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Siadam czasem na trawie i patrzę w górę. Słońce nie zawsze jest radosne, często chowa się nieśmiało za mgłą, nieraz siedzi smutne kilka dni w chmurach burzowych. Chmury. One też płaczą. Widzimy to częściej niż u Słońca. Płacz chmur daje Ziemi ulgę. Nam też potrafi pomóc się uspokoić, pozbierać myśli. Zatem dlaczego nasz płacz tak mało daje?

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I’m really upset now, I hate trying to be supportive and then being told I’m just a fucking distraction and I’m impacting someone’s life negatively….. I tried to distract myself from the conversation….by watering my plants. It’s been so hot lately I guess I’ve been overwatering them. I sadly drowned my bell peppers and my strawberries won’t sprout, idk perhaps I shouldn’t of tried to grow strawberries, I’ve never been able to grow them from seeds anyways….but even the few things that are growing, are wilting to quickly in this heat. Idk I don’t have much energy in them anymore. I started something to make me happy and now it doesn’t even work. I feel so shitty.

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En una relación, el cuidado y la atención del amor promete avivar el fuego del amor todos los días y hace que el desaire de la rutina se desvanezca. Si ustedes son uno de esos afortunados que tienen una pareja, exprese sus sentimientos en todo momento. No importa lo discretos o serios que sean, siempre es bueno sentirse amados, y por sobre todo decir cuánto los aman, y los detalles o momentos especiales. Las cartas de amor son palabras bonitas que expresan con  mucho afecto y amor por ellas, y que puedes dedicar a cada momento con detalles, cariño, palabras de aliento y mucho más. Por eso, dale una sorpresa o un buen detalle de romanticismo que sólo tú puedes hacer, ya que solo tu sabes como llegar a su corazón.

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03.30.20 // sometimes the weather matches your mood. sometimes you just go for a drive and end up just sitting on the side of the road for a long time. my head is throbbing, and my heart is so fucking heavy, but I guess in a good way. I love you, always 😔💕

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(9:28 pm)

as chan waddled into the apartment you both shared right before the hand of the clock turned 30, you were showering. chan was slouching and exhausted after having a long practice day for getting ready for stray kids’s japanese debut. as soon as he heard the shower on, he quickly shuffled into the bathroom hoping to shower with you. only because of A. saving water :D and B. if he waited for you to be done with your shower, he would’ve fallen asleep and never get the chance to shower. so, in his mind, it was a great idea. 

chan what are you doing??” you asked laughing. it was quite all of a sudden for him to start undressing himself acting like he was gonna hop into the shower with you. you were quite embarrassed too. this was the first time he’s seen you naked. fully naked. as your body was exposed to him, he paid no attention whatsoever and made no comments as he stepped into the shower. “im trying to save water…” he mumbled as he waited his turn to step under the water. 

“you look exhausted, how was work?” you asked chan as you stepped from out under the water, you grabbed the soap bottle and squirted a little bit into your hands so that you can help the poor boy out. you massaged his shoulders and kneaded out his tight muscles. chan had let out a couple of whimpers and whines that had soon become soft moans as you kneaded out his muscles. “mfuck” chan groaned as you got onto your knees to wash his legs. “what? are you okay? why’d you get so tense?” you removed your hands slowly from his legs and began to look back up at him. as soon as you got back up on your feet, chan wrapped his hands around your head and brought you to kiss him. you stuttered a bit, your lips were stiff until you saw what was beneath your faces. his dick was up and almost touching your stomach. you began to kiss him back and soon had your hand in between your bodies reaching for chan’s member.

once you had softly touched him, he whimpered and pulled away from your lips. your hand snatched back and brought it behind your back. “did i-” you began to wonder if you did something wrong. into which you only thought abt helping him out but… “no, please continue…” chan looked down at your hand and his rising member.

you nodded looking him in the eyes as your got down on your knees. you had always had the thought of sucking him off but would you ever come to tell him about it? never. you blinked a couple of times before looking back up at your boyfriend who was beyond turned on. you winked at him before diving in deep onto his cock. you swirled your tongue around his tip teasing it. you had paid too much attention to his tip that chan forcefully grabbed onto your hair and made you deep throat him. your gag reflex had become something but soon becamenothing, as soon chan continued to control your pace on his throbbing member.

chan bit his lip hard enough to draw blood as he started to release into your mouth. “mmmmng” he moaned. his hot and salty seed shot into your mouth making you swallow it. soon, chan’s pace slowed down and took his hand out your hair. as you began to pull off of chan, you realized what you just did. to hide your excitement, you leaned up to kiss him which made chan taste some of his own seed. “can i return the favor?” he asked softly. “arent you tired? let me finish-” you went to reach for the wash cloth but he had stopped and brought you out of the shower to finish you off in your bedroom. “chan. the water is still on!” you yelped as you got thrown onto the bed “its okay, ill make you cum in three minutes, we wont waste that much water.

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Are you commenting on episode 2x03 of Roswell? Is it possible to watch it early or am I just misunderstanding

Noo i think its episode 2. Where michael tells off alex and goes to kiss maria

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