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#im so happy

Tuesday, March 7th, 2020

How good it feels to be able to wake up naturally before my alarm. Feeling well rested. Working from home has really changed the flow of my life for the better.

Kai and I getting all of our veggies and garden expansion supplies ordered. Getting better at growing, tending, harvesting and preserving.

Making plans to finish our chicken coup and run and figuring out a timeline for our chicks.

Picking a harvest of tomatoes for our next canning batch.

Learning a hard lesson to never use the self clean feature on your oven.

A long hot shower to end the night

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gallickingun here!!! hope you enjoyed the kiri thing!!! i know it might not have been the right direction so im sorry if it didnt live up to your expectations!!

ooomg noo it was amazing thank you !!! i loved every bit of it 🥰🥰🥰 your writing is amazing and i really appreciate you writing it out 💛 again, thank you so much!

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tfw you get to chatting with an old RP partner and they put up a lil starter out of undying muse and your 1x1 starts up again 💛

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