blondebrainpower · 3 months ago
A Komondor enjoying the snow
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madame-mushroom · a month ago
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peachyy-needs-cream · 2 months ago
💦 onlyfans.com/peachyy-panda 💦
💙 fans.ly/peachyy-panda 💙
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miscellaneoustenten · 6 months ago
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This idea has been living in my head for months
"Peeerrrryyyy.... Perry the Platypterygius!"
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shorteststory · 11 months ago
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I put together an album of my 17 best postcard-sized stories from quarantine-ish period on Imgur! Take a look and let me know what you think: https://imgur.com/gallery/N0bnjBb/
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debelice · 8 months ago
      Fog fall in Senja Norway
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samurairobotics · 5 months ago
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biancamzmmanly · 12 days ago
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blondebrainpower · 3 months ago
Europa & Io passing over Jupiter's Great Red Spot, shot from space probe Cassini.
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sookayheresthething · 2 months ago
I have cracked the code
1. hypothesis:
for a social media site to be culturally relevant to the young people, its name needs to be able to be easily reduced/expanded to a ridiculous or absurd nickname.
2. experimentation:
2a.i. currently culturally relevant sites to the young people: tumblr, twitter, tiktok, reddit, instagram, youtube
2a.ii. currently culturally irrelevant sites to the young people: facebook, imgur, pinterest, 4chan
2b. nicknames (yes these are all ones I've heard):
tumblr: the hellsite, this webbed site, tumblr dot gov
twitter: the bird site, the bird app, just "twitter" with any other vowel instead of "i", like twatter, tweeter, etc
tiktok: clock app
reddit: reddit
instagram: insta, the gram
youtube: not actually sure about this one but people call it "YT" and "youtube dot gov" sometimes
facebook: can't think of one
imgur: can't think of one
pinterest: can't think of one
4chan: "the chan", maybe? other than that, can't think of one
3. conclusion:
the best ship is still waluigi x captain marvel
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tatumhtefuckable · 22 days ago
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rainepmcpersonable · 25 days ago
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stumbleimg · a year ago
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Northern Arizona hoodoo [OC] [900x1350]
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fidjiefidjie · 4 months ago
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"Avant d’avoir un chien, vous ne pouvez pas imaginer vivre avec un; Par la suite, vous ne pouvez imaginer vivre autrement." 🐶 🍽
Caroline Knapp
Gif Imgur
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astralchainposting · 3 months ago
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Jena Anderson concept art
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vinylamb · 8 months ago
@55 and little friend 😊 click 🔼
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blondebrainpower · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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