#im still fearful of putting this in his tag kill me
fauvester · a year ago
Tumblr media
using the gods and monsters and tender prompt for @kakuhidaweek to wedge in a jutsu swap au ‘cause it’s been living rent-free in my mind
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cant wait to see what emotions the next 999 endings will make me feel <3
#lulu.txt#999 lb#so far we have (in order of playthroughs): sheer fear. fear. (axe ending)#sadness + kurapika is drowning in an undescribable emptiness (submarine ending) and#that one tails screenshot from tails get trolled i cant describe the emotion he has but hes so offended and angry and (knife ending) GODDDD#like that really was my face at that ending when i was playing yesterday. tails from tails get trolled. i still have no words#JUNPEI GOT STABBED AGAIN 💀💀💀💀💀 MAN.......MAN.....but now im....wait a moment....hold on.....wait a minute#im trying to think 😳 about the similarities between that ending and the submarine ending since the killer had a knife. and also stole lotus#bracelet....so....they are probably the same person so...umm........UMMM......many stuff to think about 🤔#maybe i connected the dots like....if its the same person who killed everyone with a knife in the submarine ending then#it couldnt be clover santa june lotus nor seven. it cant be junpei of course 💀 the 9th man died HOURS ago. snake is dead. SO..........🙂🔪#I THINK I. i know who was the killer...........omg hello ace long time no see *kills him* GODDDDD#NOW. ON CLOVER'S AXE ENDING I REMEMBER ACE WAS LIKE ''wait junpei i want to talk to lotus alone its something important''#ans the killers on the submarine ending and the knife ending killed lotus to steal her bracelet...........MAN. OH MY GODDDDDDD#VIOLENCE. oh my god i. okay now i have another reason to hate him. violence. hell on earth. KILL. OH MY GODDDD#he hates milfs.#i will start to put a (?) everytime i say snake is dead bc MAN.................i refuse to believe hes dead everytime they say hes dead 😔#that hurts goodbye they literally find his corpse but🚶🚶🚶why would someone want to kill him.....anyways#VIOLENCE. i think he should be allowed to kill. i miss him o<-< its okay guys </3333#it took me so long to actually write these tags bc i went a little crazy thinking about the endings i. many thoughts.
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𝐬𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐤𝐞𝐲 (𝟐)
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ jake lockley x fem! reader & khonshu
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ spare key (1)
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ my usual shit
tags bc people asked for this: @brekkers-desigirl @leh2393 @padfootsiriusorionblackthethird @obnoxioussmiley
join the gang!
“What?” Your voice was barely above a whisper as you spoke, your entire body tensed. 
“Awe, it’s okay doll.” He consoled you resting his hand in the middle of your back, he pressed another kiss to the top of your head. 
“I don’t understand.” Even though it was Jake, and you honestly weren’t sure why he had come in and pretended to be Marc, and lied about not knowing Marc the night before you still needed to gain some sort of trust with him. So, you snuggled your head into his neck. 
“Ya see, Marc and Sean wanna live a life without Khonshu. They’ve openly expressed this too many fucking time to count. They are not the only decision makers in this body, so when he needs work done that’s gonna be my job so they are not bothered with the burden. One day they’ll turn around, change their minds. ‘specially Marc, he can’t stand peace.” Jake laughed at the end of his statement. 
“But Marc and Steven,” you put emphasis on his name, “are still in a deal with whoever that is.” You truly never got who Khonshu was explained to you. All you knew was that Marc owed him basically his life and that he had to do his dirty work for him, consequently that meant Steven was dragged along. 
Jake chuckled, “True, but, there’s a chance they could get out of it, so for now I give them a little tiny chunk and I take the rest so that they might reconsider and even if they don’t I know what I’m doing.” He could feel your heavy breathing even though you masked your inner feelings on the outside.
“So you’re the safe guard in this whole ordeal?” You could feel Jake’s hand going up and down your back. 
“Exactly princess, I’m just out until I’m not needed for Khonshu’s bidding. Then your little schedule will return to normal.” Jake took his other hand and smoothed out your hair, he felt you jump a little at the contact. 
“So, why are you out now?” You knew deep down, though you were never told explicitly, that Khonshu’s bidding included murder. So the uncontrolled fear you had right now, especially after Jake said what he said was that he was going to kill you. 
“They don’t know about me, so I’m not involved with the weekly plan ‘round here. I just wanted to pop in, tell ya the truth. I get why those two morons are so attached to ya though. I didn’t wanna do my job last night, I just wanted to stay and be with you.” You could hear sincerity in his voice but you weren’t sure whether you could believe him or not. 
“You’re out right now just to see me and tell me the truth? Nothing else?” You had to hear from him that this wasn’t going to turn into one of the men waking up in their own body next to you dead. 
“God, you gonna make me spell it out? I missed you, and you needed to know some stuff.” His voice raised at the beginning of his sentence and lowered the longer he spoke. 
“Jake, you’re not gonna kill me are you?” You could feel your voice shake holding onto him a little tighter holding your breath. 
“No! Of course not,” He laughed and squeezed you back, “I do need to ask something of you though.” His lips were at the shell of your ear now, you could feel his breath trickling down the side of your neck. 
“What’s that?” You relaxed in his hold after you heard that he needed to make a deal with you, that ensured your current safety more than him saying he wasn’t going to kill you. 
“Don’t tell Marc or the other one that I exist, if you do it’ll be a whole thing. Just super avoidable honestly.” He made his case quickly, though his voice didn’t rise above a whisper. 
“Only if you keep this body safe and let me know it’s you when it’s you. No more funny business Jake. If you’re gonna be here, tell me.” The idea of lying to the two people you loved most hurt, but you knew it would hurt worse and cause them more issues if they knew that Jake existed. Steven had already had a hard enough time realizing Marc was real. And even though Marc loved Steven like a brother, the fact that he couldn’t live without him scared Marc and made him feel a little crazy. They were just starting to get along better and make boundaries, you couldn’t ruin that for them. Plus Jake wasn’t doing anything inherently awful towards the two of them. 
“Really? That’s it. Damn, I thought I was really gonna have to make you promise,” He sighed in relief, Jake genuinely didn’t wanna cause you harm or make you do things you didn’t want to but if worse came to worse he would, “but alright, deal.”
“I’ll still be cleaning the white hoodie by the way, Marc will be infuriated if it’s covered in blood, he will also be suspicious and concerned.” You joked with Jake a little pulling back from his hold. 
“Does that mean?” He let you go and you sat up taking hair out of your face. 
“That you’re cleaning up the broken bowl in the living room? Yes. We made a deal, see if it would’ve really been  Marc I would say give him the body and let him clean it up but since it was you go get the broom Hyde.” Jake laughed at you a little before sitting up and stretching. 
Right when you thought everything was all settled and done with the proper arrangements made you turned your head and let out a scream of terror scooting back towards Jake quickly. 
“What’s wrong?” Jake immediately didn’t know how to react other than to hold onto you and move slightly in front of you.
“WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?” You took a pillow off your bed and threw it at the thing you saw standing next to your dresser. 
“Khonshu,” Jake spoke to him like that was his friend, “you got more work for me?” Khonshu had his beak pointing down looking at the pillow that had just hit his body. 
“THAT’S KHONSHU?!” You were still screaming, this was worse than figuring out about Jake, this was so much worse. 
“You can see me?” Khonshu was now looking directly at you, with Jake loosening his grip, but yours was still tight on him. 
“NoO I just threw that at the wall for no reason.” Your sarcasm was enough to make Jake snicker under his breath as he observed the interaction. 
“You have sight, you can see beyond what other mortals can. Your capacity for knowledge outside of this Earth is vast.” Khnoshu ignored your sarcasm, still surprised at the new discovery before him.
“I’d rather not.” You closed your eyes and shook your head letting go of Jake. 
“I’m afraid you have no choice, but I am glad that they have found you. The rarity of a human like you is to be protected at all costs.” Khonshu moved his beak inches each time looking between you and Jake. 
You counted the names on your fingers just to make sure you were right, “There’s four of you now?” 
“Yes, but you mustn’t let stupid and Marc know that you can see me for the time being. I will let you know when the time is right.” Khonshu spoke, he and Jake were similar, they were okay with you knowing of their existence, they just didn’t want the other half of this group to know. 
“So you’re gonna be around and you want me to pretend like I don’t hear or see a giant mummified bird?” Khonshu gave you a slow nod. 
“Look at you go, you’re special.” Jake kissed your temple before getting out of bed. 
“I suspect that the two of us will become closer as time moves forward, I expect nothing from you. It’s just pleasant to be seen.” Khonshu stepped forward away from the wall and you assumed he was going to follow Jake out the door. 
This was only going to get weirder..
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sneak peak: matt murdock x ex-black widow! reader
a/n this fic has become sooo much longer than i originally thought it’d be, but i really want to put out something, so here’s my current favorite scene :)) (also im thinking about splitting it up into a mini series bc i’m doing so much lmao) if you want to be tagged in the full thing lmk :))
also writing matt murdock fics is about to become my new obsession bc i have so many ideas and i love his character and i really hope he comes off at least kind of accurate bc ive never written him before, so if this is bad im really sorry and im still getting used to him :))
also!! for this fic to make sense let’s all pretend that even with extensive research, someone wouldn’t know that natasha died when everyone came back from the blip :)) it’s part of the plot of the full fic 
Blood coats my fingers again. I wonder if something happens frequently enough if there’s still a point in using tenses. My hands were bloody; my hands will be bloody; my hands are bloody. If it’s promised to happen again, was I ever really free of its stain? 
The fighting is done. At least it is for now. Tonight was not particularly hard, in the physical sense. I’ve attacked people more prepared for someone of my skill level. I’ve attacked people with more dangerous weapons. I’ve been more violent, more brutal. But the people that lay near me, still breathing but broken, something about them sits with me incorrectly. They are a rib out of place in the chest. 
Wow. I’m not making any sense, not even to myself. I look at my hands again, the blood of my knuckles has combined itself with the blood of those I hurt. I can’t bring myself to feel sorry for them, but grief still burrows itself into me. 
These men were hurting girls. Children. The youngest that the masked men had tried to take was only 11. There was a time in which I was the frightened little girl, forced into a shipping crate with other frightened girls. Back then, all I had wanted was for it to be over. All I had wanted was for some kind of savior to break through the metal and fight off the monsters so that I could be anywhere else. 
Tonight I was that savior for those girls. I should feel better. I did something good. Natasha...she’d smile at me if she was here. She’d look at me and tell me that I did good. That should make me feel content, more focused, like there’s some kind of direction I know to move in. 
But it doesn’t. All I feel is her absence. I even feel the loss of Yelena, and I’m the one that told her to stay away. My fingers curl inwards, nails digging into the palms of my hands.
“That was efficient.” His voice is a reminder of why I can’t lose it here, on the abandoned side of the shipping docks.
Turning enough to look at him, I force myself to take a deep breath. A patient breath. There was something almost awkward about the way he said that. “You wanted my help.” I helped. I should feel better. “And I played by your rules. No one died.” The final word feels off. “I won’t apologize for my efficiency.” 
He’s still, watching me like he sees right through me. The part of me that clings to a life beyond bloody hands wants to shrink away. To vanish until it’s morning. With daylight comes the promise of normality. The day will let me shed this mission suit and replace it with the business casual wear of an intern of a law firm. I like that version of me better...she’s whole.
“No apologies necessary.” I blink, fighting the urge to turn even more. He’s closer than I realized. “I’m just curious.” 
Of course. That’s the problem with team ups or even just temporary mutual existence. The other person always wants to ask questions, and I can never offer them answers. I’m a former black widow assassin isn’t the kind of phrase that just rolls off the tongue. Especially not in front of him. 
The devil of Hell’s Kitchen, someone that everyone here knows to fear, and yet he doesn’t...he doesn’t kill. If he knew all the blood that stains me, if he knew about all the red in my ledger...
“And I’m just reminding you that my one stipulation to this was no questions.”
I knew this was a bad idea. Even when we just happen to run into each other he expresses too much interest in who I am. Why I can do the things I can do. I know that he feels like he’s protecting his neighborhood by making sure that I don’t have any ill tensions. The false sense of security is a good thing, it means that we can both co-exist in peace. But tonight I’m not in the mood to play coy and skirt around the words I won’t say, revealing just enough to appease him. I’m also not in the mood to draw a line in the sand and make him think I’m a threat. There’s no doubt in my mind that if need be, I could take him. He’d be a worthy opponent, but not an unbeatable one. But maybe I don’t want to beat him. Maybe I don’t want to fight anymore. Maybe I just want to put my widow suit on the top shelf of my apartment’s closet and never look at it again. 
We should part ways. The bad guys have been taken care of. The girls have been freed, the way I could have been years ago. There’s no reason for both of us to still be here. There’s no reason fro him to be less than an arm’s length away. And yet, we both stay still. 
“You’re normally more open to friendly conversation.” The words snap me back to reality. I’ve been playing too close to a line I can’t cross. The last time I trusted someone, I learned to never do risk that again.
I force my hands to ease at my side. “We’re friends now?”
“I don’t take down human trafficking rings with just anyone.” He’s joking. He’s just trying to ease me into our normal dynamic. But the words still strike me in the heart. Memories of the day I got Natasha back and the day I stopped seeing Yelena as my protector wash through me, a torrid, unforgiving current. 
It’s been years now. Years of silence. I haven’t seen Nat since she told me what she was planning to do with the Avengers. I haven’t seen Yelena since she told me the truth of the day I became a true widow. The end of the red room was the first and last familial moment I got. “For the record, neither do I.” 
“And I’ve never taken anything down that fast.” He pauses, testing the waters. “If you were always around, I’d have time to pick up a hobby.”
He’s trying to appeal to my usual attitude. I have to give him something. It’s not his fault that the memories are hitting me more frequently than usual. And if I don’t seem at least somewhat stable, he’ll start thinking I’m planning something. He may start seeing me as some kind of threat. “Is the mysterious day job followed by nights of crime fighting not fulfilling enough?”
“The day job isn’t as interesting as you’re making it seem to be.” There’s an easiness to his words. He’s taking my attempt to act normal.
I shift on my heels, almost relaxing. “I wouldn’t know because you won’t tell me what it is.” 
“And you won’t tell me how you learned to...be so efficient.” He’s referencing the way I fight. I can’t blame him for pressing this issue so much. A random girl shows up in his city, his neighborhood, with brutal skills and strength that would better suit someone twice her size. Of course he feels the need to ask questions. 
I inhale, wondering what my next move is. I could remind him that the less we know about the other, the better. That I know not to ask questions as long as he does the same. But the thing is, I don’t want to. Maybe it’s because he’s faceless. Maybe it’s because when I wear this suit I don’t feel like I’m me anymore. Or maybe it’s because I’m tired of pretending my past is tearing into me more and more with each passing day. 
“Would you believe me if I told you it’s a family thing?” The honesty threatens to leave my throat raw. I’m treading on a dangerous line. “That I learned everything I know from my sisters?” 
He tilts his head slightly, exposing the side of his jaw--which is something I shouldn’t be as aware of as I am. “So an entire family of people like you? Fighting for the good?” 
I don’t have it in me to think about the wya he says that. The words are stomach twisting enough. Fighting for the good. Is that even a fair thing to say now? Natasha certainly started fighting for the good. I don’t know where Yelena is. And I--I’m just trying to make up for everything I’ve done, everything I’ve been forced to do. 
“What if we weren’t always doing that?” My throat burns, the way it often did when I would tell Natasha about the memories. When I would tell her about being a ghost in my own body. “Fighting for the good?”
I regret the words as soon as they’re out of my mouth. Dropping my head, I prepare to step back. To disappear in the shadows in the way I’m used to. He starts to move. To his credit, he’s faster than a normal person, so he does manage to place a hand on my shoulder, but not before my fingers wrap around his wrist. It’s his move next. I’m tense, expecting some kind of attack. 
“I would say that you’re doing that now.” I watch him, he stays quiet. When nothing else is said...when nothing else is done, I find it in me to unclench my fingers and let my hand fall to my side. He still doesn’t move. “And that counts for something.” 
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Can I be a princess? Part 3
Eddie Munson x Fem!Reader
New girl meets THE FREAK
Warnings: bad language, kinda smut,
mentioning trauma, mentioning of drugs, selfharm, triggering things, and most of all spelling errors (tell me in the comments!)
Tag list: @iamsiriuss @srhxpci @bumpbeaded
Have fun reading :)
Part 2 here :)
Tumblr media
Next day, new beginning, new “no bullshit“ try.
You woke up and did your morning routine, if you could call it like that.. You simply got up, showered, styled your hair (really just blow drying and brushing) and out on some mascara and and eyeliner.
You put on your favorite t-Shirt, a Bon Jovi Shirt which was brown, And decided to wear a black skirt, white socks that almost reached your knees and fellow black converse.
You grabbed your blag Tote bag, got into your car and started to drive.
Your mind drifted to yesterday’s happening. That headkiss. You smiled to yourself for the rest of your drive.
About 10 minutes later you arrived at hell *cough* school. Sorry I totally meant school.
You got out to see the ✨man of your dreams✨ and walked over to him with a rush of confidence going through your blood.
He was yelling at the freshmen boys from yesterday, well I would too. Brats.
“So you dumping Hell Fire. HELL FIRE. For some fucking?“ he confronted Mike,
You looked at them amused a grin shaping on your face.
”First of all, not..for..*quiet voice* intercourse. And second it’s for my girlfriend!“ he yelled back.
You started clapping: „little guy got a girl?“
”Im taller than you.“ „And so is Eds so what?“
Dustin started grinning and wiggling his eye brows: „So you call Eddie Eds now? What’s next? Babe? Baby?“
„I‘d rather want to get called Daddy.“ Eddie said as a joke, which wasn’t got taken as it because y’all’s eyes got wide and the simple “I meant by my girlfriend“ did not fix that situation at all.
”anyways so what’s going on here?“ you tried to change the subject.
“Mike wants to fly over to his girl for a week, which means he’s not coming to school for a week, which means he’s not coming to hellfire.“
“…so?“ you asked confused.
Now Eddie was the confused one: „“So?“? It’s Hell fire!“
“What ever. Let that boy live.“ you said while walking inside , listening to “Fight fire with fire“ by Metallica on your Walkman.
You got into the girls changing room and started to put on your PE clothes as one girl asked you loudly:
„You did that yourself?!“ while pointing at your thighs.
Yes, not to mention the blue spots by ex you indeed had some scars there. Some where old and healed but you had new ones too. You could tell they were fresh by how they looked.
Every girl was looking at you.
A brush of anxiety started to form and you started to rush and actually ran inside the Hall tears falling down your face.
“B-bloody hell!“ you whisper yelled and kicked a random object which was in your way.
Eddie got in hall maybe 2 or 3 minutes after you, you could tell he was annoyed.
When he saw you from behind he started smiling heading towards you. : „ready for some Hell of PE?“
You wiped your face fast, tears still in your eyes and started to play it off cool.
„Yup“ you couldn’t say a whole sentence, you knew you’d break down again.
Eddie frowned, “you okay?“
You pressed your lips together while “saying“ mhm.
He knew you were lying. It was killing him to see you like That.
He got closer towards you. Close. “Please talk to me” could be heard. You hugged the boy and actually managed to calm down before class started.
Everyone was talking. Great. It was either about your problem or you being with the school “freak”.
Class started and it wasn’t really..sporty. The first 15 minutes was about the coach telling us about safety and cleaning up after class. He told us to get partners and warm up the next 15 minutes so no one would “get hurt”. You and the Munson boy got together and were already arguing about whom to do the exercise first.
“I ain’t laying on the floor first!” You insisted.
“Rock, paper, scissors?” He offered.
The two of you stood in front of each other and yelled "rock, paper, scissors, Shoot!” At the same time. You lost.
Could this get any better?
Your annoying self got on the floor waiting for him to step onto your feet so you could start to do crunches.
”cmon you can do it.” He was hiding his laugh
You could only do two and fell to the floor, which made the boy fell down to the floor laughing.
“It’s not funny!”
You were at some point laughing too but then it got a little heated.
You two ended up laying on the ground looking at each other.
*i want to kiss him so badly*
*i want to kiss her so badly*
“Alright love birds get up! Enough flirting time! It’s time for dodge ball!” You Heard your teacher yelling.
Damn it. If we were only to be alone.
The two of you got up waiting to be picked into your teams. The two of you were the last. Typical.
The game was really fast. You really thought the universe hated you. You and him ended up to be the last standing in. He had both balls.
*god save me*
He threw it at you but you catch it. Not even knowing how. He threw the second one but you were faster and managing to hit him.
It was unexpected.
Your “team” was hyping you up and you just stood there confused. Eddie was actually hoping that you would win.
When you were ordered to get dressed you quickly got in and took your stuff into the bathroom and changing there, not wanting to hear these comments again.
After you were done you stood in front of door of the boys changing room. You waited about five minutes till you saw that familiar face that you were in love with.
When Eddie saw you in your outfit he started to blush. You looked stunning. Perfect to him.
He was deeply wishing you to be his.
He couldn’t talk. He was quiet to flustered by your looks.
The two of you walked to the cafeteria to see that only one seat was free because some random kids sat at your tables too.
“You sit, I can stand. I won’t eat anyway” he offered you.
“You know I can sit on your lap?” Your cheeks changed into a pretty pink.
He was just red.
You had to admit yourself you did only want to do this so he’d maybe see you have feelings for him.
“But everyone will thi-“
“So? Who cares? Let them talk”
He sat down and so did you.
The table was staring at you.
Eddie answered; “it’s only because there’s no more space.”
Everyone was nodding but not believing what he had just told them.
Eddie got nervous. The little guy down there was growing. And you wearing a skirt didn’t make it better.
“Don’t you want to get food?” He asked nervously. He wanted you to get off.
„nah not hungry.” You were clueless. You liked sitting there. Maybe soon to sit there with the name “his girlfriend”.
“Well I’ll go pee” he shoved you down and almost ran to the bathrooms.
You sat there kinda sad.
You talked to the others till break was over and Eds still not there yet. You got into history class and sat on your seats.
About 10 minutes later he came in late sitting next to you.
“What’d you do?”
“Uhh..doesn’t matter. “
*Huh weird..*
“I’m bored” you scoffed
Eddie rolled his sleeves up “wanna draw?”
You quickly pulled out a pen and started to doodle around his arm. You admired his tattoos. They were so cool. You were drawing the whole class. At a space he couldn’t see you decided to write E + (your first letter) <3. I mean he couldn’t see it, could he?
After class school was over you walked up to the curly head asking to hang in about 2 hours, which he of course said yes to because it fit. He still had a drug deal to go to and had no life so why not. You waved at him walking to your car.
He smiled: „That girl will be mine one day.”
See you Tomorrow for part 4!! <3
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writemeastar · a year ago
Characters: tanjiro kamado, zenitsu agastsuma, inosuke hashibara
• you work for your grandmother at the Wisteria Crest Hostel. You wont take over once she dies of old age lol💀✌ becuase you are going to work at the butterfly estate.
• you and your grandmother take care of demon hunters for nothing in return
•one particular day, after a long week of 5 guests, you here knocking at the front door. Its late, very late.
• your about to shout 'ill get it!' But the front door is aldready creaking open, as your grandmother slowly pokes her head outside
• you leave the folded towels on the dryer and go to the front door. Three boys, all your age, of around 15 and 16, stood there.
• the boy with the boar mask pokes your grandmothers hair, and the  yellow boy seems to be terrified
• "oh, uh, welcome" you bow, when the last boy, a boy with a wooden box on his back, sees you. "You are Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu, right?"
"That us, I'm Tanjiro Kamado, thank you for letting us stay," he bowed.
"THERES A GIRL HERE?!?!? A GIRL GHATS OUR AGE?!?" The yellow boy shouts.
"Oi, Girl with no name, fight me" the board head takes on a fighting stance.
"Both of you behave!" Tanjiro gives his friends a chop on the head, which seemed to have hurt.
"Please, follow me" you say with a smile, amused by the three.
• usually your visitors were plain and boring, they came in politely, ate, talked and trained with respect for your grandmother and you, weren't loud and usually much older but these three had been the exact opposite.
You led them to their room, where your grandmother was aldready waiting.
"Oh, my grandmother is human dont worry," you wave a dismissive hand.
"YOUR GRANDMOTHER!?" He yells in suprise.
"Zenitsu stop shouting!" Tanjiro smacks him again. "Im sorry about him" he bows.
" its no problem. My grandmother is hard of hearing anyway," you tell him "if you need to shower, the baths are this way, please take the robes as your clothing for your stay, while we wash your uniform."
• Inosuke was really reluctant to remove his mask, so you and Tanjiro teamed to snatch it from him. When you saw his face your mouth dropped open. "Wow he's really pretty " you said.
"I AM NOT PRETTY I AM STRONG AND SCARY!" he raged immediately.
"Its no problem if you should either, we have no neighbours and its really quiet with just my grandma and I, so go ahead and be as loud as you want, I dont mind." You said kindly "Inosuke sama, the baths are only for the strongest demon hunters, you know"
Tanjiro caught on quickly, "mhm, that's true, so unless your really weak.."
"I am not weak! I am Lord Inosuke! I will be the first!" He shouted and ran/stomped to the bath area.
• you had to wash Inosukes hair, since he hadn't washed it with proper shampoo for a LONG WHILE
"Stop it dammit! Let me go!" He shouted.
"Inosuke let her help you," Tanjiro said washing his own hair across the room.
"Yeah dude, your hair looks like it hasn't been washed in years" Zenitsu deadpanned
"Well yeah, what he said" you agreed, squirting shampoo onto your palm
"Its shampoo??" You were baffled, was he that dumb or just eneducated. "Inosuke sama, your not... scared, of the shampoo are you?" you say faking the skeptism.
"WHAT?!" He shouted "NO IM NOT- PUT ALL OF THE SHAMPOO IN, ILL SHOW YOU IM NOT SCARED" He sat back on the chair quickly silently bracing himself.
• yeah its safe to say he will be using shampoo more often.
Hc: he liked having his hair washed so much he made you wash it every day while he was staying over, claiming it was to prove he still wasn't scared.
• after the showers you gave them all a check up. You were on your way to being a demon slayer slayers* doctor, as you had started early.
*basically paid by the organisation to be a doctor to fix injuries
• you concluded that Zenitsu broke two ribs, Tanjiro broke three and Inosuke broke four.
• Zenitsu kept asking you to marry him, but you said that you weren't thinking about getting married until at least 20
• he got all dramatic about it, laying on the grass, a hand under his head as he watches the stars.
"Wha-what are you doing?.." Tanjiro asked when he happened to walk past the open door.
Zenitsu sighed sadly. "Y/n chan said she'd marry me when she's 20. I have to wait 4 years... "
You happened to hear, poked your head around the door and said, "actually I said ill think about getting married when I'm 20, I didnt say who to, sorry Zenitsu san,"
• he literally started bawling to Tanjiros shirt about being alone forever
Tanjiro looked at you like 😃?
You awkwardly laughed and said, "uh Zenitsu san? Are you ok..?"
He looked at you then continued bawling. You sweatdropped and said "if it makes you happier I might get married to you when I'm older, if I still know you by then"
• he started skipping and dancing around the hostel with flowers around him
• you said goodnight to them and switched all the lights off and when you went to your room and settled down you heard screaming from their room
• you grabbed a broom and sprinted to their room and threw the door open, Zenitsu was desperately trying to attack Tanjiro
"Eh? What? Hold on, what's happening?" You said with a Saitama face
• now you were even more confused. "H-hello?"  You grabbed Zenitsu just before he reached Tanjiro. "Ok why are you trying to kill him?"
"THIS BI-" Zenitsu started.
"THATS MY SISTER ZENITSU!" Tanjiro shouted.
Once again Zenitsu was all flowery.
"Hello!?? I havent gotten an explanation?" You ask again.
• after Tanjiro gave you a quick explanation, you let go of Zenitsu and apologised for intruding, when a pillow was thrown at you, making you fall over.
• "😃??"
Inosuke ripped his shirt off, "FIGHT ME WOMAN I AM NOT WEAK!"
"I never said you were??"
• cue Tanjiro trying to stop Inosuke from beating you up
• Tanjiro was VERY helpful during his stay, helping you with all the chores even when you told him he didn't need to, and he was great company too
• Inosuke was always challenging you to fights, which you declined until the last day
• Zenitsu was constantly proposing and following you around, asking you to marry him
• every time your grandmother appeared out of nowhere Zenitsu literally jumped into your arms from fear  and then played it off cool- at least, he tried to
• Zenitsus bird- Chuntaro- is adorable and he (the bird) was always on your shoulder chirping out a tune and Zenitsu got JEALOUS over a BIRD
• on the last day you finally accepted to fight Inosuke- majority of said fight was you running from him, ducking under things, behind trees and shoving branches into his face, while Tanjiro cheered you on and Zenitsu screamed each time Inosuke got close to slamming his wood sword at you.
• at last you got the courage to turn around and smack the sword into his face, which blew his mask off and made him freeze
• you were sprinting at full throttle now as you jumped over one of the small ponds in your garden and turned around, and jabbed the sword at him while he was mid air and therefore making him fall into the small but deep pond.
• he was MAD to have lost to a weak looking girl like you but you were humble about it, offering him a towel after, and praising his speed stamina and strength.
• you made a special dinner for them and they ate SO MUCH it was crazy
• when they saw you packing up your stuff they looked confused but kept quiet, except Inosuke who claimed it was becuase you were 'ashamed to have run from Lord Inosuke, and was leaving in embarrassment'
• Tanjiro finally said something when your Grandmother sparked your travel bag as well as theirs.
"Ah, I didnt tell you?" You raise an eyebrow, "im sure i did. I will be joining Lady Shinobu in her estate, and work as a nurse there."
• they were impressed and were about to ask more questions but the crows kept squawking at them
• Zenitsu and Inosuke got there first, after you fixed them up they told you Tanjiro was at a meeting with the Hashiras
• Zenitsu was really whiny about his medicine, and kept getting his runny nose over your apron when he was crying
• you snuck over and saw Tanjiro head-butt Sanemi (grey haired pillar with scars)
• you were IMPRESSED- he really did that to a pillar? A Hashira?
• you saw the water pillar, Giyuu turn his head your direction so you made yourself scarce and left immediately
• as soon as Tanjiro came back your eyes were stars and you got the softest bandages for him and went to check on Nezuko after, giving her soft quilts and interesting things to look at I.e books
• after they had started to train you watched and even took part, playing against the three girls there, for fun of course, and Tanjiro was cheering for you the whole time, even if it was a mere game for you and not real training
• Inosuke challenged you against the cup game and tag, even when he won both and you were tired out he made you play over and over
• Tanjiro told you it was so he could show off his strength to you
• Inosuke saw you going into one of the forests just before sundown and stopped you. "HEy! Dont you know its dangerous in there?!"
"But I need ingredients for Zenitsu sans medicine," you sweatdrop, moving his outstretched arm and continuing down the path.
He started marching behind you.
You turned around abruptly, "what are you doing?"
"Im protecting you dummy! What else would I be doing!?"
"What- there aren't any demons in this forest you know?"
He did look a bit dumb but you sighed and let him tag along anyway
Every time you picked up a plant or herb he would inspect it and make sure there was nothing suspicious about it, "I lived in the forest all my life. I know what I'm doing."
"Okayy.." you smirked as he observed some daffodils, "those are the (insert herb or plant) right. I mean, only an idiot wouldn't know"
"Huh? Yeah of course- of course it is" he snapped.
"Rightt." You snickered
"Oi! What's funny!?"
"Nothing~ now put the daffodils down and follow me"
"Daffodils?! They're (herb/plant name mentioned earlier) idiot!"
• Zenitsu thought you had quit without telling so he was happy when you returned but then he ran away when he heard it was his medicine.
• you walked them there
• they kept taking wrong turns and you had to walk around the block every so often to find Inosuke after he got distracted by countless animals like squirrels cats and dogs
• you had to hold onto his arm to make sure he didn't wander off or they would be late for the train
• you were as astounded as they were when you saw the train, you too were a country bumpkin
• Tanjiro literally dragged you behind them when the guards started to chase them for having swords
• you wrapped a scarf around Inosukes torso, fashioning it into a vest/shirt that kind of concealed his swords
• Zenitsu was CRYING when he had to leave, becuase he kept saying stuff like what if I die and never see you again, how will i marry you if I'm dead etc.
Next part is the Infinity Train movie so please be aware of spoilers.
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orvileg · 6 months ago
Weakness (~12)
Tumblr media
pairings: Gojo Satoru x Geto Suguru; Zenin Maki x Okkotsu Yuta
summary: The fight between Kenjaku and Yuta, were weakness comes upon.
tags: blood, graphic depiction of violence/gore (even if I'm not good at it), character death, fighting, crying, lost love
notes: I wanted to bring a certain point around, even if I'm not good at fighting cheographies. After chapter 174 I'm pretty sure that Okkotsu will die and that Kenjaku uses his humanity against the student.
Pointed teeth bored into the blade of the katana. They pushed Yuta back, the stones under his shoes crunching heavily as it ground across the floor. He tried to keep his footing, but knew he would not last much longer. Therefore, he gathered his remaining cursed energy in the sword, tensed his forearms and pulled forward. It cut almost perfectly through the flesh of the curse, strangling the high squeal. The clink of broken porcelain was heard followed by a gush of blood that rippled through the air. The repulsive odor spread shortly afterwards. It usually made the young sorcerer sick, but for the last few days he had been smelling it constantly, so it no longer bothered him. Now was not the time to think about it anyway. Automatically, he returned to his fighting position after the recoil, his weapon raised and ready to strike again. It only let a chuckle slip from his opponent, causing Okkotsu to cling tighter to the handle and stabilise his breathing as best he could. He had been awake for more than 24 hours, and even with his great mass of energy, he was slowly but surely running out of it. Still, he couldn't give up now, he was so close to the finish line.
Kenjaku was standing right in front of him. Only a few metres separated them, but of course the body hoper would not let anyone get close to this body so quickly. That was why masses of curses swarmed around him. The student had already narrowed down the number, but now he was sure that because no new ones appeared, the man would only play with him. Therefore, he put the rest of his concentration on the surroundings, ready to expect the most diverse creatures from all sides. But before that could happen, he jumped forward and attacked the user immediately. He dodged lightly, simply blocking or even ignoring the blows.
"What do you want to achieve with that, Okkotsu? Do you really think you can defeat me? In your condition and without any help?" the black-haired man said while the curses danced around them. Repeatedly they lashed out to harm Yuta, but were too slow. Only a few claws had already made it through the white fabric of his top and even fewer imprints on his pale skin.
"I don't care!" was his firm reply, followed by a slap that removed single strands from the elder's dark mane.
"Close-", it rushed through his head and he aimed more precisely at the following one, but again nothing. Shortly after he received a fist that hit his cheek directly and sent him skidding. He backed away, caughting himself. The second year had concentrated too much on just one thing, that's why he had noticed the counterattack too late.
Angry at his own mistake, he wiped his bleeding lip. The curses were waiting - apparently his enemy must have enjoyed it, so he gave him the moment.
"I've half-killed this body before. I'll get it right this time." Raising his weapon again, spreading his immense presence. For the most people, it was a feeling of fear when Yuta was ready to fight, but for the 1000+ year old, or Special Grade for that matter, it was just a light pressure rolling against him, nothing more.
He escaped the younger man's attack again, but this time he sent a whole bunch of curses at him at once.
"So?" a cheeky grin spread through his lips. "And you want to do it so your sensei don't need to do it again, is that right?" Kenjaku's gaze fell on the student who was just using the last of his strength to wriggle out of the grips of three second grades, even managing to exorcise them in the process.
"Impressive," the monk thought, but knew it didn't have to mean anything yet. The child was already at his limits. Not much longer and he would collapse - relation or not, he wasn't Gojo Satoru.
Despite the emotionless eyes that had been targeting him all along, the curse could still see a glimpse of of beeing caught.
"How posh," he said sarcastically with a shit eating smile that Yuta just wanted to shove in like the last time.
Of course, he wanted to help his sensei because he knew Gojo wouldn't be able to do it a second time, even under these circumstances. But neither should he. Enough anger had already built up against this man who was standing opposite to him. The curse that now dwelled in the body was just one more reason and fired him up. Even if he knew he couldn't hold out much longer - he still had the ace up his sleeves. The constant hustle of the curses could not be in vain and just because Kenjaku thought he was so sure of victory, he had to use it.
He feinted a direct attack and then dodged to his side, his sword pointed at him. The curses had followed him in the pattern he wanted. They drew a half circle on the other side to give him space and protect their master. Too bad, though, that it pushed the long-haired one into the corner just as much. Though he could still see through his intention and simply attack him from behind with a curse, Yuta didn't care.
He had to seize the opportunity.
He dashed forward to the surprised curse user, who backed away, not thinking that the student would walk straight into a trap. So he was pushed even further into the small space. Perfect, the thought flashed through Okkotsu's mind and he struck the final blow.
Seconds passed, became slower and slower, and suddenly he could clearly see his enemie's face contorting. A fear spread across those features that the younger man had not seen before. The eyes seemed clouded and darker, no longer so harsh and calculating. His lips trembled, mouthing incoherent words.
"RI-!", but that was as far as he got, although he was so sure of his actions, this movement and also the attack, he faltered. A soft, barely audible noise could be heard:
"Sensei, what was he like?"
"Who exactly?" Gojo asked, a smile in his voice. The teacher was slightly ahead of the student as they trudged through the shallow snow towards the school building.
"Geto," was the blunt reply, ready to receive any reaction. But there was none, at least none that could be discerned from his gestures.
"You said he was your best friend. Was he...always like that?"
Satoru said nothing at first, which made Yuta regret his question and frantically search for another topic. Before he had anything he could somehow steer towards, his relative spoke up again.
"No, he wasn't always like that. He only...developed that after a while." The white-haired man smiled softly before he began to laugh in amusement.
"Hard to believe he used to be the most 'sensible' of us," he joked, which made Okkotsu look up.
"Sometimes I wish we could start over..." the corners of the older's mouth dropped, clearly saddened by the thought, while a white cloud floated in front of his mouth.
A loud wet squelch jolted the second year out of his memory. His body was thrust forward, the katana slipping from his loosening hands. His arms fell limp at his sides as he stumbled forward a few steps .The retching started shortly afterwards. Blood burst through his lips, not even noticing the high cry in the background.
The large creature that had been only a few centimetres from Kenjaku's neck blurred before his eyes. It disappeared into the deep blackness from which it had once risen. Not a speck was to be seen anymore, only the clarity that now also caught up with the jujutsu sorcerer - mocked by the curse in front of him.
His head fell forward, onto his chest. Blood flowed in rivers down his chin and dripped onto the white jumper. The realisations that had already spread to the back of his head stretched out in front of him.
A razor-sharp claw with several digits protruded from his abdomen. Guts in his hand slowly slid out and slapped the floor. He felt no pain - not yet. But the trembling that made its way through his arms to his upper body told him that the adrenaline was about to be gone.
Unsure whether death would set in faster or the pain, he also knew that he had no more energy to heal himself. His opponent, who approached him, also knew that. The curses behind him faded into nothing.
He grabbed the student by the jaw and forced him to look up. His manic laughter had subsided to an amused giggle.
"Did my little play distract you that much?". His grip tightened. "That you really believed it."
He laughed out loud. The wet noises grew louder and made Yuta falter. His dark eyes were now the ones that clouded over more and more as he felt his legs breaking away. No, every single bone cracked and tore out of the flesh - was practically pulverised until only bleeding remains were visible.
"You are like him. The strongest yet too weak when it counts." He didn't break eye contact one bit.
More cracking could be heard, it was creeping higher and higher - getting closer and closer. Okkotsu still couldn't feel anything though, which irritated him slightly, but he was already too dizzy to care.
The curse behind him lowered, sinking into the ground and dragging the child with it. Now he lay on the ground, oblivious to the cold and the discomfort of the asphalt on his scratched skin.
Kenjaku sat down next to him, a joyful grin stretching across his expression as he said, "Did you really think you could save him? To make your sensei happy? You're as stupid as he is to hold on to dead people."
His leaning position was interrupted as he turned away thoughtfully. His smile disappeared, but returned shortly afterwards, accompanied by his cranky, ugly features. He leaned lower towards Yuta this time.
"If you are already so alike, surely there will be someone with you too." A twitch shot through the addressed, his eyes widened.
"I knew it," he showed his teeth triumphantly. "If I remember correctly, there was someone else next to Rika." He looked into the black eyes that now increasingly reflected his own countenance.
"Yes, the black-haired girl...the Zenin failure."
Yuta's breath stopped and his lips parted, but no words came out, not even a sound. Instead, he could feel heat spreading across his cheeks and the wetness running down them.
Tears had formed in his eyes - he didn't even want to. He just started crying, too startled by the thought of this monster finding his friends too.
Laughter rang through the streets as Kenjaku jerked his head up.
"How pathetic!" he exclaimed between them, getting up. "It will now be even a greater pleasure to exterminate them." And with that he left, leaving the boy lying. Only an upper body left, the remains of what used to be his legs and abdomen were only bloody shreds. His organs were hanging out and it was a miracle that he had lasted this long despite his lack of strength.
With a thousand feet yard stare, he stared against the grey wall of clouds. More drops formed and flowed over his skin. The slight redness disappeared from his face, leaving only a cold pallor.
„You were right…“
And so the mouth opened before him and pulled him into the depths which he should have sunk mire than a year ago.
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firelxdykatara · a year ago
Katara x Aang :3c
are you trying to get me in trouble
no but in all honesty, my genuine feelings about kataang boil down to three major points: 1. it's boring, and does not jive thematically with either of their character arcs, to the point of, 2. actively hampering character development on both sides, and 3. katara deserved better.
points expanded under the cut. (please, if you're a kataang shipper and you see this, just keep scrolling. i've tagged it appropriately and put the bulk under a cut and at this point that's literally all i can do lmfao.)
send me a ship and get my (brutally) honest opinion!
1. It's Boring: This is the most subjective point on the list (I mean, in fairness, it's all subjective, but I have evidence from the show and post-canonical materials to support my other points; this one is just preference), but there's just... nothing to kataang. It's cute (when it's not actively aggravating), and... that's about it. It's not even that I dislike friends-to-lovers as a shipping trope (though it's not my overall preference), because there are a lot of friends-to-lovers couples that I do ship (kanej comes to mind, also will/elizabeth from potc, karolsen from supergirl, romione and hinny from hp, among others), but one thing that I think all of those couples have that kataang doesn't is that both sides of the pairing are teens or adults when they get together, with teen/adult dynamics and issues and stories to deal with, rather than one half being a teenager and the other being literally prepubescent.
And don't get me wrong, I have no problem with age gap ships in general. And as far as atla goes, Katara, at 14, has the same age difference from Zuko (16) as Aang has from her, and it's never stopped me--because both Katara and Zuko are well into puberty when they meet and I have no problem picturing them being into one another and growing together as they enter adulthood. Aang, on the other hand, is a child. And he acts like it. Which wouldn't be a problem, if the show weren't expecting me to believe he is a) ready for a romantic relationship, and b) ready for one specifically with Katara, who is not only older and far more mature but is specifically cast as his caretaker in a very maternal role for the entire show's run.
This show asks me to believe that a teenage girl well into adolescence is going to be attracted to and develop romantic feelings for a pre-adolescent child--and it asks me to believe this while showing us otherwise that Katara's type is actually older boys with fabulous hair and angsty pasts in all of her other potential romantic dalliances--and then enter into a relationship with him, all while ignoring the elephant in the room that is the fact that she was basically acting like his mother for the entire series to that point. (Something that is heavily lampshaded earlier in the very same season.) That just stretches the bounds of credulity way too far for me, especially when there's no evidence that Katara herself would get anything out of their romantic relationship.
There's nothing there for me to sink my teeth into. No delicious development, no parallels where they help each other grow, no internal conflicts that they have to work through together, nothing. Certainly no reason for me to actually believe Katara feels (or would grow to feel) anything for him other than the platonic affection of a caretaker. I can easily believe she loves him dearly, as a friend and quasi-little-brother, but I just can't see that developing naturally into romantic love--not the way it's presented in the show.
And even if they did manage to at least make the development of Katara's feelings believable, unless they changed something fundamental about the nature of their relationship, it'd still be boring, so.
2. It Actively Hampers Their Character Development--On Both Sides: I've written before (extensively lol im so sorry) about how kataang is actively detrimental to Katara and to Aang. In short (because ye gods this post is already getting long enough), Katara is narratively harmed by being shoved into a relationship that completely ignores her stated feelings--a relationship that had been presented as a one-sided puppylove crush for the vast majority of the series--and it inhibits her growth as a character in ways that become far more obvious in the comics and lok, where the very same creative forces that lead to her beginning a relationship with Aang in the first place reduce her to 'the Avatar's girl' and very little else, all the way through to the end of LoK (where she is a Healer and the Avatar's wife and, again, very little else).
As for Aang:
As to how this relationship is detrimental to Aang (other than the comics and LoK nonsense)? Just take a look at book 2, when he’s trying to learn Earthbending from Toph. Katara constantly coddles him. Much of the time, she’s afraid to be anything other than gentle and understanding with Aang--partly because of her fear that if she pushes him too far, he’ll run away. (Which he does, several times.) But sometimes, what Aang needs to grow is a sharp kick in the slats, which Toph was more than willing to provide--and which worked. Katara was great for teaching Aang to waterbend, but he needed more than that to grow as a person. And he can’t get that while he’s in a relationship with someone who will apologize for getting upset when he was very explicitly neglecting her.
In addition, it is pointed out by Guru Pathik at the end of Book 2 that one of Aang's chakras is blocked by his attachment to Katara. Aang takes this to mean (incorrectly) that he has to stop loving her in order to become fully realized as an Avatar, but this is actually part of the problem--because the issue isn't that he is in love with Katara, it's that he's possessively attached to her. He believes himself entitled to her love in return, rather than selflessly loving someone regardless of whether or not they return that affection. (This is obvious come the EIP episode, where Aang demands to know why he and Katara aren't in a relationship already--because he kissed her without asking [or even checking to see if she'd be ok with kissing him], which he phrases as mutual even though it very much was not, and he gets angry and violates her boundaries when she says that she is confused and doesn't want to think about it right then.)
It is his attachment to Katara--the need for her to return his love, the belief that she will and it is only a matter of time before he gets what he wants--that he was supposed to let go of, not his feelings for her in general. Unfortunately, while he pays lipservice to doing this (far too late for it to be useful--if he'd stayed with the Guru for five more minutes and unlocked his chakra there, that battle would've gone very differently), he almost immediately backtracks on that development come book 3, and there isn't another single whisper of Aang maybe growing up and moving past his one-sided and possessive crush and realizing that even if Katara doesn't feel the same way, it doesn't mean she loves him less or that their friendship is less important.
What really needed to happen, for Aang to grow as a person and become fully realized as an Avatar, was for him to grow up. To realize that his feelings were not of paramount importance, and that even if he was in love with Katara, he was not entitled to her love in return. He should have been able to move past his need for her to love him back, in order to get past that stumbling block, unlock his chakras, and regain the Avatar State in time to face the Firelord. But he didn't. As a result, they had to find some other way to just give him the Avatar State (a well-placed rock) and the means to defeat Ozai without killing him (the deus ex lionturtle) and his entire character arc just fell apart in the third act rather than reaching a satisfying conclusion.
3. Katara Deserved Better: This really ties into how her romantic relationship with Aang hampered her own development, but I'm still bitter enough about it that it gets its own bullet-point. And the biggest single reason I could never ship kataang--the thing that would've turned me off even if there were substance and a halfway decent storyline for them--is the fact that Aang kisses her without her consent (for the second time) in Ember Island Players, Katara gets angry at him and storms off, and then..... she walks out onto the balcony to make out with him.
With nothing to bridge that gap.
It's bad enough that a show aimed at children had a scene where the child protagonist kissed the object of his affections without her consent when she didn't want him to (made explicit by her angry reaction)--and this is absolutely an issue when the show is aimed at children and it may well be the first experience they've had with consent issues portrayed in media--but this moment is never addressed again. Katara just decides--completely off-screen--that she does love him Really and walks out to make out with him in the epilogue. There's no conversation, no apology for violating her boundaries, no discussion of why that was wrong or any indication that Aang understands what he did and why it upset her. They don't have a single one-on-one interaction between that kiss and the epilogue, and the only other time they are on screen together, Aang yells at her and storms off.
So, even leaving the comics and lok aside, Katara deserved much better from her own romantic plotline. In fact, she deserved to have one, rather than simply being the oblivious object of Aang's affections, given a couple moments where she blushes but otherwise remains completely ignorant of his feelings (she looks shocked and upset when he kisses her prior to the invasion, and then she completely forgets that even happened because she's confused as to what Aang is even talking about during EIP until he brings it up; that's not the behavior of a fourteen-year-old girl who was kissed by someone she was developing romantic feelings for), before the epilogue where it becomes clear that she figured all of that out off-screen and had feelings for him after all.
She's a main character, not a side-character written in solely to give one of the mains a love interest. She deserved a romantic plotline of her own. (She could have had one with someone else, with very few changes made to what was actually on-screen prior to the epilogue, but that's another conversation entirely.) She deserved to have her feelings considered at all important by the person she was going to be paired with in the end, rather than having him just assume she felt the same way and then get mad at her for never giving any indication of it when he'd never asked about her feelings to begin with. She deseserved agency in her own romantic narrative, and she just didn't get that with Aang.
So yeah, at the end of the day, my biggest issue with kataang is that it involved doing Katara dirty, and she's my favorite character and she deserved so much better damnit.
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ninacarstairss · a year ago
PARABATAI WEEK — day 6, underrated/fanon parabatai @carstairgray
i’m broken, torn apart, shattered and a couple more adjectives because of tftsa and it falls perfectly on the parabatai week so here are some simon x george parabatai headcanon
they place their parabatai runes on the back of their shoulders to symbolize they’ll always have each other’s back.
after the ceremony they go back to the new york institute and the rest of the gang surprises them with a party to celebrate.
simon places a stuffed rat on george’s bed before he shows him his new room, in memory of their days at the academy. the rat also has a tiny collar with “jon cartwright xxxv” engraved on it.
george jumps on the nearest chair when he sees it and his academy nightmares come back to him as simon is doubled over laughing near the door.
once the initial fear of having to deal with rats even at the institute passes, george keeps the stuffed animal and he adores it, it reminds him of their time at the academy, how he and simon met and became the brothers they are now.
they start having training sessions with jace and alec and they always end up on the ground with jace and alec triumphant over them but they put up quite a fight when fighting together.
they also like to train a lot with izzy and clary but that works way less for their skills because izzy and simon end up making out somewhere when one of them pins the other on the floor and clary and george just leave the room and go get a coffee before they can see something they won’t be able to forget. alec still talks about his nightmares regarding the time he walked in on simon and izzy in idris.
george gets to know the gang better and they all love him, but simon is especially happy when he notices him bonding a lot with izzy and clary and when he sees alec starting to trust him fully. jace ends up telling george so many stories about the first time he met simon and how he was when he first entered the shadow world, including the being-turned-into-a-rat part — george’s favorite ever since the academy — and that’s when simon knows jace really likes him too.
simon keeps schooling george in pop culture, movies, comics and the history of his band when he was a mundane and he drags george around the city in all the best places to find comics and the best film. soon enough george is making star wars references on a daily basis. though, he’ll never stop mocking simon about all the names his band went through, especially when he reveals the ones he though about during the academy that had to do with rats and other weird creatures, or grey eggs.
george often leaves to visit his family in scotland and he always takes simon with him. his parents love him and they always welcome him as a son. george couldn’t be happier and simon feels at home. he misses seeing his family every day, but he learned that for every loss there’s something to gain and this new part of a home is his own new piece of happiness.
once, though, the whole gang tagged along. george talked about the green fields and the sheep of scotland so much that they wanted to see for themselves. it’s a wild vacation and, between a hike and a tour of the nearby cities, jace gets not-so-gracefully swept off his feet by a running sheep and it’s a sight they’ll never forget or let him live down.
they have annual dinners with the group for the academy. no matter how far they’re all located from each other, they get a portal and meet in idris at least once a year and visit the muddy fields where scarsbury had them running and doing push-ups for as long as it took to kill them. beatriz and julie have also become a great pair of parabatai and jon manages not to be too obnoxious for one night a year.
simon also schooled george in the art of eating take out every day for basically all meals and told him to gently refuse every single thing that leaves the pan when it’s izzy cooking as soon as he stepped foot into the institute. surprisingly enough izzy and george find in each other some really horrible cooks who get along a lot and think they cook fantastic food while burning half the kitchen every single time they get close to a burner. simon’s desperate and he’s most likely going to loose his eyebrows in a kitchen fire soon enough. or worse, he might actually have to eat the stuff they cook one of these days. (credits to @icycoolslushie for the idea on this one)
when sizzy get married simon chooses george to be his suggenes and george cries his eyes out because his brother is so grown up and he’s getting married
once clary and simon convince the gang to celebrate halloween and they organize a halloween party at the institute for all their friends. george is the first to agree and he’s so excited. he and simon are planning matching costumes and decide to go as avatar characters — but with more covering clothes on, simon is stoic about this and george agrees it’s probably best not to risk finding themselves in the middle of a fight with a halloween night demon wearing only that little cloth around their hips — and they also kick it up a notch by dying their hair blue. except that they buy the wrong kind of dye and when the next day they wash their hair to get the colour off, it doesn’t go away. izzy and clary have to fix their mess with brown dye.
they are those friend that always do the craziest things you see on the internet and end up with the most aesthetic photos, like george in the middle of a parking lot with flashing lights surrounding him, sitting in a shopping cart and laughing, or simon naturally posing with his bow and arrow in front of a fantastic landscape and they become snapchat famous for these pics. izzy, alec and jace are pretty confused by this snapchat famous thing.
when simon moved in at the institute after the academy he installed a playstation in his room and most nights george is there with him, playing at 3am with snacks of all kinds surrounding them. izzy joins too sometimes but she’s not great at those games and has smashed a couple of joysticks after loosing multiple times, while clary kicks both their asses when she pops in for a game.
one night george entered simon’s room for a 3am game and instead found him with izzy, both of them half naked and in the middle of some sort of role play where izzy was calling simon “lord montgomery”. he never lets simon live that down and brings the name up in the most inappropriate moments — such as clave meetings — making simon choke on air every time. after that, though, george is very careful to knock.
simon’s pansexual and he’s a little afraid to come out to george at first, but he soon realizes he knows george and he wouldn’t turn his back on him, he wouldn’t leave. so when he does tell him he’s shaking slightly but he’s also happy and george clearly is too, he scoops simon into a tight hug and tells him he’s incredibly proud of him and reassures him he loves him no matter what, they’re brothers no matter what.
they’re not big on celebrations of birthdays or mundane holidays in general, but they do like to keep the traditions alive. both of them have been raised with no knowledge of the shadow world and they were observant of some religious and mundane holidays that shadowhunter don’t celebrate. so they like getting christmas gifts for everyone or organize parties for new year’s. they celebrate hanukah too and share other little traditions from their childhoods, like george’s family tradition of sheep’s wool-covered sweets and chocolates to find instead of eggs for easter or simon’s family tradition of taking a two day trip around spring to see the changing season and enjoy some free time, even if the trip is to the nearest town. they’re small traditions sometimes, but they like to keep the memories alive.
george becomes really good with max after that first encounter and the offer of raising him in his and simon’s drawer. he and simon often volunteer to babysit him, and rafe too afterwards, and they obviously use as bedtime stories the plot of star wars or comics, which the kids absolutely love.
sometimes when he’s stressed or tired george goes full on scottish and also switches to gaelic at times and simon is just there looking at him, torn between wanting to giggle at his usually contained behavior now unchecked and wanting to hug him and confort him. he always goes with the second, but he does love to hear george speak gaelic.
after the time at the academy when george was leading the mission to go after the faerie fruit vendors where simon got sucked into faerie he’s incredibly protective of simon in battle — or just all the time, actually. he’s thrown himself in front of simon more times than simon can count and he loves this kind of care, because of course he does the same whenever george is in danger, but it also makes him sad a lot because he knows george still feels guilty about that mission, even if nothing bad really happened, and he would do anything to make sure nothing similar ever happened again.
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calpops · a year ago
less lonely | l.h.
Tumblr media
You move in with Luke and he realizes all of the time he’s missed out on with you and his son.
From my prompt list: I can’t do this anymore & stay with me
1.3k words
living with luke masterlist | feedback and reblogs mean the world
Copyright © 2021 calpops. All rights reserved. This original work is not allowed to be reposted on any platform in any format (translations included).
Luke looks around his house, the once clean and comfortable home turned upside down. Boxes and suitcases litter the floor and footprints sweep across the tile from friends helping in the endeavor to move you and Luke’s son in. Luke’s still in awe and shock at the revelations you brought to his doorstep the previous day but an excitement sits in his heart that he can’t deny. His son sits in a baby swing and giggles as Luke crouches down to face him. Robbie reaches a hand up and gives Luke a grin.
“Hey bud,” Luke coos and takes Robbie’s small hand, the baby’s fingers tiny in his hold. “Welcome home.”
“I think he likes it here,” Luke hears you say from behind him, he spins on his heel and faces you, stands to be at eye level and watches as you place a box on the coffee table.
“I hope so,” he mutters, runs a hand through his hair and eyes all of the things that have accumulated around the house. “Is that the last of it?” Luke asks as the door shuts behind Ashton and Michael both toting boxes. Affirmative nods come Luke’s way. “Lotta stuff for two people.”
You laugh and Luke feels a little lighter through all of the adjustments. “Believe it or not, most of it is his,” you retort and send a fond smile over to Robbie. “I may have gone a little overboard.”
Luke shakes his head, knowing that he would have done the same if given the chance. He can’t imagine what he would have done for his son as a newborn, he doesn’t know what ridiculous things he would have sought out. It hits him once again that there’s eight missing months standing between them. His heart aches and his mind wanders through the time he lost but he shakes himself, knowing that letting himself drown in those missing pieces won’t do anyone any good.
“It’s too bad Cal’s not here to help,” Ashton chides lightly even though everyone knows why and would never hold it against him.
“Have you heard from him? How’s Mila doing?” Michael asks and Luke tunes in for an update; his favorite niece fighting an illness that’s left Calum by her side at all times.
“Better,” Ashton informs and the entire room lightens. Luke catches his breath and peers over at Robbie, unable to imagine what it must be like to be in Calum’s shoes. “Cal said if she’s doing even better by the weekend we can go see her.”
Luke leans back down to Robbie and picks him up, suddenly needing to know that he’s okay. Protective instincts kicking into gear at the mention of Mila and the anxiety that looms. Luke rocks Robbie, swaying himself from side to side as the eight month old delights in the motion.
“We’ll go meet Mila, huh, I think you two will be best buds,” Luke whispers with all of the hope his heart can muster.
Ashton and Michael stay long enough to help build and set up the essentials. They stay until it’s dark and rejoice in the new bundle of joy that’s joined the family. Michael makes promises that Robbie is his favorite nephew and vows that this time he’ll be the favorite uncle. Ashton only chuckles and waves a hand at his friend. The day goes by smoothly and Luke finds himself restless as night claims the sky and silence settles into the once bustling house.
It’s late when Luke finds himself sitting on the couch sifting through cardboard boxes, fingers finding a photo album and curiosity getting the better of him. He pauses, knows he shouldn’t pry but the photo of Robbie on the cover allows him to indulge. You’d already promised he could see photos of the times he missed. Alone and under nothing but moonlight pooling in from the French doors Luke assumes now is better than later. He flips the album open and takes a deep breath.
He’s met with the sight of a newborn Robbie, his height and weight written in the margins of the book. He flips through the pages, watches as Robbie grows bigger and hurt makes a home in his heart. Photos of Robbie with you scatter the pages, photos of Robbie with people Luke has never met blow hard truths into his mind. He keeps flipping, restless in his endeavor to catch up on all that he’s missed. He hears the floor creak behind him and turns to find you tiptoeing down the hall.
“What are you doing up?” you ask.
“Just… looking,” he says, voice low and quiet. He turns back to the album and finds Robbie with a smile that could melt and break hearts. “I can’t do this anymore,” Luke mumbles and snaps the album shut.
“Do what?” you question as you approach and see the album now discarded on the coffee table.
Luke sighs and covers his hands with his face as he leans back into the plush cushions of the couch. He rubs his eyes and then drags his fingers down his face and eventually settles his hands balled into fists in his lap.
“Pretend that I’m okay,” he chokes out and feels the dip of your weight on the cushions beside him. “Pretend that it doesn’t kill me that I missed so much of his life.”
“You don’t have to pretend,” you whisper and Luke hears the pain and genuine sentiment in your voice. It almost makes him feel better to know you don’t expect him to be okay with it, that he doesn’t have to put on a strong front or act detached from his emotions. He looks over at you and a realization hits him.
“I don’t want to”—Luke begins and shakes his head and all of the anxieties inside of him—“but I can’t help it. I look at you and him and how bonded you are, I see all of the time I missed to have that with him. I look at you and I blame you.”
“I know,” you say and shock Luke, leave him coming up short and make his heart beat uncomfortably hard in his chest. He didn’t expect that. “And I’m sorry.”
Luke sighs and feels his emotions spike. “Could you really not find me?”
He waits with bated breath, heart beating out the time it takes for you to respond. He feels himself cool, the accusations and blame boiling over and sending a chill up his spine. He instantly feels regret bite at him when he sees how glossy your eyes have gotten and how distant you become.
“I tried,” you say and it sounds like a promise, a plea for Luke to understand. “I wrote you but I didn’t know where to send the letters.”
It goes silent for a moment and Luke collects himself. He realizes you did all you could given the circumstances. One night stands didn’t usually wind up like this. Without his number or address it was all just shots in the dark trying to find him.
“And I was scared,” you admit in a whisper and Luke furrows his eyebrows in confusion. “Suddenly I was pregnant and alone and didn’t know how to find you; I didn’t know if you’d believe me if I did.”
Luke sags, his shoulders dropping and weight sinking back into the couch. He didn’t know that. Didn’t think that you might fear his response, fear that he may not believe you or take Robbie as his own.
“I believe you,” Luke says and turns back to you. “I’m sorry too. I don’t blame you, I shouldn’t have said that.”
Moonlight and pain sparkle your eyes as they gaze at the floor. Luke watches your hands, your fingers curling into your palms and dragging across the length of your legs.
“Do you want me to go?” you ask and Luke feels a hidden meaning within the question.
“No, please don’t,” he responds quickly. He reaches a hand out and captures yours, he hasn’t felt a spark simmer under his skin in a long while, but with emotions on high and the night being so dark he feels it under his skin and in his bones. “Stay with me?”
You nod and Luke feels a little bit less lonely as the night fades away.
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quirklessidiot · a year ago
Tumblr media
Title: first meetings [ii. the small pink-haired boy] Genre: just angst, drama, romance, historical fiction Pairing: Sorcerer!Sukuna x gn!sorcerer!reader (heian era; pre-curse sukuna)
Synopsis: in which you befriend the slave boy you’re supposed to spy on.
Warnings: not canon stuff, future dark themes,, smoll manga spoilers, slavery, whipping, mentions of rape, language and violence Notes: im kinda back i guess skksks also these are pretty much random au’s of my own take of sukuna’s back story uwu, theyre arranged in no particular order and you can read them in any order. This started out as a random one shot and i couldnt get it out of my head lol ksksksks, def not canon btw but it is canon that sukuna used to be an all powerful sorcerer before he turned to the dark side or smthng.
lil dictionary: non-person-  usually what they called slaves during the heian era.
masterlist [for other parts] ;; taglist 
Tumblr media
“That’s beautiful.”
Contrasting to your rather clean and prestigious appearance, the young boy was dressed in rags and had dirt painted on his face. You could tell by his uncommon red eyes that he didn’t want you here nor did he even want to be associated with you.
“...the boy is rather prideful.” your otosan recounted a few nights before, you’d usually have conversations like this since you were quite close with him and he did like to confide you with these things,“but he has spirit, he’d be good for a ward.”
“What are you doing here?” He spat, being a part of and the sole heir of your family meant you were also treated with dignity and respect, it seemed like this boy wasn’t afraid of anything or anyone, this made you grin wildly much to his disdain, “Oi, stop grinning like that. You’re creeping me the fuck out.”
“I’m Y/N.”
“And I don’t care.” 
“Has anyone told you that you’ve got quite the temper?”
“Well, has anyone told you that you’re being an annoying bitch?” he bit back, five minutes into your first meeting, this strange boy seemed to want to get furthest away from you. He seemed to be rather ignorant to his overflowing cursed energy, your father was right, this boy was definitely no joke. 
“That’s sad.” You pouted, “All I wanted to say was how beautiful that Kimono is.”
“I was at a store, looking for some clothes that best suited you when I saw a young boy of your age…” your otosan narrated, “Who had a rather high cursed energy, he seemed unaware with it. He works as an errand boy, I believe, he carries heavy clothes and silk… His looks are hard to miss Y/N, so I’m sure you won’t miss him...try to talk to him…”
The boy looks up to you, completely annoyed, “Well, you said it. Now fuck off, yeah?”
You chose to ignore him and just bend down to his level, you had no training for today so you might as well join the boy for a moment since you had time to kill, “You know, if you keep keeping that attitude up, you might scare the customers away.” you mumbled, loud enough for him to hear.
“Yeah?” he clicked his tongue, “Looks to me that you aren’t even here to buy anything.”
“He seemed rather…” Your otosan described, “perplexed...so you might as well go in my stead…”
“Ah.” your grin doesn’t seem to fade despite his rather rough way of speaking, “You just seemed around my age so I got interested.”
“No shit, now buzz off. I got no time for kids like you.”
He talks as if he was older than you, it’s no surprise. Boys like him tend to think they know quite a lot.
“Do you wish to tell me your name now?”
He was silent for a moment.
That’s when realization dawned upon you, why he seemed perplexed around your otosan, why he thinks you were an annoying buzz, and why he couldn’t reply when you asked for his name. You feel yourself inwardly cringe at your mistake, it seems like the boy your father took interest in is a slave with no name, “Twenty.” he mumbles, shrugging nonchalantly.
“They call me twenty.” he recounts, his voice is still rough around the edges, remaining uncensored by his identity.
“Right…” you tilt your head, “Twenty…”
“You’ve got silks to bring to the next town, boy!” a loud voice calls out, cutting you short, making the pink-haired boy put the pretty kimono down and back for display. Without even sparing you a glance or a word, he retreats to the back and you’re left squatting there alone. You watch him from behind, specifically at the bandages that peeked through his wrists.
The boy had piqued your interest to the point that you made it your weekly agenda to visit him and a-some-nights agenda to watch over him. He still ignores you and seems to be annoyed by you every time but he doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it so you just sit there. 
You were also still in awe by how much raw energy he possessed, you’d ask your otosan if he knew any sorcerers with lost children because it surely seemed as if this boy wasn’t ordinary.
“Just keep an eye on him,” was all your father said as you watch the boy close up shop late at night from on top of a roof, “He might make a great sorcerer and shift the tides.”
Your otosan was not one for gambling on people but it seemed like he made a large bet on this boy. 
As usual, you’re watching over him close up. It’s late and the owner of the place walks out, a pipe on his lips. Right then and there, he slaps the pink-haired teenager right at the face, “You should’ve joined the customer awhile ago in the dressing room, boy.” he growls, “It would’ve been quick…”
You feel the negative energy emit stronger than ever and your grip on your knife is tight, “Don’t get involved, Y/N.” your otosan’s warning echoes in your head, yes your otosan may have been interested in him but he was never one to dwell in human affairs, saying they were annoying and a mess to clean up.
“...It seems like the lesson a few nights ago wasn’t enough.” you snap back to reality and watch his boss stretch out a whip with its pointy ends and you feel your blood run cold. 
‘Don’t get involved-’
You ignore your otosan’s words in your head and throw a stone right at a nearby sign, resulting in a booming clang, making the cat nearby yelp outloud. The pink-haired boy jumps on the spot and so does the older man at the sound.
“Ah fucking-” the older man curses, tucking the whip back in, “No food for you for three days. Know your fucking worth, non-person.”
Your grip on your nodachi lessens as you let out a sigh of relief, whatever legal terms your father must be talking about needs to be done quickly.
On the next day, you’re on your way to visit him again. Carrying the bento box that you know he’ll refuse again because of his ‘pride’ yet you stop dead on your tracks when you find his owner and an older man talking, Sukuna seems to be standing behind them, looking quite uncomfortable.
It didn’t take two and two to guess what was going on, the amount of cursed energy leaking on him was strong so you could only guess this was the man who wanted to get his way on him yesterday. Your nose crinkles in absolute disgust, “Don’t get involved-”
Once again, you ignore your otosan’s words.
“Hey!” You call out, you see his red eyes widen, “What are you doing?”
The older man frowns at your sudden appearance, “None of your business brat. Now go home-”
“I said,” You repeated, your voice dangerously low, “What are you doing to him?”
“He’s a non-person, kid.” his ‘owner’ growls, you notice his hands dangerously close to his whip, “A fucking slave in simpler terms, now get the fuck out before I beat him and you.”
“You don’t scare me.” Your eyes are narrowed, truthfully, no one ever scares you. You were the heir of your clan. It was to be expected and drilled since your curse energy manifested when you were five that fear would come last, “Now unhand the boy.”
“This bitch-”
“Now, now.” The other man smiles, cutting the pink-haired boy’s ‘owner’ off,  “Maybe I can take that young child with me too. After all, they seem to be good friends. Two is better than one…”
You watch the other older man snake an arm on the young boy’s shoulder and you could feel the fear leaking out, it was harder to mask and hide now. 
“Is it alright to put a little scar on’em? So that they’d know-” He gets ready to take out the whip while your fists are clenched, this would be easy. You could get away with this later, at least you’d take the boy away from this place and help him control his energy after. 
Yet before you’re able to land a blow, the pink-haired boy yells at you to move as his ‘owner’ takes out a whip to whip you.
For someone who didn’t seem to like your presence, he was rather quick to defend you, having his face get hit in the process by the sharp whip. Your eyes widen in surprise, “Ah, shit… Y/N, run!” he yells but you’re staring at his very bloody face.
It would obviously leave marks like the wrists and who knows which parts since he was always covered by that very loose raggedy kimono.
You clench your fists tightly and look up from his blood features, the ‘owner’ stops on his tracks when he meets your very cold gaze, “Do you know who you just messed with?” you asked, “You really think I won’t tell my otosan that you planned to make me your prostitute?”
“Y-Y/N, jesus christ just fucking run-” he tried to stutter out, any evidence of the prideful and strong boy who tried to shoo you away was now gone.
Yet like the stubborn child you are, you ignore him and instead take out your family seal and drop it in front of them, ignoring the pink-haired boy’s plea’s and watching the two men in front of you turn white as a ghost as they see the nameplate, “My name is Ryomen Y/N.” You stated, voice loud and clear, “And you better hope that I’ll let you out here dead or me and my otosan will hunt you down for the rest of your life.”
Tumblr media
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fanfic-cave · a year ago
Rating: SFW/PG-13 (although theres kissing and stuff if you dont want to read that in public)
Word Count: 2.2k
Pairing: Hunter x Fem Jedi!OC
Warnings: Angst, fighting and arguing, talks about order 66/jedi being killed, making out it gets a little heated ya’ll
Summary: Hunter has discovered Sera's intentions to abandon the team and leave. The have an argument, amongst other things. Does she stay, or will she leave the bad batch for good?
Authors note: More OC stuff, I just get scenes in my head and I have to write them out. This is the furthest ahead ive gotten in the story I think. I have ideas of other things (which kinda get hinted at here), but im not sure how exactly I want to accomplish them.
Be sure to check out my post and put in your 2 cents on what I should write next!
Tags: @mangoberry99
You walked into the small, dark room, with Hunter right on your heels. He was definitely mad at you.
You tightened the mask on your face, and kept your hood up. Hunter switched the lights on and shut the door. “You were going to leave?” Hunters voice was raised, practically growling. He whipped around to look at you, his eyebrows arched and nostrils flaring. Yup. Pissed.
“I don’t expect you to understand.” You folded your arms defensively. “Just cause you’re a Jedi?” Hunter spoke loudly. “You owe us an explanation.” Somehow you thought Hunter really meant that you owed him an explanation.
You turned your face away, saying nothing. You didn’t feel obliged to share anything, you just wanted to retreat and hide like you always had. Hunters mouth turned down into a frown, and you could tell he was getting more upset. “I hate to break it to you, but being a Jedi doesn’t make you more special or different than the rest of us-"
“Hold on a damn minute-" you interjected, uncrossing your arms.
“And you don’t get to shut us out just because you are one.” He spat it out and you felt your face heat up with anger. “You were going to go without saying goodbye, Sera. You realized how messed up that is?” He was yelling now.
“I told you, you wouldn’t understand!” You yelled back. Your hands balled up into fists.
“No, I don’t! How could you befriend us, gain our trust, and just leave? Omega-"
“Don’t.” you interrupted before he could finish. Your voice had lowered in pitch, but it was loud and it echoed around the room. “Don’t bring her into this.” You were doing this to protect them, especially her. You didn’t want him to guilt trip you by using her.
“It would’ve destroyed her. You can’t face that? That you were going to abandon her?”
“You have no right-!” You turned to face him, pointing a finger at him and walking up to him.
“Take that damn thing off.” Hunter said. You froze. You knew he was referring to the mask. He stared at you with a hard look on his face, still fuming with anger. “I said take it off.” He ordered.
You yanked it off and threw it at his feet, hoping to hit his foot. He easily moved his left foot to avoid getting hit. “Happy?” You threw up your hands as you said it, venom laced in your tone. Your mask felt like your defense, a protection. You felt safe with it, and you had worn it since abandoning the clone wars and the Jedi order. You felt too vulnerable and exposed without it right now.
“Don’t lecture me, I know what I was doing, and I-" your voice cracked. You took a step back and took a breath. “I thought it was better than the alternative.” Your voice was quieter now. You looked down, then you turned around, your back to him. You didn’t want to see him, to face him. You placed your hands on the table in front of you, leaning forward and taking slow deep breaths.
“How would that be better?” Hunter's voice was lower in volume, matching yours. He seemed upset, but not angry anymore. He sounded hurt, or maybe sad.
You finished another deep breath. “The Jedi are being hunted down. I can only hide for so long.” Your voice was much quieter now, barely above a whisper. You felt weight on your chest as you said it. You crossed your arms and hugged yourself, trying to squeeze away the tight feeling in your chest. Once you started, you couldn’t stop. “I could feel it when the Jedi were killed, Hunter. Thousands of voices being silenced. And now, I can feel it.” Hunter waited for you to finish. “The Empire knows there are hidden Jedi across the galaxy, and they’re going to come and find us.”
You turned to face him, tears in your eyes. Hunter looked worried as he listened to you, watching your movements. “If you’re with me, you could all be killed.” You choked out the last part, the tears coming out. You covered your mouth with your hands, trying to hold in the cries that escaped your mouth.
You squeezed your eyes tight and couldn’t see, but you felt arms wrapped around your shoulders and pulled you in. You received the hug and wrapped your arms around Hunters torso, then buried your face into his chest. You couldn’t keep it in anymore, the sobbing escaping you, ripping through your chest.
“Shh,” Hunter quietly began comforting you. You felt his hand stroking your hair, the other arm squeezing you tight against him. You held onto him as you cried, like holding him would help you hold yourself together.
You stayed there for a minute, quietly sobbing while Hunter stroked your hair and quieted your cries. After a minute had passed, he spoke. “You remember what I told you when we found out you were a Jedi?” He paused and you waited quietly, tears still rolling down your cheeks. “I said we would protect you.” You had stopped sobbing, and you took shaky breaths in and out.
You felt him kiss the top of your head. You pulled away from his chest to look up at him. He wiped the tears out of your eyes with his thumb. “I promise, I won’t let the Empire kill you,” he had grabbed your chin, and looked into your eyes with intensity as he spoke. You smiled at his optimism. Normally you might argue that he couldn’t guarantee that, but he looked so set in his decision. You didn’t think you could persuade him otherwise.
He leaned in to press his forehead against yours, and you met him halfway, enjoying the moment of closeness. You felt like he was grounding you, keeping you here in the moment instead of fearing for the future. “Is this okay?” You felt his breath hit your face as he spoke. It was warm, and he smelled nice. You nodded. He squeezed you around the waist and pulled you in tighter, your hips now touching.
You felt your heart skip a beat. You two had never been quite this affectionate. You had an idea that Hunter might feel something more than friendship towards you. There had been moments, exchanged glances, lingering touches. Conversation where you both opened up, and had been vulnerable with each other. You already knew how you felt, but never were quite sure where exactly he stood.
You opened your eyes, and examined his face. You could see details that you couldn’t make out without being this close. The details in his tattoos, the shape of his eyes, of his face, his mouth. You felt yourself become more brave. You tilted your face to the right, your nose skimming past his. His lips were not even an inch away from yours now.
You saw Hunter's eyes open, and he was watching you. You waited, not wanting to advance more without permission. You held eye contact for a moment. He looked at you questioningly, processing what you were doing. You waited for him to pull away or come closer. You quietly froze there, the two of you only breathing and examining each other in your closeness, neither of you sure what would happen. You found yourself getting lost in his brown eyes for that short moment.
Suddenly Hunters lips were against yours, his hand at the back of your neck, fingers reaching into your hair. You breathed in through your nose, and your bodies began to move together. You felt yourself rise up to your toes to reach him, to get closer. Your arms were still wrapped around his torso, and you pulled yourself closer to him, just as his other hand gently pushed you in from the small of your back, trying to close every gap between your bodies.
After a minute, Hunter pulled away to allow yourselves a second to breath. He studied your face, like he was trying to memorize it. “It’s about damn time.” You said between breaths, and he laughed. His eyes seemed to light up with excitement. You reached up to his neck and brought him back in. You felt a burning in your chest as you continued kissing him. You wrapped your fingers around his biceps, and began to push him towards the nearest wall. He let you move him, his arms around your waist, making sure you came right along with him. You went back up on your toes, reaching to kiss him.
Hunters hands shifted away from you, then you felt them grab you underneath your thighs. You were suddenly lifted up, your legs reflexively wrapping around him. You gasped and broke from the kiss, holding onto him to keep yourself from falling.
“I’ve got you.” He spoke confidently, placing one hand on your shoulder as the other fully held you up. Then, he took a few steps and set you down on the table. Your face was now an even height with his. You made a face “You think I’m too short to kiss you?” You huffed out. Hunter smiled and said “You are kinda short-“
“Oh shut up.” You grabbed his shoulders and forcefully brought him back in. You tightened your legs on him, as if trying to lock him in place. He had one hand on your hip, the other touched the back of your shoulder where your bare skin was exposed. It felt like a fire was ignited where his fingertips met your skin. Hunter broke away and planted kisses on your cheek, then he moved to your jaw. You felt yourself reach at his shirt on his back, tempted to start pulling at it. You felt intoxicated by the moment, drinking in the bliss you felt as his kisses moved to your neck.
Wait. How did I get here again?
You released him and pulled away gently as the thought crossed your mind. Hunter stopped and took a step back from you, being sure to give you space if you wanted it. Your legs no longer were wrapped around him, you sat on the table and Hunter stood just a foot away from you. “Did I overstep?” Hunter asked. He watched you carefully, concern written all over his face.
“No, no I loved that Hunter,” you reached your hand out and grabbed his. You gave him a reassuring squeeze. “I’m just trying to process. Weren’t we just fighting?” You looked back up at him. He looked up, trying to recall the events. “Right, and then you were crying-“
“And now we’re kissing.” You laughed and shook your head. “That really escalated huh?” You looked back up to him as you spoke. Hunter was smiling, he looked genuinely happy.
You ran your hand through your hair, your braid now very much messed up. You began to undo it. Hunters smile faded and his eyebrows knitted together.
“What is it?” You asked.
“You won’t leave, right?” He asked, the brooding expression you were all too familiar with was set back onto his face.
“Oh.” Right, I was going to leave. You felt your heart squeeze. “No, I don’t think I will.” You said after thinking. Hunter sighed in relief. “Good.” He approached you again, wrapping his arms around your waist. “I wouldn’t let you anyways.” You raised your eyebrows at him. “Oh, you wouldn’t let me?” Like he could stop me. You kept that thought in your head.
“No.” He spoke firmly. His eyes locked with yours, and he looked determined. “I know the empire is hunting down the last of the Jedi, but we’re not exactly on good terms with them either.” You listened as he spoke.
“I don’t like the thought of you trying to survive on your own. I’ve always had my brothers, and having a squad, or a family, to rely on has gotten us all through it. I want you to rely on us, let us help you.” He put a hand on your cheek as he finished, and leaned in closer to you. He looked almost sad as he said it. You realized if he really cared about you, the thought of you leaving must hurt as much as leaving him would’ve hurt you.
You took a deep breath, then spoke. “Since I left the order, and the war, I’ve always been on my own. Having someone to rely on again has been a bit of an adjustment.” Hunter kept his eyes fixed on you, hand still on your cheek. You moved to put your hand on top of his. “I’m still learning how not to run, and I don’t want to run from you.” You squeezed his hand and looked into his eyes. “Honestly, I think I love you.”
Hunters eyes widened a bit as you said it. You smiled and you could feel yourself blushing. Now, though, you weren’t ashamed.
You saw Hunters eyes move to the door and back to you. Then you heard foot steps and Omega calling for Hunter. “I love you too.” He whispered it, and the door opened.
I know. You mouthed it, then slid off the table to stand next to him. You could practically hear him roll his eyes and you smiled.
I don’t think I could leave now. Not even if I wanted to.
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starkerscoop · a year ago
Vacant Mind (Ch. 1)
Tag List: @thatrandomsomnia @longlivestarker @geen-beems @consciencecoward @aoifelaufeyson @rebel13lion39 @katzenbaby1  @helaisthequeen @im-a-goner-foryou @hornvey @darker-soft-starker  @nerdylocksandthethreebears @canreadbutcannotwrite @carelessannie @bluestarker @briesb1tch @skimparker @idiyeet @blushing-starker-queen @buckettbarnes
Let me know if you want to be removed from the tag list, or added to it. The first three chapters of this fic are being reuploaded from my old blog, so that everyone can access them from this one. If you don’t want to be tagged for the first three chapters, but do want to be tagged for the remaining ones, let me know. 
Let the “didn’t know they were dating” fic commence... again
Peter trudged through the streets, biting back a groan whenever the bustling passerby would bump into him. He felt hot, unnaturally so, and the sweat plastering his hair to the nape of his neck did nothing to cool him down. He wondered dimly when it had gotten so warm. The snow at his feet clung to his shoes, reminding him of the chill he was meant to be feeling, but he only felt uncomfortable in his jacket.
He shrugged it off, allowing the cold air to encompass his heated body. He stuffed the jacket into his backpack as he walked, and caught sight of the Spider-Man suit nestled at the bottom of the bag. Any excitement he might have had at the prospect of patrolling was replaced by dread. He was too tired to patrol, but saving lives was a job he took seriously, and so he ducked into an alley and donned his suit.
Karen switched on the heater in his suit the moment he put it on, and Peter barely restrained his complaints. Karen was programmed to keep the heater on in temperatures below 55℉, and had been ever since Tony found out that Peter couldn’t thermoregulate. If he switched it off, Karen would notify Tony, who would then badger him until he confessed that he wasn’t feeling well.
It was a protocol that Peter had thought was sweet when it was first installed. It made him feel like Tony cared about him beyond making sure he didn’t die in battle. Now, it was a thorn in his side.
Peter could only endure the additional warmth for two hours. In that time, he stopped a robbery, helped a man find his dropped hearing aid, and returned a lost dog to its crying owner.
By the time he arrived home and pulled off the suit, his body was slick all over with sweat, and his cheeks were flushed with a deeper red than he’d ever seen. He staggered over to his shower, pushing aside the curtain and falling in. He groped around the shower blindly until his hands caught the knob, which he twisted desperately until cold water started running down his face. He grasped the wall and stumbled to his feet, swaying in place as he let the water rinse off his sweat.
His head felt faint, and as his eyes roved over the stall in search of his shampoo, his vision started filling with black spots. Peter reached for his shampoo bottle once he found it, but lost his balance and fell towards it. His head smacked into the wall, and he was out like a light.
A hand combed through his hair, gently tugging and undoing the knots in it. Peter leaned into the comforting touch, an entirely different warmth to the one he’d been suffering from earlier filling his chest. The hand paused its ministrations, but didn’t pull away.
“Are you waking up?” a hushed voice murmured by his ear.
Peter struggled to open his eyes. His eyelids felt heavy, refusing to do anything other than twitch, and so he stared into darkness as the hand in his hair resumed its motion. He relaxed into the bed, giving up for the moment. He let himself drift in the darkness, the hand on his head his only tether to reality.
“It’s alright,” the same voice sighed fondly. “You do like your beauty sleep. Don’t worry, Pete. I’ll still be here when you wake up.”
Peter let himself slip away further at the assurance. He felt safe in the presence of that voice, warm and loving as it was.
The darkness wasn’t all that frightening now.
The steady beeping of the machine at Peter’s side roused him from his sleep. He shuffled in place a little as he craned his neck to the left, where he was met with a heart monitor that sounded in time with his heart. He swallowed thickly, wondering how he’d landed himself in the Med-Bay again.
“How are you feeling?”
Peter jumped in surprise, his head swivelling to the other side, where Tony was perched on a chair and watching him earnestly.
“I’m okay,” Peter took a moment to survey himself. “I have a small headache, but other than that, I’m fine.”
“Good,” Tony said, before his expression hardened. “Now, what were you thinking when you decided to patrol with a fever of 104 degrees?”
Peter groaned. “I didn’t think it was that bad.”
“You fell and hit your head in the shower,” Tony stressed. “What if you’d fallen while swinging? I doubt you’d have gotten away with only a headache if you fell thirty stories.”
Peter’s lips turned downward when he noticed the fear hidden behind the anger in Tony’s expression. “I’m sorry for scaring you.”
Tony didn’t deny his fear, though he didn’t acknowledge it, either. “I’ll be adding more protocols to your suit. This isn’t happening again.”
Peter didn’t argue.
Tony’s shoulders lost some of their tension. “Are you hungry? I had someone restock the Jell-O.”
“Do you have red?” Peter’s face lit up.
Tony reached into the pockets of his slacks and brought out two cups of red Jell-O. He handed both to Peter, before setting a plastic spoon on top of them. Peter thanked him before peeling off the wrapper on one of the cups, and dunking his spoon into it. He scooped out a spoonful of the strawberry jelly and stuffed it into his mouth, paying no mind to the thin trail of it that trickled down his chin.
Tony swiped his thumb along Peter’s chin, clearing it of the jelly before sucking it into his own mouth. Peter dropped his spoon into his cup, watching with wide eyes until Tony pulled his thumb out of his mouth and cleaned it with a napkin.
“I’ll get someone to check you out and see if you can be discharged,” Tony patted his thigh as he stood. “Stay put, sweetheart.”
Peter’s jelly lay forgotten once Tony left. He had called him sweetheart. Just yesterday, Peter was trying to get him to drop the ‘kid’ moniker, and now he’d been upgraded to ‘sweetheart’? What had changed in the span of twenty-four hours?
When Tony came back, he was followed into the room by Dr. Althea Roberts, whom Peter was more than familiar with. Dr. Roberts treated him every time he ended up in the Med-Bay, and with how often he got injured, he got to know her well. Their friendship and Dr. Roberts’ talent in the medical field made her his favorite doctor.
“Mr. Parker,” she shook her head sternly. “What you pulled yesterday could’ve gotten you killed.”
“Yesterday?” Peter’s brows knitted together.
“You woke up a few times, but for the most part, you slept for a day,” Tony explained, taking a few steps back towards the door. “I’ll give you your privacy.”
Tony was leaving the room before Peter could tell him that he didn’t mind him hearing his conversation with Dr. Roberts. Still, he appreciated the space. Tony’s worry tended to morph into nosiness, the need to know everything wrong with his friends and rectify it driving him to budge his way into places he didn’t need to be in. Peter was glad to see him working on that — it was a byproduct of his anxiety, and one that Tony himself didn’t like.
Dr. Roberts started speaking as soon as the door swung closed. “You had a high fever. When you went to shower, you hit your head and got a concussion. If your head hurts, or you’re feeling confused, that’s normal and it will stop soon. You might experience some memory loss, but it shouldn’t be anything extreme. Any memories you might have lost will come back.”
“Okay,” Peter nodded to show he understood. “How did you find me in the shower? I was alone.”
“According to Mr. Stark, a friend of yours stopped by and found you in the shower. He called Mr. Stark, who brought you here to be treated.”
Dr. Roberts asked him some preliminary questions before giving him approval for a discharge. Once she finished speaking with him, she had a nurse come in and unhook him from all of the machines surrounding his bed. The nurse brought him the spare clothes he kept in the Med-Bay for when he’d inevitably need them, and he swapped his hospital gown for them. When he finished getting dressed, he exited the room he’d been staying in, and found Tony standing in the hallway with his phone in hand.
Tony slipped his phone into his pocket. “We can go now?”
“Yes,” Peter wrung his hands shyly. “Thank you for staying with me. You didn’t have to.”
A grim look settled over Tony’s face. “I needed to make sure you were okay.”
“I am okay, if that helps,” Peter offered.
Tony wrapped an arm over his shoulders, tugging him into his side as he led him to the reception counter he’d be discharged at. Peter tried not to sink into the touch, wanting to avoid giving away how much it pleased him to be so close to Tony, but he couldn’t help curling just a little bit closer.  
“It does.”
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absurdthirst · a year ago
Hi, this is very personal,but I want to see it different than it is. Can I have Mando comforting a drunk reader/ his lover? Let's say her neighbor was not a good person and touched her in a very inappropriate way... It marked her so deeply that she is always scared when he's hugging her from behind or have a hand on her shoulders, I mean in a random way. She let it out while drunk because she can't deal with it. She was 5 years old. Thank you
**Sweetie, I am so very sorry that you had to endure something like that. No child should ever have to. I hope this brings you a bit of comfort. Trigger Warning for mentions of childhood molestation, nothing graphic. 
Tumblr media
The Past
“Mesh’la.” Mando sighs as he holds you upright. He had only been down in the covert for a few hours and you had obviously spent every moment of that drinking in the catina with Karga.
“I thought you said you would watch her.” His visor turns toward the older man, the leader of the Guild on Nevarro.
Karga puts his hands on his hips, and gives him a defensive look. “She said she could hold her liquor. I took her at her word.” He huffs and motions to the bartender droid for another found for himself. “She didn’t have much.”
“I hurt Mando.” Your words were slurred, the look on your face one of utter dejection. It immediately made him forget bickering with Karga in favor of returning you to the ship. You were going to need to sleep off the spotchka, and he was sure that unless he got you to drink some water, your head was going to be ringing like beskar bells in the morning.
“Alright, let’s go.” Had it been anyone but you, he would have let them walk the staggered, stumbling pace of the drunk. Or slung them over his shoulder to carry like a sac. Since it was you, he bent down and hooked a hand behind your knees while the other was behind your back, scooping you up into his arms with a small sigh. “Back to the ship. Karga.” He nods towards the older man, ignoring his grin as he carries you out of the cantina.
“I hate him.” Your words are mumbled against his pauldron, making him grin under his helmet.
“He didn’t force you to drink, Mesh’la.” There was a hint of a chuckle in his modulated voice as he teased you.
“Not him.” You waved the arm that was curled around the back of his neck behind you, back towards the cantina. “My neighbor.”
Mando is quiet, waiting for you to explain. You didn’t have a neighbor. Your home was on the Crest, with him. Just like it had been since he had picked you up on Ravin 4 more than two years earlier.
“He did things.” You shudder, fear creeping into your voice. “Touched me.”
“Who?” The grin that was hidden was now a fierce scowl, his breathing picking up at the thought of someone mistreating you. He was already thinking of plotting a course back to Ravin 4 and tracking down whoever had lived next to you.
You ignore his question. “He shouldn’t have done that.” You lift your head and stare at Mando’s visor, turning towards you. “I was just five. Why would he do that?”
His modulator couldn’t cover the ragged breath he drew. His hands curled around you, clutching you even tighter to him. He had always suspected there was something in your past. There was just a certain look in your eyes sometimes that spoke of a deep pain. He had never pried, always leaving it up to you to talk about it if you wanted to. Apparently it took half a gallon of spotchka to get to that point, but he was going to listen to every word you wanted to say.
“He was always around.” Your head lulls back for a moment before you swing it forward again. “I was terrified of him putting his hands on my shoulder. And he would just….hug me all the time. I hated it!”
His heart is breaking for the little girl that you were. No child should ever have to worry about abuse at all, let alone something as gut churning as what you were talking about. He grits his teeth. If he had known about this sooner, he would have tracked the son of a bitch down and made his death extremely slow. Still might, if the nerf herder is still sucking in oxygen.
“I don’t hate when you touch me though.” You cling to him a little tighter, as if you were sudden afraid that your confession might affect him coming near you. You were lovers, had been for more than a year. He knew that you didn’t fear him, never once had you shrank away from him or made him feel like you just endured his touch.
“I know you don’t, cyar’ika.” He sighs in relief as the Crest draws closer. He wants to get you onto the ship so he can talk to you face to face.
When the hatch closes, locking you both into the ship, he sets you down on the cot you share and kneels in front of you. Slipping off his helmet so you can see the sincerity in his eyes. Your own expression is worried, like you might have said something wrong, mixed with that haunting distress that he now knew the cause of.
“Mesh’la. Look at me please.” It had taken some time for you to get used to the idea that you could see his face. That by creed as a member of his clan you were privy to know him beyond the cool beskar facade he showed the galaxy. You still would glance away at times out of habit, but you were now only looking away when you were embarrassed.
When your eyes meet his, he reaches for you. Having already stripped off his gloves, he laces his fingers with yours. “You dealt with something you never should have had to. I’m proud of you, cyar’ika.” Love shines out of his eyes as he speaks. “You are a strong woman, and brave. And I am so proud to call you mine.”
You give him a teary smile as he lifts your hand and presses his lips to your knuckles. He lets you go, but only to bring you a cup of water to drink while he strips his beskar and boots. When he’s done, he tugs off your boots and the blaster you wore on your hip before stripping your pants off, just how you like to sleep.
You scoot back in the bunk as he crawls in, laying on his back and pulling you against his chest. His large hand slides up your shirt to stroke your back soothingly. You were emotionally wrought and mixed with the liquor, you were quickly falling asleep.
“One more thing, mesh’la.” HIf voice is quiet.
“Hmm?” You are half asleep, knowing you are safe in his arms.  
“What’s his name?” Your eyes pop open as your head twists up to look at his face.The hard set of his jaw and the frown told you he wasn’t happy.
“W-why?” You ask, even though you know the answer.
“Just because you survived it doesn’t mean I’m not going to kill him.”
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jay-and-dean · a year ago
Sweat and Dirt and Cum
Tumblr media
Demon Dean x Reader
Summary : Calling Demon Dean because you miss Dean... Bad bad idea.
Warnings : SMUT (yeah you read the title), like kinda dark (it’s Deanmon !), hair pulling, Dom!Deanmon, total marking kink, mh... blood ? A hint of dirty talk and anal play ? I think that’s it. Swearing of f*cking course.
Note :  This is my part of @holylulusworld​‘s 11k Celebration. I know it’s a big drabble... I promised you a round 3 Lulu... I wasn’t kidding. Congratulation again.
Also this is my first Demon Dean fic.
Wordcount : 1.2k
Tugging at the too short dress of your angel costume, you shiver. The night is cold and, out here on that parking lot, you can barely hear the loud music playing inside of the bar so no one would hear you call.
“That was a bad idea” you mutter to yourself, licking the liquor on your lips and looking in the dark surrounding you in a mix of fear and excitement. “Bad… bad idea.”
It was the worst idea indeed.
You Miss Dean painfully, yes… But he is not himself anymore, he is not your boyfriend. He is the monster he always fought now. And he proved it when he abandoned you, like Sammy, with that stupid note : “Let me go.”
“An angel, Y/n… Really ?” a voice makes you jump and your phone falls on the floor in a cracking sound that makes you hiss.
Then your eyes eagerly search the shadows behind the reach of the pallid street light above your head. Your body is shaking and a cold drop of sweat is running down your spine.
Dean is dangerous, a trained killer with torture skills. You never really thought of it when he was human, because he was a good man, but now, he’s a knight of Hell. And you texted him your location…
“Where are you ?” you ask shakily, not knowing in which direction to talk.
A shadow moves, black on black, and his silhouette tears itself away from the dark, entering the street light.
Your body shivers, your stomach is hurting with terror, but every cell of your body is screaming for him. Your love, your obsession, everything you have been missing for the pass months.
“You didn’t invite me to your little Halloween party… Angel” he smirks with an expression on his perfect face that you never knew before.
“Why would I ?” you say, trying to swallow the tears in your trembling voice. “You left.”
“So why did you call ?” his eyes turn black.
That’s when you notice the blood on his sleeves, the blood on his shoes, fresh… Everywhere.
“Oh God…” you let out a terrified sob. “What were you doing…”
“Angel, why did you call ?” he insists, taking a few steps closer that look totally threatening.
“I don’t know” you cry, honest. “I was at that party and drank a little and…”
Now standing in front of you, he lets his hands gently go up your naked arms, and touch, with the tip of his bloody fingers, the feathers of the white wings you’re carrying in your back. You sigh at his touch, tears still rolling down your face.
You missed him so much, and you need him like crazy, so you lean on his caress, ignoring the pitch black monstrosity in his eyes.
But all of sudden, his hand fists your hair brutally, making your head go back in a pained gasp.
“Why. Did. You. Call” he groans, closer to your ear.
“I…” you sob with no more tears, but his strong arm tugs even harder at your hair, so much that it hurts your neck. “I MISS YOU !” you finally let out in a desperate scream.
“Oh I miss you too Angel” he chuckles darkly, his tongue darting out to lick at your neck. “Put your little hand on my cock and feel how much” you don’t really move. “Hand on my cock, now.”
Not able to look down because of how hard he’s holding your hair, you let your hesitant hand grab his crotch, and feel liquid fill your panties.
“On my cock, Angel, not on my jeans” he groans, biting your pulse point hard with his perfect sharp teeth.
You cry out, tugging at your own hair to get free of his cruel grip, but he won’t let go.
“Dean…” you whimper, torn, scared and needy. “Stop those games, take me please… I miss us…”
A dreadful laugh comes out of his chest.
“How fucking desperate” he mocks you, his other hand playfully spreading blood on your cleavage.
You open his belt with trembling hands, push the zipper down and slip inside of his pants, finding no underwear, only his hard cock pushing at the rough fabric of his jeans.
“Dean…” you moan, your walls clenching around nothing, again and again, begging for him.
“Make me want it, Angel” he smirks, forcing your mouth open with his bloody hand to lick inside it.
You start pumping his length, moaning at the feeling of his veins and silky skin, going down to his balls occasionally. He groans in your neck sucking a hickey somewhere it can’t be hidden.
“More” he orders as he crushes you against the cold and soot darken wall behind you.
Your neck still slightly angled back, you close your eyes, trying to ignore the blood on him and the pain in your scalp, to focus on the smell of Dean, his skin, and everything you ever loved. Your other hand joins the one working to focus on the head of his twitching cock.
“Fuck yes” he moans. “You want me that bad, you’re pathetic.”
When he lets go of your hair, you gasp in relief, the burning feeling wetting your eyes.
He turns you, crushing your face on the tiles, and once again your inner walls throb in anticipation. His hand roughly cups your sex.
“I feel you fucking clench through your panties !” his bloody fingers start rubbing from your entrance to your clit harshly, sending your craving body close to the edge already. You can feel his nails scratch the wet fabric against your swollen clit and you know you’re soaking his hand.
“Please…” you whine, panting with your face against the dirty wall.
A cold feeling on your butt makes you look back and you jump in sudden fear. The First Blade.
“Sh… I won’t kill you, Angel” he lets out with a vicious chuckle. “I want you alive…” the blade cuts your panties easily, and they fall at your ankles. “I want you to walk back in that Halloween shit” his fingers come back to your folds, spreading your wetness from your aching clit to your asshole. “And I want you to walk funny when you look for my brother” his fingers tease your entrance and you try not to think of who’s blood it is on it. “Your pretty wings and dress all bloody, skin bruised and covered in hickeys” he moves to tease your other hole, making it pulsate under his expert fingers. “All filthy with sweat and dirt and cum.”
With that, and without any other warning, he bends you more and pushes his so desired cock inside of you in a sharp and brutal thrust that makes you cry out loudly.
“W-wait…” you gasp, needing a second to adjust. “D-dean.”
His face comes closer to yours, eyes flashing black again. Your thighs shake hard as you try to delay the orgasm already threatening to crush you.
“There is no waiting” he thrusts again so hard your body bangs on the dusty wall, a feral growl makes his chest vibrate on your back. “You take me, Angel. You take me everywhere and in every ways, then you can sit in my car, dripping on the seats while Sammy drives you home.”
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aggravatetheaxe · 11 months ago
hi I’m absolutely obsessed with your writing atm but also would you mind sharing any more info on your ocs if you have it?? I wanna know more about pris (and whatever tf happened with her and michael in the past)
YES i would love to tell you more about pris. this ask made me so happy, i cant even begin to tell you. i always worry people don't care about my ocs but they mean so much to me
she is one of my most favorite ocs of all time, it's just i've been so hyperfixated on house of wax i haven't gotten to write much about her and michael - BUT i really want to and i probably will eventually
some quick facts about pris:
priscilla catherine tate
born in 1958 (im terrible at having concrete birthdays for my ocs but maybe she's a virgo? not sure)
5'6", pear shaped (& gains weight and keeps it on after giving birth to audrey), pin-straight dark brown hair (gray when she's older) and dark gray-green eyes, long nose
american of irish and english descent
not religious; raised non denominational christian
aromantic spectrum, bisexual, but not inclined to go out and meet people; puts more weight behind blood relative connections
when she was a child, she and her parents were involved in a bus accident and subsequent fire. she was 7 at the time and was one of the only survivors
early onset depression and mental illness because of this traumatic event, which eventually led to a dissociative disorder, specifically a form of cotard's syndrome
her illness was manageable through therapy and medication but she believes she can't die because she's already dead
was fostered longterm but never formally adopted. doesn't feel a huge connection to her foster family though
has been both an inpatient and outpatient at various mental health facilities in the area for years; the mental health community of haddonfield and the surrounding area knows her pretty well by the time she's 20
nihilistic, prone to shutting down and appearing "emotionless" because of her anxiety (but that also means she can Get Shit Done when she has to), actually could be a deeply caring and wonderful friend if given the chance despite being a wet cat of a woman
showers 3-5 times a day because she fears her body decaying, so some obsessive compulsive tendencies. if she can't shower when she wants her neuroses become exponentially worse, which is one of the reasons she does much better as an outpatient
has a sphinx cat named soup
doesn't have many aspirations for life, understandably, since she thinks she's dead; however, still needs to pay bills, uses her mental health community connections to get herself a job in the healthcare community, becomes an RN
bounces around from healthcare jobs to secretary work to cleaning jobs, etc etc
hobbies include: puzzles (esp word puzzles), board games, miniature model enthusiast but no talent for it, absolutely adores just sitting back and listening to some old country (her FAVORITE) or 40s-50s music
now when it comes to michael, it would all depend on what timeline we're talking about. and for the record I don't really like RZ Michael so this would all be OG
if we're talking Carpenter's reboot (Halloween 1978 -> Halloween 2018):
michael and pris knew each other in passing from some mental health programs when they were younger, when loomis was still Trying with michael. basically a classmate type of connection, so they recognized each other but didn't really know each other?
she was living in outpatient/government housing at the time of the babysitter murders
michael kind of staggered to her govt housing neighborhood after being shot by loomis. michael's a creature of instinct so his first is survive -> prey
wound up staying with her because 1. she didn't call the cops on him 2. she's dead, there's nothing behind her eyes; she wouldn't be interesting to kill. we see time and time again that michael doesn't kill someone unless he's interested in them/likes how they are and wants to see them die or if they are in his way and she was neither. there's nothing exciting or interesting about killing something that doesn't care about dying
life finds a way! audrey was conceived ~3 months in
they lived together for a full year without being detected. but michael likes halloween, so while pris was at the hospital giving birth (on halloween!!!) he snuck out and decided to kill some more people (fun)
he was caught this time, as the whole town was on guard
pris was thoroughly inconvenienced by this, and also a bit sad because he had been her companion and she had gotten used to him. anxious as hell because now she's a single mom (thankfully she's very experienced with navigating government programs and was able to help herself pretty well)
managed to finagle weekly or monthly visitation with michael by going over loomis's head; this became much easier after loomis died, and they got even more privileges. knows sartain very well at that point
because of this, michael never forgot who she was. she has a connection with him
they just seem sort of drawn to each other, almost supernaturally. it's like she provides some weird equilibrium...and she doesn't ask anything of him, doesn't want anything from him. he's just in her life now
michael's parents don't speak to her and audrey (and eventually they die)
she and michael are never technically married but she considers him her partner, probably the closest thing she will have (or would ever want, she's quite aro) to a husband; she refers to him in that way often
people who know about her and michael think she's fucking insane. how the hell did she even survive that? most people don't know, though, and audrey takes her last name. it would be very hard to be a myers in haddonfield
she and laurie do know each other. she has nothing in particular against laurie but she did need to get a restraining order against her. it's unfortunate that laurie hates her because i think they'd be friends in another life
she doesn't have anything against people especially and doesn't particularly want michael to murder folks, but she's smart enough to know she can't stop him
when it comes to other timelines, such as the thorn timeline... when the curse gets involved, i figure she has to have some supernatural connection to it, but i'm not a huge fan of the thorn timeline, so i haven't smoothed that out!
@waxhouse and I have a fun crack type au where all the slashers live in the same neighborhood and there pris is:
best friends with amanda, jason voorhees's wife
audrey's mom obviously
part of amanda's book club but she never reads the books and it drives amanda insane
gets her weed from bubba sawyer
bo sinclair's object of lust and fear (she hates him and his vibes)
on good terms with freddy and pinhead (she and the Girls go to brunch with pinhead all the time)
always the designated driver (she hates driving tho and avoids it)
that one friend that you're sure hates you but actually has deep deep affections for you, they're just quiet
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hinatas-sunshine · a year ago
Babysitter Y/N
Izuku & Bakugo, Kirishima & Kaminari
Synopsis: Y/N has to take care of two best friends after a Villian turned them back into babies
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Deku & Bakugo:
• When you woke up to tiny hands hitting your face and another whiny voice you were about ready to throw some hands
• You opened your eyes to see a rather scared Todoroki holding a mini looking version of Deku and a mini looking Version of Bakugo sitting on your chest
“Who the heck are they?”
“Bakugo and Midoriya.”
• If you weren’t awake then, you were now ✨
• You noticed Midoriya’s red face and Bakugo’s little angry one
• You laughed and pinched Bakugo’s cheeks before he growled at you - so you said “fuck dem kids” and pushed him off of you 😎
• You felt your heart squeeze as he reached out for you and Todoroki stepped back a little
“Todo I want Midoriya please little demon back there I’ll probably ‘lose’ at the store.”
“Shut it twerp.”
• Bakugo pouted as he poked his head out from under the blanket
• You pulled him into a tight hug to your chest while he pounded on you to let him go
• Todoroki checked his phone before sighing
“I gotta go... behave.”
• He looked at Midoriya who nodded and pinky promised him.
• His reddened cheeks didn’t get past you as he walked out
• You held your arms out to Midoriya and he shyly started going to your arms before Bakugo shoved him off the bed
• He snickered as Midoriya stood up with tears in his eyes
“This must be so nostalgic..”
• You took both of the boys to the kitchen - Holding Deku’s hand as you walked down the stairs slowly so he wouldn’t fall, and Bakugo over your shoulder while he was hitting your back
“Let me down you extra!”
“I don’t wanna hear it from someone who hasn’t hit puberty yet!”
“What did you say?! I’ll toast you right now!”
• You set the tiny boy on the counter along with Deku who swang his tiny feet
“Kacchan we don’t develop our quirks until we’re at age - and we aren’t..”
“Shut up Deku!”
• you put your hands on your hips and stared at the two boys in front of you, deku nervously sitting there with his head down and Bakugo glaring at you
“Bakugo if you don’t behave I’ll leave you to be taken care of by Eri and she’ll make you have a tea party with her!”
• The boy automatically shut up and growled looking to the side
“Kacchan did you just growl-“
“Shut up deku!”
• You sighed and made them a quick lunch for them to enjoy
“Wow! This is so pretty thank you y/n!”
• Deku’s eyes had stars as you set his and Bakugo’s food in front of them
“Thanks! I watch this mom on tiktok a lot!”
• They both ate the food and while Deku fell asleep half way through his noodles And Bakugo’s head was becoming heavier for him to hold up
• You took them back to your room to nap before heading back down to clean up the kitchen
• You saw a now full grown Bakugo and Midoriya laying together, you snickered and took a picture before sitting at your desk to do homework
• That’s the last thing he’d do 🙂
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Denki & Kirishima:
• Your morning was so peaceful - if only you could have mornings like this all the time 🥺
• that was cut off by Iida bursting on
• A small looking Kirishima and Denki came running in after him only for them to stop before you and smile
“Who are you two cuties?”
• You froze for a second, damn it you called them cuties...
• You stood up before looking at Iida
“How did this happen?! I swear Iida maybe I’m dumb enough to fall for cockroaches being able to teleport but not this!”
“What? Cockroaches tele- NEVERMIND I-I don’t know! Just please! They’ll be back in a few minutes is what Aizawa told me but please I don’t know how to take care of children!”
“Don’t worry! Leave it up to me!”
• You nodded and smiled before hearing a small crash
• You turned around to see Kirishima looking at a broken vase and Denki looking down standing on the table
“You tiny monsters! Get down from there Denki! Kirishima don’t touch the glass! Iida pick that up!”
• both of the tiny boys ran away screaming something about a scary lady, while you grabbed the two by there shirts and sat them down
“You two are going to BEHAVE. We can play but no fighting or breaking anything!”
• *imagine baby them with the Gif above omg*
“Yes ma’am...”
“Don’t call me ma’am... it makes me feel old...”
• Denki took a nap on your lap while you watched cartoons with Kirishima
“Thank you y/n.”
• You looked at Kirishima, who’s tiny hands held your face with a smile
“For dealing with us.”
• You smiled and nodded while he hugged you
• Denki cuddling close in your lap you smacked his forehead
“I know you’re awake now! If you don’t behave I’ll send you to m*neta’s room!”
“No! No please!”
• now as you walked with both of them in your arms Denki yelled of fear in your ear making you drop him
“You.... you’ll be back in a few minutes don’t think I won’t crush you..”
• As he stuck his tongue out at you Kirishima yelled:
“That’s not manly! Y/n as your night and shining armor I’ll protect you!”
• You threw your face into your hands as Denki screamed like a mad man and Kirishima chased him.
“You unholy pikachu!”
“I don’t wanna hear it clown baby!”
“What did you call me?”
“You heard me Elmo!”
“Okay dumb face!”
“Okay Clifford!”
“Okay bruised banana!”
“Bruised? I’m not bru- OW!”
• You raised an eyebrow at the weird names the boys gave each other until you heard another crash
• You scrambled up seeing Denki and Kirishima full grown and throwing hands
“Hey! Knock it off you two!”
• throwing one down the hall and the other against a wall dusting your hands they both sighed laying on the floor
“She’s like a mad woman...”
“I know right?...”
• You definitely has both of them by the ear sitting them on the couch
“You two are back to normal and still act like babies.”
“We’re sorry y/n...”
“To be fair you were a bad babysitter. I was never fed.”
“You know where everything is Denki!”
“I couldn’t reach the ramen at the top shelf! I’m starving now!”
• Yeah you had listen to Denki complain about not being fed and how he has a bruise now
“Bruised banana.”
“Kirishima it HURT-“
Tumblr media
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