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Try something so simple as sitting in a different chair.

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I do not protest,
NOT because
I agree with you
but because
I do not believe
in opposition.

And so it may appear to you
that you are having your way
with me.

Perhaps you do not see
that I am having my way also.

I am not protesting.
I am not opposing.
I am taking what is given me,
whether I like it or not.

This is my way.

I don’t mind what your way is,
or what you seemingly do.

You cannot make me oppose you.
You cannot make me oppose ANYTHING.

Faith begins with me. My choice.
Even as you seem to violate me.

Thing is,
you can’t violate empty space.

One can only violate
one who opposes violation.

And so I remain seemingly pure,
despite your attempts to corrupt me.

What’s more,

I enjoy every moment of it.

Every moment before.
Every moment during.
Every moment after.

Can you say 
that you enjoy every moment?

I pray that you do.

I feel sorry for you if you don’t.

But I do not oppose
your lot in life.

I do not oppose the circumstances

that seem to bring you to this.

I do not oppose
the delusions that may
or may not haunt you.

I surrender to your delusions,
and also my own.

Let go unto me.
I can set you free.

You are, after all, my imagination.

I do not oppose you.

Even your seemingly wicked
thoughts and actions.

None of this matters.

We are One.
I no longer deny it.

I do not oppose.

I can. But I do not.

I don’t mind
whether I do or do not.

But it seems clear
that I do not.

And so this is my way.
This is the way for me.

I am in control
of this seeming situation.

Though I don’t need to be in control.

Things happen.

I do not oppose.

I am space.
Inviolable space.

You cannot harm me
unless I want to be harmed.

Is my non protest harming you?

That is not for me to say.

My guess is that you
will suffer “consequences” later.

But only because
you still seem to oppose
what the flow brings you.

I could be wrong.

I don’t mind.

I do not oppose being wrong.

I am at peace
no matter what
seemingly happens to me.

Are you?

I don’t mind.

We are Space Monkey.


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‘Never drink coffee from a bronze cup’ my aunt warned.

  But like so many rules that adults never had time to fully explain to young people, I didn’t understand why or how. I don’t think my aunt did either, to be truthful. There were the times that she always rang the gate bell after leaving, and when my mother asked why she did that, my aunt said that their grandparents did the same thing. She thought it was an ‘I love you’.  My mom laughed, and said “They did that to let the other know when it was safe to let the dog out into the yard.”

There are so many things we do that I don’t fully understand but go along with anyway.
Driving on the right-hand side of the road.
Reading, always from left to right, at least in this part of the world.
Writing the date from smallest to biggest (not so much in America), but writing time from biggest to smallest.

  But the bronze cup didn’t have directions, only the warning that my aunt spouted. Even my mom didn’t know what she was talking about.

  Many years had passed and by the time of my twenty-seventh birthday, I had forgotten it all.

  One of my presents was an ornate cup, its carved whorls shining.   Oh, no, you say.

I made coffee. Oh, bother, you say.

  And I noted the warmth and weight of the bronze cup in my hands, how it felt like it was forever meant for me, this strange and beautiful little thing, like something out of a fairytale.   Yes, you say, it is something out of a fairytale, don’t drink from it, that’s one of the first rules of fairytales!

  So I drank. You, you say nothing, because you are worried. But you can tell things can’t be so horrible, since I write this to you now.

  Now I plan each sunrise to be neither here nor there, and definitely not driving, because for exactly seven minutes, I disappear, and I am not on earth. At least it doesn’t feel like earth. It feels like Mars, dusty and timeless and orange.  Instead of brushing my teeth or going jogging, I am reading a book made of water, and telling the limning prince stories of lambs and meadowsweet jesters, and wondering when the next person will drink their coffee from a bronze cup.

  Other times I think upon the job that I have and its tediousness, and I wonder what would happen if I powdered the bronze cup and washed it down with coffee. And then I wonder if that’s how the prince got here.

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How lucky we are to have an imagination!


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You know I like looking at super expensive mansions.

I will probably never have one. Or even close too it. And I would never pay 10,000,000 just for a house (unless it came with like 900 acres)

But its fun to dream. Its fun to see what you could do with a house that big. What room would be yours, how you would change this, what you would do with that.

It might sound depressing but to me it fuels the imagination!

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Day 19 - Mid-tones!

Spent most of the time working on the sketch for the hair, but I did manage to do the mid-tones!

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“It’s life’s failure and its deficiencies that make someone a daydreamer. I don’t understand why prophets and philosophers didn’t see the significance in that. I think imagination is at the heart of reality,”

— Shokoofeh Azar, The Enlightenment of the Greengage Tree

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You can let your imagination lead you higher;
or let it trap you in a looped tower.

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The More You Moe, the Moe You Know | Adventure Time S7E14

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<div> —  <p>Was hopping from story to story today, working on bits a pieces on random chapters, and this thought occurred to me. </p><p>What do you think? </p> </div><span>In writing, one creates new life, though unseen by eyes, it’s explored by imagination</span>
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Thought For The Day

I love the excitement of being on the way out of a dark cave that you’ve been in for a while. The sense of anticipation and actually an intrinsic knowing the air will feel different and the way light will be experienced is breathtaking. The journey through this place has been illuminating and for sure tested the collective’s resolve. Yet here we are, hopefully integrating all experiences and…

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There must be countless perspectives. Let’s entertain them all!

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