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Meet me halfway, wash away the bad
Robin Buckley x Reader
Summary: Robin letting her walls down, a hot shower, tears, and hugs.
A/N: I know I said I was gonna write for Eddie next, and his story is about halfway done but I just needed to post this little random idea first. I love Robin so much it hurts. And I wanted to explore her vulnerable side, I guess? And talk a little about how all of what happened would affect her.
Tumblr media
You closed your eyes as you felt the sting of antiseptic on your cheek, it was followed by a soft-spoken apology from the woman in front of you. You ran your fingers along her hip bone, to chase away the frown you knew was etched in her features right now.
Robin's bathroom felt like a quiet safe heaven as you sat on the counter just beside the sink, with Robin between your legs cleaning up any remaining wounds on your skin. It was almost comical, the fact that mere hours ago you were climbing out of an otherworldly portal, in which you had just killed another creature that shouldn't even exist; and now, you had walked out of a warm shower, happy that your girlfriend's parents weren't home so you could cuddle with her for the night.
You made yourself find joy in the unlikeliness of it all, and the fact that you were both in one piece. Otherwise, the sickening tick of the grandfather clock would still ring inside your head, tricking you to believe you were never free of its curse.
Tender fingers closing around your hand made you realize that she was done. Robin brought your hand to her lips, planting a soft kiss over your knuckles. You opened your eyes and saw her gaze fixed on the purple marks forming on the skin of your fist.
There was no mention of it from either of you, but Robin had been different ever since the imminent threat was dealt with. Without having a fight to focus on, the weight of it all laid heavy on everyone's shoulders. You wanted to believe that she'd take it better the second time around, but you had gone through this rodeo enough times to know that it doesn't get better. It never does.
Robin was never a quiet person. Yet she hadn't said more than ten words since you entered her house.
"How are you feeling?" You ducked your head, trying to catch her gaze. Reaching up, you played with the ends of her hair. "Do you want to talk about it?"
She pursed her lips so you wouldn't see them tremble. The words she should have said got stuck in her throat, instead, she settled for; "I think I just need a shower."
She looked up at you with her best smile. You almost cried at the pain you saw behind it. There was a time for everything; you cupped her cheeks and pecked her lips, jumping down from the counter. "Okay, I'll be waiting outside."
Ten minutes passed with you sitting on her bed before you heard the shower start, and another thirty passed when you still didn't hear her turning it off. You wanted to give her space, but the worry clawing at your chest got the better of you.
The bathroom door opened slowly, there was a soft steam from the shower in the air, making the tiles slippery and the walls damp. "Robin? I just wanted to check on you." You spoke as if approaching a wild cat, looking at her unmoving silhouette behind the shower curtain.
Several heartbeats passed and all you could hear was water hitting the tiles and your own breathing.
"You can come in if you want."
The tightness in her voice made you undress faster than ever before.
You opened the curtain and saw Robin's back to you, she was leaning a hand on the cold wall, water falling into her hair and making it cling to her skin.
The water under your feet was fairly warm, and the stream from the shower was even warmer when you reached out a hand under it.
Robin's shoulders tensed before she turned to look at you, making your throat close at the sight. Her bright eyes were bloodshot and swimming in tears that were just a blink away from cascading down her cheeks, her breathing came in short intakes, making her lower lip tremble. You never saw her like this, and it broke your heart.
"Robin talk to-" you started in a breath.
"I just- can you just hold me?" Robin's voice broke halfway, it was timid in a way you never heard before, not even on the first time she asked you out. For a fleeting second, you wondered if she considered the possibility of you saying no. If she thought about her pain as some kind of burden.
You didn't say anything as you brought her body to yours, with an arm around her waist and the other going up to her head, threading your fingers on her wet hair. She held you back almost desperately, bringing you tightly against her in an attempt to ground herself and make her own mind believe that you were really there.
You kissed her bare shoulder, feeling how her tears mixed with the warm water from the shower falling into your skin. The tip of her nose brushed your neck when she lowered her head onto you.
Skin to skin, you could feel the beating of her heart against your own; yet there was nothing sexual about the way you clung to each other under the steady stream of water. Just two souls meeting halfway without any barriers to keep them apart, in a world that had done them wrong one too many times.
Your hair was getting wet all over again, loose strands clinging to your forehead. Goosebumps raised on your skin when Robin started tracing patterns along your back. "I almost lost you today."
You felt more than heard Robin's words against your skin. You shivered just by remembering the livid nightmare, but the way her body trembled with a sob on your hold could make you believe it had been even worse for her. It's not every day that you almost witness someone's eyes go lifeless in front of you. It's not every day that you almost have the person you love taken from you in the worst possible way.
"You're not getting rid of me that easily, Buckley." You tried, but when the only answer you got was her squeezing you tighter, you stopped masking your own pain. "I know it was scary, but I knew that you'd be there for me. And you saved me, okay? I'm right here."
Pulling back only enough to look at her, you cupped her cheeks, brushing away stray tears with your thumbs. "I knew you would, you know me better than anyone else." You whispered, leaning your forehead against hers, thinking back on how Robin immediately knew your favorite song; something you couldn't choose by yourself even with a gun to your head.
Robin closed her eyes, her nose nuzzling yours. "But what if I didn't?" Water clung to her eyelashes as she looked at you, and you followed a few drops as they passed by her freckles. "I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something went wrong and-"
"Let's not dwell on the what-ifs, okay?" You raised a hand and brushed away the drenched hair that was in her eyes, leaning your head under the stream of the shower and pecking her lips. As you pulled back she followed you halfway, holding you under the warm water with a hand behind your neck. Her kiss was desperate, passionate, and gentle all at the same time; her lips molding with yours as water rained down over your closed eyes.
She refused to part when air became a necessity, giving your lips multiple little pecks before burying her head on your shoulder again.
You ran a hand along her spine, feeling her shiver and curl more into you. "I'm here, Robin. For as long as you'll have me."
Thank you for reading this little story. Feedback and reblogs are very much appreciated. <3
Robin’s taglist: @milkiane @wandaownsme @rob1nbuckl3ys @myownpainintheass
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pool side ~ steve harrington;stranger things
word count: 3220
request?: no
description: in which their innocent conversation by the pool quickly turns into something a little dirtier
pairing: steve harrington x wheeler!female!reader
warnings: swearing, smut (oral (f receiving), i guess technically public sex?)
masterlist (one, two)
Tumblr media
Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t hate Steve Harrington.
I mean, I didn’t know him well enough to hate him. We didn’t run in the same friend group. I was a math nerd - high grades in the subject, champion of basically every decathlon in the last four years, would be leader of the team if I really wanted it - and Steve was...well...he was Steve. Big, popular Steve. Everyone loved and admired Steve.
Everyone including my twin sister.
Nancy was head over heels for Steve from the moment he gave her even the smallest sliver of attention. He would call her all the time, sneak into her bedroom at night, distract her from her studies and make her late for class, or miss it all together.
Maybe that’s where the rumor that I hated him came from. I was trying to talk some sense into Nancy after she came home past curfew wearing Steve’s hoodie and noticeably missing her clothes from when she left. Well, noticeably for me. Sometimes our parents can be blissfully ignorant, or too trusting of Nancy, Mike, and I.
“You don’t even know him,” she argued when I told her Steve was making her act differently. “Maybe you’d like him if you got to know him.”
“I’d like him a lot more if he wasn’t getting you in trouble all the time,” I muttered in response.
Within a week the whole school thought I hated Steve, including Steve himself. But that wasn’t the case. Quite the opposite, actually. Like everyone, I liked Steve. I liked him as much as my sister did, if you know what I mean.
Why else would I go to a party at his place without Nancy? I wasn’t a party person, and none of the other attendees wanted me there I’m sure, but Steve invited the entire grade, and I decided to go.
But, again, I’m not a party person, so instead of being inside with my “peers” listening to the too loud music and drinking lukewarm beer, I was sat in a chair next to the Harrington’s pool, just watching the still water.
The muffled music increased for a split second as the backdoor opened and shut again. I looked over my shoulder to see Steve standing at the door.
“Shouldn’t you be studying your math textbook?” he asked, a half smirk on his face.
“Shouldn’t you be trying to get in my sister’s pants?” I retorted.
He chuckled. “You got me there.”
He walked over to the chair next to me and sat down. He offered me a beer and I took it, although I had no intentions of drinking it.
“I’m kind of surprised to see you here,” he said. “Doesn’t seem like your scene.”
“It’s not.”
“Then why are you here?”
I looked down at the beer and decided maybe I would drink it. Anything to get out of answering that question.
The liquid was heavy and made my mouth feel dry, as if I wasn’t drinking. I had only drank beer once before and it definitely did not taste good at all. I wasn’t sure why basically every guy liked to drink this shit whenever there was a party or something. It seemed like the worst way to get drunk.
“Why are you out here?” I asked him. “Come to make fun of the loser all alone at the party?”
Steve put a hand over his chest. “You wound me. Maybe I saw you out here and wanted to keep you company.”
I scoffed. “Yeah, sure.”
Okay, maybe my attitude added fuel to the rumors about my feelings towards Steve, but it was hard not to have a shield up around him. My crush on him aside, Steve was also surrounded by assholes. His friends were probably the worst people in all of Hawkins. I had no idea how Nancy, who was a very gentle and caring person (so I thought), ever put up with them, no matter how much she liked Steve.
“I’m serious, (Y/N). There’s no ulterior motives here. I saw you out here alone and I wanted to come keep you company. No one even knows I left.”
“Oh. Well...thanks.”
Silence washed over us. Steve sat back in the chair, kicking his legs up and tipping his can back against his lips. He chugged the contents down within seconds before discarding the empty can onto the lawn next to him.
“Impressive,” I said.
I sighed, sick of the awkward tension in the air. “I don’t hate you, you know.”
Steve seemed amused by my confession. “Really? You could’ve fooled me.”
“I’m pretty sure Nancy is the one who started that rumor. I just sort of played into it after a while. But I don’t hate you. Your friends are another story.”
“Yeah, well you’re right to hate them. They’re assholes. I have no idea why I was ever friends with them in the first place.”
I was taken back by the confession. “Whoa. When did that happen? Last I checked they were still following you like lost puppies.”
Steve was silent again. I wondered if he was regretting telling me so much. Maybe he was about to storm off, leaving me there more confused than ever. I wouldn’t blame him. It wasn’t like we were close or anything. Nancy didn’t even bring him around to meet the family (which technically was a good idea considering how our mother acted sometimes).
Instead, he let out a sigh that blew the piece of his hair that was dangling in his face a little.
“Since you confessed something to me, I’m gonna confess something to you in return,” he said. “Your sister dumped me.”
Now that was a very surprising confession. I was shocked that I was hearing this news from Steve and not from Nancy. We usually told each other everything. I figured a break up with Steve, especially one that she initiated, would’ve been big news that she would’ve told me right away.
Steve looked up at my face. “Judging by that expression, she didn’t tell you that.”
I shook my head, still too stunned to speak.
“Yeah, I don’t blame her. I was a bit of a jerk towards her so she ended things. She’s been hanging out with Byers a lot lately, so I’m guessing there’s something there or there will be soon. She deserves him if he’s what makes her happy.” He shrugged. “Still sucks, though.”
“I’m so sorry,” I said. And I genuinely meant it. As much as I disliked the way Nancy was with him, it seemed like he was quite upset over the break up.
“It’s fine. Like I said, I was a jerk and I deserved it.”
“Doesn’t explain what’s going on with your jerk friends, though.”
“I’m getting there. Have some patience.” He smiled a little at me, and I couldn’t help but smile back. “They were being assholes towards Nancy. They made fun of Byers, called her names, then turned to insult me when I tried sticking up for them. I said enough was enough. I didn’t want to deal with that anymore.”
“Good for you, though. You deserve better friends than them.”
“Yeah I guess I do. Should’ve realized that when I caught Tommy going down on Carole in my parents bedroom.”
I made a face that Steve caught for a split second. He started to laugh a little at my expression before asking, “What? Don’t like to hear about sex?”
“Sex is fine I guess. It’s the oral that has me kind of cringing.”
“Wait.” Steve sat up, his face suddenly becoming serious. “You’ve never received oral before?”
I could feel my face burning and I quickly turned away from him. “Oh my God, I’m not talking about this with you.”
“You totally haven’t. What type of dudes have you been dating that they haven’t given you that pleasure before?”
I wrapped my arms around myself, almost like I was trying to shield myself from him. I wished I could just melt into a puddle and disappear into the pool in front of us. I really did not want to talk about my embarrassing sex life with Steve “The Hair” Harrington.
Of course I had been in relationships before. Had lost my virginity the year prior. It wasn’t exactly glamorous, but it felt good at the time. But that was the first and last time I had ever had sex, and I certainly hadn’t done anything more than regular sex. Definitely had not explored the world of cunnilingus. The same guy I lost my virginity to said it was gross and I wouldn’t like it, and, since I was inexperienced, I took his word for it.
I had been so determined to not look at Steve that I hadn’t even noticed he had gotten up from his chair and came to kneel in front of mine. His fingers gently touched my chin. The brief touch sent electricity coursing through my body. I wondered if he felt it too.
“You don’t have to be embarrassed,” he told me. “I’m just saying it feels really, really good. Or it does for a guy anyways. I’ve only ever done it to a girl once and she told me it was better than sex.”
I couldn’t help the laugh that erupted from my mouth. “That’s not a hard thing to top for me. I’ve only had sex once and it wasn’t the best.”
Steve looked so shocked that you would’ve thought I had just told him some insane, life altering secret. “Okay, whichever guy you were with to make you think this way seriously needs to get his shit together. Sex is amazing when you’re doing it with the right person, and getting head feels just as good.”
He was so close to me. Closer than he’s ever been. I shouldn’t want to jump his bones considering he’s now my sister’s ex-boyfriend and there has to be some rules against that, but I wanted to so badly. I wanted to kiss his face, run my hands through his hair, feel his body on mine. I wanted him to show me how good sex could feel.
“I could show you.”
I blanched at his comment. “W-What?”
“The oral part. I could show you how good it feels. If you want to, that is.”
“Like...like right here?”
A cheeky smile spread across his face. “Yeah. Why not?”
“Well, for one, your house is full of people right now. What if someone sees us?”
“All they’ll see is you laying back in the lawn chair. They’re positioned in a way that you can’t see anything else unless you’re upstairs, and everyone knows upstairs is a no go area.” His hands were on my thighs. They felt so warm. I wanted them in other places. “We don’t have to. This is totally up to you, but I feel like you should be shown what you’re missing.”
I glanced back at the house to make sure there was no one looking out through one of the windows. It was a bad idea, but I allowed myself to lay back on the chair with Steve still knelt between my legs. His face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.
“Is it okay if I take these off?” he asked, reaching for the buttons on my pants.
My words caught in my throat, so all I could do was nod. He unbuttoned them slowly, looking up at me every so often as if making sure I was still okay with what he was doing. Once he had them undone, he reached up for the waistband.
“Up,” he instructed. I lifted my hips and he pulled off my shorts and my panties in one movement. The cool air hit my bare lower half and I shivered a little. Steve pulled me down so I was sat right on the edge of the chair. “Open your legs for me, sweetheart.”
I did as he asked and allowed my legs to fall open.
He was cautious at first, leaning forward slowly, still watching me for any signs of hesitation or changing my mind. I could feel his breath against my core and it sent more shivers through me.
I gasped when his tongue finally collided with my clit, licking a long, slow stripe through my sensitive area. He paused, looking up at me still. God, I could get used to seeing that look in his eyes - one of lust but also one of admiration. Like I was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. Even if he was just looking like that because I was letting him do naughty things to me.
“Keep going,” I managed to stutter out.
He smiled before diving back into me. One of my hands flew to his hair while the other gripped the chair beneath me as his pace picked up. He continued to mercilessly lap at my clit, each press of his tongue against the bundle of nerves sending jolts of pleasure through me.
I felt bad for how much I was messing with Steve’s hair, but I couldn’t help myself. It felt like I had no control over my own body anymore. I was fisting locks of his soft hair in my hand and my back was arching off of the chair. Steve kept having to reach up and push my hips back down, but he didn’t seem too bothered by the reaction. He looked amused, actually.
When his tongue went lower and dived into my folds, I let out a loud moan. I quickly clapped a hand over my mouth and looked down at Steve, who still had his face buried in my pussy. I could see the amusement in his eyes as he chuckled, the vibrations adding an extra form of pleasure
He continued to lick through my folds, his tongue just about entering my pussy every time he went lower on me. His hands held onto my thighs, his fingertips pressing into them. I moaned into my hand, trying to muffle the noises but it was no use. I was being louder than I intended, but I had to admit that Steve was right: oral felt incredible.
I could feel a sensation building in my stomach, and I knew it meant I was approaching my high.
“Oh God,” I breathed. “I’m gonna...I’m gonna...”
“Cum in my mouth, beautiful,” he coaxed. “I wanna taste you.”
His words were enough to send me over the edge. I let out a cry of pleasure, officially no longer caring if anyone heard us, as my orgasm ripped through me. Steve continued to lick my entrance, lapping up my juices as much as he could.
When he pulled away I had to bite back a whimper. I already wished to feel him licking me again, or maybe to feel more of him.
He got up to hover over me. His mouth and chin were glistening with my slick. I was surprised at how much that turned me on. He pressed himself against me and I could feel him poking through his jeans. He started to lower his face down to mine and my heart raced with anticipation. He stopped just before out lips touched.
“Wait,” he said, bringing his arm to his face and quickly wiping me off of his mouth and chin. “There.”
And when Steve closed the gap between us, I felt like I was in heaven. It was the moment I had been waiting for since the moment I laid my eyes on him. Of course, I never imagined it would happen just after he gave me the most intense orgasm of my life, but that fact just felt like an added plus.
He grounded his pelvis against mine, building friction between us. I was more than willing to let him take me right here in the lawn chair outside of his house, until a thought crossed my mind.
I pushed him away and he looked down at me, confused. “I can’t...Nancy...”
“She dumped me, (Y/N). I don’t think she’d have a problem with it.”
“No, I mean I can’t sleep with the guy who took Nancy’s virginity. Even if she ended it, that’s so wrong.”
“We never slept together.”
It was my turn to look at him in confusion. “What? But that night she was over late...she came home and she was wearing different clothes...”
“I pushed her into the pool. She came up to my room so I could give her dry clothes. We made out a little bit, but she stopped before we could go any further. She said she didn’t feel ready, and I respected that. She broke up with me before we could ever go any further.”
Well, that felt like a relief.
But still, now that I was coming down from my high and thinking a little more clearly, I didn’t want to have sex with Steve where anyone could possibly catch us.
“I’d still rather not do it out here,” I told him. “Is...is that okay?”
He smiled a little. “Of course that’s okay. I’m not going to make you do something you don’t want to do. We can try again sometime when it’s more private and with less people in my house.”
“You...you still want to have sex with me...after tonight?”
“I do. This wasn’t a one time thing for me. That is, if you don’t want it to be a one time thing.”
I shook my head quickly. He chuckled and cupped my chin again. “Well then, it’s decided. I would very much like to make you a believer in how good sex can be.”
His lips pressed against mine again. When he pulled away I felt dizzy with happiness. I truly could not believe the events of this night had happened at all. I was still convinced I had dreamt it all.
“Do you have to go home tonight?” he asked. “I know your parents can be strict with curfews.”
I deflated at the question. “Yeah. Mom wants me home by 10.”
“Do you have a ride home?”
I shook my head. Despite the distance, I had decided to walk to Steve’s place. None of my friends who could drive wanted to go to his party, and I wasn’t about to ask my parents to drive me there.
“Well, here’s an idea: how about I drive you home before your curfew, and then tomorrow morning I’ll come back and pick you up, and we’ll go out for breakfast.”
“I-I’d like that,” I said.
He smiled brightly. “Okay. Sounds like a plan to me. Let’s go back in for a while. What do you say?”
I nodded again, feeling speechless. I was so sure this whole night had been a dream. I was about to pinch myself to see if I was really awake.
Steve took my hand and helped me up from the lawn chair. We grabbed my panties and shorts and I pulled them back on. My legs still felt wobbly from our earlier activities, so Steve let me lean against him as he walked into his house.
So yeah, I think it’s safe to say I definitely did not hate Steve Harrington.
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For your reality shifting needs:
🌑there is no upside down. There is no threatening government. There are no demogorgons, no vecna, no teens being supernaturally murdered. Just you, your friends, a peaceful Hawkins, and your family
🌑you just graduated high school - class of 86’. congrats! your parents celebrated by throwing you a graduation party with all your friends, Nancy, Robin, Dustin, Lucas, Max, Erica, Steve, Mike, Will, Jonathan, Joyce, Hopper, El, Wayne… and Eddie
🌘Eddie has been your neighbor and classmate for a long time now - he graduated with you… finally! in a way, this party is for both of you since his uncle chipped in with the planning
🌘you and eddie both have watched each other fall for people you deserved better than and although neither of you will admit it, it hurt to watch each other in the arms of someone else, but now, your arms are open and empty. you had made a pact with him in the seventh grade that if you hadn’t fallen in love by the time high school was over, you two would be together
🌗the truth you’ve been hiding is, even though you and eddie were best friends and you went to his band gigs all the time, you wanted to be there as his girlfriend/boyfriend. you wanted to be the one who kissed him when he got off stage. you wanted to be the one who told him you were proud of him. and you were, but you wanted to be saying it as his lover, with him knowing it meant something a lot more to you than it would mean to a friend
🌗and everything you feel for eddie… he feels for you equally. his heart was never as warm and full with other partners like it was when he was around you. wayne always pushed him to ask you out, but every time he built up the courage, you were getting in someone’s car to go on a date with them
🌗well now… high school is over. you’re not in love with anyone else and neither is eddie. at the party, Dustin turns the radio to soft rock and Into The Mystic by Van Morrison begins playing - the song you and Eddie were listening to when you made your pact. you blush and chuckle as Nancy and Steve push you and Eddie close together, motivating you to dance together. everyone can see you’re both bashful, so they pair up and dance beside you - Nancy and Jonathan, Jim and Joyce, El and Mike, Lucas and Max, Robin and Steve, Will and Dustin (to make you laugh)
🌖as you’re dancing, the sun begins to go down and everyone else starts to get tired, but you and eddie are still dancing. his arms around your waist. your arms around his neck. your heads pressed together. it feels like no one else is around. the world is only you two and Van Morrison’s song. Max gives you both headphones and her Walkman so you can listen to the song as many times as you want
🌖everyone goes home except for Dustin, Wayne, Will, and Mike - the guys who knew you two were always going to end up together and watched from the window as you danced in circles under the moonlight. Eddie looks at you as the moonlight makes his big, brown eyes sparkle. he smiles at you as your stomach begins to knot up, but in a warm, pleasant way - something you’ve never experienced with anyone else before. Eddie’s heart begins to race, but he’s excited. he’s happy. he caresses your cheek as he stops dancing and pulls you closer to him… it’s happening… he’s leaning in closer… and finally… he gently kisses you just as the chorus begins; “I wanna hear it. I don’t have to fear it and I wanna rock your gypsy soul. Just like way back in the days of old. And together we will float… into the mystic.”
🌕 Mike, Will, Wayne, and Dustin cheer you two on from inside as you soak in the sweetest kiss you’ve ever had. Eddie is gentle, he’s passionate, and his love for you is so strong, you can hear it with no words. you can feel it with no touch. as he kisses you, the future appears to you - you see the two of you at the altar getting married. you see the two of you making love passionately all night long as the sun comes up and peaks through the window. you see the two of you skinny dipping in lover’s lake, going on camping trips, listening to Eddie play the songs he wrote for you, having a child or two, and still… dancing under the moonlight together when you’re old and your kids have given you grandchildren
🌕as the song ends, Eddie smiles as he takes your hand and runs to his van. he’s going to surprise you and take you somewhere amazing and meaningful. somewhere the two of you can be alone and soak in each other’s love all night. when he turns on his van, another great song begins; The Flame by Cheap Trick (I know this song was released in 88, but this is your reality - pretend it wasn’t. It’s just too good a song to not use for this)
🌕it feels like the universe knew this would be the night you two acted on your pact. Eddie gives you a quick kiss as he backs out and drives you to the meadow in the woods by lover’s lake - where you two made your pact. he has everything he needs for a night out - blankets, music, sleeping bags, a few joints… and you. he finally has you. he can’t stop kissing your hand on the drive to the meadow. what more could he want now? he finally graduated, his friends and family are happy, Hawkins is quiet, vacant, and safe. and now he can just be him with the love of his life. everything has fallen into place
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starrycollesta · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
paring : Eddie Munson X Reader
includes : dom!reader, sub!eddie, smut, bondage, face slapping, degradation, choking, mentions of pegging, crying during sex.
Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Eddie would be wild as a sub. He’d go out of his way to disobey you, just to get punished. For example, whenever you’d do homework or were preoccupied with something, he’d masturbate beside you, moaning loudly. Sometimes, you’d just throw your homework across the room and punish him by either spanking him to tears or edging him.
You loved seeing the tears running from his brown eyes and his pleas for you to have mercy on him. He took everything you gave him, good or bad. That’s why you loved him. He’d let you inflict your kinky fantasies onto him whenever you wanted to.
One time, Eddie suggested him taking the dom role during sex one night. He immediately regrated it. He was too afraid off hurting you and you weren’t responding well to being called names. He realized that he much rather play the submissive role. 
Moving on to Eddie’s favorite kinks. He was a slut for being degraded and told what his place was. Slap him, choke him, fuck him stupid or tie him up, he didn’t care. As long as you degraded him in some way. Eddie loved being at your mercy. Bondage was also something that made him lose it. He loved his hands and legs being tied while you rode him into the sunset, only caring for your own pleasure.
Did I really forget to mention his spitting kink? he absolutely loved being held by his throat, mouth opened wide, while you spit into his mouth and told him how worthless he was. At first when you suggested spitting in his mouth, he didn’t know what to think, but eventually he warmed up to the idea. He’s love it ever since.
When you and Eddie had sex, it had to be kinky. You were sadistic as fuck, so you were up for anything. Really, nothing was off limits on how far you were willing to push Eddie. As was said before, Eddie was a pain slut. He loved to fuck or be fucked silly. He tried vanilla sex before with you, but it didn’t really speak to him. Eddie was fine being a kinky fucker.          
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stuckwthem · a day ago
another fluff! cutting eddie's bang on his lap
tw: scissors?
summary: you're cutting eddie's hair and he can't help but simp extremely hard for you.
authors note: hey! the ideia just came to me when i was thinking "how eddie cut his bangs so nicely". asks are open! let me write for you.
p.s: english isn't my first language.
Tumblr media
— eddie! stop moving if you don't wanna get blind! — you shout as the scissor cut some of the curly hair off his face. he laughs and looks at you with a soft grin.
— i trust in you, love. — he says, slowly lowering his hands that were at your waist to your butt. you felt your face becoming burning red as munson chuckled proud with your reaction.
you were fixing his bangs, sitting in his lap as he comanded, trying so hard to not colapse, but eddie was making you so nervous that you actually wanted to punch him.
— but i don't trust you. — you replied, looking at him with a side eye.
some soft-rock was playing, echoing in the trailer along with eddie humming, as he sang "dreams" by fleetwood mac. it was such a soft ambience, just the music, the sound of the scissor and some chit-chats.
soft songs weren't really his thing, but they were your favorite band so he knew every song by heart. he even got you signed vinyl's discs of the band in your birthday.
eddie's voice was so raspy that way, you could listen him from so close that it made you shiver. you absolutely loved his singing, even if he never agrees with your worship, but late at night when you can't relax, he always sang you to sleep.
now your own hair was at your face, disturbing your vision as you tried to concentrate to not made eddie's bangs look weird. you blew it a few times until he decided to help, pulling your hair in a ponytail and holding it until you were finished. it didn't really help with the whole distraction thing.
— ok, i'm done. — you announced putting the scissor aside, smiling at him and admiring your job. was not terrible, and eddie looked hot anyway. specially when he's holding your hair and gazing at you that way. — i could be a really good hairdresser, you know?
your legs weakened when you tried to get up from his lap because he just pulled you back down, taking you by surprise with the totally passionate kiss. one hand held your neck and the other cupped one side of your face gently. you felt like you were melting into that kiss. when he broke the lips apart, the two of you were breathing heavily and without shirts on. his hair all messed up again and you bellow him.
— what was all that? — you asked with a smirk, really glad about it. he almost looked guilty for a second.
— i mean, how could i look at you that way and not fall in love all over again? god, you're mesmerizing. — eddie answer with literally glow in his eyes, glued at yours.
you truly never felt more loved just by looking at someone eyes, and his were so expressive that was possible to see every single feeling through his brown orbs.
— also, thanks for the haircut, this is just my payment. — eddie declares, not wasting any time to get back at your lips.
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enamorededdie · 2 days ago
i feel like eddie would always be holding your hand. like, it would be a nervous tick of his. if he couldn’t feel your skin against his in some way, after some time, it would make him anxious. i can just imagine he’d wait at the lunch table, nervously bouncing his legs, watching the doors, and waiting for you to come through the doors. a huge sigh of relief when he sees you, while you flash that familiar smile at him, and it always makes him melt. he obviously gets bullied and targeted a lot at the high school, so having you close to him really eases that worry for him.
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bloomingpaper · a day ago
s’mores / conrad fisher
warnings: mentions of fire wordcount: 523
— imagine having a fire with the conklins' and fishers' . . .
Tumblr media
the bright yellow flames from the fire illuminated all our faces. the heat from the flames makes your cheeks turn a deep red. susannah asks, "does anybody want to make s'mores?"
jeremiah is the first one to pipe up, "mom i thought you were never gonna ask."
"i'll be right back, my sweet little boy," she replies getting up from her chair and kissing the top of her son's head. you watch her close the back door and turn on the kitchen light.
conrad who was sitting on your right turns his body so he's facing you. he leans over and whispers in your ear, "i'll make you a s'more when my mom brings out the supplies. i make the best s'mores in cousins, everyone knows this," a large smirk spread over his face.
now your cheeks weren't only red from the hot flames. "that sounds amazing conrad, but are they that good?"
"y/n, are you seriously questioning my s'more abilities right now? wait until i make you one." crossing his arms proudly.
he moves back in his chair susannah opens the back door with gram crackers, marshmallows and a chocolate bar in her left arm, "don't worry everybody, i got the goods." she smiles proudly. she lays them out on the glass table next to her and laurel's chair.
"hey laur, can you please pass me two marshmallows?" conrad asked putting his hand out.
"sure hun, here you go." she opens the bag and passes him two marshmallows. he nods, giving his thanks.
conrad gets up and walks over to get a roasting stick. he puts the marshmallows on it and sits back down on his chair next to you. he puts the marshmallows over the fire until they're a golden brown. he walks to get two-gram crackers and a piece of chocolate. he assembles your s'more on the glass table and walks over to give you the s'more. he leans back in his chair and puts his arm around you.
"so y/n how is it? have i changed your mind about how a perfect s'more should taste?"
"wow, i think it's one of the best s'mores i have ever had," you admit.
he cringes, "one, one? y/n do you mean it's the best you ever had?"
you lightly hit his shoulder, "fine, it might be the best I've ever had."
"that's what i thought." he leans over to you again and runs his thumb around the bottom of your lip. "you got marshmallow all over your face, that's how i know you're enjoying it. you were trying to save some for later."
you lean over and plant a kiss on his lips, "gosh, you're such a dork connie."
steven and belly shut their eyes quickly, "a warning before you kiss him next time would be great y/n," steven shouts and gags. conrad just flips them off. jeremiah throws his blanket over you guys covering both of your heads. conrad kisses you on the cheek, "and i'm the dork?" he whispers.
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harrfreak · 2 days ago
Joseph wearing his glasses on his head will always be iconic
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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pherelesytsia · 2 days ago
Shadows of the Untold
Pairing: Thomas Shelby x female/Reader
Summary: Thomas discovers the dark past of his wife.
Warning: Fluff, Wounds, Guns
Word Count: 2.1k
a/n:. Requests are open!!!
Thomas Shelby Masterlist
Tumblr media
The clicking of the typewriter was the sole noise echoing through the dim room. The wind knocked at the door of the building, an uninvited guest to whom no one answered. Watchful eyes slid over the lines she wrote on behalf of her husband, had memorised the words and wishes he had expressed.
The pale light of the moon streamed through the window flanked by long curtains. A fluffy blanket rested on her lap, covering the long flowing material of the nightgown, green as a lush meadow. Her hair was tied in a loose braid at the back of her head and the scent of fresh roses enveloped the young woman like a veil. At the edge of the table was a glass filled to the brim with whiskey, but Y/N had not touched it, had entirely forgotten its existence, kept writing after scribbling notes on the notepad.
A chant of rising and falling voices awoke from deep slumber. Faintly Y/N smiled as her gaze travelled to the closed door, hearing the footsteps echoing through the house, but she did not rise from the dark leather chair and continued with her work.
A sharp voice silenced the hush tones. Y/N frowned and fear shrouded her sharp mind. Her lips parted and sweat wetted her palms. A terrible feeling spread through her body. Y/N stayed in silence, listened carefully. Suddenly there was stillness, the tumult ceased and drifted into a silence Y/N had never liked. Puzzled, the young woman lifted her gaze from the lines and removed her fingers from the metal round knobs once singing in a rhythmic rhythm. The clock was ticking; the sound grew louder. A chorus of male voices arose. In relief, Y/N exhaled as no screams broke the calmness and no one called her by her name to tend the deep wounds.
Stairs creaked, announcing the arrival of a person, but Y/N was not troubled, knew no intruder had entered the house and continued to focus on the lines.
A smile melting ice graced his lips. Vibrant light poured into the room and Y/N smiled in delight as Thomas, dressed in a dark suit, entered the office.
The hatred once seething in his eyes, destructive flames, disappeared as they settled on the woman seated at the table of massive wood. Any other person he would have cursed and dismissed with sharp words, but his wife of many years was an exception. Y/N smiled faintly at her husband, and a pleasant warmth flooded her heart as she saw the ring adorning his finger.
            "Are you alright?" breathed Y/N and rose.
Welcoming words did not escape, too great was fear, needed to know if the brothers were safe and sound. Thomas nodded, closed the door and moved closer to the table, unable to take his eyes off of his wife. He wrapped himself in a cloak of silence. The strange stories he had heard about his wife resounded in his mind. Thomas didn’t want to believe the tales, but they all made sense, sounded believable, not twisted as the limbs of a fallen warrior. The stories explained her expertise with weapons, why Y/N had no problem with tending wounds and had an unlimited knowledge about substances.
            "I am fine but the trip went differently than I had hoped." "I'm sorry to hear that, my love," Y/N said calmly.
Relief spread across her features kissed by the light of the lamp and Y/N settled back on her husband's chair once more.
            "The people supposedly know you and your family." Thomas began, unsure how to start.
Y/N shook her head as Thomas clasped his arms in front of his chest with a lopsided smirk on his lips.
            "That's certainly a mistake, they must have mistaken me for someone else." huffed Y/N.
An unsettling feeling spread in her body.
            "They know your father.", "My father was a politician, many people knew him but he has been dead for many years." Y/N interrupted her husband as calmly as possible.
Thomas halted in front of his table, rested his hands on the edge and leaned forward. The golden ring sparkled. Y/N swallowed, put on a mask of emotionlessness and struggled not to let on how nervous she grew under her husband’s gaze.
"Supposedly your father had another business, something enabling him to become wealthy and after his death, his youngest child took over the business. He had two sons but one fell in war and the other moved abroad in his twenties and his daughter Y/N took over the business. They sold the good stuff and alcohol, a very successful business but one day she disappeared and no one has seen her from that day.” Thomas ended the story he had heard.
Her palms were sticky and sweaty.
            "A tragedy. Unfortunately, many men have fallen, this is part of war." Y/N spoke.
Her voice broke. Y/N cursed herself, remembering her brother who had fallen in France at the hands of the enemy a few days before the end of war. Gulping she felt a stabbing sensation growing in her chest, making it impossible to speak nor to fill the lungs with air.
            "I called some men who once worked for the woman, she was one of the best in her field, she knew guns exceptionally well as substances.” Thomas joked dryly.
            "What are you trying to tell me Thomas?", " Isn't there something you want to tell me, my dear?" Thomas wondered.
Y/N laughed.
            “Your interrogation methods are poor my love. I don't think there's anything to say in this case, Tommy. There are things better left unsaid and this is one of them. Trust me, it's nothing you as my husband needs to worry about." Y/N explained.
Eyes met and Thomas noticed there were many things unsaid. His right hand reached out for hers, resting on the desk next to the typewriter, but Y/N flinched and in shame, she lowered her gaze and whispered an apology.
            "How are the others? I hope they are all well." Y/N changed the subject quickly, with no desire to continue to think of her childhood and her father.
Thomas breathed out loud, knew his wife would never answer the questions.
            "I'm your husband, I should know. You can trust me. I love you; I have always loved you." Thomas said.
There was sadness in his voice, a faint hue of disappointment. The pain in her heart deepened. The high walls of rough stone, the walls of defence crumbled. She pressed her lips to a fine line, tried to avoid his eyes, but Y/N knew she could no longer escape the unanswered questions.
            "Promise me you won't hate me.", "I am your husband, I could never hate you,” Thomas said jokingly.
The laughter faded. A grave expression grew on his face, saw the seriousness on her features and Thomas wanted to withdraw the laughter he had allowed to escape his sore throat. He wished to ease the pain of her heart, to assure her everything was good and he would never be capable of hating her, his wife of many years to whom he had vowed fidelity. Thomas pushed himself off the table and moved with slow strides closer to his wife. Love was in his gaze, he smiled, felt his wife's eyes fixed on him, observing his every step closely.
            "My father was not a good man and when my brothers disappeared, he made me his right-hand man and raised me to be one. I wore suits, wasn't allowed to wear dresses nor skirts and had hair like Arthur, but everyone saw at second glance that I am a woman and as the years went by it got harder and harder to hide. I was a mere replacement." Y/N reported.
There was a lot of emphasis on the word disappearing. With gradual steps he moved nearer to his wife and gestured with his gaze she should carry on, seeing she had not finished, that the last chapter had not yet been told.
            "He passed away, and I took over the empire. I kept it going for about seven years, but then I couldn't do it anymore. I saw many men die from the substances and I won't talk about those who sold it to the younger ones. One day during a terrible thunderstorm, the factory burnt down, but luckily no one was hurt." Y/N whispered.
Kneeling beside his wife on the dark leathered chair, Thomas lowered his hands on her knees, covered by the light fabric of the nightgown. In a circular motion, his fingers brushed over her skin.
            "I heard about it. You were my girlfriend at that time.", "You should have told me earlier." Thomas continued.
            "What should I have told you? Hey honey, I'm not a secretary but I stepped into my father's shoes years ago. By the way, my father sold drugs to soldiers and smuggled alcohol across the borders. And yes, my father died because he sniffed too much of the good stuff.” Y/N said boldly.
Her voice was dripping with sarcasm. Shaking her head, her eyes widened, realised she had said what she had kept in secret for many years.
            “I am not proud of it, never been. It's something I didn't want to talk about. It's something unpleasant. I wish to forget it. My father forced me to do horrible things. If you think that I have seen terrible things by your side, then you are wrong. My father was a beast and next to him you look like a saint. He tortured people, and I had to stay by his side and help him and if I dared to look away, I was punished. He forced me to take the place of my brothers. One passed away and the other rather disappeared traceless." Y/N whispered, and the greyed memories were in screaming colours.
The features softened in the dim light. His hands clasped hers, firmly yet gently. Thomas pressed his lips to a fine line and if her father was still alive, he wouldn’t be unable to see the beauty of dawn. The blinding rage blazing deep within him faded away. Desperately, his wife glanced at him, hoping Thomas did not detest her for what she had done, but a mere glance was enough to know he did not despise her.
            "You forgot who you married, my love. Why would I hate you? I should be concerned if you hate me." Thomas answered the unanswered question.
Gently, he cupped her left cheek and brushed the lonely tear away.
            “You are not a monster. My father was cruel and heartless. You love me. When my mother died, he did not shed a tear. She passed away because of him. He loved no one in his life, he loved money and fame, his position as a politician, but he was heartless and killed without reason. I read of love in your eyes.” Y/N whispered.
The words flattered him, and for the first time in his life, the man was speechless. Thomas rose and immediately fear swept through her dilated eyes, but before the first word, the first request could escape, his hands lay protectively on her body, pressing her firmly against his chest and letting her know he would never let go of her. Y/N closed her eyes in pleasure, listening to the melody of his slowly beating heart and the affectionate words banning pain and agony from heart and mind.
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robiin-buckley · 20 hours ago
Darkest nights
Eddie Munson x Reader
Summary: You find Eddie after he witnesses Chrissy's death.
A/N: This is just a small drabble, I guess to warm myself up into writing for Eddie, because I love him loads but for some reason, he's kinda hard for me to write about. Also, because in the scene where they first find him at Rick's home, I just wanted to give him a hug man, he was so goddamn scared. Do send in Eddie requests if you have any, I lack ideas.
Tumblr media
"Can you just please drive a little faster?" You held onto Steve's seat, from the backseat of the car, peering over at him.
"I am going fast, don't worry we'll find him." Steve took a sharp turn. Trees and darkness surrounded the moving car as you made your way to Lover's Lake, and to Rick Lipton's house, where hopefully, Eddie would be.
Your knee bumped up and down in anxiousness, eager to find him and see for yourself that he was okay. If what Dustin said was right, and this had anything to do with the upside-down, you could only imagine what Eddie had gone through.
The isolated house came into view amongst the dark night, the car's headlights illuminating the front porch. The wheels had barely stopped moving and you were jumping from your seat. It was a cold night, there was a soft fog looming over from the trees around you.
Grass crushed beneath your feet, crickets singing in the distance, and the quietly moving water of the lake were the only other sounds.
"Eddie!! It's Dustin, we just wanna talk!" Dustin called out, pounding on Rick's door as soon as you all reached it. You pointed your flashlight against one of the windows, the house was a mess but it looked abandoned, no one seemed to have come here in a long time. Your eyebrows furrowed, your mind running a mile a minute with every possible scenario.
"Hey, guys." Max's voice called your attention, you and everyone else walked up to her. There was a boathouse at the back, with metal walls and small enough to not call much attention.
The air was eery as you carefully made your way inside, feeling goosebumps rise on your skin; the boathouse was devoid of any light, save for your flashlights and a clear blueish moonlight seeping through small windows. A boat rested in the water right in the middle, soft waves making it rock back and forth from time to time. You directed your flashlight around to see floaters, various buckets with fish bait, fishing rods, nets, and many other fishing supplies. Just like the house, it was messy and abandoned. Your heart accelerated in fear that maybe Eddie wasn't here, your palms holding the flashlight became clammy.
Steve had started to poke the tarp above the old boat with an oar, you tuned out his bickering with Dustin, rummaging through one of the counters in search of anything that told you someone had recently been here. You found discarded chocolate wrappings and were about to speak up when the loud noise of the tarp and the boat moving made you jump, followed by screaming and a loud thud as someone shoved Steve against the wall.
"Woah woah woah, Eddie stop," Dustin exclaimed worriedly, raising his hands and keeping a safe distance from Eddie, who had a broken bottle against Steve's neck. Robin and Max stood behind him, and you rushed beside them.
Your breathing got caught up in your throat when your eyes finally found Eddie. You didn't pay much attention to Dustin trying to calm him down and telling him you were all there to help. You had never seen him so distraught, and it tore your heart into two. Small beads of sweat covered his forehead despite the cold night, his hand around the broken bottle was shaking and his voice broke when he spoke.
With a gentle hand on Dustin's shoulder, you stopped his rambling and walked around him slowly, careful to not spook Eddie more.
The glow from Steve's flashlight on the floor illuminated your face as you walked forward. Your lips curled up in a bittersweet smile. Eddie's gaze laid on you and his eyes softened, you saw tears collecting at the bottom of the brown orbs you loved so much.
"Eddie." You called out lowly, extending a hand to him. "It's okay." You promised, your own voice breaking at the last syllable.
He gulped, his gaze averting from your eyes. He didn't pull away when you touched his cheek, it was wet, making you realize the tears were already falling. And he didn't object when you carefully took the broken bottle from him, handing it to Steve.
"You're okay." You breathed out for him only, thumb moving to wipe away the wetness beneath it.
It was instant, his lips parting in a quiet sob as he lowered his head on your shoulder. Eddie felt the tension leaving him in waves, his hands were shaking violently as he clung to you, to the feeling of finally not being alone after all that happened.
Your hand moved to the back of his head, tangling in the fluffy hair there and pulling him more towards you. "I was so worried about you."
"I didn't know where to go, or- or what to do, I'm sorry." He cried against your skin, you could feel the lapel of your jacket getting wet.
"Don't apologize, I'm just glad you're okay." You rubbed his back soothingly, closing your eyes in relief.
Eddie wouldn't be letting you go anytime soon, you could tell from the way his grip on you never wavered. His body shook on your hold, you could only imagine what happened for him to be this terrified. As you nuzzled your head on his shoulder, all you wished you could do was drag him away from all this mess; even if deep down there was no turning back now.
"I didn't do it." His quiet voice brought your focus back to him. A sob broke through, you felt his fist closing on the fabric of your jacket. "I promise I didn't do it."
The break in his words cut through your heart, how his main concern was telling you he wasn't a murderer, as if you'd ever believe otherwise. Eddie was the sweetest man you knew. "I know, Eddie. I know."
"Are they, like, together or something?" You caught up on Steve's voice.
"I have no idea." You heard Dustin answer, dumbfounded; making you roll your eyes at them, even if they couldn't see it.
Thank you for reading this little story. Feedback and reblogs are very much appreciated. <3
Eddie’s taglist: @milkiane
Let me know if you wanna be added to his taglist.
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girasollake · a day ago
IMAGINE while the gang are out doing their bit and Eddie is still hiding out, the reader has to keep him company and make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid. She takes like board games and stuff to pass the time and hopefully make it a little less awkward. BASICALLY IDK HOW BUT THEY END UP FUCKING 😭😭😭😭
| unexpected |
Tumblr media
pairing: eddie munson x afab!fem!reader
type: smut
warnings: sex 18+, minors DNI, swear words, pullout method, cum on body?, pussy eating, hair pulling, neck holding?(not choking), guys idk what more..
summary: in the ask:]
a/n: i have been writing it for like two past hours, i am so terrified of watching the new episodes when i wake up cause rn its 1 am and i wanna go to sleep, if they kill eddie or steve im suing... anyway i hope you'll like this piece anon<3 (also i feel like i suck at writing smut)
word count: about 2k
It was a windy afternoon. (Y/n) was sitting on her bed reading a stupid book her dad had made her read. Branches of a tree outside were softly hitting her bedroom window, the wind was making weird sounds. She turned over and tossed her book on the floor. With a sigh she got up and made her way downstairs. She didn’t want to interrupt her father who was working so she went to the kitchen. She was a bit tired from the morning events where she had to help her friends so she definitely needed a cup of coffee at that moment. While she was making the drink the doorbell rang.
“I’ll get it dad!” She yelled, voice directed towards the office.
She opened the door and saw Robin, the rest of her friends sitting in a car parked in the street. Robin was grinning and fumbling with her hands.
“What is it this time?” (Y/n) threw her head back and sighed.
“I just have a tiny, really tiny, little favour to ask you.” Robin bit her lip. “Can you watch Eddie tonight and like keep him company? We have some really important stuff to do and we need someone to… you know… make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.”
(Y/n) massaged her temples with her fingers, eyes closed. An annoyed groan escaped her lips but after all she agreed.
“Just wait a minute, I’ll go grab some games and tell my dad that I’ll sleep at your place.”
Robin was patiently waiting in the car with the others when the door opened and slammed just as fast.
“Thank yo-“ Steve started saying.
“Shut up and drive Harrington before I change my mind.”
All she wanted was a peaceful evening, maybe a warm bath. All of the latest events were getting into her head and she needed something to take her mind off of them, that something certainly wasn’t Eddie. She didn’t know him at all except for the fact he was quite weird, at least that’s what she had gathered from the 30 minutes she had spent with him. Maybe getting to know him more wouldn’t be that bad?
She took her bag and swung it over her shoulder. She slammed the door of Steve’s car again and started walking towards the boathouse.
“We’ll be back in 5 hours!” Robin screamed through the unrolled window.
“WHAT!? WHAT DO YOU MEAN 5 HOURS?!” (Y/n) turned around, anger written on her face.
“Or more!” She waved her hand at the furious girl while Steve was driving away.
(Y/n) groaned and adjusted her bag. She knocked on the door and opened it slowly.
“Eddie? It’s (Y/n). I’m here to babysit you.” She whispered while entering the boathouse.
He was sitting with his back pressed to the wooden wall, gaze fixed on the lake.
“I don’t need a babysitter.” He muttered.
“I know, but the others would disagree.” She came closer and took a seat next to him. “I have some board games to pass the time.”
Eddie finally looked at her, she had looked the same in the morning but now her smile looked more authentic, there was softness in her eyes. He put his beer aside and shifted in his seat.
“Okay, show me what you’ve got.” He smirked and nodded towards her bag.
(Y/n) couldn’t deny, she started feeling a bit tense. It wasn’t because she was scared, it’s because she started noticing his best features. The fact that she was left with this man alone was also doing the job. She observed him while he was looking through her games. His brows furrowed, mouth slightly agape, veiny hands caressing the boxes.
Were those rings there before?
“This one should be good, I played it once or twice.” He handed her the box. “You want to make a bet?” He added, his body softly leant towards her, enough for her to notice.
“Um, what kind of bet?” She tucked a strand of her behind her ear.
“If I win, you give me a kiss.”
“Pshh, hell no Munson.” She rolled her eyes.
“Come on, what do you have to lose?” He tilted his head.
Right, what do I have to lose?
“Yeah, ok, I’ll do it. But if I win, you will lent me some of your Metallica records when you get out of this shitty situation.”
“You like Metallica?”
“I like many things you wouldn’t think I like.” She winked. “So deal?”
They shook hands and started playing the game. Two hours of constant mocking, bickering and swearing passed and now they were waiting for the moment of truth. Eddie shook the dice in his hands and threw it on the board.
“I WON! HOLY SHIT!” He screamed, his arms flying to the air. Then his eyes met (Y/n)’s. “You know what that means, (L/n)”
She gulped and felt her body going even more tense than before.  Just his presence was enough and now a kiss?
It’s just a kiss.
It’s just a kiss from a hot metalhead, you can do it.
She tried to reassure herself while Eddie sat next to her. His hand came up to hold her cheek and he slowly turned her head to face him. His cold rings were like ice to her heated face. Eddie leaned in and their lips collided in a soft, warm kiss. His hand went into her hair gripping it gently. The kiss was short, they pulled apart and (Y/n)’s eyes looked straight into his, she didn’t waste a second to connect their lips again. This time it was messier and harder, filled with passion. She sat up and then quickly swung one of her legs over Eddie so that she would sit on him.
“It was supposed to be one kiss.” He said while he tried to catch his breath.
“I can stop if you want to.” She whispered, her lips softly sucking on his neck.
“Fuck no.”
He switched their positions so that she would be underneath him. That place wasn’t the cleanest but neither of them cared at that moment. Eddie’s lips were attacking her jaw and neck where he left two small hickeys. (Y/n) cupped his face with her hands and made him look at her.
“Touch me Eddie.”
He lowered his head to kiss her again and just before they kissed he whispered the words “As you wish”. One of his hands lifted her shirt, his fingers caressing her delicate body. There was this feeling again, his cold rings against her warm skin were making her shiver. She moaned into the kiss, Eddie’s desire growing stronger. He took off her shirt and started kissing everything on his way, he then placed his hand on one of her breasts squeezing it lightly. He then took it out of the cup and started circling his tongue on her nipple, the other boob being massaged with his other hand. (Y/n) threw her head back, her body arching into his. He used her movement to his advantage, his hands sneaking onto her  back and quickly unclasping her bra. He threw it somewhere next to them and then took off his own shirt. They were both staring at each other, it was getting dark but the sunset was still present and it gave them all the light that was needed. He was in awe of her messed up hair, soft breaths coming from swollen lips and her breasts moving with each of those breaths. She was in awe of his softly sculpted body, tattoos adoring his skin and his face features which were so unique and well-matched. Her fingers started dancing on the tattoos, slowly tracing their outlines.
“You like them?” He asked her.
She nodded softly and smiled.
“I just didn’t expect you had so many.” She looked up at him. “They’re hot.”
“I know they are.” He gave her a smug smile and kissed her.
He grinded into her and groaned into the kiss. (Y/n) softly scratched his back and deepened the kiss at the same time. Eddie’s hand cupped her boob again, his finger gently flicking her nipple. Then she was the one grinding into him, pressing her hips into his more and more.
“Are you sure?” He whispered.
“Shut up and fuck me Munson.” She arched her back again and pulled him towards her.
Eddie didn’t waste a second to take off her jeans and panties, but before he did what he was asked to he wanted to do one more thing. He lowered his head and trailed kisses from her neck down to her thighs. His fingers slightly tickling her lower belly and hip bones. He placed a soft kiss on her clit earning a moan from her. He held her hips tightly and started flicking his tongue occasionally licking all over. She was shaking, hands gripping his hair, her orgasm approaching rather quickly but Eddie stopped right before it hit her.
“I want you to cum when I’m inside you.” He said and pressed their lips together.
He threw his pants and underwear to the side and lined himself up with her entrance. He lowered his body and connected their lips again. She felt his tip slide inside her, it was uncomfortable at first but when she felt all of him it was amazing. They both gasped at the feeling and Eddie started slowly moving his hips.
“Faster.” She managed to say between the moans.
Eddie did what she said, his body loudly slamming against hers. He changed the position and threw her legs onto his shoulders which sent (Y/n) over the edge. She came without a warning, her walls squeezing Eddie’s penis and enhancing his pleasure.
“Fuck Eddie, fuck, fuck, fuck!!” She screamed while digging her nails into his arms.
Eddie helped her through her orgasm and then pulled out. She whimpered at the loss of contact thinking he was also finished but she was so wrong. He held her up and turned her around so that she was on all fours and pressed her head down. He waited a couple seconds and then shoved himself inside of her, she screamed and desperately tried to hold onto something but with no luck. She closed her hands into fists and moaned with each of his thrusts.
“You like being fucked like that?” He asked and went even faster.
She didn’t answer him, her vision going blurry from the pleasure. Eddie noticed that and pulled her up by the hair.
“I asked you a question.”
She gasped at the new sensation of her hair being pulled, she had never felt so much pleasure during sex. She didn’t know how much more she could take but this feeling of him filling her up was the only important thing, she didn’t want to lose it. Eddie let go of her hair and placed his hand on her throat pulling her towards him. They were both on their knees, Eddie fucking her from behind, her whole body pressed into his. His other hand started massaging her sensitive spot on her pussy. Next thing she knew she was cumming again. She threw her head back onto his shoulder, his hot breath hitting her cheek. After her orgasm he helped her get on all fours again and pulled out quickly, she collapsed on the floor and felt something warm on her back. Eddie groaned and sighed.
“Are you okay?” He asked.
“Mhm..” She mumbled still trying to catch her breath.
Eddie stood up and dressed himself into his clothes scattered on the floor, he then took a towel which was a bit old and dirty and used it to wipe off the cum from (Y/n)’s back. He threw it somewhere under the table and helped her sit up. After helping her dress up he took a blanket Dustin had brought him and covered them both with it.
“Was I too rough?”
“No Eddie, you were perfect.” She kissed him on the cheek and then nuzzled her head into his chest.
Just before she fell asleep she thought of the plans she had had before she had come to spend time with him. Maybe she was wrong? Maybe Eddie was that something to take her mind off of things?
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Eddie Munson x fem!reader
An encounter with some freshman lead to old rivals meeting again, but can all old vendettas be diminished?
Mike and Dustin were in deep shit.
They needed a sub for Lucas, who was busy with his basketball game, to play the end of Eddie's D&D campaign. But no one at the school had any interest in what they were saying. They were in trouble and they only had just over an hour before the end of school.
When all hope seemed to be lost, they bumped into her. Literally. They scrambled to pick up things that had fell, but as they listened to the girl's complaining about her spilt drink, the D&D handbook (which didn't belong to them) caught their eyes.
"You play D&D?" Mike asked in a rush.
"What does that matter? My skin in on fire from the coffee. You owe me a-,"
"She plays D&D Mike! She plays D&D!" Dustin was grinning, flaring about as if he won something big. Y/N was confused, smelt like coffee, and going to be late to her next class if these freshman didn't get out of her way.
"Do you want to be apart of the best D&D campaign of your entire life? We promise you won't regret it." Dustin begged, clasping hands together and Mike beamed hopefully beside him.
"I would love-," their hearts soared as she spoke, "to get away from you and find a clean shirt before Mr Donoghue kicks my ass for being late." Y/N tried to take her D&D book back away from the dark-haired boy, but he was in a state of disappointed shock that his hand couldn't let go.
"Please." Dustin tried again. "Please. Please. Please." he continued, not giving up.
"Let me guess-" Y/N cut him off. "This campaign is for the end of the semester. It's for the hellfire club, who's 'leader' is the total jerk Eddie Munson, and not enough people want to participate so he's sent out you two to find a sub. Am I right?"
"Well- yes, but Eddie's not a jerk." Mike countered, finally letting the book slip from his hands.
"You haven't known him long enough then. Look, I'm sorry, you guys look desperate, but I will never play D&D with that arsehole ever again." With that final note, Y/N stormed away towards her locker, leaving the boys in defeat.
"Eddie's going to kill us." Mike sighed.
"Come on, there has to be someone. We can't give up now." It turns out Dustin's determination proved strong as they soon found Erica Sinclair to take the place of her brother, but the previous girl's remarks about Eddie earlier still lingered on their minds.
"I'm glad you found Lady Applejack boys, she's turned out to be a great asset to this club." Eddie spoke to Dustin and Mike as the 3 walked out of the school doors, adrenaline racing through their veins after the epic finale.
"Erica's great, but it doesn't seem like many other people here have an interest in the game. Well, except that girl earlier but she called you a jerk so clearly didn't have her mind-,"
"Wait, who?" Eddie stopped in the middle of the parking lot, holding an arm in front of Dustin to get him to stop talking.
"We didn't get here name. She just said she never wanted to play D&D with you again... have you being playing with other people Eddie?" Dustin inquired, but Eddie was too busy scowling at the dark sky.
"Eddie?" Mike asked, noticing his shift in demeaner. Instead of responding, Eddie simply stormed towards his van, muttering to himself.
"Where do you think he's going?" Mike directed towards Dustin as they proceeded towards their bikes.
"Isn't it obvious Mike?"
"No, not really. Dustin! Wait up!"
Eddie realised that his knocks on the door were a bit too harsh considering it was late at night and people would be asleep. But, he couldn't take it back, he just had to wait until someone answered.
But no one did. He turned back to his van, defeated but was stopped in his tracks by dazzling headlights and a car coming to a screeching stop next to him. Finally, he had found her.
"Go away Munson." Y/N almost shouted. Just seeing him sent her seething.
"Where have you been? I've been knocking for 10 minutes. Did the nerdy loser convention keep you busy?" Eddie teased, finally coming face to face with the girl he has hated for years.
"I was at work if you must know. What do you want Munson? Are you so high that you've decided to come and bother me?" Y/N said, frustrated with his presence right here, right now. She didn't even know he knew where she lived.
"I'm not high, I just want you to stop talking shit about me." Eddie stated simply, blocking her path towards the door. She furrowed her eyebrows and crossed her arms, clearly confused about what he was saying. "You called me a jerk." he clarified.
"Oh get over it Munson." Y/N scoffed with a bitter laugh. "I called you a jerk, it's not the worse thing in the world; it's not as if I set your hair on fire."
Eddie gasped, a hand on his heart. "I'm distraught at the fact you would even think of that."
"You're so dramatic! Can you get out of my way now?" Y/N struggled to move past him still, getting completely fed up.
"Depends on whether you're going to grow up and move on from a little thing that happened 3 years ago. I've gotten over it, you don't see me parading around school saying 'Y/N's a loser'!" Eddie raised his voice, throwing his arms up.
"You do parade around school, that's literally all you do. But, what happened wasn't just a 'little thing' Eddie, you hurt my feelings and I don't have to like you." Y/N justified, having memories of the past come back to her.
Both Y/N and Eddie had different views as to what happened back then, but both stories end with them not talking.
For Y/N, Eddie was angry that her family decided to move to the "better" part of town away from the trailer park, and he voiced this anger to his friends which Y/N overheard, leaving her upset with him. Words were said, hair was threatened and a long friendship came to an end.
"I don't want you to like me, I don't like you either. Just don't go telling Dustin and Mike these things about me, okay?" he stared into her eyes for the first time that night and saw the same girl from all those years ago, the girl he loved but was never meant to be with.
"Okay." she nodded, and they fell silent, unsaid words floating through all the tension. Eddie dipped his head and started towards his van. He achieved what he came here for, but felt as if everything was made worse. That somehow, this visit wasn't his best idea.
"Hope your shitty campaign ended good for you!" she called to him, causing him to stop in his tracks. He could see her reflection through the side mirror of his van and saw a small smile on her face, despite everything that was just said. Maybe this was her way of apologising.
"The best yet! Vecna was destroyed, finally." Eddie said back, a smirk raising on his own lips. Maybe this was his way of apologising. Eddie stepped into his van and saw her front door close behind her, thankful that he got to talk to her again but also conflicted because he realised, despite their troubles, there may be a small part of him that missed her.
Maybe next time, he should be the one to ask her to play D&D.
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uglypastels · a day ago
hi hehe i heard you’re looking for requests, do you have any head cannons for eddie munson x grumpy!reader?
i can’t decide on if he’s a “i’ll tickle you until you laugh” kinda dude or the type to beg and plead to know what’s wrong. maybe he’s both 😌💖 regardless, i think he’d be annoying no matter what with his taunting or teasing. we love attention whore eddie munson in this house. <3 i wanna know what you think hehe
ok I need to get my head off of what´s about to happen in T - 9 hours sooo
eddie requests always welcome!!! // taglist // support by reblogging!
Tumblr media
Eddie knows you like the back of his hand... or maybe even better since he somehow constantly forgets the little drawings he has done on it when he gets bored in class. The point is- he knows you like no other.
So he can quickly tell when something is off. Maybe it's the way you distance yourself or how you zone out and don´t pay attention to the conversation, don´t laugh at his jokes or just in general a bit off-standish.
And it could be anything, a bad day at school, family drama, hormones/mood swings... he doesn't mind, he just wants you to be open with him. In general, he finds communication so important because it can really make or break a relationship.
But he can also imagine that talking about your problems when you already don´t feel isn´t the most appetising idea. So he tries to make you feel better.
He might start off with cuddles, hugging you tightly, his arms around you, his chin on your head or shoulder, kissing your cheek or forehead softly while whispering sweet nothings and small compliments.
That could eventually lead to him just telling you random stories to get your mind off of things, and the second your smile shows up, he would call it a victory.
'there we go, sweetheart. there 's that wonderful smile I love. ' followed by a kiss.
But if it didn't, he'd take the next step which would be to get you onto his lap, you facing him, so you´d sit chest to chest, and he would make you look him in the eye.
'can you please tell me what 's wrong, baby?´ and he would look at you with those big brown puppy eyes, casting a spell on you that is impossibly to withstand.
I dare you to try to find someone that will not give into them.
and he does not take "its nothing" or "fine" for an answer. absolutely not. he will keep asking you, with his honey-sweet voice, what is wrong.
'i just want to know, so i can help you feel better'
Tumblr media
inbox always welcome!!! // taglist // support by reblogging!
taglist: @spiderrrling @hellfire-state-of-mind @theglitterymess @dorianelizabeth @theletterhart @niyahwhoreworld @chatnoirfangirl1624 @fopddodle1624 @pastel-abyss-x @ghoulsgraveyard @prettytoxix @lovesickollie @xbreezymeadowsx @ssanjunipero @nxrdamp @meaganjm @yourmommilf @mischiefmanagers
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terry-perry · 2 days ago
Absolutely love your Moon Knight works! Do you mind doing Marc Spector with prompt #3? It would absolutely make my day!
Holding the little one for the first time.
Tumblr media
Marceline Abigail Spector.
Your little warrior was finally here. You just couldn't believe it.
With eyes drooping from exhaustion, you managed to look up to see your husband as he stared down at the little one in your arms. He was in complete shock, it seemed. Like it was one thing to talk about her during the last nine months. But she was actually here, officially making you parents. The feelings he had were overwhelming, but in a good way.
She was just so perfect. She was redder than he anticipated, while also a bit screechy, but still a little angel.
He took his eyes off her to check on you. The labor had taken a lot out of you after being at it for several hours. He knew you were ready to sleep your ass off.
"Let me have her," he whispered, preparing his arms.
You could only hum in compliance as you mustered up enough strength to hand her over. As soon as she was lying in his arms, the overwhelming emotions he had finally got him to tear up.
"We made her..." you mumbled, can't getting enough of the sight before you even through your haziness.
"Yeah we did," his attention went back to you. "Go back to sleep, baby. We'll be here when you wake up."
You had no choice but to give in as your energy was finally draining you completely. One more sleepy smile and you were out. Smiling fondly himself, Marc gave your forehead a kiss before returning to your daughter.
Look at her...
He suddenly heard Steven's voice, soft disbelief in his tone.
What a precious little bean we made.
Qué preciosa...
Jake was up now, just as content their new bundle of joy.
Marc didn't need to say anything back. They knew he loved her already.
After everything they've been through, they were finally gifted with something so precious.
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mads-imagines · 2 days ago
Anniversary (Jim Hopper)
Minors DNI
Apologetic Hopper x afab reader
Word Count: 2k
Warnings: Unprotected sex, Fingering, Oral (f receiving), dirty talk, petnames, multiple orgasms, slut shaming(?), praise kink, creampie lol
Hopper always worked late. Always. No matter if it was a holiday, birthday, or anniversary.
You're sitting at the well worn kitchen table tapping your foot, the clock on the wall reads 7:30, Hopper was supposed to be home at 6 and had told you he made reservations for 7:15. It was your 3 year wedding anniversary. Last year he'd been at a training and the year before he'd been called out to the disappearance of a local kid. He'd promised that this year would be the year that everything went right.
Standing up you sighed and started to reach for the halter tie of your dress, beginning to undo it as you made your way to the bedroom. to hang it back in the closet until next year. The dress was a pale yellow with ditsy flowers on it, spaghetti straps, and fell around mid-thigh- it was pretty short, you'd bought it for the honeymoon you and Hopper had never had the chance to go on.
As the dress began to pool around your feet you heard tires speeding across the gravel drive, skid to a stop and a car door slam open and shut. Quickly, you pulled the dress back up and tied the neck. As you were returning the hanger to the closet you heard the door fly open and Jim called, "Y/N? Y/N? Are you here?"
You closed the closet and slowly walked to the bedroom doorway, leaning against the frame. You crossed your arms, looked pointedly to the clock in the kitchen and then at Jim's face. Your eyebrow quirked up in such a manner that no words were needed, your expression clearly stated, "This year, again?"
Jim took in your cool, remote look and knew he was in trouble. "Doll, I know. I'm sorry."
You just kept staring, waiting for an explanation.
"Listen, let me call the restaurant. I can see if they can still seat us. Its only 7:40."
"No," you sighed, "I'm tired. Not in the mood to go out anymore."
"Baby, I am sorry," Hopper protests, his hands in the air. He walks across the living room towards you. His hands rub up and down your upper arms. His expression pleading, "How can I make it up to you?"
Raising a hand to your chin, you thought, "Hmm, well, my flowerbeds need to be weeded, my car is dirty, and the lightbulb is out in the shed." You hummed out in a slightly amused tone. Somehow, despite being frustrated with Hopper's eternal tardiness you can't help but forgive the big softie.
Slowly, he kisses your neck and his hands move to the small of your back, "I was thinking something a bit more immediate."
"Hmm, just exactly what are you going to do immediately that makes this up to me?" You ask as your head tilts slightly back against the frame of the door.
"Well, to start with, I'm going to get you out of this little dress. Honestly babe, even if I'd been home right on time we never would've made it to the restaurant with you looking this good." His hands move up your back, working at the halter tie, you feel the straps go slack and slide down over your collarbones, the fabric beginning to slide down. You shiver as the dress pools around your feet, leaving you in your strappy heels and lace underwear.
Hopper chuckled as he looked at you, drinking in your appearance. Moving his hands from your arms, he picked you up, and walked into the dim bedroom. "Hmm, doll, where should I start with my apology?"
He gently drops you on the bed and is immediately on top of you, kissing your throat. "Here?" He says, his mustache tickling your neck as he speaks. He moves lower, running his hands across your breasts, his mouth on your sternum still working on his trail of kisses, "Here?". He continues his path South, kissing your abdomen and down over your panties, pulling back before he reaches your core, "Maybe here?" he says as the plays with the edge of the fabric.
Hopper's kisses had made you nearly forget that you were even supposed to be upset. You felt yourself getting wetter by the second, seeing him kneeling between your legs didn't help at all. "Jim." You say in a barely audible voice, looking down at him through your lashes.
"Yes babe? Use your words. Do you want me? Want to feel my tongue around you?" He asks while playing with you through the thin material, you knew he could feel you getting wet. "Do you want me to help you with this? Get these off of you and apologize till you're screaming my name and cumming all over my tongue?" He starts inching the panties down, ever so slowly, keeping eye contact the entire time.
You riggle and squirm under his touch and gaze. "Yes, that's all I want right now." You say, running your fingers through his hair.
Smirking, he pulls you further off the side of the bed, your knees over his shoulders. He starts kissing at your knee and moves up slowly, watching you the entire time. When he finally reaches your center you are barely breathing.
Hopper's smart mouth works magic on you. Tongue circling your clit, then running up and down your slit. He loves eating you out, every time its like he hasn't eaten in weeks. The knot in your lower stomach starts to tighten, you're getting close. You involuntarily buck your hips up. Laughing, Hopper moves one of his hands up and holds your torso down with it. He hums against you and then uses two fingers to hit that sweet spot just a bit too deep for his tongue to have reached. With his fingers moving in and out and his tongue circling your clit you come undone around him. As the orgasm shakes through your body he rides in out with you.
"Oh baby, even when you're mad at me you're still such a slut for me." He says in a slightly amused, very low voice. As you lie there trying to regain a semblance of thought he starts playing with your lips again, running a finger up and down, collecting some of your juices on his finger. He pushes two fingers back into you and any attempt at coherent thought went out the window.
"What do you want doll?" He asks as he moves his fingers at an agonizingly slow pace. Watching as you jump a bit every time he grazes over your G-spot.
"Hmm, you. I want you. I need you Jim. Please." You manage to whine out.
"You're so cute when you whine like that. So desperate for me." He stands up unbuckling his khaki pants and pulling down his boxers. Even after all this time, you're always a bit taken aback by his size and honestly wondered how it all fit sometimes.
Slowly, he ran his tip up and down your slit again, coating his member in the natural lubricant. Then he pushed into you. Every time you slept with Hopper the stretch at the beginning was a surprise. You clenched around him. "Shh baby, you're ok." He reached down and circled your clit with his finger. Then he started thrusting at an absolutely painstaking pace, bottoming out and hitting your G-Spot every time and causing you to start seeing stars nearly immediately. As he did this, he removed his finger from your clit and put two fingers in your mouth. Feeling Hopper inside you and tasting yourself on his fingers was nearly enough to make you cum for the second time that night.
Around his fingers you tried to speak, "Ahh, Hopper, ohmygod." It came out as more of a muffled sound but Hopper smiled to himself, knowing you were coming undone beneath him. As you continued to relax around him he picked up the pace. Soon, the only sounds in the room were moans and skin slapping skin. Your eyes were rolling back in your head.
"You're taking me so well baby. Such a good slut for me." He grunts as he lifts you off the bed and pins you between himself and the wall. You instinctively wrap your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck. His pace is absolutely ruthless and he pounds into you from this new angle. Your foreheads are nearly touching and both your foreheads have a sheen of slick sweat on them.
With this new angle he's hitting even deeper than you thought was possible. Seeing that you're coming up on your second orgasm of the night he brings his hand between you and starts rubbing furious circles on your clit.
"Are you close baby?" He asks.
"Yes. Yes!" You nearly sob out, the sensation teetering on the edge of too much.
"Me too baby. Where do you want it?" His words are breathless and you can tell stringing these words together is taking a lot of focus. He was close.
"Inside me. I want to feel you fill me up. Please please I need it." You whine, craving that feeling of his seed shooting deep into you.
"Anything for you tonight baby." He says, as he says this your second orgasm comes hot and heavy, sending shutters through your entire body and causing you to pulse around him. This sends him over the edge as well. You feel his cum fill you as he thrusts a few more times, riding out his high.
Carefully, he pulls you off of him and lays you down on the bed. He lays next to you, watching your expression and brushing a stray piece of hair from your face. You're coming back down to earth and hardly pay attention as you hear him get up, start the bath and walk out of the room.
You must've dozed off for a minute because you awake to Hopper sitting back down on the edge of the bed and rubbing your leg.
"Hey Doll, I ran a bath for you and ordered pizza." Do you want help?
"No, I think I'm okay." You say as you start to sit up on the bed. Despite you saying you're okay Hopper picks you up and whisks you into the bathroom. He seats you gently in the tub, undresses and gets in behind you. You relax back against him and melt into the warm water and his chest. One of the first things you'd insisted on when you'd moved in was renovating the bathroom, including putting in a huge garden tub. In moments like these you were pretty grateful you had.
"I am so sorry I was late, doll. Your gift wasn't quite ready so I had to wait." He says quietly into your ear as he massages your neck and shoulders.
You move away and turn towards him. "We agreed on no gifts." You say with a stern expression.
"Think of it less as a gift and more as something I should've given you three years ago." As he says this he reaches into the pocket on his discarded shirt and pulls out a small, blue velvet box.
Your eyes widen as he opens it to reveal one of the most stunning rings you'd ever seen. It sparkled in the light, captivating you. "Hop, I told you a ring never mattered to me. You didn't have to do this."
"Do you not like it?" He asks, worried.
"No! I love it! It's beautiful but you didn't have to get me anything, let alone this ring."
"I know, Doll, I wanted to get it for you. It may be a little selfish but I want everyone to know that you're my girl."
The ring fit perfectly. It looked like it was made for your hand. You lean forward and wrap your arms behind Hopper's head and give him a long, deep kiss.
Pulling back you say, "Maybe I should be the one apologizing to you."
Hopper chuckles and pulls you back to him, taking your mouth in his again and wrapping his arms around you.
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favefandomimagines · 5 hours ago
Lucky Charm - Bradley Bradshaw Series Sneak Peek
Tumblr media
Summary: Kimberly ‘Clover’ Kazansky was the spitting image of her father. A legend in the Navy, being the youngest receiver of the Top Gun trophy in history. But having that title comes with it’s own personal tribulations.
Tribulations such as Bradley ‘Rooster’ Bradshaw. Five years older than Kimberly and yet assumed that she held more cards than he did. For years he blamed her for not informing him of Maverick pulling his papers. Destroying their friendship in the process. And yet she still couldn’t shake the feelings she had for him, nor his for her.
AN: starting a Bradley Bradshaw series!!! I’m really excited for this one! It’ll follow the basic plot of the movie but dialogue will most likely be a bit different in some situations! So enjoy this sneak peek!!
I also have a Bob fic coming soon!
Kimberly never saw herself as better than any other pilot. She didn’t think she was better than anyone else or knew more just because her dad was an admiral.
People say she was born under a lucky star. Always having missions and deployments go in her favor without even trying. Her first week in flight school during a rather tough exercise, Kimberly flew in a way no had seen since the days of her father.
She was lucky. If anyone had even attempted the maneuver she did, it wouldn’t have ended well. Giving her the call sign Clover.
The so called lucky charm of the United States Navy.
Kimberly was more than confused when she got a text from her dad saying he wanted to talk. It’s never a good thing when a parent says “I want to talk.” She didn’t recall any recent insubordination or any risky flight maneuvers that her superiors would inform her father about.
When she arrived to her childhood home, her younger siblings playing catch in the yard, her mother came outside to meet her.
“Whatever it was I did to get in trouble, I swear there is a very rational and understandable explanation to my behavior.” Kimberly spoke. “You’re not in trouble.” Her mother laughed.
“Am I going in to see the admiral or dad?” Kimberly asked. “The admiral.” The woman answered. “Oh yeah, I’m in trouble.” Kimberly muttered.
She walked inside and towards her father’s office, the sound of coughing alerting her.
Kimberly had been the one out of her siblings to take their father’s illness the hardest. The two had a very special bond that no one could really explain. Kimberly was the definition of a daddy’s girl and she had Iceman Kazansky wrapped around her finger.
No one knew that the cancer came back and she knew it was only a matter of time.
“Permission to enter, admiral?” Kimberly joked. Iceman smiled at his daughter as he typed his response. “Permission granted.” It said.
“I don’t know what it is I did to have someone snitch to my dad but I swear I probably had a good reason. For whatever it is I did.” She said.
‘You’re not in trouble. I want to talk to you about a special detachment.’
Kimberly furrowed her eyebrows for a moment, wondering what could be so special they needed her for it.
‘You’re being called back to Top Gun. You and 12 other pilots.’
“Really? What’s the mission?” Kimberly asked.
‘Your instructor will tell you that.’
“Wait, if they’re calling back the best of the best, that means he’s going to be there too.” She said.
‘Yes he is. Maybe nows your chance to reconcile.’
“Dad, he hates me. He thinks I knew about what Uncle Mav did and he never gave me a chance to explain. He’s the one who messed up not me.” The light haired woman spoke.
‘You’ve always been the bigger person, Kimmy.’
Kimberly sighed, hating to admit that her dad was right. “But the things he said really hurt. I mean, we were so close before and he just tossed it away.” She said solemnly.
‘Then make him listen. You were always good at that too.’
Kimberly chuckled lightly at her father’s words before she sighed. “Are you sure I’m cut out for this mission? I’m not just going because of you?“ She asked.
‘Cyclone asked for you personally.’
“Oh well then no pressure.” She muttered.
‘You’re a Kazansky. Flying is in your blood, you can do this.’
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bloomingpaper · a day ago
drive-in / conrad fisher
warnings: none. wordcount: 712
— imagine going on your first date with the one and only conrad fisher . .
Tumblr media
this is it. after years of having a major crush on conrad fisher, you're finally going on your first date with the boy of your dreams. you were in your room at the fisher's and trying to find what to wear for the special night.
belly is lying her stomach on your bed, her legs are swaying back and forth. "so where is conrad taking you tonight? i can't believe he finally got the balls to ask you out." she asks giving you her biggest movie star smile.
you let out a loud laugh, "oh my gosh belly, but i'm so glad he grew them. i've been waiting for this moment since i was ten. and he's going to be taking me to the drive-in."
"ouuu the drive-in, you think he's gonna try to pull a move on you?" she shimmies her eyebrows up and down.
"oh please, do you really think he might? what if i start to panic?"
"you're gonna be fine. conrad would never pull anything if you know you're not comfortable. don't worry so much y/n."
"i can't help it, i've been thinking about this moment for a long time. i don't want to mess this up.
belly gets off the bed and walks over to your closet. she takes out your favourite shirt and picks out a pair of jean shorts.
"this should be perfect. you should feel comfortable on your first date, so you should wear your favourite shirt." she nods in confidence.
"conrad has seen me in this shirt a million times, maybe we should've gone shopping."
"trust me y/n, this is the move. now go and get going on your special date." belly leaves so you can get changed. when you open your bedroom door belly smiles at you, "he's waiting downstairs for you, have fun." she pulls you in for a quick hug.
when you reach the bottom of the stairs you smile suddenly when you see him. a wide grin also covers his face. "y/n, are you ready to watch grease?" he puts his arm out for you to hold as he leads you to this vehicle.
"we're going to see grease? that's one of my favourite movies in this world."
he chuckles softly, "i asked the people who's in charge of the drive-ins to put it on. i know it's one of your favourites. four summers ago you and jeremiah used to go around singing summer-loving everywhere."
"you really done that for me? and you remember that?" you're shocked.
"for you, i will do anything and of course i do. i remember everything you do y/n." you blush at his words.
during the drive, you both sing to songs. he kept on looking at you while you were singing and you would have to tell him to keep his eyes on the road. he pulls into an empty spot in the drive-in. the screen is already starting to count down the seconds until the film starts. when you see danny and sandy playing on the beach you smile and turn to face conrad, "gosh i think you're the prettiest guy i've ever met." you blurted out, covering your mouth with your hand.
"thanks, y/n," his eyes travel down to your shirt. he instantly smiles, "did you know that i love this shirt on you. i first realized i had feelings for you when you were wearing this shirt. actually, you were singing summer loving at the time."
"you've had feelings for me four summers ago?" you were shocked, but a huge smile was spread across your face.
"i think i've liked you from the moment i saw you y/n. i was just too young to understand." he leans towards you know what's happening. he gives you a look, meaning 'can i?' you nod and he connects your lips with his. he smiles into the kiss and puts his hand on the side of your head. you run your fingers through his brown locks. 'summer nights', playing in the background.
what a perfect first date.
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harrfreak · 2 days ago
it hurts me that Steve is full of scars after the scene in the upside down
Tumblr media
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ashdreams2023 · 2 days ago
Can u pls do Loki x reader and they have had like a fight because they’re very tense and stressed lately so they just end up having seggs to make up?? 😅
Warning: smut
Also with a gender neutral reader things are more vague
You crossed your arms over your chest, fuming with anger at the sight you’re seeing in front of you.
It was one in the morning and he just came, did no text nor call or inform you where or what he’s doing and just disappear from the afternoon until now.
"Are you gonna dig holes into my back with that glare of yours?" He said.
You huffed "care to tell me where the hell you’ve been since the afternoon?"
Loki sighed taking off his shirt and sitting down on the bed.
"It does not concern you, I was just on a walk"
"Where the moon!?"
Loki groaned scratching his head in annoyance "I’m suffocated of this place of everyone!"
"And that includes me?" You were a few seconds from crying, why were so easy to get overwhelmed.
Loki stared at you with lazy eyes "if I could I would take us out of this place and never look back" you closed your eyes, breathing in and fight back tears.
He stood up and walked up to you, his hands rested on your waist and guided you to the bed before kissing you through your tears, his lips were soft and you kissed him back.
"I’m sorry" he said against your lips, his hands ran up underneath your shirt, feeling up your skin "we’re both stressed"
"I know, I’m sorry too" you pulled him down, laying on your back now with him on top of you.
Both of you were struggling, fighting an inner war with yourselves, this is what you needed, to be close to acknowledge each others stress and tiredness.
He took your clothes off attacking your neck, sucking on your sensitive skin, making you moan as his hands pinned you to the sheets.
He wanted you, all of you.
"Loki…I want to touch you" you whined.
He groaned letting go of your wrists then kissed you one more time, your hand immediately went his covered crotch, you could feel his erection.
You rubbed him through his hands, he moaned in your mouth before breaking the kiss and stepping back to take his own pants off.
He strolled himself a few times, his dick leaking pre cum.
You warped your arms around his neck and pulled him down, kissing him hungrily.
"Take me" you said.
And he did.
The feeling of him inside of you was filling and all you needed, your burning skin against his flight like a beautiful nightmare.
And you didn’t want to wake up.
He pulled out as you came first, flipped you on your stomach then stroked his dick at the pretty sight of you bare and dripping in your own cum.
"Fuck" he came, then fell beside you.
Your hand stroked his soft hair, you placed a kiss to his temple as he caught his breath.
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iizzieswife · 7 hours ago
me after both of my favs died in the same minutes
Tumblr media
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