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#im so tired

Not sleeping well so I haven’t been sketching much. I have been working on the next comic pages, though. I also don’t think Chapter 5 will need many revisions, so expect it up for Thanksgiving.

Instead of warm ups here’s some random sketches. I wanted to get a basic design for Sammy (his backstory is a little different than I would imagine it canonically–namely, because Henry’s wife is out of the picture before the story starts. I imagine she’s still around until Charlotte’s death like in the novels, BUT I didn’t feel like working in another character). I experimented a bit with a pastel brush I had (I generally wasn’t in a good mood last night). Pastels are something I really love to work with IRL, particularly oil pastels. I like the texture and that they blend nicely. Maybe I’ll pick them up again at some point…

Finally, I needed to draw something relatively happy to relax my brain to sleep and decided I would do another reference photo study, so uh, that’s what happened. Enjoy some steamy willry I guess (under the cut). I don’t post stuff like that often. I also don’t see enough of it in the ship/OTP. You guys slacking?

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can the people making whole ass posts about how much they hate Revali and want him to die fucking STAY OUT OF HIS TAG PLEASE

if you don’t like him, whatever, I don’t care, just stop fucking ruining the flow of nice Revali content with your overused “let’s kill him and make him kfc” jokes. it’s not funny, you’re just being dicks to the people who go into his tag to actually enjoy themselves.

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