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Do you have any thoughts/opinions on Kit Fisto x Aayla Secura (if it’s okay for me to ask)? I wanted to send you a request that kinda centers around that, but wanted to make sure it was okay or if you had any sort of opinion on that particular ship

I personally don’t ship it. I more ship aayla and commander blay but I will happily do what people want. If you want a kit and aayla ship I will do an imagine or headcannon for it. I’ll put a list down bellow of what I ship but like I said I’m happy to do any ship other people like.

Clone wars:

°anakin + padame

°obi-wan + cody

°obi-wan + satine

°Rex + cody

°plo koon + wolffe

°aalya + blay

°ventress + savage

My hero academia:

°izuku + todaroki

°bakugou + kirishima

°izuku + uraraka

°jiro + momo

°jiro + kaminari

°all might + inko

°aizawa + present mic

° momo + todaroki

One piece:

°luffy + nami

°luffy + zoro

°zoro + sanji

°Robin + franky

°usopp + kaya

°shanks + mihawk

One punch:

°genos + saitama


°hinata + kagayama

°hinata + Yachi

° hinata + kenma

°Suga + datchi

° tsukishima + yamaguchi

°noya + asahi

° Kenma + kuroo

°bokuto + akaashi


°soi fon + yoruichi

°ikakku + yumichika

°ichigo + rukia

°ichigo + orihime

°renji + rukia

Host club:

°haruhi + tamaki

°haruhi + hikaru


°sans + grillyby

°sans + toriel

°papyrus + mettaton

°alphys + undyn

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a/n: this is the first thing I’ve ever posted for all to see & it’s 3am so I’m sorry if there are any mistakes but I just needed some soft Harry BUT I purposely didn’t put any names because I wanted you guys to imagine this with anyone whether it be Harry or even a crush you have so I hope you guys enjoy it :)


It was half past nine in the morning when she woke up. He was pressed up behind her with an arm thrown over her middle, she could feel his deep breaths on the back of her neck. She wanted to turn around and face him. She wanted to study every feature of his face, but she knew he needed to sleep. He had been traveling from country to country recently, and to say she’s missed him was an understatement. The FaceTime calls and texts weren’t enough for the both of them; they just wanted physical touch.

But now he’s finally home and he’s nestled in their shared bed and the love they have for each other has once again filled the air around them like a warm breeze on a spring day. She quickly glances to the clock on the bedside table and notices that fifteen minutes has past by, and so she finally builds up the courage to turn around in his embrace. Once she fully turns around, he shifts his grasp on her body and lets out a deeper breath from his nose. She holds her breath for a second, silently praying that he stays in his slumber.

She doesn’t even want to blink. She just wants to stare at him for hours on end so that she can memorize every line on his face. She doesn’t want to let this peaceful moment slip away from her. Another few minutes pass by before his grip on her middle tightens a bit.

“I can feel you staring,” he says. He lets out a deep breath and a small smile starts appearing. She doesn’t say anything, she just smiles.

His eyes slowly open, blinking rapidly to adjust to the sunlight streaming in from the window across the room. Oh his eyes. She could just get lost in his eyes forever and she wouldn’t mind a bit. He stretches his limbs out a bit, his arm releasing her body for just a second before it wraps around her even tighter than before. He slowly pulls her closer towards his body, immediately bringing his head into the space right underneath her chin.

“Morning,” she whispers. He starts mumbling nonsense into her neck, the vibrations making her softly giggle.

“How long have you been awake just staring at me?” He questions.

“Hmm, maybe twenty or so minutes. I didn’t want to wake you. You needed your beauty rest.”

He removes his face from her neck, a shy smile appearing on his lips. “Beauty rest huh?” He chuckles.

She places her hands on his checks and touches her nose to his. She could stay like this forever, just the two of them entangled under the sheets in their quiet bedroom. Their little moment doesn’t last too long before he starts moving to sit up in bed.

“As much as I’d love to stay in bed all day, I’d like to eat breakfast before lunch time.” She groans in response, already missing the heat from his body, but she reluctantly sits up beside him and starts removing the covers from her bare legs. Before she can finish stretching, he’s already on her side of the bed with his hands extended out to her. She takes his hands in her own and he pulls her up off the mattress and into his arms, holding her in his embrace for a split second before he’s pulling her behind him and out of their bedroom. When they reach the kitchen, his hand lets go of hers and he makes his way over to the small speaker in the corner. The beginning notes of Fleetwood Mac’s “Silver Springs” fills the air as she begins to gather the ingredients for their breakfast smoothies.

She doesn’t notice him coming up behind her until she feels his arms circle around her waist, his lips pressing light kisses to the nape of her neck. “I love you,” he whispers.

She turns around in his arms and wraps her arms around his neck. “And I love you.” She responds.

Their lips meet, and she can feel every ounce of love in just that single kiss. Now this, this she could do forever.

Okay again, its 2am so I’m sorry if something just doesn’t make sense but I’m in a fat mood & I needed to distract myself from the fact I’ve been stuck in my house for 16 days without any face to face communication with my friends :( stay safe you guys & wash your hands!!! We’re all in this together ;)

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hiii can i request a fluffy friends to lover type scenario for beomgyu 馃ズ (ps i love ur blog

↬ summary : you and beomgyu are best friends; however, your friendship starts to shift to somewhat romantic because the both of you grew feelings for each other. 

↬ pairing : beomgyu x female!reader

↬ note : thank you for loving my blogs ! i may not be the best at writing, and my English is not that advanced, but I hope everyone enjoys reading my posts :) and sorry if this imagine got a bit boring, i’m not very creative haha

▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ ヅ

Choi Beomgyu was the sweetheart of the high school; the boy was always kind and caring to the people around him, and many people fell for his childish, innocent-like charms. He was not only a social butterfly but also a good student that many teachers adored. 

To add to his rise to popularity in the school, he was well-known for his amazing visuals that made girls and boys’ hearts flutter whenever they look at him. 

In contrast, you were the opposite of Beomgyu. You were not the type to talk to people and was very reserved because you liked being alone. Everyone in the school knew you were Beomgyu’s best friend and, therefore, would try to befriend you to talk to Beomgyu, which never worked because you were intelligent enough to distance yourself from them. 

Not only were you were cold as ice and reserved, but you were surprisingly gorgeous. Boys and girls dread to have a conversation with you, but they were always too afraid to speak with you because you would glare at anyone who’d dared to approach you. 

However, if you were so intimidating and Beomgyu is the opposite of you, then how did the two of you become friends? It was a mystery for everyone, but only the two of you knew what happened. 

Beomgyu noticed that you were always alone in the classroom during lunch, and you would do group projects by yourself; he somehow felt bad for you, but at the same time, he knew that you didn’t like interacting with others. 

He would frequently look at you whenever someone dares to talk to you, and as a result, you would always scare them off with your intimidating gaze. Beomgyu wanted to become friends with you because he thought you were cool, but he was afraid that he would get rejected like the rest of them.

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unrequited love |  timothée chalamet x reader

ღ genre: angst | warnings: french phrases, non-native speaker english, smoking, unrequited love, little dark academia reference |words: 499 | note: please, listen to “the beautiful ones” by poets of the fall while reading 


“smoking kills” you remarked.

timothée took a quick look at you, whispering something displeasedly under his breath and putting out his cigarette. he put the pack of cigarettes in the pocket of his pants and stared at you as if asking “anything else?” you saw an irritation in his expression of his face, in the movement of his jaw. you perfectly understood he wanted you to leave him alone.

so, you swiveled around to return to the academia. but suddenly timothée’s hand grabbed your wrist. you stood still, not looking at him.

“could we talk, (y/n)?” he asked with a trembling voice. you could hear how he struggled saying it, but you were adamant.

“we’ve talked too much before, timothée” you replied and tried to break out of his grip. timothée didn’t want to let you off, so his grasp became even harder.

“(y/n), please” timothée uttered. “it is the last time and i’m not going to bother you anymore”.

you sighed and turned your head to meet his sorrowful eyes. he unclenched your wrist. he coughed gathering his thoughts. probably he tried to make up another reason for you to change your attitude to him. but you were shocked when he finally claimed. “(y/n), you know how much i love you, and this is my weakness. you know that i’m ready to do everything you want. i love you, because i want to love you, even knowing that you will never love me back”.

“and what do you want then? if you can do everything i want, why can’t you just forget me? leave me alone? or just be friends?” you attacked, taking timothée aback. “everyone will be better if you just give up your feelings for me”.

timothée seemed absolutely confused. he pursed his lips and broke the eye contact. you immediately felt guilty. maybe you shouldn’t talk to him like that. he loved you after all. you wanted to run away, but your legs categorically refused to move, becoming wobbly. you glanced at timothée.

“i’m sorry” you whispered.

“i can’t leave you, because i love you. sans toi, je ne suis rien. je t’aime chaque jour davantage” he loudly responded, clenching his fists. “à toi, pour toujours”.

you felt a lump in your throat and couldn’t make a sound. your lips shaking and tears welling up in your eyes. you couldn’t love him back despite everything. but you didn’t feel guilty about that anymore. you regretted being so cruel to him. you wanted to burst out of tears, but his arms wrapped around you, pulling you closer to his chest. you heard his heart was beating fast and he shoulders flinched. he felt bad too. and he wanted to comfort you, ignoring his feelings. you felt safe in his gentle cuddle and gave vent to emotions, crying and shuddering all over. timothée was stroking your hair and back, clenching you to his chest tightly.

“je suis vraiment désolé, timothée” you screamed, though your throat was raw.

sans toi, je ne suis rien - without you, i am nothing 

je t’aime chaque jour davantage  - i love you more each day 

à toi, pour toujours - yours forever 

je suis vraiment désolé - i am so sorry 

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“Exactly! They don’t understand because they don’ get it!”

“Look, your brothers won’t get it if you don’t talk to them. They’re really worried about you, but they just don’t know how to handle a young girl as badass as you.”

“Did they tell you to say that?”

“No. I witnessed that. Y/N, they love you and they really wanna “get it” as you say. Give them a chance, perhaps?”

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Hey how you doing ?Can i have a male match-up please from MHA and kuroko basket? I’m a 5.2 chubby libra french girl with black hair bob and brown eyes.I have ATHD and i’m an INFJ with a huge weeb and gamer side .Fun fact I am also the mom of my group(like having everything in My bag for them,take care of them,telling jokes),nobody call me by my actual name,I smoke ik it’s bad and My favorite animals is cats, My hobbies is singing,dancing,cooking

I match you with…



Originally posted by berserkblossom

- so you both bonded over cats

- his sharp tongue and gen z humor drew you in

- and you being you drew him in

- i assume you meant adhd not athd so he’s surprised when you were babbling about cats then next it was about video games

- both of you bonded over video games too then anime

- he’s like slowly falling for you and he’s too stubborn to admit it but your compassion drew him in

- you’re from class 1-a of the hero department tho

- that didn’t stop your friendship tho, you’re fully supporting him and helping him climb the ranks

- being in seperate classes didn’t stop you from acting like a mom to him, at first he’s annoyed by it but soon enough he grows to love it

- he laugs dryly and mockingly at your joked but one time he full on laughed you freaking love it

- he’s so curious about how you’re from France but you moved to Japan

- “are you a distant relative of Aoyama?” he literally asked the first time he heard you’re from france

- then the dorms happened and he just find you in their class’ dorm dancing and singing in the kitchen making breakfast

- “if you plan on making it a habit to make breakfast while singing and dancing in the morning while simultaneously making me fall for you, well you’re a dumb shit for not taking my last name first”

- it took you a while to realize what he said but i assure you, you are now bright red

- you left without the other students knowing tho T^T

- he tries to make you stop your smoking habit and he actually is succeeding

- in return you help him with his insomia

- he asks you out in a very shinsou manner

- you were bringing several protein bars in your bag with chocolate and some couple more things like medicine for the headache, comb, or anything he might need

- “before you become like a worried girlfriend, why don’t i take you out on a date first?”

- boy was smooth af but it didn’t pass you and you said yes instantly

- you two would probs end up adopting one of Aizawa’s cats

- imagine gaming nights or nights were you two just binge watch anime

- while you are the creative one in your relationship, he’s the organized one

- you help him with his self esteem and confidence with his quirk

- most of the time your ideas are thrown around in a flurry of knowledge so you never really got to finish one but he’d be there pushing you to finish one then another

- he’s like a kid but not at the same time??? you take care of him cause he forgets that sometimes but he also keeps you grounded, focused, and inclined to your studies

- he’s the more serious one and less touchy one while you are the bright, funny one who loves ti act like a doting mother at times

- he’s not a man of many words and affection but he’ll definitely have moments when he’ll just shower you with love

I match you with…



Originally posted by spaztictwitch

- i kid you not, this boy need someone to set his life straight

- you’re seirin’s basketball manager and that’s where you met him

- Kagami’s independent, responsible, and all but he’s too consumed by basketball to the point that sometimes you would have to drag him from the court to do basic human needs

- expect a scolding from you if he didn’t sleep before a match and you’d be the one to have all the things he forgot to bring

- he’s a tiger and you’re the caretaker

- you keep him grounded and make sure not to overwork himself or reach too high

- he likes a woman who’s compassionate (have you seen this boy? he’s actually a soft bean)

- expect a lot of singing sessions while cooking or dancing around the kitchen while cooking together

- he’s a huge gamer but i’m not sure if he’s a weeb (lol he becomes one because of you)

- he’s impressed by your bento making skills and your compassion for a sport you didn’t even play

- he’s glad both of you had a mutual understanding that cats are the better than dogs (it doesn’t mean he loves your cat tho)

- he’s so happy to have another foreigner around so you two are probably the type to be touristy at times

- he calms you down and keeps you organized most of the time

- boy can actually make decent crafts so craft sessions are to be expected

- he doesn’t like your smoking habit but he can’t say he hadn’t tried smoking before

- he’s from america so he probably had smoked a couple times (no offense)

- he made a bento for you as a way of confessing and there’s this smol note that has “will you be my girlfriend?”

- he might be confident and all but he’s a shy bean to his crush

- you gave him a bento the next day that’s so cute to eat with yes written through seaweed on onigiris

- you two take care of each other and actually function like adults

- there are moments when you two are kinda acting too much like a foreigner

- you and him support each other in your new life in Japan

- he’s a sweet boyfriend and dates are mostly at home with home cooked meals

- he’s just so caring and such a soft giant teddy

A/N: I’m sorry for my long absence. I have decided to finish all match ups and update regularly rather than update a match up when I finish it. I tend to procrastinate which results to an inconsistent update sched but now I have finished all match ups and I plan to keep a consistent schedule instead. I’m sorry for the long wait but I can assure y'all that your match up request would be posted with this week and the next! I don’t plan on spamming y'alls timeline with just my match ups. Hope you enjoyed this!

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im going to delete TUMBLR I JST FINISHED THERES ONLY SO MUCH I CAN TAKE OT 2 AND ALL OF IT DEKETED IM SHAKING IN AGER IT TOOK LIKE 30 MINS OGNWKFJSLFB I CABT EVEN TYPE IM INFURIATED 😡🖕 U DID THIS FOR WHAT THO 😭😭😭😭😭 ugh I’m heartbroken I’m lit rally so pissed it was so long. I lost motivation imma make it short asf now jst for content but ihsgsisbkdjsldbsudbslbdisbdifbsisb whorebwhdkwbid

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A/N: I got a burst of inspiration so let’s just go with it.


Description: The Virus has finally left and now Calum can finally admit his feeling.

(i suck at descriptions sorry)

Pairing: Calum x Female Reader

 You never imagine you would live in California but let alone be friends with a band that you grew up listening too. Moving halfway across the country was a big deal of its own but you moved just about a month be for Covid 19 started to spread. You luckily went out there with some friends and a solid savings account that you knew you would be fine just had to wait everything out. before this all happened you met up with one of your online friends that you have known for years, her name was Crystle and she invited you to have out with her and her boyfriends along with his bandmates. you could turn up the opportunity to make some new friends. after that moment you guys all were instantly inseparable they turned into your brothers and you just grew closer with Crystle and Sierra. When the stay at home order began your heart tore to be away from them but that didn’t stop you all, you practically Facetimed every day. especially with Calum. It seemed you guys clicked faster than everyone else.

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Part 2  ~6,700  words

Finished this at midnight and spent the last 50 minutes just trying to get it to upload properly! I’m sorry if there are spelling errors in it but its 1am and I’m just so excited to post it. I’m so so so sorry for how long this got oh my god. I kind of should have split it into 3 parts but I just wanted to get it all out. I think I’m happy with it, which doesn’t happen with a lot of long stuff I used to write. @matbaezal I tagged you in the first part so here you go again bb :) Hope you all like it! 

Summary: After coming back into Mat’s arms after six months apart, it’s time for a cute, lovey-dovey reunion. You reveal some uncertainties you have about the relationship, and it sparks a heartfelt talk about feelings and the future of your relationship. Mat has been itching to tell you something for months now.  Warning: there’s some smut at the end ;)


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Chiaki Morisawa x Fem! Reader - ‘Watching the sun rise with you”

Chiakis POV
4:16 am.

It was a warm summer night, I currently had the month off because of summer break and what could be better then spending it with my beloved y/n.

We’ve been spending almost the entire time together. We went picknicking with the ryuseitai members, had multiple trips to the waterpark, we had a barbeque and game evening with both of our familys but the best thing about all this was that I could wake up with the love of my life laying right beside me.

The life of an Idol and Producer was hard, and the last weeks before summer break were a horror. We needed to prepare for a lot of festivals, write songs, sew costumes, come up with new ideas for choreographies and stage performances and y/n also had to help a lot of other groups with their song arrangement. All that resulted into less time we could spend with our significant other.

But now all I could think of was the warm summer breeze, that drifted through the window. The smell of fields and flowers that lingered in the air. And with y/n beside me everything felt like paradise. I smiled at the sight beside me. Y/n was fast asleep, her head was resting on my chest, her hair falling into her face but still managing to frame her face just perfectly. I slightly scooted closer to her, pressing my lips to her forehead.

‘She really is the one for me!’ I thought to myself and smiled even more.

“One day I’m going to marry you, just wait till we graduate!” I moved her hair out of her face admiring all of her features.

“I still remember when I first met you, you were really quiet but you had a pretty foul mouth. Back then you kinda reminded me of Izumi-kun. But after you became our producer I found so many things that I admired about you. Your passion was incredible, you were always working with the prettiest smile on your face.” I reached out tracing the corner of your lips.

“And you were costantly scolding my members and me if we were slacking off. You also gave us a lot of advice and even on the most tiring days, you were still able to make our practice fun.”

“Thats when I started to notice what a big effect you had on me. Every morning when you oppened the classroom door and greeted everyone with such a bright smile, I couldn’t help but smile back at you. No matter how bad or tired I felt!”

“Everyone might think that I’m such a Lucky-to-go guy but in reality even I have my moments of weakness! Sometimes I felt like I wasn’t good enough, both as an Idol and a Leader. But even then you listened to me and made me feel better!” I held my arm in the air looking at the bracelet that you and I shared; smiling to myself.

“You told me that I’m great at what I do and that you admired me for all the things I did for my members. That was the day when I first kissed you, I will never forget that day.”

“I’ve never felt so strongly about anyone! I hope that one day, one day you’re going to be my wife and I will be on your side as your husband and hero!”

“I love you!” I said quietly kissing her cheek.

“I love you too, Chiaki” her soft and groggy voice answered me.

I looked down at her. Her eyes were a bit drowsy, and she let out a small yawn.

“You are so perfect!” I wispered, more to myself than actually saying it to her.

I moved in closer to her kissing her soft lips and pressing our forehead together as we rested for a bit.

“Hey lets watch the sunset together!” She suggested, taking my hand in hers she started to drag me out of bed. I was a bit sleepy but I got up anyway. I mean how could I resist her lovely smile.

We made our way over to the balkony in her room, we sat down on the small outdoor bench, a blanket still wraped around our shoulder, finger interwined and her head resting on my shoulder…

This was perfect, this was the place where I wanted to spent the rest of my life. Here with her by my side, just enjoying each other company. My love~ ——————————————————————————————————


It’s almost 6 am. and I actually wanted to got to sleep but as I layed down this came up in my mind…and I just had to write this down. I hope you liked it! It was kinda random!

- Emilia Lilith Doyle

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hey! i loved your other reading so i'm wondering if now i can get a general reading about myself / my life? thank you! - V.M. 馃挅

hey Imagine/V.M!! thank you!! i’m so glad to see you back!! 💖💖

with the judgement and queen of swords, i’m seeing you might be undergoing a period of self-revelation, or one part of your life that you’ve always been struggling with will come to become clearer to you! on the other hand, it’s time to start taking responsibility for your actions, if you haven’t! with the queen of swords, i do see someone becoming stern and complex if you do not handle the situation with them properly. This person could be a male or female, but I’m seeing there was a past turmoil or unjust actions were done towards the other party and responsibility was not taken. 

now, you might be feeling like the magician and the chariot reversed. you might be using spirituality, astrology or tarot to “escape” or change the situation but it’s not working out. you might also have a strong desire to escape this situation but the reins of this relationship seem to be holding you back. what used to be a perfect team is now becoming a broken, and miscommunicated relationship. (3 of pentacles reversed) with the moon in reverse i’m also seeing some secrets were revealed or there were some heavy misunderstandings that led to this separation.

i’m seeing some sort of hesitation to address this situation, but I’m seeing that justice has to be served in one way or another eventually. with the 6 of swords, it indicates moving forward and seeing past this problem. some advice from celeste would be to look forward and do the right thing. you have to gain strength from kindness and let it guide you, even if it means losing the person. in the end, the person might not be healthy for you if you continue to stay with them! i see a lot of jealousy and possessiveness, which is unhealthy in the long run. for the other party, i’m seeing a sense of strength and they might be focusing their energy more on realistic, practical areas and being less emotional about it. (knight of pentacles) they though, have been hurt badly and feels some sort of trap and tyranny from this situation. with the emperor in reverse, this situation might be unfair and unstable.

i’m seeing in 2-3 months time, this problem may not be resolved so easily. you may still be determined to work things out and solve it. i’m seeing a bit of karmic relationship energy? nonetheless, i do see the person remaining their stance and continuing to work hard in their pursuit.  however, you might be feeling happier with the 4 of cups reversed and 10 of pentacles. finally, you’re starting to choose your own happiness. although this may not end so easily, i think it’s important to be able to live up to your conscience and think twice before acting. all the best dear ☯️💖🌿

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Originally posted by hannahberrie

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Summary: Steve and Y/n drive out meet Murray and find themselves sharing a bed.

Warnings: Mention of drinking. Fluff.

Taglist: @kay18115@loulouloueh​ @queenofthehairharrington


Prompts: ‘‘We always share blankets on the couch, I’m sure sharing the bed for the night is fine too.’’ from this prompt list.

A/N: I had fun writing this, even tho it’s kinda short. I just kinda played with what I think could be a plausible scenario (btw, I hate naming stuff so I just went really simplistic). I hope you like it. Let me know if you want to be added to the taglist and feel free to send your requests :)

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Hi~ #38 for samatoki please Thanks! :))

I honestly think Samatoki is one of my favorites to write for. I just love him so much and he shows so much emotion ugh yes. Also, his look in TDD manga?? His hair pushed back?? I enjoyed that immensely~

38. “I just wanted an easy day with my girlfriend/boyfriend. What’s so wrong with that?”

You fanned yourself with your hand lazily, as you sprawled out on the cool tile of the kitchen floor. Today was one of the hottest days of the summer and your little electric fan could only help so much.

You had turned on the TV and tried to lay on the couch, but the blinds did a horrible job of hiding the sun, so you had sat on the rug instead. However, the rug quickly also became hot and you had to search for a cooler place to sit.

That’s when you realized the cool kitchen tile was the answer.

You had been laying for a while before wondering where Samatoki was. He had left in the morning, saying that he would be back soon, and he still hadn’t come back. You had considered texting him, but your phone was on the couch and too far from reach.

You heard the door jingle and you tried getting up but ultimately decided that it was too much work to sit up, let alone walk to the door. Even if your apartment was tiny.

“Yo, I’m back,” you heard Samatoki call out. You groaned from your place on the tile and lifted one arm up to wave at your boyfriend.

“…what are you doing?”

You glanced over at Samatoki and pouted at him.

“Come on, it’s boiling hot outside! How can you still walk around like normal?” you whined. Samatoki let out a small chuckle and walked over to where you were lying. You heard him drop something on the counter-top but were unable to sit up to see what it was.

“Have you been laying there the whole day?” Samatoki asked, standing over you with raised eyebrows. You frowned an shook your head.

“Not all day! I was watching TV…for a while…but it just got so hot! I had to find someplace colder,” you stated, looking up at him with big eyes. Samatoki chuckled aloud, as he stepped around you carefully, opened the fridge, and grabbed a beer. He raised one to you but you shook your head and groaned.

“Ugh, I just wanted an easy day with my boyfriend. What’s so wrong with that? Now it’s too hot to go anywhere, and I’m too tired to do anything,” you complained.

“It’s really not that hot,” he remarked plainly. He nudged your leg and you shifted slightly so that he could sit next to you. You sat up slowly and rested your head on his shoulder. Leaning back against the counter-top, Samatoki sighed, popping the top of the beer bottle and taking a swig.

“You’re insane – this is unnatural heat. How can you stand it? Are you even human?” you mumbled, tiredly. There was a small pause before Samatoki responded.

“I wonder…” he trailed. You frowned at his tone and poked at his side playfully, smiling up at him.

“Ah, I was just kidding,” you chirped. “You’re more human than anyone I know.”

You felt him chuckle slightly and you lifted your head off of his arm to get a closer look at his face. He was staring ahead at the fridge, deep in thought. You wondered if something had happened while he was out in town and whether or not you should ask him about it.

His days had been pretty busy lately and with the upcoming Division Rap Battle, you could only imagine how stressed he was. You knew that he could get wound up easily, but he was rarely ever angry when he was with you. Maybe if you –

“What’s that look for?” Samatoki asked, pulling you from your thoughts. You realized that he was now looking back at you with a smirk and you smiled up at him softly.

“Nothing. Can’t I look at my boyfriend?” you asked, taking his hand into your own. You watched as Samatoki’s face turned a slight shade of pink as he huffed and took another drink of his beer.

“Of course you can. I should be the only one you look at like that,” he mumbled, averting his eyes. You nuzzled your head into his shoulder and took a deep breath as you closed your eyes.

“Are you okay?” you asked, softly, eyes still closed. A moment passed.

“Yea…I think if I’m with you, then I’ll be okay.”

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Harrison: “You are wrong , (Y/N)!”

Caitlin: *whispers* “How long have they being arguing?”

Cisco: “20 minutes, I’m willing to bet in 5 that they will start either throw something or start making out and I don’t which one I want to happen.” 

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A/N: I’m was feeling sad ☹️

Word count: 428


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You were running some errands at the mall and was looking down at your phone where you had your list of things you still needed to do when someone called out your name “Y/n!” You turn around towards where it came from and almost drop the bags in your hands when you see who it is. He walked up to you and smiled sweetly “Long time no see, how have you been?” Johnny asked. You stood there shocked for a moment, almost bursting into tears when all the memories of you two together came flooding back into your mind like a typhoon but you finally found the words to respond “Hi,” You say with an exhale and laugh a little. “I-I’ve been doing alright, how about you?” You manage to get out and ask him “I’ve been doing alright, work has been going great and I’ve been hanging out with my friends more,” He tells you and you nod along while he talks.

“Well, I have to get going, I’ve got some more errands to run so~,” You say, trying to leave the awkward situation “Well wait, can I at least buy you a cup of coffee? For old times sake” He asks and takes a step towards you. “Oh, uh. Sure, I guess so” You tell him, not finding a way to turn him down and giving him a small smile. The two of you go to a nearby cafe and sit at a secluded table with your drinks. The two of you laugh and catch up with each other and time flies before you know it and it’s already dinner time. “Wow, look at the time,” You say, standing from your seat and starting to collect your bags “This was really nice,” Johnny says, helping you gather your things “I really missed you,” He says quietly when he hands you your last bag. You stand there for a moment, now sure of how to respond “Yeah, we shared some good times together” You finally say and he gives you a small smile “Yeah,” He says, leaning in close but you take a step back “I’m sorry Johnny but, that didn’t mean I want to get back together” You tell him, he takes a step back, giving you your space again and nods “I’m sorry too, I guess I read it wrong” He says and you give him a sad smile. You go up and give him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Goodbye, Johnny.” You say before walking away “Goodbye,” He says quietly to himself.

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