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skriveting · a day ago
A bunch of different dialogue prompts #54
"I haven't been this stressed since I led the conga-line at Uncle Larry's wedding."
"You know... maybe I'm the problem." "You think?!"
"Now what in the fresh-" "My mother's here!" "-homemade bread is going on here? Roberta! Good to see you."
"It is as I suspected, he's a moron."
"Uh oh." "What do you mean 'uh oh'?!"
"Why are you shaking?"
"You're making it really hard for me to play nice right now."
"Tomorrow, he dies."
"Look at this plant!!"
"I'm hearing a lot of accusations and not seeing a whole lot of evidence!" "The dishes are right there!" "... Touché."
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uhmmmsweetie · a day ago
Which of your characters is most likely to get a tattoo they regret? How about one they love but other people always tell them they'll regret?
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lavenderotpprompts · 5 months ago
Small signs of affection
Making a snack for the other one as they work
Going for a destination-less drive
Taking a nap together on the couch
Walking so close together they keep bumping into one another
Surprising the other with a cup of coffee/tea/a smoothie
Kisses on the nose
Communicating through eye contact in a crowded room
The taller person absentmindedly playing with the shorter persons hair while they’re standing in line
Going to the grocery store/running mundane errands together
Brushing hair out of the other person’s face
Ordering a sweet treat to be delivered to the other person at home/work
One person leaning their head in the others shoulder as they’re sitting/waiting
Making eachother playlists
Linking pinky fingers as they walk
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senpiecakes · a month ago
Person A: *pours M&M’s, Skittles and Reese’s Pieces into a bowl* Hehe.
Person B: *grabs a handful and eats them one by one without breaking eye contact with A*
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aaliyah-draws · a year ago
Yo I’m a sucker for this trope in fics, movies, show etc. every time a pairing are getting intimate and one of them caresses their partner’s face and their partner just goes like...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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airasora · 2 months ago
Asks about your OTP
1. Who fell for the other one first?
2. Was it love at first sight?
3. Was it lust at first sight?
4. What do physical trait do they love the most about each other?
5. What personality trait do they love the most about each other?
6. What random everyday object/activity makes them think of each other?
7. What is something they’d want to change about the other if they could?
8. Do they get along with each other’s friends and family?
9. Do their friends and family like their significant other(s)?
10. Have they had romantic partners before?
11. Are they a healthy couple? If no, why not?
12. Do they have potential to be healthy if they’re usually toxic?
13. Do they have potential to be toxic if they’re usually healthy?
14. What song fits them perfectly?
15. Do they like the same music?
16. Do they like the same food?
17. What do they have in common?
18. What is their sex life like?
19. Would they ever lie to each other? Why or why not?
20. Are they interested in marriage? Why or why not?
21. Are they interested in having children? Why or why not?
22. Do you have other ships that resemble your OTP?
23. Is there top/dom and bottom/sub energy?
24. Are there any kinks or fetishes they share or don’t?
25. Are they sentimental about gifts they’ve received from each other?
26. What holidays do they like?
27. How do they feel about Valentine’s day?
28. Are they jealous/possessive of each other?
29. Do they like public display of affection?
30. Do they enjoy dancing?
31. What’s a perfect date for them?
32. How do they comfort each other?
33. Who is the big spoon and why?
34. What’s their favorite nonsexual activity together?
35. How do they deal with being away from each other for a long time?
36. What is their favorite place to kiss the other? (Cheek, hand, closed eyelid, neck, nose, etc.)
37. Have they ever hurt each other on accident?
38. Have they ever hurt each other deliberately?
39. Who gets hit on the most?
40. Who tries to distract the other when they’re trying to do something else?
41. Who is, overall, the smarter one?
42. Who is the sensible mature one?
43. Do they fight a lot?
44. How do they make up after a fight?
45. If one of them forgot to log out of their SoMe, what would their partner do?
46. How do they make each other laugh?
47. Are they extroverts/introverts?
48. Who would bring home a homeless animal?
49. Do they match outfits for special occasions?
50. Who would protect who in a dangerous situation?
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perpetuallyconfuzzled · a year ago
Person A: Darling
Person A: Sweetie
Person A: Love of my life!
Person B: You’re angry with me aren’t you?
Person A: Absolutely LIVID!! ✨ 💞💖💫❤️✨
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mysticmilks · a year ago
ao3 reader
My face, when character A says that they will never ever fall for character B and they are enemies and they hate B, but this fic is tagged "enemies to lovers"
Tumblr media
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im-not-short-i-swear · 10 months ago
Person A: *having a coughing fit* 
Person B: is you dying?
Person A: *still coughing* *nods* 
Person B: ok well die quietly
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imaginativeworks · 15 days ago
Imagine Your Otp
Person A: “Aw, you’re so sweet to me. Be careful or else some might begin to think you have feelings for me.”
Person B: (says with a neutral expression) “I do.”
Person A: (asks stunned) “What?”
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selfshipping-and-otps · a month ago
Imagine your f/o hugging you from the back and putting their head on your shoulder
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promptlywritingideas · 5 months ago
I need advice for person A comforting a traumatized person B, please!
1. “You’re safe now.”
2. “No, I’m not going to tell you to stop crying. You’re allowed to cry.”
3. “Do you want me to stay with you?”
4. “It’s over now. I know it doesn’t feel like it, but it’s over.”
5. “If you want to talk about it, I’m here.”
6. “Of course. Whatever you need.”
7. “I made you some tea.”
8. “I’ll hold you as long as you want me to.”
9. “It’s only me.”
10. “Try to get some rest. I’ll keep watch; no one will hurt you while you sleep.”
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jk-selfships · 3 months ago
a scenario:
your f/o taking care of you with love and patience.
you got hurt, and they quickly volunteer to treat your wounds, with a care and love you haven't received in ages that almost break your heart. when have you been so loved before?
"is there something else i can do for you?"
"yeah...maybe. but it might sound silly and childish. " you ponder in a low tone, but not low enough for them to hear.
"what's it?"
"just an...hug."
your f/o blinks a few times before their gaze soften, and of course, they engulf you in the warmest hug. a nostalgic feeling, you think.
"but this is not a silly or childish question."
"i thought it'd have sounded like that."
"you haven't received any form of affection in a while now, that's why you wanted an hug. it's not anything stupid."
you're lucky they're so smart. a person who's able to read you like this it's indeed a gift from heaven.
still, you feel a weird sensation you can't actually explain aching in your chest, but the grip around their torso tighten without your direct noticing.
"actually" you silently tell to yourself in the calm of your head "all I wanted was your hug."
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lavenderotpprompts · 3 months ago
whump, but also fluff, prompts where person A takes care of person B due to person B overworking?
Hurt/Comfort OTP prompts
Person B develops an intense and painful migraine headache. Person A comes to their aid, bringing them to a dark and comfortable spot and has person B lay their head down on their lap. Person A runs their fingers through person B’s sweaty hair, lightly massaging their scalp as person B groans in pain and nuzzles their face into person A’s stomach.
Person B has been overworking themselves all week (doing what is up to you). They’ve barely slept, eaten, or left their workspace. One evening, they start feeling disoriented and dizzy, barely able to stand up. Person A has been deeply concerned all week, and decides to go check on them. After knocking with no answer, they let themselves in and find Person B, crumpled in a feverish heap on the floor. Person A rushes to them, and hurriedly takes (or carries) them up to bed. Person A stays by their side, offering small sips of water, bringing extra blankets, and making warm food until Person B is eventually stable.
Person B has been overexerting themselves in training (or any type of physical labor). They’re covered in bruises and other small injuries. When person A sees this, they demand to help person B who is too tired and sore to protest. They carefully begin cleaning and bandaging any small wounds. They then slowly start massaging person B’s aching muscles and apologizing as person B winces at the pain. (Bonus— person A and B aren’t together yet, and both parties are trying to ignore how close they are to each other)
Person B has the flu so person A clears their entire schedule for the day to stay with person B and take care of them. At one point, person B’s in a restless sleep, clearly in pain or having a nightmare. Person A is in the other room, but hears this and rushes in check on them. At the sound of them entering, Person B wakes up. Through tired eyes, they look at person A and quietly ask if they could stay with them. Person A hesitates a moment, before crawling next to person B. Person B immediately curls into person A and falls back asleep.
Sorry there’s only four~ I’m going to try and do another batch of hurt/comfort prompts soon! :)
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senpiecakes · 9 days ago
Person A: Oh you wanna get fucked up so bad.
Person B: I don’t know which way but I’ll take you up on that offer anyways.
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incorrect-hogwartsyay · 2 months ago
[At the halowen party]
Hufflepuff, thinking: Wait, is she into me? Quick, make a bad joke and see if she laughs.
Hufflepuff, out loud: Do you know why the skeleton couldn't come to this party? Because he had no body to go with.
Slytherin: That's really funny!
Hufflepuff, thinking: Well that's not a fair test. That joke's hilarious.
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ohlookitsthebookbitch · 6 months ago
cardan in public: ugh jude duarte irrelevant mortal who cares *proceeds to yeet her into a freaking lake*
cardan's inner monologue: omg jude looked at me brb internally combusting look at her being sexy with her daggers she could stab me and i'd say thank you omg loml
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firstclassthot · 18 days ago
Otp prompt #60
Person A is too stubborn for their own good. They insisted they didn’t need a coat, brushing the weather off because “it isn’t even that cold”.
B eventually gave in. Giving up their pestering after A assured them they were fine.
But now A is shivering, rubbing their hands against their arms for warmth. Regretting their choice of not wearing a coat.
How does B react? Do they take off their coat and give it to B? Do they childishly say that they “told you so”? Insist A gets inside where it’s warm?
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jazminetoad · 4 months ago
Name the character/ship/friendship
Tumblr media
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skriveting · 2 months ago
A bunch of different dialogue prompts #38
"Look, I'm sorry I burned your house down and eradicated your entire family, but I think it's time for you to stop holding a grudge."
"Don't give me that. You meant what you said and you know it."
"All of that to say... I hate you and I wish you were dead."
"Man, what's up with that guy?" "He's just like that. You get used to it. I hope."
"Don't you think you're being a little overdramatic?" "I will literally set you on fire right now."
"Don't you think you should reconsider your copious intake of *insert food/drink*?" "Don't you think you should shut your mouth?"
"This seems like a needlessly complicated way to do this." "Well I'm in charge so if you have any better suggestions you're free to keep them to yourself."
"You want to tell me what's going on here?" "No, no. Definitely not."
"Will you stop that?" "Stop what? I wasn't doing anything!" "I know. Just thought I'd save us the time for when you eventually do something."
"I haven't let a man speak to me that way since 2005, and I certainly am not about to now."
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