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neoheros · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
galas aren't really atsumu's thing.
he sees them more as work events than actual parties, and as much as he'd actually prefer to skip them, it is technically part of his job to attend with the team.
that's how he finds himself here.
standing in the middle of men in suits, sipping on fancy champagne and passing around tiny hors d'oeurves, when all he wants to do right now, more than anything in the world, is to go home to his warm and comfortable bed.
but, as luck would have it, in the midst of it all, he sees you, alone in a corner as you observe everyone else from a far distance.
and atsumu has a strong feeling, the night is going to get better.
"hey, you." he smiles, seeing you look up at him the second you hear his voice, and when you put away your phone to give more focus to him, he can’t help but smile wider.
miya atsumu is the bachelor of the evening.
his blond hair neatly gelled as his fringe falls gently to the side, his black tux fitting him perfectly with the exception of his unbuttoned cuff links, and finally, like a cherry on top, his sticker name tag placed directly on the middle of his chest.
and instead of his name on it, it reads “the hottest msby jackals player ever!!” in big, permanent black ink.
your eyes crinkle, shoulders rising lightly as you laugh, "you look like you’re having fun."
"nah." atsumu shakes his head, "feels stuffy in here with all the suits."
and you tease, "scared the other guys might show off better than you?"
and he looks at you, rolling his eyes, but the stark grin on his lips doesn’t waver.
fifty minutes into the gala and he was ready to leave and quit his job then and there, but two minutes with you, and he’s ready to attend a thousand more of these in the future.
"you look good tonight." atsumu tells you, his eyes focused exactly on how you’d react.
“thanks,” you wave him off, laughing like you think he isn’t serious, "you look okay, i guess."
"hey!" he frowns, patting the sticker on his chest harshly, "read the name tag."
"the hottest player in msby, huh?" you tease, shaking your head in faux annoyance.
"notice how i put “player”, so you can also technically be considered the hottest in the team too." he nods, looking very proudly at you as he explains it, and he taps the sticker on his chest again.
you tilt your head, "that’s very considerate?"
and he grins, "it’s accurate too."
the evening has been going on for a while, so it’s really hard to tell whether the people inside are having genuine fun or way too drunk to even recognize what actual music is.
but as atsumu stands in front of you, in your own little corner in the big event hall, you can’t tell if the red in his face is from the alcohol or from something completely other than that.
"miya atsumu." you smile, eyes crinkling, "are you flirting with me?"
and you mean that in a teasing way, your shoulders rising a bit as you laugh, and you take another sip of your drink as you watch him watch you.
"i have been for the past two years." he nods, his smile relaxed, and he laughs, "i was worried you were never gonna notice."
you shake your head, "well, maybe you’re just bad at it."
and in full atsumu fashion, he clutches his heart harshly, fakely falling onto one knee, and yelling, "ouch!" as he looks at you with a deep frown.
you’d call him an idiot, but you have a feeling he already knows you’d say that — so you let him have his fun, letting him grab onto your hand to lift him back up.
"what’re you doing here, atsumu?" you raise a brow.
he hums, "hm?"
"why are you here in this corner with me?" you ask, pointing slightly to the space around you.
he tilts his head, unsure of what you mean.
and you shrug, "like, shouldn’t you be out there with everyone else drinking and mingling?"
and atsumu laughs, "i am drinking and mingling."
"not with me." you roll your eyes, pushing his shoulder back lightly as he continues to laugh.
"i like…" he starts, and he looks to the wall, then back to you, and he’s suddenly very aware that he’s unsure of what to say.
so he says instead, "talking — to you — i like talking to you."
and it’s stupid, but his ears are pink, and his hands feel clammy and nervous — but you smile anyways, and you tell him you like talking to him too — and suddenly his ears turn from a light pink to a deep red that slightly reaches his nose.
you pat him on the shoulder.
"i have to do my rounds." you tell him, getting ready to leave as you put your glass of champagne down, "gotta check on everyone on the team."
"check on me?" atsumu grins.
you wave him off, laughing, "i think i just did."
and that would’ve been the end of it — you walking away from him as you go ahead to check on the rest of his team and him eventually asking bokuto for a ride home.
but there’s something about seeing you walk away from him that sets him on edge, and maybe it’s the alcohol, or the fact that the two of you have been so friendly tonight, but he’d really hate himself in the morning if he doesn’t at least try to make you stay.
"hey!" he calls out, biting his tongue as soon as he does, but when you turn around to face him again, the look on your face almost as curious as his, he finds it really hard to regret stopping you.
you tilt your head, “yeah, tsumu?”
he’s pink in the face, he puts his hand behind his neck, “i know yer probably gonna be busy but…”
and he hesitates, but not because he doesn’t know what to say, he knows very well what to say, he’s been practicing what to say and how to say it in the bathroom mirror every morning for months now — but right now, as you stand in front of him, waiting for him to speak, he’s suddenly at a loss for words.
the pink in his skin turns to red.
you blink, smiling, “atsumu?”
“ah fuck — i’m just gonna say it,” he laughs, almost a bit too randomly, and he says this more to himself than to you.
there’s a second stuck in the air.
and atsumu looks at you, "wanna go for some coffee after this?"
( what he really wanted to say was “do you wanna go on a date with me?” but hey, he’s nervous and he’s flustered, and the coffee thing was the easiest way to ask you out without him wanting to run in a marathon. )
"okay." you smile, nodding lightly.
"okay?" he quips a brow, and then he nods, mirroring your actions as he repeats, "okay!"
atsumu’s smile reaches his eyes, his shoulders rising with his chest as he laughs, and he looks at you diligently, repeating over and over again the word ‘okay!’
"you’re an idiot." you roll your eyes, shaking your head as you laugh, and you turn back on your heels to walk away.
atsumu calls out to you as you go, "well, you’re the one getting coffee with an idiot!"
and just as easily as how he found you earlier in the evening, you’re lost in the crowd again, but this time, atsumu isn’t feeling so cheap and bored with the party.
he walks around, the glass in his hand empty but he’s been refusing to refill it to keep himself sober for later.
a wide smile not once leaving his face, a slight skip in his steps.
"hey," hinata nudges him on the side, taking his attention as he stops to stand with him in a quiet corner, and he beams, "you look happy."
atsumu shrugs, the remnants of his conversation with you still stuck in his mind, and he smiles wider, "it’s a good party."
bokuto looks at hinata, narrowing his eyes slightly in suspicion as he knows well enough that this gala tonight is definitely far from a good party.
"is he drunk?" he frowns, and he turns to atsumu, shaking him lightly, "tsumu, are you drunk?"
he shakes his head.
and hinata chimes, "you want us to take you home?"
an hour ago, coming home sounded like the greatest idea there could be — but now — well, now he has you to look forward to.
"no, stop," atsumu shakes his head, waving both of his friends away as he fixes the way he stands, "i’m not drunk, i’m fine."
and he follows, with a big grin on, "and i'm not riding with you guys tonight."
bokuto and hinata share a look.
and hinata frowns, "cause you know if you are drunk, you’re gonna have to tell us so we can drive you home. you’re already a bad driver when you’re not full of alcohol, who knows how many laws you’ll break when you are drunk–"
but at some point in hinata's words, atsumu spaces out, waving his friend's voice off with a worry as he spots you again in the endless crowd.
it's been a very long time since atsumu's met you, but it really does feel like it was only yesterday when he mustered up the courage to admit to himself that maybe ... in a blue moon ... he's actually fallen in love with you.
he hates this dumb gala - it’s an annoying work event - he had all intentions of skipping, but somehow, somewhere along the lines of realizing you were attending and it meaning he'd get to spend some time with you, he found himself actually being excited for it.
under the yellow lights, with the music in the background and murmurs and chatter from the crowd, it's easy to lose focus in a party like this - but atsumu sees you well and clear.
the smile he doesn't even realize forming reaches his eyes, crinkling just a tiny bit as he finds himself liking looking at you.
"tsumu?" bokuto lightly shakes him, "you listening, buddy?"
"yeah." atsumu shakes his head, pulling himself back to reality and into the conversation, a silly smile on his face as he turns pink, "sorry, i - yeah."
and bokuto looks at him quizzically, "are you sure you're not drunk?"
from afar, atsumu's gaze shifts back to you, watching you intently as he finally notices that you aren't exactly by yourself.
by your side, clumsily standing over you, sakusa blinks heavily, his glass of expensive wine in your hands as he's obviously drank himself into a stupor, and the situation is pretty clear.
it's an innocent encounter - probably.
but it has atsumu's smile dropping when he sees how sakusa looks at you, because even drunk, sakusa really can't hide how much he likes you.
your arm links with sakusa's as you take his keys from him, and carefully, you guide him to walk with you, keeping him close and safe, and atsumu wonders if you'd ever do that for him too.
his chest feels heavy but just like earlier, he really can't bring himself to look away from you.
hinata taps on his shoulder, "you okay?"
and he blinks, and suddenly he's back to where he was again.
atsumu smiles, sighing shyly as he feels embarrassed more than anything else.
the evening is over, but his chest feels so much heavier.
"i think i may need a ride home after all."
Tumblr media
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pepijopa · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
♡ prints / twitter / kofi ♡
[ID: painting of a character in black and white colors, he has long black hair with parts of it in a bun, and is holding a blue eyeball.]
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ash-rigby · 2 days ago
Telling your monster boyfriend that he has to stay still and keep his hands off of you while you hump him over his underwear
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kireimarkeu · 14 hours ago
hi! can i request for F22 and A36 for jaemin? thank you ♡
member » boyfriend!jaemin x student!reader
prompt(s) » F22 “Are you hurt? What happened?” + A36 “Don’t tell me to calm down!”
genre » fluff!!!!
word count » 0.4k
warnings » —
a/n » im so sorry this took forever
request here! 
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─
the door let out a 'ding' the moment you pushed the cafe open. you walk in the cafe as the scent of coffee beans hit your nose. you scan the room, searching for your boyfriend. your eyes light up when you see him seated somewhere at the back.
you pull your backpack tighter around your shoulder as you quicken your pace towards the boy.
"hey, sorry, did you wait long?" you say, taking off your bag, sliding into the booth sitting before the boy.
boyfriend!jaemin lifts his eyes to look at you. a smile instantly forming onto his lips.
he shakes his head, "i just arrived," he lies. he actually have been sitting for almost 45 minutes. this was his 2nd coffee here.
you realise that he has an iced vanilla latte ordered for you. a gasp leaves your lips, taking a sip out of the coffee drink, humming in delight.
"how was class?" jaemin asks, taking another sip out of his drink.
you shrug, "it was fine. nothing much—"
"wait," he cuts you off, his eyes were gazing on your cheekbone, "what's that?" he asks. his hands going up to your hair, tucking it behind your ear. you feel his rough hands stroke your cheekbone where you had hurt yourself earlier.
"oh, this?" you laugh awkwardly, moving your hand away from his hand. your boyfriend frowns, dropping his hand onto the table. "it's nothing."
"why are you lying? what happened, y/n?" jaemin probe. you kept quiet, hoping he would drop it. "were you hurt? What happened?" you wanted to continue ignoring him, but with his worried eyes, you couldn't.
you sigh, looking away, "I just... fell, okay? can we just drop it?"
"how did you fall?"
"i just... I just did, okay? It's not even important."
you were too embarrassed to tell him the truth.
you groan, "we were playing earlier and juyeon tripped me," you sigh.
"juyeon?" he repeats, his eyebrows furrowing in anger.
juyeon was jaemin's ex. they had dated for a while before jaemin met you. the moment the news announced that the two of you have been dating, she has been acting sly.
"i swear to god—"
"jaem, calm down—"
"don't tell me to calm down!" he exclaims.
"lower your volume!" you scold. you grab your boyfriend's hands, "look, it was a small cut, okay?"
"does it hurt?" the boy cuts you off.
you shake your head, a smile spreading across your lips, reassuring the boy, "i don't want you to get involved, it's just going to make matters worse," you tell him. you watch as he calms down, looking away from you.
"plus, she got in trouble by my teacher anyway," you laugh, "she's probably in detention right now."
jaemin didn't laugh, though, instead, he let out a sigh, "will you tell me next time?" he asks, "don't hide it from me. this is getting too much, y/n."
"i promise," you tell him.
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imaginativeworks · 2 days ago
Imagine Your Otp
Person A: (Walking away, waving their hand with a light laugh) “Oh sure, sure dearest-”
Person B: “Dearest?”
Person A with their back still turned, they pause. Their eyes widen as they pursing their lips together in shock at the realization of what they just said. Then proceeding to play it off, not daring to face them.
Person A: “Yes, is something the matter with me calling you that? Would you prefer it if I stopped-”
Person B: NO! *ahem* No, uh. It’s quite alright. It’s no problem to me.”
Person A: (Looks back to them and nods) “A-alright, take care.”
As Person A walks out of the room they both take a big sigh of relief and give a soft smile in the direction of the other.
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epiclamer · 17 hours ago
I’m not feeling so hot lately so sorry for the lack of posts.
(No reposts but reblogs appreciated)
Part 1 Part 2
Melting Pt.3
Villains eyes were streaming out tears now, their cheeks burning red and their head a jumbled mess. “I could never fall in love with a monster like you, Hero.” They snapped, their right hand smacking across Hero’s cheek.
A moment of silence hung between the two, it was so thick, one could slice it with a butter knife.
A small trail of blood trickled out of Hero’s nose and they wiped it with the back of their sleeve, only succeeding on spreading more of it on their face.
“What the fuck did you just call me, scum?” Hero asked, spitting out a glob of blood onto the cement rooftop.
Taking a step forwards and mustering all their courage, Villain spoke, “I called you a monster. Has your hearing gone bad already?” The courage in Villains voice was meek and it came out less like a question and more like a squeak, but it was enough to send Hero into a frenzy and that’s what Villain wanted.
“You would know about monsters wouldn’t you?” Hero glared at Villain with an indescribable rage. Villain had almost forgotten about their aching heart.
“I should know about them since I almost fell for one.” Villain snapped, slamming their boot down on Hero’s foot, causing them to cry out.
In a blink of the eye, Hero had lunged towards Villain. Villain had studied (for alternative reasons) and fought against Hero enough to know that an angry Hero wasn’t a good one. And it was getting harder and harder to ignore that thrashing pit in Villains stomach, wanting them to stop the fight and give into the touch—no matter what surrender would bring to them.
A punch found itself on Villains jaw and they were sure in that agonizing moment of pain, that it had either been dislocated or snapped entirely. Hero was a good punch. But no matter, the punch was still touch, it was still care, it was still grounding and it ran Villains mind to the brink every time.
Eventually the fight died down, Hero spat a few more remarks before hobbling off home. Leaving Villain alone. Alone to think about their close proximity. Alone to think about their touches. Alone to think about that love. Alone to think. That was the worst part.
Besides the familiar sting of fresh tears, nothing hurt more than their disappointment.
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isolatedlight · a day ago
halloween || Peter Parker
Summary: Peter is so excited for Halloween, until you point out a flaw in your costumes.
Rating: G
Warning: N/A
***If you have ideas/requests/suggestions DM me!***
"Okay," Peter lands on the couch hard beside me nearly rolling me off the side. I laugh patting his leg for him to relax. "I have an idea for our Halloween costume."
"Peter, do we really have to dress up for Halloween? It's on a Sunday this year no one will see us!"
"Wrong, we there's a dance at the school Friday AND we can dress up at school too!"
"You also have to hand the candy out here so," May ducks her head past the wall from the kitchen flashing a smile. I mock her for a moment before looking back at Peter.
"I didn't realize you wanted to go to the dance."
"Well i don't know, i mean we didn't get to go to the Spring dance this year together so Halloween is the next best option right?"
"Well, they also have Homecoming in a few weeks. Which is much fancier."
"I guess," Peter sets his phone down looking slightly upset. I frown at myself and place my hand in his.
"What do we dress up has Peter?"
"Luke and Leia!"
I stop, watching Peter's wide smile. He doesn't realize the mistake he's made, sudden;y jumping into an explanation of the costumes he has planned.
"And then we can wear them on Sunday to pass out Canada and we can watch the movies?"
"You've seen the movies before yeah?" He nods, a confused look on his face at first. "You remember Luke and Leia are....sibling yes?"
"Oh my god," he tosses his head back groaning. From the kitchen I can hear May laughing loudly.
"Peter! You watched those movies religiously when you were little, how do you forget one of the MAIN plot points!"
"it was an accident..."
"So we're going to be..."
"Han and Leia."
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chiaki-gamer-nanam1 · 2 days ago
Satan deserves some fucking love alright
Satan would def read his books to you if you were having trouble falling asleep. Mfer hears you still awake late at night, complaining abt how you cant sleep, this guy is in ur room with a copy of Frankenstein or somethn and will read to you.
ALSO HEADCANON he loves tea. Maybe not as passionately as Barbatos, but he loves a good cup of tea with a nice book. Like a really good night for him would be snuggling up with you in a comfy blanket, with some tea to each of your likings (he drinks honey lemon or mint tea i know this cus he told me so), and reading a book together. This dumbass would probs wanna read romance novels with you, but since he’s an avid bookworm he actually knows good romance novels. None of that 50 shades of gray bs. <srry if u like that series i just dont>
I MAY BE PROJECTING CUS I ALSO LOVE TO READ BUT I just think Satan is rlly cool and deserves more hype from the fandom
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bbystark · 2 days ago
Take My Hand
Tom Holland x Actor!Reader
Request: @that1girl can you write about the reader being tom hollands girlfriend and co-star and them having anxiety while doing an interview together?
Warnings: none? maybe some swearing, maybe some suggestive content at the end. also anxiety
Word Count: 952
Tumblr media
You’ve been doing this for years. You take a deep breath, still trying to convince yourself that there was no need to be nervous over a simple interview. You knew Tom wasn’t faring any better, and that alone made your anxiety worse, but your resolve stronger.
You loved acting, but the social side? The interviews? The talk shows? It was overwhelming at times. It was one of the things that drove you and Tom together, always being grouped together for interviews since you had similar reservations about them.
Being in a movie together really drove up the amount of the social gatherings you were expected to be at in order to promote the new movie. At first you were ecstatic to go to brand new places and gush about the movie because one, you made it alongside your favorite person, and two, you were so proud of it. However, after traveling for weeks now, you were starting to crash.
Tom was definitely just as tired as you were, and you knew he needed a break just as much as you did. You were determined to help him just as much as he usually helps you in interviews.
You take another deep breath, people starting to flood your dressing room for final touches. An older woman doing your makeup notices your distracted stare and gives you a firm grip on your shoulders.
“You’re going on in 10! You’ll do amazing. You always do great on camera, don’t stress!”
She continues to powder your face while someone else does your hair, and while you appreciate her bubbliness, the nerves you’re feeling only intensify as the interview comes closer.
“Thank you.”
You give her a smile and watch as everyone shuffles out of the room. You stand, straightening your back and taking another deep breath. You turn to the door, jumping when you see Tom already standing there.
“Hey love, thought I’d stop by. Walk together to the set?”
You gush a little inside, in awe that the man before you was suffering through his own anxiety, and still trying to make sure yours was okay at the same time.
“Yeah. It’s just the Jimmy Fallon show right? Easy.”
“Pfft, yeah right. Easy!”
He holds your hands and leads you out of the dressing room, squeezing your shoulders slightly. In that moment, you felt like everything was perfect. You had a glamorous career, with an amazing boyfriend, why did anxiety have to get in the way?
You told yourself “not now”, took a deep breath, and gripped Tom a little harder. You get to the curtain, waiting for someone to make the okay for you both to make your way to the chairs next to Jimmy Fallon.
He gives you a quick peck, smiling down at you.
“You’ll do great,” he says.
“We’ll do great.”
You smile and inhale when you see a producer waving you guys on. You separate yourself a tad from Tom, opting to hold his hand as you walk onto the stage. The audience goes wild, as expected, as this is one of the first interviews you’ve done since making the relationship official to the media.
You feel Tom squeeze your hand, a silent reminder to smile and wave to the crowd.
You look up at him, then to the audience, waving for a few seconds until Tom leads you to the chair closest to the interview desk. He lets you sit down, you fix your dress, and he sits to your left.
You resist the urge to start bouncing your leg as the audience dies down and Jimmy starts making introductions.
“So today we have the lovely y/n y/l/n and Tom Holland. Or Tom y/l/n? Or y/n Holland? Which has a better ring to it?” He laughs a little, looking to the audience for an answer. Several answers are yelled from the audience.
Tom laughs. “Look, we aren’t there yet. Right now we’re still trying to name the puppy we got together!”
You laugh, playfully slapping Tom.
Jimmy laughs, turning back towards us. “So a puppy already! Moving fast I see.”
You see Tom starting to fidget a little, knowing that an interview digging so deep into your relationship and seemingly being the only topic of conversation lately, is making him nervous.
You decide to take the reins on this question, effortlessly responding with a simple “I’ve always wanted a dog, but Tom was really the one who ended up convincing me. Now that we live together we kind of just… merged our home lives together. It’s been great honestly. I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate.” You playfully nudge Tom a little and he smiles at you.
You knew you rambled a bit when you had anxiety, but apparently it was enough to make both the audience, and Jimmy Fallon, satisfied. He continued to ask about the movie you two had just filmed, how it was being together while filming, and if there was chemistry since it was a romance film. All standard questions that seemed easier to answer. You and Tom slowly felt more comfortable, and by the time the show was up, you couldn’t wait to get home.
After pleasantries with managers and directors, you and Tom made your way to a car waiting for you outside the studio.
“Home?” Tom smiles at you.
You smile and nod.
“Take my hand.”
You grab his hand, skipping your way down the stairs with him in tow. You get into the car, Tom opening the door for you first, of course, and pull him in behind you.
Anxiety or not, you were so glad you had Tom to help you through it.
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seriesxwriting · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Country club
JJ x youuu
Outer banks
You and JJ have been friends with benefits for some time now but but you find your self falling for him after promising no strings would be attached. You gotta tell him right?
Warnings: kissing and swearing, mentions of sex.
- Requests are open :)
Me and JJ maybank had a little thing going for quite a while now. Summer had started and I’d met him while he was working in the country club I went to. I thought he was pretty hot from my sun bed, JJ was walking around handing out drinks and stuff so I made a plan to order a drink while dropping a few hints about how I felt.
I didn’t care that he was a pogue that didn’t bother me one bit. Though I know what my friends and family would think and I’m sure his friends would disagree as well. So we kept it a secret. Didn’t have any interruptions or suspicions we played it safe and it was kinda fun sneaking around with him, made everything more fun. Made me fall a lot quicker as well. I didn’t expect it and then once time we’d made plans and he didn’t show up. He had an explanation but…
…I found my self really upset and hurt, that’s how I knew I liked him. I tried so hard to get over JJ and I hadn’t seen him in about a week. I dodged the county club on his work hours so I didn’t have to see him and I blocked his number in my phone until it all blew over. he was a pouge so I didn’t have to worry much about bumping into him on figure 8.
“So you actually gonna play some golf with Rafe or sun bathe with me?” Sarah turned to me with her stunning smile her lips were cherry red while pushing open the big doors to the lounge. “Oh come on, me golf? I just told him what he wanted to hear” I giggled for a moment with my best friend but it soon faded in to silence when I saw him. JJ standing in the middle of the room with a Trey of drinks in his ringed hands. His eye brows raised and a smile formed.
“Im- gonna order a drink can you sign me in?” “Yeah of course, grab me a coke please” she asked not even thinking twice or noticing my expression changing ,dropping when I saw JJ. I straightened out my shorts nervously, breathing before walking over to him with the best fake smile I could pull off. “Ah so you are alive?” “Ha ha” I eyed him. He was still hot. I felt the awkwardness flood through me but also all the feelings that came with seeing the man, talking to the man.
“So you gonna tell me why your avoiding me?”. My eyes flickered to his softly and sadly. “If you tell me why your here- your shift was Uh earlier” I defended my self by wrapping my arms around my own waist looking at my gleaming white trainers on my feet. “I changed my hours, only way I could think of to confront you- did I do something?” “No nothing” I shook my head gently.
“Why does it matter anyway? We were just friends with benefits right- so why do you even care” I muttered so no one around us heard anything, but JJ heard it nodding slightly. “Right- sorry for caring but I wanted to see if you were okay, never mind” he started to walk away backwards with one hand up. “Wait um- JJ”. He looked hopeful his beautiful eyes resting on me and his blonde hair flicked out of them with one shake of his head. “Sorry- can me and Sarah have two cokes I just don’t want her to be…” “…suspicious Mmh” he nodded looking away from me as quickly as possible.
You could have cut the tension with a knife, I breathed a sigh of relief when JJ disappeared into another room. I hated being in them situations not being in control. I loved him I really did but I wasn’t gonna let my self get hurt for no reason. He cared but not the same way I did. Sarah hurried me outside to our reserved sun beds, the sun was shiny and bright and the water in the privet pool was crystal clear. We set our stuff down putting up the umbrellas and undressing into our swimwear underneath our clothes laying on the comfortable beds.
Rafe wondered in to the pool area clearly looking for us. “Oh no, here comes trouble” I smirked pointing to her brother who was now striding towards us. Sarah groaned rolling her head back “nice to see you too sis but I’m not here for you” he folded his arm blocking my sun forcing me to take off my glasses and look at him. “What do you think your doing miss y/l/n” Rafe lifted his eye brows up with a fold of his arms. He was glowing in that golden sun, crisping up his tan. I swifted my hand so he knew to get out the way.
“Sun bathing” my arms went behind my head as I soaked up the sun that had returned for me. “Think your cleaver Mmh” Rafe hummed pushing my legs off for a second and taking a seat on the bottom of my bed. Rafe placed my legs over his, “can you just go away?” Sarah asked desperately also removing her sunglasses. “She doesn’t wanna play golf” I was about to say something else but then I noticed JJ walking towards us with our two cokes. I felt so bad asking him to do that I was capable of making my own one but theres not facilitates that let me do that.
I had to ask one of the workers for any food and drink. “Oo thank you JJ” Sarah beamed politely sitting up rubbing her hands together, Rafe stared at him like he was insect. One that was about to bite or sting him. JJ didn’t say anything back to Sarah and didn’t even give me eye contact when I took my drink off the plater. “You gonna keep being rude pogue?” Rafe commented dirty. “Fuck off Rafe I’m not in the mood” he sighed beginning to walk away. Obviously Rafe didn’t leave it there though he jumped up quicker than the speed of light and grabbed JJ by the collar.
“Rafe! Stop it” I angrily slammed my drink on the table sitting up worriedly, JJ pushed rafes hands off him but like magnets they attracted back. “he can’t talk to me like that, I’m a member he’s just a pogue! Stay off figure 8!” Rafe pushed him and JJ stumbled backwards with a sour face. I stood up to catch up with speedy JJ but Rafe stopped me. “What are you doing?” “Get your hands off me! Why’d you do that” he looked shocked at my reaction to his little stunt. Probably thought he was doing some good but he didn’t know how I felt.
“You can’t speak to people like that Rafe!” I pulled out of his grasp watching the man tower over me “he was being rude, plus I don’t like the way he looks at you! Your practically my sister and I’ll speak to him however I see fit” he stated clearly trying to intimidate me but failed because I knew the boy so well I grew up with him. I stepped backwards out of his shadow with confidence. “I don’t need your protection! I didn’t Need it against danny brown in year seven or sammy Jones last week and I don’t need it now- come back to me when you’ve grown up Rafe! your supposed to be the mature older brother”
I shook my head at him so he’d know not to follow me and think about his actions he’d just pulled off. “Why’s she following that pogue?” Rafe tuned to his younger sister who gently shrugged and had returned to sunbathing behind her sunglasses not really being bothered by the events.
“JJ Wait up!” I shouted following him inside the country club in a hurry. Ignoring me the blonde boy went in to a staff only room. I didn’t want to jeopardise my country club membership but that hesitation only crossed my mind for a split second. Id do anything for that boy. Pushing the door open violently i reaveld what looked like a bar and the kitchen must have been behind it. “You can’t be in here madam” a woman in a white uniform came up to me smiling trying to lead me out.
“I’m a member of this club I will go where I want! Now did you see a blonde boy run through here… I must talk to him” I pushed her hand off my shoulder getting agitated. “If you unsatisfied with JJ’s work you can leave a complainant at reception”. Scoffing I scanned my eyes along looking into the kitchen, but JJ wasn’t in there so he must have gone through to the toilets. “No- nothing like that I simply must have a word with him that’s all” I strutted towards the bathrooms feeling the eyes of all the staff on me.
“Your toilets out there are much nicer miss” the lady continued to try and get me to leave. Ignoring her I entered the bathrooms, obviously he wasn’t in the woman one so I walked into the men’s with out a care. “Y/n? Holy shit..” JJ jumped, he turned around and I heard him zip up his trousers after a few second. The door slammed shut with a bang behind me making me jump and then nerves kicked in. “I wanted to make sure you were okay… are- you?” “so now you care about my feelings?” He met my eyes with his deep blue ones ,standing at a distance from me.
“I’ve always cared…” I admitted softy playing with my own fingers. “It really showed” he rolled his eyes. JJ shoved his hand in his pockets feeling the tension in the air. “I hate it being like this y/n, what happened what did I do?” JJ came forward confidently. My throat went dry and I started to sweat. I didn’t think this all the way through. It suddenly got really hot in the bathroom under JJ’s glare. “You did nothing wrong JJ dont put it on your self” “so what then” he asked me straight away not giving me time to think. I had to come up with a lie. and Fast.
“What happened between us- we were good right?” “We were just messing around JJ- using each other it just got… to dangerous and it wasn’t worth the risk of being caught” the lies flooded out of my mouth without me thinking about them properly. I regretted it as soon and I saw his face drop with sadness and hurt. My heart skipped a beat as my world crashed around me, I’d done it now. Fucked it all up because I was too scared to tell him id fallen. “Right… uh- I’ll change my h-hours back so you won’t have to see” JJ stuttered with a distressed face full of pain.
“J-.” “No y/n don’t you dare! I know we were just banging but I thought at least maybe we were friends- I don’t know why your being like this” he walked past me grabbing the Handel of the door. “Wait! JJ wait please!” I shook my head before the door shut, he couldn’t bring him self to look at me but I was grateful JJ didn’t slam the door in my face. “JJ” I sighed building up my courage. “The last time you asked me to wait you asked me for a coke” he scoffed.
“I lied” a tear dropped from my eye and that’s what made him turn around. “What are you talking about y/n” he came closer to me wiping that previous tear from my cheek with his soft thumb. “I blocked you because I realised something that scared the shit outta me and I needed to distance my self from you before it got worse” I told him catching his hands before they fell to his hips. “Was it a rumour or something? You know you can talk to me about that stuff right”
I shook my head dropping another tear, looking up in to his eyes, they were so beautiful “no nothing like that- I know well enough not to believe stupid rumours” giving him a weak smiled. “Y/n your scaring me” JJ blinked a few times with a step back, clearly wanting an answer now and I knew I had to give him one. “I realised that I’d fallen for you JJ” I wasn’t sure if he even heard it at first, my nervous self said the sentence so quietly. But you could tell in his face he heard, though I couldn’t quite make out his reaction. “I’m sorry I put you in this situation it’s really selfish I know- I tried to distance my self but I couldn’t let you leave here hating me”
“I didn’t mean to- I dunno what happened and I know we said no strings attached so I thought the best thing was to just cut off…us” I continued, JJ opened his mouth but I carried on talking not wanting to here bad news. “If you wanna change your hours back that’s fine- just um let me know what you want me to do so this isn’t awkward for you and I’ll…” “…y/n shut up” JJ had a smile on his face now. Probably because I looked so pathetic. “sorry” I whispered going back to playing with my fingers. “What did you think I was gonna say” he asked me calmly.
My head snapped up to him and my wet eyes pleaded for him to just give me answer. Though JJ just folded his arms, wasn’t gonna be that easy “that we agreed no strings attached” I shrugged my shoulders “okay then, why do you think I was so upset you were avoiding me y/n? When you said I wasn’t worth the risk” “I didn’t mean that” I burst out so he know I was seriously sorry. JJ shook his head and the blonde fluffy hair vigorously flew everywhere. “I know, but why do you think I was so upset”. JJ pushed me for an answer even though I thought it was time he gave me an answer.
“Because it was a shitty thing to say and were friends?” I told him quietly making my self really small. “Noo” JJ laughed with a roll of his eyes giving up on me. “I like you y/n! I got attached as well! come on” “what?” I shot my him a glare at his handsome face smirking down at me. “Standing here, in this crappy bathroom in front of your beautiful self- I’m telling you that I’ve fallen for you y/n y/l/n”. My hands covered my mouth and my brows knitted together with confusion while my crush laughed at me.
“Come here gorgeous” he put his hand out so I’d take mine away from my face. “Your really that shocked?” He asked me lifting my head up cupping my cheeks in his gentle hands “I thought I’d never get to speak to you again” I laughed into my tears which were now happy. “Hows this for speaking to me?” The boy bent his beck down towards me locking our lips, obviously it’s not the first time we’d kissed but it was definitely different. Full of real passion, full of love and fire all at the same time.
His hands stayed glued to my face and mine landed on his chest. My emotions were a rollercoaster and I couldn’t keep them under control which JJ just found cute. Eventually pulling away I laughed and our foreheads met. “I don’t care what anyone thinks JJ, I want you, I want to show you off- I don’t want to keep you a secret anymore” I exclaimed running my fingers through his hair. “Are you- sure babe?”
“never been more sure JJ, I love you”
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seungless · 20 hours ago
Hero - 박성훈
parings: classmate! sunghoon x reader
genre: fluff
warnings: none but a little cheesy and rushed im sorry!
note(s): requested by @luwoogirlfrend - not my original idea, any gender reader!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Why do you keep doing this?”
The man in the mask pulled you into a hug, trying to calm you down from what just happened.
What did he want from you? Or did he just feel pity?
That left a bruise on your pride, someone coming to save you every time you were in some sort of trouble.
When he still left no response, you tried pushing away from his warm embrace but your efforts didn’t work, he held you tighter and leaned in closer to your ear.
“Because… I think I really love you.”
While you thought it was impossible, he told you how he really felt.
You thought he didn’t want someone like you since you were always excluded from talking to other kids because they would point out your noticeable height and joke about it.
They would all say to go back to your native country, making you feel like you didn’t belong.
But not all of your trust leaned on him when he said that, you thought that he probably felt bad for you.
The boy gently pushed away from your arms, now holding your hand in his while taking off his mask.
Now you recognised him, it was the guy from your literature class, Sunghoon.
“How could you say that, you don’t know me that well.”
You looked away and avoided his stare, trying to look elsewhere, suddenly flustered by what he said.
The most popular - and handsome - boy in your grade told you… he loved you? It all didn’t make sense.
“Yn, I find you really cute and I just feel like you’re the one for me, can we please get to know each other?”
He tried looking you in the eyes with a smile on his face, and something told you that his words were sincere.
Sunghoon pulled you in for another tight hug while rubbing your back to calm you down.
“You don’t have to answer me right now, I want to wait for you. I want to be the man who protects you.”
He held your shoulders as he softly pecked your forehead. Sunghoon waved goodbye as you both happily parted ways, excited to see each other after - maybe during - winter break since he had invited you to his ice-skating practices and performances.
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imagineredwood · 21 hours ago
Books and Cabins + “I thought we were having waffles for breakfast?” ”…these are waffles.”
Tumblr media
Summary: To escape the crushing stress of SP, Angel takes you on a much needed weekend getaway to a cabin for some quality time and botched breakfast. 
Pairing: Angel Reyes x female reader 
Warnings: None, just fluff 
Word count: 649
A/N: There’s just something about a sleepy Angel making breakfast for his girl that makes me soft 
Tumblr media
It was the bright light shining onto your face that woke you up. A stream of glittering sunlight cascading through the sheer white curtains in rays, landing on you as you lay tangled up in the fluffy, voluminous comforter. You stretched, a quiet whine coming from your lips as you instinctively reached over to the other side of the bed to feel Angel. You were surprised to feel his side of the bed empty, and your brows furrowed in confusion before you remembered that yesterday Angel had said that he wanted to make you both waffles for breakfast. You smiled and stood from the bed, going about your morning routine before heading out into the living room of the cabin. It was still bright and lively outside, birds chirping as they sang and bathed in the rustic-looking birdbath outside the sliding glass door. The trees were swaying in the morning breeze and it was a beautiful sight, but not nearly as beautiful as your boyfriend standing at the stove with his back to you, skin, muscle, and tattoos on display.
  You looked him over, your bottom lip caught between your teeth as you contemplated whether you wanted the waffles or him for breakfast. Stomach growling, you took a step forward, your socked foot padding along the dark cherry hardwood. Angel turned at the sound, his eyes still swollen from sleep. Clearly, he hadn't been up for long, likely only having gotten up when he did so he could make you the breakfast he had promised. 
Turning his back to the stove, he grinned and held his arms out to the side, welcoming you into his warm embrace like he did every morning. There was no hesitation on your end, your body quickly pressing itself against his and enjoying the feeling of him wrapping his arm around you.
“Good morning, beautiful.” 
You grinned and hugged him tighter, puling back so that he could see you puckering your lips at him. 
“Good morning, Angelito.” 
The Mayan laughed and rolled his eyes but still couldn’t hide the crinkle in the corner of his eyes as he smiled, bashfulness always having looked good on him. He leaned down and pressed his lips to yours, leaving peck after peck before finally pulling away, his arms still cased around you.
"How'd you sleep?"
You told him you had slept well and then asked him, both of you conversing for a minute before Angel pulled away, needing to keep an eye on the waffles. 
"Can you get the milk while I take them out of the flippy thing?"
With a laugh, you nodded and retrieved the milk from the fridge, the smell of blueberry hitting you as Angel opened the lid. Heading back over you snuck a peek over his shoulder, only to be greeted with the sight of the waffle mix still very much liquid and not cooked at all. It was just a pile of blueberry sludge resting in the grooves of the waffle maker. 
“I thought we were having waffles for breakfast?” ”…these are waffles.”
Angel laughed before you did, hands on the counter as he stared into the mess. 
"What the fuck happened, I don't know, but they are supposed to be waffles." 
You giggled and then covered your mouth, not wanting to make him feel bad. Angel, however, was not offended in the slightest as he stared at the monstrosity. 
"Maybe I fucked up the mixture. I mean it said baking powder and we didn't have any so I just put baking soda instead."  
Your hand flew up to slap against your forehead and he winced, eyes on you. 
"That's where I fucked it up, I guess?"
With a nod, the Mayan shrugged and grabbed the waffle maker, tilting it over the garbage disposal before putting it in the sink and turning to face you with a boyishly hopeful smile. 
Tumblr media
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25. stealer
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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favefandomimagines · 23 hours ago
More Money, More Problems 6
Tumblr media
AN: we got one more chapter left after this!! btw this is unedited i’m sorry
It had been radio silence from Rafe for a week. Ella heard nothing from him, not a single call or text. She wouldn’t lie and say she wasn’t worried.
She didn’t do anything to make him ghost her the way he was.
“What’s got you all stressed out?” JJ asked, as he sat on the Ella’s couch. “What? Nothing, I’m not stressed.” She lied. “You look like you haven’t slept in days. What’s going on?” He replied.
“Nothing, JJ, let’s just drop it.” Ella sighed. “Come on, Green Bean, you can tell me.” JJ teased. “Seriously her drop it.” She lightly snapped .“Ella! When is Rafe taking me fishing?” Tommy asked, unaware of JJ’s presence.
The room fell into the thickest silence Ella had ever experienced. She was certain JJ could hear how fast her heart was beating from his spot on the couch.
She could see the look of confusion on his face as he looked from Tommy to her.
Ella glared at the younger boy before she swallowed the lump building in her throat. “Tommy, um, go to your room, okay?” She asked.
The boy nodded his head and went back to his bedroom. “Rafe? Taking Tommy fishing?” JJ asked, more like accused.
“J,” Ella started. “What the hell is going on, Ella? For the love of god, you better not be seeing Rafe Cameron.” JJ said.
Ella was quiet for a moment, staring at the dozens of unread texts she had sent to Rafe. “I can’t lie to you, JJ. Rafe and I have been together for a few months.” She said.
“A few?” He questioned. “Five months.” She corrected. JJ let out a bitter scoff as he looked at his friend. “Are you fucking kidding me? You’re dating Rafe Cameron of all people and you didn’t even have the decency fo tell me? Or any of us?” He yelled.
“JJ, can we just talk?” She pleaded. “What’s there to talk about? He’s using you and you were stupid enough to fall for it! Rafe doesn’t care about anyone but himself and he’s been terrorizing us for years! But let me guess, he’s changed, he’s good to you, and all that bullshit. He will destroy you.” JJ yelled back.
Ella choked back the sobs she held in. JJ had never talked to her in that way before and it was safe to say it was scary. She had never seen him so mad and hurt before.
“I can’t believe you would do this. Does anyone know?” He added. “Sarah and John B saw us at the beach a couple months ago.” She answered quietly. “You told John B but not me? We’ve been best friends since we were 3, and you told someone else before me?” JJ questioned, more hurt than anything.
“Because I knew how you’d react! This, right here, is exactly what I wanted to avoid. You act like you know him but you actually don’t. If you pulled your head out of your ass and got over this stupid Kooks v. Pogues thing you’d see that he’s exactly like you. His dad treats him like shit, he feels second best to his perfect younger sister and yeah, he’s an asshole but you can be too.” Ella ranted.
The two friends were quiet for a moment and Ella could see the anger brewing inside of JJ. “Well, when he shows you who he really is, and he leaves you, I won’t be here to pick up the pieces.” He said, walking towards the door.
“JJ, don’t go.” Ella begged but she was soon met with the front door slamming. She stood there, the sound still echoing off the walls.
She was hoping JJ came back to apologize when there was a knock on her door.
“JJ,” she started until she saw who was standing on the porch. “Rafe. I’ve been trying to get ahold of you.” Ella finished. “Uh, yeah, I actually thought I’d come talk to you in person.” He said.
“Um, okay. Is everything okay?” She asked, letting him inside the house. “We need to stop this. Us, it’s gone too far.” He answered.
“What?” Ella questioned. “I’m breaking up with you, Ella. We’re too different and we were stupid to think it would workout between us.” Rafe explained. “Where’s this coming from? Your dad, John B, who made you do a 180 like this?” Ella demanded.
“No one, okay? You’re a Pogue, with Pogue parents who don’t even care about you. You’re taking care of your brother and probably will for the rest of your life and you’re going to drag me down with you.” Rafe sneered.
A piece of his heart broke with every harsh and vile word he spoke to her, seeing her face contort into hurt and sadness as he spoke.
“JJ was right. I was so stupid to fall for you and think you were different. You never cared about me. You’re sick and cruel and here I was falling in love with you.” Ella snapped, quickly wiping the tears from her cheeks.
Rafe’s head snapped up, shifting his gaze from the floor to Ella. She was falling in love with him. His feelings were reciprocated and he’s breaking her heart.
He was instantly regretting everything and wanted so badly to take it all back. Ella said she loved him. But he already opened that can of worms and there always no way any of what he said was going back in.
“Get out.” She added. “I’m sorry,” He started. “I don’t want your apology, I want you to get out and I never want to see you again.” Ella interrupted.
Rafe looked at her for a few more moments before he did as he was told.
When the door closed, Rafe peeked into the window next to the door and watched as Ella completely broke down. He was completely unaware that she had lost her best friend and him in the span of two minutes.
But as he watched, he saw Tommy come into the living room and Ella plaster a fake smile on her face, no doubt telling him that everything was going to be okay.
Rafe hated himself for what he did. But he couldn’t take any chances and have Poppy send that photo to DCS. He had to keep telling himself he did it to protect Ella and Tommy but he wasn’t doing a very good job.
The next day, Ella had the day off work and was holed up in her room. The only time she came out was to watch Tommy go off with Hayward for the day.
Ella offered to have him stay home to give the man a break but he insisted. He could tell that Ella looked exhausted and she needed rest.
At the Chateau, Kie walked out on to the boat, staring at the read messages she sent to Ella. The girl knew Ella had the day off but she wasn’t answering her texts.
“Has anyone talked to Ella today? She’s been leaving on me read.” She asked. “Radio silence from me.” John B answered. “Who cares?” JJ muttered, only loud enough for him to hear.
“Rafe broke up with her last night.” Sarah spoke. “Wait, Ella and Rafe were together?” Pope questioned. “For five god damn months and she didn’t tell us.” JJ spat. “She told you?” John B asked. “Oh yeah she told me. And I told her this would happen. He’d end up leaving her alone and I wasn’t going to be there to put her back together.” JJ answered.
“J, don’t you think that was a bit harsh? I hate the guy too but he hasn’t been bothering us in months. I delivered groceries to the Cameron’s the other day and he actually tipped me.” Pope said. “And he made Topper tip me at the Wreck.” Kie added.
“Oh so we’re just going to forgive all the shit he put us through?” JJ questioned. “No, but Ella was making him better. I haven’t seen him look that happy in years.” Sarah said.
“She must be so upset. She really liked him.” John B said.
JJ sat there, pouting like a child, trying to sway his guilt. He said some pretty harsh things to Ella last night and adding that on to Rafe breaking up with her probably wasn’t helping.
“Maybe we should go talk to her. Make sure she’s okay. And for JJ to apologize.” Kie suggested. “What exactly did you say to her?” Pope asked. “I told her she was stupid for falling for him and that he was going to destroy her.” JJ answered.
“JJ, are you kidding me? Why would you say that?” John B scolded him. “Because I was angry! We tell each other everything and she kept something huge from me.” JJ rebutted. “Because she was scared how you’d act. She didn’t want to lose you and she knew if she told you, she would.” John B said.
JJ sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, cursing himself for being so harsh to her. “It doesn’t make sense that he’d break up with her though. You should’ve seen him talking about her. It’s like he thought the world revolved around her.” Sarah spoke.
“Yeah, he told me he loved her. I know Ward told him he had to break up with her but Rafe said he was going to stand up to him.” John B added. “Maybe someone got to him.” Sarah said. “We can figure that out later. Right now, we need to go check on Ella. She’s going through this all by herself.” Kie said.
The group of Pogues shuffled off the HMS Pogue and piled into the van, heading to Ella’s house.
When they arrived, they knocked on the door multiple times with no answer. JJ fished the key out of his pocket and opened the front door.
“Ella? Ella, it’s us!” Kie called. The group of friends walked down the hall to Ella’s room and found her curled up in her bed. “Hey, Green Bean.” John B greeted her.
“What is he doing here?” Ella asked, gesturing towards JJ. “He’s here to apologize for the things he said to you last night. Right, JJ?” Kie answered. “Can you guys give us a sec?” JJ asked.
They all nodded their heads, leaving the room to give JJ and Ella some privacy.
“I thought you weren’t going to pick up the pieces?” She asked quiety. “I’m sorry for what I said last night. I guess I was more hurt you felt like you couldn’t tell me than I was angry about you dating Rafe. You aren’t stupid, you’re the best judge of character I know. You didn’t deserve what I said last night.” JJ said.
“You were right though. I thought he really liked me.” Ella said, trying not to start crying again.
JJ got in the bed next to her and wrapped his arms around the clearly upset girl. “You’re gonna be okay. Because if you’re not okay, how am I going to be okay?” He whispered to her.
“We’ll both not be okay together.” She answered.
After a few moments of JJ calming her down, he finally convinced Ella to get out of bed. “There she is! Our ray of sunshine.” Sarah said when she saw her.
The Cameron girl hugged Ella tightly when she entered the room. “Are you okay?” Kie asked. “You won’t believe me if I say yes.” Ella answered with a small laugh.
“Let’s go eat. I’m guessing you haven’t done much of that today. I bet my mom would make you your favorite milkshake.” Kie said, a hopeful smile on her face.
Ella was unsure if she really wanted to leave the house and risk seeing Rafe. But she couldn’t let him keep her from living her life.
“Okay, fine. I guess I could eat.” She said. Her friends cheered and Kie grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the front door.
The Pogues arrived at the Wreck and went to their usual table towards the back of the restaurant. It was close to closing so there weren’t a huge amount of people there. Ella’s friends tried very hard to brighten her day but her smile wasn’t a bright as it used to be. 
No one knew the things Rafe had said to her when he broke up with her but it must have hit a nerve. Ella was tough and didn’t let most things get to her. So it must have been bad if it effected her like it had.
As JJ was telling an outlandish story about a wave he caught the other day, the bell above the door rang and John B saw who entered before the others did. 
He moved around in his chair to try and block Ella’s view so she couldn’t see that Rafe, Topper and Poppy walked into the establishment. Pope furrowed his eyebrows at his friend’s behavior but soon caught on as well. 
“What are you guys doing?” JJ asked, stopping his story. “What? Nothing, nothing, what were you saying?” John B replied. “You’re being weird.” Ella commented.
In the midst of John B and Pope trying to keep Ella from seeing her ex boyfriend, a song started playing over the jukebox that caused JJ to abruptly stand.
“Ella, come on, you gotta dance with me. This is our song.” He said, offering her his hand. “JJ, do I have to?” Ella asked. “Um yes. As my best friend and the person who made this our song, you have to.” He replied.
Ella groaned but took his hand anyways and let him pull her up from her chair. JJ put one hand around your waist and the other hand still in hers and swung them around the restaurant.
He twirled her around, dipped her, all to get Ella to smile. And if anyone was successful in getting her to smile it was JJ.
“God, could they be anymore annoying? People eat here.” Poppy commented loud enough for the Pogues to hear.
Ella stopped dancing and turned around at the irritating sound of Poppy’s voice. “Last time I checked, this was the Cut. If you don’t want to be around Pogues, then stay off our side of the island. Nice nose by the way.” She said.
“You have no right to speak to me like that. Rafe, do something.” Poppy demanded. “Yeah, Rafe. Do something.” Ella mocked, the anger of their breakup now on full display.
“Let’s just go.” Rafe said to his friends. The group stood up, Poppy whining to the older Kook. “Run away, Cameron. It’s what you’re good at anyways.” Ella called after him.
Rafe could tell by the look in her eyes that she was still hurting. And he deserved every angry and mean thing she said to him.
The three left the restaurant and Ella let out a shaky breath before sitting down. JJ sat next to her and rubbed her back comfortingly.
“I need a drink.” She announced. The Pogues looked at one another, neither of them thinking Ella getting drunk was a good idea. “Ella,” John B started. “John B, don’t start. Let me get drunk.” She said.
The friends got up from the table and made their way back to the Chateau. “This is not going to be good.” John B commented. “No, no it’s not.” Pope added.
“What do you think she’s gonna do?” Sarah asked. “Something dumb probably.” John B answered. “God help us.” Pope muttered.
taglist: @alwaysclassyeagle @i-love-you-green @chicagoblackhawkslover96 @pogueslandia
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unholyplumpprincess · 16 hours ago
For a headcanon/imagine, how about Donna Beneviento making her S/O her "puppet?" To clarify, I'm thinking about a situation where she uses her powers (and maybe a little bondage) to control their body like a marionette (consensually, of course!).
I've been holding onto this one for so long bc I just LOVED this concept so very much BUT IT IS TIME!!!
!!!Minors and ageless blogs dni or you will be blocked as this is adult content!!!
Reblogs > Likes. Please Reblog the content you hit Like on to show your support + to get more content like this!
Warnings: R18+/NSFT under the cut, Reader is gn and ambiguous, consensual drugging/use of powers, dom Donna we love youuu, Strap on usage mentioned but honestly works for if u got a vulva or penis (if u gotta penis, picture it more ABOVE or on ur belly!)
When Donna first used her abilities on you, her most loyal of maids, it had been innocent. She had simply wanted to talk to you, too shy to do it outside of her little realm she could twist and pull. She admits anxiously that she spiked your tea, but was unsure of how to explain to you what she was after. You forgive her, smiling and excited to see your Lady speaking with you at last. Excited to hear her input on things.
Of course, by the time morning came and you awoke from this dream like state, she didn't speak to you. But you could see how she paused in the hallway to look at you, her hands fidgeting and Angie greeting you with a, "Hey, hot stuff! Wanna go into town for us?" With a list of groceries and crafts.
Nowadays? Donna likes to use these abilities for...playtime for the both of you.
~Nsft under the cut~
When Donna wants her alone time with you, she always leaves out a cup of tea for you with a little love letter written. Sometimes it contains lingerie, or details of what she's going to do to you. Drinking the tea means consent, not drinking it and seeking her out means you have questions about your playtime. But for everything that is within you; You trust her.
So today like any other, you see her little letter. It details to you what she wants to try, making you burn red. There's also a note asking you to be nude when you come, her elegant handwriting detailing the reasons why.
When you drink the tea, you get ready for bed. Feeling a mist enter your body before you're lulled to sleep by a hand stroking your hair. You awake the very same, a hand stroking your hair. Except your head isn't on your pillows, in fact you're not even lying down. You're standing. Standing on the edge of the bed that she sits on.
"Hello, my sweet one," Her wispy voice sounds almost echoing in her realm. Her veil has been removed, leaving her only in her tight robes as you see her plump lips smile and her singular eye narrowing with said smile. "What a beautiful doll you shall make."
"On your knees." She continues, and your body jerks into motion, dropping to your knees without you even thinking about it. "Good." Her voice is low, pleased. Her hands coming up to grab her robes and slowly pulling them up. Showing off lace thigh highs with matching garters. Her pussy has thick hair over it, her lower lips dampening the hair there and making your mouth drool at the sight.
You whimper, fingers digging into your naked thighs as you tremble with the desire to touch her. If you could move, you would have already grabbed her thighs and reminded her the talents of your tongue. But instead, she sighs, propping one leg on your shoulder and spreading open her other, using her fingers to part her lower lips and showing how wet she is. How plump her clit is.
You want to speak, you want to tell her you want her, but your lips stay tight. You see the way she smiles at you, lighthearted and teasing, as if knowing you so desperately want to do things on your own whim. "My good little doll. How precious you are. You will obey my every word, yes?"
You can't speak, but you want to tell her you'll be good. You'll treat her so good. Please, please, please-
"Cum." Her voice demands, and you sob out as your body is suddenly stabbed with an orgasm without any build up. Your hips jerk, your nails dig into your thighs and your eyes roll back. Your lips part in a silent cry, tears pricking your eyes, able to see the way Donna's lips curl into a cheshire-like smile. "Good. Now again."
When you cum again, it's with a sharp cry this time and your back arching. You're making a mess under yourself, you know you are, and you sob out pathetically.
"Good. Now come show me the talents of your tongue." She speaks smoothly, leaning back one one hand and using her ankle to drag you closer. You don't need any more encouragement when you bury yourself into her, moaning at her scent, her taste, working her over until she's pulling your hair.
You wind up fucking her with a strap on. Panting in her ear, fucking her to the beat she tells you to. When she says cum, you cum, no matter how little to no stimulus you have. When she says bark, you do. When she tells you to tell her how much you love her, you do so without question, no matter how much you burn from it.
And in the morning, when you're rested and wake up in your bed nude, you meet her for breakfast as you always do. Feeling her smirk behind her veil when she makes a come hither motion and tells you to come.
Your legs tremble at the memory.
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sluttbuttsstuff · 21 hours ago
NAME: Risotto Nero
AGE: 35
OCCUPATION: Refused to disclose, but has proven to be able to afford applying for the Silver Chariot agency
ANNUAL INCOME AVERAGE: Classified, but verified by the Chariot agency to make enough to afford any and all Darling’s salaries
BACKGROUND HISTORY:  Italian, grew up in Naples.  Currently lives in Rome in the city, alone.  Risotto declined to disclose too much information on his past and background, for his safety and yours.  Darlings applying to Risotto should be aware that Risotto may occasionally engage in less than legal behavior, and Darling will be required to swear to secrecy, possibly sign an NDA.  Risotto prefers any and all dates to happen at his own place, instead of going out, and would prefer you have your own living quarters.  Risotto (when heavily pressed for ANY personal info!) 
EXPECTATIONS:Darling, above all, must be discreet in order to partner with Risotto.  Risotto will cover any and all expenses, including your own apartment/living space and transportation, so you won’t take any other jobs/clients.  You also won’t be able to date anyone other than Risotto, but any free time from Risotto will be up to you to do whatever you wish, as long as you don’t disclose anything about your partnership with him.  Because of his line of work, his free time is sudden, and he can suddenly be called on a job at a moment's notice, so a darling with a flexible schedule is important. Risotto will also take several other precautions when you leave/visit him, such as hiring an undisclosed transportation to and from his house, self-defense classes, and other necessary precautions.  Risotto also advises not to get too attached to him, as he cannot provide a  “normal” romantic relationship.  Also, please be advised that Risotto has expressed an interest in BDSM lifestyle, so a partner willing to partake in that, while not necessary, is extremely appreciated
LIKES:Heavy metal, leather, BDSM, working out, weight lifting, collecting rocks, horror movies, the bizarre/morbid, animal bones, motorcycles
DISLIKES: ahem, in his own words, “All these damn questions”
IDEAL TYPE: O Negative...
IDEAL FIRST DATE: Staying at home, listening to music, partaking in sexual activities
PAYMENT:  Normally, we don’t require the Sugar Daddies applying to provide specific numbers, but Risotto specifically said to let all interested darlings know he is willing to offer 100,000$ for the first date alone, no strings attached, just to prove he is serious.  He will also offer monthly allowances, and cover any bills, payments as requirements.
ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS/INFO: Please don’t comment on his eyes.
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itsbuckytm · a day ago
We are family. Harry Gardner x Reader
Tumblr media
Harry and Y/N met each other at The Muse when both talented writers confess about their lack of ambitions and creativity. Thus when Harry takes down into the same path as Y/N, he decides to make an offer.
Warning : Spoiler from Episode 5!
Enjoy 🕸 💊
You heard about what happened to the Gardner family. Not long ago you were having an inspiring discussion with your agent only to be interrupted with a call from a rather calm Ursula. Without truly wishing to interfering with questions you rushed your way to their home to be welcomed by Harry. However, it wasn’t the Harry you once new when he and his family first moved it. His eyes were empty as if, if you looked at him for a certain period of time could easily lost yourself through him as well.
His breathe was heavier and by the time he speaks just broke down, his hands cupping his face not wanting you to see him in this situation. Wishing it everything was just a dream. “Doris… Doris… she.” Inhale, breathe, he kept telling himself, soon enough breaking into a soft cry and you reaching out for him in a hug of comfort.
Not truly being the best at easing nor formally comforting anybody, you knew what it felt to either loose someone you loved or sacrifice them for your own success. Either way, your eyes as Harry leaned forward into your warm embrace hushing him to calm before he could speak properly, scanned the room as if it was trying to find what could’ve possible caused him to be in such a state.
“She took the pill.” Alma’s sweet voice echoed so clear in fact, you were sure she was at least a few feets away from you yet to be found right on the edge of the stairs from the second floor of the house. Frowning by the answer Harry hisses, gripping your shirt as he lifted up his head inhaling another deep breathe before looking back at his daughter. Not daring to leave his glance out of sight.
The innocent look on Alma’s face once she realized the consequences to her own actions weirdly to her own satisfaction had changed into the same emptiness, her father welcomed you just a few hours prior.
“Y/N, Alma asked Doris to take the pill. When I clearly asked her not to.” Harry’s voice suddenly calmed itself trying to find it’s power and just like that snapped. You stood their silently as he let out a dry chuckle almost loosing himself into insanity. “I am so sorry you have to see us like that, I don’t even know why Ursula called you in the first place.”
Ursula whom you met through out her stay in Provincetown knew you were one of the talent individual in which just like Harry and many others, had found great success. Just moving here was to good to be true in the manager’s eye not long enough to learn about the magic pill, from god knows who. “She’s like one of you. Isn’t that right, Y/N?”
How could she possibly knew? She was right alright that is but something inside you kept you from telling the truth. Uncomfortably not truly knowing how to reply, Harry frowned by the words coming from Ursula. “What is she even talking about?”
From the moment you entered to learn about what had happened, it was as if, Doris didn’t even mattered and that now you became the conflict of tonight’s mess. Your eyes glanced from Alma to Ursula then to Harry who’s impatience grew, fists almost too tight it could easily break the window’s glass if he wanted too. “Y/N???”
“It is true… isn’t? When you want success right through your door but nothing comes up where do you try to look up. People telling you how horrible your work is, degrading you by the minute. Yes, Harry. I am like one you. I, also took the pill. It all happened so fast when I met-”
Harry’s mind felt heavier, not the Y/N he had met a few weeks ago. No as if losing Doris wasn’t enough for him to put an end to it all. Thus, when Alma’s cold hand touched his. The emptiness of her eyes soon sparks with joy making Harry realizing what her daughter had been wishing all along too, a real family.
Realizing you had not moved from your spot, the moment you entered. The soon broken Harry you had seen transformed itself into the happiest man on earth. The smile quietly creeping through his features, enough for his daughter and him to understand what was to come next.
“Alma, dear. Can you go upstairs with aunt Ursula?” Smiling at his daughter by giving her little tap on her head, you noticed how you never truly seen him acting in such a way you admired so. A father you once lost and hated at the same time that you felt great full for both the family to have Harry as a father. Even with the events that were currently happening, he held it strong and it inspired you very much so.
Offering you a drink that you kindly accepted both of you sat at the couch, slightly approaching from one another as if you both knew how much you needed each other. “I am deeply sorry about…” Cutting you with him hushing you by saying you weren’t apart of the problem and how in fact it was devastating for everyone in the family including, himself. “You see, Y/N we both know how we…”
“Craving for each other?” He chuckles at your respond, nodding not truly finding other ways to express the best feeling in other way. “Might I say by the way you look at me and when I do, we are meant to be one.”
Listening to his words like a beautiful melody being rocked through the ocean’s waves, loosing yourself into his own thoughts you knew what he meant. “You are like me, like Alma , Belle Noire, Austin, like one of us. Just imagine how successful we’d all have. Heck even Alma just by hearing your name has always found comfort in you and looked upon you like a goddess you are.”
Pausing by his words and to recollect his offer both what he was saying was right, ever since you passed your time here everyone enjoyed your company. From Ursula to the designer that came once in a while before Doris could rest any longer. Harry took both of your hands by cupping them into his. His warmth that protected them felt like home, something you never could truly have nor have experienced in years.
“So…?” His sweet voice of his quickly made you snap back to reality as you felt a grin on your face appearing and nodding eagerly almost laughing at the thought of what life was bringing you for the rest of your days. Everything happened way too quick and yet such satisfaction could not repair the damage your past once made.
With joy and excitement, Harry could not help himself hands now cupping your face admiring the beauty that faced him saying how great all three could you become. The rush of lust and passion as his lips soon leaned to brush themselves against yours so hungry for one another that not even the both of you wanted to detached from this kiss. Thus, when you let out a giggle between a few short kisses yours hands now placed on his chest for him to stop in order to find the chance to breathe once again. “Alright alright, I’m in. Harry Gardner. I love you..”
Harry laughed with content, welcoming you into his arms. Pressing a soft kiss on your forehead as you reach for him. “I love you to. We are going to be our perfect selves, the best anyone will ever seen. To the Gardner.”
“To the Gardner.” As the cheer came to an end and both of you enjoying the rest of the night in the living room a curious yet rather pleased Alma had sneaked out from her room. Looking at what was you and Harry now cuddling in each other’s arm she knew that for once, she had finally found the perfect family she ever wanted.
“Goodnight, Mommy and Daddy.”
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isolatedlight · 2 days ago
phone calls from set || Tom Holland
Summary: Tom misses you, calling you everyday from set. One day you decide to surprise him.
Rating: G
Warning: swear (literally one)
Tom would make it a habit to call me everyday. Being a whole ocean a part for the better part of each year took a toll on us. Especially when we had first started seeing each other.
He always made such a point of knowing the time difference, calling me around dinner each day for a "romantic facetime dinner for two" even if it was the entirely wrong time of day for him. It was written into nearly every contract that he had to have a select amount of time during the day to call.
But today, Harrison and I decided to surprise him. I had flown into town early this morning. Harrison allowed me to sleep in his room until i was ready - treking me down to set around the time Tom would call me usually.
"Stay back here, cause your walls are white right?"
"Yeah," i laugh, and he stuffs the phone in my hand rushing around the corner.
"Remember, try to be sneaky!"
I roll my eyes as he disappears back into Toms trailer. How i wish i could travel every where with him. But i know that much too hard and would probably be annoying.
I press my back against the cool trailer and watch my phone ring, i give it a second before i answer it. Tom looks exhausted with sweat and dust smeared across his face. I know how hard reshoots can be but i hate seeing him this exhausted.
"Hey darling, look at you - so pretty," his voice is hoarse and i smile softly at him. "I miss you, i wish i had time to come home this weekend."
"That's okay Tom, i'll survive."
"I don't know if i will. I haven't seen you in months i think i'm starting to forget what you look like."
"Tom, you're looking at me right now!" I start moving carefully. At first i wanted to wait it out for a minute then knock on the door but i don't think i can wait. I miss him so much my heart hurts.
"That doesn't count. When i'm with you i can see you better. The freckles on your cheeks and the way your one eyebrow sticks up n the front. And i can smell your perfume - i almost bought a bottle the other day but it didn't smell exactly like you so i skipped it."
I shake my head, rounding the corner. I turn the camera so he can't see the set behind me. He mumbles on about something else..
"- i also miss your tea. I've never had tea that good especially not here. Like i don't mind coffee it's good too but you make the best. I shake my head at him looking down.
"Yeah darling?" I knock on the door and he frowns. I chuckle as he sighs standing with the phone in his hand. "Hold on i gotta get the door."
I watch him move through his trailer slowly, clearly tired and sore. The door swings open slowly and i can't hide the gigantic smile on my face. He pulls open the door with a tired look on his face, worse than when he had answered the phone. It takes him a moment when he first sees me, looking between myself and the phone in his hand.
He slowly hangs up the call, before pulling me up the few stairs into the trailer. Toms arms threaten to crush mine as he squeezes me tightly. I smile into his chest.
"Holy shit."
"Harrison helped me..."
"Harrison I love you for this," he laughs loudly in the back. Tom's grip stays on me not wanting to let me go. He whispers in my hair softly:
"I wish every phone call was like this."
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kuroosmikasavolleyball · 16 hours ago
Hi bby!!! I’m so glad your requests are open I haven’t requested anything from anyone in SO LONG but I wanna see you write!!! Could you do kuroo like knowing he wants to marry you but he’s getting uncharacteristically anxious over the details of when/where/how to propose so you think somethings wrong but of course it’s not? Just a thought, feel free to ignore!
ah elle tysm!
main masterlist: (•ө•)♡
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Tumblr media
the problem started with you noticing him wringing his fingers. maybe it was just an off day at work, but kuroo was never really nervous.
kuroo on the other hand, was scared out of his mind. going to the jeweler and sneaking around your ring collection, trying to find your size was one thing. getting on one knee and making a speech that determined his whole future was another. it wasn’t that he was scared of you saying no because you’ve talked about marriage before, it was just that doing it was way harder than just saying it. being together for 4 years seemed like a good transition point and so, he got all confident and started planning the proposal.
but now, it was the night before he asked the big question and his fidgety movements caught your attention.
“are you okay, ‘tsuro? you haven’t been able to sit still ever since the movie started.”
he shifted again, keeping his shoulder in contact with yours, and spoke without looking at you.
“yeah, babe. totally fine. just, uh, problems at the office.”
“do you want to talk about it? anything serious?
He shook his head and turned to the TV again, leaving you suspicious. The night went as normal as it could after that and Kuroo did everything in his power to act like he wasn’t sweating bullets. he failed horribly.
you kissed him goodnight and pushed your head in his chest, a little worried.
the morning took off quicker than you expected, your boyfriend already out of bed. but it was weird… you always woke up first. you were greeted with pancakes and tried to remember if you did anything yesterday to put Kuroo off.
you wrapped your hands around your mug and tried to question him again.
“did you sleep well?”
“not really, I kept thinking about something.”
“about what?”
“nothing. do you want to go to the park? the one at our middle school?”
something was definitely wrong
“babe, what’s going on? you’ve been acting weird ever since yesterday.”
“I know, but I’ll tell you at the park…I need fresh air.”
then you both were off, driving to the school full of memories that you hadn’t visited in forever. he dragged you by the hand, you rushing because now the worry was getting to your head. you sat on the bench you would eat lunch at and he was right next to you.
“do you want to tell me what’s wrong now?”
he glanced at you, a weird hope covering his eyes.
“will you marry me?”
Tumblr media
a/n: this is bad I’m sorry I can’t think
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