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#im sure you can tell im joking

hmm not sure how to convey this right but if youre feeling any sort of sympathy or pity for trump or trump supporters unfollow me

#im gonna explain this more here but like, #theres a post going around right now thats trying to rationalize??? ig ?? all the trump supporters voting for him again?, #and its the dumbest shit. like i consider myself a pretty open minded person who usually is able to care abt ppl but like, #i cant find the post again but its basically like 'oh trump supporters are only voting for him again bc they feel so HATED', #'theyre voting for him bc he tells them he loves them and they need that validation and theyre stuck in a CON and cant get out oh NO', #and 1. there is so much fucking wrong with that and like if op came out and said they either used to support trump or, #are very close with someone who does support trump. i would not be surprised even a bit bc that is the most rancid take i have ever seen, #2. they are saying that like. so many ppl havent been congratulated or celebrated on socmed for even just saying they switched. i have seen, #that man who is obviously making a fatphobic joke abt how much he 'improved' bc he supports biden now and the main difference is that, #hes fat in the first one but whatever. i have seen him at least 7 times on my dash this week. and its bc ppl LOVE to hear that, #there are so many other examples of someone posting their sob story abt how they supported trump and now dont and getting praised im p sure, #there is like a subreddit or like 5 straight threads dedicated to it at least. and its like. this is the bare minimum. is caring for ppl, #trump and his supporters and family are not victims. they are not 'trapped' they are not 'lost' they know exactly what they are fucking doin, #whether they know it on the most intense horribly malicious level or on the most well meaning one. they know what theyre doing, #theyre being ignorant. theyre not caring about anyone but themselves. they see tragedy after tragedy. horror after horror and they, #do. not. care., #they dont! bc at the end of the day when they see that. they dont believe it. they dont care bc its not Them., #yeah they feel hated. and u kno what? its bc they fucking are. and they can pretend they dont know why all they want. but its bc guess what!, #they deserve it., #i feel no sympathy for these people. i feel no sadness for them. i feel no pity. i feel anger only. and you should too., #you want to feel sympathy? you want to feel sadness? you want to spread the love in your fucking heart thats part of all ppl?, #care about the ppl they hurt. care about the ppl fighting for their fucking lives right now. i cannot imagine where your brain has to be, #to see these ppl get repeatedly hurt and screwed and shot down by their govnt and fellow citizens and then think, #'huh. man i feel bad for the ppl trying to keep them down', #i could explain this more but i have shit to do and also would probably hit the tag limit. so u get the point, #if i see the above mentioned post on my dash i will block you myself i literally do not care at this point i have thought too much abt this, #politics, #v.txt, #and before anyone even tries to @ me i will say i know abt the being nice to ppl looking to leave a cult thing and this is NOT THAT AT ALL
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