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with how much of a total dumbass RR is, it’s hard to believe that he’s actually the avatar of a powerful artifact with phenomenal power. his laid-back attitude and mischievous streak means it can be hard to take him seriously, and he’s perfectly fine with that. despite being the closest thing to a god in his home universe, he’s more willing to slack off and bother his friends– Swears has got protecting Paradise on lock, as far as he’s concerned.

he’s upbeat, optimistic, and very sleepy. he’s also prone to teasing people or being a bit of an ass, but mostly just likes to mess around and help people in unexpected ways rather than risk actually hurting anybody. under his cheerful exterior he’s pretty self-conscious, and harbours a lot of guilt over his triangle piece being used to corrupt the world he helped make. he’s also not super great at reading other people’s emotions or thinking things through, and makes a lot of impulsive decisions that he quickly regrets.

as a Triangle Piece, RR is rather powerful… once he actually bothers to put it to use. he’s able to purge corruption (as long as he’s not corrupted himself), travel from world to world at will, and can summon a set of energy chains that function as extra arms, among other things. whenever he, his world, or his friends are under serious threat, RR will go all-out to take it down, even if he ends up crossing the limits of his abilities and putting himself in danger. this is… less than ideal, because it means he’s likely to get himself killed and puts his Triangle at risk of corruption or worse. the pin on his bandana is the miniaturized version of the Triangle Piece he’s the avatar of, so if he gets separated from it for too long he’ll shatter (and when he’s shattered by normal means, it’s easy to swipe before it warps back to the void).

as a Shape, RR is able to shapeshift between an “anthro” and a “shape” form at will! his shape form is much smaller & less detailed, and whenever he’s too tired to maintain his anthro form he’ll be stuck as it until he’s recovered. if he’s shattered in either form, he’ll reform in the void as long as his Triangle is intact, which means he’s pretty much unkillable but also being shattered hurts like hell and he really doesnt like it.

his themesongs are Rainbow Road by nanobii and Me & You (Dirtyphonics Remix) by Nero!


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