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#im too tired to be saying things pls ignore me
ohajime · a day ago
hi i wanna try for ur matchup event <33
my name is qhloee its like chloe but spelled like qhloee, i use she/her and id like to be paired with a male character pls
im not rlly sure if im intro or extro im just a mix of both depending on my mood, i dont know my exact height but i think im somewhere near 5'0ft. im usually assigned as group leader in school group activities/projects and i love it. im not rlly the smartest in class but i have okay grades because i dont like studying at all but i do get serious when it comes to school i just listen to the discussion so that i dont have to study. i have a lot of friends but none im close enough to be best friends with. i think im quite carefree but not all the time i can get very serious because i like being responsible. i pull a lot of all nighters but i love sleeping i just procrastinate a lot so i feel tired almost everyday. i cry easily but i dont like being seen crying lol. I rlly like watching horror, thriller, mustery, comedy, psychological, and romance movies. im very quiet but i can get very talkative with the right person, i love cuddling and hugging. the arcade is my go to mall destination and i rlly like taking photos & videos. i often drift to sleep in the middle of the day, i love bubblegum and salted caramel flavored ice cream. my love language is acts of service, quality time, and physical touch. I dont rlly have any current hobbies but i do draw from time to time. im very straightforward sometimes and i like having things go my way so i sometimes get very bossy and serious. i wear glasses because my vision is so extremely bad and i have a resting b face but my friends say its vry different when i smile. im sometimes just sometimes sarcastic and petty depending on the situation. i like helping people with projects and assignments even if i dont get anything in return but ofcourse theres a line i dont cross. i hate getting looked down on so i get very rude but its usually mutual, im nice to people who are nice. I believe i can succeed anything that i want to, i like listening to music and im very forgetful. Even if im confident, i still need some reassurance here and there and i like peace.
i think ive written too much lol
i want a fluff scenario please,,, thank u so much writer~♡
Haikyu scenario event
Tumblr media
Word count:500
Genre:minor minor angst,fluff
Apply for the event here
Tumblr media
I match you with Kageyama.  
Yours and Kageyama’s relationship is like a push and pull between you both, but you always find stable ground in the end. With both of you having ‘straightforward,’ ‘bossy,’ persona’s it can be a handle for the people around however whenever you clash on certain things you always manage to find a compromise in the end. When you and Kageyama first met, he definitely commented you on your short height and other aspects about you. However, you definitely checked him on that and that was when he knew you were the one. He is attracted to your fiery personality, and he thinks you look extremely cute in your glasses.
Kageyama comforting you after you had a bad day,
You heard the door open and you quickly wiped your eyes and blew your nose to hide your tears that you were just having.
“Hey tobio,” you say forcing a smile.
“You’ve been crying,” he says, ignoring your greeting.
“No, I haven’t” you say sniffling again.
Kageyama leaves your room shutting your door, leaving you dumbfounded. You were a bit shocked but didn’t pay much mind to it since you were still upset from your bad day before. You spend the new few hours with Kageyama gone, so you decided to watch a repeat of one of your favourite thriller movies. On one of the scariest parts, Kageyama enters the house at the exact same time making you jump. “Gosh Tobio, you scared me.”
“’Sorry Qhloee” He said putting a bag on the side and taking out his contents “This is for you.” He handed you your favourite brands of salted caramel and bubble gum ice cream, to which you happily took.
“Whats the occasion Tobi?” you asks with a smile on your face, digging into the ice cream.
“Your sad.” he said simply “And when you sad, I need to make you happy so... ice cream?  
You laughed at his awkwardness but heated up at the kind gesture. From your lack of response Kageyama looked panicked and said “Did I get the wrong flavour? Do you need me to get a new one?”
“No Tobio, it’s all perfect.” You scoot over and pat the seat besides you “Now come sit down and watch this movie with me.”
“Is it a thriller movie?” he asks scowling at your nod “But I hate – fine then.” he sits on the couch and digs into the ice cream you gave him.
You guys end the movie with Tobio’s head in your lap, as you stroke through his hair explaining about your terrible day. Kageyama was a great listener he always knew when to chime in with his thoughts and opinoins and when to let you continue to speak. Before you went to bed you say “Tobio, you know we already have the ice cream in the freezer right?” to which Kageyama facepalms.
Tumblr media
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angelhummel · a day ago
the thing i don't get is when people hate on kurt for those moments but then also hate on saint kurt?? like they have a problem w him having flaws but also a problem w him being too good so it's like what do you even want lmfao like so many people hated him slutshaming rachel and it's like okay so what do you want in a character at that point he wasn't right but the point is for him to sometimes be wrong lol (also flaws make characters way more interesting to watch on tv we would get so tired of a bunch of perfect ppl who always say/do the right thing bc it's,, boring and not even realistic)
goddd s4 kurt is so complicated for me lmao. like i hate him slutshaming but also the only thing he had to do in s4 was make rachel cookies and give her makeovers so... him being a little antagonistic once or twice is at least something new (:
but yes you cannot think kurt is flawless but you also cannot acknowledge his flaws without admitting he’s the wORST 
no but for real the people like that just ignore his actual character in favor of the made up traits they project onto him. all those old anti kurt glee confessions about how his only personality traits are being gay and having a dead mom. or how he’s so high and mighty and selfish and i just. pls share with me what show you watched cause it wasnt glee lol
and my anon from the other day talking about im a hypocrite for not badmouthing kurt like i do other characters. like he doesnt get enough bad mouthing in general xD but like. ive pointed out all his bad moments before. his mistakes are dumb and bad but a lot of it is just normal flaws or ignorance lol. and he learns and he grows. can’t say that for every character tho
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winternight-wonwoo · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
📣: Seungcheol // university au // enemy to lovers (but not quite there aka im spreading the seeds of luvv😎) // 1047 words
A/N: thanks for the request anon! i changed school into uni because... i dont rmb how school works anymore lol plus its a little weird for me to imagine them being high school kids. also, lets just pretend they can change locker for some reason bc ive never had lockers looooll pretend it makes sense pls(ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥ enjoy! another update in a few hours bc i might not be able to update tmr hehe
 find the rest of requested drabble here 
Tumblr media
At this point, you don’t even remember what’s the problem between you and Seungcheol; you just know what you share with him is hostility.
You think it’s probably some childish prank he did on you somewhere during middle school that started the whole thing, but somehow it carries on until now. You don’t even know how you end up attending the same university as Choi Seungcheol when you’ve both opted to go to university outside your hometown.
You can still remember the annoyance waving through your body when you’ve first encountered him in the corridor, the both of you gaping in disbelief before you took the first step to scoff and continued your way to class.
It’s all good  for the first two semesters until you somehow end up sharing a class with him during the third. Since then, Seungcheol has made it his mission to annoy you, and you’ve sworn to get back at him one way or another.
The reason why this…relationship isn’t a good thing is because this has drawn unwanted attention to you. As much as you hate to admit it, Seungcheol is an attractive man with a pretty good reputation. He’s got his fair share of admirers that he usually ignores.
It pains you to say he’s not an asshole (he’s just an asshole to you, not one in general), but that’s the fact. He’s just not interested in his popularitty. You’re not sure why these girls (and some boys) keep on trying to get his attention when he never even bats an eye on them.
So, when they notice Seungcheol actually pays attention to someone that they’ve never seen before, it’s only nature for them to find prey in that person.
You don’t really mind them at first, you figure they’d get bored once they realize you’re just some unfortunate person Seungcheol decides to pick on. But apparently, Seungcheol’s attention is the only thing that matters to them, not the fact that he’s attentive to you just so he can annoy you.
“Sup, loser,” Seungcheol says as he opens his locker two rows next to yours. Of course, the universe hates you enough that he’s somehow able to move his locker near yours.
“I’m really not in the mood, Seungcheol,” you roll your eyes, hastily taking all the stuffs you need before closing the door and leaving just like that.
Seungcheol frowns, you haven’t been showing him any reactions these days, which kinda worries him if he’s being completely honest. Instead of annoyance, your eyes just seem tired eveytime you see him and he wonders if he’s taken his joke a bit too far these days.
But if the actually thinks about it, he hasn’t been pranking you these past few weeks because exam week is nearing and he has way too many deadlines to meet. He frowns, did something happen to you? Or is it something back home?
Quickly shedding the thought away, Seungcheol shakes his head before he steps to his next class. Maybe he’ll try bothering you again once and see if you’re just in a bad mood earlier.
He’s about to pass by when he hears your tired voice, asking someone what they want this time. An alarm goes off through his entire body, he looks through the small gap from the door, the sight of you with a few of girls he doesn’t recognize greets him.
“We just want to know what you did to get Seungcheol’s attention,” one of the girls say, crossing her arms. “Why won’t you tell us? Are you afraid he won’t be paying attention to you again?”
Seungcheol sees you visibly sigh, leaning slightly on the table behind you as you shake your head. “How is it my problem that he doesn’t pay attention to you?”
He frowns at the way the girls snicker between themselves, muttering something under their breath that he couldn’t hear but knows for sure isn’t pleasant.
“Are you that desperate for his attention that you don’t want to tell us?”
“Isn’t it you who’s desperate?” you sigh again. Honesty, you’ve been trying your best to avoid Seungcheol these days because you’re getting tired of these encounters. You’re nowhere near afraid, just very bothered and doesn’t have the energy to deal with them everytime you’re in uni. “Isn’t that why you’re always following me around these days, asking about him?”
“Why you—”
“Anyone mind telling me what’s going around here?” Seungcheol’s bored voice cuts through the empty classroom, the girls immediately turn to him in shock and so do you. His eyes find yours as he leans on the doorway. “You okay?”
You nod hesitantly, unsure why the sight of him stopping these girls from bothering you gets your heart skipping a beat.
The girls stay silent at his question, avoiding his eyes altogether. Seungcheol considers threatening them, a sense of annoyance (and protectiveness, though he would never tell you that) rushing through him as he hears your tired voice. No wonder you haven’t been reacting to his pranks these days.
He opts for a glare instead, looking at them with ice cold eyes as he softly grabs your wrist and pulls you out of the room.
“Have they been doing this for long?” he asks. Why do these girls think they have the right to do so?
“The past month or so,” you answer truthfully. Your gaze is locked at the way his hand is still on your wrist; why isn’t he letting go?
He stops in his track, his grip tightening a little. There are a few seconds of silence before he speaks again. “I’m sorry they did this to you.”
“…What?” you blink in confusion. Is he actually apologizing to you for things he didn’t even do?
“What about I walk you to your classes until they stop?” he offers, which surprises you a little.
Not used with this sudden turn of mood with Seungcheol. You playfully go past him, brushing his shoulder in purpose.
“Might as well apologize for all the time you’ve been pranking me.”
Seungcheol bites back a grin, he doesn’t know if the change of phase between the two of you was something he’s always wanted, but maybe it might turn into something he never expects it to be.
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sailorhyunjinz · a month ago
I always wonder how skz would react to an s/o with a LARGE SEX DRIVE SHSBDBS idk like guys r usually super horny but imagine if u were hornier than them HAHA
warnings: mostly dom!skz x gn!reader. impact play, nicknames, hickies, masturbation, exhibitionism, overstimulation, slight dacryphilia, sex toys, daddy kink, riding, degradation, dumbification. 
The thing is not that he wouldn’t like it,,, more like he would be tired?
Sure,,, he has good stamina but he would more prefer longer sex sessions that are more intimate and romantic rather than a bunch of quickies.
but thats like... 95% of the time, the remaining 5% is dicking you down so hard you won’t be able to walk because “you asked for it, you dumb fuck”
you would really have to get him worked up in order for that to work
and even then he would only go for maybe 2 rounds
“c-chan... one more time~” you said after cumming for the third time that night. “y/n, arent you sleepy?” he says, chuckling. you shake your head, “just one more time!” you say all giddy to which bangchan sighed. 
ok now hear me out, im not gonna mix astrology in here,,, but i am going to mix astrology in here lmao
this boy a scorpio
a scorpio
meaning his intimate parts rule over his body (JUST SAYING TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT)
so he loves this. A LOT
any opportunity to be inside of you he’ll take
he’s hella horny and would like a s/o that matches that aura so HEY! fits perfectly (thats what she said)
show any sign of a sexual act and he wont hesitate to slam you against a table
legit as small as licking a lollipop 
“stop that unless you want my dick in your throat” he says, not even looking up from his phone as the sounds of you sucking a lollipop fills the room. you don’t stop, no, you go even harder. he looks up from his phone. “is that a yes?”
ahh... binnie binnie is head over heals for this
he finds it extremely hot that you initiate the sex most of the time
it shows that you really want him 
and he likes attention and feeling appreciated so this works
also has kind of a firey attitude
meaning that he gets worked up real quick
just like minho it doesnt take much for him to notice your sexual signs
“binnie~ i need you” you whisper in his ear as he’s working on something on his computer. you drag your lips across his neck and nibble on his ear before he turns around and glares at you with dark eyes. “princess/prince wanna play that game huh?”
shy to initiate so this makes it easier for him 
his stamina is relativly high
but i feel like there would be kiiind of a gap between the two of you since he’d be completely exhausted after a couple of rounds but you beg for more.
leaving him with no other choice but to give it to you
since he loves you too much to say no ><
i feel like he’d make fun of you for it 
“hyunjin,, please!” you says in the nicest tone you could muster but only being mocked by hyunjin copying you in an annoying voice
“HyUnJiiinNn~” you burst into laughter, hitting him playfully on the shoulder. “thats what you sound like y/n!!”
but nah most of the time he will take it but always with some playfulness first. 
all the time
no matter where or when
some of yall are about to be real mad at me but it must be said HASHAHAH STOP CHER STOP
he just gives me this hormonal teenager vibe
and so there’s a lot of fucking in a lot of unconventional places
simply because his angel wants it
it even borders to him being even hornier than you but you find joy in that
you’ve lost count of how many times you’ve caught him watching porn or masturbating BECAUSE IT HAPPENED OFTEN
and everytime it would lead to heated sex that could last for hours
“h-help me y/n! dont just stand there s-staring” he says, blushing a bit as he openly strokes his dick infront of you. you shrug your shoulders, closing the bedroom door and inching closer to the warm boy.
tough one to read... hmmm.... 
honestly he wouldn’t mind
sure he’d be tired 
and therefore he’d rather prefer seeing you ride a dildo or something
because then you’re satisfied and he doesnt have to do much
just that he likes to cuddle and chill more than being inside of you all the time
he’s sensitive which has its pros and cons
pro: easy to get horny
con: easily overstimulated
WHICH SURE you’d find it fun to torture him by keeping him cumming over and over again
but poor boy would be crying in the end
which only added to your horniness OOP
“y/n,, s-stop please im begging you,, ahhgh..” he moans from underneath you, you putting him through his fourth orgasm which is causing him to shake and cry as you didn’t stop riding him. “mhm... but I wanna cum once more, not fair... you can cum so many times but I can’t! be a good boy and shut up, maybe i’ll let you go after this round”
giving me that same energy that chan has
but this time instead of 95:5 its more like 65:35
meaning 65% romantic puppy that wants to take his time with you, roaming his hands all over your body and really connecting with you
and the other 35% well... more like relentless pounding, all covered in love bites and hand prints (im drooling)
he becomes all hard dom when he’s stressed and soo...
you get him stressed which ok you feel bad about but... he gets to release all his stress (and cum) on you and you get what you want 
DING DING DING! win-win situation!!
so yeah he would like it most of the time especially when you’re stressed and especially when you’re a brat
turning him on by rubbing on his lap but running away the next second
he likes to make you obey rather than you already obeying. 
he was watching tv peacefully when you suddenly plopped down on his lap, starting to squirm about when watching a tv show. he held you down by the waist. “shh stop” he says once with a bitter tone but you didn’t listen, only continuing to move and feeling his member getting harder. “Is d-daddy getting hard?” you coo at him with a mischievous voice to which seungmin sighed, his hands snaking around your upper body and wrapping around your neck, pushing your back against his chest. “little fucker wanna play with daddy”
oml why did this become so aggressive i have a lot of pent up sexual frustration ASHASHS
he’d find it really hot in the beginning
but what he didn’t realise was how tiring sex is 
yk teenagers! learning as they go (i like how im talking about this as if im older than him LMAO)
catch his search history being: “is it normal to have sex everyday” 
he’d be sore :(( 
and when he told you that he probably needed to just cuddle he felt bad because he always wanted to please you
but the two of you would find your ways around it
vibrators EHHEHE
especially those remote control ones
he’d just go ham with those I KNOW IT
because just like felix, you’d be satisfied and he could chill for the time being 
beg pretty enough and he’ll give you the real thing
“b-but i need you now jeongin! stop with that fucking controller!!” you try to snatch it out of his hand but fail. “say please” he says, looking at you with sweet brown eyes. “pl-pleaseeee~!” he melts into a puddle of blushes as he speaks “alright but only because you’re a good one” 
HEY THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN WRITING!! send in sum more, i’ll make them into short reactions like these because my requests for the “official” reactions is closed (will probably open shortly) but YEEEAH 
thank u anon for your very very smart brain and for requesting HEH >< 
also this is not proof read so ignore any mistakes OOP
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plutonianrising · a month ago
winter break t.s.
pairing: tendou x f!reader
wc: 2.4k
a/n: hiiii im micco!! finally decided to stop being a baby and start posting my fics. hope you all enjoy this and decide to stick around :)) once I develop a system for my tags i’ll retag everything so it’s easier to avoid any content you dislike :))
description: tendou can’t keep his hands off of his cute sleepy gf
cw: fem!reader, slight somno/cnc, red/yellow/green light system, pillow princess, edging, ruined orgasm, overstimulation, degradation, praise, aftercare
Tendou knew how much you cherished the days when you could wake up whenever you wanted. With university invading every aspect of your life these last few weeks you made sure to tell him last night you wanted to sleep in since you were finally on winter break. So why was he planting feather soft kisses down your neck and one of his hands roaming on your body? You barely gain the energy to open your eyes and grab your phone from the bedside table: 5:23am. 
“Tendou you fuck..” you groan sleepily. You can’t even muster enough strength to turn to glare at him. “You must hate me.”
He playfully nips your ear and you can feel his warm breath as he whispers “whaaat aren’t I allowed to miss my girlfriend?”
“But I wanted to sleep..” you whine, trying to ignore the speeding up of your heart as he slowly began lifting your shirt. “You…already know I just finished finals...”
It fit Tendou so well to be selfish like this today of all days. He would never test it outside of the bedroom but he loved reminding you of the power he held over you. He had you right in the palm of his hand. He let his hand rest on your waist and caressed you, keeping you from rousing completely as he gently sucked on the crook of your neck. No doubt you would have a hickey from it.
“Give me a color then” he tells you. God, how the fuck does he make that sexy? The urge to twist around and look him in the eye overtook your sleepiness. As your eyes met you felt yourself physically melt when you were faced with Tendou’s usual soft gaze. His gaze seemed to take you in completely, leaving no room for you to be insecure about how you might look fresh out of sleep, only left with a dull throb in between your legs.
“You got an answer for me doll?” He leaned closer and, if you weren’t so tired, the smug look on his face would’ve made you grab him by his hair. You twist back around so he can’t see the excitement in your eyes.
“Green, obviously,” you huff.
Tendou pulls away from you and flips you onto your back to climb on top of you. He sits up and pulls your shorts off, biting one of your calves as he gets them off. He pulls your legs around him and leans over you, caging you with both hands on either side of you. Your face flushes as he stares at you like he’s about to devour you whole. Hardly able to stand it, you turn away. He grabs your face and makes you face him.
“Let me see you, princess. You always make the prettiest faces when you’re sleepy.” Tendou coos. He presses a rough kiss on your lips and you gasp slightly as his hard dick grinds against you. He uses this opportunity to push his tongue in your mouth, As he pulls away, you try your hardest to steady your breathing but your brain will hardly let you focus on anything but how good he makes you feel. How he looks with lidded eyes and rosy cheeks and his tongue sticking out, a thin trail of spit still connecting you.
“I want to ruin you so badly baby… so badly.” He says breathily, pulling your shirt up to reveal your chest. “You don’t even have to do anything. Just let me do with you as I please.”
You shakily nod, whining a little as he palms your breasts. He squeezes them and caresses your nipples with the pads of his thumb. 
“Tendou please.. Hurry.” You ask. 
He bites your chest sharply, a warning. “Let me go at my pace before I make you get on your hands and knees.” 
Nonetheless, one of Tendou’s hands trails down your body, and begins pressing on your pussy.
“All that half-assed complaining but you’re already so wet for me.” He chuckled. His thumb circles your clit over your panties and the satisfaction he gets from your squirming doubles as your little whimpers crescendo.
“It’s not like I can h-help it,” you protest softly. “Just hurry up an-”
Tendou cuts you off by pulling your panties to the side, pushing one of his slender fingers all the way in. You gasp as he curls his finger inside you. He repeats that motion, slowly pumping in and out of you. It drives you crazy when he does this and he knows it. Even before your relationship became physical, he was aware of your fixation on his fingers. He loved when you would play with them while you cuddled and kissed them whenever you felt his mood slipping. He also really loved how you choked on them when he was balls deep inside of you, muffling your desperate cries with them. Tendou teases you with them mercilessly every chance he gets and this morning will be no different no matter how much you beg. 
As he finger fucks you, he places his other hand on your face, his thumb caressing your bottom lip before he pushes it in. He feels his dick throb as you suck him, your eyes already glazing over from the pleasure. The expectant looks you give him whenever you fuck always egg him on. It takes everything in him to be patient with your body when all he wants is to bury himself in you and push your face into the soft pillows under you. He calms his racing mind, knowing the reactions you’ll give in return will be worth it. 
“You wanna cum just from this? Is my one finger enough for that slutty little hole of yours?” He presses even deeper still as you cry out in response. 
“P-please.. fuck.. make me cum baby,” you whimper around his hand, feeling yourself clench helplessly around him. 
And then he pulls his hands away from you and sits back up on his knees.
“Tendouu!” You protest. He laughs at the pitiful display.
“Ah ah ah..” He tutted, not even hiding how much he was enjoying that you couldn’t bring yourself to fight back. “Slutty girls who like to get woken up with a head in between their legs don’t get to decide when they cum.”
“You’re evil.” You moan as you catch your breath. 
Suddenly he’s back in your face, a sadistic grin spread across his. “I’m trying to make sure my baby will be able to sleep .. peacefully .. once I’m done with her I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong.” 
He sticks the finger that was just inside you into your mouth to clean up. “But since you insist.. I guess I have to live up to my reputation.” 
He pulls back away and his fingers escape your mouth with a resounding pop. He takes his boxers off and you feel like you might drool just from looking at him stroke his dick. 
“Get on your hands and knees baby.” He commands and helps you by lifting you up by your hips and flipping you onto your tummy. You shakily get up on your hands, keeping your knees pressed tightly together. Tendou slides right behind you and leans forward. He guides your face to his and gives you a sloppy kiss as his other arm wraps around to circle your clit. With his dick pressing against your wet hole, you feel every bit of you trembling, begging for more. 
“Good girl.” He purrs as you tremble in his grasp. “Now.. if you stop holding your arms up, I’m going to ruin your orgasm. Can I get your color baby?” 
“G-green.” You stutter out. You’re hardly paying attention to his instructions as he slides two fingers inside of you, pumping in and out of you roughly. You almost collapse right there and then, a cry tearing itself from your throat. 
You know he’s trying to break you, slyly telling you his rules before backing you into a corner. Even if you were fully awake you aren’t sure you would be able to keep this position unless you were bent over his knee. You can’t stop shaking but you’re so close. If only you could just hold out, you’d get what you’ve been craving since he woke you up. And then Tendou slaps your ass. Hard. You bite your lip as a shudder runs through your whole body in response. One of your arms slips from the shock and you face-plant into your soft pillows. You turn to glower at your boyfriend as he rubs the sore spot and refuses to relent on your pussy.
“I- ah fuck.. I swear to God Tendou.. Mm.. The moment.. I wake up after this.. I am so getting you back” You strangle out. “Plus that.. HURT!”
“If I didn’t know you so well I’d say sorry.” He lilted, keeping his rhythm consistent as you squeeze around him. “But you almost came right then, didn’t you?” His gaze is piercing but you can’t bring yourself to turn away from him. You always preferred to look at him when you were about to cum. It’s almost scary how easily he can pick up on each of your little changes, like his eyes were constantly drinking you in. His perception is equally your favorite thing about him and the most concerning. Sometimes you think he’s purposely ruined you for anyone else, which was honestly fine by you. As your climax builds you brace yourself for the let down. If Tendou were to ask you aren’t sure you’d be able to formulate a lie convincing him you didn’t secretly love it. As if reading your mind his smirk turns into a shit-eating grin.
“Such a pretty mess for me when you finally give in. Gonna take your punishment like a good girl, huh? Gonna say thank you for whatever orgasm I give you? Go ahead and say thank you baby.” He laughs breathily, the way you’re writhing around his fingers feels like he’s looking at heaven on earth.  
“Mmf.. t-thank you!” You cry out, cumming right as he pulls his fingers away. You shiver as you recover from the let down, trying to hold your tongue.
As your body heaves, Tendou places his dick at your entrance. “Give me your color baby.. I’m not done with you.”
“G-green.. please.. fuck! Tendou baby I need you inside of me. I need you inside of me so bad.” You beg. 
“Yea? You want your man to fuck you back to sleep? Fuck you ‘til you’re too exhausted to move? Hmm?” He teases, letting out a groan through his teeth as he begins pressing inside of you.
“Please!” You gasp as he slowly stretches you open. You feel your mouth water from the pleasure and you look back up at him, drinking in the look of pure bliss on his face as he completely bottoms out. He lets you relish in the feeling of finally being completely stuffed by him, savoring how you tighten up around him uncontrollably.
“God I wish you could fucking see yourself right now.” He purrs as he opens his eyes completely. As if re-memorizing your features, his eyes follow as one of his hands slowly travels down your back and sweeps your hair off of your neck. Tendou rolls his hips into you and you whine, being driven mad by the feeling of his dick inside of you. With a particularly vicious snap of his hips, you cry out loudly and grip the sheets to try and find a way to ground yourself
“Fuck.. Tendou I don’t know how.. much more I can t-take,” you struggle to find your words as he pumps inside you quicker. 
“Go ahead.. and cum how many times you want, doll. I’m gonna fucking fill you up at my own pace.” He laughs maliciously and plants a few kisses on your lower back. “I wasn’t so patient with you to not see that expression, baby. I want to see how my slutty girl looks all fucked out.” 
Your moans escalate as he continues the onslaught of pleasure on your body. You can’t help the way you stiffen and quiver as you cum. 
“Yea baby... fuck... I love how you fall apart for me.” Tendou encourages, pinching and rolling one of your nipples as you continue to shake.
You don’t have any time to come down before Tendou is fucking deeply into you again. He presses your head into the pillow as he slowly exits completely and slams back into you, highlighting his words with his hard thrusts into you. “Look at you doll. Completely. Fucking. Destroyed.” 
His aggressive thrusts are already pushing you over the edge again. You whine frantically as thick tears form in your eyes and quickly fall. You ramble out how much you love how he fucks you and how much you love him fervently, almost like a prayer. He pounds into you unforgivingly and you can feel him getting close. Just as you’re wishing you could kiss him, he’s leaning over and twisting your face so he can capture your lips. The pleasure is blinding as you cum ahead of Tendou, his hips stuttering as his cum fills you. He nearly collapses on top of you but is careful not to crush you with his full weight. It’s almost painful how good it feels as his dick twitches inside of you.
“Fuck.. thank you baby. You.. you did so good for me.” Tendou whispers against your skin and places open-mouthed kisses on you, worshipping your form. “I love you.”
You stay like that for a little before Tendou can collect himself and pull out. He eventually gets up and retrieves a washcloth so he can clean you up. He’s gentle as he wipes you, peppering you with love through the whole process. With both affirming words and touches, he reassures you that he meant every I love you and reminds you why you love him so much. 
“You’re so fucking beautiful baby.” He says and kisses you once more on the lips and on each of your eyelids, which are slightly puffy from your tears. You sigh in content as he pulls you into his chest. He comforts you further by drawing little patterns against your skin. As you drift off to sleep you hear Tendou promise to spoil you rotten once you wake up. 
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coralskywhxre · 2 months ago
I'm gonna say it. Most of the gwynriel shippers only ship it bc they all hate Elain. Or only use Gwyn for pairing her up with Azriel. I said what I said.
(And pls read the post till the end before throwing meaningless accusations)
TW // rape
I saw a post where someone said Azriel would have kinky sex with Gwyn...
HELLO?? Are you hearing yourself?? Gwyn is a sexual assault survivor and SHE DOES NOT EVEN FEEL COMFORTABLE STANDING AROUND MEN. How tf would she be okay with being tied up during sex??? After going through the same thing with Hybern???
I'm sick and tired of people not respecting women's trauma. Y'all will talk lengths about how we didn't get Elain's pov yet so we don't know about HER trauma, but go and do the same thing for Gwyn - maing theories - disgusting theories - about sex with a rape victim, when we don't have anything from her pov either. She's not gonna have kinky sex just bc she reads smutty books with Nesta and Emerie I promise you that. I'm not saying rape survivors should not have sex, it's just weird that y'all are making fantasies about stuff that would obviously trigger her when she hasn't even fully healed from her trauma yet. Gwyn can have a LI and that can be Azriel too, but that doesn't mean she's ready for sex. Sure, she can have all the kinky sex she wants after she SAYS she's comfortable with it. But with what we know from acosf, she literally feels uncomfortable around men. I do not need to stress this twice.
And ofc, most of them only ship gwynriel bc they think Elain is a "boring" character, which again is a weird af opinion bc people deal with trauma in different ways. She choose to do gardening and baking and stuff that makes her HAPPY to deal with it. Not everyone has to become a badass and use the trauma to motivate themselves. THEY CAN BE QUIET ABOUT IT TOO. I can't count the number of times people have reduced Elain to only gardening and flowers AS IF THAT'S A BAD THING. SJM herself said that baking and gardening are artforms too, which again reminds me of a post that said the bat boys are paired up females who are interested in some art form (Feyre painting and Nesta reading) and ignored Elain's bc they apparently think gardening and baking are something that doesn't meet their standards of "art". I'm sorry but your internalised misogyny is showing, you can literally go to hell if you think males should only be with women who are strong and enduring after their trauma and go to fight and train. No, they don't have to do that at all.
If you GENUINELY ship gwynriel bc you think they might have good chemistry then go ahead. I literally do not have any problems with that. people are allowed to ship whatever the hell they want. But I've just seen too many posts about y'all disrespecting Elain and her habits just bc she doesn't fit your "ideal fictional woman" image, and ignoring Gwyn's trauma and reducing her to shipping with Azriel only. Go ship whatever you want in peace WITHOUT bringing down the females just bc you don't like them. I've fucking had enough of your internalised misogyny and slut shaming. i promise you that you can talk about your ships without disrespecting Elain or Gwyn. It goes both ways. It doesn't matter what I ship bc if you say one wrong word about either of them I will FIGHT you.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, PLEASE DON'T COME IN THE REPLIES OR REBLOG SAYING "I DIDNT DO THIS, IM A GWYNRIEL SHIPPER AND I HAVENT DONE THESE THINGS -" ok good for you, I'm not talking about you at all then!! This was only for the people who said these things!! If you feel affected by this, then you are one of them!!!
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dreamholic · 2 months ago
wanting to cuddle during a stream ; mcyt
mcyt dream, george, sapnap, quackity, karl
masterlist here.
before requesting, read this.
request here.
dream is faceless so this is honestly not a problem
he mutes his mic as soon as he hears the door open (yes he is traumatized from that one time)
looks at you standing at the door with a blanket around your entire body, including your head
“hi” “hi” “whats up” “im tired and want to cuddle”
pushes his chair away from the desk and opens his arms
you practically leap to get into his lap, sitting sideways
he wraps his arms around you and scoots back in
turns mic on “sorry chat, accidentally muted myself”
very nice 10/10 would recommend
you fall asleep and he has to control his voice from getting too loud
well luckily from where his camera points you cant see the door
he looks off to the side n almost screams when he sees you standing at the door
very much obviously mutes his mic “yes”
“you have been streaming for four hours and i want to sleep and cuddle”
“oh” looks back to his stream, remembering his camera is on and wants to die “give me a minute”
yes george will end the stream for u especially if hes been streaming for that long he is a good bf ok
gives the stupidest unbelievable excuse to end the stream but doesnt care until sapnap and dream are clowning him in discord later
lucky for u sapnap doesnt have his cam on so u will be cuddling
he lets the chat know u are with him and yes the chat explodes
this is not sapnap’s stream anymore it’s y/n’s stream
he acts offended n all but he is very glad they all like u and support ur relationship
not that he would care if they didnt lol but it’d make it harder especially for u ANYWAYS
chat begs u to turn on cam but u do not want them seeing u on sapnaps lap so
sapnap plays chess while u entertain chat but also like HIS OTHER HAND is like playing and going thru ur hair at the same time
very soothing u have to tell him to stop before u fall asleep
chat clips it and its spreading across twitter 1 min later
man he always has his cam on but
he does not care if u sit on his lap as long as u r comfy with it
its kinda awkward to u but also cuddles so it cancels out
chat goes crazy when they hear ur voice and goes even crazier when u shuffle in view of the cam with a blanket around your shoulders
you greet the chat quietly before he pulls you into his lap, facing him
no ass for chat ofc u got the blanket around u
karls arms 294838/10 u fall asleep so quickly
he noticably gets even quieter and chat isnt stupid theyre like y/n fell asleep!! cute
one hand is rubbing your back and the other playing a game or whatever or its one of his chill streams with soft music playing
chat takes so many screenshots
he is playing jackbox while on stream with others
he literally fucking woke u up with him being so loud pls
he looks so hurt when u tell him this and immediately pulls u in his lap no fucks given for friends or chat
chat calls him a simp while he ignores his friends yelling in his fucking ears
however starts yelling back when dream says hes gonna go on quackitys stream to see whats going on
friends do not care and literally beg u to replace quackity in jackbox
u do not entertain them tho still very tired n try to get off of quackity but
he literally refuses to let u go cue “simp” in chat again
so u just sit there and watch him play cause god knows u cant fall asleep thru a game of jackbox
u subconsciously start to stroke his neck as u get more comfortable n he has never wanted to end a stream so much
but nooo he cant cause of jackbox
he finally ends the stream when bbh leaves the game first
the last thing chat sees is quackity picking you up and standing up with you LMAO
He drags u to bed right after mwah
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yelloworeng · 2 months ago
im 23 years old. (Tw abuse)
i am staying at my dads house rn. my room is upstairs to his. 
i am usually supposed to go to bed as soon as he does or before him. 
i asked if i could stay up past 10pm for one night.
he replied about lecturing me about how when i use the bathroom at night i am too loud and it cant keep happening
i just ignored him and went upstairs im gona fucking. just stop peeing an d ever moving again i guess. cant leave my bed or im going to ruin my dads life & he can’t work because he can’t relax because every single movement i make is too loud. im juust literally so done 😁😁😁 he hasnt worked in like two weeks and were constantly in the house together 24/7 and i cant do the basic things i need to survive but he just gets high & drunk & then absolutely rages on me or every single time he 
( he just texted me complaing that i didnt pay for my prime. i said i couldnt afford it & dont have a cred card rn. he will probably rage at me !!!! )
(tw food/ed) anyway. i was just gona say everytime he even sees me he has to pick at me. either make fun of my looks or the way i act or what im doing or eating or drinking or literally anything. im like a punching bag and if i hide out in my room all day hell find me & come in & pick on me & beat me down. but if i react or get upset at all hell get so pissed & say hes kidding & that im such a baby & need to learn to take a joke & blah blah blah. he even knows about my ed, he knew when i was diagnosed, hospitalized, & he knew about the other times that i should of been as well, he knew i almost died, he knows I’m still not incredibly healthy, & even now he STILL comments on my weight & says I eat too much. even on days where i eat what i know isnt enough. I have explained and asked him to stop many times & he simply doesn’t care. idk im just so tired hahaha. and like idk i dont have anyone to turn to because no one believes how bad the abuse is because im nice to him and tell him hes amazing and i love him but um I HAVE TO !!!!!! i would simply not be alive if i didnt. or homeless at least. anyway had to rant holy fuck. 
ill go to bed before 10pm & before he does. i wont go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. heres my paypal if you want to donate to help me save up to move out. pls dont feel the need AT ALL, i have money to live but no job & little funds to move & thats why ive been stuck here so long n yeah. i need to smoke & calm down so im nice to him & dont cry so it doesnt get worse! if you deal with parents like this please know youre worthy, this isnt your fault, & it gets better. Ill escape & so will you. message me or send an ask anytime, i usually am very slow to reply but i will, ily all anyway thanks if u read this im sorry for the rrannt
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lizzie-boo · 3 months ago
Ship Request
Requested By : @possessedxparrot​
Request : Would I be able to get a romantic and enemy (🙀) ship pls?👀👀 I have long green hair and shave the side of my head. Im female, bi, hazel eyes, tattoos and piercings. I'm kind of trashy and weird but very confident. I love to joke around and make my friends laugh. I get moody and emo sometimes but something funny always helps. I like to practice fire eating, I draw and I like to go for walks at night. I love birds. I have a pet parrot. I love horror movies and I'm definitely a night person.
Here you go babe, hope you enjoy this. 
Your romantic and enemy ship are below the cut. Have FUN!
Ok so for your romantic
I ship you with…
Nymphadora Tonks
Tumblr media
You’d meet for the first time at an order meeting
You’re new to the order so you don’t know many people yet
She’d make sure to introduce herself
Would ask a lot of questions about your tattoos
She would think they look so cool
It doesn’t take you long to introduce yourself to everyone
The confidence you have in approaching everyone impresses Tonks
She loves a confident woman
She’d lowkey deny think that though cuz she’s panicking
Cause she can’t believe she already has a crush on you
Tonks would try to act cool around you
She doesn’t want to push her luck and scare you away
One day she’d randomly ask what piercing or tattoo you want to get next
She’d then flat out ask to come with
You’d probably end up getting matching piercings
Cause friends can do that, right?
That’s what she tells herself
Tonks is really worried she’s gonna scare you off
After a rather boring order meeting you ask her if she wants to watch horror movies with you
She’d barely let you finish asking before she says yes
So much for playing it cool… 😏
The two of you would go back to your place
Lots of snacks to go with the movies
You’d make a few jokes during the movie
To which Tonks would counter
This banter is unmatched
So adorable
You’d be lowkey impressed that she doesn’t even flinch at the scares
Tonks would hands down get really tired but be too stubborn to say anything
Because hell if she’s gonna be the one to end the night early
Would 100% fall asleep on your shoulder
She’d be too cute asleep to move so you’d probably just start a new movie
Tonks would be super confused when she wakes up
Like where the hell am i?
You’d probably end up laughing at her confusion and find it cute
She’d hit your arm to try and make you stop
You’d turn to look at her
Not realizing how close she is
Then the two of you would be face to face
And Tonks would panic
Because well this is what she wants
But doesn’t want to scare you
You see the mix of emotions in her eyes
So you go in for the kill
Excuse my choice of words, i just really wanted to say that
Anyway you kiss her
And she kisses back obviously
Your hands in her hair, pulling her closer
She’d pull back first
Literally only so she can trail kisses down your neck
The best feeling ever
This woman knows what she’s doing even if she denys it
Her arms would wrap around your neck when she’s done
You’d waste no time pulling her back in for another kiss
And depending on what you want it would either stay at that or escalate to something a bit more frisky
Once again plz ignore my word choice there
You’d be very happy together
But I need to stop cause this is already too long and I almost went overboard with the description of the previous event.
Next up
For your enemy
It would be
None other than…
Draco Malfoy
Tumblr media
Now hear me out on this one
Cause it seems a bit weird at first
So let me explain
First thing is he’s a bit pretentious
So he’d judge you super quickly unfortunately
You don’t fit the mold of his standard friends
You’re too unique
And too much of your own person
A very much live by your own rules type of person
Which is not who he choses to surround himself with
He likes people that he can be the leader of
Your confidence lowkey freaks him out
He wishes he had that much confidence sometimes
Yes, he’d be jealous
He just wouldn’t admit it
So I wouldn’t necessarily call you enemies
But he would call you out sometimes
And you’d make a few jokes at his expense when he’s being insufferable
But for the most part you’d ignore each other as if you don’t exist
Plus you’d be on different sides of the war
So that would be a big reason why he doesn’t like you
You’re fighting against everything he’s been taught to fight for
But let’s not get into his family problems right now, that’s for a different time
Anyway it wouldn’t be a super hostile relationship between you two
Just more of avoidance until it can’t be avoided and then some digs at each other
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nad-zeta · 3 months ago
Match up! └( ^ω^ )」
hello!! could I please get an IkeSen matchup? I haven’t tried submitting a matchup to anyone in a super long time but it’s always a lot of fun. 😆 I’m sure you’re probably swamped with matchups tho, so pls don’t feel pressured or anything!!! it’s no rush at all and you always have such thorough and fun responses, it’s worth any wait. 😊
my hobbies: I love singing (though im too nervous to sing in front of people im not super close with), riding horses, photography, videography, writing, and gaming.
my personality/interests/beliefs: I’m friendly and have the typical “southern hospitality” type approach to people (which btw I also have an embarrassing southern accent RIP).
I adore animals and I live on a farm. I prefer to do physical labor and though I am small, I’ve wrestled goats and sheep trying to catch them and have to haul heavy things and handle horses on a regular basis. >:) my motto is “though she be but little, she is fierce.”
I love kids and I’m currently studying to become an elementary teacher. I have a lot of funny stories on working with some students and it makes me really happy to be able to help kids learn and grow. I also spend my time babysitting and dogsitting a lot LOL.
I love having deep, meaningful conversations with people, though I’m usually very goofy and lighthearted so it’s not really that I’m serious all the time, I just don’t care much for small talk and I’m a little awkward when people don’t show much interest in more personal conversations. I also tend to overshare sometimes since I don’t keep secrets about myself and I’m a completely open book. some people get a little uncomfortable with how candid I can be so I try and give people disclaimers and ask them what they’re comfortable with talking about before I get on the topic of something personal.
even though I’m polite and I make an effort to never make anyone feel criticized or alienated, I am also very strongly opinionated and I will stand firmly on my own beliefs and will not pretend to agree with someone just to spare their feelings… but I also do not believe myself capable of changing a person and I never expect anyone to adopt my own ideas/beliefs through me lecturing someone etc. basically, I try to be as respectful but also as true to myself as I can be.
I think it’s hilarious that most of my friends claim that I come across as childish and innocent (which they’re not entirely wrong and it doesn’t help that I have a baby face and look half my age), but I also have a tendency to crack innapropriate jokes or casually make super savage comments when lowkey sassing someone LOL! it’s always very funny bc it’s usually unexpected coming from me.
I don’t really like putting labels on myself but I guess I would consider myself a demisexual??? I take relationships very seriously and intimacy is a very personal thing to me and I want to save myself until marriage. I lack self esteem and I know that if I gave my self fully over to someone else and they hadn’t vowed their loyalty to me as my husband, then I emotionally wouldn’t be able to cope with it well. I understand that divorce (one of my biggest fears tbh) can still happen between a married couple and marriage shouldn’t be idolized as this perfect thing, but it’s important to me and I want a faithful partner who’s promised themselves fully to me. anyway, I say all this to make the point that I take dating someone very seriously and I don’t like to fool around… making myself emotionally vulnerable to someone is very easy but also very scary, so I’m extremely loyal but also very cautious. I never want my partner to think I’m suspicious or critical of them, but I need things to move slowly in a relationship… esp after having several bad experiences. :/ but still, I’m a huge romantic and when I confess my love to someone, I truly mean that I love and trust them and that I see a future with that person.
I also imagine that I’d become a very physically affectionate person… since I don’t have really any relationship experience, it’s hard to say, but I tend to think that my love language might just be touch. but I hate it when people I’m not close to are touching me so….. LOL I guess it’s easy for someone to tell that I love and am comfortable with them if I’m physically affectionate since that’s sort of a rare thing for me. I mean, I usually come across as sweet with people and I won’t turn down a hug, I just am still pretty timid around people…….. kinda like a stray puppy I guess. 😂 I want love and affection but only if I trust you.
Eeeeeep thanks so much for the request dear!❤❤❤❤ Hehehe i had so much fun writing this up for ya☺☺☺🌈! Also sorry for making ya wait soooooooo long! Hehe hope ya enjoy love!🤗 @itsypipsy​
I match you with…………………Kennyo
Tumblr media
When you first bump into the monk, you are running like the wind through the pitch-black forest in an attempt to escape the Oda forces. Alas, all that running was in vain as mere moments later Masamune caught up to you and dragged you back to Azuchi with him. 
You had long since forgotten about the man with a scar across his face as you settled into your new life at the castle. 
Your friendly bubbly personality allowed you to adjust to life effortlessly, befriending each member of the Oda. They loved how hardworking and dedicated you were, although perhaps to the extreme as one morning Hideyoshi had noticed the tired look in your eyes and shooed you away to town, to take a well deserved day off.
You love animals and nature, so instead of head into town, you decided to rather opt for a walk in the nearby forest. 
You walked down the winding path, crossed over a bridge and wandered aimlessly beside the river, when suddenly you heard the sound of an animal crying out in pain. You fearlessly followed after the sound, thankful for having lived on a farm, as it taught all you knew about various animals and how to help them in the event of injury. Finlay you came across a small weasel curled up against a tree trunk. You rushed to the little guy’s side and once close enough to assess the situation, continued to approach him with caution. 
Gently you reached out, to see he had somehow injured his little leg. Before you could rip your kimono to create a makeshift bandage, a large shadow befell you. You looked back to see a bear of a man towering over you. “Little miss, I see you did not heed my warnings,” he scolded while crouching down beside you to inspect the little weasel. 
You smiled at the man and rolled your eyes, “Well, I ain’t afraid of no demons, besides I could never ignore a creature in pain or distress.” Kennyo picked up the little weasel, stood up and left without a word. You quickly followed after him, “Hey! Wait up! Is he going to be alright.” 
Kennyo gave you a little nod and told you to go home. Unfortunately for him, he had not known just how stubborn you were. You insisted on coming with him to help him fix up the little weasel. And the more he argued against it, the more you quipped back, following after him regardless. All the man could do was shake his head and let you do as you pleased, although you best be sure he grumbled all the way home about how naïve you were following after a demon.
This my dear, is how your and Kennyo’s friendship started. Since that day, you were quickly able to find your way to his hidden cabin in the woods. 
The very next day after patching up the weasel, you stopped by to visit the man and check on your little patient. Kennyo was gruff and short with his conversations, but thankfully your bubbly personality and southern hospitality quickly broke through the walls surrounding the man’s heart.
Every time you visited, you would bring over some yummy snacks for the two of you to share, while you shared stories of your lives. Kennyo low key loved how open and honest you were, being a complete open book. He was a little wary at first spending time with an Oda princess, however you quickly set him straight telling him you were actually from the future. 
He loved the stories you would share about your life on the farm, tackling sheep and goats. 
And you loved hearing stories of his past, albeit a few of them being pretty sad. Your conversations were always deep and thoughtful, something you had really come to enjoy and look forward to.
Although it wasn’t always serious between the two of you, as one day when Ranmru had come by for a visit unexpectedly, Kennyo got to see a glimpse of the sassy part of your personality. Kennyo loved that he got to see another side of you, and as such, it allowed him to reveal his own playful side of his personality. 
Now during your little tea date, a few teasing/playful comments would be thrown between more serious topics. 
Kennyo absolutely loves and adores, your strong beliefs and opinions and your steadfastness in them. Of course, it does cause a few little conflicts between the two of you during your friendship; however, it is due to your strong beliefs and opinions that you helped him learn and grow. You were able to show him a different perspective on life, and in turn also learned from his own beliefs and views.
As your relationship with the man progresses, you realize you had actually fallen in love with him and vice versa. After spending some time with an old friend, Kennyo finally decided to make his feelings known. He knew you are not one for big showy displays of affection so, on one cold rainy day while the two of you were chatting in front of the fireplace he accidentally let it slip, just how madly in love he is with you. Let’s just say the rest of that afternoon was spent cuddling in front of the fireplace.
Kennyo absolutely loved every single little thing about you, from your willingness to jump right in with the manual labor of building a new temple up from the ground, to your absolute love for animals. 
As you see, Kennyo also has a major soft spot for animals (there is a reason he is called the Disney princess of Sengoku). Best be sure the two of you adopt and care for every single animal that crosses your paths. Naturally, the two of you also have a massive stable filled with horses, most being injured horses left on the battlefield after war. The two of you nurtured the lovely creatures back to health and provided them with a warm home, free from the horrors of war. 
One of your favourite things to do with Kennyo is take the horse out for a ride. The two of you would just ride and explore the area to find the best picnic place. You loved picnics with Kennyo, resting your head on his lap  while he pulls his fingers through your gorgeous hair. During these quiet moments in life, he lets his playful sideshow, especially if you start making sassy or inappropriately funny comments. This man will 100% tackle you down and tickle you mercilessly, leaving both of you in fits of giggles amidst the fragrant flowers in the fields. 
Kennyo also loves teaching children, so it comes as no surprise that the two of you actually open a little school at the temple for disadvantaged children. You and Kennyo teach the children everything from how to survive, to basic skills they could use in their lives. It’s also a nice project for you as you actually start writing some children’s book for the children’s younger siblings. 
Kennyo is a fiercely loyal and devoted husband, forever reminding you just how much he absolutely loved you. He is forever crushing you in big bear hugs or pulling you in for some cuddles whenever the two of you have a free moment.
Kennyo’s all-time favourite is when he catches you singing when you think no one is around. He loves the sound of your voice, it’s so soft and soothing, and he could listen to it forever. 
This man melts into a puddle of pure happiness whenever you pull your fingers through his raven locks and sing to him. 
Other potential matches…………………… Shingen 
Hehe hope ya enjoyed this love! And once again soz for taking an eternity! 🤗☺❤❤🌈
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ikigaitooru · 3 months ago
sorry i can’t have you? one up me? so this playlist isn’t part of the matchups i’m sorry😞🤝
here you go IDIOT CHILD ( @rat-bastar ) being your friend is so hard 😁
choke - i don’t know how but they found me
ok absolutely your vibes. if you got the chance you would bitch slap me, we both know it. you big ol bully. this is the vibey pop ish version of a villain song and it’s such a hype song in my opinion idk
love me dead - ludo
we’ve established its a good song ok🤝. idk lmao play this while you’re thinking ab your friend OR her ex gf ;) as of my knowledge those the mfs you simp for or whateva LMAO
lemons (demo)
please. PLEASE THIS ONE IS SO OBVIOUS. you vibes. absolute you vibes. you @ me. you @ everyone. you play this on full volume while you try to convince yourself you hate everyone. you play this while judging every violin player ever. you play this glaring at maliek or whagever his name is. this song is you
piano man - billy joel
i saw this on one of your playlists lol BUT i feel like this is something you would blare on the bus or on your way to a fucking debate tournament you fucking loser
hesitation - hot flash heat wave
such a good song. this also feels like something you would listen to while you think ab other people. i dunno it’s got that sweet, sweet ‘condescending to hide real emotions’ energy and it’s vibey and it’s kinda sad yea
waltz #2 (xo) - elliott smith
don’t even get me started on how big of an elliott smith can i was. you def give him vibes but i mean that as a compliment?? i can imagine you with ur head down hands in ur pockets being all bummed out and angry walking up the hill to ur house idk that’s very niche oddly specific? i never really realized this song had BIG BIG BIG you vibes until i started typing this but i’m listening to the lyrics and it’s like describing you go off ig
everyone hates his parents - falsettos
i know you love falsettos and we both know we love to shit talk our parents so. it just seems to make sense. ALSO i feel like we would argue like marvin and trina or marvin and whizzer or marvin and anyone LOL
colorful penguins - we shore is dedicated
ok i know iM the one working, but this song please. listen to it. listen to the music. to the tone of voice. to the certain old tavern rustic vibe. that’s you. i cant rly describe it but the vibe of this song is your vibe
beachboy - mccafferty
well we have the shared mother’s name in the beginning there and that’s fun for me. also we know that i be smoking and yada yada and i know your friends do too and i feel like this song is just you dealing w ur friends dummy habits and angry fast sing
hannah - swmrs
something about this song just feels like a convo we’d have?? like in my head i can tell what you would say and what i would say IDK LMAO maybe that’s just me but it’s also a good song
problems - mother mother
this song. LMAOOOO. the way you constantly BULLY me i feel like this song is how you present urself to other ppl v some deep shit like how you feel ab urself idk i’m not ur therapist ur apparently mine w how much you be psychoanalyzing me🤨. ALSO you’d scream this dont argue w me
i love you like an alcoholic - the taxpayers
multiple things here. again those crusty cobblestone streets at night after it rains where someone’s getting murdered in an alleyway vibes that you give. and i feel like if u were ever like <3 at someone, this is how you’d feel idc bitch
seashore - the regrettes
i love this band sm pls i want to kiss her. ANYWAY feels again like a you @ the world song. you just feel like someone who would shove someone in a trash can if they said one wrong word about you & i rly appreciate it
gooey - glass animals
this song feels like something that would be on a playlist with “i know this:” and i thought you’d like those vibes. sorry for the peanut butter reference
chicago - flipturn
you feel like someone who would let me play flipturn and pretend to hate it cos you pretend to hate everything i do but actually vibe w it so
everybody loves raymond (except for me) - mookamay
this is the girl i was tellin u ab who wrote the songs ab me YEA THIS IS ONE OF THE SONGS AB ME SO I FIGURED YOU WOULD APPRECIATE A SONG THAT WAS KIND OF A SLIGHT TO ME SO LMAO I PUT IT ON THERE. basically this is a song ab someone literally getting tired of ME so yknow felt fitting 😁‼️ (this one is mostly a joke and i will probably take it off the playlist but it still stands)
power over me - dermot kennedy
you seem like someone who would listen to dermot kennedy which is fair bc i used to scream this shit in the shower i would just have a lil concert and you give me the same vibe this one isn’t that deep
ghost duet - louie zong
lol some serotonin. just this playin in the background while u game
iris - the goo goo dolls
just a rly good song. just a rly good song that fits ur vibe. also if u were ever in love i also stand by saying you would listen to this & think ab them
dream sweet in sea major - miracle musical
if you were ever listen to “soft music🥺✊” this would be your version of it
bs - still woozy
I TOLD U TO LISTEN TO THIS AND I DONT THINK YOU DID YOU BITCH SO NOW I WILL FORCE YOU. also i have brown eyes so basically this is everyone including u @ me it’s ok ur human u can’t be blamed for acknowledging my charm ;) 😁🤝
paper thin hotel - matt maltese
you just seem like someone who would listen to him during a depressive episode
troubled mind - cannibal kids
cant find the right words for this one but like gives me you trying to be there for someone and coming off as apathetic and someone not knowing how to be a proper friend to you and yall just space vibes yknow what i mean?? Idk
bloom (bonus track) - the paper kites
if you and a girl (strictly a girl idc that this was written by a dude no fucking guy gets this song) were in love. like in any way. romantic love, platonic love, competitive love idgaf i just feel like THIS has the vibe for u
kill the director - the wombats
i got the blues - big bill broonzy
i dunno this ones just a banger
dirty imbecile - the happy first
this is you having a breakdown. that’s all! thanks queen!
under my skin - jukebox the ghost
very similar to lemons but also different?? you getting pissed at everyone but having a select couple ppl you cherish 👍
song for me - greer
where do i START? you not properly voicing emotions ? preppy pessimism ? dissociation ? vibing ? teen angst ? good vibes ? in love w ideas ?
my explanations aren’t as good as urs but also i’m cool so 👍 ur welcome you’ve been blessed by a personalized playlist from ME 🙄🙌 not from no bitchass capitalist anime character 😐
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lumosandnoxwriting · 3 months ago
Attention | Fred Weasley
Tumblr media
Title: Attention Pairing: Fred x Fem!Reader Warnings: NSFW!! 18+. Degradation, unprotected sex, dom/sub, breeding kink, semi-public (fred talks on the phone while they bang), dirty talk, pet play (I think?? Just tagging to be safe), also one mention of blood but nothing graphic!! Summary: all y/n wants is fred’s attention. A/N: another installment of my love for ceo!fred. honestly this man could ruin my life at this point. As always thank you to my love phia @darthwheezely​ for not only encouraging this and inspiring this but for allowing me to constantly send her screenshots of my progress to ensure I am not in fact taking this too far. This is. This is something im not going to lie to you guys. Feedback is always welcome but pls be gentle I am a fragile soul. Tags: @feltondarling​ @pandaxnienke​ @raerae27​ @hufflrpuffforfred​ @pigwidgexn​ @wand3ringr0s3​ @whizboingies​ @gcdric​ @starlightweasley​ @vogueweasley​ @theweasleysredhair​ @dracoswhore007​ @amourtentiaa​ @lexymoniqu​ @p0tat0nug​ @levylovegood​ @spacexcowgirl​ @mischiefisbeingmanaged​ @littleweaslette​ @inglourious-imagines​ @slytherinsunrise​ @rosaliepostsstuff​ @hufflepuff-babe​ @frecklesandfirecrackers​
Y/N lets out a little noise as her alarm starts to blare, the hazy fog of sleep starting to slowly seep from behind her eyelids as she turns to hit the off button on her alarm clock. Her hand fumbles on the top of her nightstand for a moment before she finally hits the button, a small sigh of relief leaving her lips as the room gets quiet again. She suddenly realizes it’s far too quiet, and her hand flies to the other side of the bed, a frown forming on her face when all she feels are cold, rumpled sheets.
“Freddie?” Y/N calls out, sitting up in bed as she rubs the last bit of sleep from her eyes. Usually, she has to drag Fred out of bed in the mornings, so the fact that his spot is already cold means he’s up to something. Her frown deepens when Fred doesn’t respond and she reluctantly throws the covers off and gets out of bed, a shiver running down her spine when her toes land on the bare hardwood floors.
“Where are you, Freddie? You haven’t already left for work, have you?” Y/N asks the silent air as she roams around the house. She heads to the home gym first, since Fred tends to work out when he can’t sleep, and Y/N isn’t available to tire him out. When she finds it untouched Y/N heads to the home office next, because Fred’s true love is work and he often spends far too much time sorting through emails and responding to phone calls when he’s supposed to be relaxing with her.
Y/N checks the lounge and the kitchen before heading towards the mudroom. She opens the door that leads to the garage, and realization washes over her when she notices that the spot Fred’s Porsche usually takes up is empty. “That bastard, can’t believe he left for work without even telling me,” she mumbles, deciding it’s time to get ready herself.
Even though they’ve been living together for nearly half a year they never arrive to work together, since their relationship isn’t public knowledge around the office yet and they both think showing up to work together is a little too obvious. And even though Fred often heads into work first he usually has the decency to at least kiss her goodbye before he goes. Y/N can’t help but feel a little annoyed as she gets dressed, since Fred’s unusual behavior probably means he’s up to something, and she can only imagine what he has in store for her during the workday.
Except Fred doesn’t seem to have anything in store for her at all, which is just as annoying. When she gets to work that morning the door to Fred’s office is closed, and there aren’t any emails from him waiting in her inbox. His voice doesn’t come through the intercom on her desk to beckon her into his office, and what really pushes Y/N over the edge is that when lunch time rolls around he orders his own food, and Marcie from the front desk brings it right to him, swaying her hips far too much for Y/N’s liking.
Because lunch time is usually when they get to be together during the day. Fred has her order something for the both of them and after Y/N fetches it from the front desk she slips into his office so they can eat together. More times than not it ends in a heated makeout session, and Y/N has to fix her lipstick in Fred’s private bathroom before she heads back to her desk. So when she gets back from eating lunch alone and Fred’s office door is still closed, Y/N decides to take things into her own hands.
She gathers up a few things on her desk that need Fred’s attention and keeps her head held high as she turns to his office door. Nothing in her hands is particularly urgent or needs to be handed off to Fred today, but if he wants to play games she is more than willing to dish out whatever he’s serving right back to him. When Y/N opens the door, Fred doesn’t even look up at her from his computer, but Y/N doesn’t even let it phase her. She walks right up to his desk and drops the few things in her hands into the incoming work tray on the corner of his desk.
“Here are some things that require your attention, Mr. Weasley,” Y/N says dryly, trying to keep the smile off of her face when Fred finally looks at her. Y/N only ever calls him Mr. Weasley when other employees are around or when she’s trying to get him hot and bothered. But she’s not using it in either context now, and Y/N feels far too pleased that she seems to be getting under his skin a bit. “You can just tell Marcie when they’re ready to go, I’m sure she’d love to come back up here to take them to the courier.” Y/N gives Fred her most sickeningly sweet smile before she’s turning on her heel and heading back out, making sure to add just an extra bit of flare to her step. She leaves the door to his office open just to piss him off further, and to put her next plan into action.
Because Michael from human resources uses the copier across from Fred’s office every day at 1:15 pm on the dot to try and engage Y/N in conversation. Usually, she keeps her answers curt and barely friendly, but when he approaches the copier today and gives her a smile, Y/N actually gets up out of her desk chair and heads over towards the copier. “Hey, Michael. How are you doing?” she asks as she comes to stand at the machine, resting her hands on it and arching her back slightly, making her ass stick out just a bit more than normal. She knows Fred has the perfect line of sight to their interaction, and it takes all of her will power not to spare a glance his way.
“Well, isn’t this a pleasant surprise,” Michael answers in slight surprise. “Usually, I can barely get you to crack a smile.”
Y/N giggles and reaches a hand out, just barely letting her fingers ghost over his forearm. “What can I say? Your charm is just irresistible.” She gives him her flirtiest smile and looks up at him from under here eyelashes, a look usually reserved for Fred. She can feel his eyes on her, and Y/N knows seeing her give that look to someone else will only piss him off. “What are you copying? It must be important since this company wouldn’t be able to function without you.”
“Oh you flatter me, Y/N. You’re the real superstar here, we all know you’re the mastermind that keeps the bossman on track. If you ask me you’re severely underappreciated here,” Michael flirts, reaching up to tuck a piece of hair behind Y/N’s ear.
“Well thank you, Michael. It feels wonderful to be appreciated by you.” Y/N jumps slightly when the door to Fred’s office slams shut and she gives Michael a look. “Guess that’s my cue to get back to work. I’ll see you around the office.” Y/N turns her back to Michael and starts walking back to her desk, unable to keep the satisfied smile off of her face.
“Where are you going?” Fred asks as Y/N walks by the door to his home office.
It’s the first time he’s spoken to her today, and it makes Y/N stop in her tracks. After Fred slammed the door to his office that afternoon she didn’t hear anything from him, and when she was packing up to leave for the day Marcie was bringing up more food to him, a clear indication to her that Fred would be staying late at the office. The whole drive home she poured over her actions, worrying that she had gone to far. She ate dinner alone, and when Fred finally made it back home he walked right by her and into his office without so much as even looking at her.
“Um, to bed?” she responds, though it comes out sounding more like a question.
“I don’t think so,” Fred responds, curling his finger to beckon her into his office. “You were quite naughty today, and I think you deserve to be punished. Don’t you, baby?”
Y/N steps into Fred’s office, taking a seat in one of the chairs across from him. Fred’s cold behavior suddenly makes sense to her, and while Y/N feels a bit stupid for falling into his trap, she can already feel herself getting wet from the thought of what he’s going to do to her. “I was naughty? You were the one ignoring me.”
“And that makes it okay for you to disrespect me? In my place of business, no less?” Fred spits.
Every cell in her body is telling Y/N to submit to Fred. To get on her knees and beg for his forgiveness before letting him fuck her throat until she can’t speak tomorrow. But part of her is still kind of annoyed at Fred’s behavior. “You deserved it. I woke up alone, I ate lunch alone. Having Marcie bring up your food, really? You know she’d jump on your cock without a second thought. I’m the one who deserves your attention, not her.”
“Oh that’s what you wanted?” Fred asks with a mocking chuckle. “You decided to act like a brat because you wanted my attention? Well you’ve got my attention now, slut. Get naked and get over here, now.”
Y/N shivers as she stands up, arousal pooling in her stomach as she pulls her t-shirt off. She maintains eye contact with Fred as she unclasps her bra, letting it slip off of her arms and to the floor before she starts to take off her bottoms. A small noise comes out of her throat as Fred takes his cock out of his trousers, the satisfied look on his face making her body flush. As soon as all of her clothes are off Y/N comes around Fred’s desk and stands next to him, clasping her hands behind her back so he has a clear view of her body.
“Mm,” Fred hums as he looks Y/N up and down, one of his hands ghosting up and down her side while he strokes himself slowly with the other. “God you are gorgeous, baby. Bet you’re already nice and wet for me,” he muses as his fingers moves down her side, ghosting over her hip. “Can I check? Wanna see if that pretty cunt is ready for me to ruin.”
“Yes, sir,” Y/N responds with a whine, spreading her legs slightly so Fred can slide his hand between her thighs. She shivers as his fingers caress her wet slit, a quiet moan falling from her mouth.
Fred groans as his fingers tease Y/N’s wet folds, his cock twitching in his hand. “God, baby, you’re fucking soaked.” Fred circles her clit with a light touch, smirking when her thighs clench around him and a desperate whine falls from her lips. “Want you to bend over my desk, yeah? Gonna give you that attention you’ve been acting like a little whore to get.”
Y/N whines as Fred removes his hand from between her thighs, immediately getting into position. She drapes her torso over his desk, propping herself up on her forearms as she arches her back. Y/N spreads her legs slightly, presenting herself to Fred. “Please, sir. I’m ready for you.”
“Look at you,” Fred scoffs mockingly. “Offering yourself to me like a bitch in heat. Is that what you want, baby? For me to take you from behind like the dirty bitch you are and breed you until you’re nice and full with my baby?”
“Yes, sir, please,” Y/N begs, arching her back to present herself even further to Fred. “Need you to fill me up and claim me like the dirty bitch I am. Need you to stuff my desperate cunt with your cum and fuck your baby into me. Please sir, I need you to.”
“God what a desperate, dirty bitch you are,” Fred mocks as he stands up, getting into place behind Y/N. He teases the tip of his cock at her entrance, just letting it glide through her wetness.  “You want everyone to know who you belong to that badly, huh? You’re just gonna let me use your cunt as my own personal cum dump so I can keep you nice and full with my babies, yeah? Maybe I should get you a collar then too, pup. That way everyone knows just what a desperate bitch you are for me.” Fred grips Y/N’s hips tightly as he finally fucks into her, both of them moaning as he moves, only stopping once his hips are pressed against her ass and his cock is completely buried in her tight cunt.
“Oh god,” Y/N moans as Fred starts to move and shockwaves of pleasure start to radiate through her cunt. She can feel his fingers digging into her hips and his cock brushes her g-spot with every thrust, making her eyes roll back in her head as pleasure starts to cloud her mind. “So full, fuck,” she pants breathily, dropping her head down to lean her forehead against the desk.
Fred groans as Y/N’s cunt pulses around him, picking her hips up slightly so he can fuck into her even deeper. “You feel so fucking good, pup. Taking my cock so well, just like the dirty bitch you are. Want you to cum just from my cock, yeah? Desperate bitches in heat don’t get to have their clits touched, understand?”
Y/N pants as Fred fucks into her harder, her forearms shaking from the effort of keeping her body up. “Yes sir, wanna be your good bitch,” she responds breathily as her forearms give out. She lets out a moan as her torso presses against the cool wood of Fred’s desk, her body going limp in Fred’s grasp.
“Just my little fuck toy aren’t you, pup? For me to just use for my pleasure and then toss aside like a piece of trash. Just my own personal little cum dump,” Fred mocks, slamming his hips into Y/N harder. All of the moans and whines leaving her mouth are going straight to his cock, and he uses his grip on her hips to pull her back against him quicker.
The phone on his desk starts to ring then, and Fred’s pace falters for a moment as his eyes scan over the Caller ID. “Gonna need you to be quiet for me, okay pup? I’ve been waiting on this very important phone call and I’m not going to let a little desperate bitch ruin it. Stay nice and quiet for me and I’ll breed you like the whore you are, understand?”
Y/N lets out one more quiet moan as Fred’s pace becomes just as brutal as it had been before, and she bites her lip to contain all the noises she wants to let out. She can feel the familiar heat of an orgasm building up in her core and she tries to focus on the sound of Fred’s voice to keep herself from cumming without his permission.
“How’s it going, Jack? No I’m not doing anything important right now,” Fred answers with a chuckle, landing a particularly hard thrust that makes Y/N’s body drag against his desk. “What can I do for you?”
Hearing Fred talk about her as if she’s nothing only turns Y/N on more, and her nails scratch at the wood of his desk, desperately trying to find something to hold onto as pleasure courses through her body. Her back arches even further as Fred fucks into her, and she can taste the metallic of her own blood from how hard she’s biting her lip to stay quiet for Fred.
“No it’s no worries at all. I’ll have my assistant, whatever her name is, pick it up on her way into work for me and I’ll courier it over to you by the end of day,” Fred responds with a chuckle. With a few more pleasantries he’s finally hanging up the phone and he grips Y/N’s hip once again, digging his thumbs into the flesh just above her ass. “Such a good little pup,” he praises. “Go ahead and make some more noise for me, yeah? Wanna hear all your little noises.”
Y/N sighs in relief as she releases her lip, letting all the moans and whines that we’re building up spill out into the room. “Can I cum, sir? Please? ‘ve been such a good pup for you.”
“You liked hearing me talk about you like you’re nothing, didn’t you pup?” Fred’s rhythm starts to falter as his own orgasm approaches, and he brings Y/N to meet his thrusts even faster. “‘Cause you’re just my dirty little bitch, who’s desperate for my cock and my cum. Isn’t that right, pup?”
“Yes, sir,” Y/N answers around a whine, her mind foggy from pleasure as electric shocks of pleasure radiate through her entire body. “Please, sir. ‘M just you’re desperate little bitch. Wanna cum all over your cock before you claim me properly and fill me up with your litter.”
“Fuck, such a good little pup. Go on, cum for me and make a mess all over my cock. You’ve been such a good little breeding bitch for me, you deserve a treat,” Fred groans.
“Thank you sir, thank you, thank you,” Y/N babbles breathily, no longer in control of what she’s saying. With one more thrust of Fred’s hips Y/N is cumming, fireworks of pleasure exploding in her belly and stars lighting up behind her eyelids and pleasure rocks through her body. Wanton moans and whines leave her mouth as pleasure washes over her, her cunt pulsing and tightening around Fred’s cock as aftershock of pleasure radiate through her core. “Please sir, need you to fill me up. Put your baby into me please,” she begs.
“Don’t you worry, pup. ’M gonna get you nice and full, yeah? Gonna breed you just like the bitch you are and keep you nice and full with my babies. Then everyone at the office, especially that prick Michael will know just who this cunt belongs too.” With a few more sloppy thrusts of his hips Fred is cumming, his movements stilling as his cock twitches inside of Y/N, releasing his seed deep inside of her.
Y/N lets out a little moan as Fred collapses against her back, both of their chests heaving with deep breaths as they recover from their highs. “Thank you,” she murmurs, tilting her head to the side so Fred can kiss her softly.
“For what, pup?” Fred asks with a grin, pressing open mouthed kisses to her sweaty shoulder.
“For finally giving me the attention I wanted,” Y/N responds with a quiet giggle, reaching up to pull Fred into another, slow kiss.
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starrihope · 4 months ago
seashells and shores ( and something a bit more )
Characters /  Pairing: Fukawa Touko / Naegi Komaru, ensemble class 78; varyingly background / implied ships are sakuraoi / ishimondo / celeschi / naeleogami
crossposted on ao3
Notes: a very late day 3 for @tokomaruweek​. beach prompt! yesterday i was feeling a little burnt out so i decided to not write since i didn’t want to put out something half assed. hopefully this being a bit longer helps make up for it! ( and by a bit, i mean i basically doubled the word count compared to what i’ve done for this week so far lmao rip so much for hoping i’d catch up tonight )
rated t for touko's trauma. and also for junko having her tits out. thanks junko.
anyways tw for like trauma, the general self-depricating / self-concious stuff for toko but also like. her trauma w/ water is brought up since it's. beach? and also drowning doesn't actually happen but it is brought up. and touko mentions claustrophobia in relation to her trauma offhandedly once, and again, just generally feeling insecure.
also it's kinda implied that chihiro and celes are both trans thank you!!!
Summary:  going to the beach isn't exactly an exciting thought for her, given the fact she has no desire getting in the water.
komaru seems dead set on making sure she makes some memories anyways.
Do you want to come to the beach with us? That is the first text of the morning that she receives, courtesy of Makoto Naegi. Touko considers asking who he means by us, gathers that he probably means some assortment of their classmates, and ( while it is very tempting to say yes ) concludes that she can safely say no. And she intends to do exactly that, but she gets a set of texts that stops her from being able to do so.
ur coming with us, right?
you should come with us!
itll be fun!
So Komaru would be there too— their...friendship is odd, all things considered. Not that the knowledge of knowing she’d be there makes the offer any more tempting, but she bites her lip and considers what to say. Not that there’s really much of a question, just keep it blunt and to the point as per usual. No point in sugar coating things.
I’m busy. Maybe next time. She’s not that busy, current manuscript aside. Not that Touko intended on ever not being busy. It’s not her fault that Komaru is too dense to take a hint.
awww :(
if u don’t wanna get in the water, ill make sure they’ll leave you alone. im sure you won’t be the only one that doesnt want to!!
Ah. She might have to ( partially ) retract her statement on Komaru being dense. Had she figured out her reluctance without her even mentioning it, or had that just been a lucky guess? Maybe it was just Makoto’s luck rubbing off on her...
i understand if you don’t want to come
and i’ll leave u alone if u rlly dont wanna come.
but it wont be as much fun without you there :(
Urgh. Yeah, this girl doesn’t understand a thing, does she? She’s probably not even realized the impact her words have on her. Touko grumbles under her breath, but figures she should respond before Komaru sends another text begging trying to convince her.
I’m not going in the water, though.
If this goes horribly wrong, I’m blaming you.
That is a lie. Even if worst comes to worst and Syo feels the need to front for her, she won’t hold it against her. She’s the one who agreed, after all. It’s just one last attempt at offering her an out. To change her mind. Like she should. But Komaru is nothing if not stubborn, so she doesn’t really expect that offer to be taken up on. She starts making a mental checklist of what she probably needs to take with her, doesn’t get very far into that list because Komaru’s response is nearly instantaneous.
yayayayay tnk u touko-chan ily!!!!!! :D
we’ll pick u up k????
ur staying @ the place near the dorms right? see u soon!! ♡♡
Touko grimaces at the butchering of language that is Komaru’s texting ( and ignores her own fluttering heart upon seeing the casual hearts sprinkled in at the end ), and sends back, If you love me, fix your grammar.
The car ride over is mostly uneventful. In that she means she feels like she’s going to have a headache before they even get there and Makoto keeps giving her a sympathetic look. In other words, she’s learned that Komaru and both Asahina siblings should not be left to entertain themselves for the hour-long car ride, but the only silver lining here is that it was only an hour-long ride and hopefully they would be tired out for the ride back.
The highlight of the hour was that even if it’d been a tight squeeze in the backseat, that meant she’d been ( somewhat ) uncomfortably sandwiched between the door and Komaru herself. She’s a little surprised that it doesn’t set off her claustrophobia, but reckons that might just be because it’s too bright to remind her of being locked in a closet. And also because Komaru is generally distracting in close proximity, from the way she’d been halfway sitting on her lap, to the faint scent of what Touko figures to be her shampoo.
She also considers it a victory that she did not dissociate in the midst of that, but probably only because Komaru kept checking on her and apologizing for how close they are: she’d had to bite her tongue several times from saying something harsher than she’d really mean. She doesn't hate Syo, but probably counterintuitive to let them front today: whether they are aware of this, or simply just disinterested in trying to front right now, she is thankful. If nothing else, she would consider this some kind of learning moment. Maybe. Something to draw inspiration from?
Still, once she’s free from the confines of the car, she can actually relax a little— or does for all of two seconds before Komaru has grabbed onto her free hand and started dragging her towards the loud group that she recognizes as her class. Yuta and Aoi had bolted out of the car the moment they’d come to a stop to race to the waters ( she can’t imagine being that athletic and feels tired watching them ). Touko gazes back longingly at the confines of the car and the consideration that she might’ve been able to isolate herself there, but her grip’s pretty tight on her hand. Which is nice, and distracts her from thinking about escaping until it's way too late, and she’s forced to look at the group before her, and—
Slaps a hand over Komaru’s eyes with a groan. “Enoshima, wh-what the fuck, you—” She holds off on the ( derogatory ) word she wants to say, and just scowls at the sight before her. “This isn’t a...a nude beach? Are you t-t-trying to get us in trouble or something?” Granted she’s not technically completely nude, but also more revealing than she should be. Seriously, she would’ve figured that Ishimaru would’ve already told Enoshima off already because what else is he good for ( then again, he is single-handedly the only person who would probably take no real issue with it, or be naively convinced by her that it wasn’t really a problem, so maybe she really shouldn’t be that surprised ).
Enoshima cackles at her. “Don’t be a prude, Fukawa! Or are you jealous? I’m just trying to get a sick tan.” While she’s at it, where the hell is Ikusaba to keep her sister in check? Whatever, that’s not really important, and she refuses to dignify that with a response given that Enoshima probably only wants to get a rise out of her.
Instead, she makes sure to put a decent distance between them before removing her hand from over Komaru’s eyes with a huff. “Urgh, honestly...what on earth m-made her think that was a, a good idea?” She grumbles, glancing around now that she doesn’t have to stare directly at...that.
Actually, now that she looks around, the only seemingly responsible person from their class currently present was Oogami— and honestly, she seems too busy being in love with her girlfriend to count ( if it wasn’t kind of heartwarming, she’d probably be disgusted. Not in a homophobic way, in a general ew PDA sort of way ). As for any else viably responsible: Kirigiri being absent wasn’t a surprise, Fujisaki’s too soft to really keep people in check, Byakuya is...his own entirely separate category, and she would rather die than count Hagakure as responsible in any capacity. And Makoto might be a voice of reason, but she’s pretty sure he’s utterly useless here. Which is probably a horrible sign of things to come, but what else did she expect from anything involving her peers?
“You don’t want to go in the water, right?” Komaru’s voice cuts in through her thoughts, watching her closely before taking her hand to start pulling her along then. “We should set up somewhere to sit, then!”
We? She thinks, but instead attempts to free her hand from her grip and voices, “...Don’t you want to go in th-the water with the rest of them? You don’t have to, uh, to stay with me, you know. I’m not a k-k-kid.”
Her expression looks conflicted. “Well, yeah, of course I do want to! But only for a bit, probably? I mean, it’d be kind of rude to leave you alone since I asked you to come?”
She ignores the way her stomach twists at that, and purses her lips. “Technically s-speaking, Makoto asked first. You aren’t— it’s not rude of you to want to have some fun without me. I know I’m n-n-not fun to stick around.” She knows she wouldn’t want to stick around herself if she had the choice. “It’s not like, like I wasn’t prepared for th-that.”
“Yeah, but— that’s the thing. You shouldn’t be! And I want to spend time with everyone, and that includes you too.” And now she’s sulking. God. Fukawa is about to growl back something she’ll probably regret saying, but is saved from doing so by a much calmer voice interrupting, having overheard their argument.
“Why don’t you go join your brother for a bit? Fukawa-san can join us if she would like to. We have an extra seat.”
Celes looks hot— and she means that in a very literal sense ( mostly ), decked out in one of her usual frilly black dresses. She looks out of place in the hot summer heat. Touko is also not sure where and how she managed to get a table out here ( and tea, apparently, and you know what she’s just not going to question it ), but Fujisaki is already pulling out the extra seat in offering, and she sighs reluctantly. Better this than feeling like she’s holding Komaru back.
“G-G-Go. Or...or I’ll let Syo toss you in the water.” Not really a threat - if anything, Syo would dive bomb into the water with her. Argh, maybe she should’ve just let them front today...
( No, no she shouldn’t have. The only person currently present that Syo would’ve mostly listened to would be Komaru— and maybe Makoto or Fujisaki if they were feeling generous— which is an entirely different set of issues she doesn’t want to linger on. Needless to say, she doesn’t particularly want Syo to cause chaos today )
Touko is saved from having to argue further with her on this because as Komaru opens her mouth to protest, Yuta comes to steal her away, blabbering on about something about a game they should play: and while he’s definitely as oblivious as his sister, she’ll consider that a good thing, just this once. The only words Komaru manages to get in is to ask Toko to keep her bag for her, which she would’ve done anyways, picking it up from where she’d dropped it. She watches them wander off ( and only looks away when Komaru starts discarding the clothes she’d been wearing over her swimsuit ) before trudging over to sit next to Fujisaki, who flashes her a small smile as she types away on her laptop.
“I am surprised you came, Fukawa-san. You do not seem like the type for these activities. You are usually quite disinterested in participating in these kinds of things, in fact. Did something change?” Ugh. This is why Touko hates being around Ludenberg. Because she’s observant, generally only bested by Kirigiri in that regard, and is generally good at picking people apart when it comes to lies and acts and fronts ( though Touko would argue this is from personal experience, and not from being a gambler ). And this fact would have irritated her, quite honestly, if she had not self-sabatoged herself by taking it as an insult, instead.
“I-I-I get it. No one really wants...wants me here. That’s what you meant, right...? You don’t have to r-remind me.” She grits her teeth. If nothing else, when she isn’t busy lying, Touko can appreciate her honesty. The tiny hand that wraps around her wrist stops her from saying anything further, even if it doesn’t take much to wrench her arm out of Fujisaki’s grasp: but she gets the feeling she is only able to do so because she isn’t actually trying to hold on too tightly.
“I’m sure th-that’s not what she meant, Fukawa-san...” Ever quick to play peacekeeper, she supposes. Touko simply grumbles at her and rolls her eyes. “...Especially since not everyone was available today, it’s nice that you were able to join us!”
“Yes, it is a shame. I would have liked for Yamada-kun to have been able to help with my tea, today.” Celes sighs as if disappointed— really? That’s what she’s on about?
Touko does a second look at who is not currently gathered, and denotes, “Is Maizono st-still out on tour...?” She thinks Komaru had mentioned something like that in passing.
“Yes! Maizono-san is on tour, Yamada-kun is at an important convention, Ikusaba-san, she’s...doing some kind of training...? I think Kirigiri-san is supposed to be on the tail end of a rough case, and...” Here Fujisaki pauses to giggle into her hand. “I sh-shouldn’t really laugh at this really, but Ishimaru-kun got sick. Oowada-kun had to force him to rest since he had been trying to work through it and made it worse for himself... or so that’s what I was told.”
Oh, so that’s the reason she hasn’t heard the loudmouths today? She might take back her sentiments on Ishimaru being useless, but he’s on thin fucking ice. Of course the overachiever would get sick during the summer holidays— apparently, she’s not alone in that thought.
“Only Ishimaru-kun would get sick during vacation and still manage to find a reason to not take a break.” Celes rolls her eyes, but Touko gets the feeling she’s amused too.
“So wh-what you’re saying is, uh, is that Oowada’s going to get sick next...right? I guess— we’ll find out if idiots get s-s-sick or not.” Touko quips— which earns a softer laugh from Fujisaki, so that’s pretty good.
Of course, it wouldn’t be like her if she didn’t put her foot in her mouth almost immediately afterwards by asking why they aren’t going in the water: she’s not really surprised because Celes rarely participates in gym ( and coming from Touko that says a lot ), but she was pretty sure Fujisaki wasn’t that self-conscious of herself. Not as much? Not that she really has any place to talk in that regard.
“Well, we already went to the beach at the start of the summer holidays! I’m not really missing out on anything, and it’s probably not my last opportunity to go during this break anyways.” And then, a little more sheepishly. “...Also I’m close to making a breakthrough on this code, I think. I wanted the fresh air, but I don’t really think I can afford to take much of a break right now.”
“She would have stayed on the train if I did not warn her we were approaching our stop, I believe. And not all of us can be like Enoshima. The brazenness of that woman is truly something else.” Touko is not sure if she says that from a place of respect or fear, and honestly she relates. And also doesn’t say any further on the subject because Celes gives her a dirty look.
Her gaze goes back out to their peers— she is pointedly avoiding needing to look at where Enoshima is— and spots Komaru and Yuta splashing around with Aoi and Oogami. Well, it looks like just splashing at least, from where she’s at. And Hagakure, who really just looks like an out-of-place sea cretin with the way his hair floats on the water’s surface, so. There’s that?
( No, she’s not at all envious of the fact that all of them get to have fun because they don’t have crippling fears: the ocean does not instill the same fear of confinement that a cramped bathtub does, but fear— there is still the fear that something will tug her down and her body will simply let herself dragged underneath out of instinct, a fear of something worse if she tries to fight for survival— )
Focus. She can feel the way her breath catches a little, the uneasy way her heart beats and concentrates on calming down. She doesn’t seem to have gotten Syo’s attention yet, nor anyone else’s, thankfully. She’ll Komaru for now, yeah. It takes a moment to relocate her, head breaching from underneath the water and surfacing one of the sea’s legendary enchantresses. She means that in a wholly respectful way, of course, watching the way she shakes the water from her hair, mouth open in a wide grin while she laughs. Touko doesn’t need to hear her to know that on the sole basis of her appearance— the bright look in her eyes is enough to say she is happily enjoying herself without her.
On that note, hm. Maybe she can use some of that for the basis of her next novel— something about a siren and a lady visiting the sea? Tragic romances are always a hit, aren’t they? Okay maybe a tragic lesbian romance is more self-projection, but that's besides the point. No one has to know its self-projection if people eat it up like anything else that has her name on it.
Or maybe you need to talk to a therapist more often? Syo contributes helpfully, apparently having become more conscious at some point. Maybe her panic hadn’t gone as unnoticed as she thought. Not that they’re wrong, but talking to a therapist isn’t exactly going to help with her gay pining ( unfortunately, she wishes it were that simple ).
Yeah, that’s not something she really wants to linger on, and as if Celes can read her mind, says, “How do you ladies feel about a bet?”
“Pass.” Touko says immediately, because she is arguably far from a smart person, but she is smart enough to know to not take her chances against the ultimate gambler. Celes ignores her.
“You see, I would bet that Komaru—”
“No. We’re leaving h-her out of it.” Toko interrupts, and Fujisaki ( thankfully, like the god sent angel she is, even if she seems too good to be real ) nods her agreement.
“I don’t think Naegi-kun would be really happy if he heard us talking about his little sister like that...” Her reasoning is fair, if nothing else.
“Fine. Do you think Naegi-kun is going to interfere on Togami-kun’s behalf, or help Kuwata-kun?” A painted fingernail points out the trio by the sea. Kuwata seems pretty intent on forcing Togami into the sea, suit and all, much to his disdain. The duo is yelling, probably. On the other hand, Makoto just looks like he doesn’t know whose side he’s supposed to be on here.
In the end, it doesn’t matter because by some luck ( or lack thereof ) Togami manages to trip on a washed up stone and ends up taking the other two boys down with him. The heir doesn’t even look all that mad, really, as Kuwata dunks him back under the water in retaliation: she knows what his angry face is, and that is not it, even if it looks kind of like he’s swallowing a lemon.
Or maybe that’s just her and her sour mood feeling like she’s swallowed several lemons raw because Touko doesn’t know how to make lemonade out of all the citrus life has handed her.
“By the way Fukawa-san, about Komaru—” Celes starts, but is interrupted by Komaru’s sharp yelling, which is followed by the wet feeling of her arms wrapping around her. Touko frowns, pushing her away.
“You’re w-wet.” She states the obvious as she makes a face, not that that seems to stop her. “Are're done going in the water f-f-for now?”
“Mhm! It’s too cold in the water, honestly. You’re nice and warm.” Komaru hums happily, and she grabs a towel from her bag to wrap her up in it before she ends up being the next sick kid. “I was thinking we could maybe spilt a snack...? And then we could make a sandcastle! Asahina-san was telling me about shells she saw earlier that we could use?” Touko bites back a small snort at how childish she sounds.
“Yeah, yeah— let go of me, s-so I can get up...” She agrees, ignoring the curious way Celes’ watches their interactions. She mutters something that passes for a thanks before she leaves ( not that she thinks Fujisaki notices at that point, full enraptured by her laptop screen ).
By snack, Touko realizes that this is more of a way of making sure she eats lunch— Syo had not so accidentally let it slip once that when she gets caught up on things, she has the tendency to skip meals. She bites her tongue on saying that it wasn’t necessary and instead pays for their meal because she can do that, she has the money to spare for that kind of thing: and she knows she doesn’t need to, but sometimes she feels like she needs to make it up to her before Komaru gets sick of their friendship.
And if it comes off like a date, that’s simply just coincidence.
When they return to the shore, Komaru drags her off to an area a little more secluded— she doesn’t really realize this at first, simply accepting her fate to follow along, but notices she can’t really hear anyone else. It helps her relax, feel like she doesn’t need to be so guarded.
( It doesn’t stop Touko from briefly complaining about how sandy she’s going to get because of this, which is annoying. And then immediately shuts up because Komaru offers to let her borrow her clothes, and she has nothing coherent that she can say to that. She eventually manages to spit out a no when it becomes obvious Komaru is waiting for her to say something )
“Well, okay then. You can always let me know if you change your mind.” She says, then, “Oooh, Touko-chan! It looks like there are tide pools over here!”
Komaru leaves her to pick out shells for them to use while she does the dirty work of constructing a sand castle. “So you won’t end up too sandy,” she explains. “And I trust your eyes to pick out nice shells.” She can’t really complain— although she almost makes a scathing comment about the fact that her eyes can't really be trusted when she wears glasses— and just keeps away from the waves for the most part. The water laps at her feet while she lingers around the tide pool, and then returns with the fruits of her search.
It’s...not an awfully constructed sand castle. Well, that’s probably more than a little generous to say. You know, if she was going to compare it to something kids made. As it stands ( or doesn’t, if Touko is being honest ), it’s probably not the most...concretely built and looks like part of the base might fall apart at any moment, but doesn’t say anything as she dumps an assortment of shells at her feet. And then pulls out a towel, so she can sit and watch her work. It feels like there’s another problem with this, but she can’t quite place what it is; it’s probably not important enough to point out.
Going back to the novel idea: maybe it’s not about a siren after all. Maybe it’s about a sea princess instead. A lonely girl drowning in the waters called home, in a lonely castle, and—
“Here you go!” Komaru plops a shell into her hand with no warning and beams at her. “It’s nice and pretty just like you, Touko-chan. So you should keep it!”
She definitely doesn’t almost tear up upon hearing that, swallowing thickly as she bites back a self-deprecating, Are you sure it’s not just ugly like me? Instead, she picks out a small shell from the pile and holds it out to her.
“...H-H-Here. Completely plain and, and average like you.” And cute, but that’s not important. Still, Komaru looks like she’s actually said something of worth as she throws her arms around her neck.
“Thank you! I’ll take good care of it.” She acts like she’s given her a houseplant or something of actual value, and not a shell.
Stiffly— because she still really doesn’t know how to respond in these kinds of moments, despite being friends for a few odd months now— Touko pats her back and mutters, “It’s not that big of a deal.”
“It is!” Komaru pouts at her. “It is to me. Isn’t that enough?”
She opens her mouth to point out that she’d really just been reciprocating a gesture, but the wave crashing over them interrupts the conversation— oh yeah, she thinks absently. That’d been the other problem that she’d noticed when Komaru had started building, but hadn’t thought it was a big enough issue to point out.
Once she processes that yes, that happens, her first thought is how cold she is now, soaked to the bone. Touko represses a shudder and tries to ignore the fact that she will need to shower later because salt water gets itchy. The second thing that occurs to her, in the midst of this, is that now Komaru is wailing into her shoulder.
“I should’ve been more careful, I’m sorry Touko-chan! You’re okay? You aren’t upset, are you? I thought th—” Touko leans forward to cut her off. Her lips taste like salt, and vaguely reminiscent of the sweet snack Komaru had coaxed her into splitting. She wants to bite down on her lip, a nervous habit, and pulls back before she can accidentally manage to bite the other’s lips instead. The implications of that are a lot more than she’s willing to handle right now, and averts her gaze as soon as she leans back, so she does not have to acknowledge her actions.
That doesn’t stop Komaru from throwing her arms around her a little too eagerly, a grunt at the impact of their bodies colliding. “Too m-much.” Touko manages to wheeze out, and before she can start apologizing again, follows with, “I’m not upset. I should probably just...just buy something overpriced from one of th-the nearby shops since our clothes are soaked now...”
She takes this in fairly good stride, jumping to her feet and pulling her up by her hands. “Can I pick out an outfit for you? It’ll be fun!”
Their ideas of fun are very different quite frankly, but considering Komaru won’t overthink her appearance like she does, thus meaning it’ll be more time efficient. And quite frankly, she’s tired, so she just agrees. On the condition they can just go take a nap in the car afterwards.
Touko doesn’t quite agree with Komaru’s fashion choices, but she picks out clothes that cover up everything that needs to be hidden, so she can’t exactly complain. Nor does she complain when they do less napping and more snuggling in the backseat. Which means on the ride back, Komaru ends up falling asleep on her shoulder. She thinks about how pretty she looks in the light of the sunset.
Maybe she can rethink her next novel being a romantic tragedy.
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imagine-lcorp · 4 months ago
Wandering Hearts (One Shot)
Tumblr media
"I know we're not together anymore, but it doesn't mean that I stopped caring about you" ex-gf reader offering to share her umbrella with Lena. R walks Lena home and they have a heart to heart talk about why they broke up that leads some passionate I'm-sorry-and-im-never-letting-you-go sex
A/N: Well hello, my dears, hope you’re enjoying the holidays and I’m here with a long due request. Yeah I know I’m falling behing but we’ll get there when we have to. In the meantime pls enjoy and again HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Let me know what you think and love y’all!!!
Lena Luthor x Fem!R//Word Count: 1,674 -------------------------------------------------
Big dark clouds, a cold breeze and a soft drizzle. With a weather like this, it was best to have a nice umbrella with you, you had said. If you didn't want to get yourself soaked in that same drizzle that could turn into pouring rain. She should have listened to you, she thought, and not just about the weather.
Standing outside the L-Corp building, Lena had been sheltering herself, waiting for the rain to stop so she could head to her apartment. She had been thinking about you more than she would have wished that day, making her tasks in the company almost insufferable. It seemed better to think about you in a more private place, where at least you could not distract her any further. The rain, however, seemed to have other plans for her.
She took her phone then with a defeated sigh, and was about to call her driver, when a silhouette approached beside her, putting a shadow between her head and the grey sky above.
"Going home?" Your voice eased the growing alarms in Lena's head.  She turned to look at you, an apologetic smile on the corner of your lips.
She was startled for a moment, trying to share a smile that didn't reach her eyes with you. "Trying to."
"Waiting for your driver?" You moved under the umbrella, close enough to feel Lena's warmth but still putting some space between you. So near and yet so far, Lena thought.
"No, I sent him home for the day. I was hoping I could walk myself home for a change." She admitted and shook her head. "I should just take a cab."
"I shall wish you good luck.." You turned to look at the street in front of you. "The traffic is horrible with a rain like this and most taxis are probably taken by now."
Lena observed the car lines in front of her as if for the first time. The cars advanced slowly under the rain with irritated drivers while other people tried to find some shelter. Doing the math, it was faster to walk to her apartment than to wait for another car to take her there.
"I could walk you home." The words left your mouth before you could even try to stop them and, this time, Lena was taken aback.
She didn't want to reject you but the idea of walking with you, of sharing some time again, together, made her feel unsure of herself.
"That's if you still want to take that walk." You said hesitantly.
"Oh, I wouldn't want to bother." She said with a too polite tone.
"No bother at all. It's just a few blocks away and there's enough room for both of us here. Unless you don't wanna get your Louis Vuitton wet." You said teasingly, bouncing the umbrella in your hand as some drops were making their way down the floor.
It made Lena chuckle. When you talked like this, it almost seemed like not a single thing had changed between you two. "Alright, just because I'm getting cold."
"Sure." You offered her your arm, the one holding the umbrella so you could walk side by side.  "Careful with the puddles."
There was a hint of hesitation as Lena took it but you decided to ignore it. You shouldn't have to make it hard on each other, you thought, but after a few steps a rather awkward silence settled between you two. You knew it was not ideal. Things had not ended quite well last time you had seen each other but that didn't mean you wouldn't help her if she needed. Although you would have preferred to see Lena again with other settings, with less sour memories stuck in your head and with a heart that didn't beat like crazy every time you thought about her.
As you two walked you tried to appear distracted, trying to find something more interesting to look at. You had no idea what to do but keep walking and hope it wasn't long before you reached Lena's apartment, where you would say goodbye again and then go about your day like nothing had happened. However, that was a thought that didn't sit quiet well with you either.
After a few minutes of walking, you realized it was a bit difficult to keep walking beside each other with all the people that was now coming to the sidewalk. The rain had lessened for a little, so it was safer for people to run where they needed. At some point, you had to squeeze yourselves against each other, trying not to collide against the people passing by.
"Sorry." You said as you came face to face with Lena.
"Don't worry, it's nothing." She said with a little smile.
"No, I mean...I'm sorry." You said, realizing something after a long time.
Lena was confused for a second. "What for?"
"For everything." You said and she understood.
Lena looked into your eyes for a moment, looking for words unspoken. She looked for a shadow of reproach or complain, whatever sign that could confirm just how bad she had messed up your past relationship. There was nothing there but longing and honesty. She shook her head and parted from you, continuing with your walk.
"I'm the one who should have said it. You had every right to be angry with me then." She kept her pace, carefully avoiding the people passing by.
"Still didn't mean I had to lash out at you the way I did." You almost missed a step, but you didn't stop.
You remembered your last conversation, wincing a bit at the memory. If you had a chance to make it up to her for the way things had ended that day, you were going to take it. Even if that was by simply holding and umbrella over her head.
"I didn't make it easy for you." She sighed. "I kept so many things and every time you tried to reach out, I would just push you away."
"I knew you had to sometimes but..." There was a burning question in the tip of your tongue. "Was it really that hard to talk to me?"
"My life's not easy, (Y/N). I wanted to protect you but... I only ended up putting you in one of my little boxes."  
"Yeah, little boxes, all the time." You said quietly.  
"It should have been a relief, not having to worry about me after all that." Lena turned to look at you again, noticing the little frown you had now in your expression.
"Honestly? Not really." You sighed heavily this time, leaving the warm air leave your lungs into the cold of the evening. "If anything, it's been harder trying not to do that. Sometimes I'm watching the news, and they talk about you, and I wonder If you're doing alright or if anything has happened because I think you look more tired than usual. Then I wanna ask if you're okay but then I'm not sure if I should. "
"I wouldn't mind if you asked."
"That worries me too. That you wouldn't mind anymore." You said defeated. "We're here." You said after a moment stopping in front of a large building.
Lena recognized it as her own and she realized the walk was over. She wished to say so much more, to let you know you were still important to her, that you were still in her mind at all times. It was hard to open up, and she wondered if after all this time that could even make a difference. But just like you, she thought she could take one last chance.
"Would you like a cup of tea? Or something?" She said before you had to let her go.
You raised a brow in surprise but managed a little smile in the end. You understood it as it was, an invitation to enjoy yourselves a little more. "I would like that very much."
The conversation in her apartment had a lighter tone you both waited for your beverages to be ready. Topics about your works, friends and family were revisited with cordiality until your conversation started to feel more familiar and comfortable, even making a couple of jokes and complaining about whatever thing. You had never talked this much before.
"I missed this." You said after a while. Both of you sitting close to each other around her kitchen counter.
"What?" Lena smiled.
"Talking." You said with a little smile of your own.
"Me too." Lena looked at the cup between her hands. "If we had only talked like this before..."
"We still could, you know." You said a little bit hesitant but ready to make amends. "We could just talk, listen to each other. I know we're not together anymore, but it doesn't mean that I stopped caring about you."
"I know." Lena looked into your eyes again. "I didn't either."
At that moment, the world seemed to shift into its axis. Simple words held so much more meaning after all this time and all the circumstances. None of you could, nor wished to, stop the kiss that came after this.
In a second, you felt Lena's lips over your own, nervous but sweet as you returned the kiss. It had been too long since you had been apart but it felt like the first time. Before of after, nothing mattered but that moment. Words weren't needed anymore as you reached with hands and lips, to confess all the longing you had been holding for each other.
Your lips find their way to Lena's neck, her hands roaming your waist and back, pushing you together as if it were possible to melt against each other. The raind and cold weather didn't bother you anymore as you made your way safely under Lena's covers. Clothes discarded and skin on fire.
When morning found you again, wrapped in each others arms, you knew this time your wandering hearts would find a home in each other. Something that needed no words. An apology and a promise, that you would never let each other go again.
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fantasydaydreamers · 4 months ago
so i never found a post about rules for you and if i accidentally break a rule then sorry but im pulling an all nighter soon and i really need some bnha fuel, whether it be nsfw or fluff- female reader if possible, im fine with most characters but i do specifically like a few which are bakugo, kurogiri, twice, kirishima, iida, all might and aizawa so 😌 do as many as you want, please and thank you
...So you've definitely already pulled your all nighter...I'm so sorry😭
Since it is the holiday season 😌 how about some scenarios based off of Christmas songs~?
Words: 1,837
Warnings: None
"If I break my leg I swear to God-" You meant to sound threatening, but the shakiness in your voice gave it away. Bakugou watches you lace up your ice skates, rolling his eyes as he held out his hand to help you up.
"You're not going to fall, dumbass. Hold on to me and you'll be fine." Confident as ever, you glanced at him as his face flushed pink even though it was freezing inside the ice skating rink.
It was almost Christmas and Bakugou took you out to do something festive. Because of his quirk, Bakugou had an internship overseas in the tropics and you came along for support, but also since Christmas was soon. It was different not seeing any snow, but Bakugou had a plan to make it seem like home.
Which is why, as soon as he dragged you here, you knew he must've known how to already ice skate and that left you to suffer. On the bright side, you could spend time with him, but the downside?
You definitely would've preferred being at the beach.
Wobbling to your feet, you hold onto Bakugou's hand for dear life as he helps you walk to the opening to the rink, smirking. "You're like a newborn fawn."
Scowling, you couldn't even bother to retort with all your attention on trying not to fall. What amazed you the most was that Bakugou had been walking backward this whole time, smoothly. Because of that, he steps onto the ice first gliding slightly.
You stop right at the edge and glance up at him in question. Rolling his eyes again, Bakugou gently tugs you forward and as soon as you step on the ice, your foot slides all the way forward and you know your about to fall on your back.
Firm hands grip you tightly as you try to steady yourself, Bakugou snorting out laughs as he glides behind you. His arms wrap around your waist and his warm breath brushes your ear making you shiver for a different reason.
"Push off with your right foot and I'll push too. Then push off with your left. Alternate your legs and I'll hold you upright."
Nodding your head, you do what he says.
"If we were at the beach right now, we wouldn't have to do this." You mumble out, getting the hang of the rhythm.
Bakugou snorts again and pulls you tighter against him. "Not bad, (Y/n). Keep it up and maybe there will be some presents under the tree this year."
"Does Santa visit penthouse suites at hotels?"
"Haha. Now you're definitely on the naughty list, dumbass."
Before you knew it, Bakugou had loosened his grip around your waist and you realized just how well you were doing. "Hey look! I'm-"
Before you could express your excitement, you felt yourself falling backward and Bakugou couldn't catch you in time as you both landed in a pile on the hardened ice.
It was quiet for a second before giggles escaped your throat as you rolled off Bakugou. Looking over at him, he was staring up at the ceiling a little dazed. Leaning over, you peck his lips gently and watch as his eyes come back into focus. He grins and props himself up on his arms, moving in to kiss you again.
"Merry Christmas, (Y/n)"
"Take me to the ice-skating rink downtown
Even though it's 100 degrees, gotta get out,
Ain't no ice or no chills, no snowmen to build, most of our friends at the beach,
But my baby's in town and we're gonna do some winter things."
→ Winter Things❄️- Ariana Grande
(Y'all pls😭 the song I chose-)
Iida fussed around the Christmas tree, trying to make it look picture perfect as you flipped through his Christmas playlist, yawning at all the repetitive songs on there.
"Really babe? I understand all these songs are classics but don't you get tired of hearing the same thing over and over again?" Furrowing your eyebrows, you exit out of his playlist and open YouTube.
"(Y/n), I could use some help over here..." Comes his strained voice making you look over. Although he ignores your comment completely, it's clear to see why. Iida had managed to tie his hands around his back, tangled in lights, with a ribbon draped over his shoulders haphazardly.
He looked all too appealing sitting all tied up with his pleading eyes asking you for help. Smirking devilishly, you type in the Christmas song you had been looking for this whole time.
Putting the phone down, you strut over to Iida with a smirk on your face and his eyes widened in disbelief. The minute you dropped your ass low to the ground, you couldn't hold in your laughter as you then crawled towards him, arching your back as you did.
With his glasses disarray and mouth open, you crawl on his lap, reaching behind him to undo the lights while still humming the words. At a loss for words, Iida is immobile as you roll your hips over his lap, purposely leaning over his shoulder to see what you're doing, pressing yourself against him.
The lights fall free from Iida's wrists, but he doesn't move as you wrap your arms around his neck, brushing your lips against his teasingly.
He gulps as the song ends, closing his mouth. Smiling innocently at him, you peck his lips whispering softly, "Merry Christmas, Iida."
Later on, after he recovered from his initial shock, he lectured you on the importance of electrical safety and how he was in a hazardous situation.
"Santa I've been naughty but I swear I can be nice,
I'll throw it back baby for a stocking full of ice,
Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires too,
Gimme that Gucci bag and let's see what I can do."
→ MERRY LiTMAS🔥- Mahogany Lox
Snow fluttered beautifully outside the window you and Aizawa were looking out of. The two of you were curled up together on a lounge chair, a weighted blanket keeping the chills away as the fireplace crackled off to the side. Both of you sat in comfortable silence, occasionally drinking hot cocoa and overall enjoying the peacefulness around you two.
The lights from the Christmas tree glowed softly, being the only other light source besides the fireplace and you sighed contently, curling further into Aizawa's side. His arm under the blanket curled around your waist and held you close as a light thump made its way between your bodies on top of the blanket.
Smiling, you reach from under the blanket, cold air coating your arm as you petted Aizawa's cat. The cat being Aizawa's because it was more attached to him than anything you've ever seen. The cat purred softly and you felt Aizawa kiss your forehead.
Humming softly, you tilt your head up and catch his eyes as he was staring down at you. Smiling, you tilt your chin, silently asking for a kiss to which he responded. Aizawa pecks your lips a few times and you savor the taste of chocolate on his lips, peeking your tongue out slightly to lick them.
A low growl escapes from his lips and you smile. "Don't even think about ruining this sweet moment, kitten. We have all the time in the world to do things like that. Right now I just want you to enjoy this peacefulness with me."
Snorting a laugh, you turn away and pick the cat up to cuddle him close to your face. "Awh, did you hear that kitten? Daddy Aizawa is thinking naughty."
Aizawa's grip tightened on your waist and you hide your smile behind the cat, turning to look at him fully, the cat staring at him too before meowing loudly.
Aizawa cracks a grin and leans down to kiss the cat and you release your hold on him, watching as the cat snuggles between to two of you. Aizawa watches too and you lean over to kiss him again.
"Merry Christmas, Daddy Aizawa."
"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire,
Jack Frost nipping at your nose,
Yuletide carols being sung by a choir,
And folks dressed up like Eskimos."
→ The Christmas Song🎄- Nat King Cole
All Might
It all started as a charity event.
Toshinori was offered to dress up as Santa, in his All Might form. In all honesty, you got a kick out of seeing him with a fake white beard on and glasses. The whole idea of a "buff" Santa was hot in general, but knowing it was your man, made it even hotter.
The number of kids who showed up just to see him was unbelievable and although Toshinori wouldn't be moving around much, just sitting, you worried that he wouldn't be able to hold his form for long. It wasn't hard to tell it was him and some kids had to of known it was really All Might, hell, even some of the parents came to him. It was hard not too jealous at watching the other women sit on his laps and twirl the fake beard around their fingers.
Toshinori didn't seem effected by it and you knew you could trust him. But, nonetheless, working as one of "Santa's elves," you ended up seeing everything that happened. It was an all-day job and the line of people never seemed to shrink.
It wasn't until late in the evening you finally seemed to catch your breath and Toshinori ho-ho-hoed at the last child. The person running the charity event hurried to close everything up and you heard Toshinori let out the biggest sigh. Since you were concerned all day, you ran over to him instantly. "Are you okay?"
He smiled tiredly up at you and let out another ho-ho. "Well, what a lovely young lady! What would you like for Christmas?"
Confused, you watch as Toshinori pats his lap, motioning you to sit. Feeling heat rise to your cheeks, you look around and see everyone else tearing down the decoration, too engrossed in their own world. "What's wrong, (Y/n)?"
Looking back, you saw the playful glint in his eyes and sighed before reluctantly sitting on his thigh. Wrapping your arms around his neck you raise your eyebrow in question and pretend to think of what you want.
Toshinori's eyes widened and he smirked, leaning closer to you. "Have you been a good girl this year?"
"Have I?" You whisper, everything around you two fading into nothing. It was only you and Toshinori at that moment, your head being filled with naughty ideas.
"I guess we'll just have to see about that later." He murmured, kissing your lips lightly before tugging his fake beard down. "Okay, I really need to change back now."
Scrambling off him, Toshinori changes back and you help clean everything up, excited to get home.
"Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing,
A ring, I don't mean on the phone,
Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight"
→ Santa Baby🎅-Eartha Kitt
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spencerhotchner · 4 months ago
Alternative {spencer reid}
Chapter 1 
summary: Since quarentine was announced, Y/N decided to rewatch all seasons of Criminal Minds. On a lonely night she wished she could be in that universe instead of this. What happens when she wakes up in 2008 in Quantico?
warnings: angst, a very confused reader, regular cm stuff and my grammar (if you find anything else pls lmk
word count: 2k
a/n: i have this idea while watching a movie about parallel universes and all, so i just wanted to try this out. it will be a 10 parts series! im not really sure about this, i think i kinda hate it but im posting it anyways lmao. i hope you gonna enjoy!
series masterlist
part 1 | part 2
Tumblr media
You woke up feeling dizzy and with a major headache. At first you thought it was because you drank a whole lot of wine last night but then you saw yourself in a room you never saw before. You stoop up quickly trying to understand where you were and how did you end up there. You were sure that you have never been in this place before, and it was scaring you that you showed up in there.
There was a mirror nailed to the wall in from of you almost forcing you to look at your own body, that made you notice that you were still wearing the same clothes from last night, but you weren’t home. Not being home was odd given by the fact you stayed there with your family and two friends you invited over, since there’s a whole freaking pandemic going on and you for sure did not want to get sick or get other people sick. 
“Did I get kidnapped?” you think out loud. “No, I just watch too much Criminal Minds.” you tell yourself, trying to calm down.
You reach for the face mask placed on the nightstand, getting ready to leave this random place and go home. You tried not to freak out when you realized your phone was gone and the only cellphone in there was probably as old as your grandmother. You dialed your moms number about five times and all of them went on voicemail, making you curse mentally. 
This can’t be happening. Not to me.
As soon as you leave the apartment you were in you realized you weren’t in your hometown, definitely not. It was crowded, like, really crowded and no one was wearing any face masks. Where did the freaking pandemic go? You wondered while you felt like a misfit for being the only one wearing it. 
“Excuse me, can you tell me where I am?” you ask an old lady walking by.
“You’re on Main Street, sweetheart.” she says.
“No, um, I mean the city.” you watched as the old lady looked at you with a funny face, as if she was calling you crazy on her mind.
“We’re in Quantico, dear.”
“Quantico?” you repeat, mostly for yourself then for her. The lady started at you like you were an alien. “Thank you so much, ma’am.”
The air started to go low on you, how did you get to Virginia, anyway? That was across the country from where you lived, Bellevue in Washington state. You started lost walking, trying to understand what the hell was going on. It felt like you were on a parallel universe, like you were in a dream but couldn't wake up and it sure felt very real. You stoped a jornal shop taking a lot at the last newspaper in there, trying to figure if something happened that you were missing. However, nothing reported there shocked you, what did, though, was the date. 
July 1st, 2008
You were about to ask someone about it when you bumped into a blonde woman, falling on the ground. As soon as you looked up, you almost chocked yourself. If the day was already weird, this was even weirder. A.J Cook was standing right in front of you with a concerned look. You couldn't really say anything, just staring at her like she wasn't real. It was weird seeing her in front of you after only seeing her through screens. 
“I’m so sorry!” she said as she offered a hand for you to get up. “Are you ok?”
“I- um, yes! I’m fine.” you san, getting the dirt out of your outfit. “I’m a big fan of yours! Wish I had my phone here to take a picture but- sorry.“ you stoped talking, realizing she probably doesn’t care.
“Big fan of me? Wow, howcome somebody’s a fan of me?” she sounds surprised.
“Well, you’re on Criminal Minds.” you say as it was obvious. 
She looked at you as if you were out of your mind. Not that you weren't thinking otherwise at the moment, anyways. 
“I’m on what now?” she asked.
Maybe you got confused and she was the wrong person, but she looked so much like her to not be her. If they were not the same person, then definitely twins. This was so weird, once again, you found yourself asking ‘what the hell’ mentally.
“You’re JJ, Jennifer Jareau, FBI Agent and all.” you say, trying one more time. “Behaviour Analysis Unit...”
“Yea, that‘s me.” she let a nervous laugh comes out of her mouth. “How do you know me?”
‘This is weird’ you thought. How does she not understand where you know her from? Literally Criminal Minds, like you said at first. ‘Maybe this is all a dream.’
“I saw you on tv” you try.
“Oh, I see! You like law enforcement?” she asks you.
“Oh yes, I’m in law-school to be a judge someday.” you answered. “The show, all of it just makes me wanna put all them bad guys in jail.” you say, laughing a bit. 
“The show...? What?” you hear her whisper, but decide to ignore it. “What’s the mask about?” JJ asks, making you look at her surprised.
“Um, covid-19?” you say like it’s obvious, because it is.
“Oh, sure...” she smiles as she says it, almost like she's only agreeing because she won't discuss it. “Great talking to you, really, but I gotta go, FBI duty calls.” she jokes.
You smile at her watching carefully as she picks up her phone from her pocket and pick up a call. That phone looked awfully old, like 2000’s old. Why would a famous actress have that kinda of phone? Then, you looked around trying to understand more about what was going on. It was all too out of place.
First, nobody wearing masks, not even a single person but you. Second, you were in a city in which is miles away from your own. Third, a famous actress acted like she’s nobody. And fourth, the date on the calendar said 2008.
If it wasn’t just impossible I would say I time travelled into Criminal Minds universe.
After standing there for literal 10 minutes trying to figure it out what you were going to do, you decide to go to the police department. After all, you may have been abducted, right? Because you didn’t have any knowledge of the place, you took quite some time to get there. As soon as you got there you sigh in relief, that has been quite a walk and damn, you were tired of this situation. 
“Excuse me, ma’am, can you help me?” you ask to the lady standing behind the counter.
“Sure, dear. What do you need?” she looks up at you, taking her glasses of her face.
“I think I might have been abducted?” you start. “I woke up in this random apartment.”
“Maybe you had a one-night stand.” she said putting back her glasses.
“No! I am sure I didn’t because first of all, there’s a pandemic going on, second of all I was in Bellevue in Washington state when I went to sleep.” you yell, involuntarily, desperate to make her believe in you. 
“Miss, I’m gonna need you to calm down or you will be escorted out of the building. You’re probably on drugs, there's nothing we can do for you.”
“Fuck you.” you say as you watch her face get all red.
Frustrated. That could define what you were feeling, scared and worried could do the work, as well. What were you going to do now? Go to the FBI to see if they could freaking understand why you simply appeared in Quantico? Didn't sound like a bad idea in your mind as you decided to just try it out. After all, you were already pretty screwed up, it would worth a shot.
You reached for your back pocket, hoping that the money you shoved in there more than a week ago would still be in there. Bingo! You pull out a 20 dollar bill out of it and the next thing you know you’re getting into a cab asking him to take you to the FBI. Now that’s something you never thought would happen. The travel was quite quick, in 20 minutos you were standing in front of that big isolated building. It looked like it was taken straight out of your favorite show, that was insane. 
The wind blew hard on you when you got out of the vehicle, making you shiver a little, that reminded you that you did not have any clothes nor money to buy more. God, you did not even have where to go. You didn't even get the chance to get into the building as a big man steps in front of you, blocking your way. 
“Miss, you're not allowed in this building.” he said without much expression. 
“But, sir-” you started, as you saw he was about to interrupt you, you go on. “Ive been abducted and I don't know where or how the hell did I get in here, I’m completely hopeless... Please.” you beg him.
He started at you for a couple of seconds, that felt like centuries for you, just to sigh at you.
“Ok, follow me.” he said. “Do not make me regret this.” 
“I-I won’t, sir.” you were quick to answer. 
The agent asked another man to cover up for him as he led me into the building. Once again you found yourself admired of how much it did look like a Criminal Minds episode in there, if you weren't totally desperate you'd be amused. Soon, you two were out of the elevator on floor 8, leading with the words Behavior Analysis Unit quite big. 
“Can you take her to Agent Jareau, please?” the man said to someone who passed by, who simply agreed. 
Now, that's a funny coincidence, there's actually an Agent Jareau in the BAU. 
You followed the woman with questioning trying to stay calm when you saw Matthew Gray Gubler sitting on a desk reading some book in Reid style, almost like he was Spencer himself. If you had any doubts you were going crazy, that was the final proof. You stoped walking, taking a stare at him and then at the Agent that stared a you like you were an alien.
“Is there something wrong?” she asks you. “Miss, are you ok?”
You were unable to answer for a few seconds when you finally opened you mouth, still trying to figure it out how to say what was on your mind without sounding completely insane.
“Is that Dr. Spencer Reid?” 
And that was all you’re able to say because as soon as you let his name out of your mouth he looked up at you, trying to somehow recognize you. You were sure, that time, that you never looked - and sounded - as insane as right now. 
“Yes, that's me.” he answers. 
His voice was the last thing you could hear before everything go black. Maybe you were finally going to wake up. Maybe. 
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drangues · 5 months ago
Well, I appreciate you not finding me annoying- I just know that dealing with someone with anxiety can be. A Lot. And of course I have, like, ADD on top of that, and a general tendency to overshare because it’s hard for me to tell what the divider is between too much and not enough? Also there an Actual SCP that lets you square up with mental and physical illnesses and disorders alike, it’s great. (Nyanon, 1/10)
Anyways, I’m sorry people have said that about some of your favorites, but I’m glad you like them, anyways! It’s nice to like stuff. That aside, Kyouka just vibing up until she get the Urge to Go is. Hilarious, and would definitely happen. Also you’re right, Atsushi definitely collects old and vintage stuff and tries to restore it a bit and you should say it. Anyways, poor Atsushi is just left struggling to keep up with his adopted baby sis because how did we get here? (Nyanon, 2/10)
Kyouka what??? Kyouka please he is Confused (even though he definitely supports her traditions, like you said- Our boy is just wondered why it came out of nowhere). And those four sound like a good choice for family friends! I feel like Kyouka would get. The ODDEST assortment of gifts from them- Like, Yosano gives her an Entire Emergency Kit and Kouyou just gives her Swords and also pretty clothes. (Nyanon, 3/10)
Of course, Fukuzawa gives her toys for the local strays and some pocket money if she needs it, and Lucy probably gives her a doll or something. Atsushi, of course, fusses over making sure she has Everything, including books, bedding, her broom, and Kyouka did you pack all of your clothes??? And of course, he probably passes her Byakko’s special basket and bed (because that would be One Spoiled Cat) while in tears, like you said, because he doesn’t want her to be alone. (Nyanon, 4/10)
AND DONT WORRY KENJI IS DEFINITELY THE BOY SHE MEETS, I ALSO SHIP IT, THEYRE ADORABLE AND I LOVE THEM. He chatters to her about his life on the farm and how much more busy the city is, and they bond over being in a new place on their own. Poor Atsushi can’t catch a break, and he probably freaks out everyone else by running away. Like, what the fuck are they gonna tell Kyouka when she gets back??? Atsushi where did you go? (Nyanon, 5/10)
Meanwhile Atsushi is frantically trying to Not Be Cursed and it is. A work in progress. It’d be much easier if the wizard he found actually helped instead of being a trolling bastard. Said wizard and his minions (friends) are all taken with the weird cursed maybe-not-an-old-man who’s now their house keeper? Albeit in different ways, of course, but it’s hard not to be when he’s a sweetheart, of a bit anxious. Dazai just wants to know how the fuck he gets Chuuya to listen to him. (Nyanon, 6/10)
Also please consider: Atsushi having black hair at the start, but it ends up a permanent silver with a black streak by the end, because he’s starting to embrace himself. Dazai falling farther and farther in love as the story goes on and not even realizing it, and it’s totally normal to pet someone’s hair and compliment them so much, shut UP Chuuya, you’re a sentient ball a gas, what do you know- Anyways yes I’m taken with this AU, no I don’t mind your tangent. (Nyanon, 7/10)
And it’s just like [Dazai: I’m sorry like you ignore your what now??? // Atsushi: // Dazai: Atsushi-kun please answer me- ] It’d be so chaotic it’s great. Anyways, yeah I could definitely see him not really,, Registering? That everything he once had to do isn’t necessary anymore- It’d definitely be hard to break the habit, given how long it was literally beaten into him. It’s probably the same way when it comes to like, eating and stuff? Given his experiences. (Nyanon, 8/10)
Then he realizes halfway through the day that he can, in fact, eat, and he isn’t used to that? Please help him. But all of that definitely would make him more eager to try new things, once he realized he could! He’ll try everything with anyone who’s willing. Like, he’ll do flower pressing with Kunikida (who thinks they make good bookmarks), or he’ll try collecting things with Dazai (who collects foreign coins, though Atsushi finds that he favors bottle caps). You know what I mean? (Nyanon, 9/10)
But anyways, another Scenario Concept: Please imagine Dazai and Atsushi taking naps together. Like, Atsushi curls up on Dazai’s chest and Will Not Move, and no one has the heart to move him, anyways. Dazai buries his face in Atsushi’s lap and let’s himself fall asleep while Atsushi plays with his hair. I don’t know, I’m tired and can’t think of much right now. I just want fluff. (Nyanon, 10/10)
i loVE THEM GIVING HER THE ODDEST GIFTS I BET FUKUZAWA IS THE ONLY ACTUAL NORMAL ONE WHO GIVES HER NORMAL GIFTS meanwhile kunikida (did i say he would be a friend as well??) would give her the C UT E S T stationary items for her studies. 
anyways Y E S i totally agree with atsushi having black hair and it turning grey how dare you be so amazing WOW <33 and chuuya would definitely keep on teasing dazai about everything he literally does to atsushi the moment the young(old??) man is out of earshot
flower pressing with kunikida,,,how dare you make me soft i hate you and DAZAI AND ATSUSHI TAKING NAPS TOGETHER AAAA THATS SO CUTE PL S IM CRYING
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lftvsos · 5 months ago
chemistry || calum hood
word count: 3.8k+
warnings: mentions of weed, swear words, mention of injury, food & the slightest bit of sex talk
a/n: hey twt moots ;)) anyways, this is inspired by this post! i hope u all enjoy <3
It was about 11 pm, and I had just finished taking an unnecessarily large amount of notes for chemistry class. With a sore, shaky hand and a vision that was starting to go blurry, I had finally finished ten pages. Who knew that there was so much information about 5 organic compounds?
I yawned in my seat, stretching my arms out and removing my glasses. I was more than thankful that I can call it a night, and walked towards my bathroom to get ready for bed, which took a good 30 minutes. It usually doesn’t take me that long, but fuck, I was exhausted this whole day. After all my skincare was completed, I walked back to my bedroom and hopped into my bed, prepared for a well deserved rest. After slouching for a good three and a half hours, comforter and pillows had never felt so good against my body. 
Just as I was about to fall asleep, I heard a loud ding! from my phone and I opened my heavy eyes, which immediately annoyed me. I ignored the first one and tried to go back to sleep, but one ding turned into six and I couldn’t take it anymore. I angrily ripped the covers off my body, sitting up right after reaching for my phone on the nightstand beside my bed.
6 New Text Messages from: calum hood
hey wyd rn
can you do me a favour
i need your help
im at this party right now and i’m about to get high as fuck but i forgot about our homework for tomorrow and i was wondering if you could do them for me
you don’t even need to make them look pretty like how you do it just take down the important shit
“What the fuck?” I whsipered to myself as I looked at my phone. “Who does this bitch think he is?”
to: calum hood
are you fucking serious right now
from: calum hood
please i’m really sorry LOL i completely forgot about it
i know your smarty pants finished it the second you got home please
i’ll literally buy you starbucks tomorrow morning
As much as I hated to admit it, his last text message kind of convinced me. I was a sucker for coffee, and could really stop spending money on it every morning. But was I really about to lose some more sleep just to do the party boy’s notes? I barely know this kid anyways. How’d this guy even get into college? 
to: calum hood
is it gonna be a venti
from: calum hood:
if that’s what you want, sure
I knew I was going to regret this decision, but I threw on my glasses and put my hair up once again, walking towards my desk. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I sighed out, opening my laptop and gathering my supplies together. I unlocked my phone, seeing that the time was 12 am. Am I doing this for coffee or am I doing this because he’s attractive and I couldn’t really say no to him? I groaned and leaned my head on my desk, texting him back.
to: calum hood
i hate you so much
get me a venti iced white mocha no whip and an extra espresso shot
actually no make that two extra espresso shots cause bc of your dumbass im staying up 
from: calum hood
i gotchu angel
thank you so much, see you tomorrow :)
“Fuck off with the petname and the smiley face,” I angrily cursed at my phone, picking up my pencil and beginning to write another ten pages of notes. 
“I hate this bitch,” I said, throwing my pencil onto my desk and slamming my laptop shut. The time was now 3:45 am and tired was an understatement for me. I crawled into bed, falling asleep almost immediatly, hoping that these 5 hours of sleep will give me enough energy to get through class tomorrow.
“You have got to be fucking joking me,” I mumbled, reaching over for my phone to turn off the alarm. I was definitely not a morning person, and the fact that I didn’t get at least 7 hours of sleep meant that I was not going to be in a good mood today.
I slowly crawled out of bed and began trudging towards my bathroom, seeing I had gotten a text meesage from the man himself. I rolled my eyes seeing his name pop up, opening the conversation between him and I.
from: calum hood
to: calum hood
fuck off
I set my phone aside, getting ready for bed in the slowest way possible. I honestly could care less about what I looked like today, so I decided on a hoodie and sweatpants. I went back into my room and packed my bag with everything I needed, including Calum’s stupid study notes. I threw it over my shoulder, putting on my shoes and walking out the front door, into my car. Thankfully my college was not too far from my apartment, so it didn’t matter if I was running a couple of minutes late.
Parking my car and walking towards class, more and more annoyance filled my body, hoping that nobody would say a word to me, or even better, look in my direction. As I walked into the classroom, I walked towards the empty seats in the very back, choosing the one closest to the wall. I got settled into my seat, leaning the side of my head against the wall, hoping that I’d get the tiniest bit of extra rest.
“The last text message you sent to me wasn’t very nice.” I heard a voice beside me say. I opened my eyes and looked up, seeing the stupid Calum Hood. He was holding two cups of coffee - one for me, and one for him I’m assuming - and was wearing a maroon hoodie, which he actually looked really good in.
“I don’t think you deserve to have a nice goodmorning text, because you are the reason I’m in a pissy mood today, thank you very much.” I responded, taking my coffee from his hand and placing it on my desk. I reached into my bag and took the study notes I wrote for him, slapping it onto the desk beside me.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered as our professor began to speak up, indicating that class had begun. “What can I do in order for you not to be mad at me?” I turned to look at him. He had the biggest pouty face I had ever seen, which was absolutely adorable. But I’d never tell him that.
“Just shut up.” I sighed, turning back towards the board, opening my notebook and beginning to take notes. 
Not even ten minutes later, a green sticky note caught my eye as I was writing. My eyes gazed towards the sticky note, scoffing at what was written on it.
Pls forgive me :(
I turned towards Calum, who was currently well focused on the board in front of us. I lightly chuckled, knowing he was more than pretending to actually pay attention in this class.
I thought I told you to shut up, I wrote underneath his writing and stuck it back onto his desk, and continued from where I left off. I got maybe 5 words in before I saw the neon green appear back onto my desk. I can’t shut up if I’m not talking.
I rolled my eyes before crumbling the paper in my hand, looking at Calum once again. “You’re distracting me. What do you want?” I asked him, the brunette boy turning his head to me once again. 
“For you not to be mad at me.” He responded. “What can I do for you to at least smile at me? Besides telling me to shut up.” 
I stared at him with the bitchiest face I could put on, then rolled my eyes and began to take down more notes in my book. First, he makes me write ten pages for him and now he’s distracting me in class. Can he leave me alone for at least five minutes? 
“And now you’re not gonna talk to me. Fine, be that way.” He grunted. The two of went back to what to we were doing for the remainder of class.
“That’s all for today folks, I hope you have a good rest of your day and don’t forget to read pages thirty to thirty-five and finish questions one to twenty-seven.” Our professor said to all of the class, which resulted in me grabbing my bag and standing up immediately, wanting nothing more than to just get the fuck out of this place.
Please don’t talk to me please don’t talk to me please don’t talk to me-
“Hey wait,” Calum said and grabbed my hand. 
“Yes?” I asked him, turning my body towards him as he let go of my hand. 
“What’re you doing the rest of the day?” 
“Nothing, why..?”
I saw that Calum had the cheekiest grin on his face after I gave him my answer. “As an apology for making you write down my notes, thank you very much by the way, along with making you angry this whole morning, how about we go get breakfast on me, and we can do our homework together, except I will do all the work, and you just copy my answers? How does that sound?”
I thought about it. One part of me just wanted to flip him off, go back home and get the sleep I missed out on last night. The other part of me was actually kind of down for that idea. Free food, free homework answers and I get to hang out with pretty boy? I wasn’t really losing anything here, huh? 
“I mean, I would say yes, but I took my car here and also I’m dressed terribly right now, the last thing I need is for more people to see me looking like this..” I trailed off, looking down at my current outfit and laughing lightly. “Babe, you don’t even look bad whatsoever right now. However, if you insist, you can go home and change and I can come get you when you’re ready. Is that a plan?” He asked in response. First angel, now babe? What is this guy doing?
“I mean.. I could do that...but-” “Pleeaaasee?” Calum cut me off, pressing his hands together, acting as if he was praying. 
“Ugh, fine, I’ll go with you! I’ll go home and get ready, and I’ll text you when I’m done.” I responded as the both of us walked out of the classroom, towards the parking lot. 
“Pinky promise you won’t cancel on me last minute?” Calum asked, extending his arm and putting his pinky in front of me as we reached my car. I hadn’t even noticed that he walked me to my car, which honestly made my heart flutter when I realized. 
“Are you kidding me?” I laughed lightly, taking my pinky and sticking it out with his, interlocking it. “Pinky promises mean everything, sweetheart. I’ll see you later.” He responded, winking at me then walking away. Getting into my car, I hit my steering wheel, squealing while I repeatedly hit my head against my wheel. “Fuckin’ angel, babe and sweetheart?! What’s next?” I asked myself, driving back to my place to get ready for this little study.. session? Hang out? Date? 
I never noticed how nervous I was to hang out with Calum until four different outfits were placed on my bed, with no ability to choose which one looked best. “Fuck, these are all terrible.” I groaned, flopping onto my bed and closing my eyes. I was interrupted by my phone ringing, seeing that Calum was calling.
“I know you pinky promised that you wouldn’t cancel on me, but angel what is taking so long?” He asked, laughing into his question. “I’m so sorry,” I groaned, getting back up and looking at the outfits I planned on my bed. “I’m having a little wardrobe crisis. I have zero idea what to wear.”
“You could’ve showed up in the hoodie and sweatpants and I’d still find you gorgeous,” He responded, making my heart flutter for what felt like the hundreth time today. This man throws small compliments left and right and it’s kind of driving me crazy. “But lemme see what you got planned out. I’ll make it easier for you.” I responded with an okay, quickly snapping a photo of the clothes that were currently on my bed. 
“Okay first off, none of these are bad at all. I think you could’ve chose any of these and rocked all of ‘em. Second, little shirt big pants is always the way to go. I say the second one.” He told me, choosing a white long sleeved shirt and the baggiest light wash jeans I had in my closet. It might’ve been basic, but Calum was right - you really can’t go wrong with a little shirt big pants combination. 
“Okay, thank you.” I sighed in relief, taking the clothes into my hands and walking into the washroom to change. “You can come now, I’ll text you my address. I’ll probably be done by the time you get here.” 
“Now was that so hard?” He asked in response, causing the both of us to laugh. “I’ll see you in a bit. Bye bye!” 
“Bye Calum, see you later.” And with that the call ended. I quickly changed into my clothes, put my laptop in my bag - along with everything else I needed - and slipped my shoes on. Once I finished doing so, I heard a loud honk outside, indicating that he was outside. 
Walking out of my house I saw Calum exiting his seat, walking over to the other side and opening the door for me. “Wow, what a gentleman.” I laughed as he closed my door and got into the drivers’ side once again. “You look great.” He told me, his eyes focused on my outfit. “All thanks to you.” I said nervously, as he started the car. “Where are we going again?” I asked him. 
“You can never go wrong with IHOP,”  He said proudly, with a wide grin on his face. “How’d you know I loved going there?” I asked him, gaining a chuckle from him in response. “Not sure if you knew this, but I’m a mindreader.” He joked, causing me to roll my eyes and laugh in response. 
Arriving at the place and ordering our food, Calum and I began to have a little conversation. It started off with an are you still mad at me? which resulted into talks about other classes, finals and parties. 
“You’re telling me you’ve never been to a party?” He asked in shock, me shaking my head as I took a sip of the water that was given to me. “Are you kidding me? We’ve been in college for what, two years, and you’ve never been to one?!”
“Yeah, in case you didn’t notice, I go to school to learn and not to party. I don’t ask people to take ten pages of notes for me so I could blaze up, unlike somebody I know,” I responded, Calum looking at me in disbelief. “I cannot believe you just called me out like that. I said I was sorry!” 
“Yeah yeah, I know. You’re making up for it with free food and free homework answers, so I decided to get over it.” I responded, laughing. “Also, when are we gonna start doing the questions?” I asked as the waiter came with both of our plates of food, thanking them as we began to eat. 
“I mean, we could go back to my place and work on it, if that’s alright with you.” Calum said, his mouth full of pancakes. “Is that your way of trying to get in my pants?” I asked jokingly. 
“You’re a fiesty one aren’t you?” He asked, with a simple nod from me in response. “Well to answer your question, no that is not my way of doing such a thing, I’d be much more smooth about it.” 
“Oh, so you think you’re slick or something?” “Nah babe, I know I’m slick.” There’s the cocky party boy that I was much more familiar with. I rolled my eyes in response.
“I’m gonna ignore what you just said.. Anyways, I am fine with working on it at your place.” I told him, getting a nod in response. Throughout the whole breakfast, we got to know each other quite well. I learned that he played soccer in highschool, but due to a torn ACL he had to quit. But because of that, he got into music and started playing the guitar. I told him that if there’s enough free time when we finished, he should play me something. He happily agreed to it, saying that I will fall in love with him after I hear his singing. I just roll my eyes at his cocky compliments about himself. 
I also got to hear his totally wild college parties that he goes to, telling me about this one time one of his friends’ houses got shut down due to the various noise complaints from neighbours down the block. “you should come join me in one”, He offers, with a “fuck no” in response from me. 
“C’mon, they’re not that bad. They’re actually really fun, and everybody’s always so nice.” 
“I literally can’t tell you the last time I got high, and the last time I got drunk it was not pretty, I’m retired from that shit.” I said, as he paid for our food and began walking back to his car.
“Oh, so you used to be rowdy?” He asked, the two of us laughing in unison. “High school me was a different story, we don’t talk about that.” I responded. “The things I would do to see that side of you. You gotta go to at least one before you get outta this place. They take a lot of stress off your shoulders for the night.” He told me as we walked towards the front door to his place, which made me laugh at the fact that he tried to make parties seem like a really good thing. A simple Maybe, was all I responded with as we got settled into his apartment, which was fairly clean to my surprise. 
We were currently sitting across each other at his dining table, the both of us reading over the textbook and him answering the questions after every section. He worked effeciently, which also took me by surprise. I underestimated this guy a lot, didn’t I?
A good two hours later, Calum had finished all the questions for homework and I had finished copying them down, thanking him for doing such a thing.
“It’s no problem. I had no idea that the notes were ten fucking pages long, you deserve a break after that- wait, you wear glasses?” He asked me, analyzing them.
“Yeah, only at home though. I don’t really like how they look on me,” I replied, taking them off and rubbing my eyes. He took them in his hands and put them back on me, smiling. “They look really cute on you, I like them.” He said, causing me to blush. “What’re you so flirty for?” I asked. Keep these compliments up and I might just fall in love with you before you even sing, I thought to myself.
“Well, with somebody as pretty as you, I gotta slip in a flirty remark every chance I get, eh?” He smirked, taking my hand, and taking the both of upstairs. “Don’t take this the wrong way, my guitars in my room.” He reassured me as we walked inside his room. He took the guitar from the side of his room, and sat on the edge of his bed, gesturing me to sit down next to him.
“Ready to fall in love with me?”
“Try me, Hood.” 
He chuckled, playing the intro to Sam Smith’s Leave Your Lover. “Holy shit, I love this song,” I whispered, watching his hands strum the guitar.
He began to sing, immediately amazed by his voice. It was so soft and raspy, I literally could listen to it all day. I closed my eyes, leaning my head on his shoulder. He laughed softly when he noticed, continuing on with the song. 
He finished playing the outro, which caused me to open my eyes and look up at him. “So, how was that?” 
“It was beautiful, your voice is so pretty.” I responded, smiling at him. “You should drop outta this whole college thing and just become famous.”
“Oh man I wish, but I think it’s too late for that.” He told me, now leaning on my shoulder, which made me want to scream and kiss him. “Did you fall in love with me yet?”
I patted his cheek with my hand lightly. “Not yet Cal, not yet. Stil kinda angry about that whole ten pages of notes thing.” 
“You’re never gonna let that go, are you?”
He laughed, then took my hand and intertwined it with his, rubbing circles on it with his thumb. “What if I told you I’d be down to do this again, minus the whole ‘let me do this for you today as an apology’ thing?” He questioned, lifting his head from my shoulder and looking at me.
“What do you mean, ‘this again’?”
“I mean picking you up with a coffee before class, bothering you the whole time, getting breakfast with you afterwards, studying together, and then playing a song for you once we get too lazy to finish our assignments.” He replied with a soft smile that made my heart warm and my cheeks red.
“And what if I told you that I’d be down to do those things aswell?” 
“Well then my love, I will pick you up on Wednesday at 8:15 with a venti iced white mocha with only one extra shot of espresso, because I won’t keep you up to write more notes. After class, I’ll take us to any place you wanna go. Denny’s? IHOP? Waffle House? You name it. Then, we can go back to my place, study our asses off and then I can play you as many songs as you’d like. How does that sound?” He offered, the biggest smile appearing on my face.
“That sounds perfect.”
“Now if we’re going to be doing this... does this mean I can finally take you to a damn party?”
“Fuck off, Hood.”
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grizztheexplorer · 5 months ago
Reaction umbrella academy. Ep 10, s1:
- looks like reggie is a time traveler. But with his wife was he in the past or future???????
- I understand possessed vanya destroying the rooms she felt excluded from, but tell me a memory of luke and allison doing unplatonic things trigger you??? Girl who wants to cockblock. If anything the usual reaction is to go “shit sorry” and then leave😭 i just feel like that’s an odd memory to trigger her. Felt more like a reminder of allison and luther’s feelings going on since they were young, than something that upset vanya.
- god I understand she was possessed sort of and not in control but how she murdered pogo? Even if i can like her and all she can never be my fave. That was horrible. Him and Grace were the only love she got as a child. To murder him like that and watch him as he struggles with his last breaths?? Awful. Im glad his death was emotional and luther was hurt. An emotional scene is what pogo deserved :(
- mom’s moment is heartbreaking too.
- uhm.... can we just take a moment to realize this is all happening because five left for like 30 minutes?? Sjfjdjf literally nothing would have happened if he had stayed. I just KNOW he would have called them dumb for locking vanya and talked to her himself bc her demons talked to her.
- damn fuck you got me. I started the show bc i saw a fun edit of s2. Ik allison finds a husband and loves him very much, but fuck im rooting for her and luther to end up together a little?????? They just have a bond sjdjdjd i hate the writers for this they really should have just had a strong sibling bond but here we are :/
- respect to hazel for that cha-cha has me tired. Has anyone had the conversation that from the only black women in the show the dark skin one is the insufferable one?? No?? We still waitong on that!? Would have literally made more sense to have her be in the position of hazel and hazel be the sort of power hungry one. I dont even blame the show, Netflix just had such bad reputation with dark skin female characters. Still glad cha-cha got fucked tho sjdjdjf
- why is diego on luther’s ass about a plan and being a leader as if he wasn’t just as bad lmaoooo. Y’all don’t function unless is under five or allison’s instructions sir pls sit tf down you BOTH useless.
- five is literally the only one that ever makes sense. However the one thing he lacks is communication. He keeps wanting to save everyone on his own and keeps leaving them in the dark. Had he told them earlier of apocalypse with vanya there this wouldn’t happen. Had he told them more about everything he wouldn’t be pulled away so easily. He gotta work on not thinking himself as the one carrying everyone and rely on them more. Altho i agree with him that he is the smartest. The others getting angry at that is dumb. He is 58 anyways and all he had to do for decades was read books. So that’s a given.
- i was gonna say thank you luther but never mind. WHY ARE MAN SO DUMB LET ALLISON DO IT DAMN IT.
- damn it agnes she really is an angel “everyone has a past” god i love her
- also i wanted five to kill the handler im a little :/
- men ruined it. Couldn’t let vanya have this. After all the shit, i like vanya more than luther and diego. I don’t dislike them BUT THEY NEVER FUCKINF LISTEN.
- im soso glad hazel and agnes made it and escaped. Agnes deserves the world thank u for coming to my ted talk
- i can see why allison in s2, being separated and not knowing if luther is alive AND having him constantly ignore her bc “he knows better” caused her to marry someone else later and offer him to go with her. I honestly do like luther and allison and they prob will be endgame, but he has to learn to listen to her and know they can protect each other and is not always him protecting her. He has to get the “but im the leader” bs out of his head to make it work with her. Which im guessing will happen in s3 later on anyways.
- if only they listened to FUCKING ALLISON
- i wonder if allison had just like,,,, hugged vanya instead of scaring her with the gunshot the apocalypse wouldn’t happen????
- i see they aren’t escaping but rather five has a plan to run away and just start again in order to solve it. Makes sense.
- glad cha-cha died goodness gracious
- i liked that the children appear on the last shot of the circle. If only andy mustard ugly ass would have taken notes for It Chapter 2 BUT I DIGRESS
Overall good season good show. I liked it. I like all characters but top 3 are def allison, five, and klaus. And ben. So top 4 bc ben is a puppy who i will always love a treasure. Hope we keep seeing klaus’ powers grow too.
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sauza · 5 months ago
this is so self indulgent, im sorry, but i cant stop thinking about shiggy with a cute lil bimbo gf. everyone is like "how the fuck did crusty get that?!" And dabi would be bitter af that shiggy gets some o that tight wap from this gorgeous airheaded nympho-- i- ugh, just being dumb and hot with a dangerous bf thatll take care of u? Yes pls, i dont wanna think, just horny thoughts 24/7... Bimbo supremacy, ye we dumb, but we cute af lmfao -🍰
Shiggy’s bimbo gf who cries when she can’t suck his cock or when he refuses to use her tight lil cunny after a long day. Shiggy’s bimbo gf who only listens when promised a taste of his bitter cum. Shiggy’s bimbo gf who will bend over anything for her boyfriend to fuck her.
You’re shameless, pretty, and everyone is jealous of Shiggy for bagging such a gem. You’re so loyal it pains them, screaming if they so much as nudge their arm into yours. Tomura finds you to be rather humorous, clinging and dragging yourself behind him. He’s walked blocks just to see how far you would push yourself, and of course, you followed him the entire way.
All you want is your Shiggy and a lot of kisses and sex <3
“Shiggy, I’m tired of using this stupid thing...” You pull the pink dildo from your soaked cunny with a pout, “Wanna feel you, not this... please? I’ll be quick, I promise!” You have been fucking yourself for hours, waiting for your boyfriend to finish his little map of U.A..
Tomura peers at you from over his shoulder, giving an irritated groan before turning back to his work. You hate when he ignores you and he knows it, but this is simply just more important right now! But his cold shoulder won’t stop you, your body slipping off of the bed and you crawl towards his desk, “They say you’ll die young if you stress too much and not cum enough~” He doesn’t even look at you, fingers tweaking a few things on the layout.
Not even when you begin to unbutton his panties, not even when you whip out his semi-hard dick. He loves you, don’t get him wrong, but you can be quite the handful. Always wanting sex and love and affection, he doesn’t mind giving it to you but even he needs a break sometimes.
You lay your cheek against his thigh and idly play with his cock, fingers dancing along his shaft and tongue lapping at his tip. You can feel his thigh begin to twitch, a clear sign that although he isn’t paying attention... well, he’s paying attention. Tomura briefly glances down at you, eyes glossy as you suckle on his cock, humming and doing your utmost best to try and get him to play with you.
“You’re a pain in my ass,” He growls, putting his pen down in favor of gripping you by the back of the neck, “On the bed and wait, otherwise I’ll only let you use that toy.”
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