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Hiya anon! Tysm for the request, I thought it was perfect for Mostima! ✨ Hopefully I wrote her okay and did her justice, please enjoy! 🥺🌸


Stay Awhile

Imagine format; From the perspective of the Operator for the most part!

Contains: Mostima, gender neutral Doctor, Mostima warming up to the Doctor

Word count: just about 1.3k!


To those who were acquainted with her, it was pretty common knowledge that Mostima knew a lot about all kinds of different places. No matter where, she always knew which places were best to get whatever one had in mind; of course, she had favourite places to stop by wherever she sent. More often than not, however, she didn’t exactly have time to have an outing with people and visit said places. That was fine, the Caster was alright with visiting them alone, she was used to keeping her distance from people, but when it came to them, she found it unusually difficult.

The Doctor - quite the busy person, they were. Not quite in the same way Mostima was, but still deluged in work more often than not nonetheless. Even so, Mostima found that she and then had developed a warm relationship; one warmer than she had expected. Conversations with and assisting them became a typical part of her days at Rhodes Island.

“Hey there Doctor, I’m back.” Mostima had visited them with a delivery, but it seemed like they were still working even though it was well past lunchtime. Had they eaten? It didn’t seem so.

When she noticed their stomach kept growling, the Caster decided to speak up, “Ehehe, have you eaten today, Doctor? Your stomach seems to be pretty upset.” They glanced at her sheepishly before confessing, “No, nothing since this morning.” Mostima made a small hum of surprise, her eyebrows shooting up, “Huh? Nothing since breakfast? I know you’re pretty busy, but that’s a little concerning.”

She looked down for a moment, before piped up again, “You’re quite the lucky one, I have a few recommendations for where we can get some good lunch around here.” She smiled when the Doctor turned to her, blinking a little again, “Really? You haven’t even spent that much time at Rhodes Island yet, Mostima.” The Caster chimed with a small laugh at their surprise, “Ehehe, what can I say? Well-informed and well-traveled, aren’t I?”

Mostima asked again, “So, are you interested, Doctor?” They nodded, promoting another small grin from her, “In that case, I recommend you stick close to me. We wouldn’t want you getting lost.” When the Doctor chimed with a small laugh, Mostima’s grin grew wider, her chest feeling warm. After a small word of agreement, they grabbed their coat, and both them and Mostima were off.

It wasn’t often that the two of them were able to be by themselves outside of work occasions; now that there wasn’t any job they had to focus on, they were free to talk casually without any rush - Mostima quite liked it, it made her feel warm, and curiously, the Doctor always seem to spark that odd warmth in her.

There was a lot of walking down winding roads and tight passageways, but finally, Mostima stopped at a building cramped in an alleyway. “Okay~. This is the place.” Wrapping her hand around the Doctor’s wrist to lead them away from the busy street, she smiled, “The entrance is a little cramped, but it’s not so bad once you get inside.” Unconsciously, her hand stayed around their wrist, her eyes looking toward the doors leading into the building that were so worn that they blended into the wall.

’…huh?’ Mostima blinked when she felt their hand shift from her hold, but the next thing she felt was their fingers intertwining with hers. She looked back at the Doctor and found them smiling up at the building. The Caster beside them was quiet for a moment, before a warm grin pulled at her lips, and she squeezed their hand a little hesitantly. Part of her wanted to pull away, but that fuzzy feeling compelled her to accept their touch, “Hm, has their menu updated? I’m dying to know.” She chimed out loud, stepped forward and led them into the restaurant with a warmth in her chest at how she was holding their hand in hers.

Leading the Doctor down a short hallway, Mostima slid open another set of doors, her lips curling into a smile. The restaurant was a little cramped, but the aroma coming from the kitchen and the low chatter of the people dining took one’s attention rather than the size of the place. The Caster allowed the Doctor to step into the restaurant, her smile widening when she noticed the surprised look on their face. The inside of the restaurant was quite the stark contrast from the outside. “Ehehe, are you surprised, Doctor?” Mostima spoke up, letting them follow her toward the small reception desk where a young worker was waiting to bring them to a table.

“This world holds countless surprises like this restaurant. Maybe one day I’ll tell you about some of them.” Thanking the young employee for leading them to a table, Mostima motioned for the Doctor to take a seat, “But for now, let’s get something to eat.”

They nodded, watching as the Caster opened the menu and scanned it over quickly before glancing at them, “Hmm…are you craving anything in particular, Doctor?” She smiled, “I haven’t been here in awhile, but they have lots of good options~.”

The Doctor blinked, shaking their head after thinking for a second, “Anything to eat would be fine, I’m sure whatever you pick will be great, Mostima.” The Caster chimed with a light laugh, Closing the menu, “Hmm, right~. I’ll take the lead then, but you already know how I feel about you relying on me.” Raising her hand, Mostima called for with the waitress, taking another second to send a light remark to the Doctor, “It never seems to stop you though, huh?”

The wait for the food wasn’t long, but the time Mostima and the Doctor did wait was spent talking, exchanging smiles and light laughs. This was the first night they had truly spent time together, yet Mostima already felt like they had known each other for lifetimes.

Once the waitress had delivered their food, Mostima smiled at the Doctor, who’s mouth already seemed to be watering by the aroma of their meals, “Ahaha, okay Doctor~. Tell me what you think.”

The evening went on, and evening it was. Attachment wasn’t something she was known for, but she felt it that day.

Enjoying food in one of her favourite places with the Doctor felt like home - Mostima had almost forgotten what attachment felt like.

As they finished their meal, the Caster stopped to stare at the Doctor, truly taking in the moment. ‘Hm. Doctor…I see.’ Even when she was detached, they always wanted to create a relationship. Mostima, however, wasn’t against it - they were going to keep trying, and secretly, she hoped they would.

“That was delicious, Mostima. Thank you for bringing me here.” The Doctor smiled, wiping their mouth. “Tonight was great.” Something in their tone told her they obviously wanted the night to go along a little while longer, but as always, they expected the Caster to be off on her own duties again, as per usual. But Mostima wasn’t in any rush to leave this time, and she almost seemed hesitant.

Goodness, this wasn’t like her; the Caster didn’t at all want to leave, even though it was the most appropriate time to. The hours she spent with the Doctor was enough for that day, so why did she want to spend more?

Sighing lightly, she let a small smile come to her face. Maybe she could accept the Doctor’s warmth into her life, just maybe.

Picking up the menu, Mostima grinned at them, “Doctor, do you like ice cream? I wouldn’t mind staying for dessert.” Though the Doctor seemed to be surprised, they nodded, with a wide smile on their face, “Only if you can stay, Mostima.”

For the first time in a long time, she wanted to stay for just a little while longer. A smile came to Mostima’s face, genuine and almost warm, “Ehehe, if it’s with you, I can stay a little while longer.”

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Little Women - One Sided Amy March x Reader, Amy March x Laurie Laurence, angst
Summary: Amy introduced you to her long-time friend, Laurie. She smiled (and it was in her eyes, then, that insatiable hunger you had been warned about), taking him in a turn around the studio the two of you worked in. 


Originally posted by elenafisher

Your mother told you (once upon a time, when you were a dreamer) that all artists starved. They starved because they had no food in their stomach, they starved because they didn’t have inspiration, or they starved from a lack of love. You had rolled your eyes, back then and said that she had met too many musicians and not enough painters.

But you were starving, now, and you could hear her smug whispers of ‘I told you so’ as you worked alongside your eternal source of suffering.

Amy March could paint her world in the most stunning scenes. Even though she had only been in Europe for a few months at most, she seemed to understand its romance and elegance, and capture it in her work. No matter what she did or how she did it, she left you in awe.

She was truly an artist, you believed. Did she starve, as well?

Your love for her was like a fire; hard to temper and consuming of all energy you had. You had become friends so soon after her arrival that when you started to feel the inexplicable pull of love on your heartstrings, you thought it was fate. How comfortable she was in your presence. He she laughed, and moved as though in a dance, one you could join her in as she learned all that this place had to offer. How perfect it had seemed, for that short time she was with you. You fancied your mother to be a fool; how could you starve, when Amy filled you so completely?

But then the tides changed and you found yourself washed up onto the cold banks of reality.

Amy introduced you to her long-time friend, Laurie. She smiled (and it was in her eyes, then, that insatiable hunger you had been warned about), taking him in a turn around the studio the two of you worked in. 

If you had looked closer, you would have seen Laurie in her work, and known you were too late to enter the race for her heart. In every still life, one could find his black curls, brown skin, and dark eyes.[1] It was clear who had stolen the heart of Amy March, especially in the days that followed.

A tempest seemed to follow Laurie, and Amy was inextricably entangled in it, her love drowning in his sorrow for another. You noticed the shadows under his eyes, the regret that kept his storms firmly on the ground, there it caused the most damage to those around you. You watched as Amy floundered in this sorrow until she could reach him and deliver her calm.

Your hunger ate at you, bit by bit. Your starving days had begun slowly at first, then all at once.

Laurie was kind, when he wasn’t suffering. He and Amy told you stories about his love for another. You had noticed her bitterness then, and wanted to believe it was sister rivalry that drew out her ire. At the time, there was no reality in which Amy could be taken from you - especially from a man who did not yet love her.

Time slowly became your enemy, and you could not deny Amy her love. Laurie grew to love the youngest March the way she had always loved him. Her painting mocked you at every turn, you art became frustrating and dull. You agony ripped at every edge. You starved yourself on her love.

Is this what it feels like to starve, mother? Is this what it feels like to love? Is this what it feels like to loose everything you had once dreamed so clear?

Take it. You wished to starve no longer.

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Aww! Thank you, Anon- that’s made my day 💓💓

She’s not yours


Originally posted by gaygardner

It was common knowledge to the people of Small Heath that you were John Shelby’s girl. Even if there wasn’t a ring on your finger to prove it, everyone just treated you as man and wife anyway.

All except for one man. He wasn’t from Birmingham, and was a gangster from Leeds. You had known him in your childhood before your parents moved to Birmingham to be closer to your dying grandma. Still, when Peter Higgins sauntered into the shop you worked at, you couldn’t help but smile at him. You had no idea what an ass your childhood friend had grown into.

“YN YLN!” His voice boomed across the shop, and the customer you were helping looked up. You kept your head down, embarrassed, hoping your manager wouldn’t hear the racket.

“Ahem. Anyway, Madame, it’s a lovely silk- just shipped in from Tokyo actually… yes, we can make adjustments, if you’d just like to step into the changing room, my colleague will be with you shortly,” you said, guiding her into the back room.

“Hello, Peter,” you said, going to the counter to cross off the lady’s appointment. “It’s lovely to see you. How’s your mother?” You asked, hardly looking up at him as you focused on your work.

“Yeah, yeah, mums fine. Hey, how about you come for a drink?” He said, leering over the counter.

“I’m working,” you said. “And Mrs Green will kill me if I rush the books, and my rent is due soon,” you babbled. In reality, Mrs Green, the woman you worked for, was very lenient- so long as you were gone no longer than an hour and brought her back an iced bun from the bakery. It was your boyfriend John you worried about- he would kill peter if he even saw him leering this close.

“Nonsense! Come on, I’ll buy you a drink and we can chat…” he winked. clearly he had more than chatting on his mind.

“No- I-I can’t,” you said, frowning at him.

“Why not, eh? Don’t tell me you’ve got with some Brummy,” he smirked. When you nodded, his eyes darkened. “Oh for fucks sake, YN. Next you’ll be telling me it’s one of them Peaky bastards,”

“And so what if it is?”

John Shelby’s voice cut across Peter’s and he whipped around. In an instant, they both had guns pointed at eachother.

“Oh for fucks sake,” you sighed. “John, if you’re going to shoot him can you not do it by the dresses?” You said, going between them. “Put your gun away love,” you murmured, kissing his cheek gently, before turning to Peter. “And you,” you said. “Fuck off back to Leeds,”

“Why should I? You ain’t married to him, are you? You’re still down as YLN in the address book. I can still take you out for a drink if I want,”

“Can you fuck,” John spat. “She’s not yours,

You sighed, letting them bicker back and forth, seeing johns eyes grow darker and darker as Peter badmouthed you, calling you a whore. “Right! Get out. Both of you, get out and sort this in the street! You’re scaring my customers away. Peter, thanks for the visit, but I am well and truly spoken for. Say hello to your mother from me,” you said, getting annoyed. Peter sighed and stormed out. You glared at John. “If you get a blinder to sort him out, I don’t want to hear of it. Don’t kill him either- his mum sends me Christmas cake every year and it’s the best I’ve tasted,” you ordered, before softening and wrapping your arms around his neck.

“I love you, John,” you sighed softly. “And only you,”

“I love you too, my girl,” he mumbled. “Tell Mrs Green you’re leaving early,” he said, leaving a few notes on the counter. “Because I need the whole of small heath to know whose you are,”

You grinned as you were slung over his shoulder, giggling like a schoolgirl as he went to show you off.

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Aaw I love this idea. I’m gonna go with the lawyer one because I actaully wanna go to law school so this made me super happy!!

So first of all, Jay is in a constant state of being super proud of you. Just all the time. He’s so supportive and he’s so impressed.

It’s always entertaining whenever he stops by at your office. Mainly because everyone is dressed in suits and jay stroles in wearing jeans and maybe a button down shirt if you’re lucky.

You’d never make him change though. You love him just the way he is. Clothes and all. It’s just entertaining to see your secretary try to stop him from walking into your office unannounced. Even though the walls are glass and you can see him trying to get in.

Jay always tries to bring you coffee at least once a week. He always brings something with it. Like a bagel or a sandwich. Claiming that he needs to make sure you eat enough. Which is a fair worry. You think it’s mainly because he just wants to see you.

On the rare occasion that jay finishes work early and you’re still at the office, he’ll sometimes stop by. He mostly stays for a few minutes and then leaves. But sometimes he’ll just chill on the couch on your office until you’re finished.

He’s actaully really helpful sometimes when you’re dealing with matters that might require a cop’s insight.

It’s also worth mentioning that every single person who works at your office is terrified of him. He’s this intimating cop that just stroles in whenever he wants and never makes an appointment and certainly can’t be stopped.

But eventually seeing jay at random times becomes a stable in your office environment. Interns no longer shit their pants when they come to your office and see a detective drinking whiskey on the couch.

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Kai teaching you how to cook


Originally posted by pizzatoastie


Originally posted by tvdiaries-imagines

One of his favorite things in the world was watch you cook, even if it was not one of your best talents. You just did this thing inside his chest, every time he saw you singing softly with the music in your kitchen. It made you happy, It made him happy. It was not something he was used to and something he would everything to protect.

“What are you doing?” You laughed, noticing him there.

“Can I cook today?” He asked “I mean, can I help you cook today?”

“Is my food that bad?” You joked.

“No,no,no… it’s just that, I know a receipt…” He replied laughing.

“You wanna teach me how to cook?” You completed, smiling.

He smiled a bit, hand messing his hair.

“Only if you want to…” He said.

You smiled back at him.

“I’d love to.”


“Hmm…” You said, after the first bite “How did you learn to cook this good?!”

He smiled, but you saw something more behind his eyes, he could feel you did. It just made him crazy how you could just see him, just like that, like an open book. No lies, naked.

“I just, hm…After my family rejected me, I had to learn how to do stuff by myself. I studied magic and learn how to cook…”

For a second, you two just stayed in silence, not weird at all. You knew it was a dificult subject for him, but apreciatted that him was letting you know this side of him. Suddenly, you stand up, bringing your chair side to side to his.

“It’s a shame we didn’t grew up together.” You said, he smiled softly down at you.“In the other hand, my mom will adore you. She always wanted a son-in-law that’s good at cooking.”

You both laughed and he kissed you softly.

“It’s not the only thing I’m good at.” He said, winked flitly at you.

“We’ll see about that.” You smiled, kissing him.

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“You can be a man and still experience all walks of life, sometimes being tough is also being soft.. the toughest men are kind and compassionate, hands down.”


These two are a display of that, just saw this at the grocery store.. and I liked that - eUê

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so excited for them to return after lockdown and callum has quit the police in solidarity with black lives matter 🙃

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Aaw I love this request! You’re not terribly at requests nonny, just send me whatever you’d like 🖤

It was the type of day where no one wins. The type of day that makes you think twice about your profession. Where there’s no comfort found in justice and no lives were saved.

As you walked out of the station, Street was walking in stride with you. The two of you had been together for most of the day and had used each other as coping mechanisms. There was no way that you were just friends, but quite frankly you didn’t have enough energy for that conversation at that moment.

You reached the threshold of the station, where the two of you would need to split up and go your separate ways. You looked at each other, neither of you wanting to be alone or apart from each other at that moment.

Street was still staying with Luca and as much as you wanted to be with Street, you didn’t want to be with your whole team. So you took the step and asked him if he wanted to come over for a beer.

It said like a casual invitation, like it didn’t mean much. The truth was that there’d be no alcohol consumed. Only comfortable silences and a closeness you both desperately needed.

He didn’t even bother to hide his relief in his reply.

He followed you to your apartment on his bike and the moment he walked through the door, he pulled you into a hug.

The two of you stood in the entrance to your apartment, arms wrapped around each other as you each processed the day‘s events. When you eventually pulled away, you pushed street into the living room as you went to take a shower.

When you were done, and changed into much comfier clothes, he got up without a word and went to do the same.

While he was in the shower, you ordered Chinese food and looked for something on the tv that was worth watching.

When you found nothing, you looked around and spotted a board game. Monopoly to be exact. You couldn’t help it, you had to.

So when street came back from his shower (both of you ignored the fact that he was over so often that he had a drawer in the guest bedroom and his own toiletries), he found that you were setting up for a game of monopoly.

He didn’t even question it. He needed a distraction and honestly it sounded like a good idea. So he settled down on the floor with you and you began.

Of course fights ensued and mistakes were made. But that’s the best way to play. You laughed until you cried and at some point got into an argument about property prices in Russia.

The day had been grueling. But there you were. Finding ways to cope together.

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62 with Oksana “Villanelle” Astankova for @myriadimagines

  • pairing: oksana “villanelle” astankova x reader
  • warnings: drinking
  • fandom: killing eve
  • lyric: did it frighten you. how we kissed when we danced on the light up floor?

Keep reading

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Imagine the Hobo Clown’s favorite part of the show being after the guests leave. Because your husband doesn’t mind getting frisky with you in front of your co-workers and employer. It’s good fore/play. You’re an attractive enough couple that no one’s ever complained.

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(love u too!!!)



Originally posted by myriadimagines

  • Even though the two of you trained together, you weren’t that close at first
  • Illya’s not really the talkative type, so you often stayed out of his way when necessary since he acts so guarded all the time
  • However, although he may act cold, he actually does like you, and prefers you over the other KGB agents you train with
  • He thinks the two of you make a great team
  • Him only wanting to work with you on missions, and no one else, which always surprises you
  • The two of you being great a nonverbal communication
  • All it takes is one look from Illya, or one word from you, and the both of you already know what to do and how to execute something
  • You always tease that you can read each other’s minds, although Illya never laughs at your joking around
  • Knowing how to calm Illya down when he gets particularly angry, and being probably the only person who knows how to do so
  • Getting into the habit of tossing or switching weapons with one another mid-fight and being able to do it so seamlessly
  • Being more open minded about working with Napoleon and Gaby when the two of you are first assigned to the team
  • Having to listen to Illya complain and rant about them a lot
  • “Maybe you ought to give them a chance.” “They are fools. They do not know how to do things the Russian way.”
  • Although lllya knows you pretty well, you feel like there are still a lot of things you don’t know about him
  • Being surprised when you find out he’s a secret fashion nerd
  • Which was fun to find out at first until you had to deal with him silently judging your outfits every now and then
  • Always backing Illya up whenever he has a disagreement with Napoleon or Gaby
  • Although one time you sided with them, and it didn’t go well between the two of you
  • “You’ve betrayed me and your country.” “It’s not that serious!”
  • However, you do trust lllya to always have your back, and Illya trusts you to have his, too

tag list: @melody-of-scream / @ruvaakke / @randomfandomimagine

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MALCOLM HAS THE BIGGEST PRAISE KINK THANK YOU FOR REQUESTING THIS (also I just wanna say my favorite requests are when you guys just rant away about what you want me to write about! So don’t be afraid of that! Go nuts! Write me three asks of you just rambling if about how much you love something! It’s my favorite thing ever don’t be shy!)

You discover Malcolm’s praise kink in an entirely unsexual way. Simply because you told him you loved the outfit he was wearing. Your comment caused his cheeks to redden and he kinda ducked his head down and there was this cute little smile on his face that he was trying his best to hide.

Malcolm lived for praise. Any form of it. Especially, you discovered, from you. He loved you. He loved you more than he thought possible. So when you praised him, it meant the world.

Praising him for every day tasks or fashion choices is one thing. But praising him when he’s on his knees is entirely different thing.

He practically keens when you call him pretty. He once whimpered when you told him he was beautiful.

But it’s not just praise on his appearance. His favorite is when you tell him he’s doing a good job. Telling him that he’s such a perfect sub, that he’s doing so well and you love him so much.

Malcolm likes things rough. He loves when you absolutely wreck him but at the same time are praising him. You pull his hair back and leave bite marks on his chest but in between all of that you’re telling him how much you love him and how wonderful he is.

He nearly dies the first time he eats you out and you moan how good he is. He literally nearly falls over because damn that’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

Malcolm loves to please you. He loves to know that he’s helping you and that you love him.

The biggest praise you can give him, is to call him yours. He needs that. The ownership is something that makes him feel safe and whole.

He’s not just a sub. He’s your sub.

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♡Pedido: Gostaria de um imagine com o Ed Sheeran, onde ela está grávida e não sabe como vai falar pra ele 😘


– S/n você escutou o que eu falei – Ed falou olhando sério para mim.

– Perdão, acabei me distraindo, o que você estava falando? 

– Perguntei se você quer sair hoje ou prefere ficar em casa?

– Acho que podemos ficar em casa e assistir um filme. 

– Você está bem ? 

– Estou? Por que a pergunta ? 

– Você está meio distante, aconteceu alguma coisa? 

– Eu fiz um teste de gravidez, ele deu positivo.

Ele não falou nada e começou a ficar meio pálido tive a impressão de que ele fosse desmaiar.

– Certo. Só preciso de um minuto. 

–  Tá bom.

Uns minutos depois ele apareceu e sentou do meu lado no sofá.

– Desculpa eu fui falar com a minha mãe.

–  Podemos conversar agora ? - perguntei seria.

–  Sim. Quando você descobriu ? 

– Como eu falei, fiz o teste de gravidez  alguns dias atrás – assim que terminei de falar Es da sala de novo –  Será que você pode voltar aqui precisamos conversar.

–  Espera deixa eu colocar um sapato e pegar a chave do carro.

– Pra que?

–  Vou te levar no médico para ter certeza que você está mesmo grávida.

– Ed não precisa a gente vai amanhã com calma.

–  Não nós precisamos ir hoje. Eu estou curioso quero saber se não é um falso positivo.

Resolvi ir me arrumar e pegar a minha bolsa com todos os documentos para irmos ao médico.

– Você quer que eu vá dirigindo ? 

– Não precisa.

– Tem certeza você parece meio nervoso.

– Certo você venceu. - falou me entregando a chave do carro

Assim que chegamos no hospital eu entreguei meus documentos para a moça da recepção, assim que ela terminou de fazer meu cadastro pediu para que eu aguardasse meu nome ser chamado. 

Me sentei ao lado de Ed estava sentado completamente nervoso. Depois de alguns minutos esperando, meu nome foi chamado. Depois do médico ter feito os exames eu e ele estávamos esperando pelo resultado. Eu estava relativamente calma, mas Ed estava quase roendo as unhas de ansiedade.

–  Calma, vai dar tudo certo. –  falei pegando a mão dele.

–  Eu sei, que nós conversamos tanto sobre ter filhos mas não falamos com nossos pais sobre isso, e se eles acharem que somos muito novos? 

–  Na verdade sua mãe veio falar comigo sobre isso esses tempos. Ela queria saber quando iríamos ter filhos porque ela não vê a hora de ser avó.

Antes que eu pudesse falar alguma coisa o médico voltou com o resultado dos exames. 

– Parabéns ao casal, a S/n você grávida de 6 semanas. Vocês já pode falar com Mary na recepção sobre os detalhes do pré-natal

– Obrigada Doutora, vejo o senhor na próxima consulta.

Sai puxando meu namorado que parecia que ia desmaiar a qualquer momento, para falar com Mary na recepção. Mary era uma mulher baixa de cabelos pretos e longo preso em um rabo de cavalo alto, por volta dos 30 anos. Enquanto eu falava com Mary, Ed estava encostado na parede tentando não cair.

Alguns meses depois que descobri sobre a gravidez, nós fomos passar o Natal na casa dos pais dele.

– Certo eu vou Buscar seu presente e você fica aqui com a minha mãe.

  –  E por que eu não posso ir junto?

  – Eu já falei porque vai estragar a surpresa agora para de reclamar, eu não vou demorar.

   –  Droga Ed você sabe que eu odeio esse tipo de coisa.E por que você vai buscar meu presente agora?esqueceu de comprar não foi?

  – Não né bobinha eu comprei faz alguns dias mas como não podia guardar aqui em casa pedi para um amigo ficar com ele até hoje, agora vai lá ajudar minha mãe a fazer o almoço que ela está te chamando.

Ed saiu e eu fui ajudar mãe dele no almoço, eu adoro ela mas é que Ed consegue me tirar do sério com essa coisa de tenho uma surpresa para você, isso me deixa nervosa e irritada.

   –  Calma meu anjo ele já volta, sei que você odeia esse tipo de coisa mas hoje você vai amar.Agora será que você pode fazer a salada de batatas.

   – Claro, elas já estão cortadas?

   – Sim estão ali naquele pote Ed cortou antes de sair.

Eu acabei me distraindo com a conversa, que nem vi a hora passar o almoço já estava quase pronto quando escutei a voz do Ed na sala.

–  cheguei, venha ver seu presente – falou aparecendo na porta da cozinha

   –  deixa eu lavar a mão rapidinho.

   –  Lava a mão depois vem logo, certo eu vou pedir para você tentar fechar os olhos mas tente não cair.

   – Tá certo.Deixa eu ver se eu entendi você quer que eu feche os olhos e vá para sala sem cair, claro por que não, não se esqueça que eu estou grávida.

    – Para de reclamar eu te ajudo você não vai cair, certo agora sente aqui que já volto continue de olhos fechados.Certo pode abrir.

  Assim que eu abri abri os olhos vi um filhote de gato laranja e branco a coisa mais fofa. Ed sabia o que eu sempre quis um gato.

 –  Ed, é lindo eu amei.

  –  Bom você sempre falou que queria um gato, e bom agora que temos nossa casa e teremos um bebê pensei em te dar um presente especial.

 –  Obrigada meu amor eu amei.

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𝐦𝐲 𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥 ; 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐨𝐭𝐡é𝐞 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫

word count: 646 

plot: training wheels off, promises on. 

“don’t worry, baby, it’s gonna be alright.”

timothée’s hand on the small of your back, rubbing tenderly the material on your soft skin. you grab the handlebars as timothée brushes a thumbs along your spine, and then your hair. 

“are you sure?” 

a small smile appears in the corner of his mouth, the curls of the silliness. 

“i’m sure as hell, baby.” 

“but… what if i fall, then-” 

his arms is so strong and protective, when they are around your waist, even around your thighs at night. butterfly kisses fall on your hair, under the line of your hair, delicate signs of safety and heaven, his deep voice reassures you everytime.

“i never gonna let you fall down, princess. i always gonna be with you, running after you, you know that?” 

yes, of course you know that. you know that timothée always gonna carry about you, chasing after you like a guardian angel, fatherly prints of his fingers and feathers from his wings when he kisses you bedtime. 

you press down the pedals with your leg, now only with two wheels instead of four, at the beginning, your toes taps down the ground again and again. timothée catches you up, jogging slowly beside you, the speed is negligible, blue birds fly above you two. 

“i know you can better, baby. just imagine that i’m behind you, holding you like at home when you write your homework? you remember my arms and your legs swinging at the two side of the chair?” 

yes, of course you remember. you remember his weak nudges on the top of your bra, the silky material of his t-shirt pressing to your back when he leans his head on your shoulder, helping you in math, but always ending up tracing your neck with pecks and hickeys. 

once, your foot leaves the jaggy land, and now you feel yourself safe, pedaling along, getting faster and faster, leaving timothée behind, but hearing his sweet shouts. 

“i know that you can do it, babygirl, i knew that! gosh, you are so nice!” 

once when you get in the crossroad, you slow down, now waiting for him. if he’s not with you, you get lost easily, but timothée -he knows everything, and he knows everything what’s good to you. 

soft sighs and giggles leave his mouth, fanning your ear and baby hairs as leans closer to you one more time, helping you off from the bicycle, stroking your hair while walking you down the street. 

“i never thought that this gonna go well, i… tried this many times but i always failed, and-”

suddenly, he grabs your shoulder, leans you and the bicycle to the pink wall. taking your cheeks in his hands, spreading heated, but supportable strikes on your skin, looking deeply into your eyes -those ethereal eyes, the eyes he waits in the morning to open up for, so he can see the little sparkles in it. 

“you know what, princess? like i said, i’m always gonna take care of you, hold your hand during everything. and i promise,”

he sticked out his pinky, lacing it with yours, his slender fingers match perfectly yours,

“i promise, that i never gonna let you fall down, because you’re never ever supposed to fall. and you know why? because you’re an angel.” 

then he kisses your hand, your cheeks, ducking your forehead close to his. now the sunset paints the sky from baby blue to rosegold, timothée’s face is like a statue, like apollo, who always baths in heavenly light and pure joy. he helps you up, leading your bicycle, an arm around your shoulder as he kisses the top of your head. your smile is silly, don’t even turning your head into his direction -he always gonna hear your sweet voice, no matter what. 

“always an angel, am i?” 

“always, an angel, babygirl. always my angel.”

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Here is the second part in my Ben Hardy mini-series that I hope everyone is going to like, thank you all for the lovely feedback so far.

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Series taglist: @storiesfrommirkwood

Part 1

Summary: Ben has always been set on the idea of not having kids, but when (Y/n) becomes a surrogate for Gwilym and his wife, Ben wonders if he really is sure about no kids after all.




“Do you feel sick?” Ben’s words were hushed so the other people sitting in the waiting room couldn’t hear but his face gave away the concern that was creeping into his system. He could tell by the way that (Y/n) was both pursing and biting down on her lips that she was either anxious or uncomfortable and the way she was trying to take very deep, slow breaths implied she didn’t feel very well.

“No, I don’t think so.” (Y/n) let herself slouch back in the rather uncomfortable wooden chair before she tilted her head up to look at Ben, watching his brows raise and a sigh pass through his lips.

“That’s reassuring.” (Y/n) knew he wasn’t mad or irritated, he was trying to make a joke despite the concern he felt. It hadn’t escaped his notice that (Y/n) hadn’t eaten breakfast or dinner today from feeling too sick to stomach anything. He was just hoping that after this (Y/n) might feel better or the least bit hungry and manage to eat something.

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