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#im screaming
Please feel free to elaborate on Joe with a daddy kink

my absolute pleasure

he’s got you in tears, blubbering underneath him as he fucked into you, one of your legs over his shoulder and his fingers wrapped around your throat. “feel how deep daddy is?” he grunted, pressing his hand on your lower abdomen, the pressure making you cry out. “hm?”

“yes,” you squealed, hands grasping at his wrist as he squeezed your throat. you’ve already come twice, and you can tell that you’re not even close to being done tonight, and just the thought made your eyes roll back. “fuck, daddy,” you sobbed, fingernails digging into his wrist.

“always take my cock so well, baby,” he cooed, stomach flipping at the sight of you, tears leaking from your eyes as he fucked you. “my little girl can’t help but cry. is it that good, baby?”

buried to the hilt, he ground against you, your clit rubbing against his bare skin, and you squeaked, eyes rolling back. “holy fuck, i’m coming.”

“good fucking girl. come for daddy, come on daddy’s cock.” he gasped as you squeezed around him, a growl following as he leaned further into you, your knee nearing his chest as you mewled, unable to squirm under his hold. “how many more can you take, angel?”

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I didn't know you were into dads too damn- 馃槼馃槼馃槼 Hugh lowkey thicc too 馃挦

😩 oh jeez you shouldn’t have reminded me…….

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the expression “break a leg” is said before an audition bc it’s wishing you luck to end up in the cast. 

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social distancing really has me re-obsessing over the absolute batshit stuff that went down in the last two seasons of got…. like rewatching some jon scenes and it’s like…. sir u could have lied to cersei u could have just lied u could have LIED!!!!! dany literally would have just been vibing!!!! she fuckin nods at him like yea go agree let’s get this shit done now and he’s like…. i think i will fuck shit up…. severely….

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