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#imagine your otp
Slow burn childhood-friends-to-lovers prompts?
1. As kids, Character A wins a stuffed giraffe for Character B at the fair, hoping to impress them. Years later, B reveals that they still have the giraffe.
2. Every year, A makes a heartfelt birthday post for B on social media. This year, A is hit by sadness that they’ve known B for so long, but they’ve only ever been friends.
3. A’s partner breaks up with them, and although B feels bad for A, they can’t help but feel a certain…relief.
4. A and B have always stayed over at each other’s houses, but recently it has been eating away at A that B is so close, yet so far.
5. A is moving away, and at the airport, they hug B goodbye. B finds themself in disbelief that they just watched the love of their life leave them, all because they were too afraid of ruining the friendship.
6. A’s partner cheats on them, and B is filled with rage that someone could betray A like this. They know they would treat A better, so why did that jerk get to have them?
7. People have always wondered why A and B aren’t a couple. A hates lying, and has been finding it harder and harder to claim B is “just a friend.”
8. A gets injured, and B helps them out with some tasks while they recover. Seeing A injured makes B yearn to comfort them, but they can only do it in the way of a friend.
9. As a child, A used to say they were going to marry B. They now tell everyone it was foolish “puppy love,” but deep down they know that love never left.
10. Another character teases A about one of their insecurities, while B is in the room. B knows that A doesn’t like to make a scene, but when A has to step out for a moment, B tells the other character to knock it off.
11. A has always called B by a nickname, but recently someone pointed out that the nickname sounds too…affectionate. “Well,” A says, “they don’t have to understand our friendship like we do.” Secretly, A likes getting to call B something no one else calls them.
12. One day, A is sad and talks about feeling unloved. B can hardly resist telling A just how much they love them.
13. A finds a video of them and B as kids, where B promises they’ll be “best friends forever.” A wonders if this would hold true, even if they confessed their feelings, and B didn’t feel the same way. The thought hurts them deeply.
14. At a party, A and B are dared to sing a love song together. They do it, yet A can’t help but notice the longing in B’s eyes. Surely they’re just imagining what they want to see…?
15. When out with some other friends, A is asked to describe their ideal partner, and they accidentally describe B. They attempt to backtrack, but the damage has been done—their friends are going to tease them about their obvious crush on B.
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otpcompendium · a day ago
A is a human and B is a demon disguising themself in the mortal realm. Problem is, B has a pretty poor handle on what humans can and can’t actually do. A has to keep covering for B when they decide to, say, lift a car to move it out of their way or threaten someone with the wrath of the nine hells.
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youneedsomeprompts · a day ago
Imagine your OTP getting home after a stressful day and still wanting to take care of their exhausted s/o
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stayevildarling · 2 days ago
Billie: *grins*
Wilhemina: „Don‘t you dare“
Billie: *smiles wider*
Wilhemina: „I swear to god“
Billie: *laughs*
Billie: „You are adorable“
Wilhemina: *rolls eyes but melts internally*
Tumblr media
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Your ship introduced them to their mom but Jaune accidentally seduce them on the spot. How do they react to this?
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mantabanter · 2 days ago
i want a story where a happy couple are together, until one half of them gets abducted/seperated from the other because of plot reasons. Its either a misunderstanding or an assassination gone wrong, but they survive the ordeal and find themselves far away from home. The person that lost the other and thinks their SO is dead falls into grief and despair, and finds themselves going to extreme lengths to get revenge on the ones who hurt their lover. They become the Villain. 
The other half on the other hand becomes the chosen one, and they have a fairly standard journey finding new friends as they just try to get back home. 
and when they meet each other again, they find themselves changed and neither know how to handle it. One is a villain, a warlord, they’ve done unspeakable things in their name. And the other has been the hero the whole time, the one foiling all their plans from a distance, the one whose destined to stop them. 
The world finding out that the chosen one and the villain are married are like :O um. neither army backing the other knows if they can trust their leader anymore. They dont know if they can trust each other. But all they’ve ever wanted was to come home. but is that something that even exists now? What have they gotten themselves into?
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justausualunicorn · 2 days ago
Imagine your OTP #47
Person A: If you help me I will give you anything. What is the thing you desire the most? Say it and you’ll have it. Deal?
Person B: Deal. 
Person A: So what do you desire?
Person B: Your death.
Imagine your otp masterlist
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anxiouspuddle · a day ago
highschool football player x marching band kid au
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homefreeptx · 2 days ago
Imagine Your OTP #315
Person A: "I can't believe B would just do that. I mean- did they even think about how it would affect me? Our relationship?"
Person C: "So they slept with clothes on, big deal."
Person A: "IT IS A BIG DEAL."
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emswritingprompts · 5 months ago
101 ways to say i love you
firstly, tysm for 101 (actually 103, haha) followers! when i started this account i honestly had no intentions of having so many of you lovely people take interest in me, but i'm very grateful nonetheless! this is my gift to you all, and, again, thank you!
i've seen a few other posts like this, but i wanted to go ahead and make my own! this is going to be completely different from the others that i have seen as well, so there's a lesser chance of duplicates for those of you who really enjoy these!
"You don't have to do this alone."
"I won't let you do this alone."
"I'll always be by your side."
"I'll get that for you."
"Let me bandage you up."
"I want you to be a part of my future."
"Here. You look hungry."
"Come here, I'll carry you."
"I fed your pets while you were away."
"Is something wrong?"
"Is there anything I can do to help?"
"I have an extra ticket... Would you like to go with me?"
"I saw you looking at it last time we were in the store together, so I got it for you."
"Stay with me."
"Thank you for making me smile."
"Your smile is beautiful. I want to see it more often..."
"I want to kiss you."
"You have a beautiful soul."
"No... No! Come on, I can't lose you!"
"You make me feel safe."
"Don't let me go."
"Give me a brush. I'll fix your hair for you."
"I want you, and only you."
"Your hands are too cold, I'll warm them up."
"Kiss me."
"I know you don't feel great, so let's stay home today, okay?"
"You're so beautiful."
"Hold me. Please."
"You're family."
"Marry me."
"I took care of the laundry already."
"Go back to sleep, (term of endearment)."
"I'll protect you."
"Take care of yourself."
"Let's take a break and relax."
"You're the first person I think about when I wake up."
"You smell so nice."
"Let's move in together."
"I wanna know everything about you."
"Don't leave yet."
"Let me see your scars..."
"I remember when we first met..."
"Here's your medication."
"I have a surprise for you."
"I bought this for you. It's in your favorite color..."
"Your skin is so soft."
"I would do anything for you."
"I'll help bring in the groceries."
"Last night your feet were really cold, so I found some of your socks and put them on you."
"I would go anywhere with you."
"You're cold, take my jacket."
"I promise."
"You're so golden."
"No one has ever made me feel like this."
"I missed you... a lot."
"Come back soon."
"I got us matching shirts!"
"I know you can do it."
"I'll never forget you."
"I've waited so long for this..."
"You look like something's bothering you... You can talk to me if you need to."
"We make the best team."
"I'll hurt whoever did this to you."
"You didn't deserve that... You deserve so much better."
"I want you to meet my family."
"I want to start a family of our own..."
"Your back is so tense. Would you like a massage?"
"This is my favorite picture of us."
"Don't hurt yourself again..."
"You should be more careful."
"Hey, your favorite movie is on. I'll get the popcorn."
"You've never let me down."
"I saw that you were almost out of shampoo, so I went and got some for you."
"You're overworking yourself... Please take a break."
"I named my little plant after you."
"It's an honor just to know you like this."
"I didn't make you uncomfortable, did I?"
"I never imagined that someone's heartbeat could sound so amazing."
"What was your childhood like?"
"You looked so cute when you were little."
"You look just like your mom/dad."
"What happened to you?!"
"Does it hurt?"
"I'm sorry."
"I love waking up next to you."
"Don't be scared. I'm right here."
"Have you been drinking enough water?"
"We can look out for each other."
"I'd like to take you on vacation one day, just the two of us."
"Are you sure you're ready?"
"You're so funny."
"Do you want to help me fix dinner tonight?"
"You don't have to pay me back."
"No, you're sick. You're not doing chores until you're better."
"Your voice is so relaxing."
"Text me when you get home safely."
"I found this meme that I think you'll like. Wanna see it?"
"Can I give you a hug? You look upset."
"I'm yours."
"I love you."
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otpcompendium · 2 days ago
A and B live in opposite apartments with very thin walls. One day, A hears B’s music through the wall and starts to sing along, and B joins in.
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stayevildarling · a day ago
Wilhemina: ''So, ready to go?''
Billie: *flips hair* ''I don't know where you are taking me, but it better not be somewhere, where you can murder me''
Wilhemina: *rolls eyes* ''I'm taking you out for dinner, you said yes this morning?!''
Billie: ''Can you honestly say you have never plotted to kill me over dinner?''
Wilhemina: *smirks*
Tumblr media
gif credit: @billiebeanhoward
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Your ship reaction to Jaune doing the smolder toward them:
Tumblr media
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screnwriter · 2 months ago
prompts that make me feel things
a character whispering “kiss me” to their love interest
a character deciding to live for their love interest instead of dying
a character calling their love interest ''my love'' or ''babe''
a character taking their lover's hand during a stressful situation
two characters going straight for the kiss instead of denying their feelings for each other
forehead kisses while your lover is asleep
two characters comparing hand sizes
never getting used to how good your lover looks in a suit, always losing your train of thought when you see them dressed in one
enemies to lovers kissing for the first time, and it's a tender kiss
friends to lovers with ''if i don't kiss you right now i might die'' vibes
two characters staring at each other's lips
two characters brushing their lips together, lingering for a moment before crashing their lips together
packing your lover's favorite snack for a road trip
crying over how lucky you are to be loved by your lover
stealing your lover's clothes and refusing to give them back, but it's okay because ''you look better in it anyway''
kissing your lover's hand as they trace their fingers on your body
a character telling their lover ''i love you'' and their lover smiles, wrapping their arms around them while whispering ''i love you too''
a character telling their lover they don't have time to cuddle, only for them to come cuddle with their lover a couple minutes later
a character sleeping with a stuffed animal that their lover won for them at the amusement park
two characters intertwining their fingers while making love
a character hugging their lover from behind, snuggling their head into the crook of their lover's neck
dancing under the stars or kissing in the rain
falling asleep on your lover's shoulder
a character kissing their lover's cheek or chest while being wrapped in their arms
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