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#im just 馃檭

These anime and animations are what i grow up with it.


And I STILL am in Love with them.


I remember that my parents didn’t let me to see Benten and I watch it sneakily .

I’m a girl but I was in Love with Benten and of course Ninjaturtles .

Sound’s crazy huh.

I was boyish at first and still I am .

who says girls can’t watch boyish things.

🙃well I’m watching anyway.

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Gots some good shit coming dudes

And my that I mean I’m finally gonna post some more art

Art? On my art blog? Who woulda thought.

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a fp: I feel like we don’t have a borderline relationship. You never seem unstable

me: I hugely edit what I say so I don’t say anything that will hurt you in a rash moment

them: you don’t have to do that!! I’ll be okay!!

me: *tries to open up about what I’m feeling when I’m feeling it*

them: *horrified* please stop I can’t do this

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Right now I’m really annoyed over something small and stupid and I know it shouldn’t have irritated me this much but it did and I don’t know how to calm down

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so I’ve got a job but I’m only working when needed so I’m like 🙃🙃 there’s no way I’m gonna get my money together in time

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