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#im sure you can tell im joking

wwx has the energy of someone who orders a $15 drink with a three page list of customisations and extras and then spends half an hour photographing it for his instagram, but he also has the energy of someone who comes in and orders a single shot of espresso and skulls it at the counter and then immediately leaves and i think that’s really sexy of him.

#mdzs#modao zushi#wei wuxian#cql#the untamed#an au where lwj is the poor barista who has to make his drinks#and wwx is the guy who vacillates between those two orders seemingly randomly#all of his coworkers are desperately trying to see if there's a pattern to wwx's drink orders#jokes on them wwx decides based on the vibes of the day#(oh!! lwj being the only person who can understand the vibes of the day and wwx will come in sometimes to see his drink already ready)#but like you gotta have at least three months of lwj hating wwx's fucking guts for all his stupid drinks#lxc is like im sure he's not that bad and lwj is like no. he is. he is the one and only reason we ran out of mint syrup#it doesnt help that wwx keeps smiling at him and telling him jokes and lwj is Feeling Things#he nearly drops wwx's drink once bc wwx laughed and it was game over for lwj#he is now pining#wwx is pining too but he's not really aware of it#he's like yeah lwj is v attractive but my heart beats faster at the sight of him bc i associate him with coffee#HHHHHHHH LWJ DECIDING TO ROMANCE WWX WITH COFFEE PUNS#wwx learning coffee terms to flirt back but he learns the wrong ones#he's out there like damn lan zhan you screw in that portafilter so well i wonder what else you can screw well#and lwj is dying inside but also wwx knows what a portafilter is??#wwx coming in absolutely exhausted and going on a rant about how adding chocolate to the top of cappuccinos is the work of the devil#bc he always ends up inhaling and then choking on the chocolate and thats very rude of them#lwj glaring at the chocolate shaker thing for the rest of the day#swedrtyu just coffee shop au#where wwx is the customer from hell but the angel of lwj's heart
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Bro u come into a family who has trauma with the last “father” and instead of being understanding that they don’t want you, you.. Act just like that abuser? And yell “fuck you” at them on month 2? 🙈 okay

#my moms boyfriend just hit a new low today and is yelling at me#saying he knows how to be a good dad (hes never been a dad before) while cussing me out and saying he keeps our family afloat...#bruh yr a leech. a glorified splenda baby!!! know your place#i made him cry a lil but then he went right back into yelling#rolls my eyes#now hes inviting his friend to bring over liquor so they can get even more drunk#every night they drink and fight#oh he said theyre day drinking all day tomorrow too. even though they have work <3#he keeps telling mom she needs to side with him and shes like... no.#she was just insulting me before that but a good thing about my mom is that even though shes toxic she for the most part is on our side+#against other ppl#i mean she's not gonna break up with him or anything so.#but now that im an adult i can make sure he gets no authority#hes complaining that we dont respect him... bro youve been here 3 months youre not our dad yr barely older than me#ofc i dont respect you!! lmao#i love when people try to guilt me idc!!! im done being selfless. i have a little sister to take care of im being rude as fuck#i !! dont!! give!! a!!! shit!!!!!#anyway yeah im oversharing tonight but guess what i still dont care!! yall follow me!! thats your fault#that one was a joke lmao everyone on here is actually so nice <3#im just riled up ugh#i have so much pent up anger from over the years#and yeah compared to other people i live a blessed life but idc im not settling for not the worst#im having high standards and thats other peoples problem 😤#xoxo
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