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#im so happy

250 sq aprox.

Two consort yu’s,six red hare’s,another emiya, another chiyome

And finally one single moth

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oKk so like trent made a cover of tungs 4 cody and stuff and cody listens too it all the time since it makes him v happy an stuff and whenever cody hangs out with noah he just gushes about trent and noahs just like “okay cool??” because yk thats how noah is and stuff and cody like is so bad at romance so he basically can not express his feelings 4 trent in words so he just stands there all flustered whenever trent is romantic with him , cody like to just run up 2 trent and give him a big ol hug since trent gives the BESTT hugs and cody likes snuggling up with his bf while they play video games together or whatever kek :] i like 2 think that cody taught trent how 2 play video games and trents favorite game is super smash bros since he gets to play with his bf and theyre constant teasing eachother and stuff and i just :]

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Wedding with lot of excitement and love make it more lovable with the extra touch of romantic decorations.



DM for booking


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