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#im so sorry future me
nuttynutcycle2 days ago
omgsaslakasdsasjd full time work and schooling!!!!馃槶馃槶馃槶 I DID THAT for the FIRST TIME last year and oh how i SUFFERED!!! i hope you're faring well!!!
hahahahahaha *shoves the three finals due in the next three days under the bed* everything is going great馃憤.
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obwjam3 days ago
While we're talking about Tup, do you have any hcs of the more underappreciated members of the 501st finding a tiny? Like Jesse, Hardcase, Tup, Dogma...
okay hello i鈥檝e returned from the abyss ready to answer this:
hardcase: i mean the bitch is so insanely hyperactive he would 100% be too touchy and he鈥檇 freak a tiny out almost immediately. but he is also super intrigued and wants to get to know them. instant urge to protect. he would talk too loud and too often and the tiny would be really scared of being hurt accidentally but hardcase would literally die if he hurt a tiny. it would take a while to gain the tiny鈥檚 trust but he鈥檚 constantly saying things like 鈥渘o i won鈥檛 hurt you!鈥 until the tiny starts to believe him and he gets so happy. would spend so much time thinking about them and different ways to care for them and carry them around. he would be obsessed with them and would constantly be giving them little trinkets from the battlefield. in his spare time he just chills with the tiny and together they fix things around the ship or they build hooks and other gadgets for the tiny to use. basically hardcase is like a really energetic older brother who would do literally anything to protect his tiny
dogma: he would assume the tiny is up to no good. he would pick them up and bring them to rex and rattle off some reg manual shit and rex would be like 鈥渄ogma you need to calm down this thing is obviously not a threat to us鈥 and dogma is just extremely uncomfortable around them for a while. the tiny is very obviously terrified of him. it鈥檚 a very tense relationship but once it becomes clear that the tiny is not a spy, dogma feels like shit for being so cold toward them and very awkwardly apologizes to the tiny. they stay really skeptical of dogma for a while but once they just get used to his personality and the way he is, they know he鈥檚 just a very rigid person and wouldn鈥檛 do anything to harm them. they bond slowly over time, mostly when dogma is between missions and he gets to decompress a little bit. the tiny actually helps keep his head clear because they鈥檙e almost so far removed from the war that it鈥檚 refreshing
tup: oh man oh MAN he would be the softest with a tiny. absolute sweetheart. he would be very caring but also very nervous around them because he鈥檚 so aware of his relative size. he thinks the environment is too dangerous and chaotic for a tiny but at the same time he cannot bear to just release them into the wild or let them be on their own so he kind of has to talk himself into being okay with harboring the tiny. and he is able to talk the tiny into being okay with it too. he would keep the tiny a secret for as long as he can but it doesn鈥檛 last very long, and he鈥檚 like babbling about how he needs to protect this tiny and please oh please let them stay and he convinces rex and his brothers to be cool with a tiny hanging around. the tiny and tup become super close friends after that and they would do literally anything for each other, even in the face of grave danger
jesse: he would be a little awkward and uncomfortable with a tiny at first. not so much afraid of them but like, astonished that such a tiny being can exist and be just as intelligent. he鈥檚 a little degrading to the tiny at first but he quickly realizes just how skillful and resourceful they are. the tiny would stand their ground and he gains a lot of respect for them being able to be so confident around a bunch of giant clones. since he was the one to discover them he takes it upon himself to take care of them, and he frequently asks his brothers for help and advice because he wants to get it right. at first he gets a little bothered by the tiny because he treats them like an obstacle he has to overcome, but he learns that he can be an effective soldier no matter if he鈥檚 caring for a tiny or not. once he starts treating them as an equal and not like a pet or a child that needs constant attention, things become much easier for him and his new tiny friend
bonus kix: obviously as the medic he would be the most overcautious and overprotective of them all. he would like regulate the tiny鈥檚 diet and exercises and shit and the tiny is like 鈥渂ro i鈥檝e been eating dirt and grass for the last 20 years鈥 and kix has to very quickly adjust to caring for a tiny as opposed to caring for a bunch of clones. the tiny is a little nervous of a doctor/scientist type until one day they get hurt or lost and kix is the very first person to find them and fix them up. trust instantly gained. and kix finds that he can confide in the tiny about a lot of the horrors he endures bc he doesn鈥檛 feel the need to always be strong around them. it鈥檚 a very healthy relationship where they both offer each other lots of valuable things and they rarely spend time apart from one another
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quirofiliac9 days ago
sheepishlysweet聽said: 鉁
@sheepishlysweet鈥 锛 quick & easy plotting guide 锛 accepting.
Tumblr media
do i know your muse(s): yes | no | a little | tell me about your muse
setting: our verse | my verse | your verse | modern | alternate universe | other
pre-established relationships? yes | no | depends on the relationship
possible relationships: friends | classmate | co-worker | roommate | family, real or adopted | dating or blind date | married | friends with benefits | unrequited love | lending a hand | teacher - student | rivals | allies | partner-in-crime | enemies | protecter - guarded | business partners | spy - infiltrated | manipulator - manipulated | star-crossed | first meeting | other
i鈥檓 in the mood for: fluff | angst | horror | romance | humor | crime | hurt / comfort | action | supernatural | slice of life | crack | dark threads | light threads | any genre | multi-para | shorter para | one-line | any length | plotted threads | unplotted threads | other
feel free to: message me ooc | message me ic | tell me your ideas | write a starter | answer one of my opens | send a meme | reblog this with your preferences - let鈥檚 find common interests!
#sheepishlysweet#锛 answered 路 ah. i'm sorry but i don't have time鈥 锛#锛 ooc 路 she's awful鈥 simply dreadful鈥 锛#Meg My Love.#ur patience with AND for me sees no rivals and im so thankful bc it took me forever to shovel this out but-----#/but/#we have talked so in-depth about maggie and kira's dynamic and i am So In Love with it bc it's so... so fucked. KSFJKMD just...#just so genuinely fucked because of how kira is and how he sees maggie as sheer cannon fodder for his manipulation tactics. literally just#plays her like a darn fiddle and is just... having a Grand Old Time with it too.#as i was working on this i thought of the potential of kira forcing maggie to partake in his kills but like... on a lesser level he'd do#with chiko. :thinking: im imagining it more as a thing of... kira never overtly KILLS in front of her nor does he give it away that he kills#but rather he essentially hints that he does bad things and can get away with it? that he's capable of hurting her and feels zero remorse#about even thinking of it. i gotta harken back to the future plot of kira going absolutely apeshit on maggie and knocking shit over just to#see how she'd react and if she'd try and defend herself. and the image of him -- as soon as he's close to her -- suddenly grabbing her hands#Gently. he's gentle with her and just... quietly chastises her.#and eventually pulls fv into it (-': and scarlet too depending on how they coincide down the line.#basically i envision them starting off as ''friends'' bc kira pulls off the kind but cold act really well but#the more pronounced his desire to kill her grows the bigger the wedge he tries to drive between her and fv & scarlet. and when she thinks#about calling for help he coos and tells her that wouldn't be a good idea. essentially threatening her ''family'.#threatening her to stay quiet.#so. uh. friends to uh. whatever the FUCK that is. (^:#(also teacher + student bc i could imagine him teaching her how to cook some tingz and maybe even teaching her how to play the violin.#all hands-on of course heheh)
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empanado-feliz9 days ago
every year i add something to the list of appearance and or life decisions that will make my mom so dissapointed when im an adult
#ah to be a gnc lesbian and know you are not and will never be the child your mom dreamed you would be#and she will probably live and die quietly sad and dissapointed#and that you will forever carry the guilt#sorry mom but im not having a husband or kids or shaving. im sorry ur not gonna get to see me in a wedding dress and im sorry ur not gonna#grow old with grandkids#and i know that you probably thing this is a rebellious teenager phase and im gonna grow out of it when im an adult#but im probably not gonna do that and idk how to let you know that. idk how to make you destroy this idea of the life you#wanted for me and you. and i feel rlly guilty and sorry about that especially considering i have never really been a great daughter#mentall illness and all#and youre not award of the year mom either but i still wanted to be good for you but idk how to do that rn#and in the future i would have to choose between being myself and happy or being who you want me to be and unhappy#anyways. i rlly want to shave my head but i dont have the machine thingie and also she laughed and said no#when did this become a whole ass thing i was supposed to be taking a shower#actually edit i have more to say. i feel kinda bad but also its so funny how like#from the end of 2018-idk the middle to end of 2019 my self esteem was like rlly rlly low so i was regularly shaving my legs#and i let my hair get rlly long that year#and was wearing more girly/idk pretty clothes#so my mom was probably like 'ah finally shes growing into a real woman :) and leaving all that behind 馃槍' and then 2020 came and i#1-gained self esteem and am fine with my body and done w shaving mt legs fr forever#2-Realized I Might Be More Gnc Than Originally Planned (tho i dont have clothes for it bc of quarantine 馃槫)#3-gained the need of having 8372937 piercings and 8372937293 tattoos#4-cut mt hair rlly short#like Bro You Thought
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icarusgf13 days ago
ramble-y thoughts in tags hehe聽don鈥檛 read unless ur prepared for all my rambling 馃尶馃嵉馃彅鉂曫煣
#jia.txt#didnt want to make like 10 textposts for all the thoughts banging around in my head sorry so this is just going to be very long 馃榿#anyway. 1) i rly like jia as a name idk it makes me super happy ^_^#i initially chose it bc a) wanted more privacy b) wanted to try out going by a diff name c) its more androgynous i think but i rlyyy like it#anyway just thinking like. i do like it and its not like i dislike my old name i just feel very comfy w it. happy to only go by it now <33#oh AND its part of my chinese name so it just means a lot hehe#yea so back to what i was saying if u know my old name id rather u just call me jia :) ik its in my spotify but like yk.. just on my blog so#its not on it right where u can see#ok topic 2) its april all my senior friends r going to college#and ive started college counseling its just.... i do not like the passage of time 馃槓#ive got my summer plans down + ill have to basically start apps during the summer and its just all..... this rly is gonna be my last yr as a#kid huh..... like wtf 馃槓#like thats actually so insane to me the idea that im gonna grow up and have to go thru college app season and face my future grrrrjdsfdks!?!#ALSO i am so sick of white people treating mitski like trash i blocked some ppl that replied to that post but i am so so so sick of it#like i said i was not a gatekeeper but i am considering it now if u ppl do not stop talking about her and acting llike#u have some kind of authority over what shes saying -_-#anyway. thats it hehe if u read this far down congrats#didnt wanna bother 1 person w this entire ramble and also didnt wanna make like a bunch of textposts so here it is... <333
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fitzroythecreator14 days ago
not to keep rambling but actually yes fuck you this is my space but my plan for once classes are over/this summer are:聽
- settle on a world聽
- begin to build the circumstances of the world (i鈥檝e already started to do this sorta with One idea. i don鈥檛 have any other ideas but my plan is to see how far in the creative process i can get with this one and if i get too stuck i might try another)聽
- do some light research on certain aspects (i wanna make sure the story i鈥檓 telling is appropriate/backed up with information i can reference)聽
- create characters (at least the ones important to the first book. this includes my main 3 protagonists, the side characters, the antagonists, and any other figure that might be mentioned and needs a name)聽
- create a ROUGH outline of the plot of both the first novel and the trilogy overall (i don鈥檛 do well with outlines but i think organization is necessary for a work of this caliber. will be focusing more on the first book than the other two, but i wanna make sure i have a general idea of where i鈥檓 going, so it makes creating the other two books easier)聽
- consult artist friends about character design (THIS IS IMPORTANT bc i wanna have concrete designs of my charas. and ALSO possibly like. have illustrations in my novel??? i think one at the beginning of each chapter would be cool)聽
my biggest upside is that if i Don鈥檛 start writing before school starts back up in the fall (which i imagine happening since i will Also be juggling a job on top of all this), i鈥檓 taking an advanced creative writing course next semester that Should give me the allotted space, time, and drive necessary to write!!聽
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hella197521 days ago
I鈥檓 gonna need chapter 34 now 馃様馃敨
it鈥檚 almost like i explicitly said no updates until may聽馃お馃お馃お
#i'm MAINLY joking here bc i know anon isn't like pushing me or anything#but i've had MULTIPLE聽asks badgering me about ch34 since the last upload and its literally been a week#like i hate to say it but when i'm doing exams that dictate my future for the next few months#i'm gonna prioritise them#and i shouldn't even be having to explain that here and the majority of you have been so supportive of that#and even sending me things daily wishing me luck on exams and such#and i really fucking appreciate that like it's small shit but it goes a long way#but a very small minority have completely ignored what i've said and i'm lashing out here#sorry anon <3 kinda <3#but yeah i care enough about taob and you guys that even small mentions of it like this that SEEM harmless to you#actually really grate me and make me start stressing over taob#and it's just not a distraction i can afford at the moment#so no anon you're not getting ch34 and in fact i haven't written a single word of it and you're not encouraging me to either#rant over but STOP BADGERING CONTENT CREATORS FOR CONTENT WHEN THEY LITERALLY DON'T OWE YOU SHIT#I DO THIS FOR FREE BECAUSE I LOVE IT AND BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE VERY COOL#BUT IT'S NOT ACTUALLY SOMETHING IM REQUIRED TO DO JUST LIKE NO OTHER FIC WRITER IS#just think about your messages please#they seem harmless to you and i know you don't mean any harm by it#but if you consider that you're not the only one sending shit like this then it all builds up and becomes draining#ask#taob asks
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