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#im moved to tears

Ok I’m sure a lot of you are already aware but production for TRC stopped and I’m honestly really upset. My heart sank while reading this and even though I was terrified the adaption would suck however that didn’t compare to the excitement I felt. As much as I was dying to see these characters on screen (especially Noah because I missss him) I’m sure that if development stopped it was probably for the best as I’d rather no show than a bad one that would taint my opinions on the books. If I’m being honest I never could imagine the books being a series as they are just so bright and full in my mind I couldn’t fathom how screen could do it justice. I still hope an adaptation comes perhaps in the future that will do the books justice but for now I’ll just enjoy the books

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I’m so fucking tired of staying home, I just do the same things ng everyday and sit on the couch with my mom doing nothing and even if I try to do something else I have no motivation at all to do it

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