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#im tired <3
razzberryfunhouse · 23 days ago
helmut "he fucked that old man" fullbear
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yeocult · a year ago
fuck it. some ateez jokes shouldn’t be used and here’s why since y’all normalized them so much and it’s getting a weird in here
calling mingi dumb. can we??? stop?? discrediting?? him??? he was in advanced math, writes his own lyrics, learned a dance (bwl) perfectly in 6 hours, freestyle rap for his evaluation and did better than other trainees, learning japanese and cmon???? but aside from all that, calling him dumb continuously is just straight up disrespectful...know your place as a fan. y’all label him as the dumb one like it’s his whole personality but he’s so much more than that???? everyone repeat after me, MINGI BIG BRAIN!
seonghwa wanting to be called “oppa” is nothing wrong but some of y’all are getting weird with this...”seonghwa has an oppa kink”...does not sit right with me. first of all, how is this a kink??? some ppl said the reason why they’re afraid of meeting seonghwa was because he wanted to be called oppa?? even if it’s a joke, can we please not sexualize the word?? korean speaking fans has stated that they felt uncomfortable when y’all make jokes about this. i bet ppl who joke about this are the same type of people to beg for korean speaking atinys to translate sutff for them smh. it’s literally an honorific. it’s their language. respect it.
san/wooyoung are more than woosan!! i don’t care if you ship woosan, but it’s a problem when you reduce them to a ship and see nothing out of that. it’s an issue when you romanticized their friendship to your delulu fantasies. it’s an issue when you call them jealous for being around other members. it’s a fucking issue when that’s you see in san/wooyoung. they are great performers and are amazing vocalists and they also have a very close friendship. don’t be weird about it. know your place as a fan.
“i cant englishi” shut the Fuck up. i’m absolutely SICK of this one. it’s hella disrespectful?? y’all reduce mingi to one phrase he said not even a year ago. you think making fun of someone’s english, especially if it’s not their first language, is funny? english is not my first language either, do you understand how hard it is to learn a new language??? don’t mock people’s accents. you guys make fun of his english but then ask them to speak english?? plus, he stated that pd said to him he’d need to make it “more fun” because everyone completed their mission (in australia) too successfully. he said even though he’s not good at english, that phrase was said for the content. so pack it up! get a new humour! he’s tired, i’m tired, we’re all tired. y’all say that phrase like it’s mingi’s whole personality and No he’s so much more than that?? referring back to my first point. what about his rapping?? his dancing?? him writing lyrics for ateez?? him producing his songs (that played in the back of minkiway). y’all only seem to make fun his english huh? making fun of someone’s pronunciation or accents doesn’t sit right with me. pack!! it!! up!!!
stop saying san’s dancing looks like he’s having a seizure, it’s ableist. acknowledge that this joke is extremely harmful and change your views on it. i promise it’s not that hard to not make an ableist joke. he’s an incredible dancer who’s improved so much throughout the year. he’s 4th gen best performer and you can argue to the wall with that. he shows so much emotions through his facial expression. he always puts his all when he’s on stage.
it’s okay if you’ve used these jokes in the past, acknowledge why they are harmful and refrain from using them.
so in conclusion; no more of these jokes, society has moved past the need for these type of jokes a long time ago
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dilf-uc · 8 days ago
naur cuz i have three holes luv, why aren’t they plugged up like wall maria ???
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fagrian · 3 months ago
anyways im not rly gonna be touching up on the whole shipping fiasco anymore i have work and then i'll probably write abt my favourite traumatized trans bisexual bastard (pirate flavour) or ae domesticity idk yet
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gogys · 5 months ago
im excited to announce that i have decided that i no longer have anxiety <3
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callizinc · 19 days ago
"inktober" this and "goretober" that. where's the representation for the girls who do fucking nothing
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randomwords247 · 12 days ago
Growing very tired of people going ‘Why does TOH not fit the Disney Brand but Marcy getting Stabbed does??’
Do people not remember how True Colours got delayed less than a day before its premiere? How it got leaked? How it was delayed with no release date in sight? How Matt from what I recall hearing had to fight to keep it without any scenes taken out?
No, Marcy getting stabbed doesn’t fit the “Disney Brand”, and Amphibia has constantly suffered from bad promotion, delays, leaks, all kinds from Disney.
Stop pitting these shows against each other and going ‘why does Amphibia get it when TOH doesn’t’ - Both shows have been treated like trash. Does nobody remember??? It’s Disney who we should be hating for this.
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kingtamakimurder · 3 months ago
breeding hc’s {karasuno}
characters included: s. daichi, k. sugawara, k. tsukishima, k. ukai, s. hinata, t. kageyama
part 2 of 5 | next ↬ nekoma/fukurodani !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↠ this man has one of the biggest breeding kinks, this isn’t up for debate
↠ he can’t help but love the possessiveness of it all, the way you squeeze around him so tight while he mumbles over and over about how much he wants to fill you up
↠ “fuck princess, you’re clenching around me so hard..makes me wanna give that pretty pussy what it deserves.”
↠ “yeah, you want me to cum inside you baby? how bad do you want it?”
↠ he can’t really make out your desperate response, but he could tell how much his words are affecting you by the way your back begins to arch paired with your eyes rolling to the back of your head
↠ the thought of getting you pregnant turns him on much more than he’d like to admit to you, why wouldn’t he want to put his claim over you in the most primal way possible?
↠ daichi can’t stop himself from pounding into you harder, reaching impossibly deeper as he presses your legs against your chest 
↠ “i can’t wait to see you all full with my cum, with our child.” 
↠ his fingers stroke at your clit before moving up to rub your tummy
↠ “right here? im gonna fuck a baby into you.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↠ suga’s breeding kink isn’t something that he’s ever mentioned to you before
↠ truthfully, it isn’t really something that he’s put much thought into in the first place
↠ it’s more of an “in the moment” thing
↠ he’s always been very rational, but all sense goes out the window once he hears your voice
↠ “god, you always sound so cute for me. begging for my cum just how i like.”
↠ he wants you to tell him how much you want it. He won’t give it to you unless he knows how desperate you are
↠ but even then, he knows that there’s no way that he could ever deny you anything
↠  so when he finally does let it all go, he doesn’t stop until you’re shaking underneath him
↠ “i’m gonna fill you up again and again until i cant anymore, you deserve it all.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↠ ukai isnt someone that i can see wanting kids
↠ sure, he coaches them but he comes home everyday knowing that he doesn’t have to take care of any
↠ the only aspect of this kink that ukai enjoys is the mess
↠ sex with him is always so passionate, he puts his everything into making you feel good
↠ he can’t help but crave the sight of his cum leaking out of your cunt, and the way it always leaves you twitching and begging for more
↠ “you always feel so good, getting me so worked up already.”
↠ after he’s through with you, he never stops there
↠ carefully placing your sore legs back down from their previous spot on his shoulders, he slowly plunges his fingers into your core
↠ he’s almost ashamed of himself by how much he gets off to your fallen tears as he scoops his cum from inside of you, hushing your soft hisses with rough kisses to your face 
↠ “c’mon baby, i want you to see how good we taste together.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↠ breeding to tsukishima is a privilege
↠ he doesn’t care how needy you get, if you don’t deserve it, he won’t give it to you
↠ he’s a huge tease, so even if you think you’ve been good, he’s still never going to make it that easy
↠ he loves it most when you work so, so hard just to prove it to him
↠ with your hands gripping the sheets beneath you, he has you on all fours, towering over you casually as you push back against him
↠ “god you’re such a slut, i didn’t think you were this desperate to get me off.”
↠ his laugh sounds so sinister coming from him, smiling so wide at the way your arms shook as they began to give out
↠ sighing deeply, he braces a hand against the headboard, other hand gripping your waist as he finally moves you on his cock himself
↠ “you’re so pathetic, making me do all the work when you promised you could make me cum yourself. i guess you’d rather have me finish on your back then, hm?”
↠ the sound of your whining in response makes him feel that much more powerful
↠ “calm down, im just kidding. i’ll make sure you take it all inside of you like a good girl.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↠ kageyama has a breeding kink, he just didn’t know it was a thing
↠ he never wants to do anything but cum inside of you. there’s no secret reason or motive to doing so, he just loves the way you look afterwards
↠ cheeks stained with tears and mouth agape in a silent moan, he loves the sight
↠ he especially looking at that same face from underneath you, hands gripping onto your hips and forcing you to take it all
↠ “i wish you could see how fucked out you look right now, its such a pretty sight.”
↠ he could feel himself inching even closer to the edge, especially with the way your nails are digging into his wrist as a weak attempt at slowing him down.
↠ he sits up, letting your legs wrap around his waist so that you’re sitting in his lap, chest against his own
↠ the heat of your bodies always felt so intimate, making the moment feel that much more special when it finally does happen
↠ soft yet hurried whispers of “i love you’s” fill your ears as he pumps you full, never letting you go as you both come down from your highs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↠ breeding for hinata isn’t about the potential risks or even the mess
↠ he simply just wants to bury himself deep inside of you, completely losing all and any sense of control
↠ he never really indulges you in this kink unless he really just needs to let off some steam
↠ seeing you in a swimsuit, all hot and sweaty under the brazilian sun is just one of many ways to get him to give you exactly what he wants
↠ so, as a result, you could usually find yourself being fucked against some lockers, hinata not having a care in the world about anyone who could just walk in
↠ “i’m sorry baby, i couldn’t wait, j-just wanna be inside you.”
↠ he thrusts into you with such urgency, so needy for his release so that he can watch the way his cum trickles down your thighs
↠ your nails dragging down his back while creaming all over him sends him right to the edge, loud and desperate groans making its way to your ears as he sets you back down
↠”now you’re gonna walk back out there and hold my cum inside of you until im done practicing, okay?”
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art--harridan · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Image descriptions under the cut :)
[Image one: The first page of a digital comic about TommyInnit. It's starts with three panels, depicting Tommy in different parts of the creation process - this being the final creation of the flag, making a batch of dye, and attaching a button - above an assortment of sewing equipment. It starts by saying "you've always loved working with textiles" and "taking the rough scraps,". Underneath is an assortment of mismatched fabrics, along with some cotton stuffing and a few buttons. The sentence continues "then making something beautiful" accompanied with a teddy head fashioned after Tom Nook, and a panel of Tommy sewing his shirt. The page ends with "with your hands and your hands alone".
Image two: The second page of a digital comic about TommyInnit. The starting sentence is "your favourite technique is batik". Below, it continues with "using a tool called a canting to pour wax on the fabric". This is alongside Tommy's hand griping a canting. Further down, it says "submerging it in dye" next to an abstract watercolour painting that resembles the flag, a vat of red dye and a piece of blue dye. Underneath, there's a picture of L'manberg, surrounded by its walls. To it's left is Tommy and Wilbur, flag hoisted above them and faces gleeful. The next sentence "and pulling away to see the white space, loving the things that slipped through the gaps". The boys are surrounded by smoke, and there's a bloodied arrow. The final line is "making martyrs of mistakes".
Image three: The third page of a digital comic about TommyInnit. It begins with the line "but lately, you grip the canting, and where once you embraced the pitfalls of your craft", which is next to Tommy holding a canting above a watercolour explosion. Then, there's a spilt bowl of wax above a flame. Underneath there's Tommy's hands splayed out before a fire. The next sentence is "your hands shake too much to be callous kindly". Below, is an ink bottle and crumpled up paper. To it's side is a single feather falling towards the sun. At the bottom, there's Tommy's tower from exile, surrounded by clouds. This line says "the story is out of your control now". Near the end it says "and Icarus' wings are melting then drying again". To the side of this there's Tommy falling into water. Finally, it says "and so wax floats on water".
Image four: The fourth page of a digital comic about TommyInnit. It begins with the sentence "perhaps there is space for creation in these hands still". Next to this, there's one of Tommy's hand, a red string connected to a needle wrapped around it. Underneath, there's a fence which has the L'manberg, Manberg and New L'manberg flag draped on it. The next line is "though now the problem lies in your canvas". And then, "where you've drawn over it with wax". This is accompanied by three panels that say "again and again and again" beneath them. The first panel has the camaravan, the second Tubbo's bloodied execution box and the third has the New L'manberg lanterns. At the bottom, there's a large crater submerged with smoke. The final line is "until there's nowhere left to go".
Image five: The five page of a digital comic about TommyInnit. There's an image of Tommy holding a L'manberg uniform, then a mirror of Tommy in his business suit. It's first sentence is "and once comforting designs are drowning". Beneath this is two panels, one centered on Tommy's green banana around his neck, the other shows Tommy drowning. Then, there's a pair of wings with the line "the wax can't keep Icarus up any longer". Under, it says "and yet, you persevere in your craft" near Tommy's fist clenched around a canting. It's across from Dream's fist, which is bloody. The line continues with "until it crumbles in your grip" and "torn and tattered by the world". The next panel shows all three of Tommy's graves. Finally, there's a panel of Tommy pulling open his mouth, which has a teeth missing. He has a black eye and blood dripping down his face. To it's side, there's Dream holding a blackened heart next to the revival book. The last sentence is " then put together by rough hands and even rougher methods".
Image six: The sixth page of a digital comic about TommyInnit. This begins with the sentence "now you are left standing at the mirror" next to three mirrors, focusing on Tommy's ribs, hand and face respectively. Beneath, it says "staring at the batik of your body". This is above his hands, covered in a red substance, accompanied by the line "dyed in colours that were once your favourite". Then, it says "that presently make you sick to your stomach;", which has Tommy pulling the red substance across his face above it. The bottom of the page has sword, with a blood splatter in the corner. Finally, this ends with "a canting is no longer a comfort" and then "sharper in another's hand".
Image seven: The seventh page of a digital comic about TommyInnit. The starting line is "and when drawn on skin wax burns". To the side of this, there's an obscured image of Tommy's face, melted wax dripping all over it and a sun in the corner. Then, there's a bloodied potato and an image of Sam with the caption "(Daedalus weeps)". To the bottom left, the page has a coffin, a closeup of Tommy's bruised eye and three daffodils. The next line is "but you wonder if, even with permanent wax this batik can be sublime once more". Below, there's a panel of Tommy holding a TNT stick, similar to a prayer candle or a microphone. Finally, the text ends with "if it ever was". In the background, there's the watercolour L'manberg flag again, but more faded this time.
Image eight: The eighth page of a digital comic about TommyInnit. Tommy's hand is open, stretching out towards black hearts, one broken with an arrow through it. To the right, there's a dead Henry above a flame. The first line is "no matter the outcome, you decide to attempt this arduous task anyway;" Next to this is Tommy, wearing a pair of shades and smiling. The final line is "your choosing the dyes now and controlling the canting". Surrounding this, there's and image of Tommy hugging friend while holding an allium. Then, there's two panels showing Tommy and Puffy at a therapy session. Tommy is distraught and crying, while Puffy is calm. Behind this, there's a note that states "help me - TommyInnit".
Image nine: The final page of a digital comic about TommyInnit. The line that accompanies this page is "you busy your hands praying that maybe this time they'll become kind in their creation and stay that way". In the top right, there's a prayer bell and a melting candle. In front of both, Tommy's hands are clasped in prayer, holding a needle on a red thread like rosary beads. On the other side, there's two panels - the first shows him crushing up a poppy for red dye, while the second shows him holding blank fabric. Below this is a canting dripping wax. Even further below, there's two hands. They're open and pulling apart coloured wax.]
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relaxxattack · a month ago
Tumblr media
okay i drew one of the outfit requests.... might do more tomorrow :]
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