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oh my god random but i remeber i was dreaming one night and shit was going dOWN i dont remember what happened but it WENT DOWN so dream me was like “holy shit i hope this is a dream” and pinched myself and sighed in relief when i realized i was in a dream BUT THEN SOMETHING WEIRD HAPPENED like i unlocked a secret chapter in a video game or something and suddenly i was in this part of my brain,, i dont remember much after that but dream me was so woke that my brain was like DETAIN THEM

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Reever x Komui

(Note: this is like the very first time I’ve ever done relationship headcannons so this is bad isn’t that good but I tried)


Originally posted by the-scientist-reever-blog

  • Since Reever and Komui have worked in the Black Order for some time, they both know eachother very well. Because of them knowing eachother for so long, this allowed them to slowly develop a slow paced relationship. (Again, I suck but I’m trying oof)
  • Since Komui has been working as the Branch Head of the European Branch/Chief Officer of the Black Order and Reever as the Chief of the Science Division, they unfortunately don’t get the chance to see eachother often. So whenever they are around eachother, they make the most of it.
  • Komui hands down is the most affectionate of the couple. Holding hands, hugs, kisses, cuddling, you name it. He is no doubt a lover rather than a fighter, unlike Reever who isn’t that much of an affectionate lover as Komui (Mainly cause he’s to shy to do it)
  • Komui nicknames Reever as ‘Reevy, Rey, and Ree-Chan’, Reever just calls Komui as ‘Komui’ and Komui just silently cries in the corner about it (Poor Komui oof)
  • Reever is a bit more shy on doing affection to Komui, as he would prefer to Komui doing the action first, nothing really sexual.
  • Since Komui is much more busier than Reever, he gets stressed out more, since he has more responsibilities than Reever. Because of it, even though he has his job to take care of, Reever would still check on him. Sometimes gives him coffee when he’s free, talks to him to relax Komui, even sometimes kisses him. (I suck omfg)
  • Since Reever isn’t that much affectionate as Komui, Komui loves to tease his boyfriend. Kissing his cheek suddenly in public, holding his hand, holding his waist. Reever would get flustered by it, which is something Komui loves.
  • Both are the big and little spoon. Whenever they sleep, they take turns being whichever spoon, although most of the time Komui is the little spoon. (I see Reever as the dominate lover honestly)
  • Komui sleeps with Reevers shirts on and you cant take this headcannons away from my cold dead hands
  • Reever secretly likes it whenever Komui wears his shirts because he finds Komui so adorable yet so attractive in them
  • Both are suprisingly excellent cooks, but Komui does most of the cooking, since he has more passion to cooking than Reever does.
  • Komui makes designs on the pancakes, from happy faces to writing “I love you” on Reevers breakfast, again you can’t take this headcannons from me.
  • {personally I don’t see them doing NSFW}, but the closest thing they will do to sex is heated makeouts and neck kisses.
  • Reever, even though he doesn’t do much affection (cause he’s shy) to Komui, he is the best kisser of the two. Period.
  • Komui makes puns just to irritate Reever and I find this so funny-

Komui: “Psst! Ree-Chan!”

Reever: “What Komui? I’m busy.”

Komui: “What is a string cheeses favorite artist?”

Reever: “Jesus Christ Komui-“

Komui: “Taylor Swiss-“

Reever: “gOD DAMN IT-“

(Yes I made that pun ur welcome)

This was fun to write, but I suck at headcannons. I tried so enjoy~

Edit: just looked back at this and I am cringing so hard, I suck ass at writing oof

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