial, able to remain friendly for the sake of our kids. We accepted that although we failed MARRIAGE, we will not fail Co-Parenting. He left our family home in May and by September I met Blu. There’s some chaos there but I’ll tell that tale on another occasion. Remember when I said I met Blu by accident? I was serious. I had a friend named Emma who loved drama! She came to my house and told me about a site that she found out her boyfriend was on and she wanted to see if he would flirt with me (or another fake identity she made up to be honest, she just used my information to create an account), I call that playing with fire, but you know how that can go. Anyway, she did what she needed to and got the information that she wanted. I was uninterested in those apps so I never bothered to look into it. A couple of days later someone named Blu would send me multiple messages trying to get me to talk. I decided to respond, I explained that my name wasn’t what was listed and explained the whole situation to him, he just laughed it off. I didn’t know then that he was so familiar with drama like my darling friends little stunt. Anyway, we got to talking and it was very soon when he asked if I was interested in meeting up. After all the crime shows and books I’m into it was a hard HELL NO for me. I asked him to give me a little time, I also explained my position. 
He told me a lot about himself, single dad, shares custody of two very young children with his ex. He lived with his parents about 2 miles from where I was. He didn’t seem cocky or arrogant, or maybe I just didn’t see it. We exited the chats and moved on to phone texts. He would message me every morning, afternoon and night. He knew about the age difference and didn’t care. Meanwhile I felt incredibly insecure about it. After about 7 weeks I finally caved and said I would meet him somewhere public, he said his family was having a BBQ at his house for me to just come by. I thought that out and figured: who would kill or rape me with all their family there?! So I went, but I never went inside his home. I stayed by my car, we talked for hours. I remember in the end I was fitting on the trunk of my car and him on the edge of the sidewalk... maybe 1:30 am when I finally decided to head home. He didn’t try any funny business, and was completely respectful. Before I left he asked if he can take me out to eat somewhere, like an official date, I still felt a little odd but I agreed. At that dinner I told him everything, about my pending divorce, how my custody is currently working, etc. 
Me and him were from different worlds entirely. There were a few occasions that really pointed the differences out. For example, he listens to REAL MEXICAN MUSIC (google CALIBRE 50) where as my Mexican music consisted of Reggeton, Salsa, Bachata. He was 100% grounded in his Mexican roots, where my mixed breed havin’ ass was raised in an American household, where dinners were served at a certain time, we ate together as a family, we attended church on Sundays, we were close. The structure of my life was typical American Family with the added components of my nationalities; Mexican and Puerto Rican. We didn’t curse around our elders, I didn’t know of drugs, or habits. That was the first shot, the second time I noticed the difference was in October when we made arrangements to carve pumpkins with his kids and mine. On that particular day his mom and sisters were home, so of course I invited them to participate. They looked at the pumpkins as though they just landed from outter space! The third time was just a couple of months after, December. While my house was decked out with Christmas trees, stockings, and nicely wrapped presents... his house had no tree, no gifts, nothing. 
We have gone through a lot over the years, mostly good things (or so I thought). Have you ever laid next to someone you felt the closest to and think Gosh, I don’t even know him? Eight years later and I still think that. I use to cry myself to sleep. I still feel so incredibly alone, and more so... misunderstood. The SANE me wants to think I have a right to think this way, but he comes in and convinces me that I am the problem. Meet Blu, head of the narcissists.
He is consumed with his cars, weed and sex. He has a problem with being faithful. And I have a problem with trusting him, and every time I feel I can let my guard down, he always comes in to remind me that I can’t. Things are about to get personal, I hope you don’t mind. 
The first time I found out about his ‘extra activities’ we were already living together, this was maybe a little over a year after we became official with each other. He left his phone in the living room and it was getting a ton of texts, to my luck he is also a very heavy sleeper. I opened the messages and read them (OMG WHY WOULD YOU GO THROUGH HIS MESSAGES?! FK OFF KAREN, THIS IS MY REALITY, NOT YOURS!). It was a girl asking if he was gonna go by. I messaged her back as though I was him and she went along. I ended up waking him up, my eyes red and burning from all the crying. I asked him about it and all he was able to say is WHY ARE YOU GOING THROUGH MY PHONE, turned it off and went to bed. I remember feeling low, but that didn’t stop me dumb ass from going to lay next to him and crying until I fell asleep. He ended up changing his number after a few days and said he was ‘sorry’. Those types of situations happened maybe twice a year. 
In 2016 I helped him open his own business, he had no money so I put up most of it (yes, stupid, I hear ya!) with the condition that he would not be listed on any documents as an owner. He argued with me about me not making him feel like a man (people pleasing in 3, 2, 1...) So I added him to the paperwork. I felt bad for him, I never wanted him to feel like that despite what he made me feel like. On one occasion he was working late, me being scar’d for life, I called him about 12:20 am and asked if I could take him anything or if he needs something because he had been working since 2 pm. He told me he was fine, but I said OK LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED ANYTHING. I went anyway to ‘take him food’, when I was driving up a black Honda was driving off, and there was Blu looking like he saw a ghost. I asked who that was an immediately he yelled and asked why I was there. I said that I brought him something to eat to which he said MY FRIEND JUST BROUGHT ME SOMETHING... my friend... hmmm... At about 4 a.m. I messaged and asked if he was ok and he said IM NOT COMING HOME, IM DONE! My pride didn’t allow this to just happen, I responded with OK. I locked his ATM card, Gas Card, and any credit lines. He came home (I thought he would) hootin and hollerin! I quietly took my explosion waiting for him to finish. At that point I said to just leave the work truck keys and to be on his way. He refused. 
In 2018 he started recording his phone calls for work purposes (you wouldn’t believe how many people try and cheat ya to save a buck!). I had access to the recordings but never listened to them because they were of a bunch of truckers asking for stuff. One day though, I was triggered. He said he was going to go down the street to help my sister and brother in law move something. I thought it was strange because my sister told me everything! So when he left I asked her about it, she said ‘yea it was weird he offered to come help’ I then asked her to call me once he left. About 10 minutes later I got the text “HEY SORRY HE LEFT LIKE 5 MINUTES AGO BACK HOME” We lived literally five minutes away, so I waited. After about 30 minutes I decided to listen to the recordings. He called a girl asking her to meet him in the Bank Of America Parking lot about 5 minutes the opposite way, he told her he was able to leave his kids with his dad for a little while so he can go see her. My heart SANK. I felt it at the pit of my stomach. This entire douche bag drove MY CAR to see some hoe??? FOR REAL! So I texted him and said where are you? He messaged about 10 minutes later and said IM ON MY WAY HOME I JUST FINISHED AT YOUR SISTERS. I didn’t respond. When he came it we went at it. Let me clear the air: I AM NOT AN ARGUER. I don’t find it useful to scream and yell, but my emotions were shot, I was on a different level now. I dropped the bomb! I guess he didn’t see it coming because he was unable to keep up with the shit storm I was dishing out. In the middle of it, that broad had the nerve to call him. I told him to answer it and he said no. When I got ahold of his phone he had the NUTS to tell me NOT TO FK IT UP FOR HIM. Shattered. I was non-existent. 
to be continued
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monsterloversunite · 2 months ago
run run
story about a murderer and his victim.
TW: blood/gore, violence, horror, emotional/mental breakdown, dark content, slight redemption arc, its not happy story. 
word count: ~6000
(please give me feedback)
Tumblr media
The sound of bare feet slap against the cold damp asphalt rings out into the dark night, a chilly wind blows past the shadowy figure. Street lights turn on the second he makes it past them, he's trying to run past them faster and faster. He's thinking about running as fast as he can but it seems that it isn't enough to keep him going… just barely pushing past the point of exhaustion, the echoes of steel toe boots are as equally loud, a rhythmic beat behind him seems to be following close by. No matter how fast he seems to be going. 
His Panicked gasps could be heard anywhere in the neighborhood getting louder and louder, as if the lungs of the desperate gave in, unable to keep the life source in long enough to bring serenity to his nervous system. Time is running out the hourglass cannot be tipped over anymore, pressure has finally broken the thin glass. Slipping and spilling everywhere.
He's crying, ugly at that too.. Snotty and red faced grinding his teeth to keep the sobs from making more noise than he already is. A truly pathetic sight he is, starting to collapse upon the earth and wheeze.
With one last burst of energy he drags himself into an abandoned house...
First person-
He stands above me bloody, beaten and enraged, a sledgehammer held above his head thick broad shoulders shake with irritation... I've never seen someone so angry so violent. I can’t begin to describe the paralysis of fear.  I'm just laying there between his legs shaking on the cold hard ground, about to beg for my life, cry for it before he bashes my skull in with the rusty sledgehammer. 
The cool tile of the gray bathroom sends chills up my spine, how did I even get here I can't remember. I can barely hear myself think over the squeaking of my blood being dragged across the slick floor as I try to crawl away, backing myself against the red stained tub. I feel it rather than hear the soft thump. my shaky, locked and bent fingers claw at his feet as if that would stop the murderous rage he has boiling inside of him. 
Like an idiot I begin to beg him to spare me, it won’t do anything i know that all it will do is  appease the lust of murderer with a victims cry  “P-please… i i can-’ im not even sure what I'll say, I'm not even sure i can think properly at this point. I'm cut off, before anything else can escape my chapped lips. 
Instead of the deep growl or hoarse scratchy voice I was expecting I got a weak “Shut up.” as if a child was crying instead of a fully grown man.
“ Just Shut UP! i-i just can’t take it! STOP SCREAMING!” His voice shakes, it's short and crackly. I hadn’t even realized I was screaming or crying for that matter until I felt him bend down and whip my tears away. Ever so Slowly I look up and almost gasp at what I see.
I really got a good look at him, that's no man capable of horrendous murders, that's a boy! a young man, someone with a life behind him and a future to become. How could someone like him do all of this? He’s tall and thick, an advantage to have when you're a homicidal maniac, I can't see much now between the curtain of thick curly and greasy black hair. He shakes his head to try to get the veil of grease away from his face.
“Just stop- … please just stop crying.” his whimpers bring me back to reality, I can see his face clearly now. He's got a soft pale rounded face, two deep and dark brown doe eyes, a freckle by his left eye and two by his lip. 
And just barely inches away from my face I can feel his hot breath on my cheek. His voice is soft and melodic, everything about him screams innocence. Can this really be the same person who was chasing me and trying to kill me? Or have I died and this is some alternate dimension where the literal MURDERER is being all nice to me.
I keep getting distracted when he's talking but I can't register it, jumbled and incoherent…  
Everything is blending together. This is it. I'm dying and my final thoughts blurred. I never thought that this would be my end, dying slowly… bleeding out in an abandoned house bathroom, with no friends or family to mourn me.
No loved ones to cry for days and miss me, no one to look back at old photographs laugh at a stupid face I made or talk about an obscure memory from that. Nothing. Just an empty apartment with dead plants, that's all that I'll leave behind.
Just a lonely loser dead, I probably won’t even get a funeral or wake because no one will care enough to give a stranger a proper burial.  What was he saying again? as the world goes black I’m left with so many questions.
Third person point of view (the stranger)- 
He's regretting every decision that he has ever made that led him to this point. Covered in the blood of strangers, being forced to be the monster that parents warn their children about, a cautionary tale for correcting bad behavior. That's what he's become. A hollow shell of a story passed down from generation to generation.
He looks at the frail and exhausted body lays cold on the tiled floor, whimpers and sobs from the black haired stranger are the only sounds left in the room. The stranger slowly backs away from the smaller man, his back hits the wall and he slides down. Curling his knees to his chest and cries.
first person-
I'm not sure if I'm dead or awake, my head is pounding and my body is sore. Is this what the afterlife is like? Cold, wet and dark? I can’t even remember if I passed out or if my skull was bashed in,  I sat up in a panic trying to take in my surroundings, they are the same from when I “passed out” still not sure if I'm dead. But I do know that I’m still in the grimy dark bathroom. Great. 
I hear soft sniffles, so quiet that it's barely audible. So I am alive, the stranger is on the opposite side of the room from me still crying, well sort of its more dry heaving at this point, no tears left, just the raspy gasps of long forgotten sobs. 
“He-hey” surprises me when I speak, it's as if I'm on autopilot trying to help others before myself. Classic  being the caregiver to others even ones who have actively tried to kill me, multiple times today. Need I remind you.
                         (too be continued...)
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shawtygonemad · 2 months ago
SCARLET: Chapter 15
Daryl Dixon x OC (Rose Dixon)
Scarlet Playlist
Scarlet Masterlist
Tumblr media
"C'mon kid! You should look a little more worried for the lady," Negan antagonised Carl.
"I'm not worried. My aunt can take care of herself. If she wanted to kill you then she would," Carl said with a blank face.
"Whoahoho! Back this train up," Negan said before turning to me. "Aunt?"
"Yes," I said tight lipped, annoyed that Carl revealed a weakness of ours that could get any of us killed.
"Then that must make dear ol' Rick here your, what? Big brother," Negan grinned.
I remained silent. My jaw locked with anticipation. What was he going to do now?
"Well, won't this be a heartbreaking departure. And to show that I'm not as big of an asshole as you all think I am - I'll give you 5 minutes before I come back and drag you away. And it won't be by the arm," Nevan threatened before signaling the rest of the Saviors to move out.
Once our group somewhat had some privacy Michonne leaped up and began to wrap up my still bleeding hands. I stayed silent, not knowing what to say. I couldn't let them try and stop me. This is for their own good. I'd find a way to stop Negan and say our community. For the time being this deal would be the only thing saving them and giving them a chance.
"I'm goin' with ya," Daryl quietly spoke up.
Tumblr media
"Not happening," I shut him down. "This is to save our community. To save our family. Look what they did to Abraham. I'm sure as hell not letting that happen to anyone else."
"Rose," Rick hoarsly started as he began to come out of his shock.
"No," I growled. "This is happening. End of story. What's important now is to get Maggie to the Hilltop."
"I won't let ya go alone," Daryl stated as he got up from his place on the ground and approached me. "I won't let ya."
I knew this was going to be hard for him to understand. He couldn’t come with. God knows what they would do to him there! No. He needed to be with our people where I'd be temporarily safe until I come up with a plan. Howdver, I know my dear husband won't give up this fight. I had to convince him somehow. I needed to do what I never wanted to do in my life. I needed to hurt him.
"I don't want you to come," I growled.
"Too damn bad," he bit back.
"No! You're just going to get in my way. Like you always have and always will! I'm better off doing this alone. I don't need to have to worry about keeping you alive as well," I yelled.
I could see it in his eyes. The way I just essentially called him a burden to me. Something he's always feared. And here I just took it and threw it in his face. There was nothing I wanted to do more than just take it all back and hug him. I wanted to tell him I how much I loved him and that he would never be such a thing to me.
But I needed to stay put. I couldn't have him chase after me. He needed to stay safe and help protect the others. I'd figure a way out of this. I'll kill Negan and end all of this for us. I just hope Angel will forgive me when all is said and done. I had to do this for him. This is the only way to protect him.
"He'll forgive you," Samuel said to me on the ride to the Sanctuary.
"I hope so," I sighed as I leaned my head onto his shoulder. We had ourselves a quick reunion before entering the car for the ride.
Tumblr media
"Are you gonna tell me how you escaped death?"
He chuckled, "Girrrl, I thought Jesus was finally ready to take me home. I somehow managed to get myself under a dumpster just barely out of reach from the walkers. Im not sure how long it was when the others left me for dead. Something drew the attention away from me and I quickly crawled out. I made it to the forest with only a few tailing me. I tried to make it back to Alexandria when these guys stopped me on the road. They asked me if I had a group. I told them no. I didn't want them finding out about Alexandria. They took me in even though I down right refused. I wasn't given much of a choice. I've been here ever since. I've been waiting for a good moment to make a break for it," he told me in a hushed tone so they two up front couldn't hear. I doubt they would since the two were bickering over something.
"All this time you never had the opportunity," I whispered back.
"Well, I did," He started. "I was going to take the opportunity tonight until I saw the others then you."
"You could have still slipped away with the others," I told him.
"I'd never leave you alone at this place. I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy."
That was a few weeks ago. My instincts were right to keep him from here. This place was literal hell on Earth. Which is ironic considering this call this shithole the Sanctuary.
I was treated like a dog or rather, bitch, as the preferred. My new home was 4 cold concrete walls with no lighting. They deadass gave me a dog bed to sleep on and put my food as water in dog dishes. After getting into a fight with some douchebag saviors one of my first days I was thrown in here. If I wanted to act like an animal then I'd be treated like one is what they told me. After losing my temper a second time and kicking my guard unconscious they found me a collar. Not just any collar. It was a shock training collar. How they managed to find that was beyond me.
The first time they used it the setting was on the highest, but only for a moment to show me how painful it was. And they used this thing on dogs!? Since then it's never needed to be used besides the mild quick warning shock or buzz when someone doesn't like what I've said or done.
Samuel made sure I was still taken care of. He made sure I was fed everyday and given water. The amazing man even snuck me some goodies like when he found a KitKat on a run. Anything sweet sounded heavenly. But honestly, nothing sounded better than Carol's cookies.
When I wasn't in my cell then I was locked in a makeshift lab. It was another concrete room with leftover medical supplies and books that currently wasn't being used. That's all that I had to work with to make this vaccine. But hey, at least this room had lights.
Negan kept stopping by to everyday to complain about his people, why the vaccine wasn't ready, and just to insult me. Normally the insults wouldn't get to me. Why should they? His prick was just trying to get under my skin. However, one day I guess I just couldn't take it anymore. One more insulting comment about my supposed weight gain and I lost it.
I started bawling and I couldn't stop myself. The comment didn't even really hurt my feelings. I thought I was a healthy weight. Maybe a little wider than what I was, but it wasn't too noticeable. Daryl never said anything. Why the hell was I crying over this?
"Jesus, Princess! I didn't mean to make you cry. Normally you're tougher than this. I didn't think you'd be this upset," Negan chuckled.
"Fuck you, asshole," I yelled. Suddenly it was like a switch flipped in me. I went from wallowing to pissed off. "Fuck you, fuck this place, and every stupid asshole in it! I'm moved past upset and right to pissed off!"
Tumblr media
"Jesus fucking Christ, woman," Negan said, taken offhand. "Pick a goddamn emotion. What are you, pregnant?"
"Fuck! You!"
"Well it would explain why you're acting so goddamn psycho all the time," he yelled back.
"Anyone would act this way when they're locked in this shithole, treated like an animal, and forced to wear this stupid fucking SHOCK COLLAR!" I screamed.
"I'd like to point out that you were the one who volunteered to be here," Negan reminded before making a quick exit to go cool off.
I couldn't concentrate after that. I huffed around trying to calm myself down. I wanted nothing more than to punch that dickhead in the face. But I knew it would end with me writhing on the floor in pain from being shocked.
Not too long after Samuel showed up. He looked nervous and uncomfortable when he arrived.
"Um... Negan wanted me to bring you this..." his voice was filled with dread as he nervous twirled in his fingers whatever was behind his back. "Dont shoot the messenger but Negan said, and I quote, 'Have that psycho bitch take this.'"
My blood boiled and hot tears pricked my eyes. Sam handed me a pregnancy test. A sick joke is what this was. Negan finally found the perfect way to torture me. To hurt me deepl. Samuel's face was filled with remorse since he knew about my infertility.
"I'm sorry, Scarlet..." he went on. "Negan just wants you to take it. I know it's cruel."
"You know what," I spat. "I'll take this stupid test and show it to him myself. Shove it right in his fucking face. It'll prove to him that he's just running a shitshow here that'll make anyone miserable."
I stormed to the bathroom and peed on that damn stick. I wasnt even going to rinse it off! I'll shove my negative piss stick right up his nose. Angrily and impatiently I paced back and forth. It had to take this stupid thing 5 minutes to show results. In the meantime I was thinking of all the different ways I'd fuck Negan's shit up.
Finally when I thought it was long enough I grabbed the stick. I had to double check the box to be sure the results were correct. I felt faint. Now this really was some kind of sick joke, because the test read positive.
Tumblr media
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daddynegandesires · 3 months ago
My little runaway pt. 2
Tumblr media
(Quick summary: after leaving the sanctuary you started a new life at Alexandria trying to hide away from negan he stumbles upon you while taking half of ricks shit and takes you back to the sanctuary with him.)
Warning: angst, fighting, jealousy, mind control/brainwashing, fluff
So many things have changed here since ive been gone so many more rules negan was more strict than ever and now Simon and arat were his right hand men i had no more existence towards those positions nor did i want anything to do with his killing posse his mind was sick and twisted he wasn't the negan i use to know. I was gone for months before negan had claimed rick after some people at Alexandria had killed down some of negns men. I knew me being gone had caused way more problems than there needed to be and i know i was in deep shit....
We arrived at the sanctuary coming to a hault hearing the breaks squeak as Dwight put the truck in park and turned it off. Negan flung his door open dragging me out causing me to fall on the dirt covered ground.. my hands were tied so i had no way to brace myself.
"Cmon darlin, you're back on your own turf now" negan bent down to my eye level
"But dont think for a second you are getting special treatment.....not after what you did"
his sacastic laugh filled my ears making me shut my eyes tightly. He yanked me up by my arm dragging me to the double metal doors of the sanctuary. He kicked the doors open holding me close to make sure i didnt break free. I was pulled down one of the many hallways untill he came to a stop at a door he opened it with his free hand still having a tight grip on my arm. The room had a bed and a small kitchen in it i wasnt use to staying in these rooms because i was negans right hand woman, his bestfriend before i left so i was given alot of special treatment.
"Home sweet home" negan said throwing you face down on the bed untieing you
You could feel him leaning up against your ass while he freed your hands he then flipped you over on your back holding you down by your throat.
"I missed you....." A grin grew across his face
"...if you think im going to be another copy and paste of everyone else and drop to my knees when i see you....then you are so wrong" you struggled to get the words out breathlessly as his grip slowly tighted around your neck.
"Oh baby....i know..i like the frisky ones. You forget i know you better than you know yourself" he released his grip from you before giving you one last good squeeze causing you to choke and raise up on the bed
"You know nothing about me..." You grabbed your neck rubbing at it
"Quite frankly i dont even know who you are anymore...youre sick..." You stood up getting in his face
Negans tongue slid across his bottom lip then causing his jaw to flex letting out a long groan
"Without me....they are nothing...they all love me" he paused and let out a sarcastic laugh "....just like you without me are nothing"
" are nothing but a fucking monster....lucille never deserved a man like you.." You could feel tears swelling up in your eyes you couldnt believe what had just came out of your mouth after knowing what happend in the past between you two.
All of the color drained out of negan he was furious he grabbed a fistfull of your hair yanking you up to your feet and, dragging you down the hallway your screams were echoing off the walls you were trying to grab onto something to save yourself. He opened a metal door it was dark. There were no windows the room was completely empty. Negan threw you onto the cold floor you caught yourself with your hands before your face clashed with the cold cement floor. You looked up at him through the messy strands of your hair and couldnt see his face only a dark shadow casted upon him. You knew He had no expression just a blank expression almost terrifying youve never seen him like this out of all the years youve known him you didnt even know who he was anymore and its only getting worse.
"You....are going to regret all of this...." Negan slammed the door and locked it you could hear his footsteps trail off.
"AAGHH GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. YOU FUCKING COWARD!" all you could do was scream and yell and cry you were pounding on the door untill you finally gave out and got tired enough to pass out on the floor.
You were woken up by light shinning on your face someone had opened the door and was speaking to you your head was pouding and your ears were rining from all the screaming, yelling and crying you had done from the days prior.
"Get up. Im not gonna tell you again" Dwights voice hurt your ears
" have to help me" you stumbled to your feet and walked towards him
"This...this isnt negan...hes going to get us all killed we have to go save Alexandria. Please! Believe me!" Your hands were gripped on his t-shirt yanking him towards you. All he could do was stare at you he had nothing to say just a blank expression. Footsteps came appraching up the hallway towards you two... it was negan
"Wellll....rise and shine babydoll!" Negan swung his bat up over his shoulder
All you could do was glare at him no words could come out
"Time to get to work dollface"
negan held the door open for you and you walked out watching him close the door he led you outside and put you on fence duty to kill walkers for half of the day the sun was blistering feeling beads of sweat run down your face you havent had a shower in days. Negan did nothing but stand around and make orders to everyone or he would spend time fucking his multiple forced wives. It was only a matter of time before he shoved you back into that hell of a room.
Tumblr media
You could over hear negan on the walkie talkie he was speaking to rick. It was hard to make out what the both of them were saying but i could tell it wasnt good. Negan always started conflict or maybe it just found its way to him.
"Hey....hey is that rick" you walked over cutting negan over mid conversation
"Well you better find a damn way..." the beep of the walkie talkie went off after negan finished talking
"How does it feel to be on the other side?...working for points...getting yourself all dirty out here. You lost your chances" negan slid the walkie into his belt biting his lip
" let me speak to rick so he knows im okay...please" you begged
"Rick this rick that..ya know im starting to think you are developing a little crush" negan began to walk away
You ran to catch up with him standing infront of him to stop him.
"Why are you doing this to me...dont i mean something to you. You just kick me to the dirt...I THOUGHT WE WERE A TEAM" you screamed at him
"You. Ran. Away. You live here you follow my rules at all times no exceptions! I will not tolerate anything less from you!....things are different now..." negans face grew a frown
Negan pushed past you and walked off you followed right behind him to his room he surprisingly let you in and shut the door behind him.
"I...look....Can i atleast get a shower im filthy..." You said with your arms crossed
All he could do was point over to the bathroom you sighed and walked over to the door after locked yourself in the bathroom you began to take off your clothes and run the water waiting for it to warm up when you heard a knock on the door.
" one more locked doors" negan said in a low demanding voice
You swallowed hard and walked over to the door unlocking it hearing the lock make a quick click. Negans footseps slowly faded out as he walked away. You slipped into the shower letting the hot water run down your body watching all of the dirt trickle down the drain. The hot water relaxed you letting out a deep breath you closed your eyes letting the steam fill up the bathroom. The door quietly opened you quickly sprung your eyes open your body went stiff.
"....i layed out some clean clothes for you....i know you could use some" negan said clearing his throat
"Oh...thank you" you replied shocked
"(Y/N) know i uh...i still care for you...things are just...different now but im still that guy you use to know. Look..i have to go out on a run just make yourself at home" negan closed the door gently and walked away
The room went silent you your eyes were swelling up with tears it felt like you couldnt get the right words out of your mouth. You knew deep down that warm hearted negan was still there the negan that you missed the negan that use to be your bestfriend. He was buried under all this power and built up rage from before the apocalypse and now. Maybe this was going to be a new begining...a fresh start at the sanctuary.
Just maybe.
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bakubelle · 3 months ago
❛ for him ❜
Tumblr media
everyone spends their lives searching for that person, the missing piece of the puzzle, the light you needed in the dark. when you find it, you never want to let it go. not without a price to pay.
pairing. pro!midoriya izuku x pro female!reader
warnings. angst & death
word count. 1.4k
a/n. i saw this tiktok that said to write a story that starts and ends w the same sentence, but at the beginning it’s happy and the end it’s sad, and i thought it was really cool so i did it! i got the sentence i used in the comments of the tiktok but i forgot who posted it, so credit to them for that
key. h/n = your hero name
Tumblr media
“it’s for you,” she said, handing the gift to him.
their fingers grazed each other, small box resting between their palms. a lingering touch, a silent promise that said “i love you” without a single word.
the box was pearly white, adorned with a golden ribbon that was tied in a perfect bow. almost too perfect to unwrap, but y/n was too excited.
“c’mon ‘zuku, don’t be shy, open it!”
izuku tugged at the ribbon, causing it to come undone and a few stray sparkles to fly off the material. pulling off the top of the box, a beautiful silver bracelet with a tiny, heart shaped lock charm was revealed.
the bracelet sat comfortably atop a plush cushion, beautifully gleaming under the artificial fluorescent light of the kitchen. izuku’s jaw was agape, the precious metal reflecting in his eyes.
“is it ok? do you like it?” y/n averted his gaze, staring at the tiled floor, taking notice of the horribly stained grout.
izuku grinned, “i love it.”
it was that bright, shining smile. the one that made his freckles dance across the apples of his cheeks as the corners of his mouth turned upwards. when his eyes crinkled at the sides, creasing more the happier he was. right now, his crows feet were prominent, and it was an angelic, happy sight.
a sight y/n had grown accustomed to. she longed to bask in his light, to feel it’s warmth kissing her skin.
over the years, izuku had changed in a lot of ways. he’d had a steady climb in the hero ranks, well liked among heroes and people alike. you weren’t far behind him in the ranks, either. his hair had gotten shorter, he’d grown taller, his shoulders widened, but his smile remained unchanged. midoriya izuku had always been radiant, full of light.
full of hope.
full of life.
he made everyone smile, y/n wanted to make sure he remembered to smile as well.
“i’m glad,” she exhaled, carefully picking the bracelet out of it’s box. while she fastened the silver around his wrist, her fingertips brushed his skin, sending an electric tingle down his arm. “i even got this for myself, so we would match.” reaching into the neck of her shirt, y/n pulled out a silver key pendant attached to a chain, bringing it close to the bracelet’s lock. 
there was a click, the turn of the little key, then soft laughter. “this is pretty cheesy,” she giggled, “it doesn’t open or anything, but it’s a perfect fit-”
looking up, she met her lover’s face. izuku stared down at her, melting into the girl’s e/c eyes.
“-like us.” 
the girl shyly took the key out of the lock, tucking it back into her top. izuku wrapped his strong arms around her, tucking his head into the crook of her neck. “i love you, y/n.”
y/n buried her face snugly into his chest, relaxing into his arms. his embrace was warm, his heartbeat steady.
 it felt like a perfect fit.
as y/n awoke to her unlit room, she noticed how big the bed felt. the warmth that usually snuggled into her side was missing from the linen sheets. the silver key dangled on it’s chain, pressing against her bare neck.
it was cold and lonely. something, or someone, was missing.
izuku had been on a mission the past few weeks, tracking down some villains on another island. she knew how important it was, being a hero as well. you both had a duty to protect the people, whatever it cost. he was due back in a few days, but time never seemed to move slower.
a buzzing came from the bedside table, and y/n reached for her phone. clutching it to her ear, she grudgingly answered the phone.
a voice cracked over the line, “y/n, it’s kirishima”
“it’s, like, 4am”
the man sniffled, “y/n…”
a thick, heavy silence took over the phone call, filled only with shallow breaths and y/n’s wandering thoughts. kirishima and some others from izuku’s ua class were also on this mission. had something gone wrong? was izuku okay?
“kiri, what happened?” her hand instantly went to the pendant around her neck, grasping the cold metal between her fingers.
“i-i’m so sorry, y/n…”
the red-haired hero hadn’t even finished his sentence, but hot tears started to streak the girl’s cheeks. the hand clasped around her necklace trembled.
“this really strong villain,” kirishima’s voice broke, “he got to him.”
sobs erupted from both lines. y/n hugged her legs to her chest, resting her tear-stained cheek against her knee.
“midoriya- he was trying to protect the rest of us” kirishima spoke, voice laced with sorrow, “a-and now he’s dead.”
a pain erupted in her heart. a hollow, panging pain, reverberating throughout her chest. it ran through her bones, through her whole body. it made her want to scream, cry, punch, kill.
kill whoever decided to take away her light.
kirishima choked back sobs, “i wish it was me instead.”
y/n hung up the call, throwing the phone across the empty bed. not because she was mad at kirishima, but because she partially agreed with him, no matter how messed up it was. she dug her fingernails into the sheets beneath her, slamming her fists down in a tear-filled rage.
she wished it had been someone else.
she wished it hadn’t been izuku.
the emotions inside her bubbled over, erupting in the form of heart wrenching screams. she wailed, infuriated sobs echoing into the night. closing her eyes, the taste of hot, salty tears lingering on her tongue, she tried to envision that sweet, sweet smile she loved so damn much.
the rosy, freckle ridden cheeks pushed up by a mile-wide smile, the crinkles by his kind, green eyes.
the hope that sparkled in them, the light, the life.
but the memory could never measure up to the real thing.
the moonlight that seeped into the room illuminated her tear-stained face, her glassy eyes, the silver key pressed to her quivering lips. but her world was nothing but darkness.
muffled yells echoed throughout the cold, dark room. with the flick of a switch, the dingy space was filled with artificial yellow light, exposing a man clad in black. his limbs were tied tightly to a chair bolted into the ground, a cloth was taped in his mouth, silencing all of his calls for help.
a lady stepped forward, mask shielding her face. her e/c eyes shot daggers at the tied up man, the gun in her hand spinning around one finger. she approached him, footsteps pounding against the cement floor.
she grabbed him forcefully by the shirt, bringing their faces inches apart. as she harshly ripped off the tape that covered his mouth, the man let out a gasp.
“what are you doing this for, h/n?”
“you’re a villain. you’re evil. do i have to say more?”
y/n grasped the gun in her hand, the handle cold in her palm. the man huffed, “other than the obvious”
she got closer to him once more, and if looks could kill, he would’ve been dead. but no matter how much deadly fury bubbled in her eyes, looks wouldn’t kill.
that’s what y/n had the gun for.
“you know what you did,” she seethed.
“this is about your little boyfriend, isn’t it?” he snickered, “deku, was it?”
she tightened her grip on the her weapon, suddenly aware of the cool chain that hung around her neck. the silver key dangling, pressing against her chest.
“he was a pain in the ass to fight, almost wanted to give up, but i just had to kill ‘im”
“SHUT UP!” y/n fired the gun past the man, the bullet hitting the concrete wall behind him. her eyes were clenched shut, face hot with tears under her hero mask.
“he chose his own fate, ya know, becomin’ a hero” the man started.
“he did it to save everyone from people like YOU!” she screamed, grabbing the villain by his shirt once again. he looked at the woman rough handling him, her eyes glazed over with darkness.
“doing this won’t bring him back.”
“if you hadn’t taken him away, he wouldn’t have to come back.”
“it’s for you,” she said, putting the gun to the head of the man who murdered her beloved.
Tumblr media
© bakubelle 2021 — all rights reserved. modifying, using and reposting (aside from reblogs) my content without my consent is not permitted.
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cloveroctobers · 3 months ago
Your latest Jordan fic was so good 🥺🥺🥺 I would love to see a Part 2 or something where Y/n finds out Jordan cheated his concussion protocols!! Maybe they get in a fight for a few days but make up?? Idk I need some angsty fluff right now if you would please 💛
A/N: I’m finally getting this out to you dear anon, hope you’re still interested?! LOL. This is more in a headcanon form since I’ve been running around all day and need a nap 😆 but hope you still enjoy this!
GIF owner: @archietonis 
Read part 1 here
Song inspiration: LOONY — white lie
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when liv and jordan suggested going up to spencer’s dad’s cabin for part of the weekend you only jumped at the chance to help a friend in need
and not because of the whole cabin experience!!
you hated the outdoors meanwhile your parents loved it
your father often went on hikes with his friends causing your anxiety to act up whenever you would hear stories of injuries or read about disappearances in the woods
Blair witch ain’t no friend of yours
only you would find yourself reading things like that
and your mom was active in running, walking, and biking marathons
you on the other hand liked being where it was safe and no accidents can occur and to you that happened to be in your room 
so basically your own personal bubble 
however you were great on the swim team until you just up and decided it was no longer for you
you dropped a lot of things once you got tired of them, which your parents couldnt be too upset with you since you were open to trying new things...they just never lasted long
so you started to like low-key hobbies instead
it was all going so well with your friends
you all took the time to give spencer the comfort he needed, following his lead when it came to cleaning the cabin
and also knew when to apply breaks when it got too heavy
Such as: walking around “embracing nature” layla coached; with all grins
until the sun was making you break out in hives and you had a worm fall out from one of trees onto your shoulder!!! So by then you called it quits much to olivia and layla’s bemusement
“it wasn’t that bad.” olivia said as they caught up to you 
jordan was trying to ease your worries this time cradling your head to his chest but failed to hold in his own laughter, “sweetheart, you’re fine. i mean think about it, that one little worm is nothing compared to the fast food we eat. they did say we ingest ground up worms in the meat and look, we’re still standing.”
Olivia widened her doe eyes and rapidly shook her head at her twin while Layla frowned pulling her bottom lip into her mouth, shocked Jordan actually thought that would have made you feel better
it did not
hey you were always down for some conspiracy theories, but right now with the way you were feeling physically? you did NOT want to hear that of all things
you screamed inside as Jordan held onto your shoulders still smiling
“i’m gonna go lock myself in the car now so i can explode in peace.”
instead of doing that Jordan encouraged you to lay in one of the spare bedrooms and brought you a water bottle and a bag full of ice cubes to rest against your blotchy skin
“see...i can take care of you too sometimes ya know?” Jordan cooed sitting below the twin sized bed
rolling your eyes, “yeah, yeah, ‘cause telling me that there’s grounded up worms wiggling around in my skeleton sure made me feel better.”
“if they’re grounded up then they can’t wiggle, they’re just gonna come straight out-
“jordan, i’m gonna start screaming if you don’t shut up.”
“love you.” jordan laughed leaning his head back against your thighs
you missed out on the nerf gun fight, actually dozing off until jordan whacked you awake with his damp shirt
you were always a light sleeper
“c’mon grandma, you can’t stay in here all day.” 
blinking out of your sleep you slowly pulled yourself up into a sitting position, “how’s my face?”
“less pink panther for sure, doc.” Jordan answered turning your face from left to right with his fingertips
you lifted your own shirt checking the rest of the visable skin making jordan whistle, “giving that what meg says?”
“you’re one to talk, walking in here all drenched.” you scoffed playfully letting your sleeveless shirt fall back over your torso as you turned to jordan locking arms around his frame instead, “and let’s not act like you don’t know the lyrics, i always catch you singing my songs.”
“please,” jordan leaned down to brush his nose against yours, “your music taste sucks...except for ariana and snoh.”
“say’s the guy that has mainly the weeknd on your sex playlist.”
Jordan gasped, “okay, im offended.”
“dude, you have only the weeknd on your getting freaky playlist?!” JJ cut in, his head appearing through the ajar door
jordan cut his eyes at the bleach blond, “do you ever knock JJ?”
“What for? the doors open? we have to talk about expanding your playlist, just let me know when and i have everything you’re both probably looking for.” JJ grinned and winked at you while you closed your eyes and shook your head in response
“you probably have nothing but dubstep and electronic music.”
“not only,” JJ pointed, “plus i’ve never had any complaints before.”
“i find that very hard to believe.” you sighed moving your arms from Jordan’s waist as he pressed a kiss to your cheek, “what’s up JJ?”
“we need some confirmations, what do you think of fettuccine alla JJ?”
glancing off to the side you were confused, were you supposed to know what that is?
“i thought burgers and hot dogs was the easiest and best option?” Jordan folded his arms
JJ kept that award-winning smile on his lips, “you won’t be disappointed.”
“i think we’re already disappointed because we don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.” you admited
“what’s that saying? don’t knock it until you try it.” JJ attempted to persuade
“i’m gonna knock you out if you get any of us sick by what you’re trying to feed us.”
“careful, baker. wouldn’t want you flat on your back like last time, gotta take it easy, doctor’s orders.” JJ went to pat Jordan’s chest 
“i’m gonna kill him.” Jordan growled, knowing JJ was just joking as they all did as a group and jordan didn’t take much offense to it but he knew he would never hear the end of him facing his first concussion two weeks ago
he just wished everyone else would
“please do.”
Dinner came around which was actually nice to have with all of your friends around, you opted that you all do that more often with everyone agreeing
It felt good to actually spend time with your friends especially when things were constantly changing throughout the group
You even gave new girl Vanessa a chance! Although there was some tension there, you still tried to make her feel welcome despite the new found info you found out on your joyous hike!
then she had the idea to play “never have I ever” by the bonfire
you were always down for some games, you were a bit of nerd when it came to any form of games especially: video games, board games, and card games—you even loved chess...s/o to your gramps
Out of respect for Olivia’s sobriety, JJ decided that everyone would drink some form of spicy pickle juice that he probably bought from Amazon or some shit but hey! You were always down for new things to a extent...
“So you’ll drink this but not eat my famous pasta? I see how it is, y/n.”
He was hit with a shrug of your shoulders and a smug smile
First the game started off entertaining all went left
Asher felt like it was correct response to take out his agitation on his friends, this friend being Jordan, “okay, fine. never have I ever cheated a concussion protocol to play in a game.”
Immediately you glanced at Jordan who wouldn’t meet your eyes
Taking a deep breath you asked, “Jordan, is that true?”
Jordan was a gapping fish which let you know that it was
Tossing the blanket to the side you got up walking off from the scene with Jordan rushing behind you gripping onto wrist to get your attention
“Just listen, for a minute.”
“Listen to you what? You continue to lie to not only me but everyone else?”
Jordan sighed, “I didn’t want anyone to worry about me.”
“No, you were selfish putting your health at risk just so you can play some stupid game!”
“Stupid?” Jordan frowned, “you think what I love to do is stupid? You know how important playing ball is to me.”
“Yes! And you prioritize that over your well-being and that’s not okay to me. And the fact that you thought lying to my face day after day would make it okay?”
“I’m sorry I lied.”
“Are you?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“I mean it was so easy for you say and do whatever you needed to do just to get back on the field, what else have you been lying to me about?”
“Oh don’t make this out to be more than it is! I just need you to support me, is that too much to do?”
You went silent thinking that over as you said your next words, “maybe it is. I can’t be your yes person all the damn time j, when you’re in the wrong here! I’ve been nothing but supportive in this relationship and the minute I say I’m not okay with not only you lying but risking your health at that, just for a game you want to question everything I put into this relationship? Really?!”
“That’s not—that’s not what I mean. I love everything you do for me, and how you make me feel. you know that, I’ve told you that. And I don’t want this to feel like a competition about who does more for the other because that’s not love and sounds really exhausting. I don’t ever want to grow tired of you. We are equal aren’t we? I just, I just want you to understand how important football is to me. I have to be the best and perfect my craft.”
“Perfecting your craft doesn’t mean working yourself until your nothing but dust, Jordan. I would be devastated if i lost you and if we make it which we’re destined to and you go pro, I’m always going to worry about you. I mean look at me now always in the stands watching through my fingers half of the game.”
Jordan breathed out a laugh nodding his head that this was in fact true, “I...I get that. Really I do...I’m so sorry I didn’t take you or any one else’s feelings into consideration.”
“Good, and I understand why you did it but you should have talked to me about that dumb idea of yours.”
“Would you have agreed, doc?”
“I can’t control would have done it anyway, knowing your stubborn ass.”
Jordan tilted his head at that knowing that was probably true and slowly reached out to lace your fingers together, “are we okay?”
“As long as you get rid of those pills.” You squeezed his hand against yours.
“Deal. They’re actually in the car.” He placed a kiss on your forehead trying to ease the tension with the incredulous look you shot him, “you never said you forgive me, tho.” He informed with a sheepish smile
Shrugging you said, “Oh I’m still mad as hell, this fire has been dimmed but it’s still there, baby.”
Jordan groaned reaching up to grip the sides of your neck to pull your face up to his, “I love you, I care for you, I’m sorry for being a dumb ass and I’ll prove to you how sorry I am.”
“Just don’t lie to me ever again or I’m gonna kick your tall ass.” You pointed at Jordan who laughed, swearing against his chest and opted that he would do just that
“Can i get a kiss?” He raised his brows, hopeful
Shaking your head you stepped back from him, watching him pout, “that’s your consequence from me to you.”
“Seriously?! Y/n? You know how much I love kissing, that’s just evil.” Jordan yelled watching you walk off with a smirk on your lips
“Should have thought about that before you did what you did and not expecting me to find out.”
Jordan grumbled, “you wouldn’t have found out if Asher didn’t open his big mouth...”
“What was that?” You glanced over your shoulder standing on the front porch
Jordan dragged his feet over to you, “nothing, sweetheart.”
“I love you j, more than you know.” You stated before quickly pecking a kiss in between his lovely brows making him beam at the action
“Oh I know how much, trust me. Otherwise you wouldn’t be denying me my kisses.” Jordan gripped your waist pulling you into a hug
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iammultifandomaf · 3 months ago
Once a Leader, Always a Leader
FanFiction: Sweet Home
Chapter 2 - ESCAPE
She was fed up by the military. The only thing they did was boss her around. Just like he used to do.
Lee Eun-Yu immediately saddened at the thought of her brother.
Tumblr media
I need to escape. I don't feel safe at all. I have no idea where Cha Hyun-Su is... where Eun-Hyeok is.
She knew that her chances to survive out there are low. She didn't know how to fight, let alone properly run because of her ankle. But she didn't want to survive alone. She wants to at least try.
Eun-Yu always encouraged others in a very mean way, especially Eun-Hyeok, to be active and not just sit around. However, she didn't feel that brave and despite her desire to leave, she didn't think that she'd be capable of leaving a military base. The bunch that was rescued from Green Home was kept together for some time now because they were cut off by monsters. So, they were basically stuck, hoping that the army would be able to fight them off or to get help from somewhere else.
One late evening, Eun-Yu was sitting on her bunkbed, watching Son Hye-In who was petting her dog nervously.
"What's with you?" Eun-Yu couldn't hold it for her anymore. Hye-In sent her an awful look and said angrily: "Don't you see him? He's all worked up. Something is wrong!"
Eun-Yu was interrupted by a deafening sound of the alarm going off. It took only seconds before everything turned into chaos. Lee Joon-Woo suddenly appeared at their door with a horrified expresion on his face.
"The monsters got in! They are killing everyone, fuck. I saw one in the corridor! We gotta hide!" he hollared but the moment he finished his sentence, something grabbed him by his back and threw him on the other side of the hallway.
Hye-In's dog began to bark loudly at the threat.
"Shut him up! Jesus!" Eun-Yu snapped, "I am outta here!"
Eun-Yu rose to her feet and tried to sneak out of the room. "Wait for me!" Hye-In whispered loudly and followed the girl quickly, not wanting to be left behind.
Gun shots were echoing through the building as the two women crept throught the hallway, trying to be as silent as possible. They had to pass the now dead corpse of Lee Joon-Woo which made Hye-In give out a weak whimper.
Eun-Yu tried to look around the corner to see what's ahead but that was a grave mistake since a monster just looked that away and started charging into her direction.
Cold sweat was dripping down her forehead as she started backing away.
"What?! What's there?" Hye-In cried out as she saw Eun-Yu's frozen expression while she was walking backwards slowly.
I have no weapon. My leg won't work. I am dead.
Hye-In wanted to follow Eun-Yu in her retreat but was stopped by a sudden appearance of a large figure. It didn't look like a monster nor a human, though. Hye-In wanted to shriek out but the moment, Eun-Yu bumped into it with her back, she stayed silent.
Eun-Yu's heartbeat rose, not only because she noticed the thing's claws on her shoulder, but also because the monster from before had caught up and was now standing in front of them.
Now did Hye-In give a proper scream out of her lungs, trying to run away pass the new creature that appeared but before she was able to escape, a firm grasp on her arm pulled her next to Eun-Yu. They both were let go, though, as the newcomer walked around them and fiercly attacked the monster that had multiple arms and very capable, strong legs. Overall, the monster seemed more likely to win. The other creature didn't seem fazed by the monster's dangerous looks, though, and the only thing he did was to give out a horrendously monstrous roar that made Eun-Yu and Hye-Im cover their ears while Bom, the dog, hid behind Hye-In.
Then it just stopped and with it, everything else went quiet. Even the shooting. And the multiarmed monster was lying on the ground, almost as if it was kneeling while shaking heavily.
With that, the tall human looking creature bend over to grab the monsters neck and smashed it against the wall, creating a huge crack in it.
Eun-Yu wasn't sure what the creature had done to it, but the monster seem to shrink slowly and then just fell apart. Hye-In found Eun-Yu's hand and tightly squeezed it.
The creature in front of them didn't turn back, as if it was hesitating.
"Who the hell are you?!" Eun-Yu's attitude made its way onto the surface yet again which made Hye-In squeeze her hand even tigher and gave her a panicked look. Eun-Yu shook her off, though, and walked closer to the tall 'creature'.
"What? Why did you save us? What's your deal?!" she cried out again angrily but was taken aback by a familiar chuckle.
"I am sorry I lied," he said sadly, still not turning around. Eun-Yu's eyes burned from the tears cummulating at once. No way.
"You bastard!" she cried out and started pounding into his back which made Hye-In yell out in surprise and also fear and run to tear Eun-Yu away.
Now, he turned around, looking down at Eun-Yu with compassion, trying to touch her shoulder again but Eun-Yu shook him and Hye-In off.
"Don't you touch me! Neither or you. Fuck," she screamed at them and wiped away her tears from the cheeks.
Hye-In finally looked up and after watching his face for a bit, she understood, too: "Lee Eun-Hyeok?"
He only nodded, keeping his well-known calm face which was now decorated by silver cold irises.
"How are you like this? You don't look like-" Hye-In began but her dog's unstoppable barking interrupted her, so she picked him up and continued: "You don't look like them..."
"Yeah, I know. What about we talk some more after we're somewhere else?"
"Leave the army?" Hye-In wondered.
"You can stay, if you want. But I can protect you better as it seems. And I also want to find Cha Hyun-Su in the meantime."
Eun-Yu raised her head at Cha Hyun-Su's mention and swallowed her tears. "You want to find him?"
His eyes landed on his sister as he nodded: "Of course, he always helped us out. He has to feel lonely now. I don't want that for him."
"Uhuh. The children are here somewhere...," Eun-Yu said, "Yoon Ji-Su probably, too..."
"What about Seo Yi-Kyung?" Eun-Hyeok asked as he was looking around.
"She stayed outside. She didn't come with us here," Hye-In informed him, receiving a small nod from him.
"Alright, let's go when the monsters are still tamed," he said and started walking away from them. The two women hurried to catch up.
"How did you do it? Tame them?" Hye-In wondered.
"Hm, it's just a thing I can do. Don't ask me why."
They walked along the hallway when suddenly Eun-Hyeok stopped.
"What?" Eun-Yu asked angrily as she almost bumped into him again.
"I think they are here somewhere," Eun-Hyeok said quietly and looked right to the damaged cabinet standing on the floor.
"Su-Yeong? Yeong-Su? Are you in there?" he bend himself down and almost wanted to open the cabinet, however the sight of his own fingers stopped him and turned back to his sister.
"Could you? I don't want to frighten them," he said quietly and stepped back.
Eun-Yu gave him a long look, finally taking in everything that was different. Somehow not wearing his glasses made him seem even more emotionally distanced than before. And I thought it's the glasses. His features in the face didn't change that much, not at least in comparison to his body which was just generally bigger and then of course, the clawed hands were something of an eyecatcher.
And when talking about an eye, his silvery eyes kept staring at her patiently which made her nervous a bit.
The cabinet door opened itself, though, and a small head popped out.
"Eun-Yu?" Su-Yeong said in a weak voice, holding onto her younger brother whose eyes were swollen up.
Eun-Yu sat down on her haunches and smiled at the children. "We're here to take you somewhere safe, okay? You remember my brother, right?" she gestured to her left.
"What happened to Oppa?" Su-Yeong asked carefully.
"Nothing much, just a change of style, come on out."
The children slowly got out of the cabinet and looked around.
"Where is Ji-Su? She told us to hide and then run away," Yeong-Su asked.
"We should look for her," Eun-Hyeok said and looked down at the kids.
"Hey," he said and lowered himself to be at the same height level as them, "I know I look a bit weird now but you'll forgive me that, right?"
The siblings looked at each other and the older sister nodded.
"Great, thank you. And just for moving faster, would you mind if I carried you so we can find Ji-Su as soon as possible?"
Yeong-Su replied with stretching out his arms towards Eun-Hyeok which made him smile.
"I am sorry, I got myself these ugly fingers, I hope it's alright," he said, his voice cracking a bit as he lifted the children, one locked in each arm.
Eun-Yun watched her brother how he carefully held the children so he wouldn't harm them with his claws and quickly looked to the side, trying to hide her glassy eyes. He went through such a change alone.
They walked around for a while, encountering a few monsters that have crouched away when Eun-Hyeok walked passed them. Both and Eun-Yun and Hye-In watched the monsters' reactions in awe.
"If he only turned earlier," Hye-In commented, remembering the lives they have lost. Eun-Hyeok stopped and turned around and looked straight at Hye-In, visibly sighing. He understood, him losing his humanity could've saved many lives. But it's too late to fix it.
Hye-In interpreted his reaction negatively and rose her hand in defense: "I didn't mean to off-"
"No, you are right, it's fine," he interrupted her and nodded to the metalic door in front of them, "I think she's in there."
"How do you know?" his sister asked suspiciously.
"Well, with those pretty eyes came also upgraded ears and my nose picks up specific smells, too. And I smell puss."
"Ew," Eun-Yu furrowed her brows at Eun-Hyeok who gave her an innocent smile in return.
"Kids, you stay here," he said and lowered himself so he could put them down.
"What are you going to do?" Su-Yeong asked anxiously.
"I'll go get her," he answered and smiled at them. His sister was faster, though, and was already trying to open the door.
"It's locked," she said angrily.
"Eun-Yu," her brother said calmly, "you shouldn't be this rash. She's not alone in there, the soldiers are with her. If you opened the door, they could've had killed you."
"Why would they shoot me, I am not a monster!" she said but immediately regreted her words. He is a monster now, too.
"Yeah, I know. But they are afriad. They won't probably act reasonably," he said and laid his hand on the door.
"We are here in peace, we just want to take Ji-Su. Are you there, Ji-Su? It's me, Eun-Hyeok," he said loudly and turned his ear to the door, waiting for a response.
"Why aren't they answering?" Hye-In asked nervously. Eun-Hyeok turned to her and shrugged. "They all seem to be tense."
"Alright, I'm going in, so please, save yourself the bullets," Eun-Hyeok informed them and looked at his sister, "you all go away from the door. They'll definitely be shooting."
"No, don't go! They'll kill you!" Yeong-Su ran to his calf and hugged it.
"Don't worry, I'll make it. And I'll bring Ji-Su, too."
Eun-Yu started at her brother who gently pushed the boy away from him and then continued to the metalic door. He slid his hand on it up and down, as if trying out the material and in a swift movement of his hand, he made its way through it. The shooting, of course, began as soon as he dug his sharp claws through it and the bullet shower continued as he ripped the door out of the frame, using it now as a shield against the bullets.
Eun-Hyeok didn't bother to say anything. He knew what the fear could do and he also knew how he had to look like to them. He focused only on the smell now - the heavy smell of puss.
How could've they leave it like that? She has to have it infected for days.
He located her promptly and looked to his right. They were holding her, covering her mouth so she couldn't have yelled out when he first tried to talk to her. With a few unnaturally fast and strong jumps, he was standing in front of the two soldiers who have been holding her down, not minding the wound they were opening with it.
"I'll be taking her off of your hands now," Eun-Hyeok said as politely as he could but still was hit by multiple bullets in his back. He couldn't help himself but to let out an animalistic grunt that made everyone feel more uneasy.
"Ji-Su," he said softly as she watched him with teary eyes, "God, look guys, I really-" a headshot stopped him from talking. He fell forward onto his door-shield, swearing: "Fuck," as he spit out the bullet that came into his head from behind.
Ji-Su started jerking around with her body, making it harder for the soliders to hold her down.
"Okay, okay," Eun-Hyeok rose to his feet again and grabbed each soilder by their arm, throwing them aside as if they were teddy-bears. Quickly, he pushed his hands beneath Ji-Su and lifted her up as she watched him in silence but her eyes were asking all the questions for her.
"Yeah, I know," he said and pulled her closer to his chest as he prepared to jump his way out of this storage room. A few bullets hit his back but otherwise nothing serious.
He met his sister's eyes who couldn't hide her worrisome look.
"We should probably head out," he said and balanced Ji-Su on his right arm as he dug his claws into a tall metalic cabinet, throwing it in front of the door frame.
"Could you carry the boy?" he turned to his sister who was still staring at the cabinet that he threw with ease at the door frame. She only nodded and automatically picked Yeong-Su.
They all headed to the garages where they found a big black van into which they all climbed in after Hye-In found the keys in a cupboard in a CCTV room.
Eun-Hyeok laid Ji-Su in the back and uncovered her wound. "Don't they have here some medicine? Or alcohol at least?" he asked.
"They told us that they have almost nothing left," Ji-Su said weakly.
"Yeah, we were supposed to be here only temporary. But the monsters were all around, we couldn't get out safely," Hye-Inn explained.
"Hm, I will have to get something for this later, then. Could you drive?" he asked the woman who was still holding tightly onto the dog.
"Me?" she said in shock, "why me?"
"Well, my sister is probably worse at driving than me, Ji-Su isn't feeling the best... and as you said before, there's a lot of monsters out there. I should be on the outside, taking care of them."
"Can't you just do the creepy scream?" Eun-Yu asked.
"That's what I am planning. But it won't reach that far. I'd have to scream all the way."
"Why don't you?"
"Try screaming for 5 minutes yourself, Eun-Yu," he said and stepped out of the car, about to close the door.
Eun-Yu quickly grabbed his wrist, looking up into his eyes. "Are you sure you can fight them alone?"
He smiled at her and put his other hand on hers. "I have to try, you guys can't fight them."
She looked away but didn't let go of his wrist.
"Please, don't leave like last time. Be creepy as you want. Just don't leave," she said quietly, surprising Eun-Hyeok with her honesty and nodded.
"I'll do everything to survive. As I did until now," he said, slipping out of her grip and closing the door. He opened the garage door. It was suspiciously quiet. He looked back at the car and sent them a smile, heading out first.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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evanpetersplschokeme · 4 months ago
You can’t leave
This is a toxic relationship with Kai Anderson
I will be adding warnings
A/n: this is my first fanfic type thing so ofc it’s not going to be the best! Please no hate :)
Warning (s): blood, knifes and abuse
Word count: 1k
Tumblr media
It was 2:11 a.m I woke up to the sounds of screaming. It sounded like it was coming from the basement, Kai always told me I should never go down there I didn’t know why but I wouldn’t dare to go. I laid there in Kai’s bed crying for a while wondering where/what Kai was doing. This time I felt like this was my only chance to go, at least get a little peak. I quickly jumped out of bed and tried to not to make any noise. Soon as I made it out of the door I ran for the basement stairs. Before I could put one foot down I felt something grab me hard, my heart dropped. I was so nervous to turn around but when I did it was Kai’s sister Winter.
“What the fuck are you doing y/n”
she slowly let go of my arm
“I- I was going to see what that noise wa-“
Winter quickly interrupted me “y/n you know you’re not allowed to go down to there...Kai will hurt you, now go back to bed”
“I’m so sorry Winter please don’t tell Kai” I whispered.
She rolled her eyes and went to the basement herself while locking the door behind her. I ran back to Kai’s bed and cried praying Winter didn’t say a word to Kai
It was morning I woke to Kai stroking my cheek “wake up princess go brush your hair or whatever you have to do, Winter is making breakfast”
He planted a kiss on my forehead, smiling back before Kai walked out. Wondering why he was in such a good mood I just ignored. I brush my teeth, put my clothes on and walked to the kitchen.
Winter greeted me with a fake smile I knew something was wrong I could feel it. Kai looked over at my arm and noticed there was a bruise.
“What happened to you arm?”
“Um I’m not sure” I replied, I looked over at Winter noticing her face turning red.
“Don’t you fucking lie to me y/n”
“wha- what are you talking about Kai”
“don’t be fucking stupid, I’m going to ask again, where did you get the bruise” Kai shouted
I flinched but I knew I couldn’t lie...
Quickly Winter spoke up, ”me kai I pulled her arm a little too hard last night I’m sorry”
Winter quickly ran out the room, and I was so scared my stomach dropped. Feeling Kai’s dark eyes staring at me, I got so nervous avoiding to look up, he grabbed my face forcing me to look at him which led with a slapped to my face. I felt my face burning as I let out a soft whimper.
“Y/n I know what you did last night a little birdie told me all about it... so tell me again what your plan was.” I didn’t respond
“So you’re not talking?” Kai laughed right in my face “you’re pathetic you know that? How about you go to Winters room while I go think of a punishment. Shake you head if you understand”
He was still grabbing my face pretty hard. I couldn’t really move, Kai knew this so he let go of me and walked out the door.
(winters room about an hour after kai left)
“You can talk y/n it’s ok i promise I won’t tell Kai”
“You literally told Kai about what happened yesterday Winter I can’t really trust you anymore.”
“Y/n he fucking heard you he heard the door what the fuck do you want me to do?..lie to him? I can’t do that”
“Whatever winter” I replied giving a small attitude
“Give me you pinky I want to ask you something”
I hesitated a bit but we locked pinkies anyway.
“Are you scared of Kai?”
I laughed at her thinking that was the most obvious question. “yes”
“good, Now meet me at the at the basement stairs tonight I’ll sneak you in”
right when Winter said that the front door opened. She got back on her laptop as I just sat there. Kai pulled me by my hair forcing me up
he pulled me close and kissed me.
“Did you behave for me today doll? If you did I’ll give you something special”
I smiled “yes sir”
he laughed “good. Now winter, was she good?”
“Get out”
Now that Kai and I are alone in his room he pulled me on top of him.
“Show me how much of a dirty little slut you are”
I got off of him and said no, his jaw clenched as he left out a soft laugh.
He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, never taking his eyes off me. “Please y/n just a kiss”
“Kai i said no”
“Fine what else do you want”
“You to love me” tearing up I instantly regret what I said.
“Y/n what do you mean? Do I not love you enough?” He mocked
“Forget it” I cried
“Go to sleep it’s 11 o’clock, I’ll tuck you in”
Kai gives a kiss on the forehead after he tucks you in his bed whispering “now listen to me. Do not leave this bed no matter what you good night my lovely”
It was 2:57 am when I woke up to more screaming I remember what winter said, Kai was gone again I knew he was there, I just knew he was doing something horrible but I had to see for myself. It stopped...I tiptoed to Winters room.
“Winter..Winter..Winter” she wouldn’t move so I shook her.
“Oh my god I’m sorry y/n I forgot about that thing come on”
“wait Winter have you been waking up to screaming lately?”
“Stop being dramatic y/n I bet it’s just Kai watching tv downstairs”
“you never know Winter it just makes me worried”
Winter opens the door and pushes me in, I see a group of people all standing in a circle looking at me in clown outfits. I backup slowly to the steps noticing winter isn’t there anymore she set me up..
I’m so fucking stupid why did I believe her
I cried yelling out for Kai as loud as I could. I tried beating on the door trying to get out but something was blocking it, I should’ve listened to Kai about the basement. One clown started coming to me I wanted to pass out but I screamed..nobody came. A clown was reaching for their mask as if they were talking it off.
It was Kai how could he do such a thing to me.
“she can’t help you she’s the one who set you up. God y/n you’re so stupid” Kai said.
“N-no please don’t hurt me” I backed up in the corner putting my knees to my chest.
“We’re not here to hurt you.. we’re here to hurt him” A female voice spoke up, she was wearing an elephant outfit
“hi-him?” I stuttered
“the man in the chair, his name is RJ he didn’t listen so now we’re killing him” Kai laughed
“this is a cult doll, this is my big secret.”
“Kai can I just go to the room please I promise I won’t bother you anymore” my voice shaking
“no. you’re going to kill him with this”
my heart dropped, I screamed, I got up from the corner I was backed up in and walked to Kai slapping him in the face.
“You shouldn’t of done that you bitch” Kai punched me. I fell to the ground crying while everyone just stood and watched, my nose was bleeding
I begged for forgiveness
***TW: knives, cutting and blood*** “get the fuck up and take this or it’s you instead of him”
Kai waved the nail gun in my face I tried to get up but I just couldn’t, the blonde girl that was in the elephant outfit ran to help me but Kai yelled at her telling to get out, he grabbed me by the arm pulling me up pushing me onto the man.
“DO IT” Kai shouted
I pressed the nail gun the man in the chair. Crying so hard I could barely breathe anymore
“I’m so sorry” I whispered
the nail shot through his head. The guy in the chair RJ and I both screamed at the same time. I fell to the ground dropping the gun with me I felt Kai touch my back, he squatted down next to me
“see baby that wasn’t bad was it”
“fuck you Kai” I yelled out,
he laughed “well then now it’s your punishment you brat” Kai made everyone leave.
It was just us
Now scared I felt like throwing up we were, Kai, and RJ’s lifeless body. I didn’t know what Kai was going to do with me
“baby I’m so sorry don’t hurt me...please” I cuffed Kai’s cheek
“i want you to suffer” Kai said with a big smile he pulled out his knife
“K-Kai baby..what are you doing”
“pull up your shirt” he said forcefully trailing his knife down my body from my throat.
Gasping as he started carving letters on my stomach I kicked and screamed wanting him to stop
“shh shh it’ll be over soon I promise”
I threw my head back jerking and moaning in pain. Kai placed one hand over my mouth making sarcastic jokes asking if it hurts when he knows it obviously does.
“This is what you get for being a bad girl, I told you to not come down”
I started to hyperventilate, I stopped making noise because I knew it wasn’t going to help any.
Feeling Kai’s fingers trace over the cuts he made. Blood was everywhere he removed his hand from my mouth I didn’t dare to make a sound.
He laughed and put his bloody fingers in my mouth
“do you wanna see”
I shook my head no violently, Kai didn’t like that so he kicked me and dragged me out the basement. I felt paralyzed wondering where he was taking me
We got up the stairs, he was dragging me into the bathroom.
“W-what are we-“ I couldn’t finish my sentence it felt like I was dying.
Kai ripped all my clothes off “I’m cleaning you up baby” he said as he while stroking my hair.
He stood me up and told me to look in the mirror “you’re so pretty y/n look at your tummy”
I couldn’t move my head at all I didn’t even want to look but I did. The statement ‘did you learn’ was written across my body
“WINTER” I yelled as loud as I could Kai shut me up real quick by putting a knife to my throat.
“Get in the bath I need to clean you”
“w-will you hurt me?”
He didn’t say anything. Just stared waiting for me to get in I slowly limped grinding my teeth together from the pain of the hot water. I looked over at Kai and he was crying...he fell to his knees putting his face in my arms
“I’m so sorry- I’m so fucking sorry” he sounded like he actually meant it, he was upset but I didn’t care. I watched him cry as I was on the verge of passing out.
“Y-y/n hey wake up” Kai violently shook my head.
I don’t know what’s happening to me I keep going in and out of reality kai grabbed the washcloth gently going over my body acting like he just didn’t do this horrible thing.
“Stop Kai please”
“s-stop what I- I love you”
“n-no you don’t” i uttered in a very low weak voice
I woke up with Kai by my side in his bed I couldn’t remember a lot from the night before other than what happened in the basement. I was wearing his clothes but I don’t know how I got into them but it didn’t really matter. I tried waking Kai up by rubbing his forehead, his eyes began to slowing open. He pulls my head towards him and kisses my nose. The first thing he asked was if my stomach was ok I pulled up my shirt noticing someone wrapped me up.
“No Kai”
“look y/n I’m sorry I really am know now”
“what are you talking about? Know about wh-“
“the cult y/n I’m sorry but I don’t trust you”
“Trust me with what Kai?”
“The secret...I have to kill you”
“are you serious” i gave a fake laugh but kai didn’t.
“K-Kai” this was wrong he’s never joked like this. “stop with the joke it’s not fucking funny”
Kai gets closer to me as I get off his bed trying to reach the door. When I try to run he pulled me and threw me on the bed.
Trying my best to fight back he got on top of me with his hands wrapped around my throat. All I could think about was why is he doing this. Kai mumbles words as I struggle for air.
“I love you, I’m sorry, forgive me” Kai kept repeating those words.
I was losing my hearing, breath, and vision. Everything was distorted but I could still see figures
Winter.. Winter walked in
my weak arm tried to grab her in hopes she would stop him.
She didn’t
She just looked
I took my final breath as I watched him kill me with Winter by his side.
A/n: Hi guys I’m glad you make it this far I hope you enjoyed it just know this is my first so sorry if my grammar and sentences were off!
please no hate :)
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crashdevlin · 4 months ago
I Know You 2- Tell Me About Me
Tumblr media
I Know You Masterlist
Author’s Note: AU where Dean was never cured of being a demon and Crowley took over the world with the help of Vampires, Werewolves, and Shifters. Dean’s spent five years not giving a damn about the state of the world and no one has seen Sam in years.
Summary: Dean goes in search of information on Y/n.
Pairing: none
Word count: 2573
Story Warnings: show-level violence, bit of post-apocalyptic angst, mentions of character deaths,
"Are you just gonna keep killing everyone I send to retrieve you?" Crowley asks, popping up in my hotel room.
I sit up and run my hand through my hair. "Eventually you'll stop sending monsters to feed the Mark. Can't imagine your Alpha buddies like their children losing their heads."
"Why do you think I'm here now, Dean?"
"You're lookin' for a baritone to really round out the sound of Crowley and the Dickbags?" I guess. "But I told ya, I'm a solo act."
"Why are you still being stubborn about this?" He's about to get all assed up. Watch. Shouting in three, two… "You're a bloody Knight of Hell! You're supposed to be with your King! You're supposed to support me!"
"Nah. Not my bag." He hates when I get all nonchalant about being his butt buddy.
"Your bag is murder!” he argues. “Why won't you just murder in service to your king?!"
"You ain't my king, asshat. And I don't service anyone except myself.”
“I’m everyone’s King, Winchester!” I look at him boredly and pull the First Blade out from under my pillow. He wants to step back, but he won’t. Can’t show weakness. Idiot. “We were a great team. Why won’t you-”
“Because I don’t want to, you slimy little prick. I’m gonna say it again, for the umpteenth time, you told me to ‘pick a bloody side’ and I did.” I stand up, Blade in my hand and black in my eyes. “I picked my bloody side...and I’m not gonna change my mind just because you think I picked wrong. You got a problem with the word ‘no’, don’t you? Don’t hear it much, huh?”
He sighs and shakes his head. “You should be at my side. Not driving around, fucking and drinking your way across America. You could have all the women and booze you want in New York.”
“Nah. I’m good. Get out. Now.”
“You’ll change your mind, eventually,” he says before disappearing.
Yeah, fuck you too, Crowley.
I stick around long enough to have a drink and a sandwich and then I head for Kentucky. There’s a hunter bar there. Last one in the country if I’m hearin’ right. They won’t be happy to see me, but they’ll get over it. I just need a little information. Don’t wanna kill any of ‘em...but I will if I must.
There’s salt along the doorway. I can see the hunters stepping over it...oh so carefully. So I’m not going in. Probably got Devil’s Traps inside, too. Great.
I park and sit on the hood cross legged. I turn on some music and wait for somebody to come outside. It only takes about half an hour before they start looking through the windows, sawed-off shotguns in their hands.
“Come on, fellas! I just wanna talk!” I shout.
“Fuck off, demon!”
I roll my eyes at the original response and hop off the hood, raising my hands over my head. “Look, I don’t have any weapons on me. I just want a little information!”
A short, skinny mother walks out, stepping over the salt line with his shotgun raised. “What information, Winchester?”
“Reputation preceding me with everybody, huh?” I say, keeping my hands up.
“We’ve spoken before. Mackey. I was friends with Bobby.”
Mackey. That’s right. “You sent me toward Emmanuel when my brother was in the nuthouse, right?”
“Right. What do you want?”
“Four-one-one on a hunter named Y/n,” I start before giving a brief description of her and her car. “Crossed paths with her a couple days ago.”
“And why would I tell you about her? I know what happened to you. Jody Mills told us all about it.”
“Is Jody in there? Maybe she’d be willing to give me a bit-”
“She’s gone, Dean.”
Well, that sucks. “Look. I’m just curious, okay? I’m not trying to hurt her or anything. She stepped to me like she’s got a death wish, so I’m just intrigued.”
Mackey licks his lips and drops his aim. I drop my arms in return. “Her parents bit it when she was young: ghost possession. She saw it happen. She started hunting before she was even eighteen. She’s stubborn, fierce, determined to do what’s right and her moral compass has just gotten better with age. She’s one of the most badass hunters I’ve ever had the pleasure of fighting beside. She moves she belongs in an action movie, especially since the Apocalypse. Of course she stepped to you, but it’s not because she has a death wish. It’s because she cares about the world and she’s willing to do anything she can to fix this mess. She’s not the only one to float the idea that a Knight of Hell with the First Blade might be the only one who can do a damn thing about Crowley since the Angels all decided to fuck off back to Heaven and lock it down. She’s just the only one stupid and stubborn enough to approach you about it.”
That must be why she was hoping to see some bit of the old me. But did she just know about me from a few emails from Sam?
“So, you’ve hunted with her before? She hunt with anybody else I’d know?”
Mackey takes a step back over the salt line and puts his hand on the door. He’s about to shut me out. “You used to be friends with that Angel, didn’t you?”
“Castiel?” I ask and he nods.
“She was fighting beside him when he went down.”
Huh. I didn’t know Cas died. “What got him?”
“Demons,” Mackey says before shutting the door. Fine. I got what I needed. She knew Cas.
I get in the car and sit for a minute. Haven’t thought about Cas in a while. Didn’t think he would have gotten taken down by demons, though. Figured him for going down against something big. Somethin’ like me. Kinda sucks some rando demons got ‘im. Hmmm.
I turn the engine over and pull out. Got my info. Time to find the girl.
I find her in Albuquerque. Shifters causing problems in the suburbs, Crowley’s not doing anything to control his monsters so it’s still on hunters. She’s in the sewers when I find her and I gotta say...Mackey’s assessment is spot on. She’s got four shifters on her, all wearing the same face to confuse her, I’m sure. She moves like a gymnast. A ballerina, maybe?
She’s got an angel blade in her right hand, slashes at one, now it’s in her left, slashes at another while her foot slams into the jaw of the first one. Number three tries to sweep her leg, but she just jumps it and lands on his knee. I can hear his knee crack from here. He’s screaming in pain when her blade plunges into his temple. He’s gone. Three left.
She cartwheels away to regroup and faces them. They rush her and her knife practically flies out of her hand, embedding in one of their throats. Two down.
The two left grab her by her arms and force her into the wall behind her but she just jumps in the air and wraps her legs around their necks, bashing their heads together and forcing them to the ground. She grabs one by the head and twists. That’s three.
I’m standing behind it when she turns to deal with the last one, First Blade already in its back, life draining from it. She looks surprised to see me, eyes wide and pretty with shock.
“Dean.” She swallows and stands. “What are you doing here?”
I pull the Blade out of the thing and smile at the sick squelching sound it makes before I drop the shifter to the ground. “I was feelin’ a little nostalgic for the old days of crawlin’ around sewage systems, killing things that need killin’. Imagine my surprise when I saw you were here.”
“You followed me,” she accuses, brushing her hands off on her jeans.
“Found you, not followed,” I correct, tucking the Blade in the back of my own. “Had to do a little research and recon first. You know how it is.”
“‘Research and recon’, huh? Into me?” she asks, stepping away from me to retrieve her angel blade.
“Yep. You take that off’a Cas after you let him die?” I ask, mostly just to see her reaction. She stiffens at the mention and then she yanks it out of the shifter’s neck.
“No, this has been mine...and ya know, maybe those demons wouldn’t have gotten the best of us if we’d had a bit of backup.”
“How’d you manage to get out when the Angel couldn’t?” I ask, and I make sure to keep my tone conversational. She glares at me and I shrug. “Hey, it’s a valid question, I think. Angel of the Lord, celestial being with thousands of years of battle training. Tiny human hunter with a half a dozen years of ballet and a pretty smile.” I weigh them out in my hands and give her a smirk. “The one that shoulda survived is pretty obvious, right?”
“Castiel saved me...and you seem to forget, he was dying when you let Metatron and the Mark of Cain turn you into this,” she practically spits. "He was barely hanging onto his Grace. But he still fought. Because he cared about what was happening to the world...unlike someone."
She's really stuck on that shit, isn’t she?
"Okay, yeah. You’re right. I'm not the 'care about the world' guy anymore. But maybe, I'm-"
"No, Dean, you never were. You were the 'care about everyone' guy. You were simple gestures and saving graces. You were a good man...and you let yourself become...nothing. A nothing human being adding absolutely-"
"I'm not a human being, Y/n. I'm a demon."
"You're in your own body. You've got your own soul. You're only a demon because you want to be. That makes you a shitty human being."
Damn. This bitch. I like this bitch.
"People don't generally get away with talking to me like that, sweetheart."
"Kill me if you want. If not, I need a shower and a beer," she says, tucking her angel blade inside of her jacket and walking out.
I follow her back toward the closest manhole. Not gonna kill her. Something about her...just so...interesting.
I watch as she climbs the metal rungs to the street. Nice ass. Hmmm. She's walking away by the time I get out of the manhole. "So, was I right?" I ask, catching up pretty easily. She cuts her eyes at me sideways and shakes her head like she doesn't know what I mean. "Ballet?"
"Gymnastics," she responds.
"That was my second guess. Comes in handy on hunts?"
"More than ballet would." She stops just short of her car and turns to me. "Why are you following me?"
"You've been gnawing at my curiosity since Montgomery. You seem to think you know me so well off'a what you've heard from my brother and Cas. You act like I was this...saint-like, altruistic 'good man' when I have always been a killer. So...tell me about me."
She lets out this little scoff and a tiny head-shake. "'Always been a killer'," she whispers like she can't believe I said that. Her lips move like she's trying to find the words to respond to me. Determination crosses her face after a minute. "Okay. Fine. You said you're feeling nostalgic? You want me to tell you about you? Fine. You an' me, we're going on job. There's an overgrown vamps' nest in Santa Ana. We'll drive out together. I'll tell you my secondhand stories and you can hear all about yourself...and then you can kill some vampires...and then go back to doing whatever the fuck you want."
"I always do whatever the fuck I want." I step closer to her and smile. "But sure. I can take down some vamps, listen to an epic road-trip tale. Sounds fun. Shower and beer first, right? Ya hungry? I'll stop and grab some burgers, too."
"Marty's Motor Inn. Room 124. Don't forget the bacon." She disappears into her old Mercury and peels off before I can respond. All right, then.
I get burgers and take them to the motel, pick the lock on her door. She's getting out of the shower when I enter and she's got the bathroom door open just enough for me to catch peeks of her skin. Shit. She's good-looking. I take a seat at the half-broke table with the nasty green top and start pulling food out of the bag.
"Don't eat my fries, Dean," she says before I even have a chance to think about grabbing a few.
"Wouldn't think of it."
"Right," she says, disbelieving. Guess she does know me a bit.
"So, whose car are we takin' to Cali? Mine's got more room, but she eats gas like a fat kid eats cake."
"Or a first-born son with mommy issues eats pie?" she snaps as she walks out of the bathroom. Ooh. Kitty's definitely got claws. "We'll take the Mercury."
"Works for me."
"You don't have a problem leaving the Impala here without you?" she asks as she sits down across from me and pulls open her styrofoam container.
"Nah. S'just a car." She blinks at me a few times. Obviously wasn’t expecting that answer. "Problem?"
She shakes her head and looks down at her burger. "That’s not just a car. That has never been just a car."
"Yeah, sweetheart, it is. It’s just a car. Four wheels and an engine."
"That car…" She's spitting venom again. "...was your home. That car helped Sam wrest control back from Lucifer when he was beating you to death. That car is a symbol." She scoffs and picks up a French fry. "Just like you used to be."
"You're so invested in who I used to be."
"Because the man you used to be wouldn't have let things get this bad."
"Hey, what are you complaining about? Crowley hasn't changed much." I lean forward and catch her eyes. "In fact, made your job easier, didn't he? You don't gotta roll into town and put on a fake fed suit to get to the bottom of whatever skel's doing the damage. You just gotta ready up and go in because now everybody knows what goes bump in the night."
"Where’s the death toll standing? Was it, I think, 2.4 billion dead or turned last I checked. How many of those would have gone to Heaven but couldn't because Heaven shut the gates?"
"Seems like you ought to be pissed at the Angels, not me."
She scoffs and glares down at the table. "I've got enough anger for both."
"I can't control where the souls go any more than I can control what Crowley does."
"You could have stopped him. You chose not to do anything."
True. I shoulda ganked that bastard years ago. "Can't argue that." I pull open my own styrofoam container and lick my lips. She's avoiding looking at me again. "We'll store the symbol somewhere safe, if it's that important to you, sweetheart."
She just nods. She's a tough nut, isn’t she? A mystery. The first interesting thing to happen in years. Can't wait to crack 'er open.
The Kitchen Sink - @emoryhemsworth​ @flamencodiva​ @wasabiwitteks​ @rainbowkisses31​ @rissbennett @mariekoukie6661​ @officiallyunofficialperson​ @dolphincliffs​ @mrs-meghan-winchester​ @gayspacenerd​ @foxyjwls007​ @ilovefanfic86​ @marvelfansworld @f-yeahfandoms​ @wonderlandfandomkingdom​ @hhiggs​ @sev3nruby​  @hobby27​ @paintballkid711​ @divadinag​ @thewhiterabbit42​ @fantasymyth-1 @queenoftheunderdark​ @cosicas-cuquis​ @superfanficnatural​ @letsby​ @supernatural-bellawinchester​ @onethirstyunicorn​ @swinchester27 @chalicia​ @screechingartisancashbailiff​ @death-unbecomes-you​ @dayasvalkyrie​ @paryl​ @wereallbrokenangels​ @the-american-witch​ @that-one-gay-girl​ @tatted-trina6​ @sunshineandwings86 @lunarmoon8​ @wheezyeds​ @vicmc624​ @couldabeenamermaid​ @vulgar-library​ Hunter Tags - @atc74​ @sandlee44​ @spnbaby-67​ @kalesrebellion​ @tumbler-tidbits​ @hoboal87​ @stoneyggirl​ @kbl1313​ @cookiechipdough​ @mrswhozeewhatsis​ @winchesterxfamilybusiness @holylulusworld​ @pretty-fortune​ @screechingartisancashbailiff​ @we-are-all-a-bunch-of-idjits​ @imperiusimpala​ @supernaturalenchanted​ @blueaura​ @quxxnxfhxll​  Gaga For Green Eyes Tags- @typicalweirdbookworm​ @anaelsbrunette​ @jadesupernatural​ @stoneyggirl​ @4fareader​ @squirrelnotsam​ @lyarr24​ @akshi8278​ @we-are-all-a-bunch-of-idjits​ @alwayskeepfightingsweetheart​ @weepingwillowphoenix​  @teresa-67​
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marble-writes · 4 months ago
prosciutto being a stubborn hoe is my absolute fav hc about him lol so with that in mind can you do a sickfic scenario in canonverse where prosciutto has a really bad cold and risotto and even the rest of the squad is telling him to go home and rest and prosciutto is like "fuck that im not weak" and he goes off to do a mission even though he feels like he could keel over at any second?
This is what you get for being stubborn Prosciutto TW// Vomiting
After ignoring his teammates as well as his Capo and little brothers plees to get him to rest and then downing an entire bottle of cold medcine, Prosciutto is poised and ready for his next assignment.
It simple: There's only one target and Prosciutto has been trailing him for about an hour now. The man is just now starting to to head home and that's where Prosciutto is going to kill him. Completely simple... Except for his splitting headache and the nausea washing over him in unending waves.
Prosciutto smacks his cheeks to snap himself out of it. The target is walking up the steps to his apartment and he carefully stays a few steps behind him, the moment that the man unlocks his front door and steps inside Prosciutto immediately shoves himself past the door and locks it.
"Wh-wh-wh-what the fuck!? Who are you!?" The man screeches. Prosciutto summons the Grateful Dead but just as he was about to age this man into dust the absolute worst wave of nausea washes over him thanks to the stench of the apartment.
This place is filthy. Piles and piles of garbage cover the floor of the room and the sink is filled with disgusting dark water which is leaking onto the floor below, the remains of what Prosciutto believes to have been food floats on top rotting as maggots writhe and flies swarm around it. This place is just revolting.
The stench alone causes a violent wave to wash over the already ill Prosciutto, and soon he is emptying the contents of his stomach all over the already filthy floor.
The target sees this moment of weakness as an opportunity and grabs a gun, pointing it at Prosciutto. But the blonde is much faster. The Grateful Dead lunges forward and tackles the target, jerking the gun downwards away from its user and it fires, shooting a single bullet down into the apartment below.
Prosciutto is struggling to stand up the nausea overtaking his body and he can vaguely hear screaming coming from the apartment below him, it seems like the bullet has struck someone and all hell has broken loose as the tenets all panic and scramble to call the police.
The Grateful Dead ages the victim to dust just before Prosciuttos legs give out. He hits the floor hard and slumps onto the flithy muck beneath him. His vision is swimming and no matter how hard he tries to will himself to stand his body just won't listen. And then, everything goes dark.
When Prosciutto wakes up he still feels nauseous, slumped over some hard firm body and the constant swaying doesn't help. Prosciutto jerks upwards in a panic when he realizes that someone is carrying him, nearly falling over if not for the solid grip of the man giving him a piggy back ride.
"Hey hey calm down, it's just me!" The man speaks, voice low and gruff. Prosciutto can't see the man though, he's invisible, it's then that Prosciutto realizes that he's invisible as well.
Relief washes over Prosciutto when be realizes that it's Risotto so does a tinge of irritation. "Goddamn it, were you tailing me the entire time Risotto?"
"That I was." Risotto says emotionless, "You're sick Prosciutto. You never should've gone on this mission, but you're a stubborn fool and now the police are swarming that apartment building. This mission is a complete faliure."
Prosciutto doesn't say anything. He stays silent slumped on Risottos back, his stomach churning with both nausea and shame. "So... What's my punishment for fucking up then?" Prosciutto swallows thickly, "Docked paycheck? Are you going to fire me? Or how about some physical punishment, I could lose my finger for insubordination."
Risotto laughs a little at Prosciuttos dramatics, "No. Nothing that extreme."
"What then?" Prosciutto hisses through his teeth.
Risotto stays silent for a moment allowing Prosciutto a few seconds to cool down and then he speaks, "For the next week, or until you get better, I'm putting you under house arrest. You'll be taken care of by either Pesci or myself, and I don't want to hear you complain. And that's about it."
"...That's it?"
"That is it." Risotto repeats, "Prosciutto I know you, and I know that this fuck up is more of a punishment than anything I could possibly do to you... Oh. And you'll also have to file a report directly to the Boss about everything that happened."
Prosciutto buries his head into Risottos neck his thoughts going a million miles an hour but he sighs in defeat. "...You're not going easy on me just because I'm sleeping with you are you?"
Risotto snorts, "I'm going easy on you because I love you Prosciutto."
"...Oh god, that's even worse." Prosciutto grumbles with an embarrassed smile, wrapping his arms around Risottos neck.
This next week is going to be boring as hell but at least thanks to Risotto Prosciuttos stubbornness didn't get him killed this time around.
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kitten-mafiagang · 4 months ago
Pretty Blue Flowers [Akaashi x Reader] Hanahaki AU!!
(Reader's pov)
Hi im (y/n) (l/n) from photography club and im not like the other girls in our class.Well many people doest really see me like im a ghost because im always the 2nd person on the background of the scene i guess..but i never knew someday ill be the main character...with a sad ending.
(At school)
I was running late to the photography club because m teacher just let me to some of the paperworks she suppose to do.
I opened the door panting.
"*pants* s-sorry im late Mitsuba..." i greeted my only friend mitsuba she is also at the photography club.
"(N/n)-chan!! we need to take some pics to every sports club today!! im assigned to the basketball club and you were assigned to the volleyball club!!" she cheered at me.
"Boys girls..?" i asked.
"boys" she replied.
"augh..this will be weird" i complained.
"Oh got to go now (n/n)-chan!! bye bye~" she left the club room.
'lets see whats interesting today...' i thought
(At the Gym)
Before i even opened the door i heard screams and noises.
"AKAAASHIIIIII" i opened the door and saw the boys in circle.
"Bokuto-sa-" the white haired ones cut him off.
I stood there and watched the small scene infront of me.The Black haired ones looked at me until.
"Look bokuto-san she got a camera i think shes from the photography club maybe shes here to take pictures of you as our ace.." the black haired ones pointed at me.
"e-eh?" i was confuse and all.
"R-REALLY?!" the white haired ones stood infront of me with a wide grin.The black haired ones looked at me and gives me the 'play along' looks.
"Y-YEAH!! Im here to takes pictures of the volleyball team most impoertantly the ace!" i smiled at him playing along.
(Timeskip after the picture taking)
After i took the pictures of the team,eh..mostly bokuto-senpai i hurried my way out silently not to attract attention.
"(l/n)-san.." akaashi-senpai called.
"a-akaashi-senpai what is it..?" i asked.
"You forgot this.." he handed me the camera.
"t-thanks akaashi-senpa-" he cut me off.
" me akaashi" he said.
"o-oh ok then akaashi..."
Since that day i admired akaashi...ok not just admire i came up to love him.Its been days no weeks turn to months hanging out with bokuto and akaashi.
Until one day...
"(y/n)-chan!! Im right, right??!" bokuto screamed.
"Well yeah but arent great horned owls are indanger-" bokuto cut me off.
"AKAAASHIIII!!" bokuto called akaashi.
"Hey isnt that Miko-chan and akaashi-san...?" a student muttered.
"OH my god!! the two school prefect couples-" another one muttered.
Looking at the two i was suprised,akaashi has a girlfriend? are they really dating...? or its just mistunderstanding...
While i was in my deep thought i started to feel weird and itchy from my throat and i ran out of the scene and rushed to the bathroom.
"E-eh?! (y/n)-chan!!" bokuto-senpai called.
I ran out and rushed inside the bathroom and locked myself to a cubicle.I started to cough blood at the toilet bowl with few Pretty blue petals.
"F-flower...?" i was confuse and remembered what the two girls were talking about and i coughed more.
Its been a week since i was like this i also spit a whole flower which made me scared.
I searched up about this kind of symptoms,And i was suprise what pop out first 'Hanahaki disease' a disease for one sided love and also can cause death.
The whole night i was browsing how to remove this disease before it could kill me.There was two ways if i should take a operation or if the person i loved loves me back.
Well i dint tell my parents since they work in a different country...yeah i live alone.
(Timeskip at school)
(Akaashi's pov)
Its been a week since (y/n) was acting weird and it worries me and bokuto.She would always excuse herself whenever she sees she avoiding me..?
did i do something...?
"Googmorning Miko-chan" I greeted Miko when i saw her at the hallways.
"Goodmorning too keiji-kun!!" she would call me by my first name always and it bothers me sometimes since people mistaken us couple.
I was about to walk forward when i saw (y/n) standing behind Miko.
"Keiji-kun what's wrong..?" Miko asked.
(Reader's pov)
They are couple!! First name basis...
It kinda saddens me so i decided to ran away from akaashi and Miko.I rushed at the bathroom and locked myself in a cubicle and starts vomiting and couching violently.
"T-thorns..?!" i was suprise this time i spit out a whole flower with thorns.
The whole day was very tiring so i decided not to go home yet since i could feel this is it.I went to the gym with my camera at my hands and i saw akaashi and bokuto practicing some cross shots and line shots.
When i was about to greet akaashi,Someone at my back shouted and ran inside.
"Keiji-kun!!" It was Miko she ran inside and greeted the two boys.
It pains me i could see his smile lingers from his face while talking to the cheerful Miko.Maybe i was the wrong thats right..Im just a background...a second person in the backline,I pulled my camera to take a picture of akaashi smiling.
Its a pretty smile...
As soon as Akaashi's pretty eyes glanced at mines i started to tear up and ran away.
I was at the school garden and saw the only blue flower at the flower pots.
I pulled my camera and take a shot of it..It was the same flower i always spit out its very his eyes.
I went home and printed the picture out and started at it.
I wrote few words at the photo and went to bed.
"So this is how i end huh..."
"Well im glad i met you...Akaashi.." Everything turn black.
(At school)
(Akaashi's pov)
Its been two weeks since (y/n) dint go to school.I was heading to my classroom and saw few students holding few Blue flowers some of them have bouquet of white and blue roses.
I was confuse what happened? is there a event that i dint know?
I went to a classroom where few students where staring a table with many blue flowers and a pink haired female sobbing deeply.
"(N/N)-CHAAAAAAN~!!!" she sobbed more.Wait did she meant (n/n)..? as in (y/n)? i went closer to the table and putted my hands on her shoulder.
"What happened to (y/n)...?" i asked the pink haired female.
"A-akaashi-san?!" she was suprised.
"c-come ill explain!" she wiped her tears using her sweaters sleeves and dragged me out into the school garden.
"S-she...she has hanahaki.." she said blankly.
I knew the disease i heard about that before since some news channel shows victims of it.
"Who?" i asked her.
"what do you mean...?" she asked.
"who did she fell for...?" i asked.
"I dont know!! she only left one thing before she passed..." she pulled a photo and (y/n)'s camera.
"(n/n) would always take pictures of the most important things to her i dint get to see whats inside the camera but you could find it out yourself.." she said and ranned away maybe to her desk again.
I checked the photo of a Blue flower and something is written from the back of the picture.
'Pretty Blue Flowers' written behind it.
I soon checked her camera next and the first thing got my attention.
It was a picture of me tossing a ball and i checked more and there was me smiling when i was talking to Miko yesterday.
Did she like me....
I checked more things from the camera but theres nothing else important.
The only answer i got is
Pretty Blue Flowers....
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animenerd2001 · 4 months ago
How You Meet:
Tumblr media
The hunger was killing you. You hadn’t fed in weeks. You needed blood. No matter how much you tried to resist the urge to drink the blood of humans, you couldn’t stop yourself. You tried to go after the elderly or people who were about to pass on. Those who were younger, like kids, teens, young adults, they still had so much life ahead of them. You didn’t want to take that away from them. You walked into the hospital, looking like a normal person. You followed the map and went into the Intensive Care part of the hospital. You walked past many rooms before you saw an elderly man. You quietly opened the door and shut it behind you, not bothering to lock the door. Tears filled your eyes. You didn’t want to take his life, but you were starving. You shakily walked over. You failed to hear the door open and close.
“What are you doin’ here?” A voice asked. You jumped and gasped, turning around. You saw tall man. His eyes were brown and his hair was long and curly, tucked behind his ears.
“I-I’m just here to visit him,” you said, gesturing to the elderly man. “He’s my grandfather.” You said. The man slowly walked up to you.
“I’m not sure I believe ya,” he said. You swallowed thickly. “You’re starvin’. I can see it in your eyes.” He said. Your breathing started to pick up.
“I-I’m sorry, I have to go.” You said. You tried to walk around him, but he caught your arm.
“Wait. I can help you,” he said. You looked at him. “What’s your name?” He asked.
“[Y-Y/N].” You said. The man smiled.
“Well, [Y/N], it’s nice to meet you. I’m Mitchell, John Mitchell,” he took your hand. “Follow me.”
George Sands
Tumblr media
You stood in the forest. Bare and alone, breathing heavily, waiting for the pain. As soon as your eyes caught sight of the full moon, your bones started to crack. Screaming in pain, you fell to all fours. Your face elongacted into a cat’s nose and mouth. Your entire body stretched and cracked. Your hands became paws and your fingernails claws. Dark fur covered your body. Your eyes changed from [e/c] to an eerie yellow. You had become a werecat.
Tumblr media
Two, blood chilling howls split the air. Your ears perked up at the sound. You sniffed the air. You growled lowly, your ears pressing against your head. Werewolves. Doing the sensible thing, you took off in the other direction. It wasn’t that you couldn’t take on a werewolf, you just didn’t want to be responsible for another death. Werecats were stronger and much more vicious than any other creature, vampires included. But that doesn’t mean you intentionally looked for a fight.
The next morning, you awoke, dirtied and tired. You looked down at your body. No signs of scratches or blood. You sighed in relief. No scratches and no blood meant that you hadn’t encountered any of those werewolves during the night. You quickly ran over to a stash where you kept your spare clothes. Throwing on an off the shoulder green sweater and some leggings. Your senses were still in hyperdrive from your transformation last night. Your ears picked up talking. You followed the sounds of the voices. You hid behind a tree and watched two males. You wrinkled your nose. So those are the werewolves.
“I-I have friends,” the first male said. He had short, dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. “A-a vampire and a ghost.” He said. Your eyes narrowed at the second man. You knew very well who he was. His name was Tully. And he was bad news.
“A vampire?” Tully asked. The second male nodded.
“Yeah. Those exist to.” He said. Tully nodded.
“I know they exist. I got beaten up by those bastards two weeks ago,” he said. Tully looked up at the sky. “Something’s about to happen.” He said.
“What’s about to happen?” The second male asked in exasperation. You decided to make your presence known.
“Why don’t you ask your friend.” You said, stepping out from behind the tree. The two males jumped. Tully’s face pales lightly.
“Y-you.” Tully stuttered out. You smiled and crossed your arms, walking over to stand a little in front of the second male.
“Hello, Tully. Long time no see.” You said. The second male looked from you to Tully. He pointed at him.
“Y-you know him?” He asked. You glanced at the second male before looking at Tully.
“‘Course I know ‘im. We ran into each other a few years back.” You said.
“George, you should get out of ‘ere while you still can,” Tully said. “That’s [Y/N], the Werecat.” He said. George looked at you in interest.
“A-a Werecat?” George asked.
“She’s more dangerous than a Vampire.” Tully said. You rolled your eyes. Tully always exaggerated to get his way.
“Oh please!” You scoffed. “I may be stronger than a Vampire and a Werewolf combined, but I don’t go around,” you slowly walked up to Tully, narrowing your eyes. “Trying to screw with other people’s lives.” You said. Tully swallowed thickly.
“I-I was trying to show him how to make the transformation easier.” He said. You smirked.
“And as I’m sure you know, I can do that as well,” you moved your hand in a “shoo” manner. “Now off ya pop.” You said. Tully frowned at you and took off. You sighed in relief once he was gone. You turned and looked at George, who seemed mesmerized by you. You smiled and walked over. “I haven’t properly introduced myself. I’m [Y/N] [L/N], a werecat.” You said, sticking your hand out for him to shake. George hesitantly took your hand, shaking it.
“I’m George. George Sands.” He said. You smiled at him and he smiled back.
Annie Sawyer
Tumblr media
You took some boxes out of the car. Mitchell handed George some bags of things. You looked up and thought you saw the figure of a woman. But the figure disappeared.
“[Y/N],” Mitchell said, making you look at him. “You alright?” He asked. You smiled and nodded.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” You said. The three of you walked into the house. You walked into the kitchen. You laughed as Mitchell flicked some foam into George’s face. You looked over and saw the same woman. You looked at the two.
“I’m going to look around.” You said, and walked out of the kitchen. You saw a woman, about 23 rushing up the stairs. “You don’t have to run away.” You said, catching her attention. The woman slowly turned around.
“Y-you can see me?” She asked. You nodded, smiling. The woman laughed in delight and rushed over, pulling you into a hug. You chuckled and hugged her back. The woman pulled away.
“Oh! I apologize. I’m Annie.” She said, smiling. You smiled back.
“It’s quite alright. I’m [Y/N].” You said.
“Are you human, [Y/N]?” She asked. You shook your head.
“No. Well, I was, human. But not anymore. I’m a vampire.” You said.
//I’m sorry if this one is short. I couldn’t really think of anything.//
Lauren Drake
Tumblr media
You coughed for what seemed the one thousandth time that week. You were dying of pneumonia. Your door opened and you saw a young woman. You stared at her, mesmerized by her beauty. The woman smiled at you.
“Are you a nurse?” You asked, your voice sounding hourse. The woman smiled.
“No. My name is Lauren, and I’ve come here to ask you a question. Do you ever wish you were over what ever you have?” She asked.
“Pneumonia, and yes. Everyday.” You said. Lauren smiled and held out her hand.
“Well, I can help make that dream become a reality.” She said. You scoffed and shook your head.
“That’s impossible.” You said. Lauren shook her head, smiling.
“It’s not,” she said. “Take my hand, and you’ll never have to worry about death.” She said. You sighed and then took her hand.
A few hours later, you stood in front of a man. He had short red hair.
“Ah, and who is this, Lauren?” He asked. Lauren smiled.
“This is [Y/N].”
//I apologize if this sucks. I’ve never done this before, so please go easy on me. Please remember that requests are open. So far, I have gotten one request, which makes me extremely happy, but if one request is all I’m going to get, then requests will be closed for good, no exceptions. So please request while is still open.//
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fl0ating-tree · 4 months ago
Fanfic prompt: everyones first visit to Dream in the prison (specifically Puffy, Sapnap, Punz, George, and/or Niki)
OOH i really hope we get to see these actually happen because my heart is gonna snap when it does happen. im gonna do george + sapnap and puffy bc this would be super long if I did them all. 
george is probably OOC because we don’t really have an example of how he is when he’s in character. also fair warning for puffy’s part, it might come off as a little c!dream sympathetic. that’s not the intention, it’s more to show how even dream still has emotions even thought he’s awful, but if that stuff really upsets you maybe don’t read puffy’s part. it’s barely there but still. 
George and Sapnap
Sam rarely stood guard outside of the prison. After all, it’s inescapable and he’s the only one with access. After locking Dream away Sam reassured them all that he built safety features in that no one but him, not even Dream, knew about. Sapnap called him paranoid when Sam told him that over lunch one day, now he couldn’t be more thankful.
“Are you sure you wanna do this?” Sam asks as he leads both Sapnap and George towards the only occupied cell. “He’s...he’s not exactly fun to be around at the moment.” Sapnap cringes at that. He feels bad that Sam is the one who has to bring Dream food and water, but no one else was particularly jumping at the opportunity to be around Dream after what happened. He doesn’t think he’ll ever forget Punz’s panicked urges for him to find anyone on the server and meet up at the Nether hub. How Punz led them through the Nether in full sprint, giving them all the vague explanation of “Dream is going to kill Tubbo and lock up Tommy” and nothing else. Sapnap wouldn’t have believed him if he didn’t walk in on Dream laughing at a despondent Tommy, holding a sword to Tubbo’s neck. Seeing the walls lined in trophey cases labeled for his friends and allies belongings (and even loved ones, was Dream really going to put Skeppy in a cage just to get to Bad?) 
“Sapnap?” Sam asks again after Sapnap doesn’t respond. 
“Yeah, sorry,” Sapnap shakes his head and continues walking, glancing at George to his left, “I’m sure.” George says nothing and continues walking. He hasn’t said anything since he logged on asking where Dream was. It took an hour of nearly everyone on the server telling George what happened for him to believe it. Even after everything Dream had done, George was still loyal to a fault. 
“George?” Sapnap presses and George’s shoulder stiffen.
“I need to see him for myself,” George says flatly and Sam and Sapnap share a look before continuing down the halls. Sam brings them through locked doors, redstone contraptions, pad locks after pad locks and at some points he even has George and Sapnap be blindfolded so they can’t see the inner workings. Sapnap was worried, as were others, that Sam would betray them and simply let Dream escape. But the fury in Sam’s eyes when he saw the cage built for Fran, when he heard Dream blew up the Community House, that squashed any thoughts of betrayal still lingering. 
“Wait here,” Sam tells them and Sapnap can smell redstone lighting and pistons firing before Sam’s now muffled voice calls out to them. “You can take off the blindfolds now,” he calls and they both do.
Before them is a large blackstone box, the wall between the cell and the corridor being made of obsidian enforced glass (Sapnap didn’t even know that was possible to make until Sam told him about it.) It was well lit and inside the cell was a decent looking bed, a door in the far corner presumably leading to a bathroom, a desk with papers and blunt markers, a round table with only one chair, and lastly, Dream. All things considered the cell was nice, nicer than Dream deserved, but Dream himself looked terrible. His mask was gone, destroyed by Tommy, and it made him so...human. Out of the corner of his eye Sapnap could see George studying Dream as well. His clothes were disheveled, deep bruises still on his face from his fight with Tommy and Tubbo, and where there was a normally calm and sophisticated aura surrounding him, Sapnap saw nothing but unjustified anger. 
“You’ve got visitors,” Sam says unnecessarily from where he stands by the lever to open the cell. George flinches at how detached Sam sounds. The normally kind and bright man sounded almost disappointed in Dream. 
“Yay me,” Dream snaps back, it’s Sapnap who flinches this time.
“You two wanna go in, or just talk through the glass?” Sam asks and Sapnap looks to George for an answer. He doesn’t give an answer, only stepping closer to the glass. Dream leans up from his relaxed position on the bed, intrigued. 
“I’ve gotta say Gogy this is probably the biggest thing you’ve slept through yet,” Dream teases, his voice friendly and open and Sapnap hates how badly it makes him want to break Dream out of this terrifying prison and pretend like nothing bad has ever happened.
“Were you really going to kill Tubbo?” George asks, voice quiet and void of emotion.
“Why do you care?” Dream growls, and Sapnap remembers why he can’t pretend like this is the Dream from months ago that he built the community house with, “You never gave a fuck about what was happening before, why do you care now? Cause Sapnap told you to care?” The mockery in Dream’s voice builds tension in George’s shoulders.
“He’s 17, Dream,” George’s voice is thick and Sapnap takes a step forward, having his own questions for Dream. 
“Why did you do any of it?” Sapnap asks, “Taking everything everyone loves? Controlling Tommy, trying to kill Tubbo, why did you do it?” 
“None of you get it!” Dream screams and even Sam jumps in surprise, “This is my server! I’m in control here, not Tommy, not Tubbo, no one but me!” Seeing Dream this...lost, this out of his element, without the mask is unsettling. His face is too raw, too many emotions on display from the man Sapnap always knew as calm and collected and one step ahead. Sapnap turns away, not baring to see his once best friend so far gone. 
“I’ve seen enough,” Sapnap tells Sam quietly, and the man nods. He guides Sapnap towards the exit, the two of them glancing back when George doesn’t follow. Dream seems to notice as well.
“Not gonna follow them Gogy?” He laughs, crazed and maniacal and hauntingly similar to a certain dead president. 
“You don’t get to call me that,” George snaps, voice fierce and shoulders tense. “You lost the right to call me that a long time ago.” 
The three of them say nothing else as Sam leads them out of the prison, even as Dream’s screams echo down the hallway and echo in their minds for the rest of the night. 
Captain Puffy
It started out as a joke, if Puffy was being honest. Dream had followed her around one day, carrying extra supplies for her, listening to stories of her old pirate adventures, and helping her with her daily tasks. She’d later find out that he was having a really terrible week, stressed from events he wouldn’t disclose (she’d later find out about those “events” as well, to her disgust) and not wanting to talk to anyone but needing something to occupy himself. Puffy joked around, calling him her “duckling” and let him continue doing it. It helped her and him, so she found no harm in it.
Months passed with their small routine. Dream would have a bad day or simply not want to be around the others (Puffy would, again, find out later that it was more that others didn’t want to be around him) so he would follow her around, helping out with her daily tasks or just spending the day with her. It reminded her so much of one of the younger boys on her long abandoned crew, cured a small amount of homesickness, and slowly it became less of a joke and more of a true friendship. The day Dream slipped up and called her mom, even thought she’s only two years older, used to be one of her favorite memories. Emphasis on used to be. 
She was hesitant when she heard rumors of Dream’s villainy. This was Dream they were talking about, the kind guy who came to her when he had a bad day and helped her with anything she asked. She saw him build up those walls around L’manberg, and she heard the murmurs of how he wouldn’t let anyone go see Tommy in his exile, but she passed them off as hyperbolic or flat out lies. She wonders if she was more attentive to what Dream was doing could she have prevented some of this pain. She doesn’t think she’ll ever recover from seeing Dream, her duckling, seconds away from killing a child and further traumatizing another. 
“We’re here,” Sam tells her solemnly as she hears pistons move and unties her blindfold. She could care less about how the cell looked, or how impressive the redstone was. All she could focus on was Dream, standing close to the glass, looking terrible. His mask was gone, showing his emotions clear as day. His eyes screamed sadness and anger and betrayal all in one. His hair was tangled and there was still some blood matted in it from where Tommy had fought him. His shirt was wrinkled and he didn’t even have any shoes. He was simply stood looking heartbroken and entirely human in this cell and it took ever ounce of willpower in Puffy to not cry to Sam to let him out. He looks nothing like the monster who manipulated and controlled others, he looked like her Dream, her duckling, her friend. 
“Dream...” Puffy starts but the words die on her tongue. 
“Puffy, please,” Dream starts and without the mask she can see tears welling in his eyes, “I know it looks bad but you know how bad these past months have been for me, you’ve always been there for me, you have to understand.” 
“I don’t...” the air in the room feels suffocating, “Dream I saw it with my own eyes. I saw it with my own eyes. How could you?” She watches as anger overrides Dream’s eyes but a mournful look still stays on his face.
“Puffy, Cara, you know me,” Puffy can’t hold back her sob when Dream uses her real name. The only other person she told that was Niki, and after their recent fight over what to do with Tommy, Puffy really didn’t want to think about Niki right now. “You know I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t have a reason. I’m doing what’s right, I’m making sure there’s no more fighting. You’re smart, you know me, I wouldn’t do this.” 
Puffy looks at Sam who looks an awful combination of guilty, furious, and depressed. Sometimes she forgets Sam has been here since the beginning. She wonders if Dream has always been evil, if he was always this manipulative, in the beginning. 
“When you would help me,” Puffy starts, still not looking at Dream, “when you were my duckling, was that just a cover? Was that just you trying to use me, too?” She turns back to meet Dream’s eyes, the mask no longer there to hide the way his eyes scream that he’s lying. His face is a dead give away for what he’s doing, Puffy wonders if that’s why he always wore the mask. 
“No, Cara,” Dream lies through his teeth, “I’d never use you, I promise. You have to believe me.” 
The three of them stand in silence, Dream leaning on the glass with fake tears in his eyes and real tears in Puffy’s. Sam is deathly quiet in the corner of the room, watching and not intervening. Puffy can’t tell if she appreciates that or not. What she can tell is that she can’t stand to look at Dream another minute. 
“I really did care about you, Dream,” she wipes her tears on her sleeve and turns to Sam, “I’m done.” Sam just nods and leads Puffy towards the exit. 
“Puffy, please! I wouldn’t do this, don’t you see it!” Dream pleads, voice morphing from sorrow to anger, “I did what I had to! Puffy listen to me! CARA!” 
Sam still says nothing as he sets a steadying hand on Puffy’s shoulder as she sobs, guiding her out of the prison and away from her duckling. 
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sheabuttahfairie · 5 months ago
We made it back to my place, he sat on the couch while l freshened up. I was in the shower hyping myself up to fuck this nigga when he pulled back the curtían and joined me.
“Oh you bold bold huh?”
“Yup”. Then he kissed me, his lips were soft like pillows and I loved the way his hands felt on my body. His hand found my clit and the other one thumbed my nipples as we continued tongue wrestle. Turn around and bend over he whispered on my ear. I did as instructed, but it didn’t feel right.
“Wait, no stop. I’m sorry I can’t. “
“What do you mean you can’t I was almost inside you.”
“I don’t want to anymore Michael. I’m sorry, you can leave or we can just chill or something” He pushed me against the wall, “We’re in the shower together, butt naked and you telling me you don’t want this.”
“No I want you to leave.”
“Well you really don’t have a choice in the matter.” He said as the look in his eye turned sinister and his grip tightened.
My heart dropped, this man was about to force himself on me in my own home. My fight or flight kicked in and l was able to push him off me, hopped out the shower, ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. You need to get the fuck out.
“Iight crazy bitch, the pussy probably wasn’t good anyway.”
I quickly locked the door and slid to the ground and cried. My momma always told me to ever let a man know we’re you live and now I see why. I lit my pipe, took a few puffs and crawled into bed. I just wanted to forget this whole day.
Knock knock knock.
Is that the door?
Knock knock knock.
“Who the fuck is that at this hour”. I looked at my phone it was only 9 but since we had went to the day party it felt much later. I threw a tank and some shorts on and looked through the peep hole. It was Darnell’s ass. What the fuck does he want. I took a deep breath and opened the door. The fuck are you doing here. He started at me for a minute. Nigga what do you want.
Oh, my bad uh... I left some stuff over here, I need it back.
What are you talking about I sent everything back to you.
Well I can’t find one of my T shirts I know it gotta be here can you look please. I glared at him, Is he really tryna pull that like. Well bitch are you really gonna fall for it l said to myself.
“I rolled my eyes getcho ass in here but don’t move from the entry way. I instructed as I walked back to my room to get his damn T-shirt.
So I saw you and your little homegirls at the day party he said. It sounded like he was in my refrigerator. By the time l came back with his T shirt he had grabbed a beer out of the fridge( l always kept his favorite) and was drinking it.
My bad I was thirsty. This mutha fucka has some nerve.
“Here yo lil funky ass Tshirt you can go now l said as i threw the shirt at his face.”
“I gotta finish my beer, can’t drive with an open container.”
“ Hurry up! “ I hated him for how he hurt me, and even more than that l hated that l still loved him, l didn’t love him any less. I hated how all l wanted was to crawl into bed with him and have him play in my hair until we fell asleep.
“So did you fuck him?” he asked pulling me out of my thoughts.
“Did you fuck the nigga you was with at the party. I saw y’all over there booed up a ki ki’in and carrying on.”
“How is that your business?”
“He ignored my question and said well it must not have been good. You don’t look like you enjoyed it, you don’t look like you did after we had sex.”
“No we didn’t have sex.”
“What happened?” This man could read me like a book, l was trying to keep a straight face as the events from earlier played in my mind. “Don’t lie cause it’s all in your body language.” I reluctantly told him what happened.
“I will fucking kill him if I ever see that nigga again!!! And you let him in your house, you know better than that Jay!!”, he yelled as he lectured me. “I’m staying here tonight in case that nigga come back.” I was relieved that he wanted to stay, but also pissed because he had the fucking audacity and was lecturing me like a child.
“I’m not your concern anymore Darnell, you’re not staying here tonight or any other night. You broke up with me remember!!”
“That don’t matter right now you could be in danger, you need somebody here.”
“I don’t need your fucking protection I can take care of myself. If anything l’ll call one of my cousins. I’m not yours to protect anymore, so get the fuck out!!”
“I’m not going anywhere and it’s not like you gave me a choice Jay!! The ultimatum you gave was impossible.”
“Okay so leave!! Just like you did then, get the fuck out of my apartment.”
“I told you I’m not leaving”
“Why!!! Why won’t you just go, leave me the hell alone!!”
BECAUSE YOU’RE MINE!!! Those words seemed to echo through my apartment. In the midst of our argument we got in each other’s faces and l somehow got pushed against the wall. Our eyes locked, and there he was the man l love. Our souls and bodies crying out for each other.
You’re mine he said again softly, before kissing me. I melted into his arms as our tongues danced. I pushed him away and walked to my room.
“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that after what just happened.” I didn’t say anything. I just started at him as if l was trying to look into his soul. I silently sat down on my knees, placed my hands upward on my thighs and looked up at him.
What are you doing he said as he walked over to me.
“Im yours.” I was fully submitting myself to him, giving myself over fully to him.
He snatched me up by my hair and kissed me passionately, but only briefly before shoving me back down on my knees. I could see his dick, rock hard in his shorts. I quickly undid his shorts and took in the sight and slightly musky smell of his dick. I almost drooled. I spit on it and kissed the head as l stroked it. He shuddered at my touch and his knees buckled slightly as l took him into my mouth. I missed the way he taste, l missed the way my lips wrapped around his dick perfectly and l missed the feeling of him down my throat.
I expertly worked his dick in and out of my hot wet mouth, and to my amazement he grew even harder. After almost bringing him to cum l stopped and told him to sit on the bed. When he sat down l lifted his legs up and ran my tongue around his rim. He moaned loudly as l worked the tip of my tongue in and out of his ass. I replaced my tongue with a finger as l turned my attention back to his dick. I wanted him to feel insurmountable pleasure. I bobbed my head on his dick while my finger stimulated his g-spot. His breathing changed as he once again neared his orgasm. Then he stopped me.
I’m cumming in that pussy tonight.
He pulled me up on the bed and pinned me down, wasting no time devouring me. I bucked and gyrated my pussy against his face. He ate me so good I could barely handle it. And no matter how I tried to run his mouth never left my pussy. He wrapped his arm around me pinning me down as he continued the lingual assault, focusing solely on my clit. D-D-D Darnelllll I screamed as my orgasm hit me. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed down on me. After what felt like forever my orgasm finally started to subside. Before l could catch my breath he slid inside me. His dick curves up so he instantly brush against my spot with was still sensitive for my still lingering orgasm. I knew it was only a matter of time before l came again.
I looked into his brown eyes as he moved in and out, each thrust slightly harder than the one before.
Why were you arguing with me
Smack. He slapped me
Answer the fucking question
Smack he slapped me again and started to choke me.
I- I- I was mad at you.
Oh you was mad he asked as his grip around my throat tightened and his thrusts got harder. You still mad?
No what.
No daddy.
His thrust got harder and faster
Now who do you belong to
Answer me!!
I’m yours daddy.
You fucking right you mine he said as he pounded my pussy. I was so wet l could hear the little splashes with each stroke. I could feel my orgasm start to build from my toes. I wanted to be good and wait for permission to cum but I didn’t know how much longer I could hold it.
Be a good girl and cum for daddy.
Before he could finish his sentence the most intense orgasm hit me, so intense it brought me to tears. My pussy tightened around his dick causing him to erupt inside me.
He lay on top of me waiting for both of our orgasms to subside.
He rolled off of me and fell asleep. I stayed up for a while, my mind racing. Then as if he could read my mind, he pulled me close and kissed me on my forehead.
I love you.
We lay there holding each other tightly, not wanting the night to end. Knowing that when the morning came we would have to go our separate ways.
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angstysebfan · 5 months ago
Hey!!! Can you write an angsty like really angsty oneshot like one told from Bucky's pov where he feels like you're falling for a new guy friend of yours and becomes insecure as your fiance?
Oh boy... one sad Bucky coming at ya! Hope you enjoy it!
Is It Him?
Bucky walked into your shared bedroom and stopped short when he saw you getting dressed up. “Where ya goin Doll? I thought we were having a movie night?” he asks. You look at him and give him a smile, “Brett told me about this new club that has 90′s nights, so we are going to go,” you said as you looked at yourself in the mirror.
Bucky couldn’t help but feel not only disappointment, but scared. Brett is a guy you met at a coffee shop a few weeks ago. Apparently he is hilarious and you both have gotten really close. He doesn’t want to think you would cheat on him, but he wonders if you are developing feelings for this guy. “Weren’t you out with him yesterday and the day before? You promised we were goin to chill tonight. Just the two of us,” Bucky says as he walks up to you and wraps his arms around your waist as you continue to make adjustments to your outfit.
“I know and I’m sorry,” you say as you turn around in his arms. “It’s just 90′s night only happens once a month and it’s tonight,” you say. “Come with us!” you say with a smile. Bucky looks into your eyes and thinks he sees excitement, but he doesn’t know anymore. “You know how I am with crowds, and strangers, and--” “Come on Buck, stop being boring and come out with me,” you say in a whine.
Bucky sighs as he feels like a dagger was jammed into his heart. No wonder she started seeking out another man. He was too boring for her now. She used to love that he would sit and have movie marathons with her, but I guess she wants more excitement. “Ok, if you really want me to,” he says unsure of himself. You nod and give him a quick peck on the cheek before turning and looking at yourself in the mirror again.
When you walk up to the club, Bucky sees Brett waiting outside. He was dressed much better than Bucky, and just oozed confidence. When he saw you, he immediately saw his whole face light up, and noticed his smile falter when he saw Bucky. “Hey pretty girl! I see you brought the boyfriend tonight,” Brett said as he gives you a big hug, which you reciprocate.
Bucky gulped as he tried to hold his composure. He calls you pretty girl? And Bucky doesn’t even have a name, just boyfriend? He wants to sucker punch this guy right in the face. “I want to show him how much fun we have!” you say with a laugh. You turn and look at Bucky and see the trepidation in his face.
“You’re going to be ok, Buck. I promise,” you say before kissing his cheek. Bucky gives you a loving smile. You always knew how to make him feel better. Bucky follows you both into the club and up tot he bar. After you all order, conversation starts, but it seems to be all inside jokes between you and Brett. Bucky politely listens and will smile while you both are hysterically laughing. After a bit, Bucky excuses himself to go to the restroom.
While he is washing his hands, he keeps telling himself that he is being stupid. You said yes to marrying him, and you are not going to throw it all away for some guy you have only known a few weeks. After talking himself off the ledge he walks back out to the bar, but sees neither you nor Brett standing there anymore. He turns and sees you both out on the dance floor, dancing away to the fast beat. He watches you from afar and sees how happy you look, and hates that he isn’t the one that is making you like that.
Suddenly the music changes to a slow song, and Bucky decides he wants to dance with you. As he goes to walk over he sees you wrap your arms around Brett’s neck, as he wraps his arms around your waist. Bucky stops in shock that you didn’t even look for him, even though you know he doesn’t like to dance. He wonders if he should interrupt, but then he sees something that completely shatters his heart.
Brett leans down and kisses you. Bucky doesn’t know whether to kill him or throw up. When you both pull away from the kiss you turn your head and lock eyes with your fiance. Tears form in Bucky’s eyes as he shakes his head and heads toward the door, ignoring you calling for him. 
Bucky goes for a walk around the city. He had pushed you away into the arms of another man. A better man. One that will make you laugh and dance with you, and who you have inside jokes with. One that you haven’t been able to stop talking about. Bucky is the opposite of that. He is low key, sometimes funny, but very quiet. He thought you loved him in spite of his insecurities, but apparently they got too much for you.
Bucky didn’t want to go back to your shared room at the compound. What if you brought him home with you. What if you are letting him fuck you in his bed. What if you already moved your stuff out while Bucky was walking. Bucky didn’t want to face this right now, so instead of going to your room, he went up on the roof.
When the doors opened Bucky was shocked to see you standing there with tears running down your face. “What do you want?” he sneered. “Bucky... I... I’m so sorry,” you say crying. “I didn’t mean for that to happen, I swear!” you say taking a step toward him. Bucky takes a step back and sees the hurt on your face. “You didn’t meander me to catch you? Well I did. I loved you, Y/N! Do you know how long it took for me to trust you,.. to trust myself?! You ruined that,” Bucky says holding back his own tears.
“But I didn’t--” “I’m sorry I’m not as much fun, or don’t have stupid inside jokes, or dress better. I’m sorry I would rather stay home than go out, and are terrified of crowds, but I put all my fears aside for you! And look what you did! Why didn’t you just break up with me!?” Bucky yelled.
You continued to sob, “No! I don’t” “You’ve hurt me so bad! How long have you been cheating on me?” Bucky says quietly, sounding completely broken. “No! I didn’t cheat on you! I swear! Brett kissed me and when I saw your face I smacked him and ran after you! I don’t want Brett! I want you! I love you!” you scream and let out another sob.
Bucky looks at you for a moment as he takes in what you said. “You didn’t want to kiss him?” he asks. You shake your head, unable to speak. “But you were slow dancing with him, and you hugged him so tightly when we met up with him. You talk about him all the time. How can I believe you?” Bucky asks.
“I’m so sorry! I thought Brett was ok with just being a friend. I haven’t had a friend who wasn’t an Avenger in so long. It made me feel... like I was just a normal citizen. I felt like I faded into the background a little bit. But I never wanted to hurt you, and I am so sorry! Not just for tonight, but for everything! I’m sorry I made you question my love and loyalty!” you said.
“You still love me?” Bucky asks. You walk up to him and wrap your arms around his neck, “There is no one on this earth that I love more than you James Barnes. You are the best thing that ever happened to me, and I am sorry I haven’t let you know that. But I promise I will do better,” you say.
Bucky put his hands on your waist and pulls you closer, “And what about Brett?” he asks. You scoff, “I told him to never talk to me again. I already blocked his number and told FRIDAY to not let him on the premises. If I see him again, I will kick his ass,” you say as Bucky leans his forehead against yours. “Well, I’m pretty sure I have his murder plotted, so..” Bucky says.
You laugh, which makes his heart soar. See he can make you laugh too. “I’m really sorry Buck. I love you,” you say. Bucky smiles and kisses your forehead, “I love you too, Doll. More than anyone and anything in this world. You are so special to me,” he says. You look into his eyes and lean forward until your lips touch.
“Let’s go to bed so I can really show you how sorry I am.”
There you go! Sorry I am a sucker for happy endings! lmao! I could have totally gone for the angsty ending, but I hope you like this!
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storytime2 · 5 months ago
*trigger warning*
[kidnapping, trauma, death, harassment, blood,killing]
This is a personal story and although it still haunts me to this day I have had help and i just want to be able to help others.
So after i graduated highschool I would go help at community building. Which is basically making houses for homeless people. And there was this cocky guy who would hit on people but it had never happened to me and we would all ignore him. So one day he and I am on painting duty and i had brought knee length shorts and a long sleeve and I put my hair up in a messy bun which I never did because I hated showing my neck and my ears because people tend to sexualize them. So I'm painting and he comes over and he smells like strong cologne and says hey you are pretty and I said thanks and continued painting and he gets closer and is about to touch my neck and I slap his hand and I have tears in my eyes[I have trauma of people touching my neck because someone once tried to kill me that way] and a friend of mine comes over and he says what's going on what did you do to her and he says nothing I was just gonna touch her neck and he looks him dead in the eyes and says if you touch her I will kill you and this guy laughs and i am moved from painting and I go with my friend to putting up windows. And finally after that day I go home and I thought nothing about it.
Until i wake up from someone breaking into my room by my window and I smell the cologne and I know who it was and I make extra loud noises and my dog wakes up and he bites this guy but he kicks my dog and he leaves with me and I suddenly feel dizzy and all I can hear is my dog barking fading.
Day 2 (I was passed out for 2 days)
When I finally wake up im in a dress and I'm in a dark room and my hair has been cut I start to cry and panic and I have asthma so I start to get an attack and I'm too freaked out to control my breathing and my hearing starts go fade and I'm clenching the dress where my chest is and I fall over thats all I remember. Then it was like seconds after I felt i was in water sinking that I feel a pressure on my chest and I wake up and start coughing. My heart had stopped and I mean I was basically dying. And then I hear someone say holy shit I almost thought you were dead and I smell the cologne and tears start falling and he says hey no no no don't cry i don't want to hurt you or scare you i just wanted to see you again and im freaking out but I'm frozen and he reaches out him hand to touch my now short hair and says do you like it I made sure I did it as perfect as i could I have your hair in a bag if you want it i like your shampoo smell. And im terrified like how did he even know where I lived how did he get there why me. And he takes out this camera and takes a picture of me and says will you stay with me please and im not thinking straight so I don't answer. And he frowns and says I guess I cant feed you then and he leaves I stay where i am and start to think wait what am I doing why am I not thinking about how to escape and then it hits me figure out what he wants and I realized he was lonely amd he probably grew up in an abusive family and never loved anyone and didn't know anything about such things. So I make a plan to figure out how to escape and I stand up and because the door was open i could see things inside and I tried to run but then I fell and I looked down my legs had been cut I guess from the window glass from my room and i never realized my legs had been bandaged up and then i started to feel the pain and I started to drag myself to the door but cant go further because there is a metal railing door and i saw him drawing and i looked at his walls my face, my house, my friends, my hair, my personal things where up and I could see something that looked like a drawing of me asleep on the wall and I thought he is obsessed with me if he knew where i lived he must have known for awhile. And then I hear breathing and I turn around to see a shadow and I scream and he comes over and says whats wrong and i point into the dark and he can't see anything and he unlocks the door and I drag myself into the light and he is confused and he locks it but we both hear a growl and we both freak out but then we hear like an animal walking and its a coyote. And then it runs back into the darkness and says sorry this place has been abandoned for awhile I didn't know it lived here. And i didn't answer. He then says are you hungry and he takes out bread and ham and places it infront of me and I look at it then vomit and he carries me to a bed he had there and says I have been looking at you for awhile will you stay with me and me not knowing what to say close my eyes. When i wake up again he is on the floor sleeping but has my hand in his and I look at the surroundings and its a run down shack surrounded by trees and I'm like I know this place.
[I had passed these trees alot and this shack when my family would go hunting and fishing because there is a little lake up ahead]
Day 3
And then he wakes up and says Goodmorning and I smile and he says will you stay with me and finally I nod and he gets happy and he stands and picks me up because my legs are still in a bit of pain and then he says we have to get married right away and im like .....what.... And he puts me down and i can stand and he says oh wow you can stand now and I'm like yes? And he says the medicine must have worn off and I then realized I couldn't walk not because of the pain and cuts but because of medicine that made my legs and me weak. And I yell why do you do that and he yells back what if you run away and I hear something outside and I throw myself to the floor and then a shot is fired and he falls flat on the floor and there is blood and I hear men outside and they kick down the door and and there are 5 men this one man takes out a radio and says we have found her and im start crying because I was found and this guy had been killed in front of me. Then a guy takes off his mask and its my friend and he says I said I would kill him and I'm scared because what if he was the same. So he comes and hugs me and carries me and says you're safe now I can't believe he cut your hair (my hair was super long before and its still growing to this day) and i laugh and he says thank god you can still laugh lets take you home and we do and moral of the story idfk im sorry but check your surroundings and put bars on your window and have cameras pay attention to everything please.
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belit0 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Fuck him. Fuck Izuna for making her feel that way. She had always been the dominant one. A few weeks ago she had him blushing on her car seat and now she had his name carved on her body. 
The Uchiha left her house without giving her time to reply, she figured she might as well get ready. It was 10:45 p.m. and she decided it would be a good time to start driving to the party. As she parked outside the venue, she saw a very beautiful woman getting out of a fancy car. Her black hair was long and silky, perfectly styled. Her dress was black and tight on her beautiful body. Her and that beautiful woman ended up walking through the door at the same time. 
“You are very pretty! I love your dress.” She said, offering the stranger a small smile. The unknown woman smiled back at her. “You are very beautiful as well. Enjoy your night!” The woman spoke softly, she seemed a bit older than her, and  almost all the people in the party, but that just added to the elegance she carried within her. 
Just as they were about to go on their separate ways, the woman stopped her with a light tap on her shoulder. “Excuse me, but do you think we can go for a few drinks together? I really don’t know a lot of people here and Im just waiting for my date to arrive.” She smiled at her softly. “Of course! Follow me!” She grabbed the woman by the hand and led her to the mini bar with her.
They had a few drinks together, she discovered that her name was Mei. Apparently she was invited by one of the uchihas to the party. Her dad owned a company, which she didn’t want to specify on, that was closely related to the Uchihas. “This boy… The one that invited me to the party, we meet on one our my dad’s boring business trips last summer. He was dragged along with his family just like me!” She let out a small giggle as she had heard the Woman complaining about her dad’s boring business and how she had to run in it in the very near future . “I thought my summer was going to be boring… But he just came along and made the whole trip better. I had never had fun before in my life like I did with him.” A smile was planted on the woman’s lips, a smile full of love. “We both have to run the family business in the future. Even when I don’t want to.. I find myself fantasizing about us getting married and creating an empire out of our companies together…” Yeah… the woman was now very drunk. 
She couldn’t help but to envy her. She was beautiful, rich and had found the love of her life so easily. According to what she told her, she was sure to marry the man, not only because of their own “shared feelings” but also because of the companies they had to run together. That Uchiha had her completely wrapped around his finger. She wondered which on the boys it was. It wasn’t Sasuke for sure, she was way too old for Sasuke. It also wasn’t Itachi as he had a two year long stable relationship. She kept wondering, but she just never decided between Shisui, Obito or Madara. She figured it was Madara as they were on the same age range. 
She completely forgot the reason she came to the party as she listened to that woman talk about her annoying father and the man who she believed was the love of her life. “Well, it was very nice meeting you. I hope everything goes right with your man tonight!” She said as she left the girl sitting in the bar by herself. She was going to look for Izuna now. 
Her feet were now killing her as she had walked around the venue in heels searching for Izuna. She got a glimpse of his black hair and she decided to follow his trace… wrong idea. He was roughly grabbing a woman by her waist as he kissed her softly, almost tenderly. She just stood there watching him kiss her lips as if they were going to break if he tugged on them too hard. She could see that he was holding back by his body language, especially in his hands. She was worthy of him holding back his instincts… He was treating her like a soft petal, very contrasting to the way he went rough on her the times they had been together… 
She caught a glimpse of the woman’s face… It was the same woman from before. She laughed at herself with teary eyes. That woman was beautiful, successful, smart, and filthy rich. What made her think that she was something more to Izuna that just another fuck toy he entertained himself with while he waited for the woman he actually loved? For the woman who was actually worthy of him. A million scenarios were made on her head. Izuna taking the woman out on dates. Izuna enjoying his vacation with her. Izuna softly touching her, Izuna marrying her. 
She watched him carry her like a princess and take her to one of the private rooms… Not before shooting her a smile, letting her know that he knew she was watching and that he didn’t give a single fuck…
Tumblr media
So lame. So fucking boring! That favor for his brother was ruining a night that should have been much more rewarding than it was.
The girl from the deal, whom he didn't even remember her name, as always ended up being lots of noise and few nuts. It was enough with whispering the word clitoris in her ear once while kissing her neck to make her knees loosen up.
To top it all off, she spent the whole night talking about the wonderful future they were going to have together and about the beautiful time they had spent on that journey as well as blahblahblah.
Journey? Yes, Izuna remembers it well, the one in which together with Shisui they went from orgy to orgy enjoying the most gorgeous women around. If he had wasted his time particularly with her, he didn't even remember it.
The Uchiha tried to silence the woman by taking her to the private rooms. At least there, she could entertain her mouth with something and stop her peroration.
Of course, he had not forgotten his second victim. He was planning to hunt her down when he was done exhausting this first one. Probably, after the seductive smile, he threw at her when crossing glances she was storming away, ready to fake another whim and another "I never want to see you again!!" scene that he would easily knockdown with good sex session.
But it all started to go wrong when, just by inserting two fingers into the businesswoman, she finished. How was he supposed to shut her mouth if he couldn't make her moan? With a plan B up his sleeve, he tried to propose a blowjob, but she refused saying that was simply disgusting.
Trapped in a small room with a woman who wouldn't stop talking about a non-existent future where he would marry her, Izuna realized that this was the worst of the last three his brother had made him fuck.
No, she was definitely stealing the number one spot for herself now. The poor girl before her had hyperventilated when he was working her with his tongue and passed out on his bed.
But the situation took a 180-degree turn when something in the next room caught his unwanted attention. Those walls seemed to be made of paper, purposely made to stimulate anyone who was having problems with their partner by the screams of others.
"Fuck Tobi, I want you to scratch out that disgusting name and put yours on top, mark my skin, make me yours."
Fucking resentful bitch.
"Um... Rei... I must..."
"My name is Mei."
"Right, yeah, of course. I have to go, you know? I work in the morning and..." 
Izuna cursed himself for not having heard a single word of all Kei said during the night.
"But hey! My cousins are here! How about... if you sneak up on one of them and end the night in good company! I'm terrible in bed... Anyway, bye Pei, nice to meet you!"
He left the room before hearing any answer and knocked hard on the next door.
"You're lucky I don't have a knife here with me... I'd put my name all over your pretty body otherwise".
A grunt escaped the lips of the Uchiha, who knocked again, even louder.
"You can always use your teeth, Tobi- ...o-oh fu-uck ri-ight there! ri-ight the-ere! fa...ster!"
Izuna was about to break down the door when a guard from the club approached him and asked what was going on. Explaining that his girlfriend was there cheating on him, the man sympathized with the cause and opened the door with a master key which all the staff carries.
As he stared at the woman, something inside him simply snapped. He didn't even need to look at the Senju, who smiled sarcastically as he continued to move his hips over her.
The only reason Izuna couldn't beat up Tobirama was that the security guard was there. He quickly left the club, without even saying goodbye to his family, and locked himself in his house, turning off and throwing his mobile phone as far away as he could.
The safety guard, still standing at the open door of the room, observed the woman and with a sad expression said to her.
"Girl, that ain't right... you broke your boyfriend's heart."
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