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#imagine telling my mom about this... LOL


#i’m ranting again lol#all that’s left NOW is to find a time to come out LOL like i do feel like my mom & my sister have a sense of it atp from the way they talk#to me BUT does anyone else ?? i am never going to tell my dad lol i value my life ^__^ literally hes so weird like a couple years ago i#remember we were talking about gay marriage & shit & he was being rude as ever so it’s like....... no i don’t fink u need to know anything#about me LOL i’m so scared tho OMG i remember one time i was going to come out to my mom & i wrote it all out in my notes when i was like 11#HAHHAAAA well now i actually have to ?? well i mean i don’t bcus i don’t HAVE to but i would like for them to hear it from me#i’m not worried about my sister LOL she has to know by now rig ?? like the amount of shit i talk w her she should KNOW..... but i’m SCARED#GOD EHAT IF I BE A MENACE & DO IT DURING NEW YEARS LOL#where’s that tweet where it’s like i’m gonna ruin thanksgiving dinner by coming out LOL anyway that’s not funny zzz ehh yes it is#i would like to do it before my birthday next year LOL LOL LOLOLOL but what if they HATE ME WHAHHH#omg wait the one post where it’s like i’m not coming out if u don’t know by now then u will never know#BUT I WOULD LIKE TO GET A GF ONE DAY & BE LIKE HERES MY FAMILY#CAN U IMAGINE IF I JUST DIDNT TELL THEM & WAS LIKE THATONE VID WHERE THE GIRL WALKS IN THE ROOM LIKE HEYY HEY YALL HOW YALL DOING#DO U KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ANOUT.... Why am i yelling ??? anyway lots to think about before i go to bed#oh and i have a road knowledge test tomorrow ^__^ hope i do okay LOL#ehh okay self discovery is tiring i’m going to bed (that’s probably a lie)#this is sooo long omg i’m gonna ruin my tags T__T MYBTHING IS TJO... like i’ve consumed so much het media where i’m like EHH maybe men r ok#but then i think about myself in the future & i can not see myself ever going for a man#AM I WUESTTIONING AGAIN#no no no i’m not#OMAY IM A LESBIAN I KNOW WHYVDO I KEEP QUESTIONG THIS#OKAY NO NO / I AM / A LESBUAJ I KNOW THIS#GOD WELL NOW IM BORED SINCE I FIGURED THAT OUT#WAIT WHAT IF I JUST TEXT MY SUSTER LIKE IM A LESBIAN BTW#GOD WHAT IF I DO THAT RIGHT NOW#WHAT IF I WRITE A LETTER NO EJY AM I CRYING IM GETTING SO NERVOUS#i am going to OKAY i’m gonna write a note now to my sister and give it to her later or just tell her tomorrow#but i’m not going to tell my mom YET bcus i’m scared#yeah i’ll do that#okay goodnight
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