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#im so happy i have both of them

they call me… maker….. friend maker….

#CRIES MY COLLAB PARTNER AND I ARE FRIENDS NOW, #i was so worried i know cam meant well but i was still like... omg... what if they hate me bc im annoying....., #cam was like 'idk i didnt really care i dont think you could annoy them we didnt talk much' and i was still like BUT WHAT IF THEY HATE ME, #but聽 we talked today and went over ideas and aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we got along really well!!!, #and we were talking and i was like 'oh man i feel pressured bc i got put on the pic for writers with kdad and kouraing who are both, #pretty well known writers? and some of the qrts on our pic was LOOK AT THIS WRITING LINEUP and im sitting here like, #none of you know who i am LOL, #so im kinda worried', #and she was like oh yeah!! same!! i feel like everyone has art i recognized but no one knows mine' and this was after we had been talking, #for like a while right, #but!! this artist was someone i HAD recognized and liked the art of!! and so i told her right and she was really happy!!! which was nice bc, #i was like 'wait omg is that super creepy to say?? that i recognized them and wanted to collab?' but she was happy kjdghd, #and she was like 'omg i cant wait to read your fics we're friends now' and i was like WE ARE?? IS IT THAT EASY?? CAN U JUST SAY IT, #then she was like 'ONLY IF YOU WANT TO BE' and i was sitting there happy like 'yes i want to be!!!' i have a hrhshi friend now ahhahaha, #and she likes enntna!! every time i show someone my acc and theyre like 'omg enntna' i know they have TASTE, #and ahhhhhh im happy!!!!!!! another hq friend!!! and we get to zine collab!!! yay!!!!! cannot wait!!! this zine looks like, #it's gonna be really good!!!! im really excited!!! wahhhhh, #v.txt
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just thinkign about that part in tok where you free the origami craftsman from the wall but in my au. olivia and the craftsman instantly recognize each other and just give each other the biggest fuckinf hug

#skye's ramblings, #SWEET FAMILY INTERACTIONS.... AA, #because like. i imagine olivia was worried for them because they 'went missing' (see: trapped in a wall by olly) right before olly ran off, #she tried to find them but had to go after olly so she never did, #and the whole adventure in the back of her mind shes like 'i hope dad's okay', #and obviously the origami craftsman is worried because they dont know where the FUCK they are they just know olly was there and now hes gon, #so they're alone in this dark weird place n theyre like 'WHERE ARE MY KIDS', #and then they get freed and see olivia and both of them just. hug n start crying because they're so happy the other is okay, #and its just a really sweet emotional moment!!! im just. yea h, #but then olivia tells the origami craftsman everything that has happened and you can just. see their heart break, #theyre just thinking. 'why would my sweet son do this?' and now olivia says shes going to stop him, #but she has no idea how shes going to be able to convince him to stop and absolutely refuses to fight him, #and the craftsman wants to help but they have no idea what the fuck they can even do so they're just. conflicted, #because they dont want either of their kids to get hurt but they know olivia's probably the only one who can stop him, #yeaha ive been. thinking about this a lot . so many emotions ! they're such a close family and they care for each other! so much !!!!, #i don't know if i want to give the origami craftsman a bigger role during the main story but they're obviously a super important character, #i like . them. good origami dad whos trying their best and loves their kids so fucking much
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 ahh people seem to like this AU idea of mine, and for that I am happy hhh
so,, why not– whilst I have the time– write out a bit more about it? sure.

Those who seem to be dead, but are alive: Quirrel, Tiso, PK, Radi, Ze’mer uhh..Isma..

Okay okay time for explanation. Some of these have certain ships tied into them I’m so sorry I just am a shippy person hnggg

-For Quirrel, the thing is, he did try to drown himself- but Hornet just loves stalking her younger sibling for some reason so she watched as Ghost sat with him, and left him, and she continued watching ghost when she heard a splash. Hornet knows somethings wrong, and she goes out of hiding just to pull this sorry fucker out of the water. Basically basically- the two talk for a while- recognize each other (Even with Quirrel’s limited memory of his past that he may slowly regain overtime),,, and she urges him to go to the archives to help Hallownest when it is time to rebuild it. (she also threatens him, Hornet what the hell) Either way, good boy obliges and heads off back to the archives, without his nail. Boy what are you doing? He gets there though, just takes a good ol rest too.

-I don’t have a lot on Tiso, but I too know his sorry ass is gonna get saved by somebody.

-PK and Radi get yeeted back to life by the power of Ghosts bullshit. Radiance takes the form of a somewhat normal moth, but, she still has her identifying features. She takes residence where Seer may live/may used to live (idk if I want her sorta.. dead in this. I love moth grandma but I really dunno). PK finds himself outside where the white palace once was and eventually is found by Hornet, Ghost, and of course good ol Grimmchild.

- Ze’mer. It’s simple, Ghost doesn’t do the flower quest and Ogrim sort of.. lures her out of her home and the two catch up. Good buddies, since they are certainly TOTALLY the two remaining knights.

-ISMA– she is a special case here since..well.. in canon.. its– its basically clear shes sorta most likely kinda dead. But no, I refuse to believe that- I shall let Ogrim have his plant gf back. It was a thought in my head for a bit, but also reading this certain fanfic amplified the idea, what if Isma was just dormant, in some sort of.. plant stasis. God I can reach the depths of my mind to remember if there is a word for this so correct me if I am wrong here. Either way, she’s done this in order to keep herself alive throughout the infection in a sense, and.. she.. she didn’t even tell Ogrim she could do this.

In a good chunk of time since probably Ghost and Grimmchild grew, Isma finally breaks free from her own little stasis, utterly confused of what is going on in the world now. You see, plant lady doesn’t realize that the infection has long been over and gone. Ogrim is just sort of.. watching over these two chaotic bastards and just talking to them and being best boy when SUDDENLY- Isma. Isma shows up, not seeing Ogrim, thinking Ghost an infected bug. She gonna at t a c k

A reunion ensues afterwards :> perhaps some good crying and some good huggos, god Ogrim has been lonely.Q

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