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#im so happy omgggg

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#boueibu, #kusatsu kinshirou, #my art, #my comic, #fortune-maiden AAAAAAAAA YOUR TAGS!!!!! theyre so happy i love how you commented on every stage of the halloween picture omgggg!!! >/////<, #when i read your tags i feel like someone has released a cloud of doves in my heart except instead of doves they are a lot of cute bats!!!!!, #THEY ARE ALL SO HAPPY AND BLUSHY!!!!!! :DDD from reading your tags so full of excitement!!!! >////< you made all the bats so happy now!!!!!, #im so happy you noticed the moon has a face!!! :D (and that you included a face with your comment :D it just seems to fit!!), #spot the difference is exactly what i was thinking while i did this avjshdg im so happy you got to play it haha!! :D, #you noticed EVERYTHING!!! congratulations!! you get a magic star for winning the game!! it makes everything around you cuter too!! :D, #i love how you said akoyas magic really did make everything cuter :D it sounds so adorable!!! >///< ty for finding all the cute things!!! :D, #you are also s-so so nice to reply such a sweet long comment to my picture of my akoya and mekitty hugs i am cryingggg??? \;;/////;;/, #thank you so much for saying it's okay to be a cute kitten and want to be hugged by a cute akoya wahhh;; it sounds so cute when you say it;;, #and i am a cute kitten who wants to be hugged by a cute akoya so this makes me feel a lot better to know it's okay...!!!! >/////<, #i am so happy you think my mekitty is very very cute it made me very very happy you said it with two whole verys for emphasis!!! ;;/////;;, #you even commented on the soft colors and the hearts and the round eyes wahhhh again you noticed everything...!!!! >////<, #i love how you said the vibrating is from love and warmth!!!! that's so sweet aaaaaa your words are glowing with love and warmth tooo;;;;;, #thank you for sending so much precious kindness to my little mekitty and akoya..!!! we feel so loved and grateful!!!!! >/////<, #talisman975 AAAAAAAAAAAA i love how you said kinshirou gets cuter and cuter thank you im so happy you think he is cute..!!!! >////<, #everything around akoya becomes cute i guess even if he has to do some kind of magic to make it happen ajvghsgf, #OMG i love your scenario of akoya taking kinshirou out shopping and other beautiful things ajvhsgdf he wants to treat him right, #(and share his interests ofc but at this point maybe kinshirou doesnt mind getting pulled along aklsghdf), #i love how you described it as showing his pres more affection ajvghdl that's so heartwarming;;; he wants kinchan to have fun, #silvormoon aklvdgd thank you for being happy for kinshirou!! (even if im not sure he wants to get attention for it LMAO), #fierysunrises !!!!!youR TAGS are giving mE LIFE!!!!! \T___T/ I LOVE YOU SAID THEYRE BOTH SO PRECIOUS ALJKVGHVJ THEY FEEL SO CUTE AND LOVED!!, #YOU NOTICED E VERYTHING IM SO HAPP Y !!!!!! AKLKCVBJHSD;;;;;; i-im so happy you recognize kinshirou's great effort;;;;;, #even though it embarrassed him akvjsghdl thank you for understanding;;;;; ;;/////;; omg im so happy how you described him being nervous;;;;, #and blurting out 'you're beautiful' alvjfgh EXACTLY (he said it to explain why he was nervous then he made it even worse for himself ajkgdh), #and how you say him wanting a hug.. you make him sound so cute;; im so happy you noticed akoyas happiness at the compliment!!!! THANK YOU!!!, #AHHHHH this comment is so LOVELY i am SO BLESSED!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! \>/////</
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