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<div> —  Markus Zusak, <a href="">The Book Thief</a><br> </div><span>Imagine smiling after a slap in the face. Then think of doing it twenty-four hours a day.</span>
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— how they react when you get hurt

  • Characters: Annie January, Frenchie, Hugh Campbell, Kimiko Miyashiro,  Queen Maeve
  • Warnings: injury/violence
  • Requester: anonymous
  • Request: “Can I request the boys preferences(Annie, Maeve, Kimiko, Frenchie and Hughie) for how they react when you get hurt?”
  • A/N: hope it’s alright!

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Imagine Kano not being able take his eyes off you when you meet on the tournament. “Well, well, well… who do we have here?” He thinks you’re absolutely hot, and won’t stop flirting with you. But once the fight starts, you instantly dropkick him, pinning him to the floor. Shang Tsung is highly amused at this. As Kano looks up at you he’s mesmerized - your face with furrowed eyebrows illuminated by the sun. “B-beautiful…”, Kano stutters out under his breath. That takes you off-guard. As you loosen your grip on him he refuses to get up and lets you win, making Shang Tsung roll his eyes. He just fell for you… hard. And he can’t get up.


Originally posted by mortal-mun-dee

For @mortal-mun-dee 💖

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I know Jason’s death seems realistic and blah blah blah but imagine if Piper gets tired of everybody and decides to go for some Orpheus and Eurydice type of shit 😳

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denki x reader: pure crack

So you and denki are having some quality time, trying to take in eachothers presence. It’s been while since the two of you have done anything together, both having busy schedules. You with school and him with hero work. Thinking this would be a great time to yk give your man a little show. You had a little cute pair of undergarments.

Standing up from the couch, denki gives you a small pout “where ya going babe?” You just look at him with this cute little innocent look. Slowing removing your blouse, you can see him adjusting himself on the couch. Throwing the shirt on the floor. As you’re going for your pants you feel the small sharp pain in your abdomen like something is bubbling up a “oh no” leaves your mouth. “What’s wrong babe?” Denki slowly getting up to check if you’re alright.

As his hand is about to reach your shoulder a small *peeeeeeee* leaves your body. Denki just stands there with wide eyes. You can’t even bare to look at him “did… did you just fart?! pfft” his laughter fills the room. “Shut up… I didn’t think-… yes” you shyly say trying to look the opposite way of him. Next thing you hear is a loud ass fart “don’t be embarrassed love” he says as his hand makes it’s way to grab your chin. “My god…. please” you couldn’t help burst into laughter, denki joining in.


a/n: this was just one of those showers thoughts that I just had to write it down.. I can honestly see him doing this just to try to make you feel better

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I just had this picture pop into my head of Agatha’s girlfriend/wife stuck out on the edge of hex and Agatha goes looking for cause it’s been a while since she’s seen her and when she finally pulls up in her car it’s raining so she gets her girlfriend/wife in the car and when they get home, Agatha magically lights the fire and just holds her until she’s all dry and warm again.

That’s all. 🥺

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Word Count: 1,071
Prompt: Modern AU
Day: 25/28
Note: This is a non-COVID modern au cause… I think we all need that, to be honest. Feeling a little nostalgic for campus life right about now. Fo4F is almost over! Time flies.

It was late, the surrounding area covered in a thick fog that made it hard to see where any buildings were. Sole was lucky they had memorized the area. They clutched at the warm drink in their hands like it was a lifeline as they took careful steps, desperately afraid they were going to trip and fall on their ass. There were stones coming loose every other step in the path just waiting to take them down.

They nearly stepped dead in their tracks when they heard footsteps behind them. It wasn’t too uncommon, considering this wasn’t exactly their property, but God was it unnerving, considering the fact that they were practically blind in the weather. They shifted the strap of their bag higher on their shoulder and glanced around before they forced themself to walk a little faster, despite the dread. Their destination was so close, yet so far.

By the time they got to the main plaza of campus the footsteps were speeding up and finally caught up with them. In the overhead lamplight, the mist cleared and revealed a familiar face. “God, were you trying to give me a heart attack?” They yelled under their breath, sighing at the sight.

Piper smiled back at them sheepishly. “Sorry. I was trying to catch up but you walk fast.” She greeted them with an apologetic shrug.

Sole wanted to pretend to be keeping a grudge, but they simply couldn’t. Piper was too sweet to them; they were taking night classes at the local college together and with the overlaps in their schedules they seemed to be getting closer every day. Sole rolled their eyes. “Not my fault you’re short.” They teased back.

Piper let out an exaggerated, offended gasp and pressed a hand against her chest. Always the comedian. She was clutching her own thermos, Sole noticed, tea presumably. “Did you get the midterm update?” 

Sole froze with their cup in front of their mouth. Had they checked the app lately? They should’ve, somewhere between rushing their essay last minute and shoving half a stale muffin in their mouth to pass as dinner before they forced themself to face their upcoming evening class. No, they hadn’t checked. Piper guessed this by the way they were staring at her in horror. “Don’t worry, it got moved back a week. Maybe you can actually study that way.” She started walking, continuing to class.

They were quick to take a few long strides and catch up. “Yeah, sure, look who’s talking. Besides, last minute is my superpower. It gets done, doesn’t it?”

“By some miracle.” 

Sole couldn’t help but glance at Piper a little too often. She was bundled up in her burgundy coat, scarf wrapped tightly around her neck to hide her skin from the cold. Her fingerless gloves barely covered enough of her hands to keep them warm, but it seemed whatever was heating up her thermos was compensating for that. They wanted to reach out and peel her hands away to warm them up with their breath, but they weren’t sure if that was weird. Definitely not the time to overthink. Instead, they buried themself further in their own scarf and followed quietly in Piper’s footsteps.

The walk to their building was shorter than ideal and they climbed the stairs together, sharing glances to silently complain about how ridiculous the steep steps were getting. They trailed in, one after the other, to their English composition class and settled in the back, spreading out their notebooks and homework, the quiet shuffle of sheets of paper filling the silence in the room. 

Piper unravelled her scarf from around her neck with a sigh and slung it over the back of her chair before kicking her legs up onto Sole’s lap. Sole rolled their eyes but caught her legs by the ankles and propped them up properly, long used to Piper’s antics during their evening classes; she was exhausted from her internship at the local newspaper and needed what rest she could get. If that was ten minute naps when they arrived early to class, so be it. They settled into their usual rhythm, organizing their work, as time ticked by to the start of class.

The room emptied with a bustling movement, everyone shoving their work back into their bags, minds fretting over the lack of time and the new assignments. Piper pulled her legs off Sole’s lap and they nearly missed the weight until they thought about the fact that they could go home. They’d already quietly packed their stuff, not trying to draw attention to themself with the process, but bored by the last few minutes that were crawling by and made an attempt to keep busy. Therefore, they simply watched as Piper gathered her stuff and pulled her scarf and coat back on.

The walk back downstairs was oddly tense for the pair. Usually, they would chatter about the new work they had and how college may be a struggle but at least it was fun sometimes. Instead, the silence took over, louder than any of the conversations the other students were having. When they finally made it to the bottom of the staircase, Piper broke the silence. “So, um. I don’t know if I really got what he was talking about today.” She laughed, scratching the back of her neck.

Sole looked over at her in surprise. Usually, she was the one dragging them through the class by teaching them everything all over again. “Oh. Do you wanna talk about it?”

“Um, yeah!” Piper seemed to jump on that. “We should get coffee or something and study together. I think I’ll get it better if you explain it to me, y’know?”

They suppressed the flustered smile that was emerging on their face and looked down at the ground, biting their lip hard. They nodded for a moment before looking back at Piper, rocking on their heels nervously. “That sounds great. Are you free tomorrow?”

“Yeah, that’s perfect. It’s a date! Uh-” She seemed to realize what she’d said a little too late. “A study date. Or not a date. Um, if that’s weird. We’re studying.”

Sole laughed quietly and stepped forward, reaching up to adjust how Piper’s scarf sat over her shoulders. When it was shifted to their liking, contrasting nicely with the way her cheeks flushed, they met her eyes again. “It’s a date.” They replied softly.

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Imagifs Jack Thompson #2


Originally posted by merakiaes

When he sees you with another men, but deep down he still loves you.


Originally posted by merakiaes

When he hits on you and your husband arrives. “I have to go !” he says.


Originally posted by the-invisible-queer

When you are a criminal but you don’t look like one.


Originally posted by silverwing2522

When you are ready to shoot him and he says “You sure sweetheart ?”

A request from @bde-break-down-energy !

I loved to do it, espacially when it’s about Jack !

If you want something else tell me !

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The Goddess of Light | Kamo Noritoshi

chapter three of the Fairy Tale series


SYNOPSIS: Fairy Tale AU inspired by Cinderella. You lend a hand to a blind man.

READER: goddess!female

WORDS: 1018

WRITTEN: 02/25/2021

NOTES: Noritoshi speaks a bit more “modern” to show their age gap and the differences in the era they were born in.


“Isn’t he the saddest?” you cooed.

“Y/N, he’s not an animal nor a pet. He’s a human,” your sister exasperated.

“And what’s wrong with that?” you retorted.

“Love, we are goddesses, ethereal beings and creatures. We take care of the Earth, not the humans. They’ve caused enough destruction in their time. I know what you’re thinking and I shan’t allow it.”

You rolled your eyes. “You know whether or not you allow it doesn’t mean I’ll listen.”

Your sister sighed and shooed you away with your hand as she leaned down on the cloud. “Do what you must. I don’t know why I bother with your hard head.”

“Thank you, sister,” you said as you hopped off the cloud and drifted down to the poor, blind man.

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Fred: what would you do if you were in a bed with me?


Y/N: is the bed comfortable?

Fred: yes

Y/N: then I’d sleep

90 notes

word count: 1.8k

warnings: some mentions of violence



You opened your eyes to the moonlight illuminating your room, allowing you to see your furniture. You looked to your left to the corner that your bed was against, jumping when you saw a figure sitting in it, snoring softly. You recognized him as Isaac, and you groaned.

You grabbed the extra pillow and threw it at him, and he woke from his slumber with a flinch and a mumble.

“What are you doing here?” you whispered, even though you were home alone and there was no one to wake up.

“Guarding you.”

“Well, you were sleeping.”

He rubbed his eyes to wake up. “Ugh, yeah, sorry.”

You scooted backward, clearing up enough room on your full-size bed. “Come lay down,” you said, seeing a look of hesitation on his face. “Come on, it’s more comfortable than that chair.”

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Imagine # 735

Picture NOT mine. (Found on Pinterest.)

If this picture is yours please let me know, so I can give you credit.

Picture credit goes to - Unknown.

Year posted - 2021


“So uh Peter I’ve been meaning to ask… Is (Y/n) seeing anyone?” Eddie rubbed the back of his neck with a nervous grin. “(Y/n), my 23 year old sister (Y/n)?” Peter asked unsure of how he felt about Eddie asking him this. “Yeah.” Eddie looked to the floor. “Um why are you curious?” Peter crossed his arms chuckling softly, feeling a little uncomfortable. “Well why do you think.” Eddie chuckled, now fiddling with the can of pasta in his hand. “She’s single.” Peter smiled, laughing softly when an excited smile bloomed on Eddie’s face. “You think she would… Be interested in…?” Eddie pointed to himself subtlety. “In you? Oh yeah definitely… Definitely… She actually asks about you everytime she sees you.” Peter revealed accidentally, immediately feeling guilty for throwing his sister under the bus like that. “Really?” Eddie’s grin widened. “Uh yeah.” Peter smiled nervously. “You think I could get her number from you?” Eddie asked making Peter stutter a little. “Uh w-well I-I don’t know.” Peter stammered while rubbing the back of his neck. “Your right, I shouldn’t have asked.” Eddie waved his hand, placing the can of pasta back on the shelf. “No no it’s, it’s fine… I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.” Peter shrugged off his backpack, fishing out a pen and a spare piece of paper. Quickly he jotted down (Y/n)’s phone number and handed it over to Eddie. “Thanks kid.” Eddie smiled as he inspected the number. “Sure… Just don’t tell her I gave you her number.” Peter was only half joking, but Eddie took his advice to heart.

14 notes

Y/N: I hope you have the day you deserve


Tom: is that supposed to be a threat or a compliment?


Y/N: I think you know

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wanna taste me // Vinnie Hacker

warnings; smut

you grabbed onto the headboard trying to keep yourself up, as you bounced on your boyfriends’ c*ck. whimpers fell from your mouth from the amount of pleasure. “just a little longer baby. can you do it for me?"  "mhm"  he looked up at you, admiring how amazing you looked while riding him. he loved making you do this as he knew you always got exhausted, plus it gave him a perfect view of your t*ts. you took him in your mouth and slowly bobbed your head, your hand stroking what you couldn’t fit in your mouth. you looked up at him, he had his bottom lip between his teeth and his hand in his hair. your tongue played around with his slit, he bucked his hips whenever you did that, smirking to yourself. this time you you took him in your completely, feeling the tip hit the back of your throat. "fuck” his hand flew to the back of your head, holding you in place. you gagged on his c*ck, a few tears escaped, but you loved seeing him like this. he gently facef*cked you. once he let you go you proceeded to rapidly bob your head. “shit.. ready baby” you took your mouth out and held your tongue out. he stroked his c*ck and he came hard moaning out your name, as his c*m spurted directly into your mouth, a bit drooling out. the whole time holding eye contact with him, you gave him a few more pumps before completely swallowing his c*m. he pulled you back up and kissed you, tasting himself in your mouth. “always manage to amaze me”

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They say “Finally, I’m living my dream, after all it took”, and here I am, living in my dream, and it took nothing!

And yes, it comes as a package with escapism, maladaptive daydreaming and a thinning line between reality and imagination, quite unimportant.

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Big brother Baku


“Oi” Bakugou grumbled poking his little sisters shoulder. No response as she somehow curled into a smaller ball under her blankets.

“Oi extra it’s 11pm you’ve been in bed all day. Tch, making me stay up past my bedtime to make sure you ate-” he stopped mid sentence hearing her sniffles.

“Hey kid” he said slowly prying the blanket off her to be exposed to her wet cheeks and bloodshot eyes.

Sitting on her bed Bakugou pulled her into his chest. Y/N grabbing onto his shirt for dear life as he rubs circles on her back.

“Let it all out kid” he says resting his cheek on her head.

“I’m sorry” she whispered into his shirts, her voice barely above a whisper but Bakugou heard.

“Shhhh” he said clenching her a little harder making a mental note to kill whatever extra hurt his sister like this.

A small kiss to the top of her head. As he noticed her breathing getting even. She pulled herself away from his chest wiping her cheeks dry giving him the slightest smile.

“Thank you” she said planting a small kiss to his cheek.

“Do you wanna talk about it” he said as he watched her getting comfy in bed under her sheets, patting the spot beside her signaling she wanted him to stay. He pulled the blanket over the both of them letting her snuggle into his side before wrapping an arm around her.

“Bad memories” she whispered. Bakugou knew his sister wasn’t as lucky as him, his family having adopted her when she was 10, a mere 4 years younger then Bakugou.

Time had past since then and Y/N was now 16, having pride in her big brother being a pro hero her on the way herself.

“You’re safe now. I’m a hero and you’ve already got one step in the door to becoming one as well. Whatever it is I will protect you kiddo.” he said confidently. He never once doubted her abilities, despite calling her an extra all the time just to push her buttons.

“I know” she smiled, “Today was just a bad day.” she said closing her eyes as Bakugou switched the tv on her room.

Bakugou was beyond tired, his sleep pattens remaining the same but for his little sister, he was down to make whatever sacrifices necessary.

“The usual” he said going to Netflix as he felt you nod.

He sighed.

“The ladybug and cat show it is” he grumbled getting a small laugh from you. He placed another small kiss to your head and only slept when he made sure you felt safe and protected.

Bakugou was rough, a hero that intimidated not only villains but civilians as well. But to you, he was the sweetest brother a kid could ever ask for.

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Imagine # 733

Gif NOT mine. (Gif found on Pinterest.)

If this gif is yours please let me know, so I can give you credit.

Gif credit goes to - Unknown.

Year posted - 2021

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