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Hiii, it’s me again😂❤️ congrats on your growing audience 🥳 can you write something about meeting Imayoshi’s little sister for the first time?

HI AGAIN LOL i’d be happy to do another request ♥︎ thank you for supporting me! 🥺


  • you would probably never meet his family unless Imayoshi is 100% sure that the relationship will last for a long time
  • but once you’re at that stage…
  • when you first brought up about wanting to meet his family out of curiosity, Imayoshi was uncharacteristically hesitant… and somewhat bashful (if you REALLY squint though, you have to look really hard to see that)
  • but how can he say no to you when you keep bothering him with your puppy eyes?
  • you’re way too similar to his little sister and it kind of irks him
  • when you and the little Imayoshi meet, you could barely contain the squeals from how cute she was… and she was looking up at you with the biggest saucers
  • Imayoshi is standing off to the side scratching his head as he gently reprimands his sister to greet you properly
  • you noticed that his tone of voice is a lot more genuine, softer, and even more polite when he talks to his sister, and you were ready to make fun of him once the entire visit is over
  • your schemes melt away in your head when you hear her shyly talk in her Kansai accent
  • you.exe has stopped functioning
  • Imayoshi takes note of it to make fun of you later after this
  • but then he’s kind of wary when you shoot him an equally scheming stare (he won’t show it though)
  • Imayoshi is extremely protective of her, you noticed, even if he’s always strict on her mannerisms and proper behavior
  • he’ll never say it, but it’s just the way he hovers around her or is always scanning the area around once in a while
  • this was so cute and you’re literally ready to bust into laughs in how endearing this entire thing was
  • visits to his house become more frequent after
  • you always see Imayoshi tutor her on Math subjects (that’s what he’s strongest in academically, this is canon) and help her out on homework
  • you’re more of the person she goes to for life advice or to have you tell her some stories or some interesting “gossip” in your year
  • she also makes you follow along with her cute shenanigans like practicing as the opposite lead role for her to practice her own roles for school plays or asks some questions like:
  • “I’m just asking for a friend, but what if this boy was constantly looking at you…”
  • she won’t ask these questions if Imayoshi was around, not ever
  • she’d be kind of nosy and would try to prod into your relationship with Imayoshi because she’s so curious about what you see in her stiffy older brother 😭
  • his dad (parents) is canonically revealed to have introduced Imayoshi to basketball, so I feel like his little sister knows a good amount in how to play decently, especially when Imayoshi always forces her to play so he can test out his new strats
  • she probably isn’t that enthusiastic in basketball because of her brother, but she’s still very athletic nonetheless
  • she’ll outspeed you, period
  • she’ll give you a run for your money, especially when she grows more comfortable around you enough to show her teasing side (sounds familiar, right?) and takes your things and runs off
  • she teases out of affection while Imayoshi teases to annoy people out of satisfaction
  • you are then reminded that you’re technically dealing with TWO imayoshis from now on
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Hi💛 hope you’re doing well ☺️ How would Aomine, Akashi and Imayoshi react to their s/o having a male best friend?

Note: I thought about writing short reactions for each of them but then ideas started getting TOO OUT OF CONTROL, so I formatted these as headcanons! Don’t worry, though! You ask, I deliver 😌✨ Thank you for requesting! @brokenshrimp

Akashi Seijuro

he’s an interesting case, so i’ll break this up into two parts below:


  • the only way to realistically date him in this current state of personality is if you dated Akashi in middle school before he shifted his personality
  • that being said, when Boku-Akashi sees you getting too chummy with your best friend one day, he’s boiling within
  • of course, he won’t show that. not ever.
  • it’s not like he never knew you had a male best friend, and he never really had a problem with that before… but as his Boku side now dominates his current self, different emotions arise when he sees the male in question being really close to you
  • only he can monopolize all your time, only he can demand all your attention, only he can be absolute to you
  • no one else can act this way towards you
  • Akashi is rational, but he is still a middle schooler/freshman in highschool, so he probably would frown at himself at not knowing what exactly to do with these new feelings
  • he would most likely distance himself from you in every aspect
  • he would very much be colder to you and stare down at you whenever he does talk to you until you get the hint to not get so close to your best friend
  • if you’re the dense type of person, he’ll outright tell you with such a chill you didn’t know Akashi had before
  • Boku-Akashi is controlling for the sole reason that he doesn’t want to lose you, just as how he didn’t want the Teiko team to completely fall apart into shambles
  • even if you reassure him that you’ll never see your friend in a romantic light, he’s that type of person who wants to nip the source of a problem right at the bud
  • after all, he was the first person who noticed Aomine’s lack of motivation and came up with the point quotas, and he also took initiative to kick Haizaki off the team
  • in other words, whatever Akashi doesn’t like, he takes action to solve it
  • if you agree to sever your friendship with the male, Akashi would inwardly appreciate it
  • but if you refused, Akashi would simply cut you off


  • this man is a gentleman, come on
  • young Ore-Akashi in middle school didn’t mind that you had a male best friend, as long as you spend more time with him and that you don’t frequently cancel dates and all
  • older Ore-Akashi after the Winter Cup is extremely accommodating and kind, and he’d actually take the time to get to know your best friend
  • after all, this is one of the most important people in your life
  • he’d assess the male best friend to see what you saw in him as a close companion and just analyze the hell out of him (the male best friend is kind of freaked out at how intense Akashi’s stare is)
  • once he’s done figuring him out, Akashi would just smile genially and be polite in asking what you were like when you were younger (if you were friends for that long) or if there were any secrets, hobbies, etc. that he hasn’t known yet
  • they would probably discuss this over a rich café or his manor, with tea or like delicate dessert servings, y’know? Akashi has class
  • he would make implied comments to you that he, indeed, met with your best friend to share embarrassing stories about you
  • all in all, he’s on good terms with your friend and Akashi trusts him to protect you if he was ever in the position to not be able to

Aomine Daiki

  • “Who the hell is he?” was all Aomine said when he saw you with this new guy in front of the school gates
  • his first thought was that this guy was harassing you, so he immediately ran to your side and viciously grabbed said male’s arms
  • No no no no! Aomine, stop!”
  • you were frantic and trying to calm him down to say the least
  • yeah, uh, Aomine misread the entire situation, and you were getting second-hand embarrassment
  • he’s probably slightly irked that you never told him (more like he never paid attention when you talked about your best friend because he’d get annoyed about how you were “talking about another man” right in front of him) about the male
  • he’s so childish, he’d literally pick a fight with the male best friend at every opportunity by taking jabs at him
  • here you are explaining to Aomine that you and your best friend is exactly the same as him and Momoi
  • “Do you see Momoi romantically?”
  • “That’s literally disgusting.”
  • “Ignoring the comment you said, do you get it now?”
  • after that *lightbulb moment* you flicked on for him, he’s extremely chummy with your friend now
  • he dumps all his porno magazines to him
  • he drags the poor guy to the street courts for one-on-ones, whether he plays b-ball or not
  • he hits him up when he ditches practice (every day basically) to go to Maji Burger together
  • you’re here wondering if your own best friend replaced you with Aomine ????
  • but you’re glad that you avoided the worst-case scenario of Aomine’s punch sending your friend to the hospital
  • if you’re acting really moody or upset (probably because of Aomine’s insensitivity), he no longer has to only go to Momoi for help… he would probably hunt for your best friend down for advice to get you to stop being mad at him LOL

Imayoshi Shoichi

  • when he first meets your best friend, his psychic instincts would be able to read him like an open book (picture him cracking open his eyes slightly to analyze him)
  • if he sees that your friend is an actual snake, he’ll say it right to both of your guys’ faces, all with a pleasant smile and a cheerful tone of voice
  • and he’ll probably do something so awful to the guy to the point where he’ll never think about hanging around you again
  • if he knows that he’s a good person, he’ll still keep that polite/cheerful persona on and shake hands with your best friend while introducing himself
  • whether or not your best friend will get along with Imayoshi really depends on his personality
  • if he’s a stone-faced type of person, Imayoshi would be a shithead and bother him to elicit reactions, or he’d try to play poker with him to try to read his facial expressions
  • if he’s a naive but good-hearted person, Imayoshi would always say he’s bothersome but would lowkey look out for him, just as he does with you
  • now if the best friend has a similar “multi-faceted” personality like Imayoshi himself, it would be a FIELD DAY
  • if they share similar personalities they would honestly go toe-to-toe on the mind games like L and Light from Deathnote, just saying; you would be um, very confused, in why they look like they both want to kill each other but at the same time respect each other
  • TLDR; the smarter your male best friend is, the more Imayoshi would get along with, otherwise he’d be apathetic and casual about you having a friend who just happens to be a dude
  • TLDR; he doesn’t care if you have your best friend is a male, all it matters is if they’re a good person, because Imayoshi is that type of guy who knows a shady person because he is one himself

End Note: Let me know if this wasn’t the format you wanted and if you actually wanted it written like a reaction like here!

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This was actually really fun to write!! I hope you like it xx

Headcanons: Imayoshi with a similar s/o that the team is terrified of

  • You joined the Touou basketball team as a manager with Momoi
  • You were quite smart so you often liked to help out with coming up with training regimens and game tactics
  • When the team found out that Imayoshi’s girlfriend was joining the team, they were very curious as to what kind of person would actually go out with a psychopath like him
  • But once they met you they realised it was because you were pretty much exactly like him
  • Like Imayoshi, you had a very menacing presence that made the whole team scared of you
  • When you first walked into the gym no one quite understood how Imayoshi managed to get a girl like you
  • You wore this adorable fox hoodie that made you look incredibly sweet and cute, and everyone let their guard down
  • But then you introduced yourself
  • “Hi, I’m Y/N, I look forward to working with you guys. I hope to help in making Touou Academy the best team there is so expect your training to get ten times harder because I’m going to be helping the coach and Shoichi with planning!” you said cheerily
  • Whilst the rest of the team processed you made how something so gruelling sound so lovely, the first thing Aomine said was, “Oh my God, she’s like Imayoshi, except she’s hot.”
  • “Dai-chan!” Momoi scolded
  • “Am I wrong?”
  • The rest of the team rolled their eyes in response, but no one disagreed
  • If you weren’t sure that the team wasn’t scared of you right then, they soon came to be terrified of you by the end of that training session
  • Everyone was gathered around Imayoshi, who was explaining what they were going to do that day and Aomine decided to make a flirty joke aimed at you in front of everyone
  • But before Imayoshi could scold him, you began to speak ever so softly
  • “Aomine, try making a move on me like that one more time and I promise you I will make sure you never walk again,” you smiled, tone as sweet as ever but words sharper than a knife
  • It took everyone a moment to process what you had just said because your innocent voice had masked the threat of your words
  • Right then, everyone took a step back from you, completely terrified
  • Sakurai looked like he was about to cry
  • Wakamatsu genuinely thought he was going to shit his pants
  • Aomine pretended like it didn’t faze him but in reality he believed that he was going to be murdered in his sleep
  • Meanwhile, Imayoshi stood there, smiling proudly at you
  • He walked up to you, swung his arm around your shoulders and placed a kiss on your head
  • “Come on guys, back to work,” Imayoshi said nonchalantly
  • Everyone just stared at him in awe… how was he able to even lay a finger on you without being slaughtered??
  • “Did you not hear him? Shouldn’t you be warming up?” you said softly
  • And just like that, everyone ran off to get started, desperate to get away from you
  • You and Imayoshi were truly a terrifying duo
  • And now whenever the team spots that fox hoodie of yours, they know not to mess around
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Day 16: Favorite Member of Too - Aomine Daiki

This guy… is just my love😭 Yeah, he is lazy, short tempered and into idols. But he really is a nice guy. You know how Kiyoshi protects Seirin, right? He does the same for GoM. Remember when he confronted Haizaki? From his very first appearance you can tell that he is gorgeous(and hot 🥵) I mean how can you even not like him after that? And their friendship with Momoi.. oh that’s just something else. Wish everyone a friendship like that.

Oh and there is a guy…

Who has also stole my heart ❤️


At first glance, Imayoshi appears to be kind and easygoing. But he reveals his darker, more arrogant personality.

Oh when someone says something about his terrible personality, he pretends to be offended, but actually he doesn’t give a fuck.

Imayoshi is prudent captain. He is also a captain of Strky, so I think that should mean something. Well, he can handle all the problems in Too. Like he believes in Aomine’s abilities and knows that the team needs him and lets him to do what he wants(not the way Fukuda Sōgō lets Haizaki to treat them as if they are idk potato sacks who can do nothing), and he manages to calm Wakamatsu and Sakurai down

I cry every time when I watch Winter Cup Seirin-Too match. Seeing Imayoshi, Susa, Aomine, actually just everyone who had lost Seirin so upset breaks my heart😭💔

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(note: i’m presuming that the stalker is someone they don’t know well, like a classmate they’ve been assigned to a project with, rather than a s/o or summat)

Imayoshi Shouichi

  • straight up confronts the classmate about this
  • he speaks teasingly, but with that slight almost-intimidating grin which warns (even when his words don’t) that he’s unimpressed, though almost intrigued at the same time
  • from then on, all pictures his stalker takes of him feature him looking straight at the camera - it’s like some kind of sixth sense, he always knows when they’re there

Hanamiya Makoto

  • he’s of course somewhat creeped out, but the big idea in his mind is “how can i take advantage of this?”
  • starts very casually flirting with the stalker-classmate, enjoys watching their reactions, and how easy it is to have them wrapped around his finger
  • in short, his stalker is practically his slave, just another person to do his dirty work for him

Yamazaki Hiroshi

  • incredibly uncomfortable
  • he’s not bold enough to leave straight away, but he starts hesitating when talking to the stalker, shifts away from them when they try sit closer to him and so on
  • from then on, doesn’t want to be near them alone - latches onto hara, when it’s just the three of them in the classroom, and changes seats if he was previously sitting next to the stalker

Seto Kentaro

  • straight up just leaves; he’s not paid enough to deal with this bullshit
  • he’s not scared in any way, knowing that he’s very tall and pretty fit and that this stalker classmate is unlikely to be able to overpower him or do anything to him
  • but that doesn’t mean he’s willing to hang out with someone who’s clearly not quite right in the head
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Hey❤️ Finished rewatching Kurobas for 10th time yesterday(yeah, I’m a crazy fan 😂) and can’t get enough of fics too. So, what would Akashi, Hayama and Imayoshi do, if their gf gets pregnant? Btw wish you all the best and good luck with fanfic author’s path🍀

hi my @brokenshrimp​ !! thank you so much for waiting, without further ado… here’s a headcanon! p.s. i’m just as obssessed LMAOOOO

Note: I’m writing this under the premise that the S/O has been dating with them for quite some time and is practically settled with them; also female S/O fyi if you want it really explicitly stated

Akashi Seijuro

How He Found Out

  • this man already knew you were pregnant before you even went to the bathroom for the first time from morning sickness
  • it’s the way you became slightly moodier, slightly more fatigue, and to anyone else (those who would even notice anyway), it’s just work exhaustion or just your level of energy for that day
  • nu uh, not Akashi… nothing escapes his EYE(s)
  • it’s really weird because when a pattern developed where you would constantly vomit at the break of day, Akashi just knew to be at your side and bring you some appropriate painkillers and water
  • while you were panicking that you were gonna FUCKING DIE OR SOMETHING WHY AM I THROWING UP HELP, Akashi does not look remotely worried at all,,, I mean he looks worried that the stress on your body might be too overwhelming, but he knows the cause of it all,,,,,, he’s totally smiling on the inside and being really gushy and thinking of THE BEST BABY NAMES AND MAYBE PLAN TO HAVE THE KID BECOME ABSOLUTE ON THE COURTS AT AGE 3 be the best father he could be
  • but he’s not gonna say anything because he knows you want to be the “first one” to figure it out and then tell him
  • you’re not stupid, so eventually, you had an inkling of suspicion of the possibility of pregnancy after your period didn’t come for that month
  • and only after a bucket of positive pregnancy tests were you finally convinced that you have a mini-Akashi in your stomach
  • and then you’re actually having self-doubts about how Akashi somehow found you attractive enough to get you knocked up??? what??? THE Akashi, perfection, emperor, and gentleman?? being the father???? with you?? girl, you were on the bathroom tiles, sobbing your eyes out from all the pent-up anxiousness and doubt and most likely definitely those pregnancy hormones kicking in
  • how the fuck were you gonna tell him? that was the question
  • and you cried even harder as you tried to rack your brain
  • what if you somehow contacted his business partners to throw a formal party with no context for Akashi and then at the end do a huge extravagant reveal?…
  • or maybe you should plan a game where you plant riddles and clues around the house for Akashi to solve and find out about your pregnancy???
  • you took a dramatic gasp
  • what if he doesn’t want the kid after all and then it’d be like in the shows where you have to leave and then have the ultimate angst and heartbreak piled upon you and then your life breaks into shambles?—
  • “(y/n), what are you doing?”
  • oh dear
  • Akashi was just standing at the doorway with the most furrowed brows trying to digest the scene of your tear-stricken (and puffy) face trying to intake gulps of air despite the sniffling, all while you were leaning against the toilet while sitting with sprawled legs on the tiles??
  • “My love, what’s wrong?” Akashi quietly asked, trying to wrap you into his arms in attempt to coax you out of your hysteria
  • as he nestles your snotty face into his chest, he noticed the scattered pregnancy tests
  • ah, so that’s how it is
  • he gently rubs soothing circles down your back to calm you down
  • long story short, you awkwardly hiccuped out your pregnancy announcement and in your head you totally wanted the tiles to swallow you up whole from utter embarrassment
  • “S-s-sei…” a hiccup. “I’m p-pregnant…” hiccup. “I think I’m… pr-pre—” hiccup. “pregnant…”
  • you were trying to gauge his reaction as best as you can, especially with your blurred vision from the tears, but you can only discern a slight smile from him
  • oh no… Akashi was trying to act surprised for your sake, but he can’t—he’s too ecstatic and already a little too prepared for this whole ordeal

During Pregnancy

  • did I mention that he was a little too prepared for this pregnancy deal?
  • he’s acting like he’s the one who’s pregnant KNFWINEIWJW
  • you’re going down in the kitchen for a snack?? SORRY, but he’s going to gently usher you with his hand on your lower back WHILE PULLING YOUR CHAIR FOR YOU… THE SNACK YOU WANTED? DON’T WORRY, HE HAD THE MAIDS PREPARE ANYTHING YOU WISH
  • ALL your cravings would be satisfied
  • except that one time at the ungodly hour of 4am, you wanted instant cup noodles, which isn’t a big deal and you could totally walk to the convenience store for a pack
  • “… Instant… cup noodles?” Akashi groggily asked. “Our staff can prepare a fresh bowl of any type of noodles you want, (y/n).”
  • “But nothing can replace instant noodles…”
  • he’s so ????? confused?? instant?? what’s instant cup noodles??? he technically has “instant” noodles with the fastest staff around?? why do you need instant noodles? was his staff not “instant” enough?
  • “Sei… have you ever tried them before?”
  • “Is it food for the lower class?”
  • “…”
  • Akashi meant no offense, truly… he was just a confused, rich man
  • Akashi really thought your pregnancy would be smooth sailing, especially since he’s so prepared for all your needs, but judging from the way he had to deal with your outburst and yells about “instant food being a luxury” at the woes of 4am from your behalf, one can never be completely prepared for such a thing
  • looks like his Emperor Eye can’t predict everything after all
  • you know what his Emperor Eye can do though? fuck up whoever is looking at you the wrong way because anyone who messes with you might suddenly get an ankle breaker on the sidewalks LMAOOOO

Hayama Kotaro

How He Found Out

  • when you told Hayama in such a matter-of-fact way that you were pregnant, he was BEYOND FREAKED OUT
  • honestly, he didn’t even noticed that you were pregnant in the first place; the reason why you told him so blithely and casually in the first place was because he was ready to pounce on you for a literal consecutive week-streak of banging and you were NOT GOING TO SUBJECT YOURSELF TO THAT MUCH EXERTION ESPECIALLY WITH A PREGNANCY NOW
  • “How’d you even get preg—oh.
  • you’re just sitting there waiting for the cogs to turn in his head as he was actually silent for the first time for so long (even when he sleeps he’s damn noisy)
  • “With that much fucking we both did, I wasn’t even surprised, Kotaro.”
  • “Wait, for real, like, you actually have a baby inside?”
  • “Yes, for real.” you have the most deadpanned face, like is this MAN FOR REAL? IS THIS THE SAME MAN WHO RAVAGED YOU IN THE SHEETS?????????
  • but what you didn’t expect was for Hayama to bounce around the room with literal sparkles in his eyes while doing some acrobatics
  • Me? I’m going to be a dad? Me? A dad! (y/n)!! Seriously!? Don’t pull my leg right now!”
  • you can’t help but laugh at his antics
  • “Stupid, you think I joke about these things?—Wah!”
  • Hayama interrupts you by picking your figure up and spinning you around… and around… and around—
  • “K-Kotaro!—wait! Ack, s-stop! I’m gonna—throw—ERF!”
  • “Sh-shit! Sorry, sorry, sorry! Wait, (y/n), are you okay, oh my god—”
  • oh boy, it was going to be a looooooooong journey for the both of you
  • honestly, Hayama was a kid in his own right and now you’re gonna end up with ANOTHER ONE in your household?? someone send you help

During Pregnancy

  • someone please send help
  • poor Hayama is so lost and he doesn’t know how to care for you and your pregnancy
  • he’s trying so hard but he just doesn’t understand hormones and why you’re acting so snappy with him???
  • especially since he’s an impatient guy too and blows his short fuse much faster—
  • it was a doozy the first couple weeks to a month, and it took a HUGE readjustment for the both of you
  • Hayama deadass calls over Mibuchi Reo frequently ESPECIALLY to deal with you and Reo just looks at him with absolute scorn LMAOOO
  • Sighhh, amateur.”
  • Reo honestly is such a mom and takes care of your needs so much better than Hayama
  • Hayama is a bit sad and jealous that you can rely on Reo so much and he wants to step up to be a reliable person for you too :((
  • you even seem to rely on Nebuya a lot for errand runs or when Reo insists he escorts you outside the house so no one DARES to try anything
  • Hayama is going through some stuff, man—he’s having his own version of moodiness and temper changes
  • when Reo cooks up something for you or expertly soothes your sickness away, Hayama attentively observes from afar on how he does it, so he can do the same for you one day
  • honestly, your pregnancy was so much for you to handle and as much as you appreciate the maturity of Reo and Nebuya, you wanted nothing more than your ball of energy named Hayama by your side
  • so when you noticed a weirdly shy Hayama peeping into your room, you had a stupid grin on your face as you beckoned him over
  • poor guy was just really nervous approaching you for the first time in a solid 2 weeks, but he’s missed your gentle touch so he wasn’t going to object
  • but he doesn’t want to be so rough or careless so he’s legit 6 feet apart, practicing social distancing
  • “Come closer, stupid.”
  • “I, uhhh…” he slightly scoots closer
  • “What? What are you so timid for? I wanna cuddle with you… please?”
  • “F-fine…” he averts his eyes as he stiffly wraps his arms around your shoulders, because he doesn’t want to hurt you and the baby, as much as he wants to wrap around your stomach and somersault you across the mattress like he used to do
  • and you grab his hands down to your stomach and he feels a very small movement?? a kick?? something?? but it feels very, very alive
  • “You’re gonna be so great with our kid, Kotaro,” you assured him, nuzzling into his body, and you smile when you feel him finally relaxing against your frame
  • “… Can we have another kid?”
  • “If we bang again while you’re pregnant without protection, would we get twins?”
  • “… do you think the kid will inherit my tooth?”
  • “KOTARO!”
  • Whaaaat?” and he’s totally pouting at you
  • yeah, you technically have to care for two kids after this… 

Imayoshi Shoichi

How He Found Out

  • DOES IMAYOSHI EVEN LIKE KIDS? was the first thing that came to your mind when you stare down at the cursed pee stick test
  • now what?
  • you two never really had a talk about having a family, being parents, none of that; you were both too busy in your own respective careers to even spend time together, let alone have a kid
  • would he be a good father?? he’s quite sly clever and would be more than capable in teaching your future kid, but would he even be willing to put that effort?
  • you were sporting the harshest frowns and the most pondering expressions around the house the entire week (alone, Imayoshi is off at work constantly), pacing back and forth in attempt to rack up the possibilities of what would happen if you told him
  • but you should probably think of how to tell him first
  • as much as you wanted to make this reveal elaborate, you knew with little free time both of you had, he’d probably appreciate a straightforward talk instead
  • so when he finally comes home for the first time in a hot second, his eyes (imayoshi: ➖👄➖) immediately scanning for you until they land right on you just a few meters away
  • he’s already having NSFW plans with you and wants to monopolize what little time you both have this evening and he SLINKS OVER TO YOUR SIDE WITH THIS NATURAL LEVEL OF SEDUCTION YOUR KNEES ARE WEAK BUT YOU HAVE TO TELL HIM THAT YOU’RE—
  • “I’m pregnant, Shoichi,” was all you said when he ghosted his fingers over your collarbones
  • his fingers froze when he heard you
  • excuse me, what? what did she say?
  • “Now, now, it’s not polite to joke like that, (y/n)-chan.”
  • his eyes are fully blown open (imayoshi: 👁👄👁) as he tries to gauge your facial expressions, your body language JUST YOUR ENTIRE DEMEANOR TO TRY TO DISCERN IF YOU’RE BEING 100% SERIOUS
  • “… you’re not joking, aren’t you,” he says, without a hint of a questioning lilt at all
  • “Do you think I’m someone who even puts in the same effort of playing mind games with people like you do?” you reply with an equally dry tone
  • “No, but you often try so hard only to come up so short,” he says, as he leans in closer to your face while STILL HAVING HIS EYES OPEN AND OBSERVING YOUR EVERY MOVEMENT LIKE A PREDATOR, and you really thought the glints in his irises meant something WILD and you were ready to put a stop to Imayoshi if he tried to take you to bed
  • but then he just places a chaste kiss on you, and his ghosting fingers on your collarbones simultaneously travel up to your face to hold your cheek
  • “Got you.”
  • “I’m obviously well aware, (y/n),” he dryly teased, but his face immediately turns very serious when he starts thinking about how to go from here
  • “C’mere.” and HUP he scoops you up from under your knees to carry you to the bed but before you can scold him again, he just tucks you in and gives you a forehead kiss
  • “You’ve been unnecessarily overworking yourself. I’ll make some calls for you and see what I can do.”
  • no matter how much you tried to object, Imayoshi is extremely firm on you getting ample rest

During Pregnancy

  • first of all, he begins to work overtime… for your sake
  • and when he does get home, he often finds you already snoozing with a growing stomach that makes his heart go yay
  • only when you’re asleep (thankfully most of the time you were anyways) he puts his hand on your stomach to try to feel anything
  • otherwise he’d just give you some chaste kisses, massages, meal-in-beds type deals
  • he’ll never admit it to you but he’s definitely done some research on pregnancies, birth, newborn care, ALL THAT STUFF whenever you were asleep (after he admires you and tries to listen for signs of the baby, of course)
  • he’s definitely asked Momoi about advice, figuring that maybe a female’s perspective on this would help
  • oh, but he’ll definitely bring along some smartass comments and double (even triple) entendres along with his small acts of kindness
  • ALL delivered with smirks
  • in your pregnancy stage, everything he does pissed you off even more in one way or another YOU’RE SO READY TO PUNCH HIM AT ONE POINT and he’s just here with his closed-eye smiles
  • but despite all those annoying comments he gives to you, never once had he complain or had any reservations about your pregnancy
  • like, you totally expected him to tell you that he wasn’t for the child and being very cynical about the entire ordeal
  • nor does he seem to complain. at all. even with the extra stress and burden he’s shouldering
  • and then that day you burst into tears seeing him when he comes home and he’s mildly confused at your stunt but calms you down nonetheless without questioning a thing
  • he’s legit hearing incoherencies of “I feel bad” and “You’re over-exerting yourself” coming from you as you cling to him and he just sighs and says sweet nothings until you fall straight asleep
  • Imayoshi… seems… softer
  • that aside, this man addresses you using everything BUT your name… like his “balloon,” his “soap bubble,” AND THIS MAN EVEN DARED TO CALL YOU HIS LITTLE BIG BASKETBALL HELP
  • every time you throw a hissy fit at every little thing because of those damn hormones, he calmly sits both of you and him down as he tries to rationally explains what the problem even was or how to find the solution but you find the entire thing patronizing because you KNOW from his dry tone of voice that he sounds completely done with this entire ordeal
  • and then it causes a lot of needless fights from the two of you considering that you’re accusing him of being patronizing and not showing you any sympathy, and Imayoshi is just here thinking you’re being extremely irrational for no damn reason other than to spite him
  • Momoi please send help
  • still, you’re uneasy because he’s taking care of you, but you’ve never seen him excited? happy? about the pregnancy? like he’s so indifferent about it and it lowkey gets you down
  • does he think it’s just an obligation?
  • and more often than not, you would walk yourself to the convenience store to buy some unhealthy snacks and chips just to satisfy your hunger and cravings because Imayoshi was pretty much always out
  • you’re lonely, hungry, and hormonal, you don’t feel good ALRIGHT?
  • and you’re just walking back to your place until someone is trying to harass you and you were READY to fuck them up but Imayoshi is magically right there giving them the most bone-chilling glare
  • “Are you friends with my dear (y/n)?” he slightly cocks his head to attempt some level of passive-aggressive friendliness. “Otherwise I’d highly advise you to scram.”
  • “Sh-shoichi!? Shouldn’t you be at work?”
  • “My, my, to think you’ve been doing your own share of traveling while I’ve been gone.”
  • “I literally just walk a block.”
  • “That’s my point, darling.”
  • and HUP AGAIN he’s doing the princess carry with you back to your place, disregarding the curious onlookers on the way
  • “… I came home early today. Figured to spend some time home.”
  • in response, you smile against his neck and you knew he cared about you and the baby, even if he wasn’t your typical type of guy to get giddy
  • he wants to save up so when you finally give birth, he’d have enough to let you AND him be permitted off work on official (temporary) leave without worrying about money
  • in other words, he wants to be able to be fully at home with you and your kid, being a good dad, and JUST SPENDING ALL HIS TIME WITH YOU AND HE’S BEEN SAVING UP ON THE BABY RESOURCES AND BABY NUTRITION
  • spoiler alert: he’s confused again for the umpteenth time JEJWIDIWO
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Aomine: When they first see him with you, they all think their eyes stopped working properly. First of all, his s/o is such a cute person and Aomine himself is so soft for them? Impossible.

Momoi was the one who knew about your relationship earlier and shows off you two proudly while the others stare in disbelief.

Wakamatsu can’t believe what he’s seeing and is the person who spoils their hiding spot, exclaiming his shock and making Aomine annoyed when he realizes the whole team saw him being soft for you.

Imayoshi then decides to tease him and tries to persuade you to regularly visit their practices if it means Aomine would show up and act like this more often.

Sakurai watches the whole scene silently from the back, wondering how come someone so adorable like you managed to get into a relationship with the scary ace. It instantly makes him respect you.

Midorima: It was Takao’s idea to spy on you two and seeing his friend being so much different towards you, he barely manages to hold in laughter. He also starts recording your conversation after a while, receiving a smack from Miyaji.

Otsubo and Kimura listen to Midorima closely even though they were initially against spying on you. But hearing how the ace talked to you, an adorable person who apparently was his s/o, they couldn’t believe their ears.

They all held their breath noticing a small smile form on Midorima’s face when suddenly Takao burst out laughing and made you two look in the hiding group’s direction.

Miyaji was the one to approach and apologize to you, then turning to Midorima and not so calmly asking him to act like this towards them too. How you managed to break his cold façade was a mystery to all of them.

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Hi there! Thank you ! It makes me happy you decided to send me a request! I’ve been good! Hope you’re doing well! Of course I can write this for you! Please continue to remain safe!!


  • He’s disappointed the weather has changed drastically. but he doesn’t let it show on his face. He doesn’t sigh at all, rather, just smiles at you and apologizes for the weather change.
  • Of course, you know, despite him not showing it, he is bothered by not being able to have the picnic with you.. So instead, you grab his hand, and help him pack back up.
  • He watches you with slightly wide eyes, a tiny smile on his lips.
  • “Let’s go to the cafe around the corner, okay _____-chan? We can eat there, and watch the rain fall instead.. How’s that?”


  • He finds the situation ironic, because when he left this morning, it was bright and sunny… But when the two of you met up, he could tell you were stressed about something..
  • Instead of picking on you, because he knows you’re not in the mood, he slowly gathers everything, gently tugging on your hand.
  • “Ah, it appears ______-chan brought the moody weather with her..” he jokes, before bringing you into a hug, “That’s okay though, we can have the picnic in the living room… How does that sound?”
  • You don’t object to it, instead remain flustered at his little joke.. But it immediately melts into a smile, as you rest your head against his shoulder. Despite the teasing, he cares for you.. And you’d never get mad at him for showing it.


  • Like Himuro, Kasamatsu is disappointed, HOWEVER, it’s evident on his face.. He even groans loudly as he begins to slowly pack up.
  • You feel a little guilty, because he spent all this time preparing the picnic just for the two of you.. And it’s not as if it’s raining too hard!
  • You rest a hand on his, causing him to fluster from the contact, but he watches you smile, and tug him back onto the blanket. 

“Come on Yukio!! It’s just a little rain! It’s not going to hurt us!”

“O….Oi! _____!! W…We’re going to get sick, baka!”

“I just want to spend time with you, Yukio… We can take care of each other if we get sick!”

A brief silence, as Kasamatsu whispers, “….O…Okay….” before burying his head in your shoulder, because he can’t say no to you.


  • He’s dramatic about the whole thing. Here he had planned the perfect picnic and took time off JUST for you, and it begins raining!!
  • Of course, the one time he forgets to bring an umbrella, it starts raining right? Just his luck!
  • However, he doesn’t want to call it quits, so he’ll move everything as fast as he can under a few trees. (He doesn’t care if people are watching.) And he’ll place you on his lap, covering the two of you with his jacket so you can still have that special moment…
  • “_____cchi, I want us to spend time together! Let me shield you from the rain!”
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imayoshi shouichi

  • for starters, he’s not going to hold any of your insecurities against you, nor will he actively try to make you more insecure
  • however i can see him messing around pretending to be a therapist though, kinda quizzing you on why certain things make you insecure, and then questioning the logic
  • this nitpicking approach can either prove massively beneficial to countering your insecurities, or make you a lot more insecure: and there’s no in-between

hara kazuya

  • on the one hand, hara doesn’t really want to make his s/o more insecure - since he’s experienced insecurity about his appearance too, in the past
  • but, on the other hand, his humour can be pretty nasty (but not in a mean way, if that makes any sense), and every once in a while, almost accidentally, he will make jokes which mock his s/o’s insecurities
  • these jokes aren’t supposed to make his s/o more insecure, but their effects can be both positive and negative (they can either help normalise the thing that makes his s/o feel insecure, or make them even more aware of this ‘flaw’)
  • and so hara spends a lot of time apologising for them in a “i know i said ____, but i was lying, your ___ actually looks really good” way

haizaki shougo

  • haizaki’s another one with two sides to him, as far as his s/o’s insecurities go
  • the first side is that, thanks to media (especially more erotic content), he’s used to a specific look, and so can make pretty judgemental comments 
  • however, the second side is that he can genuinely get attracted to anything, and so he’s quick to practically forget his s/o’s insecurities, to the point where he can be genuinely confused about why they’re ‘throwing a fuss’ about their insecurities 
  • also just: “shougo, don’t you think i’m too ____” followed by “nah, that’s hot”

nash gold jr

  • nash has gotten to where he is with a whole lot of hard work, and one of the results of that is that he doesn’t have a lot of patience for ‘giving up/weak’ talk
  • by that i mean: if your insecurity is something that can’t be changed/removed (for example, cellulite), he’d just tell you ignore it and stop winding yourself up with talk about it
  • otherwise, if it can be changed (for example, your weight), he’d just tell you to start working towards improving your situation
  • and he’s happy to help if he can (for example, you could go to the gym with him), but he’ll get pissy real quick if you’re just ^whining^ about your insecurity, without doing anything about it

seto kentaro

  • seto knows what it’s like to have features that you dislike/are insecure about, especially on the face, seeing as he despises the mole on his forehead
  • however he’s never really spoken about his insecurities, and so he’d treat your insecurities in a similar fashion: just never mentioning them, unless you were specifically asking him for advice
  • in an acne-specific situation though, if he knew that you were trying out lots of treatments to improve your skin, and he saw an improvement, he would definitely complement you on it, even if in a pretty subtle way
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Hanamiya: He really thought nothing could make his day even worse than it already was. When he saw you approaching him, he wanted to seem unbothered, hiding the fact that his thoughts started wandering around you and how nice you looked. But then, you opened your mouth and asked him a favor.

“Could you pretend to be my boyfriend for a while? There’s that really annoying guy that’s constantly trying to hit on me and I want him to give up”

Hanamiya was speechless for a second, not believing his ears. How could he pretend, knowing it’s fake? The irony of the situation made him let out a bitter laugh.

“No way. Deal with it yourself”

He then left you, not being able to look you in the eyes. You should’ve given that guy a chance. He could become your real boyfriend instead.

Kagami: How could he not help you? You were so precious to him. Besides, one thing was already there to help him with the role - as much as he hated to admit it, the other guy’s attempts of hitting on you were making him jealous.

Kagami tried to ignore the thought of your relationship being fake. He really wanted it to be real but how could he tell you this? You were only doing it to get rid of that annoying person, who soon gave up seeing Kagami beside you all the time. And so, your “relationship” ended.

You thanked him for the help and kissed his cheek with a smile he couldn’t resist. He smiled back. 

“I wasn’t pretending, Y/N. I really want to be your boyfriend” he wanted to say but was too scared to actually do. Instead, he was left with friendship, something he still cherished a lot. It hurt seeing other people approach you. Maybe in the future he’d become one of them.

Kise: “Would you mind becoming my boyfriend?” his head turned to your direction so fast it almost snapped, his eyes wide and not sure what to say.

“Well, just for a while, don’t worry. I want that stupid guy to see I’m taken and stop annoying me”

Kise’s head dropped as he thought about your words. You didn’t want him to be your boyfriend… You just wanted him to pretend. But how could he pretend when his feelings for you were so real?

“I don’t think it’s a good idea…” he replied, focusing on the food in front of him.

“Please, Kise-kun. You won’t have to deal with me for long, just a few days” you touched his arm and he sighed.

If only you knew how much he’d love to deal with you for much longer. But he couldn’t tell you this. At least not yet.

Murasakibara: “Huh?” he really hoped to be the one who misheard what you were saying. He really did. But when you repeated your words, they still sounded the same. Murasakibara focused his gaze on the table in front of him, avoiding your look.

“Are you stupid?” he didn’t mean to offend you. But what else could he have said to make the situation better? It was already the worst.

“I don’t want to act like your boyfriend. Maybe you should get a real one”

Your eyes expressed surprise at his sudden harsh comment, mixed with sadness and he knew it got to you. There was no other way to tell you this. He’d be the worst pretend-boyfriend in the world, because he’d be too real with it. And you weren’t looking for that. You had to find someone else to help you.

Imayoshi: Your words hurt him deep inside, but why would he blame you? You didn’t know anything about his feelings for you, simply because he’d been purposely hiding it. If anything, he’d have to blame himself. For you, you were just friends and knew everything about each other. In reality, almost everything. And Imayoshi was a great actor, besides you knew his personality and his reply didn’t surprise you.

“Oh, Y/N-chan. Do you really think I’d agree? What would I get from doing you a favor like this, hm?”

He was teasing and you sighed, rolling your eyes at him. It was obvious he wouldn’t agree just because. But when you made a deal, he sent you his signature smile and wrapped an arm around your shoulders.

“Congratulations Y/N-chan, you have an amazing boyfriend. You’ll want to run away after two days but I warned you, didn’t I?”

Haizaki: “Pretend to be my boyfriend for a few days and I’ll owe you something, how about it?”

Haizaki snorted at your deal and shook his head, visibly amused. He didn’t give you an answer and after a while you got impatient waiting for him to reply.

“Do you think I’d do something idiotic like this? We’re doing it for real or not at all, I’m not playing those stupid games. I’m not a child, Y/N”

His words surprised you and this time you had to think a while to answer. Did he suggest it for real or was he just playing? Haizaki’s eyes didn’t give you any hint and you had to improvise.

“Are you messing with me?”

“Do I look like I am?”


In the end your annoying suitor soon gave up and never dared to approach you again.

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  • imayoshi is pretty meticulous about planning everything that he’s going to do to his s/o, before they get together
  • to the extent that even how they end up falling for him, how he reels them in, is planned - in other words, even if they despised him originally, he’ll get them at least wanting to be a friend
  • (the romantic and sexual attraction can wait; he just needs them to get close enough to take the bait, for now)
  • once they’re in a relationship, imayoshi loses the pleasantness he had before; his words, written down, would still appear kind, but his tone takes on a vicious atmosphere, unless his s/o does as he asks
  • and, for the most part, what he asks of them at school are very small things: holding his hand, resting their head on his shoulder, chuckling at a joke of his, etc. 
  • the only problem is how it’ll slowly start to escalate
  • for example, any disagreement (and especially disagreement which supports something someone else has said, for example a teammate) results in bruises across their wrists, and a sickly sweet tone, asking “are you sure you think that? or is that just an awful joke?”
  • for the most part though, bruises are as far as a high school yandere imayoshi will go
  • but that’s not to say he’s mild: he thrives off exploiting his s/o’s insecurities, manipulating what’s true and what’s false until they’re not sure if he’s even the bad guy, making them despise themselves so much that they’re desperately reliant on him to help give them a break from the self-hatred within their heads
  • and this is a pretty effective method for imayoshi, to gain control of his s/o - it makes it pretty impossible for anyone to call him an abuser
  • for example, he’d never stop his s/o from going to a party, instead he’ll be the one comforting them as they sob in his arms that they can’t go, since everyone hates them, since they’ll just get mocked if they go
  • thus, imayoshi’s obviously a good guy
  • there’s nothing to doubt, right?
  • even when he presses a knife against their throat during sex, as asks them what they’d do with all the blood which would spurt out
  • or when he shoves their head underwater, and asks them what if felt like when he pulls them back up again, and watches them shiver in the corner of the room, reminding them that:
  • as long as they’re good, he’d be happy to warm them up again

in other words, Verbal/Mental Abuse, and also seeing how much he can threaten them without breaking them completely

(the breaking can come later, when he’s older, and when his s/o has no one left but him)

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Hi, welcome back! Unfortunately I don’t write for Nash bc I don’t know about him enough but hopefully you’ll still like what I wrote about the others! You too have a nice week ❤️

Aomine: He slowly scans through the crowd of students coming out of the school building for the last time and sighs, happy that his high school times finally came to an end and a new path started opening up to him. In a split second he notices you, the team manager, approaching him and as soon as you get closer Aomine notices the tears in your eyes. Hearing the reason behind it, he’s taken aback and doesn’t know how to react so eventually a small laugh leaves his mouth.

“Why are you sad? We can still meet every once in a while. Yeah, we won’t see each other that often but it’s better than nothing, right?”

With that, he smiles and ruffles your hair. He can’t handle seeing you cry and will make sure to make your mood better by inviting you to spend the rest of the day together.

Haizaki: “What are you crying for?” he asks with a teasing tone, not sure how to act when you’re not showing your usual smile. When you tell him that you’ll miss seeing each other everyday, he laughs but on the inside, starts thinking about it too. As much as he didn’t want to admit it, his life was about to change and it made him feel weird that you won’t be that huge of its part anymore.

“Oi, stop it” he pokes you on the arm and looks away, feeling awkward at the situation he was in.

“Do you think we could meet at least a little?” you ask and he scratches his head, still not looking you in the eyes.

“Yeah, I guess. If you want to” he swears the smile you sent him then could be the death of him one day.

Imayoshi: The graduation ceremony ended and the whole team met in the gym, for the last time in this squad. The second and first years surrounded their seniors and thanked them for all the games they experienced together. As Imayoshi was about to leave, he spotted you, their manager, hiding yourself in the corner.

“Y/N-chan?” he called out and finally saw your face, covered in tears you were trying not to show.

“Sorry, it’s so stupid but… I’ll really miss seeing you here. It won’t be the same”

Imayoshi sent you a smile and shook his head, faking disappointment. Deep inside however it made him happy to see you care about him like this.

“Ah, Y/N-chan… I never knew you liked my presence that much. But we can still meet up a lot, can’t we? You’re still my precious manager either way”

Aone: Something was ending but something else was about to start. Aone was pretty optimistic about the future and while he’d definitely miss the time spent in high school, he was looking forward to the next few years.

Everyone else started going home, in groups to celebrate the graduation or alone but he stood in one place, waiting for you. He knew you’d look for him and didn’t have to wait long until he noticed you in the crowd. What surprised him was your expression, not as cheerful and bright as he was used to.

“Hey I… let’s still meet sometimes, okay?” Aone heard your voice shaking and put a hand on your shoulder, looking you in the eyes. He nodded at your suggestion and took your hand to take you for a walk, as you often did.

That day didn’t mean the ending of your relationship, after all.

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