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Castiel's funniest moment:
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excuse me while I go fangirl out in the corner
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YE 馃ズ鉂わ笍
(no one's ever said that to me before, I think)
(you're so sweet, ily)
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鉁╞ i r t h鉁
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hello everyone i am at work for another five hours and since i鈥檓 just transferring stuff into a computer, i am going to start rewatching sk8 because i鈥檝e been looking for an excuse to :)
i am watching my favorite episode of the hollow to start though,,, and eventually i鈥檒l need to listen to the gulliver鈥檚 travels audiobook :/
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I'm gonna eat a feast and watch lots of movies and then medicate myself so I sleep through the fireworks tonight and hope my roommates wake me up if the town burns down. 馃嵂
Good!!!! Eat all the yummy food you want bebe馃ズ馃挍 but please stay safe omg馃槶馃槶馃槶 they better not do anything crazy to scare my honey baby tonight or I鈥檒l ...馃槨馃敧
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The one where Y/n helps Harry unwind
Loosely Based Off Of This Ask
A/N: I genuinely fucking ADORE this fic! it was a nice 1000th reentry to writing and posting. bc, okayyy鈥o like it鈥檚 giving very much older, rich, maybeeee ceo!h bc 鉁▂ou know鉁╯o imma say it鈥檚 an au bc it doesn鈥檛 give regular harry vibes or whatever, zaddy, sugar daddy, but he鈥檚 your man(like y鈥檃ll are 10 toes DOWN for each other), and just 鉁╠addy鉁╲ibes. alsooo, it鈥檚 featuring curvy/thiccc!y/n and she鈥檚 black馃グ ofc not limited to but yeah!! And she鈥檚 a baddie馃槍馃拝馃従so anywaysss鈥t鈥檚 not too structured but there鈥檚 a rhyme and reason to it鈥o i hope y鈥檃ll like it!! enjoyyy馃檭馃槡
she's 7.3k wordsss
When you hear the front door open and close, you quickly drop what you鈥檇 been doing in your closet to greet Harry at the door. It was like a little daily ritual for the two of you. Especially Harry. After a long day at the office, especially like the one he had today, all he wanted to do was unwind and be with you.聽
When you reach the bottom of the stairs, with a little pep in your step, you make your way over towards the entryway of your home to find Harry standing at the end of the couch shrugging off the navy suit jacket you helped him into before he left this morning. You didn鈥檛 even have to say a word before Harry鈥檚 attention was on you and a wide smile was spread across his face. It鈥檚 like he could feel your warm presence enter the room. Without a second to spare you then, almost giddily, skip across the living area and right into Harry鈥檚 arms, wrapping yours right around his waist.聽
鈥淗i鈥 You whisper, turning your head up to look at him with a wide smile, mirroring the warm one that was fixed on his face.聽
鈥淗i baby鈥 He whispers back to you before lowering his face down towards yours, closing the gap between your mouths and bringing you in for a kiss. His mouth moved longingly against yours and you could feel the remaining tension he鈥檇 acquired throughout the day just melt away. His once tense shoulders are relaxed and his grip on you is a bit tighter, bringing you even tighter against his body. As the kiss continued on, Harry鈥檚 hands began to move away from your waist.聽
In the beginning, he had his large and warm and incredibly soft hands at your waist, before moving them from underneath the bottom of your t-shirt and a bit lower to start massaging the ample and supple flesh of your hips. It felt so good. So good you let out a sigh of relief along with a little moan against his mouth, and melted right into his chest. If there was one thing Harry was always going to do well and be the best at, it鈥檇 definitely be working your body. He just knew how to do it. Harry knew just how much pressure to apply and where to apply it.聽
But anyways, in being true to himself, Harry didn鈥檛 keep them at your hips. They came around to meet at the very bottom of your back before gliding down to your backside. You felt his large hands spread across the ample area through the soft and comfy, but also quite small, shorts you had on. You could feel him gripping onto as much of your flesh as he could. But of course, he doesn鈥檛 stop there. His hands continue to explore the already and very well charted territory that was your ass, going lower and lower as your mouths continued moving against one another. Harry then proceeds to slightly bend down, extending his arms a bit more to latch onto the exposed and fleshy bottom of your ass that met your thighs. His fingers were curled inward, brushing up against your clothed pussy, slightly pulling your ass apart. He then stands back up, straightening himself out, and hoisting you up into his arms in the process. When he does this you let out a squeal into his mouth, slightly pulling away from his lips. Harry takes that opportunity and licks right into your mouth, his tongue effortlessly gliding against yours.聽
Wanting to just relax hear about your day, Harry turns his body slightly before sitting down on the couch, keeping you in his arms and now his lap the entire time. When he pulls away from your mouth to speak, you only follow him, prompting Harry to let out a slight chuckle at your eagerness.聽
鈥淲anna hear about your day baby.鈥 He chuckles, leaving a small kiss on your upper lip.
鈥淯mm鈥 You ponder, trying to get your head straight. That kiss was so good your head was spinning. It didn鈥檛 help that Harry鈥檚 hands were on your body, your panties were soaked, and you were sitting right on Harry鈥檚 semi hard cock that was tucked away in his pants. 鈥淣othing really exciting happened today.鈥 You shrug, reaching out to start undoing the work you鈥檇 done on his tie that morning.
鈥淚鈥檓 all ears.鈥 He gently says, bringing his hands back around to your bare thighs and giving them a little squeeze before leaning in to peck your pursed lips.聽
鈥淯h, I did a little shopping, and had lunch with my mom. Which speaking of, she misses you. Like you owe me because she literally talked me to death about how she never sees you for a good 20 minutes. And you know how she gets.鈥 You explain, rolling your eyes as a tense huff left your lips at the recollection of lunch. 聽
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry baby.鈥 He coos, mirroring your pout while trying to stifle the laugh that was creeping up on his face. 鈥淲e can have her over for dinner this weekend.鈥 He offers, knowing exactly what you went through earlier.
鈥淭hank you, she won鈥檛 stop otherwise.鈥 You sigh, keeping your attention on you were doing, continuing to work on the buttons of his shirt.聽
鈥淚 hear you.鈥 He chuckles. 鈥淏ut that鈥檚 all you did today babe?鈥 He continues. Harry wasn鈥檛 into prying, he just loved hearing you talk about your day, even if it was filled with a bunch of mundane tasks, he was all ears. Maybe it was just the fact that he enjoyed the sound of your voice, Harry didn鈥檛 know. All he knew was that he could listen to you talk for as long as you鈥檇 let him.聽
鈥淥h! I had my ring cleaned so went to the jeweler to pick it up.鈥 You remember, prompting Harry to pick up your hand to get a better look at the sparking engagement ring he slid onto your finger almost three years ago. He then proceeds to bring your hand up to his lips to leave a small kiss to your ring finger before bringing it back to his shirt to let you finish. 鈥淪o how was your day baby?鈥 You ask, turning the floor back over to him. Because similar to Harry, you enjoyed hearing about his day. Plus you liked hearing about his day so that you could know just how to help him unwind once he got home.
鈥淚t was exhausting for the lack of a better word. M鈥檔ot gonna bore you with the details but it was a lot of meetings, a lot of everyone around me talking in circles and not giving me answers, and a lot of me thinking about just firing everyone.鈥 Harry simply replies, already feeling a dull headache from the mere thought of his day at the office.聽
鈥淢鈥檚orry.鈥 You softly coo to him, gliding your hands up the sides of his neck, your fingers going right up into his disheveled curls. You could see the tiredness from the day on his face. 鈥淎re you hungry? I could make you something.鈥 You offer, wanting to ensure he was okay and able to relax. 鈥淥r I could get you the takeout menus.鈥 You add with a little smile, remembering the much easier alternative.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 okay love, I had a later lunch today.鈥 Harry chuckles, finding your eagerness to take care of him to be incredibly sweet and adorable.
鈥淎re you sure? Just wanna help you unwind since you had such a rough day.鈥 You softly explain.聽
鈥淢y baby takes such good care of me.鈥 Harry contently sighs, snaking his arms around your waist and pulling you up against his chest before burying his face in your neck and peppering your skin with small kisses. 鈥淏een taking care of me all day.鈥 Harry hums, his voice being muffled by your skin as he continues to kiss all over your neck and chest
鈥淚 take it the pictures made your day a little better.鈥 You hum, lightly running your nails against his scalp . You had a pretty good idea of how he reacted to the series of photos you sent him.聽
While you were getting dressed and ready to go out for the day, you stumbled across a pretty baby pink bra and panties set you鈥檇 only worn about twice, if that. Normally you would鈥檝e saved it for a special occasion or another time, but since you were in the mood to spend a little bit more time on yourself today, it was the perfect opportunity to slip on the set and give yourself a little love. You were very careful when putting the pieces on as to not rip its delicate fabric. Since it鈥檇 been a very good while since you鈥檇 worn the two pieces, it鈥檇 gotten a bit tighter in the hips than you remembered. Nothing uncomfortable, but just a tad noticeable.聽
Once you got them both on, you stood in front of the full mirror in your closet to do your little adjustments. You made sure to pull the side bands up a bit higher up on your hips to really accentuate the v shape between your legs and of the panties. You were also a bit chubby down there so the strip of fabric that was supposed to cover you didn鈥檛 cover everything, and you loved that. You thought it looked so sexy, and it just added something to your already curvy and full figure. You then move on to your cleavage, making sure you were pushed up just enough while still being comfortable. Once you鈥檙e all done, you do a little twirl, stopping midway to take in your body from behind. You were completely obsessed with how your ass looked in those panties. Even though there was little to nothing left to the imagination, there was still a desire to see more. You were just feeling so good. If you could鈥檝e, you would鈥檝e just stayed at home and floated around the house in your little get up.聽
When you finally looked at your phone, you realized that you were running a bit behind. And since you were supposed to meet your mother, the last thing you wanted was to be behind. You quickly moved on to do your hair and throw on a little makeup before picking out your outfit for the day. Upon you returning to your closet decide on what to wear, you also decided to take a couple pictures of yourself all dolled up before you got dressed.聽
You knew you were running a little late and you knew your mother would give you a little taste of hell for it. But you were just feeling yourself today. You were in such such a good mood that you decided to make a little set of photos of you all dolled up to send Harry while he was at work. Initially you were just in front of the mirror, but then an idea popped into your head, prompting you to bring your little photo shoot to the bed. You positioned your phone, very creatively you must add, in different places in the room and on the bed while you moved yourself around in different poses, wanting to get some good shots of yourself. And not too long into your little photoshoot, you were able to get some that you really loved, four of which you planned on sending to Harry.聽
Once you were all done with the photos, you quickly finish getting dressed before practically throwing yourself out the door. And while you were late, and because of that received a surprisingly very mild tongue lashing, you were still in a very good mood. In such a good mood that as soon as your mom stepped away to use the restroom, you whipped your phone out to send the photos. Along with the pictures, you add on a cute little note. Upon hitting send, a satisfied smile rises to your face. You didn鈥檛 even need a response from Harry to know how he鈥檇 react to the photos.
鈥淭hose pictures made my day a whole lot better. They put me in such a good mood didn鈥檛 end up firing everyone on the spot.鈥 Harry replies before going back to sucking a hickey into your skin at the top of your cleavage.
When Harry received your message earlier in the day, he鈥檇 been in a pretty chaotic and stressful beyond belief meeting. All he wanted to do was send everyone out and away and just go back home to you. That鈥檚 why when his phone buzzed on the table with a message from you, Harry did an almost complete 180 in demeanor. Going from stoic and ready to burst from the nonsense and commotion of that moment, to happy and ready to burst from all the love and soft feelings he had for you. Like unbeknownst to you and everyone in the room, you were everyone鈥檚 saving grace. And all it took was a notification from you. You became even more of a saving grace when he opened the message to find a series of some very suggestive to say the least, photos of yourself. In a matter of seconds Harry could already feel his pants tightening, and an even stronger urge to go back to his office. So that鈥檚 what he does. Harry instructs everyone to meet back in a half hour before making a b-line for his office. Upon entering the spacious room, he immediately closes the door behind him, locking it too just in case someone decides against knocking.
Harry then proceeds to plop himself down into the office chair behind his desk, loosening his tie a bit before opening his phone back up to the pictures you鈥檇 sent. He went through each picture, taking his time to zoom in on each and in on every last picture. He wanted to really take in all of your features. From the sunlight that was shining through the room radiating off of your rich brown skin to the way you beautifully filled and聽 slightly spilled out of the pretty baby pink set you had on. Harry was so entranced by you that he subconsciously began undoing his belt and pants to get to his rock hard cock that was tucked away inside his now very tight pants. He鈥檚 quick to pull himself out and go straight into spreading his already beading precum around his shaft. He also brings his hand up to his mouth, spitting into it before bringing it back down to and spreading it all over his cock. Whenever he got himself off, Harry鈥檚 mind would always flash to how wet you鈥檇 get his dick. Whether it be with your mouth, pussy, or both, you always got him sopping wet. And since you weren鈥檛 there with him, spitting into his hand was the only way to feel that sensation. Granted it was very small, but it was still something. And in that moment Harry could use just about everything he could get. He does this a couple times throughout, each time bringing back a little more than the last to spread it around is girthy cock.聽
His mind running absolutely wild as he floated through all the times he was buried between your legs or inside of you, and his eyes glued to his phone as he flipped back and forth through the pictures. His moans were low enough to go unnoticed from beyond his office but loud enough to fill the room. Your name fell from his lips over and over again as he squeezed and massaged the throbbing head of his dick. Even though his hand would never compare to the magic you yours made, it was giving him just what he needed in that moment. So much that in no time he could feel his cock erupting hard and right in his hand.聽
Those pictures were just what Harry needed.聽
鈥淲ho knew my almost nudes had so much power.鈥 You say in response to Harry鈥檚 statement.
鈥淲ell they do. So much power I wouldn鈥檛 even care about you not being a good girl today.鈥 Harry hums, finally bringing his head up from your neck and chest area.
鈥淲ell it turns out that I was in fact a good girl today.鈥 You proudly reply, a cute little smile spreading across your face, showing off the dimples in either side of your mouth.聽
鈥淵ou sure about that? You looked too pretty to not have touched your sweet little pussy doll.鈥 Harry retorts, pressing on to see if you鈥檇 admit to playing with yourself.聽
鈥淲ell of course you, a narcissist, would think that. But I didn鈥檛.鈥 You confidently reply, refusing to give into Harry鈥檚 goading.聽
鈥淲ell I鈥檓 just gonna have to see for myself.鈥 He says, alluding to the fact that every once in a while he鈥檇 do a little 鈥渋nspection鈥 if you will, to see if you were telling the truth about following the one rule he had for you.聽
Most of the time you were a good girl and waited until Harry came home so that he could let you touch yourself or so that he could relieve the mounting tingling and throbbing sensation taking over in between your legs. Occasionally you鈥檇 be so desperate to touch yourself but also incredibly torn because you wanted be a good girl that you鈥檇 call him on the phone in the middle of the day just to get permission to touch. If Harry was in a good mood, he鈥檇 let you play with yourself on camera so he could watch you feverishly relieve the pressure. Even getting himself off with you at times. If he wasn鈥檛 in the best of moods, he鈥檇 make you suffer a bit, forcing you to either break his rule and get a little punishment when he got home in the evening, or be a good girl and hold off despite how hard it was so that you could be taken care of properly.聽
Now there was a rare chance that you didn鈥檛 even bother calling him or trying to be good. You just did what you wanted. And as a result of that, Harry had to teach you a lesson. Since it was a rare occasion for you to not follow the rule, he鈥檇 switch it up so that you鈥檇 be unexpecting every time. His favorite punishment was binding your hands togrther above your head, and spreading your legs apart, securing them in their places before tying the cordless hitachi wand (which in hindsight, was such a good investment on his end) to your inner thigh so that it would be pressed up against your already buzzing clit. He鈥檇 just overstimulate you until he felt like you鈥檇 learned your lesson.
Harry wastes no time getting you two upstairs to the bedroom. He鈥檚 quick to secure a tight grip on your body before lifting you two up from the couch and marching towards the stairs. He rushes you two up the stairs, so fast you couldn鈥檛 help but burst into a fit of laughs at his eagerness. When he makes it to the bedroom he goes straight to the end of the bed, prompting you to loosen your legs from around his back, allowing for him to drop you onto the pillowy yet firm mattress.聽
Instead of just jumping right into it you just sit there for a couple seconds, waiting for Harry to give you instructions on how to proceed. Was it because you wanted to be good and prove that you were a good girl today? No, not really. Was it because you knew Harry wanted to take a bite out of you and you wanted to poke at him a little and get him a bit more frustrated? Of course! Over time you found that it was so much more fun that way.聽
鈥淵ou know what to do.鈥 Harry says, motioning down in your direction to get going as he towers while standing at the foot of the bed.聽
鈥淵ou are so horny.鈥 You tease, lifting yourself up and sit on your claves, kneeling right before him. He intently watches as you begin to undo the top couple of buttons on your shirt, proceeding to it up and off your body. When you do this, his full attention goes your newly exposed tits as they bounce around in your bra. You continue on to unhook your bra, leaving your chest completely bare and exposed to Harry who鈥檚 mouth was completely watering at the sight. You couldn鈥檛 help but to be a little impressed at the way managed to revert him back to the days of him being a horny teenager.聽
Harry watches as you wrap your fingers around the waistband of the little pair of shorts you had on, pulling them down a bit before lying on your back to pull them all the way off. You decide to leave the panties on since he had a thing for taking them off of you himself聽 Harry was completely mesmerized. Your pussy looked extra plump in those panties and Harry just wanted to suck and bite around the area between your legs. You looked stunning in the pictures but they didn鈥檛 do how you looked right now any justice. He hasn鈥檛 even touched you the way he had planned and he was already losing losing his shit.
Again, Harry鈥檚 mind drifted off into the Y/n oblivion, completely unaware of how long he鈥檇 been staring at you. He was so unaware that he didn鈥檛 even hear you calling his name.聽
鈥淗arry鈥 You softly call out to him again. Except this time, you also glide your foot up his leg, making sure to push it further inside his thigh. You go all the way up, stopping at his bulge. You slightly dig your foot in, applying pressure to the sensitive area, causing a deep groan to fall from his mouth. He then grabs your ankle, stopping you from pushing any more.聽
鈥淲hat we鈥檙e you saying?鈥 Harry questions with a slightly bewildered look. He didn鈥檛 mean to fall into those spells of staring, he just couldn鈥檛 help it. How was he not supposed to stare at the most beautiful woman he鈥檇 ever laid eyes on?! If he could be given a manual on how to to that, then maybe he鈥檇 consider reading it. But until then, he was going to keep staring and enjoying the view.聽
鈥淲ell I wasn鈥檛 saying anything.鈥 You say, with a tinge of attitude. 鈥淏ut maybe you should go get a towel.鈥 You suggest, crossing your arms over your chest to give him one less thing to be distracted by.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e right, I appreciate the self awareness.鈥 Harry agrees with a chuckle, releasing your ankle from his grip and reaching down to deliver a swat to your inner thigh before heading into the connected bathroom.聽
鈥淪hut up!鈥 You shout from the bedroom, rolling your eyes before moving higher up onto the bed and flipping onto your front, arching your back the way Harry liked and lying your head down on the soft pillows.聽
鈥淲hat?! I鈥檓 glad my baby knows that she鈥檚 a squirter.鈥 Harry replies, returning with a large fluffy towel in hand. 鈥淚鈥檓 also glad my baby knows what I like.鈥 He continues, admiring your form. He鈥檚 quick to get the towel underneath you before running over to his bedside table to grab the little bottle of baby oil he kept in there. Your head was turned in that direction so you could see him pick out the little bottle. All you could do was laugh at him. 鈥淚 just like when your ass is all shiny.鈥 He explains with a shrug from behind you as he opens the bottle. He squirts a little on either side of your ass, quickly capping the bottle back and completely rubbing it in before giving you two little swats before digging in.聽
Harry kneels behind you on the bed, bringing his face in closer to your center. He hooks his finger around the small and now sticky strip of fabric that was supposed to be covering you, having to almost dig it out a little bit from how your pussy almost swallowed it up. He pulls it to the side to expose your shiny and slick pussy. You were dripping in arousal, the smell flooding Harry鈥檚 nose, making him even more excited to dig in. He then uses the same finger to prod at your entrance, causing you to let out a moan into the pillow.
Whenever you came, your release would always have a scent that was a bit different from your arousal. And since he鈥檇 been between your legs more than enough times, Harry was able to pick up on those little differences. And since he couldn鈥檛 pick up on anything, he figured he鈥檇 let you cum in his mouth.聽
鈥淚 guess you were a good girl today.鈥 Harry confirms before swiftly pulling down and removing your panties, proceeding to bury his face in between your legs. His mouth immediately engulfing your pussy, suckling on whatever it captured.聽
鈥淚 told you.鈥 You proudly hum through a string of moans. You could feel his tongue lapping up and down your folds, stopping at your entrance time and time again to prod at it with the tip of his tongue. He even took the time to suck both of your plump lips into his mouth one at a time. His mouth never failed to work wonders on your body.聽
Instead of going straight to your clit, Harry continues in licking everywhere around it. And by everywhere, he licked everywhere. He licked around the outer area around your cunt, taking a moment to leave a couple hickeys on your inner thighs. He repeatedly lapped up and down your folds, pushing his tongue in between to lick as much of you as he possibly could. Harry even made sure to circle his tongue around your second entrance. When he did this, your moans only grew louder. You were so wrapped up in him mouthing at your ass you began to push back to meet his mouth. Playing into this a bit, Harry stuck his tongue out and let you fuck and grind yourself against it. As he let you do this, he couldn鈥檛 get enough of the way your ass clapped against his face with your every move. On top of that, your wanton moans filled the room as you got yourself off on his tongue. It was like Harry鈥檚 heaven on earth.聽
It was so good that his cock began to ache from being completely neglected. He was so swollen he could鈥檝e just exploded right then and there. When Harry finally bothers to pull himself out, you鈥檙e already nearing your release. So to take care of you both, Harry lies back on the bed, keeping his head between your legs. He then wraps an arm around your hips, pulling you right down onto his mouth. He engulfs your buzzing clit, sucking on and quickly moving his tongue against the swollen button. You鈥檇 been dying for him to give his attention to the bundle of nerves. You were already tingling from when he arrived home to the time he got you two into the bedroom. Just for him to be licking into you and giving no regard whatsoever to your clit. This entire time you were feeling your juices and his spit dripping down to your button, the sensation feeling heavier and heavier each time. You wanted to just rub it yourself but you鈥檇 be opening yourself up to a punishment. So you suffered a bit. But now, you were finally getting the final pleasure that would take everything, including yourself over the edge.聽
It didn鈥檛 help that Harry was moaning right into your clit either.聽
Now that Harry had you in this position, he could continue licking into you while also working on himself. He managed to undo his belt and pants with one hand, and in no time he was squeezing at his incredibly hard cock through his boxers. It took no more than 5 squeezes before Harry鈥檚 release came speeding towards him. Having his face between your legs had the exact same effect on him as sinking into you. So it was no surprise Harry was on the verge of letting go.聽
Wanting you two to cum together, Harry began to work your clit even more, moving his tongue faster and sucking harder. When he does this your moans turn to small screams as you too feel your release hurtling towards you.
鈥淔uck daddy! M鈥檊onna cum!鈥 You cry out to him, becoming overwhelmed with your need to let go. Then with the hand that was on his cock, Harry brings his hand up to your backside, delivering one big swat to the area, sending you right over the edge with him following. He could feel your warm juices dripping all over the lower portion of his face as he made a mess inside of his boxers.
Once you鈥檙e all done, you go limp against Harry. Now even though he thought dying between your legs or inside of you was the best way to go out, he didn鈥檛 want to go out quite yet. So he slides down the bed from underneath you and rolls right over next to your body, staying on the towel since his shirt was quite wet.聽
You then turn over after a couple minuets so that you鈥檙e on your back, still feeling the aftermath of your release.
鈥淚 find is so unfair that I鈥檓 the only one naked.鈥 You whisper, looking down towards Harry who still had his clothes on. Sure they were all wrinkled and untidy, but he was still very much clothed.
鈥淭ake em鈥 off me then.鈥 Harry says, he too feeling a bit tired.
鈥淔ine. But you have to come up here.鈥 You reply, giving him a little ultimatum. Which worked by the way. Harry already took his shoes off downstairs so that was one less thing for you to do. But the rest was for you to take off of him. Luckily for you everything was already loosened, which allowed for easy removal. You then kneel beside him on your still very shaky legs.聽
Before you let Harry lean back against the headboard, you tugged the light blue button up with the slightly darker and undone tie that was still tucked underneath the collar off his body. You then moved on to remove the tight fitting ribbed tank top he always wore under his button downs before stopping dead in your tracks. Everything underneath it was gorgeous, everything you could ever want. But for some reason, the way his chest and abs and arm muscles were being defined by this article of clothing was just blowing your mind. You could even see the slight tan in his skin!This shirt was going above and beyond its advertised use. To be quite frank, it was doing way too much.聽
鈥淵ou good?鈥 Harry asks, bringing his hand bed to cup your hip.聽
鈥淣o actually, I鈥檓 not good. My legs are still shaking, I鈥檓 still horny, and you are too hot for your own good!鈥 You divulge, causing Harry to let out a laugh, tilting his head back against the headboard. Only making it that much harder for you. 鈥淒on鈥檛 do that!鈥 You softly shout, slightly shoving his shoulder before moving down to his pants. To make your life a bit easier when he feels you dip your fingers below the waistband of his boxers and slacks, he lifts his hips so that you could easily pull the pieces off of his body. As you鈥檙e pulling down his pants, you notice the area is glistening a bit, prompting you to inspect a little further. Pushing your fingers a bit further into his underwear, you stumble across a bit of a wet spot, signaling to you that he made a mess in his pants. When you realize this, you couldn鈥檛 help but giggle a little.聽
鈥淲hat鈥檚 so funny?鈥 Harry asks, quirking his brow at the little outburst because he couldn鈥檛 think of anything inside of his pants that warranted that reaction.
鈥淣othing! It鈥檚 just that you came in your pants.鈥 You explain, continuing on in removing the last of his clothes. 鈥淭hink it鈥檚 cute.鈥 You continue, thinking of how desperate and needy he was to just let go like that. When he hears this, all Harry can do is grumble and let you finish. Before you pull the pants off, you grab ahold of his socks as well, taking it all of at one time.
Once you toss it all over onto the floor, you lie down on the bed next to his lower half, particularly his lap. At that you immediately, but gently pick his semi-hard cock up in your much smaller, soft, and warm hand. You waste no time bringing your mouth down a bit to peck at his thick crown. When you do this, Harry鈥檚 eyes go right down to where you were, loving the way you looked with your mouth on his cock. He watches as your sweet little kiss turns into suckling as you wrap your pretty lips around the swelling head of his dick. You hear him let out a sigh of relief as you continue on, slowly adding more of him to your mouth. He watches you open your lips as wide as possible to accommodate his size as you got closer and closer to the base. Harry thought you were absolutely amazing with your mouth and how you used it to work his cock. He could feel your throat closing in and contracting around him a bit as you took more and more inside. When you take as much as you can in, you gag a little around him, forcing you to come back up.
鈥淔uck Y/n.鈥 He groans, feeling your hand gliding up and down his shaft, twisting and turning and squeezing at his shaft. He watches as you spread your spit all over him, especially the rest that couldn鈥檛 fit into your mouth. You continued on for a little longer, taking him back into your mouth a couple times and tugging at his now completely hard cock. You even sucked on his balls a bit, sending him into even more of a frenzy. The sound of his rugged moans, coupled with the fact that you just loved having him your mouth, on top of the fact that he had a gentle yet firm, but non-controlling grip on the back of your neck made you want to just burst right then and there. It was so good. And it made you want him inside of you even more.聽
With that being said, you give his slit one last kiss before sitting back up in front of him. You then reach down towards the end of the bed to grab the towel, giving Harry the 鈥榳e might need this again鈥 look, prompting him to chuckle under his breath and shake his head, following it up with a smug smirk. After instructing him to spread it out underneath him, you use his shoulder for support and you climb on top of him. Harry brings his large hands to your hips, pushing his thumbs into the fleshy area where the top of your thigh and pussy meet. Keeping yourself up on your knees, you bring one of your hands down from his shoulder to his cock to line him up with your entrance. You then begin to slowly circle your hips downwards, sinking down onto his cock. Your mouths hung open as you two experienced the feeling of him pushing up into you.聽
Harry was overwhelmed by the feeling of your warm, wet, and tight walls engulfing all of his dick. Not to mention the way you wound your hips down onto him the way you did. You on the other hand were so close to losing it from the way his cock almost pierced through your entrance from how big he was, invading your walls. It felt so good though. You felt completely full as you took all of him inside. Like you were positive that you could feel him in the pit of your stomach.
Once you鈥檙e adjusted to his size, you begin to move against him, starting off by circling your hips in his lap and moving yourself up and down on him a little too. You were feeling so good riding him, your soft moans flowing through the room. From this angle, he would push right up against your spot every time you came back down, causing you to speed up a bit. What made it even better was Harry鈥檚 mouth on your tits. He鈥檇 alternate between the two, sucking on your pert nipples as you moved on his cock. You could hear his muffled moans against your skin and you could feel them radiating through your body. Harry was again, in his own little heaven on earth. He was touching all over your body, your sweet moans flowing into his ears, he was deep inside of you, and he got to mouth at your tits. It couldn鈥檛 get any better than that Harry thought. That is, until you picked up the pace with your hips. When you start moving faster on him, quickly lifting and dropping yourself repeatedly on his cock, Harry鈥檚 head falls back against the headboard. Bringing his hands that were now on your ass around to wrap around your breasts, squeezing at the supple flesh and pinching at your nipples.
Your collective moans grew louder, battling with the sound of your ass slapping against his thighs and the sticky sound of your pussy swallowing his cock over who鈥檇 be the loudest. Your moans prevailing when you start digging your clit into the coarse hairs surrounding Harry鈥檚 cock. They were all nice and neat and a little rough, perfect for you to rub your clit against.聽
鈥淒addy鈥檚 cock making you feel good baby?鈥 Harry pants, starting to thrust his hips up to meet yours聽
鈥淪o good daddy!鈥 You whine, digging your nails into his shoulders as he increases the pace of his hips.
鈥淔eel me all the way up inside your tummy sweet girl?鈥 Harry questions, bringing one of his hands down to rub circles around your lower stomach, applying a little pressure in the process.
鈥淢hm, so deep.鈥 You breathe out to him in response, completely overwhelmed by it all. Your hands begin to move away from his shoulders, gliding down his clothed (but very sexily clothed) chest stopping at his midsection, using his very toned abdomen to help you balance.聽
鈥淕ood girl.鈥 He praises, bringing his hand that was still at your breast up to your neck, lightly wrapping it around before using his newfound grip to pull you into an open mouthed kiss. You two swapped moans as you feverishly licked into each other鈥檚 mouths. After sharing in this kiss for a little while longer you realIzed that you wanted to show Harry what was going on between your legs.聽
鈥淲anna show you daddy.鈥 You sigh, stopping the movement of your hips and lightly pulling out of the grip Harry had on you. His attention was all yours as he watched you lift yourself up from his now glistening cock. You were so wet there were strings of your arousal connecting your pussy to his dick. He watches as you turn around and straddle him again, this time with your back facing him. You waste no time wrapping your hand around his sticky cock and realigning him with your entrance. You smoothly glide back down his girthy shaft, taking all of him back into you. 鈥淟ook daddy鈥 You whine, spreading your ass apart so that Harry could get a clear view to your sopping wet and plushy pussy gripping and swallowing his cock over and over again.聽
鈥淔uck me.鈥 Harry huffs through his moans. His hands were over his mouth and his eyes, in complete awe at how you were really working his dick. 鈥淵鈥檒ook so good doll.鈥 Harry groans, bringing his hands out to replace yours. He got a nice grip on the flesh of your backside as he spread it apart to watch you take him inside. The longer he looked, Harry could see your arousal dripping from your pussy all the way down his dick and he could see the sticky strings of your arousal form whenever you lifted your hips. The view only intensifies his moans and pushes him to thrust up into you even more.
He watches you start to lean forward forward, planting your hands on the mattress between his spread legs. Your once consistent movements becoming sloppier, and your moans dissolving into whines. You were even pushing (more like throwing) yourself back onto him, all of this telling Harry that you were getting closer to release number two. To help you both out, Harry takes control. He lightly pushes you forward using the grip he had on your ass, pushing you off of his cock. When he does this, you let out a whine, reaching behind you to try and find him to put him back inside. Harry is quick to lift himself up from where he was positioned on the bed to kneel behind you. And in no time you were filled up again. Except that for this go round, Harry was taking the lead. He pushes down against your upper back, forcing you into a bit of a deep arch. He then brings both hands to your supple hips to keep you steady before he start鈥檚 pistoning his hips into you. In an instant you鈥檙e clawing at the sheets and whining, crying, and screaming from how hard and how good it all felt. And in what seemed like no time at all, you were even closer to being consumed by your second release of the night.
鈥淕onna cum again daddy!鈥 You weakly announce.
鈥淢e too baby! Cum with daddy!鈥 He pants, delivering a hard slap to your ass as it jiggled with every thrust.聽
鈥淔uck!鈥 You cry out to him, feeling one of his arms snake around your waist and a hand going between your legs, the hand going right to your clit. His fingers rapidly circle your pulsating clit, throwing you right over the edge and into your release. When you start to squirt for the second time and your cunt starts to contract around his cock, Harry follows suit, unloading all of his cum deep inside of you.聽
When the waves of your releases calm down, Harry slowly pulls out of you, making sure to push any bit of the creamy white substance that tries to escape back inside. He thought it looked so pretty when your pussy was a complete mess with his cum all over.聽
Your entire body is beyond tired and a little achey too. Not being able to hold yourself up any longer, you fall onto the bed, dropping back down on your side.
鈥淐鈥檓ere sweets.鈥 Harry hums, reaching down to pull you up into his chest. He quickly reaches back to pull the towel up, tossing it away before pulling back the sheets a bit for the two of you. Keeping you secure in his arms, he then falls back onto the bed with you on top of him. 鈥淒id so good.鈥 He whispers, pulling the rest of the comforter out from underneath you two before spreading it across your naked bodies. You immediately get yourself comfortable against him, nestling into his warm chest with a leg thrown over his. Harry鈥檚 warm hands were lightly stroking the warm expanse of your exposed back.
鈥淐an we take a nap, m鈥檚o tired?鈥 You whisper, feeling yourself start to drift off.
鈥淥f course Y/n.鈥 He coos, leaning down to press a kiss to your forehead.
鈥淎nd can get food when we wake up?鈥 You question again, drifting off into your much needed nap.聽
鈥淲e can do whatever you want babydoll.鈥 Harry replies, chuckling at how cute you were.
鈥淥kay...I love you.鈥澛
鈥淚 love you more.鈥 Harry whispers as you two fall asleep.
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finelinevogue 3 months ago
So I was just sitting and dying over the pictures of harry at HSLOT last night and I just thought.
Image if Harry's kids made little necklaces for him and he wore them on tour.......
I'm not okay imma go cry brb 馃槍
yeah i'm about to walk on a path of lego because it would genuinely hurt less than this concept...
"Daddy!" Freddie screamed at Harry, who was standing across the room talking to Mitch.
You were currently at Harry's apartment in New York, just before the first Madison Square Garden show, and you had everyone over for a lunch. Whilst Harry was hosting, talking to his friends and handing out platters of fruits and cheeses, you were keeping an eye on your children - Freddie and Gracie - because they were absolute trouble when they weren鈥檛 being watched carefully.
Currently they were making necklaces for their dad, wanting him to have something to wear on stage that night for his first MSG show. They鈥檇 learnt how to make necklaces at school, using dry pasta and glitter and beads so had used their pretty eyes to suede you into allowing them to make them at home too. Freddie was 5, whereas as Gracie was 2, so Freddie was a lot better at making the necklaces than Gracie and also less likely to eat the glue when unsupervised.
Now Freddie was finished, he wanted his dad to see since he was so proud of his creation.
鈥淲hat is it buddy?鈥 Harry asked, pulling away from his conversation with Mitch.
鈥淣o, you have to come here.鈥 Freddie explained, frustrated that his dad didn鈥檛 realise that already.
Harry excused himself from Mitch, who went to find Sarah anyways, and made his way over to his son. He placed his bottle of beer on the side and came to sit on the sofa, Freddie kneeling on the floor in front of his dad and the coffee table that was currently acting as a DIY table.
鈥淎sk nicely next time, okay?鈥 You had told Freddie, as Harry walked over, Gracie sat between your legs as she played with the blue-sparkly glitter.
鈥淲hat do you want then trouble?鈥 Harry asked, glancing at you and giving you a quick smile before returning his attention to his son.
鈥淚 made you a necklace, daddy.鈥 Freddie told him, holding out the string that was delicately strung with pasta, beads and bundles of rainbow glitter. It was the most perfectly ugly thing ever, but it was also the sweetest gift Harry had ever been given. He loved it so much, all because it came from his little creation of a man.
Harry gasped, taking it out of Freddie鈥檚 hands and pulling Freddie up to situate him on his lap comfortably.
鈥淒id you do this all by your self?鈥 Harry asked, overselling his facial expressions to make Freddie happier and more excited. It was so cute to see how happy it made Freddie seeing his dad so happy.
鈥淎ll by myself.鈥 Freddie repeated, nodding his head in agreement and wiggling in Harry鈥檚 lap excitedly. Harry had to steady him, in fear of him falling off and hurting himself.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e so clever bud!鈥 Harry exclaimed, telling Freddie to sit still as he used both his hands to attach the necklace around his neck. Freddie clapped once he saw it hang perfectly around his dads neck, the glitter sparkling in the light just his he wanted it to. The pasta was a nice add on next to the brightly coloured beads. It didn鈥檛 go at all with Harry鈥檚 outfit, but he really didn鈥檛 care. The smile on his sons face was worth the critique of fashion experts.
You laughed as you watched Freddie and Harry play with each other, laughing about meaningless, random, things. Gracie was clearly missing out on the fun as she got up and ran away from you with her creation - the one she鈥檇 made for Harry too.
鈥淕racie! Where are you going?鈥 You asked, kneeling up as you were unsure as to where she was off to.
鈥淒addy!鈥 She exclaimed, but unaware she was toddling off in the completely wrong direction.
鈥淭hen this way sweetheart, c鈥檓on!鈥 You smiled at her, waving for her to come back your way. She started running back over towards you, before making her way over to Harry.
She went around the table and saw Harry still playing with Freddie. She whined as she tried to push Freddie away and off Harry, wanting some one-on-one daddy time. Harry quickly stopped her and pulled her up into his other knee.
鈥淣o Gracie. We don鈥檛 push people.鈥 Harry ordered sternly, making her pout and furrow her eyebrows. If looks could hurt, Freddie would be crying.
鈥淚 made necklace.鈥 She explained, holding it up to her dad as Harry鈥檚 stern expression turned into a soft smile.
鈥淥h wow, thank you baby.鈥 He said excitedly, putting the same energy into responding to her as he did Freddie so he didn鈥檛 seem biased - Freddie鈥檚 was slightly better he internally admitted. Gracie鈥檚 was the definition of a mess, the pasta being broken and the beads being so covered in glitter you couldn鈥檛 even tell their original colour. It was so pretty and pink, but just very whacky.
鈥淵ou wear please.鈥 Gracie asked politely, earning a kiss on her forehead from Harry for using her manners properly.
鈥溾楥ourse darling.鈥 Harry said, before attaching it around his neck. This one was slightly smaller so it looked like he was layering these necklaces. He loved them so much and thought about how they might actually look good with his black outfit tonight.
鈥淪o pretty daddy.鈥 Freddie told him, smiling with his crooked teeth as Gracie squealed in excitement.
鈥淵eah? Thank you buddy! What does mummy think?鈥 Harry turned to face you, wiggling his eyebrows as he tried to show off his new and forever daily jewellery. He was trying to see if you were jealous or not, which clearly you were.
鈥淚 think you look beautiful hun! You鈥檙e very lucky.鈥
鈥淚 know I am.鈥 Harry started talking to your children after that, letting you use it as an opportunity to snap some funny photos of them before cleaning up the ridiculous mess. You didn鈥檛 mind the mess though to see moments like this between Harry and your two precious troubles.
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peoplefoundme 19 days ago
Thighs Burn
Characters: Timoth茅e Chalamet, Tom Holland, Jack Harlow, Zendaya, Hailee Steinfield
Reader: Chubby,fem!reader
Special inscription: There is some underline words for visual of outfit.
A/N: I thought this was a cute idea for a Christmas fic. Here you guys go...this is my first try at preferences and the characters have no connection whatso ever but whatever, I chose what I write ahhahah馃槍馃槄
Tumblr media
You two were walking in the streets of New York when you started hissing. "Shit." You said in a whisper trying to not be too loud so your boyfriend wouldn't hear you. Well he certainly did. "What is it, babe?" You looked up at your worried boyfriend and sighed. "I have thigh burns. Gosh this is the worst. I love my curves but this... I do not want this; it hurts like hell" You hissed trying to walk again. "I am so sorry babe. Once we get to the appartment, I'll take care of them okay?" You nodded and took the arm he proposed to you to help you walk. Once you got home, he put you up on the bathroom counter and massaged your burns with polysporin which helped sooth your raw flesh. "Thank you Timmy." He got up from his knees and kissed you. "That dress was hot though." You both laughed. "I know."
Tumblr media
"Damn it!" You got up from the leather couch from the golf loundge and felt like your under thighs were burning. "What is it, darling?" Tom instantly got up and looked at you concerned. "The couch and my sweaty thighs means bad friction." You and Tom had been together for a long time and he knew what that meant. He always helped you sooth them when he was there for you. "Okay, fellas, thank you for today. Me and Y/N are going to head to our room. Have a nice night." You both went to your hotel room and he told you to go on your belly on the bed so he could sooth your burns. "I went to the doctor and asked them for your burns and he recommended this cream. I bought it. Let's try it, shall we?" Your eyes brighten up. "You went to the doctor to help me?! Darling!" You were so amazed. "Everything for my love."
Tumblr media
You move a lot in your sleep. You didn't sleep with anything except your panties and Jack's shirt. Which meant frictions with your thighs. You got up and felt something hurting on the inside of your thighs. "Fuck!" You said and got on the edge of the bed. Jack woke up, not feeling you against him. "Good morning baby-" he looked at you and frowned. You were cursing yourself out and you hissed each time you touched your thighs. "What is it?" He got instantly beside you and saw the redness. "What is that, baby? It looks bad. You don't usualy get them that bad." You looked at him and you had teary eyes. He looked back at you and hugged you right away. "It hurts worst too." You were so done. Body positivity? Yessss! Butt burns were not in your plan. "Let me get a cold wet towel. Settle back in the bed. Imma take care of you babe." When he got back he started working gently so it didn't hurt that bad then. When he was done he pressed careful kisses on your thighs and you relaxed all day long together.
Tumblr media
You two were walking down the street, taking some fresh hair, heading back home from a pic-nic. You wore that cute yellow summer dress that Zendaya loved so much on you and that you did too. But you tried to ignore the huge ache that it caused on your inside thighs. The truth is that Zendaya never had that problem and, even confident about your self, you couldn't but feel weird when these 'bigger girls' situation happened to you. Once you got home, you both went to your shared bedroom and got out of your clothes to take a nap. You both didn't sleep a lot last night馃槒. After taking your dress off, your girlfriend saw the crimson color of your thighs. "Omg! What the hell?! Are you okay?!" She rushed at your side and asked you to sit on the bed so she could look at them better. "It's okay bubs. I get them a lot. I just need yo put a cream on it." She looked at you. "Where's that cream baby?" Your eyes widen "You really don't have to-" "Tell me where it is, Y/N." You pointed to your panties drawer and Zendaya came back with it and immediately started taking care of you. "Why didn't you talk to me about it before?" You shrugged. "I don't know Bubs... I thought you didn't want to know." She sighed and looked at you directly in the eyes. "Never in a hundred year would I be bored if listening to anything you have or want to say. Especially if it involves you being hurt in any way. I love you. Next time, I'll tie you down to a chair if you pull another like this." You both laughed and went to sleep in each others embrace.
Tumblr media
You were at the Golden Globes bein your girlfriend's plus one when you started really faking the smile for the cameras. You wore a fancy outfit but your thighs were proned to touch each other in that situation. You squeezed Hailee's hand two repetetive times, letting her know you needed help. She looked at you and put her ear to your mouth. "My thighs are burning bad. Imma come back. I need to put polysporin." You went to go away but Hailee followed you. "What are you doing babes? You need to stay here Hailee.", she shook her head. "No. You need my help. I am sure they have plenty photos already we've been here for 45 minutes. I am gojng to help my baby out." You blushed and nodded shyly. When you got to the restroom, Hailee put you on the counter (her Hawkeye training had benefits馃槒) and took your tube out of your purse. She soothed your burns and helped you down. She kissed you passionately. "Hmmmm... You look really good baby." She bit her lower lip. "Not bad yourself miss steinfield." You two kissed again and went back for the awards.
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iambilliejeanok a month ago
I just finished your mixed hc with the characters reacting to bratty reader and ma鈥檃m imma just say we NEED bratty reader x Erwin x Levi.
Like imagine Levi coming over for a visit, he sees the way you鈥檙e rolling your eyes everytime Erwin asks you to do something while y鈥檃ll have company over. So far he鈥檚 asked for refreshments and you huff and mumble under your breath, something about 鈥溾nd these guest have two hands and feet and are just as capable of getting their own shit.鈥 Erwin just shakes his head in embarrassment, apologizing for your behavior while Levi stares you down, he usually ignores you because you were always a smart ass, but your bratting has distracted both men significantly.
lololol imagine Levi has a s/o & he鈥檚 like 鈥淥h yeah cause she knows better.鈥 And he offers to discipline reader in front of Erwin & His s/o. No hesitation just 鈥淚 could teach her a thing of two.鈥
You looks frantically (& incredulously) between the two cause he couldn鈥檛 be serious?? And to your shock, Erwin agrees.
Your run (vvv dumb mistake) but don鈥檛 get to make it far bc both men corner you. You start crying and babbling out apologies, Erwin immediately goes to your comfort but Levi isn鈥檛 having that.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 your problem Erwin, she鈥檒l keep on like this until it鈥檚 embedded in her mind that this is what happens when you act out of turn.鈥
馃槍馃槍馃槍馃槍 listen Lemme just go to bed cause I鈥檓 over here imagining all the ways he鈥檇 humiliate reader in front of Erwin 馃ゴ馃槶
I ain鈥檛 even gon hold you, this request is a fucking banger! I was thinking about it all morning long really. Thank you so much @hinasakuino 馃槱
This is also a very long request so I鈥檓 not sure if I got it all in but I tried 馃
Warnings:-18+, brat taming
Tumblr media
(Image source)
Walking into your cozy living room you stopped in your tracks at the sight of Levi with his girlfriend. Sighing, you didn鈥檛 even attempt to fake smile, putting your hand out to shake the new their hand. 鈥淗ey there Sumina, lovely to see you again鈥, you politely greet her, before handshaking Levi. The devil himself. You had no words for him.
鈥淣ice to see you y/n鈥, Levi speaks, giving you that 鈥榙on鈥檛 start now鈥 look before moving on to talk to Erwin, who reached out to hold your hand in his. Sumina was very quiet as usual while the two men chatted, shyly looking over at you before quickly looking at her fingers, Levi鈥檚 arm wrapped tight around her waist, holding her close to him. She was always well behaved. You wondered what kind of punishments she got if she didn鈥檛 even try to brat for fun.
She was very beautiful though, slightly taller than him with a full chest and cute ass. You wondered where he found such a kind and beautiful woman. She was very well groomed. Her nails done and her hair tied back to slick poof, like yours. Where she was sophisticated and elegant, you were soft and cute, looking down at your frog slippers, versus her shiny, black loafers. She was definitely different from you. But that鈥檚 only what you thought. You wondered if Erwin looked at her and noticed the same differences. You knew that you were just being insecure, a trait you鈥檝e had ever since you were young, poor and neglected. A trait that you thought would vanish once you had enough money to spoil yourself, but to your dismay, you still struggled with that annoying trait.
You noticed Sumina eyeing you, feeling quite small at all the thoughts you assumed she thought about you.
鈥淏abe鈥, Erwin spoke, lightly tickling your side to get your attention. 鈥淵es鈥, you said, looking up to him in slight annoyance. You didn鈥檛 want Levi to spend dinner with you and your boyfriend. You just wanted to have a peaceful night, quality time with your baby.
鈥淧lease fix Levi and I a drink hun鈥h and would you like anything to drink Sumina?鈥, he added. 鈥淪he鈥檒l have wine鈥, Levi spoke before Sumina even got the chance to get her words out. 鈥淲hatever it is that you鈥檙e having y/n鈥, Levi continued, his possessive grip on Sumina鈥檚 waist making her smile to him, as though she was happy with that. You could tell she would鈥檝e preferred something else.
You鈥檇 die twice before you served Levi a drink, accidentally rolling your eyes before reaching your hand out to Sumina. 鈥淲ould you like to come and help get these drinks out?鈥, you asked with a kind smile on your face, hoping she also couldn鈥檛 stand Levi鈥檚 ass right now. You wondered how she even ended up with a man like him.
鈥淵es sure鈥, she responded, placing her hand in yours so you鈥檇 lead her to the kitchen.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e rolling your eyes?鈥, Levi stated, looking over at Erwin for back up. 鈥淲e鈥檒l go get the drinks since you guys don鈥檛 have feet and hands鈥, you replied, Sumina looking over at you in disbelief, before quickly looking over at Erwin to see what would happen. To her surprise Erwin just bit his lip, a small smile pulling at his lips.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e just going to let her disrespect your guests and you like this?鈥, Levi commented, folding his arms across his chest, beyond fed up and he鈥檇 just came. 鈥淪he鈥檚 had a super long day, she鈥檚 just tired, don鈥檛 mind her鈥, he says, the softness coming from him shocking Sumina. She was honestly jealous of how much you got away with.
Wherever you did give him a hard time, especially in front of Levi, it always bugged him and what he hated the most was that Erwin didn鈥檛 do anything about it, always letting you hide behind him when Levi attempted to intervene. 鈥淩elax Levi. Y/n go sit down鈥, Erwin would comment, giving you a quick kiss on your forehead before trying to go about finishing his work.
Returning with their drinks, you gave one to Erwin, placing a quick kiss on his cheek before handing one to Levi. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e welcome鈥, you said, taking the drink Sumina held for you out of her hand, leaving her with her own.
鈥淵eah, thanks鈥, Levi replied sarcastically, making you roll your eyes again before you leaned into Erwin鈥檚 chest.
The night had been going okay so far, apart from Levi being more than pissed at how you weren鈥檛 listening to Erwin when he told you not to do specific things or have you do any kind of instruction really. Levi had had it with your bratty ass.
Squeezing his girlfriends arm in irritation. 鈥淵/n, you could learn a thing or two from Sumina here, or I could personally teach you myself鈥, he growled as you tried your best to secretly whine to your boyfriend about being tired and wanting to cuddle with him to sleep.
鈥淓rwin if you don鈥檛 do it I might just do it myself鈥, Levi says, letting go of Sumina to stand up and roll up his sleeves, dark eyes never leaving your own, slightly intimidating you, making you snuggle further into Erwin, who grabbed your outer arm and pulled you off of him, snaking his hands around your waist to drag you in front of him.
鈥淭hat doesn鈥檛 sound like a bad idea鈥, the deep voice above you spoke, your body going numb at the feel of your heart skipping a beat. Did you just here what you just heard? You lifted your head to look at Erwin, his large hand following to wrap around your neck. 鈥淓rwin?鈥, you squeaked, confused at the sinister smirk on your boyfriends face. He had the dark look in his eyes that he usually wore when he was in the mood to fuck you up, the memories of those moments as well as the sudden confusion of your situation sending messages down to your heat.
鈥淛ust keep in mind that spankings don鈥檛 work鈥he might actually love that鈥, Erwin spoke, ignoring the bewildered expression on your pretty face before he looked back down at you, 鈥淭ry something a little more solid鈥.
You couldn鈥檛 believe your ears, trying to look over at Levi but your boyfriends hand around your neck kept you facing him and him alone.
鈥淕ood thing I have my belt on鈥, Levi said, his voice having dropped a few octaves, his eyes holding a look Sumina was very familiar with. Reaching for his arm she tried to defend you, having a good feeling of what you were getting. You we鈥檙e not as well behaved as she was and she realised that it was because you weren鈥檛 familiar with being disciplined the way Levi handled her. She knew you, this would make you cry before he鈥檇 even finish. She couldn鈥檛 go through a punishment without crying herself鈥nd at least she was used to it. You on the other hand鈥till so innocent. Ignorant of the horror that awaited you.
Hearing the clinking of a belt unbuckling you tried to look over at Levi once again, struggling to accomplish that in your boyfriends hold, his other arm snug around chest keeping you still.
鈥淟evi you don鈥檛 need to do this鈥he鈥檚 just a brat鈥, you heard Sumina鈥檚 soft voice speak up, wondering what the hell was going to happen to you.
You felt quite uncertain, both your hands gripping onto your boyfriends arm, making him chuckle, you could feel the vibrations in his chest just above your head as he kept you pressed against his body.
鈥淗ow else is she going to learn baby? Let go of my arm or you can go and join her over Erwin鈥檚 knee鈥, Levi scolded Sumina, her head immediately hanging low, quickly letting go of her boyfriends arm, wanting no part of this. She already got bent over Levi鈥檚 knee today. And she knew he鈥檇 still do it again.
Erwin easily flipped you over, placing his foot on the coffee table and forcing you over his thigh, your feet barely touching the ground with how much taller than you he was. Both your hands were being held behind you back, Erwin holding onto them with just one hand, keeping you from falling over as his other softly caressed your bare ass under your pastel green skirt. To his pleasant surprise, you had no underwear on, his hand squeezing and rubbing your ass cheeks as Levi prepared himself, folding his belt in half and approaching you from an angle you couldn鈥檛 see.
鈥淓rwin! I鈥檓 really sorry, I鈥檒l just go to bed please!鈥, you shrieked, overwhelmed by the suddenness of what was going on. You know exactly what he was doing, you didn鈥檛 know how to wrap your head around this.
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry y/n, Levi鈥檚 gonna teach you a little lesson so you can hopefully stop being such a brat for a while鈥, he told you, smacking your ass hard when he said 鈥渂rat鈥, making you cry out.
鈥淏ut what did I do!鈥, you wondered, deeply regretting your recent actions towards Levi and your boyfriend.
鈥淪o much attitude in such a little body鈥, Levi snickered, Erwin lifting up your dress to expose your pretty cheeks to his best friend. 鈥淗ow lovely鈥, Levi said, deeply sighing at the beautiful sight before him. 鈥淭his is gonna be fun鈥, he muttered to himself, his hand joining Erwin鈥檚 to give you a little squeeze, his actions much more aggressive than your boyfriends.
Spreading you cheeks apart, Levi could see and smell how wet you were. 鈥淵ou stupid little brat鈥, Levi spoke, the harsh insult going straight to your pussy. You didn鈥檛 like that one bit. Why would Erwin let this happen to you. You鈥檙e baby. Special. You need love and kisses鈥ll you wanted were some cuddles.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e so wet already? You like the thought of Levi spanking you right on your daddy鈥檚 lap huh?鈥, Levi said mockingly, lifting up the belt and smacking your ass. The sting was incredible. Nothing compared to your lovers hands. Unable to move much because your boyfriend held your hands behind your back, you whimpered, squirming your legs to somewhat help alleviate the sting.
鈥淓rwin!鈥, you cried out again, your boyfriend not saving you this time. 鈥淯h uh baby, I think we鈥檝e both had enough of all this bratting about鈥, he says, his voice deep and low. You feel another lash, squealing at the extra sting. The tears welling in your eyes now freeing themselves, falling down your cheeks at the thought of more. 鈥淎sk Levi for another one鈥, Erwin said huskily, the fact that he could play with you like this with his best friend satisfying him more than he anticipated. 鈥淣ow baby鈥, Erwin said, smacking your ass again.
Sumina couldn鈥檛 bare to watch, nearly crying with you because she knew your pain so well. You were still too innocent for Levi. You really didn鈥檛 deserve this even if you were bratty. Maybe Levi should鈥檝e left this to Erwin. Levi would鈥檝e stopped if she asked him to, but then she would have to take it for you, and she already had her share this morning. Any more would break her.
You jumped, your voice cracking when you tried to speak, 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry daddy, please I don鈥檛 want more!鈥, you cried, only tugging at your boyfriends heart for a second. He looked over at Levi, who knew just where this was going. 鈥淛ust words Erwin. Don鈥檛 let her think a few tears will get her out of this. She deserves more鈥, he spat out, waiting for his friends response.
Erwin hated to admit it, but his friend was right. Lifting up his hand, he smacked you again, your thighs this time to give your ass a break, two pretty red welts already rising across your cheeks. He thought that they really looked lovely on you. 鈥淏aby girl, ask for another one鈥, he repeated, a slight tone of impatience. Sniffling and hiccuping, 鈥淢ore鈥, you squeaked, wishing this to be over quickly. You screamed as you felt another lash, this one harder than the two previous ones, kicking your legs and squirming. Fuck your boyfriend for being so strong and fuck Levi for everything.
鈥淪till no manners y/n? I don鈥檛 like impolite brats鈥, Levi spoke, bringing the belt down on your ass two times in a row, very fast. 鈥淥wwww!!!! Wait!!!!鈥, you screamed, unable to bare the pain. 鈥淎sk properly!鈥, Levi scolded you, Erwin slowly rubbing your ass, somewhat soothing the terrible sting. 鈥淥-kay!鈥, you sniffed, 鈥淢-may鈥 p-please have鈥.*sniffles*鈥 more L-Levi鈥, you stuttered. 鈥淵ou may鈥, you heard him say. 鈥淓rwin, move your hand鈥.
One lash then another and you couldn鈥檛 take it anymore. 鈥淪quishies!!!!鈥, you screamed as loud as you could, Erwin catching the belt before it could land on your ass again. Levi looked up at Erwin to scold him but Erwin was quick to cut him off, 鈥淭hat鈥檚 her safeword鈥, he said, Levi tsking before snatching the belt out of Erwin鈥檚 hand and quickly putting it back on.
鈥淚 would鈥檝e been somewhat satisfied at ten but I guess eight could do鈥,Levi commented, fixing his sleeves and sitting back down on the couch next to Sumina.
Erwin was just returning from the kitchen to sit with you on the couch again, constantly hushing you, laying you across the couch with your ass on his lap. Your skin was very bruised, dark red welts covering both your cheeks in long stripes. Unable to stop sniffling and hiccuping, you buried your face in a pillow you quickly reached out for on the couch, trying not to irritate Levi any further.
You felt something cool spread across your ass, instantly providing relief to the intense burning you felt. Erwin was applying a cold cream, something everyone used to treat really bad scrapes and bruises.
鈥淪hhh baby, I鈥檓 almost done, you鈥檒l feel better soon鈥, Erwin said, guilt consuming him from deep inside. As satisfying as it was to watch, the results were sure no fun. He hated seeing you so miserable. You were literally miserable.
Sitting in the couch opposite from you two, Levi also felt the tiniest bit guilty. Watching you struggle to stay silent as you hiccuped, flinching every time Erwin鈥檚 hand met your skin, really made him realize that you weren鈥檛 built for a man like him. You needed your soft and sweet Erwin. Standing up, he walked over to the kitchen, returning with a buck of icy water and a little towel inside of it. Kneeling before the two of you, he wrung the towel and placed it on your ass, the cool material helping you even more.
鈥淵ou did pretty good y/n鈥, Levi spoke, motivated by the guilt he felt to comfort you. Sumina loved Levi鈥檚 aftercare more than anything. 鈥淵ou held out for longer than I thought鈥鈥檓 sorry for pushing you so far鈥, he said, his voice low as he rubbed your back.
Looking up at Erwin he spoke, 鈥淛ust keep the the towel cold. The welts won鈥檛 hurt so much in a few hours鈥, he said, returning to his girlfriends side. She instantly snuggled into him, Levi immediately wrapping his arms around her. It was quite late considering that both princesses were quite tired.
鈥淢aybe she鈥檇 like her stuffies?鈥, Sumina suggested, her voice as low as a whisper. 鈥淵eah you鈥檙e right鈥ou like your stuffies don鈥檛 you?鈥, he said, gently shifting forward so he could stand up again without bugging Sumina so much.
鈥淚鈥檒l go get her a blanket and some stuffies?鈥, Levi said, walking past the couch Erwin and you sat on, returning with all your things. Sumina stood up to help you get all cozy with your stuffies and blanket. You cried so much that you were quite tired, letting them take care of you as you snuggled into one of your squash mellows.
You needed more than a damn stuffy. You needed cuddles. Shifting a little lower until you were able to rest your head in Erwin鈥檚 lap. Erwin gave you his hand as you snuggled into your stuffy, leaning over to give you a few kisses before sitting upright again.
Sumina was curled up against Levi, her shoes off as she balled up into his side. She was also a little tried.
Both men continued to chat late into the night as their girlfriends slept peacefully on them. Maybe Levi would have to stay the night so as to not disturb Sumina鈥檚 rest.
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sodapopblogs 7 months ago
Dear, you need to stop exposing yourself. How am I supposed to friendly bully you if you keep doing it to yourself? =P
jk, love you. Anyway, cause I have actually seen a RE2 playthrough and remember like maybe 5% of it, please do give me your nsfw thoughts on Leon.
pairing(s): leon kennedy x male reader
warnings: cursing, nsfw content ahead
a/n: cn, daeling, i literally am trying but unfortunately i have half a braincell and asdagjsjdkfjdjdfafa *sobs* 馃槶馃槶馃槶
but anyways, i think someone asked for my hcs on leon's kinks awhile ago but imma just compile it here like i did with ethan's as well 馃槍馃槍馃槍
also, i still havent finished re2 yet so adsgjskdkdksldkjfksjdjf
Tumblr media Tumblr media
leon is affection starve (whether he admits it or not)
and that he has a bit of an abandonment issues
but anyways鈥
leon is affection starve. period.
he didnt knew it at first until you came along and made him feel love and adored for the first time in his life
this leads to him wanting more physical contact while having sex
as well as him having a praise kink
call him handsome, pretty boy or your baby boy and this man will go soft
just praise him please
or have your hands roam and touch his entire body while whispering praises on his skin
but back to the physical thing
leon needs to have your hands either hold his hips in place when you pound into him
press yourself close to him and remind him that you are right beside him please
leon adores getting praises as he gets fucked
mate pressing is definitely his favorite position btw
he just wants you close
leon is also very much into biting, not from zombies or anything, but he wants to be marked by yours
mark him as yours that when he wakes up in the morning and see the hickeys and bites you left on his skin
it makes leon smile and reminded what happened with the both of you the night before
leon loves you so much and will sacrifice everything for you
which is very sweet of him really
but anyways, more nsfw!!!
welcome home sex is a must due to leon not liking on leaving you alone
especially if leon comes home from a very long job and just wants to forget everything in the world besides you and fucking him hard
you both also mostly have sex either into the living room wall or floor because neither of you couldnt even wait to go to the bedroom
welcome home sex is much more desperate and passionate sex than the usual soft ones you guys do and it mostly a bit more kinkier as well
when you do managed to get into the bedroom though, its really just the same as you fuck him to the floor but at least its soft to slam him there lmao
anyways, teasing leon is fine
he is a bit into foreplay but just dont make it too long or else he'll go power bottom on you even if he is tired af and his body is begging for him to rest
but teasing, yes
teasing and commenting on leon for probably touching himself while he was away with the thought of you fucking him isnt really anything new to you both
leon wouldnt actually masturbate on a mission but he sometimes thinks about it and really tempted since he gets hot and bothered by thinking about you being there and help him blow off some steam
unfortunately for leon, you arent so reasons why the welcome sex is a must
you gotta make up for being too damn sexy to almost make him touch himself in a life or death mission you know!
also just edge leon's pretty ass that has him begging for you to let him cum and fill him up to the brim and make him reminded that he got fucked good please
leon wants to be filled by you and fuck him good that he'll remember it until he goes back for another mission
youre his fuel basically lmao
also, choking
just choking yall
leon gets off to you choking when you both get kinky
which isnt that rare tbh since most soft vanilla you guys do almost always ends with some nice spice added in the mix
anyways, leon loves the way your hands wrapped around his neck and occasionally squeeze to let him know youre in control
he just loves being breathless by you fucking him basically makes him turn on more
he is really into that
god, please choke him while praising how much of a good boy he is
in the end really, leon is just very happy to come back every mission with you welcoming him lovingly with a smile on your lips
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dendro-bunny 29 days ago
Sero College au
Sero Hanta x FEM!Reader
Genre: headcannons
Warnings: fluffy, self doubt, Cursing
(a/n): it's been a while... So uh... I got a bf then got broken up with and some drama right. So now I need a feel good source, I thought of my slim waisted king Sero and his gorgeous smile 馃榿. So enjoy and recover with me
Tumblr media
Widely the Mha fanbase has determined he is Hispanic right...
He knows how to speak it quite fluently ( It's 1:40 am I just blanked out on what that word was)
If you speak it too, y'all would be making jokes while in class
Like he'll ask a question to Aizawa, especially ones like "So is Shinso Present Mic's and your's secret love child or?" Or "How you got a whole ass sleeping bag but no sleep?"
Sero is just a natural comedian
Half the time he doesn't realize what he says is funny but it is.
He gets so confused when you start wheezing at him after he finishes cussing someone out in Spanish
If you room is next door to his he will legit use his long ass legs and arms to crawl to your balcony
If it is under or below then it's tape time my dudes 馃槑
He just loves seeing you and being around you
He'll ask you questions about the work while leaning over your shoulder and holding you extra tight.
If you two are already together at this point , even if you aren't, expect him to give you a kiss on the head when he leans over you
He doesn't even realize he does
remind this man that he is absolutely gorgeous 馃ズ
He'll flex in the mirror hating how slim and tall and lanky he is
At that point just wrap your arms around him and kiss anywhere you can reach
Not like that you pervs
After you shower him with affection get him to dance with you please
Just being able to hold you is all he wants
You have so many pictures of him off gaurd 馃槂
He has pictures of you sleeping and him making funny faces at you
Dinner dates be on point 馃槍
He gets his family to set them up at random locations so it's a surprise to both of you
One time though his sister just gave y'all a recipe and left you in the kitchen-
With no ingredients 馃檪
It became one of y'all favorite dates, it was a nice adventure... You got to have a screaming match with and old lady and little kids kept going nice try to him 馃ぃ
The pictures on that date were immaculate 馃槍
Imma say this real quick, you're a Nerd馃
I mean you do better in school than Iida, Midoriya, and Bakugou.
So when I say he relies on you for help with school, I mean he RELIES ON YOU
Denki tried to take you away to study with you
Legit Sero stood there like tf you doing buddy 鈽猴笍
He makes sure you don't over work yourself during exam season, constantly giving you back rubs and kissing you on the nape of your neck telling you it's time to take a break
Breaks consist of calling his mom asking her about the most recent tv show she is watching and visiting her to watch it together
his family loves you, like you are their favorite girlfriend he brought back
If y'all are in a fight they are the first to sense it, not know, sense it
His sister is the first to call you...
"Sissy in law what's wrong?"
I mean they go full on sicko mode on whatever it was to make y'all fight
Now let them see you sad and then the whole squad plus Hanta is pulling up
Btw he loves all body types ok!
It doesn't matter if you are a bit chubby that's just not more of you to hold.
If you are a bit skinny that doesn't matter he'll hold just as much.
He just loves you for you and of you ever start doubting yourself he's gonna take that personally
All in all he fucking adores you and if he ever loses you he just might lose his shit and have a villain arc.
Just saying 馃し馃従
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jd-loves-fiction 5 months ago
Hello Ana! Can I request kazutora and baji when their fem s/o gets jealous bc some girls find them attractive and try to do a steal your boyfriend! Have a nice day hehe
馃寫 I think that's the first time any of you has called me by my name and馃ズ I love it. Have a great day as well, my dear :3
鉂 饾悂饾悮饾悾饾悽 鉂
Not even bothered
He's barely looking at anyone around him cuz he's so focused on you
Probably just acts as if they don't exist cuz in his mind, they kinda don't馃檭
They're not gonna have much luck even getting his attention tbh
But if they do, it's because they brought you up, that gets his attention pretty quick
And oh boy, if they say something bad about you, he's at least gonna start shouting
Very protective of your honor馃槫
In the end, you're probably the one that's gonna have to pull him away馃槼
But you being jealous?
He's not gonna understand it, imma be honest
Why would you get jealous if he doesn't like them?
Even if he doesn't really get it, he'll try his best to reassure you, even tho words aren't his strong suit馃ゴ
Tumblr media
鉂 饾悐饾悮饾惓饾惍饾惌饾惃饾惈饾悮 鉂
Tries to politely tell them he's taken
Gets pouty and calls for you when that doesn't work
He tries to be respectful, he really does, but if they're too persistent or start putting you down to bring themselves up, he's gonna be real mad
No one talks about my baby like that馃槨
Will give them a piece of his mind about their behavior, which will hopefully be enough to get them to piss off
If not and if you're close by, he'll get to you, wrap an arm around you and walk away without another word
If he notices that you're jealous, he's gonna tease you for it, very hard馃槍
Very joking and lighthearted with it
But if you're genuinely upset, he'll rush to comfort you and make sure you know how much he cherishes you馃ズ
Tumblr media
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buckycuddlebuddy 5 months ago
alright so i just watched the devil all the time and it was actually pretty good. robert pattinson's accent was so funny tho 馃拃 they connected the story nicely too. it was weird hearing bill skarsgard talking with an accent like that, but his looks made it up 馃槍
and ok imma be honest............ lee's a good character. i was wary of him, both reading and writing wise (although i do read lee fics every now and then) but now that i watched the movie.... 馃憖
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levis-hazelnut 2 months ago
hiii my angels!! 馃グ i have a wedding event for you guys hehe
imma make you guys some mood boards for your own wedding (I'll put an example under the read more) with a selfship of yours or if you want, you can let me match you up with someone (then you'd have to give me a description of your personality)
all you need to do is tell me who you're marrying, what kind of theme you want or the colours of your wedding, the type of clothes you'd want for you and your partner (tell me if you want specific cultural attire and what colour you'd want it to be), what kind of cake you'd want, if it's a simple or super nice wedding, and any other details you think are important! <3
and of course, please be nice and use simple manners such as 'please' and 'thank you' 馃挅
I'll have this event open until November 3rd so go ahead and start sending some requests in hehe 馃槍
also the anime I'll be accepting are aot, jjk and haikyuu
the example of a mood board is below 鉂
Tumblr media
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mikyouknow 5 months ago
Please! Rewatch the quiz! I need something to remind me that that actually happened.
I still vividly remember that day. Going out on a chill bike ride with my two best friends for the first time in months. Sitting in the cool grass. Having a picknick. Not too hot out, nice weather. AND THEN I GET HOME TO THE ABSOLUTEL SHITSHOW THAT HAPPENED THAT DAY! Because what the HELL even was that, I still haven't processed anything. My mind keeps erasing that memory until some days the it just hits me square in the face and knocks me out 馃榾
So yeah! I would love it if you talked more about it, might help to cope a bit xD
Okay anon you motivated me, you were my Final push, I鈥檓 Doing it ! 馃棧
Also I love that story tho you really have a Vivid memory connected to this whole thing and I鈥檓 living for it 馃槀 you were just having a nice day and then Boom, all this mess 馃拃
But aight so I鈥檓 Watching it rn and will be taking notes Live as I watch Here we go:
My first thoughts is, when Dream decides to do the quiz, he seems so like, confident? And then as soon as he reads the description, his voice falters at 鈥榓nd now things are changing鈥 and I鈥檓 Dead 馃拃 his confidence from two seconds prior in that moment goes like 馃搲 then cue flustered laugh lmao
鈥淒o you ever catch yourself staring at your bff?鈥 Dream鈥檚 flustered laugh and being all like 鈥渢hese questions are gonna be so weird鈥 uhhhhh dude what are you expecting you鈥檙e taking a are you in love with your best friend quiz 馃拃
HES SO DEFENSIVE ON THIS ONE LIKE- he keeps wanting to make excuses aww drema aww 馃槶 it鈥檚 okay !! George is pretty we Understand you staring king 馃槍
Like legit that鈥檚 the first question and he鈥檚 already so flustered and- MY GOD GEORGE HASNT SAID A THING I JUST REALIZED WAIT HOLD ON I NEED TO GO BACK-
Two scoffs. That鈥檚 it 馃鈥嶁檧锔
Even when Dream first goes 鈥榓ight imma take the am I in love w my best friend test鈥 George is SILENT 馃拃
Listen- listen, I鈥檓 having a moment over this cause I don鈥檛 remember him being silent from the start I thought it was like a slow descent into him just going silent eventually, BUT NO he鈥檚 just Silent from the moment the quiz is brought up 馃拃 but gives like a slight scoff when Dream鈥檚 voice wavered at 鈥渃hanging鈥 like he鈥檚 very much Listening, just being So silent.
I just can鈥檛 wrap my head around how he doesn鈥檛 answer any of Dream鈥檚 comments, Dream keeps being like 鈥榬ight? Like that鈥檚 normal, right? Like that鈥檚 not weird. Right?鈥 And George is just SILENT 馃拃
鈥淒o you get jealous if he or she has a bf or gf鈥 LMAO THIS QUESTION MY BELOVED
His answer is so weird I will die on this hill.
ALSO GEORGE S P E A K S for the first time in the quiz 馃槶馃棧 but not much, he says 鈥榖ut鈥, cause, yk, they both know he do get jealous so.
Which, again. Weird as hell. Imma say it, I鈥檝e never felt jealous of my best friend getting a partner like what ???? W h a t
But ofc when they鈥檙e so clingy on each other, like a partner would take the others place because they pretty much have each other in that spot already, so it makes sense huh
And that鈥檚 not platonic btw I wanna make that clear LMAO
I think the points of which George laughs are interesting. And there鈥檚 something interesting to his laugh too. I don鈥檛 see his face lighting up with it, if that makes sense. It鈥檚 like a, I wouldn鈥檛 say 鈥榥ervous鈥 laugh but, I struggle to find a better word for it 馃
I have to sit with this one for a second like . What ? 馃鈥嶁檧锔
I鈥檝e never. In my life. Like.
That鈥檚 not- you can鈥檛 say you don鈥檛 know- THAT MEANS LIKE-
Dear lord.
Aight I鈥檓 moving on (not actually imma be awake thinking about this later. Not by choice, absolutely not. This just won鈥檛 leave my brain unfortunately.)
Hang on. George says something here when Dream says 鈥業 have no idea鈥 but I can鈥檛 tell what he鈥檚 saying ? Like he mumbles something whilst Dream starts talking at the same time and I can鈥檛 make it out and I wanna know what he says 馃拃馃棧
I Think he says 鈥榳hat do you mean you have no idea?鈥 Which like, YEAH, you Should question him on that king 馃鈥嶁檧锔 but it鈥檚 interesting how quiet he is, like he barely pushes the question, and this is like the second ?? Time he鈥檚 spoken so far. 馃鈥嶁檧锔
Also Listen to how flustered Dream sounds my god馃拃
This quiz never should鈥檝e happened what鈥檚 Wrong with him like is he this blind ?? Did he Really think taking this quiz was gonna end well ?? 馃拃
鈥淢y future is your future鈥
I feel like we鈥檝e talked abt these LMAO such Romantic phrasing my god
Again him going 鈥榬ight?鈥 And George is Dead Silent 馃拃
It鈥檚 interesting, like I鈥檝e reached the 鈥榙reams鈥 question now, and it鈥檚 hitting now and throughout this quiz how, Dream is Loudly deflective, but George is silently deflective. If that makes sense? Like he鈥檚 choosing not to speak so his words can鈥檛 be thrown back at him cause he Knows if he speaks it鈥檒l be obvious. Whilst Dream over explains and fucks himself over p much lmao. They鈥檙e both just a mess around this subject 馃拃
鈥淗ow would You be in my dream鈥 is such a funny sentence from George LMAO he鈥檚 so defensive 馃拃 like even I have had dreams abt Dream, like you鈥檙e his Best Friend, ofc you have dreams abt him my guy 馃拃 deflecting it is so weird. So Weird
鈥淚鈥檝e never hugged you鈥 Sad hours 馃様
It鈥檚 interesting here. Cause they speak abt the whole 鈥榙o you go out of your way for this person鈥 and Dream is stuck on if he should say 鈥榤ore than anyone else I know鈥 or not. Which, there鈥檚 ofc observations to be had here as well.
But ! What I found interesting here was how George goes onto say 鈥榶ou made me pay you鈥 when Dream says he edited his video for him. And how George keeps the 鈥榣ie鈥 going for a very short bit before laughing slightly, by god he sounds so.. different? Like when he usually makes little lies to troll or stuff like that, he鈥檚 much more extra and keeps the bit going and- idk how to explain it but the tone of his voice is usually way different. Here he seems to, idk, struggle to keep that up. His laugh is also just like, somewhat toneless?
LMAO The MOMENT Dream got the question 鈥榳hat do you think abt their laugh鈥 George鈥檚 laugh Stops. 馃拃
鈥淒o you ever think abt what it would be like to Kiss your best friend?鈥
how Dream read 鈥榢iss鈥 馃 how Dream read 鈥榗hanging鈥
Some words hit this man different huh LMAO
鈥淲hy did that take you so long鈥 on the kiss question, CALL HIM OUT GEORGE 馃棧
God, for real, I wish Dream would get to sit down with someone one day who just Listened to him speak and allowed him to slip up and just sound so in love with George like give himself away simply because nobody is saying how weird he鈥檚-
Hold on.
Wait. A minute.
George is doing that LMAOOOO
Him sitting there silently and not responding to all his small questions abt what he Should answer and such, he鈥檚 so smart馃鈥嶁檧锔
George鈥檚 laugh keeps sounding very, like, strange馃槄
Anyways the way Dream Had to have a 鈥榶es鈥 answer to the kiss one will forever keep me up at night. Now along with the butterflies one馃鈥嶁檧锔
I rly wonder what options it is Dream is looking for when he says 鈥榥one of these options鈥 so often. What is it you wanna say king ?
WHY IS THE BUTTERFLIES QUESTION TWICE AND WHY IS HIS ANSWER NOW DIFFERENT LMAO - drema it鈥檚 okay it鈥檚 Safe Space 馃棧 I feel like he probably saw chat responding to his first answer and realized 鈥榦op, that鈥檚 not platonic鈥 and changed his answer LMAO 馃拃 he鈥檚- Ahh hard to find the right words for my Thoughts here, but he鈥檚 doing that thing where he looks for others what is 鈥榥ormal鈥 instead of seeing what he feels, cause what He feels is, uh, well we all know what results he got at the end there,,
I mean the kiss question is all u need really. The butterflies one puts icing on the whole cake.
鈥淒o you compare this person to others you鈥檝e dated? Noo...鈥 AIGHT AND THERE WE HAVE THE CHERRY ON TOP OF THE WHOLE THING
This was the one of the Most sus ones imo from when I first watched it. It had my head spin, head in hands for Days.
What do you MEAN you compare him to others you鈥檝e dated? Why does he tell George to shut up, why do they both Know there鈥檚 a story there- I have so many questions on this and- this isn鈥檛 platonic 馃拃馃槶 AT ALL - and there鈥檚 no excuse or explanations for this one, they just Move On 馃拃
The Speed at which they move on 馃拃
And then George goes So silent 馃鈥嶁檧锔
Dream is cruising through the questions and George is so silent now. He was Stunned into silence from that shut up LMAO
I like how Dream picked 鈥榓bsolutely鈥 on being able to tell George everything :鈥)
Why does George not say anything on the 鈥榙o you think your best friend is in love with you鈥 question? No joke, no protest, no- no nothing?
That leaves us to fill in the blanks king, just saying馃鈥嶁檧锔
Why does Dream sound sarcastic when he says it鈥檚 a tough question LMAO
鈥淚 have no idea鈥 aight good answer ig LMAO let鈥檚 Pretend
George鈥檚 silence is for real very sus there. Very. 馃ゴ
Dream putting 鈥榥o鈥 on thinking he鈥檚 in love, is Very funny and shows just how blind he is to himself.
He rly put 鈥業 don鈥檛 know鈥 for the butterflies one and found the nearest 鈥榶es鈥 option for the kiss one and then still put 鈥榥o鈥 at the end - he鈥檚 a lost cause and owns no mirrors I see how it is. (/j btw lmao I have hope in drema ofc, he too can become more self aware one day<3)
鈥淵ou are a little in love with your best friend鈥 cue both of them laughing in just the weirdest ways. George just sounds absolutely toneless like, I don鈥檛 think he鈥檚 even smiling with that laugh, gaze absolutely dazed at what he鈥檚 being witness to, not even knowing what to do with himself in that moment. And Dream鈥檚 laugh is also just, weird?
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 wanna ruin it, Dream.鈥 Followed by Dream鈥檚 immediate, 鈥渙h what? It says-鈥 like immediately moving on lmao 馃拃 that 鈥渙h what?鈥 Sounded like 鈥渙h what鈥檚 that there oh that鈥檚 rly weird wow let鈥檚 move on from what you just said ahem wow really weird thing over there鈥 LMAO
鈥淭here鈥檚 a two percent chance there鈥 LMAO
Then Dream going onto pretending like he鈥檚 gonna do another test As If he鈥檚 not been planning his escape excuse from the very moment he got those test results LMAO
And the silent pauses are taking me out 馃拃
鈥業 think we鈥檙e done鈥 HOW COULD HE LEAVE AT THAT POINT 馃拃馃拃馃拃
The tone of his voice is so off my guy is so ready to leave and sit and stare at a wall whilst looping heatwaves for five hours 馃拃
:((((( drema my beloved :((((( it鈥檚 okay to be in love !!
Not him leaving- he full on ignored George鈥檚 鈥榳here are you going?鈥
He鈥檚 not going anywhere istg the moment he left that discord he put his head in his hands and just Stared 馃拃
Poor George 馃ズ
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amelia-bluebell-rw47vr a month ago
Okay so,
I'm undecided on how to get fanfiction started. I mean, I have a new idea:
Summer (MC) who dies and Jake is desperate but after a few days Lilly invites him to the aurora bar, he and the group have a nice evening but Jake notices about Azure and when he asks to Lilly and she tells him everything.
And I know Summer hasn't been used a lot, but she's a very important part. Especially because... I was thinking of doing some little parts between Summer x Jake,
But I don't know, because I could do it at the same time as I do the Azure fanfiction / diary.
BUT GOD I'm so damn confused!- ^^""""
What should i do?? ^^"
Okay, now imma finish homework so i can finish the 2 page of Azure's diary-
Hello love!馃挄
An another great plot 馃憤 I love it鉁
Well, I'd love to see Jake x Summer moments馃き ,let it be angst or fluff that you prefer, because as you mentioned, summer is important character here, it'll be nice to see what happened to summer before and also after Azure's birth
So like Yu already said, keep Summer alive for the flow of the story 馃槍 of course only if you want 馃挋
And how to start it?馃 Maybe summer's pov of why she left Azure ? Idk ,but it's up to you dear馃挋
Don't stress yourself 馃挄 take all the time you need馃挋
Have a wonderful day/night dear!鉂わ笍
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u2umak1 9 months ago
uh so like
i haven't written shit in a solid two years okay
the idea of college!renga came up on a discord server and let's just say that my brain went brrr
so, uh, take this ig
Tumblr media
warnings: not really proofread lmao, other that that, none 鈾
Tumblr media
first! of! all!! let's talk appearance:
i'd definitely see reki grow his hair out blame it on that official art okay. still red and wild but he's quite meticulous with his hair routine (mainly because of his job, but more on that later)
(un)surprisingly, he's still absolutely 鉁╮ipped鉁
sharper jawline and the lines on his face are more defined聽 but other than that he still looks and acts 馃ぇ the same as before
also i would totally see him get a tattoo on his back (a vertical one that would cover his spine oh my god馃い馃い馃い)
moving on to the next dumbass:
langa's hair is the same. y'all can't tell me otherwise. i just know it.
the only thing that's different about it is that he got an undercut (but since he kept the length, nobody really notices)
i hc him as having his ears pierced. just,, so many piercings. and he makes them look v professional as well?? but he obviously takes them off during skating bc god forbid having any damage done to his ears while wearing earrings bc lemme tell y'all that shit hURTS okay
n e way
his nails are always so neat like??? wow??? they're always filed expertly in a soft oval shape and he's got really nice nailbeds. bonus points if he's got nailpolish on (even tho it's kinda messily applied but reki painted them the night before and how could he refuse his sweet boyfie 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ)
lots of small stick n pokes littered across his body. definitely hides an infinity tattoo under his blouse, close to his heart 馃槶
oh and he's taller than reki hehe >:)
other than that he looks the same (much to everyone's surprise), but i feel like it fits bc langa used to look a lil bit more mature than reki back then, so now it's balanced out yk 馃槍馃槍
now, let's talk business:
honestly? i鈥檇 love to see reki as a mechanic bUT AS A GRAPHIC DESIGNER HE WOULD BE SO POWERFUL Y'ALL. i mean, since not only does he make his own boards, but he also draws on/paints them ykyk. i could definitely see him just casually walk towards the big-ass building of the corporation he's working for at 9 am, heavy black bag full of art supplies on his shoulder, a smug smirk tugging at his lips because he knows he's the shit鈩. like, he's looking all grown-up and stuff. geez he'd be a sight for sore eyes 馃ぇ
(but he鈥檇 definitely still be hired at dope during college like ik for a fACT).
as for langa..? lmao i鈥檇 see him as a starbucks barista or some shit like that during college. like, 2 or 3 part time jobs AND skating practice for national tournaments (imma assume that miya finally corrupted him or summ) AND planning vacations to canada so that he could start snowboarding again (bonus points if he takes reki with him to teach the bean how to snowboard :((( my poor heart)
like,, langa relearning how to love his old passion while reki (clumsily) follows suit?? please (鈺ハ夆暐`)
p.s. i can bet that reki does graffiti in his free time (even in the present time) y鈥檃ll can鈥檛 change my mind aND I CAN SEE LANGA TRAILING BEHIND HIM TO HELP HIM CLIMB STUFF AAAAAAA
i鈥檇 rlly love to see grown up reki (that has a pretty serious job) just cracking jokes and his back lmfao while skating with langa
also he gives me the ratty sneakers underneath fancy clothes type of vibe yk 馃槍馃槍
Tumblr media
imagine reki going to work, BUT FIRST going to get starbucks from the place langa works at and also dropping his skateboard (and a kiss bc yes) there while at it.
then he goes to the corporation he works at and yk all鈥檚 chill, he's drawing and creating new concepts
and then, after he鈥檚 done, he just kinda dissapears ig?? and nobody knows where???
so please let鈥檚 just take a moment to imagine the shock on his collegues鈥 faces when, while going home, they see reki doing tricks on the skateboard (in, like, a parking lot or summ), two steaming starbucks cups chilling next to an even steamier blue-haired dood that cheers on reki (and gives him a kiss whenever he nails a higher difficulty trick)
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whorekneecentral 2 months ago
Okay bc no, imma need that lingering shopping w/ Antonio Dawson now 馃槱馃ゴ like you got write it, please & thanks 馃槍馃挋
okay yes!! you know me so well anon聽馃槱
You fixed the strap before taking a second to admire yourself in the mirror.聽
Antonio had taken the day off work and decide he wanted to spend his day off spoiling you. Odd choice - I know but he insisted so who were you to complain?聽
The two of you were going on vacation soon and Antonio suggested picking up a bikini or two since you were complaining you had no nice ones which then turned into lingerie shopping.聽
Hence why you were admiring the black set you had on and why you could hear Antonio鈥檚 foot tapping impatiently outside the door.聽
鈥淏abe, come in for a second鈥 You unlocked the door, fixing the strap once more before he stepped on. He shut the door behind him, you turned to face him. Antonio smiled, eyeing you up and down.聽
鈥淵ou look beautiful baby.鈥 His eyes shift to the blue set that you haven鈥檛 tried on yet - the one he picked out.聽
鈥淚鈥檒l try that one on next,鈥 you say and he nods.聽鈥淪o get out so I can change鈥 you laugh. Antonio鈥檚 brows furrow,聽鈥渨hy do I need to go? I鈥檓 the one that鈥檚 gotta take it off you anyways鈥 his hand going to pull the strap off your shoulder.聽
Rolling your eyes, you push him out of the room and change into the blue set. This one didn鈥檛 look all that cute on the hanger but once you put it on, it was beautiful. It complimented your skin tone and it fit you perfect.聽
鈥淐ome in!鈥 you called out for him, he stuck his head in first before stepping in and shutting the door. Antonio admired you, admiring yourself in the mirror.聽
He hugged you from behind, resting his chin on your shoulder.聽鈥淵ou鈥檙e getting this one right?鈥 he asks, you nod.聽
鈥淕ood, cause I can鈥檛 wait to take it off you.鈥澛
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amazon160 4 months ago
Okay whenever I listen to a songs I like my mind will automatically chime whatever WoF character fits it best. Either a canon character, my original character, or someone from my WoF AU. So Imma record ALL of my grand ideas on here 馃槍
1. You can鈥檛 hide-Strongwings and Fierceteeth watching out for Sunny the night she steals the Obsidion Mirror.
2. Dead but not buried-Orca鈥檚 statue chasing Tsunami and also because it鈥檚 an inanimate object created to kill dragonets I REALLY wanna use Orca for a crossover
3. It鈥檚 in my blood-Winter mad at his dead dad
4. I got no time-Fathom and Indigo hiding from Albatross while he goes insane :)
5. Fetch-Deathbringer bragging about fetching his dead targets as an assassin
6. No more-My OC Polar be breaking the system in the arena
7. Die in a fire-Sora literally tries to explode Icicle with fire of course she wants Icicle to die in a fire
8. Into the pit-Battlewinner be chilling in a pit of lava and Starflight thinks the Nightwings are sus
9. The ultimate fright-Wasp mind controlling the Hivewings and creeping out the Silkwings
10. Get away-Blue getting away from said Hivewings
11. The puppet song-Clay being the supportive bean he is
12. Withered-Flame complaining about his face
13. We鈥檙e not coming back-Wren and Sky running off on their own and not going back to their families
14. Dance to forget-Foeslayer the MOTHERLY FIGURE being tortured in 鈥淯NDERGROUND鈥 ice cave and being frozen by stabbing her COLD CHEST
15. Labyrinth-Smolder dealing with his sisters and trying to live a happy life then it all goes down and he can finally spite them
16. Lullaby dies-Albatross singing Fathom a lullaby like a nice grandpa but the lullaby dies and he tries to kill him
17. Don鈥檛 forget-Leafwings be angry at Hivewings for killing them off and killing their home and now they angry and want revenge
18. Run run-Either Palm or my OC Dusk, both of them like to run away from people
19. Break cycle-The DoD and Jade Winglet shall break the cycles of wars between tribes
20. Afton family-I think the royal Seawing family is screwed up, but the royal ICEWING family is even more screwed
21. Disconnected-Webs was bEtRAyEd by the talons of peace
22. Cycle-Io and Swordtail bout to break their cycle they fell victim to. Great song too 馃槅
23. Nightmare by design-Hailstorm and Pyrite having identity issues
24. Dream your dream-Whiteout will dream her dream because her life is messed up and it SHOULDN鈥橳be she be a precious bean 馃槶
25. Save me-Coral rushing down to save her children and mourning over Orca
26. To be beautiful-Scarlet manipulating Icicle and saying how beautiful she was before her face was melted off lol
27. Break my mind-Dude Gill got some mental
28. Look at me now-Look at Darkstalker he be trapped inside Peacemaker now :O
29. Join us for a bite-Fatespaker trying to be friendly to Starflight but everyone else is NOT HELPING-!!
30. Stay calm-Turtle trying not to have a heart attack the length of his life
31. Don鈥檛 come crying-Anemone acting like she鈥檚 all that
32. Left behind- Chameleon was left behind by the Rainwings. I mean come on. The song screamed Chameleon to me.
33. I can鈥檛 fix you-Icicle being all that to Winter鈥檚 face and she be disappointed in him
34. Phantoms in the night-In my AU Chameleon鈥檚 forms are individual 鈥渟pirits鈥 like in this song
35. Count the Ways-If all the WoF deaths had some sort of puppet master behind it all, it would be Crescent from my AU trying to kill off Chameleon because he鈥檚 still alive
36. It鈥檚 been so long-Kestrel mourning over her post children. Mostly her son who she supposedly killed.
37. Springtrap finale-Hawthorn has been punished for his actions stuck in a cramped space away from others for a long time. He knows a lot of things and is kinda insane. Plus he鈥檚 green.
38. Crawling-For some reason Ennard reminds me of Arctic. Cause Arctic had to rip out his own guts just like the Funtimes-if there was an in the flesh song I鈥檇 put it as Arctic-馃槶
AAANNDD that鈥檚 it!! Thanks those who stuck with me till the end. Heck this still wasn鈥檛 as many ideas as I鈥檝e had, I just shuffled ONE playlist I have and went from whatever song comes up first. Ha. Expect MORE crossovers!!! Until then feel free to use these for any ideas!
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dramatic-weirdo 3 months ago
The next time I activate Instagram imma change my IG username to cubitum-eamus or whatever symbol I can use,,, I'm done being the nice sophisticated good girl online,,, imma unleash my darkest creepiest tumblrest self upon those mfs. Let's see how they handle that version 馃槍馃槒
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