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Imagine your fave has friendzoned you, or you’re in a poly/open relationship. You come to pick them up from their first date with someone and that person leads your fave all the way up to your car. When they say their goodbyes and the doors to your car close, they start letting out a long rumbling fart with a moan. Even before the fart ends you can tell a rotten smell of whatever they were eating fills the entire vehicle. As the booming fart ends with a wet sounding finish you can see ecstasy on their face. They look at you and say “I’ve been holding that in the whole night!”

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I feel like if you ever want to experience the hidden leaf you have to come to nz. Because no matter how or who you live with it’s green. I drive 45 min to see my gf. I am a King so that is my woman. No one can tell me otherwise. But it is so green that it even slow rides are fast. Also I think That people forget their own heritage but as I hav grown that is something to be proud of.

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Originally posted by rafaelsilva

  • You got closest to Nicky and Joe because they became like parental figures for you
  • You were so lost and confused when you first found out about your immortality
  • You didn’t know how to comprehend any of it, and you felt so incredibly alone
  • Joe and Nicky were incredibly patient with you
  • It didn’t matter how many questions you had, how trivial you felt they were, they would listen to them all and answer them the best they could
  • They knew that not being able to see your friends and family anymore would be taxing on you, so they did their best to help you feel like you were part of a new family with them
  • They were willing to be with you every step of the way as you processed everything
  • And Nicky is such a good listener, you always feel so heard and comforted with him
  • Training with them and learning to use different types of weapons
  • Joe teaches you how to use a sword, Nicky teaches you how to use a sniper rifle, although you know you’ll never be as good as them
  • You’re always the most coordinated with them in a fight, seeing as you trained with them and have similar techniques 
  • Joe’s sarcasm always makes you laugh, and the others make remarks about how his sense of humor is starting to rub off on you when you become increasingly sarcastic
  • Sometimes getting in trouble because of it, because you’ll always laugh when Joe says something snarky, even if you’re in danger
  • When you get more comfortable with them, you always tease Joe and Nicky about how romantic they are 
  • “Even in the midst of a fight, the two of you can’t stop staring into each other’s eyes.” “Well, they are very hard to resist.”
  • Them telling you stories about their first encounters, and you love hearing about how they went from killing one another to falling in love
  • And subsequently, they love hearing stories about you and your own life, even though you don’t have nearly as many stories as they do
  • Them teaching you different languages 
  • The three of you love placing silly bets with one another, sometimes Booker included, just to lighten the mood
  • Despite how dismal life can get sometimes, Joe and Nicky are your best friends, and they can always make a bad situation better
  • And even though being part of the Old Guard is something you never would’ve imagined, you’re glad to be part of the group, and to know such amazing people

tag list@ruvaakke​​ / @lxncelot​​

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Just imagine if people died as the seasons end. Bodies strewn all around across the ground among growing, blooming, dying flowers.

Imagine if people died according to the flowers that represented them?

People who would watch as their friends died across seasons leaving them alone.

People who lived only as long as their season lasts.

People waiting for the day their loved ones come back every year.

Just a thought q:

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Kim Sehyoon A.C.E x female reader

(part 17)

Warning: cute, sensitive, fluff etc.

When he looked at my eyes I started looking away so he put his hand on my shoulder to reassure me, but I flinched when he touched me. He didn’t hesitate to move his hand away even when I did that, he just gripped my shoulder a bit stronger and said that everything will be okay. He kept telling me to relax, that I am safe now here with him, but my body was still a bit stiff and I couldn’t relax properly. Sehyoon said: “Y/n look at me please, keep your eyes on mine. Breathe in, breathe out slowly honey and just relax okay? Nobody can hurt you here, you’re with me now.” I did exactly what he said. I looked at him straight in his brown, beautiful eyes, let go of a few shaky breaths till my breathing almost came back to normal, and my body reacted on its own and it started relaxing. When Sehyoon felt that, he moved his hand along my back and pushed me a bit toward his chest as he said: “Okay now close your eyes and keep thinking about good things, forget what happened today alright baby? I am here with you, I’m not going anywhere, I’ll stay here okay?” I said okay almost inaudible but he still managed to hear me. When I got closer to his chest I felt his heartbeat, his warmth, I smelled his scent and it all hit me hard when I realized my cheeks started burning. He started pushing me even more closer towards him with his hand and with his other hand he slowly started stroking my head. It felt so nice and he was super gentle with me as I started to feel tired and my eyes slowly started closing on their own. When I fall asleep, Sehyoon felt how my body loosened in his embrace so he just hugged me and stayed like that for a while. After a few moments, someone knocked gently on the door and opened it. It was Jun and Vicky. Sehyoon was still awake so he saw them, and they approached the bed. When Vicky saw me sleeping peacefully in his embrace she smiled to herself thinking all kinds of fluffy things, but she quickly regained her composure and whispered to Jun to leave us alone, so they got out of the room. When they arrived a few moments ago, Vicky met all the guys but she kept asking for Y/n, so the boys reassured her that I was fine and that we’ll be able to talk tomorrow, for now she can just check up on me and leave me to rest. After Vicky and Jun got out of the room they both gave each other funny looks and started laughing quietly as Jun led her to his room and closed the door so that they can let out their voice and laugh out loud. Jun said: “Did you see how close the lovebirds where?” And Vicky replied: “Yea, they were holding each other so close that there’s almost no more room for air.” Jun added: “Waa, who knows what happened on that bed, I will never sit there ever again!” Vicky gave a playful light punch to his hand and said they should stop the teasing about them. When they regained their composure they made a deal on who would sleep on his bed and who will be on the couch. They played rock, paper, scissors and Jun lost so he sleeps on the couch tonight. When Vicky changed into her payamas she laid on his bed and started overthinking. She started worrying about Y/n, she had thoughts of what could have happened and why they came here.. But all here thoughts were interrupted when she felt Jun’s scent on his pillows. She started blushing and had a wide smile on her face. She thought to herself: “Omg what am I doing? Stop it Vicky! Omg I actually think I like him what do I do?!?! With those thoughts inside her head, her heart started beating a bit faster, and that night Vicky couldn’t sleep because of Jun.


Originally posted by acestatic

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Most to Least who have big dicks in Super M

Note: I mean I think they’re all so big! But here’s my perspective based on the way they act and their energy on cam.










When it is not hard:

6-9 inches: Kai, Lucas

5-8 inches: Baekhyun, Taeyong, Taemin

5-7 inches: Ten, Mark

I honestly think none of them is 4 inches tbh (neither 5 inches), they all radiate big dick energy….

When hard:

8-12 inches: Kai, Lucas, Taeyong

7-10 inches: Baekhyun, Taemin, Ten, Mark

As for this one, I feel like they all go on an entirely different size when they are aroused, especially Taeyong who’s horny easily. 

I really think Kai, Lucas, and Taeyong has the biggest in all of Super M and in their other groups (or if not, one of the biggest), also not to mention Lucas’ height and size, he definitely has it huge especially when it is hard and there’s no way for him to hide it! My poor big baby. Taeyong on the other hand, god, this man has straight up Big Dick Energy, and you can tell by his aura/energy that he has it huge. I’m getting horny LMAO As for Baekhyun, Taemin, and Ten, theirs can go huge when aroused, but they are the best at hiding it while Mark, will be totally embarassed and act shy about it because all of his hyungs can see the bulge on his pants, him not knowing how to hide the additional inches.

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Listen. I am here to say that James transitioning from McGraw to Flint and back again as Silver intended is hot. It’s hot. Imagine being so full of rage you spend years in a dream of calculated violence anger destruction and revenge, all fueled by loss and betrayal, having to fight tooth and nail to take anything back from those that hurt you and anytime your progress is ripped from your hands it leaves you scarred with bleeding palms, and then at the highest point you ever reached, at the closest you’ve ever been to finally drawing blood from the terrible beast that has wronged you so, the man closest to you need only snap his fingers and rip this haze of anger out of your eyes and you are rendered helpless at the thought that perhaps you could stop. James is practically catatonic in that boat. Might as well have slept the whole way there. He hasn’t rested in years. That shit is sexy. Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Tell me that isn’t sexy.

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A/N: Hey guys! I’ve had many people tell me to write another instalment of Twins so here it is. I’m not super proud of it cause I just wrote it while not doing my work in Maths. But anyway here it is.

Warnings: Swearing as usual.

Here’s the link to part one

‘Oi mate, you okay?’ Fred asked as George walked toward the two of you.

‘Yep.’ He smiled as he brushed his hair out of his eyes. It was true. He did look a lot more happy today. He had been very upset the past few weeks so seeing him happy made you happy too.

‘What’s got you smiling?’ You asked as the three of you walked toward the Gryffindor common room.

‘What (Y/N)? May I not smile when I am in the presence of the only person who will ever compare to me?’ He laughed.

‘I can’t tell if you mean me or them.’ Fred laughed. ‘I mean, I’m sure that you mean me but still.’

‘Of course I’m not talking about them! You are the only person who will ever be on the same plane of excellence as me dear brother.’

You rolled your eyes at the two of them and moved over to your friend.

‘Hey Katie!’ You grinned at her. She looked taken aback.

‘Oh, uh… h-hey (Y/N)…’ She mumbled nervously. You raised an eyebrow at her nervous demeanour.

‘What’s wrong?’ You asked her. Was she mad at you? Had you done something to make her mad at you? You couldn’t remember doing anything to upset her.

‘I- uh…’ She stammered nervously.

‘Hey love.’ George murmured to her as he kissed her on the cheek. You were confused. You knew that was George and not Fred but since when were the two of them together?

‘O-oh.’ You muttered. ‘You two are…?’

‘Y-yeah.’ She stammered back.

‘Is there something wrong with Georgie getting some?’ Fred asked, taking your hand in his. You laughed at your boyfriend and shook your head.

~The Next Week~

During the week you had been seeing George and Katie together acting all cute and coupleish. You weren’t sure why, but it bothered you. You really didn’t know why. It wasn’t your life. Your friends had the right to live however they wanted and you had a wonderful boyfriend yourself. So why on earth did this bother you.

You were eating lunch when suddenly Katie sat down beside you in a huff. You looked up, confused.

‘Dude. Are you okay?’ You asked. She immediately scowled upon hearing your voice.

‘Your boyfriend is a total asshole.’ She glared. You were confused. When had she been talking to Fred?

‘Fred?’ You asked.

‘UGH. FRED, GEORGE! WHO FUCKING CARES!’ She hollered, causing many students to look up.

‘Katie what happened?’ You asked, after dragging your friend away from the prying eyes of the other students.

‘George just t-told me that he was only ever d-dating me to get to you and s-since that had obviously worked, he no longer n-needed to date me.’ She whimpered.

This left you stunned. You had no idea what to do. Well you thought that that was the case but you started to leave.

‘(Y/N)?’ She asked after you, but you kept walking.

‘Which one are you?’ You said through gritted teeth to the first twin you saw. You could normally tell the two of them apart but not when you were mad. The red haired twin smirked at you and simply said:


Your anger grew stronger upon the confirmation and you had to use all your strength to stop yourself from punching him.


George stood there not believing what had just happened. He did feel awful for what he did and he regretted it. He knew that you wouldn’t stay mad at him forever but you had been mad at him before and you could stay made for a while.

~Two Weeks Later~

‘(Y/N)?’ You heard a familiar voice ask as you were packing up your cauldron. You turned, unimpressed towards the brother of your boyfriend.

‘Make it quick.’ You said, not wanting to talk to him. He moved towards you but you took a step back.

‘I’m really sorry (Y/N). I’m the fucking worst.’ He sighed.

‘You’re damn right you are.’ You replied, not batting an eyelid. He sighed.

‘But I apologised to Katie. I let her slap me as well. Fred yelled at me and then we cried together. You’re the last person I need to talk to. I acted like an idiotic bed-swerver and I don’t deserve to live.’ He smiled half-heartedly. ‘I never should have tried to come between you and my brother. I just- No. There’s no way that I can rationalise my behaviour. I just… please forgive me?’

You sighed. On one hand you still wanted to throw him off of the tallest tower in the entirety of Hogwarts and then drown him in the black lake, but on the other hand you still cared about him a huge amount and if you and Fred stayed together he would be a huge part of your life.

‘I… Forgive you.’ You said begrudgingly.

The two of you smiled and walked back to the common room together. 


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“You have the most incredible neck.  It’s like a sexy goose.”

You pressed a hand to your mouth, holding back a laugh.  You had just taken a hearty drink of your beer.  Jaskier looked towards you, blushing.  You swallowed your drink quickly before you smiled at him.  

“I thought it was cute.”

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Series Masterlist.

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The kiss on the beach replayed in her mind like a broken record, the feeling of his lips on hers as he kissed her, they haven’t known each other for a long time, yet Max had fallen for her, and fallen hard for her, after the confession (Y/n) was well aware of his feelings, but did she feel the same? He was a nice guy, but what did she know about him? He owned a casino, he owned nice sports cars, he wasn’t bothered by feminine products, he was always dressed in expensive suits, even when he wasn’t at the casino.

“I’ll have to ask him.” (Y/n) mutters to herself as she stared at herself in the bathroom mirror, her hair dripping wet from the wash and her skin coated with water droplets, a towel was wrapped around her. “Shit.” She sighs before leaving the bathroom and made her way to the bedroom, her lips in a pout as her brows knotted together, she had so many questions for him, yet, each time she sees him all those questions seem to disappear, was she in love with him? She couldn’t say for sure, she had only known him for about a week. “Focus, (Y/n), Dammit.” She drops the towel on the floor after drying herself and begins going through her clothes, Max would be there soon to pick her up and she wasn’t nearly finished getting dressed.

Her palms felt sweaty as she got dressed, her heart pounded in her ears, something was telling her not to go to the meeting, to cancel it and say she fell sick, she licks her lips nervously as she reaches for her phone laying on the bed, only to freeze, her eyes widening as it dawns on her, they had yet to exchange numbers, she couldn’t cancel the plans, she had to wait for him to arrive and go to the meeting with him.


(Y/n) stared out the window, keeping her eyes on the road in front of her apartment as she waited for a sports car to appear, each time she had seen him or met with him, he drove a different type of car and make, making her believe that he had a wide collection of sports cars sitting at his home, wherever his home was, her eyes move away from the road to look up at the sky, a few clouds floated overhead, the day appeared like it would be peaceful, a light breeze and some sunshine, the frightful feeling as if something was going to happen still hadn’t eased up, she was becoming more nervous by the second, but she didn’t want to cancel the plans, as much as she wanted to pretend to be sick when he arrived, she knew how terrible her acting skills were and she would be caught instantly.

Her eyes move away from the sky only to see Max standing on the sidewalk, staring up at her apartment, straight at her, a faint smile on his lips as he watched her, where had he come from? She softly smiles and waves at him before moving away from the window, she grabs her jacket and slips it on before picking up her wallet and pushing it into the pocket of her jacket, letting out one last sigh she picks up her apartment keys and opened her door and stepped outside, locking the door, not knowing that it would be the last time that she would be leaving the apartment.


“I’m still not used being driven around in sports cars.” (Y/n) says as he opens the door for her, she steps out the car and gently smiles at him, Max closes the door and locks the car as he pushes the keys into his trousers pocket. “How many do you own? I’m just curious.” Max couldn’t help but chuckle at her question.

“Probably about 15,” Max says as they approach the restaurant. “I can’t say with certainty, because aside from the sports cars there are SUV’s also.” She looks up at him as they enter the restaurant, Max suddenly stops in his step as his hand comes to a halt on her lower back, his eyes scan the restaurant, sensing that something wasn’t right, his hand moves from her lower back to her shoulders, he pulls her closer to him.

“Wh-“ (Y/n) begins only for Max to cut her off.

“GET DOWN!” Max shouts while pulling (Y/n) down to the floor, men with ski masks enter the restaurant causing everyone in the restaurant to start screaming, (Y/n)’s eyes widen as she spots the weapons being pointed at people.

“Oh my go—“ (Y/n) begins only to be cut off when they started firing the weapons, the loud bang caused her ears the ring, but the gunfire didn’t stop, her eyes widen with fear as she realized that she should have listened to the voice telling her to stay home.

“Dammit,” Max mutters before looking at (Y/n), he could see the fear in her eyes, her body trembled with fear as he held her against him. “Hey, hey, calm down, it’s going to be okay.”

“We’re not going to be okay!” (Y/n) whisper shouts at him, tears streams down her cheeks, her lips quivered.

“Just stay low,” Max instructs. “Fine, a place to hide, and stay low.” He pushes his hand into his blazer and pulls out a handgun, (Y/n)’s eyes widen as she sees the weapon in his hand.

“Wh— why do you have a g—un?” (Y/n) stutters out, her eyes shifting between Max and the weapon in his hand.

“Just stay low and out of sight.” Max orders as his demeanour completely shift, he wasn’t the sweet man she had gotten to know over the past week, the man in front of her was someone else, his eyes burned with anger as he clutched the weapon in his hand, the girl he had fallen for was in the middle of gunfire and could get hurt, or worse, die, and he wasn’t going to allow anyone to get away with that. “Gasly, Albon, Get fucking ready.” (Y/n) tilts her head to the side, but before she question who he was talking to, a bullet flew past her.

“AH!” (Y/n) screams in horror.

“Go and hide, we’ll talk later,” Max says, (Y/n) could only nod her head in response, Max stood from the floor and aimed his weapon at one of the men before pulling the trigger, (Y/n) quickly crawls away from Max and moves behind the bar in the restaurant, she wraps her arms around her legs and pulls them into her chest, curling into a ball as the gunfire continued around her, she soon realizes that she’s the only person behind the counter and starts breathing heavily, rocking back and forth with fear, her cheeks stained with tears, a bullet from an AK-47 pierces through the wood of the bar and brushes against her skin.

“AH!” (Y/n) screams as the bullet burned her skin as it flew past her.

“KVYAT’S COMING WITH THE CARS!” Someone shouts over the loud gunfire that still hadn’t stopped.

“WE’RE FUCKING ENDING THIS!” Max shouts, the gunfire slowly became less and less until there was only one person groaning in pain. “Get him to his knees.” (Y/n) slowly moves onto her knees and peers over the bar, she could see two men grab one man by his arms and force him to his knees, blood was coming from his mouth and nose. “Easy question, who sent you?” Max’s tone sounded dangerously calm, but the way he glared at the man told (Y/n) that he was anything but calm, (Y/n) knew she shouldn’t be watching, but she couldn’t look away, she wanted to know what was going on. “I asked.” Max rough presses the gun against the man’s temple. “Who sent you?” (Y/n)’s eyes move to the two men holding the man on his knees and instantly recognized them, she had seen them before and not just once or twice, but several times.

“I’m no fucking snitch!” The man on his knees weakly says.

“Will your silence be worth it?” Max asks. “Whoever you’re protecting, know this, I will find them.” The man spits his blood onto Max’s shoes.

“AH!” The man shouts in pain when Gasly and Albon roughly pulled his arms back and out of sockets.

“I’ll figure out who sent you, but as for now…” Max says as he placed his gun back into the holster hidden behind his blazer. “You should be worried about yourself.” Max grabbed the man’s jaw, digging his nails into the skin. “You interrupted my date with my girl, you could have hurt her, killed her even.” Fear washes over the man in front of Max. “If you were hoping for a quick painless death, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you.” Max releases the man’s jaw and looks up at Gasly and Albon. “Take him back to the mansion and lock him up.” Gasly and Albon pull the man to his feet and drag him out the restaurant.

“NO, WAIT, PLEASE DON’T!” The man screams, knowing that no man that had been captured by Max had ever left the mansion alive, his pleas were ignored as he was dragged away.

“Make sure the bastard suffers.” Max orders. “I’ll be home shortly.” Max begins looking around the restaurant and saw (Y/n) peering over the bar with wide eyes at him. “(Y/n), love.” His voice suddenly soft, the anger suddenly gone, and the man she had gotten to know over the past few days was back in front of her, he noted the fear in her eyes and knew it was because of him. “You don’t have to be afraid of me.” His eyes soft as he stares at her. “I think we need to have a serious talk about what I do for a living.”

“What the hell is going on, Max?” (Y/n) asks, her voice barely audible, but he had heard her.

“Allow me to explain myself,” Max says as he takes a step towards the bar, (Y/n) jumps to her feet while grabbing a vodka bottle, she smashes it against the counter and points the sharp edge at Max, causing him to stop in his step.

“No, no, you stay right there.” (Y/n) says hoping that she sounded threatening enough, but form Max’s view, she looked like a deer caught in headlights, he could almost laugh if he wasn’t aware of the seriousness of the situation.

“Put down the bottle,” Max says. “Please put it down.”

“No.” (Y/n) whisper, her hands were shaking as she kept the bottle pointed at him, Max pushes his hands into his trousers pockets

“If I wanted to hurt you, I would have hurt you already.” Max states. “We both know that a bottle isn’t going to stop me, I’m asking nicely, put it down.”

“I want an explanation!” (Y/n) says loudly. “What the hell is going on?!” Max lets out a sigh before pulling his hands out from his pockets, he picks up one of the chairs that had been pushed over during the gunfight.

“Would you like to take a seat?” Max asks as he placed the chair upright, (Y/n)’s wide eyes stares at him, not wanting to move from her spot. “All right, have it your way, I’ll make it short and simple.” He takes in a deep breath, his eyes scanning her body, noting how much she was shaking, how heavy her berthing was. “I’m the leader of the Mafia.” He could see shock flash through her eyes, she was not expecting that.

“The Ma—mafia?” (Y/n) stutters, Max nods his head. “The fucking Mafia?!”

“Yes, the Mafia, you might have heard about me, or about my work,” Max says and takes a step towards her once he saw her aim falter, but she quickly lifted the bottle.

“Max Castle isn’t your real name, is it?” (Y/n) asks.

“No, It’s actually Max Verstappen,” Max says, she could feel the air leaving her lungs as her skin became cold with fear, the infamous Max Verstappen, Mafia leader, known for his fearlessness and his ruthlessness.

“Fuck, fuck, I should’ve realized.” (Y/n) begins. “You were too fucking perfect, this was all too perfect!” (Y/n)’s focus moving away from Max as she stares at the ground. “How could I have been so blind? I mean, the leader of the Mafia, of ALL things!” Her eyes catch him moving closer to her. “STOP!”

“(Y/n), love…” Max says as he now stood behind the bar, only a few feet away from her. “I’m not a bad person.” She wanted to believe him, he had no idea how badly she wanted to believe him, but the amount of dead people lying around them told another story.

“Don’t come any close.” (Y/n) says. “I’ve heard the stories about you, you’re ruthless and cold-hearted, I can understand why the world is s terrified of you.”

“Have I ever given you a reason to be scared of me?” Max asks, his eyes meeting hers.

“LOOK AROUND YOU!” (Y/n) shouts, not taking her eyes off him.

“This shouldn’t count,” Max says. “I would never harm you.” She rapidly blinks as her mind couldn’t decide what she should do, she lets out a shaky breath.

“I should be frightened… I should be running from you right now.” (Y/n) states.

“Then why haven’t you run yet?” Max asks.

“You have a gun.” (Y/n) points out. “I would be dead before I could even reach the door.”

“I would never aim it at you,” Max says. “I would let you go, and I think you know that, which brings us back to the question.” He licks his lips as he stares at her. “Why haven’t you run yet?” She licks her lips and glanced at the exit.

“I’m… I don’t—“ (Y/n) cuts herself off when she saw movement at the door, she looks towards it and saw someone entering.

“Boss,” Kvyatt says, with (Y/n) distracted Max took advantage of the opportunity and took hold of her wrist.

“Wh— NO!” (Y/n) screams as Max takes the broken bottle from her grasp. “LET ME GO!” He tosses the bottle aside, smashing it into smaller pieces, he wraps his arms around her, holding her arms against her body so she wouldn’t grab another bottle, she struggled in his grip, trying to get out. “LET ME GO!”

“Everything all right, Mr Verstappen?” Kvyat asks as he looks between (Y/n) and Max.

“Yes, Everything is all right, Kvyat,” Max says, his lips almost brushing against her ear as he spoke. “We will be home soon, you may go.” Kvyat nods his head and steps out of the restaurant. “Calm down, I’m not going to hurt you.” He could feel her body shaking with fear, she lets out a sob as she stopped struggling in his grasp. “I would never hurt you.” He whispers. “I’m not going to lie, all the things that you have heard about me are true, but I would never even think about hurting you.” She felt tired, she had no energy left to fight.

“Please let me go.” (Y/n) whispers.

“I don’t want you to be scared of me, (Y/n),” Max says. “If you could please come to my home with me, I’ll explain everything, tell you everything you want to know, and if you still want to leave, I won’t stand in your way.”

No, no, no… no, but what if he lets me go? What if I say yes and he doesn’t let me go… fuck, fuck, I have no choice do I? (Y/n) thought to herself, she had no other choice but to agree.

“Okay…” (Y/n) whispers. “I’ll go with you.”

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Feel it in the air

I spread my thighs a little more. I feel like he needs more room. Hehe.

As he is caressing the top of my clit I begin to slowly move my pelvis back and forth. He reaches further in between my thighs and spreads my lips, moving his fingers up and done across the sides. My body quivers as the tension builds. He grabs my neck and shoves three fingers inside me slowly taking them out then ramming them back in. I yelp in surprise. He pushes his groin into my ass continuing to finger me as he rubs his hard dick between my cheeks. Five more thrust and I let loose.

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