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Originally posted by rainbow-motors

“Take it slow, easy does it,” Dean advised, a lot more calm and collected than you’d expected given that you were currently in the driver’s seat of his pride and joy.

Oh, and you’d never driven before. 

Dean had taken you out onto a very open stretch of road, with barely a tree for miles let alone other cars or pedestrians, the perfect spot to practice. 

You’d been a little hesitant, knowing how protective Dean was of his car, but it had been his idea. 

If you were being honest though, you think Dean just liked the sight of you in the drivers seat.

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Will found his brother in a recovery room of the ICU, and the second Jay saw him, he knew he was in for it. 

“You got stabbed?” No hello, no how are you or are you okay, the annoyance in his voice was clear, as well as the indignation at not having been told until after he was out of surgery.

“Lightly?” Jay shrugged, doing his best not to wince at the pain that flared in his left side as he did.

“Oh, lightly stabbed, well in that case…” Will’s tone was laced with so much sarcasm it was practically dripping, pretending that that explained everything for a second before his anger took over again. “What the hell do you mean you got lightly stabbed?!”

Jay winced again, not from the pain of the injury, but from the was his brothers’ voice cracked as he finished the question, his angry front slipping to reveal the worry underneath. 

“I asked that you weren’t told, at least not straight away, I’d be in surgery for a while and there were a lot of other patients to treat, I didn’t want you distracted,” Jay told him honestly, knowing how crappy it sounded once it was actually out of his mouth. It had made sense in his head at the time, but then, he had been bleeding out.

Will sighed, deflating a little as he looked his younger brother up and down as he lay in the bed, bandages, tubes, and wires all around. He pinched the bridge of his nose and took a breath, “you can’t keep doing this to me,” he said finally, softer than Jay had expected.

“I- I’m sorry,” was all he could say, only just realising how Will must have felt hearing that he had been rushed into emergency surgery. “If it makes you feel any better, I really didn’t mean to get stabbed,” he tried.

Will looked back at him and rolled his eyes, laughing a little as some of the tension left his shoulders. “You’re unbelievable,” Will told him, shaking his head.

“If there’s a next time, I’ll tell them sorry, but my brother says they’re not allowed to stab me,” Jay joked, ignoring the pain to laugh a little with his brother.

“See, this, right now? This is why people want to stab you.”

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“So then he spilled the pickle juice all over my bed and I- hey!”

You were rudely interrupted by your nutcase of a boyfriend, Donghyuck, tugging on your hair, pulling out your scrunchie and jogging up ahead of you. “Come and get it, Loser!”

“bRO, that’s my favourite scrunchie! Give it back!” You ran after him as he waved the purple fabric around while running, but all of a sudden he stopped and you ran straight into him.

Donghyuck held his hand up in your face, “Did you just- was I just bro-zoned?” He clutched his chest, falling to his knees dramatically while fake crying.

You took the opportunity and snatched the scrunchie out of his fist, “Yea, now get wrecked.”

You then walked away like a boss ass bitch, Donghyuck watching in disbelief.

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okay guys I’ve spoken about this in a post before but I still see a lot of rape inputs in smuts. it’s not sexy. i feel like people dont understand what i mean by it because its actually very vast. so I’m starting from the beginning:

sex - consent = rape

what is consent?

the permission given by BOTH the sexes to have sex when either of them wants to do so. it doesn’t matter if they’re having angry make up sex or anything, doesn’t matter if they’re still deeply in love, all you have to do while writing a smut is insert a nice line “are you okay with this? ” which should be asked by the lead of the sex i.e, who proposed it. basically both of them need to agree. a lot of smut writers have made it a point not to include this because it doesn’t align with the “dominant, submissive” ideas. no. thats not how it fucking works. the dom needs to ask the sub. dont think that it kills the mood, it doesn’t, it kills the mood of the reader + portrays the character badly + is not SEXY AT ALL. thank u so much ily smut writers and fanfic writers who use consent & will keep using it in future/will start. this should be applicable in real life too. don’t glorify rape. any issues w this dm me

thanks ily

how to spread this: #antirape #antirapeinsmut, repost this, retweet, post on diff social medias, add more hashtags, call out smut writers who glorify rape thank you!! love yall we will make this work ✨💕

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Series Masterlist.

To becoming part of the taglist either like this post, or send me a message.


@taichoushadow​ // @vanessa1102​ // @melissa-anderson // @dybalalover10​ // @lostdreamsinpaper​ // @kirschy21​ // @farmgirlfinna​ // @marfld​ // @distressedhollandfields // @because-i-can-stuff​ // @flyawayprincess​ // @exubcrxnt // @flashcal​ // @eveieforeve02​ // @crazy-violin​ // @nightbaroness12 //


Once (Y/n) arrived back to her apartment she packed everything away and looked at her watch, she could feel a tightening feeling form in her stomach as her nerves started building, she was nervous for her date with Max, she didn’t know anything about him and they had only run into each other three times.

“That’s why dates exist, (Y/n),” (Y/n) mumbles to herself. “He’s not a murderer, for fuck sakes.” She walks towards her bedroom and started looking through her things for something to wear, La Pierre De Lune was considered to be expensive and for the rich only, the scenery was always elegant and a band was always playing soft music in the background, the tables were always covered with cream coloured table cloths, candles would be in the middle of the table as well to decorate the table.


(Y/n) walks out of the apartment complex and saw a white sports car parked in front of the building with Max leaning against it, he had his hands in his pockets and smile tugged at the corner of his lips, he pushes himself away from the car and stepped towards her, meeting her halfway.

“You look absolutely beautiful.” Max compliments her, the dark blue one-shoulder dress hugged her body perfectly, the black open toe heels matched her dark blue dress that almost seemed to be black perfectly. “I might just have to hire a bodyguard, nobody is going to keep their eyes off you.” (Y/n) could feel the blood rush to her cheeks at his comment.

“Thank you.” (Y/n) softly says. “You don’t look too bad yourself.” He wore a pair of dark blue denim along with a white t-shirt, with a black leather jacket, she suddenly felt a little overdressed.

“Shall we go?” Max asks, she nods her head, he turns and placed his hand on her lower back guiding her to his car, he opens the door for her and patiently waited for her to climb in before closing the door, he quickly walked around to the driver’s side and climbed in, he turned the key in the ignition, the engine purring to life.

“I uh, I have to admit, this is my first time in a sports car,” (Y/n) says as she looked at the interior with amazement as she buckled herself in, he drove away from her apartment building.

“Then I hope we see more of each other,” Max says. “I wouldn’t want this to be your first and only experience.” (Y/n) softly smiles at him.

“Then I do hope that tonight goes well,” (Y/n) says before staring out the window, the lights from the city passing by them with the speed of lighting. “You’re off to a good start.” Max smiled to himself as he stops a red light.

“That is good news for me,” Max says. “Would you mind if I ask what brought you to Velours?” He was curious, Velours wasn’t a cheap city to live in and to make a living would take a lot of work, and after peeking into her bank account, he had more questions.

“I know, I know, I’m so poor and then I move to a city that’s pretty expensive, but it’s always been a dream of mine to come to Velours,” (Y/n) explains. “I saw pictures on the internet, the lights during the night is absolutely breathtaking, my parents warned me, but this was my dream, coming to Velours to experience the beautiful city.” Max nods his head as he drives away from the red light, they were close to La Pierre De Lune. “I have a year to experience Velours, and if I don’t have a big enough income by the end of the year, I have to move back home.” Max’s grip on the steering wheel tightened, if there was one thing that he did not want was for her to leave the city again. “I’ve heard about the dangers of the place, but I haven’t seen it yet.” Max couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought that she had no clue who he was, and he was the danger the world was talking about.

“I can assure you when you’re with me, no danger will come near you,” Max says, (Y/n) glanced at him and smiled at him. “I give you my word, and if you are in danger, you can always come to me.” He stops in front of La Pierre De Lune and climbs out the car, he walks around the car and opened her door and held his hand out for her to take, she carefully placed her hand in his and stepped out the car, Max glared at the valet as they walked towards the entrance, the Valet quickly scrambled towards the sports car and took it the parking lot, they enter the restaurant.

“Mr Verstappen.” The Host spoke as he saw his boss enter, (Y/n) was busy looking at everything, she had never seen it in person, only in pictures from advertisements on the side of the road or in the centre of town where LED boards were up and advertising everything. “Right this way.” They were led up some stairs and to a table in a corner, which was the usual spot Max would sit when he would be attending a business meeting or wanted a night to himself. “I will send somebody with menus and assist you for the night.” They arrive at the table, Max quickly pulling the chair out for (Y/n) to sit on, she smooths out her dress before taking a seat.

“Just hurry,” Max mutters as he pushed her chair in before moving towards his seat, he takes a seat across from her, gently smiling at her, the host quickly leaves the table in search for one of the waitresses. “What are you thinking?” He could see the amazement on her face as she looked around, she quickly turns her focus on him.

“It’s almost as beautiful as the pictures on the internet,” (Y/n) says. “Pictures don’t do it justice.” Max nods his head, smiling at her compliment. “And the view seems absolutely amazing.” She looks away from him, her eyes moving towards the large window displaying the city’s lights twinkling outside. “We might just be one story higher, but it’s such a breathtaking view.” Max stared at her as she admired the city outside, she appeared so pure and innocent, while he sat across from her tainted in blood and sins, a waiter approached their table, hands shaking with two menus in his hands.

“Good evening, I’ll be your server for the night.” The waiter says, he carefully placed the menu’s down on the table in front of him, flinching when Max shifted in his seat. “Can I start you off with a drink?”


(Y/n) scoops a spoonful ice cream onto her spoon, chocolate dripped from it and back into the bowl, she leans closer and pushed it into her mouth, pulling the spoon out once the cold ice cream was in her mouth.

“Mhm.” (Y/n) hums in satisfaction, the taste bursting in her mouth. “Mh.” she lowers the spoon into the bowl as she nods her head, she swallows the ice cream and runs her tongue over her lips, cleaning them. “This is absolutely delicious, are you sure you didn’t want to get anything?” Max stared at her, he could feel a shift inside him as he watched her clean her lips and practically moan in satisfaction.

“Oh, no, I’m sure,” Max says. “I have tasted it before, everyone should taste this dessert at least once in their life.” (Y/n) nods her head as she pushed the spoon into the ice cream. “Would you mind if I take you the edge of town?” She lifts the spoon ice cream along with her gaze. “The view at night is absolutely beautiful.”

“Oh, you’ve won me over,” (Y/n) says in a playful tone. “I love beautiful views.” Max shifts his gaze, looking past her at Pierre and Alex as they sat near the stairs, keeping guard. “Can you read minds?” Max shifts his gaze back onto her.

“I can’t reveal my secret, you might tell somebody and I could get locked up and experimented on.” Max jokingly says causing her to softly giggle, she moves a hand in front of her mouth as she did.

“Oh, we wouldn’t want that.”

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Originally posted by mayans-mc

Part 1 Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5    Part 6 Part 7    Part 8   Part 9       Part 10    Part 11  Part 12 Part 13   Part 14  Part 15  Part 16   Part 17  Part 18 Part 19  Part 20  Part 21   Part 22  Part 23 Part 24   Part 25  Part 26  Part 27  Part 28  Part 29  Part 30 Part 31  Part 32  Part 33  Part 34  Part 35  Part 36       Part 37  Part 38  Part 39  Part 40  Part 41  Part 42  Part 43  Part 44  Part 45  Part 46  Part 47  Part 48   Part 49  Part 50  Part 51  Part 52  Part 53 Part 54  Part 55  Part 56  Part 57  Part 58

Pairing: EZ Reyes x Camila (OC)

Warnings: None that I can think of 

Word count: 2.1K

***I know I said this chapter would be the wedding but I lied 😫😭💔 I literally wrote this chapter with the last three hours or so and I tired out and I do t want to split it up and have the wedding in one chapter and the wedding night in another. Th next update will have it I swear to y’all ***

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[x] // requester: @yellowbirdbluetoo​ // request here


“Holy shit!” Peter excitedly exclaims as he watches you use your powers, a chill instantly filling the room. He sheepishly grins at you as you look at him over your shoulder, a bashful smile on your face as he stammers, “Sorry. Your powers are just so cool!”

You can’t help but laugh, teasingly reaching over to give him a shove. “You’re cooler, Peter! Everyone loves Spider-Man!”  

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🎃Halloween special
Pairing: Frank x Reader
Word counting: ~ 2 400
Genre: Terror, suspense, fluff
TW: Terror, blood
Summary: A cozy house in the woods. Being attacked by a beast you can’t see. And suddenly finding out your boyfriend is a vampire.
a/n: I suck at horror, sorry bbs


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you were watching the tv, engrossed in the new series you found called the haunting of bly manor. you were obsessed - and basically left grayson deprived. you love it so much you don’t even see him sit beside you.

grayson placed a hand on your thigh, but didn’t notice just continuing to sip of your tea.

“baby” he pouted, you just shush him.

grays grabs your face softly, look at your sternly.

“look at me baby”

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Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

AN: Here ya go! Enjoy!

Overall Summary: (Y/n), is a young witch who always kept her head down due to her complicated past; one day she bumps quite literally into one of the most popular boys in Hogwarts, Cedric Diggory, and that’s when (Y/n)’s plan of keeping her head down seems to go up into the air. Things only seem to worsen when two redheaded twins start to take notice too…

This Chapter: It’s the first match of the season! Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff


Pairing(s): Cedric Diggory x Reader, (Eventual) George Weasley x Reader, (Platonic) Fred Weasley x Reader, (Platonic) Oliver Wood x Reader

Word Count: 3,376

Warnings: None

“Wood, you need to get laid, mate.” Fred stared at the older boy as he paced the common room. He was as tense as a wooden plank and stressed about the game plan which he thought ‘just wasn’t perfect yet’. 

“(Y/n), why don’t you take one for the team?” Fred looked across the sofa at you and you rolled your eyes. 

“Or we could use a simple potion on him to relax him or even better knock him out?” You offered a different suggestion looking up at Oliver as he passed you. 

“The match is tomorrow. It’s the first one of the season, we must win. With the team change, there is more competition; Malfoy is no match really for Harry as a seeker but Diggory is different.” Oliver’s accent seem to make his words slur together as his thoughts overflowed from his mouth. 

“Ooooo, pretty boy Diggory. (Y/n)’s new favourite study partner.” Fred smirked, winking at you as he teased. 

“Better watch out, Wood. You’ll lose your only fan at this rate.” George added, smiling along side his brother. 

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“are you listening” grayson asked pulling you from your unholy thoughts. you nodded quickly.

you did not want him to know you were thinking about how good his hands would look around your neck. but you being you, couldn’t keep your mouth shut.

“you have nice hands” you say, mentally punchy yourself in the face. this happens quite a bit actually, which worries you a tiny - a lot actually.

“hmm. what else were you thinking about”

how good the would feel around me

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i can’t find the one i wrote 🥺 so i’ll write another one just for you!!!!! <3

it’s definitely not always sexual. sometimes you guys just like the company - or if you’re both running a little later, it just saves some time. and you both absolutely loves it. you try to shower together in the morning as it puts you both in a good mood for the day.

grayson always insists on washing your hair, and it’s actually like going to a spa, it’s so relaxing. he also insists on helping you clean your breasts ?? which he’s obsessed with for some reason. he likes a 12 year old boy. sometimes it’s like he’s never seen tits before. and he’s loves giving you a little shoulder massage too which is always nice with hot water!

and grayson loves showering with you because of your horrible singing and dancing moves in the shower. you actually both put together a shower playlist. and sometimes it’s painful and sometimes it’s not.

gray always makes bubble appear somehow - again 12 year old boy. and always gives you a good smack on the ass after showering.

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i feel like gray is such a cuddly jealous person. like if he’s jealous he just has to be there next to you - actually you have to be sitting on his lap. like you’re not object, but he wants everyone to know that your his and he’s yours ??

so if grayson gets jealous HICKEYS ARE A BIG THING.

for example maybe you bring him to your work christmas party, and this guy keeps trying to talk to you and flirt with you. so grayson gets jealous - at one point he’s see the man trying to get closer to you. so grayson do the only rational thing he can think of: give you hickies. he trails trails them all down your neck, some behind your ear. he makes sure you look like you’ve just had a make out session too.


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insecure - v.dunn


Originally posted by gustavlindstrom

requested [x] yes [] no

request - could you write something where maybe the reader is a little insecure because she doesn’t exactly look like the guys exes? and she thinks she’s not good enough and distances herself from him and he starts to worry bc he loves her and yea with a fluffy ending!! please i love ur work so so much! with vince btw! 😘😘

a/n: the night I got this abby and I were just talking about how the gf’s always look the same lol

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Fandom: Julie and the Phantoms

A/N: I hope you like it!

Word count: 413

Prompts:  B15. “Do you… maybe, want to go to grab a coffee with me sometime?” and B16. “I really like you! Uh… I didn’t mean to blurt it out like that.”


Originally posted by lukereggies

Being friends with Julie and Flynn and befriending three ghosts who came back to life had been quite a ride. Luke in particular had caught your attention, and you had grown really close, always hanging out, making jokes and stuff - and Luke had been falling for you ever since he was a ghost, and now he could finally properly pursue it.

The thing was that he didn’t even remember how dorky he could be when he was falling for someone, so when you were hanging out in a park, just walking and talking, he suddenly had the urge to say it romantically, quietly, in the shadow of a big tree, maybe when sunset was setting.

But as his brains didn’t function properly, his big reveal was anything but romantic.

I really like you!” he suddenly exclaimed, making you stagger back in surprise and people in the park looking your way. He glanced around, flustered about all the gazes and groaned. “Uh… I didn’t mean to blurt it out like that. Sorry.”

You blinked at him with your mouth open, before you tried to gather yourself back together. “Wow. Didn’t see that coming.”

He stared you for awhile, blushing a little bit as he saw you blushing too. “Do you… maybe, want to go to grab a coffee with me sometime? Or something else you like?” he asked as he rubbed his neck. “I mean, if you don’t want to-”

“I’d love to, Luke.” you interrupted him and smiled. “Actually we can go grab something right away, if you have time. I know a pretty good place nearby.”

He blinked at you. “Now? Wow. I didn’t… yeah, of course. Now is fine.” he laughed a bit. “I’m not any good at this, am I?”

You shrugged. “You’re better than I expected for someone who has been dead for 25 years.”

He grinned at you sheepishly. “I was better when I was alive last time. Trust me. I think that’s coming together after I get used to it again.”

“Well, maybe you’ll get to show me those skills.” you teased as you took a hold of his hand. “But hey, wanna go grab that something?”

He smiled at you goofily, not believing you had agreed on a date so fast, but tried his best to be his charming self.

“Gosh I love this feeling.” he muttered and from the corner of his eye, he saw you grinning at him. This date had to be perfect.

Tags: @noncannonships

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Fandom: Julie and the Phantoms

A/N: This is kinda placed post-dating Luke headcanons I did earlier. I hope you like it!

Word count: 420

Prompts: B9. “Did you do all this… for me?” and B10. “Did you really think I’d leave without a kiss?”


Originally posted by lucamarinnelli

Luke had been secretive all day, giving you flowers and chocolate, but not telling why. You had walked by the beach, to a small cave and you were surprised by fairy lights, a checkered blanket and a picnic basket, and Luke took a hold of your shoulders as you gasped at the sight.

Did you do all this… for me?” you asked, furrowing your eyebrows as you glanced at Luke. He laughed.

“Well, I got some help from Julie and the boys.” he shrugged. “But I needed to show you how much I love you. We have bodies now, I can finally touch you. And we can eat outside Caleb’s club.”

You sat down on the blanket and looked inside the basket, and were met with breadrolls, croissants, juice and fruits. “Oh, they look delicious.”

“Only the best for my Y/N.”

You had barely started eating and talking about your relatively new relationship before you heard Julie’s voice calling out to Luke.

“I’m sorry guys, we have to interrupt like this. This won’t take long.” Julie looked sheepish and Luke sighed as Reggie and Alex appeared beside her too.

Luke sighed, pressed a kiss on your lips and grinned at you before standing up.

You laughed. “What was that for?”

Did you really think I’d leave without a kiss?” he asked and you snorted.

“Luke, you’ll be gone for ten minutes tops.”

“Ten minutes without you.”

“Guys, we’re still here?” Julie laughed. “I love your romance, I have shipped you from the start but being so cute in front of us makes us uncomfortable.”

“Yeah, like waaaay too uncomfortable.” Reggie nodded and he beckoned Luke to come with them. “C’mon, it’s just one thing, it takes just a little moment.”

They exited the cave, you heard some mumbling as echos and Luke came back within just a few minutes before he sat down again.

“Band stuff?” you asked as you chewed your bread roll.

“Yeah, they want us to perform at the Orpheum again, this time with more songs. We just don’t know how we’ll be doing the “Phantoms” now when we can’t teleport.” his brows furrowed for a second, but then he shrugged. “But we won’t worry about it now, that’s for another time. This evening is for us.”

You smiled at him, raising your juice mug with his and laid your head against his shoulder. “I still can’t believe you’re here.”

He let out a huff of breath and smiled while looking at his mug. “Me neither.”

Tags: @noncannonships

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