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#im laughing so much

it’s been 5 years and i wake up laughing remembering how kishi bid farewell to his 15 year long, most critically acclaimed work, Naruto™ with a spinoff from maury

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“Destiel is still canon,” I say into the mic.

The crowd boos. I begin to walk off in shame, when a voice speaks and commands silence from the room.

“She’s right,” they say. I look for the owner of the voice. There in the 5th row stands: Jensen Ackles himself. 

But he’s not looking at me. His mournful eyes are fixated on something out of view. That’s when I feel it. Someone’s breath tickles my neck. A hard object digs into the back of my head. The barrel of a gun. 

I turn, meeting Eric Kripke’s cold, lifeless gaze.

“Cope,” he smiles, and shoots. 

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i really just came for one meme after leaving for months and find this mess, best decision in months

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“Daddy, can Emma Puss attend your party? She’s dressed for it!”

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i just spilled my yogurt drink all over my legs and on my bed sheets while on the phone . . .

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lmao a centaur but it has only two legs like a satyr. 


big assed bitch 😩😂

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what’s up obey me fandom, i’m here to lower the general iq 

i had to remake this iconic tumblr moment with the brothers and my mc lmao

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Shit man why not make more vines to fit our current situation

“It’s "racial justice”! Thanks!“

"So I’m sittin’ there, "fuck the police” on my titties—"

Gen Z: “What does he have?” Trump: “RACISM!” Literally anyone with a brain: “NO!”

Republicans who pretend not to be, racist, xenophobic, homophobic ass bitches: “R-Rebecca, it’s not what you think!” Gen z, taking gun out: “I won’t hesitate, bitch.”

Gen z, pouring cereal, only to have “protests, riots, and a slice of a will to live” come out: “WhEn LiFe GiVEs YoU LEmoNs!¡!”

Literally just the “The feminists are taking over” vine, but change “feminist” to whatever you need it to be.

Look at this GRAPH: *COVID 19, systematic racism, etc. charts of them actually existing because who the fuck gets to decide they don’t??*

If you have more, don’t be afraid to add!

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do ✨not✨draw fanart when you’re ✨drunk✨ and ✨sleep deprived✨

i did my man mako dirty like the writers did with that ending… thicc lightning boy sacrificed his life for a half-assed thank you????? not having it

i mean what this is obviously a perfect and extremely accurate drawing presented to you by my finger™️. i’m not even going to give any details about the app i made this on because that’s just an insult to the developers

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Yes Andy’s good but is he the Wimbledon Wheelie Bin Champion? I don’t think so.

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