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TASK 002 : “Playlist.”

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” ― Victor Hugo

Below you will find a collection of songs that were chosen by Carolyn or simply apply to her. These are melodies that make her smile, cry, and bring comfort. They are the soundtrack of her life, and are dedicated to every facet of who she was, is, and who’d she’d like to be. They’re for the daughter—the mother—the girlfriend—the wife—and the person.

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Hanahaki is a seasonal illness

And it gets worse each time it happens

I hate being a burden, an inconvenience

But I want to do things that I know will make me happy

I want to share my emotions, but I don’t want to bother others with them

I want to see the happiness I can bring to others, but I know not everyone wants it

To force it is never the answer

So I start feeling shame

It’s what I taught myself

Probably somewhere in my repressed memories, I’d know who it was who first taught me to feel shame

But I blinded myself to the feelings of others

Because there’s no chance someone besides me can begin feeling these things first

Feeling such strong emotions

To the point that they want to burst out of this fragile skin body

And suffocate everyone around

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Hey guys! I use this blog both for study posts and health/wellness posts. 

Even though we want to work hard and study, it’s good to have breaks. I just finished the show Peaky Blinders and I highly recommend it to people who like crime TV shows (with a bonus of British accents). 

The show is set in Birmingham, after The Great War, following along the main lead character, Thomas Shelby and his brothers. Thomas runs the gang “The Peaky Blinders” and is attempting to legalize his business. I’m not sure what more I can say without spoiling it, but hey, check it out!

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Life had been steady as of late, not that Betty was complaining. She had a job that she was happy and good at, a family that adored her, friends that supported her, and her love life? Well, it was definitely going places but tonight she put everything to the side. Every once and a while she craved excitement, passion, and lust. The feeling of being needed was making her even more anxious to get to her destination.

Tonight she was trading in her nickname for Liz, her ponytail for loose curls, and glossy lips to red lipstick, the type that would leave marks on the glasses she would drink tonight or even someone’s lips. Her outfit was one she wouldn’t be caught dead wearing to work or any normal day, which is exactly what she wanted, not normal. Adjusting her dress that was a simple black strapless one but hugged her curves just right and was bound to call attention to herself. She glanced at the entrance door of the bar, taking herself in before entering. 

The White Wyrm, she would come here often after visiting one night after work and found something or rather someone quite intriguing. Making her want to come back. To live within that world where she would use a name that made her feel confident and powerful, if only just for that night. It was silly, she can admit that but it was like putting on a mask and visiting a world that you’re not apart of, a fantasy.  Things seemed busy inside but she was lucky enough to spot an empty seat at the bar, her usual spot. Far enough to keep her space but close enough to the action and easy hold on drinks. Seeing that most of the people weren’t exactly her type or even near her age she knows she made the right seating choice, typical for a gang bar but she didn’t mind, all she needed was to find one person.

Betty made herself comfortable and was quickly noticed by the bartender. “What can I get you?” 

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I made a disc.ord se.rver for rp.ers if you want in, let me know. Just a place to gather to chat, vent, meet others, have fun, stream movies or CAH games. :)

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