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#im so soft
mistressemmedi · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm posting it because we all need the free serotonin boost
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teatertots · a month ago
Tumblr media
first encounter (part 1/?)
bucky barnes meets a cat... he’s not quite sure what to do about that
(loosely inspired by a favorite fic of mine, reap the whirlwind by cristinuke on a03, thanks for the inspiration <3)
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thinkingofoboro · a month ago
today we're thinking about Deku and his stundere wife .
Tumblr media
Cw: Black fem reader, afab anatomy, light smut-like its mostly fluff but there's the smallest sprinkle of smut, body descriptions.
Izuki Midoriya loves his mean wife.
No one can understand why he's been with someone who seems so agitated with his existence for so long , but he really does. And you are mean. Always snapping at him about one thing or another .
He didn't run an errand on time.
He forgot to take the dog out this morning.
The lawn isn't mowed.
Popping him in his forehead because he didn't pick the kids up from school or drop them off for clubs.
To other people you seem insufferable.
But for Izuku, its what other people don't see that's got him so hooked.
They didn't see way your brown eyes went as wide as saucers when he got down on one knee , or the the way your usually strong , steady voice faltered when you said yes (reluctantly of course)
or how your face lit up the first time you held your firstborn after pushing through eight hours of labor like a fucking champ. Beautiful brown lips curling up into the most delicate smile he had ever seen in his life.
Other people never get the privilege of hearing you rant about your favorite tv shows , spiky voice unusually calm. (Deku would never say it upfront , but he never knows what's going on in any of the shows you like, no matter how many times you explain it to him, the only thing on his mind being your adorable voice.)
For as long as you've been married , he still dosent think He's ever heard you say you loved him. You might have mumbled it once while he was dragging you to bed after you had too many drinks at a Christmas party but he isn't too sure.
But the thing is , Deku dosent need to hear you say you love him to know that you do.
He feels it in the chaste kisses you leave on his temple as you leave for work , early in the morning when you think He's sleep. He never is.
He can taste it in the wonderful foreign dishes you have waiting for him on the dinning room table every day when he returns home from his hero agency, battered and bruised. Before you , he was sure his favorite food was Katsudon, but now its whatever you feel like blessing his palate with.
He sees it in how understanding you are, Never jumping down his throat when hero work keeps him busy ,not even when he misses anniversaries , or birthdays, or first days of school.
He knows you love him because of how tight you wrap your hands around his torso, tear streaked face planted in his chest , shaking because "you thought he might not make it home tonight."
His entire body drips in your love when He's balls deep inside your perfect cunt, the feeling of connection so sacred and warm, he thinks if given the chance , he might never leave. Your manicured nails scratching lines on his back, cutting deeper than any insult you could ever spit at him.
Yes, for Deku its what others don't see that truly matters, because for all your nitpicking, fussing and borderline domestic abuse,
Deku knows you love him.
And boy does he love you too.
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loonylupinn · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
dating remus includes :
- it takes him awhile to let you in
- i mean, baby boy is a grump & so when he meets you he’s so unsure of himself that he avoids you
- but once he lets you in you’re his ROCK. i mean he leans on you for everything
- he’s so protective of you. he’s been through a lot & wants to protect you from all of it
- even though you’ve already been through your own things
- which, he reads to you after bad days or when you’re remembering hard times
- he’ll run his fingers through your hair & read softly. he might even rock his legs back & forth to try & get you to sleep
- he makes you wake up EARLY tho
- “ cmon, pretty girl. we gotta get up, gotta start the day. let me see those pretty eyes, hm ? “
- if you’re especially sleepy he’d help you get ready for the day, dressing you himself & wrapping an arm around your middle while you brush your teeth
- he rubs your back as you eat in the Great Hall
- you’re ALWAYS wearing his sweaters
- his heart nearly stops when you run to him after the first full moon in his sweater & offering him chocolates & cuddles
- but i digress
- he’s an absolute sweetheart
- he can just look at you & know what you need to feel comfortable
- & he’d go to the end of the world to get it for you
- & while he’s usually the more dominant one ( personality wise ) in the relationship, he seeks out your comfort after the full moon
- he’s whiny & hurt & all he wants is to be in his pretty girl’s arms
- at first james, sirius & peter make fun of him about this, but they see how he melts into you & realizes how much you mean to him
- a relationship with remus would be so full of love & comfort
- it would be knowing each other better than knowing yourself
- he would finally feel comfortable & at ease
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missheis · 3 months ago
Ma'am do you have any more dad heisenburg content? I just really love my DILFs as actual dads lol
Oh y'all want that Father™ content? Well, I'm a tattooed pierced bitch with daddy issues you're only getting the juiciest, softest, fucking Heisendad™ shit.
__Π__. __Π__
(⌐■-■). (ಠ_ಠ)>⌐■-■
Daddy's little girl, don't even get me started; she goes everywhere with him. Sits on his lap in the workshop and squishes her little finger in the bodies. Heis has to get her little baby gloves so she doesn't get infections.
He has no fucking idea how to do hair so the baby is resolved to a ponytail and very, very, messy buns; help him, god help him—
It doesn't matter if she's two or fourteen no boy is coming three feet from her; not that they want too, Heis is always on patrol and they could end up missing.
[Resentment to father figure unlocked] 🔓
He doesn't mean it though, thats his baby; a little tiny human who he has to take care of and—take care of? Wait, oh shit oh fuck oh shIT—
Yeah, he's pretty bad about watching her when she's small; but, eventually he just makes her a necklace so he can whip her around (gently) so he doesn't lose her
She does enjoy her daddy's powers though; especially when he can make her fly around the factory
The Lycans are always kept an earshot away, lots of doggies for the baby. They know better than to be all feral and ravenous, so, they're as gentle as they can be
Has a motorcycle because I said so: takes her on rides around the factory grounds and through the forests and the village; happy babygirl giggling always has Heisendad in a good mood.
Alcina loves her, tries to steal her. All the time.
Baby boy? Daddy's little helper all the way, little mini Karl in the workshop with his own little mini tool kit taking apart arms Karl couldn't use.
Rude little brat, will blow raspberries at Alcina if given the chance and she can't do anything about it.
Definitely the type to mimick daddy trying to grab his tools without getting them; Karl humors him by gently swinging them his way and watching him kick and laugh like a madman when he turns around to show him he did what his daddy did.
Loves playing with the Lycans, throws balls, arms, body parts, feeds them peanut butter and laughs when they're smacking their chops for like twenty minutes
Daddy and me matching clothes. (little..,,,lil baby,,,lil baby hat,,,oh,,,)
Makes all the ladies swoon, obviously. He's a chick magnet, just like his daddy. Except his daddy is an actual magnet.
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pez3639 · 2 months ago
Heineken and a Fire
"So I was looking at that picture that saved christmas and nye of Pedro with Oscar drinking a beer and now I'm having thots about sitting on his or any of his characters' lap while they're drinking a beer. Idk just imagine sitting there and lying back on him, while he chats with someone, sipping on a Heineken."
I love this idea so much. All credit and dedications go to @mando-amando for coming up with idea <3 kinda changed the propt bc i had this for a really long time in my inbox and needed to push something out!
Frankie Morales x Reader (Established Relationship!)
Tumblr media
Being in a relationship with Francisco Morales, there was never a dull moment. You were always surrounded by friends, love, and especially beer. Always beer. Whether it was Coors or Miller Lite, beer was always the common factor. On the nights where the two of you stayed in and ate take out, it was Budweiser. When out at the bar with work colleagues, he would order Corona. But on nights like this, surrounded by close friends, basically family, everyone would enjoy Heineken.
"So me and her were sitting across from each other. I was already piss drunk so I was a hand full..." Benny was currently standing opposite of you and using wild hand gestures to convey his story. His poor brother on his left of him had to deal with the frequent beer spills on him when Benny would get too excited and embellish his story with a wave of his arms. Beer spills aside, Will seemed to have gotten used to Benny's antics by now and was smiling just a bit at how his younger brother could be such a dork.
While that was happening, Santiago and Frankie were indulged in their own conversation and gave sparing glances to the Miller duo. Most of their conversation was a tornado of English and Spanish words, so only bits and fragments could be understood by you. This wasn't a rare occurrence, in fact it was quite the opposite. When the two friends are together, they often have their own secret conversations shared. The miller boys like to imagine that the Spanish speaking men are discussing ways to propose to you. Benny had once said it a little too loudly and you had never seen Frankie glare at someone so quickly before. Needless to say, that interaction only stoked the fire. You were snapped out of your gaze when Frankie and Pope had stood up, still talking, and walked inside through the sliding backdoor. You had figured they were just going to get another beer, so you turned your attention back to Benny. Will had somehow ended up with most of Benny's beer in his lap. You sat there and watch as the eldest Miller brother pushed Benny flat on his ass, the pair laughing as thew wrestled. Watching the boys was good entertainment an all but your mind still lingered on you boyfriend. Curiosity killed the cat so you made a move to get up and go inside.
"Where you goin, mi vida?" Just in the nick of time, Frankie emerged from the kitchen with a smug Santi trailing behind him."You leaving me to go see that secret boyfriend of yours?"
Looking to you left as he sat down, you could see the slowly dwindling flame die down in the reflection of his eyes. "Yes, I'm truly sorry my love. My side piece has gotten the balls to propose and whisk me away to an amazing vacation in his small country of which he rules over". Seeing the way his eyes crinkle at the corner when he smiles was worth the odd stares from the boys. It always would be. "Well I feel like I should warn the poor sap. I doubt he knows of what a blanket hog you are." The audacity of this man. Its lucky for him your so head over heels for him, because the both of you know that you would wait til the end of time for this man to propose to you. Until then, the blankets are yours, along with his heart
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suesbird · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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blueomi · a month ago
back on my headcanon bullshit please excuse me,,, anyway imagine satoru braiding suguru’s hair once when he was bored, and he absolutely fucks it up, brushing through the tangles for ages. suguru tells him he can never touch his hair again, but satoru asks every night without fail and suguru could never really say no to him, could he? so naturally he lets satoru practice again and again until weeks later, his head is adorned with a few small braids here and there, tiny and neat in their stitches, accompanied by a beaming, proud satoru. (which, is the most rewarding part of it all, even after suffering endless nights of his hair being tugged on.)
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aisle-eye · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
okay but techno’s description in his stream i--
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kat-got-lost · 6 months ago
find the original ask here!!
it’s,,,2am but i saw this in my inbox and absolutely melted it’s adorable currently watching wilbur soot, writing and catching up on my missing assignments, im thriving quite honestly 
jealous karl :)
karl x gn!reader
warning// none aside from my exceptionally horrible dialogue skills
genre// fluff (slight angst if you squint? nothing that would make you really sad though-)
format// headcanon
karl had planned a jackbox stream with quackity, sapnap, bad and dream
you’d been feeling a bit down the past couple days so karl thought it’d be a good idea to ask if you wanted to join him on stream, you’d be able to have some fun and be close to him, it seemed like a good plan 
everything was going relatively well until you all decided to play the rap battle one what is it called? im too poor to afford jackbox 
in an effort to distract you so you wouldn’t be able to finish writing your rap, sapnap started to playfully flirt with you 
karl noticed how your expression turned into a small smile and how you would let out flustered giggles at each of sapnap’s comments 
he didn’t like it but he knew you guys were just playing around and instead karl just pressed a kiss to your cheek and held your hand tighter 
everything continues to go well except now everyone in the call is playfully flirting with you
except bad
he’s too busy getting another hard mikes lemonade AHAVFJVF THAT JOKE IS SO OLD IM SORRY-
he gets all pouty and starts pulling you closer to him 
you laugh at karl’s behavior and scoot closer to him, leaning your head on his shoulder and giving him a kiss on the cheek 
after a couple more games and more of sapnap, quackity and dream playfully flirting with you karl ends stream
as soon as he ends he pulls you into his lap and buries his face into your neck
“hi bubs, you okay?” you giggle 
he nods and presses a soft kiss into the crook of your neck
you wrap one arm around him and put one hand in his hair, he melts into your touch and wraps his arms around you tighter 
“wanna go cuddle now sweetheart?” you ask he mumbles a small mhm and carries you to the bed
he carefully flops you on the bed and softly presses kisses all over your face
“pfft hahaha karl!! that tickles!!” you both laugh as you pull him onto your chest 
he grins and continues kissing you, but this time on your cheeks and jawline
he pulls you into him and holds you tight 
“all mine, my adorable baby” 
he does that cute smile, like, the one that looks like :]
you laugh and snuggle into him, “mhm, all yours sweetheart”
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dragon-spaghetti · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I'm crying over gramoo
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phantas-mia-l · a month ago
pretty sure that Matt said once that they lift the forever darkness on rosohna every now and then for cultural reasons,,, what if essek (even tho his belief in the luxon is yk,,,ehhh) wanted to celebrate one of his native cultural celebrations AND felt safe enough to let himself be vulnerable in the sunlight and Caleb got to see the sunlight sparkle in his eyes and shine off of his silvery, white hair and could appreciate it without worrying (that much) about essek’s safety and comfort….
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