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#imagine your otp
yunoagiri · 4 hours ago
A: *looks at B with concern* "wha- why did you kiss yourself?!"
B: "they told me to love myself first."
A: "..."
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skriveting · 5 hours ago
Person A: "It's love, B, not rocket science."
Person B: "You're right. Rocket science would have been easier."
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nofrigginclue · 5 hours ago
OTP Imagine 6
PERSON A: *walks into room with a loaf of sliced banana bread*
PERSON B: *screeching, sounding the alarm* BREADDDDD
* immediately everyone in the room descends on A like starving animals*
PERSON A:  *screams progressively getting more high pitched*
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gorillageek27 · 6 hours ago
Your ships reaction to jaune suddenly grabbing their hand, thinking its a romantic gesture but jaune is just trying to run
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chenfordfan1013 · 6 hours ago
Tim and Lucy in bed
Lucy: “I-I’m in love-”
Tim: “o-oh, I-I see”
Lucy: “with you”
Tim: “... huh?”
Lucy: “y-yeah”
Tim: “Lucy”
Lucy: “yeah?”
Tim: “we’ve been married for 3 years now”
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skriveting · 6 hours ago
Person A: "I haven't seen you this upset since you found out that mother rabbits sometimes eat their babies if they're too stressed."
Person B, *sobbing hysterically*: "They shouldn't eat their babies!!! They're so small and innocent they don't deserve to die! Stress is no excuse!"
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dragonkings444 · 7 hours ago
Which of your ship would be the Dom/Sub with Jaune?
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johnwalker-the-newcap · 8 hours ago
Olivia: I have very high standards, I'd never date anyone clu-
John walking in, tripping & falling face first on the floor: Ouch,damn it! Oh hi guys!
Olivia: I want him.
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dragonkings444 · 9 hours ago
How would your ship react to Jaune singing a romantic serenade for them
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serenadingvintage · 10 hours ago
How about a grim reaper and a miraculous being who can't die prompt.
A has special power, passed through their mother who was alive for many ages and chose to get her life finally at peace, and B is a grim reaper who knows the fact, and has hated A and their family because they cannot take their soul. So, they have enemies kind of relationship.
"Shut up before I take your soul."
"You can't even if you try to."
idk that would be so funny, the camaraderie would be so cool.
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russelramharack · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Of the many mysteries of modern physics, few compare to “nonlocality” in quantum physics. Nonlocality means that far away objects can influence one another instantaneously (or at least much faster than the speed of light). It is as if space and time didn’t exist! “Influence” may not be the right word here; in fact, we don’t have a good word for it given that words are devices we create to express experiences anchored in our sensorial perception of reality.
There is greatness in all of us.
I believe it is possible.
Follow your dreams.
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ramblebrambleamble · 17 hours ago
"Who are you?"
"A grade-A bitch," she said, resting her bat on her shoulder and glancing back with a grin. "Nice to meet ya!"
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dragonkings444 · 20 hours ago
How would your ship handle Jaune psychotic ex-girlfriend?
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delunea · 20 hours ago
Andrew would rather be back on his drugs than admit that Neil's smile still made his stomach churn in the best way possible. It had been over a year and still, the small glimpses or early morning smirks, they destroyed Andrew in everyway he would let it.
So it bugged him that Neil would almost always dig his fist into his own scarred cheek. He didn't do it as much in private, but under the public eye he refused to let the smile show. Andrew understood why, and respected it. But the annoyance came when the anniversary of the Butcher's death approached and Neil would force the smile back everytime. At Edens, in the morning, late nights on the roof. The slightest twitch of his mouth resulted in a knuckle against his cheek.
He wanted the drugs back because maybe they would stop Andrew from missing Neil's smile. Neil hadn't showed any emotion all day, even with the infuriating loss and the annoying media from their game, he showed nothing. Andrew and him sat side by side, not touching on the way back home. The rest of the team sat at the front of the bus, angrily venting about what had happened. That left the two of them alone. Andrew stole a glance at Neil, and then sighed. This was gonna hurt.
"It's in a few days,"
Neil turned his head towards and nodded, "Yep," he bit out.
"You're a fucking idiot, you know that?" Neil blinked, and finally turned to fully face Andrew.
"It's over, you're alive. You're safe, nothing but safe." Andrew clenched his fist and leaned back against the bench. Neil stared at utterly confused at the sudden outburst. "He's gone, you should celebrate that instead of-" Andrew stopped himself short.
Neil shifted, flexing his fingers and examining the scars that littered them. "I've lived a year longer than I thought I would."
"You've gotten lucky."
And just like that, Neil's smile crept across his face. His hand immediately reached up to stop in and Andrew turned his glare on it. "Don't."
"Yes or no?"
"Yes," Andrew didn't hesitate to grab Neil's wrist and guide it away. Away from that smile, the one that didn't belong to that monster. The one that belonged to Neil, Neil Josten, a fox, his idiot, his home. Neil watched him, and let the smile grow.
Neil leaned forward and cupped Andrew's face with his hands. His finger gently moved across Andrew's face and touched the lips which had curved into a foreign shape. "I like it when you smile."
"You're still counting?"
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franxae · 22 hours ago
Idol!venti x Fan!xiao au where...
     Venti is a busy and very popular idol whilst Xiao is that one fan that goes to every fanmeet in the area, has every version of the lightstick, and always happens to get into the VIP standing ticket in concerts. 
     Xiao also streams and makes music! In the streaming community, he is well known as the guy that once streamed Venti’s concert despite being in the VIP standing pit. He also streams making music and talks to chat about how he and Venti have conversations during fanmeets since he ends up getting recognized. 
     A lot of their fans often think about when a collab is going to happen, and when Venti did discover Xiao’s music, he couldn’t reach out right away since he was in the middle of promoting his own music. 
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thisayce · 22 hours ago
A: (being a dork)
B: (watching A being a dork)
B: I can't believe knowing that they're a dork made me fall harder in love with them!
C: Yeah, they have that effect on people.
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dragonkings444 · 23 hours ago
Your ship reaction to Jaune saying f**k me after a long day?
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savannahreads · a day ago
Imagine Ur OTP
Person A laying under a tree. Small little wild flowers around them, reading or napping or something peaceful.
Then Person B comes in. A chaotic bundle of energy and just lies on top of person A.
B starts to blow at A’s hair and mess with them. So A slowly creeps their hands onto person B and starts tickling them.
They roll around playfully like this laughing and just enjoying each others light and joyful touch.
Bonus Points if this happens right before the world goes to shit.
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