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neoheros · a day ago
Tumblr media
sakusa doesn't wake up in his bed.
no, he doesn't even wake up in a bed.
instead of his cosy, cold mattress, he wakes up in a small, unfamiliar couch, and he's suddenly very aware that his sleep was not comfortable at all.
there's an ache in his neck and shoulders for staying in such an uncomfortable position for such a long time, a separate pain in his head from the sheer brightness of the room, and never in his life has he hated sunlight more than now.
a voice calls out to him, and he sits up quickly once he realizes that he's not alone.
sakusa's done a handful of stupid things in his life — quitting college early to join a volleyball team? sure. spilling hot coffee on himself on his first job interview? definitely. — but waking up in a random person's house with no recollection of why that happened? now, that's just too much.
the pain in his head feels worse now, and his eyes shut tight as it tries its best to focus in the bleary bright sunlight.
you take a seat on the chair across from him, the edges of your eyes crinkling slightly as you smile, "you're awake."
and it's only then that sakusa realizes that he recognizes that voice.
it’s your voice, and he reluctantly opens his eyes to see your face, in what apparently seems to be your house.
his mouth feels dry, "i slept."
"yeah." you smile, nodding lightly as you hand him a mug of fresh coffee.
he takes it from your hand by the rim, and he tilts his head, "here?"
he doesn't mean to sound so repulsed, but the general idea of him sleeping in your house — without him having memories of why or how — well, that genuinely appalls him.
of all the houses in the world he could've randomly crashed in, did it really have to be yours?
you are the one person that has him wanting to run a marathon every time you touch his hand, the one person he's been practicing how to talk to in the mirror every morning, the one person he actually, genuinely likes - and the universe brings him here?
"yeah, you gave me your keys last night, i think you assumed i knew where you lived?" you say this as you laugh.
he looks at you, mug in his hand, unsure what to say, but the hotness in his ears are starting to spread closer to his face.
"i didn't know where you lived, so," you shrug, but the smile on your face doesn't leave at all as you gesture around the place, "i brought you here."
and it finally starts to come back to him — last night's celebratory gala for japan's professional volleyball teams, four and a half glasses of expensive wine, and his arm drunkenly thrown over you as you tried to walk him back to your car.
his face feels hot.
"so, i was drunk." sakusa looks at you, fixing how he sits on your couch as he places the mug on the table in front of him.
"atsumu and shoyo were drunk," your shoulders rise, and you laugh, "you were wasted."
if he wasn't flustered before, then he sure as hell is now.
leave it to sakusa kiyoomi to be a wasted mess in front of the one person he's been trying to ask out for two years straight.
"oh," he blinks, and he looks at you again, hoping that he doesn't look as bad as he feels right now, "i am so sorry."
you laugh, and you wave him off as you say something along the lines of "don't worry about it," or "i don't mind."
and your smile stays clear, "but next time, tell me what your address is so i know where to bring you when you drink."
"i don't think i'm ever drinking again." he replies, his left hand running through his mess of a hair, and it's just now he realizes that he must've slept in the clothes he wore from last night.
this isn't him, or at least, it's not supposed to be.
sakusa doesn't get wasted, or sleep in yesterdays clothes, or crashes on someone else's sofa and not remember it.
he's the guy who's neat and clean and responsible.
he's made sure that that's how you knew him, he made sure of that so once he finally asks you to have dinner with him, you'll know him well enough to know that it'll be nothing but a good idea.
"can you drive?" you tilt your head closer to where he's looking, noticing how he's been too enveloped by his train of thought to even touch his coffee again.
"yeah," he nods, blinking away the last of his sleep, "definitely not drunk anymore."
and you assume this means that he's ready to leave.
you stand from the couch, readying to help him go as he prepares to take his leave too, and you hope he doesn't feel like you're the one who's kicking him out right now.
he stands awkwardly, the blanket you put over him from last night falling to the floor, and you see how his once perfect and pristine tux is now wrinkled and folded harshly.
"i would've gotten you a fresh pair of clothes but," you put your hand behind your neck, and you laugh lightly, "it did not seem appropriate for me to do that."
sakusa shakes his head, "trust me, you've done so much already."
this definitely was not what he had in mind whenever he thought of spending the night at your place.
"omi." you call out to him with that annoying nickname his teammates gave him that he never seemed to mind when it fell from your lips.
and you laugh, smiling, "it was really fun seeing you become a drunk mess last night."
( and it almost has him contemplating becoming a drunk mess again just to have you say his name like that. )
he walks with you to the door, the ache in his head that's spelling out "hangover" starting to deepen, and there's a huge weight in his chest that tells him he's not ready to say goodbye to you yet.
but its a sunday, and he sees you at work all week, so today's probably your only break away, and you must be tired of taking care of him so much already.
"i'll text you when i get home." sakusa tells you, stopping just before the door.
and there's a second stuck in the air - you looking at him with a tilted head, and the deepening red that's starting to spread all over his face.
it takes him another second to realize what he's just said.
and he follows, "to let you know i got there safe and stuff."
"ah." you smile, and it's apparent that you're trying not to laugh, so you say instead, "i'll appreciate that."
and sakusa is back to walking away from you and towards out the door, except this time, he's pretty sure that the red on his face is more from embarrassment than the remnants of alcohol in his system.
"you owe me a drink by the way." you finally tell him, joking slightly as he steps out the door, out of your house and into the open air of the city.
sakusa cracks a short smile, raising a brow.
"i bought you two cups of coffee last night," you cross your arms, standing in front of him as he keeps his eyes on you, "and not the cheap ones you get at work."
he knows you probably meant that as a joke, so he decides he's better off not saying anything about it.
he nods, stuffing his hands in his pockets, his ears still a bit pinkish, "i'll think about it."
you smile, "drive safe, omi." and before he can say anything else, you place a quick kiss on his cheek, stepping away as quickly as you leaned in.
he doesn't say anything after that, only giving you one final nod as he turns on his heels and starts to walk away the second you close the door.
its only nine in the morning, but you're already feeling like you've just gone through a day's worth of embarrassment after that.
a second passes, and you're ready to hop back in bed, deciding to just lazily sleep the rest of your day off away.
but the doorbell rings, not even a full minute after you've just closed it, and you sigh - cause, who the hell is it now?
you open the door anyways, and to your surprise, it's sakusa again, his face flushed and his hair a mess.
you tilt your head, "omi?"
"i thought about it." he tells you, rather firmly, like he's battling himself just to say it, and he takes a step closer.
his face feels hot.
"can i buy you coffee this afternoon?"
Tumblr media
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love-me-a-good-prompt · 2 days ago
More non-sexual intimate scenarios to insert your characters into:
Person A tucking Person B into bed
Person A clasping Person B's necklace
Person A checking, at Person B's request, to see if Person B has bad breath
Person A and Person B trying on each other's clothes
Person A accompanying Person B to a doctor's appointment
Person A helping Person B clean / organize their house / apartment / room
Person A and Person B sleeping in the same bed together (just sleeping)
Person A checking Person B's hair for ticks / lice
Person A taking Person B's measurements to fit them for a custom garment
Person A making a playlist / mixtape for Person B
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luci-in-trenchcoats · a day ago
Imagine...Your Anniversary With Dean
Tumblr media
Summary: The reader is miffed that Dean’s been away all day on their anniversary but he makes it up to her in a big way...
Pairing: Dean x reader
Square: Anniversary
Word Count: 649
Warnings: language
A/N: Written for @supernatural-jackles​​ Tell Me A Story Bingo!
“Dean,” you said, finding him outside of the bunker, leaning against Baby as he watched the clouds roll by. He hummed and you stomped your foot on the ground. “You’ve been gone all day, ignored all of my calls and’s our anniversary. Did you even remember?”
He held out his hand behind himself, making a grabby hand at you. You huffed but he continued to extend it out, turning it upside down and back. You rolled your eyes and walked around the side of the car, crossing your arms. He smirked softly as he looked at you, his cheeks getting redder and redder.
“What?” you said.
“Trust me?” You sighed but nodded. 
“Why are you blushing?” you asked. He put a finger on your lips and smiled. “I don’t get to know?”
“You’ll know in a bit,” he said. He tugged you over in front of him, pressing your back to his chest, holding his arms around your waist. 
“So what are we looking at?” you asked.
“You’ll know,” he said, kissing your temple. “Patience.”
“Looks like I’m staring at dirt and brush, you know, like normal.” He shushed you, sliding a hand over your mouth.
“Been working on this all day, sassy. Just wait a little while longer.”
“How’d you know I would come outside?”
“I know what I’m doing,” he said. You tilted your head back, Dean kissing your lips. He felt warm around you on the cool November evening. The sun was setting, sky full of pinks and oranges. You settled back into him, resting your head on his shoulder when you heard a small sound. Suddenly a streak shot up into the sky from the field and exploded, a large bright red firework going off. Another smaller pink one went next, a smile growing on your face. He hummed as you both looked up, watching one after another, some slow, some rapid, some so bright it lit up the whole sky. You grinned when a heart appeared, falling down just as another went up.
That’s when you saw letters start appearing. First an M, then an A and an R and before you knew it you were wide eyed and Dean was down on one knee next to you. You turned to him when the fireworks ended, a worried little smile on his cheeks. You nodded and he hopped up, picking you up and hugging you tight.
“I thought you didn’t care about getting married,” you said. 
“Well you’re mine and I’m not letting you go. I figured I might as well make it official. As much as it can be anyway.”
“You’re still blushing,” you said, tickling his cheek. He planted a big kiss on you as he set you down, another firework going off. You glanced up and saw a question mark, Dean chuckling.
“Almost nailed that timing,” he said.
“It was perfect,” you said. He cocked his head, biting his bottom lip. “You’re adorable and I love you.”
“Yes I am,” he said, pecking another fast kiss on you. “I love you too, sweetheart. Would you like to see the other part of your evening?”
“Yes please,” you said.
“Not mad at me anymore?”
“No. Not when you’re gone because you’re doing something like that,” you said. You rocked back on your heels and hummed. “What’s the surprise?”
“Dinner reservations for eight and then we’ll travel just out of town and have a cozy little cabin I’ve rented to spend the weekend and yes, because I knew you’d ask, it has running water and electricity and a fridge and a king size bed. How’s that sound for a surprise?”
“You’re nailing this fiance thing,” you said. He smiled and hugged you again, picking you up and carrying you back towards the bunker.
“Come on. Let’s go get dressed and get started on that whole forever thing.”
“Your sap, sweetheart. Always.”
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certifiedhorny · 2 days ago
his filthy ‘maid’ | d.m
Tumblr media
pairings : draco malfoy x fem! reader
summary : you get punished by draco bc you sent him some pics of you wearing a maid outfit while he's busy at work.
warnings : nsfw, kinda mean dom! draco, sub! reader, degradation, maid outfit, teasing, vaginal sex, dirty talking, nipple play, using of ‘master+slave’ words, etc.
"you need to avoid bending over everywhere sweetheart, it's such a distraction." draco's whisper ghosted over your ear.
the warm exhale escaping his mouth tickled the back of your nape with excitement he had been feeling for hours.
his index finger circling your erect nipple caused the rapid motion of your heart beating against your chest to run a cold chill down your spine, slightly pinching in between immersed by the small jolt your hips made, through the thin little maid outfit you had worn for your husband today.
his left hand tried sneaking towards your ass only to realize you weren't wearing anything under. your warm bare skin coming in contact with his cold palm seemed to electrify the touch even more.
"oh, such a tease are you.” harshly clutching your ass, draco grunted at your courage.
his big palm tightly held onto your plump flesh squeezing according to his contentment, earning low whimpers from you but draco was way more desperate than you.
he lifted your dress only to get a perfect image of your round ass which you have been showing off a lot in the pictures.
"did you enjoy making me suffer, hmm?" he questioned before smacking your unmarked flesh with the intention of revenge and it seemed to work.
your body jerked forward as you let out a loud moan of pain, instantly clutching the wooden table in Infront of you with your sweaty palm.
all you wanted was to provoke him with a little tease and you somehow ended up inside his small office room of the manor.
ever since draco had laid his eyes on the tempting pictures, you sent him during his work hours mentioning him as your 'master', he had not known forbearance and self-control since then.
"so blissful." draco commented, peering at the fresh red mark squeezing your ass once again making you shriek at the burning sensation.
your face heated up all of a sudden believing; a rise in temperature with draco's body pressed up behind you with almost no space in between.
something about his touch today symbolized power assuring you that everything was under his control, that you were under his command, unlike other times. you could feel every inch of his growing bulge right at your back.
his other hand was already palming your breast making you moan and shake uncontrollably until he had discarded his hands off your body to let you breathe for him to start his actions.
"bend over the table." there wasn't any hint of gentleness in his tone.
his hungry lips fell right on the most sensitive part of your body, the place he knew you couldn't stop moaning for him.
his wet tongue rolled around your neck too fiercely, lips sucking the skin under intending to leave dark marks of his desire for you to heat up with the wild thoughts in the morning while looking at your reflection.
"w-what?" your shaky voice out of breath already fulfilled his pride knowing he had an equal effect as you on him but not your reply.
"mannerless," draco hissed with dissatisfaction as he used his one hand to caress your jelly-like thigh before parting your wet folds.
"should i first insert some manner inside of you before my dick?" your body turned rigid for a second the moment his cold finger rubbed your clit making small circular motions alternatively.
his other hand securely wrapped on your waist helped you to stand still with his support.
your hips without any intention to shook and jerked, relaying on the dependence of the velocity of his moving fingers, against his hardened member making him grunt words with pure relief at the friction.
"slaves aren't allowed to question the order." he made you aware as if your senses were in the right state to seize his words with the increasing speed of his fingers over your clit.
your unmistakable loud moans ate up the space within four walls with a closed door. "they are supposed to obey every word and submit."
with a quick motion, he had made your front body collide with the cold top of the table. a loud yelp following right after had him concerned for a few seconds but not for too long as your reply seemed to fuel his suppressed desire more, making him forget his patience and give in to the growing tension.
"yes, master." you murmured with your flushed cheeks pressed against the hard surface, which equally worked to torture you.
draco couldn't ask for anything more, with you being this exposed in front of his eyes to gawk, him being allowed to explore you to the deepest.
his hands tightly held your both wrists in one before lifting your body a little up from the table only to meet his painful bulge once again.
"can you feel it?" hd questioned swaying his hips forward, almost grinding with need against your flesh.
his actions, slow enough to fool an observer however the force applied was way rougher than he ever had been on you before.
"that's how wild you drive me without much effort."
the confession did make your heart swell with mocking pride but it all shrunken down with a shivered cry to feel him inside of you.
draco for sure was having his way agonisingly slow but you couldn't wait anymore and the worst part was he could comprehend every word and beg behind your impatient movements.
"you look perfect to be wrecked and receive everything I have to offer you."
he let go of your wrist, took off his belt, the clanking sound reaching your ears aroused you to the core and lowered his pants not caring to step out of them.
you weren't aware of the pain shooting through your veins until he had once again developed a tight grip around both of your wrists, the throbbing agony could be tolerated you thought until the euphoric pleasure was to come your way.
draco leaned forward and his tip met your warm entrance, inviting his awaiting desire to feel your tight wall against his pulsating cock.
not able to hold himself any longer at the imagination he shoves his member all the way Inside growling at your tightness.
"s-so big."
your fingers curled inside of your palm to endure the sudden pain of penetration while your lips parted open trying to inhale as much air as you could but the action was short-lived.
draco started to thrust his length in a thrill knowing you still required time to adjust the girth, the mewls escaping your throat had already made him aware of the roughness his desperate rushed push was putting you through.
"fuck! so tight."
his other hand gripped onto your hips, pressing you down or either squeezing and slapping your flesh at the intensifying goodness of peak.
the pleasure drawing through his member stretching your walls to enter deeper and hit that spot made you arch your back despite being held in an unbearable position.
the sound of bare skin slapping pleased his ears as if reassuring him of the place he holds and you were already committed to be his and only, as if your loud moans implying no one could grow inside of you to this depth he was right now, no one could make you submit as he could.
the small shiver of your body each time his tip ravished your spot seemed to satisfy him with unknown dominance to be able to control your insides like that.
"oh don't clench already, filthy maid." he whispered, leaning down up to your ears, his thrust slowing down as if waiting for you to protest.
"you don't deserve to be filled this soon, after all the problems i had to back working." his deep chuckle right after your low whine made you regret your actions however, his next word ended up giving a shiver dowm your body as if your wet skin was conductance for his intention.
"why don't i teach you how to shut your mouth while i'm working hmm? let me stiff it up, on your knees now."
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nerdofthecentrey · 2 days ago
Desk moments | Genshin Impact
Includes: Venti, Albedo, Kazhua
Summary: Small moments that happened at their desk
Tumblr media
You walked over to Venti’s music room in your Serenitea Pot. Your boyfriend sat at his small table with his lyre a couple other instruments around him, he hummed a sweet heart warming melody. You lean in the door way watching his eyebrow fur at his music sheet.
“Barbatos?” You whispered his head shoots up to look at you he then smiles softly.
“ Ah..I haven’t heard you call me that in a while.” He sighs giving you an apologetic smile. You chuckle walking over to his small desk. Venti gives you a smirk and pushes your hips up against the desk. He puts his lyre down standing up. You gasp a little as he brings his face down to yours.
“ I haven’t seen you in a little while.” He frowns, You frown a little too.
“ I’m sorry I’ve been busy…When-“ Before you could finish he grabbed your face kissing you gently.
“ No need to explain yourself to me, Windblume. I’d wait a million years for you.”
Tumblr media
“ Are you just gonna sit there?” You sigh as you try and calm yourself down after yelling at Albedo. He looked at you calmly yet guilty he knew he had been busy, he had just forgotten about.
“ Y/N, Please..” You cut him off.
“ Please what?!”
Albedo grabbed you and sat you in his lap. He takes a deep breath and puts a cold hand on your back, “ Please forgive me for my absence. I have no excuse to have not made more time for you.”
You glare at him folding your arms. Albedo chuckles and He leans forward and scribing on the piece of paper behind you. Next thing you know he brings his glowing hand near your face a snowy flower appears. You try to control your smile but you can’t help it, you grab the flower and tuck it behind your boyfriends ear. Albedo smiles resting his head against yours.
You sigh once more, “ I forgive you, Please don’t let this happen again.”
Tumblr media
You walked all around the boat looking for Kazhua You checked everywhere when it hit you. You walked down to the lower decks and there he was his head resting in his hand leaned back into his chair sound asleep.
On his desk was a book about visions you frown marking his book before closing it. You try to make his desk neater suddenly he pulls you into his lap. he bared his head into your neck whispering,
“ You know I don’t like it when you rearrange my desk.” You roll your eyes smiling at the dark wood.
“ I know I just couldn’t help it..What are you gonna do about it?” You tease, Kazuha groans.
“ Not on my desk.”
“ Whyyy?!?” You whine.
“ The chances of someone walking in or hearing us and clean up after.”
“ Ah!-“ You yell as Kazhua pushed you off his lap.
“ I believe it’s time you take your leave. I have stuff I need to finish.” You roll your eyes and walk out the room. You were gonna come up with a plan.
A/N: This is my first time writing for Kazuha and Albedo so sorry if they sound out of character it will get better. This was also kinda rushed put I really wanted to post something. I’ll probably fit this later. Please feel free to message me if you have any writing tips or things you think I can change and/or improve on.
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bergandysam · 2 days ago
𝕰𝖘𝖈𝖆𝖕𝖊𝖊 - 𝕿𝖊𝖈𝖍𝖓𝖔𝖇𝖑𝖆𝖉𝖊 𝖝 𝖌𝖓!𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖗
Hello! With Techno having returned to the SMP with a jail break, why not a lil imagine
Let me know if I've made any grammatical errors or need to add a CW :)
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Gender-Neutral pronouns Word Count: 1.5k CW: Reader has bad mental health, mentions of not eating, cursing
"Holy fuck Phil" Techno breathed heavily, clutching his stomach as he curled in on himself.
"It worked!" Phil was ecstatic. The plan to get his best friend out of jail had actually w o r k e d. 3 months late mind you. Phil was too excited to notice the look of worry on his best friends face. A rare sight that Phil seemed to skim over. Heaving, Techno gripped the back of his chair to stand himself upright, trying to catch his breath. Which ultimately didn't work when what little oxygen that had entered his lungs were immediately coughed out as Phil tackled him into a hug. Techno froze. Dream wasn’t exactly the most affectionate. Especially not to Technoblade. He hasn’t had any type of affection since the day he decided to visit. which happened to be a kiss and a hug from you. Techno shook his head, wasting no time in grabbing Phils shoulders and pushing him off of him. Phil stared at Techno incredulously, disbelief. His best friend that had disappeared for 3 months was finally back.
And still as cold as ever.
Technoblade stared at Philza intensely, stilling gripping the shorter man by the shoulders.
"You alright mate?" Techno twitched as he heard the words fall from Phil’s mouth. Oh how he had longed to hear him talk. Not that he would ever verbally admit it. He coughed, averting his eyes down to his pants as he pretended to wipe off any dust.
"Uh... yeah I am fine Phil." Phil quirked his head to the side, a soft smile on his face as he looked at Techno. Standing awkwardly in silence, Technoblades worry had returned. Remembering what he needed from Phil. A simple request really.
"Phil. Where are they?"
Angry was an understatement. He had left you for 3 months. MONTHS without a word or a trace.
Interrogating Phil for Technos whereabouts was no use. Every time he saw you for even a split second, he would be flying away surrounded by his crows. In the beginning, he would talk to you. Saying,
"Nah, haven't heard anything from Techno, sorry mate" "Oh you know how he is, he's probably gone to let out some steam. He'll be back soon enough"
But by week 2 of the questioning, he began getting fed up. Knowing he wouldn't be able to face you without cracking.
Each day was harder and harder to cope with. Things in your life had started to crumble and completely fall apart. You never realised how much you needed Techno, well, depended on Techno to support you emotionally. You had Ranboo, but nowadays he's with Tubbo and Michael nearly 24/7. There was Philza, but he's been avoiding you, knowing Technoblade wouldn’t want you to know where his was.
Things had gotten tough alone in the Tundra. You refused to go to Technos house, hell you refused to even leave your own. You had stopped catering to your farm, letting Phil do all of the dirty work. Eating became minimal. Only doing so when you truly had to. These past 3 months were probably the worst months of your entire life. The only thing occupying your time is being curled up in a ball in your bed. Swaddled in blankets as a baby would be.
So when you heard those 4 rhythmic knocks you had been longing to hear for these past few months. Your heart raced, excitement blooming. A smile stretched towards your eyes, causing the apples of your cheeks to turn a bright red, eyes crinkling. Desperately trying not to get tangled within the sheets, you bolted out of your room and down the stairs to open your front door. Hoping, wishing, knowing, who was going to be behind it. As expected, when you opened the door. There stood the Blood God himself.
His usual soft pink hair, now matted and frizzy, no longer in a braid. His bright ruby eyes, wearing his golden framed glasses he claims to hate so much. (which Sam so kindly let him wear in the prison as his contacts had dried out) Pointed ears adorned in gold jewellery, which he admittedly put in before he saw you as he had taken them out before he visited Dream, as Sam would have forced him to. Red robe nowhere to be seen, only wearing a cotton white shirt stained with various different patches from wearing it for so long. Stubble had grown over the lower half of his face. Techno was never able to grow a beard.
You took in his appearance, not caring how disheveled and gross he was at that moment. He was him. He was there. In person. With you. Tears immediately fell down your face, a loud sob escaping your throat. You couldn't contain yourself. All of these pent up emotions had finally been let out in one gut wrenching cry. You threw yourself at him. Taking in his warmth and scent. He snorted at your antics. Missing the way your cheek rested against his shoulder, and how your arms fit perfectly around his neck, successfully trapping him against your body.
If he thought he missed Phil, he didn't even know what this feeling was. No words could describe what he felt as he was gone. Of course he missed Phil, Phil is his best friend, his partner in crime, father-figure. But you... You were different. Technoblade loves you. Different from how he loves Phil. No, he is in love with you. Being away from you for so long with no way to contact you was eating him from the inside out. There wasn't a second he wasn't in pain in that godforsaken prison. Wanting nothing more than to hold you against his chest, cherishing in the warmth of your hands on his scalp as you massaged his head softly. As you were doing in this moment.
Your body wracked in his arms, sobbing loudly, tears making a wet patch in his shirt. Not that he minded. He pulled you impossibly closer. His head tucked in the space between your neck and shoulder just taking in your scent. Tears of his own fell down his cheeks, trying as hard as he could to suppress them, but try as he might, he ultimately failed.
"Fuck Tech" you murmured against his skin, voice wavering in the process. He inhaled a sharp breath humming in acknowledgment.
"I know" he whispered, wanting this moment to never end. Unfortunately for him you pulled away. A whine had escaped his throat at the loss of contact. If anyone could make Technoblade become vulnerable, it was you, and only you.
"God" you said staring at him once again. Your hands were resting on his shoulders as his lightly pressed against your waist, tightening the longer you stood there. Never wanting to let go of you again. "At this point..." you trailed off, trying to find the right words. You looked behind him at the snow, before looking down at your feet. Wrong move. One of Technos hands immediately left your waist to grab your face, forcing you to look him in the eyes once again.
"Please" he pleaded quietly. "Please don't look away, I'm scared I'll disappear again. That this is all a dream" His heart was thumping against his rib cage at the confession. He was almost certain you could hear it. You smiled at him softly. Lifting a hand to meet his against your cheek, nuzzling into it slightly before grabbing his and moving it back to your waist. Moving your arm back around his neck, resting in the same position as before.
Never breaking eye contact.
"I promise to never look away, unless you do it first" You bargained with him, he laughed softly. “And i promise that this isn’t a dream”
"In that case, I think we're going to be stuck on your porch for the rest of our lives." He smirked, reveling in the way your eyes crinkled as you laughed, a bright smile littering your face. You calmed down staring at him lovingly.
"At this point Techno" You continued what you were saying before Technos anxiety had spiked. "I don't give a shit about where you were or why you were gone for so long. I'm just glad you're finally back"
He giggled. Which had shocked you. You didn't think Techno even knew what giggling was, let alone having done it himself.
"I love you" He whispered as he started to lower his head towards yours.
"I love you too idiot" Murmuring just loud enough for him to hear, before meeting him half way and pressing your lips against his. His small tusks grazed your cheeks slightly, immediately lighting up with blush. God how you had missed this feeling. The kiss was soft. But passionate. Pouring both of your emotions into it. The grip he had on your waist lightened before he wrapped his arms around your lower back, pulling you as close as humanly possible. The two parted for a split second to catch their breath before diving back in.
They had a lot of catching up to do.
Did anyone else see Phil read technos will live??? I sobbed. It wasn't even sad.
Thats a lie i am lying to myself.
Have a good day/night :)
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sylvieshay · a day ago
hate the tie
pairing: draco malfoy x hufflepuff!reader
summary: you and draco have an explicit arrangement that has been kept secret for awhile now—or at least you believed it was until somebody started to become suspicious with your whereabouts.
word count: 1.5k
warning: sexual content.
tags: @specialagentsoftie
note: this is the first hp fic i've written so i hope draco is portrayed okay. characters are obviously aged up. if you'd like to be tagged for future fics just comment, dm, or send in a non-anon ask.
another note: this is basically just filthy smut and enemies with benefits. i'm perfectly fine with leaving it the way it is lol. but let me know if you'd like another part with a 'happier' ending.
requests are open now for certain characters of the marauders & golden trio eras. check my character list for more information before requesting. :)
Tumblr media
the fingers around your neck pressed down gently. not enough to suffocate you but enough to have you gasping for air around his close hold. 
you didn't doubt he could feel your heart beating two times more than usual. it didn't help that the pace he kept was teasing. selfishly making it so you were unable to come yet.
your body was going crazy and you knew he was doing it on purpose with every thrust in your cunt.
his wrists were holding you securely in place so he could slide easily inside of you without care. 
just a few moments ago he pushed your skirt up and now it was bunched up around your waist. and your shirt was pulled down, you had no doubt that draco could visually see your chest heaving through your bralette. 
the yellow tie that was a part of your uniform and usually went around the collar of the polo—was a stuffed up wet bundle of mess inside your mouth.
"i hate you." draco hissed into your hair under his breath while balls deep inside your cunt. he didn't want to look at your face while pounding mercilessly inside of your tight hole.
with elbows were bent, and your hands pressed up against the cold wall—you tried to keep yourself upright. but every time draco pulled back with his cock, you were struggling to keep steady with shaky limbs.
when pushed back inside of you roughly just now, you almost tipped forward and when he noticed your failure to keep up with his thrusts—he rolled his eyes at your uselessness.
draco paused still inside of you to adjust his position and pulled you closer to him. he placed one hand on your hip and gripped it rather tightly. after grabbing a fist full of your hair with his other hand, he chuckled.
you whined at the sensation of his calloused hands pulling at the strands from your scalp. "of course the tie isn't enough to shut your bloody mouth up. somebody will hear, come in and then you won't get to finish if you don't stop yapping your pathetic mouth."
his hushed words had you biting down on the tie more swiftly then you'd like to admit. your cheeks flushed from embarrassment with that astonishing thought.
he took the opportunity of your pause to shove his cock even deeper inside of you. you didn't think it would have been possible but this was draco. 
quick thrusts rubbed your g-spot and he had you seeing white spots through your vision. you could feel every inch of draco's penetrating length.
he tugged the grip he had on your hair back, this so he could hold you closer like a doll for his own use of pleasure. draco had you in the exact position he wanted and left a small kiss on your collarbone before slowly making his way up your neck nipping on your neck and leaving love bites.
"you feel so bloody good around me, y/n." he breathlessly spoke and you couldn't help yourself but taunt his earlier statement. "i hate your guts malfoy." you muffled as best as you could through your lips, hoping he'd know what you said through the tie.
the statement you gave him must have been manageable to hear. and it angered him because one second he was holding your hair and the next he was letting go of it to grasp ahold of your cheeks.
he pushed them open so your lips looked like a fish out of water. leaving you no choice but to push them out just like he wanted.
draco pulled the tie out of your mouth and instead used it to tie your wrists together. after securing your wrists back, he whisked two of his fingers inside your lips and hoped to further quiet your moans and whines.
"good girl. suck on them and i'll play with your clit, hmm?" draco whispered and you licked his fingertips with your tongue as a response. he couldn't help but groan and think about your warm mouth wrapped around him.
you knew the hand that was still placed on your hip would leave fingertips with how much his grip was digging into your soft skin. you felt relief when he moved it and circled your clit instead. 
he felt your body drop into his at the intense release of tension but he couldn't help himself. draco pinched your nub while smirking deviously and you shrieked around his fingers still wrapped around your lips.
your tummy jolted and he quickly moved his hand there so he could feel his cock inside. "shit, y/n do you see this? i'm fucking you so bloody hard that i can see my cock." he muttered. 
your eyes widened when you tilted your head down. you could see clearly what he was talking about. his bulging cock was really pressing against your tummy from inside. 
he coddled you to his chest and pushed your head back so he could watch with every push and shove into your pussy. your eyes rolled into the back of your head at the pleasure. he flicked your puffed clit and your eyes opened back up immediately. 
"i'm gonna come." you managed to utter and you felt the shake of his head. "not yet slut." you tried squeezing your thighs together due to the pressure but he slapped your pussy. "keep them spread or else i'm going to withdraw from your cunt and find another."
you wanted to come so bad that you could feel tears falling and checked to see if you could tell how close he was. his face was leaning down and still watching the view.
you used that time to take in draco's features. blonde pieces of his hair stuck up in different directions from the sweat on his forehead. his eyebrows were scrunched together and lips screwed closely into a thin line. 
he was awfully close too.
you could see the pleasure thickly on his face and he pushed down your bralette to squeeze your nipple harshly. "your cunt keeps bloody squeezing me y/n. come now." he hushed into your ear and completely bottomed-out inside of you.
you thought you heard draco murmur a "please" but you weren't sure if you were hallucinating from the intense pleasure.
the knot from your belly finally unraveled and you moaned around his fingers loudly. he groaned around your cunt, pounding a few more times before dropping every drip of cum he had inside of your bruised hole.
after a few minutes of feeling his warm cum and trying to keep it inside of you as long as possible, he pulled out and you hissed at the empty feeling and cold air around your pussy.
using the two fingers he just released from your mouth, he curled them in a scissor like motion before pushing them against your hole. he scooped up the cum dribbling out and pushed the drops all the way back in with his knuckles dangerously close to your sensitive clit.
he smirked at your breath hitching from the cold rings around his fingers pressed against your skin. he pulled his fingers out, he put his cock back inside of his pants and buttoned it back up. 
he took one look at you. mascara dried down your face and stained your cheeks with black streaks. he laughed and you bit your bottom lip and held up your wrists. "release my arms you arrogant bastard."
he made a "tsk tsk" sound and rubbed his neck as if he was thinking if he should or not before moving forward to untie your hands.
you instantly backed up from him to rub your wrists then snatched the tie from draco's hands. giving him a cue to leave, you looked away from him to grab some toilet paper to wipe and clean yourself up. 
when you adjusted your skirt he finally snapped out of his trance from watching you and unlocked the bathroom stall's latch. 
"you may want to get a new tie before showing your face in the great hall. i might have lent you one if you weren't a hufflepuff." he snickered—looking at the color in disgust and left without glancing back.
that's one thing you could agree on.
yellow wasn't your first pick either but you favored the hufflepuff attitude more than the slytherin's. you wouldn't have it any other way despite the shade of green you often fantasized wearing.
thirty minutes later you walked into the great hall about ten or so minutes after draco did. you made your way over to the hufflepuff table for dinner and sat down on the bench by cedric and your other two friends.
he raised an eyebrow at an oblivious draco that glanced over in the hufflepuff area and watched you gingerly sit down. 
cedric has been your best friend for a while now. he figured out easily that something was definitely up. with a knowing tone he asked, "where have you been?"
you bit your lip and put some food on your plate before looking at cedric with a shrug of your shoulders. "just around."
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strongque · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Chifuyu Date <3333
My mind decided to make this up, so I might do some other characters too. 😋 -Que
Going on a date with Chifuyu.
Absolutely LOVESS when you hold his hand when walking to the date. He'd be all blushy and shy about it.
On the date, he tried to act cool infront you, instead he got too shy. He thought he was gonna embarrass you.
He tries to make up for it by buying you some treats. (candy, pastries, etc,,)
Bought you flowers after the date, he bought you roses!
Chifuyu brings you back to your house with his motorcycle.
And he decided to give you a quick kiss on the cheek and drove away with a bright blush on his face.
Tumblr media
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nights-legacy · 2 days ago
Falling into His Grasp - Hawks
Tumblr media
First time trying to hold their hand. Does it go right or wrong?
Main Masterlist MHA Masterlist
+The relationship between Hawks and You is fairly new. You two have been on dates and what not so the two of you haven't been extremely couply. Despite all of Hawks flirting. It doesn't help that Hawks is very busy being the No. 2 hero. You completely understood too so you never pressed the issue. It wasn't until a date night at a penthouse restaurant that you first held hands with the winged man.
Tumblr media
"And then the guy dove behind a semi-truck in middle traffic. What he didn't know was that Endeavor was on the other side of the street, waiting." He said with a big smile on his face before taking a bite of his lasagna.
"Well that's unlucky and unfortunate for him." I teased. He gave me a stink eye before smiling. I went to say something else but someone came up to our table. They started gushing over him. I silently sighed, looking down at my food. I pushed my fettuccine noodles around my plate.
Tumblr media
"Thank you so much!" They squealed before running off.
"Sorry, babe. The fans can get over bearing.” He said, scratching the back of his neck in penitence.
"It's fine, Hawks." I smiled as I took a bite. He nodded but I could still see the apology in his eyes.
"So, how was your day?" He leant forward on his arms. I smiled.
"Well, I nearly killed the bitch at work. You know my 'bad day at work'?" He laughed, throwing his head back and his wings fluffed behind. I looked at his hand as he tapped the table in amusement. Desire to hold his hand was strong but I was too nervous to make the first move.
"Yeah, the name sounds familiar." He thought out loud. I laugh before going on.
The night went on basically the same way. Us making small talk, people periodically came up to Hawks to get an autograph or picture, and I constantly tried to urge myself to take ahold of his hand.
"I wish I could have seen that." I nodded in agreement before glancing down. I looked at his hand again and inched mine towards his. Just as I got Millimeters from his fingers is when a woman the same age as us came up and basically started flirting with him. I sighed, pulling my hand back, tucked it into the crook of my elbow, and started to look at how beautiful she was. Someone that was more likely to be seen next to Hawks.
Tumblr media
"I'm going to get some air." I said before getting up and walking away.
"Babe..."I heard him coo faintly. I walked across the restaurant to the doors to the terrace. Walking outside, I took a big breath before walking over to the railing and looked out over the city. The night was clear and quiet. I closed my eyes and blocked out the situation happening inside. It was only a few minutes before I heard the gentle flutter of wings.
"Hi." I looked over my shoulder. He stood a few feet behind me. He had his arms crossed over his chest and a gentle smile. He looked back at the restaurant.
"She is just a fan, Y/N." He said looking at me lovingly.
"I know. I just feel inadequate sometimes around your fans. I'm quirkless and average at best while most of them are, well you know, not."
"You know I don't care about that, babe." He began walking towards me.
"I know Keigo but..." I went to lean against the railing but it gave way under my weight. I couldn't even scream at how quick it gave and the world slowed down around me. Before I could fall any further, Keigo's hand shot out and grabbed mine.
Tumblr media
He pulled me in and away from the ledge, turning us so he was in between. His wings lightly wrapped around me and I could feel how tense they were.
"What the hell?" He snapped. He gripped my hand tight, holding it to his chest. A waiter popped his head out the door.
"Is something wrong, sir?"
"Yes! The railing just gave way under them as they leant against it." He nearly growled at the man. His eyes grew in size.
"Oh my! Are you alright?" He asked frantically. I nodded and looked back towards Keigo. He had his eyes narrowed at the man. "Oh good, I am glad you're..."
"I want to see your manager." He deadpanned.
"Keigo." I whispered shouted as the waiter ran off.
"It's alright. I may be upset but I just want to tell them what's going on. As a precaution. Give him a warning about inspections and maintenance and stuff. Heroes honor." He told me, bringing my hand up to kiss it. I gasped and blushed. He chuckled as he wove our fingers together. I clutched his hand, still a little shaky.
The manager came at a dead run, worried about the situation. Keigo explained what happened and gave them a warning about it and for proper maintenance for the balcony. The manager promptly agreed and apologized profusely. I assured him I was okay before Keigo took us back inside. The manager gave us our meal for free and we left not long after.
"Now that was a date to remember." He chimed.
"Yeah." I said softly and shaky, gripping onto his hand that neither of us had yet to let go. He looked at me when he heard the shakiness in my voice.
"Hey, hey. You're okay. You're safe. You are on solid ground. I've got you." He pulled us off the edge of the sidewalk. He held my hand in both of his and held it to his mouth. He pressed feather light kisses to my knuckles.
"I know. I'm just shaken still." I glanced up at the building we just left. "Not all of us have wings and can soar through the air, Keigo." He smiled sadly.
"I know, Y/N. But I'll always be there to catch you or help you fly." I giggled. "It's a shame that our first time holding hands had to be from you nearly falling to your death."
"But you haven't let go since." I gave him a cheeky smile. He gave me one back before pressing a long kiss to my hand.
"I don't plan to know that I have it in my grasp. Now, let's get you home."
"Okay." He gently pulled me along. As we walked, I felt his wing curl up close to me. I giggled while brushing my fingers across his feathers. I felt the slightest shiver come from him and his wing tuck in ever closer. I set my head on his shoulder, happy that we were finally getting closer.
TAG LIST: @spicy-therapist-mom @dxnaii-rxse @sxturn-stars @iris-shihabi
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aggravatetheaxe · a day ago
Hi there! I was wondering if I could request an imagine where a victim “escapes” from the slashers and hurts s/o in the process. What would the slashers do during and after? Thank you!!
Hi! I wasn't sure which slashers you wanted for this, so I put my list into a randomizer and went with the first 5!
Walter Sullivan
Thomas Hewitt
Jason Voorhees
Deacon Billings (OC Ghostface)
Erik ("The Phantom")
cw: mentions of suicide, reader being injured/in mortal peril, mentions of torture and killing etc etc
Walter Sullivan
Oh no. Oh dear.
You are possibly the only good, pure thing in this world or the Otherworld and someone hurt you? Walter is ... not happy, to put it lightly. The only person who should ever hurt you is him, and he won't do that unless it's for your own good.
This only enforces his belief that the world and everyone in it are monstrous. It drives home the truth he's already convinced of - this existence in terrible and torturous and needs to be destroyed if anything holy is ever going to be allowed to blossom again.
Whether The Victim is pre- or post- Walter's suicide, he's already stopping at nothing to go after them. He doesn't view it as personal, he doesn't hold any particular hatred for most (most) of his victims; they're simply links in a chain. But this person, the one who hurt you ... it's personal. They'll die in absolute agony.
If the victim in question is pre-suicide, Walter will bring them down and find somewhere to keep them for later. This will not be a quick death.
While they're bound/gagged or knocked out, he'll check on you. You're special, possibly even the Mother Reborn, and he can't let you die until the time is right. If you're seriously injured, he'll see to it that you're taken to the hospital, and pray to a dead God if he has to that you'll be alright. If you're not seriously injured, he'll do his best to patch you up - he lived on the streets for many years and had to take care of himself, so he knows basic first aid.
Once he's certain you're safe, he will put you somewhere where you won't witness what he's about to do. Even if you want to see it, he'll insist you stay hidden, saying the sinner doesn't deserve to be in your presence. You'll have to really convince him if for some reason you want to watch.
Their torture will depend on what they did to you. If it was just a few scrapes and cuts, he'll let them feel every ounce of pain before they die. If they really hurt you, their torture will be prolonged. In his mind, and according to his religion, death is a sacred sacrament, and this evil being doesn't deserve its release. If they did something to seriously traumatize and/or sully you ... the crime scene he leaves behind is going to be grisly, to put it lightly.
If the victim in question is post-suicide, the results will be similar, but he has absolute control over the Otherworld - and he will utilize that. He will have his creations take care of you and keep you somewhere safe ... they may be terrifying, but they won't hurt you unless he wills it. As for the victim, he can twist them into their worst nightmares over and over again before killing them. He will make them see their wrongdoings and pay for their evil. They will beg for mercy and there will be none.
After it all, he will simply move onto the next one, with you somewhere safe ... until it's time. Until it's time. You are so perfect.
Thomas Hewitt
Dammit. If he'd just been quicker or smarter, he could have caught them before they escaped and hurt you. He immediately blames himself.
There's no time to beat himself up over it, though. He briefly checks to make sure you're not bleeding from anywhere vital and sends you (or locks you up) somewhere safe before going after the victim. You're on your own for first aid for now - unless you're literally dying, he can't let them leave the property.
If you are literally dying, he's staying and doing all he can to help you. But if Hoyt yells, he may have to pawn you off on someone else and hope they do a good job taking care of you. He'll hold your face and give you tender kisses goodbye - whether you want them or not - because this might be the last time he ever sees you.
He chases the victim in a fever, much more erratic than you would expect from him. He's faster, less careful, more inclined to put himself at risk just to get a swing in at them. It's not generally anything personal when he kills someone - it's something he does for the good of his family, and because he was told to. This one he's not interested in saving for meat. They hurt you. You, his special person. He's going to grind them into the mud, and he's not even going to let Hoyt have a go at them.
Sometimes, sometimes, he struggles to see the animals in his victims. But this one ... he doesn't even feel the urge to twist them into an animal. That's a whole human, an evil one, one he wants to kill. It's a different feeling for him.
Once it's all over and everything's calmed down, he's rushing directly to your side. People don't come around all too often, so he's comfortable putting down the chainsaw for now. He neglects any skin projects he planned and lets someone else do the butchering, focusing on taking care of you, especially if you're seriously injured and put up in bed.
If you're not as seriously injured and tell him you're fine, he's still keeping an eye on you ... and making sure you're well-fed. You've been through a lot and it was all his fault. He doesn't want you to be exposed like that again. Next time someone comes around, he'll insist you hide somewhere.
Jason Voorhees
It's a toss up whether or not he'll actually notice you're hurt. Not because he doesn't care or anything, but because Camp Crystal Lake is a lot of ground to cover and there's a low chance he'll be in the same area as you at any given time.
For this imagine, though, let's assume you've found your way to him or he's sensed you're in trouble and has rushed to you.
You were supposed to be safe in the cabin, so he's a little irritated that you wandered out, but that's completely overshadowed when he realizes you're hurt. He stops everything he's doing and clinically and thoroughly pats you down, identifying every solitary injury.
Just like his mother before him, he is a vengeful soul, so he is not letting this go even if you're just scraped or bruised. If you are critically injured, he'll at least get you to the cabin and get a tourniquet on you.
Otherwise, he leaves you behind. Not very mindful, but you should know that he wants you to get back to the cabin or at least stay out of the way. He is no longer thinking of you - he has established his target and knows what he has to do. He's laser focused and decisive as he stalks after them, using anything at his disposal to get to them.
Their death is quick - he doesn't play around - but he has a lingering sense of irony and playfulness. If there's a particularly interesting weapon nearby, he'll take them out with that; or perhaps he'll hurt them in the way they hurt you, just, you know ... more fatal. And a lot gorier.
After that, he'll move onto their friends, until every last one is dead. Once his objective is completed, he is returning to you directly and finishing the job of patching you up.
He can't help but feel a little guilty that you were hurt. You shouldn't have left the cabin, true, but perhaps he should have been watching for you. He should have locked you up. Pamela might say rude things in his head. Then again, she might comfort him. If she doesn't like you, maybe she'll even wish he'd left you to die.
Deacon Billings (OC Ghostface)
Well ... you usually keep him around to scare off other Ghostfaces - something he's very handy at - but you don't usually run into trouble with his victims.
He doesn't really tell you to go anywhere in particular when he's killing. He knows you can take care of yourself. But now he feels stupid for not having a backup plan. Of course some asshole was gonna eventually identify you as his loved one and try to get cute. He should've had something prepared for that.
But, if he's good at anything, it's improvising. He skids into whatever room you're in, drops his weapon, and pulls his mask off right away to check you over. If you're only mildly injured, he's visibly relieved, and tells you to stay put while he deals with whomever hurt you. If you're more seriously injured, he'll grab your phone and shove it in your hand. "Get in the car, get the fuck out of here. Drive to the emergency room if you have to, just leave."
If you're unable to drive, he'll make you call emergency services - or call them for you, if he has to. The game is over, he's done playing; this isn't fun if he's not winning. Everyone in this place is gonna be dead and he'll be long gone by the time the ambulance shows up for you.
The one who hurt you is going to get an extra special surprise. A particularly grisly death, and a bunch of selfies/short videos of Ghostface with the corpse - taken with the victim's own phone, posted to their instagram, tiktok, facebook, sent to any discord groups, and any other social media they have. If he has the time, he'll even make them in meme formats (definitely posting with meme captions, the fucking troll). He'll probably send a copy to you as a "hey, look what I did!"
If there are survivors, especially if that survivor is the one who hurt you, you better believe he is immediately doxxing them. Since he's had a little time to cool down, he might even play the long game, maybe catfishing and blackmailing them. Ruining their pathetic little life even further would be pretty fun. In the end, though, they'll die like all the others.
When all is said and done, he's going to be there for you, helping you recover any way he can. He'd suggest rest (for an amount of time relative to your injury), some movies and candy, maybe some video games. And time spent with your favorite Ghostface, of course, right?
He'll never forget what happened, though. Even though the person is dead, he'll be stewing and pissed off about it for a long, long time. And he won't let something like that happen again, or at least, not without a contingency plan in place.
The hash mark/tally mark he stitches into his costume to symbolize this kill is gonna be twice as long and large as the others, maybe in the place you got hurt as a reminder.
You already know what's about to happen.
If anyone so much as hurts your feelings they're getting menaced and receiving a strongly worded letter - actually physically harming you? That's suicide.
If he can't immediately kill this person, or if you're seriously injured, his primary objective is helping/comforting you. He has to push down a lot of wrath to do it ... every instinct tells him to immediately dispatch the fiend responsible ... but you are more important to him than anything in this world, even revenge. He will administer any first aid you need and may even drug you with ether to ensure you rest.
Don't think that means your attacker is off the hook, though. As soon as he decides you're well enough, he will put you somewhere safe - lock you away if he has to - and kill them. His preferred method is the Punjab lasso, but if they did something particularly egregious, he'll knock them out and take them to his torture chamber. They have a lesson to learn before they go to Hades.
Another option is, like Deacon, playing the long game ... playing with his food, stalking them, making them live in fear before they die. But he has a lot of wrath in that skinny little body, so it's a toss up as to whether or not he'll actually be able to follow through with that for very long. It depends on his mood, really!
He will keep the killing and torture hidden from you, of course ... unless you express an interest in seeing the vengeance being carried out. He would be worried for you, however, and advise against it. Those sights are not for the faint of heart, and certainly not for someone as beautiful and good as you.
Once all is said and done, it's as if it never happened. As if that person never existed! What a happy thought! Sometimes you even think Erik has completely forgotten the incident ... until he's stalking another victim and he locks you away again, and you remember you are always on his mind. He will never, never let that happen to you again.
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m0th-writ3s · a day ago
Reader who’s good at baking trying to teach Tubbo and/or Ranboo how to bake a cake (on stream or not, you can decide)
thanks for the request! i made the reader gender neutral, but you can send in another request if you’d like the pronouns changed and i’ll go back and edit it! Also a lot of it is beeduo at the start for some reason, and also i had trouble at the very end so dont ask about the conclusion lmao.
Tumblr media
Baking with BeeDuo
“Hey chat!” Y/N greeted, turning around and scanning the ingredients that Tubbo, Ranboo, and them had put out before starting stream. They checked over a mental checklist of everything they would need before turning around and introducing the stream.
“Today i’m here with Tubbo and Ranboo, and we’re going to bake a cake from scratch!”
The two boys, who were behind Y/N, both gave a quick wave to the camera.
After talking to chat for a bit Y/N turned around and grabbed a medium sized bowl, turning back to Tubbo and Ranboo telling them to get all the dry ingredients.
“Okay so lets put in like 3 cups of flour first?” They say, as Tubbo reaches over and grabs the cup measurements, shoving his hand into the bag of flour and dumping three cups of flour into the bowl Y/N was holding.
After he was done, he put down the cup and grabbed a handful of flour, smudging it across Ranboo’s forehead, quietly laughing to himself.
Ranboo looks down to the shorter boy in surprise, hesitating slightly before he took a handful of flower, throwing it at him.
“Revenge, loser!” He laughs as Tubbo looks down on his blue sweater, which was now stained white with flour.
“You little-” he starts saying as he reaches out to grab another handful of flour, before Y/N takes the bag and closes it, putting it inside the cabinet they got it out of.
“No fighting, children.”
“I’M LITERALLY OLDER THEN YOU WHAT DO YOU-” Tubbo starts, before Y/N places a finger to his lip and shushes him.
“Anyways,” They then look back at Tubbo while saying “my children,” with a slight smirk.
“Next lets add like 3 cups of sugar, preferably without making a mess.” They chuckle.
Ranboo turns towards the ingredients they put out on the counter and grabs the bag of sugar, opening it, grabbing the 1 cup measurement and pouring the sugar into the bowl.
“One, two, thre- OH MY GOD TUBBO WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THE SPATULA-” He yells as Tubbo runs at him full speed, jumping onto him as both of them tumble onto the floor out of view from the camera.
“Okay, so next is 1 1/2 cups cocoa powder.” Y/N said, ignoring Tubbo, whos still on the floor attacking Ranboo and laughing manically. And Ranboo, who is screeching and begging for help. Both boys still out of view of the camera.
They were finally done with putting all of the ingredients together, which shouldn’t have taken long, except it took them two hours. You’d think the hard part was done, but then Y/N screeched “Okay, so next, pour it into the pans- NO TUBBO DONT FLIP THE BOWL ONTO IT-” Tubbo, who’s baking experience amounted to random cooking shows he’d watched flipped the entire bowl of batter into a cake pan.
Y/N quickly flipped the bowl back into place, deciding to take over from there as those two most definitely didn’t know what they were doing.
Finally, after a bit of struggle, they had three cake pans full of chocolate cake mix.
“Okay, were almost done now, now can one of you open the oven?” Y/N, who was carrying two cake pans because of Tubbo’s thoughts on the cake batter.
“they look disgusting, i’m not touching that shit”, he’d said looking at the pans in disgust.
Ranboo swooped under Y/Ns arm and opened the oven, setting the cake pan he was holding onto one of the shelves, turning away with a ‘there we go’ and waiting for Y/N to put theirs in.
After they had cleaned up, they had 20 minutes to make frosting while the cake finished baking.
“Okay, so we’re going to make a really easy to make frosting because…well-” Y/N said, taking a glance at Ranboo and Tubbo on their right, both of them had mock insulted expressions. Or so you’d assume Ranboo did, because of the mask and glasses.
“Okay, 3/4th cups of butter and 6 cups of sugar for it!” They said, turning to get the 3/4th measurement while Ranboo grabbed the 1 cup measurement.
Ranboo took out the huge bag of confectioners sugar and started counting out the cups. When he was done, he turned to Y/N, who had just finished pouring in the melted butter, and tackled them to the ground, while grabbing a handful of the sugar and throwing it onto them.
“Revenge for not helping me with Tubbo, loser!” He yelled as Y/N screeched on the floor.
Tubbo looked down at them, grabbed another handful of the sugar and threw it onto both of them, causing them to stop their little fight, turn to Tubbo, and jump onto him.
“Y/N- RANBOO DONT DO THIS NO- AHHHH” Tubbo squealed out, as he was being tackled to the ground by the both of them.
After they had frosted the cake, Ranboo had flour all over his sunglasses, mask, and top part of his shirt. Y/N had sugar all over their pants, and Tubbo- well he was covered head to toe in both flour and sugar.
The trio ended stream with a couple laughs and a goodbye to chat.
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yungbludz · 2 days ago
Wrong person, right time [P.G.]
Author: i dont believe in right person wrong time or wrong person right time but it gave me a good idea
Summary: in which she falls for the wrong guy...
Warnings: smut, angst, heartbroken driver, +18, nsfw content
not my gif creds to the owner
Tumblr media
"Is he coming too?"
"Yea, why?" Fuck.
You were many things but what you weren’t was very fond of Pierre Gasly. The man had been introduced to you by his and your best friend, Charles, back in the days and since that day it was open war. You found him rather annoying and cocky. His confidence annoyed you to the point where you wanted to wipe that smug off his face with a fist. Pierre knew it, he never really said anything against you but of course he wasn’t your number one fan since you hated him so dearly. He always made sure to be particularly annoying to you whenever you were together because he loved to piss you off, which he was very good at. Even better than driving at times. Charles had never really understood why but he didn’t mind. In fact, the monegasque could find your bickering very childish but he was glad that his hot, french and confident best friend was not in your radar zone because Charles had had the biggest crush on you since ever. His feelings started to change for you around a year ago, after breaking up with his girlfriend it was like he had an epiphany and deeply fell in love with you, but you were so oblivious it was exhausting. You never thought bad of anything he did for you. He had asked you out on dinners and you always agreed to it but even if he wore his fanciest suit and showed off his best flirty smile you always treated him like a friend. At this point he didn’t even know if you were doing it on purpose or if you really did not see that. He had told Carlos about it and nobody else because he was very scared of rumors and ruining your friendship. The spaniard was just as unsure as he was, you were very difficult to read. But the point was, and Charles would have understood that too late, that there was nothing to read.
“I don’t know why he has to come too. He’s very annoying and he always brings home some unknown girl and ditches us.” You complained to Charles as you stopped in front of the club. The monegasque laughed at your complaining because it was cute when you were annoyed, you sounded desperately mad. He knew how much you despised Pierre but you were his two best friends and as much as he tried to keep you two apart sometimes it was impossible for him to manage to hang out with both of you. So why not at the same time?
“He’s not and he told me he’s like seeing someone so he won’t leave us for anyone tonight. Now c’mon, chérie, he’s already there.” He offered you his arm as you stepped out of his expensive black ferrari. Sighing you gave in and took ahold of his hand, letting him lead into the club. Charles’ heart unfortunately skipped a few beats when you leaned on him but he knew it meant nothing. He was planning on telling you tonight if everything were to follow his plan. You approached the fancy place and spotted this tall and slim figure standing in front of it. His sickeningly flirty smirk always on display on his lips as he stared at the two of you walking closer to him. He looked hatefully good, a white button up which was partially open to show off his silver necklace with some black tight pants. He brushed his hand through his hair and you spotted some rings on his hands which had your guts twist. He knows how to dress.
“Hello to you two, don’t be so happy to see me, y/n, I might think you have a crush on me or something.” He teased you. Not even five minutes in and you wanted to leave already. But you sticked to just a roll of eyes as he greeted his friend with their usual handshake. You stood there and once they had finished Pierre looked at you, he didn’t even avoid checking you out and you felt the urge to gulp. His usual smirk made its way on his face as he leaned in to kiss you on the cheek. You were soon inebriated by the strong smell of his cologne. You always gave him shit for wearing too much of it but you secretly loved it because it smelled so nice.
“Looking beautiful as always, y/n.” He whispered in your ear. You attempted to roll your eyes and hide the redness of your cheekbones but Pierre knew you were blushing even before pulling away. Charles was already looking around to focus on what was going on between you and the french man. You pulled away from Pierre and followed Charles inside, the Alpha Tauri driver smiled to himself and started walking as well. The place wasn’t very crowded but most tables were full of people. Charles exchanged a couple of words with the waiter who escorted you to your table. You three sat down, you were positioned right in front of Pierre. You knew you needed a little more alcohol in your system to handle this situation as best as you could.
“And do you remember when your brother found them? I was embarrassed for you!” You laughed while remembering your old memories with Charles. The monegasque blushed and chuckled as well as you reminded him of when he found some handcuffs in his drawer. Luckily Pierre’s presence wasn’t annoying you as much as you thought it would. He’d crack some joke every now and then and tease you most of the time but it was pleasant. Charles’ palms were very sweaty as he sipped on his drink, he had chosen to tell you that night about his feelings but he was struggling to find the right time. Pierre wasn’t a problem because he knew he could tell him to alone for a second but it wasn’t the point. He needed a boost of confidence.
“I’m going to the bathroom real quick. Don’t put anything in my drink, right Pierre?” He raised a brow at his friend as he walked away. Pierre chuckled and took a sip of his wine. You were soon left alone with him. The first minutes were filled with silence as you quickly checked your notifications. You could sense Pierre’s gaze on you and it bothered you a lot. Why was he staring? What was he even staring at? Did you have something on your face? Was one of your boob out? What if your lipstick was all over your face? You began to panic but tried to keep it cool as you looked up at him, your head slightly tilted forward. Pierre gulped and fixed his composure, leaning slightly back in his chair as he wetted and started to play with his bottom lip. His blue eyes intensely staring into yours.
“Don’t give me that look, y/n...” he firmly stated not even breaking the eye contact. You frowned and tilted your head to the side. His white shirt perfectly matched the tone of skin, the silver necklace resting against his hard and toned chest. It was difficult to keep the unholy thoughts at bay when you weren’t stone cold sober. You weren’t even drunk but the moment alcohol entered your system you lost every control of the course of your own thoughts. What was taking Charles so long anyway? It felt like it could’ve passed two minutes just like two hours.
“What look, Gasly?” He smirked once he heard you calling him by his last name. It was a thing of yours to never call him by his first name and he had gotten used to it, he found it quite funny how you could come up with so many hateful nicknames for him, it made him sure you thought about him more than you should’ve just to piss him off. You hated to admit that but Pierre was on your mind more than you would have liked to think. You remember one night, after being stuck in the same room for a whole day, waking up all sweaty and panting because of a wet dream with him. You were beyond shocked and you tried to think it was disgusting but you enjoyed every moment of it. The way his lips brushed against yours, how his body was pressed against yours, the way his hands guided your hips on top of his. It had driven you insane the whole time.
“You’re giving me the fuck me eyes, y/n. Now don’t act so innocent, mon amour.” He stated and watched as your eyes widen in surprise. Sure Pierre was very bold and had no problems with saying what he wanted to but sometimes his lack of filter amazed you. You were not giving him the fuck me eyes, at least that was what you thought but unfortunately your actions didn’t match with your mind. You liked to tell yourself you despised the man sitting across from you, you told yourself you hated his stupid smirk, his hair looked horrible, his eyes were a dumb shade of blue and his body was nothing too hot. You wanted to tell yourself that he was an average looking guy but you knew you were lying to yourself. Because if he was so basic and disgusting to you why did you remember of his head between your legs? If he was so ugly why did you let him fuck you in his apartment? Of course it was all dream but weren’t dreams just suppressed desires?
“I am not giving you anything, Gasly. Didn’t think you were this delusional.” You lied while fixing your posture. He cocked one eyebrow and grabbed the glass of wine with his right hand, positioning it on his lips as he slowly sipped on it. His clear eyes still focused on yours and you attempted to look away but it was impossible. Pierre had a way with ladies that not many men had. He was a ladykiller, always knew what to say, when to say it and how to say it. Charles had asked him advice multiple times because, even though the monegasque was a quite hot man, he sometimes could struggle a lot. Pierre was a right combination of self confident and hot. There was nothing too self-conceited about him and you hated it. He put down the glass on the wooden table, never letting his eyes leave yours. Where the fuck did Charles go?
“You are so annoying, mon coeur, but I bet I would just have to bend you over this table to make you shut your pretty mouth up, right y/n?” He stated while leaning on his elbows on the table. You harshly gulped at his words, the image of his hand pushing you down while the other one held your hip tight as he pounded into you from behind was enough to make you cross your legs. Pierre noticed it. Of course he did. He noticed most of the things your body did in reaction to his words. He knew you didn’t like him but he also knew you were very attracted to him, just as much as he was to you. He liked to tease you but he would have died to have you wrapped around his finger. You were nervous but played it off, you didn’t need him to be even more cocky. As you were about to come up with a good answer Charles returned to your table and cut most of the sexual tension away. Pierre gave you one last glance but you were already looking at the monegasque. When he firstly met you through his best friend he thought you had something going on, nevertheless he could tell by the way you looked at him that you saw him like a friend and nothing more.
“What have you guys been talking about? I’m glad you didn’t kill each other in the five minutes I left you alone.” Five minutes? It did feel like three hours to you. Time always stopped whenever Pierre was around. You didn’t even notice how your body language completely changed when he was with you. Your words said one thing but your body meant something else. You faked a smile and sipped on your drink, trying to drown your previous nervousness. The drunker the better, right? You suddenly grew quiet as the two best friends laughed between themselves. After that small yet so long exchange of words you were left confused. Pierre loved to mess up with you and so did you but lines were getting blurrier and the hatred you once felt towards him began to fade away. What was going on?
Charles didn’t tell you anything that night. You ended up being too wasted to have a serious conversation and he thought he could have waited a day more. You joined the monegasque man on his weekend in Zandvoort. You watched the race from the Ferrari garage. Charles had asked you to come on Saturday as well but you lied saying you were drowned in work. You weren’t. You just didn’t want to see that pretty irritating french face for awhile. It worked until Charles made you promise to come to the race. You were his best friend and you wanted to be there for him. It was very sunny in Zandvoort and weirdly the temperature was fairly warm. You were used to hotter climates but it felt good. You had been running around all morning, running some errands and finishing up some work. You almost arrived late at the paddock, but you didn’t and Charles was a happy man when he saw you walking around the Dutch track. He was talking to Pierre and Max when he spotted you. The shorts you were wearing exposed your legs and did your legs justice, the top had a deep neckline which didn’t result vulgar in anyway. Your hair was let loose on your shoulders and the jean jacket covered you from any change of climate. Max had noticed his staring and turned around as well, curious to know what had gotten the monegasque driver so hooked. He couldn’t consider you a friend but the few times you guys spoke you liked each other’s company. He was a good laugh. Pierre looked up from his phone and caught you in his radar zone. He nipped at his lip as his lingered on your exposed thighs for a bit too long. His hand playing with his rings as you approached them.
“Hey strangers!” You smiled at the three— well only Max and Charles but Pierre was there too— of them and leaned in to peck Charles on the cheeks. You then realized it could have been perceived as rude to not great Max the same way and gave him quick kisses on both cheeks to the dutch man as well. Pierre was curious to see what you were going to do with him. You stood in front of him as he looked at you through his sunglasses. There was something about him that day that drove you crazy. You didn’t know what it was. Maybe the blue ripped jeans, maybe the dark glasses, maybe the backwards cap or his ringed hands. He smirked as he got closer to you in order to greet you just like the other two before him.
“Hello to you too, ma belle.” He whispered in your ear before pulling away. You rolled your eyes and ignored the tingling of the skin where his lips had been. Charles once again didn’t notice that weird exchange too focused on the race to even bother. He had promised himself to tell you about his feelings if he were to finish in a good position. You joined their conversations about basic topics: the weather, the city, the interviewers. However your attention was constantly drawn towards something else— someone else. Pierre had caught you staring and checking him out multiple times and he always shot you a smirk. You didn’t know if you were maybe too hot under the strong rays of the sun or if you maybe were feeling ill. It was impossible for you to behave in that moment. You were glad they had to leave soon because you weren’t sure you could keep yourself together for longer. Charles led you inside his garage and found you a nice chair to sit on and watch the race in as he changed his fit.
“Good luck, Charles, you’re gonna do amazing!” You winked at him as he put on his helmet. He ignored the butterflies in his stomach as he stepped in the car. Your presence only motivated him to do better and better. He was glad you could come, he always managed to do his best whenever you were around. The race didn’t last too long, thankfully no incidents but your eyes were too focused on a certain white and blue car to even acknowledge more than the first six cars at the top of the grid. He was driving like a real champion and it didn’t help you to know he was so good behind the wheel. You despised Pierre so why did you suddenly want to find any way to be with him? To touch him? To look at him? What was going on? For a moment you thought it was just the hotness of the day or your hormones. After all he was an attractive guy and you allowed yourself to think that, there was nothing wrong with it, right? Most drivers were hot, no explanation needed.
“Good job, Charles! I’m so happy for you!” You hugged the monegasque as soon as he stepped in the garage. He sweetly smiled and wrapped his arm around your frame. He had managed to finish fifth and you were feeling rather guilty for not paying as much attention as you should have to his race. You didn’t even know how many pit stops he had had but you could repeat every single words that had left the french man’s mouth during the race. Put yourself together, y/n. You tried to tell yourself. You then thought the best way to avoid doing anything stupid was to ignore his existence till next weekend when you and your hormones would have been more calm and normal. What had gotten into you anyway? You sticked around the paddock waiting for your friend to finish his interviews to go back to the hotel. You waved at some of the drivers, congratulating the first three finishers on the podium and having a small conversation with Daniel. You could see Charles speaking to the some reporters from where you stood.
“Why am I not getting any congratulations kiss, mon cœur?” You didn’t even need to turn around to know whose voice was that. You sighed and saw him getting in front of you. His fireproof suit hanging low from his hips and his cap sitting on his head backwards. He looked very good in white you couldn’t lie and the blue on the suit highlighted his blue eyes. Alpha Tauri fashion designer knew what they were doing when they designed its suit. You wondered if he ever stopped smirking, that smug on his face never died. You wanted to wipe it off because it irritated you.
“I would gladly punch you in the face as a way to congratulate you, honey.” Your bitter tone and words only made his smile wider. He loved this constant banter you two had. It made everything more interesting.
“Mmh kinky? I like it, chérie, do you like to use whips and chains too?” He teased and you stopped yourself from really punching him in the face. Not that he wouldn’t catch it before it would collide against his sweet face but it would be worth a try. You attempted to ignore him and look for Charles who was still speaking to some interviewers. Pierre had way too much fun with making fun of you and getting on your nerves so you decided it was time to get back at him. Two could play at that game. Your eyes were back on him with a strange spark that Pierre didn't quite understand.
"What if I do, uh? Would you want them on you, uh? Maybe you'd be more pleasant to be around if you were sweetly tied up, wouldn't you, Pierre?" Hit and sunk. For the first time you had seen the french man actually struggling to come up with a good answer. He stared at you with shock and amazement spread over his face. He clearly did not see it coming but you were rather proud of yourself and your comeback. Not to mention you had just called him by his first name which had happened just three times in the past. You kept the eye contact wanting to see how further he would have gotten but if you knew something about Pierre Gasly was that he never backed away from challenges. He straightened his back and his shit eating grin was back on his lips.
"Is that a threat, mon amour?" those damned pet names. You were tempted to roll your eyes at him and drop the argument, which was exactly what he expected you to do but you weren't going to give up. Not that day. You took a couple of steps forward, standing a few inches away from him as you stared deeply into his ocean eyes.
"It's a promise, sweetie..."
Weeks went by and you got drowned by work and had little to no time for any relax. Charles tried to reach out to you a couple times and asked you to join him and his friends to go drinking but you had to decline all of his offers to keep up with your job. The monegasque knew he was running out of time but he also struggled a lot with finding the right moment. He wasn't even sure all of this would have led to anything but he knew it was a now or never situation. He had to speak up before it was too late, before you were already in someone else's arms and maybe he was already late for that...
"Did she say she was coming?" Carlos asked Charles as they had a small conversation. Charles nodded glancing down at his screen. It was almost midnight and you had promised him to come to his little birthday party. Nothing too big or fancy, just a drink with some close friends. He had spent all his evening trying to find the right outfit that would have made him stand out and maybe make you see him in the way he wanted you to see him. Pierre looked over at him and glanced at the club's front door, only a security guard checking some guy's ID.
"Everything good, honey?" Catherine whispered in his ear and he shot her a fake smile while nodding. Charles had forced him to bring his supposedly date to his party. He wanted to see his best friend happy but Pierre was far away from being happy. He was rather irritated and he knew he had no reason to be but he still felt uncomfortable in her presence. He had taken her on a few dates but there was no spark. She was full of energy but every time he looked her in the eyes he could see nothing in them. They weren't your eyes. He had caught himself thinking about you more than he was supposed to. Comparing the two of you randomly. Why were you stuck in his head?
"Do you want to-"
"Here she is!" Charles almost yelled as he stood up to greet you. You looked around lost, not sure as to where you were supposed to be but as soon as you spotted the Ferrari driver you relaxed. You had put on the nicest dress you had because it was your best frined's birthday after all. He greeted you with a warm and welcoming hug, his lips pecking your cheek as you hugged him back. A giggle erupting from your lips after Charles whispered something funny in your ear. It made his heart flutter while Pierre stared at the sweet scene from a far. How Charles' hand rested at the bottom of your back as he guided to their table. Or how his eyes lingered a little bit too long on your curves. Pierre would have stood up to greet you but Catherin wasn't going to move from his lap.
"Finally! Thought you had ditched us. You should've seen how desperate Charles was." Carlos joked while hugging you. The monegasque rolled his eyes and flipped him off as he blushed. You giggled and greeted the rest of the group until you were met with a familiar pair of blue eyes. Pierre stared up at you. A blue shirt hugged his torso loosely along with some skinny blue pants and white snickers. His hair let loose and free. A brunette placed on his legs, she giggled right next to his ear but his full attention was on you. You faked a smile for him and shook her hand introducing yourself. She seemed to be a nice girl, you didn't know why she would pick such an annoying and rude asshole like Pierre. Always acting so bold but then struggled with greeting you, as if he hadn't hinted at sleeping with you just a few weeks prior. Prick.
"Do you want anything to drink?" Charles caringly asked you, leaning in so you could hear him loud and clear over the noise coming from the music played in the club. You nodded and he took your order and offered himself to go grab it. You thanked him before he disappeared among the other people inside the place. You exchanged a few words with Charles' friends who were also partially your friends as well. You could sense a pair of eyes on you the whole time and it bothered you a lot. Wasn't he here with his girlfriend?
"There you go. A moscow mule for the lady. Cheers!” Charles handed you the drink before tapping it with his own. You giggled and sipped on it, knowing it was going to be a long night if he kept staring at you the whole time. The quantity of alcohol that you drank within two hours should have probably knocked you out but you still managed to breath. Charles had taken noticed of your drunk self and chose to drive you back to his place, not wanting you to spend the night by yourself. You had briefly chatted to Catherine on the line to the bathroom. She was actually very nice and sweet. You had tried your best to avoid the french man and his taunting gaze but he never took his eyes off you. He noticed every little things that you did and that Charles did. The way he rested his arm on your shoulders, how he would not-so-casually drop his hand on your thigh or how he’d lean in to whisper something in your ear to make you giggle. It pissed him off but what kept him calm was that every time Charles came close to you, you’d turn to look at him and he was there, already staring back at you. He leaned against the couch with his legs slightly spread as he smirked at you. His cheeks were rosy due to the hotness inside the club and the amount of alcohol he had consumed throughout the whole night and his shirt was even more loose around his body. It was harder and harder to keep focusing on anything besides the french man staring from across the table.
“Can you stand on your own?” Charles snapped you out of you trance state. Your eyes flying from his best friend to him. You nodded and stood up, everything spun for a second but then you managed to stand still. Some of his friends had already left and the rest of them was leaving just like you. He said his last words to some of them as you tried not to fall down. You didn’t even notice Pierre approaching you. He had left Catherine talking to a friend she had met in the club with the excuse of saying goodbye to Charles. But he was actually coming to you. He wasn’t as wasted as you were but he definitely was not sober.
“You look marvelous tonight, mon amour.” He smirked as he checked you out. You felt your heart flutter but tried not to show it, even if you were a tiny bit too drunk to hide your emotions. You had to stop yourself from doing anything stupid, although it was rather hard since he looked so good in his fit. You almost stumbled on your feet but he was quick at catching you. His iron grip held you close and tight, the closeness of your bodies knocked the air out of your lungs.
“Careful, ma belle... Not the right time to be on your knees..." he teased you before you pulled away from him and scoffed. You couldn't help but let your mind wonder for a few seconds, the scenario quickly playing in the back of your head before Charles called for you. Pierre followed your figure with his eyes until you were out of his eyesight. He should've been jealous of Charles, knowing he was the one bringing you home but he also knew you had nothing going on and he had nothing to worry about. He was quite confident that you liked him or at least wanted to sleep with him, which gave his heart peace. The entire drive home you couldn't stop thinking about the french man, the way he had carefully caught you, how his cologne intoxicated you, how his blue eyes stared right into yours as if he could read you that easily. What was going on? You had little to no idea. You struggled to listen to Charles speaking not only because you were way more drunk than you should have been but also because you could still sense the warmth of Pierre's body on you, like his eyes were still looking at you.
You weren't surprised to find out in the morning that Charles had left early for work reasons. He was really in love with his job. You had walked your way around the monegasque's apartment, finding it rather nice for a man as busy as Charles. You also found a croissant on the kitchen counter waiting for you. You were very hungry that morning so you obviously went for it, eating it like you had been starving for months. Quickly glancing at the clock you realized it was almost lunch time, so Charles should have come home any time soon. You didn't even make it to the couch when a bell rang. You were ready to welcome the monegasque man with open arms, really thankful he had let you crash at his place.
"Thought you were g-" you stopped your sentence midway as you came to the realisation that the man standing in front of you was not Charles. More like his annoyingly hot french best friend. You rolled your eyes and stood in the way, to stop him from stepping inside the house. Pierre smirked to himself at your movements, expecting nothing more than that. He was wearing a white t-shirt and some ripped jeans, his usual golden necklace hanging from his neck and dark sunglasses. His hair was let loose and some locks fell on his forehead, a smirk plastered on his red lips. Why did he have to be so cocky and hot all the time?
"Good morning, princesse. Came to say hi and see if you were still alive after last night." he smiled at you, pushing his sunglasses off his face. You gave him an annoyed look. What was he doing there? He probably knew Charles was busy with work that morning and there weren't good reasons for him to need to see you, unless he enjoyed annoying you in his spare time which wasn't an option you had excluded.
"Go suck a dick, will you?" you replied trying to close the door but he put his foot in the middle and pushed it open. You rolled your eyes and let him in, he was going to be Charles' problem soon anyway. You headed towards the guest room to pick up your clothes and leave the apartment, you would have texted Charles an apology text for your early departure. There was no way you'd have stayed in that house with that irritating human being staring at you like he owned the world. What a presumptuous little asshole...
"Stop staring at me. It's creepy." you glared at him as you caught him staring at you for a bit too long. He pushed himself off the wall and stepped closer, you were gathering all of your belongings inside a bag you had found in Charles' room. The french man stopped your movements, trapping your hands in his and forced you to look at him. That smirk... You would have gladly wiped it off his face.
"Can you stop acting like a brat for one second, mon ange?" he asked you, his face inches away from yours. You could fee his hot breath on your face and it caused the hairs on your arm to stand. When he was this close it was so hard to even think straight. You despised him so why did you feel the urge to kiss him in that moment? Maybe you still had alcohol running through your system. You gulped, choking on the spiteful words you wanted to scream into his face. What had gotten into you? But more importantly: why were you letting him see how you stopped functioning whenever he was so close? It only boosted his already massive ego.
"Maybe if you stopped being such a dick all the time, ass-face." you spitted out which caused a laughter to erupt from his lips. His head was slight thrown back as he enjoyed your joke which was actually supposed to annoy him. You amused him. Your fake annoyance, hatred, disgust. He loved how you faked it all. He wasn't sure about it but he was quite positive you had thing for him, which was reciprocated.
"Maybe you just want my dick to stop acting like a stuck-up bitch the whole time, uh? Isn't it what you want, mon amour? Being treated like the little bratty slut you always are? Uh?" you were left speechless by his dirty words but even more by your physical response. You felt something moving around your stomach, like a knot tying and yourself growing amused. Did that turn you on? Pierre tested it out and was much pleased by your reaction. You liked it. Your pupils dilatated as he stared into your eyes. The sexual tension cuttable within the room.
"You are disgusting..." you managed to mumble out but he didn't buy it. You wouldn't have believed it yourself. Why were you so weak with him? Why did his touch set your entire body on fire? Why was he all over your mind all the time? What was wrong with you? Pierre slowly let go of your hands to cup both your cheeks and tilt your head slight back, observing every little feature of your beautiful face. You let him. You let him do whatever he wanted to you because you had no control over yourself. Was it embarassing of you? Most likely. Did you care? Not one bit. He locked his eyes with yours, while brushing his ringed thumb over your bottom lip.
"So if I casually slipped one hand under your shirt I wouldn't find you soaking wet, right?" he teased you. You harshly gulped, swallowing your own saliva and pride. He smirked as one of his hand left your cheek and moved towards the hem of the long shirt. You weren't moving anymore, having turned into putty in his hands. His fingertips brushed against your lower stomach before hooking them in the waistband of your panties before letting it slap against your hot skin. You gasped at the action, not feeling hurt but extremely sensitive to his touch. His smirk widened as he moved his hand, his index finding your core very easily.
"Always known you were a liar, mon amour..." he whispered as he cupped your core with his hand. You gasped again, almost giving in and grinding your hips against his hand. Your whole body warmed up under his touch and Pierre couldn’t help but keep smirking. He had you on the palm of his hand. Literally. Your hands gripped the soft material of his t-shirt as he went on and on with his teasing. How did you become so weak to his touch? You really didn't know. Nor did you care enough to find out as his fingers worked wonders on you. Pierre's eyes stared so deeply into yours that you felt exposed under his gaze, as if he had stripped you out of all those walls you had put up in order to protect yourself from the world.
"Pierre... Charles could... Come any minute..." you tried to warn him, not really wanting him to stop but also needing him to be fully aware of the situation. Pierre didn't even falter nor bother to remove his hand, he was unphased by your statement. Did he actually not care even one bit? In complete honesty you weren't surprised. That was how Pierre was. Unbothered to be found by his friend in his guest room fingering his best friend. How naughty would all of that look? You were even more turned on by everything.
"You could come any minute as well, mon amour..." you teased you. Your already flushed cheeks got even redder by his words, but his bold sentence was soon discarded as his middle finger slipped inside of you. Pierre was amazed by how easily your walls welcomed his digital. How could you be so ready for him so easily? Maybe you didn't hate him as much as you said you did. But Pierre knew that already. He knew you liked to mess with him but deep down you liked him, even if you'd have never admitted it. He knew and all of this was just proving him right. The french man wasn't unphased by your being either. Maybe he was simply better at conceiling it. But he was driven nuts by your presence. Whenever you were around he would find stupid excuses to be even closer to you. To listen to you. To annoy you. Getting any kind of reaction from you was enough for him.
"As if you were able to make me cum, Gasly..." you managed to keep your bratty attitude that never failed to drive him insane. He hated it but lowkey loved it. He loved how you never went easy on him. How you tried to call him out for every single thing. How you glared at him whenever he annoyed you. It gave him a boost of confidence because he knew he was on your mind more than you'd have liked to admit.
"Only reason why you won't be cumming today is because I don't want you to, have I been clear enough, ma chérie?" he muttered, rolling his eyes at you. He liked to put you back in your place but you weren't easy to handle. You'd have never taken easy on him.
"Prove it then..." you teased him a bit more until you were soon stumbling on the bed. Your chest pressed against the soft sheets and your ass being moved upwards by Pierre. He had had enough of your bullshit. Always giving him shit for everything when you both knew he could make you forget your whole name in a heartbeat. You gasped at his sudden change of beahvior. You had pushed his limits too far away. Pierre moved his hands to get your shirt out of the way, letting it fall on your back as he stared at the view in front of him: your bare ass covered only by a pair of panties.
"Nice panties, ma belle..." he made fun of your ugly purple underwear. You blushed even harder, you had left at Charles' place the ugliest pair of underwear in cases of emergency and you also did not expect to have such encounter that morning. But soon all your shyness was washed away when both his hands took ahold of your ass, kneading the soft skin between his fingers. A small moan rolled off your tongue. He had wonderful hands and you had fantasized about them long enough.
"Already moaning for me? What a needy girl..." he chuckled before slapping one of your ass cheeks. You jolted forward but he put you back in place. A whine erupting from your lips, clearly not expecting him to spank you. But you weren't entirely sure you didn't enjoy it. The french man tried to decipher the look on your face. A mix of surprise, pain and enjoyment. His hands went back to caressing the soft skin, which allowed you to fully relax under his touch. Why hadn't you done this any time sooner? If his hands felt so good you couldn't even imagine how good he was going to feel inside of you...
"Pierre... P-Pierre!" you screamed as he looked up at you. Your hands had such a tight grip on the headboard that you were scared to break it. When he had positioned himself behind you you kind of already knew what was going to happen. However Pierre liked to surprise you so you shouldn't have been so shocked when he positioned himself beneath you afterwards, letting you sit on his face. You had had your past sexual experience but nothing came close to the emotions you were feeling in that exact moment. Whilst his hands kept being all over your body and his tongue rolled against your sensitive clit. You had found yourself throwing your head back repeatedly but Pierre loved to torture you and stopped every time you'd break the eye contact.
"That's a good girl... Ride my face like you mean it, now mon amour." he demanded and you nodded, your throat growing drier as you were unable to shut up. The feeling of the coil building up in your stomach as his nose casually bumped into your throbbing bud of nerves as he lapped at your cunt. Was this heaven? You had questioned that yourself a couple times. Tears began to form at the corner of your eyes as you tried to keep a steady pace even though your legs were already trembling and you couldn't take it anymore.
"Please... Let me- I need to-" you couldn't even bring yourself to finish a sentence. Pierre smirked to himself as he kept going, enjoying the scene from his point of view. He still managed to have you wrapped around his finger even if he was literally laying beneath you. You were so caught up in the moment and in the pleasure that you didn't even hear when Charles came back from work. He had brought home with him takeaway from your and his favourite italian restaurant. He had taken you out once in there and you fell in love with the cuisine. He was feeling rather confident. Today is the day. He had thought to himself. When he didn't find you in the kitchen or in the living room he knew you were probably in the guest room. He took in a deep breath, fixed his hair quickly and knocked on the door.
"Y/n? Are you awake?" he asked. A strangled yelp escaped your lips as you stopped your movements. Your panicking eyes looked down at Pierre who didn't seem to be even a bit worried. As if you weren't sitting on your best friend's friend's face in his house. How could he be so non-chalant? You tried to come up with a good answer.
"Keep. Moving." he spat out, deliviring a soft slap on your ass which caused you to move again. What was he doing?
"y-yes, Charles." you tried to suffocate your moans but it was very hard when Pierre sucked on your clit so harshly making you see stars. Charles frowned to himself and twisted the knob in order to open the room. Unfortunately neither of you had been cautious enough to think about locking the room. The proud smile was soon wiped off Charles' face when he saw the girl he loved the most and his best friend in the same bed. Him pleasuring her. Her hand tilted back, mouth agape, his hand slapping her ass and the other one playing with her breast. Charles felt his heart sunk in his stomach at the sight. You had no control over your body as Pierre's tongue fucked you better than any other ex of yours had ever done before. You wanted to get off him, you wanted to apologize, to explain, to do something about it but you kept riding his face chasing your release as the boy who had mistakenly fallen in love with you felt his heart getting smashed into million pieces. Pierre kept looking up at you, unphased, unbothered. He just needed to see you coming undone thanks to him. Silence fell over the room right after as you caught your breath. Charles snapped out of his trance and let the bag of food fall on the floor, which caught your attention and made you turn around. He was out of the place before you could even think about stopping him. The green bag left there, the food inside getting colder and colder, the writing on the front saying more than the monegasque was ever going to tell you aloud: I love you...
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epiclamer · a day ago
Did you know… I’m afraid of heights. *seductive lipbite and cocky smirk*
(Loosely based off the imagery in the first pic of this post : Post )
(No reposts but reblogs appreciated <3)
Cw: smutty
“C’mere, lover bitch.” Villain laughed, their whip coiling around Hero’s chest and wrapping tight. Villain snickered as their hero went crimson and shied away as much as the whip around their body allowed them to.
“Shut those luscious lips of yours, hunny bear. Save all that energy for later, you’re gonna need it.” Villain cooed as they pulled Hero towards them like a mime you’d find on the city streets.
“Couldn’t you pick a different time?” Hero questioned, heat rising to their cheeks as Villain got closer and closer.
“Darling, horny doesn’t have a schedule.” Villain chuckled lightly, suddenly much closer then Hero remembered. “So save your breath and shut your mouth, because tonight’s going to be one hell of a night.” Villains hot breath fanned Hero’s cheek delicately, yet filled with a searing lust.
“M-maybe it could be more heavenly?” Hero tried, their stuttering causing a smirk to grow on Villains lips.
Villain eyed Hero hungrily, slowly backing them into the wall to their right. Hero nearly tripped over their feet a few times before their back finally hit the cold brick wall, an excruciating contrast to Villains warm lips that were kissing their way up Hero’s jaw.
Air failed Hero as Villain crashed their lips together, one hand behind Hero’s head—pulling them deeper into the kiss—and the other sliding its way around the waistband of Hero’s pants like a snake.
“Oh love… Heaven is for sweethearts. Hell is for sinners.”
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zaveryclaire · 2 days ago
Ok but imagine you aren't a hero, but instead like a nurse or inventor or something.
So when interns roll around, you look at your little list of students and see Bakugou. No, not Katsuki Bakugou. But Bakugou, like his daughter.
I headcanon that his daughter has the same attitude like her father. Sassy, witty, loud, and smart.
You weren't gonna lie. You're nervous. But who wouldn't be? This is Katsuki Bakugou's child, pride and joy, the thing he lives for.
Katsuki Bakugou is the number three hero in all of Japan, has been for the past two three years. He could pop your head like a zit.
You have no idea what to expect from this child or why they've invested in something that's not pro hero work.
Maybe Bakugou's thinking the same thing. (Spoiler, he is.)
Bakugou talks to Kirishima about it. To be completely honest, he's kind of hurt that his mini me doesn't wanna do what her daddy does. He understands. He also knows that she's gonna be the best at whatever the hell she decides to do.
Kirishima does a bunch of research on you. He finds out where your agency is, who you work under, what you do, your personal information, connections to u.a, etc etc.
On a day that his daughter isn't at your place, he pulls up to you to "get a closer look."
He studies you through your window, watching you pace in a circle with your thumb between your teeth.
He ends up stalking your social media. That turns into little stake outs in front of your building.
Which turns into running into you (quite literally) at the store.
He doesn't know what's more annoying. You almost falling on your ass like a dumbass or you pretending you're just a fan of his, and not literally keeping his daughter overnight.
"Hey. You're teaching my daughter, right?"
"I guess, yeah."
You're shaking and he knows. But he tells you to meet him at the coffee shop a mile away from your house on Tuesday morning so he can go over his daughter's success.
Sure, yeah. Daughter's success.
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certifiedhorny · 17 hours ago
shameless | d.m
Tumblr media
pairings : draco malfoy x fem! reader
summary : your husband fucked you at the balcony, not give a fuck if the neighbours watch it.
warnings : nsfw, semi public, balcony, unprotected sex, nipple play, drinking, cursing, etc.
the night time wind blew through your hair and you liked the feeling a lot. sipping your glass of wine, you let your eyes roam in the darkness of the street.
you had just got home from work and were relaxing on the balcony, waiting for your husband, draco, to get done with his work.
when you had arrived home, you were a little bumped up when you found out that he was still in his company, working.
you wanted to spend some alone time with him but you did understand the position he was in at his career.
you rested your head on your hand and sighed. it had started getting chilly at night. you shivered as a waft of cold wind blew by.
you felt a warm embrace engulf you and turned around to look right in the eye of the man you love the most.
"feeling cold?" draco asked, his voice soft.
"not anymore," you replied and leaned into him.
silence fell over but it didn't seem awkward at all. in fact it seemed perfect as you both enjoyed the beautiful darkness around you.
there were lights in houses in the neighbourhood. everyone was having a relaxing time at the end if the day. a few of your neighbours were even standing on their balcony like you.
again a cold breeze blew by and you shivered even while having draco's arm wrapped around you.
he looked at you once, concerned and turned to look at the neighbours then he did something you didn't quiet expect.
he moved behind you, trapping you within his arms and kissed your neck. you both weren't really cuddly in public so this action took you by surprise.
"dray-," you murmured.
"you're gonna feel better."
"trust me."
he began leaving soft butterfly kisses on your neck and since the light on the balcony was on, the neighbours could see this happen.
you could feel their disgusted expression on both of you, so you stopped him half heartedly.
"baby, not here.” you said.
"it's okay, if you're worried about the neighbours then let me tell you that although they might be mumbling insults at us but i know they're just jealous and secretly wishing that they were us.” he said and once again placed his lips to your neck.
you took a deep breath and stopped him again but this time it was not a resistance. you went to the dim the lights and came back to him, wrapping your arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.
you felt that he had kept his needs bottled up and slowly he was letting it all out. you pulled him out of his shirt and attacked his neck to leave purple bruises all over him.
from the corner of your eye, you saw the neighbours leaving and going inside their home shotting you two looks of disbelief and you heaved a sig of relief because no matter how erotic you would plan to go, having an audience to watch that was the last thing you wanted.
draco held you at an arm's length and removed your shirt as well. he touched your nipple with his index and the then grabbed a breast in his palms making you groan. his mouth were on your breast, sucking on your nips.
you held his head with your hand and groaned louder as he circled his tongue around it.
releasing your breast from his mouth, he kissed you downwards and stopped at your navel. his hands pulled down your shorts while his tongue licked your navel.
you were completely naked, wet and wanting.
he touched you between your legs. "so wet for me, hm?” he said, admiring your dripping pussy.
you weren't just wet, you were soaked and you wanted him inside you right now, right here.
draco lifted one of your legs on the railing of the balcony to make your legs spread wider. he removed his shorts and held your breast with one hand and the lifted leg with the other.
he slowly entered you and you gasped at the length. you let your head fall back and rest on his shoulder as your back was facing him. he kept his pace slow at first, making you familiar with the unusual way and soon increased his speed.
he jabbed into you, moaning your name while you did his. you were sure that the neighbours could hear you and are probably seeing you from their rooms.
but this time, you didn't care. in fact that thought actually thrilled you and made you more excited.
"'oh fuck y'all, i know you wish you were us.” you wanted to laugh out.
"fuckk," you screamed out as he slammed into you getting harsher and harsher. his balls kept hitting your g-spot.
his breathing was heavy and unsteady and you were pleased by the effect you had on your man. his thrusts began getting sloppy and you clenched your walls pressurising on him.
he groaned, closing his eyes and gripped your breasts tighter causing you to yelp.
he twitched inside you came, gasping and moaning and you followed him as you felt your soul spiralling back to the earth after touching the clouds.
you both laid on the floor, panting. he looked at you and smiled and you did too. after a while you were going to get up since it was late.
he held you back.
“we're not done yet" he said, smirking.
"but it's late, dray-."
“we still have the rest of the night left, sweetheart."
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nothoughtsjustwriting · 2 days ago
Six Of Crows #3
Me: Six Of Crows is my comfort book. I love the characters and have read the scenes over and over. Wonderful! My friend: New traumas experienced by children who have experienced a lot of trauma? Me: Shh! I don't remember such a scene. Friend: Matthias’s death scene? When he's perfectly happy. Me: *about to cry* Shut up, nothing like that happened. My friend: Brainwashed boys in the Fjerdan army? Kaz's phobia of touch? Inej's kidnapping? Ravka's collapsing economy? Nina got parem? Me: *cries* shut up, please
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m-stevebarnes · 16 hours ago
Comfort : Rafe Cameron
Warnings : language other than that just fluff
Summary : Rafe gets kicked out of his house by his Dad so he comes to the reader for comfort. 
Rafe Cameron x F!Reader
Tumblr media
(gif not mine) 
I was at home studying, when there was a knock at my door it's currently 11 pm at night so I was wondering who could be knocking at my door at this time.
I don't live with my parents so I was really confused. I walked towards the door and looked through the peep hole and saw my boyfriend, Rafe standing there.
He looked like something had happened. Again I was confused because I thought he was fine. I realized I had been letting him wait outside. So I hurried and open the door.
He didn't even say hi and he walked right past me. I furrowed my eyebrows thinking what could be wrong. He kept walking towards my room and I realize maybe he forgot something.
I followed him. He went and laid down on my bed now I was really confused because he didn't say hi and now he's in my bed. “Rafe? Babe are you okay?” I asked.
He didn't respond instead he was biting his fingernails and staring down at his feet. “Rafe? Talk to me” I said again. He looked up at me from his feet and we locked eye contact.
I raised my eyebrows at him and said “I didn't even get a hi, a kiss, or even a fucking hug, so somethings got to be wrong because this is not the way you usually greet me”
His eyes widened when he realized but he didn't move nor say anything. I thought maybe something happened at home so I sat next to him on my bed.
He moved towards me slowly on the bed. And laid his head on my chest. I put my hand in his hair and scratched his scalp because that usually calmed him down or just generally helped him. i leaned down and kissed his head
He snuggled even closer to my chest. “babe you gotta tell me what's wrong so I can help if I don't know what's wrong there is no way I can help” I tried to convince him to tell me what was wrong but it wasn't working.
All he did was wrap his arms around my waist. I thought I'll let him stay like this for a while. I put one of my arms around his neck and rubbed the back of it and my other hand was in his hair. He moved even closer to me if that was possible.
“he kicked me out” rafe mumbled into my chest. “sorry? what was that?” i asked because i didn’t hear him. He moved his head up and looked at me. I looked down at him and saw his red glossy eyes. I put my hand on his face and didn’t say anything. 
“he kicked me out” he whispered. 
Realization hit me and my eyes widen. I completely zoned out thinking about what happened and everything until i heard a choked sob. I looked down at my broken boyfriend. I pulled his chin up with my hand and sadly smiled at him. I leaned forward and kissed his forehead. 
“doesn’t matter baby” i whispered in his ear. He was now sobbing in my arms. “Rafey, babe come on, shh, shh, its okay” i tried to reassure him. 
He was shaking in my arms. “you know, there’s a bright side to this bull shit” i softly said to him once he stopped shaking and his sobbing decreased. He looked up at me and furrowed his eyebrows. 
“Now i have you all to myself bubba” i whispered. He softly smiled. And squeezed my waist tightly. “you’re moving in with meeeee yayyy” i cheered softly not wanting to upset him. “that is a good thing right?” i asked. 
He chuckled and said “the best” I giggled and pulled him close. I wiped his tears and he snuggled into my chest. I was awake and scratching his scalp until i heard soft snores that signaled he was asleep. I let out a breath of relief and kissed his head “it’s all gonna be okay” i whispered one last time before falling asleep myself 
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fairyunn · a day ago
— you ☆
pairing jung wooyoung x fem!reader
wc >500
warnings cussing
requested : 11 from angst
a/n i live breathe eat friends to lovers
Tumblr media
it's just that the pain he felt watching you be happy in the arms of someone that wasn't him, that's what hurts him the most.
the pain watching you get your heart shattered, and knowing he would never let that happen to you if he wasn't such a wimp on accepting his feelings.
that twinge in his chest, listening to you talk so lovingly about guys he knew were going to break your heart so very soon.
and you would always come crying to him. he was sick of it.
"what now? who cheated on you again? who's tires must i slash?" he asked, not taking his eyes off his phone. if he did, he'd have to be faced with you, eyes puffy from crying all day.
when he didn't get a response, he sighed, opening his arms wide for you, while you tackled him with a hug, a small 'hmph' leaving him.
he held back his words and just watched, after you broke away from the hug, ranting about how you found your boy— ex-boyfriend, with a girl on his lap at the library and how you threw a 600 paged hardcover book at him.
"jeez girl, I must say he deserved that though," he said, a little sympathy shining through.
obviously, a few weeks later, his own friend stabbed him in the back by asking the girl he is in love with, out. he watched you get home from the date, smiling about how h was a great guy to you, and even paid for the ice cream.
"he is nothing but a perv," he snapped.
"must you say that," you said, whining at his words.
"I do, I know him better than you do. i don't think you should see him again"
"jung wooyoung, you do not tell me what to do or who to date, stop being so overprotective! you're just a frien—"
"I'm so fucking sick of watching you throw away your happiness for people who don’t treasure it, y/n" his voice rose. “I don’t think my heart can take watching you love someone else again. can't you see, I love you, my heart aches for only you, y/n”
you stared at him in awe, watching a tear fall from his eyes, while you covered a sob.
“i hate the way you make me feel, i hate the way i want you so badly,” he said, letting his tears fall.
"no, you can reject me all you want, even kick me out of your life—"
"let me speak, wooyoung" you spoke out, voice trembling. you walked closer to him, biting your lip, trying not to hiccup, and breakdown crying on the spot.
“I’ve been waiting for you to admit your feelings for years.” you chuckled out. “you know me better than I know myself. how did you not notice my feelings?”
his eyes all red and puffy finally locked with yours, a small smile playing on his lips. "so, my plan worked?"
"what plan?" he asked.
"to make you jealous"
he blinked, while you smiled back, "kidding"
he expected that. what he didn't expect was your lips crashing down on his the next moment.
although surprised, his lips were plush and soft, and felt amazing. his hands flew to cup your cheek, lips dancing together.
"you made me cry, I hate you" he mumbled.
"oh heck you do, loser"
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guepedaddy · 3 days ago
Contents: massage, spanking.
Imagine Loki's hands on your back. At first, it would only be some strokes, to relax you as you asked him. You had a long day, you're sore of your work and his hands are doing God's work.
Yet, he doesn't stay long on your back and rather starts touching your thighs. Just some touching to test the water, and then some frank massages on them, with a special attention given to your inner thighs. 
You let a whine escape your mouth. Not only is it a sensible, erotic, part of your body, but Loki's hands are agile and know your body by heart. He is, after all, a fast and dedicated learner.
It doesn't take long for him to brush his favourite part: your buttcheeks. It's more than a whine that escapes your lips this time. Loki likes to see how your flesh reacts under his fingers, how pretty your skin is after he tests some light spanks. 
There's no doubt his massages are your favourite way to relax.
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nights-legacy · 2 days ago
Hi! I was wondering if i could get a request for Shoto, Bakugo, or Shinsou. With a reader that has two sets of wings on her back that she can set on fire? The story would go she overused it in training and now has some small burns on her legs and arms but they dont notice it and when they do they gently scold her. But then they help her treat the burns?? And they notice she has a lot of scars from her wings. Just some fluff with worried boyfriends no angst unless you want to do that. Thank you!!
I went with Shoto for this! MHA Masterlist Main Masterlist
Experience in Burns - Todoroki
Tumblr media
2133 words
Warnings: mentions of injuries...not much else.😆
Tumblr media
Ringing was the only thing I could hear for a second. Hands clasped over my cars, trying to gather my bearings and get my head straight. I got straight just as Bakugou tried to attack again. I dodged to the right and flew away a few feet. I shook my head.
"What's the matter? Too scared to hit back, flappy bird?" He smirked as he walked towards me confidently. I laughed before brushing the hair out of my face.
"Oh no, Bakugo." I gave him an innocent look. "Just waiting for the right moment."
"Ah!" He launched himself with his quirk. I smirked.
"Bingo." I lifted my bottom set of wings up and ignited them. As Bakugou reached out to set his quirk off, I swung my wings under and forward. The flames flew and extended past me towards him. The moment my flames licked his palm, the nitroglycerin in his sweat was set off.
"Ugh. Shit!" He was thrown back by his own quirk and slammed into a wall on the edge of the training area.
"Hell naw!" The class erupted in whoops and hollers. Shouts of disbelief and amusement alike.
"Haha. She handed you your ass Bakugou!" Sero laughed, throwing his head back and clapped his head. Bakugou slowly sat up and glared at the black haired male. I slowly descended and softly touched down.
"Shit." I hissed under my breath as the stinging started on my skin. I grimaced as I pulled down my sleeves on my hero suit. I looked up and smiled as Uraraka and Midoriya came running up while Todoroki walked up slowly.
"That was awesome!"
"Using Kacchan's quirk against him, that is genius!" I chuckled.
"Thanks, Midoriya." I said softly. Todoroki stood next to me. He grabbed my hard and leant down to nuzzle my hair.
"Good job." He whispered. I blushed and went to say something but was interrupted.
"Hey, Burnt Feathers!" Bakugou yelled. We looked over to see him stalking towards me. I saw Kiri begin to move to intercept him but Bakugou stopped. He crossed his arms and just stood there, glaring.
"What?" I said. His face morphed into a smirk.
"At least someone here knows how to bring their A-game." He shouted. "Just know that next time I am beating your ass into the ground." He turned and stomped off. I paused in shock. I looked at the others before looking at a just as shocked Kiri.
"Did he just..compliment me?" He looked at me then looked in Bakugou's direction before answering my question.
"I think so." He said unsure. "But that was... that was something else. A very Bakugou way of doing it. " He walked off too.
"Ooookay. That was Weird." I turned back to them. Uraraka nodded in agreement while Midoriya and Todoroki just stayed silent.
"Let's go. I want a shower and fast." Uraraka grimaced as she looked down at her mud covered self. I giggled and followed, still holding Todoroki's hand. I flinched as the stinging intensified on my legs. I absentmindedly tightened my grip on Todoroki's hand.
"Are you alright?" He asked. I blanched but covered it up.
"Yes Roki. Don't worry, I'm just a little sore." He didn't look like
he believed me but didn't push. The four of us split ways to go to our respective locker rooms. I sat down while the other girls started to get changed and/or go to shower.
"Y/N? Aren't you going to get cleared up?" Momo asked. I looked up to see her and Jiro watching me.
"Yes. I'm just going to rest a minute first. A bit sore." I partially lied. Jiro snorted.
"Don't blame you girl. That was an intense spar with Bakugou." Momo nodded thoughtfully. I sat there basically until the rest left with Uraraka still there. I got up, grabbing my shower stuff.
"Well, I'll see you back at the dorms. I'll tell Todoroki you're going to be a bit if I see him." She told me as she went to leave.
"Thank you!" I called after her. Once she was gone I walked over to the showers. I stopped at one of the benches to set my stuff down. I stripped down and went to take my undergarments off when I caught sight of my reflection in a mirror. "Shit."
New burns were now present on my arms and legs as well as my side. They were red, angry, and almost blistering. I grimaced and looked away. I turned on the cold water and quickly got under. I flinched as the water ran over the wounds but continued on. I carefully washed up before getting out. I dried off quickly, shook my wings out, and grabbed some burn salve to apply. After it set, I got dressed and quickly walked to the dorms, flinching every now and again. After a minute, I decided to fly the rest of the way.
"Took you long enough, dumbass." Bakugou looked over his shoulder at me as I walked in. I paused before forcing out a chuckle. "Was starting to wonder if your fight or flight instincts did a switch after our match."
"You wish Bakugou but I'm not the one who ended up flat on the cracked concrete. Now am I?" I teased. He growled and went to climb over the back of the couch if Kiri hadn't stopped him. He had his arms wrapped around the squirming blondes waist. My wings flapped in amusement.
"Alright time to calm down there, Bakugou. Todoroki went on upstairs. He asked us to let you know." I nodded and moved away from the door.
"Thanks Kiri." I walked across the room to the elevator. "Bye Self-explosion boy."
"Why you little!" I heard him scream as the elevator doors closed. I shook my head and waited for the 5th floor. I walked towards Todoroki's door and knocked. After a moment, he opened the door. A gentle smile came over his face.
"Hey there." He let me in. He took my bag from my shoulder and set it aside. I flinched slightly as it dragged across the burn.
"Wow, has it been a long day." I stretched before sitting on the edge of his bed he had pulled out. I crossed my legs and looked up at him. He was watching me with keen eyes. A slight chill went up my spine.
"Are you sure you're okay?" He asked while kneeling in front of me.
"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" I smiled.
"I'm not sure. You've just been acting strange today. Especially after training. I'm just worried." He set a hand on my knee. He placed his hand right on a burn. I jumped in pain before freezing. We looked at each other in shock before his eyes traveled to my knee.
"Roki...It's nothing." I tried to deter him but he was lifting my part leg before I could say anymore. He sucked in a heavy breath when he saw the wound.
"Love..." He looked up into my misty eyes. I tried to push my part leg down but he grabbed my hand. His gaze flickered down to my arms. I went to scoot away from him when he gently grabbed my wrist and pulled up my sleeve in the same movement. "Y/N!"
"I'm sorry!" I exclaimed, wings shaking haphazardly.
"For what?" He exclaimed back before taking a breath. "Darling ..." He set his head down in my lap, composing himself. "If anyone should be sorry it's me for not noticing." He shot up and went to one of his chest of drawers. He pulled out some medical supplies and walked back over. He held out his hand with a silent question. I laid my arm in his palm with a little hesitation. He gently examined the burn. "How many more and where?"
"Only two more outside these two. One on my other arm and my left side." I avoided his eyes. I saw him nod out of the corner of my eye. He started with my arms before moving to my knee. He looked up at me after he finished wrapping my knee.
"I will need you to lift your shirt so I can get to your side. Please." I blushed but nodded. I laid back, wings spread out underneath, and lifted my shirt just below my bra. I could see a faint pink live go over his cheeks. He gently dabbed the burn and I hissed in pain and followed it with a whimper. "Sh, I'm sorry. It will only be a little longer."
"Okay." I said a shake in my voice. I closed my eyes but felt him cup my face in comfort. He finished up as quickly as he could.
"Here." He called softly. I sat up and he handed me some medicine and water. I took them as he sat next to me. "How did you get these?" He asked while taking my hand.
"Overuse of my quirk." I said as he started rubbing circles in the back of my hand. "When it gets to be too much, the durability and flame resistance my body has is little to none. So it results in burns. A lot of them sometimes."
"I see." He said while his fingers trailed up my wrists and arms, tracing the scars. "So that's where all the scars have come from."
"Yep." I said. "It's gotten better since we started school and training. When I first discovered the flaming part of my wings, I used to get massive burns easily. So we basically had a corner in my home that was a Triage center."
"So I'm not the only one with experience in burns. " He looked at me through his eyelashes. I shook my head before letting it fall to the side. I examined his face for the Umpteenth time in my life. He was busy tracing patterns into my skin while I watched him.
"I just noticed your eyelashes are bi-colored too." I reached up and ran a thumb under his eye. He chuckled as his hand traveled up my arm, avoiding the burn, and settled it behind my elbow. He pulled me forward, setting his forehead on mine.
"And you wrap your wings around yourself or in this case, us, when your lovey and comfortable." I peeked and saw in fact my wings were loosely wrapped around the both of us. I giggled and tightened them a little around us. "Come on. Sit in front of me. Your wings are an unruly mess."
"Okay." I maneuvered myself around and he began preening my wings. I shivered a bit at the feeling before relaxing at his touch. "Where did you learn to do this, Roki?"
"I looked it up." He said without shame. "I found out it not only helps wings stay neat and tidy but also helps the being with said wings feel better. So, I thought it necessary. " He held up a stray feather.
"You're taking lessons from Midoriya, aren't you?" I felt his hands leave my wings and pulled me back by my shoulders. I looked over my shoulder to see his innocent, confused face.
"What do you mean?" He asked. I just giggled and nuzzled under his chin.
"It's nothing, baby." I shifted and seized up at the pull on my side. A small groan escaped my lips and then I sighed. Most everything was a dull ache now.
"Hmm." He shifted behind me and got up. I watched him as he walked around the room grabbing his laptop, turned off the light, and opened the shoji screen to let the dusk light in. "I know we were planning on doing some light studying but I feel like it's more of a movie night. What do you think?" He looked at me as he powered on the laptop.
"Yeah. Sounds good to me." He smiled and pulled up a movie. I cuddled back into his pillows and he joined me not a minute later. He laid down next to me and pulled me to lay across his chest.
"Y/N?" He spoke up after a bit and I hummed in response. "Will you come to me when this happens again? I don't want you to keep this from me anymore."
"I will. I promise, Shoto." I hugged him tight. I felt him smile into my hair. We watched silently for a while longer until I heard a tiny snore. I looked up at him and saw he was asleep. I giggled before reaching to close the laptop. I moved it aside and laid back down. I draped my wings over us and cuddled in. I shut my eyes and relaxed into him, slowly being lulled to sleep by the warmth of him.
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