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yuta-senpai · 2 minutes ago
Our Painting | Ten
Tumblr media
- Genre: Smut
- Warnings: Unprotected sex, sex on a canvas with paint, & slight choking.
- Word Count: 1.1k
Tumblr media
You laid on the bed and watched as your boyfriend Ten painted.  He had set a large canvas on the floor and was working on a large piece of art for behind the couch in the living room of your shared apartment.  He focused on the delicate brush strokes, his hands covered in paint. He always was most beautiful when painting, the way his hair fell in his face, and the way his mouth hung slightly open and his tongue was pressed against the corner of his lips.  He always looked so peaceful. 
You noticed the way he was working on the outside of the canvas only, there was still a large empty space in the middle.
You sighed and rolled onto your back. 
He chuckled, "Am I not amusing enough?"
"It's not that.  I love watching you paint.  I am just curious what's going in the middle."
"Oh, you will find out soon.  Just be a bit more patient."
You continued to watch him as he painted the canvas edges.  
He looked at it with content, "It's perfect.  Now for the centerpiece.  Strip."
You scoffed, "Excuse you?  What was that tone Ten."
“Ah sorry, can you please get undressed?” You stood from the bed next to him, “If you want me unclothed you better take them off of me baby.” He helped slide your silk pajama bottoms and tops off.  Leaving you in nothing since you didn’t have panties or a bra on.
He smirked, “No underwear.” You raised your eyebrow, “Now why did I need to be naked?” He pulled his shirt over his head and pulled you to him.  You connected your lips to his and wrapped your arms around his neck.  You both fought for dominance and you weren’t letting him win.  You wrapped your hand around his throat and tightened, making him gasp giving you access to his mouth.
Your tongue ran across his, and you pulled away gasping for air.  
“Now tell me why.” He bit his lip, “I want us to make love on the canvas so that the centerpiece is a symbol of our love.” You blushed, “Awww, what?  Really?” He nodded, “Of course this is gonna make a perfect piece.” You helped him remove his pants and underwear, and he grabbed the paint. 
“I want to start with you on top, then move to me on top, and possibly a few more depending on the way the colors work.” He painted a purple color onto your knees and tops of your legs.  He then handed you green paint and a paintbrush.  “Paint my back.” You took the brush and covered his back with paint, then you set the paint down.  He painted your hands purple then laid down on the canvas.  You straddled him, your knees putting purple paint onto the canvas.
He helped guide himself inside you.  A low groan leaving his lips and a moan left yours as you sunk down onto him.
You leaned forward and placed your hands next to his head, leaving two handprints. 
“Fuck, Ten you feel good.” He held onto your hips as he thrust up into you, and you moved your hands to his chest leaving paint marks.
“Don’t move, let me do it.”
You moved up and down on him, you whimpered with each movement on him.  Your nails dug into his chest and you quickened your pace.  You stopped and ground down against him, your hips rotating.
He groaned, “Fuck that feels good baby.” You continued to rotate your hips but alternated between rolling your hips and moving up and down.  The sensation overwhelming to you and him both.  You held his face in your hands, paint spreading out on his cheeks.  You kissed him then pushed your forehead against him.
“I am close Ten.” He grabbed your hips and started thrusting up into you, you braced yourself on his chest.  
“I-I thought I told you I was gonna control it.” He ignored you and continued to thrust up into you.  A loud moan left your lips as you came around him.
He halted his thrusts, and let you come down from your high.
“Ten, I told you I was gonna have control.” He chuckled and rolled his eyes, “Now let’s flip over.” You got up off of him and he stood up next to you. 
He grabbed the pink paint and painted it on your back and then painted his hands and knees black.  He helped you lay down on the canvas, the pink paint partially covering the green that was previously there from his back.  
He hovered over you then slid inside, sinking all the way in.  He placed his hands next to where you had put yours, leaving a paint mark on the canvas.
You both moaned and he connected his lips with yours.  His thrusts were deep and slow, and he buried his head in your neck low groans escaping.
You gripped his hair and tugged it lightly, eliciting a whiny moan.
You chuckled, “Still my baby even when on top.” He rolled his eyes, “You wish.” He chuckled and you giggled, his forehead resting against yours.
“I love you.” Your face flushed, “I love you too Ten.” He connected his lips to yours in a soft kiss, his thrusts still slow and deep.  He rotated his hips making you shudder and dig your nails into his back.
Ten was more the romantic and you were more the rough kinky type, and you liked the contrast.  He leaned back and gripped your waist as he thrust into you faster, your moans encouraging him to fuck into you faster.  You wrapped your legs around his waist.
Your body moved against the canvas with each thrust.   
He went to put his hand in between your legs and you stopped him, “I don’t want you to get paint on my clit.” He looked down and chuckled, “Too late for that, you have paint on you already.” You pouted, “Damnit Ten.”
He smirked then moved to quickly rub your clit as he continued to thrust into you at a quick pace. 
“I want you to cum for me again.” You pushed his hand away and rubbed your own clit.  Your legs tightening around his waist as you neared your high.  
He groaned and came inside you, this sent you over the edge.  Your walls pulsating around him as your back arched off the canvas.
He slumped down onto you, both of your breaths heavy.  He stayed still inside you for a while then pulled out and helped you get up from the canvas.  You looked to see the colors melding together in the middle, it looked good.
He looked down at the canvas and smiled, “It’s perfect.  I am gonna add a few final touches but it’s exactly as I imagined.” You eyed him, “How about we shower first?”
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sunflowers-and-cecilias · 3 minutes ago
overworked -> aether x reader
in which aether needs to learn to take better care of himself.
> no warnings!! just fluff involving a sick aether
> not my proudest work, i will say, but i just wanted to write something stake-free after the break i took. whoo!
in your time traveling with Aether, you've learned a handful of things:
1. he is the doting type. be it in regards to his sister, the people he assists with the guild, you, he is unstoppably affectionate. he genuinely wants to help and it makes him shine brighter than the sun in the sky.
2. he's very expressive. poker face? what is that...? Aether's eyes express emotions that you didn't even know existed, and it never fails to pull your heartstrings. you feel his joy, his sorrow, his rage, everything. all it takes is a look.
3. he's incredibly accomplished. skilled in every sense of the word, be it in the bit of forgery he's picked up, the alchemy, his combat prowessー he's a pretty decent cook too. you can't help but feel like you can rely on him, and neither can everyone else who comes into contact with him.
the list continues to grow every millisecond you spend with him. perhaps you're particularly attentive to him, even more so after establishing an intimate relationship with him... or maybe he's so captivating that you simply cannot help but to notice more and more when he walks by.
Aether is a lot of things, hardworking is one of them.
...correction, Aether is a lot of things, downright foolish is one of them. he's got tunnel vision on his tasks more often than not, and while he's good at them, you'd have to be blind to not think that he's a little in over his head.
you're so used to it that you barely notice it at first. but this time, you're traveling in Liyue, trying to find some materials for a commission. today alone, you've cleared out three treasure hoarder camps, four hillichurl camps, and fought a total of six abyss mages. it's only just turning evening. Aether is charging ahead as if nothing can stop him. you believe him.
you took a break a bit ago, so you think it's fine, but the way he swings his sword is just a bit more sluggish than normal.
you're fighting a pyro regisvine when Aether briefly mentions feeling a chillー look at him for a solid three seconds and take in something you didn't notice.
his eyes are sunken, dark circles slowly climbing under his sunny orbs, his face is red. in all honesty, you just thought it was because you haven't been able to keep your eyes off of him, and he does have a habit of getting embarrassed and looking away. as he has been doing all day. you realize that he might, and just theoretically might, be ashamed rather than startled by your gaze. you decide to test your theory-
you stride over to him as the flower falls onto the ground, and place your hand on his forehead without a word.
" [n-name]...? what are you- "
" you're sick. you're burning up. "
" what? no... no i'm not? "
you're closer now, so you see more.
his speech is slightly slurred, his eyes are glassy and he fights a sneeze while he backs away from your gaze.
" you so are. "
" ... "
" why didn't you say something? come on, we're going to lay you down right now. there's a waypoint nearby, we'll go to the inn from there. "
he's barely listening to you, his mind foggy. he's been like this for a while, but... he figured it wasn't so bad. it'd go away within the hour. it did not. continued overexertion made it worse. he's too stubborn and determined to stop.
you continue to drag him away despite his quiet, jumbled protests.
you're quick to pull a slightly wobbly Aether into the inn, offering Verr Goldet a smile with furrowed brows before fishing just enough mora out of your bag for a two-or-so night stay. she tosses you a knowing look, and leads the two of you to an empty room. she offers to bring some soup and water. you start to say you can get it yourself, but... Aether sends you a pout with a look in his eyes that might as well say, " you dragged me here, you can't just leave me! "
it's quiet for a moment after she leaves. you sigh into your hands. Aether has trouble making eye contact.
" ...can we- save the lecture for later-?"
" maybe. "
" come on i... really didn't think it'd get this bad. "  all you do is huff in response.
" and why didn't Paimon say anything? where even is she-? "
" ... "
" ... "
" Good Hunter. "
" you didn't pay her off. don't tell me you did that. "
" i-i didn't think it'd get this bad! "
that elicits another groan. you resolve to deal with your boyfriend when he doesn't need the damp towel on his forehead. with a grumble, you pick up his nearby hand. he slowly turns to look at you, confusion crossing his face.
" don't worry me like that. "
" it's fine, rea- "
you cut him off with a squeeze, unable to stop your thumb from oh so slightly digging into his palm.
" please? "
he can't compete with the concern in your eyes and voice. he just nods. you continue, attempting to be brief. though, you can't keep yourself from worrying.
" you should take better care of yourself, you know? you can't keep running on steam and not stopping for water... "
he's asleep in the middle of your speech, and all you can do is let out what feels like your eight-hundredth sigh of the day. you give his cheek a peck before starting to stand. the second you start to loosen your grip on his hand, however, he's quietly mumbling a "don't go." and who are you to deny his wish?
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lizzywrites · 7 minutes ago
fighting for you - sapnap x reader
summary → Sapnap gets into a fight standing up for you and you have to drive him to the hospital
note → I used the name Sapnap instead of Nick for boundary reasons
TW → mentions hospitals, mentions blood, mentions fighting
word count → 273 (a quick read!)
You sighed as you plopped down in your seat in the hospital waiting room. You couldn’t believe that Sapnap had started a fight. I mean, the guy had it coming. He kept making comments at you all night and looking at you in a way that just made you feel uncomfortable. The second Sapnap saw he wasn’t having any of it. He tried to keep it together, but when the guy tried to touch you and kept making advances towards you, he lost it. The next thing you know, there’s a fight going on and people yelling at each other.
The car ride to the hospital was quite interesting. Sapnap looked like a little kid who just got sent to the principal's office. He was trying to break the silence in the car, but he didn’t quite know how to.
“I mean, that guy had it coming” he said while turning towards you. “I know, I know, but you didn’t have to start a fight, we could have just went somewhere else” you said looking back at him. You were honestly glad he started the fight. “Thank you for punching him though, I kinda wanted to do that” you said while smiling at him. “Any time” he replied, giving you a little thumbs up.
You sighed, remembering the events that had just occurred. After twenty more minutes of waiting, Sapnap finally came out all bandaged up. He had some marks on his face, and his hand was all wrapped up. You smiled, looking at him while he did a funny little walk out of the room. “Let’s go dork” you laughed at him.
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loive · 9 minutes ago
Yandere Silva and Kikyo with cow darling? If you could do it.
(Cow girl = simple, bimbo, big breasts and milk >///<!)
I didn't know if you wanted it together or apart, so I did it separately ok? But feel free to ask for something else if that's not what you wanted.
Yandere Silva and Kikyo with cow darling
Tumblr media
Let's imagine a scenario where you have milk without needing children, or something.
Yandere Kikyo
She loves you, but her kind of love is a mess, and in that situation it would be kind of weird.
Rather than having outbursts of anger with you, she would just treat you like a pet and not a person.
(your darling being half an animal awakens a different and relatively better side of her, because in times of stress she will not be mean to you)
In her bad times, she uses you to calm down, like a pet to treat your stress.
She milks you, nothing sexual clear.
She likes her milk, it makes her feel calm.
She treats you more like a pet than a person, but she doesn't mistreat you or yell at you (As she does in a normal situation)
She calls you a strawberry cow.
Yandere Silva
A paradise for Silva!
(It sure has lactation kink)
He loves your milk, it gets to be scary how much he loves it.
He drank your milk while he buried himself deep in you for hours.
Your breasts get sore after he drinks his milk so he takes care of you
(Of course, sex will happen more often because drinking your milk makes him aroused.)
He likes to watch your milk flow while squeezing your breasts and fucking you.
(He is completely mesmerized during sex, and his breasts leaking milk makes him go crazy.)
Only he can drink your milk, he doesn't like the idea of ​​having to share you with anyone and that includes your precise milk.
He will milk you sometimes and have you make sweets with him.
(He doesn't share it with you, in fact you don't even know that your milk goes in the candy recipe.)
It will make you wear cow print clothes sometimes.
He calls you Milky, is one of his many nicknames.
He palpates your breasts and takes your milk to stay calm, he gets to be cute sometimes.
He's addicted to your milk, completely addicted!
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hyunsluvv · 9 minutes ago
virgin!jisung and experienced!y/n teaching him how to make a her cum has been on my mind all dayyyyyyyy. like just his eyes getting wide as a particular stroke of his tongue or pump of his fingers gets an amazing reaction out of her and he just continues to do that to make her cum faster 😩😩😩😩😩
ezzzz I LOVE THIS i won't eleborate too much since i have a virgin jisung fic in my drafts hehe but-
"w- wait, you like that?" you couldn't help but giggle out at jisung's reaction, his voice, his hot breath against your core sending a shiver up your spine, turning your giggle into a quiet moan. you looked down at your boyfriend, wondering how you got lucky enough to call him yours. his eyes widened, turning bigger while a deep blushed sprawled across his cheeks, and you laughed down at him sheepishly. "yes. now do it again." without hesitation or needed to be told twice jisung connected his tongue with your wetness again, moaning out himself at your taste. he's never had anything this sweet, this delicious before, so he lapped everything up like a man starved. he was clumsy with it, still, you could tell by the way he never once disconnected his eyes from you to see your every reaction, to see if you're enjoying what he's doing. you could also tell by the way he was overly eager, slurping and sucking, almost biting even, making you giggle out again. "what is funny?" jisung's voice was unsure, as if scared he did something wrong. your hands found their way to his hair quickly, stroking over it, guiding his head to your middle. "nothing babyboy, continue."
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nothingbuthaikyuu · 13 minutes ago
Crybabies and Strawberry Cows
Reader: Gender Neutral Character: Atsumu Miya Rating: G Summary: You were a bit of a crybaby, you always had been. But you were a determined one. After scrolling through Pintrest one rainy afternoon, you found a free pattern for a cow crochet plushie. Your eyes lit with determination as you declared to yourself that you were going to make one of them and make a strawberry cow. When Atsumu came home from practice, you talked his ear off about how you wanted to make one. Warning: Fluff, Crochet, Touch of Sadness Ask Box: Open | Commission Me! | Join me on Patreon 
Tumblr media
You were a bit of a crybaby, you always had been. But you were a determined one. After scrolling through Pintrest one rainy afternoon, you found a free pattern for a cow crochet plushie. 
Your eyes lit with determination as you declared to yourself that you were going to make one of them and make a strawberry cow. When Atsumu came home from practice, you talked his ear off about how you wanted to make one.
Which resulted in him driving you to the craft store to pick up supplies. When you got home, you curled up on the couch and watched tutorials on how to do a simple stitch. 
But as you couldn’t get the yarn to stitch properly, you grew impatient and like the crybaby you were, you started to well up with tears. 
Atsumu could hear you from the kitchen and could tell that you were getting annoyed with the process. Every little grumble, swear and sigh led him to believe that before you knew it you’d start crying. 
You were a perfectionist like that, you wanted everything to be perfect on the first try and were often too hard on yourself when it came to learning a new skill. Some things came easier to you than others and you couldn’t beat yourself up about it. 
When you started to sniffle and sound angrier, Atsumu turned off the stove and went over to the couch to see how you were doing. You had tears in your eyes as you tried over and over again to make a stitch. 
You huffed and dropped your hands. Then started to let a few tears leak from your eyes, but you angrily wiped them away, “Stupid craft.”  
Atsumu sat beside you and looked down at you, “Baby.”
  “It’s nothing.” You grumbled as you started to cry more. You felt stupid for letting tears slip but you couldn’t help yourself. Did you waste your money? Were you ever going to get this?
"Hey c’mon. If you cry, I'll cry-- and that won't be fun for anyone!" Atsumu explained as he took a hold of your hands. He looked down at you with tears in his eyes, “C’mon baby, don’t cry.”
He hated when you cried, it made him all teary eyed too. He felt what you felt because that’s what good boyfriends did after all. Made sure their partners didn’t cry alone!
You sniffled and took your hands out of his and wiped your eyes with the heel of your hand.  You felt like such a crybaby, you know that you should be patient with learning. anew craft, but you just got overwhelmed. 
Atsumu took the crochet hook out of your lap and moved the yarn away from you. He took you in his arms and moved you onto his lap, your legs hanged over the side. You nuzzled yourself into his neck and sighed sadly. 
  “You’re not a failure if that’s what you’re wondering.” He said quietly. 
  “I just feel like I wasted money on something I can’t do.” You sighed as you nuzzled yourself further against him. A few stray tears came out and you let out a small pathetic whine.
He rubbed your back and kept you close to him, “My little crybaby, do you think it took a day for me to get good at volleyball?” His lips close to your ear as he continued to rub your back.
You grumbled against him, “No.”
  “Then why would you be able to make a stuffed animal on your first try? I couldn’t even spike when I first started, it took a lot of practice and time. You’ll get it, you just need to keep trying.” 
  “But what if I never get it.” You sighed a little defeated.
He kissed the side of your head, “Baby, if I can go to the Olympics you can figure out how to make a plushie of a cow. Don’t give up on yourself.” And then gave you another kiss on the head. 
He held you like that for a while, you tried not to cry as you were held close to him. You still felt a little stupid for crying so hard over not being able to get a simple craft in such a short amount of time. 
But Atsumu was good like that, he knew you put a 100% of yourself into your work and when it didn’t go well, you felt defeated. He was always there to remind you that you could do it, you just needed time. And a bit of patience. 
  “I’m not a failure, tsum tsum?” You asked quietly as he continued to hold you. 
  “No way, it’s not like you have to learn crochet tomorrow! You can take all the time you need to make your stuffed strawberry cow.”
  “But I want to do it now.” You whined a little bit. 
  “I know, but once you get it you’ll feel like the coolest person ever! So take your time and make your strawberry cow well!” He chirped happily as he continued to rub your back. 
  “You’re right.” You said as you wiped your eyes once more. You lifted your head and looked at him in the eyes. You gave him a stern look and said, “I’m going to do it!”
Atsumu beamed, “Right on, you can do it!” And then pulled you into a tight hug before he let you go and you shifted off his lap. 
You grabbed the crochet hook, the yarn and tried once more to get a single stitch. However you made the same mistake as last time and it didn’t make one. You groaned and dropped your arms. 
Atsumu chuckled lightly, “How about we take a break?”
You dropped it, “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” You put the hook down with the thread onto the table and let Atsumu rub your back once more. You looked up at him, “Can I have chocolate to mend my broken heart.” 
  “Why is your heart broken?” Atsumu asked with concern in his voice. 
You whined, “Because I can’t figure out the crochet!” And slumped against the couch. Atsumu sighed and rubbed your back. 
  “You’ll get it, just with time. I already told you this, but if you quit whining and about to give up, I’ll give you some chocolate.” Atsumu smirked knowing that’ll get you to stay on track with it. 
You looked up at him, “Fine, okay. Now gimme the chocolate.” You said as you gave him grabby hands. 
Atsumu just laughed, he knew by the end of the month you’d have your strawberry cow. 
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milkathedudz · 14 minutes ago
Had Enough III
Pairing: Reader x Ransom Drysdale
Warnings: None
Summary: You and Ransom take a big step in your relationship together, and Ransom surprises you with something that leaves you speechless
Part 4??? This chapter is a little shorter than all the rest so sorry about that! Let me know what you guys think of this chapter or what you would like to happen! I love hearing from you guys your feedback means more to me than you guys know! If you wish to be added to a tag list let me know which one so I can add you!! Thank you all so much!! Heart! Reblog! Enjoy! XOXO
Part 1 Part 2
Tumblr media
"You know you don't have to be here." You looked at at Ransom who was sitting there one leg crossed over the other.
"I know I want to be here." He smiled at you.
“It’s just I know you have more important things to do then sit at a doctors office with me.” You said as you motioned around the room.
“I’ll cancel any plans I have. If it involves you and my baby I am there.” His words making your heart melt. Not believing any of those words were coming out of his mouth.
It has been a couple weeks since you told Ransom, and he has been absolutely amazing. Getting you anything that you asked him for. Making sure that you were okay and taken care of. You've never seen a man so nervous and protective in your entire life.
It was like ever since he found out he was going to be a father his whole attitude changed. You were his first priority, and he was making sure you knew that.
You hadn’t told anybody that you were pregnant, and didn’t plan to for a while. Already seeing everyone’s facial expressions and reactions was making you very nervous. Not knowing how everyone was going to feel about it.
"Don't feel like you have to be a father. I know you said you never wanted kids." Remembering the conversation getting shot out the window when he confessed he was never going to have kids.
"Yeah but that was the old me." He stated as he looked down at his shoes.
"Ransom I just don't know if I can fully trust you yet." You breathed out looking down at your hands.
"Just because I'm having your baby doesn't prove anything. You need to actually show me you will commit to me and only me.
"I told you I would. I'm going to prove I want to be with you and only you." Lifting your eyes to look at his. They were sincere and honest.
Before you could get a response in the doctor walked in the room with a chart in her hand. A huge smile on her face to which you returned. She looked extremely nice which made you feel a little better.
"You must be miss Y/L/N?" She greeted you as she shook your hand.
"Yes." You responded back the paper underneath you crinkling. Hands placed on your lap.
"Well I am doctor Jensen. It's an absolute pleasure to meet you." You felt comfortable around her already.
"I'm Ransom." Piping up from the other side with a frown on his face.
"Oh I'm sorry. It's a pleasure to meet you. Are you the father?" She asked him.
"Yes I am." His tone almost condescending. Like in a 'how dare you ask me that question' type of look.
"Well it's wonderful to meet you both. First baby?" She swirled over to the computer as she started typing.
"Uh yeah first one." You said biting your lower lip.
"Well first ones are always the hardest." She turned around to smile at you.
“Are you two married?” She asked looking between you both.
“No.” You both answered at the same time making her laugh.
“That’s perfectly fine. Not everyone that comes in here is married or even with someone. You two look like you could be married though.” She nodded to the both of you making you both look at each other.
You and Ransom looked to each other at what she said. A part of you was in awe at the thought of being married to him, but with what he’s put you through in the past you couldn’t imagine.
If only she knew what this man has put you through she would probably change her mind. Although you still beat yourself up about still being in love with the man. Not being able to let him go no matter how hard you tried.
"So you said you’re about twelve weeks along now?" She asked looking between you and your chart.
"Yeah about." Feeling bad that you weren't exactly keeping track. Awkwardly shifting on the table.
"How are you feeling? Fatigue? Nausea? Do your breasts hurt?" She threw question after question.
Ransom grinning when she asked if your breasts hurt as he looked at your chest. Rolling your eyes at him for how childish he really was, but you couldn’t help but smile liking this side of him.
"Nope I feel good." You answered to which she nodded. Marking stuff down on the chart.
"Good good. Now if you just wanna lean back so we can take a look."
Scooting back so you could lean back against the seat. Lowering the top half so you were practically laying down. Lifting your shirt a cold breeze hitting your skin.
It was as if reality was hitting you in the face right now. You really were about to see your baby. The life that was growing in your stomach. It really was a nerve wracking feeling.
Ransom looked almost nervous when he was about to see the baby for the first time. He was also showing an emotion of excitement and adoration.
"This is going to feel cold at first." She spoke as she squirted this lube on your bare stomach.
Gasping as you felt it hit your skin making Ransom and the doctor chuckle at you. Grabbing the little device placing it directly on the lube maneuvering it around. Her eyes on the monitor looking to spot the baby.
"There is your baby." Squinting at the monitor you looked to see a tiny dot that looked like a little peanut.
"Where is it?" Ransom asked as he moved closer.
You just stared at the monitor in awe as you looked at your baby. Feeling tears well up in your eyes as you saw your future son or daughter. Not hearing Ransom or the doctor talking.
It was like you were living a dream. Time seemed to stand still, and you found yourself stuck unable to move. Your eyes focused on the monitor as you kept looking at your baby.
The butterflies in your stomach going crazy with excitement now. It was as if everything else in the world didn't matter in this moment. To know you were carrying something to precious almost felt like it was magical.
"In about six or so weeks we will be able to find out the gender." She spoke to Ransom making you turn your head.
"I don't want to know the gender of the baby until I give birth." You spoke making them both turn their heads to you.
"That's perfectly fine. If you ever change your mind we will have it on file for you." Ransom almost looked kind of disappointed.
“How come you don’t want to know the gender?” He whispered when the doctor turned away to throw the gloves away.
“Because I want it to be special.” You said as you shrugged your shoulders.
“Well you guys are free to go. Call me if you need anything.” She smiled as she handed you card with her name and number on it.
Once you were done with your doctors appointment you gathered all yours things. Making your next appointment so you could find out the gender. It was all surreal. Like this was all really happening.
Ransom was quiet the whole ride home as he drove you back to your place. It was kind of making you glad, but also sad he wasn't showing more excitement.
The both of you just sitting there in silence as you tried to wrap your head around all this. Something that wasn’t planned nor anticipated. You just wish you had more time to prepare for something like this, and not just be thrown into it.
"You've been quiet." You said as he parked in your driveway.
"Well I've got a lot on my mind." He looked at the steering wheel his hands wrapped around it making his knuckles turn white.
"Yeah so do I." You responded looking out the window.
Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. Maybe this was something he was realizing he didn't want with you. It would be heartbreaking, but you would do this with or without him.
"Look I don't want you to do this alone." Ransom spoke he turned to look at you.
"I don't either. It's just I can't deal with anymore of this stress if your not going to commit to me. Or our baby." Your hands cradling your small little bump.
"There is nothing I want more than you or this baby. I love you. I do. You're all I want in this world. You are precious to me and I don't want to lose you. Everything I have ever wanted is right in front of me, and I'm not going to mess it up." His little speech had you tearing up. You weren't expecting this at all.
"Y/N will you marry me?" He asked pulling a black velvet box out of his pocket. Gasping as he revealed the most gorgeous diamond ring you have ever seen.
Staring between him and the ring. Mouth hanging open and eyes wide. You were not prepared for this or were you never prepared for this. Oh shit.
Tag list for Chris Evans: @denisemarieangelina @patzammit @tinawritesstuff @princess-evans-addict @cevanstan29 @chrisevanisliterallysir @whiskeytangofoxtrot555 @sushiinmidnight @inmoix @evansgirl7 @kimberlydyan @nina-sj @chris-butt @a-moment-captured @lovergirlywrites @adoringb @suchababie @katdenningsismywife @d3vil-is-my-sugg4rd4ddy @sesamepancakes @justjulie1105 @r2gers @sweetllamaparadise @madbaddic7ed @coldmuffinpartycloud @couchiecorruption69420 @foxchild-v @sixball @evansphnx12 @breezykpop @mrspeacem1nusone
Tag list for everything: @iam-laiya @fanofalltheficsx @madzleigh01 @alwaysclassyeagle
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atomic-taco-muffin · 17 minutes ago
Hi, so I'm not sure if it's been asked yet but fem reader who had just got out of a really bad relationship and kh boys reactions. Like the reader is always flinching or apologizing or just trying to make the boys happy no matter what.
I haven’t written this yet so today’s your lucky day
KH Boys Comforting You From A Bad Relationship
Warnings: Angst, comfort, fluff
Rating: SFW
Tumblr media
He legit felt his heart break. Who would dare hurt his precious little baby?!
When you flinch, he will start crying. He didn’t mean to make you scared. 
It is now his mission to make sure that you are happy and healthy. And if you have any nightmares about your ex, he will be right there to make them go away.
Tumblr media
When you flinched away from him, he felt really sad. He didn’t mean to make you flinch. And when you tell him that you’re sorry over and over, he will be there to tell you that you never have to be sorry. 
Cuddles all the way. If you’re comfortable with that, of course. 
He will be there for every nightmare or breakdown. You’re his bunny. And he hates seeing you so sad. 
Tumblr media
He gets it honestly. He knows what it’s like to feel used and manipulated. 
But it still hurts him to see you flinch or apologize so much. At first, he thought that he did it, but once you told him about your ex, he was heartbroken. 
He may not be the best at comforting you, but he at least tries.
Tumblr media
He would try to stay calm but on the inside, he’s all like: “WHO THE FUCK HURT MY BABYCAKES?!” 
He will be gentle with you and learn about your triggers. Like, if he accidentally yelled and it scared you, he would apologize immediately.
If you’re a lot like Shoto from BNHA, he would take things slow and let you get used to him.  
Tumblr media
He’s a lot like Sora when he found out. Why would someone want to hurt someone as kind and as pretty as you? 
He’s also a lot like Terra when it comes to learning about your triggers. He doesn’t like seeing you cry or in pain. It breaks his heart seeing you that way.
Out of all the boys here, he the #1 best at comforting you. 
Tumblr media
Axel is pretty much the same as Terra. 
He would be screaming on the inside (and possibly the outside) but also making sure that you’re okay.
He would take things slow so that you would get used to him and his touches.
He’s #2 at comforting you.
Tumblr media
Name. Now. No one gets to mess with his baby and gets away with it. Not on his watch.
He’s also like Ven, learning about your triggers and feeling his heart break. 
He may very confused at first, but he will be by your side when you need him the most. 
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thoushallnotfall · 20 minutes ago
Blue Bloods - Part 1
Tumblr media
Pairing: David x Reader
Word Count: 2.5k
Notes: This has been sitting in my drafts forever and I just finally felt like finishing it up! I've had this idea for awhile, and David just feels like the perfect guy to pair with a character like this; plus I like getting to explore his more playful side, which I usually just have to reserve for Paul or Marko when I’m writing all four of them at once! (Not that I don't love writing the poly stuff of course! But sometimes it's just nice to get to focus on one of the boys! 🥺)
You keep you chin held high and try not to stare as you walk through the boardwalk packed tight with people. You glance between the surfers walking around with no shirts or shoes, and the punks with spiky hair and multiple piercings and tattoos. It was all so overwhelming--so different from what you were used to.
You adjust the ruffle on the collar of your blouse, smoothing out any wrinkles as you make sure it was tucked in properly to the hem of your pleated skirt. You were always taught that a proper appearance was just as important as one's manners--sometimes more so. The first impression someone ever got of you was what they saw; you couldn't have them thinking you were a slob because your shirt was untucked, or you had a stain on your collar. That's what your parents had always taught you, and they knew better than anyone--they had written the book on etiquette.
No really, they had; back in--what year was it again? You couldn't recall.
Your parents were vampires; old ones. They were some of the first, from the 'old country.' They'd first settled in New England when it was founded and made quite a name for themselves as one of the original ‘old money’ families, buying up heaps of land and building a huge mansion where no one would bother them, but close enough to civilization they could still hunt. Eventually, they had to disappear to Europe for a generation or so--just long enough for everyone who knew them to die off--then they came back as their own 'descendants' and the cycle would start all over again.
You were a relatively new addition to the family. After so many years with just the two of them, your parents had decided they wanted a child. So, after much discussion, they settled on you. They 'acquired' you from your birth parents as a baby, and the three of you had been together ever since. They had raised you as their own, with the intention of one day turning you into vampire like them.
You loved your parents, and they loved you--in their own way--but they were strict. You were raised with a lot of rules and expectations. You grew up learning etiquette: proper tables manners, how to properly greet guests at dinner parties, how to dress, how to act in public. Your entire childhood was crammed with lessons for how to behave. You were a debutant, you were an equestrian, you knew how to speak French, German--and of course Romanian--there was truly no stone left unturned.
So when you turned 18, your parents agreed to give you whatever you wanted for your birthday. They had likely expected you would ask for something frivolous; a car, or a piece of jewelry. Instead, you asked for them to go with you on a family road trip. You'd never left the quiet, costal New England countryside you grew up in, and you'd spent your whole life with your parents as your teachers. You wanted to see more of the country, and you wanted to get to know your parents better; a road trip seemed like a good way to kill two birds with one stone.
You'd had an amazing trip; seen so much. You had hoped to grow closer throughout the trip, but even though it hadn’t gone quite to plan you were still glad this was what you had chosen to do for your birthday--if for the experience than nothing else.
But now you were at the end of the line; the last stop before you turned back around and headed for home: Santa Carla. Your parents had an old friend from Romania here they wanted to visit--some guy named Max. You were excited to meet another vampire, never having seen any others aside from your parents before. It was too dangerous to meet other vampires under normal circumstances, but this man was a friend; he had know your parents for hundreds of years. You could trust him.
You look for the sign for the video store, not sure exactly where you were. You thought you were on the right street, maybe it was just a little further down, oh, being tardy is so rude...
"Lost, kitten?" You hear someone say behind you. Your head snaps around. You see a pair of icy blue eyes staring back at you.
"Excuse me?" You ask, scowling back at the punk that was now giving you a once over. You were sure you must have misheard him; surely he didn't just call you--
"I asked if you were lost; you're clearly not from around here, kitten. Maybe I can help you out--point you in the right direction." He says, smirking over at you.
Oh, so he did just call you that. You turn up your nose at him as you turn away.
"No, I'm fine thank you." You say tartly as you start to walk away.
"Oh really? You sure about that?" The bleach blonde cocks an eyebrow at you as he stares at your back, the smile never leaving his face. “It can be pretty easy to get turned around if you don’t know where you’re going.” You stop. You look around the street, not sure where you were exactly or how close you were to where you were going. You look down at the small gold watch on your wrist and scowl. You did hate being late.
“Of course, I know where I’m going.” You reply curtly, before sighing. Your shoulders slumped as you slowly turned back around. “I just don’t know...exactly how to get there.” You admit with no small amount of reluctance. You see the corner of his mouth tug up in a satisfied smirk, and you clench your fists tightly to keep from outwardly showing your increasing frustration with the boy.
“The name’s David.” He introduces himself with that same smug smile still spread across his face. 
“I don’t recall asking.” You reply with a sour tone, instantly kicking yourself for speaking before thinking. If your parents had been around to see your lack of manners, even to a punk like this--you shudder at the thought. “I mean--sorry. It’s nice to meet you David, my name is y/n.” You correct yourself, though you clearly didn’t mean it.
“You know you’re pretty uptight--you should learn to unwind.” He said, clearly amused.
“I am not-” You stop yourself, taking a deep breath as you smile and try to rein yourself in. He’s not worth it y/n; you just need him to give you directions. He’s not worth it.
“You seem tense kitten.” David placed a gloved finger under your chin. “I could help you with that--you know, help you relieve some of that tension.” You made a disgusted noise as you pull your chin away, scowling at him.
“No thank you.” You reply bluntly. “Now, about those directions?” David looks back at you and laughs.
“So you turn me down and now you’re trying to run away, huh?” He jokes. “I guess I can let it go--since I did already offer to help you out.” 
“How gracious of you.” Your sarcastic reply earned you another laugh from the boy.
“So where you headed?” He asks. Oh right, you would need to tell him that. You had your reservations about telling a strange punk who had already hit on you once where you were going; but you supposed if he ended up being an actual creep and tried anything, your parent could just kill him for you.
“Max’s Video Store.” You answer. “You know it?”
“I’ve heard of it.” David gives you a knowing smirk. “I can get you there, anyway.” And with that he starts walking.
“Hey! Wait a second!” You shout, trailing after him. “I thought you said you were going to give me directions?” You ask, clearly annoyed at the sudden turn of events.
“What good are directions gonna do when you clearly don’t know your way around? It’s easier if I just show you.” 
“But,” You struggle to think of anything to get yourself out of this situation. “Don’t you have something better to do? Why waste your time showing some random stranger around?”
“Guess I’m just a nice guy.” He replied, smirking over at you as you fell into step beside him. Without thinking, you made a noise to show your obvious skepticism, and he raised an eyebrow at you. Crap--there you go being rude again. You were getting too comfortable being around this guy. “So, why the video store? You lose your copy of Valley Girl or something?”
“You know, you shouldn’t assume you know everything about me just by looking at how I dress.” You pointed out. Even if you did love that movie.
“Hhm, I’ll keep that in mind.” He said, trying not to smile. 
“And if you really want to know, I’m meeting my parents there.” 
“Your parents?” He asks, looking over at you as you turned a corner.
“Yes. We split up earlier, but I told them I would meet back up with them at the video store this evening.” You explained. He was eyeing you with renewed interest.
“Why the video store?” David asks. “Seems like a weird place to meet up if you’ve never been there before.” You look over at him. You didn’t really see any harm in telling him the truth--minus the vampire part of course.
“The owner is an old friend of my parents--we’ve been on this road trip, so they wanted to stop by and see him sense it’s been awhile since they’ve seen him.” David stops, looking over at you with wide eyes. The look of surprise on his face only lasts a few seconds as he sizes you up, before he bursts out into a fit of laughter. You stand there, confused, as he nearly doubles over laughing. You scowl, looking over at him. “What? What is so funny?”
“Your parents?” He asks, pointing at you for emphasis. “Your parents are old friends with Max? You?” Your scowl deepens.
“Yes?” You answer, and he starts laughing again. “WHAT?”
“Oh nothing, kitten.” He replies, wiping a tear from his eye. “Let’s go--wouldn’t want to keep your parents waiting.” He says, still chuckling lightly to himself.
You’re in a sour mood as you follow David the rest of the way to the video store. In opposition to you, David seems to be high spirits; whatever information he had found so funny had put him in a great mood, and he seemed eager to get to the store. You were just as eager to arrive, if only to be rid of the boy. You spot the sign for the store and sigh in relief.
“Well, I guess this is goodbye.” You say cheerfully, not even trying to hide your glee. “Thank you for your help.”
“You know, I think I want to rent a video.” David said with a smirk as he continued toward the store. You groan. Of course he wasn’t just going to leave.
“You’re not going to leave me alone, are you?” You ask, exasperated. He shrugged as he continued to walk toward the store.
“I told you kitten--I’m just going to look at some videos.” He replies. You sigh, and trudge in after him.
When the two of you walk into the store, you see your parents talking to a tall man with glasses who you assume must be Max. There’s a group of punks hanging out in the corner watching one of the TVs, but you didn’t get a good look at them before David starts talking.
“Hey Max, I found something I think belongs to your friends there.” David says with a smirk as he gestures to you with his thumb. The three adults look up at the two of you, and you see looks of relief wash across your parents faces.
“There you are y/n; we were starting to worry.” You father says as the three of them walk up to the two of you.
“Yes, it’s not like you to be late.” Your mother says, looking you over.
“Sorry father, mother; I got lost.” You apologize, looking down at the ground.
“It’s alright, this time--just don’t let it happen again. Remember what Shakespeare said: Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.” Your father said. That scene is about revenge...and adultery. You nod.
“Yes sir, thank you.” You reply. David raises an eyebrow at you. Your parents look over at him. 
“Is this another one of yours, Max?” Your mother asks, eyeing him scrupulously. Your head snaps over to look at David.
“Ah, yes! This is David.” Max says, and your jaw drops. What? Did that mean what you thought it meant? Your mother made a judgmental noise in the back of her throat.
“Well, I suppose we should thank you for helping y/n find her way.” She replied, a thin smile on her lovely face. You looked between your mother and David. You weren't particularly fond of the boy, but you wished your mother wouldn’t be so rude to him, he had helped you out--though thinking back you had probably been just as bad. 
“No problem.” David said politely. You admit, you were surprised. You had expected him to give her some snarky reply; you were impressed with his restraint. He began walking towards the other three punks that had been watching the exchange from the sidelines, shooting you a quick glance as he past. 
You watched him as he joined the other boys--he certainly fit right in. There was a tall boy with long, dark hair, that was walking around in a jacket and no shirt underneath. A pretty boy with long, blown-out blonde hair that dressed like a glam rocker, and another blonde with curly hair and a patchwork jacket with chaps over his jeans. Then there was David himself: bleach blonde spikey hair, a leather jacket and gloves, dressed in all black. Overall the group screamed trouble, and under normal circumstances you would have avoided them like the plague, but if they were Max’s--what, sons?--then you should probably give them a chance.
“Y/n.” You mother called you.
“Yes ma’am!” You jump as you turn your attention back to your parents.
“I feel bad having had you meet us here only to leave you again, but we need” You father says, glancing at the young girl working the counter as he suddenly thought better of using the word ‘feed.’
“Oh, no I understand; it’s alright.” You reply.
“You have our credit card for food and a hotel.” Your mother says, making her way towards the door. “We’ll see you back her tomorrow--don’t be late.”
“Yes ma’am.” You answer. Your father and Max followed her out the door and just like that your plans for the night were suddenly shot. 
Great, now what am I supposed to do?
You look over at the group of punks who were staring at you from across the store; the bleach blonde in the front crossed his arms as he gave you a wide smirk. You sighed.
Oh, this wasn’t going to end well.
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sidscrosbyy · 21 minutes ago
For the Clayton one could you maybe write something about being introduced to the team and his family at the same time like and maybe the wags had not nice things to say about you so you’re nervous
i'm dedicating this to @samsteel because you, miss girl, have gotten everyone to hop onto the clayton train. love you lots ari ❤️
also, i'm gonna put random names because i just don’t think that any significant other on this team are evil or mean. thanks :)
Tumblr media
you and clayton had been dating for a few months, but had yet to meet both his team and his family. he had already met your friends and family, but you were just a bit more apprehensive about meeting his side. 
after months and months of him begging, you finally agreed to go to one of his games. and since his family was in town, he decided to invite them. it was the perfect opportunity. 
the day of the game, you were ball of nerves. you had already met his family since they were staying with you. they were kind, and it made you feel slightly at ease. 
you decided not to sit with the other players significant other’s, and decided instead to sit with clayton’s parents. 
after the game, the three of you made your way down to the tunnel where all the other partners were gathered. they all greeted Clayton’s parents and introduced themselves to you.
they were all nice, and had warm smiles which put you at ease. you soon forgot the reason you were so nervous to meet them in the first place. all the guys soon came out of the locker room, clayton included.
he spotted you talking to a few of the girls, and laughing and smiling along with them. that brought a smile to his face. 
a few weeks had gone by, his parents had left a few days after the game, and you were getting along with all of the girls and players perfectly. you honestly didn’t remember why you were so nervous in the first place.
“i'm gonna go to the bathroom quickly.” you told alicia, and a few of the other girls. they smiled and nodded, telling you they would watch your bag. 
when you returned from the bathroom, you heard them talking, so decided to hide behind the wall, which would block you from their view. you heard them say not such nice things to you, and it went on for a good two minutes. 
you quickly, without making eye contact with any of them, made your presence known, and grabbed your stuff. you grabbed your car keys out of your bag, and furiously wiped the tears that were beginning to fall.
you didn’t want to go home quite yet cause you knew clayton was home, and didn’t have the energy to face him. so you drove around for a little bit before heading home. 
you parked your car and just sat in your car for a second just trying to get your thoughts together. you could remember every word they had said. talking about your clothes, your intentions with clayton, your upbringing and even more.
you usually wouldn’t have cared about what people said about you, but these people were supposed to be your friends. they put up such a nice front, but behind the scenes they were talking crap about you. 
that’s what hurt the most. that they pretended to be nice and your friend, but were talking about you behind your back.
you grabbed your stuff before checking your appearance make it seem like you weren’t crying. you made your way inside your house, and heard clayton moving around in the kitchen. 
“hey, your home earlier than i thought you’d be.” clayton looked up from pan he was cooking with.
“yeah, just ended things a bit earlier today.” you shrugged it off, and set your bag on the kitchen island, “i'm gonna get changed. you have a plan for dinner?” you asked, only half paying attention.
“um, whatever you want is good.” Clayton sensed something was wrong, but didn’t want to push the subject. he wanted to see if you would let him know if something was wrong. 
“okay, sounds good.” you flashed him, what you thought, was a convincing smile. you left in confused in the kitchen as you made your way up to the master bedroom. 
he waited a few minutes to see if you would be coming back down, but when you didn’t he decided to go up and check on you. he found you sitting in the bathroom in tears, your shoulders shaking with sobs. 
“oh, baby.” he immediately bent down next to you, and pulled you into his arms. he didn’t say anything but hug you closer and kiss the top of your head. it took you a while to calm down, but when you did you told him everything that had happened. 
he was hurt that this happened to you, and much like you, he was hurt that they did it behind your back, “i'll talk with them at practice tomorrow.” he reassured you.
“do whatever. i don’t really care.” you brushed him off.
“i really don’t.” you shook your head, “i'll support you from wherever, i just don’t think i want to sit with them anymore.” you admitted, hanging your head.
“of course.” clayton nodded, “i'll get you seats wherever you want. I'll even get your friends tickets.” 
you smiled at that, “thank you.” 
“you don’t deserve this. i'll talk to them tomorrow. i don’t care what you say. no one deserves to be treated like that.” he told you sternly, leaving no room for questions.
“whatever you want.” you shrugged, wrapping your arms around his neck, and pulling him into a hug.
please leave more requests for anyone! 
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atiny-thingz · 23 minutes ago
How you first met Dilf!Ateez
You were living a few houses away from Hongjoong and everyone liked you in the neighborhood from the very first moment except for his wife.
Even Hongjoong's son liked you and that made many people compliment on your relationship with the young boy.
This situation, however, made his wife jealous of how much her son liked you compared to the fact that she was nearly non-existent for him.
Her relationship with both Hongjoong and their son was pretty bad.
They were fighting the whole time until she decided to move out and Hongjoong filed for divorce.
During the whole time you tried to confront his son which led to you spending more time in his apartment.
In the end you didn't just have to confront his son but Hongjoong too as it was hard for him to adapt to his new life as a single parent.
Well, his plans were a bit different from yours because after a few months he finally asked you out.
Seonghwa owned the local library where you visited frequently for your university projects.
You actually met each other while searching for a book which you couldn't find anywhere.
So you decided to find an employee to ask for help.
You went to the front desk where you saw a guy playing with a little girl who was sitting on his lap.
You were a bit hesitant but his daughter had noticed you.
"Daddy I think this lady needs your help!", she told him as she was still looking at you.
Then he turned around to see who his daughter was referring to.
"Try to finish your homework until daddy comes back.", he told her as he removed her from his lap and seated her on the chair next to him.
He went closer to you and asked you for your university ID and which books you were looking for.
After checking your ID he noticed that he was the academic consultant of your department meaning that you should look for him whenever you needed help when it comes to books, assignments etc.
So during the years you were studying at the university, you needed his help so many times that you got closer resulting in you spending time together during the evenings to finish your assignments and projects.
You moved to this city a few months ago because of your job.
So one day your colleagues invited you to have lunch with them at a bar-restaurant.
You accepted their invitation but you got lost searching for the place. You got there much later. In fact they had already started eating when you entered the place.
So you went towards the counter to make your order.
You were surprised when you saw a young girl sitting behind the counter.
"Whe-where can I order?", you asked the girl.
"Daddy~! There's a lady who wants to order.", the little girl shouted.
After a little, Yunho came from the kitchen ready to take your order.
"Uhmm...I would like to have a- a glass of wine please. Whatever type and brand you want, I don't mind.", you said nervously.
"I will bring you my favorite then.", he offered with a smile and you nodded in agreement.
You actually really like the wine that Yunho served you and you decided to ask him what type of wine it was.
Well, he refused to tell you so you had to visit the place again and again.
You and Yeosang were neighbors.
He was divorced and his daughter loved you from the very first moment.
Everyone mistook you for her mother basically.
She would mistakenly call you "Mommy" from time to time and you found it adorable.
Yeosang had to invite you over to his house at random times in the day because his daughter would get sulky from your absence.
At first he hated the whole situation but after some time he couldn't help but love your sweet relationship between you and his daughter.
After a while he asked you on a date.
After he took divorce from his wife and mother of his son, they made a deal. San could take his son during the weekends and stay at his apartment that was near his ex-wife's house.
It was his day off and he took his son to the park as they did every Sunday
You on the other hand, just moved in the neighborhood and found out there was a walkway next to the park leading to a small area that reminded of a forest.
So you decided to work out there on your days off instead of hitting the gym
On that Sunday, you just finished working out and went to a café near the area to buy a bottle of water to help yourself cool down a little.
When you got in the line to order, there was a young child no more than 4 years old standing behind you. He was trying to look at the snacks and choose which one he was going to buy.
However he couldn't see everything from down there so you decided to help him.
"Hey little kid. Do you need some help?". After a few seconds, the little kid asked you to lift him up in order to see what his options were.
"I want the muffin.", he turned to you with a pouty face.
You ordered the muffin along with your order and proceeded to pay when San rushed in the café as soon as he spotted his son.
After you and his son explained the situation, San insisted on paying for your order and he did.
Then you searched for somewhere to sit but the place was almost full. San spotted you and waved at you, signaling you to sit with them.
You were talking for hours without even noticing when San's ex-wife called him to remind him that he had to bring his son back.
Since then you spent Sundays with San and his son because whenever his son spotted you around the park he rushed to you and didn't let you leave.
Mingi was a teacher at the local elementary school
His daughter and your best friend's daughter were in the class he was teaching.
The two girls were pretty close with each other and used to spend some time together after school.
One day your best friend asked you to pick up her daughter from school but never told you that you should go a little bit later after the school finishes.
So you went there right on time when all the kids were rushing to their parents.
You waited for like half an hour until you decided to go in and look for the little girl.
While looking around for your friend's daughter you heard laughs coming from a classroom. So you went there to check if it was her.
As you entered the class you saw the little girl with another girl sitting on the desk watching a cartoon on someone's phone.
"Girls~ I brought you your favorite toast!", you heard someone saying as you turned around before you were able to say anything.
"Who are you?", you asked him as you turned around.
"Auntie this is my teacher.", the little girl told you when she noticed you. She rushed to you and gave you a hug.
"I'm Song Mingi, the teacher.", he said with a smile as he waved at you. "The girls normally spend some time playing around after school. I hope you didn't plan anything because this is going to take a while", he explained with an awkward smile.
You didn't have an option so you decided to wait for the girls to finish.
Meanwhile you and Mingi were having a conversation that Mingi initiated when he noticed you were getting bored.
Since then, you picked up your friend's daughter more often so you eventually got closer with her teacher, Mingi.
Wooyoung didn't have much time for his family which led to his wife dumping him and their son a long time ago.
Since then, he had tried to do his best for the sake of his son.
You just moved in the neighborhood and went to the supermarket to buy the essentials.
You were looking around for the things you listed on your phone until your cart bumped into another one.
You lifted your head from the phone to see what happened.
"I am so sorry!", a man said as he approached the cart. "My son is kinda clumsy."
You reassured him that everything was alright and moved on to what you were doing before.
However since the day of the incident you kept bumping into him at random places.
So he insisted that he should at least "get to know the woman who kept bumping into him".
He actually lived in the same neighborhood but you never met him before.
Until one day your car wouldn't start and a guy pulled over to help you.
He insisted on calling for help and out of desperation you accepted his offer because you were in a hurry.
Meanwhile, his daughter, who seemed a bit sulky, was in the backseat of his car and his wife kept calling him.
So you told him that if he had something to do he could go and tried to convince him that you would be alright by yourself.
He insisted on staying until help was there but his wife kept calling him so he had to leave.
He excused himself as he had to leave but asked for your phone number to call you in order make sure that you would be alright by yourself.
You found out that you actually lived in the same street and visited him a few days later to thank him for helping you.
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wujiuz · 23 minutes ago
could i get some headcanons with joseph with an s/o who is kind of shy and really camera shy?
◟ & IMAGINE. (つ︿◕。) ‘.* — # ❛ joseph w/ camera shy partner ! ( gender neutral.
Tumblr media
꒰ 1. ꒱ at first, he would think it’s a little silly. you? of all people? and him? well, it would make him chuckle a bit.
꒰ 2. ꒱ he has never experienced being camera shy; after all, he is a photographer.. capturing the perfect moment and timing something that could be a masterpiece, is something that comes naturally.
꒰ 3. ꒱ when you first shy away from the camera, he is taken aback. shocked, but not offended. he laughs, clear-blue eyes wide with anticipation and interest. however, his expression remains neutral.. and he doesn’t stare. his fingers trace the lens a second too long, though.
꒰ 4. ꒱ everything is quiet after that; he doesn’t ask, but you’re nervous. it’s heart hammering, aching in a way that says fear, but he isn’t upset.. could never be. in fact, he brushes it off — doesn’t speak of it because he respects you and those small, yet vast boundaries you have.. you make him think twice of taking a picture now.
꒰ 5. ꒱ he would know how to ask. after all, his past life was something that required manners.. and it’s you. he can see the awkward avert of your eyes and the hesitation to hide yourself behind shirt sleeves. he knows and god forbid, he isn’t stupid.
꒰ 6. ꒱ it’s raining and your face is cupped between your palms. the window is slightly opened, but not open enough to get you wet. you take a deep breath in, closing your eyes and enjoying the calmness of the storm before it hits. the window has raindrops all over it and it’s serene — takes your mind off of what life is now. “may i?” his voice rings through the room, amusement dripping in his tone. he isn’t making fun of you, though. you know he wouldn’t, so you turn towards the camera and let him. he takes one photo, but then two, and three.. “good.”
ok, hi! it’s been busy, busy for awhile now. sorry ^^ again, u can request again if u want? this was a little rushed, but i wanted to write since it’s been so long.. school sucks. :/
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fandom-imagines · 27 minutes ago
Your Age
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Jealous!Professor!Lupin X Legal!Student!Reader
Words: 1.3k
Warnings: Jealousy, teacher x student relationship, implied smutty ending. Oh and implied toxic parenting.
Summary: After a rough breakup, Y/N finally starts talking to men again. But this doesn’t sit right with her ex, Professor Lupin.
Tumblr media
It was hard for the new DADA Professor to watch the girl he longed for be flirted with by somebody else, Draco Malfoy to be specific.
An uncomfortable feeling settled in his chest as he watched Y/N smile at the platinum-haired boy, her hand resting on his upper arm. She was blissfully unaware of the burning gaze that was fixated on her and the Slytherin.
“You have no right, Remus,” he mumbled to himself, extremely grateful that there was nobody within earshot to hear him talking to himself. “You broke it off with her. You’re too old.”
“Y/N, can you stay behind a moment, please?” Despite his lips being pulled up into a soft smile, his eyes held a different emotion.
“Sure, Professor!”
Once everyone had piled out of the room, Y/N’s friends saying they’ll see her in Potions, Remus finally broke the news.
“This can’t go on,” he sighed, running a hand through his hair. “There’s so many reasons why it can’t.” The pain in her eyes was something he would never be able to erase from his mind, no matter how much he wanted to get rid of it.
“Got ya,” she smiled, holding back tears. “Is that all, Professor?”
Hearing her use that title whilst they were alone struck a new type of pain in his heart and all he could do was nod.
“That’s all, Y/N.”
That was four months ago, and the Professor had never felt worse about anything. But he knew it was for her own good; he’s too old for her, at least in his mind.
Y/N had never known the reason behind his sudden distaste towards their relationship, instead being left to assume that he had met someone else; met someone his own age.
The first month had been the worst. Constant overthinking, skipping classes and the feeling over never being wanted again.
The second month things got better, not much but a bit. Her parents were still on at her, as they had always been, about finding a powerful wizard boyfriend. It didn’t matter either way. It isn’t exactly like she could have told them who she was seeing. It just stung more with her mother telling her if she doesn’t find someone now, she never will.
The third month was when things started looking up. She was feeling better, less insecure and was finally spending time with other men, most notable, Draco Malfoy. The sleepless nights were over, and she was beginning to feel better.
“Sorry I’m late,” Lupin rushed as he entered the classroom, hair messy and dark bags under his eyes.
Y/N’s hand dropped from Malfoy’s arm, falling to her side which didn’t go unnoticed by the DADA teacher; things like this made him feel happy yet guilty. She deserves better than an old professor in his eyes and she shouldn’t be sad about him leaving.
He caught the Y/H/C-haired girl’s eyes as she moved to take her usual seat in front of his desk. Usually, she would desperately avoid his sight, something that pained him, but it was different today. For what reason, he didn’t know, or at least he didn’t until Draco took a seat beside her.
“You look lonely, Y/N/N,” he smirked. “Want some company?”
“I’d love some,” she returned his smile, one Lupin longed to be directed at him once again.
It had been about a week since he had seen Y/N last, and he wished the first time that he saw her again hadn’t been like this.
Malfoy and she were leaning against the wall outside of him classroom, both unaware of his presence. They were talking about something, something that he couldn’t hear and he was about to interrupt them until he saw the blonde lean in and capture her lips on his own. Eyes wide, Lupin turned and left, not hearing or seeing what had happened immediately after.
“Look guys,” Seamus laughed, noticing the letter that Y/N had received mere seconds ago. “Y/S/N got herself a howler!”
Y/N, who was now blushing at everyones attention on her, let out a sigh and she unwillingly opened it, aware of the consequences if she did not. The entire halls attention was on her as it began to scream:
“Y/N Y/S/N! How dare you reject Lucius Malfoy’s son! Draco is a lovely young boy, how dare you break his heart like that? He was nothing but nice to you and you won’t even let him take you out on a date? How ungrateful are you? You’re nothing but a frigid little girl, no man will ever love you!”
“Okay mother,” Y/N muttered, watching as the letter tore itself up. “I think I’m going to go.” Were her final words, not waiting for her friends replies before leaving, not realising who had followed her.
Tears slipped down her cheeks as Y/N sat herself on the step outside of the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom, somewhere she had come out of habit. She always ended up here when she was upset. Nobody was come, it was early morning on a weekend.
“Y/N?” A familiar voice sounded around the corner. Of course he knew exactly where she had gone. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” she was clearly lying, he knew her too well for her to lie to him. “I just want to be alone.”
A sigh left Lupin’s lips as he took a seat beside her, robe almost tripping him which would have been comical if not for the situation at hand. “She’s not right, you know?” He chimed in.
“What?” Y/N turned to face the man she was once involved with, only for him to already be looking at her. “What do you mean?”
“You’re not unlovable,”
Confusion enveloped her body as Remus took Y/N’s cheek in his hand, finger roaming the flesh. “I love you,” without hesitation his lips pressed gently against her own, not thinking of the consequences. He enjoyed the way she kissed back immediately, being too used to his lips against hers.
But she pulled back moments after. “No you don’t,” she said. “If you did you wouldn’t have gotten rid of me.” Her hand reached up to snatch his hand from her cheek, missing the pain that flashed across his face.
“Can we talk in my office?”
“I guess,”
And so she followed him, noticing how dishevelled he looked along with the locking of the door. Despite his messy look, he was still attractive.
“What is it?”
“I didn’t do it to hurt you. I didn’t do it for any reason other than wanting to protect you,” he admitted, flicking his wand to give her a seat as he took one beside her, tilting it so he could face her. “You need somebody your own age, somebody that won’t have to disappear once a month, someone that isn’t me.”
Y/N’s eyes widened at his confession, unsure as to how to respond. “But I don’t want anyone else. I love you and only you. You’re the only one I want.”
“I’m sure Malfoy would beg to differ. I’ve seen to way you two act.” He swallowed deeply, looking anywhere but her face.
“Are you jealous?”
The professor hesitated. “Yes, I want you to be only mine. I know that’s selfish but you’re all I can think about, you’re all I want. Hurting you was the last thing I ever wanted to do.”
His hand reached to grasp Y/N’s own, intertwining their fingers whilst he enjoyed the blushing. His spare hand reached for her cheek once again as he spoke. “Forgive me?” His breath fanned across her lips, having moved closer to her face.
“Always,” she pushed her lips against his, something she had missed dearly. “I missed you so much.” She murmured as he pulled her into his lap, her arms wrapping around his neck as they kissed.
“Me too, darling,” he groaned at the feeling of her pressing against his area. “Let me show you how much.”
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multiplums · 30 minutes ago
y'all can tag me in ANY sam wilson fics please, i would really appreciate it🥰.
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starshipsofstarlord · 33 minutes ago
Can I request a Kai Parker smut
stuck in 1903
Tumblr media
kai parker x reader / masterlist
summary; being trapped in the prison world after sacrificing yourself to protect your friends, leads to some very embarrassing and frustrating situations / warnings; kai being an annoying lil shit, mentions of death, smut, possessiveness, imprisonment,
the prison world, perhaps it would have been slightly peaceful if an entrapped witch was not following your every move like an obsessed ghost. he was relentless, stalking his threatening footsteps after your own, prowling for a manner of attention.
“if you stop this whole, ‘let’s walk in y/n’s shadow’ charade, i will have sex with you. can we pursue a deal concerning the matter?” instantly, the witch muted his movements, gripping onto the side of the aisle shelf as he studied you, searching to see if your prospectus contained serious regard.
once he had come to a conclusion, he raised his eyebrows. kai had tried his darnest to keep you contained in that house that he likened to call a home. there was something he didn’t wish for you to discover, he was keeping you isolated from everything within the empty world that his family had banished him to.
that made you think, that it was possible, that perhaps other souls had entered the enclosure of this world, and that was why you were seeking, in the hopes of providing yourself with the comfort that you weren’t alone in this cursed nation with the one, and the only, to your misfortune, kai parker.
there wasn’t much that you knew about him, he was a practical talker, rather than a personal one. he had stocks of questions about the modern world, so that he could relish in the imagery of how much it had evolved without him. a part of you pitied him, but another worried that there was a wisp of darkness that he was hiding.
you didn’t know him, he was a stranger, and that truth made him potentially dangerous. it was safe to always remain on your toes, even if he had a habit of trailing huskily after. it gave him no chance of envisioning you as a sitting duck, every day was the same, but he was the one thing that could change that.
one tip of his mindset, and he could remember that he preferred being alone. and he could kill you, piking you on a stake, despite being human, or using his siphoning hands to drain all life out of your body. this wasn’t your first rodeo with the aftermath of death; bonnie had found a way to bring you back, her power flowed through you, keeping you logically alive, to a fault that was.
parker licked his pork rind exploited lips, collecting the dust from the treat, and bringing it into the cauldron of his mouth. the man was thinking, and that idea alone scared you. however you waited for him to persevere with whatever was unravelling in his mind, although you could have easily passed him by, finding elsewhere to seek salvation.
“is there a due date for that offer, because i’d like to take you up on it right now?” a smirk curved his mouth. perhaps not every day was the same, this was certainly going to be different, that was one thing that was for sure.
he noticed how your shoulders withered from the thought; sex in a grocery store, you had never been so filthy, and despite there being nobody around to bare witness to the sin, it still had your skin crawling. hugging your arms across your chest, you sighed, giving into his slick prompt, leaning your head down out of self disrespect.
kai couldn’t be trusted, you knew that. not for the fact that his own family had sent him here, to wallow in nothing more than the loneliness of his own company. there had to be a reason! nobody’s mother nor father would do such an act for no resolving purpose.
gulping, you finally grew the guts to adjust your gaze on him, and how he tapped his foot, silently demanding a response. “i mean it kai, we have sex, and you stop trailing after me like some stray. you got that?”
he got it. his footsteps came closer to you as he backed you into a shelf along the outer wall, enclosing you against the packets of rustling pork rinds, accidentally crushing their interior contents, as you raised your chin up, obscenely glaring at the mysterious man.
“oh, i heard every word.” he held out his pinkie finger to make a promise, and sickeningly you reached your own out, shaking on it, before he rasped his hand around your wrist, pressing a kiss upon the thin flesh. leaning down, kai attached your lips, humming contently, it had been so long since he had endured the contact of another person.
with his unoccupied hand, he slithered it down your chest, dragging his knuckles down your stomach, before he reached the tender edge of your trousers. he toyed with the band, the action making you stifle any sounds of admitted likening to his teasing; if you did, then he would only continue to do so more.
it felt like forever since you had gotten laid, a large portion of you wanted kai to take you on the spot, which it looked as though that was his intent, and that he definitely would do so. but another felt sick of yourself, these were the extents that you would go to to be left alone, and there was not exactly a plan b if he didn’t.
you wanted to obtain a way out of this place, and possibly the only chance that you had of doing so was to wander away from his ever watching eyes, and strive on your own, trying to discover any evidence of life throughout this semi detached world. you felt like a cattle, being guarded by their herder, he was protecting you from anything that could daunt your mind with realisation.
it wasn’t the fact he was protective, it was more in the terms of possessiveness. though he wanted to leave, he claimed that there was no way out, he was intent on descending your hope of uncovering an escape, from not only the ghost town of your home, but from him also.
“what to first? should i just fuck you or make you blow me?” his teeth toyed with a sly smile, as though he were trying to convince you into a conflict regarding the answer. but instead of growing a fuzzy brain, you simply glared at him, pushing his fingers out from where they had slipped under the top of your bottoms, leaving the man to be a confused mess; it was kinda cute, but for all you knew, his often sublime attitude.
“i didn’t say foreplay parker, only sex was on the table. and that will be all you’re getting, unless you want me to leave you high and dry, and find another resolve to rid myself of your attached escapades of following after me like there’s a wire attached from me to you.”
“fine.” he raised his hands in a motion of surrender, chuckling lightly to himself. “i was just testing my luck, which is clear that i don’t have.” he turned, his brows going up higher on his face as he saw a variety of boxes stacked on one of the shelves. he picked one up, reading over the scripture as you scoffed.
“i don’t think your gonna need xxl, unless you’re going to cum that much since nobody has had their hands on you for a long time. you’ve had to suffice and please yourself for how long again?”
“spicy, i like it. eh, you’re right anyways.” he tossed the box down the aisle, grasping for another like a kid in the candy store, this time it was for the variety of average sized men. kai aggressively ripped the box open, causing the contents of packets to spill all over the ground.
“are you incapable of doing anything like a grown ass man?” it was irritating just watching him fail to do ordinary everyday tasks. he was destructive, and it seemed to be a large part of his personality.
“you won’t be asking that in a minute y/n/n.” he sent you a gruelling wink, making you inherently gulp, watching as he plucked a singular condom off the ground, holding it between his teeth as he began to unbuckle his belt, starting towards you.
“whatever you say kai.” rolling your eyes at his constant cockiness, you pried open your jeans, dropping your panties to the ground, as you caught kai frozen, with a slight swab of drool bathing his bottom lip. “come on, i am waiting, so hurry your ass up before i get bored of doing so.”
“you want this as much as i do, you just won’t admit it.” he lightly sneered towards you, and you felt your body flush with composed embarrassment. perhaps you had thought about the ordeal a little during the time you had been there, but there had to be some excuse! he was the only guy in a worldwide radius, that was a reasonable enough purpose.
when he was rid of apparel on his lower half, he rolled the protection onto his length, as he pinned you completely flush against the shelves of the aisle, one of his hands cupping your ass, before he helped you clamber into his arms, as he held your weight up.
you wrapped your legs expertly around his waist, biting your lip as he ran the tip of his cock against your clit, and then pushed into your walls, his moans reverberating erotically along the column of your throat, as he trailed his lips against your tender flesh.
“fuck, fuck, fuck.” he uttered as he began to thrust. it had been a long time since kai had endured any physical contact, let alone like this. the siphon was relishing in it, slipping his cock in and out of your folds as though that was his lifelong purpose.
for the first time in many years, he no longer felt trapped, he had inched into a small paving of freedom, all because he was inherent not to leave you to abandon alone. you too were also caught up in the web of pleasure, you didn’t here two specific sets of footsteps enter the store, searching for the witch that had claimed that he knew of a route out of this subordinate hell.
they had survived the enduring loss of their own freedom, being sucked from the force of a collapsing vacuum into this lonesome reality. the other side had fallen, and so had their jaws, as they saw kai not only having sex, but with you, their lost friend whom had given her life to previously save them from complicated doom.
bonnie felt borderline disgusted as she watched you shut your eyes and try to bounce yourself on the man’s cock, whilst damon was specifically disappointed. your hands rasped around his shoulders, though their grip tightened as your name was called.
as you turned and saw your friends, it all suddenly made sense. from kai’s behaviour, to his lack of inclination to leave you alone, it was clear that he was hiding you from them and vice versa. “bonnie, damon!” you gasped, unsure of how you were supposed to compose yourself throughout this predicament.
“yes, bon bon, damey.” kai mocked with a roll of his eyes, as he remained still to his own dismay. “could you maybe give us five minutes, we kinda weren’t done here. just let us finish, and- ow!” you slapped the side of his face, scrambling to situate yourself out of his menacing grip.
with downturned eyes, you hastily pulled your clothes back up into place, glaring at the siphon. “you knew didn’t you? you knew that these were my friends and you purposely made sure i was distanced from them!” you growled at kai, your eyes fluttering with disregard for the imprisoned magician.
“well if i had, then you’d be less inclined to spend time with me, and this, would never have happened.” his fingers pried at pointing between the pair of you, amusedly he would say, though you would think otherwise. “welcome to 1903 baby! the world of lies and disgrace.”
“you’re the disgrace, you killed your own family, your younger siblings.” bonnie spoke, and her words made you feel physically sick. “get away from him y/n.” you followed her command, rushing over to her and damon, with shock established in your eyes. you had just fucked a sociopath.
“well, i guess that the jig is up.” he shrugged as he conformed his own clothes to be put in place. the fact that you still felt a rouse to finish what you started made you feel disgusted with yourself, though he deserved to rot here. why did the bad guys always have to be so hot? it just was not fair.
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m1ng-how · 34 minutes ago
( _𝐏𝐑𝐄𝐓𝐓𝐘_𝐇#𝟑_ ) ― 04: WINX CLUB
Tumblr media
c"✎ in which the girl who gives no fucks becomes head-over-heels for the calm boy in the group. how does she manage her already bad image in the public and being in love with him? how did someone who has been her side for years suddenly seem distinctive in the eyes of love? how does she change all of a sudden and how will the members behave when everyone realises but him and her?
masterlist for this book | previous
"You're like kids," Seungcheol muttered angrily as he sauntered past the living room. He looked like he was gliding while a blanket cloaked him and his legs could not be seen.
"If you don't like Winx Club, just say it and leave." Woozi retorted which got more of a reaction than you would've known.
The sleepy leader bent his face down to the minor gap between you and Woozi who shared a blanket.
"It's four in the morning—"
"And Woozi's learning English." you intervened, hands busy braiding Vernon's hair. He was notably invested in the fairy show, smiling everytime Aisha would show up on the screen. Seared on the floor, tilting his head back into your lap but still able to see the TV screen and reacting so slightly - it was so cute.
Once again, him and Woozi were visiting your dorms, saying that three-fourths of the Performance Unit and Dokyeom were being too loud for their liking.
Of course, you would rather go join the Performance Unit with their mischiefs but when Vernon and Woozi mentioned Winx Club, learning English and blankets, you were on the way back to them.
"At four in the morning?" Cheol scoffed.
"At four in the morning." the three of you confirmed, turning to face your leader seriously in your clearly poor decision making. But in your strong defense, you were getting to the good part where the girls were about to transform, when you eagerly whipped back to look at the TV.
It was maybe a day or two before you had to go take a plane to Japan for another few concerts. You were ecstatic about performing again before you were about to drop a comeback, especially when you were in preparation for one. Woozi had completed his song called "Fear" with help from some other members and it sounded powerful, just the way he wanted it to be.
Hoshi was making the dance too and to say it was good was simply an understatement. You were in awe of the choreography, especially the "na na na" part where he had given you the centre attention.
"We have concerts soon so make sure you sleep. Especially you, Woozi." the leader said, his voice laced with concern. He acknowledged how hard you guys worked and if he, as a leader, was sleeping his ass off, he would feel he was lacking when you guys weren't resting up. And Cheol hated feeling that way, you knew it.
When no one answered him, he sighed and made his way back to his room, regrettably trying. That was until someone knocked on the door. He sighed again and went to open it since none of you guys were close to even trying to get up. You were rooted to your spots.
"Dino? Myungho?" he asked in surprise.
Your head hadn't turned that quick in your life before. In stumbled, Chan and Minghao right behind him with his arms out in case he would fall. You assumed from the way Chan stumbled into the kitchen, he was drunk. Minghao couldn't follow him through the narrow space through anymore. And it didn't look like he wasn't any normal drunk, but wasted. You laughed sardonically.
"Why he look like that?" you asked in English, causing Vernon to break off into laughter at your reaction.
"Dino-shawtayyyyy~ come here, boo." Vernon said, arms wide open. Chan, who had seen this even though he was heavily wasted, strutted over and collapsed into Vernon's lap. How he had understood that command was sometning no one could figure out.
"Oh my God, what happened?" the leader asked.
"He got drunk." Minghao replied.
"We have to leave soon for a concert and this is what you guys do?" Seungcheol said, slightly mad with the way he was talking. It was like every little thing you guys did lead up to this. Surely, you had seen Coups mad, but when it came to giving the best performance to fans, he would be furious. "Did Hoshi drink too?"
Myungho didn't say anything about it for a second, staring into space. He didn't want to snitch, you could tell.
"Seriously?" Coups understood the situation quickly. "You all seriously need to become more responsible. Whether it's sleeping or drinking. You all know that Pledis isn't treating us the best and you're just going to drag the whole team down if you're not resting up."
It was silent. No one spoke. You couldn't even retaliate with any comebacks for the truth that he spoke.
Seungcheol walked over to Chan and patted him to wake up.
"Lee Chan, get your ass up." he said. Chan grumbled in his sleep frustratingly, unable to peek through his kids. "Chan-"
Seungcheol helped him up and the weight of him went over to Seungcheol. "Sleep with hyung."
"No, Myungho is going to take you to your room."
Chan shook his head, causing you to melt at his cuteness. You weren't to show it outwards and that included the people around you witnessing it but something about the oldest and youngest of the group communicating was adorable and heartwarming.
"Sleep with hyung." Chan repeated, wrapping his arms around the leader. For a second there, he didn't know what to do and that was stirring you a little. Was he going to snap? Was he going to push Chan off?
Finally, Cheol patted him on the back. You felt relief fly among the others including yourself - the less tension in the air, the clearing of Seungcheol.
"Fine. The rest of you, go to bed, now."
You began, "But-"
"Bed, now." Chan interrupted. The TV light was stringing onto his face as he stumbled those words out.
You all laughed quietly as Seungcheol dragged the maknae into his room without a further thought of the rest of you. The front door shut, as well as Seungcheol's room door and Minghao came to the couch to sit next to you.
"Well, none of you belong in this apartment." you said to the three boys after silence fell a little too hard for your liking.
"That was inexplicably rude." Woozi retorted.
"Not really." you dismissed, watching as he scrunched his face in disgust. "Anyways, go back to your rooms."
Vernon and Woozi stood up.
"Can I sleep in your room?" Vernon asked Jihoon. "I can't be bothered walking up all those stairs."
Jihoon looked around before sighing. He was not use to sharing everything but the way Vernon had a blanket around his body and one your plaits still implanted in his hair, he did look rather adorable.
"Fine. But bring that blanket so it's warmer." Woozi said, getting up and letting your half of the shared blanket fall down to the couch. He nodded with a smile before following Woozi into the darkness of the hallway. The way he skipped off was so cute, you wanted to take a picture of it. It did feel really good to be an older member sometimes. Well, at least older than the maknae line and Mingyu.
Minghao stayed beside you though.
"Yah, go back to your room." you said to him quietly. He didn't answer, just sat there. You sighed and picked up the remote next to you to pause the battle the Winx were having. Minghao didn't mind but his eyes were so fixated on the screen of the TV, glaring its light at the two to you.
You sat in the soaking silence again. That's when that feeling was rushing back into your body. The sight of his side profile was all you needed to get your heart racing. From his jawline to his nose, his doe eyes and plump lips. For a second, you were mad at Pledis for not making him in the visual line. He was so beautiful.
But surely it was the same for the other guys too. Woozi was really pretty, Seungkwan made you jealous as hell with those eyelashes batting. It wasn't just Minghao.
The8 turned to you, doe eyes looking so tired. It was exceptionally dark, but you were still able to make out the lashes around his eyes that made his eyes look so pretty.
The8 slapped his head onto your shoulder, breaking the eye contact.
"Why do we keep looking at each other like that?" he asked at last.
"Like, what?" you questioned, looking down at the guy that was resting his face on you. He was definitely one to respect personal space, so this came off confusing for you as you looked into it with more detail. Was he trying to tell you something
"Like we li-"
The lights turned on.
He broke away from you as the two of you turned around. Jeonghan walked in, rubbing his eyes.
"Why are you two still awake?" Jeonghan asked, looking between the two of you. And then, a smile came onto his face. "Hold on, are you guys-"
"No!" you interrupted strongly. You and Minghao looked at each other, as if in disgust. So, why did it sort of hurt when Minghao said it? Why would Minghao be offended that someone like you was dating him? Why were you getting so offended that he was offended?
Jeonghan chuckled and he moved towards the two of you, putting his hands on both of your heads and making the two of you turn to face him.
"Fine. But if the two of you don't get to your rooms in two minutes, I will tell Coups about this."
"Good night, Minghao." You dashed over to your room before anyone could say anything else, finding the situation becoming more uncomfortable for some reason.
taglist : @i-just-woke-up-in-my-underwear @smileyjimvn  @simonsaysnothan @poofthechicken
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hanji-is-life · 41 minutes ago
just thinking about Bakugou with a really blunt and open lover. like you have absolutely no qualms about asking for what you want, no matter how lewd or nasty.
strutting into his office when he’s doing at home paperwork, knowing he hates being bothered at this time, but a girl has needs. squeezing in between his hunched over form and the desk, not even worried if he’s looking at you or not. just muttering a quiet,
“I’m gonna ride you.” And waiting for no further prompting. he complains the whole time, something about needing to work, shitty woman, and something else about him not even being hard yet. but it’s not an issue for you—you can always get him hard. not like you ever have much problem with that anyway.
dropping down onto your knees in front of him when he’s half asleep and just trying to brush his teeth before bed. he damn near chokes on his own spit when he feels you licking his soft cock through his boxers. demands to know what in the absolute fuck you’re doing, but all you can do is shrug.
“Wanted to taste you before brushing my teeth.”
texting him throughout the day, “you hard?” even when it’s the most random times and hours. he just snaps,
“Why the fuck would I be hard making a fucking sandwich at work, you slut?” but it’s really just a gateway to show him you’re just touching yourself and want him to come home for an early lunch break.
but his least favorite is when his friends are over enjoying a boys night. gets another one of your random texts,
“I’m horny.” he already knows that if he doesn’t come in and tend to your needy ass, then you have no problems coming out and getting what you want. if his friends watch or join in on the fun, that just means more pleasure for you.
bonus of random texts you’ve sent him before:
“Just got outta the shower. come lick me dry ❤️ *2 attachments*”
“I’m tryna suck the soul outta that fat cock” (he was in a meeting. you knew this.)
“wanna try anal when you come home from your mission? on u tho. lemme top you.”
“I want my nipples sucked. come home pls”
“you like toes right? can I put one in ur mouth and jerk you off with my other foot?”
“*6 attachments* I wanna try rimming tonight. come home bitch 🧡”
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