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#im not gonna do it i was just thinking about it
watchmegetobsessed · 2 days ago
A/N: i think it's easily the juiciest smut i've written. just woke up and i was like "oh yeah, this is gonna be good" and needed to write it so... enjoy!
PAIRING: Harry X Reader
WARNINGS: smut, dom/sub stuff, edging, mouth fucking, a bit of degrading kink? idk im really bad at these tags lol
Tumblr media
“Thank you so much, Y/N!” the fans say in unison as the last photo is taken and you make sure everyone got what they wanted.
“Of course. Have a great time tonight!” you smile at them, knowing that they will be down in the pit later tonight at the concert. They told you all about how excited they are to finally see Harry perform and you assured them that he is just as excited to be on stage.
“She is so nice,” one of the shorter girls whispers to her friends, standing already a few feet away, but you still heard her, a smile tugging at your lips. You’ve been trying to build up a great relationship with Harry’s fans knowing well they are so significant in his life. Unlike his previous exes, you might have had it a bit easier than them, having been friends for a long time with Harry before you finally took it to the next level. Now you’ve been together for four years and even though there will always be people feeling bitter about you, most of the fans approve of your relationship, seeing how happy you are making each other.
You wave at them one last time, ready to continue your walk back to the hotel when one of them calls after you again.
“Yeah?” you turn around, not at all irritated that they are holding you up. It’s just one tiny gesture from you, but they will probably always remember meeting you, you’d rather give them a nice experience.
“Do you know why he doesn’t play To Be So Lonely anymore?” the brunette girl asks shyly and you breathe out. It’s come up several times since tour started, but you genuinely have no idea why the song never made it to the set list.
“I wish I could tell,” you tell them with an apologetic smile.
“You could convince him to play it!” the tallest of them chimes in.
“You guys really like to call him an arrogant son of a bitch, huh?” you smirk, making them laugh. “I’ll… ask him, okay? But I can’t promise anything.”
“It would be so great, because we will be here for night two as well,” the brunette muses. You can tell they are huge fans, queuing for two nights in a row, that’s dedication, not even mentioning the money they invested into it.
“Give me an Instagram name, I’ll let you know what he said,” you sigh, giving in. They excitedly get back around you as they decide whose username to give you. Putting it into your notes you bid them your final goodbye and head back to the hotel.
It’s only noon, so Harry is still lounging in the hotel room. Arriving you find him only in a pair of shorts, lying across the bed, scrolling on his phone. His head shoots up when he hears the door open and close, already smiling when you come into his vision.
“Hello, love. Had a nice walk?” he hums, following you with his eyes as you drop your bag and kick your shoes off, changing them to the fluffy slippers the hotel gave you.
“Yeah, you should have really come,” you smile back, thinking how the girls would have lost their shit if you were with Harry when they met you. But Harry felt a little too tired, wanted to get some more rest before tonight’s show. All the traveling has been taking a toll on him, though he wouldn’t admit it, he is too proud for that, but you notice the way he is out like a light almost every night, turning into a pile of bricks when his head finally hits the pillow. Okay, not instantly, he surely makes sure to fulfill his boyfriend duties more than enough. And now as you see him lying in bed shirtless, you just can’t stop your eyes from wandering around his naked chest. It’s always like the first time over and over again, he never fails to stun you with just… existing.
Putting his phone aside he reaches out, grabbing the air to show you he wants you there with him. Without batting an eye, you shimmy yourself out of your tight jeans to make you comfortable, leaving you in only your tour merch shirt as you climb to bed, Harry’s arms wrapping around you, pulling you on top of him as he kisses your cheek sloppily.
“Missed me?” you grin at him, his hands moving up and down your back, reaching lower with each stroke, his fingers brushing over your bum until he finally just grabs it shamelessly.
“Always,” he smirks, lifting his head so your lips could meet.
Walking into the room you had the intention to ask him about To Be So Lonely, but quite honestly, when you feel his hands slide under the fabric of your panties and turning you over he gets on top of you, the song definitely slips your mind… you’ll ask him later, right?
It’s impossible not to grin as you watch Harry surrounded by all those signs. It’s impressive how they all got together to demand justice for a song. Harry is pretending like he can’t see any of them, but you know it’s hard for him to do so.
These girls really do want to hear that song, why wouldn’t he finally give in? You’ll have to step in. After all, they should get what they want for their money, whether it’s Harry twerking, his naked chest or… a song where they can call him an arrogant son of a bitch.
He is still on his adrenaline rush when you leave the venue, all handsy and touchy, he can’t tear himself off of you, not that you mind it.
“H, stop!” you giggle, when his hand slides under your skirt. His driver, Malcolm has seen and heard enough of the two of you on this tour, doesn’t need any more trauma.
“Sorry,” he growls, but doesn’t seem to actually mean it. Cupping his face you smack a kiss to his lips before patting his chest gently.
“Behave a little.”
He is trying his best, he really does. Keeping his distance as you head up to your room, but as soon as you step inside, the beast is out.
“Harry!” you squeal when he throws you over his shoulder, carrying you to the bed like a caveman as you hold onto his waist so you don’t fall face first.
“I’m so fucking horny!” he growls and you can’t help but chuckle and smack his ass that just riles him up even more. He throws you to the bed, making you bounce from the action as the sheets wrinkle around you. Climbing on top of you he is quick to attack your lips with his, putting most of his weight on you, a moan slipping through your lips, your legs locking around his waist. But as his mouth travels down your saw and throat, devouring you eagerly, your eyes open and you remember what you were supposed to talk to him about tonight.
“H?” you sigh, lacing your fingers through his hair. He just hums in response, but doesn’t stop. “Why don’t you just put To Be So Lonely on the setlist?”
He stops, your question clearly surprising him. His head lifts so his hungry green eyes meet yours and you can tell how puzzled he is.
“I’m sorry, did you just ask me about my setlist when I’m trying to get some sexy time?”
You chuckle at his words, nudging his butt with your heels. Pushing himself up to his hands he puts some space between the two of you, but his hips are still pressed against yours.
“I met a few fans today and they were curious why you wouldn’t just play it. They’ve been begging you since the beginning of tour and I know you saw the signs tonight.”
As you speak, you trace his features with the pad of your fingers, when you reach his lips he gently bites on it before kissing it.
“It was just a general, creative decision to leave it out,” he gives you the diplomatic answer, but you know it’s not the truth.
“Okay, so then make another creative decision and put it on the list.”
“Y/N, it’s not that easy to mess with the set list,” he sighs dramatically and you give him a look.
“Uhuh, so you can just randomly sing about a girl dressed as a banana, but can’t put To Be So Lonely on the list beforehand? With time to rehearse and all that?”
Harry growls, his head falling forward to the nook of your neck. A few seconds pass by and no answer comes, but you feel his lips nibbling on your skin, he is trying to avert your attention, but he is not gonna win this.
“H? Why are you so against the song?”
“Because quite frankly, when I wrote it, I didn’t think thousands of women will scream at me at my concerts, calling me an arrogant son of a bitch,” he snaps, giving you a stern look, but you know he is not mad, just a little frustrated that you brought it up when he was trying to get into your pants.
“You can’t be that narcissistic, baby. It’s a great line and… kinda true.”
“Okay, you have the right to call me that, but I would like to keep it that way.”
“It’s not against you. It’s like a joke you share with your fans and they are sad you took it away.”
“They will get over it,” he shrugs, trying to lean down to kiss you, but you move your head out of the way.
“Or you can just give them what they want,” you suggest, giving him the puppy eyes.
“Babe, are you seriously talking about this when I’m literally throbbing for you?” His hips push against you and it’s pretty clear how much he wants you. It’s taking everything in you not to drop the subject and just jump his bones, but… you feel like you owe this to those girls and all his other fans.
“We would be over this if you just told me you’d put it on the list.”
“Not happening,” he shakes his head stubbornly.
“Okay, then…” you push him off of yourself, breaking up the position you’ve been in, his shocked eyes following your movements in disbelief as you stand up from the bed. “Then this is not happening either.”
He stares at you, like you’re a ghost as you fix your shirt and walk over to your suitcase, digging into it aimlessly. You just need to do something so you don’t bend and get back in bed with him. Then you hear his laugh and you dare to peek at him.
“I can’t believe my own fans are cockblocking me!” He is kneeling on the bed, shoulders curled forward as his head hangs low, shaking from side to side with a chuckle. And you can clearly see the outline of his hard cock that makes your thighs shudder.
Folding your arms on your chest you watch him climb off the bed, nearing you but he stops a few feet away, hands on his hips.
“So no sex?”
“Not until you put the song on the list.”
“What if I told you I’ll perform it tomorrow?” he asks, narrowing his eyes at you, but you weren’t born yesterday. He is a sneaky arrogant son of a bitch who doesn’t shy away from playing you when sex is on the line.
“Nah, I don’t trust you. You’ll get this,” you say, pointing at your groin, “after I heard you play the song.”
He stares at you for a couple of long moments, probably hoping that you’d break, but it’s not happening, not this time. He then gives up, his head falling back as he growls in irritation.
“I can’t fucking believe it,” he mumbles under his breath, heading into the bathroom and you know that the setlist will be longer on night two in Chicago. You won.
Grabbing the doorknob he stops, glancing back at you one last time.
“Babe, I’m going in there and I’m gonna use my own hands. Probably for the first time since last tour,” he informs you, referring back to the time when you spent the most time apart at the beginning of your relationship. The two of you often sought relief on FaceTime, using your own hand, pretending like you were touching each other as your moans travelled through the call across the world. But now you’re in the same room, and he is forced to touch himself. You don’t particularly like the idea, but his ego could use the punch for one time and besides, he’ll get what he deserves tomorrow night if he really plays the song.
“This is your last chance, Y/N,” he warms you, his hand moving to his crotch, palming himself through his pants and your mouth waters, but you keep a straight face.
“Well... to be so lonely…” you sing, grinning back at him, which just earns another grunt from him before he disappears in the bathroom.
He is definitely grumpy when he returns, you can’t tell for sure if he jerked himself off or not, the running water covered any other noise. You take a quick shower too and when you come out, he is out on the balcony, talking to someone on the phone as he leans against the railing. You just get under the covers, making yourself comfortable, listening to his muffled voice through the sliding glass door. Then you hear him get back, moving around the room until the mattress dips under you, his warm body pressing against yours from behind, His hand slides to your stomach, toying with the hem of your sleeping shirt.
“Babe?” he whispers, kissing the soft skin behind your ear.
“Can I just… put it in?” he murmurs and you can feel him grow hard again. Well, if he took care of himself in the shower, he is one horny motherfucker for trying to go at it again. Turning your head to the side you smile at him sweetly.
“You can do more than that tomorrow, after I heard you sing the song.”
You feel him freeze and then sigh, rolling to his back, the warmth of his body disappearing from behind you. Turning around you cuddle to his side and pushing yourself up you smile down at him, proud of yourself for winning this game.
“But I still love you,” you hum, kissing his lips softly. “Do you love me?”
“I guess,” he sighs, but wraps his arms around you, pulling you against him tight as he closes his eyes.
The next morning while Harry is in the bathroom, you search up the girl who gave you her username and send her a quick message that tonight is going to be the night, but keep it a secret so others can be surprised when he plays the song. Macy, as you see on her profile writes you a lengthy reply thanking you for convincing him and ranting how much they love you. It’s sweet and you can’t wait to see the reactions when they finally get what they want.
Harry seems to be holding up his mad act, but you know it won’t last long. He still holds your hand, still makes sure you eat right and still kisses you all the time.
Right before he goes on stage, he pulls you in for one last kiss, but before he pulls back, he leans to your ear, his lips brushing against your earlobe.
“I hope you know your ass will be red when I’m done with you tonight.”
A whimper slips through your lips and you need to clench your thighs together as he gives your ass a light smack, running off to get into that stupid box and get rolled under the stage. You mumble a soft fuck under your breath, but you’re excited to see him go all crazy on you.
The fans finally get what they wanted. When the opening accords of To Be So Lonely fill the arena, they lose their shit and Harry just stands behind his mic, smirking to himself. Of course, they scream that one line at him like there’s no tomorrow and you can’t help but laugh.
You know he is riled up, it’s written all over him and you know you’ll be ruined by the end of the day. But you don’t mind it.
You thought he would at least hold it together until you get back to the hotel, but oh boy, were you wrong! Because as soon as Harry finds you when he is off the stage, you see the fire in his eyes. He runs up to you, grabs your hand and starts pulling you after him to the dressing room.
“Harry, are you—“
You don’t get to finish, he pulls you into the room, slams the door closed and pushes you against it, his lips devouring you right away. His hips strain against yours and you can already feel his hard cock pushed against you.
“You got what you wanted? Are you proud of yourself?” he growls, a hand coming up to grab your jaw, keeping you in place, not that you’d ever push him away. No words come out of your mouth, you just can’t get yourself to talk, not when his other hand is already sliding into your pants, rubbing your clit through the fabric of your panties.
“Answer me when I ask a question,” he grits through his teeth, his fingers pushing on your sensitive bud, making you moan from the sensation.
“Yes! Yes, I got what I wanted,” you choke out when his mouth sucks hard on your skin under your ear, for sure leaving a mark on you.
“Want to know what I want?”
“Yes,” you breathe out, legs turning into jelly as he is still working on your clit. Your panties are flooded, this very short sex ban wasn’t only hard on him. You missed out on the lazy morning sex and you couldn’t get your hands on him when he was parading around in the room in only his underwear.
“I want to fuck you until your legs give up and collapse onto me. I want to show you what you were missing last night.”
You gasp when you’re pulled away from the door and you vaguely process him bringing you to the vanity, helping you up until you’re sitting on the wooden top. He basically rips your shirt off of you, throwing you behind him before his hands start kneading your breasts in the black lacy bra you put on purposely, knowing well it’s one of his favorites.
He licks and bites down your neck and chest, not even bothering to unhook the bra, just tugging on the cups so your breasts spill out for him. Your legs wrap around his waist out of instinct and you grind against him, your chest heaving wildly from the way he sucks on your hardened nipples. You want the bra off though, so reaching behind you unclasp it and throw it to the side, an approving grunt leaving his throat as he keeps leaving marks on your breasts.
You can’t stay still as his mouth moves down on your stomach, his fingers working fast to unbutton your pants. He tugs them off of you easily along with your soaked panties, leaving you completely naked in front of him while he is still wearing his stage outfit, but it seems like he wants it off just as much as you do.
Dragging the suspenders off his shoulders, he moves his hands to tear the shirt open, but you stop him with the remaining of your responsible thoughts.
“No! Lambert will fucking kill you!” you chuckle, reaching up to unbutton the shirt carefully. He just breathes out heavily, letting you undress him as he works on his pants. The slacks pool at his feet by the time you’re done with the buttons and he rids himself of the shirt fast, pushing back between your legs, now only in his underwear.
“Always so thoughtful,” he murmurs, kissing you hard as his fingers dig into your waist, pulling you to the end of the vanity table. “But weren’t so thoughtful when you denied this from me.”
Without warning, two of his fingers push into you, curling inside, sending a shiver down your spine. His name tears out of you loud and clear as you gasp for air while Harry starts pumping his fingers in and out of you.
“Did you enjoy playing with me? Did you like making me suffer?”
“Harry!” you moan, your thighs starting to shake as your orgasm is building up rapidly.
“You were a little brat, you know that? I should punish you for it.”
You want to protest, you want to say you’re sorry, but you just can’t form the words, the only thing that leaves your mouth is his name over and over again. But right when you’re about to cum, he pulls back and all the air gets knocked out of your lungs.
“I don’t think you deserve to cum just yet. Now get on your knees,” he orders and you jump off fast, not even thinking for a second about obeying him. He has full control over you and you wouldn’t want it any other way.
You eagerly pull his underwear down, his throbbing, hard cock springing free and your mouth waters at the sight, the head glistening from the precum. But before you could wrap your lips around him, he stops you, making you look up at him confused.
“No, I don’t want you to suck me,” he hums shaking his head, cupping your face in his hands. “I want to fuck that bratty mouth of yours so you know that your words have consequences.”
Fuck, he is so hot! You need to clench your thighs as a moan rips out of you.
“Stay still,” he orders, one hand on the base of his cock as he pushes himself into your warm, wet mouth, a whimper of your name slipping through his pink lips. Then both his hands come to cup your head and he starts thrusting in and out of your mouth.
Putting your hands on his thighs you try to keep as steady as possible, his head reaching the back of your throat every time he pushes into your mouth. Tears are stinging your eyes, but you don’t want him to stop. Looking up you see how much he is enjoying it, how you’re the only one who makes him feel this way and you can almost feel yourself getting closer to your orgasm again. The urge to touch yourself is strong, but you know he would punish you for that, he doesn’t like you touching yourself, unless he asks you to do it, so you just try to breathe and stay still just like he asked.
“Fuck, your mouth is perfect,” he growls, pushing in one last time, your nose touching his pelvis and he keeps himself there for a few heartbeats, until you start gagging. Then he pulls back, his whole dick glistening from your saliva and it’s such an exciting view, one you’ll never have enough of.
He helps you up, your knees are sore, but you couldn’t care less. Kissing you hard his hands squeeze your ass before he turns you around, bending you over the vanity and you push your ass up high instantly.
“And now…” he hums, his hand cupping your ass as he pushes his cock between the cheeks, sliding it back and forth a few times, making you whimper. “I’ve been thinking about this since last night.”
His hand smacks your ass, making you yelp, then he massages it gently before his palm meets the cheek again. Fuck, this feels so good and he is not even inside you yet.
“Harry,” you whine, your upper body pressing against the wooden surface as he keeps kneading your butt with no mercy. Then he bucks his hips back, just enough so his cock now slides between your soaking wet folds and he starts rocking himself against, teasing and edging you.
“What is it? Now you want my cock? You didn’t want it last night?”
“I did! I wanted it!”
“So you just chose to be a brat, letting me use my hands?”
You don’t answer, his tip is nudging at your clit every time he pushes forward and you clench your walls around nothing, you need to feel him inside you or you’ll go nuts.
“Just for your information, I didn’t jerk myself off last night. It was hard to resist, but I didn’t want anything else than your sweet pussy.”
“Then take it. It’s all yours, Harry!” you cry out and yelp again when he smacks your ass again.
“Gonna fuck you so good you’ll never want to play games with me,” he growls, grabbing the base of his cock and finally pushing inside you, both of you gasping from satisfaction. “Fuck, nothing feels like this, baby,” he breathes out, staying motionless for a few seconds, his cock buried balls deep inside you.
Then he grabs your hips and starts pounding into you so hard, your thighs keep hitting against the edge of the table and you need all your energy to keep yourself up. His stamina is impressive, he just gave a whole ass concert and now he is fucking you so hard, as if he’s been training for it his whole life. Fingers digging into your flesh, his hips smacking against your ass every time he thrusts inside you hard and fast.
“Are you close?” he pants and all you can do is nod eagerly. “Don’t cum yet. Don’t cum!”
“Harry! Please!” you beg, almost crying for relief.
“Not yet!” he barks and pulls out of you, the lack of his hardness inside you making you gasp. “Come on, baby. Just a little longer,” he murmurs, pulling you up from the table, he presses a kiss to your forehead and lips as he walks you to the sofa. He turns you to face him and you throw your arms around his neck like a little monkey, you just need to be close to him. He has edged you so close to your orgasm two times, you’re not sure you can take a second.
You hear voices coming from the other side of the door and for a moment you wonder if he locked the door, but when he kisses you, sucking on your bottom lip, you forget about it instantly.
His hands find the back of your thighs and he picks you up easily as he sits down, making you straddle him, knees pushing into the soft cushion. His lips melt against yours, a tad bit softer than he has been treating you, but you love both sides of him equally. Strong hands run up and down your naked, sweaty back before one of them moves between the two of you, lining himself up with you and then he pulls you down, his cock filling you up again as you softly gasp against his mouth.
“Ride me. Wanna see you bounce on me,” he tells you.
You feel tired, like not much energy is left in your body, but you nod, mustering up everything you have to obey him. His hands grab onto your waist, guiding you in your first few movements as you roll your hips back and forth, up and down, riding him in his dimly lit dressing room, his thousands of fans still lingering around in the building probably. It excites you, knowing that so many others want him, ache for him, but you’re the only one he wants and needs.
Grabbing onto his broad shoulders you keep up a steady pace, bouncing on him, panting heavily and every time you feel like you’re too tired to continue, you see it in his eyes, the want, the desire, how in awe he is with you, like you’re the only person on this Earth. He leans forward and kisses your throat, collarbones before wrapping his lips around your nipple, sucking and biting it to edge your senses.
“H, I’m close,” you moan, pulling his head up so you can kiss him.
“Wanna cum around my cock?”
“Yes! Please!”
He wraps his arms around you as he rises from the sofa and turning the two of you he lays you down, getting on top of you. It’s a small sofa, one of your legs is thrown over the back while the other one falls off of the seating just so he can get between your thighs, but when he starts pounding into you, bottoming out every time you forget about how uncomfortable it is.
“Cum for me. Let me feel your pussy tighten around my cock,” he grunts, kissing your hard, his tongue pushing past your lips.
A few more thrusts and you finally fall over the edge, coming so intensely, you can’t hold a scream back as you drag your nails down his back. You’re seeing stars, gasping for air as he follows you with his own relief, burying his face into the crook of your neck.
“Mine. You’re all mine,” he grunts, so animalistic and raw as his thrusts become slower but even harder, his cock jerking inside you.
“Yes, I’m yours!” you breathe out, holding him tight as he rides the last waves of his orgasm until he comes to a stop, but still remains inside you.
You’re gone, melted into a puddle, barely able to move your limbs, but it feels so good. The thought of getting up from this sofa feels so painful, you just want to stay here, like this forever, even though your back is starting to hurt and your leg is kind of going numb.
You feel Harry’s lips gently kiss your shoulder before he pushes himself, up, lifting his weight off of you and sliding out of you at the same time. You must have whimpered unapprovingly at the feeling, because he kisses your lips softly.
“I know baby. Gonna take care of you,” he murmurs and you hear him move around the room, but you can’t bring yourself to open your eyes.
You feel a damp washcloth between your legs, he cleans you up gently not to hurt you since he knows how sensitive you are, especially after a round like this. It hurts to get your leg off of the back of the sofa, but you just need to. Pushing yourself up into a sitting position Harry returns, helping you up and as soon as you’re on your feet, he picks you up bridal style, carrying you to the shower where the water is already running.
You take a nice, hot shower together, Harry washes you with so much care and keeps kissing you murmuring sweet nothings to you. It always amazed you how dominant he can be during sex, but then he turns into this soft bundle of joy, taking good care of you, no matter what you did or said.
While you get dressed, you inspect your reddened butt in the mirror and you swear you see the outline of his hand on it. Walking up behind you he squats down and kisses the red marks, making you chuckle.
“Does it hurt?” he asks, regret glistening in his eyes.
“No. I would have told you on the spot,” you smile down at him. Grabbing you pants he helps you into them, caressing your bum over the fabric gently. He stands back up and cups your face in his hands, kissing you tenderly.
“I love you. But if you pull this shit on me again,” he warns, but can’t push his smirk down.
“I did it for your fans.”
“Then tell them it earned you a good fuck.”
“Oh shut up,” you laugh, pulling him down to kiss you again.
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nahoyaa · 2 days ago
how they turn you dumb
Tumblr media
genre: smut
warnings: mindbreak, subspace, impact play, drugs, overstimulation, edging/orgasm denial, dacryphilia, unhealthy/toxic relationships in the first one,
characters: mikey, draken, nahoya, souya, chifuyu, mitsuya, izana, kisaki, hanma, inui, ran, rindou, sanzu, kokonoi, shinichiro.
minors dont interact
Tumblr media
he’d disregard your feelings and make his the number one priority, he wants to be the only thing on your mind twenty four seven, manipulating you into thinking that you’re only living for him, to give him satisfaction, and god forbid you ever disappoint him. his punishments aren’t even sexual most of the time, its just the thought of him sighing, telling you that you fucked up is enough to make you breakdown.
“i thought i trained you to sit on your knees whenever im around?” your heart drops at the tone of his voice. cold, tired and filled with disappointment. you open your mouth to start muttering apologies, tears welling in your eyes as he lets out a sigh. “i’ll deal with you later, just get your ass here.”
MIKEY, izana, kisaki
impact play is his forte, loves seeing you in pain, tears streaming down your cheeks as he slaps you again and again, pinching at your nipples and hearing your loud whines and cries. he’s so harsh and mean with you, loves hearing you mutter incoherent words and sentences. your mind goes blank after a certain number of hits, only thing in mind is him him him. obsessed with the look of your tear stained face, not able erase his smile off of his face at your pain. but sex with him is fun, its so fucking fun and filthy, you love it.
“come on baby, we just started!” he chuckles at the look on your face, your eyes lost focus long ago, only letting out whines of his name as your hand tries to get a good grip anywhere around you. “nah, remember what we said? hands behind your back or we’re extending this another thirty minutes,” he grips your cheeks with one hand, squishing them together. “or what, you gone dumb on me already?” he grins at whatever word you let out before he slaps your thigh, letting out a whine. “that’s it baby, cry for me,”
NAHOYA, ran, hanma, inui, SANZU
pretty self explanatory. will not stop after one orgasm, he will pull an orgasm after orgasm not stopping until your legs are tense and shaking, your pussy puffy and red. he’d sometimes use it as a punishment, wanting you to be completely sore from head to toe after everything ends. the intense pleasure you get when you cum so many times that you cant even count them anymore can sometimes make you drop to subspace, and fuck, he absolutely loves your complete obedience.
“such a good little baby, you’re doing so well for me,” he’d praise, as he plunges his fingers in and out of you at a torturous pace after you cum for the third time. your tears are pouring like a damn waterfall at this point, your thighs already tense and clenched at the power of your orgasm. “come on, three more to go okay? we’ll take breaks whenever you want to,”
mitsuya, DRAKEN, chifuyu, souya, rindou, INUI, shinichiro, nahoya
in love with the sounds you make as he pleasures you, the pretty moans and whines that you let out are absolutely breathtaking to him, which is why he loves extending it. he gets you so close to your climax and pulls away right when the string in your abdomen was about to snap. your whines of despair getting more and more loud and desperate as another orgasm was pulled away from you.
“please let me cum this time please, i’ll do anything you want,” you’re sobbing at this point, nearing your climax as he grins at you, feeling your walls tightening around his cock. “but this is what i want baby, what are we gonna do now?” your eyes flutter close and your jaw drops, tongue lolling out of your mouth before you feel emptiness. you cry out, tears freely pouring down your face as you hear him giggle at you. “god, you’re so cute doll, c’mon two more and i’ll let you cum,”
KOKONOI, souya, chifuyu, hanma, sanzu, DRAKEN
extra: DRUGGING.
you’re just too pretty, such a cute lil baby sitting on his lap, showing him off in front of everyone else in the meeting. he couldn’t help himself really, and you did ask him to mess you up and to use you, so who is he to deny you? he pops the pills into his and your mouth, immediately swallowing them as it hits your tongue and smiling at him before he presses his lips to yours, waiting for the drug to take effect.
you sink down his cock, feeling his hands stroke at your hips, giggling as you struggle to take his cock in. “its’s already too much,” you mumble, your head titling back before he attacks your neck, leaving wet kisses on your skin and humming, your walls twitching around his cock. “c’mon baby, why are you acting like this is the first time you take my cock hm?” your mind is completely empty, grabbing at his shirt pulling him even closer to you before whining, the drug taking full effect as you feel your head and body getting heavier. “use me, please,” he chuckles at that and picks you up, throwing you on his bed. “what a dumb little whore i got here, you’re fuckin’ cute aren’t you?”
Tumblr media
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autxt · 2 days ago
hi!! can i request a oneshot where yeonjun and reader are having sex and it gets too intense for the reader so she uses the safe word :( and then reader feels bad for stopping it, yeonjun feels v guilty or cries or something IDK AHAH and they just make up in the end but you can end/the whole plot however you want!! im rlly sorry if this request sounds all over the place too 💔💔
one shot - smut, fluff & angst?? - yeonjun x female reader
warnings: vaginal sex, kissing, crying
prompt: “at least let me clean you up” + “i love you”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
regardless of who’s idea it was to be intimate that night, you and yeonjun have always been about safe sex. see, when you first started dating last year, you laid down some ground rules for your relationship. nothing too strict, but one of the major rules was: using a safe word during sex. the last thing you wanted to do was hurt one another, so using a safe word was very crucial.
one night, yeonjun was being his usual flirty self, throwing pick up lines at you, funny ones and sexual ones. the erotic pick up lines led to a passionate make out session on your living room couch, which led to yeonjun climbing over you as you laid ass up on your shared bed. and that’s exactly the situation you were in now.
you were onto your second orgasm of the night, and with yeonjun pounding into at a rough speed, you didn’t think you’d be able to last too long.
but something else was slowly happening within you, something your body didn’t agree with; something that felt like it hurt when it shouldn’t.
“fuck, y-yeonjun”
“hold it baby, i’m almost there”
for some reason, it started hurting more and more, and soon the feeling of pleasure went away. instead it felt: unbearable.
“yeonjun, wait. stop-“. you couldn’t find the words to say. your mind went blank and you had completely forgotten what the safe word that you agreed on was. and yeonjun didn’t stop, as he did not hear you. you were speaking so low, the sounds of skin slapping against each other drowned out your voice.
“holy shit y/n. you feel so good tightening around me. i’m gonna-“ he pounded into you harder and faster, and your body reacted with agony.
“ouch! p-peaches! yeonjun, peaches!”
yeonjun immediately pulled out of you, staring into your eyes with worry as you sat up, closing your legs and whimpering in pain as tears slowly rolled down your cheeks.
“fuck i-i’m sorry yeonjun. i’m so sorry. you were so close and i just-“ you couldn’t even finish your sentence because a feeling of guilt washed over your emotions.
“what? no no no baby please don’t apologize. are you okay? what happened? fuck, i feel terrible. i had no idea you were hurting”. yeonjun’s eyes becoming tearful by the second. he uses his palm to wipe the bottom of his eyes before any tears fell down. he didn’t want you to see him cry.
“i didn’t want to stop you because you were so close. but it started to hurt so bad and i couldn’t take it anymore. i just wanted you to feel good too. i’m so sorry yeonjun. you must despise me right now” your tears rolled down your cheeks faster, and soon you were sobbing into your hands.
yeonjun pulled you close to his chest as he rubbed your back, your hands still covering your face. “y/n, please tell me when you’re not comfortable next time. the last thing i want to do is wound you, my darling. it doesn’t matter if one of us is loving it. if the other person is hurting, we should let each other know. remember?”
you nod into his chest and he pulls you off of him. “look at me baby”, he says as he grabs your wrist, pulling your hands away from your face. “i’m truly sorry for hurting you. i’m at fault. please forgive me”.
“i forgive you, yeonjun. it’s my fault for forgetting our safe word”. he pulls you in for a soft kiss. his large hands holding your small face, his thumbs wiping the tears off your cheeks as he pulls away.
“does it still hurt?” he asks gesturing with his eyes to the area between your legs.
“just a little, it’s okay though”. yeonjun suddenly gets off from the bed and heads toward the bathroom.
“where are you going?” you ask as he enters the bathroom. he comes back out with a pink washcloth in his hands.
“at least let me clean you up”
you smiled at him, spreading your legs out for him as you slightly laid on your back, propping yourself up with your elbows. he cleaned you up caringly, being very careful to not hurt you again. you stared at him with loving eyes thinking how you got so lucky.
“i love you, yeonjun”. he stopped at your words and looked up at you. “i love you too, y/n”. he pressed a kiss to your cheek and you closed your eyes softly.
“come on, let’s get you washed up” he offers you a hand and you head into the bathroom. ending the night with a warm shower and a good movie, slowly drifting to sleep in each other’s arms.
thanks for reading/requesting! <3
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fairlylino · a day ago
IFHY — lee minho.
Tumblr media
pairings: possessive!lee know x fem!reader
genre: [s]
word count: 5k+
warnings: nsfw, mirror sex, possessiveness, obsession, fingering, and finger sucking
note: bye that’s my first time writing a one shot here on tumblr. do be excited do be nervous. lmk what u think!
Your relationship with Lee Minho was many things. Healthy was not one of them. There were so many times you both left with bad terms due to both of your stubbornness and thick heads. But yet none of you had the courage to walk up to one another, waiting for each other to do the first step.
Wich was never/rare the case. 
The only way you both would get to talk again was simply to make each other jealous. But the talking always turned into ignoring each other and not fixing anything. Just a simple angry sex to let out the frustration and madness. 
Now that was far from being a healthy relationship was it?
Nothing helped, so the only way you both tried to fix this was to involve a very close friend. 
Kim Seungmin. 
Seungmin always had his way with words, which was the reason you and him decided to tell him about your toxic relationships, leaving him nothing but being speechless.
Even during the talk you two would get into a heated argument, leaving the room with a confused Seungmin. 
“No, because I am so done,” you angrily hissed, aggressively standing up from the couch, ready to leave. 
“Where the hell do you think you're going?!” Minho loudly spoke, getting up aswell to grab you by your arm to stop you.
“Somewhere where I dont have to be near you!” you shouted back, struggling to get away from his strong grip. You looked over at Seungmin, telling him to help you with your eyes only.
But Seungmin didn't know wether he would risk getting Lee Know mad as well.  
“So that's your plan? Always running away from your problems rather than to fix them?” he glared at you, slapping the door shut behind you, making you flinch.
“Dont you fucking get it? There's nothing to fix anymore! We are nothing but a total mess together. And im tired of it, Minho,” you explained with a sigh, never breaking eye contact with him.
“So that's it? You're gonna throw away everything we built together? Its that easy for you?” 
You sighed again. His victim complex was killing you.
“I never said its easy. But its not to fix as well. We dont do good for each other, Minho. It just doesn't work.”
Seungmin was watching the both of you talk, glad that you guys finally talked normally without shouting at each other. 
“Im not gonna leave Y/n. Im not fucking going,” he said after a few seconds of keeping quiet and looking away. Now holding deep eye contact with you again.
You could tell he was hurting just as much as you did. But you didnt have the patience to deal with this anymore.
Not when you had other people waiting for you to treat you better. 
“I´m sorry. But I can´t.”
That night, you left the building with tears and guilt, knowing it was officially over. You never wanted to end things in the first place. But you knew that if you dont end it, he'd never let loose. 
You needed this. You forgot what it felt like to be finally able to go out without an angry boyfriend telling you to come home. You forgot what it felt like to sleep in your own bed, without having to worry when your lover will arrive, knowing exactly he won't before the clock hits three a.m.
You dont know how this ever happened. You both were happy. Happier than ever. 
Where could this possibly gone wrong? 
Was it the way you never had the courage to tell him if something bothered you? Was it the fact you let him do all the things whilst swallowing your opinion? You simply let him do anything, making him take the opportunity to do whatever he wants. 
Simply because he knew you'd alway come back to him.
That was until many months after knowing your worth, fighting back and telling your opinion on something that bothered you. Of course he was not happy with it.
And so the arguments began. Arguments like “since when do you act like that?” “Thats not my quiet little Y/n I know” “You have no right to tell me what to do.”
Yeah, he wasn't happy with you being the bold one, telling him stuff he doesn't want to hear.
But now its over. Five months even after you left the building, ending things with him officially, finally moving on.
Five months after you found your happiness again, with a very friendly, kind, male. Who knew how to treat you well. And not like some type of Housemaid and Butler. 
Han Jisung.
He made you happy with ways you never thought someone could. He knew exactly how to make you feel worth and unique. He was simply an angel.
“Whatever might happen today, please dont worry about and tell me immediately, alright?” Han insured you, cupping your cheeks whilst your foreheads were touching.
You smiled, with a worried sigh, nodding. “I'm just not ready to face him.”
“I will always be by your side. Nothing will happen, I promise you that,” he comforted you again, giving you a peck on your forehead before taking your hand and entering the building.
The building him and many shared due the company rules. The same building you met Minho, and the same building you met Han at. 
Also the same building you broke up with Minho at. 
Memories you always brushed away were filling your mind once you entered the big, yet small building. The so called Stray Kids dorms.
Every once in awhile the group of members used to invite you to their big celebrations of their successes and comebacks.
But this time you weren’t Minho’s date. You were Han’s.
Did I mention they are best friends?
Well, they used to be.
Many things changed once you and Minho ended things. Not to mention that you literally fell in love with his best friend.
But Minho never seemed to care much about it. or so you thought.
“Y/n! Gosh it’s been so long. Hello!” Bangchan never disappointed with his charming and warm gestures, always making you feel comfortable whenever you were around the boys.
Hugging him back with a slight back rub, you gave him a warm smile, along with all the other members. Well, every member accept for one: Your ex.
Trying to avoid eye contact as much as you wanted to, you didn’t want to seem disrespectful, slightly nodding your head with an awkward smile whilst standing infront of him.
Turning around to walk back to Han, you almost stumbled when you felt a strong grip on your wrist.
“What’s with the formality? All the members get a hug but I don’t?” You felt your cheeks getting heated up by the embarrassment. All of the males were watching the moment, making you slightly turn your head to Han, and he immediately understood.
Nodding in agreement that everything is okay, you weakly smiled, turning back to Minho who was never leaving his eyes off of you.
Earning an victory smirk from him, he opened his arms slightly, waiting for you to embrace him.
And you finally did with slow motions. Once you were close enough infront of him, he wasted no time to wrap his arms around your head, giving you no escape unless he lets go.
Your face being pressed against his chest, you couldn’t miss the smell of his cologne, making you close your eyes shut, taking in the moment and memories that the smell caused you to remember.
Seconds felt like minutes, making you worried that they might think wrong about the current situation, so you slowly tried to pull away, but he stopped you without making it obvious.
“We have a few things to talk about,” he whispered in your ear. Chills running down your spine.
Were you supposed to feel threatened? Scared? Excited? You couldn’t tell by his stoic expressions.
Breaking the hug, you slowly made your way back to Han, clinging onto him, avoiding eye contact with him as much as possible. 
Today was all about Stray Kids and their success. So you tried your best to keep smiling and having a good time. 
“Congrats for your wins, Chan!” 
You all eventually sat down at the dinner table, talking about their success and experiences during their new comeback. 
It made your heart warm seeing them grow bigger each day and fulfilling their dreams. 
“Thank you so much, Y/n. It means a lot,” Chan smiled.
An hour had passed, and you decided to use the restroom, since its been a few drinks. Alcoholfree of course, since Bangchan disliked it very much. 
Walking through the halls of the dorms, you couldn't help but think about the memories you had build with both Minho and Han. Be it good or bad. 
You wouldn't say your relationship with Minho was terrible. You had many happy times with him. 
You couldn't help but smile at those memories once you zoned out whilst washing your hands and fixing yourself in the mirror. 
Ready to leave, you flinched once you stumbled into a strong chest, getting ready to apologize immediately.
“Oh, Im so sorry, I didnt see-”
You stopped your own sentence once you looked up to see who it was. 
Stepping a few steps back, he only got closer to you, until your back hit the wall, giving you no escape once his arm got up to rest next to your head on the wall. 
“Why are you avoiding me?” 
You tried your best to find an escaped, but it was no use. “I'm not avoiding you.”
“Look at me when Im talking to you,” he ordered, grabbing your chin to lift your head up, finally looking into his eyes. 
The first time in this day, in those past weeks, you finally looked at him again. 
It felt so different though. It gave you chills. So much coldness, hurt in his eyes it broke you. 
The sparkle his eyes had once was long gone. 
“What do you want, Minho?” 
His whole expression changed once he heard you say his name. 
“Gosh, with how much more hate are you gonna say my name?”
You rolled your eyes at him, slightly pushing his arm away to leave. 
“Oh hell no,” he attacked, grabbing your wrist and dragging you into the bathroom again, locking the door behind him. 
“What do you think you're doing?” you hissed, trying to push him away. 
“Hows it going with Han?” he asked out of the blue, catching you off guard. 
“None of your fucking business,” you hissed, crossing your arms and looking away. 
He huffed. “I cant ask how the relationship with my best friend and my ex is going?”
“Not after all the shit you've done to him and me.”
“I didnt do him anything. He's the bastard who went after my ex and you're the slut who goes for every dick she has the chance with.”
“Watch what you're fucking saying,” you threatened, finally looking at him again. With a glare this time.
He grinned. Walking towards you, where you were resting your body on the sink. 
“Why? You used to love it when I call you that in bed.”
You rolled your eyes in disgust. “Minho, what the fuck do you want?” You asked, getting impatient. 
“What I want is to stop seeing you with him.”
Now it was your turn to chuckle. “Yeah, keep dreaming,” you shook your head. 
“I know you dont really love him. You do this to get me pissed. Taking revenge.”
You rose an eyebrow at him. “Why are you so sure of that? Why wouldn't I love him? He actually cares for me and knows how to treat me right,” you defended. 
“So I didnt treat you good?”
You looked at him dead at the eyes. “Not really,” you spat.
“You know damn well that's a fucking lie”
You rolled your eyes again, this time with an eye roll too.
“And how do you think you treated me good, hm? Care to tell me?” 
It was obvious that the words that were coming out of your mouth were affecting him. His blood started to boil more and more every time he heard you say those things. But all he did was smirk. 
“You really dont remember?” He asked you, stepping even closer to you, you and his body inches away from each other. 
“I dont.”
Without hesitation, he grabbed your face, catching you off guard. “Maybe I should demonstrate how good I treated you hm? So you can come back to your senses,” he said into your face, watching every reaction you had whilst his face was so close to his, squished by his hand. 
You didnt say anything. Basically because you didnt know what to say. Because you didnt know what he had in mind. 
“What's wrong? You´re not answering?” he tested, a grin growing on his face as he got closer to your face, if that was even more possible. 
All you did was look away, knowing that you were getting weak. 
“The fucking thought of you with somebody else, I dont like that,” he confessed, stroking your cheek now, playing with your hair. 
“Especially when its with one of my closest friends too. How could you do that, hm?” 
You were frozen. You couldn't talk nor react to any of his actions. Its like he did a spell on you. 
“And to be honest...” he continued. “I don´t think he is capable of treating you good, More like making you feel good.”
You breathed, trying your best not to look at him. But the way he looked at you made you feel like he was burning holes inside of you.
“Didnt you miss it?” he asked, his hands continuing to brush your hair out of your face, cupping your cheeks. “Didn´t you miss me?” He asked, snapping your head towards him again, forcing yo
“Minho...” you called, sounding more like a beg. Hearing you say his name with a softer voice, almost like a whine, made him confirm to continue. 
“Yes darling? Talk to me,” he told, his hands going from your face down to your arms, stroking them up and down. 
“We cant... I cant-” he cut you off. 
“We can. You can. Look at you. We both know you want this too. You could´ve pushed me away and say something. But you heard me out, let me tell you how I feel,” he continued, his hands going further down, to your waist now. Pulling you closer to him, this time your bodies were touching, making your body coat with goosebumps. 
“Dont you want this too?” he whispered, leaning close to your ear, his hands resting on your face as if they were made for his touch and his touch only. 
You sighed over his shoulder, your inner self shaking, your inner mind telling you to stop this. 
But your body had its own mind. 
“I missed you, Y/n...” he sighed, taking in your scent, whispering in your ear. “So much.”
Your hands that were once holding onto the sink to keep you steady, were now reaching for his wrists that were down on your waist. 
“I missed every inch of your body. Every single sound that were coming out of you while I made you feel so good. Everything,”
You felt like crying. The overwhelming feeling made you feel like crazy. You wanted him. You missed him. And you needed him. He knew exactly how to manipulate and twist your mind. It worked every time. Every single time you fell for it. 
This time, you fell for it too. 
“Show me that you want this too, Y/n,” he asked, foreheads resting on each other as you were both waiting for answers. For a sign. 
You couldn't stop yourself. You hated yourself for getting loose again. For being so naive.
Just this time... You thought. 
You didnt have to say anything. Instead, leaned in to crash your lips onto his, grabbing his face to get him closer to you. 
Immediatly he reacted, kissing you back with twice more passion. His hands hugging your body, his lips moving in sync with yours.
“I despise you,” you mumbled through the kiss, Grabbing his collar. “I hate you so much.”
You could feel the smirk through the kiss, making you groan once you felt his teeth biting onto your lower lip. 
The kiss started passionately, turning into an aggressive, heated make out. Mixed with hate and love at the same time. 
“You are a shit person,” you hissed, your hands going from his collar to the back of his head, grabbing a fistful of his soft, black hair, whilst his lips left yours, going down to your jawline and neck. 
Biting back moan, you didn't stop. “You are a selfish asshole who only thinks about his own desires.”
You whined once you felt his teeth on your neck, guessing it was to shut you up. 
“You know...” he finally talked, playing with the hem of your shirt. “The sad thing is that you're not wrong,” he admitted, grabbing your arms.
“Lift them up for me,” he said, lifting them up to take off your shirt. Once he did, he showed now shame in taking a glance at his sight infront of him. 
“But you are wrong with one part though,” he said, continuing to give kisses all over upper body, this time your collar bone too. 
He made sure to leave marks. Basically to show that you belonged to him and only him. 
He held onto your waist, lifting you up onto the shelf with ease, standing between your legs. 
“Im not selfish and only think about my desires,” he started, his hands leaving your waist and going up to grab the soft mounds into his hand, making you throw your head back, sigh after sigh escaping your lips. 
“I think about yours too. I love to make you feel good. I love to hear it from you too. The way you whine and beg for me to continue.”
The words coming from his mouth and his hands doing a perfect job at grabbing, massaging your aching breasts whilst pushing your laced bra to the side to stroke his fingers against your bundle of nerves drove you to the edge. 
“Fuck,” you hissed, trying your best not to let out anything, knowing that's his plan. 
“Thats what Im talking about. Let me hear you,” he grinned, watching your expressions of holding back. 
“I hate you... so much,” you breathed out, slowly spreading your legs wider for him. He understood immediately, a smirk growing on his face. 
“Look how your body is reacting. Craving for me and me only,” he praised himself, his hands going down to your thighs, squeezing and stroking them. 
“Minho, hurry,” you hissed, not in the mood to play his little games any longer. 
“Oh? Hurry with what exactly, hm?” he teased, his fingers going further up to your inner thigh, never daring to get closer though. 
Your core was burning at this point, craving for his touch. Craving for him. 
But you were stubborn. You fell for his stupid trick already, you didnt want to show any weakness too. 
“Do you want me to touch you?” His hand finally moved further, getting in contact with your core. And though you were wearing pants, the contact made you cream even more. 
You let out a sigh, pushing your body to the edge of the sink, so his fingers would be closer to your core, moving your hips to feel any friction. 
“It seems like you do,” he said, a smirk growing on his face, but still not moving his fingers. 
Instead, he grabbed you by your waist, pulling you back onto your feet, turning you around so your back was facing him. 
“I know how bad you want this,” he whispered in your ear over your shoulder, making you tilt your head down and hold onto the sink. 
Without any warning, you felt his hands slide under your pants and panties, immediately getting in touch with your dripping cunt, making you moan.
“Oh fuck,” you hitched, grabbing tighter onto the sink.
“And here's proof,” he said, felling the juices on his fingers already. 
“Now be a good girl and ride my fingers, and I´ll might help you out,” he whispered in your ear, making you throw your head back, onto his shoulder. 
You didnt do it because he said so. You did it because your core was aching and your orgasm to be released. 
You slowly started grinding on his hand, biting back a moan every time you felt his fingers curling. You wanted his fingers inside of you so bad. 
“Just like that. Dont rush it, im here if you need help. But you're a good girl and can do that without my help, right?” 
The way his voice got deeper, more raspier, made you quicken your pace, moving forth and back, feeling his hand hit your spot every time you moved forward. 
“Please,” your breathing hitched once you got out of breath. 
“Please what? Cant you do it on your own?” he said, teasing you with his fingertips slowly going in. 
“Please... go further,” you sighed, dropping your head down, still bucking your hips onto his hand.
His fingers finally went inside of you, making you moan out loud, catching you off guard. 
“Like this?” he whispered in your ear, curling his fingers inside of you, making you yelp.
“Like that,” you gasped, throwing your head back onto his shoulder again, close to reach your high.
“Just look at you, being a total mess. I love to ruin you.”
You ignored his words, the only thing you could think about was finally coming on his fingers. 
“Im gonna cum,” you sighed, bucking your hips a bit to reach your climax faster. 
“Do you think you deserve to cum?” 
You whined, feeling his fingers going deeper inside of you, hitting your spot perfectly. 
“ I´m so close,” you warned. 
He just quickened his pace, making you moan louder. 
And with one last thrust, you came undone on his fingers, dropping your head, your knees feeling weak. 
Trying to calm down your breathing, he twirled you around, so you could face him again. 
“Pull your head up,” he said, lifting your head with his finger on your chin, making you look up at him with your teary eyes and smudged makeup. 
He admired your face for a second, enjoying your out of breath face, and smudged eyes. 
“Your face is really pretty,” he praised, his fingers going up to the same height as your face. 
“Look at the mess you made,” he pointed at his fingers with his head. You looked at fingers, then at his face, grabbing his wrist. 
You placed fingers on your lips first, smearing your juices all over your lips, then licking them off to put his fingers inside of your mouth, sucking on them. 
He was surprised for you to do that. He for sure wasn't expecting it. But he wasn't complaining either. He just enjoyed the view of you sucking his finger dry, while holding deep eye contact with him. 
He could feel the bulge in his pants growing bigger. It was a sight to admire. 
“You're enjoying this a little too much for you to say that you hate me.”
Once you finished sucking the juices of his fingers off, you talked. 
“I do hate you.”
He chuckled softly. “Your pussy says otherwise.” 
He took your hand, placing it over his bulge, making you look down. 
“See? We feel the same towards each other. Cant deny that,” he said. 
“You dont know how much I've missed my cock inside of you,” he sighed, putting your hand over the zip of his pants. You both worked together, your fingers unzipping them.
“There wasn't a day where I haven't,” he continued as you used your other hand for support too, slowly pulling his pants down. And then your own ones too. 
Not it was only his shirt that was bothering you, slowly unbuttoning them whilst you looked up to meet his eyes.
His toned abs and solid chest were moving slightly from his deep breathing, your hands going up and down to feel them against your fingertips.
His toned abs were like hypnotising you, cant get enough to stare at them and feel them. He got even buffer in those past months.
Rushing it, but not taking it too far, you could him stepping closer to you, grabbing your waist and turning you around, facing the mirror again.
“You’ll see yourself how good I fuck you. By looking at mirror. Got it?”
His breathing grew labored while you watched from the mirror as he shuffled behind you, and you canted yourself to the side to provide yourself with a clear view of his cock in the surface’s reflection.
His palm collided with the pert curve of your ass, delivering a mild spank, and then he ghosted his touch over the stinging pain, blithely enjoying the way you whimpered his name ever so quietly. Minho positioned himself at your dripping entrance, prodding the tight hole with his tip over and over again just to taunt you until you glowered uncomfortably at him through the mirror.
“Stop it,” you heaved, your longing now turning into an unbearable itch.
Normally, you knew he would have loved to tease you, disregarding your begging and instead working even harder to rouse you, but you could tell by the sweat that beaded around his hairline that he needed relief too. So he spared you, grip tightening on your hips, and he pushed himself into you with a husky and guttural moan that overwhelmed your delicate whines.
He wasted no time and began moving, gradually picking up his pace until he decided on a moderate speed, not too rough, but just forceful enough that your breasts jounced and your body lurched against the sink whenever he thrusted into you, making you call out his name.
“There you are, finally moaning my name again,” murmured, watching as his cock disappeared inside you and whenever he pulled back to rock his hips forward again, it glistened with a new layer of your arousal. “Your pretty pussy always takes me so well.”
He leaned into you, wrapping an arm around your waist and placing his hand on your shoulder, holding you in place while he fucked himself into you, over and over again. You tugged at him from deep inside your well, tightening your walls around his cock and causing his jaw to go slack with bliss.
You struggled to watch yourself in the mirror, mouth wide open and eyes bloodshot from your tiredness and tears. Minho’s lips brushed against the shell of your ear and sent a ripple of goosebumps down the expanse of your back.
“I wish I could take a picture of you right now and keep it for later.” He panted into your ear. “How I’ve missed my cock inside of you. And the view of your fucked face.”
You wrapped your hands around the arm curved about your waist and nodded at him again, cueing that you wanted to feel his release inside you.
Minho delivered a few more generous jerks before the small of his back tightened and he came inside you, amply flooding your chafed walls with his hot seed until you overflowed, and the creamy, white liquid seeped past the girth of his cock and began dribbling down the inside of your thigh.
He pulled his now limp cock out, wiping his essence gently on your folds before pulling you into another doting embrace. His clinch was tight, warm cheeks pressed against each other while he looked at you in the mirror with complete and unadulterated adoration.
You both finally came.
“Oh fuck,” he breathed, calming himself down whilst you did so too.
He grabbed you by your arm turning you back around, connecting his lips with yours again. “Might be the last time I get to do that since you hate me so much.”
“I don’t hate you, Minho.”
“Whatever. Still can’t deny I fuck you the best “ he said with confidence, making you roll your eyes at him.
You cursed at yourself for letting him into your life again.
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doinmybesthere · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ch 4/ch 6 masterlist
summary: You’d sworn you didn’t want anything to do with your father, or with your family business. You’d left the country for college, and by the time you’d started your second year of grad school your old life felt like a distant untrustworthy memory.
So when he calls you in late November to tell you he’s dying, your carefully constructed boundaries crumble. You agree to come home for Christmas, on the condition that you help him sort out his will.
By the time your plane lands, it’s too late. He’s died under mysterious circumstances while your plane was in the air. Chaos ensues, when millions of dollars, thousands of weapons, and a thriving criminal enterprise are willed directly to you - and your husband.
Just one problem? You’re not married. Yet.
genre: fluff, smut, angst
cws - mafia tropes, guns, threats, violence(physical), yan!oikawa for plot reasons, blood mention, drug mentions, reader’s father is dead, and in this chapter we have his funeral and she eulogizes him. All characters in their mid twenties. f!reader. reader’s skin shows bruises(sorry couldn’t get around this for plot reasons), readers celebrated christmas as a child.
im im im very vulnerable about this one i feel like I couldn't make it good
Tumblr media
He pulls a box of cigarettes from his pocket. “And you,” he puts one between his teeth and lights up, taking a long drag. “Don’t get to tell me where I can be, ‘specially since you got on a plane and fucked off to America without so much as a text.” You look uncomfortable. “Yeah, not even a parting farewell to me, or Iwa-”
“You know why,” you hiss, desperation coloring your voice, “You know I had to-”
“Like either of us woulda ratted you out to Oikawa.” He looks annoyed.
“You still work for him.” You say, eyebrows raised, “Which,”
“The money’s good,” Matsukawa Issei is dressed for the party, tie loose, shirt sleeves rolled up, tattoes just peeking out, and you hear the flick of a lighter in the darkness of the closet. “We weren’t all born rich, princess.”
“Well, I’ve been paying my own way in the world since I left.” You say quietly, crossing your arms. “You have to go. Bokuto will shoot you if he sees you.” Mattsun rolls his eyes.
“Okay, so I won’t let him see me.” He shoves the cigarettes in his pocket. “Not gonna lecture me about nicotine?”
“It doesn’t seem like the time.” You shift your weight. “Why are you here?”
“You look beautiful,” he breathes, “So fuckin’ good, baby.” You roll your eyes.
“Issei why are you-”
“Can’t I be here because I didn’t like everyone lookin’ atcha like that, at the meeting,” he leans in. “That I got a little drunk, and started to think about what would happen, if Oikawa put his hands on you again in front of me,”
“You have about forty five seconds,” you whisper, “Before Bokuto Koutarou realizes I’m gone and raises hell. Why are you here?”
“You can’t trust Kuroo.” He says, scowling, pulling back. “Don’t take his smooth shit at face value, alright?” he pauses, blowing a cloud of smoke in your face, you wrinkle your nose and reel for a moment.
“What ah, what do you know?”
“Nothing for sure,” he pauses, “Like I said we’re still putting the pieces together but I don’t wanna see you get hurt or whatever.” You must look skeptical because he shrugs, looking away. “What, I can’t give a shit about you because I didn’t take your ass to prom?”
“How about you can’t give a shit about me because we slept together and I never heard from you again?” He smirks in the darkness.
“That good huh?”
“No.” You sniff.
“Listen,” He takes another drag, “I saw that asshole have his hands all over you at your fathers fuckin’ funeral, so I did some digging.”
“What do you know?” You breathe, trembling in the darkness.
“Nothin’ for sure yet. But uh, we have reason to believe he mighta been there. When your dad kicked it.” He opens a palm, asking. “Gimme your number.” 
“What?” You breathe, for a moment you can feel the earth spinning on it’s axis. You hand him the phone, and he texts himself casually, trying to process quickly. But he doesn’t give you a chance to question him, to clarify. 
“I dunno know anything yet, but uh, stay safe for me, huh princess?” You swat at him but he successfully ruffles your hair then ducks out of the closet. You take a quick breath, and burst back into the hallway, which is completely empty. You follow the noise back to the main room and immediately Akaashi is at your side, looking deeply relieved.
“Darling,” he says softly, “Please don’t run off. We worry.” You nod, and all the anxiety melts from him as you take his arm, and rock onto your tiptoes.
“Take me to bed, please,” you say softly, your breath tickling his neck as you speak into his ear.
“Absolutely.” He whisks you back through the party, and you’re heavy lidded, head pounding, when he gets to the stairs he hands your crutch to someone and lifts you like a child, your dress spilling out of his arms. You’re covering your racing mind with exhaustion, pretending to be too tired to speak as you try to convince yourself the brief encounter was real. “Ugh,” Akaashi wrinkles his nose, “You haven’t picked up smoking, have you?”
“No.” You blink up at him, feigning innocence.
“People really shouldn’t smoke in other’s homes,” He sets you down with a soft grunt. “I’ll never get the smell out of wherever they were doing it.” You swallow, wondering how Issei plans to get out of the building, wondering if he’s alone, if he’ll hop the fence, if it’s a trap, if anyone at all can be trusted. Akaashi takes you to his room and lays you gently on the bed, helping you out of the gown and into one of his t shirts.
“This is nice.” You mumble, pressed up against Akaashi’s chest. “I used to think about this a lot in New York.” He presses his lips to the top of your head.
“I apologize that I wasn’t there to hold you myself.” You yawn, taking a fistful of his t shirt while he scrolls through his phone, reading emails. “Bokkun will join us whenever he’s done downstairs, so likely before sunrise, but just before.”
“Akaashi.” Something occurs to you. “Wasn’t there supposed to be someone from Dateko here, watching over me or whatever?” He smirks.
“Aone’s here. We’ve just made sure he’s very very comfortable. Distracted, even. One might say.” You laugh a little and nuzzle him. “I said to Kuroo today,” Akaashi says, leaning back against the pillow, “I said, that I could never repay him for keeping you safe.” He starts to gently massage your scalp. “And I meant it.” You move a little, wincing, as the alcohol wears off you can feel your foot and hand throbbing.
“It’s so wonderful to see you again.” You mumble, and Akaashi notices your movement.
“I got you pain meds,” he says, reaching into his bedside table, “I have vicodin, percocet, tramadol-”
“I mean, I’ve been drinking.” You sigh, “I’m pretty drunk.” Your world tilts a little every time you move your head too quickly, and Akaashi looks at you with concern.
“I don’t want you to be in pain love,” he says, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.
“I can ask Kuroo,” you mumble, “If any of them are okay to take with booze?” Akaashi swallows, rubbing your head.
“Is that what you want, darling?” You shake your head, remembering Issei’s words. “I can call him, or I could call a doctor?”
“You’d let me call Kuroo?” You sit up a little and Akaashi has the grace to look a little sheepish, adjusting his glasses.
“I won’t be able to keep you on a tight leash if you marry Bokkun,” He says, “I work too much, and frankly so does he. As long as you stay on the estate generally you’d be safe.”
“You didn’t like it,” you say softly, remembering, “When I talked to other guys in high school.” Akaashi rolls his eyes.
“Would you like an apology for me being a jealous, insecure 18 year old?” He pauses, and you don’t respond. “I am sorry. For the record it turns out I was right about Bokuto being in love with you, so it wasn’t all paranoia.” He reaches down and cups your face, “The only thing I want for you is a long, happy, safe life. If that doesn’t include me,” you can see the pain in his eyes but he keeps it from his voice expertly, “Then it doesn’t include me.”
“What if it does?” You whisper, barely able to find your voice. “Keiji, I,” you shake your head, “I could never marry Bokuto if I didn’t know I could have you, too.” You reach for him impulsively, pulling him down into a kiss. It starts soft, but quickly is overtaken by desperation, whether it’s for him, or for something familiar, for an anchor to reality, you’re not sure. 
“I didn’t want to assume,” He breathes, pulling away for a second, “That you still wanted me, and that if you just wanted Bokuto, that would have been alright I-” You cut him off, kissing him again. He wraps his arms around you, holding you tightly. “You need to sleep, love,” you can feel the rumble of his voice in his chest, “You’re injured.” You laugh a little as he leans over and turns the light on his bedside table off.
“Is this how it would be?” You ask, snuggling into his chest.
“I work late often,” Akaashi warns. “But yes, often it would be the two of us in bed, maybe reading together, falling asleep and then Bokkun would join us.” You sniff a little. “Did you want pain meds, or to call Kuroo?” You feel a tugging in your chest, it’s not quite pain, or mourning. Nostalgia, perhaps.
“I’m just going to try and sleep for now.” You exhale and he traces a light pattern on your back, spelling his name on your warm skin.
“M so glad you’re safe,” he mumbles, dark eyes closing. “So glad.”
You wake several hours later, foot and wrist throbbing painfully, your throat dry, and your head pounding. You untangle yourself from Akaashi, mumbling something about going to the bathroom, but he doesn’t stir. You take the cell phone, cool in your palm, and hobble to the bathroom.
You drink water out of your cupped palm once before giving in and bending over putting your mouth under the faucet like a child. You accidentally put the tiniest bit of weight on your foot and a soft whimper rips from your mouth as the pain hits you sharply. Fuck it. You sit down on the closed toilet and dial one of the five numbers in the phone.
“Hello,” Kuroo sits straight up in bed, awake immediately. “Are you safe?”
“I’m fine,” you breathe, but the pain is in your voice, throat tight, the tears spill over. “I had um, I had a question.”
“Okay.” He leans back on the bed, hand hovering over the intercom on his nightstand. “Shoot.”
“I’m,” you exhale slowly, “I’ve had some things to drink, and um, I want to take something for the pain, but I don’t want to make myself sick.” He nods, snatching a notebook from his bedside and a pen.
“How much, when?” He says, all business.
“I had like, four drinks, over the course of I think maybe three hours? From 8 to 11PM.”
“Were you nervous?” He asks, just the slight lilt of a teasing edge to his voice.
“That’s not um, relevant.” You protest lightly, keeping your voice down.
“Hm,” he rumbles, and you try remember the thing Issei said in the closet, you remember his warning, but it’s hard when Kuroo is teasing you, hard when he feels firm, and warm, and real.
“Of course I was.” You mumble. “Happy?”
“I’d be happier if you were lying next to me.” And you can picture him, shirtless in bed, silvery pools of moonlight pooling on the dark wood floor of his room. “But, Kitten,” he says, breaking through your reverie, “It’s 2AM, and I’m going to ask you not to take anything other than tylenol, which by the way it’s not good to mix with alcohol either, but it’s less not good than vicodin or percocet, if that makes sense.” You sigh.
“It hurts.” Your voice is small and childish, you can’t help it.
“Do something for me,” Kuroo says, pushing his luck. You lean back against the cool white tile, closing your eyes. “What if you actually took it easy tomorrow, like actually stayed in bed and let Akaashi and Bokuto dote on you, don’t put any unnecessary strain on your broken bones.”
“I um,” You close your eyes, tears spilling down your face. “I think I need to do that, anyway.”
“Medically speaking your body has undergone a major trauma.” You nod, the tears slipping down your face.”You’re on the other side of the world, your father is dead, you’re in danger, you’re being passed between the houses of powerful men like an expensive toy,” he pauses, “It would be okay, not to feel good. Right now. You should give yourself some space to process that negative emotion.” He hears a rush of static as you sigh into the phone and then say the last thing he expects, tearfully.
“Fuck you.” He goes to respond, taken aback, but you keep talking, “You know, I had someone who I trust, today, tell me, tell me that you’re full of shit.” Kuroo stiffens. “But when, when I get scared,” he hears you bite back a sob, “Why is it that when I get scared I wish you were here?” His initial defensiveness melts.
“Oh, y/n,” he breathes. “What happened, did Akaashi or Bo-”
“No,” you choke out, tears spilling down your face, “You can’t tell them about this, please promise me.” Kuroo reaches over to his bedside table and flicks on the light.
“Go ahead. I promise.”
“I-issei,” You wipe your nose, whispering, “Mattsun, ah Matsukawa,”
“I know him.” Kuroo says, more sharply than he means to, remembering the heavy lidded smirk, the way blood looks on black gloves, the tattoos peeking out of his crisp sleeves.
“He came to the party,” you whisper, “And he told me not to trust you in particular.” Kuroo’s head spins, it’s not good that anyone could get into Akaashi and Bo’s mansion, even if security was more lax for guests. “He said, he said he was looking into it.” Kuroo ponders, glancing around his room, hoping the answer you’re looking for will write itself on the wall.
“I’ve done bad things.” He says eventually. “I have. But every time, I promise, you have my fucking word,” he leans forward in bed, “That it was because I had no other option.”
“Okay.” You sigh. “I’m gonna try and sleep. And I’ll rest tomorrow.”
“Kitten,” he says softly. “Please call me, if you need me.”
“I’m um,” you push yourself to a standing position. “I’ll try.”
Downstairs, Bokuto is hunched over an old mahogany table, toothpick between his lips, sleeves rolled up, as he furrows his brow.
“Staring at your cards won’t make them better,” Konoha drawls, a light smirk on his face. He turns to the huge blonde at the end of the table. “It’s your turn, Aone.”
“I fold.” He says, in his low deep timbre. “I’ll need to see her tomorrow.” He says, flattening the cards down on the table.
“Of course,” Bokuto says. “I appreciate you giving us the chance to reconnect.” Aone nods. “I hope she had a good time, she’s up with Akaashi now.” He rolls his head and his neck pops as a man bursts into the drawing room he’s retired to.
“Sir, we need you. Right away.” Bokuto stands, waving to the others.
“Keep going without me.” He follows the man at a pace that nears a jog. “What’s up?”
“Intruder.” His man says gruffly, “Caught him hopping the fence,” Bokuto scowls. “He’s from Aoba Johsai, do you remember a Mattsukawa Issei?” They clatter down the stairs.
“Yes.” Bokuto’s hands curl into fists, thinking of you, sleeping soundly several floors above. “I remember him.” They come down into a basement room where Issei has been clumsily tied to a chair, and is sporting a fresh black eye. He spits on the floor, inches from Bokuto’s soft Italian leather loafers. Bokuto doesn’t hesitate, hitting the raven haired man hard in the jaw with a right hook, the ring on his finger drawing blood.
“Oikawa know you're here?” Bokuto asks, not giving him a second to recover.
“Fuck you.” Issei spits again. Bokuto hits him again, so hard that the chair he’s tied to swings and then settles, legs slamming against the concrete. Flecks of blood land on Bokuto’s crisp white shirt.
“I asked if Oikawa knows you're here.” Bokuto says, eyes cold and hard. “I’m not gonna fuck around, I’m finally in a place to protect her. I have no problem,” he leans forward, “Leaving you outside and then looking for your body come spring.” Mattsun looks away, face betraying nothing. “Does Oikawa know you’re here?” He repeats, slowly, putting emphasis on each word.
“No.” Mattun lifts his head a little, blood trickling down his cheek.
“Why? Bokuto pulls up a chair, it drags on the cement floor. He sits, straddling it and facing the man. Mattsun considers, he couldn’t afford to burn his bridge with Sejoh. Not yet.
“Can I get a cigarette?”
“Fuck you.” Bokuto leans back in his chair. “Answer my goddamn question and you can have one.”
“Came to see my girl,” Mattsun smirks.
“Your girl?” Bokuto raises his eyebrows.
“Someone had to rescue her from that bastard when you had your head so far into volleyball you couldn’t see what was happenin’ under your fuckin’ nose.” Bokuto rakes his hands through his hair, scowling.
“And what were you rescuing her from, exactly?”
“Cigarette.” Matsukawa says, “Then I’ll tell ya. And you’re gonna let me go.” Bokuto nods to one of the huge men standing by the door to the stairs. He digs in his pocket, pulls out a pack and lights one, holding it between the bloodied man’s lips. He closes his eyes, taking a long drag.
“What, what the fuck does Oikawa want with her?” Bokuto’s impatience takes over, and he wonders for a second if he should go get Akaashi, have someone wake his partner who was often far more skilled at interpersonal manipulation. Then he remembers how exhausted you’d looked, twirling around the ballroom, and thinks better of it. “Is it her father’s legacy, his money, I know they were close…” He trails off, thinking.
“You wish.” Mattsun says, Bokuto snatches the cigarette from his lips as smoke spirals towards the ceiling from the tip. “S’much harder to deal with than that. If Oikawa were stupid, or easily distracted, we could just throw him something else shiny to look at and he’d move on.” Bokuto wipes his bloody knuckles on his dress pants.
“I’d like to go lay down with your girl,” He says, just a tint of taunt in his tone. “So hurry the fuck up and tell me what I want to know.” The dark haired man doesn’t take the bait, smiling, the blood visible in his teeth.
“He’s in love with her.” Mattsun shrugs, shaking his head. “Can’t get past it. He’s tried, he’s fucked half of Tokyo tryin’ and he can’t kick it.” He smirks. “Sent me to New York to check on her a couple times, ‘course, poor baby was homesick, and came to me, but he didn’t need to know that.”
“Shit,” Bokuto breathes. “So he’s not gonna let this go, even if she picks someone else.” Mattsun snickers.
“He’s convinced she’ll pick him.”
“Wait,” Bokuto holds up one large hand, “You came to see her, did you talk to her tonight?” Mattsun’s a good liar, Bokuto muses, but he takes just a fraction of a second too long to come up with a response.
“Nah,” Mattsun shrugs. “Your security’s too good. Couldn’t even get close to her.” Bokuto nods slowly. “And you gotta let me go,” Mattsun leans back in his chair closing his eyes. “A ride home would be nice, maybe a drink for the road.”
“And why the hell should I do that?” Bo’s already turning to leave, walking towards the guards.
“Because Iwaizumi isn’t gonna risk his life to keep her safe.” Bo freezes, fists so tight his nails make little half moons in his palms. “But I will,” Mattsun urges, something desperate and real appearing in his tone. “If you leave me here, you’re throwin’ her to the wolves without anyone in her corner.” Ice spreads across Bokuto’s chest.
“He’s sure he can get her to choose him?” The teasing disappears from Mattsuns face like the sun dipping behind the horizon.
“You and I both know that in our line of work there are ways of making people do things. He said he’s got somethin’ he thinks will work. And that she’ll fall in love with him given enough time.” Bokuto nods.
“Hold him over night.” He turns away from the other man, hand closing on the door handle. “He can walk home.”
“Aww, come on,” he hears Mattsun protest, but he ignores it, walking slowly back up to the main level of the mansion. He’s dead tired, held aloft only by the desire to lie down with you and Akaashi. He waves off the men who approach him in the hallway.
“Tomorrow.” He mumbles.
You hobble out of the bathroom at the same time as Bokuto pushes open the door to the room. He darts to you, lifting you up off your feet silently.
“Did you have a nice evening?” You nod. “You’ve been crying,” he realizes, “Akaashi,” he calls, “Akaashi wake up, she’s been crying-”
“No please, Koutarou I-”
“Darling,” Akaashi mumbles, “What’s wrong?” His hair is sticking up at all ends.
“I’m just in pain.” You whisper, and it’s not a lie, exactly. Bokuto tucks you under the blankets and tears out of his clothes. “I’m gonna take it easy tomorrow, if that’s okay?”
“Of course it is,” Bokuto says, leaping into bed with you. “We’ll take good care of you.” He tucks your body into his and Akaashi does the same. “Do you feel safe?” he asks, and waits carefully for your answer. Sandwiched between your first love, and your childhood best friend, you nod.
“I do.”
“And you know,” Bokuto says, his voice low and threatening, “That there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.” A shiver rips up your spine. You nod again.
“I believe you.”  You weren’t a politician, a manipulator, not naturally, and definitely not when it comes to Kou. “Koutarou,” you whisper, “Can I talk to you about something tomorrow?” He nods, leaning over and kissing you softly, then he runs his thumb across your lower lip.
“Of course you can.” You close your eyes and snuggle into him. He smooths your hair from your forehead, and kisses it. “Sleep well.” For the first time since you buried your father, you don’t have any nightmares, waking a few times and finding yourself utterly surrounded by love. You wake when warm light spills through the curtains, and find yourself alone with Akaashi.
“C’mere,” he mumbles, when you move, and he pulls you onto his chest. “C’mere baby,” his voice is low and sleep laden, “You’re a goddamn dream,” he kisses you, without even opening his eyes, wrapping his arms around your body. “Don’t move.” You snuggle into his chest.
“Mmkay.” You must sleep for a while, because when Bokuto bursts through the door with a tray of food the golden panels of light on the floor have moved. A sweet smell spills from the tray and you push yourself into a sitting position, wiping the crusty sleep from your eyes with your good hand.
“Hey, hey, hey,” Bokuto says, much more softly than you remember him being capable of. “I made breakfast.”
“Did you?” Akaashi reaches for his glasses on the table.
“I watched while other people did it,” He protests, “That counts.” He slips a pillow behind your back. “I thought we could talk for a bit, the three of us, Akaashi and I work mostly late nights and afternoons.” You glance nervously at your ex boyfriend, whos head tilts with concern. Bokuto hops on the bed and puts a hand on your thigh.
“You have to trust us.” He says quietly. “We want to protect you.” You take a deep breath.
“I saw someone, at the party last night.” Your throat is tight. “Someone I knew from high school, and he told me I couldn’t trust Kuroo.” Bokuto blinks, he expected you to come clean about Matsukawa, he hadn’t expected the lead to be buried. “He said he didn’t know for sure, but that I shouldn’t trust him.” You drag your teeth across your lower lip, Akaashi sits up a little, instantly awake.
“Who was this?” He asks, and you study the hills and valleys of the duvet. “It’s important that you’re honest with us, so that we can protect you.”
“It was uh, Matsukawa Issei,” you swallow nervously, “From um, from Sejoh.” Akaashi moves like lightning, reaching for the intercom-
“Easy,” Bokuto says, “Wait Akaashi, we caught him trying to leave, so-” You tense, wondering what could have happened to him after being caught, wondering if Bokuto was upset-
“-So what?” Akaashi says, ice in his tone, eyes cold, “So what, he got in here, no one is supposed to be able to get in here.”
“I talked to him.” Bokuto says. “Oikawa didn’t know he-”
“Bokuto,” Akaashi interrupts him. “No one is supposed to be able to get in here. Someone’s fired. At best.” You look at him, eyes wide, Akaashi looks angrier than you’ve ever seen him, mouth pressed into a thin line, gunmetal eyes cold.
“Maybe not right now,” Bokuto says gently, tilting his gaze to you, and you flash back six years, to nationals, to a volleyball game, to a gym that smelled of rubber and was filled with the squeak of sneakers. You’d been standing next to Oikawa, reluctantly of course, but he’d found you in the crowd. He’d locked an arm around his waist, and you remember hoping Akaashi didn’t see, wouldn’t think you were dating the other setter.
“Everyone thinks Akaashi manages Bokuto,” Oikawa had remarked, hand so tight on your waist you thought it might bruise, “But it really is the other way around, isn’t it?”
“How do you m-mean?” You’d stammered, pulled out of your fear for a moment.
“He’s over thinking,” Oikawa had pointed at the court, “Look at how he paces while his team members serve, that’s not good, it’s a waste of energy, because he’s over managing for those around him.” You watch Bokuto come stand behind Akaashi, clapping his friend on the back. “He’s much more emotionally intelligent than anyone gives him credit for.”
“Huh,” you’d said, as Oikawa drew you closer to his body, fingers slipping underneath your t shirt, brushing up against your hip. You shuddered, and he’d leaned down and spoke directly in your ear, barely audible above the sound of the crowd.
“We’re leaving.” You’d turned to him quickly but he’d shook his head. “And do not, even think, about making a scene.” You swallowed, and followed him out of the gym.
“Thank you for telling us,” Bokuto breaks you out of your memory. “I understand why you didn’t last night, and you’re not in trouble, okay?”
“Thanks for not being mad at me,” you mumble, letting out a breath you didn’t realize you were holding.
“In the future,” Akaashi says, “We could give you a panic button, or something like it, that you could use in those situations.” You shrug.
“Um, and I’m assuming you only phrased that like a suggestion for my comfort.” He laughs, sliding out of the bed.
“That’s correct. You know though, everything we do we do because we care about you. We want you to be safe.”
“Thank you.” You murmur, and it must be the correct response because you feel Bokuto sigh deeply, lining his body up behind yours and burying his face in your neck.
“‘Akaashi,” he rumbles, his huge hands wandering your body, and you squirm, he reaches under the t shirt you’re sleeping in, groping your breasts hard enough to make you gasp. Akaashi just watches, raising a single eyebrow.
“You know,” he says after a moment, observing you squirm against him, “I thought you were bratty, when we dated,” he glances at Bokuto, “I had no fucking idea what was coming for me.”
“Akaashi!” He protests, “I”m not-”
“You are.” Akaashi says firmly. “You absolutely are.” He leans over and kisses your forehead. “But I remember how much you liked it when I made a mess out of you.” You shiver, and Bokuto moans as Akaashi raises his head to kiss his boyfriend. “Which means you do not have permission to fuck her pussy.” Bokuto groans.
“But it's perfect,” he complains, “Please, ‘Kaashi, it’s the best, and I-” Akaashi silences him with a look,
“Put your hand up on this pillow,” He says softly, “We’re not going to injure you further.” He doesn’t wait for you to move, shifting your body for you, so that you’re lying on your side, your back against Akaashi’s chest. Bokuto can’t help himself, leaning in and kissing you, as Akaashi reaches around your body and slips one hand under your panties, gathering some of your wetness on his fingers before circling your clit gently. You mewl softly into Bokuto’s mouth, and he cups your face, anchoring you to him as Akaashi slips a single finger inside you.
“You’re so tight,” he says, still cool and calm, “Did Bokkun split you in half?” You whimper, and he chuckles. “Well, not be self deprecating but I’m sure I’ll be easier to handle.” He pumps his length with his free hand,
“Somehow,” you mumble, “Don’t think that’s true.” He laughs, fingering you a bit more roughly, pressing up against that soft spot inside you that makes you see stars, “Fuck,” you suck in a sharp breath through your teeth, “Fuck, right there, Keiji, right-”
“I know,” he says, dripping in condescension, “I was the one who showed you,” he grunts, “This spot,” you’re shaking in his hands, “But I wanna feel you, wanna feel you cum on my cock,” Bokuto lifts your shirt up and dives between your breasts, groaning with pleasure, ignoring both of you. Akaashi removes his fingers and you whimper at the loss of sensation, but he doesn’t leave you for long, squaring his hips against yours and easing himself inside. He wraps an elegant hand around your throat and tightens his grip.
“Ohmygod,” you breathe, and feel him push your back into a harsher arch, pushing Bokuto into your chest. The golden eyed man whines and Akaashi rolls his eyes.
“Go ahead,” he says and Bokuto scoots down on the bed and you gasp when you feel his tongue on your clit, nearly jerking out of Akaashi’s hands but he tightens his grip on you. “Stay fucking still.” He hisses, “There you go,” he coos condescendingly, “That wasn’t hard, was it?”
“Kei,” you pant, barely able to reach for words, so lost in pleasure, “Kei, need-”
“Of course you do,” Akaashi groans, fingers digging into the plush of your hips, “Needy fucking thing,”
“Please,” You cry desperate, the stimulation is so much, you’re shaking, “Please, please please please,” Bokuto sucks hard on your clit and you choke out a sob,
“Cum for me,” Akaashi orders, “Cum for me right now.” You almost don’t have a choice, body trembling violently, you clench down hard on his cock, he reaches around and wraps a fist around your neck, fucking you though your high, biting down on your shoulder as you feel him get impossible hard inside you, cumming with a loud groan. You’re still twitching from the overstimulation, Bokuto withdraws his mouth from you, coming back up to the top of the bed, and kissing Akaashi above your head, both men groaning at the taste of you. You tremble between them and they pepper your body with kisses, rubbing soft circles in your skin.
You spend the day in bed, trying to convince yourself it was your own idea, but soon enough you’re too blissed out on pain meds to fight it, pulling yourself in and out of sleep, spending time curled against Bokuto and Akaashi alternatively. They come and go, sometimes pacing on the bedroom floor, glancing nervously at you. You wake, and Akaashi is brushing hair from your face, pressing a kiss to your forehead, Bokuto is fluffing your pillows, coaxing a glass of water to your lips. It’s evening, when there’s a commotion and you stir, your face warm, lids heavy.
“She’s resting,” You hear Akaashi snap, but the double doors to the bedroom swing open, and a huge man with a shock of white hair pushes his way into the room. “Aone.” You hear several guns click and the man, Aone, flashes his palms.
“I’m supposed to be making sure she’s alright.” He says, eyes cool and unreadable, unphased by the guns two guards and Akaashi are pointing at him. “That’s all. I want to speak with her.”
“It’s um,” you squeak, “I’m awake, it’s fine, It’s, I’m awake.” You rub your eyes with your good hand and the guards put their guns away, but Akaashi doesn’t.
“If you so much as move in the wrong direction towards her,” He says coolly, “I’ll kill you where you stand.” You swallow, remembering how squeamish he was when the two of you dated, how neither of you could sit through a horror movie because of the gore. His dark eyes are shrowded in shadow now. “I mean it.”
“I don’t need to get closer than this. I just needed to know she was alive.” Aone says coolly. You struggle to sit up even more and Akaashi sighs, lowering his gun but not putting it back in his holster.
“You saw her. Is that enough?” Aone shrugs.
“For now.” Your phone buzzes on the table and Akaashi furrows his brow, but doesn’t say anything, just walks the huge blonde man out. You take the phone, cool in your hands.
Issei: you okay?
You: should you even be texting me?
Issei: what oikawa doesn’t know won’t hurt him.
Issei: answer me.
You: I’ve been sleeping all day honestly. The pain meds knock me out.
Issei: be careful with that shit.
You: you’re awfully caring all of a sudden
Issei: you fucking need me.
Issei: so don’t complain. You’re gonna get chewed up and spit out by this world if you don’t have someone looking out for you
You: and you’ve decided to take that on why?
Issei: can’t it be because I’ve known you my whole fucking life
Issei: does it have to be some kinda game?
You: it could be, if it werent you.
Issei: you’re just mad kuroo mighta had something to do w ur dad kicking it.
You: can we like, not saying “kicking it” can we say, I dunno, not that?
Issei: hm
Issei: biting it isn’t good either.
You: no one gives a shit that I’m fucking mourning
You: I hate everything
Issei: that include me, princess?
You: esp you.
Issei: :(
Issei: well I got a proposal for ya. It’ll have to wait till I can see you again, so try not to get shot before you get to oikawa’s yeah?
You: I’ll do my best.
Issei: that’s my girl.
You take a moment, teeth closing on your lower lip for a moment.
You: hi
Lev: hey
You: you said kuroo’s a good man.
You: but he’s killed people, for sure, right?
Lev: so have I.
You groan out loud in bed, flopping against the pillow, why the hell had you thought talking to him would be any different. Your phone buzzes again.
Lev: I think like, you have to take that out of the equation. You’re not worried about his soul, you wanna know if he’s gonna treat you well.
Lev: and he would.
Lev: but so would bokuto probably.
You: yeah
Lev: what’s up though did something happen
You: I just, I’m terrified of choosing wrong. This is my whole life.
Lev: and you can’t just talk to kuroo about it?
You: i know you trust him not to manipulate you, I do not have that luxury. And it’s actually pretty easy to manipulate me
Lev: you say actually like it’s not obvious
Lev: listen
Lev: you don’t have to believe me but I met Kuroo when I was 15. He didn’t have to take me under his wing, I was like, some street kid who happened to be a decent shot. He took me and my sister in, like it was nothing.
Lev: and maybe it was nothing, but I know, on some deep level, that if he’s decided to do right by you he will. And maybe you should trust yourself a little more.
Lev: you escaped oikawa, you lived for 18 years in your father’s house. I know they think you’re like, some naive little lamb.
Lev: but don’t kid yourself. If you wanted to play this game, you could.
You: huh
Lev: what?
You: i was wondering why kuroo gave me your number and not someone elses.
Lev: I’m probably too stupid to lie.
You: maybe you should trust yourself a little more.
Lev: lol alright.
Lev: 2 qs, are you ready for Futakuchi’s and how was Bokuto’s?
You: I met Aone, he seems intense.
Lev: eee yeahhhhh
Lev: I have shot him
Lev: he’s not fond of me.
You: lol. Bokuto’s has been, intense.
Lev: I figured.
You hear someone fumbling with the door handle and put the phone back on the nightstand face down. Akaashi steps in, closing the door behind him, coming to sit on the side of the bed.
“Are you alright?” He says softly. “I know I had years to adjust to this being my reality, but ah, this is all new to you.”
“No,” you sigh, “It’s hard. It’s hard to see how different you are, honestly.” He nods.
“Things, things like seeing Bokkun in the hospital,” he pauses, choosing his words carefully, “They change a person.” You nod. “But I want you to know,” he takes your hand and puts it over his heart. “That I’m still myself, I wouldn’t have, I’d never shoot someone in front of you, it was absolutely an empty threat, love, I,” he shivers, “I saw your face when I said that, I,” he squeezes your hand. “I don’t hurt people when I don’t have to.” You give him a little nod.
“Can I ask you to lay down with me,” you whisper, “I’m so scared of the future.” He nods, scooting under the blankets, taking care around your injured foot and hand. He presses his lips to the top of your head.
“Whatever happens,” he says very quietly, “Whatever you choose, if he doesn’t, if it’s not us, and he doesn’t, if he isn’t right, I’ll come get you, alright, and I know, I know you want to go to school,” you hear the pain in his voice, “Because I know you, love, darling,” your throat gets tight, “But if I hear about anyone treating you less than perfectly I’m going to come and take you back here, do you understand?” You bury your face in his neck.
“I love you.” You whisper.
“I know you have to try to graduate,” he rubs soothing circles in your back, “And we both know Bokkun isn’t going to let you go to school, just, we would never let anything bad happen to you, alright, darling?”
“Thank you.” You start to tremble and he kisses your head.
“I will always be here for you.” You swallow. “So unfair,” he squeezes you, “That I couldn’t just, have you all to myself.” You laugh halfheartedly.
“You love Kou.”
“I do.” He says very seriously. “But I also love you.” There’s a pause.
“I love you too, Akaashi.” You lift your face to his, “Can I have more pain medicine?” He nods, and gets you the pills, you drift off into a dizzying dreamland.
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domseungie · 2 days ago
vlive -
Tumblr media
genre smut
theme dom!minho x gender neutral, switch!reader, exhibitionsim 
warnings include oral sex(m! recieving), public?, praise AND degradtion kink, pet names, basically you help ease lee know’s stress during a car vlive
i was gonna make this a hard thought but my vivid imagination kept expanding
you sat in the car next to lee know, it was just after music core. because you are his partner he always liked having you go for support.
you sat leaning against the window, having to keep still, and quiet so his fans wouldn’t know of your current presence. 
lee know was on vlive, which is something he would do normally on the way home from music core.
you watched out of the corner of your eye as he talked to stay endearingly and smiled to yourself as a very risky idea popped into your head.
you used your shoe to tap his leg, hoping he would somewhat understand what your signal meant. and fortunatley he moved the camera up slightly making sure to be extra careful when moving around.
you looked up at the front of the car, the driver seemed to be focused enough on his driving to not care about what was happening in the backseat.
you reached your hand over, eagerly placing it on lee know’s thigh but keeping your gaze facing forward as if you were clueless about what you were doing to him.
you heard him clear his throat and a smirk grew on his face. lee know was almost impossible to take control over, even if you tried your hardest you knew he would win. but right now he knew he could get into a heaping amount of trouble so the opportunity was perfect.
he started to squirm as your hand inched closer to his inner thigh, and you finally looked over at him.
he was good at hiding his emotions but you wanted to test him further. your hand ended up getting placed directly over his crotch area and you physically felt his dick grow hard and slightly poke at his jeans.
you bit your lip because now you were hungry for him. you reached for his zipper and his free hand placed itself over yours. you looked up at him, a way of asking for approval before he removed his hand from yours.
you whinced at the sound of a zipper being undone and lee know’s eyes widened. but you ended up not caring as you pulled his hard dick out from his jeans and rubbed his pre-cum covered slit with your thumb.
his breath hitched and he tried covering it up with a yawn. you licked your hand and started slowing rubbing over his veins. “ahhh okay stay” he chuckled, still clearly struggling.
“im kinda tired so im gonna go now bye!” he smiled, but it was so painfully fake you thought stay would notice something at somepoint.
he ended the live and put his phone down, looking directly at you with dark eyes. you gulped and smiled innocently. 
he leaned forward grabbing your jaw “you’re gonna regret that later, but now you gotta fix this” he whispers, slightly jerking his own cock. you nodded and let out a muffled “yes sir”
you leaned down, wrapping your lips around his tip and swirling your tounge around it. he threw his head back, clenching his jaw trying not to make a single sound.
“i cant fucking believe you pulled that, you know how risky that was!” he says pushing your head down further, you looked up at him and nodded. “you think its funny too don’t you?”
you slightly giggled before he shoved your head all the way down, your nose touching his thigh. your eyes filled with tears, you tried your best to muffle your gags.
“shut up and take it” he leans into your ear. “you’ve been a bad kitty, so you are gonna make me cum in this seat and if you dont your punishment will be ten times worse.” 
his hand tangled into your hair, as he would yank it up and down guiding you. you have never taken all of him in your mouth before and it was hard(no pun intended) but you loved it.
“there you go, my baby has always been a quick learner haven’t you?” you groaned around him, sending vibrations through his body. he bit his lip almost hard enough to draw blood, and squeezed his eyes shut.
lee know looked up at the driver making sure he wasnt paying attention to the very erotic activities taking place. 
“im gonna cum soon honey can i come down your little throat?” he whispers, as if he was in a rush.
you nodded ready to take whatever he was about to give you. “okay stop moving” he pats your head. you stopped all movements before he slowly pushed your head down.
he continued to put pressure down on your head before bucking his hips up, reaching farther down your throat than before. “f-fuck” he whisperd, “be a good little slut and take it like this” he moans.
one hand slightly squeezed his thigh and your other hand trailed up to his mouth, allowing him to suck on your fingers to silence himself.
you even found him biting on them as he started to twitch into your mouth. “f-fuck fuck fuck shh-shit” he bucked his his hips up one final time before his hot white liquid leaked down the back of your throat.
you stayed down, letting him come back from his high. you made sure to lick off any access cum before lee know zipped himself back up.
you flipped over and laid your head in his lap, looking up at him. “how can you be so good and so bad at the same time?” he asks. 
you shrug your shoulders while wiping your mouth “thats why you love me” he smile, as he smiles back. but he wont be forgetting the punishment he owes you.
domseungie© 2021
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glitchxboy · 2 days ago
- ͙۪۪̥🐺˚┊❛𝓼𝓬𝓪𝓻𝔂 𝓭𝓸𝓰 𝓹𝓻𝓲𝓿𝓲𝓵𝓮𝓰𝓮𝓼, 𝓬𝓬!𝓫𝓮𝓷𝓬𝓱 𝓽𝓻𝓲𝓸❜ ˢᶜᵃʳʸ ᵈᵒᵍ ᵖʳⁱᵛⁱˡᵉᵍᵉˢ, ᶜᶜ!ᵇᵉⁿᶜʰ ᵗʳⁱᵒ┊˚ ͙۪
Tumblr media
hello! thank you so much for liking all my post, im very happy :D, anyways, any bad grammar please tell me, btw, what do you guys like? y/n or m/n? i will do both sometimes but yeah.
and you gonna have piercings in here
𝐬 𝐭 𝐨 𝐫 𝐲: one-shot, platonic 𝐜 𝐡 𝐚 𝐫 𝐚 𝐜 𝐭 𝐞 𝐫 𝐬: bench trio, irl  𝐩 𝐫 𝐨 𝐧 𝐨 𝐮 𝐧 𝐬: he/him
warning: swearing
Beach House - Space Song .・゜゜・
0:00 |───────── 5:20
↺͏͏ ° < ll >> ⋮≡
_________🐺💕 ׂׂ་༘࿐
All the chat was full with “hello” and other things, the blonde boy smiled while humming a little bit the song, vibing.
-well well, guys, girls, anything, today! we gonna do some things, all random, wich means that-he pause the music for a little bit-i can play miinecraft, i can do lore, i can watch videos, i can do irl vlog, for no reason!-he puts the music again-so, what should i do...
Now for two hours Tommy was just playing minecraft while cursing in bedwars, but now it was just a terror game whit Tubbo and Ranboo, yeah full of screams.
-HOLY FUCK-he screams as the murder was chasing him-NO NO NO NO
-RUN TOMMY, RUN-Tubbo screams while watching him for afar
Ranboo was just laughing at this point
-AAAAAAAAAAH HELP MEEEEEEEEEE-he run more but the murder got him and he die- FUUUUUUUUUUUCK
After some time the boys decide to end the game and just chat for a bit, till Tubbo recibe a text
- OH SHIT, Y/N IS HERE!-Ranboo watch as Tubbo jump with happyiness
-WAIT REALLY?-Tommy screams and just claps very hard
-y/n? is the guy that you guys always talk about?-Ranboo says feeling kinda confused.
The chat was just spamming “vlog pog?! “ “y/n supermacy” and other things
-wait let me ask him-theres was a little bit of silence-YEAH! He doesn’t mind!
-Do i look good?-
-Ranboo you wont take our best friend-Tommy says with a “””serious””” tone
-SHIT, OKAY CHAT, I WILL END STREAM BUT I START AGAIN WHEN I GOT THERE, SE YAA-he turns of everything and fast brings all his things
-oh hello there!-the voice of Ranboo while he was watching the guy
-SHET, IM GOING THERE IN A MINUTE, YOU BETTER WAIT-Tommy “angry” voice was the last thing before he mute
-um, hello?-Y/N enter to the place
-YEEEEEEEEH-Tubbo hugs him almost making him fall
-hello-Ranboo says waving a little bit
-TuBBo!-you hug the male and you see the other guy-sup
-Tommy is gonna be here! he vlogging-
-oh yeah-
-so you know this guy but for the internet, Ranboo-Tubbo looks at Ranboo-
Ranboo is not someone of  juding someone but, you looked kinda scary, not to be mean but you seem like the kind of guy that hits someone like daily basis
-hey big guy-you smile and all his fear dissaper, now you are nice
-hey big/small guy-he says laughing a little bit
[after some time]
-OKAY BOYS IM HERE AGAIN WITH THIS MAN-Tommy shows you’re face and you laugh
-he scary-Tubbo says laughing
-shut-you hit Tubbo friendly
-”scary dog”? i dont know, i really dont think that chat-Tommy says while looking at you
-i mean, i do woof woof but i dont like to bite-you laugh a little bit with the joke
-oh but you will-Ranboo says with his glasses and mask
-yeah, why not-you smile
-HAHA, thats kinda true-Tommy says worry
-yeeeh, short story? people being mean and me being angry-Ranboo looks at you scared
-angry Y/N is scary Y/N-Tubbo laughs 
And yeah, the time that you hang out with them theres no much people around, mainly because you are scary but you dont bite, yet.
_________🐺💕 ׂׂ་༘࿐
YEEEEEH, hope you guys likes it
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honeydulcewrites · a day ago
okie bby, a challenge for you 😈 who is this? is this mean!daddy!steve? bc tbh i can see that or mean!daddy!bucky.
like i can see either of them being “thats it bunny, keep going.” in a grunt with their breath coming out harsh out their nose. or when you say you cant or it isn’t your usual position in order for you to get off. “uh-uh, be a big girl and cum just like this. you wanna make daddy happy don’t you baby?” and oh man you try your absolute best to cum, right there in his lap, rubbing your clothed cunt all over him.
lmao im out heheheeeee
I definitely see Mean Daddy!Steve (with the nomad look!) or even Big Mean Daddy!Chris E 🥺 mocking you and telling you to be a good girl cause you wanna make him happy don’t you? Of course you do so you’re gonna keep going and show him that you can be good
And he would love cooing at you and degrading you lovingly as you fall apart and follows it up with so much praise, just watching you struggle and shake and whine on top of him gets him off so hard, there’s nothing like seeing you try so hard for him, to see the desperation in your face as you do your best to bounce on his big dick I-
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forefinn · a day ago
Headcanons of The Dsmp x Gn! Hybrid Reader!
The reader is a Ender Dragon Hybrid! They have these Huge, scaly, dark, wings! They also have scales littering their body in random places!
Their eyes glow purple when they're mad and/or annoyed! They can shoot magic from their hands! (Cause the magic coming from their mouth is-just-no-I dont like it for some reason-) They also have purple or black streaks in their hair!
They. Are. Tall. Like SUPER tall! Maybe 10ft!........Omg thats tall-
They are super protective of the people they're close to!
So they are probably gonna hunt down Dream cause they hurt Tommy, Tubbo, and Ranboo-
They're definitely gonna do something to Phil cause he neglected/wasn't there for Tommy-
They also help Fundy a lot! Since Wilbur was a terrible father to him-
They probably threw Revivebur across the world-
The minors (The bench trio and Purpled (And Mayen Fundy-)) see the Reader as a parental figure! Cause they will protect them with their life! And would probably adopt them if they could-
I got carried away-
The reader is also a god at Fighting and building! They're also pretty good at everything else but excel in those two points!
They're probably "Old" Like Phil but definitely not as old as him! They've definitely seen things, started wars, been in wars, and is probably a Urban Legend or something!
Techno probably has a a couple books on them, knows about them, looks up to them, and the reader is probably his favorite legened-
You dont have to do this if you dont want to! You can treat this as me just sharing an idea with you and add your thoughts on it and not make headcanons on it!
nightmare my love:)
i hope you enjoy this! i decided to make this about the main six i write about in headcanons (dream, sap, george, ranboo, tubbo, and tommy) but if you want other people, i’ll gladly do that for you.
ender dragon hcs
Tumblr media
this man thinks you’re so cool
especially since he likes the dragon so much
he’ll randomly start touching your scales
you could be having a conversation with george and he’d randomly come up behind you
you scare him sometimes
you’re so much taller then him
you use that to your advantage though
whenever george would annoy you, you’d start shooting random things with your magic
it never fails to get him to stop
you do it in public too
you accidentally shot it into dreams house
george didn’t even try to help you while dream chased you
sapnap just knows not to make you upset
the last time someone did that, you literally threw them across the world (sorry wilbur)
but he knows you have a soft spot for him
which you do
you’d fight anyone for him
and he’d do the same for you
only people seem to take the ten foot one more seriously
tubbo is basically your child at this point
he’s accepted it
it’s no point in denying it now
n e ways
because tubbo’s your son and you love him very much /p
you built him a house
tubbo cried
you were given the role of being michaels grandparent
he loves you
ranboo definitely trusts you more than he trusts tommy
or at least, to watch michael
but ranboo absolutely hates that you’re taller than him /j
you always put your arm on his head just cause you can
poor ranboo
let’s just say, you wanted to kill dream
especially after he killed tommy?
he better hope sam would never allow him in there
or else dream would get beat with a potato
or if he broke out?
dream would get stepped on
with pointy boots
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onovnii · 2 days ago
# pet names they use for you
Tumblr media
feat. mammon , leviathan , barbatos , solomon x gn!mc
summary. what kind of pet names do they use for you? :)
cw. fluff , ..crack? dunno nothing was taken seriously 
author n. think im gonna finally start writing for barbatos (honestly about time...he’s like one of my favs LMAO) 
Tumblr media
▸  pretty standard. uses this the most common. prefers using this out in public more than the others bc it’s very casual.
▸  uses these more than your actual name 😭
his human
▸ he’s possessive and annoying that’s all.
▸ it’s not as cute as you think it is mammon 🙄 stop using this weirdo
▸ kinda degrading but he thinks its a form of affection 🥴
▸  bc you’re so naturally curious about the devildom and what he and his brothers are used to, you remind him of a bunny.
▸ from his few experiences in the human world, he knows bunnies are very wary but naturally curious animals.
▸ that and you’re very cute. it fits :)
▸ i have a strong hatred for these names. but i KNOW he’d call his s/o that. *strangles him til he pops*
▸ ik some of you like that, idk why…but this ones for you.
▸ also says it very casually like baby/babe.
▸ never in public, he’s a little shy
▸ we all knew it was coming, i dont need to explain this one
▸ uses it whenever he’s in a more loving mood.
▸ usually when you two are cuddling, he gets all sappy and emotional and starts blabbing about how much he loves and adores you
▸ cherishes you more than any material item he owns, loves you more than any grimm he’s earned
▸ you’re irreplaceable to him, his treasure.
▸ who’s surprised.
▸ some say he’d compare you to ruri-chan, but i think different.
▸ levi has a HUUGEEE crush on henry, and he loves you so!!! 🧍🏽 (he doesnt in canon. at least i think so- this is just a personal hc lfmofsdodif242ikd)
▸ uses this interchangeably with your name.
▸ he’ll come up to you for cuddles and go whine about needing his henry’s affection
- every once in a blue moon he’ll use this.
- very rare, but when he does its very cute and often paired up with several kisses. :)
your name but shortened
▸ very simple but uses this more than your actual name
▸ very rarely does he use your real name.
▸ if your name is already short, he’ll just come up with something
▸ insists on a nickname😭💀
player two
- cornball.
love/my love
▸ swinging my legs at the thought of this..-$/&:&;;&;
▸ he’s a natural poet. something satan wishes he was lol.
▸ says it so casually it always leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.
▸ usually greets you with it and a kiss to the cheek
▸ ugh..i wanna marry him so bad.
non english names. ( amor , mi vida , mi rey , etc etc)
▸ they’re all spanish for obvious reasons. (reason: the terms of endearment are objectively better in spanish than english. i’m also biased)
▸ dunno just see him referring to his s/o as one of these (esp mi rey. maybe when he’s in a playful mood)
..Snuggluffagus/Shmoopie/anything else that’s stupid.
▸ he’s annoying, just kill him.
▸ no seriously, it’d be doing some of us a favor.....
▸no but honestly he’s just being annoying, feel free to ignore him and only feed him leftovers. 
▸send his ass to sleep in the dog house tbh.
love / doll / angel / baby
▸the only normal things he’ll ever call you.
▸thinks he’s so romantic with this too....hate to say that he is....
▸ honestly speaking, he probably calls you these whenever he wants to see you smile.
▸like barbatos, will say these things while kissing you.
▸ can give him back the keys to the house ig.
Tumblr media
- val
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jamesbuchannan · 9 hours ago
like we’ll never have sex | jbb
summary: reader has had the worst of luck with dating, and maybe this one seems promising. (we’ll never have sex by leith ross)
a/n: this is so rushed because this song has been completely consuming every fiber of my being. this song is not yet out on streaming platforms, but the artist, leith ross, has recorded it and will be releasing it. if you would like to get a better understanding of the sound, you can find it on their tiktok @/leithross. they go by they/them so if you venture to their tiktok, please be mindful. ALSO this is not proof read heheh im lazy :)
warnings: slight themes of SA, talk of self image issues, terrible dates, dating anxiety, hookup culture (no actual smut). please, do not read this if any of these things can be triggering to you, as that is not my intention. 
Tumblr media
Oh you kissed me
Just to kiss me
Not to take me home
It was simple
It was sweetness
It was good to know
Over the course of several months you had realized dating was hard.
Dating for you had been a series of terrible dates with average men, whose main goal was to take you home and sleep with you. You weren’t a teenager anymore, and you weren’t looking for dates that seem serious just to end in a casual hookup. And to be honest, it stung every. single. time.
Was your personality not good enough? Did you not make good conversation? Were you only good enough for your body?
It was these questions that plagued you after every date, as you laid in bed wondering when someone will like you for more than just sex.
“I bought you dinner, it’s the least you could do.”
Why? Why do men think they have the right to your body over a twenty dollar meal? (or at all). And why did he have to say it with his hand on your ass? It felt dirty, it felt wrong.
So you decided, you’ll give it one last shot. If this date didn’t work out, you’ll give up trying.
You met James through a mutual friend.
“My friends call me Bucky.”
It was an unusual name, but it seemed to fit him perfectly. His brown hair, scruff, and soft blue eyes had caught your interest almost immediately. You knew this one was gonna hurt.
You had talked for hours over dinner, the longest date you had been on in months. He told you about his time in the military and how he ended up with a bionic arm. He blushed as he spoke about it, like you would hate it. You didn’t. You told him about your childhood, and what you do for work. It was nearly perfect.
Until this moment.
He had walked you to your door, and you were starting to get nervous.
He’s just like all of the others, isn’t he?
He began to lean in, when your hand landed on his chest, keeping his lips from meeting yours.
“I don’t want to hookup with you,” you sighed. Of course this is happening again. You sit there, waiting for the, you owe me this, but it never comes.
“Oh no, I-I wasn’t trying to imply I wanted to sleep with you, doll” his eyes are wide, “I mean, I would love to sleep with you! One day if you would want, just- just not today. I just, I just wanted to kiss you, just to kiss you, no ulterior motive. Oh but no pressure or anything! I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”
So you kiss him. You place your hand at the nape of his neck, pulling him towards your lips as you close your eyes.
It was simple. It was sweetness.
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smycc · a day ago
Tumblr media
Invisible. (1)
Tumblr media
~ Sano Shinichiro x Reader
In this whole world im the one who can see your worth, but you can’t see me...
Genre. fluff, cursing, an AU where no one died.
Warning.tragic background story.
A/n. 1k its kinda short since i just started this last night :>
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
“Can’t you see me?! I'm literally right here”
Shinichiro sano was your childhood friend and you two are still friends until college.
“Shin, do you like anyone?”
“You know that popular girl in our school, she looks kinda cute” 14 years old sano said 
“ So you like her!?” 
“ maybe i do” 
“ i think you two look good together”
He decided to confess after 1 month
“Hey, r/n do you wanna hangout?”
“sorry, sano-kun i have something to do later”
“ i just need to tell you something, it would be really quick”
“Can’t you just say it right now?”
“ I guess I can but can we go to a non-crowded place?What about the rooftop?”
“ uhh- sure”
The two go to the rooftop and Shinichiro didn’t even notice that you’re following them, you were like an invisible piece of shit.
It was going fine not until the three of you reached the rooftop the girl shouted
“Sorry, sano-kun, I'm not interested in you!” 
“ i didn’t even say anything yet”
“I know that you like me, I can see it!”
“Im...gonna leave now” after he said that you ran because if he opened the door you would be doomed.
You greeted him as if you didn’t see how he got rejected
“Shin, I've been finding you everywhere and you're just here?”
“She rejected me y/n, i didn’t even gotta say anything” your best friend is fighting the urge to cry, you can see it.
“Sucks to be her, but let's just forget about her, there’s a new dessert shop near Shibuya. Wanna go with your siblings?my treat”
“Sure.” He can't refuse cause  he really needs comfort and he knows you're the only one who can do that, it's  his first heartbreak of course he would cry, who wouldn’t?
Sadly his siblings can’t come because it might get dangerous and he can only protect one person at a time, that's why he said he could just bring them something, 
his siblings is just a small creature,  they look cute too especially mikey, he’s a pouty boy, izana just keep it cool he’s 50% of shinichiro and the other 50% is mikey, you babysitter emma a lot since you can’t handle mikey, and izana likes to be with shinichiro most of the time, emma and you often go to a ice cream shop, shinichiro don’t mind since he really trust you.
“I just remember that Mikey likes dorayaki. What about Izana?What does he like?”
“kasutera i think?that's what he said to me”
“Ahh ok”
“Wont you ask about emma?”
“ do you forgot that emma is literally my young soul sister….her favorite is ichigo daifuku,right”
“Oh yeah, you two are “sisters” you're right though that is her favorite dessert.”
That was a long evening to spend, yeah, you like Shinichiro, not in a romantic way, you like him as a friend.
Shinichiro came home with a smile on his face, he likes spending time with you, you make him feel special
“Ehh? Shin oni-chan is finally here!” announce by his blonde brother 
“Good evening, Mikey, do you want dorayaki?”
“Of Course i do!”
He hugged Mikey, the other two missing siblings were already in the front of the door.
“What about you two? Does Emma want’s ichigo daifuku?and ofcourse y/n nee-chan also bought something for izana” He usually speaks like that when he’s around his siblings because he wants them to be respectful especially around their grandpa.
Grandpa sano saw them eating some sweets and he asked them
“ What about me? Did y/n buy something for me?”
“Gramps, how did you know this is from y/n?”
“You have a cheap ass”
“ I don't!” he suddenly raise his voice because he’s kinda embarrassed for himself
“ onii-chan, i never saw you treat y/n onee-chan though, everytime you two hang-out she always bought something for us” emma tell to him, he felt like his own sister traitor him, so he immediately change the topic
“ by the way, gramps y/n bought you something too”
“ Just a reminder shin, it’s inappropriate if a girl courts you, if you like her you should be the one who’s courting her!are you a coward?!” teased by his grandpa sano
“No, gramps! We aren”t dating!she’s not courting me!” he was kinda flustered.
“No onii-chan you're a coward, gramps is not joking” he was teased again by his youngest brother
“I agree with mikey!” Izana followed Mikey's lead.
“Change topic kids! What did y/n buy for me?”
“How’s y/n’s family?”
“ She said to me that at this point she doesn’t care anymore, her parents fight is getting louder day by day”
“that poor girl”
“Her parents really should settle their problem….they should make a final decision” shinichiro said.
 Would you rather cry broke?or would you like to cry with the latest iphone model on your side?
Your life is a mess, literally a mess, as the middle child they always forgot that you exist, that’s why at a young age you already have a atm card, so if you want anything you can just buy it yourself, no need to bother them...your just a waste of time for them, and as of now your parents always fight, your mother accusing your father cheating….your father is a businessman while your mom is a nurse, who knows, maybe he really have a side hoe? Your brother is in college right now that’s why he don’t know the burden on your back.
you’re not the type of person that would spend her money on something useless, your monthly allowance is 65,000¥ (30,000 php) = ( 590$) which is a lot for a 14 years old girl but that’s the only thing they can provide you “MONEY” no need for affection,etc. They have given you this large amount of money since you were eleven, which means 36 months. How can you live for 36 months with no one caring about you? You often bought things for yourself right? So what about your savings right now? It's a huge amount of money, your weekly budget is 5000¥ but sometimes you go spend off the budget, since you still live with your parents you have more time to save money, your atm balance right now is 1,440,000¥ (660000php) = (13,000$), at a young age your already a millionaire, a millionaire who needs love and affection.
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relaxxattack · 2 days ago
no one ever talks about c!puffy (unfortunately) so im gonna ask u about ur c!puffy opinions
she suffers from the same things c!niki and c!fundy does, which is some oddly dropped storylines that make her feel less streamlined.
i really like her knight arc, and how she was meant to protect the people of dream smp. i think that's really interesting. i also like how she was one of the few people who seemed to understand dream and what he did.
when people talk about puffy they mostly talk about her therapy stuff but honestly that's the least interesting thing about her imo. her involvement with the egg was super interesting, especially since she probably thinks everyone who is currently(?) under the eggs control is actually doing these thing of their own free will.
i would've really liked to see a puffy vs. purpled battle
her plotline sometimes feels odd to me, but that's likely just because i'm not an avid watcher of hers. i'm not really sure what she's trying to do with her character atm
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jsngwrld · a day ago
hold on i died a little bit reading that im-
ANYWAYS!! my heads been deep in angry sex, specifically angry sex with chan because when am i not thinking about that man god- like this man would need to be super pent up. im talking extremely stressed, extremely irritated (perhaps by haters, perhaps by the members who are getting on his last nerve although they aren't meaning to, perhaps by staff not doing their job right (like that one video iykyk)) and it would be over something super small because chan hates taking it out on others. he hates losing control and getting upset at someone when it's not their fault, especially not you.
so lets say you're teasing him, poking fun at him and all that stuff when he gets home one night from the gym (trying to work out his stress away, it didn't work) when chan just. snaps. hand wrapped around your throat and pressing you to the wall. he's all in your face, teeth gritted and panting a little from just how much effort he's taking to keep himself under some sort of control, and that's when you realize what's going on.
he'd ask if this is ok, if it's ok if he continues. he asks if you remember your safe word, reminds you to use it whenever he goes too far, and then tells you "i'm going to be mean tonight, sorry in advance" before absolutely WRECKING you. you can let your head go wild of what happens next, ik i am :))
head very full now
but chan’s so laid back and sweet most of the time that when he snaps, he snaps. he’s never yelled at you and he doesn’t this time, he just pins you against a wall, his lips ghosting yours.
“gonna let me take my anger out on you, hm? want me to rough with you?”
and after a safeword as well as any other limits are set in place, you’re gone. he’s so aggressive but always makes sure that you’re okay and praises you (?) with backhanded compliments that almost sound like degradation.
after care with this man is so good though, he makes sure that you’re as okay and comfortable as you can be, running a nice warm bath and making some food for the two of you
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musubiki · a day ago
whilst we're on the topic, do you mind people posting fanart/fanfic about your OC's? like on (regular) tumblr and stuff? not for profit or anything, just for fun
mm...fanart is fine (and pls tag me so i can see it!!) but fanfics...,.i dont think i like the idea of other ppl writing fanfics of my ocs so im gonna say nah to that aspect...,,
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theworldofotps · 2 days ago
Letter From The Road
Wrestler(s) : Matt Jackson and Kenny Omega Word Count: 420 ~A series in which I write letters from wrestlers to their partner or friend back home while they’re touring.~
Italic is Matt, Italic and bold is Kenny One more letter after this and then they will be closed until November. @hungmanhorsecarriage I truly hope you like this boo I hope you feel better soon and that you like the little twist I put on it for you. xx
Please remember I do not usually write for AEW (unless it’s Mox or Malachi) apart from like two or three people. It’s just how I prefer to do it. ________ Tag list: @hungmanhorsecarriage @writtingrose @omg-im-such-a-masochist  @sjwrites22 @sassymox @new-zealand-chic @mrsacklesevansmgk @xladyxfatex @demonqueen29 @itsicantbelievethis666 @lilred91 @xbreezymeadowsx @rebellious-desires @youcantreignonmyparade @melblacc @letsgivethisonemoreshot @alination @ava-valerie @shortyiceheart  @serpantscorpio8497 @thatnerdwriter @thatpanpal  AEW Tags: @wheelergrealish If you wanna be added to the list lemme know. ____________
Dear Doll, Finally managed to get to the hotel, that was the drive from hell. What normally would take twenty minutes turned into almost an hour due to traffic and then we had a flat tire.
Yeah pumpkin it fucking sucked but we made it, and we got here in time to order something to eat. Nick is in his own room and we decided to room together tonight. Just makes it easier so we can both talk to you.
Indeed, it was my idea and Kenny thought it was pretty good so that’s what we did. It’s late right now so we may just send you a text telling you goodnight and call you before work tomorrow.
Speaking of, Nick told us you’ve been having a pretty hard time lately. Which I’m very surprised our girl didn’t tell us about. What’s going on, love? (Okay you’ll have to message us once you see this but you know what I mean.)
Well, we’ll call and ask her in the morning but this letter will be something for you to look at and read when we’re busy with work. Remember you can talk to us about anything, baby. We may not be there right now but we’re still only a text or phone call away. X
Matty is right, no matter how far apart we are we always have time for you and want to hear when you’re struggling. We love you, so please let us know when you’re having a hard time.
We understand that work has been a pain in the ass lately.
Because of that little jerk who is driving you nuts. (We can handle them if you want us to, just say sooo )
Kenny, we can’t just threaten random people. But we know someone who can, so just say the word.
Anyway, we wanted to remind you that we’re here and that whenever you need us to ring. We promise that once we’re back home, the three of us will go sneak away for a little while.
We still have that new box of toys that Matt got and you said you were tired of waiting. ;) So make sure you’re well rested because in two weeks you are ours. I love you baby I’m gonna go shower and think of you xx
I should go and unpack, remember you’re beautiful, you’re loved and most importantly your boyfriends love you more than anything. I love you baby to the moon and back.                                        Your boys forever xx
                                          Matt & Kenny
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wormstacheangel · 2 days ago
episode idea. one where nobody is ready. team dumbass 2.0 is getting ready to leave for a family hunting trip. they are not sure what they are hunting yet but dean told them all to be in the car by nine so they can leave and make it out for brunch at a famous stop that has thee best bacon apparently. the episode starts with dean ready to go, waiting in the car. it's only 8:30. he decides to go check to make sure everyone is ready. they're not.
cas is in the shower. sam is cutting up some vegtables and fruit for a smoothie and jack is dressed in his pajamas upset because he just saw Sam sneak in spinach into his chocolate banana smoothie.
"just go get ready, jack."
"i want a new one!"
"I'll make you a new one."
"I wanna see!"
"Dean, he has to eat his vegetables or he is gonna grow up thinking ketchup is an important food group."
to dean's relief cas is out of the shower and he asks for help to get the kid ready but cas walks pass him, ignoring him. obviously mad.
"oh gosh. whats wrong with you? you got some beef against mayo?"
cas pours himself his coffee and that's when it clicks for Dean. he forgot to bring cas his coffee to bed that morning. he was so excited about the bacon that he totally forgot.
"im sorry! can you please just go get ready? please? for me?"
"you want me to do a favor for you? i remember," cas doesnt look up as he walks to the fridge to pour himself a shit ton of pumpkin spice creamer. "when i asked for a favor this morning."
"ew." sam said sipping on his smoothie.
eventually they all go get ready, a few minutes behind but they go. then cas is sitting in the car, in the back with jack, while dean is jumping his leg. cas is still annoyed and looking out the window. sam came into the car and then ran back saying he forgot something. jack can't decide which fbi tie to wear and ends up facetiming cas to help him decide.
the episode ends with them at the restaurant of the brunch place and the waitress saying they just missed it by a few minutes. and dean says, "son of a bitch." queue theme song.
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gnfof · 2 days ago
heres a concept thats just been in my mind and that i'm too lazy to write a full fic for: //feminization //dreamnap smut //switch
virgin!sapnap who is just interested in trying everything whether he's telling himself it as a joke or not , this sapnap would wear a maid outfit in priv just to look at himself, admire how he looks , get off to himself bc he likes it alittle too much, tries thigh highs bc ppl keep thristing over his thighs and he doesnt understand the appeal until theyre pressing and digging into his skin bc theyre a little too small and his thighs spill over, this sapnap who even if he doesnt want to think about starts thinking about his bestfriends him fucking them but especially after he lets himself, them fucking him
this sapnap getting into a sexual relationship with dream (he's inexperienced with relationships in general) but he cant think past how good dream feels in him against him, surrounding him, pressed into his back while fucking into him
he's just along for the 'ride' no thoughts just a dumb cockslut who wants to get fucked against as many surfaces as he can
he'd share any outfits he collects with dream bc he just wants dreams approval wants him to tell him hes pretty and then destroy the clothes, rip them right off him
this sapnap still interested in trying everything that comes to mind, enthusiastic in everything even if he isnt sure about it or how to do a good job
and one day theyre fucking as usual but sapnap looks especially pretty wearing a cute pink skirt stockings lipgloss
and this is the day he suggests fucking dream ofc dreams not gonna say no (he did think sapnap was just interested in bottoming)
sapnap teasing dream sucking his dick and fingering him, rubbing off all of his lip gloss and overstimulating him but not allowing him to cum, edging dream while looking adorable and out of place with his cute skirt
he goes to fuck dream, his dick lifting his skirt, fully clothed while dream lays there naked, thighs shaking from denied orgasm after denied orgasm
dream getting fucked into the mattress while he can feel the skirts material moving against his hips, stockings rubbing against his own thighs and sapnaps kissing and marking him all over leaving sticky residue thrusting roughly in him leaving dark marks on his waist where he roughly slams dream back into him
//anyways that is all, im too lazy to write actual fics and i have brain rot bc i think sap pretty and i want pretty bois to cry but also make other pretty bois cry 😊
nonnie i hate to break it to u but this IS an actual fic.. i'm obsessed
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