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spoilers: set in season 6



It was such a cliche, right from the get go. Your personalities clashed like sunshine and rain, completely juxtaposing each other in a way that never should’ve made anything, but every single time, it created something beautiful. Not always a rainbow, because rainbows can be enjoyed by everyone, and sometimes moments between you werent meant for anyone except the two of you. It was just a perfect storm and the two of you smiling in the middle of it, while everyone else carried on existing without even acknowledging the way time stopped, because it didnt for them.

Sometimes, things were a little too literal. Like the time Daryl spotted you lying down in the middle of the streets of Alexandria outside of his house, during a rainstorm. You were just lying in the street, letting the rain pour down on you. Daryl stepped out of his house, keeping himself shielded from the outpour by staying on the porch as he yelled out to you.

“Have you lost your damn mind!?! The hell you doin’?”

You didnt open your eyes, and you didnt turn to look at him, but you made the effort to explain yourself in a way that was far too casual and comfortable for the situation. “Carl bet me a candy bar that if I laid down in the street during the next rainstorm, my back would get wet - so I am proving that my back will NOT get wet as long as I stay very still, because I am going to get that candy bar!”

Daryl was frequently stunned by your utterly bizarre actions, but he was far from surprised, he knew you too well. So he sat down on the porch and watched, hoping the rain would let up soon.

Rick, Carl and Michonne exited the house to investigate your position, and when they posed the same question Daryl had, Daryl scoffed.

“Carl’s fault, ‘pparently ‘s part o’ some bet.”

Carl wheezed with laughter, proving to Michonne and Rick that Daryl’s explanation was right. Then, you spoke up again.

“If any of you attempt to move me before the rain ends, I will not hesitate!” You called out.

“You wont hesitate to what?” Rick asked you.

And to that, you shrugged, making everyone laugh. Rick, Michonne and Carl headed back inside the house, but Daryl stayed sat on the porch for reasons that he couldnt quite place.

“I know you’re still there, Dixon.” You said, smiling because you knew your words would’ve shocked him.

“How’d ya know that? Aint even got your eyes open!” Daryl shot back, and your smile widened.

“You always stick around when Im doing this.” You said simply, and Daryl huffed.

“Don’ ever really know what yer doin’.”

You chuckled. “I know, me neither!”

He stayed with you until the rain stopped, and once it had, Carl and Rick ran back outside to find out the result of the bet. Daryl helped you to your feet and the two of you evaluated the state of your back, discovering that there was a single dry line of shirt down your back, which the high court judge Rick Grimes deemed was just cause for you winning the candy bar. You skipped away from the house victoriously, unwrapping the candy bar and stuffing it in your mouth, with immediate and total disregard for your soaking wet clothes and hair. Daryl shook his head as he watched you, but he couldnt help smiling.

And then, there were occasions where Daryl’s personality showed, and you were the only one that could shine a light on it and help others understand what was going through his head. Sometimes, you literally acted as his translator.

There was a walker stuck in a predicament downstream that was causing a nasty overflow, and when someone suggested that you - being pretty small in comparison to everyone else - would be able to get through a particular tight gap to draw the walker out, Daryl grumbled in response. He turned his gaze to stare out of the window as Rick looked to you. The meeting was in full swing, and everyone’s input was very important, especially to Rick.

“It seems people are reluctant to suggest that Im used as bait.” You said, and Rick laughed quietly, Daryl’s eyes snapping to yours to frown. You shrugged at him. “I know, but it’s our only option right now. This is the best call, and I know you know that, you just dont want to admit it.”

The group gathered in the living room all watched in awe as you somehow effortlessly figured out exactly what Daryl couldnt put into words. It was a pretty regular occurrence, what with Daryl not being the most talkative and also undervaluing his own opinions to the extent where you voice them for him to validate them in front of the group. But, even if it was regular, it didnt mean that Daryl’s heart ached any less every time you just…understood him.

Like later that week, when the plan was in full swing, Daryl pulled you aside just before you left the group to complete you bait-related-task.

“Be careful. Ya need me, jus’ shout.” And I’ll come running, he thought to himself, and you smiled up at him, holding his face in your hands.

“I know, you’ll come get me. Dont worry, I’ll be okay. Gotta be, right?” You grinned up at him, and he offered you a smile in return, which was enough for you to let go of him and embark on your mission.

Being bait actually wasnt too frightening that time around, it was pretty easy and risk free. Or at least, it would’ve been, if you had been looking behind you as you walked backwards, keeping your eyes on the rotting walker as you lured it away from the stream. You couldnt kill it without risk of it spoiling the water, and therefore the fish. But because of how carefully you were focussing on that, you werent focussing on your own steps, and you slipped on a particularly wet rock, flipping you on your back, hard. You yelped, and because you werent far from the group, Daryl swore he could hear you. He tried to break through the foliage, but Rick stopped him, insisting to wait for your call if you needed help. A few seconds later, the call came.

“DARYL!” You yelled, and before you’d even finished saying his name, he was running.

When Daryl reached you, he found you lying on your back with the walker over the top of you, and you were covered in its blood, a beaming smile on your face as your eyes found Daryl.

“I got it! But I slipped and it fell on me and my back hurts now.” You said, making everyone in the group laugh, even Daryl, who shook his head as he threw the walker off of you and helped you to your feet.

“Scared the shit outta me, crazy girl.” He said, smiling down at you in disbelief.

You rolled your eyes at him. “You should be able to tell the difference between my yells for you by now, there’s panicked, excited, confused, dramatic-“

Daryl cut you off by scoffing. “All yer damn yells for me are dramatic, you should know tha’s why every one of ‘em makes me think yer in some kinda danger!”

You thought about it for a moment, and then nodded. “Okay, yeah, ya got me there. Let’s go home, I need some soup after a hard day’s work!”

Daryl sighed as you skipped off ahead of him, your back pain already forgotten because that space of your mind was occupied by soup. He jogged after you, a smile on his face that only an idiot would have, an idiot that’s head over heels.

You definitely brought Daryl out of his shell with your daft antics, because so often you did stupid shit that he couldnt not ask for an explanation for, he simply had to know why you did the things you did. He had to force himself to talk to you in that way, but he didnt mind, because as soon as you got talking to him, socialising didnt feel like such a drag anymore. Daryl found himself wanting to know everything about you, so anything you did tell him was utterly fascinating. And the attention you paid to everything he said, the effort you made in getting to know him, too…it made him feel things that he’d never felt before.

Daryl shakes his head as he stares down at his shoes, which are taking him on the automatic route to your house down the street. He knows you’re back from the run because Michonne was with you and he was waiting for her to walk back in the house they shared, that was his indicator to go and find you. The weirdest aspect of this thing Daryl has with you is that he doesnt even resist this, and he never has. He knows he wants to see you, he knows he missed you, and he knows Merle would be laughing his ass off at him for all of this, but it doesnt deter him. Not even a little.

The distance between your house and Daryl’s feels unfair, he realises that every time he comes to see you, but he cant exactly approach you with a “hey, wanna move yourself and all your stuff closer to me so that we can hang out more even though we already hang out almost everyday”. Daryl may be in love with you, but he’s not about to make himself look desperate. He lifts his fist to knock on your front door, but before he can, you’ve pulled the door open. Your eyes widen in surprise.

“Daryl! I was just gonna come to see y-“

He cut you off, as he often did, but this time it wasnt with an expression or a small joke or some sassy remark.

Daryl’s lips fall onto yours, so briefly, so gently and so sweetly that you barely feel it, but oh, do you feel it. The heat of the sun and the comfort of rain, the electricity of the most gentle lightning strike coursing through you as your heart pounds like thunder in your chest. Even when he pulls back, the feelings remain, they triumph, and they take control of you. Fierce hands grip the front of Daryl’s vest, pulling him back to where he belongs, where he has always been destined to go. A tornado of butterflies, a tsunami of emotion, the waves within you crash and burn and blind. And then his hands are at your waist, and though fabric restricts his fingertips from making contact with your skin, your hips are ablaze beneath his palms. The kiss is not long, it is not harsh, it is the briefest eternity of bliss that you have ever experienced.

When the two of you break apart and the atmospheres of your worlds calm to blue skies, Daryl smiles down at you.

“Been wantin’ to do that for a while, should’a done it sooner.” He admits bashfully, and you bite your lip up at him.

“It was worth the wait.” You tell him, and Daryl nods, resting his forehead against yours. You can see his eyes searching yours, looking for something that he cant ask for, and you lean up to place the lightest kiss on his lips. “It was wonderful.”

Daryl blushes, your ability to read him proving to be an excellent tool at embarrassing him in the best way. But with dusty rose stubbled cheeks, he smirks, pulling away from you to place a kiss of his own on your forehead.

“Thanks, sunshine.”

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ANON: I always had this personal head canon (that I thought was pretty funny), that Reno and rude being partners and all, share an apartment, so was wondering if you had any head canons for being Reno’s s/o and moving in with the guys? Personally I feel like it could be pretty chaotic-in the best of ways! :)

A/N: Chaotic is the best way to describe this sort of scenario, so I hope you enjoy this fabulous idea! <3


Originally posted by hookmeuphook


  • The next step in your relationship was a mile marker on it’s own. Agreeing to move in with him was supposed to be a thrilling and interesting experience between the two of you, sharing your own place, with a few pet animals and some plants? Perfection. The only problem was having to share said safe haven with Reno’s partner, Rude.
  • He wasn’t a terrible guy, kept clean and seemed to have his ducks in a row long before Reno would consider it. Stayed out of your way, kept quiet, left you and and Reno alone when he asked.
  • The only problem? The walls were incredibly thin. Rude heard things from Reno he wished he hadn’t. The first night was bearable, but the next, and the next, Rude made sure to leave the apartment far before any action could commence. It didn’t matter if it was two, three am, Rude would disappear the moment Reno’s eyes glazed over with curiosity. 
  • You would also be able to catch passive aggressive notes on everything in the refrigerator. Mostly yellow post-it’s written in Reno’s handwriting asking Rude not to eat his leftover rice and an upside down frown scribbled in pen.
  • But Rude’s letters were never over food, more like reminders for Reno to put the dishes away, fed the fish, stop turning the thermostat above seventy degrees! He pays for the heating and Reno’s lack of a shirt raises the bill more than he thinks.
  • Rude and Reno are, funny enough, more like brothers than roommates. The more you watched from the sidelines, it was clear the roommate line had been thrown over long ago. If Rude threw away a note from the refrigerator, eating that last slice of pizza before Reno could, Rude’s satin sheets would be filled with dirt from outside later that night.
  • But don’t think Rude wouldn’t find a way to get him back. 
  • When he least expects it, weeks after the original incident minding his own business in the shower, Rude will turn the water heater off. Icy-cold water hitting Reno in the back as he jumps out, bottles hitting the floor, curtain falling, and an undeniable thud heard as you’re reading a book in the other room.
  • Rude would only smile as Reno yells from the upstairs bathroom. 
  • Reno already kept you on your toes, Rude just added to that ever growing excitement. 
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Nope. You refused to.

“… (Y/N).”

Your cheeks were flushed with blood. The disappointment in his voice was loud and clear. You knew you messed up.

“(Y/N), please look at me.”

Your gaze lifted from the ground beneath your feet to meet two deep blue pools. There was disappointment and amusement. Maybe a hint of concern?

Talion sighed, arms crossed as he stared at you.

“Would you please care to explain,” he began. “Why did you pursue an enemy captain all on your own, without allies nor proper armor or weapons, only to bring his decapitated head to one of my Warchiefs as a gift?”

A sheepish smile did not manage to deter the raise of his brow as he probably wondered how were you still alive at this point.

Your answer stunned him for a moment.

“Well… I have been flirting with him for a while, as you might have heard from the others. So I decided to bring one of his rivals’ head, to prove I’m serious about my intentions.” You shrugged.

“… You went into an enemy camp all by yourself… Only so you could declare your affections towards my Warchief.”

“Pretty much, yeah.”

A human courting an orc, after trying so hard to keep humans safe. He thought you were either suicidal or stupidly brave.

Talion couldn’t look more disturbed than that.

“Oh, and he accepted!”

Nevermind, he could.

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Just the usual Friday night, junk food, nest of blankets and pillows and my stabby man 🥴…

Also had this silly thought I felt I should share:

Sex is great- but have you ever fantasized about cuddling with your favorite slasher and being able to hear their heartbeat while you watched a scary movie- and even though they may act like a jump scare didn’t startle them, you can hear their heartbeat pick up.

And then when the movie is over both of you are too tired to move so you fall asleep on the couch- smothered in blankets and pillows, legs tangled together, arms wrapped around waists- and nothing wakes either of you until the sun was hitting you in the face in the morning?

Yeah- sex has got nothing on that….

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  • Your f/o tends to come off cold and uncaring because hes so clinical, but he warms up when hes with you (he just has some trouble showing it)
  • You take it slow with him, wrapping your arms around his waist and snuggling into his chest
  • If hes still a little awkward, just talk him through it. “F/o, hug me back. It’s okay just- yeah now you can kiss me”
  • With a little jump start he’ll figure it out pretty quickly and start to hit his groove, running his hands over your body and getting more confident with his kissing
  • When you two start to make love, he’ll need you to talk him through some more but given hes a scientist and very clinical he’ll know what hes doing down there
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WHOOP WHOOP! Finally, a masterlist for TXT! I’m so happy I finally got one out, lol. As with all my other masterlists, and as tradition, this will be updated accordingly :)


(gif found on internet (google search))


♨—Steamy (Rated 1‒10)

⤑ Soobin

⤑ Yeonjun

⤑ Beomgyu

⤑ Taehyun

⤑ Hueningkai


TXT asking you out


The shortest masterlist—I’m so happy.

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  • How much smaller is your f/o than you? A few inches? A few feet? How much can you wrap around them when you hold them, making them feel smaller yet protected?
  • You can sit behind them with your legs stretched out long on either side of your f/o. You wrap their arms around them and feel them up while you kiss their neck
  • Once they’re worked up well enough you can reach down to their groin and begin to tease them
  • Your f/o moans as their head falls back against your chest. Kiss their cheek and stroke them a little faster. Your f/o’s hands reach high up behind them to feel your face and neck, running over your skin
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Now that I can do!!

  • You f/o sulks on the bed, so you help them slowly undress while kissing them softly
  • They insist on wanting to forget about everything that had happened tonight, so you pull put all the stops. You use tongue and teeth in your kisses, get extra handsy as you two roll the sheets, hit every sensitive spot you know your f/o has
  • You let them feel powerful again by letting them fuck you senseless. Moan loudly and cry out their name, fuel their ego
  • Your f/o holds you close as you both come and you two flop back into the sheets. They fall asleep listening to you tell them how strong and cunning and dastardly they are
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Quarantine with me - Rook


Word count: 370


The original story line for this one did a ⬇️⬆️↙️⬅️↖️↗️

’Hey love’ Rook whispered stroking the hair out of your face as you roll over in bed to face him.

”Hi” you whisper back.

”The weathers horrible today, what do you say to staying home for a movie day?”

”Mmm that sounds amazing” you mumble still half asleep wrapping yourself around Rook like a koala. Closing your eyes in an attempt to fall back asleep. Rook repositioned his arms to wrap around you closing his eyes as well.

Time quickly passed and you were once awoken but this time to Rook planting gentle kisses all over your head. You’re so glad you were spending quarantine with him. You sit up pulling Rook up by his arms to sit too.

”Hi” he whispers as you crawl onto his lap. Leading in you hastily press your lips against his. Rook copying your actions before you part for air.

Getting up, you climb of Rooks lap much to his whining to turn on the tv. You turn to Rook as he followed suit and got out of bed too. ”What film do you wanna watch?”

” It’s your choice love,” he says, ”I picked last time,” before disappearing out the room and shouting ”I’ll be right back.”

You placed the disc into the DVD player. Call it old school in the modern world but to you, there was a sense of nostalgia about owning physical DVDs still. Rook shortly returned with an armful of snacks. He plopped them onto the bed before crawling under the covers. You quickly joined him cuddling up against his war frame as the movie began playing.

”I’m so glad you could quarantine with me.” he confesses opening a pack of cookies offering them to you.

You gladly take one ”cheers to quarantining together,” you giggle tapping your cookie against his before taking a bite from it. Between the both of you, you polish of the snacks as the movie quietly plays in the background. You talk to each other sharing many stories and conversations making up for lost time when Rook was away on tour. Cuddled up in Rook’s arms, head against his chest would no doubt always be your favourite place to be.






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Originally posted by itsilara

Queen Elizabeth I x Reader

*This is based off of movie Elizabeth: Golden Age, not irl Elizabeth….although the movie is based off the real life one….whatever, we’re pretending with Cate as Elizabeth, ok????????.


  • Everyone thinks Bess is Elizabeth’s favorite, but it’s actually you.
  • Bess has Elizabeth’s ear, but you have her heart
  • You’ve been around since before she was Queen. 
  • Elizabeth came to like you romantically after Dudley departed
  • In public, to keep your relationship, and yourself safe, Elizabeth treated you no different than her other Ladies in Waiting
  • In privacy she treated you like a Queen
  • Elizabeth bought you expensive things, but you never wore them. Instead, you adorned her with the gifts, and had her wear them
  • While the stars kissed the black sky, you’d sneak in to Elizabeth’s room and sleep with her. As the kiss of dawn came, you would leave her bed to go to yours.
  • Many a times, Bess would find you and Elizabeth in bed together when you’d oversleep. Bess would wake you to get you out of the bedroom before anyone else saw.
  • Elizabeth truly did despise always being in control, so she would let you control your privacy, and your love making
  • Elizabeth would go wild when you’d make her beg; beg for more, beg for release, beg for you to litter her with kisses on her most tender spots
  • Raleigh was someone you liked, but feared he’d take Elizabeth from you, especially after you saw Elizabeth kiss him
  • You distanced yourself from Elizabeth for a while after that. You would do your duties as her Lady in Waiting, but you no longer snuck in to her bedroom, or made love to her.
  • Elizabeth knew you were hurting, she wanted to comfort you, but her duties as Queen came first
  • You tried to reconcile with Elizabeth after you found out that Bess and Raleigh married, but the threat of the Spanish Armada put a halt in your plans
  • When you found out Elizabeth left to fight with her people, you tried to go out to be alongside her, but you were stopped.
  • You were more than overwhelmed with happiness when she came back in one piece, and with England defeating Spain.
  • You rekindled your romance with Elizabeth
  • Though you could never marry, or be together as a couple in the public eye, you two spent all your free time together.
  • Elizabeth taught you all her languages. In return you’d read her poetry and dance the Volta with her.
  • You stayed as a Lady in Waiting until Elizabeth’s dying day
  • You left the Castle to live in a little cottage by the sea. You wanted to spend your last years alone, and away from the constant memory of your true love
  • Before you died, you burnt a painting Elizabeth had done of you and her in your youth. You two were cuddled up together under the stars, both of you gazing at one another with longing and love. 
  • You died alone, heading to spend eternity with Elizabeth
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Content: Slight Smut, Angst

Summary: She hopes that one day they wouldn’t be scared to hide anymore. As idols, they have to keep their reputation but she doesn’t mind failing in that if she’ll do it with him.



Inspired by the song “Imagine” by Ariana Grande

Keep reading

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Behind Your Back (Part Two) - Harry Styles

Part One of Behind Your Back

Pairing: Harry Styles x Famous!reader

Word Count/Reading Time: 1.6k words, 6 minutes and 27 secs.

Warning/s: So much drama and non-sense arguing and short ending.

Summary: After [Y/N] and Harry’s break-up, [Y/N] officially cut ties with someone toxic in her life. Plus, fluff with Harry to cover up the drama.



Originally posted by stylesinthewild

After cutting ties with the Kardashian and Jenner family, [Y/N] became carefree and independent. She didn’t have to deal with toxic people in her life. Just her true friends who respected her. As for Harry, [Y/N] wanted to give him another chance yet she wasn’t ready.

Her best friend cheated with her fiancé when she thought they were friends. [Y/N] hated to see that. She felt like Kendall wanted to steal something from her. Kendall was often jealous of [Y/N] yet she never shows it. One time that she did show it was when they had an interview. Kendall had a break-up with this famous athlete while [Y/N] had a stable relationship.

Kendall’s family is known for playing the victim at all times. [Y/N]’s tired of that image sticking to her friend. She tried to change Kendall but the influence kept sticking. Her family wanted more press while [Y/N] wanted more independence. The family was toxic and [Y/N]’s friends knew it.

The family’s show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, they publicly spoke about it. [Y/N] rolled her eyes during the episode since they wanted Kendall to receive more sympathy than [Y/N]. Gossips were spread and [Y/N] cut her ties with all the poison the family bought.

[Y/N] can’t handle it anymore as her famous friend, Taylor Swift, also experienced it. She now realized how naive she was when she was with the family. Taylor told her all about it and now [Y/N] understood it.

Harry wasn’t going to rest until he got time to explain it to her. He tried contacting her multiple times but she didn’t. [Y/N] was reluctant to answer him because the memories kept flooding back. Privately, Harry wanted a solid relationship with [Y/N] without the press. He hated it when the media meddled in his relationships. They were ruthless to ask him about the pictures and scandal.

Harry cried every night that he hurt [Y/N]’s feelings. He didn’t blame Kendall and her family because he didn’t open his eyes. For now, he did point his fingers to himself.


[Y/N] is still stuck with the old phone and her contacts. Even if she had a new phone, her old one had Kendall’s and Harry’s numbers. She transferred Harry’s number to her new phone. Now, she was deciding if she wants to give Kendall another chance.

“I don’t know, Taylor. She can change because she’s the most independent in the family. I’m willing to give her another chance.”

[Y/N] called Taylor on the phone asking for her advice. Taylor rambled about the scandals that can backfire her when she gets back with Kendall. She listened to the suggestion Taylor said and told her that she needs to see the other side. [Y/N] thanked Taylor for her help and called Harry.

“Hello? Harry, it’s me. [Y/N],” [Y/N] greeted Harry. She heard Harry yawn and groan a bit on the other line.

“Uh, hi! How are you, [Y/N]?” Harry shuffled. [Y/N] giggled and told him that she’s okay. She asked him if they could talk at her house in the afternoon. Gladly, Harry agreed and told her that he would be at her house at noon. Unknown to [Y/N], Harry would bring someone she knew.


Noon came and Harry’s car parked in the driveway. [Y/N] saw his car and quickly opened the door. As soon as she opened the door, [Y/N] gave a smug look as she saw Kendall.

“You must be mad coming here,” [Y/N] blankly said. Kendall refused to look up to her since she felt [Y/N]’s anger. Kindly, [Y/N] led them inside into the living room. Harry and Kendall sat opposite to each other since it was uncomfortable. [Y/N] was there and Harry didn’t want to stress her out even more.

[Y/N] sat down and asked if they can explain their side of the story. Harry stated that it was his fault and that he hooked up with Kendall. [Y/N] nodded and told Harry that she’s willing to give him a chance. It was Kendall’s turn but nothing came out of her mouth. Harry and [Y/N] waited for something to come out of her mouth but nothing did.

“You’re not going to say anything, Kendall? Harry’s sticking up for you and he blamed himself. Now, it’s your turn to say something,” [Y/N] retorted. Kendall didn’t say anything. She was silent.

[Y/N] couldn’t believe that she was acting like this. She wanted Kendall to accept change even if she made a big mistake. It was petty. Ridiculous to say the least. [Y/N] wanted to put her foot down but she waited for Kendall to say her side of the story.

Kendall remembered her family’s advice. Try to look remorseful as you did on television. Inside Kendall, she just wanted to get inside [Y/N] and steal everything. Her kindness, life, fame, and everything that made her likable. Kendall was jealous that she wasn’t treated like that. So, she wanted to stick with her until [Y/N]’s down.

[Y/N] rolled her eyes and asked her, “Are you done thinking about the plan?” Kendall glanced at [Y/N] who had an annoyed look on her face. She acted like she didn’t know any of this but in reality, she did. Harry sat there, confused about the plan.

“Harry, open your eyes! I’ve been in touch with Taylor and she told me that when I give Kendall another chance, it would backfire.”

Kendall was shocked that [Y/N] realized this. Harry nodded and agreed with her. “That’s not true! Taylor’s trying to get inside your nerves, [Y/N]!”

Kendall remarked. [Y/N] scoffed and told her about the things she knew about Kendall’s family.

“You had no shame talking about me in your show. Thank me that I didn’t spat shit about you, Harry, and your family. I wanted to give you another chance, Kendall. Right now, I don’t think it’s possible.”

[Y/N] hated the publicity Kendall gained when she talked about her friendship with [Y/N]. She gained lots of fame from cheating with [Y/N]’s fiancé. Harry didn’t get tons of publicity as he tried to clear up his relationship with [Y/N]. Simply, Kendall wanted the sorry eyes of the people to be pointed to her.

“Oh, please. [Y/N], you’re thinking the other way. Your friends brainwashed you into thinking I’m a snake,” Kendall blatantly said. [Y/N] didn’t know what to say since the Kardashian and Jenner family had the power to manipulate everyone. They tell lies and twist words when something bad was said about them.

Harry defended [Y/N] and said, “Kendall, you didn’t know how [Y/N] felt when you betrayed her. You wasted a chance to change and reconcile with her. She’s being nice to you.” Kendall didn’t listen to Harry’s advice and wanted a quick way out of this mess.

Fed up with her attitude, [Y/N] had enough and told Kendall they’re not friends anymore. Kendall’s jaw dropped on the floor as she heard that. Harry was also shocked that [Y/N] made a decision.

“[Y/N], you can’t do that! You’re my friend,” Kendall pleaded. [Y/N] showed no emotion as she knew Kendall’s tactics. Harry told Kendall that she should back off and leave [Y/N] alone.

“I’m done, Kendall. You used the entire scandal and relationship with me to gain clout. That’s what you are. Pure clout. You crave it!” [Y/N] shouted. She didn’t want to be stabbed again by a toxic friend. [Y/N] had to cut Kendall out of her life.

Kendall didn’t look ashamed that she stung [Y/N]’s feelings. She wanted it and it made her family proud to gain more fame. Her sisters seemed to love it when one of them causes a scandal. They like the gain of the public image when it happens. Even better for them, when the victim gets the blame and embarrassment.

Harry led Kendall out of the house and comforted [Y/N]. They couldn’t believe that [Y/N] cut her long-time friend out of the picture. For now, Harry comforted [Y/N] since she lost her friend because she didn’t want to change.


Harry and [Y/N] went public again and didn’t say anything about their relationship with Kendall. The media saw how toxic [Y/N] and Kendall’s relationship were. Harry’s fans supported her and praised how she dodged the Kardashians’ toxicity. Whenever someone attacks her, they come and protect her.

“I’m sorry, [Y/N]. I hurt your feelings and I want to make it up for you,” Harry felt guilty. He ruined his engagement to [Y/N] and he can’t turn back. [Y/N] lightly chuckled and told him that it’s okay. Harry learned from his mistake and [Y/N]’s proud of that.

“It’s okay, Harry. At least you changed and admitted your mistake. I’m giving you another opportunity to fix it,” [Y/N] comforted Harry. Harry snuggled into [Y/N]’s chest and hummed. [Y/N] moaned at the vibration she felt when Harry purred.

“Do you want to do something else today?” Harry asked. [Y/N] wanted to but she wanted this comfort from Harry.

“How about laying in bed and talking about life? It suits well and it’s comforting,” [Y/N] replied. Harry nodded and hugged [Y/N]’s waist.

The duo didn’t care about the publicity they gained. They wanted to rest and have a stable relationship. Harry talked about the secrets when he dated Kendall. [Y/N] told Harry about her friendship with his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

Harry and [Y/N] laid in bed all day with comfort and exchanged loving words. Even if the past was still in [Y/N]’s mind, she still gave Harry another chance and she didn’t regret any of it.


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Bella had asked Esme to go get Seth for she needed to ask him something very important.

Seth admired the eccentric artwork that decorated the Cullen house, this was the first time inside the property. Climbing the stairs to the living room, where Bella and the rest of the Cullen’s were waiting, Seth could smell a new scent lingering around the air. Ever so faint but sweet like forest sap, he could smell it coming from the other side of the house. Since the scent wasn’t on the path to his main destination, he decided to ignore it and continue to the living room.

“Hey Bella, congrats” Seth exclaimed with joy, he was going in to hug the vastly pregnant and weaken looking Bella but Rosalie stepped in front of him protectively. 

“No touch dog”

“Sorry,” Seth bowed his head

“It’s not your fault Seth, I’m just very fragile,” Bella tried to joke but ended up choking on her own words. Edward had rushed over to rub circles on her back to help stop the coughing.  

“I’m fine,” she brushed off but Edward stayed. “Seth I wanted to ask you to do something very important for me. My sister just came back today from a trip and I’m worried if I’m not around when he,” she gestured to her swollen stomach, “is born, that she might try to do the worst to herself. I want you to watch over her, you guys are close enough in age to lean on each other if anything happens.”

“Does she know about you and what Jake, Leah, and I are?” Seth asked slightly overwhelmed at the task being asked of him especially if Bella’s sister doesn’t know about their world.

“She knows about everything, I just,” Bella bite her lip then proceeded, “want someone to be there just in case”

“Bella!!!” a voice yelled coming from the other side of the house. The sound of footsteps echoed closer to the living room, and the scent Seth had smelt earlier was becoming stronger 

“Speak of the devil herself” Bella smirked.

“Bella I think it’d be safe to get the baby at least a yellow onesie just in case if he turns into a she,” you state coming into the room like a bull in a china shop.  

That’s when the world stopped for Seth. As if he was on a turbulent plane for most of his life, it suddenly became stable when you entered the room. Everything became hyper-focused. From the curvature of your face to way you carried yourself into the room, to put it in simple terms he thought you were stunning. 

“Oh hi, you must be Seth,” you looked surprised at the werewolf boy that wasn’t Jacob for once and walked over and held your hand out ”I’m (Y/N)”

“I’m Seth,” he said breathless before realizing that you already knew his name, ”I mean, well, you already knew that”

Observing the both of your guys encounter was quite funny and awkward to Edward. He read Seth’s mind when he imprinted on you. Edward was glad that everyone was finding their own little happy ending, he just hopped that by the end of his that everyone he loved wouldn’t be dead. 


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“Do you like me?” Your heart whispered these words as your pinky flirted with their hand. Yeji’s hand. The park bench was light years long, the space between her and you astronomical. Scientists studied what lingered amidst that space, trying to define what it meant for humankind. Stars died and gave off the most tremendous of lights as they gave their last breath, giving life to the Schrodinger’s cat that was your mutual affection.

There were many things that made you feel unworthy of her love. They could be seen in a mirror, the lightning bolts of stretch marks along your thighs and butt and stomach. They were alive, trapped in the rolls that folded over your stomach when you bend over to reach for something. In the imperfections that adorned your face and the faults amongst your person and personality.

But Yeji was an admirer of stars. Especially the one that died so you could live, the one that shone in your eyes whenever you smiled. The one that danced along your tongue when you spoke of passions. The one that reflected back into her own eyes when you walked by.

It was everything about you that made her fearless.

“Do you like me?” Her own heart whispered as she placed her hand over yours, acutely aware of the sweat coating her palm.

If only you two were fluent in the languages your hearts spoke - oh, if you only knew.


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