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#13 “You didn’t really think I’d let you spend Christmas alone, did you?”

#14 “You’d make a really terrible Santa”

The farmer lets out a soft chuckle, looking out their farm house’s window to see Sebastian outside in the snow, bundled up in his black hoodie and an added scarf. 

They glance back down at their phone to read the message Sebastian had sent them moments prior:

Santa dropped your gift outside the house!

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cw: modern au, language, nsfw (nipple play, choking, fucking (obvs), voyeurism, praise, biting and kissing)

word count: 1700+

a/n: please even idk why i’m in such a nsfw mood lately, this was from a dream that @katsuhera​ told me to right, go follow her cause she bby 🥰

summary: in which whilst you and eren are getting intimate, your roommate arrives with a couple of friends, eren aware decides to make it a show to make them know who you truly belong too

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Closer - F.W

Fred Weasley x Fem Reader, inspired by the song ‘Closer’ by Nine Inch Nails

About: Fred and the reader decide to spice things up in the bedroom after he surprises her with a box full of fun.

Theme: dom!Fred sub!Reader, smut, smut and more smut.

Warnings: Heavy, filthy smut, BDSM, slapping, degrading, sex toys, fisting, rimming, and swearing.

You laid on the bed flicking through pictures of you and Fred from a Christmas party last year, putting them away on the bedside table, you noticed a white box poking out from the inside the wardrobe.

Walking over to it you picked up the box and brought it back on the bed, you sat down and pulled the red ribbon loose that kept the lid on. The label in the middle of the bow staring at you.

‘To my dearest Y/N. Love, Fred’

You told yourself to put the ribbon back on and put it back where you found it, but you were too intrigued. The curiosity spreading through your thoughts got the better of you.

Taking the lid off you blushed at the red tissue paper, hiding whatever lay underneath. Peeling back the paper your heart nearly stopped at the items staring back you.

Your face went hot and red, you felt like screaming out in excitement but you didn’t want Fred to find out what you had done.

Inside the box were an arrangement of BDSM related equipment: a black spanking paddle with red hearts dotted around the handle, vibrators, red hand cuffs that matched with a ankle spreader bar, a satin blindfold and a ball gag.

The items just kept coming and coming, each time you pulled one out another appeared, you could boil a kettle with the heat coming off your cheeks.

Hearing footsteps come up the stairs, you panicked and tried to put the items back into the box but Fred caught you red handed.

“Darling, I…” he spotted the box and his face flushed too “you already opened it”

You put the lid on and hurried trying to make a bow with the ribbon “I’m sorry it’s just, it was staring at me and I couldn’t stop myself from opening it!”

Fred tutted at you and pulled the box away. He took the lid off again and pulled out the items you had already had a good look at.

You noticed Fred getting erect, his cock poking through his trousers. He put the box back into the wardrobe and sat next to you on the bed.

You could feel your heart beat both in your chest and crotch, you would need to remove your clothes if you continued to heat up.

“You’ve been a very bad girl, opening that box.” His voice sounding gruff.

You swallowed hard “I said I was sorry”

Fred looked taken aback, a playful smile forming on his face. “Are you back chatting me now?”

“No, I—“

Fred unfastened his trousers and pulled his boxers down, his hard cock slapping against his stomach. He grabbed you by the hair and pulled your head down, forcing you to take him into your mouth.

You gagged as he tightened his grip on your hair, controlling you, bobbing your head up and down.

“Dirty fucking slut” he moaned out whilst face fucking you, getting harder just from watching you struggle taking in his full length.

You kept choking and Fred pulled you off him, and threw you face down onto the bed. He kicked off his trousers and boxers, and then his shirt. Fred stripped off your clothes with a simple swish and grabbed the hand cuffs, your hands behind your back he placed the cuffs around your wrists.

You let me violate you

You let me desecrate you

You let me penetrate you

You let me complicate you

Fred shoved three of his long fingers inside of you, finger fucking you. You moaned out in pleasure.

“That feels so fucking good” you whined out.

Fred slapped your wet pussy in response, and turned you around. He put the same three fingers into your mouth, throat fucking you. Your juices spreading across your lips and mouth.

“Go on, taste yourself” Fred groaned out.

Your gagging causing more saliva to form in your mouth. Fred pulled his hand away and slapped you again, forcing you back down to swallow his cock.

He held your head down and refused to move, you couldn’t breathe and Fred took pleasure in that. Your hands still behind your back in the cuffs.

Pulling you away, you gasped out for air desperately as he went over to bed to get more items.

I broke apart my insides

(Help me) I’ve got no soul to sell

(Help me) the only thing that works for me

Help me get away from myself

Fred grabbed the ball gag and placed it into your mouth, fastening it tightly at the back of your head so you couldn’t break free.

Fred also took a hold of the ankle spreader, your legs now open wide for him.

Laces of salvia streamed from your mouth, the cold air making you shiver. Fred grabbed you once more by the hair, turning you to face him he spat in your face and slapped you. “You’re worthless”

Dragging you over to his desk, bending you over it. Your tits feeling crushed against the hard wood. “So fucking helpless” Fred taunted you.

Fred grabbed the paddle and slapped your bare arse four times, he tossed it back on the bed and got onto his knees, he grabbed the vibrator turning it on and he pressed it against your clit.

You tried to moan out but found it hard due to the gag, your struggled muffles excited Fred. Taking away the vibrator he slapped your pussy making you jolt. “You’ll cum when I tell you to.”

I wanna fuck you like an animal

I wanna feel you from the inside

I wanna fuck you like an animal

My whole existence is flawed

You get me closer to God

Fred spat in his hand and rubbed his spit against your entrance, without warning he slammed his dick inside of you, your mouth in agony from the force of the gag.

Fred grabbed the desk for support with one hand and held your head down with the other, your face on its side.

Fucking you senselessly, tears streamed down your face and your legs shook violently, wanting to close them but you couldn’t.

Your walls tightened around Fred, edging closer to your climax “hold back you bitch!” Fred moaned “don’t cum yet!”

Your messy and knotted hair stuck to your face, your tears acting like glue.

Fred continued to pound you senselessly, your eyes rolling back into your head, your muffled moans filling the room.

You can have my isolation

You can have the hate that it brings

You can have my absence of faith

You can have my everything

Fred could feel himself wanting to burst at any moment, he pulled out quickly “sorry about the stretch” he warned, getting on his knees he put four fingers inside of you and then his thumb.

Your moans got louder, adjusting to his fist inside of you. While fisting you, Fred’s tongue circled around your arsehole, the new sensation driving you off the edge.

you tear down my reason

(Help me) it’s your sex I can smell

(Help me) you make me perfect

(Help me) become somebody else

Despite the degradation, the roughness and restraints, you and Fred felt so secure and safe, you were sharing your vulnerabilities with one another.

You were giving yourselves to one another in a whole new way, something you had never done before, something new for the both of you.

Your intimacy with Fred brought out a new confidence in him and you, within yourselves and one another.

I wanna fuck you like an animal

I wanna feel you from the inside

I wanna fuck you like an animal

My whole existence is flawed

You get me closer to God

Fred slowly pulled out his fist and stopped rimming you, the saliva pooling from the ball gag made a puddle by your chin.

Fred removed the ankle spreader, your handcuffs and finally the ball gag. Your legs shaking and wanting to collapse as you were finally free from the spreader. Before you could stand up, Fred rubbed your face in the pool of saliva.

You whimpered from the pain caused by the gag, but feeling Fred push himself inside once again you took your mind off it very quickly.

“Fucking hell, Fred” you cried, with each slam.

“This is all you’re worth, you fucking whore” he groaned, picking up his pace.

You squeezed yourself around his cock on purpose, in response his rock hard cock throbbed inside of you.

“Fucking cum with me” Fred ordered.

Fred slammed into you, the two of you becoming exhausted and exasperated with the continuous edging.

Through every forest

Above the trees

Within my stomach

Scraped off my knees

I drink the honey

Inside your hive

You are the reason

I stay alive

Feeling the pit getting heavier in your stomach you let go, Fred releasing inside of you. As your legs gave out, Fred pulled out and stumbled back and you fell backwards onto the floor.

You laid on your back staring at the spinning ceiling catching your breath.

Sitting in front of Fred in the bath you felt light kisses peck upon your shoulders and lower neck, his fingers stroking your back.

“That was.. new… incredible” you croaked, your throat feeling sore from the finger and cock fucking.

You felt Fred smile against your skin “You’re incredible. You’re so fucking beautiful, love”

You laid back into his arms, the water splashing with you.

“You’re not a whore and you aren’t worthless.” Fred reassured you “I didn’t hurt you did I?”

You couldn’t help but giggle “I know Fred, and no you didn’t hurt me. It was just a bit let down that you didn’t use the blindfold.” You joked.

“We can make arrangements” Fred replied.

You smiled and wrapped his arm around you. “What a day”

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Possible Teen Wolf Series

okay so i have a teen wolf series that I wrote on Wattpad but i haven’t published it yet. Would anyone be interested in me posting all of the parts on here? it starts in season 3 which is and is a stiles stilinski x reader fic.

i’m still working on it but i really wanna share it, especially since people will probably like it more than my george weasley series

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Mariska Hargitay characters masterlist

Pt 1

Warnings: Le Smut

Length: Long-ish

A/N: I never proofread. So mistakes may be present.


Streets of Manhattan

The cold of the air brought you to tighten your coat around you, desperately trying to retain as much warmth as possible. Hastily walking along the lonesome streets, you failed to notice a car slowing down behind you. Only when the vehicle was next to you did your attention become heightened. Ready for flight or fight, your adrenaline started to kick in.

“Why are you walking home?” A familiar voice calls to you from the car

Lowering your head to look at the driver, you see it’s Olivia.

“Hey Cap” You call out

“Get in the car!”

Without hesitation, you rush around the car, hopping into the passenger side of Olivia’s car. The instant warmth of the vehicle brought a smile to your face. All the while, Olivia watched as you warmed yourself up.

“So tell me why you’re walking home?” Olivia asks again

“Car is in the shop. I don’t trust any driving company to take me home at night.”

Olivia chuckles “Like walking is any safer”

You turn to Olivia with a smile “Got me there”

“Buckle up” Olivia mentions before driving off. Knowing where you live, Olivia required no navigation assistance from you.

From your peripheral, you watch Olivia driving. One of her hands relaxes on her thigh while the other controls the steering wheel. Her body is relaxed but focused. You’d be lying if you weren’t mouth watering at the sight of Olivia just being herself.

Seeming to know you’re watching her, Olivia breaks the silence

“You’re pretty bold, you know that right?”

Bringing you out of your gutter mind, your eyes widen thinking Olivia is talking about how you’re eyeing her.

“Wh-what?” You nervously ask

Olivia glances at you quickly before turning back to the road, another chuckle escaping her lips “Earlier today, with your spaghetti remark. You’re bold” Olivia reminds you

Thank the Goddesses for the night or else Olivia would see how much your cheeks are reddening with the reminder of your quip!

“Oh yeah. Apologies if I made you uncomfortable”

With her free hand, Olivia reaches over to rub your arm “You’re fine, I would have called you into the office had it been a problem. Don’t do that again though, or I will have to reprimand you for it”

Olivia’s innocent gesture brought heat up to your neck and jaw, you let out a small squeak. Embarrassed by it, you turned your flushed face to look out the window. Olivia, however, was now amused by you

“What was that?” Olivia asked with curiosity

You shook your head side to side to indicate ‘it was nothing’. You hoped Olivia would just drop it, but Olivia could be a petty tease when she wanted to.

Knowing you liked her, Olivia used it to her advantage, especially now at a red light. Her hand daringly grabbed you by your chin, turning you gently to face her. You looked at Olivia, her chocolate brown’s looking at you with intensity.

“For a bold person, you sure buckle under me so easily” Olivia teases

Yes, you’re feeling nervous with Olivia’s boldness, but you don’t back down so easily.

“Buckle under you?” You reply with emphasis on the 'under’

With a swift lick to your lower lip just to give Olivia a glance of your wet tongue, Olivia’s dominance wavered. Her eyes darted to your mouth sparkling with her own private thoughts. The light turning green forced Olivia to turn her attention away. Now you have the upper hand.

Turning your body in the seat to face Olivia, you lean closer to her

“Not so bold, are you?” You ask

Olivia smirks, her attention focused on the road. She stays silent. Not wanting to distract her, you sit back in your seat. Your apartment building comes closer to view, bringing an end to this random tease you two gave one another.

Finding a lucky spot to park in, Olivia turns to you now that the ride came to an end.

“Well thank you for the ride Cap” You say

Tapping on her steering wheel, Olivia makes a rash decision “Can I walk you to your door?”

Your eyebrows perk up, but you’re not going to say 'no’ to her

“Sure come on” You offer with a slight emphasis on 'come’

Shutting her car off, Olivia follows you. Her body stayed close to yours as you two made your way inside your apartment building.


While taking the elevator to your floor, Olivia dialed someone

“Hey Lucy, do you mind watching Noah a little longer? My detective locked herself out of her place, I’m keeping her company until someone comes to open the door for her” Olivia listens to Lucy’s reply “Thank you, bye”

Olivia turns to you, a knowing smile on her face. You chuckle, nodding your head.

Reaching your floor, the elevator doors open. You step out with Olivia following closely behind.

Your Apartment

“You want to tell me why you lied to your babysitter?” You finally ask as you reach your apartment door.

“We’re having dinner” Olivia cryptically mentions

You open the door to your apartment, standing aside to let Olivia in. Olivia walks in, you following behind

“….Ok….what are we having?” You ask with confusion

You’re closing your apartment door when you feel Olivia wrap her arms around your middle

“Spaghetti” Olivia murmurs near your ear

Turning around, you wrap your arms around Olivia’s middle pulling her close to you.

“You sure?” You ask

“Spaghetti is straight until it’s wet, right? Well I’m wet” Olivia daringly tells you

Consent given, you smirk as you bring your lips to meet Olivia’s. The kiss is soft, new, learning. You’re unsure if Olivia has ever kissed another woman, but if she hasn’t, she’s pretty good at hiding her first time. Her mouth skillfully works around yours, her teeth taking your lower lip in to gently bite it. You groan at her demanding kiss that’s asking for more.

Peeling her coat off, you guide Olivia further into your place. Both of you work at removing your clothes the closer you get to your bedroom, a trail of clothes left behind.

Your Bedroom

Once in your bedroom, you turn on a lamp to lowly illuminate the room. You salivate at the sight of Olivia in her black lace bra, and her matching panties. Olivia looks you over as you’re just in your panties, your bra somewhere on the floor behind you two.

Realizing what she’s doing, Olivia tenses up slightly.

“Are you ok?” You ask picking up on her body language

Olivia nods “Yes, I’m just nervous. I have never been with a woman before”

“We don’t have to do anything more than what we already have. We can stop if you are not comfortable” You hope to ease Olivia

“No I want to. I just don’t want to disappoint” Olivia chuckles nervously

Stretching your hand out to Olivia, you urge her to come to you. Olivia takes your hand, coming closer.

Your hands feel Olivia’s smooth skin as you skillfully unclasp her bra “You wont. If you’re too nervous, I don’t mind doing it all for the two of us”

You let her bra fall to the floor, your eyes lowering to look at her rather perky breasts covered with soft freckles everywhere. Bringing your lips to her neck, you kiss down until your mouth finds it’s way around her breasts. Throwing her head back, Olivia moans into your kiss, her hands holding you to keep her from falling back. Bringing your leg between hers, you can feel the sticky wetness that built up in her panties.

“You are wet dear” You moan while bringing a nipple into your mouth to nibble on

The sensation of your thigh against her sensitive spot, and your wet mouth on her nipple made her tighten her grip on you. Seeking some friction, Olivia pushes her core against your thigh. Knowing she’s ready for more, you release your mouth from her body. You turn Olivia around to lay her on your bed. Hovering over her, you rest one hand next to her head while you lower your face to kiss her. With your free hand, you caress the outside of Olivia’s thigh before bringing it up and open, your hand resting on the back of her thigh to keep it in place. Lifting away from her, you take your other hand to hold her other thigh the same way you have the other leg. You kneel on the edge of the bed as you place Olivia’s legs to rest on your shoulders. Olivia props herself up on her elbows to look at you. Her pupils are blown with lust, her cheeks are flushed, her chest rising up and down with anticipation.

“You ready?” You ask

Olivia nods.

Leaning down to blow hot air on her core, Olivia bucks her hips at the sensation. Her panties are still on, and she’s wildly anticipating you removing them. Pulling them to the side, you’re hit with the sweet smell of her arousal, her slit slick and ready. You smile to yourself before you lay a teasing lick with the tip of your tongue

“Ah” Olivia moans out

You look up to see Olivia desperately wanting more. Bringing her legs off of your shoulders, you go to remove her panties, once off you bring her legs back up over your shoulders.

Still propped on her elbows, Olivia watches as you lay a thick lick against her slit, parting her pussy lips in the process. Hissing at the sensation, Olivia’s back arches, her head falls back, her hips push further towards you. You take your time licking her from opening to hood, flattening your tongue so you can cover as much of her as possible.

“Mmmph yes please” Olivia moans with her elbows giving away to let her lay flat on her back

Taking her legs off of your shoulders, you spread her legs open with your hands holding her thighs apart. Exposed, you gently suck her clit into your mouth, laying firm circles.

“Oh my god!” Olivia exclaims as her thighs tremble with the new sensation “Fuck me, you’re good!”

Smiling into her cunt, you release one thigh to be able to bring two of your fingers inside of her. Gently entering her, you feel her clamp down around your fingers. You’re taken by the grip, but you feel her walls ease when you start to stroke her g-spot. Grabbing your head, Olivia grinds her core against your face. You look up to see her wild eyes looking at you, her mouth in a snarl.

“I’m right there, just keep going” Olivia growls

Keeping pace, you stroke and lick Olivia. Her walls tighten around your fingers, her fingers tighten around your head, her grinding going from firm to spasms as her orgasm washes over her. Letting out a loud moan, Olivia releases her hands from your head but her thighs close around your head. You lick and stroke Olivia through her orgasm.

“Ssstop stop” Olivia moans with taps to your head

Releasing your mouth from her, you slowly bring your fingers out from inside of her; they’re dripping with her cum.

“You” Kiss to her inner thigh “Came” Kiss below her belly button “So much” Kisses up her chest until you meet her eyes

Catching her breath, Olivia chuckles. Olivia’s eyes meet yours, a smile spreads on her lips.

“That was amazing” Olivia pants

Smiling you reply “Not very straight, are we?”

“Not with you around, no”

Going quiet, you and Olivia keep your eyes on one another, trying to figure out what you’re each thinking. Sitting up, Olivia cups your cheeks in her hands

Whispering Olivia rests her forehead on yours “I want to do this again, but we have to be quiet about it”

Nodding, you agree “Okay, whatever you say Cap”

14 notes

Author’s Note: Hi love🥺💜This is my first time writing something like this, so please correct me if I write something incorrectly!

⚠️TW: Mentions of an eating disorder


Originally posted by katsushimaa

Tendou Satori

  • He’s a great listener when S/O tells him about it. He won’t crack jokes, but instead ask questions on how he can help.
  • He adores how S/O looks, and constantly tells them that. Their size is absolutely perfect in his eyes, as long as they’re happy and healthy why care?
  • He’s a great cook himself, so he doesn’t mind cooking anything S/O requests. He makes sure their portions are the right size, and that they can have a little bit of everything.
  • He eats every meal with S/O and has something planned afterwards so they can properly digest their food. It ranges from watching movies, to running errands together. Anything that helps them get their mind off of wanting to throw their food up.
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Rooftop Nights

Pairing: Stanley Barber x Fem! Reader

Warnings: Drug use, cursing, etc

(Note: this is a little more platonic with hints of a crush but i think it’s still cute. Might be a little short only because i didn’t really know where to go with this one but i’m down for more ianowt requests.)


Y/n sat on her bed, her room dark, the only thing giving her light was her bright phone screen. She scrolled mindlessly, music blasting in her earbuds. She was texting back and forth with her best friend, Stanley Barber, but he suddenly stopped replying. She didn’t think much of it.

Suddenly a crash was heard as a rock crashed through Y/n’s window. She shrieked before walking over to the window and looking out to see Stanley cringing.

“That wasn’t meant to happen.” He said quietly. “You just didn’t hear me.”

“Stanley, my parents are gonna kill me if they see this. You are so lucky they’re out at dinner tonight.” Y/n told him. “What do you need?”

“I was just gonna come over here and sneak you out for slushees. Like we used to do in 7th grade.” Stanley said. It was mostly true that he just wanted to see his best friend but at the same time his dad had gotten home that day and he wanted to be as far away from him as possible.

Y/n smiled at the memory. Y/n and Stanley loved sneaking out for snacks and slushees at the local gas station. Some would say that sneaking out that late at 12 years old was dangerous but the two didn’t give a shit. Half the time both their houses could be considered dangerous so possibly being kidnapped was just a perk for the two. Now they were sixteen and had stopped going out almost every night but obviously Stanley needed an escape the night he showed up outside Y/n’s house, so she agreed and before they knew it, they were walking down the dimly lit street.

It was mostly quiet, the only sound being shoes hitting the damp pavement every step the two friends took.

“I’m sorry about … breaking your window.” Stanley apologized. Y/n laughed.

“Yeah, I guess you just don’t know your own strength.” Y/n said sarcastically, jokingly squeezing Stans biceps. Stan lightly pushed her away as he laughed.

The sound of a bell filled the air in the store when Stan opened the door for Y/n. She muttered a quiet ‘Thanks’ before the two disappeared in the aisles.

They grabbed random snacks before approaching the counter, snacks and slushees in hand.


Whenever Stan and Y/n snuck out they would always go to this abandoned house that overlooked the small pennsylvania town.

The air was quiet except for the sound of Y/n’s laugh. She rested her head on Stanley’s shoulder as she laughed at something he had said. Stanley quietly chuckled, joint in hand. The two were seated on the roof of the abandoned house just watching the night go by.

Stan lifted the joint up to his lips, taking another hit. Y/n watched him, her head still on his shoulder, as he released the puff of smoke from his mouth. Y/n was never really a smoking kinda gal but something about Stanley smoking drew her in.

Stanley rested his head on top of Y/n’s and the two watched the lights in street flickering on and off. There was never much happening in their town but they liked to watch what the two or three people still out were doing.

“What if one day we just left.” Stanley spoke up. “Both of our families are shitty so why not just leave?”

“You know the minute I turn eighteen i’m out of here.” Y/n reminded Stan. “You gonna come with me?”

“Definitely. You couldn’t survive without me.”

“I hate how right you are. Nothing’s okay when Stanley Barber is right.”

Stanley laughed, more puffs of smoke leaving his lips from the hit he had taken from the joint only moments ago. Y/n reached over and grabbed Stans slushee since hers was already gone.

“Hey! What the hell, dude?” Stan laughed, talking the drink back from her.

So there the two sat in the dark just watching the people and the lights of the town below, laughing at their own stupid jokes.

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“ Hayaller kurdurup o hayallerin altında enkaz gibi bırakıp gitmeyin… ”

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Originally posted by urbanhiking

So perhaps spending time in Petyr’s brothel was not how you had planned your Summer in King’s Landing, but when he had sent you a raven asking him to join you, you still jumped at the opportunity. At least you were not having to work, and you spent most of your time in Petyr’s own chambers, unless you were out enjoying the city.

You were returning just as he was setting to leave.

“Ahh, y/n, I was just about to come looking for you,” Petyr said with that adorable smile on his face, under his little mustache. “Where have you been?”

“I went exploring the marketplace again. There was this fantastic fabric-”

“Show me.” Petyr insisted. You were a little surprised by his sudden enthusiasm.

“It was a bit too expensive for my tastes though,” You finished. “So I was wondering if perhaps I could clean or something to make a little extra coin?”

Petyr Baelish shook his head abruptly. “You are worth more than just a cleaner. Come, show me this fabric - and I will get a dress made for you. My treat.”

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If there is any specific scenario you would like me to write about any of the Gorillaz members ( Ace and Cyborg!Noodle included ! ) just send me a request through. I’ll be more than happy to write it for you :)

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in which grayson is natalies’ english professor and she just can’t resist.

there is an age gap, 21 - 29. If you feel comfortable with that please don’t read :)

smut + fluff. not edited!! feedback is welcome as always!


“What professor do you have now then?” Mia asked Natalie. They were currently sat at the local cafe near campus, hoping the coffee and hot chocolate might help them with the early start. Mia and Natalie had known each other since high school, only really becoming best friends in senior year. When they both found out they were going to the same college, they knew everything would be ok.

Because they had eachother.

“It’s says on my timetable Mr dolan?” Natalie said showing Mia her online timetable on her phone. Their usual english professor, Ms Conway, has taken maternity leave. She’s not the nicest teacher, but she really loved her students. She’s strict but helpful.

“I’m pretty sure he’s new. I’ll ask matthew when i see him. He knows everything about everything” Natalie said, rolling her eyes mia silently agreeing with her. After they finished their coffees and any last minute homework assignments they had, they both made their way to their way seperate lecture halls.

Mia’s going to college to become an engineer — Natalie praises her, maths never came easy to her, the same with science. Actually anything to do with numbers is not Natalie’s thing. Natalie has always had a passion for English. Writing essays was something she found pleasure in. And she really enjoyed tutoring too, sharing her her favourite subject with others. So being an english professor is what struck her the most, of course she could down many other routes, but this is the one she’s set on right now.

“Natalie!” a voice called out in the hall, she turned around and she her other bestfriend and cousin matthew. He’s a year older, but decided college wasn’t for him at the time. When he realised all the jobs he wanted needed a college degree he sucked it up and got started on looking for one. Natalie had told him about the school her and mia applied to, so he of course had a look and loved all of the courses and major’s available. Nobody thought all three friends would get in, but here they are now.

“Have you heard about the new teacher?” he asked slightly out of breathe. Natalie laughed to herself — she knew he was going to ask about that.

“yeah, he’s my new english professor i think”

“fuck you lucky bitch. Just saw him, fit as fuck” matthew said making natalie roll her eyes. “don’t you have a girlfriend?” she asked and matthew shook his head.

“nah. broke it off with her and anyways i can appreciate a good looking man when i see one” he protested, natalie put her hands in the air and smirked.

“you’re a player matthew. that dick has a mind of its own”

“fuck off. i’ll see you at 12” matthew said pushing her away and waving as he ran to his class. Natalie just shook her head and walked into her lecture, not a lot of people had arrived only about 5 or 6 people in the room including natalie. She always liked to be a tiny bit early and seen as he’s a new teacher (and fit as fuck, as matthew said) she wanted to make a good impression.

“Are you a student in my class?” a deep voice asked making natalie turn around.

She blushed immediately. Yes, this man is fine as fuck, she nearly had to stop herself from cursing when she saw him. The professor wore a blue fitted shirt — work pants too, natalie could see the outline of his dick, was he wearing underwear?

not the time to be horning natalie.

His hair is messy and his round glasses are resting on his nose. And he has tattoos, god this was just getting better.

“uh yeah i am. Natalie thorne” she said holding out a hand for him to shake, the professor smiled and shook it holding onto a little tighter then she anticipated — he has some muscles too, he’s beautiful.

“Grayson dolan. But you have to call me mr dolan in the lecture hall” he scoffed making her giggle, since when does she giggle she thought?

“nice to meet you sir”

“nice to meet you too, now go sit down more people are arriving”


“In case you don’t already know me, I’m grayson dolan”

His voice was loud in the lecture hall making all students look up from their books and laptops. He took a marker and wrote his name on the whiteboard.

“Now, when i’m teacher you call me mr dolan. But i’m grayson otherwise, makes me feel old” he said getting some laughs, mostly from the infatuated group of boys and girls (including natalie). Grayson smiled and clasped both of his hands together.

“I don’t know you, you probably don’t know me. And maybe some of you still don’t know each other that well. So, today we’re going to introduce ourselves a bit and then i’ll discuss my way of teaching. Maybe you can leave early — how does that sound?” grayson asked looking at the grinning group of english majors. He nodded his head and turned to the first girl.

“Tell me your name and why you decided to major in english”

Natalie for some reason was nervous, she didn’t understand why. It could be the fact she hated talking infront of all the people — like most people. Or the very good looking and friendly professor standing infront of her. Why did she pick front row again?

“Who’s next” grayson asked scanning his eyes over the front row. He smiled when he saw Natalie. One of the most beautiful girls hes ever seen, his dick sure thought so too.

“Ah, Ms Thorne” he said nodding his hand towards her.

“uh- my names Natalie. I chose to major in english because i love the subject, especially writing and teaching it” she said smiling back at grayson. He nodded and bit his lip moving onto the next person.

You both were already mad about each other.

“We’re going to start out with some small assignments. Starting with a journal. Tell me about your day or week, doesn’t have to be poetic, i just need something to grade for this term. Any questions, my office is room 204, i don’t bite” he said picking up the journals. He looked around the room and then paused when he saw natalie talking to the boy beside her.

yeah, that wasn’t happening.

“Natalie? help me hand these out?”

Natalie stopped her conversation with the boy about tutoring and smiled at grayson nodding. “thanks, pet” he said making natalie blush.

Pet names? Seriously, this was too good to be true.

She finished handing out the journals prettinf quickly placing one on her own desk. She sat back down and grayson nodded her “Thank you, Natalie. Ok, off you go. I want a journal entry by next monday please” he called out as people left the lecture room.

“See you monday, Mr dolan” natalie smiled walking out of the lecture hall.

Grayson smirked to himself and sat down on his chair. “Natalie thorne” he said shaking his head.

Something about that girl had his heart beating so fast. He felt like a teenager again, waiting for their crush to talk to them. But this couldn’t happen he reminded himself — you’re a professor, grayson. Her professor.


“so” mia said placing natalies pizza infront of her. They were currently at their shared apartment, they decided to move in together and they absolutely adore the same apartment they got and decorating was definitely their favourite part — they definitely spent money where they didn’t have it, but they tend to leave that part out when people compliment their home.

“so what?”

“Mr dolan! how was he?” Mia asked sitting beside natalie. Natalie smiled to herself, which mia caught. She nudged natalies arm and squealed.

“Does my natalie have a crush?”

Natalie laughed and bit her lip shaking her head. “No, he’s just nice and very hot”

“you’re the luckiest bitch, tell me did he talk to you or anything?”

“He introduced himself when i came in first and then we went around the room. Then he asked me to give out the journals he set for assignment” Natalie said putting her place down.

“i don’t know, i feel like he was looking at me differently” she blushed making mia squeal. Natalie knew nothing would happen between, nothing could happen between them. Mia also was thinking the exact same, but it’s been awhile since her friend talked to her about this sort of thing.

“well, let’s leave it at that” Mia said sensing the discomfort. “The notebook?”


It’s been a three days since the first class. She’s had one class with grayson since then, and her crush as definitely not gone away. Everytime he calls her name or simply looks Natalie’s way her heart would race and she’s sure her skin was the shade of a tomatoe.

“Ms thorne?” grayson called out as the class ended. Natalie looked up and smiled at him as he nodded towards his desk.

“I read your work, in your journal” grayson said leaning on the front of his desk. Natalie nodded placing her handbag on her shoulder. “Is there something i should be working on?” she asked slightly confused.

Grayson shook his head quickly “No, definitely not. your poem was amazing” grayson said crossing his hand over his chest. His muscles clenched and his tattoos were visible. Natalie sucked a breath, grayson caught that and smirked.

“you’re really talented, natalie. I’d like to learn more about your writing, if you’d let me”

Natalie swore she passed out for a second. It wasn’t just that grayson was good looking, but none of her teachers ever payed attention to her work. She was just known as the smart kid, sometimes teachers would mark an answer right when it was wrong because they just assumed she got 100%. They never actually told her how good her work was, she never felt appreciated.

But she did right now.

“oh, uh i have another journal. It had poetry from years back if you’d like to take a look at it?” she asked making grayson nod, he took a pen and a sticky note from his desk and wrote something down and then handed it to natalie. She looked down at to see a time and a number.

“That’s what time we’re meeting at, after class tomorrow. My numbers on there in case i’m a little late”

Natalie smiled at him and grayson smiled back and it was like the whole world had disappeared. It was just grayson and natalie.

“i’ll see you tomorrow then”

Natalie practically skipped to the coffee shop, actually no she did. She was so happy not only for her work being recognised but maybe someone liking her too?

“what’s got you so happy?” Matthew asked placing their coffees infront of each other. Mia nodded in agreement wondering what’s got their natalie so happy all of the sudden.

“Well, Mr dolan wants to read more of my poetry” she blushed making the guys squeal with excitement. “This is huge! is it a date?” matthew asked making natalie roll her eyes.

“Of course not. But maybe he does actually like me? i don’t know. i think i’m overthinking it, he’s my professor and i’m his student”

Mia rolled her eyes and placed a hand on hers “we leave school in like two years and summer is just around the corner. Give him a shot, maybe this could be your coming of age movie” mia said earning a laugh for natalie and smack from matthew.

“As your cousin i’m going to have to say, summer fling and that’s all” matthew paused “look, i don’t want to see you hurt. he’s your teacher natalie. He’s older too” matthew said making both girls nod.

“i’m just gonna wait for him to make the first move, and if he doesn’t, then that’s it. No more grayson dolan”

Matthew and Mia looked at each other and sighed. They knew how smitten natalie could get, how attached she’s get so easily. But they wanted her to stay this way, to stay happy. So they ignore the bad feeling in their gut and nod along with her.

“promise me, one red flag and this crush is done” Mia said and natalie held up her pinkie.



After a restless night natalie got ready for her lecture of the day. Only having one today - graysons class, made it even more nerve wrecking. Was he going to make a move? Was she overthinking everything, as always?

“Ok everyone settle down! it’s time to get out our journals. You should have them if you didn’t hand them in early, if not come up to me and i’ll give them back”

Natalie was the only that stood up — if everyone didn’t think she was a teachers pet before, they definitely did now.

“See you in my office after this, yeah?” Grayson whispered placing the journal in natalies hand. His hand brushed off of hers making them both look each other in the eye. Natalie smiled and nodded before getting back to her seat.

When she was younger poetry was something she did when she felt angry or sad and couldn’t express it. Her dad, before he died, was a very talented writer and teacher. Sadly, he never published any of his writings. So this talent she has for writing is not going to waste, for her dad and herself. Her dad let it go so he could provide for her natalie, natalie was going to repay him back.

“So we’re going to focus on grammar today, seen as many of you don’t know the difference between there and their” grayson said causing people to laugh. “might want to rethink your major if you don’t know a simple spelling, anyways. on with the lecture”.

The lecture actually wasn’t too bad, but maybe that’s because natalie could barley pay attention. She was too nervous to even take pictures of the powerpoint. She’d have to text one of the people in her class for the notes.

Soon enough the lecture came to an end and natalie stood outside graysons office. He did end up being 5 minutes late, but she chose to ignore that. He is a professor, he’s got to be busy.

“Sorry, i’m late, had to deal with something” Grayson said smiling at her and opening his office door.

“Something important?”

He shook his head dropping his bag beside his desk. “No, nothing for you to worry about. Now sit down” he insisted, natalie smiled softly and sat down infront him taking out her many diary’s of poetry.

Graysons eyes were wide as she continued to empty her bag. How could someone write so much? Feel so much?

“Uh, these go back as far as thirteen year old natalie. I was an emo, so those poems aren’t that great” she laughed, making graysons stomach erupt with butterflies. He shook his head and picked a random journal titled dandelion.

The first poem was amazing.

“How old were you when you wrote this?” he asked. Natalie bit her lip thinking.

God, he would give anything to take her over his desk right now. Have his cock snug inside of her, screaming his name and clawing at his back.

“I think 16. it was rough year, but some of greatest poetry” She said bringing grayson back to reality, he’s sure his cheeks are now red.

“Are you ok, grayson?” Natalie asked moving closer to him.


“No, i’m not ok” he sighed placing a hand on hers. Natalie sucked in a breathe and looked up into graysons eyes. Is this really happening right now? Is he seriously touching my hand, she thought.

“Uh, is there anything i can help with?”

“Can you help with this?” grayson asked standing up to show his erection — which he realises was very inappropriate, but it was a heat of the moment kind of thing. The impulsive decision was made out of actually liking natalia and being so horny he couldn’t even think straight. Fuck, what if he’s been reading all the signs wrong? what if she was just being polite? She’s gonna think he’s a proper weirdo now.

Instead of dashing out the door or screaming in his face, Natalia bites her lip and stands up walking around graysons desk. Grayson wasn’t really sure where this was heading - but he hoped it would end with her on her knees.

“What can i do for you, sir?” she asked placed a hand on his belt.

Grayson gulped.

“I need your mouth on my cock” he gasped as her hand made its way to his covered dick. she nodded and looked him in the eyes. “i can do that, mr dolan” she whispered before pressing her lips to his.

The kiss was fast and hot and everything she thought it would be. It was sexy and quick, and there was no hesitation when she pressed her lips to his.

Grayson cupped natalies’ face with both of his hands, making her moan into his mouth. He took advantage of that slipping his tongue in. Grayson slowly moved his hand down her neck, resting it on her breast immediately getting a reaction out of her.

“Let me make you feel good, grayson” she insisted.

“you can make me feel good another time”

She looked at him for consent and he nodded “yeah, yes, do it please” he begged. He almost came when he saw her get down on her knees, looking up at him with those not so innocent eyes.

she undid the button on his jeans and dragged down the zipper, still looking grayson in the eyes. She was teasing and grayson liked it a lot. Something about having to be quick, but going so slow made this even more exciting.

Natalie placed both of her hands on top of his jeans and pulled them down to be met — with his cock, red and dripping with pre cum. “No boxers?” she teased making grayson bite his lip and shake his head. “gotta let some air at it, especially with you in my class” he replied making natalie blush.

“well, you’ve got a nice cock”

she started to move her hand up and down his dick, squeezing it lightly making grayson moan.

“have to be quiet” Natalie said stroking his cock. he nodded, whimpering. She took the tip in her mouth without any warning.

“Fuck, natalie” he moaned grabbing her ponytail, that only made her moan more. She likes pain? that’s something to remember.

Natalie swirled her her tongue around it looking up and grayson — he nearly came right in her mouth then and there. God, her mascara mixed with tears running down her face had grayson done for.

He gripped her hair even tighter making her start bobbing her her head up and down. She removed her hand from his base, replacing it with her mouth.

“Natalie, baby i’m not gonna last any longer”

Was she really that good? yes, grayson thought. She was.

She continued to bob her head up and down faster this time. Grayson could feel his climax coming, so he began pulling her hair harder, practically fucking her mouth in his work office. “oh yes, fuck me” grayson said as he came on her face. Natalie just stuck her tongue and tried to catch any pieces of cum, grayson was sure he could cum again with how natalie looks.

Grayson closed his eyes and smirked, then looked down at the girl at his feet her face covered with his cum. He put his finger in between her eyes and then placed his finger in her mouth, his cum filled finger by the way.

And natalie enjoyed every second of it.

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Zamani hatırlatan her şeyden nefret ediyorum. Önce beklemekten. Omür boyunca ya bekliyor ya bekletiyor insan. İkisi de kötü, ikisi de hazin tarafı yaşantımızın..

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The Yoyogi Squad lose their virginity to you: Part 1

*yeahhhhhhh I know that I said I don’t write much, but again, I just want to let these things out of my mind*



  • Gunzo is a sweetie little bean that gets flustered easily, so it surprises you when he starts taking things a little further from what you’re used to.
  • He’s careful to undress you and a little hesitant at first, his hands not knowing where to stay, what to grab, when to squeeze.
  • He gets the hang of it once you guide him, you can see on his face just how much he loves when you give him instructions.
  • His dick is not too long, but it’s as thick as a water bottle. He opens you up delicately with his fingers and tongue.
  • You ride him until he’s a groaning mess, completely dedicated to fuck you until your legs feel numb, he presses your face down on the mattress and mounts you; which is to be expected from a rugby player like him.
  • The both of you cum with loud moans, falling down on the bed, he lays down on you and even if he is heavy you feel super comfortable with him snuggling you.


  • Kyuma is literally the purest guy you’ve ever met, he is full of chivalry and good manners, making sure you feel good and are having fun during your date.
  • When you get back to his dorm room though he feels more confident and sure of himself, picking you up gently, lacing your legs along his hips and making sure to give you kisses that will curl your toes.
  • When he lays you down on the bed and starts undressed you get surprised, sure you’ve seen him shirtless, that not a rare event when you’re hanging out with the Yoyogi students, but it’s still breathtaking. His muscles are sweetly defined but he still has some of his buffy parts which turns him into a complete hunk guy.
  • Even his bulge surprises you, you’ve seen your boyfriend’s bulge before, you’re not a prude, but no he just looks way bigger. When his cock springs free from his underwear you feel a heat boiling deep low on your belly.
  • You suck him as deep as you can, enjoying his taste while you play with his balls. He stops you before he cums, you were so lost on sucking him that you didn’t realise how flushed he looks.
  • He kisses you deeply again and lays down behind you, kissing your neck, playing with your nipples and caressing your sex, just to give you as much attention as you gave him.
  • He enters your hole from behind while spooning you, his muscular arms keep you in place while his strong thrust open you up for him.
  • You both start to get playful during it, with scratches, nibbles and licks that tickle each other. Your hole squeezes him after a particular thrust touching as sensitive part of you.
  • You two cum while he is deep inside of you, panting and caressing each other, whispering random love confessions to each other while you bask on your orgasm high. After a while he gets up and makes sure you’re cleaned up before you two can snuggle again and fall asleep.


  • This cute tigress has a thing for being number one and you just know she would carry this to the bed.
  • She’s super invested on you when both of you reach the bed, she makes sure to explore your body to discover what you like and how to make you feel the best during it, so expect to no be able to hold your moans.
  • Her paws scratch your back lighting, you hear a smug snort coming from her after you moan louder.
  • When she goes down you have a really big problem keeping quiet, which just helps her ego to inflate, her tongue feels extreme slippery on your genitals, she goes deep…and I mean DEEP, swallowing you, moving her tongue in a rhythm that takes you to your orgasm quickly.
  • When she gets up again you can see that childish proud grin on her face, she swipes her hand across her mouth smugly and dives down to give you a dirty deep kiss.
  • When she’s sure you can take another round she sits on your lap, fingering herself just so you can see how wet you made her.
  • Her pussy runs against your crotch, taking moans out of your mouth, both of you thrust against each other, rubbing your sexes in a addicted rhythm, losing yourselves on each other.
  • When you come, she let’s herself fall on your chest obviously exhausted but still proud of herself for making you cum twice.
  • You giggle and give her a kiss on her forehead before you lay her down beside you and hug her to sleep.
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Author: lmaooo this is so good

Warnings: smuttish


“This is so stupid.” “Shut up and play, Troy.” You throw your shoe at him and he sighs, sitting on the table next to Aaron and Jordan. You steal a sip of beer from Dezi’s drink and she slaps your hand away giggling. It’s a plain saturday night and you alla decided to play some good old truth and dare. It’s childish but you don’t care, there’s not much to do anyway.

“Who goes first?” “Me cause I’m the youngest.” Baby J spins the bottle and it lands on Liya. She laughs when Baby J dares her to call Jordan’s mom and tell her she’s pregnant with someone else’s child. Meanwhile I would take shots with Dezi, getting a bit drunk but not extremely wasted.

“Y/n!” “What?” “Truth or dare?” Aaron smirks as you choose truth. Jordan whispers something in his ear since he’s essentially your best friend and the curly haired boy widens his eyes. You sigh, knowing it’s going to be a really bad truth.

“Was the picture you posted on the gram destined for someone we know?” You blush and glare at Jordan who perfectly knows what he’s talking about. You look away as everyone stares at curious. Only Liya, Dezi and Jordan know whose attention you were attempting to catch with that really hot picture.“Yes… Dezi, truth or dare?” Luckily enough they simply laugh and don’t ask further questions. The game goes on for a bit until it’s Vinnie’s turn.

“Read your last text out loud.” Troy asks and he pulls out his phone. It takes him a few seconds to fond the message and then he starts blushing really hard. “Fuck, I cant read this. Another dare.” He bites his bottom lip while his cheeks grow redder and redder. It’s so obvious at this point. Liya, however, doesn’t buy it and as he attempts to put his phone down she steals it from his hands. Jordan and Kio keeping Vinnie down as he tries to get the phone back. “Liya! Dont!” He screams embarrassed but she’s already laughing.

“Oh shit…” she widens her eyes. “What is it?” You ask curious. Maybe some weird texts with some girl or nudes. She looks up at you and then proceeds to read as Vinnie attempts to set himself free of his friend’s hold which is impossible.

“I want her on her knees, begging me to fuck her mouth, with her hands tied together as she looks up at me with her mouth full of my cock. All my cum dripping down those pretty lips of hers… Then I’m gonna take her on that fucking balcony and bend her over the table and make her scream and beg me to cum in her as the whole neighborhood hears her cries of pleasure. She’d be so fucking pretty, all fucked out for me as I cum in her and then on her titties and then in her mouth again. On all fours as I hit it from the back and force her to look at us through the six feet mirror she has in her room. Make her watch how easily my dick slips in and out of her because she’s fucking soaking wet… Then I’d bring her in her living room and let her ride me, her tits bouncing and her moaning as she sits on my cock. Fuck she’d be so freaking pretty like that…” Liya speaks and you all get really quiet really soon. Your eyes widen and you feel your heat throb just by imagining all those things. Vinnie has stopped moving, accepting the public humiliation. No one dares to open their mouth after that as the brunette hands Vinnie his phone. You press your lips together, your throat suddenly dry. Wow… That was really detailed and extremely hot. You can’t help but cross your legs, trying to distract yourself from the fact that you’d go down on your knees for that man.

“Who was that about, bro?” Baby J is shocked. You wonder who might be the other person. Vinnie shakes his head as Troy and Aaron laugh their asses off. “Liya?” Dezi turns to look at the girl who still hasn’t recovered from that intesive reading.

“Well guys it’s his business after all… I don’t think it’s right for us to start asking such questions even if-“ “it was about you.” Liya mumbles out. You almost fall off your chair. Vinnie lets out a loud whine as he covers his face with his hands. What?

“What did he sayyyy?” Baby J laughs as his best friend wishes he was six feet under ground. You bite your bottom lip while your cheeks redden. “I mean… I- uhm…” “Fuck, I’m sorry… Shit” Vinnie apologizes before storming out of the room. You sit there in shock. You can’t believe he thinks all those things about you.

“Go after him, you twat!” Jordan slaps the back of your head as you nod and stand up, running after the boy. He’s entering his room, head hanging low as the previous events of the night keep playing over and over again in his head. He can’t believe he just got exposed like that. It would have been less embarrassing if he simply told you he liked you. Now you’d think he’s a creep who stalks you and wants to sleep with you. He lays down on his bed, arm over his eyes as he tries to push away the embarrassment when he hears the door being opened.

“Don’t even-?” He’s confused as he watches you stepping inside and close the door. You hide a smirk as you kneel down in the middle of the room, hands behind your back. “Do you have a belt?” You ask innocently. “What?” “Well you said you wanted to fuck my mouth with my hands tied up together, didn’t you?”

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Oh you’re definitely right about this. Chaotic Ludwig is one of my favorite things ever.

I hope you enjoy 🖤🖤


Ludwig is just a force of chaos. That’s it. That’s his whole reason for existence.

He knocks so much shit over. It’s reached the point where you don’t know whether to be concerned or impressed.

He just doesn’t care about shit? Like he shows no sense of caution in anything he does. He’ll be carrying plates down the stairs with only one hand or running with cups of coffee or stacking cups that have water in them.

He also gets great pleasure out of knowing how much you hate all of this. He’ll be walking with a cup of water and then start running when he sees you just to stress you out.

He will also purposely knock things over. This concludes cups, water bottles, figurines, puzzle pieces and much more.

You’ll tell him to be careful because his water bottle is really close to the edge of the table and then this motberfucker will make eye contact with you while pushing the bottle off the table.

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Aw this is fucking adorable and I could definitely see him doing this.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy 🖤🖤


Neither of you were looking forward to being away from each other for a few weeks. But Sykkuno in particular was dreading it. He was so used to you always being around him that he didn’t know what he was gonna do when you weren’t gonna be there for a few weeks.

Firstly, once you land you see you have about ten messages from Sykkuno asking you about your flight and checking if you’ve landed safely. He gets so worried and doesn’t stop worrying until he knows that you’ve arrived safely at your destination and have all your luggage.

Sykkuno is always texting you. You get good morning and good night texts every day. He’s also always messaging you about random shit that happens to him during the day?

Eventually you just FaceTime him because at this point, you’re basically already doing that. From that point on, you guys are always FaceTiming.

Even when neither of you are talking. Like you’ll be reading and Sykkuno will working on his computer but you’re FaceTiming anyway? Just so that you can look at the screen and see each other.

Sykkuno definitely facetimes you while he’s cooking or ironing or just doing any chores like that. You just watch him and laugh at how terrible he is at adulting while he complains that you’re not there to help him with it.

Maybe you guys will also do cute things like order each other food? You don’t tell each other what you’ve ordered so it’s a complete surprise when the food actually arrives. Just cute shit like that so that you guys can feel like you’re together.

Seriously though, you FaceTime so much that you basically just carry Sykkuno around in your pocket.

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[x] // request here


You know Tommy’s leading you to the stables, despite his calloused hands covering your eyes. The smell is familiar to you, and you laugh, “Can I look now, Tommy? What’s going on?”

“Patience, y/n,” Tommy clicks his tongue, shaking his head at you, but he can’t hold back his smile. Finally, the two of you stop, and Tommy removes his hands, revealing, “Alright, take a look.”

You blink, your eyes adjusting to the sunshine, before you notice a horse standing before you. Your eyes widen as you recognise the gorgeous, grey speckled mare, and you turn to Tommy as you remark, “You did not.” 

“I did.” Tommy replies, walking up to the horse as he gently strokes her nose. When the two of you were looking for racehorses, Tommy couldn’t help but notice you becoming particularly attached to another horse for sale. It was clear the two of you had a connection, but you were forced to leave her behind. You chew on your lip, biting back your smile as you take a step forward, holding out your hand as the mare nuzzles your palm, and Tommy remarks, “She’s all yours, y/n.” 

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You’re absolutely right.

I hope you enjoy 🖤🖤


Pulling or tugging Ludwig’s hair is pretty much the best way to make him stop bratting.

He goes from talking back to melting into your hand in an instant. He pretty much just goes limp the moment you tug his hair.

It’s also definitely a kink of his. So when you really feel like punishing him, then you’ll just gently touch his hair and make him beg for you to tug it. Once you’re satisfied with his begging, you tug his hair hard and he’s moaning helplessly. This man has absolutely zero shame, if you edge him then he will beg for anything you want him to beg for.

Sometimes if you guys are just chilling and he’s acting up, then you’ll casually just put your arm around his shoulder and tug his hair. Instantly he stops whatever he was doing.

You can’t help but laugh at how quickly he goes from being a brat to begging you for anything. It’s like his brattiness has an off button.

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