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#im paying next
gumdecay · 2 years ago
#literally cant stop crying :') the store my brothers getting me vodka from doesnt have svedka n im on the verge of a fucking meltdown ovr it#lmfao like i probably cant blame it entirely on being here but fuck i hate being here :') my emotion regulation is worse than i can remember#it being licherally since i was fucking 16 n tried 2 kill myself 4x in 6 months lol so like :') hm :')#i feel pathetic lmao all my problems r so fucking small like :') ive been thru shit way worse than this i shld b able 2 handle it!! but im#not :') genuinely considered just taking my stash of pills n od'ing until i remembered how much money saved like :') that wld b 2 much of a#waste 2 die when i have 800 cash saved up +750 coming in tomorrow. like thatd just b stupid. but fuck i wanna die lol!! :')#happy new yrs im spending mine Evn More suicidal than i did last yr!! lol!!#@ least last yr niko came ovr n we got tipsy like. im getting fucking Wasted tonight but im probably doing it alone bc i dont think my frien#d is actually gnna come ovr which like.. hnstly is probably bttr bc i dont wanna subject being in this house 2 nyone else lmao but. fuck. i#am lonely & i was supposed 2 spend 2day (and yesterday! lol!) w b & he just :') idek if its excuses or real @ this point but FUCK am i tired#of him getting my hopes up n then crushing them w/o a second thot lol :') he said some unintelligable shit n i asked what n he said 'i just#mean i know its hard trying to see me' n i said oh well ya u dont make it easy esp when u get me so excited 2 see u n then st Always Comes#Up n i dont actually get to :') + i have a friends bday next weekend so i wont b able 2 see u for a while unless u take off work#n like......... rather than addressing NYTHING he just says 'ill try to make it work during the week' like ok fuck u#i cant evn break up w him now bc he said hed buy me a phone n ive needed a new phone for like..... at least since summer so like 4+ months#not that i was probably Actually gnna b able 2 break up w him b4 bc im fucking. stupid n pathetic. lmao but :') im tired! im tired :')#genuinely wish id nvr met him bc i STILL fucking care abt him evn tho he does this shit constantly :') he doesnt evn pay me nymore like.#how fucking pathetic is it 2 let ur sd talk u out of dating 4 money n b exclusive 4 him n not evn hate him 4 it. lmao. this post is a wreck#i need 2 start my new fucking journal so i can stop posting this shit where ppl can fucking. see. lmfao :') pathetic!!#also my brother just got home w my vodka n its. the tiniest fucking bottle. like probably not enough 2 get me as drunk as i want evn if i#drink it all quickly :') im :') :') :') :')
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bratkook · 4 months ago
right now. (m) jjk.
Tumblr media
not yet, almost , right now
pairing. jungkook x reader genre. fluff, smut, idiots to lovers!! word count. 14.8k warnings. two mega fucking idiots<33, miscommunication/dumb assumptions, smut in forms of: fingering, oral sex (f.), orgasm denial, spanking, some spit bc duh, unprotected sex, super sweet & lovey!! also jungkook is a sweetheart pls love him summary. coming to terms with your feelings after getting off to the idea of your close friend is a little harder than you thought, but how long can you take before jungkook decides its time to move on? note. did jlin forget how to write for a few weeks? yes, yes she did....i know this took a long time but life is rough man so forgive me... but anyways lol the final part to the not yet!verse is hereeeee! thank you to @kithtaehyung​ for reading this over for me ily!! thank you guys for enjoying this mini series, the response was really unexpected but im sososo happy over every comment/ask i’ve gotten for this story. once again, tysm for your love and let me know what you think<3
Tumblr media
The evening sun illuminates Jungkook’s apartment, golden hour bouncing off every reflective surface and straight into his eyes the second he walks in, immediately squinting as he makes a beeline to shut the blinds. His head was already throbbing from the hangover that decided to peak around noon, a mean case of nausea putting a damper on his work day. So as much as he loved soaking in some vitamin D today was not the day. 
“Are you joking?” he huffs as he brings down the blinds, hand yanking at the flimsy string in an attempt to get it unstuck. “How stup—you’d think with the amount I pay every month in rent the blinds would work!” 
Alright, so maybe he was a little grumpy today, choosing to take it out on an inanimate object and blame it purely on the bad decisions made last night—definitely had nothing to do with the residual moping of you going on a date. This could be fixed, easily. 
The first order of business? Texting you to see if you’d be interested in devouring greasy food from your favorite place down the street. He’d get to see you and finally put something in his stomach, it’s the best of both worlds really. 
Jungkook forgets about the blinds, leaving them stuck in the awkward position as he walks away entirely, fishing his phone out of his pocket while he enters his room. It’s the same text he always sends when he’s hangry: If I don’t get food in the next 15 mins I'm burning this place down and taking you with me. 
He knows the response he’ll get, either that meme of the child in front of a burning house or an equally hangry paragraph. The phone gets tossed onto his bed as he changes out of his work clothes, needing to dispose of the business casual attire that was suffocating him, his old college hoodie giving him the comfort he needs. 
By the time he’s finally slipping on his sneakers he’s expecting you to come knocking on his door, your impatient attitude always putting a smile on his face. Half of the time your neighbors thought you were having arguments from the way you’d pound onto the slab of wood, saying his name with just enough annoyance laced into each syllable it would fool anyone into thinking you were actually upset instead of being a brat. But when that never comes, he reaches for his phone again. 
A few notifications fill up his screen, some instagram direct message previews, his group chat that he never responded to, and a few emails coming through, but you had yet to respond. Maybe it’s a little creepy, but Jungkook knows you’re home because he passed by your parked car on his way in. So his mind jumps to two extremes: you were either face down, drowning in your bathtub, or that yellow shades wearing wannabe version of himself was at your place. 
Not an ounce of shame sits within him as he speedwalks to the side his bed was on, placing both palms onto the wall before his ear was pressed against the cold drywall. Jungkook’s not really sure what would make him feel good, hearing you and Jung Hoseok together, or hearing nothing at all. His ears strain to hear anything, but the only sound he gets is his own blood pumping. 
With a small pout he pulls back, deciding he’d play the annoying neighbor role today and pound on your door instead. It’s a role he doesn’t take lightly, knuckles banging on the wood loud enough for you to hear wherever you were in your apartment. It takes a few minutes before any sign of life is shown, your door creaking open, and Jungkook is thankful because he was about to head to the maintenance office to ask for a key in case you actually were drowning in your bathtub. 
“C’mon, let’s get food,” he declares instantly, a charming smile on his face as he stands with his hands stuffed into his jean pockets. The smile slowly falls off when he gets a good look at you, hair looking like a mess on your head and your fluffy blanket draped around you as you give out a weak cough. “Are you sick?”
“I think so,” you rasp out, leaning against your door frame and tugging the blanket tighter around you. 
“Did that fucker give you mono?” Jungkook looks irritated, brows pinched together in a grimace—something you’re definitely not accustomed to seeing so you almost don’t catch his accusation.
“Jungkook, no! It’s nothing serious.”
He doesn’t look fully convinced, but he shrugs anyways, positive you weren’t interested in getting interrogated when you were feeling under the weather. “Alright, let me know if you need me to drive you to the doctor if it becomes something serious.”
With a roll of your eyes and a small smile, you wave him off, slowly shutting the door behind you. Your eye immediately peeks through your peephole, not relaxing until he makes his way down the hall and enters the elevator, still on his quest for greasy food. 
“God, how old are you?” you grumble to yourself, yanking the blanket off your body and onto the floor with a huff. Pretending to be sick to avoid your friend was a new low, especially after the post-orgasm epiphany you had last night. A sane person would come to terms with their feelings and confess to them, uncertainty and possible rejection be damned! But you? No, you have to fake a cold like the giant coward you are. 
The guilt only deepens when a knock comes from your door an hour later, a quick peek through your peephole allowing you to see Jungkook setting two plastic bags on the floor before stepping back and walking to his apartment next door. You don’t come out until you hear his door shut, seeing the logo of your favorite diner down the street. No doubt would your comfort meal be inside the takeaway container. 
It takes all you have to not rush over to his place and say you were lying when you see he had also gone ahead and got you cold medication, a few different bottles because he surely didn’t know which was best, along with teas and some cough drops. 
You’re a dirty liar. A horrible friend too. 
That doesn’t stop you from devouring the meal in the takeout box as you’re hunched over your breakfast bar like a little gremlin. “This is just for today,” you mumble out to yourself as you set the plastic fork down and chug some of the leftover alcohol you had in your fridge. It’s your own version of a pity party, except the food feels heavy in your stomach, knowing the man you were avoiding was the one who bought it—bring on the guilt. 
“I’ll talk to him tomorrow.”
Tumblr media
You’re a dirty liar and horrible friend 2.0. Why this time? Because tomorrow stretched out a few more days than planned. It wasn’t entirely intentional at first, getting stuck at work longer than usual and missing the weekly hangout at your place where you got your remote covered in cheeto dust as you argued over what to watch. But it trickled down onto shorter replies to his texts, or you scrambling out of your apartment and into the elevator so fast in order to not run into him, your mind still trying to list all the pros and cons to this potential relationship before you even had the guts to confess to your feelings. 
Jungkook didn’t know thats what was occupying your mind, no he was currently thinking the worst. He notices the change instantly, recognizing it because this was the exact way you had acted while you were with Hajoon, right before you broke the news to him that you needed to keep some distance while you focused on your relationship. So Jungkook automatically assumes that your sudden change in behavior after going on a single date with Jung Hoseok, was because you wanted to make your relationship with this man work. 
His assumption stings—a lot actually—and soon enough he stops initiating conversations altogether. He didn’t want to hear you tell him you had to distance yourself again, he’s not sure his heart could handle that a second time, so he decides to get ahead of the curb and take a massive step away from you. It hurts him to know you’re right next door, and just like before, it’s like you’re back to being total strangers. 
Safe to say Jungkook was currently going on his own downward spiral. 
You could text him like nothing had happened and he’d accept it with open arms, but instead you text your best friend an SOS text, begging her to meet you at your place. She calls you dramatic at first, but once you say it’s about Jungkook she shows up at your place in record time. 
“Did you finally fuck him?” Is her greeting of choice, spoken shamelessly from the hallway with no worry about her volume. She cackles when you yank the bottle of wine from her grasp and tug her into your apartment, letting the door slam behind her. 
“You’re lucky he’s not home you bitch.” An eye roll is her only response, yanking the bottle back and making her way into your kitchen to grab the opener. 
“So you didn’t fuck him?” The cork pops at her question, a curious glance staring you down as she pours the red liquid into an oversized cup. 
“No Seulgi, I didn’t fuck him. But I did...something.” It makes your face warm up as you remember it, gratefully grabbing the cup she hands your way because you definitely need some liquid courage before confessing to your sins.
She hums in thought as she raids your pantry for something to munch on, settling on a bag of mini pretzels before leading you to your couch, needing to know the gossip that led to your sos text. “Okay, did you accidentally send him a nude then?”
“No, that wouldn’t be so bad I think?” Sending him an accidental nude would be laughable, probably resolved by a few screaming texts and dumb jokes before moving on. But new feelings seeing the light of day seemed so much worse. “But I sort of kissed him at a club a few weeks ago to get back at Hajoon—long story,” you cut in when you see her ready to fire off questions. 
“And then I went on that failed Tinder date I told you about, and when I got home I sort of heard him, you know,”— you mimic a jerking off motion with your hand and ignore her lewd gasp, “and then I…” you trail off shamefully. 
“No!” she gasps even louder, hand pressed to her mouth and eyes wide. 
“Yes! And the fucking orgasm opened my eyes and made me realize that maybe that tiny crush you guys always joke about him having is real, and maybe I have a tiny crush on him too.”
“Does he know?”
“That I like him?”
“No, that you rubbed one out while listening to him you dirty slut!” Oh she’s loving this, leaning back into your cushions with a handful of pretzels resting on her boobs, a sly smile on her lips as she takes a sip of her wine. She’s the one who planted the seed in your mind, playfully joking about Jungkook any chance she got, saying he had the hots for you because she enjoyed the flustered look on your face. No doubt would she text the group chat with the news the second you finish this cry for help. 
“Do you think I told him? I can barely come to terms with the fact that I like him. Like what am I supposed to do?”
She sighs dramatically, munching on the final pretzel on her tits before sitting up and dusting off the crumbs from her shirt. “Look, I know you’re just realizing that he likes you so this is still new and fresh for you, but we’ve noticed it for years. It’s fine that you didn’t see it, you had other things occupying your mind.” 
You frown as you stare at the rug beneath your feet, remembering how life was when you first moved into this complex. Getting out of a previous relationship weeks prior, when you had met Jungkook your mind was not interested in pursuing anything with him regardless of how cute you thought he was. It made it easier for you to form a friendship, not worried about trying to impress him, or flirt with him, allowing him to see you for who you truly are. 
Jungkook had his fair share of girlfriends during the years, none of which were entirely serious but by the time he was completely single you had met Hajoon, and he had accepted the fact that maybe you were better off as friends and he would just admire you from afar. That is, until you decided to plant one on him. So technically this is your fault. 
“Jungkook likes you okay, and I’m sure if you just marched next door and told him you like him too he’ll drop on one knee and marry you.”
“Shut up,” you snort, shoving her shoulder with a smile. 
“As a matter of fact, go over there right now!” She stands up from her spot, yanking your arms to haul you up with her. 
“I told you, he’s not home. But, I’ll tell him. I have to.”
Seulgi crosses her arms over her chest as she stares at you, clearly displeased that she wouldn’t be witness to this love story unfolding in real time. “You better. You never know what sneaky little bitch is trying to get him to get over you.”
The sneaky little bitch in question is Park Jimin, currently sitting directly across from Jungkook, guzzling down beer like his life depends on it. It's impressive really, how quickly he empties the cup, eyes shut looking as content as could be even in the dim lighting. Jungkook can only watch with a grimace as his friend sets the glass down and wipes at his mouth with no sense of table manners. 
“What?” he burps, proceeding to pour more of the golden liquid into his cup from the pitcher in the middle of the table. 
“I always forget how absolutely disgusting you are. How do you do it?” Jimin just frowns at the question, not entirely understanding so Jungkook continues. “What switch do you flip to go from sipping champagne to chugging beer like a fucking biker.”
“It’s a talent, I know.” He smiles wide, reaching forward to grip Jungkook’s hand and force him to grab his own cup. Condensation was pooling around the bottom from sitting there untouched, and that just wouldn’t do on Jimin’s watch. “C’mon, drink it!”
“Fine,” Jungkook grumbles, raising the glass and allowing Jimin to clank the cups together before taking a big gulp. He doesn’t clear the cup like his friend did seconds prior but it's enough to appease him. It tastes absolutely bitter the whole way down, settling into his stomach uncomfortably, and the look on his face as he pushes the glass away from him is very telling. 
Boisterous shouts fill the sports bar they were in, huddles of people surrounding the tables and booths as they watched the current soccer match playing on the televisions lining the walls. Jungkook honestly feels like a debby downer now, moping in his seat instead of enjoying the atmosphere with his friend like they normally did. The current game was definitely not the reason Jungkook had texted Jimin to grab drinks, no he needed an outlet to talk about you—preferably in a space that didn’t have walls as thin as his apartment.  
When he barely acknowledges the plate of wings set in front of him Jimin huffs, resisting the urge to dig in because he knew once he did he wouldn’t be able to focus on anything else. “Are you gonna be like this the entire time?”
“Like what?” Jungkook has the gall to ask, acting as if he wasn’t looking like a wounded animal. 
“Like you just discovered your wife of ten years is having an affair with your sister.”
He sits up straighter at that, eyes wide in disbelief. “Jesus.“
Jimin knew the jist of what was happening through the texts he had received the past week, but it seems like Jungkook didn’t want to jump into the topic of it at all now that they were sitting across from each other. He just sighs before deciding to be honest, wasting no time beating around the bush to hopefully be the voice of reason Jungkook needs. “You’ve been simping over her for years JK, and I get it, you think she could be the one. But what about you huh? It’s not fair for you to have your heart wrung out each time she gets a man and decides to put the friendship on pause—“
“That happened once!” He defends, brows pinched on his forehead as he shakes his head, ready to explain your situation because he wasn’t a fan of hearing his friend say anything about you when he didn’t truly know what happened. “The dude was a piece of shit and basically told her it was him or me. I’m not gonna crucify her for wanting a long term relationship to work.”
“Right, so she’s not icing you out again because she got a new man? That’s literally what you told me, it’s why I bought you this sympathy pitcher of beer!”
“Fuck you, you bought this pitcher for yourself.” Jimin had chugged two giant glasses of beer already, and was steadily working on his third, whereas Jungkook’s watered down cup remained relatively untouched. “Besides, I was just...spiraling and assumed when I sent you that desperate text. But I haven’t heard anything.”
Jimin can only stare blankly at the table as he processes what was just said before locking eyes with his friend once more, “Sorry, what? You haven’t heard anything? The hell kind of riddle is that.”
Jungkook sinks into the booth with a look of shame, not wanting to admit to occasionally laying in his bed at night in complete and total silence just to see if he could hear you and the hypothetical version of Jung Hoseok doing literally anything. It’s not one of his proudest moments, feeling like a bit of a creeper as he laid stiff on his bed, too scared to make a sound.  “Nothing, forget about it. Point is, I haven’t seen the fucker come in or out of her place, so what does that mean?”
A deep sigh comes from Jimin, hand reaching forward to push the beer closer to Jungkook, desperately trying to get him to drink and ease up. “It means you pay far too much attention to her. When was the last time you got any action?”
Two weeks ago. From his hand and filthy imagination. 
“A few months,” he grumbles, remembering his last hook up that happened a few days before he discovered you got dumped. 
“Get outta here.” Jimin rolls his eyes as he points to the door. “Literally, go stand at the corner outside, show some thighs or a tattooed titty and take your pick of the swarm of girls that will surely follow you.”
Jungkook thinks he’s joking, but when his friend doesn’t drop his hand and narrows his eyes threateningly he knows he’s being serious. “My tits aren’t even tattooed,”—his large palms press against his shirt covered chest as if to prove a point— “And you sound like a douchebag talking like this.”
“What? She went on a tinder date and definitely got laid, so you need to even out the playing field. Also, it might help you chill the hell out.”
“Oh my god, you’re not helping.” Jungkook really didn’t need that visual again, it had flashed in his mind too often the night of his pity party and now it was once again at the front of his brain. 
“Alright, okay. I’m throwing out my safe word right now.” Jimin leans closer, arms resting on the table with a confused look on his face. “What do you need from me here? Like, do I play the role of a supportive friend who wants you to get over her, or do I play the role of a friend who wants you to confess? Because you’re giving me some mixed signals Jeon.”
A groan escapes Jungkook, fingers rubbing at his eyes before dragging down his face as he sinks even further into his seat. “I don’t know.” 
It’s the truth. Jungkook had no idea what he wanted his friend to do to help him. He knew that although his feelings for you have weighed heavy on his chest for what seems like years, you technically had no idea, so he feels a little guilty over his frustration for the whole situation. You were newly single again and determined to go through this self proclaimed wild phase so Jungkook isn’t dumb enough to think you can’t go out and do whatever you want, even if that means being with someone who isn’t him. 
“Look,” Jimin sighs, pulling him out of his thoughts. “You only have two choices here, tell her how you feel and accept whatever comes with it, or make peace with the idea of just being friends. Either way, I think you need to loosen up and have fun tonight.”
“Yeah, you’re right.” Jungkook sits himself up, wrapping his fingers around the cup in an effort to at least look like he wanted to be here. He couldn’t sit here and mope about a problem like this when he hadn’t attempted to come out and tell you how he feels. 
One night of loosening up to get you off his mind wouldn’t hurt, if anything it might help him come to his senses. At least that’s what Jimin was currently whispering with a mischievous smile on his lips. “It’ll be fine, I’ll make sure you don’t black out and get home safe. Who knows, you might get plastered enough to drunk text your confession.”
Jungkook glares at his friend, not liking the goofy look on his face as he starts to laugh. “I swear to god, you better not let me get to that point. Take my phone away from me.”
Tumblr media
Jimin obviously wants to see the world burn, or at least he enjoys it when Jungkook somehow digs himself into his own grave. That's exactly why he responds with a million laughing emojis when Jungkook texts him asking why the hell he hadn’t taken his phone last night. 
He did a good job hiding his shock when a knock came from his front door, half expecting it to be you, keeping a smile on his face as he allowed  the person who was very clearly not you in before swiftly entering his bathroom. Jungkook wants to stay locked here forever, holed up while he sits on his toilet and not in the living room with company. It wasn’t like it was bad company either, his drunken ass going through his contact list and sending an invitation to hangout the following day to the last person he spoke to, Aillie. 
The girl is sweet, someone he had a casual fling with for months, someone who was used to his random texts so she doesn’t think twice before agreeing. The only silver lining to this was that he hadn’t sent you a typo-filled drunken confession, which is what Jimin responds with before telling him to suck it up and leave his bathroom. 
Jungkook accepts his fate, as well as accepting that he is partially responsible for this. He shoves his device back into his pockets before standing up and flushing the toilet for show, washing his hands just to stall. One good glance at his reflection makes him cringe, stained shirt and sweats combo leaves him looking like the unprepared mess he is. Another detour through his room to change was a must before he has no choice but to step back out. 
“You’re totally hung over aren’t you?” Aillie jokes from her spot on the couch, comfortable enough in his apartment from the time spent here. She locks her phone as she stands up, taking her time to really look Jungkook over. He was not dressed like someone who was expecting a guest, and despite having seen Jungkook at his sloppiest, his previous attire of oversized shirt and slightly stained sweatpants didn’t look like someone who was expecting a fuck buddy to pop over. Even with his new outfit looking more put together, it was obvious Jungkook was caught off guard by her showing up. 
“What?” Jungkook dumbly asks, trying to come up with some lame excuse to justify his earlier appearance but he falls short. His fingers gently rake through his hair, a grimace falling on his face as he looks back up at her. “Actually, a little. Sorry, I got drunk last night when I text you so sober me was not really prepared.”
“Yeah I figured, you sent me some blurry selfies right after. But we can just hang, we don’t have to do anything,” she trails off, a soft smile on her lips. The only time they ever hung out was to hook up, having ten minute conversations before and after the fact. “Or I can leave too if it's weird that I’m here.” 
Jungkook is shaking his head before she can even finish, already feeling bad enough after texting her to come over. How shitty would he be if he immediately kicked her out. This was fine, a nice distraction from it all, decent middle ground that would help him get his mind off you without having to take Jimin’s douchebag advice. 
“No, we can watch a movie or something. It’s not like I have other plans.” Had this been two weeks ago it would be a totally different story. Jungkook would typically be waiting in his apartment as he stared at the slowly ticking clock, just waiting for it to strike 7:30 because that's when you usually got home. Then he’d either get a text from you to come over with snacks or you’d show up at his door and invite yourself over for the weekly game night. 
It didn’t happen last week, or the week prior, so Jungkook is very confident that it would not be happening today either. It’s that same sense of confidence—and saltiness—that allows him to get comfortable with Aillie, blissfully unaware that you had just pulled into the parking garage a few stories below. 
“I swear to god if you don’t go straight to his door the minute you get off the elevator I will never let you live it down.” Seulgi’s voice fills your car through the speakers, fading out as you shut the car off and bring your phone to your ear to continue the conversation. 
“Dude, I just got off work. I need to make myself look decent.” Plastic bags rustle together as you grab the snacks you had picked up on your way home, all full of yours and Jungkook's favorite treats. It was definitely a guilt fueled purchase, hoping the items were enough to distract him from the fact that you were kind of a bitch for ghosting him recently, or at least butter him up into accepting your apology easier. 
“You think Jungkook cares if you’re a little sweaty from work? He’s a grown man, that’s not gonna stop him from going do—“
“Okay, goodbye!” You hastily cut her off as you press the elevator button, hearing her rambling off about being interrupted. “I’m about to get on the elevator, I’ll tell you how it goes.”
With a small sigh you hang up and stuff the device into your purse, stepping onto the lift as the doors open up and pressing the number for your floor. Your hands are clammy as you grip the plastic bag, uncharacteristically nervous about seeing Jungkook again after so long. 
The main obstacle for you to get over was apologizing for being a crappy friend, and if that went well you were going to suck it up and just come out and confess, the odds of him saying no were slim. And even if he did, you’re perfectly content with staying friends, as long as you could keep him close. 
It’s that same optimistic mentality that allows you to calm down as you enter your place and decide to give yourself a minute to mentally prepare. His favorite ice cream gets put into the freezer for later before you decide to shower and give yourself a pep talk the entire time. 
This pep talk of yours is filled with best case scenarios: Jungkook accepting the confession with open arms, finally being able to kiss him properly, everything falling into place the way it should have a long time ago. And as you head over, totally sober, freshly washed, looking and smelling your best, you really can’t picture this going any other way. 
With a deep breath you’re knocking on his front door, quickly pulling back your hand and wiping it onto your pants as you step back. Jungkook hears the knock clearly from his spot on the couch, his gaze tearing away from the television to stare at his front door with a small frown. He hadn’t ordered any food and Aillie had just excused herself to use his bathroom so his brain is having a hard time wondering who it could be. 
He curses under his breath, not putting it past himself to have texted a second person last night with an invitation to hang out. Why was Jungkook a friendly drunk?
As he presses his eye against the peephole and spots you standing there, he thinks he’s imagining things. It had seemed like so long since he had last seen you in person, and the warped fish-eyed version of you has him stepping back and rubbing his eyes before taking another glance. He suddenly feels like throwing up, and he can’t blame his earlier hangover on it. 
For a brief second he contemplates pretending he hadn’t heard you, but the guilt of doing so makes his heart twist, so he musters up the courage to open the door. It’s barely a crack really, just enough for you to see him while still concealing his apartment, something you definitely found strange because you’re usually flinging the door open and strutting right in, but you suppose his reaction is warranted considering your previous behavior. 
“Y/N, hey. Are you alright?”
“Huh? Yeah, I’m fine!” Your fingers tangle together in front of you, not entirely sure what to do with your nerves and Jungkook spots it easily. His own nerves sky rocket when he hears the sound of running water coming from his bathroom a few feet away, knowing Aillie would most likely pop out any second now, and he’s not sure why it feels like a dirty secret that he has another girl over. 
“Did you need something?”
“Yeah, I was actually wanting to talk to you about something kind of important.” Your smile is hopeful, despite the nerves swirling in your eyes. The nervous skip of your heart is felt in your throat, not remembering the last time you had felt this way about telling someone how you felt about them romantically. 
“Right now?” he wonders, fingers gripping the door handle tighter when he hears his bathroom door unlock, the sound of footsteps rounding the corner before stepping into the living room, a few feet away from the door and in perfect view of the wedge Jungkook had opened. 
When your eyes flicker over his shoulder, spotting the auburn haired girl giving you a curious glance, you feel all your confidence slip away. Seulgi had definitely been right about needing to confess soon, Jungkook was a catch and just because you hadn’t realized it sooner didn’t mean the rest of the world was blind to it. 
“Yeah, right now...but you’re busy, so it’s fine!” You want to scramble away from there, feeling dumb the longer you stand there. Jungkook wants to say he’s not busy, kick the girl out of his place and invite you in but that wouldn’t be fair to her, for all he knew your important conversation would be a repeat of the conversation you had over Hajoon, and he really didn't want to get friendship dumped while this girl was in his apartment. He’s pretty sure his Yelp rating would drop a bit if he cried on the couch about you to his old hook up. 
He starts to speak but you cut him off before he can, “Don’t worry about it! I’ll see you later.” You force a smile before walking away, not allowing him to get a word in as you quickly step into your apartment and move to the furthest room away from your bedroom. 
You can feel the cold of your kitchen floor as you sit on your butt, back against your cabinets, the small twinge of defeat spreading within you. “This is fine. Maybe she’s just a friend. I can always tell him tomorrow,” you whisper out. But your fingers seem to think otherwise as they type out a message to Seulgi, informing her that the mission was unsuccessful and you’d be putting on The Notebook like you always did. It was basically protocol to do so when things went south in your life. 
She doesn’t even know how to console you, knowing she can’t tell you it was his loss or that he wasn’t worth it because she knows that’d be a lie and you wouldn’t believe it for a second. The only thing she can offer is coming over, but you’re quick to turn her down, deciding that being alone in the comfort of your bed as you inhaled the ice cream you bought for Jungkook would be best. 
Is being in your room the wisest choice when you know you share a wall with Jungkook—and he has a cute girl over? No. Probably not. But you figure if you hear anything explicit it’s just your dose of karma, so you accept it, turning up the volume of the movie a few levels just to soften the blow. 
However, Jungkook would definitely not be hooking up with her in his bedroom, or anywhere in his apartment for that matter. Luckily Aillie is blessed with the gift of reading the damn room and can easily spot the shift in Jungkook’s mood the second he shuts the door. She’s sitting on the edge of the couch now, hands gently placed on her knees as she gives him a sympathetic smile. 
“I get the vibe that somethings off.”
He looks up at her then, slowing his pace until he’s awkwardly standing in the middle of the room with his hands shoved deep into his pockets. “My friend—my neighbor just wanted to talk about something. But everything’s fine.”
The lie tastes bitter on his tongue, and Aillie doesn’t believe him in the slightest. A small sigh fills the air as she stands up, collecting her bag and approaching him. “Look, I know deep talks really aren’t our thing so I’m not going to even try to dive into this, but you should go talk to your friend.”
A comforting hand is placed on his shoulder before she makes her way to the door to leave, Jungkook already following closely behind her. “No, you don’t have to go. You came all this way because I texted you with way too much tequila in my system.”
“Jungkook,” she laughs, opening the door with a smile. “You’re way too sweet for your own good. It was nice seeing you though.” Her eyes slowly move over to your front door before looking back at him, head cocking to the side in a very clear indication that he better go over. He can only nod in understanding, waving her goodbye and shutting the door once she heads down to the elevator. 
The action sounds of the movie they were watching continues to fill his apartment, whatever chaos was going on only making his brain whirl so he’s quick to grab the remote and shut it off entirely. Now he’s just stuck in complete silence, wondering if he should quickly make his way over to yours or play it calm and collected. 
The total silence allows him to hear the muffled mumbling of a movie he knew all too well. It draws him in, lures him into his bedroom until he’s kneeling on the mattress with his ear pressed against the wall to properly make it out. You were watching the Notebook, at a concerning volume, which could mean a number of things. Jungkook knew none of them were good, usually rooted in issues you had with your ex, or a tough day at work, or any particular day where you just felt like crying. 
With a deep breath, he’s slowly knocking along his wall, almost experimentally, hoping it's enough to grab your attention through the current scene playing. For a second he thinks maybe you’ve fallen asleep while watching the film, but then the room falls silent as you pause it entirely. 
Your hearts racing now, ears straining to hear anything else and hoping this wasn’t how the beginning of the explicit noises would start, but then another knock comes from behind you. It makes you gasp, like you’ve just been caught being the nosey neighbor you are, hearing the soft scrape of his hand sliding down the wall. The ice cream gets put onto your nightstand as you sit up properly, forcing yourself out of the mountain of pillows you were practically suffocating in and turning around to knock back.
Jungkook’s palm presses back onto the wall, smiling at your response before fishing his phone out of his pocket. His fingers find your thread of messages, further down the list than he was used to, and as he opens them up and sees the string of unanswered texts dating back to two weeks ago, it stings just like it did before. He pushes his pride aside though, knowing you had wanted to talk today in person, so he proceeds to quadruple text you. 
Jungkook 8:44pm : are you seriously watching the notebook again?
You’re unlocking your phone the second it buzzes, smiling at the dimly lit screen before typing out a response. 
Y/N 8:45pm : shut up, it’s my comfort movie
Y/N 8:45pm : do you wanna watch it with me? for old times sake
The device is locked and placed face down onto your sheets the second you hit send, sinking into the pillows once again as you try not to scream at yourself because you know he’ll hear you. Why would you invite him over when he clearly has company? You had seen her with your own eyes, had seen how cute she is, had seen how cute Jungkook is, it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together. 
Jungkook is quick though, texting back in agreement and heading over instantly. If you were watching your comfort movie then Jungkook wanted to make sure you were okay. Putting the past two weeks behind him, knowing you’d most likely have a good enough explanation—an explanation he would definitely be needing before the night was over—he’s knocking on your door before you can even check your messages. 
It takes you a minute to untangle your limbs from your covers as you hastily try to get to your door, sock clad feet sliding along your wooden floors when you finally yank the door open. Jungkook wears a soft smile as he stares down at you, taking note that you had switched your outfit to your usual sad movie binge attire of baggy shirt and lounge shorts. His eyes zero in on your lips when he notices there's something lingering at the corner of them. 
“So, are you gonna share whatever the hell that is?” His finger points at it smugly, laughing when your tongue peeks out to wipe it away. 
“It was actually meant to be for you.” Stepping aside, you let him enter your place. Jungkook almost feels a little strange being here after the weird few weeks, but he pushes it aside, just wanting things to feel normal. 
“Does that mean there’s no more left?” His eyes playfully narrow at you as you step closer, moving on to stare at the kitchen table, and the coffee table in search of the tub of ice cream that supposedly had his name on it. The earlier nerves you felt slowly fade away when you realize he’s not visibly upset about what happened, but it only makes your guilt deepen that despite your ability to be a crummy friend, Jungkook would still try his best to come through for you. 
“There’s about half of it left, it’s probably a little soft now though.” You side step him to enter the kitchen, grabbing an extra spoon and handing it over as a peace treaty, smiling when he gratefully accepts it. “C’mon, I paused the movie.”
Jungkook is not a stranger to your bedroom, especially when sappy movies were playing, finding his spot easily on the right side where he typically handed you tissues whenever you cried. The tissues were missing this time, in place of them being the bag of snacks you had bought, his ice cream on the other nightstand. 
“What part are you on?” he asks, settling onto the bed after fluffing up the pillows, waving his hands so you could pass the tub of ice cream his way. 
“It just started raining on the boat.” Jungkook hums, scooping out some of the chocolate ice cream and into his mouth. He knew this scene very well, and when you press play, he mentally repeats all of the lines. Just as Noah declares he wrote her 365 letters, you awkwardly clear your throat, your own spoon slowly sneaking over to his side to steal some ice cream for yourself. 
“I’m sorry if I made things awkward with your date.” Your voice sounds timid, something he’s not used to hearing from you at all, so he chuckles, laughing harder when you swat at his arm. “I’m serious, I should have texted you before just showing up.”
“Really? When have you ever done that before?” The two of you never notified the other when they wanted to show up, Jungkook had even given you the code to his place once when he was at work and you were desperate for some fruity pebbles—you used that code to your advantage and Jungkook never hated it. But all things considered, it's fair why you think you would have to give him a heads up. 
“You didn’t make it awkward though.” It’s not the complete truth, you coming over is what had made Aillie decide to leave, but Jungkook had to take most of the credit for it. “I kinda made it awkward from the beginning.”
“Why, what happened?”
“I went out last night with Jimin“ —you immediately hum in understanding, knowing very well how convincing Jimin could be with alcohol— “and apparently I texted her to hang out today, had no recollection, so when she showed up I was definitely not ready.”
“Damn, this is how I know you’re a better person than I am. If that happened to me, the second I checked my peephole and saw someone I didn’t remember inviting over, I’m gonna pretend I’m not home.”
“Yeah well, she lives like an hour away so I’d feel like an ass if I did that. Don’t think I’ll be talking to her again any time soon though.” He sighs in thought, gently tapping his spoon on the surface of the softening ice cream. There was one thing weighing heavy on his mind, needing to know what important thing you had to talk to him about, wondering if you were actually going to friendship dump him earlier and he had just made it worse by coming over and hanging out like old times. 
He doesn’t want to come right out and ask it though, not wanting to set himself up for an awkward conversation in case that wasn’t what you wanted to talk about, so he settles for something safe enough that would allow him to get a glimpse. 
“So how are things with Hoseok?” Yeah, that’s a good start. 
“Huh?” Your spoon freezes in its spot, face clearly looking confused in the dim glow of the television, the movie long forgotten now that you were speaking. 
“Tinder guy? Yellow sunglasses guy that gave you mono?” 
It suddenly clicks again, having forgotten all about Jung Hoseok the second you had gotten home from the failed date and came to terms with your feelings. Your lie of having a cold must have been believable enough for Jungkook to genuinely think he had given you something like mono. 
“He didn’t give me mono!” Jungkook rolls his eyes with a playful smile, humming along like he totally believes you. “But I didn’t tell you?”
He frowns as he stares at you, not entirely sure how to take your tone. “Tell me what? That you’re engaged and the wedding is in June?”
“No way,” you laugh, swatting his spoon away with a clank as you grab some ice cream before shoving it in your mouth, fighting against the brain freeze to continue speaking. “Our date was a bust.”
“How? Was it that bad?” He desperately wanted to know, having convinced himself the date had gone spectacularly well and you were now an exclusive item. The small twinge of guilt is felt when he realizes he’s a little too happy that the date had been a failure, but he allows himself to have this small, tiny victory. 
“Mm, it was so good it was bad.” He looks utterly confused, and you don’t blame him, so you elaborate. “He was this perfect gentleman who just wanted to play games, like to the point where he had a notebook where he was tallying our points, and then he walked me to my car and kissed my cheek goodbye.”
“Oh the horror!” Jungkook gasps, setting his spoon down to clutch his heart in dramatics. “How dare he try to romance you with a game night.”
“Jungkook, shut up!” you laugh, finally feeling like everything was right again, sitting in bed with your closest friend as you teased each other. “Look, I’ll give him some credit. The date was nice, he was not the sleazy douchebag his profile made him out to be, and I’m sure he’ll find the perfect girl for him on Tinder. But he clearly wanted something serious and—“
“And you don’t want that right now. It’s fair.” Of course you would turn him down, you had just decided to embark on this new adventure in the single world. It was kind of dumb for Jungkook to assume one date with Tinder Boy would be enough for you to give up your short lived dream. 
You take a steady breath at his words before taking another scoop of ice cream, lips wrapped around the spoon as you slowly pull it out of your mouth. The nerves are trickling back in, making your heart skip and your eyes bounce around. If you don’t come out and say it now, you know you never will. 
Your spoon joins his in the tub of ice cream before you decide to move it back to the nightstand, forcing yourself to look back at him, seeing him turned away as he rummages through the plastic bag full of snacks. “I don’t want that with him.”
Jungkook freezes, the rustling of plastic ceases as his hands come back to his sides and he turns back around. With him. He was the king of jumping to worse case scenarios so his brain has no issues coming to this very horrible conclusion. 
“Have you been talking to Hajoon again?”
“No, Jungkook I haven’t.”
“Are you sure? I’m saying this now, but if you get back with him I will not hesitate to pop him in the face if I run into him in the halls. It’s fair game out there, neutral territory for him to get his ass beat—“
“It’s you.”
His brain short circuits at that, mini versions of himself currently running around and screaming in his head as he tries to make sense of this. The first instinct he has is to crack a joke, to say that he hadn’t been talking to Hajoon again, and laugh it off. But you look a little too vulnerable right now, eyes nervously looking at him and then looking away at his lingering silence. 
“Wait, what?” It’s the only thing he can sputter out, caught off guard by your words, not wanting to say anything else in case the world was cruel enough for him to have completely misheard you. 
“I don’t want that with Tinder Boy or Hajoon, I want it with you.” It gets a little easier saying it a second time, but his reaction is hard to gauge. You had been expecting him to reciprocate the confession instantly, but the longer he looked shocked only made you think that you and Seulgi had been seriously wrong about his supposed crush. 
Jungkook is having a difficult time trying to go from you ghosting him to you suddenly admitting to liking him, the change in emotions not allowing him to say anything he had practiced in the mirror for so long. He can’t come out and give you a speech about how he thinks you’re the one, how you’re obviously a good match together, brain too focused on other details. “How long have you known this?”
“For the past two weeks, but deep down I know it’s been longer.”
His wide eyes glance over at you now, everything slowly clicking into place. “Is this why you’ve been avoiding me?”
“Yes,” you mumble, embarrassed over the way you had acted. The last time you had avoided someone was in elementary school, having a best friend go ask your crush if he likes you while you hid in the bathroom, scared of the answer. “I like you Jungkook and I knew I wouldn’t be able to play it cool. I was scared to say something and have you not feel the same and then have our friendship be weird.”
Jungkook smiles in that adorable way you love, nose scrunching up cutely as he leans closer, large palms coming to cup your cheeks. He has wanted to hear this for so long, and sure, maybe it wasn’t some super romantic confession over a candlelit dinner like he had occasionally dreamed of, but this felt right. 
“You’re so stupid,” he whispers out, thumb softly caressing your cheek as he chuckles, feeling the way your lips turn into a frown at his harmless insult. 
“Jungkook, I’m being serious,” you whine, heart still pounding in your chest. Your hands come up to gently wrap around his wrists, allowing him to continue to squish your cheeks with that endearing look on his face. 
“I’m being serious too Y/N. Did you really think I wouldn’t feel the same?” Jungkook did everything he did with you out of pure friendliness, never expecting to get something in return from it, but there was a small sprinkling of a crush in every one of his actions. “I like you too, and I have for a really long time.”
The relief you feel comes instantly, lips slowly pulling into a smile when you finally have the confidence to look directly into his eyes again. If this is how light you feel after the two weeks spent freaking out, you can only imagine how Jungkook feels. “Really?”
“Yes, really. Now, can I please kiss you?” You’re nodding the second the question leaves his mouth, eyes fluttering shut as his hands glide down to cup your jaw, soft lips slowly pressing against yours. It’s a gentle smack of skin as he pulls back, a smirk on his lips when he opens his eyes, softly rubbing his nose against yours. 
“Wait,” he breathes out, chuckling softly. “Is he still looking?” He has the nerve to repeat the same question that had been the root of your guilt, and when your eyes shoot open and glare at him, he can’t stop the laughter that bubbles out. 
“I hate you,” you mutter out, not an ounce of truth behind it. 
“Mm, no you don’t.” 
His lips find yours again, falling into a steady rhythm, softer and less rushed than the first kiss you had shared at the club. There’s no pounding bass in the background, or the taste of liquor on your lips, but Jungkook prefers it this way. He likes the low hum of the movie continuing to play in the background, the sweetness of the ice cream lingering on your lips when his tongue gently swipes at the seam of them, the way your hands slowly slide around his neck as he deepens each kiss. 
With each shared breath, you slide further down your bed, pulling Jungkook down with you until he’s hovering directly above you. His knees dig into the sheets, one hand pressed beside your head to keep himself stable as you urge him even closer to you. The delicate golden chain he wears kisses your skin, pendant settling onto your chest, the cool sensation is almost enough to distract you as his tongue slowly slips into your mouth. Jungkook groans when you let out a small gasp, your fingers slipping into his hair and tugging gently at the strands by the nape of his neck. 
He wants to remember this kiss instead of the one from the club, embed every gasp you let out into his brain, the way your chest pushes up to feel more of him, how your hands slide down his back, leaving a fiery trail in their path that makes Jungkook shiver. And when you slide your thighs further apart for him, innocently at first, he can’t help it when his lips freeze on yours as you slowly roll your hips upwards. It gives him the same automatic reaction he had gotten at the club, all the blood rushing to his cock instantly, except this time he doesn’t feel the shame he had felt before. There was no ulterior motive to what you were doing, sincerity shown in your confession, shared within each kiss, so Jungkook allows himself to bask in the want he feels for you.
“Y/N,” he groans out when you repeat the action, pulling away from your swollen lips to stare at you through hooded eyes. You’re licking your lips over as your eyes slowly open, a small glimmer evident in them as you tilt your head and pretend to not know what you’re doing.
“What?” you question, leaning up to kiss the edge of his mouth, giggling when he attempts to chase your lips as you pull back, choosing to kiss down his jaw instead. As your tongue gently trails along the side of his neck, you feel the harsh gulp he takes, his fingers bunching up in the sheets beside your head. His neck has always been a weak point for him, turning him into a puddle in seconds, you knew this from the unfiltered conversations you’ve had and it was something you were definitely going to be using to your advantage. 
“You’re doing this on purpose,” he grunts, eyes fluttering shut as you nip at his skin, a visible shiver racking through him. 
“Of course I am,” you hum, letting your hands roam his back, sliding around his front until you’re sneaking past the white fabric of his shirt. When your cool hands meet his skin, he tenses, the muscles on his stomach tightening up as your fingertips trail up his body. You’ve known Jungkook was well defined, lean and toned in all the best places, having seen him shirtless a few times. But being able to touch him like this, feel each stuttered breath and jump of his skin reacting to your touch fueled you. 
Jungkook knows you can feel the racing of his heart now, your palms flat on his chest, each thrum revealing his emotions despite the cool and calm exterior he was trying to have. His hips lower towards yours, resisting the urge to rut into you as you start to suck on his skin. The low hum you let out vibrates against his neck, mixed in with the feeling of your wet lips, and he knows he’s done for. The final blow comes in the form of you swiping your tongue at the blossomed hickey, sweet voice pulling him back to earth as you look at him once more. “I want you Jungkook.”
Oh god, he couldn’t do this. His face pulls into a grimace, begging himself to not instantly cum in his pants at what you just said. How many times has he fantasized about this? Hoped you’d beg him for anything in that same exact voice, dreamed of you kissing and sucking on his skin like you currently were. Jungkook isn’t sure any amount of mental preparation would be enough for this. 
“Say that again please.”
You giggle, finger pushing back a strand of his hair as it falls over his face, tucking it behind his ear. The normal doe eyed look you were accustomed to is nowhere to be found, pupils blown out in lust as he stares at you. Being on the receiving end of this stare fills your stomach with butterflies, the flapping of their wings intensifying as he nudges his nose into yours. 
“I want you.” It’s breathless, spoken so softly through the background noise like a personal secret just for him. Jungkook doesn’t think he’ll ever grow tired of hearing you say it, that much is proven true when you repeat it in between kisses, trailing back up his neck in the same path you had taken until you're speaking the words directly against his lips. He swallows them down greedily, groaning into your mouth when his tongue tangles with yours once more. 
“Fuck, you can have me baby.” He chuckles against your mouth when you start to tug at his shirt, yanking the thin material until he has to pull back and slip the tee off himself. The balled fabric gets tossed aside without a care, dark swirls of ink on his arm fully revealed now, each tattoo reminding you of how long you’ve known him, remembering the two pieces that he had when you first met. When he leans back over you, taking his time trailing kisses down your neck, onto your chest until his own hands are slowly tugging your shirt off of you, you decide there’s other things to focus on besides his glorious tattoos.
“Ah, Jungkook,” you sigh, fingers tangling into his hair when he kisses the swells of your breast, warm tongue sliding over your nipple before his lips are wrapping around it. His large palm gropes the other, thumb flicking over the pebbled bud, smirking when you push your chest further out for him.
“What baby?” He pulls back to blow a gust of cool air on your nipple, the wetness of his saliva making your skin break out into goosebumps. 
“No teasing.”
Jungkook’s laughing now, eyes peering up at you through his lashes. “Oh, you think I’m not gonna tease you after what you did?” He tsks in disapproval as he continues to kiss down your torso, letting his hands trail down your sides, not stopping until he reaches the hem of your shorts. A kiss is placed above your navel as he pulls the shorts down your legs, toying with the waistband of your black underwear. “I’m gonna take my time with you.”
The build up before pleasure will always be your favorite part. The way his hands grip your thighs after tugging your underwear off, fingertips trailing up until his palm is pressing them further apart. It’s impossible to look at him now, the visual of his long hair framing his face as he starts to press wet kisses on your skin is too much to handle. You can feel the warm huff of air when he laughs as your head drops back onto the pillow once more, eyes slipping shut while you wait with anticipation. 
Jungkook wants to comment over how wet you are already, boost his own ego about being able to rile you up with just kissing, but he can see the way you’re already on edge, and he decides he can tease you some more later with what he has in store. Instead, he gives you what you’re mentally pleading him for. Finally pressing his soft lips to your folds, the short gasp you release as his tongue glides up before gently flicking across your clit has him shutting his own eyes, reveling in the way you react to his touch. 
His long fingers spread out your folds before he’s messily spitting onto them, watching the way the glob of saliva trickles down before he’s diving in, falling into the perfect pace with ease. It has your hips rutting up instantly, your hand uncurling its grip from your sheets to travel down your body and find its place tangled in his hair. Jungkook groans against your clit when your fingers grip tightly, yanking the dark strands as the prettiest moan flows out of you. 
“J-just like that, fuck,” you whimper, finally lifting your head up to stare down at him when he latches his lips around your clit and sucks. It sends a spark down your spine, stomach tensing at his rhythm, fully intent to have you fall apart. 
Jungkook wants to push you over the edge, knows he’s talented enough to get you there in record time—he was cocky in the best way—and the way your thighs tremble as he slowly sinks his finger into you proves his point. The slick coating your entrance allows a second finger to slip through with little resistance, a shuddering breath filling the air as he begins to spread his fingers apart, stretching you out in the most delicious way. 
It’s not until his fingers curl up, rubbing along the sweet patch inside of you and you moan out his name, that he realizes he has you right where he wants you. He can’t get himself to look up at you, to see the way your jaw drops as you plead for more. Jungkook knows if his eyes lock with yours too soon he’ll be too weak to be as cruel as he wants to be. 
The pleasure blooms inside you, hips rolling up into his in a way he welcomes, smirk spreading onto his lips when your moans get breathier. He eats you out with determination set in his brows, not satisfied until you’re tightening around his fingers, thighs threatening to close in on either side of his head. The messy way he slurps against you sends you reeling, rutting up into him with need, the wet thump of his fingers blending in with your moans of his name. 
“God, Jungkook, I’m gonna cum.” He believes you, eyes finally opening up to stare at you. The visual is enough to make his cock throb in his pants, your glassy eyed stare locked onto his, chest rising and falling in time with each choked breath. When he playfully winks at you, your walls pulse around him, seconds away from being pushed over the edge, and that’s when he pulls away. 
The warm glow of your orgasm approaching, just about to crest, gets ripped away from you instantly. It makes you gasp, thighs twitching as your hips attempt to push up back towards his mouth, but he’s having none of that. His shiny lips smile up at you innocently, head tilted to slowly kiss your trembling thighs, chuckling at the small cry of frustration you let out. 
“You taste good baby,” he hums, smooching the skin at the juncture of your thighs, circling around your clit without relieving the pressure you felt. The dull ache has your fingers releasing his hair in defeat, a frown etched onto your lips. 
“Jungkook, that’s mean,” you pant, sitting up and resting on your elbows to properly stare at him. 
“A little, but you deserved it don’t you think?” Jungkook didn’t want to tease you too much, he just wanted to get even for the past two weeks. “You could have had me between your thighs every single night if you would’ve said something soon, so I think you can be patient.”
A firm kiss is pressed to your swollen clit and it makes your whole body shudder, your head dropping back as you take a deep breath to control yourself. “I can’t be patient Kook,” you whine, head leveling back out to give him the most convincing stare you can muster. There's that crease between your brows that he likes when you pinch them together, hands gently raking through his hair, teeth pillowing out your lower lip as you bite down onto it. 
“Please, you can torture me later if you want but not now.” Your words have him cocking up his brow, hands once again gripping the meat of your thighs before he crawls back up your body. The feeling of his chain dragging up your skin has you shivering, breath catching in your throat when he hovers inches above you once more. 
“I’ll hold you to that,” he murmurs, pressing a soft kiss to the corner of your mouth before his hand slips between your thighs again. A groan reaches his ears as his fingers circle your clit, covered in your arousal and his saliva, gliding with ease as he works you back to your ruined orgasm. 
His lips find yours, swallowing down the moan you let out when he quickens his pace. You can taste yourself on his tongue, tangling with yours with more urgency than before, messy and desperate in a way that had more arousal gushing out of you. The earlier pleasure reignites inside you, your hands sliding around his neck to keep him close, kissing him with fervor, quiet moans and whimpers slipping past between each smack of your lips. 
“Jungkook,” you barely manage to squeal, a few more flicks needed to finally push you over the edge. Your lips are slick with spit as you pull back, jaw slack as you lose yourself in the feeling, and Jungkook easily bookmarks this into his brain to go back to and daydream of whenever he’s bored at work. Your eyes are squeezed shut as the feeling flows through you, not able to see how Jungkook stares at you in awe. 
“Holy shit,” he whispers, slowly pulling his hand away when you keen at the sensitivity, thighs twitching on the sheets as the pleasure rolls through you in waves. You’re looking up just in time to see him slip his messy fingers into his mouth, tongue licking them clean and savoring the taste of you. Just as he slides them back out, your fingers wrap around his wrist and lead them directly into your mouth, sinking onto them with your eyes locked on his own. 
Jungkook’s cock jumps in its confines when you suck, tip of your tongue circling his fingertips before popping them back out with a smirk. There’s a brief moment of shock on his features before he’s jumping into action, quickly unbuttoning his jeans in haste that left you giggling on your sheets. 
“What happened to patience?” you tease, laughing harder when he pauses with one foot stuck in the hole of his jeans, a playful glare thrown your way. 
“Oh, now you want patience?” He kicks his pants the rest of the way off, slowly shuffling towards you as he stands beside the bed in just his boxers. Your hands make grabby motions for him, reaching for the waistband of his underwear to tug them down, licking your lips over as his cock springs out. It bobs in the air for a second, thick and heavy, precum collecting at the tip with the prettiest veins on the underside of it. Of course Jungkook and his pretty privilege would have a dick worthy of leaving you speechless. 
Jungkook allows you to ogle at him, confidently wrapping his palm around the base of his cock, hissing slightly at the sensation as he looks down at it, allowing spit to accumulate behind his lips before a string of it escapes and lands right onto his length to help the glide of his palm. Your eyes widen at the sight, hand replacing his as he guides your motions, giving an experimental squeeze and enjoying how his abs tense up. 
“I’ve been patient for a long time Y/N. You said you want me right?” You’re nodding instantly, eyes looking away from his shiny length to stare up at him. “How do you want me?”
“Jungkook, just get over here.” He doesn’t resist when you let go of his cock, hands gripping his arm to yank him back onto the bed in a clumsy heap. His legs are a tangled mess, nearly ramming his forehead with yours from the force, shared laughter filling the air as you situate yourself. Jungkook had pictured this a thousand times and this is exactly how he imagined it, full of soft kisses, hushed laughter and goofy smiles, playfulness mixed in with lust all coming together perfectly to make the two of you. 
As he settles between your thighs, your sodden folds inches from his length, you can see the look on his face as his eyes glance in between both of your nightstands. Already knowing the question that was about to spill out, you beat him to the punch. “You don’t need one, if you don’t want to. I’m on birth control, and haven’t been with anyone since…” you trail off, not needing to specify.
Jungkook tries not to look too excited, really, but it’s hard. Every one of his lewd fantasies had involved being able to feel you entirely, and if your thoughts from that night were anything to go by, you definitely want the same. It takes him a second to speak, having to swallow properly to prevent himself from choking on his saliva and embarrassing himself in front of you. “I’m clean, I promise.”
“I trust you,” you smile, biting down onto your bottom lip as he fists his cock, slowly leading it to your dripping center. His free hand rests on your inner thigh, softly palming the skin as the head of his cock nudges against your entrance, pushing past the tight ring of muscles and into your heat. With his gaze locked down to where you connect, he sees inch by inch sink into you, finally bottoming out with a shared gasp.
Jungkook leans over you properly now, hand sliding up to lace with yours as the other rests beside your head, just taking a moment to enjoy the feeling of your velvety walls wrapped tightly around his cock. You welcome the stretch, the curve of his length inside you, how he cages you in with his body, eyes full of want staring directly at you, giving your hand a reassuring squeeze because he knows he can’t properly form a sentence right now. 
“Fuck me, please.” With his hips pressed flush against yours, he’s slowly inching back, letting you get used to his size with each thrust. It doesn’t take long before he’s rearing back entirely, thrusting forward with a wet squelch, corner of his lips curling up into a smirk when you moan out his name. Your hand curls around his shoulder, fingers digging into his back to keep yourself steady from the force of his hips. 
Each time the head of his cock would nudge against your bundle of nerves, your nails would sink into his skin, leaving half moon indents that left him groaning in pleasure. Jungkook hadn’t outright told you, but it had become increasingly obvious that he has a slight kink for pain, practically mewling above you as you scratch his back, fucking you with more determination than before. 
“You feel so good,” he rasps, slotting his lips with yours in a messy kiss. The back of your headboard starts to rattle against the wall, bouncing back in time with his hips, and it brings you back to the filthy thoughts you had before. How often you’d hear the same sounds on the opposite side, mixing in with the sharpness of skin connecting together, and you want it. So badly.
“J-jungkook,” you breathe out, letting him pepper more kisses onto you, hips never slowing down. “Can you do something for me?” The tone you use, coated in sugar so sweet he couldn’t say no even if he wanted to.
It’s hard to concentrate on anything else while his cock continues to fuck into you, turning your mind into mush each time he sunk all the way in. He can see the way you try to focus, eyes falling shut with the cutest pout on your kiss swollen lips, finally grabbing onto the reigns of your mind as you spit it out. “Wanna feel you—fuck—spank me, please.”
Only then do his hips slow down, cock throbbing inside of you, fighting the urge to cum before fulfilling your request. The only confirmation that he was agreeing, wholeheartedly, comes when he pulls out of you, moving too quickly for you to protest at the loss of contact. The room spins for a second as his hands grip onto your hips and flip you over with ease, palms gripping the globes of your ass and softly patting them with a chuckle.
“Of course baby,” he murmurs, hooking his arm underneath your stomach to haul you up onto your knees, allowing you to steady yourself before he’s sliding into you once again. The change in position has you keening, his cock sinking deeper than before, the wetness dripping out of you helping him maintain the earlier pace he had. Your hands fist the sheets beneath you, back arching in ecstasy as he hits your g-spot with precision, a tiny shriek of his name making him smile.
Jungkook keeps you on edge, strong hands gripping the skin of your hips tightly, mouth dropping open while he pants at the way you pulse around his cock, leaving it coated in your slick. His hand slides down to your ass, a gentle touch being your only warning before he’s pulling his hand back and delivering a swift slap to your skin. Your reaction is immediate, an unrestrained moan sounding like music to his ears. The sharp sting spreads directly to your core, your head bowing forward as you mentally beg him for more, your wish being granted seconds later when he repeats it on the other side.
If the wet sounds of his cock fucking you weren’t filthy enough, the added slap of his palm across your ass definitely topped it off. Jungkook had never seen you so needy, thighs coated in your arousal, gushing around him each time he spanked you until you were creaming his cock. The greedy way your walls suck him in, wanting him closer, deeper than ever, left him mesmerized. 
His hand soothes the dull throb on your skin, a trembling breath reaching his ears as he leans over your back, lips kissing up your spine up until reaching your shoulder. Hot pants of breath hit your skin, making you shiver as his lips trail along the edge of your ear. “Feel good?”
“Y-yes,” you mewl, voice trembling from the pleasure, rutting your hips in time with his. 
Jungkook’s way of love was a breath of fresh air for you, rough enough to exhilarate you, the force of his hips leaving you scrambling for purchase to prevent you from face planting onto the sheets, gripping onto your hair and tugging it back with enough force to make your body tingle. But it was intertwined with adoration, sweet praise whispered into your ear, lacing his fingers with yours to let you feel secure.
“You’re never getting rid of me baby,” he groans out. The low rasp in his voice makes you tremble, neck straining from his grip in your hair but the burn feels too good to pull away. His small confession has your heart skipping, eyes slipping shut to bask in the overwhelming feeling surrounding you.
“Good,” you manage to pant, “would never dream of it.” After four years of friendship, the beginning stages of getting to know each other, figuring out the right ways to flow with your different personalities, it's all out of the way now, so it’s incredibly easy for you to picture a steady future with him. The breakfast gossiping, shameless club outings, chaotic game nights with snacks thrown at each other, you want everything you already have with him and more. What you have, so rooted in sincerity, built off mutual respect for each other, blossoming into love so pure, you can’t imagine having this with anyone else.
“Y/N,” he gasps, the pulsing of your walls bringing him closer to his climax. “I’m close.”
You can only hum in agreement, burying your face into your pillow when he releases the grip he has in your hair, nipples rubbing against the sheets in time with his thrusts, the sensitivity sending sparks throughout you. Both his hands grip your hips again, dimpling the skin as he quickens his pace, the tantalizing roll of his hips intent to send you over before him. His eyes trail over the curve of your back, how you arch it further to feel more of him, sliding down to your ass, seeing the way it bounces back with each snap of his hips, how you weakly rut back onto him, pussy clamping around his length as your orgasm approached. 
Jungkook slides his hand around you, trailing across your tummy before slipping between your thighs to the spot you needed him most. Even with your face buried in the sheets, the moan you let out is loud enough for Jungkook to hear perfectly, body shuddering as he flicks across your clit in tight circles.  
“Kook, I’m cumming—fuck,” you shout out, white heat enveloping your body as you get sent over the edge. Your mind blanks for a minute, the intensity of your orgasm crashing over you so suddenly, making your limbs tense up while every nerve ending lights up. The only thing you can think of is him, chanting out your name while you pulse around him, sweet words coaxing you through your high, thumb rubbing along the skin of your hips as he never slows his pace. 
As he fucks you through it, groaning out at how tight your walls are around him, you have to turn your head to gasp in a breath, face feeling hot from it all. You can feel how sweaty your skin has become, the back of your neck feeling sticky as your turn to get a glimpse of him, body still shuddering from the aftershocks. 
Jungkook doesn’t have a care for his own volume now, moaning unabashedly as he pistons his hips into you with less grace than before. The soft mewls of overstimulation you let out just bring him closer to his release, thrusts getting sloppier as the pleasure takes over him. 
“Fuck, baby-” he grunts out, mouth dropping open as he moans even louder, finally falling apart. He pushes further into you, head falling forward as his hips press flushed against your ass, warm spurts of his cum filling you up in a way that fulfills your dirtiest fantasies. A few more shallow thrusts has the two of you gasping, hearts pounding in your chests, coming down slowly as he finally stills.
A serene silence falls over you, the movie long turned off in the background, only the low glow of the television letting you know it was still on. With great hesitation, Jungkook finally pulls out of you, gulping when he sees the thick globs of cum spill from your core, dripping down your thighs before landing on the sheets in a sinful mess. Your sheets are well and truly ruined, Jungkook would honestly suggest tossing them in the trash judging by the damp spot directly beneath you.
With a small groan, you’re flopping fully onto your stomach, thighs no longer able to keep yourself up, the exhaustion creeping up on you. Jungkook chuckles when he hears you, soothing your back with a gentle massage. “You’re not sleeping in here babe.”
“Why not,” you slur, cheek pressed against your pillow, eyes already shut. All you wanted to do was lay here, preferably with his arms wrapped around you, but Jungkook clearly has other plans. 
“Because it’s disgusting,” he laughs, giving you a few more seconds of rest before he’s moving around. The dip in the bed lets you know he’s gotten off, one eye peeking open to search for him, seeing him gathering his belongings from the floor.
“Where are you going?”
He shimmies back into his clothes with a grimace, gathering your own items before approaching you once more. “We are going next door and sleeping in my totally clean bed, c’mon.”
You only put up a fight for a second, secretly enjoying the way he helps you get dressed in your earlier clothes, heart swelling in your chest at how domestic it all feels. The mess in your room would have to be dealt with another day, the only important item being the ice cream that finds its way back into the freezer as you both head out of your apartment and swiftly enter his next door.
He’s just as delicate and careful in the shower, taking turns cleaning each other, large hands gripping your ass and giggling like a child when you wince at the small throb of pain you feel. Soft kisses are shared under the showerhead, warm water soothing your body as the room fogs up, sweet confessions scribbled on the glass in his messy writing, topped off with a heart. Jungkook stops you before you can wipe it away, shyly telling you that he’d like to see it reappear the next time he showers.
His bedroom was one you weren’t too familiar with, used to lounging in his living room the most, so as he settles into his bed after getting cozy in his pajamas, you wait for him to call you over before joining him. The coolness of his sheets has you sighing, snuggling into his side with a smile on your lips, one that Jungkook sees as he stares down at you before pressing a kiss to your forehead. Seeing you draped in his clothes, cuddled up beside him in a way you’ve never done before, makes him feel like a giddy teenager. 
“Can I be honest?” he wonders, arm wrapping around you to pull you even closer to him. When you hum in confirmation, he laughs sheepishly. “I thought you were going to friendship dump me today.”
“What, why?”
Your head bobs up as he shrugs his shoulders. “The way you were acting reminded me of the last time you told me you wanted to focus on your relationship. I was just scared I was going to lose you again.”
The tone he uses makes your heart ache, the same guilt you felt these past few days coming back when you put yourself in his shoes. You had no idea that the way you were acting would affect him this way, never once imagining that he thought you would cut off this friendship while you were just coming to terms with the fact that you harbored strong feelings for him. 
“Jungkook, I’m sorry,” you sigh, palm resting on his chest, feeling each beat of his heart, no longer racing like before, confident and steady in it’s pace because he knows you’re not going anywhere. “I’m stupid, and freaked out after what I did, and just needed to gather my thoughts before saying anything.”
He cranes his head away from you, a confused look on his face. “After what you did? What did you do?”
“Uhm,” you start with a strained laugh, refusing to look up at him out of embarrassment, but the truth has to come out so you power through it.  “So, the night of the date, I sort of got home earlier than I told you I did.”
His eyes narrow at you, refusing to give anything away before he knew where this was going. “Okay, go on.”
“And I sort of heard you through the walls.” You look up at him now, your guilty stare spelling it out for him. His eyes widen before he can conceal his surprise, cheeks warming up instantly because oh boy, he knew exactly where this was going. “And then, I sort of...joined.”
“You lied to me!” he shouts, shocked smile on his face as he recalls the way you had replied to his texts, telling him you had just gotten home and going the extra mile to say you were in a totally different room when in reality, you were sprawled out in your bed after just getting off to the sound of him.
Filthy. And also kind of hot. Jungkook was definitely into that, something he’ll totally proposition you into doing again because why not.  
“I know! I couldn’t help it, it was so hot, and I felt so guilty. But, you’re technically the reason why my orgasm gave me my epiphany and let me realize I really do like you. So, I think I did us both a favor by being a dirty liar.” He’s laughing instantly, fingers gripping your cheeks to turn your head up, planting a firm kiss onto your lips obnoxiously.
“Alright, you’re forgiven. Plus, consider us even because I have definitely heard you getting off on your own plenty of times too.” A squeal of surprise fills the air as you swat at his chest, burying your face into his shirt and feeling the rumble of his laughter. It really wasn’t ever intentional. The walls are thin, you weren’t exactly quiet, and he couldn’t just lay there and ignore it. So call him an opportunist, or a pervert, because you were one too. 
Jungkook is cheeky though, knowing how to get under your skin in the best way, and you can already tell you’re in for a ride when he gets close to your ear and whispers, “You wanna show me how you did it?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know,” you snort, peering up at him with mischief in your eyes.
“You did say I could torture you later.” He smiles innocently, fingers pinching your chin as he kisses you again. “It’s later.”
The sweet laughter that escapes you makes his heart skip a beat, still not able to come to terms that this was happening and wasn’t some dream of his that he’d wake up from. He kisses the tops of your cheeks first, then your nose, before reaching your lips, his hand gently caressing your skin. Jungkook had no intention of torturing you tonight, knowing how tired you typically were after work on a normal day, and after drawing two orgasms out of you that left you shaking, he knows how close you are to sleep with the way your eyes droop. 
“Aren’t you glad you didn’t give up on crushes and love?” he mumbles against your lips, inching back to stare down at you. 
“I’m glad I stopped looking for it in the wrong places.” Your hands wrap around his neck, toying with his hair before pulling him back to you, reattaching your lips because you just couldn’t seem to get enough of him. 
Every single moment you shared, from moving in and awkwardly trying to get to know each other, the ups and downs of failed relationships, the push that started it all at the club, and every almost moment in between brought you full circle to right now. There probably won’t be a moment where you don’t wish you had done this sooner, worked past your worry of ruining a good friendship in fear of what could happen, but the past helped mold you into who you are, strengthening your relationship to be the way it is now.
Right now had you thinking of the future, and there was nothing more exciting than that.
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haik-choo · a year ago
karasuno boys as boyfriends
a/n: im just basically astral projecting myself into these situations; ALSO if you want more detailed ones, just ask, and you shall receive! (also this is my first post i’ve written on here! but if you want plenty of kpop content i’m @hyucksong where i’ve been writing and I am still active! :))
-tsukishima, yamaguchi, hinata, kageyama, tanaka, nishinoya, sugawara, daichi, and asahi
tsukishima kei.
the type to look you straight in your eyes when you ask for a hug and say “no, who do you think i am, your boyfriend?”
runs his hands through your hair from the front and then when his hand reaches the back of your head he pulls you into him and kisses you either on the forehead or the lips <3
in order to be in a relationship with him you HAVE to have the same type of humor.
i don’t think he could date someone who doesn’t make fun of people with him
you guys are like best friends who make fun of each other and. make out a little every once in a while
he’ll hold your hand and hug you in public but he will NEVER do anything else, especially not in front of the boys
he thinks the blush that ignites on your kissable cheeks should be for his eyes only
he gave you a keychain that had a cute little strawberry shortcake on it. and it’s your most prized possession 
will shoot a glare at anyone who watches you too closely. like no. don’t get googly eyed over MY girlfriend. 
and you don’t have a problem with that ;) 
yamaguchi tadashi.
he likes to watch you when you’re not looking to pick out the little habits you do
he thinks that knowing someone’s little hardly noticeable habits is one of the most intimate things on mother earth
he knows that you stir the milk in the bowl three times before you pour the cereal in to check for chunks because you accidentally drank spoiled milk when you were younger
NEVER has an issue getting you a gift for any occasion. he ALWAYS knows what you’re looking at and what you want and you lowkey think he can read your mind but in reality he just pays attention <3
you’re either just as shy as him to bring out his more assertive side or more assertive than he is to bring out his more timid side -- both are good
kisses you on the forehead and holds your hand in public -- he loves PDA because he can show you off :’)
yes. he kisses the back of your nape in public. so what. 
kageyama tobio.
he probably fell in love with you because you were just as passionate about something else as he is about volleyball; music, drawing, writing, math, science, reading -- whatever
i see this relationship as being one that’s like...accelerated friends. like,,, you act like him and hinata except you kiss sometimes and he can see you at the end of the wedding aisle
DEFINITELY reads cosmopolitans once you start dating because he wants to be a good boyfriend for you <3
PDA is literally little to NONe,,, not because he doesn’t like’s just because he doesn’t realize that he’s not showing you affection lololol
like in one arm he has his athletic duffel bag and the other he has a volleyball
he doesn’t mean to neglect you he just does AGAGAG
realized he liked you when he thought about you when he was drinking his milk and mindlessly bought you one too
the first time y’all kissed. he literally stared at you so intensely for a SOLID ten minutes debating in his head whether or not he should just go for it or wait or just smash his face into yours and hope your lips connect
he chose to cross his fingers and ended up smashing his forehead and nose into yours 
it was cute tho <3
hinata shoyo.
when yall cuddle and you’re the little spoon he likes to put his head on your shoulder/between your neck and watch as you scroll through tiktok or instagram and just mindlessly talk about his day 
the type of boyfriend where neither of you can cook and you both confusedly look at recipes on google like: ????? wtf is the difference between brown sugar and regular sugar
it’s his INSTINCT to hold your hand. no matter what. his hand just...gravitates to yous.
AND HIS LIPS JUST FIND YOUR CHEEK??? like it’s so natural to him to kiss your cheek when he sees you, even in public. it’s so adorable i--
he loves to tickle you. like you’ll be vibing, drinking whatever you drink in the morning and he’ll come up to you all casually and kiss you cheek...and then he’ll pounce 
he holds you close to his chest when he tickles you, partally because he likes feeling your laugh vibrate on his chest, and partially because it’s easier to not get tickled if he’s right behind you
his sister LOVes you and it just. makes him so happy
tanaka ryuunosuke.
you CANNOT remove his hand from your ass. it is permanently glued there. it is attached to you. yes, even in public.
number 1 hypeman! he will always support you, no matter what! you could be in a competition to raise the biggest beetle and he’ll be there rooting you on and staying up late with you as you rear your award-winning beetle
you two lay next to each other on the couch/on his bed and he’ll have his arm around you and you’ll lay your head on his chest as you watch netflix shows
i don’t imagine him being shy when he first kisses you; the first time he kissed you, you were literally just. existing and he literally just...couldn’t hold it in...and he just went for it
literally CATAPULTS himself into you and kisses you senseless
yes you and saeko are besties she gives you ALL the tea about young tanaka
the type to take off his shirt more during practice if you’re there watching, and literally BURN red if you mention anything about his muscles
you once traced a vein in his arm and commented on how hot it was and he literally short-circuited 
kiss his biceps. kiss his abs. kiss his cheek. please. it’s all he wants. he’s touch-starved
nishinoya yuu.
SUCH an excited boyfriend
like he seriously gets so hype doing ANYTHING with you pleaSE give this man an award. you’ll be at the amusement park and the line to get into a ride will be three hours and he’ll be like
“I get to spend three hours with you?!! fucking sick! absolutely radical!” 
he’s bold in public, but only because he wants to rub you in his teammates faces, but his ears will be Red
at home, he’s calmer :) he just loves to spend time with you, even if you’re sitting on a bench watching him practice receives for five hours straight in the blazing sun. 
he just treasures your time so much, you treats you like a precious gem -- he will NEVER treat you wrong. deadass has no problem admitting when he’s wrong -- but if he thinks he’s right then he WILL stand his ground
he’s a passionate man, who loves just as passionately.
his favorite time to kiss you is after you’ve taken a sip of a soda because he likes the taste of the syrup and the burn of the carbonation, but most of all because he likes the taste of your lips in combination with all of them
the day nishinoya told everyone yall were dating, kiyoko stopped you in the hallway and deadass got on her knees and thanked you LITERALLY she was like “i’ll buy you anything. give the word and it’ll be yours.” 
sugawara koushi.
would kiss you on the first date. deadass. he’ll just drop you off at your doorstep and you’re still high on adrenaline, and you’re lowkey hoping he’ll kiss you and you get  little disappointed when he doesn’t and then when you least expect it. bam. his lips on yours
his smell oh god, he literally smells like fresh sugar cookies. it’s like as soon as you get anywhere near him his smell just invades you nose and. you’re powerless. you just wanna hug him
never smells bad. try me, bitch. NEVER.
his hugs are literally god’s gifts. he loves hugging you. he just completely envelopes you with his pretty setter arms and his smell takes up all the space in your head and nothing else exists for that moment, just you two
loves tucking your hair behind your ears or just moving it out of your face; doing homework and your bangs are in the way? not for long because he’ll clip them up for you <3
he’s pretty mischievous and will playfully put his hand next to your head and lean down with such a HOT look in his eyes 
and he’ll say some shit like “i wanna devour you” and then he’ll laugh afterwards and give you a kiss on the forehead and you’re standing there. like -.- o.o -.- o.o
whenever he feels insecure about his position on the team, you’re always there to comfort him and he’ll just lay between your legs and rest his face on your stomach as you comb your fingers through his hair and scroll through tiktok
PDA? yes please. uh huh. mhmm. he doesn’t care who sees his love for you he just wants to love on you baby. kisses you on the lips, no problemo
daichi sawamura.
you and suga are the only ones who can scare him when yall are mad lol
boyfriend where you’ve dated for like a year but it feel like 50 have already passed. in a good way!
this relationship is so ungodly domestic. like from the first day it’s just pure comfort and he’s like your rock and you’re his anchor
you two bicker a lot but it’s lighthearted and you just feel so secure with him that poking fun at him and at yourself is just natural
daichi. gives. god. hugs. he does. it’s fact. 
his arms are just so big and he has so much body warmth and he probably smells like some bullshit cologne like “smoldering woods” and it’s just so. daichi
you two spend the night at each other’s house so often it’s like you already live with each other and people always forget that you don’t lolol
totally sleeps with his shirt off and only with underwear. isn’t awkward about it either;  when he wakes up he puts on sweats but still remains topless (not that you’re complaining)
you two are like. the strict parental couple, when you walk together whether it be down the street or in the hallways, you just look so right for each other it’s. mind blowing
doesn’t mind kissing you a little in public but really thinks that stuff should be for private; so normally he just kisses your temple and always has an arm either around your shoulder or around your waist
asahi azumane.
literal fucking teddy bear. god please cuddle him. please kith him. please comb through his hair with your fingers and kiss his nape and kiss the back of his head. please i beg of you.
did NOT ask you out first. he wrote love letter to you and then waiting behind the gym because he thought being near the volleyball gym would give him some luck and them you got in front of him and he was. deer in the headlights
needless to say you asked him out and kissed his cheek. he DIED
even once yall are comfortable in the relationship he still needs reassurance every once in a while because he’s a little insecure, not that you’ll leave him for someone else, but that he’s not good enough
his PDA skill are. subpar. he usually just holds your hand and that’s it, but sometimes kisses the corner of your eye or nose and you just combust
when yall cuddle he doesn’t like spooning. he likes to be able to see your face and the expressions you make, so doesn’t like being the little or big spoon; yall face each other and just lets your head lay on his arm even tho it’s numb. im: soft
kisses are so sweet, slow, and hesitant. he doesn’t really kiss you often because he has terrible timing but...when he does it’s like the whole world just becomes still in that moment and nothing matters but his hands on your waist and yours in his hair 
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burnedbyshoto · 5 months ago
go the distance
Tumblr media
(will you) go the distance
— You’re perfectly content in life except for the fact that you are not dating Deku. When his best friend won’t help you out, you turn to the dark side to get what you want.
pairing: pro hero!midoriya izuku x bad villain!reader
warnings: 18+, nsfw, smut, manga spoilers, pro hero!au, villain!reader, ofa usage for sex lol, size difference, manhandling, public sex, slight degradation and praise, deku eats his cum outta ya pussy, big dick deku, corruption but make it opposite, deku is a pervert change my mind
word count: 12,715
a/n: well, yall already knew I wanted to make this fic a reality, so here it is for bnharems villain collab!! check out all the already amazing stories if you haven’t already. thank you to kara, sky, and jo for reading this for me because lmao im ass rn. I’m gonna go to bed because I partied a bit too hard last night.
your quirk: distortion – can make afflicted persons vision shift 6 cm to the left or right at the cost of having their own vision shift the same way
“Breaking news: We have yet another report to add to the slew of attacks this month, this comes just days after we broadcasted rumors of a villain running rampant over the city. This spate of attacks has put the entire metropolitan area at a standstill, road closures, and damaged property making it difficult for commuters to get to work in the morning. 
“Road maintenance endeavors to do its best to keep the city running, but it seems futile when these attacks continue to increase. The entire city was brought to a standstill by the mysterious villain who has still not been named, but reports show they are nothing like we have ever experienced before. 
“Where are the heroes now? Who will save us from the terror overwhelming our city? 
“Every day the crime toll continues to rise and we have no one here to protect us. The Hero Public Safety Commission assured us earlier in the week that the crime rate would go down, that the top Heroes are out there protecting our city, but if so, where are they? Is it really safe to go out anymore, who can we trust? Would you put your life in the hands of a Hero today? When they have proved our streets are no longer safe. We still have no information on what is going on, or who is involved, but we must remain observant. We will continue to report the latest news as we receive it, but for now, we must implore you to heed the warnings of the city-wide curfew that is soon to be implemented. If anyone has any information on these occurrences in the city, please send them to us or contact the police, you can remain anonymous. The safety of our citizens is what is most important, stay vigilant and don’t go out unless it is absolutely necessary. One thing we know for sure: we can no longer rely on Heroes to protect us. The streets of our once-great city are no longer safe, we are no longer safe.”
The female reporter closes her eyes, despite still being on the air, her eyebrows furrowed as she exasperatedly sighs.
“Was that good enough, Mirage?”
You look at her with a pout, your eyes then clenching shut as your lips move with unsaid words as you motion for the cameras to stop rolling. You tilt your head right and left, muttering a bit.
“Did that seem better to you this time? I don’t know, I don’t think it was scary enough...”
You open your eyes to see the exasperated reporter looking at you as if she personally sought to end you right where you were sitting.
“You are the worst villain I’ve ever encountered,” she deadpans, and you laugh in agreement.
You weren’t really a villain.
If you must put a label on what you were, you would say that you were the best PR head any hero agency could ask for. You were, after all, the top student graduate from UA’s Business Course and had been ushered into a condensed agency the moment you were finished taking your graduation pictures. 
And well, if you are actually curious about the… villainy, you would like to uphold and continue to stress that you weren’t a villain! You were just a public nuisance – like those stupid YouTubers – with the ability to garner Pro Heroes’ attention! People had no reason to scoff at what you did on the daily.
You took both of these jobs very seriously!
It was like being straight out of a comic for you!
A simple – hopefully should the heroes you’re in charge of not be stupid – nine to five job by day, and a badass, crime-committing, sexy as shit villain by night! How could anyone ever hate you for your lifestyle! How could anyone ever hate you?!
But we are all noisy people, and everyone wondered just why you became a villain because you had a beautifully stable job with an impressive salary! Why would such an amazing woman such as yourself dabble in the evilness of humanity? 
Well, you did have an answer for the public.
“Why do you engage in evil, villainous schemes?” the reporter deadpans, absolutely and utterly not being paid enough to humor you in this forced interview.
The public loved drama, pizazz, a little showmanship even from what they deemed humanities worst! So, you told the world why you chose to be evil instead of good:
“Because I want to be!” you grin, flashing a pose as you make your away from the interviewer you had very much illegally forced to interview you. “And because a hero killed my cat!’
Of course, that was a lie! Why would you ever hand over the real reason as to why you decided to become a villain! You’d be laughed right out of Japan, possibly be murdered by a horde of fangirls!
For you see, there was one reason and one reason alone as to why you decided to take your place within the villainy hall of fame. Why you chose to do more in your day outside of your already demanding job.
And that one reason was: Pro Hero Deku, civilian name Midoriya Izuku.
Now, trying not to come off as some creepy, weirdo, stalker fangirl, you could fully admit that you were in love with the stupidly large hunk of a man that debuted as an official pro a year before you graduated from high school. 
You remember how the world was finally recovering from the year-long nightmare that had ensued. To be honest, you were stupidly surprised you had even managed to graduate, given that most of schooling had become somewhat of a joke.
It had been in the evening, the clear blue sky becoming ruby red and blood orange as you made your way out of campus. The air somehow smelled of sweet hay and gasoline, but you didn’t mind. There was hardly anyone out at this time, most students had made their way home already, and the only sounds were the moving cars of businessmen just trying to get back home.
There really wasn’t any reason to suspect anything to go wrong, this was a simple daily walk back home after school that wasn’t like any other. But then there had been a loud pop, an ever louder screech, and finally, you managed to whip your head in time to see a car tumbling through the air straight at you. 
There was hardly any time to think, even less to react, and the only thing you knew was that you were not going to survive.
You braced yourself, eyes clenching and body curling, your mind screaming because this was not going to be the way things ended. But before it could happen, before the car could come down upon you and squish you like a bug under a shoe, something picked you up and you were weightless.
Waiting for an impact that never came, the tears that were endlessly streaming down your face were suddenly stopped by rough, warm fingers smoothly wiping them away.
“Hey, it’s okay! You’re safe now!” a voice says softly to you, endearingly warm and comforting. “I’m here, don’t worry.”
“Am I… did I die?” you whisper, unsure if you even want the answer, your eyes remaining closed because you refused to open them up to some angel that could confirm your death. “God, what an embarrassing way to die!”
“Oh – um, no! You’re not dead! I promise!” the voice laughs brightly, just softly enough that you believe him and not be entirely horrified by the amused reaction. Your eyes crack open slowly, just barely peering back into the world, still half praying you weren’t dead. But all you saw was green. 
Green eyes, green hair, green clothes.
You blink, once, twice, realizing only then you were staring into the eyes of a boy about your age.
He had curly hair, freckles littering his face, and eyes that easily pierced through your very soul.
Without meaning to, your breath stopped, frozen in your lungs as you were captivated by a handsome man with a curving, beautiful smile. 
“See, I told you it was okay!” he teased you, head cocking to the side as he grinned largely.
The action itself seemed to strangle the strangest noise out of your mouth as you realized suddenly and immediately that your face was burning and all you could think was:
A cute hero rescued me, a cute hero rescued me, a cute hero rescued me, acuteherorescuedme!
“Sorry about that scare! I would’ve caught that car sooner, but I wasn’t paying attention to who was around!” the green boy apologized, bowing deeply in front of you in his apology. “There’s a commotion just up ahead, so I recommend you take the next road over.”
You nod numbly, unable to conjure even the slightest hint of your voice again as he stood up to his full length. He was average in height it seemed, taller than you, but still not towering. The hero looked behind his shoulder, those big green eyes focusing onto the distance, onto something you couldn’t even begin to imagine – or see, really. He blinked and turned back to you, smile gone but the gentle aura to him remained, but now his face, his mouth, was underlined with a sense of urgency and engagement to whatever sent a vehicle tumbling your way.
“Which train do you take home?” he asked, eyebrows relaxing from his stern position, as his smile picked up again. “I’ll take you closer to your station!”
“B train,” you manage to wheeze out – unable to be the reason why he was held up but also confused as to just what he could do to get you closer to the station that was at least a mile away from here.
“Perfect! I know where that is!” he laughs for just a moment, and before you could even ask if this was going to be some escorted thing – because you definitely did not need it – his arms were fastly secured around you, and suddenly you were weightless.
A cold wind rushed against your face, nipping at your nose, cheeks, and ears, sending your hair flying around – into your mouth! Oh, you were screaming! You were soaring through the skyline, being held by some hero you couldn’t name, and you were screeching at the top of your lungs.
Making the mistake of looking down, your arms were suddenly around his shoulders, your voice growing even sharper and louder as you squeezed against his body and refused to let go. His hands, despite the gloves, were warm on your back, and his soft chuckle warming you from nose to toes as he secured his grip on you.
“I got you,” he spoke, “I won’t let you go, I promise.”
Those words don’t exactly ease you, but there’s a comfort to the genuinity to his words. You nod nonetheless, your face buried deep into his neck. The cold wind continues to whip around you, the only thing sounding in your ears is the cruel whipping wind and quiet city below.
“I’m landing now,” he informed you, body shifting in the wind, and reflexively, you clung even tighter to him, expecting the similar stomach dropping motion of a roller coaster going straight down. “You’re – ack – c-choking me!”
The knowledge of that, hearing the strain and entirely unhidden sound of him choking against the current chokehold you had on him, you released him entirely with a shriek of your own. Was it a smart move? No, definitely not because you were how many hundreds – if not thousands – of feet in the air with a quirk that could not, and would not save you.
“It’s okay! I’m fine!” he quickly said, his arms shifting around your waist as you felt your body weight drop just the smallest bit. To which your focus landed to the concrete floor so far down, and you began screaming again. He panicked just a bit too. “Y-You’re okay too! We’re landing! We’re landing!”
Soon, but not soon enough, the concrete floor came underneath your feet, and you practically felt your knees buckle underneath you. The train station behind you was practically invisible, and you felt the floor come in contact with your knees, and you collapsed onto your hands and knees. You could feel the tears streaming down your face as you wheezed and panted, unable to move from your position. 
“Hey, look, we made it!” he laughed gently, probably being said in hopes that you would feel better. (It did make you feel slightly better, his laugh was light and pretty to listen to.) You could feel him approaching you, iron covered red shoes appearing before your vision. Looking up, you saw that the young hero was crouching, his face holding a wobbly smile that was earnest, worried, and full of unspoken hope. “I do need to get back, but before I do, are you good enough to be left alone?”
You blinked your soaked eyelashes at him, still largely unable to say anything at the cute hero in front of you who had a few scratches on his cheek, right below his freckles.
“Y-Yeah, um,” you say, your tongue cotten and lead in your dry mouth. “I-I’ll be fine, I think.”
The green eyed hero nods, offering you a hand and assisting you to your trembling legs, “That’s good to hear!” he chirped, his wobbly smile becoming a grand, bright grin. “You were really brave! I was impressed!”
Now, you were an idiot at times, but even you could spot a stupid lie. Still, hearing it said with such honesty, as if this hero who was no taller than five foot eight truly believed it, made something bubble in your chest, and soon you found yourself laughing.
“No need to lie to me, h-hero,” you manage to speak between stammering breaths, “thank you for saving me, though. I appreciate it.”
You grin crookedly at him, and to your utter delight, he reciprocates it.
“It’s the least I can do. I’d offer to take you home but… I’m not quite finished yet,” he says, and you can only nod, the conversation obviously reaching its last strides. You watch as he floats up, his eyes looking at you, but somehow focused how many miles away from where he had brought you from. “Stay safe?”
“I’ll try my best,” you agree to his question, hands clasping before your lap. “Finish the job quick, hero?”
He grins, “I’ll try my best.”
You feel a breathless sort of laugh escape you as you watch him beginning to shoot back up, but a sort of horror shoots through you as you rush forward, running right after him, hands cupping around your mouth as you scream:
“What’s your name?!”
The blur of green in the air freezes, and you stop running as you see green eyes and freckles focusing back onto you.
“Deku! My hero name is Deku!”
You stop at the curb of the street, eyes focused on the sky as the green eyed hero named Deku grins one last time before shooting off at a speed probably much faster than when he held onto you. The wind blows around you, and you can only feel the heat sitting on your cheeks and the way you’re smiling as you stare after his figure that's long, long gone.
“Deku...” you whisper to yourself, ignorant to the world of commuters beginning to appear at the station. “Thank you.”
And thus came the very apparent and obvious day in which you fell head over heels for Pro Hero Deku.
Now some people called you a stupid fangirl, obsessive stalker, and sometimes, yeah, you were obsessive and weird about your slight infatuation with a stranger. It was strange, you knew that! But you also knew that you had practically no chances of ever being able to woe the man behind the image of Deku because Midoriya Izuku practically existed as Deku 24/7.
After you graduated from high school, you were put into the same agency that was currently holding Deku. Without tooting your own rom-com obsessed horn too much, you fully expected to walk in and be handed Deku’s file as his PR manager and be able to thank him for not only saving you all that time ago, but also eventually sweep him off his feet. 
But your reputation preceded you well, probably too well, because the first day you entered the office and was handed your list of three clients to work with, neither one was for Deku. Being a PR manager for heroes was hard, a job that practically held no set hours because, unlike your typical celebrities, heroes had no type of privacy or protection. They were constantly under the spotlight, being viewed by adoring fans and scornful critics. Your job served as the first line of defense for heroes against the public, and there were some heroes that were quite hilariously easy to work for because they were genuinely good.
The older PR managers typically held the quieter, easy tempered, or less combat heavy heroes. These heroes typically never had a bad thing said about them, their job was a glorified PA job but even less because there was no expected demands from the heroes they had to take in. Unless, of course, a hero wanted to do some sort of public event they hadn’t considered. 
But there were the louder, quick to temper, or the heavy combat heroes that while made you an insane amount of money, also brought you a near 120 hour work week because there was so much to do, so much to consider, so much to keep your eyes on. There was the constant slander, the people who hated the louder, quick to temper heroes because they didn’t like their attitude, completely disregarding that they had been unsafe and a liability the entire time the hero was dealing with them. The talk shows that took months to convince to allow for an interview because they heard false rumors, and so you have to practically wrestle a boa constrictor to get a measly five minute interview done. And then the combat-heavy heroes… no one would ever shut up about building damages and how this hero broke his nose while he was stealing a store! 
Not to mention having to have every single piece of social media on your phone, set to notify you whenever your clients names were brought up so that you could look at it. You’ve seen more than enough lewd drawings of your clients to last you a lifetime, enough fanfiction, and fan edits that left you with blazing cheeks and the need to never look at your client ever again. But mostly you checked each and every update because you were their first and only line of legal defense on these sorts of things.
You’ve taken down leaked nudes, fake news, and qualmed rumors and speculations.
It was hard.
So when you were shown to your desk on your first day and three files were handed to you, you were shocked to see the hero names you would be working with.
Phantom Thief
Somehow, without having yet to speak with a single one of your now current clients, you knew that you were going to have your work cut out for you.
“Good luck newbie!” the woman who gave you the initial tour chirped, clapping you on the back. “You got this!”
Good lord.
Without much to do other than reading through the three’s files, you realized that you already knew a bunch about two of three of your clients. DynaMight and Shouto were two heroes that you knew teamed up with and hung out with Deku a lot, both on-field and off-field if any of the out of costume pictures said anything. Because of their connection with Deku, you had at one point learned a bit about them.
You knew that Shouto was a crowd favorite. He was tall and sweet and a complete airhead at the best moments despite him being smart. Controversy still surrounded his character, despite all the good he did, because of the past history that was brought out about his father Endeavor and his brother Dabi. The country couldn’t figure out where they stood in terms of that reveal. Endeavor did a lot before the reveal, and continued to rise up to everything in his path despite the skeletons in his closet being thrown out for the world to see. They neither forgave him, nor hated him, they only watched and waited. Then Dabi, of course, was seen as a could-have-been version of Shouto, and many tried to ask if he was really a hero and not actually siding with the League. After all, why on Earth would he be defensive of his father too?
The public had an unmoving image of Shouto based on anything but who he was as an individual, and you decided immediately that it would be your job to fix that. He was also, after all, a dear friend of Deku, so you’d do anything.
Phantom Thief was your easiest of the three clients. A relatively well mannered man who was kind and a bit weird in a fun way. He had a great sense of self and was a reliable person on the field. He made a great hero, but you could see the way his spirit blazed with an unspoken rivalry between him and the other two of your clients. Well, it seemed like he was the best until his former self appointed rivals came into the picture, but that was hardly ever, and according to Shouto, he was way worse back in their first year. 
The greatest scandal he’s had so far in your three years of working at their agency was the one time he was lied to about a quirk and accidentally copied a woman's quirk that gave her the ability to change her cup size. Safe to say that Phantom Thief accidentally broke a few buttons on his shirt and was unable to stop civilians from snapping pictures. 
But of course, the one that had you practically crying yourself to sleep nightly for more than one reason was Dynamight.
You’d known about him the moment you looked up Deku on your phone.
They were practically a hero duo in everything but name. They were always seen doing the same things together, whether that be on patrol together or maybe getting dinner, most of their top recorded fights were done with each other by their sides. You had also learned that they were childhood friends, and you practically vibrated at the thought that even though Deku was not your client, the chances of meeting him were still astronomically high.
There was no way you wouldn’t not meet Deku!
But you were wrong, so very, very wrong.
Turns out the hero duo in everything but name meant that Dynamight refused to let Deku be anywhere near him in the agency – the very small amount of time they spent in here. The few times they were in the same room, Dynamight absolutely refused to be interrupted because that was their paperwork hour. You had only ever been blessed with seeing green curls turning the corner as Dynamight gripped your forearm, refusing to let you follow.
“Like hell I’ll let you distract the shitnerd,” he stated simply, his red eyes narrowed as he stared down his nose at you. You opened your mouth, ready to defend your not so innocent intentions. “I’m not stupid, so don’t pretend like you won’t try anything.”
Your jaw snapped shut.
Safe to say that you couldn’t do anything about Deku so long as Dynamight was around.
But Dynamight as a client was exhausting to put it kindly.
There were so many opinions and thoughts and issues and praises coming from everywhere. Hell, even the fucking Americans and westerners had caught wind of the Wonder Duo at one point and while you were well knowledgable on their opinions on Deku, the ones on Dynamight were the ones that you had to focus on now.
People still called him a villain, so many unhappy with the fact that he still screamed and cursed and threatened. There were many conspiracy theories that he was working with the long dead League of Villains. They turned their nose up at the fact that he was childhood friends with Deku, claiming that no way an asshole like him could have ever been friends with him. And of course the bullying revelation that had come out shortly after your debut. 
That had been a trip, one that had you even shocked as Dynamight approached the table in front of the media, his body calm and composed. You had watched as he simply said he owed nothing to the media, that he had already done all that he could to deserve his atonement and deserve Deku’s forgiveness. He had spoken clearly, concisely that it wasn’t any of their damn business as to what he did, and if he apologized to them, the unaffected, the ones that had nothing to do with his early years of bullying Deku, of his previous weakness and insecurity, it would be a waste of his breath. 
It isn’t to them he should ever be apologizing to anyways.
You had watched as he stood up, face calm, and hands shoved into his pockets as he stood and walked away despite the screaming reporters. You had wanted to stay longer, have your own hand in damage control, but a swoop of green came in and Deku was at the microphone eyebrows furrowed as he pointed a finger at them all and said that his past with Kacchan was between him and Kacchan only, and his decision to forgive Kacchan were his and only his.
You didn’t hear the rest, didn’t even get the option to hear the way the hero you loved defended the hero you worked for – his childhood friend.
Dynamight had grabbed your elbow and dragged you out of the room with him, the metal doors clanging closed the moment fierce green eyes met yours.
You watched in the company car as Dynamight looked outside the window, one elbow on the doorframe holding his chin; his gaze focused sharply on nothing but the passing sidewalk. Had it not been for the way the hand on top of his lap trembled, you would have thought he was perfectly okay.
Neither one of you talked about that again.
But just because you didn’t talk about it again, didn’t mean the world was the same. People claimed he brainwashed Deku, others demanded that Deku beat the shit out of Dynamight. You knew that Dynamight would want nothing to do with this, but you would stay in the office (an almost useless, empty office as most PR managers did their business at home) for hours long after you were supposed to be gone, practically arguing with someone who only existed behind a screen and didn’t even care that much – but you couldn’t stop.
Seeing Dynamight’s shaking hand had really done a number on you.
“The hell are you still doing here, eyelashes,” Dynamite asked from the dark entrance of the floor. “Go home already, don’t waste your time.”
You had startled at the initial intrusion, but you immediately relaxed seeing the smudged paint around red eyes and blond hair. You barely kept your gaze on him before turning back to your computer and continuing your argument.
“I’m not wasting my time, I’m doing my job,” you remark, eyes squinting at your keyboard because your vision is definitely blurry. “I’ll be heading out soon anyways.”
“God you’re fucking annoying and stubborn!” Dynamight barked, the heel of his hand slamming into his forehead. “This is exactly why I won’t introduce you to the fucking nerd!” 
“What?!” you shriek, suddenly looking at your client as if he had personally attacked you – and in a way he did. “What do you mean you won’t introduce me to Deku because of that?! I’ve already met Red Riot, Chargebolt, Cellophane, and Pinky through you!”
“Yeah, because they’re not stubborn idiots too!” Dynamight accuses, jamming a gloved finger at you as he begins stomping your way. You startle, your chair shooting backward as the explosion hero makes his way towards you at alarming speed.
“What are you—?!” you shriek, hands flailing about as he grabs you by the collar of your distressed shirt.
Dynamight lifts you up to your feet as if you were a sack of flour and you grasp onto his forearm.
“I might tell you that you’re the most annoying and stubborn bitch in the world, but you’re not worse than fucking Deku,” Dynamight sneers, his red eyes narrowed and stern. “I’m not going to let you meet him until you learn how to give or you’ll hurt him, and I’m not going to be part of any reason as to why he gets hurt again.”
Your jaw dropped, clearly offended, but you closed it just as fast; the weight of his words made you a bit sad, even for just a bit.
“You’re kinda cute when you care for Deku, you sure I’m his biggest fan?” you tease, grinning at the hero to which he rolls his eyes.
“Shut the hell up and go home already; it’s annoying seeing you fight a losing battle that’s none of your damn business,” Dynamight simply said, putting you back onto your feet and blocking out your desk. 
“I’ll go home on the condition that for my birthday you at least consider introducing us!” you say, unwilling to move from your spot. “I’ve been working for you for three years! You’ve kept me away for three years!”
Dynamight’s stare didn’t even shift the slightest millimeter, his red eyes unamused as you groaned in grief and annoyance.
“I’m stubborn? Have you met yourself?!” you grumble snatching your jacket and purse from the hook on your cubicle and shoving them on. “My names God of Explosion Murder: Dynamight and I am Stubborn™ but will never admit it.”
You continued mocking your long time client and most definitely friend if you dared to say so, and dragged the heel of your foot all the way to the elevator to which you were joined by Dynamight. The trip down the elevator is silent, and you keep your gaze locked on the closed doors, unwilling to even look at the hero next to you.
Soon enough, the elevator reached the ground floor, and you got ready to walk out.
“I’ll consider it,” Dynamight said as the elevator doors opened. “Also, fucking stop calling me Dynamight, Bakugou’s fine.”
He walked off the elevator with his hands shoved into the pockets of his pants.
“Thank you, Bakugou!” you shriek, your lungs failing you at the thought of finally being introduced to Deku! You hadn’t moved from your spot from the elevator, your chest hammering with the thought of getting to meet Deku.
“Don’t get your hopes up, you’re still irritatingly stubborn,” Bakugou merely calls over his shoulder before lifting his hand in a halfhearted wave before stepping out of the glass door.
That brought you back to reality just a bit and you scowled, knowing you would have to go beyond and above to prove that. 
But you see, there were many reasons to cry about having Bakugou as your client. Besides the stinkhole of his previous bullying, people just were not understanding his typically prickly exterior. You had to go head to head with reputation tarnished, had to slap fangirls away who demanded that Bakugou degrade them where they stood. It was hard to not be stubborn as not only his PR manager but his friend, and in less than a month, still plenty of time before your birthday, you had already grown irritated of the meeting-Deku-card he waved over your head.
“Mei, if I have to go any longer than this, I will die and hope I am reborn as Deku’s new guardian angel,” you pouted, chin pressed against a cold metal tabletop. Your hands being used as glove models for one of your best friends Hatsume Mei. “It’s first of all impossible getting anywhere near him with his guard dog Bakugou literally stopping me whenever I’m within a ten foot radius! And then I’m not even sure what will happen when we do meet again! Would I even be able to talk to him?!”
“Why wouldn’t you? You talk to all my babies with me! There’s practically nothing you can’t do,” Mei laughs, smacking you against your back before returning her intense gaze back to the gloves. “Deku’s uh… I actually can’t remember him but I’m sure he’s a great conversationalist! I think he helped me with the Sports Festival my first year.”
 “That was Iida,” you laugh, wiggling your fingers as Mei demanded. “You’re so bad with names and faces, I’m impressed you know mine.”
“You saved my baby, of course I remember you,” Mei turned her grin towards you, “but come on, why can’t you get with him besides this Bakugou guy?”
“Well, he’s just like Bakugou! He’s practically married to his job! Their schedules basically match together perfectly! There’s literally only three hours a day while they’re on the job that they’re not together! And that’s when they patrol their own parts of town because there’s hardly any activity they don’t need to be attached by the neck.” You explain and rant, your cheeks puffing as you stand up and allow Mei to run further tests on the glove. 
“Sounds like you gotta become a villain to woo this hero guy, huh,” Mei spoke, eyes focused on the glove as you pointed a finger at the far wall and watched as a beam exploded from the fingertip and pierced through the steel wall like butter. “Too bad you’re a goody two-shoes or else I could make you some serious villain gear and make you a fearsome villain to then prove that Hatusme Mei’s babies and creations are untouchable and the best in the world! Muah-ha-ha-ha!”
You know her words are more joking than serious, but that doesn’t stop your eyes from widening. Your body shifts over to where she was standing and you screech pointing at her and just narrowly missing setting off the laser again. 
“What’s it?” she asked, completely confused.
“You have to make me a villain!” you exclaim, rushing over to Mei, who is eagerly waiting for her babies returnal especially since it ran perfectly. “You have to make me near-invisible gear that can keep me going toe to toe with Deku until I can seduce him!”
“You want to turn evil?” Mei questions, finger pressing quizzically to her chin. “That doesn’t seem right.”
“I am definitely not villainous to pull that off, but like I pretend to be a villain so that he talks to me and we can like get to know each other!” you exclaim, you’re unable to keep from hopping up and down on your feet, your grin unfathomably bright. “It's practically a romcom in the making!”
“I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” Mei laughs, altering the band of fabric around your waist. “You do know heroes and villains hardly speak? It’s more like… ‘I’m more powerful,’ ‘No me!,’ ‘No, ME!’”
“Um, I’m pretty sure that’s not true, but whatever! I’ll figure out a way!” you continue on unaffected because this plan was genius! Especially if you had Mei in your corner?! Her recent development of not using such… steampunk designs made her creations elusive and dangerous to own. Hence why she was an extremely sought out manufacturer, by villains and heroes alike. “And if I can go toe to toe with Deku of all people, you’ll know that you and your babies are the undeniable best!”
“Hm, that is promising,” Mei agrees with a nod as she forces you around. “Is this Deku guy all that good?”
“He’s the one you made the iron soles for!” you chirp and watch as the recognition and challenge spark immediately in Mei’s yellow eyes.
“Oh,” Mei chuckles, turning away from you and looking at her pile of made babies. “This would be good.”
“So we have an agreement?” you grin excitedly. 
“Give me a month, and we’ll have your debut!”
Fuck Bakugou for thinking you weren’t good enough!
You hadn’t expected the initial phases of villainy to be quite as hard as it was, if you were being honest. The late nights at Mei’s personal lab made sure to keep your plans a solid secret, but you had to prepare for the wild range of what Deku’s quirk entailed.
There was smoke, something you were already used to working in because of Bakugou and his quirk. You’ve navigated quite a bit in his smog, and as long as you knew where you were, you would be fine. 
There was also that danger sense, which allowed him to know when things were coming – something that shouldn’t be too big an issue considering you weren’t actually attempting to extract danger onto him. 
Blackwhip was a big issue. How far or how much could you do if he even grabbed a hold of you. With sleuthing and the help of Mei having files on everyone's quirks, you were able to find information that blackwhip was a creation made of energy. Meaning that Mei was now making some type of destructing material to lessen the energy of the quirk, allowing for you to escape should he attempt to capture you this way.
Float was stopped by having most of your fights occur within a confined area, which was needed for you anyways! You didn’t need to be caught by anyone else but him! You didn’t actually need to land in jail – you would prefer to not be handled by anyone but Deku, actually.
Then of course the stupid superstrength and superspeed, both of which you knew you could handle with your quirk. You’ve been head to head with people with quirks similar to that before, and you knew your quirk was tricky enough that you’d manage to slip right past his fingers just fine. After all, you knew full and well that the Deku who took down S class villains was worlds quicker than F class villains – aka you.
You would be fine.
But today was day one, first of how many days it would take to get Pro Hero Deku, aka Midoriya Izuku to fall in love with you. 
You were dressed in a black and purple bodysuit that was definitely not inspired by Shego from Kim Possible’s costume. Your hair was dyed purple by a special spray Mei created that would be washed out by the end of the day, but wouldn’t ever give away that it was fake. You wore a mask over your eyes, and grinned seeing that you couldn’t see a fleck of color on your irises. 
And with far too much confidence, nauseating excitement, and unjustified attitude, you marched down towards your first spot, ready and adopting the identity of who you were about to become.
It was time to act. Deku and Dynamight were on different patrol routes right now, and you sent your threat, readying for the moment for the man in green to come in with the desire to stop you. With the very real threat of stealing every puppy within the tristate area being broadcasted within the area unless and hero bests you, you waited for your savior to come and stop you.
“I am here to stop your villainous acts, you villain!” a voice shattered the silence just as it shattered your heart. You looked over your shoulder to see some hero you couldn’t name standing at the other stairwell entrance with his fists clenched and ready to fight. 
You groaned, shoulders crumbling with your well hidden disappointment.
“I wasn’t looking for you!” you exclaimed, pointing an accusatory finger at the flabbergasted hero who was just trying to figure out what was happening. “Where’s Deku?!”
“He’s – he’s not here yet,” he stammers, eyes wide. “It’s not his day anymore to patrol this area?”
“Aw fuck!” you complain, pouting at the realization that you had messed up. “Okay, I’ll be back later, please don’t come back. Bye!”
With a small wave, you easily stepped through the door to the stairwell next to you and left, your threat empty and the hero victorious despite not actually stopping you. And unfortunately, although you had wished and prayed even, this was not the last time a screw up like this would happen.
At the threat of destroying all the cats in the area, you had another hero show up, not Deku, and you groaned and left before they could even finish their call of stopping you.
You then threatened to poison the watering system, to which you found out that Deku was held up at another major villain threat in a different city. You groaned and stomped off after that. 
Then there was the time you swore you would increase the overall temperature of the city per one degree celsius should your demands not be made. Shouto answered that one and you immediately walked away the moment you saw the familiar head of red and white coming your way.
Time and time again you kept being caught by heroes you could not care about, being confronted by no names and nobodies. It was tiring, and Mei was beginning to sigh just the smallest bit whenever you showed up to try yet again.
But you weren’t a quitter!
You would win!
This was your last attempt at getting Deku to notice you.
After threatening to wrap all the citizens in the area with a giant froot by the foot, you were almost sad to say that the heroes ignored your cry for chaos and no one had come to check on you.
You sat outside the building you used as your trap for Deku, pouting into a hot dog that the neighborhood's grandma gave you because you looked like you needed something to eat. It’s a good thing you weren’t actually a villain or else they’d be fucked, you bitterly thought as you took another bite of your food. 
It had been a month of empty, no Deku appearances, and you were going to bite the bullet and pretend to be not stubborn just so stupid Bakugou of all people could introduce you.
You kicked your feet as you sat on the staircase, humming as you watched the empty streets bend with the wind. It was quiet, beautiful, peaceful.
“YOU!” a voice shrieked to your left, and you watched a pudgy, red nosed man racing over towards you, a flash drive clenched in his hands. “TAKE THIS! RUN! DON’T LET THE HEROES TAKE IT!”
You gawked at him, feeling the small plastic device being shoved into your hands as the man collapsed at your feet. You squeaked when you heard a voice yelling stop and you bounced to your feet, turned into the building and raced in.
Your breathing was erratic, heart in your throat as you raced up the stairwell, unable to begin to imagine what the hell the information on the flash drive held. You were practically hyperventilating as you reached the floor you had come to know extremely well, and you stood near the window with shaky hands and legs.
What did you take?!
“I’m going to need that back, I’m afraid,” a low smooth voice said from behind you, and you froze immediately. Old anxiety overcome by a new anxiety, one that made your stomach flip and blood burn. 
Turning around, you felt awestruck to see the one man you’ve been waiting for… for fucking years now, really, to appear before you, finally be there. In the flesh, completely, entirely. Your jaw dropped, your gaze looking down from your clenched hand that held the USB to the way that Deku looked at you with warm eyes that were underlined with steel that made you want to drop to your knees, confess everything, and beg to be his. God, he was so fucking tall. He had only been about five foot eight the last time you had actually talked, and now he was at least a foot taller. His teenager haircut was long gone, now replaced with his curls trimmed at the nape of his neck before filling out on top – not quite an undercut. He had more freckles now, surely. His skin just a bit tanner, a scar trailing from his cheek to his jaw. You knew there were more scars, just as you knew that there were dimples when he smiled.
You wanted to have him between your legs while you begged for mercy, holy shit.
Tucking the USB into your pocket, you tilted your head as you will yourself to relax.
“I went through all the trouble of getting it... I think if I’m going to hand it over quickly, I deserve to know what’s on it, no?” you tease, your confidence coming out of nowhere while a smile spreads ever so largely over your features. Deku’s eyes widened just a bit, shock overcoming his green eyes.
“I’m sorry, but that’s confidential,” Deku stresses, taking a step forward toward you. You click your tongue, taking a step backward while grinning.
“I don’t think that’s what I asked for,” you giggle as you watch Deku’s face go through an array of emotions before settling onto one – curiosity.
“What do you want?” he asked, apparently entirely ready to discuss any and all terms and conditions with you.
“Honestly?” you reply, tapping a gloved finger to your chin as you ‘think.’ Deku, however, nods. His stance relaxing, becoming one of preparedness but not the takedown he had previously entered with.
“A date with you.”
You watch as Deku’s eyes slam wide open, his jaw dropping immediately and he stammered. Oh, how your heart soared and how you felt giddy and wonderful as he seemed to slip and slide on his own tongue!
“A-A date?!” he ends up almost shrieking, his head shaking left and right. “T-That’s a total lie! You can’t possibly – well, no! Please tell me the truth!”
But you were giddy, practically drunk off the fact that you were making the most powerful hero in the world blush like a little schoolboy. You suddenly were on the offensive, stepping towards your hero who was much larger than you with power and drive behind each step. And it must have been the way you stared him down, the way you walked towards him at blank range with such brimming confidence that Deku takes a step back. But it’s something that makes you want to laugh as the heel of his foot gets caught on a raised tile, and you watch the mountain of a man tumble to the floor.
You’re on top of him immediately, hands pressed to his shoulders, knee settling near his crotch with most of your weight so he got the idea to not do anything funny. The USB sits between your fingers, and you lean over his flushed face that looks up at you with wide eyes.
“Actually, I changed my mind, I know what I want,” you say instead, nose ghosting over his. “Everytime I decide to do something… naughty… I want you to be the hero on the case to stop me. You and just you.”
You lean in closer, so close that you could see the specks of gold in his green, green eyes.
Deku hasn’t spoken, and you’re pretty sure his chest isn’t moving as you press your breasts against his.
“Understood, De-ku?”
Your teeth tug at his bottom lip and let go as he nods.
“Good, good,” you grin, sitting up on his chest and taking the USB in your fingers and slipping it into his utility belt. “Take good care of that for me, I’ll see you next time, hero…”
You had only managed to flash a quick wave before disappearing through your usual door, hoping and praying to god that whatever the hell possessed you would continue until you reached Mei’s. It wouldn’t hit you until much, much later than you had stunned Pro Hero Deku speechless within the first meeting.
Hell, you thought giddily as you answered Bakugou’s call about how he probably just got into a bit of a messy situation, maybe you do have the potential to woo him like this. 
Thus truly began your descent as the villain Mirage.
It was quickly accepted and discovered that the moment you stepped into that costume and colored hair that you were the prey for Deku and Deku only. Most of your interactions with Deku occurred within buildings, and you used Mei’s gear to gain the final laugh each and every time to allow for you to escape. There were times, however, where you could be seen racing through the sky. Jumping from rooftop to rooftop as Deku followed after you, leaping, tumbling, and even catching you at times. 
You flirted with him heavily, allowing yourself to be caught so that you could bat your pretty lashes and press your chest against his. It didn’t matter how professional he was, how good at his job he was, Deku was a pervert – so obviously a pervert it made slipping away almost too easy.
But because you had the world-renowned, world known Pro Hero Deku as the only hero on your case, soon the small block who had to play victims to your horrendous crimes became only a small percentage of people who were watching your crimes. These near daily crimes (or inconveniences/botherings as the people on the internet say to defend you and your actions) are becoming both a worldwide sensation, and so, it took nothing for you to continue having Deku at your feet and the world chipped in. So you agreed to do interviews, forcing uneager reporters to do segments on you so that the hype behind you and Deku’s relationship grew.
You didn’t want him to leave you, not until you got what you wanted, and unless you were an idiot, you were nearly positive you were almost there.
Why would you say that?
Well, a few reasons.
The first came about a week after you had first met Deku again.
You had joyously gathered the means to create a machine to shave down an eighth of an inch of everyone's shoes in the entire country of Japan without their knowledge. You had ever so evilly explained that the point of this was to ensure that for a full day, everyone would feel off and unbalanced but would not know why.
You had said this, grinning widely as you turned around to see Deku standing there attempting to fight off a very amused smile. 
“I don’t think that would be all too evil, Mirage,” he called out to you, arms folding across his chest as he watched you set up the machine to do exactly what you said you would do.
“Mm, that’s what you say now, but just wait until you’re one of the losers stumbling around,” you say back, grinning as you turn around for just a second, wagging the knife at Deku from the distance. 
“Well, regardless, you know I can’t let you do that,” Deku laughs just slightly, and you grin, standing up.
“Oh, yeah?”
“Yes, so I’m going to have to ask you to stop right there.”
You giggle.
“Make me.”
You’re not sure what happens, but there’s dodging and weaving, spinning and sliding. You’re practically wheezing from how hard you’re laughing as Deku can not manage to land a finger on you with the help of Mei’s items and your quirk. It all comes to an end when instead of dodging, you throw yourself right at him, and Deku has not anticipated that. 
His eyes are wide open and you fiercely grin as he falls back onto the floor, unbalanced and only slightly frantic. You have the knife pointed at his neck, the dull blade sitting gently on his skin.
“So, Deku,” you taunt teasingly, your teeth burying into your bottom lip for just a moment at the sight of the dark flash in his green, beautiful eyes. “Tell me one thing, or I’ll continue on with my vile plans.”
“Are you single?”
The second attempt came a few many weeks later. 
You had gathered about 75 tons of glitter bombs and were in the current process of making them one. You had plans of setting it off over Tokyo so that for practically the rest of eternity, the entire city would have glitter everywhere. The only thing is that you did have to glue the glitter bombs together because, well, no one made super giant ones.
“This is so annoying, there’s glitter everywhere, and I’m only ten glitter bombs in!” you complain to the ‘empty’ room but knowing full and well that Deku had appeared through the broken window at least five minutes ago.
“If it’s annoying to you, then shouldn’t you stop?” Deku replied and you grinned. 
He really couldn’t stay quiet, huh?
“Well, if it’s annoying to me, then that means every one of my victims will also find it annoying. Win-win situation.” you say, turning around towards him and winking. Facing back towards the glitter bombs you scowl, “stupid fucking glue gets everywhere, too!”
“Regardless, you know I can’t let you do that,” Deku said as leveled as he could although you swore you heard a laugh in his voice.
“Just try and stop me,” you reply back stone cold.
You stand up and watch as Deku stands up from the windowsill and sighs just a bit too heavily.
“Guess I have to,” he says and shoots out before you’re well prepared.
Typically, and probably in any other situation, this would have been the end. Pro Hero Deku had come at you with the speed and power as he took out any other Class F criminals, but unfortunately for him, and definitely fortunately for you that glue was EVERYWHERE.
Deku’s hand was stuck onto your arm, and your chest was glued to his stomach, and you swear you never quite got the strawberry Deku references until right now.
The perverted hero burned scarlet, his face practically simmering with heat as your body became undeniably stuck to his. You had to fight off the vindictive smirk, the practically snarling grin as you could feel something hot and heavy twitch at your hip.
“Fuck,” Deku wheezed.
“Fuck, yeah,” you grinned.
Deku could not look you in the eyes for about 10 more interactions following that, but you counted that as a win. But undoubtedly, your starred and favorite memory of it all was something that occurred just last week of the current present events.
You had stood on top of a building, threatening the entire government of stealing (i.e., cutting off) the aglet of their shoes and sweaters and then removing all the laces so that it would result in their wasted time and entire humiliation!
“I don’t think most people even know what aglets are, to be honest,” Deku said from behind you. You turned around to see that he was standing there with an unsuppressed grin. “It’s not a good enough threat.”
You go unfazed by his judgement, choosing to instead bat your eyelashes and push your hair behind your ear.
“Not a good enough threat, and yet, you’re still here?” you tease, enjoying the way pink flushes to his cheeks.
“Where else would I be?” he says, and you have to ignore the way your stomach fills with butterflies. 
“You’re not cute when you flirt back,” you deadpan, biting your tongue harshly when he says ‘hey!’ “Enough chit chat, let me kick your ass now and then do what I need to do.”
Unlike probably what is 95% of the time, you made the first move today. 
You were on the offensive, jabbing and weaving, sweeping and punching. Deku’s green eyes were nearly black as he watched you, analyzing and taking in your movements, countering them all without so much of an issue.
“I still don’t get your quirk,” Deku grunted as his hand swiped at the empty air. “Why won’t you tell me?”
“So then you can turn me in to the government who are still salty about their aglets? I don’t think so!” you say with a laugh, rolling out of the way as Deku lunges forward. “Try again, baby, I have full faith that you’ll get it.”
Deku puffed out a chuckle and lunged again, his huge gloved hand swiping at you, with nearly accuracy despite your quirk being on. But… he wasn’t exactly perfect.
Cold air hit your breast and your jaw dropped as your very exposed breast appeared before you and Deku. Pro Hero Deku had torn the breast of your costume, the costume that you purposefully did not wear a bra for because you had wanted this exact scenario to play out.
“DEKU!” you screech, pretending to be modest and covering your tit as Deku finally yanked himself out of staring at your breast and whipped around. 
“Oh my god, I am so sorry! I didn’t think that was going to happen! I didn’t even mean to look at your boob! It just sort of all happened too fast and it was very shocking! N-Not that you have an ugly boob or anything because actually I think you have a very great boob! But oh my god, I need to shut up please ignore me!” Deku spoke so fast in a matter of five seconds, and you couldn’t even tell him to come back as he sprinted away.
His ears burned red and you swore even as he was gone, you could still see the red of his ears illuminating the sky.
You laugh.
“What a perv.”
And so, we are back to the beginning.
Back to how you forced a local news channel to read your demands so that you could hopefully take your final bow as Mirage forever.
With the threat of having a machine that would make dogs bark at a frequency for hours on end until humans eardrums broke then bleed. You made your way to your typical building and hummed as you waited. 
The world outside was the same as always.
There were a few people out, a few cars driving through the street, and a few birds chirping here and there.
It was peaceful.
“Don’t you think the new reporter thing was a bit dramatic?” Deku chuckled from behind you.
You were used to him approaching like that, used to him trying to portray being elusive and cool. In your opinion, it just made him dorky.
“No such thing as being dramatic when I’m trying to go head to head with the greatest hero ever,” you respond back effortlessly. You spin on your heel and look back at Deku, who is leaning against a doorframe that he most definitely is slouching on so that the top of his head doesn’t hit the frame. “Hi, Deku.”
“Hi, y/l/n,” he says with a soft smile, one that's slightly victorious, one that makes your stomach knot in a pleasant way.
“Ah, you discovered my secret identity,” you observe, grinning as you begin approaching Deku. “Should I be scared?”
“Probably not, I don’t think I could do anything to you,” Deku sighs, pushing off the door frame and walking towards you too. “You’re pretty amazing, y/l/n.”
“Let’s prove that then,” you grin while zipping forward.
As if the both of you knew that this was the end of the line, the final confrontation, the battle this time was different. It was showy, flirty, full of spins and side steps, playing a game of cat and mouse while dodging and weaving. You laughed as blackwhip dissolved around your costume, and you frowned as he began using more of his power to get from point A to point B much quicker.
You’re not quite sure how it happened, what exactly you did wrong, or maybe Deku just finally figured out the pattern you used for your quirk because suddenly you were being tackled from behind. You shrieked as the two of you went down, his body flushed on top of you, his chest pressing to your shoulders. 
The both of you were heaving, panting, completely out of breath from the five minutes you took playing around. He holds your wrists in one hand, pinned above your head, and the other one is on your waist. You were trapped beneath him, unable to move the absolute unit of a man above you, arms and hips weak to his weight. You shoved your hips up, attempting to shift some of his weight off you, but you froze as he choked on a breath by your ear.
Your ass was pressed against something hard, thick, and hot.
Ohhh fuck.
It was happening.
Holy fucking shit.
Your breathing hitches as you thrusted your ass up again, confirming you were grinding on what was definitely Deku’s hardening cock. And once again, Deku makes the prettiest, most embarrassed gravelly grunt at the back of his throat and you feel like every strand of resistance and strength snaps.
The hand on your waist pulls you even closer against his crotch, and there's lips pressing against your neck, and you absolutely lose it. 
He kisses your neck sloppily, teeth nipping at your exposed flesh, and you grind against him, moaning and thrusting back as your body feels like it's on fire. He wanted you! He wanted you and your plan to woo him worked!
“I’ve wanted this for so long,” you keen breathlessly. “Wanted you so badly, Deku.”
“Fuck,” Deku curses, his hips thrusting back against your clothed ass with power you couldn’t fucking wait to feel. “I wanted you too. Wanted you so badly, but didn’t think – holy shit.”
His hand that pins your wrists lets go of you, and moves to grab your jaw. You nearly fucking melt as his full lips slam against yours, and you moan as his lips move against yours. There’s something indescribable about how he’s kissing you, the want, the need, the months of suppressed tension bursting through every move and curve of his mouth. It doesn’t matter to you that you’re pressed up against the concrete floor, you feel like you’ve been placed into another world, an area where you can never come back.
Your arm reaches behind you and buries into his soft curls, you tug at them as your ass circles against his thrusting hips. His tongue slips into your mouth, and you whine at the hot, wet muscle in your mouth, and it sends your head spinning. You can’t take it anymore, you need him, want him flushed against your front.
“Can I fuck you?” Deku asks swollen lips pulling away from yours, his mouth frantic and trailing kisses up your cheeks and down your jaw. “Please, I wanna fuck you so bad. Wanna fuck you on the floor and against the wall. Can I make you mine?”
You nod your head frantically, unable to come up with the words to say in order to tell him yes.  
Deku laughs breathlessly and flips you over so that it’s your back against the floor now. 
And just like you want him to, Deku comes down to reclaim your mouth. Hot, open mouthed kisses, teeth tugging at your lips and hands grabbing your waist. His hands are huge against you filling up the space between your hip and your waist without an issue. Your legs wrap around his waist, feeling entirely small underneath him, but entirely ready to be fucked by him.
His lips move expertly against yours, teeth nibbling at your lips, mouth then sucking on your tongue. You can’t keep the continuous moans from leaking out, can’t keep yourself from staying quiet as your eyes flutter open and see green eyes so dark they look black, staring down at you with the intensity of a predator. 
You were his prey, and you would present to him at the drop of a hat.
His body is hot, heat rolling off of his hero costume in waves, making you feel like you were near burning against him. And the heat between his thighs sits at the bottom of your ass, thrusting up and grinding against you so that you don’t forget even for a moment that you are making him this way. 
“I always knew you’d have such a pretty moan,” Deku mumbles as his fingers find the zipper to your costume and begin to tug it down. His lips trail down your neck, biting and nipping at the newly exposed flesh. “Knew you’d look so pretty under me, waiting to be fucked into submission.”
The words spark something within you, your eyes fluttering as your hips grind just a tad bit faster and you whine. 
“Aw, is that what you wanted this entire time, y/l/n?” Deku asks, his grin pressed against your collarbone. “Wanted to be stretched out and fucked until you can’t anymore?”
“I want it,” you gasp, your fingers burying deep into his curls. “I want you, I want it, I want your dick in me already!”
“Not into foreplay?” Deku chuckles just a bit, tongue then tracing up your neck. 
“Oh I am,” you snap, fingers finding the zipper of his own costume. “You can find out later how much I’m into it, but right now, I have been wanting you for years, and you will not make me wait any longer!”
Deku only nods frantically, and it's a mess of limbs, sloppy kisses, and clothes as the both of you strip to nothing. 
Deku’s in between your legs, one hand pressed to the back of your knee, the other gripping what you believe is his dick because it makes everything in the world freeze as you see it. It’s huge, so thick that his hand wraps around it in a nice grip, and it long, curling up to his abs, curved and veiny. 
“Holy shit,” you squeak, your cunt already clenching at the thought of taking that in. 
“Are you ready?” Deku asks, the hand on your leg moving away for a moment as he cards his fingers back through his hair. “I don’t have a condom, though.”
“That’s fine, I don't care,” you dismiss his words, eyes too focused on the flush cock in his hand. “I don’t think I’ll live after you kill me with that anyways.”
Deku laughs just a bit, his dimples flashing as he leans in and kisses you deeply. You tremble underneath him, feeling so small pressed up against him, and you mewl when you feel the head of his cock pressing between your folds.
“Put it in,” you gasp, leg lifting and wrapping around his waist, “put it in! I want you to fuck me until I can’t walk, do you understand?!”
Deku nods, and with a sense of frantic need, his hand guides his cock into you.
It feels like you’re splitting in half. The girth of his cock stretching your walls out to the max, and he’s only going in. You scream loudly, both in pain and pleasure because it hurts so good.
“Take it, baby, take me all in,” Deku pants, his hips pushing out small, tiny thrusts to ram his cock further and further into your twitching cunt. “That’s i-it, holy fuck, that’s it! You’re taking me all the way in. F-Fuck… you’re so amazing! So fucking perfect!”
Tears are pouring out of your eyes, and your nails are tearing into his back, you sob slightly overwhelmed with his cock and the absolute pleasure of finally getting what you want and it being so much better than you thought. Your cunt throbs almost violently as Deku’s cock finally hits your cervix and your eyes roll to the back of your head as he thrusts in further, lips attempting to claim yours. 
“Fuck me, Deku,” you beg, hips beginning to slam and fuck up onto his cock. “Please! I need you!”
“Such a desperate little villain though,” Deku sighs, teasingly, giving you one strong thrust for good measure. It goes a long way though, the power behind his thrust and thighs promising you a bruised ass, thighs, and cunt makes your mouth water for more. “I need you to promise to never do anything like that again and be a good little manager for Kacchan.”
“Be good and stop being Mirage, or else you won’t be fucked.”
There was no hesitation.
And just like that, Deku’s soft smile curves into a knowing, fierce smirk, and you can do nothing as his hands press to the back of your knees and he begins thrusting his hips into you. And it takes you completely out of control. 
It’s a messy, frantic dance, your body holding onto his, your lips pressing against his, desperate and needy for his, and he is basically trying to imprint his body onto yours, the concrete, and the walls. Your bodies are so foreign to each other, and yet, when he fucks into you just a bit hard, just a bit faster, you come undone, back arching and toes curling as you sob his name.
It’s overwhelming to know that he can read you this well and for you to have never fucked him before. It’s empowering to see that he likes every forced and involuntary squeeze and clench of your cunt. He loved when your nails dug into his skin, raking their existence against the plane of broad muscles and scars. 
Deku curses your name as you clench around him, his hands moving to your jaw so that he can lift your face to kiss him just so. He kisses you with a heated passion, a need that strips your entire being bare, and his hips slam so loudly against you, the slicked wetness is squelching and slapping with every grunt and moan.
In and out his cock goes, and you praise him and his cock.
You praise him for making you feel so good, for stretching out your pussy with that fat cock of his. You beg for more, and more, and more. You want every snap of his hips to send new colors to your vision, and every echoing squelch of your meeting, sloppy sexes only adds to the blabbering, unmanaged sentences from your lips. 
“Harder, faster, more!” you beg, practically wailing against his shoulders, needing him more and more. The concrete hurts against your back, but you don’t care. You don’t care if he breaks your back, it’s a fall you’ll take. “Don’t hold back! Don’t you dare hold back!”
“Fuck, you’re crazy,” Deku gasps, his sweaty brow burying into your cheek. “I won’t though, I won't. Be ready, I’m not sure if you can take it.”
Before you can snap back that you can in fact take it, Deku’s weight falls heavier onto you and the angle shifts just slightly, and your words are ripped right out of your throat for a pitched, window shattering screech. Deku fucks into you with a new power, some untapped strength as greenspark falls from his skin as he ruins you for anyone ever again.
Your voice begins to scream out, the feeling of his vicious, thick cock snapping into you, shoving your shoulders further and further into the concrete was sending your head spinning. Your body is convulsing as he fucks you with new vulgar need and strength. But before you could scream your praises, Deku’s fingers shove into your mouth, and his other hand wraps around your neck, silencing your words and noises as he fucks up into you again and again and again.
“So loud, angel,” Deku smirks, fingers stroking and pinching your tongue as saliva pours endlessly from your mouth. His voice isn’t strained however, doesn’t have any indication that he’s out of breath or ready to tap out and that nearly makes you go insane. “I can’t wait to see everything that makes you look like this… you’re so pretty when you’re getting fucked.”
Your head is spinning, the heated tightness in your core clenching and throbbing as his conquesting cock never once stops or lessens. It just grows and grows and grows. His cock twitches in you, and your eyes roll to the back of your head as he lets out a deep moan. 
“Such a good and wet cunt you are,” Deku gasps as you gag against his fingers that press roughly against the back of your tongue. Your vision feels hazy, but you feel like you’re on cloud nine as his hand on your throat opens and closes, demonstrating his power over you. “I’m so glad you went through all this hard work to get me to fuck you.”
You can’t speak, so you nod desperately, you were so happy you did this too. 
Your hips buck up into him with sheer stubborn drive to get him to toss his head back and moan, you wanted to see him unhinged too. Your eyelashes flutter, as his hands remove themselves from your face, and they move to your hips to help you out. But the building tightness and demanding need in your cunt was growing louder, hotter, completely undeniable. Your teeth sinking against his skin as you whimpered loudly, absolutely pathetically as you shifted faster, fucking against him harder.
“I-I’m so close,” you manage to moan out, and a sharp escape of air comes from his nose at that revelation.
Deku nods, his head moving so that his forehead rests against yours as he looks deep into your eyes. “I need you to look at the way your belly bulges while I fuck you before you cum, I want you to watch it bulge as you cum.”
You whimper, the strain in your neck almost insufferable as you peer down at your hastily exposed stomach, and you nearly faint at the pornographic, near-insane image of your stomach bulging with his hammering monster of a cock. And just like that, the tight heat in you snaps without a hitch, and you come tumbling down from the heights of your building orgasm. White heat and light spread through your body, your jaw slacking as you moan loudly, screaming his name as you convulse against him, body entirely limp. Deku, who was barely hanging by a strand, completely loses it when your core clenches like a vice against him. 
Hot, thick ropes of cum spurt from his cock, his heavy, shaking gasps the only thing you can hear as he fucks into you once, twice more for good measure he collapses onto his forearms above you. It’s hot, almost too hot as he lays on top of you, the sticky fluid of his cum radiating against your already blazing walls, and for a bit, there’s silence.
Deku is the first to move afterward, and you whine as he pulls his cock out of your sore, abused pussy. You make a noise of curiosity then fear as Deku spreads your legs even more open and moves so that his head is face to face with your cum filled pussy.
“What are you–?!” you screech as Deku takes a lick out of your dripping cunt.
“Fuck, this does taste good,” Deku smirks as he once again licks your overstimulated pussy and you sob. “Besides, who said we were done?”
“Everyone, this is my girlfriend y/l/n y/n!” Izuku happily introduced you to his group of friends.
“What the hell?!” Bakugou screamed, thrusting a finger at you and all you did was laugh.
So much for not being stubborn, huh.
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labbyyyyy · 11 months ago
mcytbers as subway workers because i work at subway and i said so
i wrote this all at like 1 am im sorry
subway terminology (at least where i work)
waste out -means an item cant, or isnt, being sold, like overbaked cookies or expired milk. gets written down on a list for tax returns or smth
freezer pulls -pulling items from the freezer to the walk in fridge so they can thaw for the upcoming days
POS system -the software used for ringing up food, has a bunch of options per type of sandwich
generally 2 shift rotations , each one has a shift lead which is ur main opener or closer
makes sandwiches so fast. 
how ??? 
he wraps the sandwiches immaculately as well
definitely a main closer
just. disappears during a rush 
only to be found two hours later STILL doing dishes
dream and sapnap are not pleased.
convinces dream to waste out bread for him so he can eat it
gives ppl he likes free cookies 
terrible at wrapping sandwiches
always works with wilbur and tubbo. always. 
he HATES freezer pulls but if he has to he can be seen SPRINTING between the freezer and the fridge
also bad at wrapping sandwiches
does all the online orders for tubbo because he cant read them well
loves to bake the bread and cookies
got a complaint once because he read an online order wrong so tommy always does them
hates ringing people up but loves to make the sandwhiches
only works like 1 shift a week but its the most goddamn productive shift of anyone.
always makes sure they are selling potato soup when hes working
another main closer
always controls the radio in the store
always works with tubbo and tommy, drives them to work
bribes others so he doesnt have to do the dishes
main opener
the manager
super chill about scheduling
turns a blind eye to people “accidently” dropping cookies and wasting them out
a goddess at baking the bread and cookies
never burns anything ever
everybody wants to work with her shes so nice
is really good at ringing those ppl up with 28372 coupons
horrible at making sandwiches tho
the only one that knows how to fix the soda machine when it breaks
always gets asked to translate the writing on the boxes since its in spanish 95% of the time
loves stocking the milk cooler so he can take home the expired sodas n shit
always forgets to remind customers when stuff costs extra
that one transfer from another store that does everything
slightly wrong.
its been long enough now that he should know better but nobody wants to correct him.
has tons of pins on his hat, 10/10
really good at making the wraps
always says hello when customers enter
the new hire
immediately taken under sapnaps wing, much to the chagrin of dream
much more bread is now wasted out.
bbh and skeppy
regulars that are just. always there
they know all the employee gossip and get discounts on food
phil is .5 seconds away from asking them if they want a job
normal shift schedules
wilbur, tommy, tubbo (day shift)
dream, george, sapnap (night shift)
eret, niki, fundy (day shift)
technoblade, quackity, schlatt (night shift)
karl mainly works with the dteam, but jumps around
random things
the cookie incident
once tubbo accidently overbaked like 2 dozen cookies
so he and tommy ate all of them during their shift
they did not come into work the next day.
dream and techno rivalry
dream and technoblade have a rivaly about who can close and leave the store the quickest
eventually they decide to time themselves and race eachother on their respective shifts
techno wins with a time of 3 minutes before theyre officially allowed to close.
they both get yelled at by phil
technoblade’s only mistake
the only mistake technoblade has made ever was accidently leaving the bread cabinet open overnight
wilbur, tubbo, and tommy find it in the morning and have to throw all the bread out
tommy and tubbo split the bread and each leave with a garbage bag full of subway bread
wilbur still wont let techno live it down.
hacker things
once fundy hacked the POS system to give him a 100% discount
used it for about a month before someone (quackity) accidently pressed the option and snitched to phil
luckily, he just sighed and reset the system
cookie dough
wilbur comes up with the idea to pop raw cookie dough in the microwave and eat it half baked
phil comes in one day only to make -direct eye contact- with tommy as he and tubbo lick cookie dough off of some deli paper
allows it to happen as long as they pay for the dough
subway garlic bread
on a really slow day niki and eret are goofing off and create
~subway garlic bread~
it instantly becomes a secret menu favourite among employees and regulars
the bet
once skeppy bet quackity and schlatt that they wouldnt start a fake argument during rush hour
skeppy recorded the whole thing
technoblade can be seen in the backround silently making sandwiches as quackity and schlatt scream at eachother about if quackity has a “flatty patty”
phil tries to be mad but sees all the tips they made and lets is slide
george is the one always sacrificed to deal with the crabby middle aged moms
its his punishment for not helping during the rush.
sometimes for fun wilbur takes his meal break right before the dinner rush
tommy stares at him in fury the whole time.
betting pool
none of the employees can tell if bbh and skeppy are dating
its to the point that they keep a betting chart on a white board next to the “top failure of the week” spot
subway ghost
after a few freak instances wilbur is positive that the subway is haunted and convinces phil to let him do a séance after hours
he manages to convince half the staff that the store is haunted
(the ghost is drista or smth idk aksjdhajk)
top failure of the week
a tally on the white board in the back room of who dropped/wasted out thw most items
sapnap has the record top failure of the week, dropping a total of 42 loaves of bread in a week
schlatt got put on the board once. never again.
enamel pins
tubbo finds a enamel pin of a bee that he puts on his visor
its not technically allowed but phil lets him do it anyway :)
tommy and tubbo take subway bandanas from the back room and initial them before trading with eachother
nobody comments that theyre not technically allowed to have a hat and a bandana
the war
at some point a rivalry breaks out between the day staff
wilbur, tommy, tubbo, niki, eret, and fundy
and the night staff
dream, sapnap, george (techno, karl, schlatt, and quackity stay out of it)
what starts out tame eventually leads to workers purposely messing up stuff for the next shift to deal with, like not stocking the fridge or mopping the floor 
at some point eret switches to the night shift
the day shift does not take it well.
 after about 2 weeks phil is forced to step in as the store quality starts to go downhill
he closes the store for a day and makes everyone clean it u
 techno watches from outside the windows with a bag of popcorn
tommy starts placing the stickers they use to wrap sandwiches everywhere with the words “pogway” on them
everyone can tell its his handwriting but no one can catch him placing the stickers
phil even checked the cameras, still no trace of him
subway gun
sometimes tommy goes around spraying others with a spray bottle full of water used on the bread
he calls it the “subway gun”
wilbur gets fed up hides it in the freezer overnight
thats all for now! if i come up with anything else i might add it lol
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ambers-glider · 3 months ago
HEAR ME OUT..,scaramouche is a meanie and he’s not a very good boyfriend either BUT one day Childe tells him “ur gonna lose ur very hot, very nice s/o if u keep acting like a piece of shit” and he tries, keyword TRIES, being nice but he’s awkward and stumbling a lot and all around cute 🥺 I would die for soft scara
Im gonna split this into two parts BC I went in a direction I didn't expect lol!
Tumblr media
You had been dating the Balladeer, and you weren't exactly sure why you were even dating him in the first place. Sure, he confessed and he made it clear he was attracted you in more ways than one, but he was a shitty boyfriend. You tried to get him to eat, and he ignored you. The next morning, you cooked breakfast for him before he woke up. You were so proud of your work, and you were excited to give your boyfriend the nutrients he needed to function through the day. And what does hd do when he emerges from his bedroom, fully dressed for the day?
He scoffs at you, rolling his eyes.
"You're a lousy chef." He grimaced, not caring for your face changing to one of horror.
"Well sor-"
"'Sorry I can't be a good cook'?" He mocked your expression before turning his back to leave without considering who you were to him. "You're damn right you should be."
He slams the door closed, leaving you to grit your teeth out of anger. You had enough of his shit. You put proper work into this meal, and it turned out well. You indulge in the warm meal, humming in satisfaction.
You didn't need him, and he clearly didn't appreciate you. He only saw you as a piece of eye candy, a gold digger.
Now, the only problem was going around a break up without him killing you or ruining your life for taking power from him.
Childe uncrossed his arms, smirking at Scaramouches bored expression.
"About time you showed, comrade!" Childe hummed.
"Respect your superiors." Scaramouche spat out, before Childe laughs out loud.
"What kept you? Usually you're on my case for being late!" Childe mocked him, only to see Scaramouche was actually going to answer him.
"My lousy partner decided to waste ingredients on breakfast." Scaramouche growled, crossing his arms as he stared daggers into Childes chest. Childe raises a brow before he makes a rebuttal.
"The same partner who tolerates your presence?" Childe queries. "You know comrade, if you're not careful I'm going to steal your partner for myself. I'd kill to have someone as loving as them."
"You kill for fun, you idiot." Scaramouche jeered, not paying any heed to Childes words as he walks along to the camp.
After a not-so-taxing thought process, you decide the best financial option would be to move to Mondstadt. The mission Scaramouche was at was in Liyue, and as long as you didn't go into the wilderness the fatui wouldn't be as likely to track you down. They always attempted to watch for suspicious activity instead of just targeting everyone who was not affiliated with the fatui.
You make it to Wangshu inn, deciding to take a break. You sit down, and you gladly indulge in the cheapest menu item. You receive an item that very much was... not that.
"Oh, this must be someone else's!" You apologise as the waitress places it down on the table.
"Nonsense!" You hear someone hum out. Sitting across from you was a harbinger, one Scaramouche despised being too close to. Usually, you hated being in his presence because you would always and up getting flammed by your boyfriend. Realising Scaramouche was nowhere around, you relax.
"Thank you, Childe." You smile at him, causing him to raise a brow.
"Damn, he really did fuck up huh." He stated nonchalantly. Before you can ask him what he meant, Childe changes the subject.
"I can't help but notice you're moving along to... Mondstadt by the looks of things." He hums, eyeing your bag. "You have a bag packed and all!"
"Please just let me move on." You huff, crossing your arms. "Scaramouche will never be a decent boyfriend, and the reason isn't infedelity."
"Fair enough, I won't stop you!" Childe explains. "I am going to keep an eye on you, though. I can't risk the short guy getting too close again!" He hums before patting your back, wishing you luck.
How you managed to get a temporary job at the Knights of favonius headquarters, you had no clue. You were thankful, however, because this would allow you to get back to being independent. Each morning, you woke up to get ready for the day. Each day, a different gift would conveniently fly into your room. One day some flowers, the next a piece of jewelry.
You kept track of these, but you knew that the best idea was not to keep them. Making your way to Jeans office every morning without fail, you apologise before you say that you got yet another suspicious package.
Jean has had enough after 5 days of this, and she orders for you to be moved to an inward facing room - no windows, no way for such packages to come in.
You head out to complete some orders that Jean wouldn't be able to get around to, and you notice a familiar man.
"Hello there, my lo-"
Two knights stand guarding the building, and the both of them march over.
"Sir, you are approaching territory you are not permitted to enter. Please leave."
"Do you know who I am?" Scaramouche groaned before he begins his triumphant tirade. You rain on his parade, however, and you mock him.
"Oh, I know!" You hum. "You're the creep that keeps sending unwanted gifts!"
It just so happened that Jean had been leaving to begin her work, and she looks over.
"What is the meaning of this?" Jean asks, wanting to de-escalate the situation.
"Calm down, comrades!" The ginger haired fellow arrives, causing you to sigh out of relief. "My friend appears to have taken a wrong turn." He hushes before he drags Scaramouche away.
"I must apologise, everyone." You bow, only to receive something you didn't expect.
"I'm going to assign someone to accompany you. We cannot risk unnecessary harm to anyone."
Before you can protest, Jean calls for Kaeya to go with you. Along with his strength, she also wanted Kaeya to keep an eye out for anything dodgy the fatui may be behind. Kaeya shakes your hand, before kissing your knuckles.
"I didn't know that was in the rule book." You laugh as Kaeya walks alongside you.
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ohajime · 6 months ago
Haikyu boys when they take a joke/prank too far (Iwaizumi,Daichi)
Tumblr media
Word count: 1.9K
AN: In the spirit of April Fools I tried to make my first work based on that I hope you enjoy!! (LOL I can’t actually believe this was the first thing I’ve ever written)
Tumblr media
“Okay so it’s April Fools Day who are we going to prank?” asked Makki “One of the first years?”
“Do we have to prank someone this year..” replied Iwaizumi “so childish”
“Iwa-Chan!” Oikawa said “Don’t be such a spoil sport.”
“Anyways, it can’t be a first year they’re boring to prank a first year coach will be mad at us, we need someone else.”
Just then, you enter the gym, catching their eye as you approach the group sitting on Iwaizumi’s lap “Hey babe, I can still come over to yours to study right?” you ask.
“Yeah of course, practice finishes early so I'll be there before you.” He said
“Alright, see you then bye babe, bye guys” you said, giving Iwaizumi a kiss on the cheek sauntering off and waving at Makki, Mattsun and Oikawa.
“bye Y/N!” They teasingly responded in unison making you laugh.
As they watched you leave, it seemed as if a lightbulb pinged off in all of their heads (besides Iwaizumi) realizing who would be a great person to prank.  
After a lot of convincing, they finally got Iwaizumi in on the ‘harmless’ plan, all they needed to do now is wait on your arrival.
You’re finally done with school after a long and tiring day of exams upon exams and wanting nothing more than to cuddle with your boyfriend (after he teaches you Pythagoras theorem of course.) You did think he was acting weird when you met him this morning in the gym and throughout break and lunch but you just concluded that it was because he was having an ‘off’ day.
You reached his house and used a copy of his key that he gave you to enter we just enter houses up in this bitch  calling out his name “Zumi-babe, I'm here...”  
“Lets get this shit over with” you said tiredly
Upon entering, you notice none of the lights being on or curtains drawn ‘odd’ you think. You go upstairs going straight to his room hopefully to find your boyfriend in his bed or on his Xbox or something. To your surprise his bedroom door was somehow locked shut (even though not having a lock on his door anyways.) Suddenly, you hear creaks slowly trailing up the stairs and an eerie feeling surrounds you... now you start to feel pretty panicked jiggling the door handle to Iwaizumi’s door as it’s practically the only place you can go.
AN: I hate what I’m writing rn but onwards we right
The footsteps on the stairs start to quicken, and you almost certain that you felt something brush pass your shoulder only adding onto the panic and anxiety that you already feel. Ok, the footsteps on the stairs are basically right near you, so doing the only logical thing you can do you body slam the ‘person’ on the stairs as you motherfuckin should  as tears fill your eyes and you pick up bag bolting through the front door, slamming it shut now in full tears and shakingly scared.
You look behind you and see Iwaizumi’s front door re-open and out comes the ‘iNFaMouS sEiJOh fOuR’ in tears... of laughter. It seems that the boys were in laughing fits that their prank ‘payed off’ getting a reaction out of you. You couldn’t see Iwaizumi’s reaction, but you didn’t care you were hurt, annoyed and wanting to get into your bed.
Once you get home, you decide to block your so called ‘friends’ who decided to make you scared shitless and ignored Iwaizumi’s messages asking “where were you today”.... the AUDACITY.  
The next day, the boy’s seemed to realize the consequences of their actions after spending the whole day trying to get your attention only to be straight up ignored. Iwaizumi is immensely regretful after all his efforts to try talking to you were denied, he decided after his practice he was going to get you to talk to him or at least get you to listen to his apologies on what happened yesterday evening.
You left your clubroom and made your way to the school gate to go home.
“Y/N!” shouted Iwaizumi touching your shoulder making you flinch ‘wow did we really scare her that bad?”  
“What do you want iwa?” You asked very agitated
“Y/N I just want to apologize for yesterday, since it was April fools day and all the boys really wanted to prank someone and I-it just happened to be-”
“It just happened to be me. Right?” you interrupted “Gosh Iwaizumi, I was really scared.. I already had a tiring day and all I wanted was my boyfriend to teach me the stupid Pythagoras Theorem and cuddle me afterwards, but no you and your friends just had to be dicks for a day” you turn around planning to walk away before he grabs you again  
“Wait! Just wait y/n, im sorry and I wont ever prank you like that again” he pleaded
“.. and i’ll help you study?” he added pulling the sweetest face of all time to try and convince you  
“ugh, fine stop pulling that face... and you better teach me Pythagoras Theorem” you said rolling your eyes
“yeah yeah whatever you say y/n” he said pulling you under his arm and walking in the direction of his house.
A/N: WOW I DID NOT like the way this turned out but its my first official thing that I wrote hopefully HOPEFULLY MY WORK IMPROVES (I THINK IT WILL) SO please join me on this ‘ride’ in improving my work  
Tumblr media
You decided this morning that you were NOT going to participate in your annual April Day Fool’s prank with Tanaka and Noya... only because of your not-so new boyfriend Daichi saying he didn’t need his teammates corrupting you any longer so you decided to not get involved. With that being said you wouldn’t even think of your boyfriend pulling a prank on you so you didn’t think you’re getting pranked today.
In the gym, the boys were doing the usual: Hinata and Kageyama running after eachother, Tanaka and Noya oogling Kiyoko, Tsukishima listening to music, Yama and Yachi going over club schedules whilst Daichi sat with Sugawara and Asahi.
“So are you pranking anyone today?” sugawara asked
“Pranking someone, isn’t that a bit too juvenile suga?” Asahi replied
“Not you silly, Daichi” said sugawara “With Y/N on his arm they always have to stay on eachothers toes right..she’s a ‘jokester’ right?”
“...right?” Daichi hadn’t thought of it that way, he did know of all your joking escapades before you even got together and how you still liked to joke around now as you date.. He didn’t want you to think that you thought he was too boring for you ?
“Ok. What type of prank should I pull on her..”
Daichi, Sugawara and Asahi (who didn’t really contribute to Suga’s scheming) made a plan for you to meet him at the gym locker with the claims that he had a ‘surprise’ for you .. oh how he was wrong.
Daichi: meet me at the gym locker I have something to show you  
Y/N: Ok!! I’ll be there in 5 minutes
Daichi was nervous, and that was an understatement he didn’t want things to go left and have you thinking he couldn’t even do a simple prank. Once you got there, he saw heard you talking to Sugawara and Asahi outside the door about him wondering where he was in which Suga told you inside the locker room.
“Hey babe” you greeted “what's the occasion in why we’re in here?”
“ I need to get something one second” Daichi spoke quickly and rushed out the room closing the door leaving you confused. Minutes passed, and you were now impatient and kinda scared since the room was dusty, dark and cold definitely not your place to be in. You tried texting Daichi but just your luck you have no service ://  
As time went on you tried opening the door but it was jammed shut no hope opening at all you forgot you left your bag outside which of course had your inhaler which did not help the sudden shortness of breath you started to get because of your asthma and claustrophobia. All you wanted was to get out of this room and talk to … Daichi.
Daichi. How convenient that he manage to slip away before the door got closed hmm but he wouldn’t intentionally prank you after ALL the lectures he gave you about not doing pranks this year right?
You didn’t notice how you started to cry and whimper wanting to leave.
On the outside, Daichi heard your cries and ordered Sugawara and Asahi to find the key to immediately get you out which it seems to take a while because Daichi has now stopped hearing your tears making him gulp in fear thinking something bad has happened to you in there.
Sugawara comes to you handing Daichi the keys, his handing shaking as he tries to unlock the door when he eventually does he finds you passed out on the ground of the dusty storage room. Very cliché I know ://
You wake up in the Nurses Office a bit confused on how you got there until your eyes land upon Daichi, remembering how you locked you in the Storage room where you had an asthma attack and passed out. You turned your body away from Daichi not wanting to talk to him right now after the hypocrisy he did.
“Y/N.. Are you alright?” He asked
“Do I look alright?” You responded in a bored tone
“I am really sorry Y/N... I know what I said to you about not doing pranks this year but Sugawara roped me into this and I didn’t want you to think I was too boring for you so I thought doing this prank would make you see me in a different light” he said
“yeah i saw you in a different light alright” you sassed, you then realised what he said ‘too boring’ kind of feeling less mad and more sad that he feels this way “Dai, you’d never be to boring for me … you’re one of the most funness is that a word? guys I've ever met.”
“really?” he asked  
“Of course! I’m kind of still mad at you for letting this happen but I do sort of understand why” you said giving him a hug.
You were eventually cleared to go home and as you left the clinic you saw Asahi and Sugawara standing at the door.  
“Y/N WE’RE SORRY” they bowed to you waiting on your responses
You chuckled slightly at their cuteness and ruffled both of their hair “all is forgiven, just make sure there’s ‘pranks’ this year “
Which they agreed upon.  
A/N: WOW I DID NOT like the way these turned out but its my first official thing that I wrote hopefully HOPEFULLY MY WORK IMPROVES (I THINK IT WILL) SO please join me on this ‘ride’ in improving my work. Feedback is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED and request too since I will literally write whatever...
I may do a part 2 … any particular characters people want?
Tumblr media
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gojous-exbabymama · 5 months ago
That’s My Baby Daddy~
pretty much Gojou being a menace and you having to deal with his annoying ass😭
warning// language, +18, mdni, mention of smut, mention of daddy kink, breeding kink, kinda toxic!gojou, gojou saturo x fem!reader, got inspired by @hanji-is-life talking about this man i couldn’t help myself lol
Tumblr media
🧿 a sneak link turned baby daddy
🧿 honestly, this is what happens when mix a daddy kink with a breeding kink
🧿 you weren’t even going to tell him because he pops up every two-three months
🧿 whenever he feels like it😒
🧿 but when you do tell him, he becomes even more cocky?¿
🧿 and if you were on the pill and still got knocked up
🧿 his god-complex would fly through the roof omg:
🧿 “im just that strong, baby”
🧿 will say you were trying to trap him but it’s clearly the other way around
🧿 literally wanted to wife you up but you said no because he was still a fuckboy and you didn’t have time to deal with his shit 24/7
🧿 the fact that you didn’t really need him around actually makes him want you even more
🧿 makes up for missing appointments or classes with lavish gifts and anything your cravings desire
🧿 you hate him because he shows up when your hormones are going crazy and all you want to do fuck
🧿 here his ass comes, all too happy to help take care of that
🧿 tried to convince you to move in with him but you shut that down quickly
🧿 so he just buys you a house that’s less than 5 minutes from his☺️
🧿 will show up late for the baby’s birth and annoy the whole staff like:
🧿 “no sir you cannot order room service during delivery” “pls stop touching the buttons on the bed sir!”
🧿 spoils the baby like crazy
🧿 you scold him whenever he comes back with a new pair of shoes because:
🧿 “gojou, he’s just going to grow out of them in like, a month”
🧿 “yeah but look at how cute they are!”
🧿 can’t get rid of him, you went to your moms place and he’s just sitting at the table, eating a slice of pie with that smirk
🧿 sorry to say sis but your days of dating are over
🧿 you’ve made it clear numerous of times that yes, you two have a baby together but that does not mean you two are together as a couple
🧿 and does he listen?
🧿 no! he doesn’t!
🧿 if he catch wind of your fine ass out on date with some weak dude
🧿 he’s going to blow up your phone
🧿 and if you block him for the night, he will show up and ruin the date
🧿 he’s made it very clear that your his stop playing with him
🧿 you say you’re done with him sis but why is he in your kitchen the next morning in your robe drinking your coffee, eating all the baby’s cereal??
🧿 you cursing him out and yelling at him every other day
🧿 and him just being like: “mmhm..mhm..yeah no I’m not paying attention, you’re too sexy when your mad🥴😜”
🧿 fights always turn into hate fucking he’s just too pretty and too smooth with it, you can’t stay mad at him for too long:
🧿 “I hate you, Gojou. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you”
🧿 “f-fuck gojou iloveyou,iloveyou,iloveyou!!” you chant as he fucks you into the mattress
🧿 “yeah ya’ do sweetheart so much you’re gonna let daddy fuck another baby in you, right mamas?”
🧿 he was serious too
🧿 congrats sis, he got you again😔🤟🏾
🧿 you being pissed but he’s just like:
🧿 “you begged me put another one in you babe, so I did what’s the problem?”
🧿 i mean, you technically did say that but it was more so for dirty talk!
🧿 and this motherfucka took it serious
🧿 he knew what he was doing though smh
🧿 slides his way into living with you and the kids
🧿 family vacations are a thing
🧿 he will take y’all all over the world if you asked
🧿 his family gets the best of the best with everything it’s really hard for him to say no to his kids
🧿 he’s gone a lot throughout the year and misses a few of their after school things
🧿 but somehow you’re the mean parent for telling your kids ‘no’ to eating candy before bed?¿?
🧿 “no, our son doesn’t need another iPad.”
🧿 “no, our daughter does not need a puppy she barely kept her six goldfish alive..”
🧿 “gojou, the baby is literally 3 months old, you’re not signing them up for horse riding lessons!!”
🧿 watch him or else he’ll turn your kids into silver tooth terrors!
🧿 by baby number 4 he just stops asking you to marry him because he definitely knows you’re not going anywhere
🧿 you’re stuck with him for life so might as well just stay with his ass because he’s not going anywhere either
🧿good luck😭🧿
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Hi! Fluff headcanons on vanitas x reader where its vanitas finding out the reader (his gf) have dimples and his reaction plz? No spoilers plz (im an anime only person for the show and watching the dub haha!)
Heyho! Great to see another fan of Vnc! I do think the dub is only out for episode one but I do think you will like episode 4! Sadly I read the manga until the newest chapter even before the anime came out so the anime can't suprise me anymore lol.
Tumblr media
➳ It was a stress-free day, and you stood near the fountain, waiting for Vanitas to arrive. It was the middle of the day and the sunlight shined on the water of the fountain, giving a pretty sparkle.
➳ two days ago, the last time he saw you, he had asked you to go on a date. Well, he didn't really said it was a date. He just said he wanted to go to the new opened restaurant. You heard they have good cake.
➳ Standing on one spot, lost in your thoughts, you didn't even noticed your blue haired boyfriend arriving to the place, coming closer and standing next to you for a few seconds, before he tapped your shoulder. Blinking twice you turned around, just to be surprised to see him standing next to you, with a smile you greeted him and together you both went to the restaurant, fortunately he had reserved a table.
➳ The food was great, the cake was moist and just delicious, it was expensive but hey, Vanitas payed. While eating you two had nice chats, Vanitas told you about Noé getting lost in the city and you needed to giggle, that was the first time he noticed your dimples because he was immediately looking into your face. He was surprised, but said nothing as he just continued to tell you about other things
➳ After eating and paying you two went back to the park, taking a walk and at the end sitting down on a Bench, you two talked again.
➳ "your outfit surely is lovely today, (y/n), that dress really suits you" he said, and you smiled this time again. He immediately reacted, poking your cheek with his pointy gloves "cute. Your dimples make you even more adorable." He had a soft grin on his lips while he said that
➳ you needed to realise what he just said as he pulled his hand away again, but surely, you were happy about him saying that. He really was a Charmeur at the end
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oddaodd · 6 months ago
· Heedless Words That Numb The Heart ·
Request: By anon “Regarding that last text post you reblogged, could you write something where Tommy gets angry (he doesn’t really yell, he just snaps) at his very sensitive wife and she gets very upset so he wants to apologize but let’s be honest he sucks at talking so he tries to make it up to her somehow (you can choose whatever you want but I saw somewhere that Tommy’s love language was physical touch so 🤷‍♀️) I’m sorry if it doesn’t make a lot of sense I’m frozen so it’s hard to think lol but thanks anyway 💕”
Author’s note: I feel this turned out a lot more sad than intended, I just couldn’t help myself. Irregardless, I hope you like it and i wish you the loveliest of days ❤️
Warnings: season 4 SPOILERS, mentions of death and sad themes. 
Tommy was being reckless, more than usual after John died. That was just the way he was, his emotions rarely manifested themselves in the form of tears and raw vulnerability, he much preferred numbing his mind with intricate heedless plans and the occasional drug. Y/n however got a glimpse of that vulnerably when he came out of the morgue after seeing John’s lifeless body.
“We should talk about it, Tommy. it’s not like nothing happened” she suggested after a particularly tense family meeting. Everyone had left afterwards, leaving only her and Tommy in the shop.
“I don’t need to” he said clearing his throat as took a cigarette to his lips and smoothly lit it.
“Ignoring it won’t make it go away, you know?” She threaded lightly.
“Oh really? Because that is  exactly what I was hoping. What ever will I do now that I know that ignoring it won’t bring John back, eh?” He spat sarcastically.
His tone taunting and patronizing, making Y/n feel stupid.
In her own mind  she was in no place to feel hurt not when the one who needed comfort was him, but she couldn’t help but feel the burn of his sharp words not even when she knew they came from a place of pain.  Thinking of what to say next she stared at him wearing a puzzled expression. An expression should have told Tommy about the effect of his words, an expression that begged him to stop but he continued.
“What would you know about loss anyway?” He asked daggers in his eyes as he took an aggressive drag from his cigarette  “you’ve never lost anything in your life so don’t come lecturing me about how I should be dealing with it”
Her lip trembled a bit “Alright”
Giving up she walked out of the room and then the building. If he didn’t want to talk she wouldn’t make him. She had never been good with confrontation and he knew it. Y/n was a very sensitive woman and the moment she walked out of the room, Tommy felt the weigh of his reply pressing down on his chest, she was only trying to help after all.
Her unsure steps walked her to The Garrison where she was welcomed with a couple of drinks from Harry as they engaged in conversation at the bar. At some point he payed his condolences over John after pouring a pint of beer for a man and Y/n felt a pang of pain shoot through her body. Maybe she was the one who needed  to talk about it, she had never been good handling death.
So, Harrys comprehensive ear was the one that received all of Y/n’s qualms regarding her brother in law’s death. Some tears were spilled but nobody dared to stare for long, people even avoiding going up to the bar to ask Harry for a refill because  they all knew the crying woman was Thomas Shelby’s wife.
When she arrived home a few hours later she was surprised to see Tommy already there, drinking whiskey by the fireplace. A sense of relief washed over his body the moment she stepped over the threshold. He knew the Changrettas couldn’t get to her in Small Heath, but he wasn’t sure if she would want to be in his presence after his harsh words.
“Im going to bed” was all she said before  making her way upstairs and into Tommys old room with heavy legs, a few moments later he was there with her, asking her to look at him with a tender voice.
Uncertain eyes met his turbulent ones as his finger softly traced her cold cheek.
“Im sorry” he said “I shouldn’t have… “
But the Y/n’s index finger flew to his lips with a soft “shhh”  The alcohol behind the abrupt action  that stopped him from saying anything else.
“It’s alright, Tom” she said “we don’t have to talk about it”
And then she let herself rest against his chest, he immediately engulfed her in his warm embrace before helping her get into bed, holding her close against him through the night. When Y/n woke up the next morning with the premonitory ghost of a slight headache, she was relieved to find a glass of water and a pill laying on the nightstand next to the bed.
Tommy was nowhere to be seen, but when she made her way downstairs she found breakfast on the table along with a note from him saying he wouldn’t be long.
The food felt like a piece of heaven, the exact same breakfast she had taught him to make when they had just started dating. A lone butterfly fluttered in Y/n’s stomach at the realization that he still remembered how to make it.
He picked her up a few hours later and drove to an open field where John’s funeral would take place. As the caravan burnt Tommy’s hand went to hold hers, his fingers intertwining with hers. His thumb tracing occasional circles against the back of her hand.
They had Christmas dinner at Charlie’s yard after the ceremony. Everyone seemed lost, unable to ignore the wailing of an empty chair, but being together after almost a year of not even talking to each other summoned a light mood to settle over the table as everyone ate.
Soon enough, conversations and drunken banter began flowing through the food Charlie and Johnny Dogs had cooked. Y/n smiled at the toasts and laughed occasionally at the things that Finn said and for a second it almost felt as it all did before Tommy’s plan from the previous year tore the family apart.
The weight of Tommys hand resting on her thigh and occasional peck to the lips provided Y/n with a warm feeling of love. Resting her head on his shoulder, they watched the urban skyline of small heath turn orange and then blue.
That night he made love to her in his old bed and just before she succumbed to sleep after an exhausting day Tommy’s raspy voice disrupted the silence that had settled amongst them.
A small “I love you” was pressed against her soft lips.
@captivatedbycillianmurphy @peakyxtommy @nyotamalfoy @writeroutoftime @babylooneytoonz
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heryoungho · 10 months ago
ice, ice, baby
Tumblr media
pairing liu yangyang x fem!reader
genre hockey player!yangyang, college au, strangers to friends to lovers, fluff, tiny bit of angst
word count 18k (im so sorry LOL)
tag list @nshitae​, @doyoungsarabbit​, @kittycatasaurus​, @blackjinhwan, @losterthanlost​, @neocityscape​, @jaeismytamtation​, @earthtospecs​
a/n AHH im so sorry this took so long to publish! writing a fic in the middle of finals week was not a good idea NSHDFH but honestly im super happy with the way this came out and thank you guys for showing your excitement for it! as soon as i saw the 90s love mv i knew i had to write something for it, so here it is! special shoutout to my lovely friends for keeping me motivated and proofreading everything! i couldnt have done this without yall :) please reblog, like, and comment, and enjoy!
Liu Yangyang
Everybody on campus knew that name, the sweet, kind-hearted goalie on the hockey team. The boy who always had a smile on his face and would help anyone in a heartbeat. You had heard of him numerous times, mostly from girls who would brag about their infatuation with him, and you couldn’t help yourself from falling for him as well. It wasn’t your fault, he was so handsome, always the class clown and making a joke out of anything, and when your eyes would meet, you got butterflies in your stomach.
That was about as far as it went, though, you were a freshman and he was a sophomore, sitting on opposite ends of the room in your shared English class, and you already knew he was way out of your league. He radiated confidence, and that turned him into a total chick magnet, which brings you to your next problem.
Yangyang was a huge flirt. He didn’t even try to hide it, with the way he would wink at the girls in your class or lean in to whisper something in their ear that made them blush. Sure, it hurt, knowing that you would never be in their place, hell Yangyang barely knew you existed, but a little day dreaming won't kill you.
As much as you tried to get over your crush on him, it only grew stronger, haunting you throughout your entire freshman year of college, and not even random guys you matched with on Tinder could help you get over him.
Fast forward a year, you’re in your sophomore year, and with your luck, you found yourself in class with Yangyang, again. This time it’s for chemistry, which took mercy on you with the way Yangyang was constantly around his teammate who’s name you later found out was Ten, so at least you could focus on your class, right?
Your professor had assigned a 2 week partner project, and when he called your name, followed by Yangyang’s, you wanted to scream. He looked at you with a bright smile on his face, grabbing his stuff to come and sit next to you. You awkwardly shifted in your seat when he moved his legs so he was facing you, getting all up in your personal space.
“Hey, you look familiar, have we met before?” He said with an obvious flirty tone in his voice. You wanted nothing more than to die that very moment, but there was no escaping him. Nodding at him, you cleared your throat. “We had english last year with Mrs. Jeong.” His eyes lit up at that, snapping his fingers as he suddenly remembered you.
“Yeah, you’re __, right? You always got 100’s on the essays!” You smiled faintly at that, now knowing that you weren’t completely transparent to him. Working up the courage to look at him, you nervously twirled your pen between your fingers. “Yup, that’s me.” You said in a slightly unenthusiastic voice, trying to make yourself seem unfazed by him.
Yangyang chuckled at that, leaning in slightly, examining your face. “You’re cute, how come I’ve never seen you at my games before?”
Dropping your pen, you took in a sharp inhale at his words. Classic Yangyang. “Um, sports were never really, like, my thing.” He pouted at you, leaning in closer. “Hmm, sucks, I would have enjoyed seeing you in the bleachers.” You couldn’t even stop the blood from rushing to your cheeks when he said that, and the wink that followed only made it worse. You rolled your eyes at him, about to say something smart back to him before you were interrupted by your professor dismissing the class, thanking your guardian angel that you could get away from him. Not that you didn’t enjoy the attention he was giving to you, but because every time he looked at you with bedroom eyes, you felt your heart skip a beat, lingering feelings threatening to spill over.
You sprung up in your seat, putting your things away in your bag in a fake hurry, but Yangyang stopped you from sprinting out of the door. He asked for your number, which you quickly typed in his phone, and a proud smirk worked its way onto his face. “So, should we start today, to get it out of the way?” He asked, slinging his bag over his shoulder. You nodded at him, tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear. “Sure, what time?”
He smiles at you again, and you would be lying if you said it didn’t make your knees go weak. “My last class ends at 12:50, and Coach cancelled practice today, so I’m free all day.” The two of you started to walk out of the room, him leaning on the wall next to you in the hallway. “Mine ends at 12:30, so I guess I’ll wait for you at the quad?” You suggest, nervously biting your lip. His eyes dart to that, pink tongue peeking out to lick at his lips. “Sounds good, my place or yours?” He wiggled his eyebrows at you.
You suddenly remembered the mess of clothes that was in your room, so you quickly chose his place. “Cool, I’ll text you my room number next class, okay?” And you nodded at him, thanking the heavens that one of his teammates called him over, telling him that they’re gonna be late. He bid a quick goodbye to you, and you waved at him, letting out a breath you didn’t even know you were holding.
You watched him walk away, dapping up his friend and getting lost in the crowd of people, and you shook your head to get rid of the thoughts of him in your head.
Making your way over to the library, you set your feet up on the table in the computer lab that was luckily empty, opening your phone to check your social media. A notification came up from your screen, an unsaved number with a room number that you knew was Yangyang. You liked the message and quickly created a contact for him, putting a little hockey emoji next to his name.
Not even a second later, he texted you again.
Yangyang [10:46am] hey :)
You [10:46am] hi
You sighed, knowing that Yangyang knew he had your attention, and he would run with it.
Yangyang [10:47am] im bored in class :(
You [10:47am] that sucks, which class is it?
Yangyang [10:47am] history -_-
You [10:48am] you’ll live, yangyang. ur in class, get off your phone
Yangyang [10:48am] i could say the same to you, teachers pet xD
You [10:48am] omg haha youre sooo funny (sarcasm)
You [10:48am] i have a free period right now, dummy
There’s a moment of silence from Yangyang’s end, and you assume he’s either been yelled at to put his phone away or he’s decided to pay attention. Just as you put your phone down, another text comes in.
Yangyang [10:52am] wya?
You [10:52am] in the library enjoying the amazing service :P
Yangyang [10:53am] ooo sounds fun, mind if i join?
You [10:54am] yangyang please do not cut class and come up here
He leaves you on read, and that’s when you know he’s already asked to use the bathroom as an excuse to leave. You start to internally panic when you realize you’re about to be alone with Yangyang, so you take out your notebook and try to make it look like you’re busy doing something. Right as you do that, you see Yangyang turn the corner of the library, his backpack slung on his shoulder as a sign that he definitely didn’t plan on going back to class. 
Your heartbeat speeds up as he heads over to you with that smile on his face, plopping down in the seat next to you, facing you and saying “Hey.” You nervously say “Hi” back and start rewriting your notes from chem, trying your best to ignore the boy next to you. He awkwardly drums his fingers on the table, looking at you and leaning in, resting his chin on your shoulder.
You try not to flinch as he does that, and when his overpowering scent of Axe hits your nostrils, you hold back a laugh. It’s exactly what you imagine he’d smell like-not that you’ve thought about what he smelled like or anything.
“Whatcha doin’?” He whispers in your ear, making you jump back a bit, coming face to face with him and he’s a little too close for your liking.  Leaning back slightly, you nervously tap your pen against the book, avoiding any and all eye contact with him, opting to look at his shoes.
“Um, I was just rewriting my notes from chem, since they were kind of messy.” He giggles at that, leaning on his elbow on the table. “I’m glad I have you as my partner, ya know. You’re smart, and Coach Park told me if I failed chem he would kick me off the team!” Yangyang scans your face for any reaction, but when he doesn’t find any, he playfully knocks the pen out of your hand, holding it above his head and leaning back all the way in his chair. You snap your head at him, a surprised look on your face as to why the hell he just took your pen. Before you could do anything, he spoke again.
“Didn’t you say this was your free period? Relax a little, I wanna talk to you.” Those bedroom eyes are back, a lazy grin on his face and you roll your eyes at him, getting up. “Yangyang, give me my pen back!” You whisper yelled at him, climbing him to get your pen that was way out of your reach behind his head. His laughs filled the room, leaning back further and with the way you were on him, it looked like something suggestive was gonna happen.
“Whoa, slow down, let me take you on a date first!” Yangyang said with a smirk, and you smacked the top of his head as soon as he said that, snatching your pen from his hand and sitting back down. He kept laughing while he held his head, a few “Ow”s coming out of him as he rubbed it.
“Yangyang, did you come up here just to bother me?” You huffed, crossing your arms at him, an annoyed tone in your voice. He jutted out his bottom lip, sliding down to lay his upper body on the table and he looked up at you with puppy eyes. “No, I just wanted to get to know you.” Yangyang’s long fingers take your pen once again, drawing little shapes and whatnot on the side of your notebook.
You let a deep sigh escape your lips and you turn your legs to face him, letting Yangyang get his way. He sits up and smiles at you, flashing you with his adorable teeth. How were they so straight?
“So, are you a junior too?” 
“I’m a sophomore.”
“Cool, cool…wait, how are you taking chemistry if you’re a sophomore?” He looks at you with furrowed brows, your pen still between his fingers.
You sit back and cross your legs, finally relaxing in his presence. “I take a lot of classes with upperclassmen since I got a lot of credits in high school,” You say proudly, and Yangyang looks at you with a surprised look on his face. “Okay, I see you, smart one.” He winks at you again, and you bite the inside of your cheek to hold back a smile.
“What about you, Liu? The ‘best goalie the Dinosaurs have ever seen’?” You say with air quotes, teasing him back. He folds his arms behind his head and leans back, a smug look painted on him. “Thanks for reminding me of that. My parents signed me up for hockey when I was like, 5, and I fell in love with it ever since. Just so happens that I’m really good at it too.” He grinned at you, casually shrugging his shoulders.
Usually you would have tuned out the sound of Yangyang bragging about himself, but with the way his eyes sparkled when you brought up hockey, maybe he wasn’t as egotistical as he seems. 
The two of you fill up the library with casual chatter about your professor and how annoying he is, discussing what element your project will be about, and you find it easier to talk to Yangyang than you thought. You carry the conversation like you’ve known eachother forever, and the sudden comfort lights a fire in your heart.
Yangyang taps his phone to check the time, and he nearly jumps out of his chair. “Shit, as much as I’d love to stay, I have class in a few minutes and if I cut that one too, I think Coach would actually have a heart attack and die.” You giggle at that, gathering your stuff and standing up with him. “No, it’s okay, I have my last class soon too.” You feel Yangyang staring at you when you reach down to grab your bag, him doing the same. 
There’s an awkward silence in the air as the two of you leave the library. Yangyang nudges at your shoulders when you step onto the campus, saying “See you later?” and you nod at him, watching him walk away, something you had a bad habit of doing. You see him look down at his phone, almost immediately after that you get a text from him, and it takes everything in you to not reply.
As much as you would love to keep talking to him, you wouldn’t let yourself get anymore whipped than you already were. Shoving your phone back in your pocket, you sigh and walk to your class, forcing yourself to pay attention to the subject and not think about Yangyang.
He does this with girls all the time, remember that. You’re not special, you’re just project partners, you tell yourself, letting go of any thoughts that something could ever happen between you. Yes, you had a big crush on Yangyang, but you knew better than to let yourself get involved with him because you knew you would end up hurt.
Since your class ended earlier than his, you walked over to the quad, enjoying the crunching sounds of the snow under your feet as you mindlessly walked around waiting for him. You hear footsteps approaching you from behind, and as soon as you bring your head up to look around, the soft explosion of a snowball on your back surprises you, and you whip around to see a doubled over Yangyang, laughing at you while making another one.  
“Yangyang!” You yell at him, frantically dusting the snow before your jacket gets wet, and you duck in time to miss his second shot. Two can play at this game, you say in your head and gather as much snow as you can make stick together and throw it at him, hitting him square in the head. He didn’t even seem to be bothered by it, his laugh ringing through your ears, and you hated the way the snow sparkled against his dark brown hair, making him look even cuter than he usually does.
He ran a hand through his hair and shook his head to get the excess off, walking over to you. “Sorry, you looked like the perfect target and I had to take my chance.” You roll your eyes at him, stuffing your now freezing hands in your pockets. “So, you ready to start this project?” And he nods his head at you, leading the way to his dorm. Somewhere in your conversation with him, he had mentioned that he had hot cocoa in his room that he could make for you, and you gladly accepted the offer. 
Once you get into his dorm, you put your stuff down and start setting up your laptop on his desk, looking back to see him rummage through his stuff and pull out two packets of hot cocoa for the both of you. You take a quick scan around his room, it’s cleaner than you expected and there’s a fancy gaming PC set up in one of the corners, rainbow lights coming from the keyboard.
“Marshmallows or no marshmallows?” He asks, holding up a bag of tiny marshmallows, and your eyes light up. “Marshmallows, please!” You say, perking your head up at him and he gives you a thumbs up, filling up two mugs with milk and popping them in the microwave, mixing the cocoa mix with marshmallows after. He shimmies his way over to you, whispering “Hot, hot, hot” to himself before putting the mugs down on the desk, blowing on his hands. Regaining his cool composure, he sits next to you, pushing your mug over to you and you thank him. 
You blow on the hot beverage briefly before taking a sip, letting the warm, sweet flavor sit in your mouth. Humming to yourself, you feel a pair of eyes watching you, and you’re not surprised when you look over and see Yangyang staring at you, a faint smile on his face. You cough to cover yourself from almost choking and you place your cup down, clearing your throat and pressing some keys on your laptop.
“Um, so, we’re doing sodium right? I’ll start setting up the slides and you can do research to answer the questions, okay?” Stammering over your words, you sigh in relief when Yangyang complies and occupies both his hands and his eyes with his laptop. It didn’t work entirely, though, every now and then you would feel him staring at you or playfully nudging your knee with his. It’s silent, too, which is weird, considering Yangyang is the biggest chatterbox you know. 
He glances between you and his laptop a few times before sitting up and facing you, and almost as he sensed that something was off, he spoke. “Hey, I texted you earlier, how come you didn't respond? You have your read receipts on, you know.”
You internally screamed at that, tensing up a little before looking at him from the corner of your eyes. “Oh, uh, I had to pay attention in class.” His eyes drop at that, nervously playing with his fingers. “Was I bothering you?” You immediately look at him with big eyes, a little piece of you hurting at his quiet tone. 
“No, no, that’s not it, trust me Yangyang, you don’t bother me at all.” Reassuring him with a smile, he looked up at you with a hopeful look in his eyes, and before things could get any further you changed the subject. “Hey, what info did you get so far? I wanna get through the first few slides before I call it a day.” He slides his laptop towards you, letting you quickly copy and paste his bullet points onto the slides, and you couldn’t lie, you were impressed. Yangyang was always a slacker in class, but he was really smart.
Once you finished, you clapped your hands together and said “Done!” to yourself, which also grabbed Yangyang’s attention, who was watching his hockey highlights on his phone. He exaggerated a sigh, raising his arms above his head and stretching them. “Finally! My brain is fried!” Scoffing at him, you closed your laptop and shifted in your seat to face him. “We only worked for an hour, Yangyang. I could have made you do more, but you seemed tired.” 
His eyes softened at your concern, and he gave you a warm smile, making your heart flutter. Running a hand through his hair, he played with his fingers again. “Yeah, I’m not usually at my best when I don’t practice. Whenever Coach cancels it, I just feel like a big blob of mleh.” He adds a gagging motion at the end, making you laugh.
“You really like hockey, huh?” You say in a soft voice, and his eyes sparkle at you, shaking his head a bit to get his long hair out of his eyes, he really needed a haircut. “I love hockey, I swear it’s the only reason why I’ve never even had a girlfriend because I’ve invested all my time into it-” You cough, cutting him off. “Wait, you’ve never had a girlfriend? Like EVER?”
A sly smile made its way onto Yangyang’s face, the boy leaning back in his chair. “Why, are you interested?” Immediately, you grab your pen and threaten to chuck it at him, making him flinch and cover himself with his hands. “Okay, okay, I take it back!” You lowered your pen, the both of you laughing at that. He looks up before he continues speaking. “I dunno, I guess I never really had time for a relationship, the only thing on my mind is hockey and how I can improve myself..” He trails off, crossing his arms, seemingly lost in thought.
Something about the way he was talking to you was endearing, biting your lip to hide a smile from creeping onto your lips. “Well, at least you’re doing something you love, right? It makes you happy, and that’s what matters.” You look up at him through your lashes, and he makes eye contact with you, puffing out his cheeks and pursing his lips. He smiles at you, turning his chair so he can extend his legs towards you. “Yeah, you’re right. I’ve never had someone tell me that before.” He says in a subtle tone, voice dropping an octave deeper and you’re pretty sure you’re blushing. Yangyang nudges at one of your feet with his, and you look down shyly, noticing how big his feet are next to yours. 
Before things get too far, you stand up and quickly put your things away, making up some excuse that you had some homework to catch up on just so you wouldn’t be under his gaze any longer. But of course, when you look back at him he’s staring at you intently with a look in his eyes that you can’t quite figure out. You clear your throat and start to walk by him, but you’re quickly stopped when he grabs your hand, and you have to hold back a flinch. “We’re working on this again tomorrow, right?”
You stand there in shock for a second, getting lost in the feeling of his hand, and you nod quickly. He looks up at you, turning in his chair so he’s facing you and he stands up, leaning on his shoulder on the wall and you can’t help but ogle at the way you have to look up at him when he’s right in front of you. Yangyang rubs the back of his neck before speaking. “I have practice tomorrow, from 1 to 3. I would say you could wait for me outside but I don’t think I want my partner to get frostbite..” You giggle at that, biting the inside of your cheek in anticipation at what he’s going to ask. You notice he’s a little nervous, his body tense. “So, like, would you mind staying for practice? It’s a bit cold in the rink, but I’ll bring a spare hoodie for you.” 
You look away for a second, having to hold in a scream at his offer, but you cover it by making it look like you’re pondering. You weigh your options, because honestly, did you really have anything better to do? You would have just probably watched Netflix or played dumb games on your phone, so you might as well go with him. Plus, you haven’t hung out with your friends Mark, Donghyuck, and Sungchan for a while, so it would be nice to spend some time with them...Not that you’re thinking about how cute Yangyang would look in his hockey uniform-
“Sure, I’ll stay,” His eyes light up at that, but he furrows his brows when you bring your finger up. “But on one condition! You have to make me another cup of that hot cocoa if I’m gonna freeze for you.” You say with a confident smile, and he mirrors your expression, tonguing at the inside of his cheek to stop himself from getting overly excited. Yangyang relaxes his shoulders, poking your nose and leaning down before saying “Deal.”
You two exchange a quick goodbye and you leave his dorm, taking a deep yet slightly shaky breath. You weren’t surprised that Yangyang was flirting with you, he does it all the time, but something about it felt genuine, like he was actually interested in you….No, that’s impossible. You shook your head, emptying the thoughts of him in your head and quickly headed to your dorm. Once you got in, you flopped down on your bed and stared up at your ceiling. 
This was going to be a long 2 weeks.
The next day seemed to drag on forever, time betraying you and making 5 minutes feel like 5 hours. Usually classes went by in a breeze, but you found yourself constantly checking the clock only to have the hands mock you. The only thing you could say made your day better was seeing your 3 best friends in psychology, and that’s when you remembered you would be seeing Yangyang later at practice. You didn’t want to spoil the surprise, though, so you kept your secret plans later to yourself. When it was time for chemistry, you and Yangyang had talked all throughout the class, him telling you cheesy pick up lines only to be met with a smart remark from you. You found yourself getting closer to him, time spent with him going from a nuisance to something you actually looked forward to, and you couldn’t even stop yourself from falling for him all over again. You would be meeting him again at the quad later, and the excitement made a smile form on your face.
The whole time you were waiting for him, you had butterflies in your stomach, and when you saw him walking towards you with a smile on his lips, you blushed. He had his bag full of his gear slung over one shoulder with his backpack on the other,
“Hey you,” He said with a wink, and you looked down meekly, noticing his flashy new sneakers, saying a little “Hi” in return. He had a glow to his face, obviously very happy to be going to practice. The two of you began to walk to the rink, and you couldn’t help but take a quick mental picture of his features, a black beanie over his head that pushed his dark hair into his eyes, slightly curly at the tips. “You look excited,” you comment, laughing at the way he had a little pep in his step.
He breathes in the cool winter air and looks down at you, smiling. “One day away from the rink might as well be one year. I’ve been waiting all day to practice, and I know my baby misses me too, right?” He turns his head, referring to his hockey stick that was poking out of his duffel bag. You laugh at him, subconsciously walking closer to him, and you didn’t even notice that you two had been speed walking when you see the doors to the rink right in front of you. 
Yangyang holds the door open for you, thanking him before stepping in but you didn’t miss the smirk he had on his face when you did. You look around, never having been in the rink before, and the countless amounts of gold trophies shining with the lights are bright enough to blind you. He walks you over to the entrance to the ice ring before he tells you he’s gonna go change, and you nod at him, walking into the chilly area. You shiver a bit, rubbing your hands against your arms and take a seat right next to the ice, and you turn your head when you hear some familiar voices approaching.
You see Mark, Donghyuck, and Sungchan walk out of the locker rooms all decked out in their hockey uniform and skates, and your eyes immediately meet. You run over to them, giving them all a big group hug, and their eyes light up in excitement, happy to see you. 
“__! What are you doing here?” Mark asks, his gloved hand still on your waist. You smile at him and take a quick look at his uniform, laughing at how bulky he looks. “I’m here with Yangyang, we’re partners for a project so I’m gonna wait here for him,” and that’s immediately followed by Donghyuck putting on a high pitched voice, going “Ooooh!”, apparently mocking you. You step away from Mark and punch Donghyuck in the arm, making him cry out in fake pain and of course, being over-dramatic, screaming “She hit me!” while rubbing his arm.
You roll your eyes at him and head over to a smiling Sungchan, leaning on the tall boy and placing your chin on his chest, looking up at him with big eyes. “Sungie, I swear, you’re the only normal one here,” you pout, and he pats the top of your head, ruffling your hair in the process. “I’m not saying it's about time you got a boyfriend, but that’s exactly what I’m saying,” he says with a cheeky smirk.
You knew Sungchan for the longest out of the trio, befriending him in your senior year of high school and you two have been inseparable ever since. Mark and Donghyuck came later, sharing your math class with them in freshman year, and eventually they all mingled together through hockey and that’s how your one and only friend group formed. 
Stepping away and crossing your arms at the boys, you give them a warning glare. “Remind me why I’m friends with all of you again?”
“Because you love us,” Mark butts in, but their attention focuses on something behind you, and that’s when you feel someone wrap their arm around your shoulder. You look up and see Yangyang extremely close to you, nodding at your friends with a tense jaw. They take that as a cue to leave, walking off and leaving the two of you alone. He walks you over to the seats of the bleachers and sits down, putting his skates on. “I didn’t know you knew the guys,” he says without looking at you. 
“Oh, me and Sungchan have been friends since high school, and I met Mark and Hyuck last year..” You trail off, noticing the way he was tense before you confirmed that the four of you were just friends. Once he’s done lacing up his skates, he looks at you with that same look in his eyes from yesterday, and you find yourself shrinking under his gaze. Your eyes dart around nervously, clearing your throat to break the silence and you smile at him, saying “Um, good luck at practice!” in hopes to change the subject.
Yangyang’s eyes light up and his mouth forms a small ‘o’ as he remembered something, reaching behind him and digging through his duffel bag and pulling out his team hoodie. It looks about 3 times your size, the school mascot displayed on the front and on the back, it says “LIU 24” with two hockey sticks crossed over each other. “Here, it’s kinda cold in here and you’re shivering.”
Your heart swells at his concern and you take the hoodie from him, noticing that your hands were indeed shaking from the low temperature in the room. Thanking him, you slide it on over your head and you nearly disappear with how big it is. He looks at you with a warm smile on his face, leaning in closer to you. “You look good in my clothes,” he says in a low voice and you shove at his shoulder, trying to hide your smirk. Before you could say anything back, the piercing sound of a whistle rang through your ears.
“Alright, ladies, if you’re not on the ice by the time I turn on all the lights, I’ll have your asses!” A tall man with dark hair yells, who you assume is Coach Park. His eyes scan over the rink before they land on you and Yangyang, and he immediately heads over, placing his hands on his hips.
“Liu, what the hell are you doing over here?” 
Yangyang rolls his eyes, looking up at his coach with big eyes. “I’m coming, jeez! I had to give my friend a hoodie because it’s the damn North Pole in here!” He complains, the older man sharpening his glare at him. He glances at you, then back to Yangyang. “Well, I didn’t approve of your ‘friend’ to be here, boy, you know you need to ask me if we can have watchers.”
“Coach, she’s my partner for a chemistry project, and didn’t you say if I failed that class you would kick me off the team?” He nodded, raising an eyebrow at Yangyang to see where he was going with this. Yangyang continues, “Well, if I had her wait outside, she would freeze to death, which means I would fail chem, and then you’d have to kick me out, and I don’t think you want to lose your star player in the middle of the season, now would you?” He flashes his coach with an award winning smile, and Coach Park’s glare only intensifies. 
You interrupt before he nearly rips Yangyang’s head off, obviously not fazed by his show. “I promise I won’t be an interruption, sir, consider me not here at all,” you say with an innocent smile, and his eyes soften at your proposal rather than Yangyang’s. He sighs, “Alright, she can stay, but if I catch you pulling any funny business, you’re on the bench for the rest of the season!” He says and walks away, Yangyang imitating him in a high pitched voice, making you giggle.
“Damn, who pissed in his Cheerios?” Yangyang chuckles at that, facing you again. “Coach is cool, he’s not as mean as he seems. He gives us tough love to make us better players, but honestly he’s like a second dad to me.” You smile at him, looking down and noticing how close his gloves hand is to yours, pinkies almost touching. He nudges at your shoulder again, “You’ll be okay here?” and you snap your head up, not even noticing that you were daydreaming. “Yeah, I’ll be fine, go get ‘em.”
Yangyang smiles at you before standing up and getting on the ice, joining his 6 other teammates who were already in their positions. Watching hockey practice wasn’t as boring as you thought it was, the sounds of metal scraping against ice, shouts, and hockey sticks hitting the pucks were quite intriguing. You tried to distract yourself by scrolling through your phone, but Yangyang had other plans for you. When his coach wasn’t looking, he would look back at you and wink or wave just to make you blush, and he would do a little dance or make funny gestures behind his teammate’s backs just to make you laugh.
You also noticed that he would constantly look out for your reactions, as soon as he would block a score from being made or smack the puck back, he would look at you to make sure you saw him, earning a thumbs up from you in return. Yangyang was so passionate on the ice, a fiery glint in his eyes as he focused on everyone’s moves and stayed low to the ground to make sure not a single puck got past him. Whenever he would make a victory-winning block, he looked like he had just won the lottery. You found yourself focusing on him for the whole time instead of your other friends, and you hadn’t even noticed how fast time went when Coach Park blew his whistle, ending practice.
Yangyang immediately found his way to you, perching against the boards with excitement written all over his face. “So, how’d I do?” He leaned in, causing you to move back because he’s literally dripping in sweat. “I have no idea what was happening, but you looked cool. Now get away from me, you’re all sweaty.” Yangyang laughs at that, taking his gloves off to run his hand through his wet hair, and you grimaced at him. “I’m gonna go shower and then we can head to my place okay?” He winked at you and you nodded, smiling at him as he went back into the locker rooms. 
As soon as you turn around, you see a very sweaty Donghyuck approaching you with a smug look on his face, bleached blonde hair sticking to his forehead. Your smile drops, already knowing he’s up to no good. “Don’t start with me, Donghyuck, I’ll murder you with my bare hands,” and he raises his hands up in defense, looking at you with big eyes, pouting. “Damn, I can’t even come by to say hi?” and you deadpan him, crossing your arms. He sighs and lowers his hands, “Okay fine, I was gonna tease you about Yangyang but since you’ve got your panties all in a bunch, I’m just gonna say that I don’t know what you did to him, but I think he actually likes you.”
You spurt out, choking on nothing as you take his words in. “Don’t be silly, Hyuck, we’re just project partners, I’m pretty sure he’s like this with other girls too.” You shrug, a dull pang in your heart at the way you completely dismissed the thought of Yangyang having feelings for you. Donghyuck rolls his eyes at you, mumbling “And they say all girls aren’t the same.” You flick his forehead at that, offended. “What’s that supposed to mean?” 
He groans and rubs his forehead. “It means that you all have this little fantasy world where if a popular guy shows interest in you, you automatically think he’s playing you!” You open your mouth at that, closing it when your words are caught in your throat because damn, he’s right.
You sigh in defeat, letting your head fall. “I don’t know, Hyuck…” He pats you on the head, ruffling your hair and playfully pushing your head. “Give him a chance, __, he’s not as bad as you think he is,” he says with a warm smile and you can’t help yourself from smiling back, trying to ignore the butterflies in your stomach.
The sweet moment is quickly interrupted as Coach Park comes in from the storage room. “Lee! I’m not keeping the showers open forever! Move your ass!” He yells from across the room, pressing some buttons on the control pad to turn all the lights off. You and Donghyuck laugh at that, walking him to the locker rooms. You hug him goodbye (more like he roughly pulled you in and wouldn’t let you go which resulted in you kicking him because he stinks) and walked over to the trophy case, carefully skimming over all of the trophies and team pictures, and seeing Yangyang in them with a big smile on his face made you feel warm inside. 
You were so focused on the pictures that you didn’t even notice Yangyang coming up behind you, standing on your right side. He tapped your left shoulder, and when you whipped your head around to see who did it, you didn’t see anybody, making him laugh beside you. “Broke your neck,” he said with a grin, and you faked a laugh, rolling your eyes at him. “Very funny, Yangyang.”
The two of you make your way out of the rink and start heading to Yangyang’s dorm, noticing he’s only wearing a long sleeve crewneck despite there being snow on the ground. “You’re not cold?” you ask him, and he glances at you and shrugs, “Nah, when you spend half your life in an ice rink, you get used to the cold.” You puff your cheeks out at that, and after a while, you work up the courage to talk again. “You did good today, by the way,” you said smiling at him, and he turns to look at you and returns the smile. “Thanks, I was showing off for you.” He winked at you, and you look down, trying to hide your pink cheeks. The walk back to his dorm was less awkward than yesterday, idle chat flowing through the two of you like it was nothing, and surprisingly, the study session went by smoothly as well. You had gotten a decent amount of work done, save for the occasional breaks you would take to talk to him or order food when you got hungry, and you found yourself actually enjoying the time with Yangyang. He made you feel at ease, and you noticed the way your heart hurt when you had to leave.
It had become a routine for you, meeting Yangyang at the quad, staying for practice, and going back to his dorm to study, and before you knew it you had completely let your guard down and let yourself fall into him. A little part of you was scared, considering that you’ve always been the type to protect your heart when it came to dating, but something about the way Yangyang would look at you or play with your hair when the two of you were sprawled out on his bed during breaks told you otherwise. The study sessions had turned more into hanging out, and you no longer felt like your time with him was forced, you actually looked forward to staying over every day and you hesitated to leave every time. 
As fun as things were getting, all good things had to come to an end, 2 weeks going by in a flash and the project had been completed, a big fat A posted on it. You really couldn’t be happier with your grade, not a scrape off of your perfect 4.0 GPA, but you really were going to miss using that project as an excuse to spend time with Yangyang. It wasn’t all that bad though, you still talked your way through chemistry class with him and texted him way more than the normal amount, sending silly gifs and vines back and forth to each other. Yangyang would walk you to your classes, and you two even started hugging, the way his arms would wrap around your waist and the scent of his shampoo mixed with fabric softener flourishing in your nose made you never want to let go.
Finals week came by way too fast for your liking, which only meant one thing: stress, stress, and, you guessed it, stress. The busy schedules had caused you to become slightly distant from Yangyang, with you slaving away at your laptop and him at practice and games on top of his studies, and you found yourself missing him a lot more than you should have.
You checked the time, and it was 12:50pm, meaning Yangyang had just gotten out of class. You were already at your dorm, rubbing your temples in an attempt to ease the pain as you tried to work on an essay for your english class. Your phone pinged as a text message came through, and when you saw Yangyang’s name appear on the screen, your heart fluttered.
Yangyang [12:52pm] hey, you at your dorm rn?
You [12:52pm] yeah, just trying to finish this essay for english and about to rip my hair out, yk the usual 
Yangyang [12:53pm] LMAO don’t push yourself too hard, __, ur smart :) u got this!
You smiled at the little emoticon he sent, biting your lip to hide your excitement.
You [12:53pm] well aren’t you quite the cheerleader
Yangyang [12:53pm] i’d much rather have you be my cheerleader at my games ;)
You smacked your hand over your mouth in an attempt to not scream at his message, your brain malfunctioning as you tried to come up with a response. Before you could embarrass yourself, he texted you again.
Yangyang [12:55pm] gimme a sec, i know just the thing to cheer you up
You like the message, waiting in anticipation at what he’s gonna send you. You watch the 3 little dots appear and disappear. A minute later, you get 2 selfies from Yangyang, wearing his jersey and that stupidly adorable smile on his face, the fluorescent lights from the rink reflecting off of his skin.
Yangyang [12:57pm] you can save these btw ;)
Smiling at your phone, you tap the images and save them, keeping them all for yourself in your camera roll. 
You [12:57pm] cute, yangyang, really cute c:
Yangyang [12:58pm] <3
Yangyang [12:58pm] i gotta go now, okay? i’ll  text you when im done, good luck on your essay!
You [12:59pm] have fun! <3
You put your phone down on your desk, covering your face with your hands in an attempt to cool off your burning cheeks. Yangyang had you absolutely whipped, and although you’d never admit it, his selfies did help you through your essay. 
Once finals week was over, it was finally time for winter break, a week free of assignments and professors and you could just lounge around doing nothing all day. You had subconsciously started wearing Yangyang’s hoodie more often, too, even sleeping in it and the way the sleeves were twice the length of your arms and how it smelled like him never failed to bring back your memories with him. You really missed spending time with him, even though you two face timed and texted constantly, but it wasn’t the same as seeing him in person.
You were immersed in some Netflix drama when your phone pinged, Yangyang’s name appearing on the screen again.
Yangyang [1:15pm] hihi~
You [1:15pm] heyy
Yangyang [1:15pm] wyd? :)
You [1:16pm] nothing, just watching netflix :0 wbu?
Yangyang [1:16pm] bored in my dorm :P i think if i play overwatch one more time my eyes will shrivel up and fall out xD
You sent a laughing emoji at his text message, giggling at him and his love for video games. Biting your lip nervously, you quickly typed out a question you’ve been dying to ask him.
You [1:17pm] why dont you come over? we can be bored together
Yangyang [1:17pm] i have an even better idea
Yangyang [1:17pm] have you ever been ice skating before?
You [1:18pm] no :o why?
Yangyang [1:18pm] im taking you on a date :D
Yangyang [1:18pm] you, me, and a pair of skates, how does that sound?
You dropped your phone on your face in shock, did Yangyang just say he was taking you on a DATE? Like, a date date? As in, the two of you alone? Your hands were starting to get clammy as you tried to come up with a response that didn’t show that you were about to explode.
You [1:19pm] omg that sounds fun! :)
You let out a breath, mentally patting yourself on the back for not completely blowing your cover. 
Yangyang [1:20pm] bet, send me your room number and i’ll pick you up at 2, okay?
You [1:20pm] okay! ^-^
You send him your room number and spring out of bed, giving yourself a quick lookover. Your hair was tied in a messy bun, wearing Yangyang’s hoodie and a pair of slept-in-too-many-times sweatpants. You rushed to take a quick shower and put on some makeup, a sweater and a pair of jeans, brushing through your hair to make sure you looked date-material. You didn’t even realize how fast time was going when 3 light knocks came to your ears, and when you checked your phone you saw it was 2:00 o’clock on the dot. 
An extreme wave of nervousness washed over you as you headed to your door and opened it, being met with a very excited (and handsome) Yangyang. He was wearing a white Nike headband which pushed his hair out of his face perfectly, a white Nike hoodie to match, and black sweatpants. He smiled at you, face beaming with excitement.
“Hey,” he said sheepishly, and you looked up at him through your lashes, muttering a small “Hi” in return. 
“You look pretty,” you heard him say, and you were pretty sure your cheeks were as pink as his ears. You close your door behind you, and you finally step to stand in front of him. “Thanks, you look good in a headband,” and you saw him smile, looking down for a second before looking back at you.
The two of you started to walk along campus, and you had to hold yourself back from grabbing his hand and holding it with the way your pinkies would constantly brush against yours.
“So, where are we going ice skating at?” You asked, perking your head up at him.
“The rink, duh,” he said nonchalantly. You blink at him, “Isn’t it closed?” Yangyang looks over at you with a grin, and he pulls out a key ring with way too many keys on it out of his pocket, dangling them in your face. Your eyes widen when you realize what they are. 
“Yangyang, you did not.”
“Oh, but I did,” and the two of you burst out laughing. “I took them from Coach’s closet when he wasn’t looking, and I figured, why not put them to good use?” You buried your face in your hands, in disbelief that Yangyang stole the keys to the rink. “What if we get caught?” Yangyang scoffed, pushing at your shoulder with his. “We won’t, don’t worry. I have the keys, remember? I’ll lock the door as soon as we’re inside so no one comes in, okay?” He reassured you with a smile on his face, and you just looked at him with uncertainty in your eyes, but still smiled back. 
On the way to the rink, you talked about what you two did over the first few days of winter break, Yangyang telling you about all of his achievements in Overwatch and how he was planning on becoming a Twitch streamer, which made you giggle. When you got to the rink, you did a quick once over to make sure the coast was clear while Yangyang put the keys in the lock and twisted it, silently opening the doors and rushing you inside. Once the two of you were inside, he gently closed the door and locked it, giving it a few experimental tugs, flashing you with a smile when his plan was deemed successful.
You walked with him in excitement, following Yangyang as he made his way over to the locker room, and you asked him, “Wait, which skates am I using?”. He looked at you, shrugging his shoulders and saying, “Whichever ones that fit you” matter of factly. He asked what your shoe size was, and when you told him, he snickered. “Damn, your feet are tiny. What, did you stop growing in the 6th grade?” and you smack at his shoulder, telling him to stop making fun of your feet. 
“Alright, happy feet, let’s see if we can find you skates that fit,” and he scans over every single locker, checking the size labels next to them and he opens one, saying “Aha!” and pulling out a pair of small, but new skates. “Here, these must belong to a freshman because the blades are way too shiny,” he says and hands them to you before going to his locker and pulling out his own skates, beaten up and in need of a severe cleaning. You two walk over to the bench in the middle of the room and sit down, and you notice the way Yangyang laces up his skates swiftly and quickly, while you’ve barely got your left one on and you’re struggling with how the laces work. He stands up with ease and looks down at you, chuckling and kneeling in front of you, taking the skate in his hand and readjusting it so it fit you properly. When he looks up, your noses almost bump into each other and you jump back a bit from being so close to him. He gives you a smirk and says “Need help?” in a teasing voice before looking back down and feeding the laces through the holes, then the hooks to hold them in place.
Once he was finished with that one, he asked you if it was too tight, and you shook your head, and as Yangyang continued his ministrations on your right foot, you couldn’t help but admire his features from up close. His ears are still slightly pink at the tips, and you notice how long his eyelashes are when he looks down in concentration, his pink lips pursed together in a thin line and you have to stop yourself from thinking about kissing him. He snaps you out of your daze by tapping your thigh twice, telling you he’s done and he stands up, giving you his hand to help you get up. “Ready?” he asks and you nod, putting your hand in his and he pulls you up, a yelp escaping your lips as you nearly topple over him from losing your balance on your skates. You fall right against his chest, looking up at him with wide eyes and he smiles at you. “These are hard to walk in,” you say through a nervous giggle, and he tightens his hand around yours, giving you time to stand up straight again. “Just hold onto me, it takes a while to get used to them,” he moves out of your way so you could start to walk next to him, taking baby steps in comparison to Yangyang’s long strides, trying not to snap your ankles and balancing your weight on the single blades. 
When you reach the entrance of the ice ring, you let go of him to hold onto the borders, watching Yangyang as he steps onto the ice with ease. “Come on, don’t be a scaredy cat!” he teases you, gliding around in a small circle with his arms spread out. You gulp and take a cautious step onto the freshly polished ice, and when your foot slips, you quickly bring it back, looking at Yangyang with big eyes. He notices the fear in your eyes and comes over to you, giving you both of his hands. “Here, I won’t let you fall,” he says in a comforting voice, and you look at him, then his hands, and back up at him. You take a shaky breath as you take his hands, letting him hold you up as you carefully step onto the ice. He moves back a bit to give you some room, and you notice how firm his grip is on your hands, holding you in place whenever your body jerks when you slip. You look down to see the way you’re slightly moving, and you look up at him with wide eyes. “This is crazy,” you breathe out and he laughs at you, his smile making all of your fear melt away. “See? It’s not that bad, you ready to move?” and you nod, watching him as he leans back and starts moving his feet slowly, dragging you along with him. You two glide away further from the wall, and you finally stop your feet from wobbling as you get used to balancing on them. “Move your feet like you’re walking, and don’t lean your body, try to stay straight,” he instructs, motioning down to the way his feet are smoothly moving backwards as he evenly distributes his weight on the ice, and you copy his movements, noticing the slightly increase in speed and the way the cool air is blowing against your face. You relax your body and take a deep breath, smiling up at Yangyang once you’ve got the hang of it.
“You’re good at this! I’m gonna let go of your hands a little bit, okay?” He squeezes your hands once in reassurance and you nod, letting him pull his hands back until he’s holding your fingers with his. You forget where you are for a moment as you look at Yangyang’s smiling face, the two of you laughing with each other, and your year old crush comes back ten-fold. His laugh is music to your ears, his adorable gummy smile sending butterflies straight to your stomach, and everything feels almost too perfect. 
“Yangyang, I’m ready to let go,” you say boldly while standing up straight, and he raises an eyebrow at you, smirking and saying “Alright” in a sing-song voice. He removes his hands from yours, and you get excited as you move your feet quicker, swiftly switching your positions so now you’re the one skating backwards. He chuckles at you and says, “Okay, you’ve got the hang of it. Think you can catch me?” He challenges you with a mischievous grin, and before you know it, he’s leaning his upper body forward, taking a big stride on the ice and gliding off with a speed that has your hair hitting your face. “Hey!” You shout at him, copying his strides and trying to catch up to Yangyang, who seems to be flying across the ice.
The rink is filled with screams, laughs, and yells as you and Yangyang play a very intense game of tag, the both of you out of breath and breathing the cold air in, but the burn in your lungs is no match to the happiness you feel right now. After a while, you get too lost in the moment that you don’t notice the way Yangyang has slowed down, scraping his skates sideways against the ice to come to a stop. It suddenly hits you that you’re going really fast, and you don’t know how to stop. You don’t even have time to process the situation before your body crashes into his, knocking the both of you down onto the ice. You landed on top of him, exchanging a surprised look with him before the both of you burst out in a laughing fit, letting your body go limp on his and burying your face in his chest. Yangyang doesn’t even mind the weight of you on him.
Eventually when your laughing dies down, you roll off of Yangyang, body too tired from the impact and amount of laughing you did and you lay on the ice next to him, turning your head to look at him. “I thought you said you weren’t gonna let me fall,” you tease him and he pokes your waist, tickling you and making you flinch. “I wasn’t expecting you to go 100 miles an hour when I didn’t even teach you how to stop,” he teases back, moving on his side so he can get a better look at you, propping himself up on his elbow. You look away for a second and smile, mimicking his position so the both of you are facing each other. Yangyang gives you a warm smile, extending his free hand out and tucking a piece of hair behind your ear, and you find yourself leaning into his touch. Your heart starts beating at a rapid pace, and Yangyang looks down, noticing a wet spot on his pants and the way the ice is getting shiny.
“Shit, the air wasn’t turned on and now the ice is melting,” He looks at you with big eyes and you both laugh again, also noticing the way your jeans are sticking to your thigh. Yangyang cautiously gets up on the now-slippery ice, helping you get up as well. You notice the way he doesn’t let go of your hand as you both glide over to the entrance, filling the air with small talk and talking about funny things that happened during the date as you walk back to the locker rooms. 
You plop down on the bench beside Yangyang, the both of you taking off your skates and putting your shoes back on, and you can’t help but feel a lingering feeling in your stomach. Once Yangyang put away the skates, he walked back over to you and gave you a sweet smile, giving you his hand for the millionth time today. You take it and stand up, and blood rushes to your cheeks when Yangyang laces his long fingers through yours, looking up at him in shock. His ears are completely red and he’s looking straight ahead to avoid eye contact with you. You smile at him and squeeze his hand once, and when you see the small smile that plays on his lips, you look down at your feet, matching his walking pace with yours. Yangyang’s legs are so long that one step for him is two steps for you, so you try your best to keep up with him just to be close to him.
You two leave the rink and he offers to walk you home, to which you gladly accept, and when Yangyang starts swinging his arms to rock your intertwined hands back and forth, you realize you could get used to this. As Yangyang talks about some hockey team drama, you wander off in your mind, thinking of your first impression of him. The Liu Yangyang you thought was a player, always talking to other girls and giving them a look that would make them weak in the knees, the one you thought was your typical college athlete who basked in the attention from his fangirls. All the times a tiny piece of your heart would break at knowing that he would never look at you like the way he looked at them, and telling yourself it was never gonna happen. You especially remember all the times you’ve daydreamed about this very moment, walking hand-in-hand with Yangyang, a faint pink dusting over your cheeks, and it feels scary, but it feels right. 
When you reach the door to your room, Yangyang lets go of your hand and stands in front of you. There’s an awkward silence in the air along with a thick tension, and Yangyang clears his throat. “I had a lot of fun today,” he says, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck and looking at you. You look away shyly and hold your right arm with your left hand, making yourself shrink under his gaze. “I did too, Yangyang,” and he chuckles at you, taking a step closer to you. You feel your breath get caught in your throat when you feel his hand cup your cheek, bringing your head up to look at him. You look up at him with big eyes, parting your lips slightly and he seems to notice that, his gaze flickering from your eyes to your lips.
“Can I kiss you?” He asks quietly, voice cracking a bit. 
Your hands tremble slightly from nervousness, but you manage to nod your head almost embarrassingly fast. Yangyang takes a deep breath, leaning down and closing his eyes, and when you feel his nose brush against yours, you shut your eyes tightly. When he presses his lips to yours, you have to stop yourself from screaming. It’s an experimental kiss at first, his lips are a little stiff against yours and you could tell he’s scared, but when you lean in and tilt your head slightly, he breathes out through his nose, cool air fanning over your skin. He locks your bottom lip between his, deepening the kiss and moving the hand that was on your cheek to hold the back of your head. Your lips mold against his for a while before Yangyang takes a bold move and opens his lips, peeking his tongue out to lightly graze against yours. 
Because you feel like you’re literally about to faint, you pull away slowly from Yangyang, feeling him move slightly to chase your lips with his. When both of you open your eyes, you swear your heart is going to leap out of your chest. His eyes are blown out wide, cheeks red, and his lips are kiss bruised pink. You let out a nervous giggle, and he follows, tucking his hands into his hoodie pocket. “That-uh-that was nice…” You trail off, and Yangyang smirks at you, saying “It was” in a voice barely above a whisper.
Before you have a heart attack, you reach your hand out behind you to grip on your door handle to stable yourself. Twisting it and opening it, you back away slightly from Yangyang. “Text me when you get to your dorm, okay?” You say with a slight tremble in your words, and a sad glint flashes in Yangyang’s eyes when he realizes he has to leave. He nods at you and hums in approval, smiling. You say bye to him and he waves at you, quickly making his way down the hallway. He thinks you’ve already gone back into your dorm, but your head is still peeking out the door, watching him walk away, and when you see him punch the air and do a little shuffle, you slap your hand over your mouth to stifle a laugh. Finally closing your door, you slide your back against it until your knees are pressed to your chest, feeling like you were on cloud nine. A sudden feeling erupts in your chest, so you run over to your bed and jump on it, screaming into your pillow and kicking your feet in the air. You roll over and stare at your ceiling in a daze, bringing your fingers up to your lips and touching them softly just to pretend that his lips were still on yours.
Yeah, you definitely weren’t gonna be able to stop thinking about today.
Things between you and Yangyang just seemed to be getting better and better. You spent a majority of your winter break with him watching cheesy movies while cuddled up on one another and eating takeout which eventually ended up in a pillow fight or a wrestling match (or both), and your heart yearned for him everytime he was gone. Hearing Yangyang talk about stuff that happened during practice or games only made you even more infatuated with him, and sometimes you would just zone out mid-conversation just to stare at him and hear his voice. You weren’t sure what label to put on the relationship, I mean you guys were basically dating because you went on a date, spent time with each other, and even kissed, but the lines were too blurred for you to tell
Once winter break ended, things returned to normal, Yangyang spending his time at practice and you at your dorm, but he made frequent visits after practice just to be with you. His company went from being a want to a need, because as soon as he would walk into your dorm with a smile on his face, you never wanted him to leave. Laying in your bed with his arm around you and the both of you on your phones was almost second nature to the two of you, there was no need for any conversation. Just basking in each other’s presence was more than enough to make you happy. 
Yangyang suddenly springed up from his phone, moving so he was facing you. “Hey, can I ask you something?” You sat up as well, nervous as to what he was going to ask, but you nodded anyways. He took a deep breath before looking you in the eyes. “So, I know you don’t really like sports, but the state championships are coming up soon, and I was just wondering if you’d wanna come, and like, cheer me on? For good luck,” and he smiled at you, hope in his eyes praying that you’d say yes.
You bit your lip and looked down to hide your excitement, already feeling yourself blushing. Looking up at him through your lashes, you quickly nodded your head, saying “I’d love to.” Yangyang’s eyes lit up at that, a big gummy smile making its way onto his face. “Awesome, I’ll buy your ticket, okay?” and you quickly tried to shut down the offer, saying that you could buy it yourself and that you’d feel bad if he spent any money on you, but he kept insisting. “But, there’s a catch,” he said with a mischievous grin, and you raised a suspicious eyebrow at him. 
“You have to wear my jersey to the game.” 
Your eyes flew wide open at his proposal and you looked down again shyly, nibbling on the inside of your cheek to hide your smile. You tried to mask the million thoughts running wild in your head as pondering over his suggestion. You barely knew anything about sports, but from your high school experiences, wearing a team member’s jersey meant that that player was off limits, and that he would be proudly showing you off to everyone in the bleachers. Sucking in a sharp inhale through your nose, you looked at Yangyang head on, saying “Deal” with fake confidence. 
Yangyang smirked at you, his face beaming with happiness. “Cool, I’ll give you my away jersey since it’s a home game, and don’t worry, I’ll wash it,” he poked your nose, knowing you would have complained about wearing his sweaty jersey. You giggled at him, and a soft smile crept onto your lips when Yangyang gently laced his fingers through yours. “The game is next Saturday, so I’ll stop by on Friday to give you the jersey and ticket, alright?” and you nodded at him. Yangyang mentioned that he had to leave because he had some homework to catch up on, and you could already feel a piece of your heart breaking at that.
He got off your bed and started gathering his things and you followed him to the door, getting a sudden feeling that you should do something. Before he was able to turn the handle of your door, you grabbed his hand and spun him around, leaning up on your toes and pressing a sweet kiss to his cheek. Yangyang was a bit taken aback by that, not expecting you to kiss him goodbye, and he placed his fingers on the spot where your lips were just a second ago. All of the confidence you had flew out the window when Yangyang looked at you, a smirk playing on his lips. “What was that for?” He asked in a flirty voice and your throat suddenly went dry at the way he was looking at you. “U-Uhm, no reason!” You chirped and he chuckled, leaning down to press a kiss on your forehead. “I’ll see you around, okay?” He said before tucking a piece of hair behind your ear, and you nodded at him with pink cheeks, watching him exit your room. 
The championship game was in a week from today, which meant you had 7 days to get your shit together and finally ask Yangyang to be your boyfriend. You were scared, honestly, because what if you were making a mistake? Were you going too fast? What if he said no? He never had a girlfriend before, what if he had commitment issues? Your mind was going a mile a minute, questions of uncertainty flowing through you like water from a broken dam.
The next day, you could barely focus in class, constantly tapping your pen against your notebook and bouncing your leg or biting your lip just to alleviate the nervousness you felt. You gave yourself a little pep talk in your head. Okay, you knew that you had chemistry next period with Yangyang, which meant that if you timed out everything, you would be able to catch him walking to the building just in time to talk to him before class. Wait, what were you even going to say? “Yangyang, I really like you, will you be my boyfriend?” No, too cheesy. “Will you be the hockey stick to my puck?” No, what the hell did that even mean? You had no idea how you were gonna ask him, but you’ll cross that bridge when you get there. 
Once your professor dismissed the class, you hurriedly put your stuff in your backpack and sprinted out of the room, speed walking across campus to the building, scanning over the crowd of students heading the same way. You didn’t see Yangyang, which was odd, he was always usually the first one to get to class, and that left an unsettling feeling in your stomach. You waited there for a bit, and once everyone had disappeared, you decided to walk from the front of the building to the side, which was oddly secluded.
When you made your way around the corner, you felt your heart drop.
There Yangyang was, leaning against the wall with a dark haired girl in front of him, lost in conversation and laughing at whatever he was saying. He seemed to be enjoying the attention, of course, because when she leaned in closer to him, he relaxed his body and welcomed it, reaching out to grab her hand to hold it. You felt tears starting to burn in your eyes, and you couldn’t take your eyes off of them. 
Was this all sort of some sick game to him? Were you just another pawn in his game, using you to get his ego up just to drop you like you were nothing to him? All the time you’ve spent together, the hugs, the date, the kiss, did that not mean anything to him? You couldn’t tell if you were mad or sad or everything in between, but when you saw him pull her in for a hug, you turned on your heel, throwing out any fucks you gave and heading straight back to your dorm. You didn’t care if you skipped the rest of your classes, if you saw Yangyang’s face one more time, him giving you the same smile he was giving to that girl, you would break down, and you didn’t want to give him the power of seeing you cry.
A little voice in the back of your head was saying ‘I told you so’, and you were so mad at yourself. You kept these walls up in front of your heart for a reason, and you knew that the second you let yourself fall victim to your feelings, you would get hurt. You should have known better than to think that a playboy like Yangyang would have been different, as much as you wanted him to be. You wanted to believe that he wasn’t who you thought he was, that there was actually something going on between the two of you, but you were proven wrong. You even started to wonder how many girls have even worn his jersey? You weren't that special, obviously other girls had been in your shoes, cheering him on proudly wearing his number on their backs, and the thought of all of this made you let out a sob. Once you got to your room, you slammed the door and crawled into your bed, looking at your phone and being met with the selfie Yangyang had sent you at practice. You had set it as your wallpaper so you could look at him whenever you missed him, but his face filled you with nothing but rage. You quickly changed your lockscreen and threw your phone onto somewhere in the bed, pulling the covers over your head and letting a few hot tears stream down your face, your chest heavy and aching.
You ignored all of the texts Yangyang sent you, asking you where you were and asking why you weren't in class, and you just left him on read, not even caring if your read receipts were on so he could see that you saw his message.
6 days until the championship, 5 days until the championship, every day seemed like the same thing other than the dull pang in your heart when you remembered your future plans with him. You had managed to work up the courage to start going to class again, changing your seat to sit as far away from Yangyang as you could, and when he noticed you were upset, he just decided to leave you alone and sit next to Ten, talking as if everything was normal, which pissed you off even more. You didnt do so much as to even spare a glance in his direction, knowing you would be met with that stupid smile of his. When class was over, you quickly made it past him, ignoring the way he called your name and moved to catch you before you left. Even Mark, Sungchan and Donghyuck could tell something was off, either the way you wouldnt look them in the eye when you spoke or the way Yangyang seemed to be distracted and not so happy at practice, but they decided to just give you both the space you needed.
A few days passed, and it was now Friday, the day before the championship. You decided to stay home from school today, the excitement of the entire school for the Dinosaurs vs Gorillas game only gonna make you think of Yangyang. It was also the day he was supposed to come to your dorm to give you his jersey and ticket, and you really hoped he wouldn't. Your eyes were red and puffy from all the crying you did, slight bags under your eyes from the lack of sleep you’ve gotten and you didn't even care if your hair hadn't been washed or brushed. You felt like utter and complete shit, and you knew that it was all because of him.
Suddenly you heard a knock on your door. You rolled over in your bed and threw the covers back over your head, thinking that if you ignored whoever was on the other side, they would go away. You turned out to be wrong, because they kept knocking, so you poked your head out from under the covers and yelled “Go away!” That did not do a thing, as the person kept on knocking. You groaned, throwing the covers completely off of you and dragging yourself to the door. 
When you opened it, you were so surprised to see Yangyang that you almost slammed the door shut, but Yangyang prevented you from doing it. “Please, can we talk?” He pleaded, eyes big with worry. You stared blankly at him. You didn’t want to talk to him, let alone even look at him, but he was preventing you from closing the door, so you had no other choice. That’s when you noticed the items in his hands: a ticket and a jersey. “I just came to drop these off. Tomorrow is the championship game and I really want you to be there.”
You scoffed and rolled your eyes at that. A look of confusion made its way onto Yangyang’s face. “Why didn’t you give these to your girlfriend? I’m sure she would appreciate it.” He blinked at you, freezing for a second. “What are you talking about? I don’t have a girlfriend.” Your blank stare turned into a scowl, “Don’t play dumb with me Yangyang, I saw the two of you last week looking all cozy.” Yangyang looked confused for a couple more seconds until he realized what you were talking about. “Oh! That was Tern, Ten’s sister. I was just buying your ticket from her, that’s all. Nothing is going on, I promise.”
“Then why were you being all touchy with her? You two looked like you were about to kiss, but what else can I expect from someone who’s just a typical playboy.” A small part of you regretted saying that, but you couldn’t take it back now, because Yangyang’s face immediately fell. “Is that really what you think of me?” he whispered. “How can I not? Girls are constantly throwing themselves at you and you always flirt with them. And why would the star of the hockey team take an interest in a nobody like me?”
“What about these last few weeks? I thought they meant something,” Yangyang’s voice made it clear that he was upset. “I thought so too Yangyang, but after seeing you with Tern, I guess I’m not as special as I thought.” Yangyang’s eyes turned sad, looking down but he stayed silent, handing to you the jersey and the ticket in his hands. You were about to protest, but he cut you off. “Please still come to the game, if not for me, then for the other guys. They’d love to see you there.” He said in a defeated tone, and with that, Yangyang left, shutting the door behind him.
Not too long after he had left, you got a text, snapping you out of your daze from staring at his folded jersey and the laminated ticket on top of your desk. You were about to throw your phone if it was Yangyang, but when you saw you had been added in a group chat with Mark, Donghyuck, and Sungchan, you felt slightly relieved.
Mark [1:30pm] ___, what’s going on?
Donghyuck [1:30pm] yangyang is at practice and he just punched his locker, he looks super pissed off
You scoff, not surprised that your friends would bring him up, he probably asked them to talk to you.
You [1:31pm] nothing is going on.
Sungchan [1:31pm] you’re a really bad liar, __. the two of you were all over each other a week ago and now neither of you are acting normal
You [1:32pm] guys please
Mark [1:32pm] no, enough of this childish bullshit. we know you better than anyone else. tell us what happened, __, now. yangyang wont even talk to us.
Realizing you were outnumbered 3 to 1, you sighed in defeat, telling them the whole story in a long text message.
Donghyuck [1:36pm] oh my god, __, you said all that?
Mark [1:36pm] thats harsh, dude
You [1:36pm] you guys really arent helping, you know that right
Sungchan [1:37pm] alright, first of all, ten and yangyang are literally brothers. you cant separate them, including tern, and she’s like a sister to all of us. she even has a boyfriend, and trust me when i say yangyang would never think of her that way. 
Donghyuck [1:38pm] second of all, what the hell did i tell you? i told you yangyang liked you and that he isnt the heartless player you think he is. when you see a girl with him its probably one of our annoying groupies, and he doesnt turn them away because he’s just a nice dude. plus, theyre all unusually obsessed with Sicheng, and they use us to get to him.
Mark [1:39pm] __, asking someone to wear our jersey isnt just a small thing. it’s a huge deal here. when we ask someone to wear it, it means we’re serious about them and that we wanna show them off to the whole school. yangyang has never asked someone to wear his jersey before.
All of these messages were starting to make you feel like shit, your entire world came crumbling down on top of you. Did you just ruin the one shot of love you've had all year because of your own insecurities?
You [1:40pm] wow, i’m an idiot
Donghyuck [1:40pm] yeah, you got that right
You [1:41pm] hyuck im literally going to shove your hockey stick up your ass the next time i see you
Sungchan [1:42] look, __, we’re not asking you to come here to yangyang and kiss and make up, but please come to the game tomorrow.
Mark [1:43] we really want you there, and if you want, we’ll tell yangyang to leave you alone, okay?
You [1:43pm] i’ll be fine, you dont need to do that. i’ll come, it’s the least i can do to make it up to yangyang 
Donghyuck [1:44pm] YAYY
Sungchan [1:44pm] dont stress too much about this, __, just focus on having fun tomorrow
Mark [1:45pm] we gotta go bc coach is about to cut our heads off, but we love you __
Donghyuck [1:45pm] who is we? you speak french now, mark?
You snort at that, as much as Donghyuck got on your nerves, he always made you laugh.
You [1:56pm] i love you guys too :( im sorry
Sungchan [1:56pm] dont apologize :)
You [1:57pm] have fun at practice, i’ll see you guys tomorrow
You put your phone down with a sudden feeling of relief, but that feeling in your stomach never went away, knowing that you said all of those things to Yangyang, the boy you loved. You were gonna make this right.
The next morning, you woke up determined. You finally felt like your normal self again. It was 12:00pm, and the game started at 1, which left you in an excited rush as you quickly got ready. You had Yangyang’s jersey in your hands, looking at the vibrant orange, blue, and white school colors with a dinosaur roaring behind a hockey stick right in the middle. You giggled when you remembered the first time you saw Yangyang in his jersey, thinking about how he looked like a roblox character in his bulky shin guards. You slipped it on over your head, the jersey completely swallowing your figure, and you paired it with a pair of leggings and some white sneakers to get that athletic-esque look.
Grabbing your phone and your ticket, you gave yourself one final glance in the mirror, checking your makeup and hair to make sure you looked presentable. Once you left your dorm, you excitedly walked to the rink, decorations in the school colors all over it and music blaring from the door, a crowd of people wearing school merch making their way in as well. You felt a little nervous and anxious since you absolutely hated crowded places with loud music, but the boy you were going for was worth it. You were going by yourself, considering the fact that you didn’t really have much of a friend circle besides Mark, Donghyuck, and Sungchan, but they were more than enough for you.
When you made your way over to the rink, standing at the door with your ticket, you saw Tern front and center, collecting people’s tickets with a warm smile on her face. From up close, you could really see the family resemblance, and she was really pretty. A tall boy with light brown hair approached her and kissed her on the cheek, who you assumed was her boyfriend, and you couldn't help but beat yourself up at your first impression of her. When you were called up, you gave her your ticket with a polite smile, and when she saw you wearing a jersey with the numbers 24 pasted on the sleeves, her eyes lit up bright. “Oh, you're __? Yangyang told me so much about you!” She said in a suggestive tone, wiggling her eyebrows at you. “You’re really pretty! Yangyang did something right, for once” she joked and you both burst out laughing. Realizing you were holding up the line, Tern quickly took your ticket and scanned it, placing it on the pile next to her. “Have fun at the game!” She said with a wink, and you thanked her, stepping into the half-full rink, one side green for the Dinosaurs, and one side purple for the Gorillas.
You were guided into one of the front rows, with a clear view of the rink, and conveniently right next to the goal net, where Yangyang’s position would be. A wave of nervousness washed over you as you saw the team step out onto the ice to warm up, and you saw Yangyang wasn't as happy as he usually was. He looked distracted, forcing a smile when Jeno came over to him to give him a fist bump. All of a sudden you heard a group of girls screaming, and when you looked to your right you saw the groupies Donghyuck was talking about, all with their faces painted in blue and orange and the number 7 on their cheeks, and when you looked back at the rink, you saw the face matching that number, assuming that must be Sicheng. He took a quick glance to the screaming girls and gave them a smile, causing them to scream even louder, making him laugh. He must be a senior because he was absolutely huge, making the other boys on the team look like kids, and you couldn't blame the girls. He was really attractive.
The music changed to a more 90’s hip hop beat, the school mascot Danny the Dinosaur hyping everyone up as the players started gliding around on the ice, playing around with the puck and getting used to the feel of it again. You noticed Yangyang skating over to the goalie net, taking a quick scan over the bleachers, and that's when your eyes met, his helmet making it a little hard to see his face but you saw the way his eyes lit up, and it was like time froze, no one else in the room but you. You smiled at him and waved, and he was in a daze, slowly raising his gloved hand up to wave at you back. The sweet moment was short lived when Ten smacked the puck into the net, snapping him back to reality. “Hello! Earth to Yangyang!” He yelled, waving his hands over his head. Yangyang shook his head, regaining his focus on warming up. Whoever won this match would win the state championship, and Yangyang would rather be caught dead than lose to the Gorillas. 
Your trance on Yangyang was interrupted as Donghyuck purposely crashed into the boards, squishing his face against the plastic. “__! You came!” And you laughed at the way he looked, waving at him before he made a kissy face at you while pointing behind him at Yangyang, and you flipped him off. He put his helmet back on and skated away, the timer on the scoreboard above you counting down 10 seconds, which meant all players had to line up.
You could feel the tension in the air as the Gorillas, your school’s top rival, stepped onto the ice with their black and purple uniforms, an intimidating aura surrounding them. The sound of people stomping their feet and the shrill sound of girls screaming came from the other side, the names “Johnny!” “Jaehyun!” and “Lucas!” the only ones you could make out from their groupies. The 3 tallest boys on the team shared a knowing look at eachother, a smug look on their faces and they turned to blow the girls a kiss, and you swore they were gonna lose their voices from screaming so hard. When all of the Gorillas lined up on the ice in front of the Dinosaurs, you noticed that there was a big height difference, the Gorillas completely towering over half of the Dinosaurs. They all tapped hands, murmuring “Good game” to each other as good sportsmanship. 
Everyone got in their positions, the referee skating in the middle and calling up the captains. Sicheng and Johnny glided over, shaking hands and briefly talking about something with the referee, and they both nodded before going to their sides, leaning over and crossing their sticks. You could feel the tension in the air building up, and that’s when the referee threw the puck up into the air, blowing his whistle and letting the game commence.
Everything was moving at a fast pace, you couldn’t even keep track of where the puck was because of the way the players were flying across the ice, stealing it from one another and passing it to their shooters. You noticed that the Gorillas liked to play dirty, specifically number 19, who you later found out was Jaehyun from his teammates calling out to him. Jaehyun constantly pushed and shoved Mark, body checking him into the borders in order to get the puck. Their goalie, Xiaojun, was also slightly messy, too focused on watching out for Donghyuck that he didn’t even notice Sungchan sweep up next to him, smacking the puck into the net. 
A roar emerged from your side of the rink, claps and whistles coming from the Dinosaur fans as they secured the lead in the game, leaving the Gorillas with nothing on the board. You cheered for Sungchan, your best friend skating over to his team and dapping them all up for his good shot. While the Gorillas had an advantage in height, their playing style was far from organized, only using cheap tricks to check the Dinosaurs, meanwhile your team had excellent flow, communicating on the ice and always 2 steps ahead of the rival team. You also noticed the way Mark and Donghyuck were getting pissed off from the constant pushing and shoving, arguing with the ref in the nicest way possible to tell him to flag that. An evil grin made its way onto the Gorilla’s faces, knowing that they purposely played rough behind the referee’s back out of spite.
You were so emerged in the game that you didn’t even notice the 1st quarter had ended, the horn blaring above you to signal the start of the 2nd quarter, Dinosaurs leading with 45 and the Gorillas with 23. It was a fairly close game, and you had your fingers crossed in hopes that your team pulled through. Taking a quick glance over at Yangyang, you saw the fire in his eyes, constantly scanning over the entire rink and staying low to the ground, his reflexes as quick as a cat with the way he would smack the puck right back at the direction it came from and dropping to his knees immediately, his shin guards preventing any scores being made. You didn’t like the way Johnny whispered something to Lucas while pointing at Yangyang, obviously catching on the way that if they wanted to win, they would have to take out the goalie.
The beginning of the 3rd quarter rolled around, and you noticed a complete shift in the air from the Gorilla’s side. They seemed to be playing with more force than strategy, body checking every and any opponent so hard you swore the plastic was gonna break. It was turning into an unfair game as the seconds passed, and with the look in their eyes, they wanted someone to get hurt. You saw Jeno on the bench talking with the coach, the both of them obviously annoyed at the other team’s tactics.
That’s when you saw it: Lucas was charging at Yangyang with full force, hugging the puck with his stick and he raised it above his head, shooting the puck right at Yangyang, causing him to go into a half split to try and block it with his leg, but he slipped and ended up falling on the floor.
The shooter didn’t even seem to stop, instead getting low on the ice and crashing into Yangyang’s leg, bending it at an angle it shouldn’t be bent against the pole of the goal net. Your heart dropped when you heard Yangyang scream in agony, his mouthguard falling out of his mouth, unable to move his leg and holding it with his gloved hands, doubled over in pain. Lucas got up with a grin on his face, and Mark immediately skated up to him, getting up in his face.
“Yo, what the fuck was that?” He screamed, ripping his helmet off and shoving the taller boy back by his shoulders. Lucas took his helmet off as well, pushing Mark back, and Donghyuck dropped his stick and took his gloves off, tackling Lucas to the ice and getting on top of him, throwing punches right at his face. Before you knew it, it was an all out brawl, all of the players skating over to your side of the rink and trying to rip them apart from each other, only ending up in every Dinosaur fighting a member of the Gorillas. 
Everyone was screaming in the crowds, rushing up to the plastic boards and cheering on the fight, and your heart was racing at all of the commotion, but you couldn’t rip your eyes away from Yangyang, tears streaming down his face as the medic kneeled down by his side, asking him questions and trying to get him to stand up. Not even the ref could break up the fight, blowing his whistle as loud as he could, but all you saw were punches being thrown left and right, blood starting to smear on the ice as bodies were slammed and noses were broken. Ten, Sungchan, and Winwin got in the middle of everything, shouting profanities at the other team and nearly throwing everyone off of eachother, stopping someone else from getting seriously hurt. Once the fight was broken up, the referee skated over to the Gorilla’s coach, screaming at him and telling him what Lucas did was completely against all rules and that he would be suspended from the roster.
Everything seemed to be calmed down, and the medics were able to get Yangyang on a stretcher, wheeling him away to the locker rooms to be examined. Everyone cheered and clapped for him when they saw him crying, and you couldn’t even stop your own feet as you got up and ran over to him. You let the tears run down your face, thinking that this was all your fault, had you not said those things to Yangyang yesterday, he would have had his head in the game, and he would have been able to avoid getting injured. 
You waited outside of the locker rooms, nervously tapping your foot against the floor and overhearing the medics talk to Yangyang, telling him that he had tore a ligament in his leg and he would need to heal for 6 weeks. Once all the medics left the locker room to let Yangyang recover, you slowly made your way inside, seeing a very upset Yangyang on the stretcher with some fabric and ice wrapped around his knee. You slowly walked over to him, he seemed to still be in shock from the impact, not even noticing your presence in the room. You extended a shaky hand to him and brushed his hair away from his forehead, your heart dropping at the way he still had tears in his eyes. You whispered his name, bringing him back to reality, and his eyes looked up at you, his face blank.
“How are you feeling?” Your voice cracked due to the lump in your throat. You regretted everything you said to him yesterday, and now seeing him upset over his injury made everything worse. He looked away from you, a deep sigh escaping his lips and he looked down at his knee, wincing at the pain. “It hurts” was all he said, and it was obvious that he was still upset from yesterday. You couldn’t blame him.
“Yangyang, I’m so sorry for what I said yesterday. I let my insecurities get in the way and I hurt you.” You could see Yangyang’s heartbreak behind his eyes, usually whenever he saw you his eyes would light up, but now there was nothing. He took a deep breath and looked away, blinking his tears away. “You shouldn’t be here, go back and enjoy the rest of the game”
“But I came for you…” you trailed off, a tear rolling down your cheek. You weren’t quick enough to wipe it away, because Yangyang looked up at you with a pained expression on his face. He looked down and saw you wearing his jersey, and that was enough to break him, a choked sob escaping his lips and letting all the tears he was holding in stream down his cheeks. You wrapped your arms around him, letting him cry into the jersey he gave you. Tears started streaming down your cheeks, and you felt Yangyang wrap his arms around your waist, holding you so tight against him as if he were scared he would lose you again. His shoulders were shaking from trying to hold in his cries, so you gently stroked the back of his hair to soothe him, telling him “It’s okay, let it out”. You had never felt anyone cry this hard before, his sobs breaking your heart each time they came out of him. He sounded absolutely broken, not only from you but from letting down his team on the final, the most important game of the season.
He pulled away slowly from you once he was able to control his breathing again, looking up at you with red and shiny eyes. Yangyang gave you a smile, sniffing and bringing his hand up to cradle your face, wiping away your tears with his thumb. “Don’t cry over me, __, you have mascara all over your face.” You half cried-half laughed at that, the Yangyang you knew and loved slowly coming back to you. “I can’t help it, I’m worried about you.”
Yangyang fell silent for a few minutes. You could see him biting his bottom lip like he wanted to say something. “What’s on your mind?” He looked up at you, hesitating slightly before he spoke, “Those things you said yesterday...did you mean them?” A sharp pain went through your heart at that.
You frantically shook your head and placed your hands on his wet cheeks, making him look at you. “No. I know who you truly are, and that’s a kind, smart, goofy boy who loves playing hockey.” Your voice was slightly trembling, and you raised an eyebrow when you heard Yangyang laugh. “You forgot the handsome part.” He said with a smirk, the light in his eyes giving it away that he was feeling better. “Whatever helps you sleep at night.” You smiled back. The two of you stared in silence at one another, hearts swelling with all of the feelings you felt for each other. 
“Come here.” He said, placing his hands on your waist and hoisting you up on his stretcher, making you yelp with the amount of strength he still had despite being injured. You placed your legs on their side of him, careful not to bump into his knee and settled on his lap, resting your hands on his padded shoulders. It was silent for a few moments, a blush rising on your cheeks from being so intimately close to him. “I knew you’d look good in my jersey.” Yangyang whispered, rubbing his hands on your waist and playing with the hem of the shirt.
“Yangyang, what if someone sees us?” You whisper-yelled at him, and he shrugged, sitting up slightly so he was face to face with you. “So what? Let them see, I’ve got my prize right here.” He winked at you, causing you to look away, but he wasn’t having it when he grabbed your chin and leaned in, pressing his lips against yours. Your eyes shot open at the sudden contact, but you let yourself relax, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him in closer, his arms snaking around your waist and holding you close to him.
The kiss felt right, like there were two strings connected that kept your lips together, and you couldn’t help but shudder when Yangyang teased at your tongue with his, catching your bottom lip in his teeth and tugging it slightly. You didn't even care that you were on his stretcher in the middle of the locker room anymore, and you didn’t even hear the horn blaring from the rink, signaling the end of the game. Your mind was fogged with the feeling of Yangyang’s lips against yours, the innocent kiss slowly turning into a heated makeout session. His tongue swirled around yours, licking at the inside of your mouth and you couldn’t help but let out a breathy whine at that, body craving his touch after so long.
You were about to deepen the kiss, tilting your head slightly before a scream ripped through your ears, you and Yangyang pulling away from each other in a split second.
“EW! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING?” Donghyuck yelled, covering Sungchan’s eyes with his hand, the taller boy scoffing and taking his hand away from his face. 
You looked at the team with wide eyes, scrambling to get off of the stretcher so fast that you nearly fell, your entire face beet red. Mark shoved at Donghyuck, telling him to knock it off, and the other boys whistled, cheering on Yangyang who still had his arm around your waist. “Leave them alone, Hyuck, that’s probably the most action they’ve gotten in their lives.” Mark snickered, wincing slightly at the cut on his lip.
“I-uh-we-” You stammered, immediately changing the topic when you saw the scruffs on your friends’ faces. “Mark, your lip!” You rushed over to him, examining his cuts. You smacked Mark and Donghyuck on the chests, making them flinch. “Why did you do that? That boy is like, twice your heights! You guys could have gotten seriously hurt!” You yelled at them with worry in your voice, and they smirked at each other. “Lucas was all bark and no bite, we got ‘em good, didn’t we, Mark?” Donghyuck said smugly, wiping away some dried blood from his nose, and you rolled your eyes at their antics. You headed over to Sungchan, giving him a hug and noticing the big trophy in Sicheng’s hands. “You guys won?”
“Of course we did, that piece of shit Suh almost tried to fight with the ref and coach, and they were forced to forfeit the game. You should have seen the looks on their faces!” Sicheng said with a proud smile on his face, earning cheers from the rest of the team. Ten walked over to Yangyang and gave him a fist bump, then cooing at him like “Oh, my poor baby Yangyang”, which caused Yangyang to punch him in the stomach. “I told you to stop calling me that, like, freshman year!”
Coach Park walked into the room, everyone falling silent expecting a long lecture for causing a fight. He threw his clipboard to the side, raising his hands in the air. “What are you sissies standing around for? We’re the championship winners! Let’s celebrate!” Everyone laughed at that, the boys putting on some music and having their own little makeshift celebration party in the locker room, and even Coach Park joined in on it, getting in the middle of the dance circle and everyone cheered for him, chanting “Go coach! Go coach!”
The room was filled with laughs, screams, and hype music, and you saw the way Yangyang looked slightly sad that he wasn’t able to celebrate with them, but when you laced your fingers with his, he looked up at you with a smile.
“Liu! You sure you don’t wanna get in here? A torn ligament won’t kill you!” Jeno shouted from across the room, doing some silly dance move that made the both of you laugh.
“Nah, I’m good bro. I got my girl right here with me.” You blushed at that, eyes going wide because-wait-did Yangyang just call you his girl? Everyone aww’ed at that, and you tried to hide your face, but that was quickly interrupted when he pulled you in for another kiss, making his team, and even the coach, woo and whistle at you two. 
“They grow up so fast,” Ten said, dramatically falling into Sicheng’s chest, earning the middle finger from Yangyang as he continued to kiss you. The Dinosaurs may have won the game, but Yangyang won your heart, and that was more important than any dumb trophy in the world.
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spencers-renaissance · 4 months ago
Shovel Talk
Summary: Hotch and Emily find out about Derek's relationship with Spencer and decide it's time for a chat.
Tags: fluff, humour, est. rel., protective!derek, emily, and hotch, relationship reveal, mentions of past hurt spencer
Pairing: Derek Morgan x Spencer Reid
Word Count: 1.5k
Masterlist // Read on AO3
Inspired by this post by @penemily that I couldn't stop thinking about. Honestly I love this fic so much lol.
Derek isn’t quite sure how he’s found himself in a vacant office after hours, crowded into an office chair with broken wheels as the two most intimidating FBI agents he knows stand over him.
“Either of you want to tell me what the hell’s going on?” Derek asks, bewildered by how quickly his evening had changed. One minute he’s sneaking looks at Spencer over his computer screen, and the next he’s hauled off to a private room like some sort of hostage.
He’s not scared, but he’s definitely a little pissed off. It’s nearing 10pm and all he wants to do is go home with Spencer, curl up on the sofa and eat take-out in front of the TV as they celebrate closing a case in their own way. He used to celebrate by going out for a drink, falling into bed with a stranger if the opportunity arose, but a quiet evening on the sofa with his boy in his arms is surprisingly satisfying these days.
Hotch raises an eyebrow. “We know,” he says simply, something fierce behind his words.
Derek’s heart skips a beat. It’s not hard to figure out what it is he’s talking about. He and Spencer had started dating a couple of months ago but had decided to keep it under wraps for now; something so young and beautiful was too precious to expose to all the inevitable eventual complications just yet. They’re so ridiculously smitten, though, that he’s not exactly surprised two profilers paying close attention had figured it out.
Ignoring the quietly humming nerves starting up in his stomach, he mirrors Hotch’s raised eyebrow, trying not to look as affected as he feels. “So… what? You wait for Spencer to go to the bathroom to lure me to an empty office to beat me up?”
“Maybe,” Emily replies, voice dry.
Behind the nerves and the posturing, Derek can’t feel a small twinge of hurt. “Look, guys, we expected it to be a bit of a shock, but we thought you’d at least be happy for us—”
“It’s not a shock,” Hotch interrupts.
“It’s not a shock,” Emily repeats. “Everyone saw this coming a mile off. We’re not surprised.”
Now, he’s even more lost. “Look, can you guys just sit down? You towering over me is creeping me out, man.”
“Good,” Hotch says easily.
Irritation takes over, and he stands up. “You know what, if you’re gonna be funny about it, I don’t actually have to be here.”
Before he can actually make to leave, though, Hotch is shoving him back down into the chair, old metal and plastic creaking under the force of his caught-off-guard body hitting it again. “Stay.”
“What is going on?” Derek explodes. Maybe under different circumstances he’d be able to profile the situation but as it stands, he’s stressed and confused, desperate only to be allowed to leave this dark, cramped room and take Spencer back to his place. It almost surprises him that all he craves in such a weird and unfamiliar situation is cuddles and a nature documentary, but he’s been with Spencer long enough for it to be approaching normal. The younger man’s probably back at his desk by now, wondering where he is, and Derek would hate for him to be worried. He just wants to go home.
“Derek, we are happy for you and Spencer,” Emily finally explains. “But we couldn’t in good conscience let this go on without having a… chat.” Her face twists into the faux charming expression he’s watched her use to disarm unsubs countless times. It stings a little that she’s using it on him.
He splutters a little as a realisation dawns on him, equal parts bemused and offended. “This is… this is a shovel talk!”
“Yes,” Hotch says with a straight face, his expression tight and intimidating as he tilts his head to the side slightly, clearly entirely unaffected by Derek’s emotions. “This is a shovel talk.”
Derek feels himself relax, tension easing slightly. “Guys, I appreciate the sentiment, but Spencer’s my boyfriend; nobody wants to protect him more than I do. You don’t have to worry about me.”
“I’m pretty sure we could give you a run for your money,” Emily says, her expression quickly transforming into something far more dangerous and challenging than only moments previously. “Spencer has something every single member of this team would die to protect. And if you get in our way, then we’re going to have a problem.”
“Emily, what, we’re friends.”
“Yeah,” she agrees, shrugging easily, “and I love you. But Spencer is my little brother, and I would do anything to stop him from getting hurt. As long as you don’t interfere with my primary mission, we’ll be fine.”
Hotch speaks before Derek can get a word in. “Derek, I knew Spencer long before you did. I remember the first time Gideon brought him to one of our lunches, and I saw something in him that made my heart ache. It didn’t take me long to realise that what I saw were the scars left by incredible deep-seated pain. Spencer has been through hell and back throughout his life, and he’s been hurt repeatedly by people who were supposed to protect him, including Gideon. I would do anything to prevent him from getting hurt by someone like that again, you hear me? Anything.”
As confusing as this all is, Derek can’t help but feel touched by Hotch’s earnest, emotional speech. Most of his nightmares these days revolve around Spencer getting hurt, and it’s kind of reassuring to know that he has so many people in the world who will stop at nothing to prevent those horrible dreams from spiralling into reality.
He can’t help but smile a little. “I’m glad he has you two,” Derek says honestly, looking between them, “but I can assure you that if I ever hurt Spencer for some unfathomable reason, your services wouldn’t be needed. I would hate myself enough for all three of us.” Even just considering the hypothetical possibility of hurting Spencer makes his stomach turn: it’s enough for him to know that he wouldn’t need Hotch and Emily to hold him accountable to that, his own self-loathing would be punishment enough.
It seems to appease Hotch and Emily, who Derek realises look sort of like intimidating twin mafia bosses standing over him like this, and they finally step back a little, posture relaxing.
“Well, what are you waiting for then?” Emily says, smiling for real this time. “Get your boy and get home. It’s getting late, you know.”
He rolls his eyes at her as he makes his way to the door.
“Oh, and Derek,” Hotch says, laying a hand on his shoulder, turning him before he can leave, a genuine smile on his face too, “I am actually happy for you and Spencer.”
Derek grins at that. He really is a lucky, lucky man. “Thanks, Hotch.”
“What was that about?” Spencer asks, his features twisting in curiosity as Derek makes his way across the bullpen to his boyfriend, Hotch and Emily emerging from the same room moments later.
Derek doesn’t answer properly, laughing instead. “You got some good friends, you know that?”
Spencer nods, still looking a little confused, but clearly deciding to let it go as he slings his messenger bag across his body, standing up from his desk. Derek slings an arm around Spencer’s shoulders, leading him towards the exit as his insides twist at the adorable blush that colours Spencer’s cheeks so prettily.
“Derek,” he hisses, “shouldn’t we be leaving separately?”
“I think it’s a little late for that,” he chuckles, looking over his shoulder. Spencer does the same, blushing even fiercer as he spots Hotch and Emily leaning against the railing, overlooking the bullpen with all-knowing looks on their faces.
“Oh my god,” Spencer mumbles, clearly embarrassed, but Derek just laughs again as they leave the bullpen and approach the elevators.
“Come on, pretty boy,” he sighs happily, sliding the arm around his shoulders to rest at his waist, fingertips pressing into the small frame of the boy he’s already falling in love with. “Let’s get you home. That penguin documentary awaits.”
“You’re gonna watch Emperors and Kings with me?” Spencer’s happy exclamation and the delighted expression on his face only warms his heart further, and in that moment he decides that he wants a happy Spencer and another nature documentary within his reach for the rest of his life.
Surprisingly, it’s not as terrifying a thought as it might once have been.
(If Derek thinks the shovel talk from Hotch and Emily is bad, though, it’s nothing compared to the one he gets from Penelope. By the end of the next day, he’s somehow reduced to tears that are both happy and the product of extreme terror, on the receiving end of a ‘baby girl’ ban for keeping it from her for so long. In the end, he decides that it’s probably an alright price to pay for everything beautiful that his life has blossomed into over the last few months.)
taglist: @criminalmindsvibez @suburban--gothic @strippersenseii @takeyourleap-of-faith @negativefouriq @makaylajadewrites @iamrenstark @livrere-blue @hotchseyebrows @jellejareau @reidology @i-like-buttons @spencerspecifics @bau-gremlin @hotchedyke @tobias-hankel @goobzoop @marsjareau @garcias-bitch @oliverbrnch @im-autistic @anxious-enby @queerminalminds (taglist form)
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sugardaddykenma · 11 months ago
haikyuu headcanons [haunted houses]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
notes: here are the folks of hq and how they would react/deal with gping to a haunted house. fun fact, i worked in a haunted house every fall for about five years and live for fx makeup, so you could say im a gay halloween mess.  extra fun: check out these haikyuu haunted house reaction pics
tw: drinking, drugs, the existence of tendou, pee, cheating
Tumblr media
daichi sawamura ➝ yells at all his friends if they misbehave in the haunt and apologizes to the actors. doesnt get scared until he sees a little girl dressed as a dead victorian ghost and he SCREECHES and runs through the rest of the haunt in fear. kids are scary okay?
koushi sugawara ➝ adrenaline fiend, normal haunted houses dont even phase him. he paid real money to get buried alive in a casket with an oxygen mask. hes here for the real fear not this lameo clown makeup shit. none of his friends will join him on his endevours. 
asahi azumane ➝ no. never. does not attend. calls sick. flakes. do not invite him if you love him. the answer is “no” he broke up with an ex for even suggesting it. dont even TRY. hes a no scare zone.
yuu nishinoya ➝ keeps high fiving people inside the haunt and literally said “great job everyone super spooky” and even the actors were like ?????, just not scared at all. takes a photo with a fake dead body and writes the caption as “just chilling with the dude” like ?????????? HUH, just a chaos agent.
ryuunosuke tanaka ➝ runs through most of it in fear, with his eyes SHUT. eventually jumps on kiyokos back but keeps loudly saying “shes TRAINING for a MARATHON thats why im back here” shut up tanaka thats not true.
tobio kageyama ➝ honestly wasnt paying attention in the haunted house and accidentally left through the fire escape door, triggering the alarm which triggered the sprinklers, which ruined the makeup and decorations of the entire haunt. no one even knew it was him because he just aimlessly walked away from it all.
shoyo hinata ➝ brought his sister because he wanted to scare her, but she has no issues with the haunt - yes even the clowns with chain saws. hinata on the other hand, pisses himself with a jump scare (however was smart enough to bring a second pair of pants in his bag because its happened before)
kei tsukishima ➝ thinks hes hot shit and makes it through 90% of the haunted house with a stoic expression. that is until a painting slams down and someone screams from his left, he loses his glasses, and by the time he finds it hes alone in the haunt, terrified by his own loneliness (and lack of loyal friends). brings it up to his therapist the next week
tadashi yamaguchi ➝ tsukki tells the first person in the haunt yamaguchi’s first name so that EVERYONE in the entire building keeps whispering and saying tadashi just to scare him. he breaks down in the second room sobbing, and thinks hes cursed. when tsukishima finally tells him the truth, years later, he makes him pay his therapy bill
ennoshita chikara  ➝ walks in a crouch stalk position to “be ready for anything” but really hes a drama queen. if he’s with a date he tries to look cool but isnt afraid to push them behind him to look protective. really, he has no will to survive.
kiyoko shimizu ➝ tanaka jumped on her back and she piggy backs him through the haunt. doesnt really care but keeps asking where the washroom is mid-haunt because she has a small bladder.
hitoka yachi ➝ of course shes absolutely terrified but keeps asking actors if their injuries are real or fake because she’s worried someone is actually hurt. the only person i would go with to be honest.
Tumblr media
tetsuro kuroo ➝ straps a go pro to his chest to film the whole thing but immediately trips, breaks the camera lens, cries while trying to fix it. later, kenma uploads the shoddy footage to the internet and names it “GROWN MAN CRIES OVER CAMERA WHILE ZOMBIE CONSOLES HIM” and it has 1.5 million views
morisuke yaku ➝  every time he gets scared he yelps and does finger guns to the actors. literally cant stop. its a nervous tick. just finger guns excessively. keeps asking the actors if they’re unionized, and its not even a joke, hes worried theyre not being protected by their labor.
kenma kozume ➝ so quiet he sneaks up on one of the actors and scares THEM instead. he doesnt even mean to, but someone started a rumor that a gamer ghost haunts the building but really it was just kenma visiting because he forgot something. now the place dubs it the “gamer ghost of haunt manor” smh
lev haiba ➝ jumped in fear, hit the ceiling, and got a concussion on the first scare. sued the haunted house, won the case, and used the money jumpstart his business venture. smh capitalists.
Tumblr media
tooru oikawa ➝ takes a selfie mid haunt with the actor he thinks has the best makeup and gets a lil salty when they dont throw up the peace sign with him. honestly gets thrown out because there is a HUGE sign that says no flash photography and he personally things he needs the flash to look best in the photos. the drama of this boy honestly. isnt even phased by any of it.
hajime iwaizumi ➝ gets dragged to a haunted house by friends, and its not the physical scares that get him, but the soundtrack and music. he finds those creeky, windy, and spooky sound effects to be terrifying. he hear a track of scary laughter and started olympic fast walking out of the haunt.
issei matsukawa ➝ walks into a room of a mad surgeon and says “compliments to the chef” and howls in laughter although no one else thinks its funny. only got scared at the body guard in the corner of one of the rooms, and the guy was like “im here to protect the actors im not here to scare you” and issei literally yells “I DONT TRUST YOU BRO FUCK TWELVE”
takahiro hanamaki  ➝ wore heelies and kept skating through all the rooms until he finally slipped on some fake blood and sprained his ankle. then he hit on the actor that was helping him, and then he hit on the paramedic. wrote on yelp “top ten scary places to get scared and horny” like bro go ice your ankle and shut up.
akira kunimi ➝ got too high and then immediately regretted it. screamed through the whole thing and lost his voice, then decided to run into a room and hide under a bed. he stayed there the entire night and fell asleep. an actor found him while cleaning up for the night and called the cops on him.
Tumblr media
koutarou bokuto ➝ almost breaks his hand punching a wall in fear because he had so much pent up adrenaline from the fear. keeps announcing hes entering a room like “OKAY,,,, COMING IN NOW,,, YALL BETTER NOT SCARE ME TIL IM FULLY INSIDE OKAY,,, HOUSE RULES” and theyre like lol pussy okay. keeps asking all the actors if they get to “keep the costumes”
keiji akaashi ➝ takes a call in the middle of the haunt and shh’s an actor who tries to tell him he cant do that. “yeah sorry jen ill get that chapter in tomorrow  — can you stop that for a second?? — not you jen, just this mummy trying to scream in my face” like dude, you have to disconnect to connect.
akinori konoha  ➝ keeps trying to get the actors to break characters by basically doing a full stand up set. he gets one actor to chuckle and it boosts his ego for an entire year, but then turns around and tells them theyre a horrible actor for breaking.
Tumblr media
wakatoshi ushijima ➝ doesnt find it scary, but keeps asking “plot” questions. like he was like “so youre an evil doctor...... and how much does that pay..... hmmm blood doesnt seem nutritious but if youre happy....” LIKE TOSHI ITS NOT A REAL PLOT
satori tendou ➝ works at the haunted house as the first haunt greeter. complete clown/ringmaster get-up. absolutely terrifies you and you have nightmares for years about it. one time a family came in and he was eating a RAW steak screaming with fake blood everywhere, and he was half naked. the family tried to sue him for emotional distress.
tsutomu goshiki  ➝ looks down the entire time, hands balled in a fist, and keeps whispering “ not....a pussy” over and over. however one door slams and he just BOOKS IT across the building in fear. his reaction photo goes viral on the internet because his tears are so visible.
shirabu kenjirou ➝  there is one room about a mad scientist and shirabu keeps going “well thats just not how anatomy works” for everything the actor says. yes hes a buzzkill, its what he does.
Tumblr media
atsumu miya ➝ keeps humming to himself to keep his reactions in check. keeps making jokes with the actors because the only way he knows how to cope with extreme panic is with humor, but eventually one jump scare does him in and he literally yells “MOMMY” out loud - which is what osamu was there to film anyways. dont go to to a haunted house with him, he’ll push you in front of him for protection, he calls it “feminism” by “putting you first” 
osamu miya  ➝  only showed up to film atsumu’s reaction, but accidentally filmed two actors making out. turns out that one of the actors was married and cheating on their wife. they only found out because osamu posted it on reddit to make fun of them. amazing the power of the internet and a miya twin.
rintarou suna  ➝ also an adrenaline junkie. wears a heart monitor with taser set up so that if his BPM goes over a certain amount he gets tased. hes literally shock therapy training himself to never be afraid of anything. what the actual fuck suna.
shinsuke kita ➝ every child in the area begs to be in his group because they want to hold his hand because he “seems safe” so kita ends up having to take care of everyone. however, he does pretend to have an exorcism to scare them just a little. they do not laugh, they cry.
Tumblr media
takanobu aone ➝ everyone hides behind him, and he walks into every room first. he isnt scared but he is emotionally distraught by the need to protect his friends. literally almost snapped the neck of an actor who got too close to a friend, like chill out humble giant.
kenji futakuchi ➝ brought a date to the haunted house because he wanted to look cool but he saw one clown with a chainsaw and ran out of the building and left his date inside. he fully drove home without his date, and wrote an apology text like “ya i dont think this is gonna work out” to survive the humilation. but everyone knows the truth.
kanji koganegawa  ➝  doesnt even get let in. he was absolutely too drunk that they put him on a banned list. he’s not allowed in haunted houses for another 5 years apparently. the local haunted association (real thing!!) has his photo on the wall to prepare for his antics. its because he kept trying to pretend he was an actor.
Tumblr media
yuuji terushima  ➝ didnt have time to go to a real haunted house but he went to his baby cousins school’s haunted house, and pretended to be scared for everything to boost their egos. its wholesome but now they want him to manage it next year because hes so good with the kids.
sakusa kiyoomi ➝ wont go in because they dont have a consistent cleaning schedule, like kiyoomi come on theyre UNPAID actors working for a local charity calm down.
Tumblr media
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noweakbitchesallowed · 4 months ago
Tutoring Kuroo<3
K I’m picturing a tutoring situation.
 Y’all are both strong in your respective classes. Science nerd vs English/Languages Enthusiast 
I have this theory that his math, chem and bio knowledge is good, but his argumentative essays r god awful LMAO. he straightup can’t write papers outside of a scientific context. 
But YOU, you gorgeous hot bitch; you are mf Shakespeare but without the whole iambic pentameter fuckery.
He def googles synonyms of words to sound better but he can’t use them properly cuz it’s different than chem terms so he just throws in random ass descriptors
k anyways, he’s sitting in class and Kuroo sees this sexy ass seductive girl sit down to his left(it’s u, surprise bitch)
and you KNOW you look good that day. School skirt shortened, top two uniform buttons undone, sleeves rolled. 
Unfortunately for him, the teacher asked u to edit his last essay, which was um, interesting
Y’all know the how you can put corrections and suggestions on a google doc? there was like 90+; you did not leave ONE LINE untouched.(in your defense, you had math the period before and were crabby as hell)
Anyways, he was offended, because how dare someone correct him in a reasonable and constructive manner 🤨
“what do you MEAN I can’t say metaphorically” “Kuroo there was no metaphor there??” “ok, well-”
^ive had this exact convo w someone lol
“your corrections suck ass” “Ok, well sue me idfk” 
the point is that he never quite recovered.
But the teacher is like LEARNING OPPORTUNITY:):) 
“y/n, can you do me a favour and help Kuroo edit his essays for the rest of the semester? I think that it would be a great use of your skills😄” 
“oh fuck me r u serious rn” “i mean if you insi-” “stfu Kuroo”
So y’all agree to meet once a week and go over his writing. 
but oh lord THE TENSION. 
“Kuroo, pass the laptop, I can’t see the screen” “Idc, move closer or something”
“y/n you’re being too harsh” “I’m trying to help you dummy”
“pay attention Kuroo” “Make me”
Picture this: You’re sitting knee-to-knee with Kuroo in a quiet library; the building is empty aside from you two, and you whisper instructions into his ear every few minutes. He passes his laptop to you, and as you skim over the intro, he throws an arm around your chair to read as you edit. His breath is warm on the back of your neck, and he can faintly smell your shampoo as you sigh. You turn back to him while lazily explaining the essay structure and he blushes while you tuck a strand of loose hair behind your ear.  
*cough cough* KUROO HAS A CRUSH NOW
but now, he doesn’t know how to act. Like he REALLY doesn’t know how to act. MF putting on like great sweatpants or sum shit to go to tutoring. 
And you my hot sexy y/n ARE NOT DENSE. 
So for the next 3 weeks, you make sure to look CUTE cute for the tutoring sesh. u pulling out the messy bun, cami tank, sneaky link shorts, off-the-shoulder zip hoodie, etc.
it’s doing things to him and you know it. 
he can’t flirt for shit smh
“cute shirt y/n😉” “Kuroo, you misspelled ‘irony’ on line 27😐”
regardless, because of his attentiveness during tutoring, his english mark shot up by like 10%, meaning that he no longer needs your help
and he’s like oh fuck. how am i gonna stare down her shirt now 😖😖
so he MANS UP...... and begs Kenma to get your snap from a mutual friend
Kenma says no obv, so Kuroo is forced to do the UNTHINKABLE and asks you himself
“hey y/n, could I get your snap?” “huh?, yea ofc”
it was literally not hard Kuroo wtf is wrong with u
anyways, y’all start to talk more outside of school and he EVENTUALLY asks to chill
im convinced he plans good dates cuz hes like SOMEWHAT smart right
after that, u guys start to hang more, and he finds you SO cute I mean like he’s good at science and you’re good at languages, it’s like a match made in heaven. What one doesn’t know, the other always can explain.
you guys become INSEPARABLE. the english teacher is like i knew it
anyways, he officially asks you to become his girlfriend, but instead of celebrating your anniversary on the day you guys started dating, y’all celebrate on the date of your first tutoring sessions
the end happily ever after blah blah blah
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215-luv · 8 months ago
ooh request? enemies to lovers for bokuto and oikawa and kuroo where they're stuck in the gym closest together with their school enemy but realise they actually have similar interest and like each other? thank you 💖
bokuto kotaro
he sure is a loving person. no one ever expects bokuto to dislike someone no matter how hateful the other person could get
so it was for sure a shock to all when the ace showed hatred to their student council president, which is you
why? ‘cause you limited their practice hours. without informing the team itself
let me tell you bokuto IS ANNOYED
considering you didn’t talk to him about it makes him 100x more mad now that they’re required to lock the gym before 6pm
usually their practices last 6-7 and he lost an hour
and that’s when your enemy relationship started
you did hate on him for some time, though it wasn’t supposed to go overboard now that everyone knows the both of you dislike each other
pft the thing is bokuto talks about you the whole damn time. nonstop
the rest of the volleyball by now thinks that he has a crush on you but naaaaah why would our team captain do that lol
one day you’re supposed to check on the cleanliness of the campus, unfortunately you’re assigned to the gym
everyone kept on with their practices when you entered through the metal doors, looking around to find a certain owl
since you didn’t find any trace or spec of dust, you went along to where they store their equipment
imagine the shock on your face when you see bokuto kotaro inside, all emo mode and hair done due to his sadness
you shot a snappy remark at him only to be greeted with a ‘hmph’ as he burries his head further to his knees
it kinda surprised you he hasn’t said anything back to piss you off. it did worry you tho to see his face in despair
your thoughts were cut off when you hear the door slamming shut, leaving the both of you in the dark with the window as your only source of light
you hear konoha screaming from the other side, “this is your fault y/n! ya better fix that!”
you blink in confusion by his words, not knowing anything else to do but sit a meter space beside the saddened ace
stealing glances of him, your mind begins to overthink the fact that you took your enemy troop to this kind of situation
of course, you hated the point that you’ve hurted people. in fact, it wasn’t even your idea to lock up the gym in such an early hour
and so you tried to strike in a conversation with the team captain next to you, hesitating on what to say
“bokuto-san?” you murmur so quietly, and he doesn’t reply.
you sigh when he burries his head further again before clearing your throat, “i-im sorry.. i didn’t know you’d feel like this when i declared to lock uo the gym at such an early hour.. y-you’re a really great person y’know?”
he remains seated by the wall, not moving. you assume he hates you as much now, not having the heart to reply to your apology. you bury your chin against your crossed arms.
“i’m sorry too..” you hear a short murmur. snapping your head to bokuto, you see him staring at the door infront of him. you smile, “it’s okay. i’m sure what i did was unforgivable.”
a flash of silence passes by, and you’re sure his silence probably means he agreed with what you just said.
you only sigh, “do you like pretzels?”
the sudden question seems to confuse bokuto, finally gaining the heart to turn his head to you, you gave him a wider smile. “if you’d like, i could treat you for those tasty desserts. i’d be happy to comply.”
something inside bokuto seems to tug onto his heartstrings when he hears the kind offer from you. surely, he’ll want to accept the offer in a swift. it just surprised him to know those words came from you. the one who he despised the most.
now that he have known you’re pretty much a great person, he couldn’t help but feel a little better. he gives you a short nod and you chuckle.
time went by and bokuto seems to be getting comfortable with you. as a matter of fact, it looks like he’s already back to his old self, now enthusiastically throwing his hands in excitement as he tells you all about his powerful matches and spikes. the adoration you felt for him became stronger every minute passing.
it sure wasn’t bad to be friends with fukurodani’s ace. maybe even better if it would go further than a simple friendship.
kuroo tetsuro
you and kuroo had thrown snarky remarks st each other for YEARS
years as in from middle school to highschool
no matter how much you despise the other the both of you still has managed to go in the same school lol
specifically, your relationship isn’t that enemy troop much yk what i mean
it’s just got the vibe because tbh you and kuroo is just competing on who flirts the best it’s that type yeah <3
everyone knows the two of you are the most sneaky and cocky people and nekoma n so the competition goes on
but yeah here’s the thing.. who in the FUCK wouldn’t fall for kuroo tetsuro after all those teasing, flirty remarks? ofc no one :)
you figured your lil crush on kuroo on your second year and kept it as a secret, only sparing the tea to kenma who you trust the most
imagine that scenario lol kenma just playing his game, not paying attention to you as you rant about how cute kuroo is
it goes on until you move into your last year w kuroo and kenma is kinda sick of always hearing you talking about kuroo.. because kuroo also talks about you when they’re alone..
sexy big brain kenma have decided to get this over with and asks the teams assistance to lock you up in a closet with kuroo and wont let you out until you confess your feelings
you were surprised by his bluntness but honestly from kenmas expression he seems to be pissed already lmao
and there you were, the utterly awkward silence with kuroo inside a dark, small closet with nothing else but dust
you were sure the everlasting atmosphere surrounding both of you would be a sign that kuroo never got the thought of having a full conversation with you. usually, your relationship levels up only by sending pick up lines back and forth, also having that competition on whose grade is the highest etc etc.
though, there was a small problem. you wanted to curse at yourself for being too affected by the amount of dust in the small space. you tried to avoide sneezing by hovering your hand over your nose, sometimes pinching it in order for your nose to not detect the dust surrounding you.
unfortunately you couldn’t handle it. you felt your insides and nose starting to itch, the sudden involuntary expulsion of air irritating your nosetrils.
and that’s when it happened.
you immediately freeze. this is it. this is where i get rejected. i’m going to cry. you cover your mouth, about to look down to the floor in embarassment when you hear kuroo’s laugh adorning the whole room. your eyes widens, looking up to see his reaction. you intensly blush when he looks at you with fond eyes and soft smile, making you look away to hide your red cheeks.
“that’s really cute. can you do it again?” his voice causes your heart to beat as fast, almost feeling your body weaken from his alluring presence.
“no.” you sharply reply, you heard a snort from beside you.
you wanted to look at him again. and once you do, you immediately regret the decision as he’s already staring at you, an arm resting on the metal shelf.
he chuckles, “say.. how about i take you out on a date after this?” he scratches his neck, “i’m pretty sure kenma’s probably itching for us to finally go on a date together.”
you never had the heart to say no to that attempting request.
oikawa tooru
it wasn’t a surprise to everyone when they heard you and oikawa had been enemies since middle school
it has been a routine for the both of you to ignore the other or rather shove in teasing remarks
oikawa disliked you eversince his mother introduced you. it just had been a real challenge to know both of your mothers are bestfriends so you had to see each other from time to time
and there goes on, both of you were popular for causing a fight in the tiniest reasons to the point where iwaizumi had to break off the argument between you and the setter
it was also unfortunate for him to know that you’re cousins with one of his teammates, hanamaki, who persuaded you to be the manager of their volleyball team. and of course you agreed
it’s not much of a problem anyways, you’ve managed to spend two and a half succeasful years without starting fights with oikawa during practice. everyone is surely relieved about that fact
even if you and oikawa would atleast stay mature throughout practice, there was one day in particular where the setter took a step closer to your breaking point
the match they had with shiratorizawa was a big scar to heal, it’s not like anyone has expected their loss anyways. so everyone wasn’t in the mood to spare conversation in the bus ride, leaving the mood silent and downcast
after everyone separated ways in the campus, the third years including you decided to stay in the gym to keep up with practicing
all of you seems to notice oikawa being in a bad mood, his face swarms exactly like annoyance as the ball he serves speeds up from across the court
now you, even if you knew you had that enemy troop with the team captain, you were sure that this is a time where he needs to call it quits and go home instead to take a rest
unfortunately, that doesn’t go in the right direction
as soon as you tried your best to spare him a conversation, oikawa spits out harmful words that shattered your heart without hesitance. even having the guts to call you an attention seeker when all you wanted to do was make him rest
that was all that you needed to hear as you walk away from him with no reply. then you got your things from the bench, leaving the gym with tears spilling from your eyelids as oikawa realizes his big mistake
i guess, if it wasn’t for iwaizumi kicking his ass during that time, then the setter wouldn’t snap out from his regretful thoughts
makki and mattsun reeks seriousness almost for the first time when he pushes you and oikawa in the gyms equipment room, slamming the door shut before you could even say anything.
as much as you’ve still felt the heartbreak from what happened yesterday, you tried your best to avoid contact with the brunette, your arms crossing in order to hug yourself in comfort.
it became all quiet, not exactly defying that the mood is awkward. due to that manner, even oikawa couldn’t look at you straight in the eye. he knew he didn’t deserve your forgiveness especially when he sees how uncomfortable you are right now.
but he has to anyways. he doesn’t mean anything he’s said yesterday, and he’s hoping that you knew that too.
and so oikawa does what he has to do.
“i.. i’m sorry.. for what i’ve said yesterday..” you froze at his words, “i know what i’ve done is unforgivable, but i promise i won’t do it again, and i regret everything that i did.”
he sounds as genuine and sad, but you didn’t reply just yet, sinking in the words that spilled from his mouth, somehow feeling the light weight upon his apology. oikawa sighs when he doesn’t hear a reply from you.
you turned your head to the setter, shyly making eye contact with him as the both of you blush before looking away.
you tuck a strand at the back of your year. “it’s.. it’s okay, i guess.. as long as you actually mean it, then there’s a slight chance i’ll be able to forgive you...” you mutter quietly. oikawa swore he saw flowers around the dusty closet.
his gaze lands softly on you, “how ‘bout i’ll make it up to you on a date?”
your eyes widens at his offer, “w-what?”
“you heard what i said.”
to see if he’s joking, you looked at him once again, surprised to see how serious and happy he is upon his own words. maybe it wouldn’t be a problem to go on a little date with him once.
“okay.” you agree, not aware of the amount of dates the both of you are soon going to have.
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long-furby6 · 2 months ago
hello!! can i request some a scenario (or a headcanon? im not sure of which one is the correct term) with ranpo where the reader is actually a sweet person (and its emo -likes mcr and cc) plus is often embarassed when it comes to social interactions? i mean, how do you think they would get into a relationship? if i cant, its totally fine! please dont forget to take care of yourself >.<
You sure can!
Spent quite a while on this one, sorry abt that lol
Ranpo With A Sweet!Emo!Reader
Tumblr media
He probably meets you for the first time as a witness to some sort of murder, maybe the killer dropped by a hot topic you were at?
Initially doesn’t pay much attention to you. At least you were cooperative and gave him some evidence he needed. However, he couldn’t help but notice your fidgeting and glancing side to side. He wasn’t expecting you to be a nervous person
He wasn’t totally familiar with social awkwardness. He’d rather be somewhere else, of course, but he never really felt embarrassed by another person
Until you offered him something you were eating after he asked you some questions, and he suddenly got it
Ever since then, it seems that every time he’s outside, he runs into you somehow. Maybe it because he’s passing by every single emo-centred store and hangout in the area, but no, completely coincidental
And he will deny it if you ask him
The real problem begins when he starts waking up in the morning excited to see you. He spends his long, boring hours at work either texting you or thinking about you, and to say it bothers him is an understatement. How dare you just come in and consume his life like that??
It must be the way you’re always so kind and patient when he’s being obnoxious, or how you listen with great interest as he rambles on about true crime, knowing you’ll get a chance to rant about the meaning behind MCR lyrics next
He also noticed that you were becoming a lot less awkward around him. And ngl, that realization made his heart swell
At this point, the entire agency and all of your friends think that you two are dating. With how often you’re together, with you even accompanying him on missions sometimes, how are you not?!!? Hell, you even held hands!! You have matching keychains from your favourite band!!!
But when they ask either of you about it, you simply look confused. It’s so frustrating, especially to Kunikida who has to make sure Ranpo’s actually working all the time. Kind of hard when he’s on call with you chatting away
As for how it actually becomes official?? It was an accident, of course. With your shyness and his stubbornness, is that really a surprise?
In short, he ended up drunkenly blurting out all his feelings while clutching onto your shirt and burying his face into your collarbone
Was it an awkward experience? Yes. Did he hate himself the next morning? Absolutely. Did you say yes? Without a doubt. Did Yosano get a blackmail video out of it? You bet your ass.
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thcweasley · 11 months ago
PAIRING : George Weasley X Y/N
SUMMARY : George getting jealous of his twin brother for being closer to you .
WARNINGS : none? Make out? implying things? hehe
WORDS : 1.7k
A/N: lol this hits too close to home, growing up i was shadowed by heather sister :(  I was going to turn this into smut but im not sure.. cos i never wrote a smut before lol.
Tumblr media
“Focus on your work Weasley” Snape smacked George Weasley’s head with the book he was holding, causing the whole class to look at his direction.
George was already an easily distracted person to begin with. but today especially, he got his mind somewhere else.
He was looking at you and his twin brother Fred, giggling while trying to figure out snape’s task. All of his life he never thought that he would feel this much jealously towards the older twin. Sure, sometimes it bothers him a bit that people pay more attention to him, or the fact that people always refers them as “Fred & George”, not “George & Fred”. But he knew it’s a silly thing to be bothered about so he always managed to brush it off.
But not today, Fred had been assigned with you. The girl George met on his last solo trip to honeydukes. It shocked him how he never saw you around before, despite being in the same house and grade. But hes glad that he met you. George didn’t like to be cheesy, but he was so sure that you were made for him. Whenever youre around, he just felt so happy. You’re funny, kind, and on top of all you’re prettiest thing he ever seen. Sadly, for him, other people seems to think that way about you.
He introduced you 2 weeks ago to his brother and friends. You seem to get along great with everyone. He liked that, his brother and friends is everything for him. But he cant help it but feeling a little bit jealous. He didn’t wanna admit it but this jealously is most probably because he was insecure about his feeling for you. Before everything he was sure that you fancy him the same way he fancies you. But now, hes not sure. And he hated it, youre supposed to be his girl.
The class that felt so long was finally over. George quickly stood up, walking towards the common room. he just want to burry his face onto his bed now. He felt an arm linking his. “Hey you” it was you. He let out a big sigh, not knowing how to feel right now.
“Hey, did you have a good time today?” He hated how catty he sounded. Knowing you, he knew you wouldn’t able to tell.
“Yeah it was fun. Your brother is hilarious you know that?” He rolled his eyes, feeling his face getting hot.
“Well yeah hes a clown” George answered shortly. Wanting you both could just drop this conversation. He didn’t like this, being jealous of his twin brother.
“ahah yeah true, youre also funny too you know” You leaned your head onto Georges arm. At this point it was hard for him to not just pulls you into a big hug. “Whats your plan for the rest of the day?” You asked looking up on him.
“Im not sure, probably just sleep” George answered looking down to you. You looked so cute leaning on to him.
“Wanna have a study date? Snape’s test tomorrow right?” George’s ears perked up at the word date.
A smile creeps on his face. “Yeah sure”
“Brilliant! I’ll see you in 2 hours then!” You gave his arm a squeeze before you go. Leaving George all smiley by himself.
2 hours later, George found himself getting ready for his study date. He finally going to make a move on you. Its obvious that you fancy him now right? At least you were the one who refers their study session as a study date.
He tried to look around for Fred but he was nowhere to be found. He feels weird do anything without asking for the older brother’s advice. But it was time to go to meet you at the Library and he didn’t want to make you wait, so he just decided to cross his fingers and hope for the best.
“Hey” George greeted you, big smile on his face. You look up at him from the book you were reading, smiling back at him. “You got a lot of stuff here” He sat down beside you, looking at paper and pens in front of him.
“Oh its not mine” You answered. “So, do you have anything you’re particularly struggling with?”
Whilst you tried your best to explain the things that he was struggling with. George was doing his best to stay focus on what youre saying instead of you. He cant help but admire your face, your cheeks, your lips. He wonders how would it feel like you press his lips against yours.
“Are you listening to me George?” You asked, knowing the answer pretty well.
“Uh yeah, im sorry I got distracted” he blinked.
You brought your hand on to his head, messing with his red hair. “you’ve been a bit distracted these days. didn’t you got smacked on your head earlier today by Snape?” you chuckled a bit running your fingers on the back of his head. “Did it hurt?” You tilted her head closer to him, rubbing the back of his head.
He couldn’t seem to think straight at this point. The fact that youre so close to him right now, he could smell your scent. He took a deep breath trying to be brave and make a move. He put his hand on top of yours, pulling it away from his head. “Y/N..” He started, linking his fingers with yours. “I think I like you”
“Yeah?” You chuckled feeling. your cheeks starting to get warm. “Whats going on George? Why are you suddenly so serious?”
“Well, Im not sure how you feel about me. But I got nothing to lose so here I am. I like you” Surprised by his words, you didn’t say anything. So he thought he could just make a move then. He leaned in closer to you getting you lips closer to each other. Not knowing what to do you just close your eyes. He smiled, taking this as a greenlight to proceed his act. Until all of the sudden-
“Your tea is here!!” Fred walked in, causing them to pull away from each other. “Hey that’s my seat George, do you not see the stuffs on the table?” He said as he sat down filling the gap between You and George.
“Fred what are you doing here?” George asked, clearly  frustrated with the situation.
“That’s not how you greet people, my dear brother” He said handing you the tea he was talking about. “Besides, youre not the only one who got invited to this study group. Right Y/N?” You just nod at him feeling flustered, thinking about what could’ve happened if Fred didn’t just walk in.
The next day, George has been avoiding you since last night. He thought you guys shared the same feeling. But yesterday proved him wrong. He was just another friend to you
Snape’s exam was a group work, being Fred’s partner obviously made you work with him for the exam. You looked so happy, George wishes it was him working with you instead of his twin brother. He hated this so much, it’s ridiculous how jealous he felt towards his twin brother right now.
The exam’s finally over, George saw you coming up to him from the corner of his eyes. “Hey” you greeted him. “Wanna go to Three Broomstick later? I haven’t really seen you all week”
“Who’s coming?” He asked, hoping this time its just the two of you. And everything that he thought about last night wasn’t true.
“Uh everyone. Fred, Lee, Angelina and others im not sure” George snickered. How stupid of him to think that you wanna be alone with him. How stupid of him to think he got a chance with you.
“I think im gonna pass on that” he took a deep breath. “Im tired. Ill see you around” He left you dumb folded, walking away towards his room.
The night comes around. The common room feels empty, his friends had left him for Three Broomstick. George just chilling alone on his bed when he heard someone opened the door.
“George?” You walked towards him, sitting at the end of his bed “Hey, im just.. I just wanna make sure everything is okay”
“Why you here” George answered bitterly. “Arent you suppose to be out with your friends, with my brother?”
“Well yeah but I wanna check up on you. And talk about last night..”
“What do you wanna talk about Y/N?” He took a deep breath. “I already get it, you see me as a friend. If anything, you like Fred more than me. I get it don’t worry. Everyone always picks him over me, im used to it”
“George…” you scotched in closer too him, trying to stop him from rambling all these nonsenses.
“Im not even sure why I thought you like me, he is the better twin. Im just me. I just thought I have a chance with you. Throughout my life, ive always get hands down from my siblings, share with my siblings.” He realised how ridiculous he sounded but it didn’t stop him. “I love how you get along with my friends. But, i just thought, I thought youre my person. Finally someone I can proudly say mine. I thought you feel the same way as I do…” Georges voice was getting quitter when he felt your hand grabbing his. “I like you a lot and I get that you don’t feel the same way. So if youre coming here to explain that i-“
His words were cut off by your lips crashing to his. “You never let me speak Georgie”  You murmured against his lips “I don’t know how you got it all wrong” you kissed his cheek lightly. “I didn’t know you felt that way. George. I like you, im your person. Ive always been“
With a big smile he pulled in for another kiss. He held on to your waist pulling you closer to him, positioning you onto his lap. You threw your and around his neck, deepening the kiss whilst his hands lazily griped your waist.
You can feel something poking between the inner part of your legs. With a slight smile you press your legs more on to him, grinding it against him. Earning a low groan from him.
He held your hips down on him, so both of you can feel more of the friction. His lips travelled to your jaw and to the back of your neck. You could feel his hot breath, sending shivers down your spine as he moved his lips closer to your ears. “Prove it” OKAY SO Let me know if you want a part 2 smut off of this HAHAH.
hehe part 2
this was quite hard to write cos i feel bad for him ahaha. this is loosely based on a true story. but i never got my Y/N :’)
MY OTHER WORKS follow me / send request / talk to me! im lonely (if u send me anonymously maybe click here) my collaborative ford anglia playlist Christmas with the Weasley playlist
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binunus · 6 months ago
sex with bin x eunwoo (m)
Tumblr media
also im so so sorry that i keep disappearing, every time I think I have a break in school, my professors keep going like sike here’s a new assignment and group presentation 🤡, but I swear I’m still working on all the requests, it’s just a real slow progression this time 😔
but thank you all so much for being really patient with me and my works, i legit wanna cry when I think about how sweet all you loves are ❤️
→ genre: smut
→ tw: threesome, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it lovies) dom!binwoo, brat!reader, light bondage?? anal, eiffel tower, oral (f and m receiving), fingering (f and m receiving), ~choking~ bc it’s me, squirting, v-voyeurism??
→ word count: 3.3k _________________________________
oh good fucking lord
I don’t even know where to start
just the thought of getting dicked down by these two immaculate men??? at the same time??? i would sell my soul
and just binwoo are literally my biases?? im still going back and forth between them (even though I think bin is the top)
alright so how does this little thing even start
this is a non-idol au, lowkey this request is giving me frat boy vibes oops i said it
bin and eunwoo are close, they’re best buds
they have fucked the same guy/girl before, but never at the same time
they just have the same taste in people wink wonk
sidenote: bin and eunwoo as bi kings??? so much power fuck
so you are a mutual friend
you met them both in college and have stayed friends since then
but relationships aren’t for you (not yet at least)
the streets™ are still your companion
yes you have fucked both bin and eunwoo before in college, eunwoo once when you were junior, and bin a couple times throughout senior year
you don’t talk to them often, but if something comes up on your feed or a monumental event happens to any one of you, of course you’d spike up some conversation
so you’re coming back in town for a week or so, visiting old friends and family
and bin hits you up like “hey, I saw that you were in town! we should get some dinner and catch up!”
and you were not about to say no to that, bin was a good part of your college years! it would be nice to hang out with him again
alright you weren’t expecting to get action from this dinner – it popped in your mind, yes, but it wasn’t the ulterior motive
but did you try to dress up a little to impress moon bin?? maybe so
and shit, when he showed up to the restaurant looking like a whole ass man?? 
like did his biceps look more appetizing than the food you were being served? a little bit
conversation was exchanged very easily, you and bin were always a bit flirty with each other, ever since college, but you both knew it never meant anything beyond sex
and so when he asked if you were dating anyone, you knew this was the invitation, and were you going to accept it?? 100%, you haven’t had sex in a while because of your job
and so you find yourself back in bin’s apartment
bin: hm? I guess eunwoo’s not home from work yet
you: eunwoo? as in cha eunwoo? you guys still live together?
bin: yeah, we like living together, rent was cheaper that way, and this place is equidistant from both of our work that a problem??
you: no, I mean it makes sense, just...what if eunwoo comes back while we’re in the middle of fucking...wouldn’t that be weird?
bin shrugging: you’ve had sex with eunwoo in college too, and it’s not like he hasn’t seen me naked before either. who knows he might even wanna join?
he said that as a joke alright
but as soon as he mentioned it, your eyes dilated a bit
bin noticed immediately and he caged you against the wall, a little smirk playing on his lips
bin: you seem to like that idea, y/n. hm? you wanna get fucked by both me and eunwoo? didn’t know you were into threesomes
your cheeks are flushing, you felt seen: would you feel weird if he joined? you guys are friends and roommates
bin shaking his head: me and eunwoo have talked about it before, and honestly this seems like the perfect opportunity. we’re all friends here.
you being nervous a little bit bc a threesome?? with both bin and eunwoo?? those two 6 foot attractive men??
you tried a threesome before bc you were curious, but it wasn’t the best hookup experience
you: should we...? wait for him??
your cheeks are flushed a little, like how were you supposed to go about this
bin smiles bc you look a bit cute right now being all shy and he just pinches your cheek
bin: you got cuter since we graduated y/n
you: shut the fuck up bin, don’t make me tie you up again
bin smirks and his hand moves from your cheek to fully grasp at your neck, he squeezes your throat as he pushes you so that your back collided with the wall: baby, if anyone’s getting tied up tonight, it’s gonna be you
and god if you weren’t horny before, you definitely are now, especially with the way bin was cutting off your airflow??? your head was spinning in the best kind of way
bin slotting his thigh in between your legs as he just crashes his lips onto yours
and he’s still choking you when he literally shoves his tongue down your throat, you have to grab onto his broad shoulders just to steady yourself
making out with bin is so hot
he picks you up by your ass and you wrap your legs around his waist, you both are still making out as he leads you to the couch
you’re straddling him oh lord have mercy
you in between kisses: why don’t we go to your room? what, is it messy?
you moan as he spanks your ass at the quip: we’re gonna need to do something about that smart mouth of yours baby...and we’re here to give eunwoo a little show when he comes home. Why, you need a bed? pillow princess? last time I remember, you were fine getting fucked in the maintenance room.
you two go back to kissing, bin’s hands were gripping at your waist now, lifting up the bottom of your shirt so that you could take it off
never in your life have you been so happy to wear a skirt, you could feel the outline of his bulge against your underwear, the fabric of his jeans giving you just enough friction
and when you start grinding on him, he grunts into your mouth and bites on your lower lip
and fuck when bin removes his shirt? he was always built in college but the definition of his muscles now?? you were literally drooling
you: holy shit bin, isn’t your job in business? where do you find the time to workout?
he’s kissing your neck now: you can always find time to workout y/n, just make it part of your daily routine
exercise evangelist moonbin™
you’re tilting your head to the side giving him more access, bin’s sucking hickeys into your neck and it just feels so good
your neck’s a sensitive spot, if you couldn’t tell
and bin knows that so he’s paying extra attention to your neck, you don’t even notice when his hands go around your torso to unclasp your bra
the two of you are literally just topless on his couch, making out and feeling each other up, when lo and behold, eunwoo comes home
his eyes go wide and he immediately covers his face: jesus christ bin, go to your fucking room
bin starts laughing, you know his laugh where his eyes literally crinkle and he smiles so wide and his laugh increases in pitch, that one
you can’t help but laugh too, you thought you would be embarrassed, but this is a bit funny
you: you don’t have to cover your eyes eunwoo, it’s not like you haven’t seen any of this before
eunwoo: oh shit, hey y/n, didn’t know you were coming over?? well...uh if you guys aren’t gonna go to bin’s room, I’m going to mine and just let me know when you’re done
bin: you sure you wanna go to your room? y/n wants you to join us
eunwoo’s blushing a little bit (he’s not covering his face anymore) when you two meet eyes: are you sure y/n?
you get a bit shy again bc shit, eunwoo in a suit coming from work with silver-blue hair? sexy
you: yeah...if you want to, me and bin are cool with it.
bin’s back to kissing your neck as you basically watch eunwoo remove his jacket and tie
and oof him unbuttoning his dress shirt? y’all he’s a tease, they both are
bin: let’s take this back to my room
eunwoo: we can go to mine, it’s cleaner and my bed’s bigger
you: i knew it
bin bites your shoulder and you let out a mix between a yelp of pain and a moan
bin: eunwoo get your ropes, we need to teach y/n a lesson on being bratty
eunwoo chuckling as he leads the way to his bedroom
bin already made himself comfortable on eunwoo’s bed, and you’re standing to the side making conversation as eunwoo looks through his closet for the ropes lol
as soon as eunwoo finds it, there’s a dark change in his eyes and he smirks at you: why don’t you join binnie on the bed, y/n?
your stomach turns in excitement, eunwoo tosses the ropes to bin and he puts a hand on your back as he leads you to his bed, and before you could get on by yourself, eunwoo just tugs your skirt down making you gasp
you lie down and bin grins as he binds your wrists to eunwoo’s headboard, usually you would put up a little fight when you get tied up, but you just stayed silent, you were anticipating what would happen next
bin: you’re being oddly obedient y/n
you’re a brat okay, but in the past when you and bin used to hook up, your brattiness increased by like 100%, like you’re extra bratty with bin for some reason
~it is what it is~
maybe it’s because eunwoo’s here too that your bratty side has suppressed a bit
bin and eunwoo both start removing all their clothes and you’re like shit eunwoo’s built too
bin settles in between your legs and eunwoo leans in and starts kissing you
and mmm eunwoo’s good at making out like he legit be taking your breath away and then you start feeling bin take off your soaked panties and he just goes right in
you literally moan into eunwoo’s mouth and your hands are straining against the ropes bc you just want to hold onto something !!
eunwoo feeling up your breasts and tweaking your nipples while bin is sucking on your clit and probing his tongue in and out your entrance??? euphoric
you’re literally feeling so many sensations right now and it’s just foreplay woo
and then the edging starts
bin??? hella good at eating out, oof what that mouth do
and with the added stimulation from eunwoo kissing your neck and pulling at your nips, you’re reaching your orgasm faster than anticipated
and suddenly they’re both off you
you: what the fuck?
you’re like gasping and glaring at the both of them and they just give you smug looks
bin: I don’t know if you deserve to cum just yet, y/n. right, eunwoo?
eunwoo chuckling as he nods and flicks at your nipple: binnie told me that you like talking back, hmmm that won’t work with both of us here y/n
your submissiveness kicking in and you’re whining: i won’t talk back, I promise
bin: I don’t know if I believe you y/n
and then they switch places and now bin’s making out with you again and eunwoo’s face to face with your cunt and he just shoves two fingers in your entrance and starts scissoring you
and right as you’re about to cum, they pull away again
this goes on at least two more times, you’re literally so frustrated tears are pooling in your eyes and you’re whining hard as hell, your wrists already aching from the ropes 
eunwoo: do you want us to untie you, y/n?
you nodding as you’re sniffling back the tears
aww they feel bad so eunwoo unties the ropes and he’s like gently rubbing at your wrists
bin wiping your tears away as he pinches at your cheek again
bin: you okay, y/n?
you: I’m so close, please
bin: alright baby, who do you want first, hm?
you honestly didn’t know, you had no preference, you just wanted to get railed
eunwoo: why not both?
your eyes go wide a little bit, your ass isn’t even prepped
bin sensing your hesitation and he just puts a hand on your waist: if you don’t want to--
you: no, i want to...I’m ass isn’t ready...
eunwoo laughing cutely as he pats your thigh: we’ll prep you baby, don’t worry
you start by going on all fours, bin enters you first from behind and the groan he lets out bc you’re just so tight wow 
he literally has to restrain himself from just ramming into you, your walls just fit so snugly around him, his nails were digging into the skin of your waist
you open your mouth in a moan at the stretch and in that moment, eunwoo shoves his cock down your throat you literally gag
for reference, they’re both above average, no surprise there, I’d say both around 8 in., but bin’s girthier for sure
and so bin’s fucking your cunt while eunwoo’s fucking your mouth
simultaneously, eunwoo tugs at your hair and bin sneaks a finger down to gather some juices from your pussy before probing at your asshole
bin’s prepping you real well mmmmm
he’s literally fingering your ass while he’s pounding into you, the tip of his cock hitting so deep in your cervix
on the other hand you’re so focused on sucking eunwoo off, you take him as deep in your throat as you could, letting your jaw slack as he just thrusted in your mouth
and also the vibrations of your moans around his cock every time bin hits deep in you???
eunwoo swears he almost busts a nut when your hands reach up to play with his balls
he’s panting as he pulls your mouth off his cock: I need to be inside you before I cum
and then he’s lying down on his back and you start to ride eunwoo, and then bin lines his cock up at your other hole and you start to tense
eunwoo bringing you into a kiss to try and distract you from the pain your asshole’s about to feel
and you start hissing as bin starts to push in, you’re clenching so hard around eunwoo and tugging tightly at the ends of his hair
eunwoo starts making circles on your clit so that you could relax a bit to make it easier for bin to enter your back hole
and then the three of you just stay still for a bit when bin finally bottoms out, you’re still trying to get used to feeling stuffed full, you haven’t been fucked in so long and now you’re getting railed by two cocks??
the two of them are both saying sweet things to calm you down and distract you from the pain
and it’s cute, you know from your respective past hookup experiences with them that they’re really good at sensing discomfort or pain and would always tend to your needs
oof baby but as soon as you give the okay for both of them to move
it’s like you’re taken to another dimension holy shit
they both hit so deep, you swear to god their cocks have to be touching or something, or maybe at least reaching your intestines
when people say rearrange your guts, it definitely must have been this
you’re trying to set a pace on top of eunwoo, but bin thrusting from behind literally makes your knees go weak until eunwoo just lifts his hips and takes over, matching bin’s speed
and imagine this: bin pulling your hair, making your head tilt back and eunwoo just reaches up and covers your neck with his hand before he squeezes at your throat
your eyes are literally rolling into the back of your head, you have never felt this good ever in your life
your head’s spinning again, and you know all three of you are reaching the tipping point pretty soon, your stomach is churning, making you clench hard around both eunwoo and bin
eunwoo biting his lip as he groans, his grip tightening just a bit more around your neck
bin’s still yanking your hair back and he starts spanking your ass, he’s moaning as well
you literally scream, throat feeling raw, as you cum, you have never orgasmed so hard before, your body was convulsing around both of them and you just collapse on top of eunwoo
you’re vision literally sees white and your ears are ringing as they both cum in you
you black out for a little bit
eunwoo and bin: o_o holy fuck
the two of them start panicking like...did they just fuck you dead?? put you in a coma??
okay but just imagine eunwoo and bin bickering with each other about what to do like
bin: do we call 119???
eunwoo: what do we say? we fucked our friend into a coma?
it’s okay because you regain consciousness soon enough and both boys let out the biggest sigh of relief
you: ...what happened?
eunwoo: you passed out for a bit there y/n
you start giggling, much to their surprise, and you try to sit up
bin: ...are you okay y/n?
you: yeah, I can’t believe I blacked out because you guys fucked me so well, that’s pretty hot not gonna lie
eunwoo goes into the kitchen real quick to get you some water and bin sits down next to you
you thank eunwoo when he hands you the glass and he sits across from you and bin
the two roommates exchange a look and just high-five each other
you roll your eyes as they just laugh at each other...ugh boys
bin teasing you: I’ve never seen you so submissive y/n
eunwoo joining in: yeah, didn’t know you could squirt as well
you almost spit out the water: i-huh? no way
eunwoo: yeah, my stomach was soaked, I wiped it off when you were out
your face flushes, you’ve never squirted before
bin: don’t be embarrassed! it was hot, y/n, really
the three of you then just jump into a casual conversation about college, keep in mind you’re all still naked
and then you feel the cum just like in both your holes and it’s just uncomfortably sticky
you: you guys mind if I shower? my pussy feels gross right now
bin, with a glint in his eyes: I can clean that up for you, baby
before you know it, bin’s eating you out again -- to be more specific, he’s literally licking the mixture of yours and eunwoo’s cum from your cunt
that’s sexy...
you make eye contact with eunwoo and he’s just smirking as he sits back and watches you two, no intention on joining yet
alright but you had no idea if you could take another round right now, the first one literally made you pass out
so after bin makes you cum again, you tap out for the night
the three of you shower -- separately -- and then regroup in the living room to just chat and chill
the two insist you sleep over for the night since it’s past midnight by now
were there also hints of a round two in the morning?? maybe
you sleep in one of eunwoo’s shirts, but end up sleeping next to bin bc he’s whiny and likes cuddling
you three fuck again in the morning oops until eunwoo had to leave for work
then you and bin fuck again afterwards
happy threesome
happy comeback :)
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winwinnns · 5 months ago
an act f a (kinda)
this was supposed to be enemies to lovers but i got carried away with yn in denial lol
a loud laugh ripped through the quiet mumble of the library. startled, you turned to see where the sound came from. you narrowed your eyes. na jaemin and his friends were sitting at a table behind you. you hated him with a burning passion. he was so loud all the time. one time you were paired with him for a project, and he didn’t do any of the work. he bothered you while you worked, and he still got credit.
you lock eyes. you stare him down, not wanting to be the one to break away. he says something to his friends and stands, maintaining eye contact. he walks to your table. you twist back around as he stops right next to you.
he laughs at your harsh tone.
“no need to be rude princess,”
god you hated it when he called you that. you loved the pet name, but didn’t exactly like when it fell from his lips.
“you were the one looking at me after all”
he leans in closer to you.
“see anything you liked?”
you wanted to fight the part of you that melted at his voice. you’d never admit it, but you liked when he teased you. it made you squirmy, and he seemed to notice. you shifted in your seat.
“yeah right. i just looked in the direction of the noise.”
he leans in even closer. you wanted to pull away, you really did, you swore it. but you stayed in place, noses almost touching.
“mhm. right.”
you push him away.
“fuck off jaemin”
he laughs and distances from you.
“when are you gonna stop playing hard to get?”
playing hard to get? what was he talking about. you hated him. well, kind of. you didn’t hate how he laughed, you didn’t hate his voice at all, you kind of liked his face. no. you hate him, you decided.
he smirked at you before walking back to his table. it stirred something deep down inside you, and you hated that.
the next time you saw him, you were the class you had with him. he didn’t usually show up, but today he did. he sat right next to you. he smelled good, that pissed you off. you professor droned on. you were zoning out, focusing on the doodle you were drawing on your notebook.
“y/n” jaemin whispered
you ignored him.
he poked your arm. you rolled your eyes and looked at him.
he smiles mischievously.
you punched him in the arm. not too hard, but not soft either.
“shut up and pay attention.”
“you’re one to talk.” he smirked.
“at least i know what’s going on.”
he sighs and rubs his arm.
“well that’s cause you’re smart, not because you’re paying attention.”
you dropped your pencil and tried to assess what just happened. he complimented you. your face flushed and you hid it, making sure he wouldn’t see you. you hated this. why did a compliment, that wasn’t even heartfelt, make you an embarrassed mess? you knew why. the answer lived in the back of your mind. you shook your head.
“thanks i guess.”
he smiled again, but turned forward towards the professor.
after that, you saw him another time. you were at a small party with your new friend, sowon. she was nice to have invited you, despite not knowing you very well. you were having a good time talking with new people.
suddenly, loud laughter entered the room. it sounded awfully familiar. you looked up and your stomach dropped. it was jaemin.
suddenly you regretted coming. sowon said she was inviting a few people. what you didn’t know was friends jaemin and his group.
“you’re friends with them?” you ask her.
you didn’t know much about her. but you didn’t think she’d be friends with the rowdiest group of guys on campus.
“yeah, me and haechan go way back!”
she smiles at you. you smiled back, but inside you were pissed. you didn’t want to see him. not in class, not out of class.
that wasn’t true, you were actually kind of excited to see him, but you’d never confront those feelings, you pushed them down like everything else you felt regarding jaemin.
you looked for him, just to make sure you weren’t near him, you convinced yourself.
you found his eyes and he smirked, then winked at you. you cursed the butterflies in your stomach. you tear your eyes away and go to the bathroom. you face felt hot.
you splashed your face with cold water. you looked at yourself in the mirror. you hate him. you’ve needed to remind yourself more often recently. his words stick in your mind for the whole day. his teasing tone bouncing around your brain.
when you opened he door to leave. he was leaning on the wall in across from it. his brought his eyes up from the floor to look at you.
“what are you doing” you ask him.
he smiles.
“waiting for you.”
you contorted your face.
“ew. why?”
he pouted.
“because i wanna talk to you princess.”
you melted just a little bit before regaining your composure. you wanted him to leave. you didn’t want to talk to him.
“what makes you think i want to talk to you?”
he smirks.
“because when i winked at you you got all embarrassed.”
he got up from the wall and stood close to you. you titled your head up to look at him. your body was screaming at him to touch it. you chose to ignore that.
“i know you like me y/n, stop fighting it”
your eyes widened. what? you don’t like him. you hate him. right? no. you hate him you were sure.
“yeah okay jaemin.”
you push him away walk out of the hallway. he follows you to the living room. you stop in your tracks. sowon was friends with everyone you hated apparently, because your ex was standing right next to her.
jaemin leans his head over your shoulder.
“why’d you stop?”
they were flirting. you scoffed. that’s how you found him at every party you went to while you were dating. he was always with another girl. you hated jaemin but man, he really takes the hate cake. (ALPH INTERRUPTION: HATE CAKE WHAT? IM KEEPING IT FUCK IT) suddenly, an idea formed in your head. you’d have to ask jaemin to do something.... interesting.
“yes princess.”
“pretend to be my boyfriend.”
you could feel his smirk. before he could say anything snarky you turned to face him.
“don’t get your hopes up. i need to get back at someone.”
he sighed and leaned into your neck, breath fanning over the skin. the closeness of his lips to your body lit your skin on fire.
“don’t worry princess, we’ll show them.”
“who are we avoiding?”
“the guy next to sowon. don’t stare too long.”
he chuckled.
“i know that.”
he pulled away from your neck to look at him. he cupped your cheek with his hand. you panicked, widening your eyes. he giggled.
“relax princess. i’m just playing my role.”
he kisses the corner of your mouth.
“it has to be convincing right?”
you were stunned. you couldn’t move at all. na jaemin just fucking kissed you. on your face. and you liked it???!!! you felt like you were losing your mind.
he brought you back into the hallway. he pushed your hips into the wall. your heart sped up.
“do you just want to leave? we can go somewhere.”
you thought about all the times you’ve pushed down your feelings for jaemin. all the times he made your stomach flutter. how his voice made you melt. how attracted you actually were to him. why did you start hating him anyways?
“yeah. let’s go.”
did you ever actually hate him? or was it just a front. you didn’t know. you couldn’t make any other decisions right now with his hands on your hips.
he pulled away from you and took your hand. you look down at your interlocked fingers.
“what? we’re gonna walk right past him.”
you look up at jaemin, a contagious smile on his face. you couldn’t help but crack a small smile. you led him to the door, trying not to look at your ex on the way out.
you don’t know if he saw you, you don’t really care. jaemin was holding your hand. you hated how safe it made you feel.
na jaemin, your self sworn enemy, was walking you to his car. you would’ve never seen yourself in this situation.
“where do you wanna go baby?”
the butterflies in your stomach went ballistic. you tried to keep your breaths even.
“baby? jaemin you don’t have to pretend anymore.”
he smiled. eyes glued to the road.
“let me enjoy it. i’ve gotten to see so many things today.”
“like what?”
“like how much you really like me.”
fuck he noticed. how? you were just coming to terms with it in your mind how did he pick up on it. you hid your face in your hands.
“i don’t like you. i actually hate your guts.”
“mhm... right.”
he put his hand on your thigh, rubbing softly.
“is this okay?”
you tensed up. his hand felt so warm. you liked it. you liked him. you gulped.
his hand was on the middle of your thigh. you thought about it going higher and higher until- no. you cut yourself off. no definitely not.
he glanced at you, furrowing his eyebrows.
“you’re tense.”
he started to pull his hand away but you grabbed his wrist and but it back on your thigh. jaemin giggled.
“okay princess.”
you pulled through the drive through of the fast food restaurant, jaemins hand glued to your thigh. when you got your food, he looked for a place to park.
you were halfway done with you sandwich before he speaks.
“why do you pretend to hate me princess?”
you nearly choke on your food.
he takes a sip of his drink.
“you know, how you pretend i don’t effect you and how you ‘don’t like me’. why?”
“hm. i don’t really know. i don’t even know how it started.”
he smirks.
“so you don’t hate me”
you rolled your eyes, a sudden feeling of boldness washing over you.
“no. i actually have a crush on you.”
your entire body flushed as soon as the words came out of your mouth. you couldn’t believe yourself. you for sure thought you hated him, how could you have a crush on him.
“i know baby.”
your head spun. he knows?? baby?? you took a big bite of your food to distract yourself.
he chuckles. he brings his thumb up to the corner of your mouth. your eyes widened.
“so messy.” he teases.
you thought about other times he’d call you messy, all of them being far too inappropriate to you.
“shut up jaemin.”
he chuckles.
“don’t tell me what to do princess.” his voice was light, but his eyes weren’t. he looked at you challengingly. he wanted you to take the bait. to play with him.
“don’t call me princess then.”
you didn’t actually want him to stop. you’ve grown to like how it sounds coming from his mouth.
“what if i do?”
“then i’ll-“
you didn’t know what to say next, mind blanking
“you’ll what? kiss me?”
“yeah. i fucking will.”
you saw the mischievous glimmer in his eyes. he liked this. he liked fake fighting with you. it excited him.
“do it then.”
you flushed and looked away. you couldn’t kiss him. no way you’d kiss na jaemin.
“aw is princess scared?” he taunted.
that was it. you leaned over the arm of the seat and kissed him. it only lasted a couple seconds. when you pulled away he just stared at you.
he grabs your jaw and pulls you in for a harder kiss. this one full of passion. you liked him. you accepted it. you were tired of pretending you didn’t. what was the point of that anyways? you weren’t fooling anybody.
you sighed and pulled away.
“what’s wrong princess?”
you rolled your eyes and sat back down in your seat.
“don’t kiss me like that i’ll get addicted.”
he laughed loudly. you didn’t hate it this time. he shifted in his seat so his torso was facing you.
“wanna come over?”
he wiggles his eyebrows. you laughed. he looked cute.
“hmmm what’s in it for me.”
“more kisses? plus you can wear my clothes.”
you sighed. “i guess i’ll come over.”
you looked at each other before busting out in laughter.
“of course i’ll come over jaemin.”
“hey.” he pouted.
“call me something else.”
“like what.” you teased.
“i don’t know, baby, honey, you could always call me daddy.”
you bursted in another fit of laughter.
“you? daddy?”
you catch your breath. looking at him again. he was pouting again.
“yeah” he frowned dramatically.
“okay sure ‘daddy’”
he slapped your thigh. you yelped.
“don’t make fun of me princess.”
you drove for 15 minutes before arriving at his house. you took off your shoes and we went to his bedroom to get clothes for you.
“bathrooms there, hurry up.”
you rolled your eyes playfully. when you came out you smelled like him. you loved it. you all but skipped to his couch, sitting next to him. he pulls you into his lap. you shared a sweet kiss that made you feel so warm inside.
“jaemin. what are we?”
he thought for a moment.
“anything you want us to be princess.”
you smiled at him before laying your head down on his shoulder.
you never hated na jaemin, you decided.
it was all an act.
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nekomabvc · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing :: akaashi keiji x fem!reader 
synopsis :: after his washing machine calls it quits, akaashi has no choice but to spend an unusual amount of time at your family’s laundromat. somehow he gets caught up in your mess of a life and decides that it’s exactly where he wants to be.
word count :: 9.0k
genre :: strangers to friends to lovers, college!au, laundromat!au, one sided pining but mutual feelings, little bit of hurt/comfort, little bit of angst, ends in fluff
warnings :: swearing, alcohol use (they’re of age), mild partying, implications of a toxic relationship, like one sex joke lol
notes :: happy valentine’s day!! thank u cas ( @aitarose​ ) for the banner its sexc as hell and ur def getting xc for that <33 and if you think its unrealistic how much time akaashi spends doing laundry in this fic, trust me it isn’t. bitches do be living like this (im bitches). 
Tumblr media
This morning, Akaashi Keiji’s washing machine broke. At its bare bones, it was an inconvenience—but to him it seemed to be a stressor that would take a few years off his life, at least. He’d forever blame Bokuto for leaving a pile of coins in his pocket, which caused the initial jam in the drain—and left the machine a rattling mess beyond serviceability. 
Imagine, him sitting in the kitchen of their communal home, nursing a coffee made from the press he bought himself for his last birthday, only to be met with the screams and shouts of a tortured metal cage. It made him cringe to think about how much money they’d all have to pitch in to replace it.
However, that was an issue he’d tackle at a later date—right now, Akaashi was more focused on getting his mountain of laundry clean so that he wouldn’t have to wear his sweats from high school to his next lecture. With a mesh bag strapped into his passenger seat, he used his phone to locate the closest laundromat—and lo and behold, he found you. 
The flickering fluorescents of the namesake sign above the door told him all he needed to know about the establishment in which your family owned, it was small and a little run down—but functional and efficient nonetheless. The skid of his shoes could be heard on the checker tile, as he sauntered in—a little disheveled and a whole lot of pissed off. 
The pink and purple neon that carried the theme of the interior decor stung just a bit behind his eyes, so he kept his gaze directed downward—adjusting his glasses and praying that it stayed as empty as it was now. It wasn’t until he filled the closest washer with his first load that he released he was low on coins. 
Sighing at the crumpled bill in his hand, he scanned the room—only seeing the stained walls and line of broken down machines staring back at him, until you emerged from the employees-only room. 
“Good morning! Sorry about that!” You jogged into the room, a small silver box holstered on your hip, nursing it was a protective aura that signified to him that something important was encased within it. “Late start this morning—if you need coins just let me know.” 
And the contents of the box were revealed to him, for the first time that morning he had it in him to smile. You sported what looked to be casual wear, a little nicer than his own, and a black apron with pink and purple letters on the front, “Early Bird.” Flicking upward, he noticed your name tag and sprawled across it was—
“Do you need coins?” Pulled out of his momentary trance, he met your eyes and like a deer caught in headlines, he was stunned. Your eyes looked down at him hunched over one of the washers, and you seemed to be just as confused as he was. “You’re staring,” You noted, when the silence got a little too uncomfortable for your liking.
“Hm?” A hum, it left his lips as he struggled to return to reality—pulled away by the alternate universe that only seemed to exist within the neon confines of these four walls. An artificial, appliance palace if you will. You were staring at him, waiting for an answer, getting more concerned by the minute.
Breaking eye contact, and setting up behind the counter, you decided to let the quiet boy with blue eyes come to you—hoping he wasn’t a weirdo of some sort. Coming to, Akaashi stood up straight before approaching the counter hesitantly. 
“Got change for a five hundred yen?” He asked, meekly—his emotions flickering between intrigue and shame, as if he had done something to apologize for. Feeling relieved by the seemingly innocent look of his face, you quickly scrounged up the amount in quarters, before outstretching your arm to drop it into your hand.
You could feel the warmth radiating from his large palm as he caught the coins and handed you the five hundred in return. Smiling politely, you saw him visibly soften at the gesture and lent you a smile of his own—you felt the urge to verbally awe at him as the pearls of his teeth shone bright across from you. You regretted any misconceptions you made about the boy across from you moments ago.
He even looked... slightly familiar. 
“Are you taking Syntax three?” The smile dropped, and his eyes widened in surprise, taken aback by your recognition and wondering if he looked this messy everyday. 
“Uh—this year—I am, I’m in Syntax three.” Perhaps it was the way you looked at him, like he was of the utmost importance to you in that moment, that made him briefly forget the course list which he memorized at the start of the semester. 
Smiling when your memory served your right, and leaning over the counter to rest your forearms right in front of him—you followed up, “No way! What’s your major?” You bit your lip, waiting for him to reply, eyes twinkling with curiosity. 
Your nonchalance made him feel strangely welcomed, and for once he felt inclined to talk about himself in an environment that was otherwise foreign, to him you seemed like an old friend, even if this was your very first conversation. “Literature, minor in Journalism,” he hoped there would be more to come. 
Nodding, you stood back up, allowing your hands to settle on your hips. Akaashi noticed the exhaustion your posture held, like you were about to fall over—and yet you were smiling at him nonetheless. It was infectious, and he felt his mood lift.
“That's really cool—,” you started, “I guess I’ll see you around then.” Akaashi was then reminded of where he was, the rough tile making his heels sore and triggering the sensitive nerves in his spine—he was here to do laundry. He turned around back to where his mountain of clothes waited for him, only to hear your voice one more time,
“That machine doesn’t always work, you may need to kick it to get it going.” Turning his neck, he smiled as you kicked the air to give him a demonstration,
“Will do.” 
Tumblr media
The blunder of a broken washing machine didn’t seem all that bad until he reconvened at home with his roommates to discuss what was to be done about the hunk of metal—the repair cost and the gas money of going back and forth to the laundromat—was a sum he’d rather not remind himself of. 
And yet, he found himself smirking slightly when Kuroo mentioned how someone had to keep making trips if they were going to keep the laundry flow from getting excessive—he promptly offered. 
“Are you sure? It’s gonna be a pain in the ass going to and from like every other day—we can cycle but then we’d need to work around class schedules and just—,” the business major rambled before Akaashi lifted his hand in protest.
“It’s fine, I don’t mind. I’m not working right now so it’d make the most sense that I’d go.” That wasn’t his primary motive for offering per say, but it wasn’t entirely untrue either. “Spot me a two thousand yen for the week, and I’ll make it happen—until we can cough up the money to replace it.” 
A shooting pain shot across his shoulder blades as a large palm slapped him from behind, “Well look who’s stepping up!” Bokuto shouted, only to be met with irritated glares. He was the guilty party for this mess—it should’ve been him paying really, but they were nicer than that. 
So, Akaashi returned nearly two days later with another load, this time containing more than just his clothes. The smell wafting from it was radioactive, and he desperately wished he could turn off his ability to smell as he trudged in.
This time, you were sat atop one of the machines closer to the front, feet dangling and banging against the metal walls every so often with a clunk. Your hand was lazily flipping through the pages of a magazine and the white end of a lollipop hung from your lips, dancing as you twisted it with your tongue. 
This time when Akaashi caught himself staring, he stopped before you could notice. 
When the door shut behind him, the jingle of the small bell made you look up, taking the piece of candy out your mouth with a pop—you jumped down to the ground with your forearms before rushing to the counter. “Welcome back stranger, change again?” 
Akaashi smiled, approaching the counter and handing you the two thousand that came from his friend's tips, probably, and took the rolls you offered in exchange. “This should last you a bit,” your lips tightened, “But if you need anything at all, I’ll be right here.” 
Nodding at your small sales pitch, he walked over to the same washer he was using the other day—despite the array of others just like it. After depositing the chemical waste into the unsuspecting machine, he maneuvered the loose buttons to get the machine going, and gave it a kick for good luck.
He waited a few moments before the rumbling picked up, he pondered whether or not it’d be wise to go back home and return in an hour when it was done—but something was telling him to stay. Looking up, you had quietly returned to your spot on top of one of the machines without him noticing. 
“Do you work here everyday?” Shocked by the quiet boy’s question, you met his eyes—something unreadable playing behind them. “Practically,” you lifted your legs to sit cross legged atop the washer. “My parents own the place, but they’re older now—if I’m not working I’m studying and if I’m not studying I’m working—,”
Catching yourself before you began a tangent he most likely didn’t care about, you looked down shaking your head in mild embarrassment, “Sorry, not a lot of people here nowadays—kinda gets boring.” He leaned against his own washer, only to scoot over when the angry quakes hit his back. 
“This must be all the interaction you get then, huh?” He suddenly felt very playful, and was satisfied when you lifted your head, a smile erupting where a purse previously sat, and yet some hesitancy made you pause before replying, “You could say that.” 
Examining your body language, he came to the conclusion that gaining a friend out of all this may not have been the worst possible byproduct, “Well then, I’m happy to meet your acquaintance.” 
Your head tilted, as you eyed him for any signs of ill intentions—and yet he felt genuine, real. For that you decided to leap, “It’s L/N.” 
A beat, “Akaashi.” 
Tumblr media
He didn’t want to be rude, or insinuate anything—but in all honesty, Akaashi was convinced he was single handedly keeping your family’s laundromat in business. Not that he was keeping tallies on the calendar or anything, but if he were to estimate the times a week he came in it’d have to be three to four—yes, living with athletes was terribly difficult. 
Yet, even a month in—he somehow hadn’t gotten tired of this routine just yet. He accredited his past self for scheduling the majority of his classes later on in the day, as it made his life a whole lot easier. Half of the days out of the week, after he had his coffee and did some work, he took a ride down to the laundromat on the corner of 5th and 11th to do his routine loads.
And each time, you’d be there to greet him with a smile and a box of coins—somehow he couldn’t bring himself to leave in between the time it took for the machine to run, it's not like he wanted to anyways. He had come to learn about your major, your friends from high school that you missed dearly, the places you’d like to travel when your parents finally sell the laundromat, and so on.
Akaashi even found himself opening up on a few occasions, with the rumble of the appliances as static, you and him had created your own refuge away from the world—the LED bulbs that held different warm hues shined as your sun—and the small jar of lollipops became your food source. He felt that was all you two really needed. 
That is, until the dryer beeped—concluding his visit, until a few days later.
Yet, there were days where you weren’t necessarily yourself. Days where your eyes would be red—almost bloodshot, where you’d fumble with the coin box and drop the key. Days where you’d huffed and lose focus and your eyes wandered to the spinning clothes inside the machine, unable to keep them fixed upward for longer than a few seconds.
He would’ve liked to think that he knew you better than most, that somehow he had managed to tuck himself into the folds of your blurry life. While Akaashi didn’t have a wide scope of your world, he knew that the few hours a week you’d spent together was certainly nothing to scoff at. Somehow, he felt that you and him had a thin thread tied to the end of your blouses, pulling you back to one another and distracting the other from all the noise outside the foggy glass doors. 
Still, some days he couldn’t recognize you at all. 
It took him all of three visits to work up the courage to ask you what was wrong, after he saw you sniffling a few mornings ago. Today was no different, you were sitting side by side on the machine you told him was your favorite—because the divot on the top made it ideal for sitting—and he watched you fiddle your hands in your lap.
“You don’t have to tell me what’s wrong.” He started, after noting how quiet you were, “Just know I’m here.” 
You laughed lightly, which prompted the subtle dusting of pink along his cheek bones—the hue might’ve resembled the base color of the pink light above him. “You’re here to do laundry,” and looking across the way to the two machines going with his clothes, he knew you were right—still he’d like to think you were friends. The two of you did share a class after all, and for that reason he nudged your shoulder.
“I mean, yes.” His own chuckle intertwined with the vibrations of your own, “But I mean it, I care about you.” You stiffened at his words, like he had just said something offensive and if you didn’t call him out you’d be labeled as something foul. It only made him more concerned, as he dropped his gaze slightly. 
The tears you were desperately trying to keep at bay tickled the corner of your sockets, a deep breath in and out couldn’t contain the floodgates, as a drop fell down your face—followed by another, and then one more. His eyes widened and he tried not to blame himself, but he couldn’t help but question what note in his words struck a chord with you as your shoulders shook slightly. 
“Shit I—Fuck this is so embarrassing,” you attempted to laugh off your lapse of emotion, but he caught off your stuttering with a warm hand across your shoulder. His wide palm settled on the upper arm opposite to him and the warmth that radiated from it somehow brought you back to earth as you head spun. He pulled you close so that your arm was now pressed into his side.
Despite how much you knew you should’ve pulled away, you gave in as he hushed you quietly, careful not to enable the flood—and somehow he did because the tenderness in his tone was shockingly unfamiliar to you. Placing a heavy head on his shoulder, you allowed yourself to wet his sweater with the droplets that fell from your eyes—and was grateful he had one just like it drying a few feet away. 
It wasn’t the point—he knew—of comforting you like this. However, he couldn’t help but welcome this new found vulnerability you shared with him. He felt closer to you, and once your chest settled, he spoke quietly to provide the only commiseration he could think of, “Want to order something for lunch?” 
You laughed, lifting your head and wiping a sloppy forearm across your nose, “Butajiru, please.” He smiled warmly back at you, determined to make the swelling under your eyes go away, “ Of course.” 
Tumblr media
“Bookworm!” Akaashi flinched, and his eyes narrowed at the nickname his former upperclassmen gave him. “Where the fuck are my sheets?” Moving past the name calling, Akaashi turned to face Kuroo with a bundle of white hanging from his arms, the length of them unable to hold up the mass amounts of fabric. Kuroo followed up with a shift in his weight from down the hallway, an eyebrow quirked in curiosity. 
“Want to tell me why you gathered everyone's bedsheets?” He chuckled, “If this is your idea of a prank, you're an idiot.” 
Rolling his eyes, Akaashi was quick to explain himself—somehow making his words sound reasonable with a simple shift in his tone, “Do you remember the last time you washed these?” The silence that followed answered his question. “Exactly. I’m cleaning them.” He was about to descend the stairs when Kuroo trailed after him, still unsure as to why he was going to such lengths for a simple cleaning endeavor. 
“We still don’t have a washing machine!” He shouted after Akaashi, who turned heel, fed up with his housemate’s questioning despite the odd nature of his actions. Sighing, he responded, “I’m taking it to the laundromat, tell whatever girl your fucking tonight that the bare mattress is going to have to do.”  And with that, he was out the door—slipping on his shoes and slinging the mesh bag over his shoulder.
“So, sheets?” You questioned, when he entered the door—hair slightly a mess from the wind outside. “They were dirty.” He reasoned for the second time today, you went to open your box when he cut you off, already approaching his self-proclaimed machine. “I have change!” And with that, you finger stopped on the clasp of the box, muscle memory buffering at the inconsistency. 
He could sense your surprise from across the room and smiled to himself, his glasses elevating slightly at the rise of his cheeks. “So you just decided that you’d come and wash what looks like five different sheets, on a Tuesday morning, for shits and giggles?” You questioned, coming out from behind the counter and leaning against it from the main floor. He turned to you, as one of the sheets hung out of the machine. Placing his hands on his thighs to hold himself up.
“Actually, one of my roommates pissed the bed this morning,” He uttered in complete seriousness. It was silent for a moment, and then laughter. It flew through the space and even carried an echo into the backroom. When the noises of joy faded, you wiped your tear line—cheeks burning slightly from your smile. 
You couldn’t remember the last time you laughed so hard. 
The conversation flowed as he stuffed the items into the washer, arguing that he didn’t need to go back home in the meantime, because ‘it’ll be done before you know it.’ However, that was not the case—as two hours passed before the machine went off and he holstered himself off the machine he was sitting on. While stuffing the plush fabric into the bag, he stopped and turned to you as you fiddled with the register. 
“Want to help me fold it?” You looked up, confused, “Just so it doesn’t wrinkle.” 
Meeting him in the center of the room, you grabbed the sheet and stretched it out, connecting you to him across a sea of white. Flicking your wrists upward to mirror the boy across from you, the sheet went up like a parachute, before coming back down so that you could flip it to meet the corners. “Hey,” he started, pulling on it to avoid wrinkling.
“Yeah?” You hummed, flipping it over vertically for a second time. “My roommates are hosting a party at our place on Friday, you should come.” Walking towards him, carrying the two corners on either end to meet each other, you stopped when your face was inches away from his own. You were so distracted by the folding that you hadn’t even realized you took a step or two too close. 
You looked up, eyes meeting his own as he exhaled—warm breath hitting your skin and kissing your eyelashes. As you passed the corners to him to complete the fold, your fingers graced his. It was out of your hands and yet you hesitated moving away. His eyes traced downward to your lips, before coming back up to your eyes. Panicking, you stepped back and turned around looking for something you weren’t exactly sure existed. 
Clearing your throat, you hesitantly looked up again—the tips of his ears were red as he shakily set down the now folded fabric—obviously feeling the air thicken as well at your unprompted proximity. “Friday, you said?” You scratched the back of your neck, and he looked surprised when you picked up the conversation, 
“Uh—yeah. Bring a friend if you want it’s an... an open thing.” He trailed off. 
“Right,” you concluded. 
Akaashi left the laundromat with one of five sheets folded.
Tumblr media
Akaashi Keiji was not a big fan of house parties. He didn’t mind attending them when others hosted, because that usually meant he could leave whenever that infamous social battery of his ran out. However, he found it’s harder to escape from one when it's in your own home. Yet, Bokuto had been so excited about just barely passing this quarter—he couldn’t help but comply when the friendly giant begged him to let them throw a party of their own.
And so, their rented campus home that was just hanging on by the support beams, became the spot just for one night—as the two boys he had the pleasure of calling his housemates blasted an invitation to the point where people had no choice but to show. Akaashi’s only job was to provide snacks—but he knew that when it came to clean up the following morning it would be him rising with the sun to cleanse the filth that remained, Kuroo would’ve helped, had he not been extremely hangover prone.
The first thing that set him off was that the door was wide open, a clear security issue that got under his skin. However, he soon realized that he had bigger problems when waves of peers he didn’t even recognize stumbled in with the sun setting behind them—the end of an alright day and the start of a rather chaotic night.
The only thing that kept him afloat was the fact that you might show. He hated parties, but he didn’t hate you—so he kept an eye peeled and adjusted the collar of his button up every few minutes or so to ease his nerves. He only hoped that he looked presentable—but the quick ruffle atop of his head quickly broke the facade. “‘Kaashi, you need to loosen the hell up!” There was little time for Akaashi to ground himself before a drink was thrusted into his hand.
“Bokuto-san, what’s even in this?” He said, leaning down to sniff the contents only to be met with a stench he’d describe as sweetened battery acid with a tinge of rubbing alcohol. “Beats me, but it works like a charm.” He watched as his friend took an obnoxious sip out of his own red solo, before dropping his hand, shaking his head, and squinting at the taste. 
That alone made Akaashi hesitant to indulge in the drink, but Bokuto was looking at him with such eagerness and excitement behind his eyes, he felt he had too. Sighing, he brought the cup to his lips—promptly coughing as it hit his tongue and ran down his throat, burning his tonsils and stomach in its wake.
“—Holy shit,” a cough, “That’s… strong.” Laughing off the reaction, Bokuto patted his shoulder before returning to the crowd that was slowly forming just outside the kitchen, he turned as he reached the threshold of the room, pointing a firm finger at his friend, “Stay light! It’ll help!” And with that he was gone.
Bokuto had no true wisdom underlining his words and yet it managed to soothe the pit that was forming somewhere in Akaashi’s messy abdomen, that of which was slowly being smothered by whatever was in the drink. Then, he caught way of you—walking through the open door with a bag slung over your shoulder and a glossy pink tinge on your lips that resembled the lollipop flavor you adored so.
He took another sip. 
You were looking around the room, a playful smile growing on your cheeks as you took in the ridiculous streamers his roommates had put up, and the balloons that slowly fell from the ceiling as the knock-off helium within them faded. He wasn’t sure if he should keep looking at you and wait to be noticed, or take the prerogative to join the crowd and find you within it.
He had spent so much time thinking about it, that he hadn’t realized you were staring right at him, raising a hesitant hand to wave in his direction. Eyes wide, he waved back—and that's when he saw a taller guy, with broad shoulders and a hell of a tattoo peeking through his jacket, whisper something in your ear. 
You had brought someone, and thinking back—he wished he hadn’t been so nervous as to extend the offer in the first place, he wished he had told you to come alone—another sip. 
Watching the interaction, his fingers pinched the sides of the cup slightly—a light crinkle bouncing off of it. Though, your smile wavered slightly, shoulders inching forward in a way that’d be invisible to anyone who wasn’t paying close attention—good thing he was. The look behind your eyes was synonymous to the one he picked up on the first day he met you, hesitant and apprehensive. 
Then, the guy was gone, and you were running a hand through your hair, before catching his eyes once more. A shiver ran up your spine, and you decided there was no escaping the boy who had extended you the invitation in the first place, you headed in his direction all the while manually keeping the air circulating in and out of your chest.  
“How does it feel?” He started, as you entered earshot. Your confusion was a signal for him to keep going, “To be in the real world.”
Laughing loudly at his witticism, you shoved his shoulder and he couldn’t help the giggle that slipped out—talking with you was easy, and somehow he felt the conversation flow in ways he never thought he’d be capable of executing. “It’s kinda humid, and smelly,” you scanned the room, “But that might just be your house.” Shrugging off for effect, he shook his head.
You motioned to his drink, “Where can I get one?” Surprised by your straightforwardness, he decided that maybe he didn’t need the liquid courage anymore—he passed the cup and it was to your lips in no time. With two large gulps it was empty, and his eyes widened at how you had managed to inhale the drink moments after he gave it to you. 
Shaking your head in distaste, you smiled—it felt good to let loose a bit, “Got another?” Staring at you for a moment, Akaashi questioned the person in front of him and wondered when his quaint friend who ran the local laundromat had gotten so adventurous. He hesitantly filled up your cup, promising himself to keep an eye on you—if you were so hellbent on keeping up. 
You didn’t tell him why you were so eager to get into the thick of it—and he decided better not to ask. 
After your second drink you dragged him to the dance floor, swaying back and forth to the bump of the bass as it rattled the floorboards beneath you. The perspiration of your peers was lost on you, as your focus remained on Akaashi and the glint in his eyes as you twirled him over and over again. The dim fairy lights sprinkled above you weren’t doing you justice, and yet he still found you utterly captivating. 
After your third drink, you had settled for rocking back and forth, your hands in his own, telling him how pretty you thought his hair looked when it fell over the rims of his glasses and settled at his temples. He even let you run your hands through the back tufts a couple of times, asking what shampoo he used to get it so soft, you made him laugh.  
After your fourth, he decided you had had enough. 
Much to your dismay, but knowing that in some crevice of your mind his reasoning made sense—you complied. That is, until you heard a loud voice calling his name from across the room, you looked over his shoulder and up slightly above the wide collection of heads, to see a gray and black haired pair waving him down from what looked to be a ping-pong table. 
Sighing rather dramatically, he stepped back. “We don’t have to go play with them—” 
You cut him off, “Nope. I think we definitely should!” And with that, your hand climbed from his fingertips to his wrist, where you gently pulled him through the crowd to the back of the space. “This is a sick set up!” You shouted upon arriving at your destination. The boys, who you presumed to be his friends, smiled widely at you, surveying their work on the table with pride.
“You really think so?” The gray haired buff struggled to yell over the music—you nodded enthusiastically and Akaashi wasn’t too sure whether or not you heard him completely, but your response seemed to be enough for Bokuto to turn to Kuroo, who was already reaching across the table to introduce himself. One quick exchange later, you learn that these are Akaashi’s roommates, the faces in which you could now assign to the many piles of clothing he had brought in during the week—in fact, that grey crewneck Bokuto was wearing looked familiar. 
Flicking your eyes back to the array of cups, arranged in an orderly fashion, you noticed that they had already begun discussing teams, Kuroo nodded to you “Two on two then?” And before Akaashi could protest, you had positioned yourself at the north end of the table. He wanted to say something, but how could he when you were waving him towards you with that playful glint in your eyes, practically jumping with excitement? 
He was lucky that you were an amazing shot—even while intoxicated. Between his sobriety and your natural skill, the two of you had the beasts at the south end of the table beat with ease. The smile that graced your face never faded—Akaashi wondered what price he’d have to pay to keep it there forever. 
However, it left him sooner than he had hoped, because as Bokuto downed the last cup on his end—gulping down the liquid mixed with whatever dirt was on the ping pong ball—someone had approached the table, with eyes fixed on you. Akaashi recognized him and took a step back, eyes jumping back and forth and breathing in the onset of tension before anyone else could. 
“Who's this?” Face dropping, you turned to the voice.
Motioning to Akaashi, hand slack as if you didn’t care for his presence, you responded hesitantly, “Him? A friend.” Your hands then settled behind your back, and Akaashi could see you twiddle your thumbs—the tension in your joints causing his mind to flick back to all those days where you couldn’t even look at him in the eyes, anxious for no real reason in particular. “Akaashi, this is my boyfriend—Ito.” 
Akaashi’s heart plunged into his stomach. 
Scoffing at your half-assed introduction, and wiping his bottom lip, your plus one looked across the table, then back to you—even Bokuto had stopped mid-jump, feeling the temperature drop slightly. “So you're playing beer pong, with ‘a friend,’ and these random fucking guys?” Looking at the molding along the floorboards, you bit your lip, knowing his tone carried more weight than his words did.
“Yeah.” You muttered, had the music gotten quieter? It felt like the world was quiet for a moment despite the rattling and jumping that rang outside the bubble created by the presence of the ping-pong table. 
Ito eyed down Akaashi with a ferocity that was seemingly unprompted, unfamiliar to him—he almost said something, but Kuroo beat him to it. “Is everything alright?” His voice heightened, so that the three of you across the way could hear him. Lifting his brows, your boyfriend met his gaze, a rather innocent smile replaced the tense frustration that had just characterized his persona seconds ago.
“‘Course, we were just heading out.” Sticking out his hand, your eyes met his palm, before moving up his face. A different version of the smile you had on before painted your face—to Akaashi it felt less genuine. Grabbing your boyfriend's hand, you sent Akaashi a gentle wave as he watched with disappointment, a mouthed ‘I’m sorry’ running off your lips as you faded into the crowd.
“It’s fine.” He whispered to himself, but you were already gone. 
Tumblr media
Akaashi had more laundry that weekend than initially anticipated, he had tried to stay away—effectively scared off by the sneers of your boyfriend. And yet, there he was, waltzing in on Sunday morning with a few shirts from Friday night that desperately needed to be cleaned before they officially classified as biohazard waste. 
It honestly should’ve been considered a crime to be open on a Sunday of all days—and yet you never complained, still welcoming him with a smile when he walked in, shoulders just barely supporting his tired weight. “‘Morning ‘Kaashi,” he was quick to toss his load in before accompanying you at the counter, becoming separated by the faux marble. 
“How was that hangover?” He asked you innocently, as you clicked a pen into the top of your shoulder, leaning forward slightly to bring yourself closer to him. “Don’t even get me started,” you rolled your eyes at him—recalling just how sick you felt twenty four hours ago when the events of your Friday night came back to haunt you. 
“Heard we kicked ass at beer pong though.” He chucked at your vague recollection, his mind chimed in wondering if you also remembered how soon after your win, you had gotten carried away. He was pulled out of his thoughts when you followed up, “Your roommates are kinda shitty players.” You stretched your arms and he looked almost perplexed, like your words had struck a chord with him. 
His hands fiddled with the fabric of his sweater, pursing his lips back and forth, contemplating the question that sat on the tip of his tongue. When you sighed across from him, and he saw the exhaustion finally set in—the flicker of hidden weight behind your eyes—it slipped out. “When were you going to tell me you had a boyfriend?” A beat, it almost sounded spiteful and he cringed at the tone as it stumbled out.
Momentarily shocked by the bluntness of the boy across from you, you thought about it and caught yourself—he was, Ito was your boyfriend, and Akaashi was just a friend (barely, at that). Reminding yourself of this fact, you tried to stand up a little taller, but your spine refused to straighten, “I didn’t think it was that important,” you scoffed, “What, is it that shocking?”
Realizing that he had most likely offended you in some way, he inflated the imaginary parachute, “No—of course not, you're a very good looking….” He fell short as he met your eyes, an expecting look swimming within them, “You just never told me… is all.” He pursed his lips and you looked over his shoulder, as if something was suspended behind him. “Right,” you followed up.
And that was that, he didn’t pry any further despite the questions that swam in his mind, clogging the drain of his thoughts and generating a fuzz between his mouth and mind—as conversation buffered and he found himself walking on eggshells as to not ruin the friendship he valued so. The last thing he’d allow was for his misplaced curiosity, bordering on denied frustration, to break the bond he worked so hard to form with you, and yet he wasn’t so sure why he held it on such a high pedestal.
Akaashi wasn’t sure what made you special to him, but he knew that you simply were—and he’d do what it’d take to keep you happy, the thing that set apart your days from drab and dreary, as you tended to what was left of this hand-me-down establishment. 
Still, things were different, he couldn’t seem to shake the fact that there was a roguish boy out there that got to call you his—and yet you would still have days where he could see the struggle weighing down your figure, keeping you pinned to the checkered floors like a crack chess piece. To him you ruled the board, and still you weren’t getting what you deserved as the queen amongst the pawns‚ but who was he to decide what you deserved?
So, he sat a little further when you two lugged yourselves onto the dented machines to rest your legs from standing. While folding, he didn’t allow his long fingers to linger on your soft skin, instead pulling away and taking the warmth you provided with him. He no longer held your eyes in his, allowing you to swim in his blue irises and enjoying every moment of it. 
Akaashi couldn’t seem to shake the way your boyfriend looked at you that night—then at him, like you were both guilty—like you had always been guilty. It made his skin crawl with the insinuation that someone was out to get the two of you, and he couldn’t protect you when he left the four walls of peeling vinyl. He was irritable, and yet he held a great respect for you and your privacy, so he created a distance. 
However, as the pink and purples of the fluorescents dimmed by the day, he couldn’t help but care—all he did was care, for you. 
That's why he scowled and cursed as he came in with his load a few weeks later, bordering on two months since the tragic death of the one appliance he needed most, only to see you furiously kicking at a tall space heater. The flickers and sparks ricocheting off the walls and landing unpleasantly in his ears. “Dammit! Don’t die on me yet!” You exclaimed, arms flailing slightly with each lunge at the plastic. 
“Woah, relax.” Akaashi came up behind you, a hand on your shoulder which you paused at before promptly shrugging it off—frustration fizzling in your heart. “I don’t think beating it up is going to get it to turn back on.” He stepped between you and the machine, in an attempt to mediate the fight he had just bore witness too. Once you stepped back to rub the wrinkles forming prematurely on your forehead, he bent over and began fiddling with the knobs on the front. 
“It’s going to be freezing today, this is the last thing I need!” Turning his neck to get a good look at you, knees supporting his weight on the chilled tile below him, he saw you drop into a squat with your palms pressed into your eyes. You shook slightly, and he noticed that you were only wearing a thin black top, dubbed uniform.
Shrugging off the jacket that rested on his own shoulders, he carefully draped it over you, the fabric just grazing the floor below. Looking up from your palms, you softened at the grin on his face as he took in the small of your figure—compressed close to a fetal position. The cracks in the skin of your palms masked your embarrassment, as it told him you were too cold to let your pride take over and deny the offering. 
You sat in his sweater as he messed with the machine just a bit more before relaying what you already knew—the one heater that kept the place warm was broken after all. “This blows.” Stretching your legs and cringing at the brisk air that grazed your ankles, you had walked over to sit in the sun, which was barely peeking through the window next to the counter. 
“You could always close up early.” Akaashi suggested, an innocent smile tempting to pull on his lips—but he held back, because he knew you didn’t need his smiles right now, not when your face refused to budge from its frown. For some reason, the world you had built within these thin walls with Akaashi seemed suffocating, the chill lingering on your fingertips only added to your layering irritation.
“I can’t close up.” An utterance that was barely able to be picked up by his own ears, traces of the increasing cold building up on their tips. “Dad’ll kill me.” You sighed, kicking the wires on the ground that connected the register to the extension cord—dirtied after so many years of being close underfoot. 
“Are you sure? I mean I’m sure he wouldn’t want you to get sick. It's freezing and—” he gestured around the room.
You exhaled, and could see a small puff dissipate into the air around you after leaving the warmth of your mouth,“I can’t just fucking close up, Akaashi!” Something more bitter than the increasing cold hit him in the chest, and he turned back to the heater, wrapping up the wire and placing it against the wall where you couldn’t trip over it. 
“Right, of course.” He whispered, eyes fixed downward. A jab to his ego and a slash to his heart was all it took to make his voice waver, and he could see your apprehension in his peripherals as you watched his movements, quick and messy—different from his care and calculated nature. An apology played on your lips, but you were far beyond your limit and didn’t have it in you to showcase the empathy you prided yourself on.
You were no different than the people who hurt you—and now you had hurt him. Akaashi did his load in silence, and after he left you closed up—the fleece with his lingering scent still encasing you from the cold you had become so well acquainted with. 
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Mere days later, he was back by routine—first he noticed the new heater in the corner, a little smaller than the one you had before. Then, his eyes flicked to the counter, eager for you to greet him with your customer service smile, he could barely find it in him to care if it was artificial at this point. 
And yet, it wasn’t you he saw—no, this woman was different. Her eyes were your color, and so was her hair—but she had wrinkles lining the space under her sockets and streaks of gray amidst her strands, she grinned at him upon entering. A gentle good morning graced her lips, but he was pulled in by the fact that she shared an eerie resemblance to you—but you would’ve called him by his name at least. 
He internally slapped himself across the forehead—your mother, this was a family business after all. Relaying her sentiments, he approached the washer and prepped it, which at that point had become second nature, but digging into his pockets he only found bills. Sighing, he reluctantly approached the counter to make the exchange that your friendship was founded on. 
If there still was one, at this point.
The woman across the counter had tired eyes, just like yours, but she was worse at hiding it. The youthful glow that masked your exhaustion was lost on her, as she struggled to open the box before passing him a roll. “Excuse my prying,” he began, “But do you know where Y/N went?” 
Your mother met his eyes, hands momentarily paralyzed at his question—her smile wavered as her jaw went slack—words she couldn’t quite muster hanging on her tongue. He quirked an eyebrow, and his glasses moved slightly in accordance. She studied him for any trace of ill intention before shaking her head and forcing her lips to upturn once again.
“She wasn’t feeling well, give her a few days.” She folded her hands over the now closed box, “Who’s asking?” 
Akaashi wasn’t sure why introducing himself to your mother made his palms heat up, he wiped them on the surface of his jeans before giving his delayed response, “Akaashi Keiji—we have a class together.” He decided to leave out the complexities of your relationship, settling on the most plainest of acquaintances. She nodded, he followed suit—taking that as confirmation that he was dismissed. 
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Despite being told so, he still stared in disbelief when he entered the mat for the next week or so and didn’t find you positioned at the counter, or atop your designated machine, flipping through a magazine with candy in your mouth. Akaashi was not a liar, but he still told himself he didn’t miss you—he felt like a bit of a hypocrite and yet the ache in his heart gave him permission to slack on the self condemnation as he longed for whatever it was you two had. 
And as if his prayers were answered by some divine being, you came back the following day—a melancholy look in your eyes but the puffs below them faded ever so slightly. His jacket still around your frame, as if it belonged there. The mesh bag in his hand seemed insignificant, and he abandoned all purpose when approaching the counter, eager to say something regardless of the dryness in his mouth. 
“You’re staring,” you beat him to it—the faintest recollection of a memory floating in your remark as a small smile graced your face. Basking in the lighthearted nature, he softened and even allowed himself to laugh, before pointing weakly at you, “I need change—it's in the left pocket.” 
Standing up straight from your propped position on the countertop, you followed his directions and dug into the left side of the fleece you wore, feeling the cool metal against your fingertips as they clacked against each other. You pulled a handful out before dropping it into his hands, allowing your palm to linger on top of his, until he retracted. 
Akaashi cleared his throat, “Are you uh—feeling better?” He looked up at you with only partial focus, his head tilted downward as his right eye flickered up. Your hands subconsciously began pulling at the loose thread on the sleeve of his jacket, the question was simple yet thousands of answers popped into your head—you struggled to decide as the conveyor belt of small talk flew by.
“Yeah, I’m doing better.” 
Silently, he walked over to the machine and his back remained turned to you as he stuffed the washer, different garments getting tangled around one another,  requiring an extra pull from him. He stopped momentarily, “You’re mom was really nice—looked a lot like you.”
You were tapping away at a calculator that looked older than the turn of the century, “I get that a lot.” A laugh on your end made him turn contently, now looking to his left at the poster for a debatably new detergent—corners coming off the wall slightly. Biting his lip hesitantly, he took advantage of your good mood to elevate the stress that had been sitting on his shoulders for days now.
“Not to be weird but,” He prefaced, “I meant it when I said I cared about you, you know that right?” Your lips formed a straight line, and he stood up to adjust the settings on the machine before pressing start. When he turned to look at you, eyes narrowed as if he was trying to drill it into your thick skull, you felt lectured—scolded even.
Scoffing, you brushed it off, “Gross.” He laughed, but took note of how stiff you were, the strained laugh did nothing to lower your shoulders nor did they stop you from gnawing on the inside of your cheek—your jaw shifting at the tension. You walked out from the counter, and over to the row of washers parallel to the one he was resting against.
Mirroring him, you leaned on one of them and crossed your arms, he was merely three or four tiles across from you. “I’m fine, ‘Kaashi—for real.” You sighed, kicking the air to soothe the restlessness building up in your knees, “And I’m sorry for being an asshole last week—I shouldn’t have taken my stuff out on you.” 
“Not cool of me.” You concluded, allowing it to fizzle on your tongue. You were embarrassed, not because you were apologizing but because you had to admit you were struggling in order to do so. 
“It's okay to feel heavy,” he started, “That's better than feeling nothing, but don’t lock me out because you're scared I can’t withstand the weight.” You absorbed his words like a sponge, they settled on your skin and seeped inwards until your heart was heavy with moisture, and your eyes glossed. 
“He broke up with me.” You whispered, your voice uncharacteristically meek. Balancing your weight on the sides of your feet, back and forth, you avoided his gaze, not wanting to face the inevitable pity of it all. “And don’t feel bad for me,” a deep breath, “He was an asshole anyways.” 
Akaashi nodded, repressing the waves of warmth reaching hide tide in the depths of his abdomen, “He didn’t deserve you.” He had only met the guy once, but he knew this much, he’d debate with you on it if he had to—but he’d much rather reason, as it was his strong suit—somewhere where you and him could find common ground on the subject.
“I’m going to be honest,” You pushed yourself up on the washer, too antsy to stand, “I have no clue what I deserve.” A small laugh, with a bitter melody escaped your lips as your thumbs twirled around each other, chipped polish telling the story of a heart cracked in half with the remnants of your so called relationship.
Akaashi was not a bold person, so he resisted the urge to shout, instead speaking quietly and pretending that it was only him in the room to hear, “You deserve the world.” A beat, you looked up and was met with the top of his head, as he spoke to the tile hesitantly,
“You deserve more than this fucking place, to travel and have downtime without constantly working. You deserve to party every weekend and dance without the alcohol, and you—.” The flow of his tangent halted when he saw the way your lips parted in disbelief, “You deserve to be loved, properly.” 
“By someone who adores you with their entire being.” Staring deep into your irises, becoming entranced by the color surrounding your pupils, he was no longer scared to be bold, because that's what you needed from him. He meant it when he said you deserved the world, and he wanted more than anything to finally give it to you.  
“Then show me.” 
Apprehension took hold, as you hopped down and walked towards him—almost doubting the truth he just relayed to you, not trusting the heart displayed on his sleeve. There was a half a tile between you and him, as he watched you wait patiently for him to comply, and who was he to deny you?
The weight of his forearms doubled, but he still found it in him to settle his hands at the collar of his own jacket, which lined your neck and masked it protectively. Akaashi rubbed small circles into the fabric, feeling the familiar plush under his fingertips, then he pulled on it, his nose just hovering over your own—and his lips ghosting yours. 
Placing gentle hands on his elbows, you pushed upwards, signaling to him that you wanted him to follow through—that you were just as desperate to feel his handsome lips grace yours. Unable to hold back any longer, he closed the space with a sharp inhale, moving his right hand up to settle on your cheeks.
You felt the pad of his thumb circle your skin as you leaned into him, the feeling of his lips caused a tenderness to swell in your chest. Consequently, you swallowed the denial you harbored in regards to your feelings for Akaashi, because no other kiss felt like this—so warm and gentle. He wasn’t pursuing you with any sort of aggressive need, instead he was clement—basking in the comfort of your lips and taking his time so as not to scare you.
Moving his jaw down slowly, he carefully placed his forehead against yours, pulling away from the kiss gradually, treating you as a delicacy—it seemed as if he were holding fine china, making a conscious effort to provide it with the most conscientious of care. 
Instead of chasing his lips again, you let the feeling linger, and placed your hands atop of his as tell him you wanted him to stay close—so close that you could feel the sensation of his eyelashes brush your own lids. Akaashi was falling in love with you at the speed of a hurdling car, and instead of pressing the brakes or the gas, he allowed himself to cruise straight into you—becoming inflamed by the collision. 
Two months ago, Akaashi Keiji’s washing machine broke. However, he is no longer interested in purchasing a new one.
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